A[edit] Accessibility: (see also Audio) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility Wikipedia:WikiProject Accessibility JAWS: JAWS (screen reader) Wikipedia:Using JAWS Wikipedia Guide for JAWS Readers User:Wolfgangbeyer/monobook.css – monobook.css optimized for color blindness Category:Wikipedia accessibility Article message boxes (amboxes): (sometimes called "tags"; these are templates) Wikipedia:Template messages#Article-related namespace Audio: (see also Accessibility) Spoken versions of Wikipedia articles: Wikipedia:WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia Wikipedia:Spoken articles – articles with audio versions Category:Spoken Wikipedia requests – articles for which spoken versions have been requested Pediaphone – automated creation of spoken versions (MP3 file or read on-screen)

B[edit] Banners: For the Wikipedia project itself: Wikipedia:Banners and buttons At the top of articles: see Article message boxes Books ISBN Wikipedia:ISBN Wikipedia:Book sources Special:Booksources Finding a book mentioned in a Wikipedia article: At a local library: Forward to Libraries (Signpost article, March 2013) Wikipedia:Forward to Libraries (information page) - uses templates to allow readers to go to a landing page for their specific information User:Lunchboxhero/monobook.js – when clicking on an ISBN link, go directly to your preferred book-related website Browser (specialized for Wikipedia): see Mobile access

C[edit] Calendar: Help:Calendar – code to include the image of a small '"calendar page", including a time display, on a Wikipedia page Categories General: Wikipedia:Categorization – (WP:CAT) (guideline) Help:Category Wikipedia:FAQ/Categorization Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates (guideline) – comparing alternative approaches Listings of categories: Special:Categories – alphabetical category listing MediaWiki:Categoriespagetext - scrollable access to the list of all categories Category:Main topic classifications – categories for articles Special:CategoryTree – can generate a tree of categories, or categories and articles User:Chris G Bot 2 – produces, for a given category, a table listing all articles within that category (and all subcategories of that category), and the status of those articles (a clone of User:PockBot, which is disabled) CatScan (at the toolserver) Intersection of two categories: Wikipedia:Categorization#Searching for articles in categories – via the standard search box (doesn't search subcategories) CatScan - a tool that can do various types of category scans, including intersection (may or may not be using up-to-date version of database); can search subcategories m:User:Duesentrieb/CatScan CatScan (at the toolserver) Wikipedia:Category intersection – a feature request m:Help:DPL – a MediaWiki extension supporting intersections and other set operations of pages belonging to several categories Other: User:Erwin/CatCount – provides a count of pages in any given category In category since – tool to list all articles in a category that have been so since a specified date (at the toolserver) User talk:GregU/randomlink.js – this tool can go to a random page in a category Censorship: Wikipedia is not censored Wikipedia:No disclaimers in articles Wikipedia:Offensive material (Manual of Style) m:Should Wikipedia Use Profanity Wikipedia:Pornography (essay) Wikipedia:Advice for parents (essay) Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikipedians against censorship Wikipedia:WikiProject Sexology and sexuality MediaWiki:Bad image list Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Content warnings Ways to set personal preferences so as to not see some or all images: Help:Options to hide an image (alternative to censorship) User:Mr.Z-man/badimages Collections of articles (books) m:Book tool Wikipedia:Books – books created by the community Help:Books Special:PrefixIndex/Book: – the list of community books Category:Wikipedia books "Books extension enabled" (Signpost article, March 2009) mw:Extension:Collection – organizing a personal selections of pages into a collection Commons (Wikimedia Commons): Wikipedia:Wikimedia Commons – has over three million media files (photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, etc.) available for use in any Wikimedia (community) project, to which anyone can contribute; recommended place to upload free images to, rather than to Wikipedia Commons:Welcome Wikimedia Commons - manual that provides the essential information for people interested in contributing their own work to Wikimedia Commons Mayflower – searching the Commons Commons:Commons:Tools Manual for new Commons users (at en.flossmanuals.net) Uploading: Commons:Commons:Tools#Upload media Commons:Commons:Tools/Commonplace – Windows/Linux program for drag-and-drop uploading Upload image – tool to upload images from Flickr Moving images to (from Wikipedia): Wikipedia:Moving files to the Commons Wikipedia:WikiProject Images and Media/Commons CommonsHelper – tool to generate an image description to copy-and-paste for the commons upload form (formerly called "Move-to-commons assistant") User:Fran Rogers/CommonsHelper Helper – user script that adds a button to easily bring up CommonsHelper User:MonoBot – fixes (some) problems when an editor doesn't do a move to Commons totally correctly Duplicate images – tool to show duplicate files between Wikipedia and Commons Push-for-commons – tool to show a set of images from a wikipedia, helping to find license problems, {{NowCommons}} candidates, and images that should be copied/moved to the commons. RSS feeds: Category-based feed (for newly added images) Media file of the Day Other: Category:Wikimedia Commons administrators – English Wikipedia editors who are admins at the Commons m:User:CommonsDelinker – bot that removes links from Wikipedias (all languages) when an image is deleted at Commons Commons interface for the iPhone Flickr-like interface to Commons (no logins or uploads) Commons sum-it-up – tool to generate a summary text for pages on Commons, using Wikipedia articles in different languages Browse Flickr images Controversial articles: Wikipedia:Controversial articles (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:List of controversial issues Copyright: In general: Wikipedia:FAQ/Copyright Wikipedia:Copyrights (policy) Wikipedia:Image use policy Wikipedia:Non-U.S. copyrights (guideline) Using Wikipedia content outside of Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Reusing Wikipedia content (policy) Commons:Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia Wikipedia:Buying Wikipedia articles in print or another form (commercial use) Customization: (see also Quickbar) Wikipedia:Customisation Via "my preferences": Special:Preferences Help:Preferences Via the Gadgets tab in "my preferences" – see Gadgets Via JavaScript: see User scripts Via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Help:Cascading Style Sheets Skins: Wikipedia:Skin (trivial; probably should be a redirect) m:Customization:Explaining skins MediaWiki talk:Vector.css – place to discuss changes to the Vector skin (standard skin that editors get by default) MediaWiki talk:Monobook.css – place to discuss changes to the Monobook skin (older standard skin) MediaWiki talk:Modern.css – bug reports and other comments for new (January 2008) Modern skin Different customizations of the way Wikipedia pages appear, downloadable from userstyles.org/styles/ (primarily for readers) (Firefox, Thunderbird, Flock, Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey, and Songbird browsers only) Personal CSS: mw:Gallery of user styles (a mix of MediaWiki-compatible skins, not selectable by editors, and personal css) User:GeorgeMoney/UsefulCSS User:Wolfgangbeyer/monobook.css – monobook.css optimized for color blindness User:Trilobite/Tools – combination of CSS and JavaScript, with a note that "much of this is outdated" Technical: Help:User style m:Help:Cascading style sheets Wikipedia:Catalogue of CSS classes Wikipedia:Useful styles m:Customize page layout – should be at Mediawiki; how to rework standard page seen by all non-logged in readers

D[edit] Dictionary: Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary (policy) For Wiktionary, see also wikt:Main Page Another alternative: Urban Dictionary WikiLook – Firefox add-on that provides Wiktionary information about any word on a screen, when specially selected (shift or highlight plus mouse move) Downloading all of Wikipedia: (see also Mobile access; for downloading individual pages, see Exporting (a page)) Pre-packaged: June 2006 ("official" version) Wikipedia:TomeRaider database Most recent version – £3.00 requested payment; includes £1 donation to the Wikipedia Foundation [sic] Slightly older English version (free) Wikipedia-iphone – complete download for iPhone or iPod Touch Infodisiac downloads (for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, regular Windows O/S, and Palm) Webaroo – download of all Wikipedia articles as a set of web pages, for off-line reading (horribly out-of-date)

E[edit] Email: Help:Email confirmation Wikipedia:Emailing users Encyclopedia: Wikipedia:Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (WP:ENC) Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia (WP:NOT#PAPER) Wikipedia:External peer review – information on formal and informal reviews of the overall quality of Wikipedia articles, done by outside experts, not initiated within Wikipedia Wikipedia:Size comparisons Wikipedia:Wikipedia is a work in progress (WP:WIP) (essay) Wikipedia:There is a deadline (essay) - Why it's important to contribute now Wikipedia:Fancruft (essay) Criticism: Criticism of Wikipedia Wikipedia:Replies to common objections Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia is not so great User:Ta bu shi da yu/Global Politician – "six sins" of Wikipedia – a rebuttal Wikipedia:Evaluating Wikipedia as an encyclopedia (essay) Wikipedia:Wikipedia is succeeding (essay) Alternatives to the English Wikipedia, within the Wikimedia Foundation: Simple English Wikipedia meta:Concise Wikipedia (proposal as of September 2013) Exporting (a page): (see also Downloading all of Wikipedia, Collections (books)) Help:Export Special:Export mw:Manual:Parameters to Special:Export PDF: mw:Extension:PDF Writer WikiPDF Wikipedia:Books#Resources Mediawiki2pdf (shows sample Wikibooks url, but reportedly works for Wikipedia articles as well) March 2008 analysis of options for Wikipedia's servers – by Brion Vibber, Wikipedia's chief developer m:Alternative parsers – programs and projects to translate MediaWiki's text markup syntax into something else, such as HTML Wikipedia:Wiki Markup Language (WKML) (historical)

F[edit] Featured content: Wikipedia:New featured content Portal:Featured content Articles: (see also Good articles, Main Page) Wikipedia:Featured articles (WP:FA) Random Featured article (at the toolserver) Lists: Wikipedia:Featured lists Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by featured list nominations Pictures: Wikipedia:Featured pictures Sounds: Portal:Featured sounds Fun: Wikipedia:Department of Fun Wikipedia:List of shortcuts/Project shortcuts#Department of fun Wikipedia:April Fool's Main Page Games: Category:Wikipedia games Wikigames at Wikia Wikipedia:Wikipedia holidays

G[edit] Geocoding: GeoPedia – provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location mw:Beta Features/Nearby Pages - Adds a button to the top right corner of pages that contain geographical information, to get the reader to "nearby" pages Showing existing Wikipedia articles on a map: Wikimapia Google: Google Maps has an option, under "More", to place markers showing Wikipedia articles About the Google Earth Geographic Web Layer Good articles: (see also Featured articles) Wikipedia:Good articles – the list Google: m:Mirror filter – Firefox extension which removes sites which mirror Wikimedia content from Google search results Googlepedia Wikipedia:Purging Google search results (WP:GOOGLEPURGE) - how to remove vandalism, etc., from cached copies of Wikipedia articles in Google search results Guestbooks: see User pages

H[edit] History (of a page): Wikipedia:How to read an article history Help:Page history Wikipedia:Copyright violations on history pages Diffs: Help:Diff How-to guides: Wikipedia:Simplest diff guide Wikipedia:Simple diff and link guide Wikipedia:Complete diff and link guide Enhancing the differences in diffs: MediaWiki talk:Monobook.css/Archive 4#Better rendering for .diffchange in diff's... User:Cacycle/wikEdDiff – user script – additions and deletions are highlighted by color in one continuous text User:Js/diffs – another, different user script Tools: For content: Who did what: WikiBlame – searches for given text in versions of article tools:~tparis/blame/ - Similar User:AmiDaniel/WhodunitQuery – Windows application that identifies the edit and user who added a specific word or phrase "wikipedia blame": October 2008 blog posting and 1450 articles processed using the code For counts and major contributors: WikiDashboard – when going to a new page, puts a count of top editors, and a histogram of edit activity, at the top of the page (Quick Guide) Revision counter[dead link] – counts revisions (edits) (at the toolserver) WikiSense - Contributors – lists edits, similar to page history, but can be sorted by contributor; easy to exclude different groups (at the toolserver) Wikipedia Page History Statistics – builds an edit history overview page WikiChecker Article Contribution Counter (beta) – tool that identifies major contributors to an article (at the toolserver) (a similar feature request is at Bug# 7988) Articleinfo - Article revision statistics Other: History Flow Visualization Application Wikipedia Animate – user script; shows the evolution of a page, like a webcast

I[edit] Images: General: Wikipedia:Ten things you may not know about images on Wikipedia Ways to set personal preferences so as to not see some or all images: Help:Options to hide an image (alternative to censorship) User:Mr.Z-man/badimages

J[edit] Journals: Wikipedia:Journal sources

L[edit] Library books Wikipedia:Forward to Libraries - to find books on an article's subject at a reader's local library Logging in: (see also User account and username) Help:Logging in mw:Extension:OpenID – lets users log in with an OpenID Security: HTTPS: m:HTTPS Native HTTPS support enabled for all Wikimedia Foundation wikis - October 2011 The future of HTTPS on Wikimedia projects - August 2013 Wikipedia:User account security (essay) Wikipedia:Personal security practices (essay) Secure login m:Don't leave your fly open (essay) Template:User committed identity – preventive action to enable regaining control of a hijacked account (story)

M[edit] Merchandise: The Wikimedia Shop Wikipedia:Merchandise giveaways (WP:GIVEAWAY) Missing articles: Wikipedia:Requested articles (WP:RA) Wikipedia:Red link Mirrors: Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks m:Mirror filter – Firefox extension which removes sites which mirror Wikimedia content from Google search results Mobile access: Wikipanion - for iPad and iPhone "iPhone Gems: Wikipedia Apps" – review of 16 apps for the iPhone or iPod touch (November 2008) Real-time version of Wikipedia: Help:Mobile access mw:Mobile Beta - experimental staging area for new features that may eventually be added to the official mobile site "Accessing Wikipedia via mobile devices", Signpost article, January 2009 Semi-experimental mobile portal (as of February 2008) Wapedia m:Mobile subdomain Wikipanion – Free iPhone/iPod app; searches using a fast, native interface; includes autosuggest, landscape mode, and large, readable text. Downloaded version of Wikipedia: Pocket Wikipedia – 24,000 images and 14 million words (for PocketPC, Windows and Linux machines) Encyclopodia – complete download, for Apple iPod Wikipedia-iphone – complete download for iPhone or iPod Touch WikiPock Screencast: "How to install Wikipedia on your iPod Touch or iPhone!", February 8, 2008 Other: GeoPedia – provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location "Kiwi" client – for iPhone and iPod

N[edit] Navigation: Wikipedia:Back to top - adding a "Back to top" link to every section New editors: (see also Questions, User account and username) Welcoming: Wikipedia:Welcoming committee MediaWiki:Welcomecreation – page for automatic welcome message for all new accounts (transitory; is not posted to user talk pages)

O[edit] Obscenity: see Censorship Outlines of content (Articles): Portal:Contents/Outlines

P[edit] Page views: (see also Counts) Most viewed (English Wikipedia): Wikipedia:Popular pages Most accessed pages per day (Wikistics) Wikipedia article traffic statistics – the 1000 pages with the most views (for April 2013) [last checked: November 2013] For any specific article or other page: Monthly chart for any specified page ("Wikipedia article traffic statistics") (for pages that are not articles, include the namespace as a prefix) ("Hendrik's tool") tools:~emw/wikistats/ - Wikipedia article traffic statistics (alpha, as of November 2013) Raw counts – beginning (24 hourly snapshots per day) December 10, 2007 (announcement) Password: see Logging in Portals: Wikipedia:Portal (WP:P) Wikipedia:Portal/Directory Portal:Contents/Portals – introductory page that organizes and lists all portals Featured: Portal:Featured portals Preview of a link: Navigation popups [NEED LINK] Printing: Help:Printable Privacy: Wikipedia:Privacy policy m:Privacy policy

Q[edit] Quality of articles Assessments By editors (from "stub" (worst) to "featured article" (best)): Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Assessment FAQ Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment (guideline) – an assessment scale in use to give "grades" to articles Category:WikiProject assessments – separate pages within WikiProjects that show assessments done and still needed for pages within that WikiProject By readers (viewers) m:Article validation feature (was supposed to begin in late 2005) Wikipedia:Article feedback Wikipedia:Article Feedback Tool Special:ArticleFeedbackv5 - central feedback page Wikipedia:Feedback walkthrough Wikipedia:Feedback guidelines Wikipedia:Article Feedback/Noticeboard mw:Article feedback/Version 5 m:R:Article Feedback - research mw:Extension:Review Queries (of article content) Wikidata queries: Wikipedia:Wikidata meta:Wikidata d:Wikidata:Main Page d:Wikidata:Introduction d:Help:FAQ Wikidata Query: (Wikimedia Labs) Description API documentation Questions: Wikipedia:Help desk Wikipedia:Contact us Quickbar: (the set of links on the left side of the page, often called the "left sidebar") User:Equazcion/SidebarTranslate - translates inter-language links into English

R[edit] Random article: Reading: Any page within a specified namespace: Special:Random (in the standard navigation box on the left) (adding a suffix – /Category, /Help, /Image, /Portal, /Template, /User, or /Wikipedia) will take you to a random page in those namespaces) Wikipedia:Random Any article within a category: Special:RandomInCategory Random article in a category (at the toolserver) Random Featured article (at the toolserver) Random Good article (at the toolserver) User talk:GregU/randomlink.js – Adds a "Random link" option to the sidebar menu; can be used to go to a random page in a category or a list Portal:Middle-earth/Random-article – example of how to generate a random article from a specified set of articles Recent changes (recent edits): (see also Vandalism) Special:Recentchanges Help:Recent changes

S[edit] Screen (options): Wide screen (minimum of 1400 pixels) Special:Preferences: "Appearance" tab: Skin Images (files): maximum size, default size for "thumbnail" images "Gadgets" tab: "Browsing" section "Appearance" section "Compatibility" section Searching Wikipedia: (see also In general: Help:Searching Across language Wikipedias: Global Wikipedia Article Search From within Wikipedia: Search engine: "MediaWiki search engine improved" (Signpost article, November 2008) Special:Search – regular search with a wider box to enter text Test web interface for lucene-search 2.1 User:Zocky/Auto Complete – auto-completes the titles of articles in the search box (JavaScript) (no longer required as of May 2008; this is built into the search function now) Invoking search: Wikipedia:FAQ/Main Page#Why doesn't the cursor appear in the search box, like with Google? – provides JavaScript so that the page focus is automatically in the search box Other: Special:Prefixindex – lists articles that begin with any chosen initial character string From outside Wikipedia: Firefox: Using Wikipedia for the search box provides an autocomplete feature Creating a smart keyword – can replace "site:en.wikipedia.org" in searches Wikiseek: Wikiseek – A better way to search Wikipedia – beta, January 2007; includes Firefox extension Wikiseek Community Wikie DBpedia.org Similpedia – uses a URL or a chunk of text to find similar articles in Wikipedia AskWiki – semantic search engine developed in partnership between AskMeNow and the Wikimedia Foundation (beta) Powerset – natural language search of Wikipedia Yahoo's Wikipedia SearchMonkey App Seariki – search engine specifically designed for Wikipedia [(http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikien-l/2007-December/088027.html December 2007 announcement]) Powerset – semantic search (May 2008) Googlepedia – Firefox add-on; shows a relevant Wikipedia article along with Google search results Preventing search engines from searching pages: Wikipedia:Controlling search engine indexing (WP:NOINDEX) Robots.txt file – specifies search engines that are not allowed to crawl all or part of Wikipedia, as well as pages/namespaces that are not to be indexed by any search engine MediaWiki:Robots.txt – direct editing of robots.txt mw:Extension:NoRobots allows editors to mark specific pages as not to be included by all outside search engines [not implemented as of April 2008] Wikipedia:Talk pages not indexed by Google (feature request) Wikipedia:Requests for comment/NOINDEX Tools: Wikipedia:Tools#Searching (may eventually merge into Help:Searching) Wikipedia:User scripts#Searching Social networking: Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a blog, Web hosting service, social networking service, or memorial site (WP:NOT) Wikipedia:User pages (WP:USER) Sharing pages: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Share pages on Facebook, Twitter etc. - add "Like" buttons and "Share" widgets User:TheDJ/Sharebox - script that adds new buttons that make it easier to mail, print or share an article on Facebook or another linksharing service Spelling: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Proper names U.S. and Commonwealth differences: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Spelling Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Capital letters Wikipedia:List of spelling variants Wikipedia:Articles using British English titles Wikipedia:Articles using American English titles Wikipedia:Manual of Style/National varieties of English (failed proposal) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Enforce American or British spelling Spoiler: Wikipedia:Spoiler (WP:SPOIL) (guideline)

T[edit] Table of contents: Help:Section – covers several aspects of TOCs Tables: Help:Sorting Translations: Wikipedia in different languages – overview: Wikipedia:Multilingual coordination Information about languages, and translation aids: mw:Extension:Live Translate m:List of Wikipedias Help:Multilingual support (guide to fonts) Moving information from other language Wikipedias to the English Wikipedia Wikipedia:Translation Wikipedia Bilingual – side-by-side display of an article in any two languages in which it is available (Firefox browser extension)

U[edit] User account and username (also called "useraccount", "login", and "user login") (see also Logging in, Privacy, User pages) Registered versus unregistered editing: Wikipedia:Why create an account? – benefits to a person who decides to register Wikipedia:The benefits of requiring account creation on Wikipedia (essay) – arguments against allowing IP editors Wikipedia:The benefits of not requiring account creation on Wikipedia (essay) – arguments in favor of IP editors Wikipedia:IPs are human too (essay) - arguments on not assuming IP editors do not make positive contributions Starting out: Wikipedia:Username policy (WP:U) Wikipedia:Tutorial/Registration Special:Userlogin – to request an account Wikipedia:Request an account – for those who wish to create an account but cannot read the CAPTCHA image that is part of the standard registration process as of February 2007 mw:Extension:SignupAPI mw:API:Account creation Help:Email confirmation Inappropriate usernames: Wikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention – blatantly inappropriate usernames Removing accounts without any edits: wmf:Privacy policy#User accounts and authorship Single signon ("single login", "single user login", "SUL"): Bug# 57 – request for this feature Signpost articles: August 2006, August 2007 m:Help:Unified login and m:Single signon transition – moving to a single username (signon) across all Wikipedia domains mw:Extension:CentralAuth – "allows global/shared accounts between projects" User pages: (see also User account and username) Wikipedia:User pages (WP:USER) (guideline) Wikipedia:Subpages (guideline) User scripts

V[edit] Vandalism Wikipedia:Vandalism (WP:VAN) (policy) Wikipedia:Cleaning up vandalism Tutorial: Reporting and dealing with vandals – Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-01-28/Tutorial Video: Wikitube - Videos are automatically added when viewing a Wikipedia article pages http://www.ghacks.net/2013/09/01/wikitube-adds-youtube-videos-wikipedia-articles/ https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wikitube/aneddidibfifdpbeppmpoackniodpekj - Chrome extension

W[edit] Wikipedia basic information: Wikipedia – what it is, history, hardware and software, funding, authorship and management, and much more Wikipedia:About What is Wikipedia? (pdf) – two page flyer Wikipedia:History of Wikipedian processes and people Wikipedia:Historic debates Wikipedia:Role of Jimmy Wales Wikipedia:Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia (essay) Late 2001 version of Wikipedia (nostalgia.wikipedia.org) Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia is so great (essay) Wikipedia:Wikipediology/library/essays/Merovingian-1 (essay) – "The Fluid Encyclopedia" – 2001 to 2005 Wikipedia Fundraising Central Online Reporting Engine Category:Wikipedia history Wikipedia:General reading list Wikipedia:Instructional material Wikipedia:Learning the ropes WordPress: mw:PhotoCommons - a plug-in that provides easy searching, inserting, and maintaining of files from Wikimedia Commons into a blog [alpha] v t e  Basic information on Wikipedia Main Help directory menu FAQs Reference desk Help desk About Wikipedia Administration Purpose Who writes Wikipedia? Organization Censorship Introduction Why create an account? In brief General disclaimer What Wikipedia is not Readers' FAQ Parental advice Navigation Introduction Searching Viewing media Help Mobile access Other languages Researching with Wikipedia Citing Wikipedia Students help Readers' index Copyright Book creation Contributing to Wikipedia Main tutorial Tutorials and introductions The answer Dos and don'ts Learning the ropes Common mistakes Newcomer primer Plain and simple Your first article Wizard Young Wikipedians The Adventure Protocols and conventions Five pillars Introduction Simplified ruleset Simplified MoS Etiquette Expectations Oversight Principles Ignore all rules The rules are principles Core content policies Policies and guidelines Policies Guidelines Vandalism Appealing blocks Getting assistance Requests for help Request editor assistance Disputes resolution requests IRC live chat Tutorial Village pump Contact us Wikipedia community Community portal Dashboard Noticeboards Departments Maintenance Task Center Essays Meetups WikiProjects Sourcing and referencing Finding sources Combining sources Referencing Introduction Citations Citation Style 1 Citation templates Footnotes Page numbers Cite errors Information Editing Toolbar Conflict VisualEditor User guide Category Diffs Email confirmation Infoboxes Linking Link color Manual of Style Introduction Simplified Namespaces Page name URLs User contribution pages Using talk pages Introduction Archiving Image and media files Images Media files How-to Guide to page deletion Image deletion Logging in Merging pages Page renaming Requests Redirecting Reset passwords Reverting Uploading images Introduction Wiki markup Wiki markup Cheatsheet Barcharts Calculations Columns HTML Lists Magic words For beginners Music symbols Sections Sounds Special Characters Tables Introduction Templates Documentation Messages Tools Transclusion Visual file markup Tutorial Directories Abbreviations Contents Edit summaries Essays Glossary Index The Missing Manual Shortcuts Tips Tip of the day Wikis Teahouse (interactive help for new editors) Ask for help on your talk page (a volunteer will visit you there) v t e Directories and indexes Administration pages Protocols Policies Guidelines Manual of Style Assistance Help directory Menu FAQs Interactive help Reader's index Tips Styletips Tools The community Portal Discussions Noticeboards Essays Editor's index Departments Maintenance WikiProjects MediaWiki Wikicode HTML Templates Locutions Abbreviations Edit summaries Glossary Readers Shortcuts Encyclopedia proper Types Overviews Outlines Lists Portals Glossaries Categories Indices Featured, good Featured articles Good articles Featured lists Featured pictures Featured topics Good topics Topics Current events Reference Culture Geography Health History Math Nature People Philosophy Religion Society Technology LOC, bios, times Academic disciplines Anniversaries today Countries and territories People deaths this year Timelines centuries decades Indexes A–Z index Categories Dewey Decimal classes Library of Congress Classification Roget's Thesaurus Spoken articles Retrieved from "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Reader%27s_index_to_Wikipedia&oldid=794468153" Categories: Wikipedia helpWikipedia basic informationWikipedia directories

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Wikipedia:Reader's_index_to_Wikipedia - Photos and All Basic Informations

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