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Project goals[edit] Although the English Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia in existence, this does not mean it covers every topic covered by other encyclopedias. The main goal of this project is to ensure that Wikipedia has a corresponding article for every article in every other general purpose encyclopedia available, including alternative language Wikipedias! Since the main goals are very close to completion, secondary lists from outside sources have been added to the project as secondary goals. The main goals of the project should still remain the main focus.

Progress and status[edit] This is an ongoing project with over 290 members contributing to 40+ subprojects (as of mid-2014). While difficult to know the exact contribution the project and its predecessors have made, a conservative estimate of 15,000 articles and 30,000 redirects have been created by its members and other contributors. Over 200,000 links have been verified and removed so far, about 300 links per day. A detailed overview of the progress is available.

Instructions[edit] Your aim is to remove a red-link entry from one of the lists by making a new article or by redirecting it to an existing article. For detailed instructions, see below: Guidelines.

Lists[edit] Main focus General topics Britannica 1911 verification (init. 22,272) 2007 Macropedia articles (init. 699) Citizendium articles (init. 442) General encyclopedic topics (init. 77,877) Hotlist of topics (init. 72,625) Specialized hotlists Hotlist of Art & Architecture (init. 13,669) Hotlist of Electronics (init. 392, but inc.) (incomplete list) Hotlist of History of Ideas (init. 340) Hotlist of Mythology & Folklore (init. 17,346) Hotlist of Plants (init. 3,857) Specialized encyc. (Religion) Catholic Encyc. topics (init. 12,502) Complete? Double check? Easton's Bible Dictionary (init. 3,964) Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (init. 855, but inc.) Encyclopaedia Biblica (init. ?? and inc.) Jewish Encyc. topics (init. 15,298) Specialized encyc. Grocer's Encyclopedia (init. 1,755) Literary Encyclopedia (init. 2,510) Global Glossary of the Greco-Roman World (init. ?? and inc.) (incomplete list) Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion (init. 640) Encyclopedia of Massachusetts Indians (init. 100) Encyclopedia of Race and Crime (init. 377) Encyclopaedia of the Viking Age (init. 456) Croatian Encyclopedia Biographical dictionaries Australian Dictionary of Biography (init. 11,908) Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (init. 3,049) Dictionary of Canadian Biography Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie The Indian Biographical Dictionary Polish Biographical Dictionary (init. c.25,000) Concise Dictionary of National Biography (init. 30,688, 72% done) 1903 edition, partially wikified DNB journalists Missing DNB source Dictionary of Art History Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians (init. 1976) Biographical Dictionary of the History of Technology MacTutor archive bios (init. 1869, 53 left) The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English (bio-bibliographical) The Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science Dictionary of Literary Biography (incomplete) Other Wikipedias WikiProject Intertranswiki Wikipedia:Featured articles in other languages German Wikipedia (2011) French Wikipedia (2006) Spanish Wikipedia (2007) Secondary focus People Find-A-Grave famous people (init. 46,698) Project Gutenberg authors (6,004, 50.58% done) African writers Scottish illustrators WorldCat authors Military History (init. 1459) Guantanamo Bay Detainees (init. ~800) Artists (init. 86, 69 left) Piracy (init. 429) Malaria people (init. 33, 30 left) Encyclopedia of Swedish Translators (init. ~150, 84 left) French philosophers Thompson-Reuters most cited scientists (init. ~6000) U.S. state supreme court justices (init. 1,885, 1,605 left) Padma awardees (init. 877, 831 left) Mary S. Sigourney awardees (init. 101, 63 left) Miscellaneous biographies (1 2 3 4 5) Women WikiProject Women in Red Women Gender Gap red list Woman in Red Indigenous Women Women writers Italian women writers National Women's Hall of Fame around 300 in total, 60 left Politicians American politicians (init. 4,376, 1,112 left) German politicians (init. 900, updated to 4,000) Miscellaneous politicians (init. 1,508) List of current members of the National Assembly of Malawi List of current members of the National Assembly of Botswana Chile politics Constant update Skysmith's list of missing articles User:West.andrew.g/Popular redlinks Publications Academic journals (init. 12,850) cited by WP (dynamic) Dictionaries (init. 52) Newspapers, magazines, etc. US newspapers (init. 7,363) Notable books (init. 6,284) Notable books in Portuguese (init. 400) Notable books in Portuguese (Project Gutenberg) Education Colleges and universities (init. 3,593) High schools (over 22,188) Biology and medicine Diseases (init. 5,619) Cancer topics (init. 5,004) Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) (init. 22,568) Genome glossary Reproduction Notable books - History of medicine (init. 376) Mammal species (449 species remaining) Movies, music and TV British Comedy Guide (init. 1,780) Internet Movie Database Movies with 1000+ votes Actors in 100+ movies Directors of 50+ movies Movie Guide (init. 412) Movies by topic Pirate films (init. 92) Samurai films (init. 485) Spaghetti Western films (init. 341) Music Encyc. topics (init. 46,082, 34.1% done) Notable albums Notable songs (init. 7,028, 80% done) TV shows (init. 10,720) US TV stations Geographical Africa topics Wanted articles about Africa Morocco places Middle Eastern topics Middle East and North Africa Arts Your Paintings 250 missing paintings 90 left Decorative arts Other lists Wikipedia:WikiProject Aircraft/Missing articles (init. 4,942, 9.1% done) Planet Math (init. 25,069) NIST Algorithms (init. 1,450, 75% done) Global Names Index (init. 17,275,622) (incomplete list) Crime and related (init. 3813, 1749 remaining, 54.1% done) American Indian/Winning the West (init. 1732, 307 remaining, 82.3% done) Patent/Trademark glossary (init. 527) Chemicals PDB molecule of the month (init. 27/150) Quiz Bowl answers (init. 1,444) Stanford Archive answers (init. 37,159, counted first 10/May/2009) American and British history (init. 13179, 1353 remaining, 89.7% done) Slam wrestling (init. 1333, 261 remaining, 80.4% done) Civil War/Military history/Bio/WW1 (init. 5046, 238 remaining, 95.3% done) International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis The International Library of Psychology, Philosophy and Scientific Method French wine project Missing women by occupation The following lists are compiled and maintained by hand; most are subdivided by country. A Academics Activists Anthropologists Archaeologists Architecture Artists Aviation B BBC 100 Biology (general) Botany (plant sciences) Business C Chemists Computers E Ecologists Educators Engineering Entertainers F Feminists Food and drink G Geographers J Jewish women L Labor activists Leadership LGBTQ Librarians M Math Medicine Military Music N Nurses P Paleontologists Photographers Physics Politics Psychology R Religion S Science Social science Social workers Space science Spies Sports Cricketers Football (1) Football (2) T Technology TED Speakers Travelers V Video games W Writers Journalists Novelists Playwrights Poets Youth literature writers Z Zoologists Misc. Missing articles by focus area Missing women by occupation from Wikidata These lists are maintained by the Listeria bot, which draws data from Wikidata. The lists are refreshed daily by the bot, and do not need to be edited. Lists with more than 1500 entries are marked (L) for large. Individuals are normally found only in a single list, so a 'writer' who is also a 'poet' will be found in the poets list - this in an effort to list as many individuals as possible given a maximum list length of 5000. Actresses (L) Archaeologists Architects Artists Aviators Business Choreographers Composers Computer scientists Economists Educators Entertainers (L) Food and drink Historians Illustrators Law Military Models (L) Nurses Painters (L) Philosophers Photographers Politicians (L) Psychologists Religion Scientists Sculptors Singers (L) Opera singers‎ Trade unionists University teachers (L) Writers (L) Authors (L) Journalists (L) Novelists Playwrights Poets (L) Women in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Sports Sportswomen Athletics (L) Badminton (L) Basketball (L) Biathletes Boxers Cycling Footballers (L) Golfers Handball Ice Hockey Judo Rowing Rugby Union Skaters Skiers Sprinters Swimmers Tennis Table Tennis Volleyball (L) Wrestling Missing women by nationality from Wikidata These lists are maintained by the Listeria bot, which draws data from Wikidata. The lists are refreshed daily by the bot, and do not need to be edited. Note that all African countries are included in Africa In addition to separate listings below, there is a combined list for the Caribbean islands and a crowd-sourced list for the Caribbean. Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China (People's Republic), Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Misc: Miscellaneous by nationality By geography, or historical ties to a region Africa: all countries (Wikidata) Asia/Pacific Islands Black history Caribbean Women Indigenous Women Nigerian women Polar women Texas Virginia Wisconsin Missing articles about women, that are in German Wikipedia, but aren't in English Wikipedia, sorted by iws Other Awards and conferences Books by women Fictional women Halls of Fame Organizations add others

Places[edit] Spotlight Subprojects[edit] Distributed indexing — to give us access to the several scanned encyclopedias which do not have editable-text lists of entries.

Guidelines[edit] Active Wiki Fixup Projects Leading the charge in the War on Error! Must be active, systematic, have lists, & need help. Writing Articles that need to be wikified Massive backlog. Ongoing (category) Dead-end pages These pages are not wikified. Ongoing (category) Missing articles Wikipedia is not as complete as you might think. Ongoing Most wanted articles Updated February 2015 Oldest requested articles Updated November 2012 Other Red Link Recovery Turn red links blue. Ongoing Articles needing geo-coordinates Help locate places. See WP:GEO. Ongoing (category) Articles written by a single editor Reviewing articles written by a newer editor. Updated February 2013 Check Wikipedia Fix the syntax of Wikipedia. Updated every 15 minutes Fix Common Mistakes Fix common mistakes in English grammar (e.g. "the the", "and and"). Ongoing Disambiguation pages with links Directing ambiguous links to the intended articles. Ongoing Moving free images to Wikimedia Commons Moving free images to the Commons so they are easier to find. Ongoing (categories) Orphaned articles Help link to these orphaned articles. Ongoing (category) Stubsensor Help remove stub tags from articles they don't belong on. Updated August 2011 Uncategorised articles Help categorise articles. Ongoing (category) Unreferenced articles Ensuring articles include at least one reference or source. Ongoing (category) Main Inactive Mini v t e Your aim is to be able to delete a red-link entry from the lists by redirecting it to an existing article or making a new article. First, pick an entry. Find a matching article[edit] Find a WP article that's clearly on the same topic as the article from the external source (Tip: alternatively you can use this tool which suggests target articles for red links). Make sure the two articles are really about the same thing. If you have any doubt, you can consult online or print encyclopedias to see what they tend to talk about, but remember you are probably reading copyrighted text. Click on the red link in one of these lists, and use the resulting edit page to create a WP redirect. Do so even if the differences between the article names seem trivial (such as differences in capitalization, diacritics, or punctuation). A redirect costs nothing, and it may be useful to a reader some day. Other tips: You may need to create a disambiguation page. For example (not a real example), suppose the external source has an article titled "J. Brown" that is about the WP subject John Brown, and WP also has a James Brown article, or you think that maybe it should one day. You would create a "J. Brown" disambiguation page. Does the WP article contain the target information as a subset, and is the subset obvious to the reader? If so, redirect to the WP article. If the subset is not obvious, you may want to write a short article, using the new title, and in it refer directly to the larger WP article. It's not a stub because you aren't looking for it to be expanded; it is more like a disambig with only one target. Remember, you can't use a redirect to link to a subsection in another article. For biographies, there are lots of ways to write someone's name, and you may not know what form of the name WP is using. One useful trick is search the target name using the WP search (or a site-limited Google search), as the searches allow for variations in special characters, hyphen use, capitalisation and order of names. Another trick is to look at birth/death categories, such as Category:1816 births. Look around the category for possible alternate spellings. In practice, death years are more reliable than birth years, particularly before 1800, but both tend to be unreliable before 1500. If you know basic information about the person - that they were president of a country, for example - try looking to see if they appear in any relevant articles, or on lists of office-holders. Finally, for help on how to write biographies, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography. Reminder: To redirect a page to another; add this message and nothing else: #REDIRECT [[Target page]], where Target page is the one to be redirected to. Write a new article[edit] If there isn't an appropriate WP article, create one. Remember the WP copyright rules. You may have just consulted another encyclopedia as part of your search for the matching WP article; don't let that dictate what you write. Use the WP naming conventions. They may differ from other sources in capitalization and in many cases of personal names. If the correct title has diacritics, they should be used. If you have chosen a title different from the target title, create a redirect or disambiguation page to the new page, as described above. Even if the only difference between the target title and the new article's title is capitalization, create a redirect. Create other redirects to represent reasonable variations on capitalization, punctuation, and diacritics. Redirects are good. You may be able to use material from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica directly since it is old enough that it is in the public domain. Be aware that the world has changed a lot in a century, and 1911EB is not so useful for science, ethnography or geography. You may want to place {{update-eb}} or even {{1911POV}} at the top of the article if you are unsure what is outdated. On the other hand, comparison of 1911 and contemporary descriptions of, say, 18th-century French dramatists shows that the 1911 versions are often more informative (but also more old-fashioned in their critical approach) than the versions in modern encyclopedias. Beware: some online versions of the 1911 Britannica are derived from uncorrected optical scans of the printed books, with claimed copyrighted additions mixed in with the original text. In addition, the scanning process is particularly bad at picking up diacritics, so do check spellings of non-English words against other sources. In particular, Greek text is completely mangled into meaningless junk. If the article you create is a stub (a short article), please give it the correct stub tag. After all, there is no point in making articles if they are never going to reach a high standard! If the same title appears more than once in one of the lists, it's because there are two topics with the same name. To match the coverage, you'll create two new articles (stubs at least) and link them with a disambiguation page. Pruning the lists[edit] You can remove your new article from one of the lists, although it doesn't matter if you don't. Several Wikipedians regularly prune the lists. If you do remove any articles, be careful and double-check your editing; it is too easy to delete the wrong line, and it is unlikely that anyone will check your work. Also check the article itself, to make sure that it is not a copyright violation or that it doesn't redirect to the wrong topic. For instance, Yaka redirected to a sci-fi character, so there was no possibility of redirecting to the ethnic group Yaka. Remember our goal is to create articles and content so be careful when creating (and checking) redirects to make sure that they are to the same subject. They should not be "smudged" into something related, just for the sake of knocking another one off the list.Your contributions in all forms are welcome. If you have done a significant number of deletions, update the count and the "% done".

Tips[edit] Remember to stick to Wikipedia naming conventions! Check for alternative capitalization and diacritics. Chinese and Korean use different spellings in Britannica. For Chinese, the main article should use the pinyin spelling, which is the Wikipedia convention; for Korean, use Revised Romanization of Korean. Create a redirect from other variants. Cyrillic languages also use various spellings. Check them, and possible patronymics (or lack thereof). If you look up an article, see if the facts concur. You may even be able to add facts to the Wiki article. Check the birthdates too. Wikipedia may be wrong, but so may the other sources. This is a good way to fact-check basic facts. Check for middle names and initials as well. If the English Wikipedia doesn't have an article, it does not mean that other languages don't. For non-English names and places, you can search in the "home" Wikipedia for the person or topic in question. For proper names which don't need translating, you can check the Global Wikipedia Search to find articles in other languages. Mark it down or, better yet, see if you can find someone to translate it. An automatic translator can be used to get a sense of the article, but care is needed; editing an automatic translation often results in awkward English prose. See if you can come up with other ways to classify the articles, so that people with particular interests can find something to write about. For instance, you might want to make a Wikipedia:List of missing biology articles, or a list of cities in China that we need. Don't be afraid to ask someone to help by contributing an article in their particular area of interest. That is how we got Restoration literature, which was missing for a very long time. Muslim League is another example of that. One of us often tries to get at least one article on the requested article list on Recent Changes. A good place to look for redirects is here. They have all the towns in the U.S. and England. Be careful though--Wikipedia is still missing articles for townships in many states. If they list something as a slang term, you can likely remove it from the list, or possibly include it in Wiktionary. Once you have created an article/redirect, leave an edit summary pointing to this project. This is important as it tells reviewers why the article/redirect was made and gains this project some visibility. Suggested edit summary: Created as part of the [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles|WikiProject Missing articles]]

Participants[edit] Sign in on the Missing encyclopedic articles participants page.

Completed goals[edit] Note: There might be cases when glancing through the completed projects that certain articles seem to have been left out or not created (e.g. Towns and cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants). Contact the person who last edited the project page or added the "complete" banner on the page to find out for the reasoning of why certain articles were not completed or were left out. Accidental omissions could also be a possibility. Canadian politicians July 15, 2014 Canadian provincial politicians December 20, 2012 American governors July 17, 2012 Dictionary of Australian Biography June 6, 2012 Australian politicians (init. 373)April 4, 2012 List of encyclopedia topics X Music (init. 161)February 7, 2012 General×Hotlist (init. 977)February 25, 2011 Notable companies November 12, 2010 List of thinkers on education 23 August, 2010 English Lit Biographical Dictionary 22 April, 2010 Online Book Initiative biographies 23 April, 2009 Notable films March 12, 2009 1919 Bartlett's Quotations November 30, 2008 Towns and cities with 100,000 or more inhabitants July 15, 2008 Gardening for the Million June 20, 2007 Top list March 30, 2007 Britannica's Black History biographies March 20, 2007 1911 Britannica topics Feb 27, 2006 1911×Catholic Feb 10, 2006 2004×Encarta Jan 4, 2006 1911×Music Dec 19, 2005 1911×List of encyc. topics Nov 24, 2005 Nuttall Encyclopedia topics Nov 10, 2005 1911×2004 Oct 23, 2005 1911×Hotlist topics Oct 20, 2005 Gutenberg authors×misc. ~ Oct 15, 2005 1911×Biographies ~Sep 15, 2005 Missing articles in 1911 and Nuttall Aug 9, 2005 Missing articles in 1911 and 2004 and Nuttall Jul 28, 2005

Useful article-writing resources[edit] Wikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange Wikipedia:Public domain resources Your local library

Tools[edit] Red link checker - toolserver page which checks all the red links on a given wiki page (such as any of the lists of missing articles, above) and looks for similarly named existing articles. Missing Encyclopedic Articles - toolserver page which reports articles with many inter-language links that lack a corresponding article in a given language.

See also[edit] Most wanted - list of red links appearing on multiple lists. Last updated Jan. 2014 List of long biographical articles on Rees's Cyclopaedia List of Rees's Cyclopædia articles User:Emijrp/All Human Knowledge Other WikiProjects[edit] Wikipedia:WikiProject Intertranswiki Wikipedia:Requested articles Category:Wikipedia red link lists Category:Wikipedia missing topics Wikipedia:Most wanted articles Wikipedia:Most missed articles 2008 list, 244 remaining Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than a year Wikipedia:One featured article per quarter Wikipedia:Templates with red links Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement Wikipedia:Vital articles/Expanded Wikipedia:WikiProject Red Link Recovery Wikipedia:Status of FOLDOC import

External watchlist[edit] Wikiproject Watchlist - WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles Retrieved from "" Categories: Active WikiProjectsWikipedia WikiProjectsWikipedia missing topicsHidden categories: Pages using small with an empty input parameter

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Manske/Your PaintingsUser:Ham II/250 PaintingsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Dsp13 List/23Wikipedia:WikiProject Aircraft/Missing ArticlesWikipedia:Missing Science TopicsWikipedia:Missing Science TopicsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Global Names IndexWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/MadMax List/1Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/MadMax List/6Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/USPTOUser:Magnus Manske/ChemicalsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/PDBWikipedia:List Of Quizbowl AnswersWikipedia:Stanford Archive AnswersWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/MadMax List/24Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/MadMax List/21Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/MadMax List/10Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Dsp13 List/2User:Dsp13/drafts/The International Library Of Psychology, Philosophy And Scientific MethodUser:Agne27/French Wine ProjectWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/AcademicsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/ActivistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/AnthropologistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/ArchaeologistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/ArchitectureWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women ArtistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/AviationWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/BBC 100 Women RedlinksWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/BiologyWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/BotanyWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/BusinessWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/ChemistryWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Computer ScienceWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/EcologistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/EducatorsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/EngineeringWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women EntertainersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/FeministsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Food And DrinkWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/GeographersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Jewish WomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Labor ActivistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women In LeadershipWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/LBT WomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/LibrariansWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women In MathematicsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/MedicineWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/MilitaryWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women In MusicWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/NursingWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/PaleontologyWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/PhotographersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/PhysicsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/PoliticsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women In PsychologyWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women In ReligionWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/ScienceWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Social ScienceWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Women In Social WorkWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Space ScienceWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/SpiesWikipedia:WikiProject Women In 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Articles By Occupation/ArchitectsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/ArtistsWikipedia:Wikiproject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/AviatorsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/BusinessWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/ChoreographersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/ComposersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/Computer ScientistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/EconomistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/EducatorsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/EntertainersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/Food And DrinkWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/HistoriansWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/IllustratorsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/LawWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/MilitaryWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/ModelsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/NursesWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/PaintersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/PhilosophersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/PhotographersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/PoliticiansWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/PsychologistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/ReligionWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/ScientistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/SculptorsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/SingersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/Opera SingersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/Trade UnionistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/University TeachersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/WritersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/AuthorsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/JournalistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/NovelistsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/PlaywrightsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/PoetsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/ODNBWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/SportswomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/AthleticsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/BadmintonWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/BasketballWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/BiathletesWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/BoxersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/CyclingWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/FootballersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/GolfersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/HandballWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/Ice HockeyWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/JudoWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/RowingWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/Rugby UnionWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/SkatersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/SkiersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/SprintersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/SwimmersWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/TennisWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/Table TennisWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/VolleyballWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Occupation/WrestlingWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/AfricaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/CaribbeanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/CaribbeanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/AfghanistanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/AlbaniaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/ArgentinaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/AustraliaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/AustriaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/BahamasWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/BangladeshWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/BermudaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/BoliviaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Bosnia And HerzegovinaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/BrazilWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/BulgariaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/CambodiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/CanadaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/ChileWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/China (People's Republic)Wikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/ColombiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Costa RicaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/CroatiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/CyprusWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/CubaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Czech RepublicWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/DenmarkWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Dominican RepublicWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/EcuadorWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/El SalvadorWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/EstoniaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/FinlandWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/FranceWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/GermanyWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/GreeceWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/GuatemalaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/HaitiWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/HondurasWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Hong KongWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/IcelandWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/IndiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/IndonesiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/IranWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/IraqWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles/IrelandWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/IsraelWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/ItalyWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Ivory CoastWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/JamaicaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/JapanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/JordanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/KazakhstanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/KenyaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/KosovoWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/KuwaitWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/LatviaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/LebanonWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/LithuaniaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/LuxembourgWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/MacedoniaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/MalaysiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/MaltaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/MexicoWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/MoldovaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/MyanmarWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/NepalWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/New ZealandWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/NicaraguaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/NorwayWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/PakistanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/PanamaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/ParaguayWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/PeruWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/PhilippinesWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/PolandWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/PortugalWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Puerto RicoWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/RussiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Saudi ArabiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SerbiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SingaporeWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SlovakiaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SloveniaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/South KoreaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SpainWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Sri LankaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SwedenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SwitzerlandWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/SyriaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/TaiwanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/Trinidad And TobagoWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/United KingdomWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/United StatesWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/UruguayWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/UzbekistanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/VenezuelaWikipedia:WikiProject/Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/VietnamWikipedia:WikiProject Women/Women In Red/Missing Articles By NationalityWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Missing Articles By Nationality/AfricaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/API WomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Black HistoryWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/CaribbeanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Indigenous WomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/NigeriaWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Polar WomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Texas WomenUser:Tokyogirl79LVA/Virginian WomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Wisconsin WomenUser:Edgars2007/Women From GermanWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Awards Conferences And OrganizationsWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/BooksWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Fictional WomenWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/Halls Of FameWikipedia:WikiProject Women In Red/OrganizationsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/SpotlightWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Distributed IndexingWikipedia:MaintenanceWikipedia:WikiProject WikifyWikipedia:Dead-end PagesWikipedia:GlossaryWikipedia:Most Wanted ArticlesWikipedia:Articles Requested For More Than A YearWikipedia:WikiProject Red Link RecoveryCategory:Articles Needing CoordinatesWikipedia:WikiProject Geographical CoordinatesWikipedia:Articles Written By A Single EditorWikipedia:WikiProject Check 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ParticipantsWikipedia:Missing Articles For Towns And Cities With 100,000 Or More InhabitantsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Canadian PoliticiansWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Canadian Politicians 2Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/American Politicians/GovernorsWikipedia:WikiProject Australia/To-do/Dictionary Of Australian BiographyWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Australian PoliticiansWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/List Of Encyclopedia Topics X MusicWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/GeneralxHotlistWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/List Of Notable CompaniesWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/List Of Thinkers On EducationWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/English Lit Bio DictWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/biographiesWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/List Of Notable FilmsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1919 Bartlett's QuotationsWikipedia:Missing Articles For Towns And Cities With 100,000 Or More InhabitantsWikipedia:Gardening For The Million TopicsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Top ListUser:Brian0918/Black History BiographiesWikipedia:1911 Encyclopedia TopicsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911xCatholicWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/2004xEncartaWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911xMusicWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911xLoETWikipedia:Nuttall Encyclopedia TopicsWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911x2004Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911xHotlistWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/GutenbergxMiscWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911xBiographiesWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911xNuttallWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/1911x2004xNuttallWikipedia:WikiProject Resource ExchangeWikipedia:Public Domain ResourcesWikipedia:WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic Articles/Most WantedList Of Long Biographical Articles On Rees's CyclopaediaList Of Rees's Cyclopædia ArticlesUser:Emijrp/All Human KnowledgeWikipedia:WikiProject IntertranswikiWikipedia:Requested ArticlesCategory:Wikipedia Red Link ListsCategory:Wikipedia Missing TopicsWikipedia:Most Wanted ArticlesWikipedia:Most Missed ArticlesWikipedia:Articles Requested For More Than A YearWikipedia:One Featured Article Per QuarterWikipedia:Templates With Red LinksWikipedia:Today's Articles For ImprovementWikipedia:Vital Articles/ExpandedWikipedia:WikiProject Red Link RecoveryWikipedia:Status Of FOLDOC ImportHelp:CategoryCategory:Active WikiProjectsCategory:Wikipedia WikiProjectsCategory:Wikipedia Missing TopicsCategory:Pages Using Small With An Empty Input ParameterDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address 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