Contents 1 Placement 2 Format 2.1 Length and number 3 Summarize or not? 4 Examples of proper use 4.1 Two articles with similar titles 4.2 Terms that can cause confusion with another topic 4.3 Linking to a disambiguation page 4.4 Ambiguous term that redirects to an unambiguously named article 4.5 Hatnote(s) above maintenance tags 5 Examples of improper use 5.1 Trivial information, dictionary definitions, and slang 5.2 Legitimate information about the topic 5.3 Linking to articles that are related to the topic 5.4 Disambiguating article names that are not ambiguous 5.5 Extraneous links 5.6 External links 5.7 Non-existent articles 6 Hatnote templates 6.1 Generic hatnote 6.2 More pages on the same topic ("Further information ...") 6.2.1 "Main article: …" 6.2.2 "For more details on …, see …" 6.2.3 "See also …" 6.2.4 "Further information: …" 6.2.5 Article or section transclusions 6.3 Other uses of the same title ("For …, see …") 6.3.1 "This page is about … For other uses …" 6.3.2 "This page is about … It is not to be confused with …" 6.3.3 "For …, see …" 6.3.4 "For other uses, see …" 6.3.5 "For other uses of …, see …" 6.3.6 "… redirects here. For other uses, see …" 7 Examples 7.1 Similar proper names ("For other people named ...") 7.1.1 Other people 7.1.2 Other places 7.1.3 Other ships 7.2 Distinguish 7.2.1 "Not to be confused with …" 7.2.2 "… redirects here. It is not to be confused with …" 7.2.3 "For technical reasons, … redirects here. For … , see … ." 7.3 Family names 7.4 Miscellaneous (hurricanes, Pope Stephen, Wiki selfref) 7.5 Categories 7.6 Lists 7.7 User pages 8 Notes

Placement[edit] See also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lead section § Elements of the lead Shortcut WP:HNP Hatnotes are placed at the very top of the article or section of an article, before any other items such as images, navigational templates and maintenance templates (like the "cleanup", "unreferenced", and "POV" templates). Text-only browsers and screen readers present the page sequentially. If a reader has reached the wrong page, they typically want to know that first.

Format[edit] In most cases, hatnotes should be created using a standard hatnote template as illustrated below. This permits the form and structure of hatnotes to be changed uniformly across the encyclopedia as needed and the templates to be excluded in print. Current style on the English Wikipedia is to italicize and to indent each note, without a bullet before the item. A horizontal dividing line should not be placed either under a note or after the final item in a list. Links to articles should follow the naming conventions for capitalization – typically sentence case, not all lower case. When determining the content of the hatnote, keep in mind that it forms part of the user interface rather than the article content. Two applicable user interface design principles are clarity and conciseness. The hatnote should not overload the user with extraneous information, and the content should be imparted quickly and accurately. These design goals are conveyed succinctly in the artistic principle less is more. Length and number[edit] Shortcuts WP:ONESHORTHAT WP:1HAT As hatnotes separate the reader from the content they are looking for, hatnotes should generally be as concise as possible. Long explanations are generally discouraged; the article's lead text, not the hatnote, should explain what the article is about. In almost all cases, the hatnote is intended only to direct readers to other articles in case they were actually looking for something they will not find in the article containing the hatnote. To keep hatnotes short, generally they should only list disambiguation pages (X (disambiguation)) if the article is at X or if X redirects to that article. If X is a disambiguation page and the article is at X (letter), then X (letter) generally needs no hatnote. Direct links to other articles should be limited to circumstances immediately following a page move or redirect change or if the other article could be reasonably expected by a significant number of readers to be at the title in question: for instance, Turkey is about the country, but many readers reasonably expect to find the article on the bird at that title; therefore, the hatnote there correctly reads {{about|the country|the bird|Turkey (bird)|other uses}} which renders This page is about the country. For the bird, see Turkey (bird). For other uses, see Turkey (disambiguation). One single hatnote is greatly preferred to two (or worse, more). There are many different templates that can easily accommodate several links; use one of them rather than two hatnote templates. If there is no template with the exact number of links you need, use the {{hatnote}} template to write the whole text of the hatnote by hand.

Summarize or not?[edit] Shortcut WP:HNS Some hatnote disambiguation templates include a brief summary of the present article's topic; others do not have a summary. For instance, in the article Honey, one might use the template {{about|the insect-produced fluid}} to produce: This page is about the insect-produced fluid. For other uses, see Honey (disambiguation). Alternatively, one might use {{other uses}} to produce: For other uses, see Honey (disambiguation). Either of these two styles is acceptable. The choice of style in a given article is based on editors' preferences and on what is likely to be clearer and easier for the reader. (In this particular instance, most English speakers will know what honey is, and the second, more concise hatnote is preferable.) Where an article already has a hatnote in one of these styles, editors should not change it to the other style without good reason.

Examples of proper use[edit] Two articles with similar titles[edit] Shortcut WP:SIMILAR This page is about the village in England. For H. P. Lovecraft's fictional town, see Dunwich (Lovecraft). Dunwich (/ˈdʌnɪtʃ/) is a town in the county of Suffolk in England, the remnant of what was once a prosperous seaport and centre of the wool trade during the early middle ages, with a natural harbour formed by the mouths of the River Blyth... When two articles share the same title, except that one is disambiguated and the other not, the undisambiguated article should include a hatnote with a link to the other article. It is not necessary to create a separate disambiguation page. {{about}} may be used for this. In this case the parameterization was {{about|the village in England|H. P. Lovecraft's fictional town|Dunwich (Lovecraft)}}. Terms that can cause confusion with another topic[edit] Not to be confused with Pearl. Perl is a family of high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming languages... {{Distinguish}} or a related template can be used when there can be confusion with a similar term. They are typically used when readers have misspelled their desired title, and the error would be apparent by simply displaying the alternative term without further explanation. These hatnotes should only be used when the ambiguity exists for a portion of the readership that is sufficient to warrant a hatnote. However, they are not suitable when the difference is not readily apparent without additional details. In those cases, use {{about}} or {{other uses}} instead, as the differences in the suggested article are explained upfront without requiring the reader to click through and differentiate the terms on their own. Linking to a disambiguation page[edit] For other uses, see Monolith (disambiguation). A monolith is a monument or natural feature such as a mountain, consisting of a single massive stone or rock. Erosion usually exposes these formations... When a term has a primary meaning and two or more additional meanings, the hatnote on the primary topic page should link to a disambiguation page. {{other uses}} may be used for this. In many cases the hatnote also includes a brief description of the subject of the present article, for readers' convenience: This page is about the maze-like labyrinth from Greek mythology. For other uses, see Labyrinth (disambiguation). In Greek mythology, the Labyrinth was an elaborate maze-like structure constructed for King Minos of Crete and designed by the legendary artificer Daedalus to hold the Minotaur... The template {{about}} may be used for this. In this case the parameterization was {{about|the mazelike labyrinth from Greek mythology}}. Ambiguous term that redirects to an unambiguously named article[edit] {{redirect}}, or a related template, can be used when an ambiguous title is redirected to an unambiguous title or a primary topic article: Johann Sebastian Bach (Redirected from Bach) "Bach" redirects here. For other uses, see Bach (disambiguation). Johann Sebastian Bach (German pronunciation: [joˈhan/ˈjoːhan zeˈbastjan ˈbax]; March 21, 1685 O.S. – July 28, 1750 N.S.) was a prolific German composer... Hatnote(s) above maintenance tags[edit] Always place a hatnote above anything, including maintenance tags. For the 2014 film adaptation, see The Giver (film). This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2014) The Giver is a 1993 American young-adult dystopian novel by Lois Lowry. It is set in a society which at first appears as utopian but is later revealed to be a dystopian one as the story progresses. The novel follows a boy named Jonas...

Examples of improper use[edit] Trivial information, dictionary definitions, and slang[edit] Shortcut WP:TRHAT When notes feature a trivial detail or use of a term, or links to overly specific and tendentious material, they are unwarranted. A previous version of the article Investment showed: During a siege to invest a town or fortress means to surround it with a contravallation and a circumvallation. Investment is a term with several closely related meanings in finance and economics. It refers to the accumulation of some kind of asset in hopes of getting a future return from it... In this case, there is no direct disambiguation, and the note listed is bound to be uninteresting to most readers. The proper disambiguation simply links to a separate Invest (disambiguation) page. Legitimate information about the topic[edit] Shortcut WP:LEGITHAT A previous version of the Aisha article showed: Ayesha is sometimes used as a woman's name. Once popular only among Muslims, it was briefly popular among English-speakers after it appeared in the book She by Rider Haggard. Aisha or Ayesha (Arabic عائشه `ā'isha = "she who lives") was a wife of the Islamic prophet Muhammad... This is a typical but improper use of disambiguating hatnotes. Instead, the information belongs in the body of the article, or in the articles about the book, or in a separate article about names, or all three places. Hatnotes are meant to reduce confusion and direct readers to another article they might have been looking for, not for information about the subject of the article itself. Linking to articles that are related to the topic[edit] Shortcut WP:RELATED Disambiguation hatnotes are intended to link to separate topics that could be referred to by the same title. They are not intended to link to topics that are simply related to each other, or to a specific aspect of a general topic: This page is about the scientific study of extraterrestrial life. For treatment in popular culture, see Extraterrestrial life in popular culture. Extraterrestrial life is life that may exist and originate outside the planet Earth. Its existence is currently hypothetical: there is as yet no evidence of extraterrestrial life that has been widely accepted by scientists... Instead of using a disambiguation hatnote in such cases, it is better to summarize the topic Extraterrestrial life in popular culture under a subsection of Extraterrestrial life in conjunction with the {{main}} template. This guideline does not discourage the use of disambiguation hatnotes in a situation where separate topics are related, but could nonetheless be referred to by the same title and would thus qualify for disambiguation, such as a book and its film adaptation. Disambiguating article names that are not ambiguous[edit] Shortcut WP:NAMB It is usually preferable not to have a hatnote when the name of the article is not ambiguous. Water (Wu Xing) For other uses, see water (disambiguation). Water (Chinese: 水; pinyin: shuǐ), is the low point of the matter, or the matter's dying or hiding stage. Water is the fifth stage of Wu Xing... Here, the hatnote can be removed. A reader who is following links within Wikipedia is unlikely to end up at Water (Wu Xing) if they were looking for other meanings of water, since water does not redirect there. A hatnote may still be appropriate when even a more specific name is still ambiguous. For example, tree (set theory) might still be confused with tree (descriptive set theory). The presence or absence of hatnotes in articles with disambiguated titles has been a contentious issue, and this guideline doesn't prescribe one way or the other. There are cases where some editors strongly believe that such hatnotes should be included, such as the various articles about treaties called Treaty of Paris. A hatnote may be appropriate in an unambiguously named article when an ambiguous term redirects to it, as explained in the "Proper uses" section above. Extraneous links[edit] Shortcut WP:HATEXTRA Each additional link in the hatnote besides the ambiguous or confusable topic(s) makes it more difficult to find the desired target. For example: For the New Orleans, Louisiana, United States radio station known as WTIX from 1953 to 2005, see WIST (AM). WTIX (980 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Sports radio format. In this case, the link to New Orleans, Louisiana, in the hatnote leads to an article that is not ambiguous with the title. Linking only to the possible other destination (WIST (AM)) makes it easier to find the link. External links[edit] Shortcut WP:ELHAT A previous version of the Hurricane Katrina article contained: If you are trying to locate someone missing in Hurricane Katrina, or register yourself as found, you can use the site [1] Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall near New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 29, 2005, was one of the most destructive and expensive tropical cyclones to hit the United States... The use of external help links in Wikipedia, though noble, cannot reasonably be maintained. In special cases, a link to an "External links" section may be appropriate, but POV favoritism can be obstructive. In this case, the hatnote was removed entirely. Non-existent articles[edit] Shortcuts WP:NOARTICLE WP:REDHAT Hatnotes should not contain red links to non-existent articles since hatnotes are intended to help users navigate to another article they may have intended to find. The exception is if one intends to create the linked article immediately. In that case, consider creating the new article first, before saving the addition of the hatnote.

Hatnote templates[edit] Hatnotes must be at the very top of the page or section. Generic hatnote[edit] {{Hatnote}} allows general text to be shown in hatnote format. It is appropriate when none of the other specific templates listed below includes the combination of parameters needed, or to combine several of them in a single hatnote. {{Hatnote|CUSTOM TEXT}} → CUSTOM TEXT {{Hatnote|For other senses of this term, see [[etc…]]}} → For other senses of this term, see etc… More pages on the same topic ("Further information ...")[edit] "Main article: …"[edit] {{Main}} is used to make summary style explicit, when used in a summary section for which there is also a separate article on the subject: {{Main|Main Article}} → Main article: Main Article {{Main|Main Article|Article2}} → Main articles: Main Article and Article2 {{Main list|Article1}} → For a more comprehensive list, see Article1. "For more details on …, see …"[edit] {{Details}} can supplement {{Main}} in summary sections, or can indicate more details in nonsummary sections: {{Details|PAGE1}} → For more details on this topic, see PAGE1. {{Details|topic=TOPIC|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3}} → For more details on TOPIC, see PAGE1, PAGE2, and PAGE3. "See also …"[edit] {{See also|TOPIC PAGE|OTHER TOPIC PAGE}} → See also: TOPIC PAGE and OTHER TOPIC PAGE Note: use only when OTHER TOPIC PAGE is related to current article and contains a self-explanatory parenthetical. {{See also2|[[OTHER TOPIC]]|[[OTHER TOPIC2]]|[[OTHER TOPIC3]] and other text}} → See also: OTHER TOPIC, OTHER TOPIC2, and OTHER TOPIC3 and other text "Further information: …"[edit] {{Further|PAGE}} → Further information: PAGE {{Further|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3}} → Further information: PAGE1, PAGE2, and PAGE3 {{Further2|[[PAGE1]], [[PAGE2]], and [[PAGE#3|PAGE3]]}} → Further information: PAGE1, PAGE2, and PAGE3 Article or section transclusions[edit] {{Transcluding article|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3...}} (used when transcluding 1 or more entire articles into a target article) → Transcluding articles: PAGE1, PAGE2, and ... {{Transcluded section|PAGE}} (used when selectively transcluding a section from one article into a section of the target article) → This section is transcluded from PAGE. (edit | history) {{Transcluded section|PAGE|part=yes}} (used when selectively transcluding a section into part of a section on the target page) → Part of this section is transcluded from PAGE. (edit | history) Other uses of the same title ("For …, see …")[edit] "This page is about … For other uses …"[edit] {{About}} is the main template for noting other uses. Note. When used in main namespace, the word "page" in the following hatnotes is replaced by "article". {{About|USE1}} → This page is about USE1. For other uses, see Hatnote (disambiguation). {{About|USE1||PAGE2}} (When the disambiguation page has a different name – Note the empty second parameter) → This page is about USE1. For other uses, see PAGE2. {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2}} (When there is only one other use) → This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2|and|PAGE3}} (Two pages for USE2) → This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2 and PAGE3. {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2#SUBSECTION{{!}}PAGE2TITLE}} (Using the {{!}} magic word to give the link a different title) → This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2TITLE. {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3|USE4|PAGE4|USE5|PAGE5}} (When there are up to four other uses – You should generally create a disambiguation page at this point) → This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. For USE4, see PAGE4. For USE5, see PAGE5. {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3|other uses}} (When there are several standard other uses and also a disambiguation page with default name – Note that the last page name is not specified) → This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. For other uses, see Hatnote (disambiguation). {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3|other uses|PAGE4}} (When there are several standard other uses and also a disambiguation page with non-default name) → This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. For other uses, see PAGE4. {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3|other uses|PAGE4|and}} → This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. For other uses, see PAGE4. {{About||USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3|other uses}} (When you don't need to state the focus of this article/page – Note the empty first parameter) → For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. For other uses, see Hatnote (disambiguation). {{About|||PAGE1|and|PAGE2}} → For other uses, see PAGE1 and PAGE2. Note: {{for||PAGE1|PAGE2}} produces the same result. {{About|USE1|section=yes}} → This section is about USE1. For other uses, see Hatnote (disambiguation). Note: this hatnote says "section", instead of "article" or "page". Variations {{About2|USE1|TEXT}} → ‹ The template below (About2) is being considered for merging. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. › This page is about USE1. TEXT. "This page is about … It is not to be confused with …"[edit] {{About-distinguish}} is a template for noting other uses when there could be confusion with another topic. {{About-distinguish|USE1|PAGE1}} → This page is about USE1. It is not to be confused with PAGE1. {{About-distinguish2|USE1|TEXT}} → This page is about USE1. It is not to be confused with TEXT. "For …, see …"[edit] {{For}} can be used instead of {{About}} so as not to display: This page is about USE1. but still specify a specific other use. This effect can also be achieved by using an empty first parameter in {{About}} as in: For example: {{For|OTHER TOPIC|PAGE1}} is the same as {{About||OTHER TOPIC|PAGE1}} (note the empty first parameter). However, it is somewhat clearer when using the {{For}} template, since the word "about" does not appear in the statement. {{For|OTHER TOPIC}} → For OTHER TOPIC, see Hatnote (disambiguation). {{For|OTHER TOPIC|PAGE1}} → For OTHER TOPIC, see PAGE1. {{For|OTHER TOPIC|PAGE1|PAGE2}} → For OTHER TOPIC, see PAGE1 and PAGE2. {{For|OTHER TOPIC|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3}} → For OTHER TOPIC, see PAGE1, PAGE2, and PAGE3. Variations As with {{Other uses}}, there is a whole family of "for" templates. {{For2}} allows custom text, such as quotation marks or a link from part of the "CUSTOM TEXT" {{For2|OTHER TOPIC|CUSTOM TEXT}} → For OTHER TOPIC, see CUSTOM TEXT. It also supports up to three topics: {{For2|OTHER TOPIC|CUSTOM TEXT|OTHER TOPIC 2|CUSTOM TEXT 2}} → For OTHER TOPIC, see CUSTOM TEXT. For OTHER TOPIC 2, see CUSTOM TEXT 2. {{For2|OTHER TOPIC|CUSTOM TEXT|OTHER TOPIC 2|CUSTOM TEXT 2|OTHER TOPIC 3|CUSTOM TEXT 3}} → For OTHER TOPIC, see CUSTOM TEXT. For OTHER TOPIC 2, see CUSTOM TEXT 2. For OTHER TOPIC 3, see CUSTOM TEXT 3. "For other uses, see …"[edit] When such a wordy hatnote as {{About}} is not needed, {{Other uses}} is often useful. {{Other uses}} → For other uses, see Wikipedia:Hatnote (disambiguation). {{Other uses|PAGE1}} → For other uses, see PAGE1. {{Other uses|PAGE1|PAGE2}} → For other uses, see PAGE1 and PAGE2. Variations There are, historically, a whole family of "other uses" templates for specific cases. {{About}} is the standard hatnote for "other uses" and many of them can be specified using the {{About}} template. However, the individual templates may be easier to use in certain contexts. Here are the variations and (when appropriate) the equivalents using the {{About}}, {{Other uses}} or {{For}} templates. {{Other uses2|PAGE1}} → For other uses, see PAGE1 (disambiguation). Note: adds "(disambiguation)" to whatever is input as the PAGE1. Note: {{Other uses|PAGE1 (disambiguation)}} produces the same result. "For other uses of …, see …"[edit] {{Other uses of}} → For other uses of "Wikipedia:Hatnote", see Wikipedia:Hatnote (disambiguation). {{Other uses of|TOPIC}} → For other uses of "TOPIC", see TOPIC (disambiguation). {{Other uses of|TOPIC|PAGE1}} → For other uses of "TOPIC", see PAGE1. "… redirects here. For other uses, see …"[edit] {{Redirect|REDIRECT}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. For other uses, see REDIRECT (disambiguation). {{Redirect|REDIRECT||PAGE1}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. For other uses, see PAGE1. {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. For USE1, see PAGE1. {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. For USE1, see PAGE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. For USE1, see PAGE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1|and|PAGE2}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. For USE1, see PAGE1 and PAGE2. {{Redirect|REDIRECT|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2|and|PAGE3}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. For USE1, see PAGE1. For USE2, see PAGE2 and PAGE3. Variations For two sources: {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For other uses, see REDIRECT1 (disambiguation). {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|USE}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For USE, see REDIRECT1 (disambiguation). {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2||PAGE1}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For other uses, see PAGE1. {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|USE|PAGE1}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For USE, see PAGE1. {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For USE1, see PAGE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For USE1, see PAGE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. {{Redirect2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3|USE4|PAGE4}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For USE1, see PAGE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. For USE4, see PAGE4. For three or more sources: {{Redirect-multi|2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For other uses, see REDIRECT1 (disambiguation) and REDIRECT2 (disambiguation). {{Redirect-multi|3|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|REDIRECT3}} → "REDIRECT1", "REDIRECT2", and "REDIRECT3" redirect here. For other uses, see REDIRECT1 (disambiguation), REDIRECT2 (disambiguation), and REDIRECT3 (disambiguation). {{Redirect-multi|4|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|REDIRECT3|REDIRECT4}} → "REDIRECT1", "REDIRECT2", "REDIRECT3", and "REDIRECT4" redirect here. For other uses, see REDIRECT1 (disambiguation), REDIRECT2 (disambiguation), REDIRECT3 (disambiguation), and REDIRECT4 (disambiguation). {{Redirect-multi|3|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|REDIRECT3|USE|PAGE}} → "REDIRECT1", "REDIRECT2", and "REDIRECT3" redirect here. For USE, see PAGE. {{Redirect-multi|2|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|USE1|PAGE1|USE2|PAGE2|and|PAGE3}} → "REDIRECT1" and "REDIRECT2" redirect here. For USE1, see PAGE1. For USE2, see PAGE2 and PAGE3. {{Redirect-several|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|REDIRECT3|REDIRECT4|REDIRECT5}} → Several terms redirect here. For other uses, see REDIRECT1 (disambiguation), REDIRECT2 (disambiguation), REDIRECT3 (disambiguation), REDIRECT4 (disambiguation) and REDIRECT5 (disambiguation).

Examples[edit] To specify the text following "redirects here.": {{Redirect3|REDIRECT|TEXT}} or {{Redirect text|REDIRECT|TEXT}} → ‹ The template below (Redirect3) is being considered for merging. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. › "REDIRECT" redirects here. TEXT. {{Redirect-synonym|TERM|OTHER TOPIC}} → "TERM" redirects here. TERM may also refer to OTHER TOPIC. ... Not to be confused with ... {{Redirect-distinguish|REDIRECT|PAGE1}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with PAGE1. {{Redirect-distinguish|REDIRECT|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3|PAGE4}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with PAGE1, PAGE2, PAGE3, or PAGE4. {{Redirect-distinguish2|REDIRECT|TEXT}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with TEXT. Similar proper names ("For other people named ...")[edit] Other people[edit] {{Other people}} → For other people named Hatnote, see Hatnote (disambiguation). {{Other people|NAME}} → For other people named NAME, see NAME (disambiguation). {{Other people|NAME|PAGE}} → For other people named NAME, see PAGE. {{Other people||PAGE}} → For other people with the same name, see PAGE. {{Other people|NAME|PAGE|named=titled}} → For other people titled NAME, see PAGE. {{About-otherpeople|PERSON1}} → This page is about PERSON1. For other people with the same name, see Hatnote (disambiguation). {{About-otherpeople|PERSON1|NAME}} → This page is about PERSON1. For other people named NAME, see NAME (disambiguation). {{About-otherpeople|PERSON1|NAME|named=titled}} → This page is about PERSON1. For other people titled NAME, see NAME (disambiguation). {{About-otherpeople|PERSON1|NAME|PAGE}} → This page is about PERSON1. For other people named NAME, see PAGE. {{About-otherpeople|PERSON1||PAGE}} → This page is about PERSON1. For other people with the same name, see PAGE. {{About-otherpeople|PERSON1|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3}} → This page is about PERSON1. For other people with the same name, see PAGE1, PAGE2, and PAGE3. {{Other people5|NAME1|NAME2|NAME3|NAME4}} → For other people with similar names, see NAME1, NAME2, NAME3, and NAME4. Note: defaults to "named" as in {{Other people}}, exists for options like "nicknamed", "known as", etc. Other places[edit] {{Other places}}, analogous to {{Other uses}} → For other places with the same name, see Wikipedia:Hatnote (disambiguation). {{Other places|PAGE}}, analogous to {{Other uses2}} → For other places with the same name, see PAGE. Other ships[edit] For articles on ships: {{Other ships|SHIP1}} → For other ships with the same name, see SHIP1. Distinguish[edit] "Not to be confused with …"[edit] {{Distinguish|PAGE1}} → Not to be confused with PAGE1. {{Distinguish|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3|PAGE4}} → Not to be confused with PAGE1, PAGE2, PAGE3, or PAGE4. {{Distinguish2|TEXT}} → Not to be confused with TEXT. "… redirects here. It is not to be confused with …"[edit] {{Redirect-distinguish|REDIRECT|PAGE1}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with PAGE1. {{Redirect-distinguish|REDIRECT|PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3|PAGE4}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with PAGE1, PAGE2, PAGE3, or PAGE4. {{Redirect-distinguish2|REDIRECT|TEXT}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with TEXT. Also may be used as {{Redirect-distinguish2|REDIRECT}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. {{Redirect-distinguish6|REDIRECT|PAGE2|USE3|PAGE3}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. {{Redirect-distinguish6|REDIRECT|PAGE2||PAGE3}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with PAGE2. For other uses, see PAGE3. {{Redirect-distinguish6|REDIRECT|PAGE2|USE3}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with PAGE2. For USE3, see Hatnote (disambiguation). {{Redirect-distinguish6|REDIRECT|PAGE2}} → "REDIRECT" redirects here. It is not to be confused with USE2. For other uses, see Hatnote (disambiguation). "For technical reasons, … redirects here. For … , see … ."[edit] {{Technical reasons|REDIRECT}} → For technical reasons, "REDIRECT" redirects here. {{Technical reasons|REDIRECT|PAGE}} → For technical reasons, "REDIRECT" redirects here. For REDIRECT, see PAGE. {{Technical reasons|REDIRECT|DESCRIPTION|PAGE}} → For technical reasons, "REDIRECT" redirects here. For DESCRIPTION, see PAGE. {{Technical reasons|REDIRECT|DESCRIPTION1|PAGE1|DESCRIPTION2|PAGE2}} → For technical reasons, "REDIRECT" redirects here. For DESCRIPTION1, see PAGE1. For DESCRIPTION2, see PAGE2. {{Technical reasons|REDIRECT|DESCRIPTION1|PAGE1|DESCRIPTION2|PAGE2|DESCRIPTION3|PAGE3}} → For technical reasons, "REDIRECT" redirects here. For DESCRIPTION1, see PAGE1. For DESCRIPTION2, see PAGE2. For DESCRIPTION3, see PAGE3. Family names[edit] Further information: Category:Hatnote templates for names Miscellaneous (hurricanes, Pope Stephen, Wiki selfref)[edit] These hatnotes are topic-specific. They are documented at their template page. {{Key people}} {{Other hurricanes}} {{Pope Stephen ToP Dab}} {{Selfref}} Categories[edit] See also: Category:Hatnote templates for category pages. Category-specific templates: {{Category see also|THIS|THAT|THE OTHER}} → See also: the categories THIS, THAT, and THE OTHER. This is a template for linking categories horizontally. Horizontal linkage is often the right solution when vertical linkage (i.e., as sub-category and parent category) is not appropriate. In most cases, this template should be used on both categories to create reciprocal linkage between the two categories. {{Cat main|MAIN ARTICLE}} → The main article for this category is MAIN ARTICLE. {{Category explanation|colourless green ideas}} → This category is for colourless green ideas. {{Category pair|TOPIC1|TOPIC2}} → See also {{Preceding category|OTHER TOPIC}} → See also the preceding Category:OTHER TOPIC. {{Succeeding category|OTHER TOPIC}} → See also the succeeding Category:OTHER TOPIC. {{Contrast|OTHERCAT1|OTHERCAT2}} → Hatnote is often contrasted with OTHERCAT1 or OTHERCAT2. {{Contrast|OTHERCAT1|OTHERCAT2|plural=yes}} → Hatnote are often contrasted with OTHERCAT1 or OTHERCAT2. Lists[edit] Further information: Category:Hatnote templates for lists User pages[edit] {{This user talk|TOPIC|PAGE1}} → This is a Wikipedia user talk page. For other uses of TOPIC, see PAGE1.

Notes[edit] This template should not be substituted. Do not use subst: with these templates, as that will prevent: propagating changes as the template is modified; and the What links here (WLH) listing. These templates are used in literally thousands of articles; therefore, changing the syntax could break thousands of articles. If you wish to create or edit a disambiguation or redirection template, first ask yourself the following questions: Is there already a template that will do this job? Since many disambiguation and redirection templates have already been created, first check: Category:Disambiguation and redirection templates. Do I really need a new template for this? Will it likely be used on any other articles or should I just use {{Hatnote}} instead? Before creating a new template, see the template namespace guideline. If I change the parameters around on an existing template, do I know what the result will be? Will it break existing uses of the template and if so, can I fix all of the errors? Before making any changes, see Template sandbox and test cases. v t e Hatnote templates Wikipedia:Hatnote Wikipedia:Disambiguation Wikipedia:Redirect Main articles {{Main}} {{Cat main}} (for categories) Generic {{Hatnote}} {{Selfref}} (for self-references) Other uses {{About}} {{About2}} (for custom text) Variations: {{Other uses}} {{Other uses2}} (automatically supplies disambiguation suffix) {{Other uses of}} (provides context for disambiguation) {{Distinguish-otheruses}} {{Distinguish-otheruses2}} (automatically supplies disambiguation suffix) For (other topic) {{For}} {{For2}} (for custom text) Further information {{Further}} {{Further2}} (for custom text) {{Details}} {{Outline}} {{Broader}} See {{See also}} {{Category see also}} {{Category see also if exists}} {{See introduction}} {{See Wiktionary}} Other people {{Other people}} {{About-otherpeople}} (adds "about" description) {{Other people5}} (for "similar" names) Other topics {{Other hurricanes}} {{Other places}} {{Other ships}} Redirect {{Redirect}} {{Redirect2}} (for two redirects) {{Redirect-multi}} (for multiple redirects) {{Redirect-several}} (for several redirects, without listing each) {{Redirect3}} (for custom text) {{technical reasons}} Distinguish {{Distinguish}} {{Distinguish2}} (for custom text) {{Redirect-distinguish}} {{Redirect-distinguish2}} (for custom text) {{Redirect-distinguish6}} {{About-distinguish}} {{About-distinguish2}} (for custom text) Transclusion {{Transcluding article}} {{Transcluded section}} Subject specific {{Year dab}} {{Highway detail hatnote}} {{Pope Stephen ToP Dab}} {{For LMST}} {{WikiIPA}} {{Other MeSH codes}} {{Other Pennsylvania townships}} Hatnote categories Hatnote templates Hatnote modules for category pages for [family] names for lists for user pages Hatnote templates documentation Category:Hatnote templates v t e Template messages Main namespace General Cleanup Disputes Hatnotes Infoboxes Links External link templates Linking country articles Lists Main page Section Sources of articles Standard boxes Stub types Translation Other namespaces Compact TOC Category File Talk Template User Userboxes User talk Wikipedia WikiProject banners All namespaces Deletion Formatting Maintenance Merging Moving Navigation Redirect pages Functional index Splitting Wikimedia sister projects Navboxes with templates Archive Articles for deletion Birth, death and age Button Category header Citation and verifiability Citation Style 1 Deletion review Editnotice Hatnotes Help desk Inline cleanup Introduction cleanup IPA Math Notice and warnings Organization infoboxes Proposed article mergers Protection Quotation Redirects Search Semantics Speedy deletion Notices String-handling Sup and sub-related Top icon Transwiki maintenance Unicode User Talk Pages User noticeboard notices Userboxes User rights Userspace linking Userspace Disclaimers Wikibreak WikiLove Related topics Template documentation Examples of templates Maintenance template removal Requested templates WikiProject Templates Template help Template namespace Search Category v t e Wikipedia key policies and guidelines Five pillars What Wikipedia is not Ignore all rules Content Verifiability No original research Neutral point of view What Wikipedia is not Biographies of living persons Image use Wikipedia is not a dictionary Article titles Notability Autobiography Citing sources Identifying reliable sources medicine Do not include copies of primary sources Plagiarism Don't create hoaxes Fringe theories Patent nonsense External links Conduct Civility Consensus Editing policy Harassment Vandalism Ignore all rules No personal attacks Ownership of content Edit warring Dispute resolution Sock puppetry No legal threats Child protection Paid-contribution disclosure Assume good faith Conflict of interest Disruptive editing Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point Etiquette Gaming the system Please do not bite the newcomers Courtesy vanishing Deletion Deletion policy Proposed deletion Criteria for speedy deletion Attack page Oversight Proposed deletion of BLP Proposed deletion (books) Revision deletion Enforcement Administrators Banning Blocking Page protection Editing Article size Be bold Disambiguation Hatnotes Set index articles Subpages User pages Talk page guidelines Signatures Broad-concept article Project namespace WikiProjects Style Manual of Style Contents Accessibility Understandability Dates and numbers Images Layout Lead section Linking Lists Classification Categories, lists, and navigation templates Categorization Template namespace WMF List of policies Friendly space policy Licensing and copyright Privacy policy Values FAQ List of all policies and guidelines List of policies List of guidelines Lists of attempts in creating fundamental principles Retrieved from "" Categories: Wikipedia editing guidelinesWikipedia disambiguation

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