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Categories of past controversial issues[edit] Many of these articles could be classified into multiple categories. Politics and economics[edit] 2003 invasion of Iraq Abortion Affirmative action African National Congress Alberta secessionism. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) American Hunters and Shooters Association History of the Jews in the United States - historical review of American Jews. Anarchism Anarcho-capitalism Anti-Americanism Anti-clericalism Anti-Irish racism Antisemitism Asian American Atheism Austrian School Bashar Assad and the Syrian civil war Black Lives Matter Black supremacy Boricua Popular Army – also known as Los Macheteros British National Party Capitalism Capital punishment Catalonia Cherokee Americans – who have Cherokee ancestry. Chinese spies Christian right, also known as the religious right CIA leak scandal, aka Plame affair (controversies include naming of articles) CIA leak scandal timeline, aka Plame affair timeline (controversies include naming of articles) Communism Communist government Communist state Conservatism in the United States Controversy Copyright, Free software, viral license, Copyright infringement of software, DMCA, copyright term extension, Inducement/Child Exploitation Corsica – separatism activity. Crime in the United States Criticism of Walmart Cuba Culture war in American politics Cyprus Cyprus dispute Deaf American (rising self-identify among the hearing impaired as an "ethnic group"). Demographics of Europe Demographics of the United States Domestic violence Detroit Economy of Japan Efforts to impeach George W. Bush European Union (EU) Fascism Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Federal Marriage Amendment Feminism Fox News Fractional reserve banking Free trade Freedom fighter Gay rights, LGBT rights Genocide denial Gentrification Gun control Gun politics Hamas Harry's Place Hate crimes Health care reform in the United States Health Services Union expenses affair Hezbollah Hispanics or Latinos Adolf Hitler – in regards to his biography, political career and personal issues (i.e. possible homosexuality or mental illness). Holodomor Ireland and Irish people – alleged anti-British sentiment and alleged British bias. Israel History of Israel Israeli–Palestinian conflict and all related issues. Italian American (anti-Italianism) Japan – history of being a world power. Jewish Americans as a lobbying interest group. Kashmir Killing of Harambe Korean War Kosovo Louisiana politics, as well alleged corruption (also the adage of "Chicago-way or New Jersey-style politics"). Lebanon – ethnic/religious conflicts. Liberalism in the United States Libertarianism Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, Macedonian Slavs Moldavia, Moldovans Masculism/Men's Rights Mexico – economic and political systems. Morality and ethics Multiculturalism Muslim Brotherhood NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) – (rel. bombing of Dresden) Native American name controversy National-Anarchism National Rifle Association (NRA) Nazi Germany Nazi gun control (for instance, as presented in the book Gun Control in the Third Reich) Neoconservatism Neoliberalism New World Order (conspiracy theory) Politics of North Korea Northern Ireland Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali Occupy Wall Street and Occupy movement Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Pakkoruotsi Palestine Palestine Liberation Organization Park51, a proposed (as of September 2010) Islamic community center and mosque to be built near the World Trade Center site Patriotism in the USA PEGIDA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Pioneer Fund – US racial research group. Polish people (Anti-Polish sentiment) Political correctness Political parties and partisan politics. Post-racial America Poverty in USA and worldwide Price–Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act Public education in the USA Puerto Ricans in the United States Quebec, Canada Race relations in the USA Racial quota Race/ethnicity issues in many countries, such as in Demographics of Chile. Racism – definition of Radical right (United States) Right-wing populism Recession Salvador Allende Same-sex marriage Saskatchewan Party Saudi Arabia – use of Sharia law and human rights record. Laura Schlessinger School violence Seamus incident Republika Srpska, Republic of Serbian Krajina Sedition Separatism September 11 attacks also known as 9/11. Sexual harassment Ariel Sharon Silesia Socialism Southeastern United States or Southern United States – regional/nationalistic feeling, including Texas secessionism. Spain – autonomous movements in each province of the country. Sudan (South Sudan and Darfur). Banking in Switzerland Synarchism Syrian Social Nationalist Party Tea Party movement and Tea Party protests Taliban Terrorism Terrorist groups Tibet Tobin tax Torture (see also Medical torture) Universal Health care proposals in the USA United Nations (UN) USA PATRIOT Act – also known as The Patriot Act The United States's War on Terror Valencian people (Valencianism) vs. Catalan people (Catalan nationalism) over whether to classify the Valencian language a "dialect" of Catalan language. Vector Marketing War on Drugs Wells Fargo – controversy over fake accounts scandal. Wells Fargo account fraud scandal Western civilization White Americans – non-racist white identity. Wiretapping Paul Wolfowitz Womyn – alternative spelling of women. Xinjiang (Sinkiang). Yugoslavia – breakup of the country. Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Zimbabwe History[edit] 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami 1953 Iranian coup d'état. 1963 South Vietnamese coup – theories abound on the US CIA involvement. 1973 coup in Chile. 1992 Los Angeles riots. 9/11 or September 11 terrorist attacks. American Airlines Flight 77 American Revolution Apartheid Apollo moon landing hoax accusations Armenian Genocide Aryan invasion theory Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Battle of Cuito Cuanavale Berlin Wall Biafra Black Power Bloody Sunday (1972) Bosnia and Herzegovina – 1992–1995 war. Bromberg Bloody Sunday Centre Party Germany Chicano nationalism – also see Mexican American. Coandă-1910 Cold War era – i.e. Cuban missile crisis Communism – histories of communist regimes. Confederate States of America Jim Crow laws or racial segregation Constitutional law Crusades into the holy land Cyprus dispute D-Day 1944 allied invasion of France. East Germany (the German Democratic Republic 1949-90). Issues pertaining to politics of Egypt from 2013 onward. Ethnicity Falkland Islands French Revolution The Great Purge Game, The Genocide Great Depression Green Revolution Heimatvertriebene Iran hostage crisis Ireland – history, including 1850s Irish Potato Famine. Irredentism in Italy, China, Mexico and elsewhere. Japanese American internment during World War II. Jesus Christ – historical/biographical studies (the Bible and other sources). Jews in Ukraine and Poland, "Ukrainian and Polish antisemitism". Kennedy assassinations of 1963 and 1968. Korean War Kosovo War Kurdish genocide Kuril Islands Libyan civil war Louisiana Purchase of 1803 Majestic 12 Maoism Marijuana – illegalization of the drug. Mexican–American War (see also History of Mexican Americans). Middle Ages Native Americans in the United States Nazism Nordic race theories of global domination (see also Aryan race and white race) Okinawa – U.S. rule 1945–1972. Operation Wetback – mass deportation program of Mexicans (either illegal aliens, naturalized citizens and Mexican-Americans) from the US in the 1950s. Other Losses Panama Canal, US rule in Canal Zone 1903–1979. Philippines under US rule 1898–1946. Piprahwa Numerous episodes of Poland–Russia relations Numerous episodes of Poland–Ukraine relations Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust Prohibition in the US 1919–33. Prussia Puerto Rico – annexation of the island by the U.S. Quebec sovereignty movement Radicalism Rape during the occupation of Germany - mostly by the Red Army Roswell UFO incident Numerous episodes of Russia–Ukraine relations Sanhedrin Scientology Silesia Slavery Soviet republics Soviet Russia Soviet Union or the USSR. Soviet war crimes Spanish–American War Spanish Civil War Spanish Inquisition Stem cell research Texas Revolution of 1836, known by the battle of the Alamo. The Rape of Nanking (book). Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Trail of Tears TWA Flight 800 U.S. Civil War U.S. Latinos or Hispanics. U.S. War of 1812 United States presidential election, 2000 United States presidential election, 2016—especially allegations of Russian involvement. Unidentified flying objects or UFOs Ustaše Vietnam War Warsaw Pact Watergate scandal White supremacy Women's rights and feminism causes and effects of World War I. causes and effects of World War II. Religion[edit] 2012, 2012 phenomenon, and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar Adventism Agnosticism American Family Association Answers in Genesis (AiG) Anti-clericalism Anti-Muslim violence in India Anti-Judaism Apollo Quiboloy Atheism Baptist churches - differences among them, including fundamentalist and independent ones. Biblical literalism Book of Enoch Born-Again Buddhism Catholicism Christian Coalition Christian right, also known as the religious right Christian Science Christianity Christophobia Conservative Judaism and Criticism of Conservative Judaism Creationism Cult Deism Dhimmi Divorce – religious opposition to Dorje Shugden Dorje Shugden controversy Druze Eastern Orthodoxy Eckankar Evangelical Falun Gong Feminism and religion. Fundamentalism Gay Marriage – opposition of Gnosticism and the New Testament God Gospel for Asia (more critical than descriptive) Guru (structure and criticism) Hare Krishna Hate group (new religious movements) Historicity of Jesus Homosexuality and religion. Iglesia ni Cristo Imperium (Warhammer 40,000) Islamophobia Islam Jainism Jehovah's Witnesses Jesus Freaks Judas Iscariot Kabbala Kashrut and Kosher Kokuchūkai Ku Klux Klan – radical hate group. Last Supper of Jesus Liturgy Lutheranism Makkah/Mecca ('Offensive' spelling). Menachem Mendel Schneerson Mennonites – most notably the old order Amish. Mormonism – to a certain extent (subset of the Latter Day Saint movement). Neocatechumenal Way New Age New Kadampa Tradition Nondenominational churches. Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism Opus Dei Pacifism Paganism – various sects Paul and Gnosticism Pentecostalism Politics and religion. Prem Rawat and Divine Light Mission Project Chanology Protestant Reformation Qu'ran Reincarnation research U.S. Republican Party connection with the religious right. Religion and sexuality and various related topics. Role of women in religion, Religious feminism, and related topics Separation of church and state Satanism Sathya Sai Baba enduring dispute about the amount of space devoted to describing the views of proponents and critics as published on their homepages Scientology Seventh-day Adventist Church Sharia Sin Soka Gakkai Sufism Syncretism Taboo Temple Mount and related topics United Submitters International, Qur'an alone, Rashad Khalifa peacock words, critical sources removed, lack of RS, failure to describe size and importance and relation to older Islamic groups, linkfarming Universal Life Church Universalism Westboro Baptist Church Science, biology, and health[edit] Abortion ADD/ADHD AIDS AIDS denialism Alcoholism Allergy – causes of. Allopathic medicine Alzheimer's disease Alternative medicine and closely related issues Anencephaly Answers in Genesis (AiG) Anthropology Assisted suicide Aspartame Aspartame controversy Asperger's syndrome and Autism Astrology as a "science" Bates method Bioethics Biology and sexual orientation Birth defect Black hole information paradox Blood transfusions Cancer cures Caesarean section Chakra Chiropractic Chromosome Circumcision Cloning Cochlear implant Cold fusion Conjoined twins Cryonics Creation science Depleted uranium Depression Disability Drugs Dyslexia Ebola virus Albert Einstein Electrical sensitivity Eugenics Euthanasia Evolution Extraterrestrial Life Family planning Female genital mutilation Flat Earth Society Genetic engineering Genetically modified foods (or GM food(s)) Gender differences Glyphosate Gypsies as a race. Heredity Heritability of IQ High Fructose Corn Syrup HIV – virus that causes AIDS. HMO – US health care coverage. Hodgkin's Disease Homeopathy Human cloning Human evolution Human longevity Huntington's disease Influenza strains like the H5N1 virus or bird flu Institute for Creation Research Intelligent design IQ and the Wealth of Nations Jewish people as a "race". Kombucha Tea Lactose intolerance as a genetic inherited trait Life extension Lupus Master race Medical torture Mental disorder Mental retardation Michio Kaku Mind control MS and treatments for it e.g. CCSVI or [1] Mucoid plaque Nutrition Obesity Organ donor and transplants Overpopulation Paternity testing Pharmaceutical industry in the USA Pluto demoted as a planet Poppers (the use of alkyl nitrites as a drug) Premature birth Prenatal care Psychiatry Race and science. Race and intelligence Recapitulation theory Rh blood group system (origins of RH negative Blood type). Schizophrenia Self-harm Sex differences in intelligence Sex differences in psychology Sexually transmitted diseases Smoking and tobacco Smoking bans Sperm donor and Egg donor Stem cell research Subluxation Surrogate mother – child custody battles Tay–Sachs disease Nikola Tesla Test-tube babies Therapeutic touch Thiomersal Transgender, Transsexual, and BIID persons Twin paradox Universe – such as the Big Bang theory Vaccination Veganism and Vegetarianism Woman's Issues and female health issues (see pregnancy, menopause, breast cancer and ovarian cancer). Sexuality[edit] 69ing Sexuality of Abraham Lincoln Adult grooming and child grooming, where sexual abuse and murder victims first meet their perpretators online and in some cases, actually set up to meet IRL (In Real Life). Adultery ("consensual sex outside marriage") Age of consent Anal sex Asian fetish (also Racial fetishism of other races/ethnicities). Attraction to disability (a.k.a. Abasiophilia). Autoerotic Asphyxiation Autogynephilia BDSM Child sexuality Circumcision Conversion therapy (also called "reparative therapy") Ejaculation Fetishism Fingering and fisting Fornication G-Spot Genetic sexual attraction Genital modification and mutilation Gerontophilia Hentai ("anime porn") Hebephilia Homosexuality Incest Lolicon Masturbation Necrophilia North American Man/Boy Love Association Oral sex Orgasm Paraphilia Pederasty Pedophilia Polyamory Polygamy Pornography Pregnancy fetishism Prostitution Rape Sadomasochism Semen Sex offender Sexual abuse Stalking Swinging ("singles") Transsexual Wife Swapping/wife-sharing. Women (see Women and Sexuality) Zoophilia Entertainment[edit] Bullfighting Bumfights Disc jockeys Duke Nukem Forever and other development hell games Entertainment Software Rating Board Gambling Gamergate controversy and related articles Girls Gone Wild Hip hop culture, hip hop music, and rapping (rap music) List of best-selling albums MPAA film rating system Playboy Magazine Pop punk Pornographic magazines (Hustler and Penthouse) Psytrance SeaWorld Smooth jazz Strip club (stripping/strippers) Video game controversies World Star Hip Hop Environment[edit] 2005 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Chernobyl - nuclear plant accident, April 25, 1986 Deepwater Horizon - oil spill, April 20, 2010 Deforestation vs Logging Dust Bowl vs intensive farming Ecofascism Eco-terrorism Energy consumption Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing Environmental vegetarianism Fossil fuels vs air pollution and greenhouse gases Natural gas vs Natural_gas#Environmental_effects Coal vs Coal mining Petrol vs oil spills, oil shale industry Fukushima-Daiichi - nuclear plant accident after, caused by 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami Global warming and Global cooling theories. Hydraulic fracturing – industry vs environmental perspectives Hydraulic fracturing in the United States Hydraulic fracturing by country Hydrogen Bomb and Atomic Bomb testing effects. An Inconvenient Truth – 2006 documentary movie on humanity's involvement in climate change. Mercury poisoning and cause of Minamata disease in a Japanese fishing village during the 1960s. Mining and Deep sea mining Nuclear power vs Wind farms (and other largescale power generation) Oil drilling and ANWR petroleum reserves in Alaska's North Slope. Overpopulation (see global human Population explosion) Ozone depletion leading to Ozone hole Pollution Recycling Sea level rise Three Gorges Dam and other (Hydroelectric) dams, vs Water shortages and droughts/floods. Toxic waste and its disposal at Love Canal Volkswagen emissions scandal Weather modification Law and order[edit] Crime in America Double jeopardy Illegal drugs Judicial system Jury duty Law enforcement Legal status of Minors and Juveniles (see Teenagers). Public education (also mandatory school attendance laws). Prisons Selective Service and Military draft Tax (see also the U.S. Internal Revenue Service). Languages[edit] Afrikaans spoken by Afrikaners of South Africa. Ancient Macedonian language Balto-Slavic languages Basque language – unrelated to any Indo-European or any other language in the world. Bilingualism in Canada Celtic Revival – the restoration of Celtic languages in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, England, and Brittany, France. Chinese language policies. Creole languages. Dené–Caucasian languages Ebonics Filipino and Tagalog, Philippine languages French language in Canada Graeco-Armenian Hate crimes and discrimination towards people not fluent in a region's primary language. Indo-European (languages and the "Aryan" race theory). Japanese language and Korean language, theorized similarities and self-isolations from any other language. Ladino Language revival Linguistics Macedonian language Norwegian language Occitan language, Occitania and vergonha (linguicide in France). Pidgin English Quebec (French as the official language of the province over English). Riksmål Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis Sami language spoken by the Sami people indigenous to Scandinavia. Spanish in the United States Turanism of Turkic languages Welsh language Yiddish language Philosophy[edit] Friedrich Nietzsche Meaning of life Plato Scientific method Socrates Truth Psychiatry[edit] Sigmund Freud Carl Jung Phil McGraw Thomas Szasz Technology[edit] BitTorrent BitTorrent (protocol) Blu-ray Disc Criticism of Microsoft Criticism of Windows Vista Criticism of Apple Inc. Cryptocurrency Console wars Cyberstalking Digital rights management esp re opening – see talk and archive Electric car Electronic voting Facebook Factory farming File sharing Ford Pinto GNU/Linux naming controversy – discussed extensively at Talk:Linux Han unification HD DVD Indent style Myspace – online privacy and security issues Napster Net neutrality Norton AntiVirus Nuclear power Object-oriented programming P2P Removal of Internet Explorer Smart meter – concerns about privacy and health effects Solar power Standardization of Office Open XML The Pirate Bay Unmanned combat air vehicle – use of unmanned drones for warfare Windows Vista Media and culture[edit] 4chan, 9gag and Reddit Anime and other shows for mature audiences such as Hentai Beavis and Butt-head Black Entertainment Television Black Metal CCTV (Closed-circuit television/public surveillance) Cable News: CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel, as well the BBC, RT and Al Jazeera Censorship laws Chinese television (CCTV news) Digimon per clashes among fans and critics over this and Pokémon Digital television conversion in US Diversity on prime-time TV Disco music Drawn Together Emos European culture Family Guy Federal Communications Commission or the US FCC Gamergate controversy or GamerGate Gay culture Google and Facebook (privacy issues) Gothic subculture Harry Potter Hard rock and heavy metal music, esp. the inclusion of misogynistic and Satanic lyrics in some songs Hippies Internet forum/message boards, esp, the anonymous nature of these boards leading to trolling, cyberbullying and hate speech Liberal media, esp for alleged bias towards liberal political viewpoints MADtv Media bias Music Television (MTV) My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Netiquette Pentagon Papers of The New York Times 1971 Political correctness Punk rock music Rap and hip-hop Rave and Rave culture Sacha Baron Cohen, for his controversial live-action characters Ali G, Borat and Brüno Sailor Moon - LGBT and adult themes. Saturday Night Live Sifl and Olly The Simpsons Sirius XM Radio – subscription to receive satellite radio Smooth jazz South Park Star Trek Star Wars anthology Steven Universe - LGBT and feminism themes Telemundo and Univision – Spanish language Television in the US. Talk radio- limits on free speech. Time Warner and Viacom as multi-corporate monopolies. Trinity Broadcasting Network and televangelists The Twilight Saga Twitter as a social trend. US culture (Americana), the concepts of "American culture" Virgin Records. Women oriented television (Lifetime, Oxygen and WE). World Wide Web or the internet. YouTube (content issues). Yuppies People[edit] Nero and Caligula, Roman emperors. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran 2005-2013. Syed Ahmed Muhammad Ali – formerly Cassius Clay, conversion to Islam and anti-Vietnam war comments. Kirstie Alley Idi Amin, Ugandan dictator. Criss Angel Yasser Arafat Jodi Arias Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona Julian Assange Hans Asperger Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Gilad Atzmon Michelle Bachelet Michele Bachmann Brigitte Bardot Roseanne Barr (Arnold) Glenn Beck David Beckham Joy Behar Silvio Berlusconi Art Bell – radio program discussions on conspiracy theories. Bruno Bettelheim Joe Biden Tony Blair Robert Blake – 2002 homicide defendant case. Hans Blix Christoph Blocher, prominent Swiss politician, former Federal Councillor. Barry Bonds and the BALCO drug scandal (includes other Major League Baseball athletes Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire and Alex Rodriguez). Bonnie and Clyde Ruđer Bošković – ethnicity. Lorena Bobbitt – In 1994, mutilated her husband's penis in self-defense from alleged marital rape. Leonid Brezhnev Chris Brown accused of domestic violence/abuse against girlfriend Rihanna Jerry Brown, California governor. Murphy Brown – fictional character went through unwed motherhood. Anita Bryant Kobe Bryant Pat Buchanan Ted Bundy George W. Bush and his father George H. W. Bush, U.S. Presidents. Jeb Bush Richard Butler – founder of the Aryan Nations group. George Carlin Jimmy Carter, U.S. President and peace negotiator. Fidel Castro and brother Raúl Castro, leaders of Cuba. Cesar Chavez Hugo Chávez Dave Chappelle – satirist and comedian. Dick Cheney, U.S. Vice President and CEO of Halliburton. Cher and her ex-husband Sonny Bono and his widow Mary Bono Mack in politics. Jacques Chirac Margaret Cho Seung-Hui Cho – Virginia Tech University gunman killed himself and 32 others in 2007 massacre. Noam Chomsky Chris Christie, governor of the state of New Jersey. Ward Churchill – Colorado State professor known for comments about 9-11 survivors, and involved in radical left and American Indian political movements. Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. President and U.S. Secretary of State, respectively. Hillary Clinton was also among the board of executives of Walmart while she was wife of then-governor Bill in 1980's. Kurt Cobain – 1994 suicide (or murder) controversy. Christopher Columbus Sean Combs – aka "Puff Daddy". Nicolaus Copernicus – (Copernicus' nationality either Polish or German). Stephen Colbert Jon Corzine, governor of the state of New Jersey. Ann Coulter Tom Cruise – recent actions and Scientology controversy. Miley Cyrus and her performance at the VMAs in 2013 Salvador Dalí Jeffrey Dahmer Angela Davis – former Black Panther member in 1973 federal homicide case. Richard Dawkins Ellen DeGeneres Paula Deen – allegations of spoken racial slurs. Hassan Diab – alleged role in the 1980 Paris synagogue bombing. Andrew Dice Clay – satirist and comedian known for vulgar performances in the 1980s and early 1990s. Dixie Chicks – politically charged anti-Bush comments in 2003. Walt Disney – alleged antisemitism and alcoholism. Phil Donahue 19 Kids and Counting David Duke Andrea Dworkin John Edwards Marc Emery Eminem real name Marshall Mathers, rapper. Jeffrey Epstein Pablo Escobar Jerry Falwell Melissa Farley Carly Fiorina Gerald Ford – 1975 Watergate pardons; U.S. President. Henry Ford Michael J. Fox and late Christopher Reeve – stem cell research advocates. Al Franken Kenny G – dispute over genre. Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan leader William Gaillard Galileo Janeane Garofalo Charles de Gaulle Mel Gibson – for verbal anti-Semitic and homophobic comments in DUI arrest Kathie Lee Gifford – 1995 children's sweatshop scandal involved her clothing brand, her ex-husband Frank Gifford's affairs, and her political and religious views spoofed in comedy Newt Gingrich, U.S. Speaker of the House (1995–99) Girls Aloud – numerous controversies Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York City and U.S. Presidential candidate. Nancy Grace Wayne Gretzky and wife Janet Jones in sports gambling scandal. Joseph Goebbels Whoopi Goldberg – political comments as co-host on the show The View Barry Goldwater Mikhail Gorbachev Al Gore, U.S. Vice President Temple Grandin, Livestock handling architect diagonsed with autism involved in the redesign of the cattle/livestock industry and leading figure of the Autism community Alan Greenspan Woody Guthrie – His song lyrics endorsed leftism/socialism and portrayed farm workers as victims of the Great Depression. Guns N' Roses rock band – Axl Rose Ferenc Gyurcsány Ted Haggard Tarja Halonen Ken Ham – Young Earth creationist and the president of Answers in Genesis (AiG). Sean Hannity Jesse Helms, U.S. Senator. Phil Hendrie – radio comedian Patty Hearst – 1974 kidnapping/conversion by the Symbionese Liberation Army, bank robbery suspect with the group and arrested, convicted and released from prison. Hideki Tojo – Militarist leader of WWII Imperial Japan, executed by International Court tribunal for war crimes and crimes against humanity in 1948 Paris Hilton Anita Hill in the 1991 Clarence Thomas sexual harassment case Heinrich Himmler Emperor Hirohito – involvement in WWII Imperial Japan policy Adolf Hitler, German Führer and responsible for the Holocaust to exterminate nearly all of European Jews and other victims (i.e. Roma people, Slavs, homosexuals and communists), remains an infamous emotionally charged figure when it comes to associated issues of racism and antisemitism Erich Honecker – Communist leader of the last years of East Germany (1971–89) Jimmy Hoffa – 1975 kidnapping/disappearance J. Edgar Hoover Katie Hopkins John Howard L. Ron Hubbard Mike Huckabee Rock Hudson Saddam Hussein, Iraqi dictator and was a secular leader against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) Andrew Jackson, U.S. President and designer of federal government policy on American Indians and the Trail of Tears George Jackson Jesse Jackson Michael Jackson – People v. Jackson case in 2005, and several other controversies Jay-Z and wife Beyonce Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President and drafter of the US Declaration of Independence Sheila Jeffreys Caitlyn Jenner (born Bruce Jenner) - US olympian, transgender issues after sex change operation. Elton John Magic Johnson – HIV diagnosis Angelina Jolie and former husband Brad Pitt Alex Jones Jenny Jones Michael Jordan John F. Kennedy, with brothers Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy – U.S. President, U.S. Presidential candidate, and U.S. Senator, respectively. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – widow of John F. Kennedy, remarried to Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis. Colin Kaepernick Kim Kardashian Andy Kaufman John Kerry Khomeini Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet leader North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung, his son Kim Jong Il and successor (son of Jong Il) Kim Jong-Un Martin Luther King, Jr. Rodney King Pia Kjærsgaard Philip J. Klass Polly Klaas child abduction case in 1993 Shosei Koda Junichiro Koizumi, Japanese leader Chris Kyle – United States Navy SEAL and most lethal sniper in U.S. military history Lady Gaga K.D. Lang – homosexuality and animal rights activism Ricki Lake Lyndon LaRouche Carlos Latuff – controversial cartoonist. Norman Lear – producer of groundbreaking 1970's TV comedies on social satire. Jean-Marie Le Pen and daughter Marine Le Pen in French politics. Heath Ledger Vladimir I. Lenin, Soviet leader. John Lennon – US CIA investigations in the early 1970s Lewis Libby G. Gordon Liddy Lil Wayne Rush Limbaugh Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President during the American Civil War and suspended civil liberties such as habeas corpus as a wartime measure. Jennifer Lopez Lil B Trent Lott Ankit Love, Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir Courtney Love Martin Luther Catharine MacKinnon Madonna Bernie Madoff John Major Nelson Mandela South African civil rights activist and leader released from prison, and his wife Winnie Mandela, whose jail sentence is from criminal offenses. Charles Manson Marilyn Manson Mao Zedong, Chinese leader, may have been responsible for the deaths of up to 80 million. Ferdinand Marcos and wife Imelda Marcos, Philippine leaders. Rachel Marsden Karl Marx Jackie Mason John Mayer – allegations of spoken racial slurs. John McCain Paul McCartney – alleged domestic abuse of ex-wife Heather. Jenny McCarthy – TV show hostess turned activist for autism research and mother of a son diagnosed with autism. Steve McNair – his murder-suicide by girlfriend. Timothy McVeigh Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev Golda Meir Carlos Mencia – satirist/comedian. Angela Merkel, German prime minister. Freddie Mercury – rumours of homosexuality proven after his death from AIDS. Harvey Milk Kenji Miyazawa Demi Moore and her ex Ashton Kutcher. Michael Moore Henry M. Morris, prominent Young Earth creationist, coauthor of The Genesis Flood. Jim Morrison – his mysterious death in 1971 at Paris. Mother Teresa Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator, founder of fascism. Napoleon, French leader. Nicole Polizzi – "Snooki" of MTV reality show Jersey Shore and the show's portrayal of Italian Americans condemned as ethnic stereotypes (she's of Chilean descent). [citation needed] Olivia Newton-John – environmental activism. Richard Nixon, U.S. President. Notorious B.I.G. Rosie O'Donnell Opie and Anthony (formally of The Opie and Anthony Show) Bill O'Reilly. Barack Obama, U.S. President. Keith Olbermann Ozzy Osbourne Donny Osmond and sister Marie Osmond, due to child stardom as part of the Osmond family in the 1970s, their clinical depression (Marie's son committed suicide) and their Mormon religion. Terrell Owens – recent near-death, suicide attempt claims. Sarah Palin, U.S. Vice Presidential candidate. Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Speaker of the House 2007–10. Katy Perry Juan Perón and wife Eva Perón, Argentine leaders. Scott Peterson convicted of murder of his missing pregnant wife Laci. Augusto Pinochet, Chilean general became presidential dictator. Valerie Plame Pope Benedict XIV Pope John Paul II Pope Pius XII Elvis Presley and his highly publicized death in 1977. Prince Prince Charles, ex-wife Princess Diana and new wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, British royals. Prince Harry and Prince William (and his wife Princess Kate), heirs of the British crown. Pol Pot, Cambodian leader. Richard Pryor Vladimir Putin, Russian leader. Ray Rice Richard Ramirez JonBenét Ramsey – unsolved homicide case. Ronald Reagan, U.S. President. Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney General. Michèle Renouf, associate of Holocaust deniers Condoleezza Rice, U.S. Secretary of State. Michael Richards – Due to the Laugh Factory incident. Yvonne Ridley Alberto Rivera Geraldo Rivera Geshe Michael Roach Oral Roberts Pat Robertson Phil Robertson John Rocker, baseball pitcher renowned for comments about New York City, racial minorities and homosexuals in a 1999 Sports Illustrated interview. Kid Rock Alex Rodriguez Romário Mitt Romney, U.S. Presidential candidate. Linda Ronstadt – Political activism and lesbianism. Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his cousin Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. Presidents. Ben Roethlisberger Pete Rose Karl Rove Babe Ruth Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense. Bobby Sands Nicolas Sarkozy Linda Sarsour Michael Savage Terri Schiavo case Laura Schlessinger (Dr. Laura). Gerhard Schröder Arnold Schwarzenegger as California state governor, rather than as actor. Teofilo Vargas Sein Selena – disputed theories over her 1995 murder. William Shakespeare – in regards to additions and deletions of references to the "authorship question." Tupac Shakur and his shooting death in 1996. Al Sharpton, African American civil rights activist. Charlie Sheen Matthew Shepard – media-publicized 1999 hate crime murder. Sherlock Holmes O. J. Simpson, accused of notorious crimes (double murder of his ex-wife and boyfriend in 1994). Anna Nicole Smith Joseph Smith – founder of the Latter Day Saint movement and Mormonism in the 1820s. Edward Snowden Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo – US talk host of Spanish-language radio program. Sonia Sotomayor Snoop Dogg – real name Calvin Broadus. Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline. Spice Girls – numerous controversies. Jerry Springer Joseph Stalin, Soviet dictator lead the USSR during the Depression and WWII, main perpetrator of The Great Purge and other Soviet atrocities. Thought to be the most murderous man of all time (estimated 20 to 40 million victims of his regime). Gloria Steinem Erika Steinbach Howard Stern, radio "shock jock" and liberal activist. Jon Stewart Sting – political activist. John Stossel Barbra Streisand Jimmy Swaggart Taylor Swift Tim Tebow Nikola Tesla (his nationality being Serb vs. Croat). Margaret Thatcher, U.K. Prime Minister. Pierre Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister. Harry Truman – U.S. President; also, decision while in that office to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan to end WWII. Donald Trump, President of the United States Ted Turner Mike Tyson U2 – Irish rock band involved in political activist causes. Joran van der Sloot Michael Vick due to his involvement in illegal dogfighting. Varg Vikernes Barbara Walters John Walsh – Anti-crime activist/child safety advocate after his son Adam Walsh was kidnapped, later found dead in 1981. Andy Warhol Kanye West – also as husband of Kim Kardashian. Ruth Westheimer Brian Williams Joseph C. Wilson Woodrow Wilson, U.S. President. Oprah Winfrey Tiger Woods Malcolm X Andrea Yates – Mass murderer of her 6 children in her home, claimed to suffer from mental illness and post-natal depression. Boris Yeltsin, Russian leader. Yoko Ono – accusations of breaking up The Beatles when she married John Lennon. Zinedine Zidane George Zimmerman accused of murdering Trayvon Martin Jacob Zuma Sports[edit] 1919 World Series Chicago White Sox vs Cincinnati Reds. Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and other MLB players in the 2000s doping scandals. Esports Fantasy sports Golf Hope Solo Jesse Owens Jim Thorpe Muhammad Ali Olympics Pete Rose in 1989 team gambling controversy. Ryan Lochte Student athletes and compensation Super Bowl XXXVIII; Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction

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FoxChristopher ReeveAl FrankenKenny GMuammar GaddafiWilliam GaillardGalileoJaneane GarofaloCharles De GaulleMel GibsonAntisemitismHomophobiaKathie Lee GiffordSweatshopFrank GiffordComedyNewt GingrichGirls AloudRudy GiulianiNancy GraceWayne GretzkyJanet JonesGamblingJoseph GoebbelsWhoopi GoldbergThe View (U.S. TV Series)Barry GoldwaterMikhail GorbachevAl GoreTemple GrandinAutismAlan GreenspanWoody GuthrieGuns N' RosesAxl RoseFerenc GyurcsányTed HaggardTarja HalonenKen HamYoung Earth CreationismAnswers In GenesisSean HannityJesse HelmsPhil HendriePatty HearstSymbionese Liberation ArmyHideki TojoJapanParis HiltonAnita HillClarence ThomasHeinrich HimmlerEmperor HirohitoAdolf HitlerHolocaustRoma PeopleSlavsRacismAntisemitismErich HoneckerEast GermanyJimmy HoffaKidnappingJ. Edgar HooverKatie HopkinsJohn HowardL. Ron HubbardMike HuckabeeRock HudsonSaddam HusseinYusuf IslamAndrew JacksonAmerican IndiansTrail Of TearsGeorge Jackson (Black Panther)Jesse JacksonMichael JacksonPeople V. JacksonJay-ZBeyonceThomas JeffersonSheila JeffreysCaitlyn JennerBruce JennerElton JohnMagic JohnsonAngelina JolieBrad PittAlex JonesJenny JonesMichael JordanJohn F. KennedyRobert F. KennedyTed KennedyJacqueline Kennedy OnassisAristotle OnassisColin KaepernickKim KardashianAndy KaufmanJohn KerryKhomeiniNikita KhrushchevKim Il SungKim Jong IlKim Jong-UnMartin Luther King, Jr.Rodney KingPia KjærsgaardPhilip J. KlassPolly KlaasShosei KodaJunichiro KoizumiChris KyleNavy SEALLady GagaK.D. LangRicki LakeLyndon LaRoucheCarlos LatuffNorman LearJean-Marie Le PenMarine Le PenHeath LedgerVladimir I. LeninJohn LennonLewis LibbyG. Gordon LiddyLil WayneRush LimbaughAbraham LincolnAmerican Civil WarHabeas CorpusJennifer LopezLil BTrent LottCourtney LoveMartin LutherCatharine MacKinnonMadonna (entertainer)Bernie MadoffJohn MajorNelson MandelaWinnie MandelaCharles MansonMarilyn MansonMao ZedongFerdinand MarcosImelda MarcosRachel MarsdenKarl MarxJackie MasonJohn MayerJohn McCainPaul McCartneyDomestic AbuseJenny McCarthyAutismSteve McNairTimothy McVeighDmitry Anatolyevich MedvedevGolda MeirCarlos MenciaAngela MerkelFreddie MercuryAIDSHarvey MilkKenji MiyazawaDemi MooreAshton KutcherMichael MooreHenry M. MorrisYoung Earth CreationismThe Genesis FloodJim MorrisonMother TeresaBenito MussoliniFascismNapoleonNicole PolizziJersey ShoreItalian AmericanStereotypeWikipedia:Citation NeededOlivia Newton-JohnRichard NixonNotorious B.I.G.Rosie O'DonnellGregg HughesAnthony CumiaOpie And AnthonyBill O'Reilly (political Commentator)Barack ObamaKeith OlbermannOzzy OsbourneDonny OsmondMarie OsmondMormonTerrell OwensSarah PalinNancy PelosiKaty PerryJuan PerónEva PerónScott PetersonAugusto PinochetValerie PlamePope Benedict XIVPope John Paul IIPope Pius XIIElvis PresleyPrincePrince CharlesPrincess DianaCamilla, Duchess Of CornwallPrince HarryPrince WilliamPrincess KatePol PotRichard PryorVladimir PutinRay RiceRichard RamirezJonBenét RamseyRonald ReaganJanet RenoMichèle RenoufCondoleezza RiceMichael RichardsLaugh FactoryYvonne RidleyAlberto RiveraGeraldo RiveraMichael RoachOral RobertsPat RobertsonPhil RobertsonJohn RockerSports IllustratedKid RockAlex RodriguezRomárioMitt RomneyLinda RonstadtFranklin Delano RooseveltTheodore RooseveltBen RoethlisbergerPete RoseKarl RoveBabe RuthDonald RumsfeldBobby SandsNicolas SarkozyLinda SarsourMichael SavageTerri Schiavo CaseLaura SchlessingerGerhard SchröderArnold SchwarzeneggerCaliforniaTeofilo Vargas SeinSelenaWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare Authorship QuestionTupac ShakurAl SharptonCharlie SheenMatthew ShepardSherlock HolmesO. 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