Redlinks[edit] Administration, Gift of Age, This Age of Mankind Aging, Christian view of Alloisis (see Ulrich Zwingli) Altizer, Thomas J.J. (see Death of God Theology) Anakephaliosis (see Irenaeus) Analogia Fidei (see Analogy of Faith) Andover Controversy Andreae, James Apostleship, Gift of Asian Theology Attributes, Communication of (see Communicatio Idiomatum) Authority in the Church Messianic Banquet (see Marriage Feast of the Lamb) Basel, First Confession of, First Confession of Basel Biblical Theology Movement Sacrificial aspects of Blood, Sacrificial aspects of blood Bodily Presence (see Views of the Lord's Support) Body, Biblical View of the, Biblical view of the body Body, Soul, and Spirit (see Doctrine of Mankind, Trichotomy (philosophy)) Charles Webb Carter Shirley Jackson Case Cataphatic Theology (see Via Affirmativa, Via Affirmationis) Cereal Offering (see Offerings and Sacrifices in Biblical times) Ceremonial Law (see Biblical concept of law) Chasten, Chastisement (see Church discipline) Chicago School of Theology Chief Priest (see Priests and Levites) Ciliasm (see Millennialism or Chialism or maybe learn to spell) Christianity and Culture Christianity and Religions Authority in the Church Civil law and justice in Bible times Civil righteousness Colligialism (see Collegialism) Communicatio Operationum Consistent Eschatology Consummation of the Age (see Eschatology) Contextualization of Theology Contingency Argument for God (see Arguments for the existence of God) Contingent Being (see Being) Continuous Creation Contribution, Gift of, Gift of contribution Ecclesiastical Cooperation (see Ecumenism) Church Councils Covenant of Works (see Covenant Theology) Continuous Creation Creation, New, New Creature Criminal law and punishment in Bible times Culture and Christianity (see Christianity and Culture) Mary Dale Day of Christ, God, the Lord Abode of the Dead, Abode of the dead Prayers for the Dead, Prayer for the dead Descent into Hell (Hades) - see Harrowing of Hell Dialectic Theology (see Neo-orthodoxy) Discerning the Spirits (see Spiritual Gifts) Discipleship Movement (see Shepherding Movement) Church Discipline, Church discipline Double Procession of the Holy Spirit Religious Doubt Downgrade Controversy (see Spurgeon, Charles Haddon) Thomas Drechsel (diff person) (see Zwickau Prophets) see possible misspelling Thomas Dreschel Drink offering (see Offerings and sacrifices in Bible times) New Earth Efficacious Grace (see Grace (Christianity)) El-Eloe-Israel (see Names of God) Eqiprobabilism (see Casuistry) Eristianism Erlangen School of Theology (see Hoffman, Johann Christian Conrad von) Error in the Bible (see Inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible) Christian view of Esthetics Eternal Generation Eternality of God (see Attributes of God in Christianity) Eternal security of the believer (see Perserverance) Eternal state (see Final state) Ethical systems, Christian, Christian ethical systems Biblical Ethics, Biblical ethics Social Ethics, Social ethics Gift of Evangelism (see Spiritual gifts) Everlasting punishment (see Eternal punishment) Evidences of Christianity (see Apologetics) Evil One (see Satan) Exaltation of Jesus Christ (see States of Jesus Christ) Exemplarism (see Theories of Atonement) Gift of Exhortation (see Spiritual Gifts) Ex Nihilo, Creatio (see Doctrine of Creation) Theology of Experience External calling (see Call, Calling) Father, God as Feasts and Festivals, Christian Feasts and Festivals, Old Testament Feeling, Theology of Fellowship offering (see Offerings and sacrifices in Bible times) Final State First resurrection Forensic righteousness Fourfold Sense of Scripture (see Interpretation of Scripture) Freewill offering (see Offerings and Sacrifices in Bible Times) Fullness of Time Gallican Articles, Four - see Declaration of the Clergy of France Generation, Eternal Good, The Goodness, Goodness Gospel, Social implications of Government, Gift of (see Spiritual Gifts) Hardening, Hardness of Heart The Heavenlies Heavens, New - see New Heavens and New Earth Heave offering - see Offerings and sacrifices in Bible times Heilsgeschichte Gift of Helps - see Spiritual gifts Hermeneutic, New Hermetic literature Historie and Geschichte History of Religion School History of Salvation - see Heilsgeschichte Holiness of the Christian - see Godliness Honest to God Debate - see John Arthur Thomas Robinson Hope, Theology of - see Hope (virtue) and Hope#Christianity Household Salvation Humanity of Christ - see Christology “I Am” Sayings Identification with Christ Illumination (1) Immanence of God Immutability of God Impassibility of God Impeccability of Christ Inclusive Language Indian Theology Inheritance of Adam's Sin Inner Man (Gr. ho eso anthropos) Plenary Inspiration Verbal Inspiration Integrative Theology Intermediate State Internal Calling Internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit Interpretation of Tongues, Gift Of Invocation of Saints Irish Articles (1615) Henry Allen Ironside (1876-1951) Israel, New Israel and Prophecy Articles of Issy (1695) New Jerusalem Jakób Jocz (1906-1983) Theology of John Judgment of Nations Judgment Seat Justitia Civilis Kenosis, Kenotic Theology King, Christ As - see Kingly office of Christ Kingdom of Christ, God, Heaven Kneel, Kneeling Gift Of Knowledge Konzequent Eschatologie Language about God Last Adam Last Days, Day Last Times Biblical Concept of Law Law and Grace Law and Justice in Ancient Times Lawless One Gift of Leadership Leo I, the Great Liberal Evangelicalism Theological Liberalism Christian Liberty Religious Liberty Lie, Lying Book of Life Life, Everlasting Likeness of God Literal Sense of Scripture David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) Logos Spermatikos Bernard Joseph Francis Lonergan (1904-1984) Lord, Jesus as Lord's Supper, Views Of - see Eucharistic theology Theology of Luke Lutheran Tradition Lux, Mundi Donald Mackenzie MacKinnon (1913-1994) Majoristic Controversy Major Orders Natural Man Man, Old and New Son Of Man, - see Son of man (Christianity) Doctrine of Mankind Origin of Mankind Thomas Walter Manson (1893-1958) Theology of Mark Marriage Customs in Bible Times Theology of Marriage Marriage Feast of the Lamb Assumption of Mary Mary, the Blessed Virgin Theology of Matthew Robert Murray M'cheyne (1813-1843) Meat offering Mediating Theology (Ger. Vermittlungstheologie) Mediation, Mediator Melitian Schisms Menno Simons (ca. 1496-1561) Gift Of Merciful Acts Messianic Banquet Calvinistic Methodism Johannes Baptist Metz (b. 1936) Midtribulation Rapture Views of The Millennium Gift of Miracles Modernism in the Catholic Church Miguel De Molinos Moral Argument for God Moral Inability Moral Influence Theory of Atonement Moral Re-armament Music in the Evangelical Tradition Mystery of Iniquity Mystical Sense of Scripture Mystical Union - see Union with Christ Myth of God Incarnate Debate Nag Hammadi Codices Significance of Names in Bible Times Narrative Theology Judgment of Nations Natural Man Natural Revelation Theology of Nature Necessary Being Way of Negation Neoevangelicalism Neo-pentecostalism Neo-thomism Nestorius, Nestorianism New, Newness New Creation, New Creature New Evangelicalism New Hampshire Confession (1833) New Hermeneutic Church of The New Jerusalem New Light Schism New Morality New Quest of the Historical Jesus New School Theology New Testament Theology Niagara Conferences Northfield Conferences Novatian Schism Oberlin Theology Offerings and Sacrifices in Bible Times Daily Office, (Divine) Schubert Miles Ogden (b. 1928) Old School Theology John Wood Oman (1860-1939) Ordo Salutis Origin of Mankind Orthodox Tradition John Owen (protestant) (1616-1683) Pain of God Theology Theology of Paradox Perfection, Perfectionism Lombard Peter (ca. 1100-1160) Martyr Vermigli Peter (1499-1562) Christian View Of Philosophy God's Good Pleasure Plenary Inspiration Power, Powers Pretribulation Rapture Priests and Levites Principalities and Powers Procession of the Spirit Pseudo-dionysius the Areopagite Psychology and Christianity Purgative Way, The - see State (theology)#The purgative way Johann Andreas Quenstedt (1617-1688) - see Johannes Andreas Quenstedt Rapture of the Church Scottish Realism (see Scottish Common Sense Realism) General Redemption Redemption History Religion, Religious Religionless Christianity Religionsgeschichte Restoration of Israel Revisionist Theology Spiritual Revival Civil Righteousness Righteousness of God Old Roman Creed Saints, Invocation Of - see Litany of the Saints Invocatio Sactorum Satisfaction Theory Saumer Academy Saxon Confession (1551) Adolf Von Schlatter (1852-1938) Seven Articles of Schleitheim Fiorenza Elisabeth Schüssler (b. 1938) Articles of Schwabach (1529) Kasper Ossig Von Schwenckfeld (1489-1561) Science and Health, with a Key to the Scriptures Scientia Media Scottish Realism Secondary Separation Secular Christianity Security of the Believer Self-Examination Self-Existence of God Senses of Scripture Sensus Deitatis, Sensus Divinitatis Sensus Plenior Marital Separation Septuagesima (Lat. for “seventieth”) Gift of Service Seven Articles of Schleitheim - redir to Schleitheim Confession Menno Simons Simul Justus Et Peccator Conviction of Sin Sinlessness of Christ Sin Unto Death Situation Ethics Social Ethics Social Implications of the Gospel Solafidianism (Lat. sola fide “faith alone”) Solidarity of the Race Spiration Discernment of Spirits Spiritual Body (Gr. soma pneumatikon) Sprinkle, Sprinkling States of Jesus Christ Stewardship (Gr. oikonomia, “management of a household”). Substance (Lat. substantia, Gr. hypostasis, “standing under”). Substitutionary Atonement of Christ Works of Supererogation Richard Granville Swinburne (b. 1934) Synergism (Gr. synergos, “working together”). Tabernacle, Temple Gift of Teaching Testimonium Spiritus Sancti Internum Textual Criticism and Theology Integrative Theology Henry Clarence Thiessen (1883-1947) The Thirteen Articles (1538) This Age, the Age to Come Time (Gr. chronos). The Torgau Articles David Elton Trueblood (1900-1995) T.U.L.I.P. Twelve Articles of the Peasants (1525) - redit to Twelve Articles Twofold State of Jesus Two Swords Theory - mentioned in Two kingdoms doctrine Type, Typology Ubiquity of God Unchangeability of God Extreme Unction Declaration of Utrecht (1889) Verbal Inspiration Vermittlungstheologie Via Affirmativa, Via Affirmationis Via Analogia Via Eminentia Via Positiva Virtues, Seven Cardinal - see Seven virtues or Cardinal virtues Visible Church Walloon Confession aka Belgic Confession Gustav Adolf Warneck (1834-1910) Follower of The Way Way of Affirmation Way of Illumination Way of Purification John Rodman Williams (b. 1918) Witness of the Holy Spirit Worldliness and Otherworldliness Würtemberg Confession (1552)

Bluelinks[edit] Make sure formatting, style and links are correct before deleting Abba (see Abba (Christianity)) Advent of Christ Alexandrian Theology Allegorical Sense of Scripture (see Interpretation of the Bible) Althaus, Paul Analogy of Faith Anderson, Robert -disam Antiochene Theology Archeology and Theology Atheism, Christian (see Death of God Theology) Correction (see Church discipline) -not on disamb Covenant of Grace (see Covenant Theology) Covenant of Redemption (see Covenant Theology) Eternal punishment Evil Spirits (see Demon, Demonization) Exhortation Expediency Faith, Gift of (see Spiritual Gifts) First day of the week (see Lord's Day) Foreordination (see Predestination) Head, Headship Holiness of God - see Attributes of God in Christianity, Doctrine of God Hosts, Lord of - see Names of God Atonement, Extent of Auburn Declaration Authority of the Bible Auxiliary Bishop (see Bishop, Church Officers) Bible, Authority of, Authority of Bible, Authority of the Bible Boasting Defilement Deity of Christ Demythologization Divine Presence Divinity of Christ Double Predestination (see Elect, Election) Infant Salvation Nicea, Council of (325) Nicea, Second Council of (787) Numerology, Biblical Numinous, The Ordain, Ordination Order of Salvation Orders, Holy Orders, Major Ordination of Women Original Righteousness Origin of the Soul Oxford Group Movement Paul, Theology Of Pelagius, Pelagianism Penal Theory of the Atonement Person, God As Phenomenology of Religion Plato, Platonism Officers, Church Oil, Anointing With Old Lights, The Old Testament Canon Omission, Sins Of Only Begotten Ontological Argument for God Poor, Poverty Possession, Demon Postlapsarianism Postliberal Theology Posttribulation Rapture Poverty, Christians And Prayer, the Lord's Preach, Preaching Presence, Divine Priest, Christ As Princeton Theology, Old Prophecy, Gift Of Prophecy, Prophet Prophet, Christ As Punishment, Everlasting Union, Hypostatic Unitive Way, The Universe, Origin Of Via Illuminativa Via Media Via Purgativa Via Unitiva Realized Eschatology Redeemer, Redemption Redemption, Particular Reformation, Protestant Reformed Tradition Regeneration, Baptismal Regula Fidei Religion, Phenomenology Of Religion, Sociology Of Religious Liberty Remission of Sins Renewal, Church Revelation, General Revelation, Special Righteousness, Original Rights, Human Friedrich Von Hügel (1852-1925) Waldenses, Waldensians Way of Negation John Christian Wenger (1910-1995) Westminster Catechisms Benjamin Whichcote Henry Orton Wiley (1877-1961) Wisdom, Gift of Wittenberg, Concord of (1536) Women in the Church Word, Word of God, Word of the Lord Worms, Diet of (1521) Worship in the Church Nikolaus Ludwig Von Zinzendorf (1700-1760) Rule of Faith (Lat. regula fidei) Saint, Saintliness Saints, Veneration Of Salvation Army, The Schism, Great (1054) Scholasticism, Protestant Scripture, Authority Of Sect, Sectarianism (Lat. secta, “party, school, faction,” perhaps deriving from the past participle either of secare, “to cut, to separate,” or of sequi, “to follow”) Secularism, Secular Humanism Self-Esteem, Self-Love Seraph, Seraphim Servant of the Lord Sexist Language Simplicity of God Sin, Man Of Sin, Mortal Sin Offering Sins, Seven Deadly Sins of Omission Sin, Unpardonable Sin, Venial (Lat. venia, “pardon, favor, kindness, forgiveness”) Small Catechism, Luther's Socialism, Christian Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Soul Sleep Special Revelation Spirit, Unclean Spirits in Prison Stoics, Stoicism Supper, Lord's Teleological Argument for God Thank Offering Tongues, Gift Of Tongues, Speaking in (Gr. glossolalia) Transcendence of God Trespass Offering Unbaptized Infants Universalism, Hypothetical Unforgiveable Sin Uniformity, Acts Of Unpardonable Sin Vatican Council I (1869-1870) Veneration of Relics Veneration of Saints Venial Sin Virgin, Assumption of The Vision of God, Visio Dei Wave Offering Way International, The Wealth, Christian View Of Wesleyan Tradition Whitby, Synod of (664) Witness, Witnessing Woman, Biblical Concept of Women, Ordination of World Council of Churches, The Year, Christian Zionism, Christian Retrieved from ""

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GiftsCreatio Ex NihiloDoctrine Of CreationCallCallingFellowship OfferingDeclaration Of The Clergy Of FranceEternal GenerationGoodGoodnessSpiritual GiftsHardeningNew Heavens And New EarthHeave OfferingSpiritual GiftsNew HermeneuticHermetic LiteratureGodlinessJohn Arthur Thomas RobinsonHope (virtue)HopeChristology“I Am” SayingsImmanence Of GodImmutability Of GodImpassibility Of GodImpeccability Of ChristVerbal InspirationIntermediate StateInterpretation Of Tongues, Gift OfHenry Allen IronsideNew JerusalemTheology Of JohnKenosisKenotic TheologyKing, Christ AsKingly Office Of ChristKingdom Of ChristKingdom Of GodKingdom Of Heaven (Gospel Of Matthew)KneelKneelingLast AdamLast DaysLawless OneLeo I, The GreatTheological LiberalismReligious LibertyLieLieBook Of LifeLife, EverlastingDavid Martyn Lloyd-JonesLord, Jesus AsEucharistic TheologySon Of Man (Christianity)Assumption Of MaryMary, The Blessed VirginRobert Murray M'cheyneMeat OfferingMediationMediator (Christ As Mediator)Menno SimonsCalvinistic MethodismJohannes Baptist MetzMidtribulation RaptureGift Of MiraclesModernism In The Catholic ChurchMoral Influence Theory Of AtonementMoral Re-armamentUnion With ChristNag Hammadi CodicesWay Of NegationNeo-thomismNestoriusNestorianismNewNewnessNew Creation (theology)New CreatureNew Hampshire ConfessionNew HermeneuticNew Light SchismNew Quest Of The Historical JesusNiagara ConferencesNovatian SchismDaily OfficeOrdo SalutisJohn Owen (protestant)PerfectionChristian PerfectionPeter LombardPeter Martyr VermigliPowerPowersPseudo-dionysius The AreopagiteState (theology)Johannes Andreas QuenstedtScottish RealismScottish Common Sense RealismReligionReligiousOld Roman CreedLitany Of The SaintsAdolf Von SchlatterElisabeth Schüssler FiorenzaArticles Of SchwabachScottish RealismSensus PleniorSeptuagesimaSchleitheim ConfessionMenno SimonsSimul Justus Et PeccatorSinlessness Of ChristSocial EthicsSola FideDiscernment Of SpiritsAspersionAspersionStewardshipSubstitutionary Atonement Of ChristWorks Of SupererogationSynergismTabernacleTempleT.U.L.I.P.Twelve ArticlesTwo Kingdoms DoctrineTypology (theology)Typology (theology)Extreme UnctionDeclaration Of UtrechtVerbal InspirationVia AffirmativaVia AffirmationisSeven VirtuesCardinal VirtuesVisible ChurchBelgic ConfessionAbba (disambiguation)Abba (Christianity)Advent Of ChristAlexandrian TheologyAllegorical Sense Of ScriptureInterpretation Of The BibleAlthaus, PaulAnalogy Of FaithAnderson, RobertAntiochene TheologyArcheology And TheologyChristian AtheismDeath Of God TheologyCorrectionChurch DisciplineCovenant Of GraceCovenant TheologyCovenant Of RedemptionCovenant TheologyEternal PunishmentEvil SpiritsDemonDemonizationExhortationExpediencyGift Of FaithSpiritual GiftsFirst Day Of The WeekLord's DayForeordinationPredestinationHeadHeadshipHoliness Of GodAttributes Of God In ChristianityDoctrine Of GodLord Of HostsNames Of GodExtent Of AtonementAuburn DeclarationAuthority Of The BibleAuxiliary BishopBishopChurch OfficersBible, Authority OfAuthority Of BibleAuthority Of The BibleBoastingDefilementDeity Of ChristDemythologizationDivine PresenceDivinity Of ChristDouble PredestinationElectElectionInfant SalvationNicea, Council OfNicea, Second Council OfNumerology, BiblicalNuminous, TheOrdain, OrdinationOrder Of SalvationOrders, HolyOrders, MajorOrdination Of WomenOriginal RighteousnessOrigin Of The SoulOxford Group MovementPaul, Theology OfPelagius, PelagianismPenal Theory Of The AtonementPerson, God AsPhenomenology Of ReligionPlato, PlatonismOfficers, ChurchOil, Anointing WithOld Lights, TheOld Testament CanonOmission, Sins OfOnly BegottenOntological Argument For GodPoor, PovertyPossession, DemonPostlapsarianismPostliberal TheologyPosttribulation RapturePoverty, Christians AndPrayer, The Lord'sPreach, PreachingPresence, DivinePriest, Christ AsPrinceton Theology, OldProphecy, Gift OfProphecy, ProphetProphet, Christ AsPunishment, EverlastingUnion, HypostaticUnitive Way, TheUniverse, Origin OfVia IlluminativaVia MediaVia PurgativaVia UnitivaRealized EschatologyRedeemer, RedemptionRedemption, ParticularReformation, ProtestantReformed TraditionRegeneration, BaptismalRegula FideiReligion, Phenomenology OfReligion, Sociology OfReligious LibertyRemission Of SinsRenewal, ChurchRevelation, GeneralRevelation, SpecialRighteousness, OriginalRights, HumanFriedrich Von HügelWaldenses, WaldensiansWay Of NegationJohn Christian WengerWestminster CatechismsBenjamin WhichcoteHenry Orton WileyWisdom, Gift OfWittenberg, Concord OfWomen In The ChurchWord, Word Of God, Word Of The LordWorms, Diet OfWorship In The ChurchNikolaus Ludwig Von ZinzendorfRule Of Faith (Lat. Regula Fidei)Saint, SaintlinessSaints, Veneration OfSalvation Army, TheEast–West SchismScholasticism, ProtestantScripture, Authority OfSect, SectarianismSecularism, Secular HumanismSelf-Esteem, Self-LoveSeraph, SeraphimServant Of The LordSexist LanguageSimplicity Of GodSin, Man OfSin, MortalSin OfferingSins, Seven DeadlySins Of OmissionSin, UnpardonableSin, VenialSmall Catechism, Luther'sSocialism, ChristianSociety Of Jesus (Jesuits)Soul SleepSpecial RevelationSpirit, UncleanSpirits In PrisonStoics, StoicismSupper, Lord'sTeleological Argument For GodThank OfferingTongues, Gift OfTongues, Speaking InTranscendence Of GodTrespass OfferingUnbaptized InfantsUniversalism, HypotheticalUnforgiveable SinUniformity, Acts OfUnpardonable SinVatican Council IVeneration Of RelicsVeneration Of SaintsVenial SinVirgin, Assumption Of TheVision Of God, Visio DeiWave OfferingWay International, TheWealth, Christian View OfWesleyan TraditionWhitby, Synod OfWitness, WitnessingWoman, Biblical Concept OfWomen, Ordination OfWorld Council Of Churches, TheYear, ChristianZionism, ChristianDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Project Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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