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see that page or elsewhere in this index for other pages on which to report incidents) (WP:AN) Current administrators: Wikipedia:List of administrators Special:Listusers/sysop Category:Wikipedia administrators Active/inactive/activity: Wikipedia:List of administrators/Active Wikipedia:List of administrators/Inactive – those who haven't edited in the past three months User:JamesR/AdminStats – lists of admins, sorted by the number of deletions, restorations, etc. tools:/~thebainer/admin-activity/ - statistics relating to administrator activity on any Wikimedia project (on the toolserver) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Demote inactive admins Reallocating adminship duties: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Hierarchical structures – there should be some kind of "partial admin" Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Grant non-admins admin functions within their user space Becoming an administrator: Wikipedia:WikiProject Admin Nominators (inactive) Wikipedia:Miniguide to requests for adminship (unofficial) Wikipedia:Guide to requests for adminship Category:Wikipedia administrator hopefuls Wikipedia:Requests for adminship – nominations of individuals seeking/willing to become an administrator (WP:RFA) Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid in adminship discussions (essay) User:Dragons flight/RFA summary – bot-generated summary of the current RfAs Requirements: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Prerequisites for adminship Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Administrators should be of the age of majority Changing the RfA process: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Requests for Adminship is broken RfA Review: Wikipedia:RfA Review (essay) (begun June 2008) – "Once all phases are complete, a report will be presented to the community" User:Durova/RFA Review boycott Non-bureaucrat closing of an RfA: User:Enigmaman/SNOW (but first ask the candidate to withdraw) Results of RfAs: Wikipedia:Successful requests for adminship Wikipedia:Unsuccessful adminship candidacies User:NoSeptember/Admin stats After becoming an administrator: Wikipedia:New admin Wikipedia:Administrators' reading list b:MediaWiki Administrator's Handbook Help:Reverting#Admin features Wikipedia:Advice for new administrators (essay) User:NoSeptember/Subpages about adminship Wikipedia:IRC/Personal views regarding IRC – regarding proper use of the admin IRC channel Tools: mw:Admin tools development Ubergodmode.js Compilation of user scripts for administrators User:Animum/EasyBlock Problems with admins: Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User conduct#Use of administrator privileges Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard Reconfirmation and/or recall: Wikipedia:Requests for de-adminship Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall Wikipedia:Admin Accountability Alliance (essay?) Wikipedia:Community enforced administrator recall (failed proposal) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Reconfirm administrators Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#It should be easier to remove adminship Other: "Jimmy Wales denies Wikipedia admin recruitment crisis" (July 2012) Category:Wikimedia Commons administrators – English Wikipedia editors who are admins at the Commons Wikipedia:Adminship in other languages – French, German, Dutch, Japanese (etc.) versions of Wikipedia mw:Admin tools development Template:Admin help Category:Wikipedians looking for help from administrators User:NoSeptember/The NoSeptember Admin Project Wikipedia:Adminitis (essay) Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Adminbots Statistical analysis of candidates; proposes "AdminFinderBot" for candidates (April 2008) Wikipedia:WikiProject on Adminship – discussion of new approaches for granting adminship (inactive as of October 2006) Adoption: Wikipedia:Adopt-a-user Adr (address) microformat Wikipedia:WikiProject Microformats  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Advert  Advertisements: Internal advertising for other Wikipedia pages (see also Wikipedia:Motto of the day) Template:Wikipedia ads/doc – process Template:Wikipedia ads Template:Wikipedia-adnavbox – list of current ads On Wikipedia, revenue-raising for the Wikimedia Foundation [currently not done] Wikipedia:Funding Wikipedia through advertisements (essay) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Advertising Off Wikipedia, on behalf of Wikipedia: m:Wikimedia urban postering campaign On Wikipedia pages, by outside groups and individuals, not for the benefit of the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects: Within articles: see Spam On non-article (user) pages: see WP:UP#PROMO Advice: see Help, Learning, New editors, Questions Advocacy: (see also Conflict of interest) Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a soapbox or means of promotion (policy) Wikipedia:Advocacy (essay) Wikipedia:Activist (essay) Wikipedia:Advocacy articles (essay) Wikipedia:Avoid academic boosterism (essay) Wikipedia:Civil POV pushing (essay) AfD (Articles for Deletion): see Deletion of articles Algorithms: Wikipedia:WikiProject Computer science/Manual of style#Algorithms Alphabetical order: Help:Alphabetical order Anchors: see Navigation Anonymous users (anonymous editors): see Unregistered users API: mw:API:Query mw:API:Tutorial API to query data directly from the MediaWiki servers Arabic: Help:Arabic Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Arabic (inactive/historical)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Arb  Arbitration: Wikipedia:Arbitration Wikipedia:Arbitration/Policy (WP:AP) Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Enforcement (WP:AE) Wikipedia:General sanctions – active sanctions Wikipedia:Arbitration rationale (unofficial) Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Arbitration enforcement (early 2009 discussion) Arbitration Committee: Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/Noticeboard Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements/Clarifying the role of the Committee Wikipedia:Arbitration/Index/Cases Wikipedia:Elections#Arbitration Committee Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2005-09-19/ArbCom election – first in a weekly series of 17 articles on the Arbitration Committee and the January 2006 election Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements – a number of proposals by the committee, plus notice of trial changes being undertaken Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Arbitration Committee – June 2008 RfC m:Arbitration committee/EnglishArbComInterviews - email interviews with four committee members (June 2013) {{ArbComOpenTasks}} – template for active ArbCom cases m:Wikimedia Arbitration Committee election processes – describes how the Arbitration Committee is selected on various language Wikipedias Appeals: Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements/Appeals Review List – new (sub)committee or "list" or "panel", subordinate to and supervised by the Arbitration Committee Wikipedia:Devolution – failed proposal to establish a mechanism for the committee to devolve selected powers to a designated body  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Archive  Archiving Wikipedia talk pages: Help:Archiving a talk page User:The Halo/How to Archive (tutorial) User:5Q5#How to Archive a Talk Page by 5Q5 (tutorial) Template:Google custom/doc#How to search subpage trees within Wikipedia – easilys make an archive searchable Template:Archives Using a bot: User:lowercase sigmabot III/Archive HowTo User:ClueBot III User:MercuryBot User:Werdnabot User:HBC Archive Indexerbot (replaced by Legobot) User:Legobot  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Ambox  Article message boxes (amboxes): (sometimes called "tags"; these are templates) Wikipedia:Template messages#Article-related namespace Wikipedia:Template standardisation – for articles Wikipedia:Ambox classes – creating article message boxes Wikipedia:Classes in Ambox/Skins – changing the way that standardized article "tags" are displayed Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Move maintenance tags to talk pages User:Shanes/Why tags are evil – essay about templates placed at the top of articles  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Article  Articles: see also Content disputes, Edits (in general), History, Importing, Layout and sections, New articles, Page views, Quality of articles, Statistics, Style (articles) Wikipedia:What is an article? Wikipedia:Article development – stages in the life of an article Wikipedia:Editorial oversight and control Wikipedia:Content forking (guideline) – includes POV forking Analysis of: User:R. fiend/How many articles does Wikipedia really have? – categorization by size/source/quality of 500 randomly selected articles, October 2005 User:Knulclunk/Random – categorization by topic/type of 200 randomly selected articles, September 2008 Wikipedia:Unusual articles Article size (particularly long articles):  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Long  Wikipedia:Article size (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Summary style (guideline) – when articles get too long Special:Longpages – top 1000 articles, sizewise MediaWiki:Longpagewarning {{PAGESIZE:page name}} – magic word that gives the size of the given page name User talk:Dr pda/prosesize.js – user script that adds link to the toolbox, for displaying some statistics about the size of a page and its components (alternative: User:Dr pda/prosesize) Splitting: Wikipedia:Splitting Wikipedia:Template messages/Splitting Category:Articles to be split Implementing summary style: Wikipedia:Summary style Template:Main (Template:Sync) As of: see Current events Assessment: see Quality of articles  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Assist  Assistance (disputes): (see also Content disputes, Help, Personal attacks, Questions) Wikipedia:Editor assistance Wikipedia:Highly Active Users (WP:HAU) – request assistance from users who are currently online Wikipedia:Wikiquette assistance Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User conduct Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents (urgent/severe cases only) Association of Members' Advocates (AMA): inactive as of May 2007 Assuming good faith: Wikipedia:Assume good faith (WP:AGF) (guideline) User:Filll/AGF Challenge – a set of exercises based on typical Wikipedia editing situations in controversial areas Attacks: see: Content disputes, Personal attacks Attribution: see Sources  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Audio  Audio: (see also Accessibility) Spoken versions of Wikipedia articles: Wikipedia:WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia Wikipedia:Spoken articles – articles with audio versions Category:Spoken Wikipedia requests – articles for which spoken versions have been requested Pediaphone – automated creation of spoken versions (MP3 file or read on-screen) Spoken voice introductions: Recording the voices of Wikipedia (blog post) Commons:Category:Voice intro project Audio clips: see Media Autobiographies: see Biographies Autoconfirm: (a type of User right) Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Confirmed mw:Extension:Automatic Groups mw:Manual:$wgAutopromote mw:Extension:TorBlock (editing through tor requires 100 edits and a 90 days to become autoconfirmed, as of June 2008) Changes: Wikipedia:Autoconfirmed Proposal/Poll – proposal, May 2008, to increase the requirements for autoconfirmed status by requiring new editors to have a specific number of edits, and possibly increasing the four-day waiting period Bug# 14191 – Autoconfirmed settings on enwiki changed to 4 days and 10 edits as of May 2008 Wikipedia talk:Autoconfirmed Proposal/Poll2 – proposal, June 2008, to increase requirements to 7 days, 20 edits (about 65% supported) Autograph books: see User pages Automation: see Bots, Tools, User scripts  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Award  Awards: (see also Contests) Wikipedia:Awards Wikipedia:Personal user awards Wikipedia:Awards by WikiProject Wikipedia:Service awards – self-awarded, based on length of time as an editor and number of edits Wikipedia:Other awards Wikipedia:Barnstars (WP:BARNSTAR) Wikipedia:Barnstar and award proposals (WP:BAP) Template:Barnstar pages Wikipedia:Kindness Campaign Wikipedia:Four Award - for starting an article, having that article get a Did You Know? item on the Main Page, and getting the article to Featured status Wikipedia:Award templates Category:Wikipedia awards Wikipedia:Ribbons (for organizing multiple awards) Wikipedia:Great editing in progress Image:Barn star free zone.png Wikipedia:Triple Crown

B[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Back to top: Wikipedia:Back to top (javascript to add a button to every section header)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Backlog  Backlogs: Category:Wikipedia backlog Category:Administrative backlog Wikipedia:Admin backlog contest Balance and space: see Neutral point of view Banners: For the Wikipedia project itself: Wikipedia:Banners and buttons At the top of pages and sections: see Templates (in general) and specific topics as well (articles, talk pages, maintenance, etc.) Banning: see Enforcement Barnstars: see Awards  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Behave  Behavior (see also Disruptive editing, Enforcement, Personal attacks, Spam, Vandalism) Wikipedia:List of policies#Behavioral: standards for behavior of Wikipedia editors Wikipedia:Simplified ruleset#Safe behaviours – twelve guidelines for "safe behaviours" Wikipedia:Etiquette (WP:EQ) (guideline) – how to work with others on Wikipedia User:Antandrus/observations on Wikipedia behavior (essay) m:Don't be a dick Wikipedia:Wikiquette assistance Wikipedia:Avoid personal remarks Wikipedia:Don't call the kettle black – an essay Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club Category:Wikipedia user conduct Being bold: Wikipedia:Be bold (WP:BOLD or WP:BB) (guideline)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Bias  Bias: Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias "Missing from Wikipedia" - a tool to identify people who should have a biography but do not Wikipedia:Recentism – an essay on the tendency to overweight recent events when adding information or creating new articles Wikipedia:WikiProject Historical information Bible reference template: {{bibleref}} – can give the reader a wide variety of choices in choosing a translation  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Bio  Biographies: In general: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Biographies Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons (WP:BLP) (policy) Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements/BLP enforcement guidance User:Doc glasgow/The BLP problem Article names: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (people) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (royalty and nobility) User:Eubot – creates redirects to prevent multiple articles being created for the same person Notability: Wikipedia:Notability (people) Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes#People Wikipedia:Notability (academics) (guideline) Wikipedia:Biographical optout (failed proposal) – individuals who are not "public figures" can have their biography removed upon request Wikipedia:Borderline biographies (essay) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Delete no-consensus AfDs for biographies of living persons Formatted data (see also Series boxes) Wikipedia:WikiProject Microformats/hcard Categorization: Wikipedia:Categorization of people (guideline) Wikipedia:Categorization/Ethnicity, gender, religion and sexuality Wikipedia:Do not write articles using categories – do not add a category for every attribute of a person Wikipedia:Naming conventions (identity) (ethnic, national, sexual, etc.) User:Helpful Pixie Bot (formerly SmackBot) – adds the DEFAULTSORT template to stubs that are biographical articles Problems: (see also Conflicts of interest): Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons/Noticeboard (WP:BLP/N) Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons/BLPWatch Wikipedia:Living People Patrol Categories of problems: Category:Biography articles needing attention Category:All unreferenced BLPs Category:BLP articles lacking sources Wikipedia:Database reports/Untagged biographies of living people (biographical articles without a {{bio}} template on the article talk page) Wikipedia:Contact us - Subjects – what to do when an individual has a problem with an article about that person or about someone that person represents Libel:Wikipedia:Libel (policy) Privacy: Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons#Presumption in favor of privacy Wikipedia:Oversight (policy) and Wikipedia:Requests for oversight – removal of personal or libelous information on older revisions of an article (see also Oversight) Wikipedia:Deletion policy#Courtesy blanking (WP:CBLANK) (guideline) – removal of personal info within a deletion discussion Articles about Wikipedians: Wikipedia:Autobiography (WP:AUTO) (guideline) Wikipedia:Wikipedians with articles Identified problems: Wikipedia:Database reports: Unbelievable life spans, biographies of dead people (entire section), biographies of living people (entire section) Other: Wikipedia:Contact us - Licensing – for problems with copyright, or to put content on Wikipedia Wikipedia:Family trees Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography "Missing from Wikipedia" - a tool to identify people who should have a biography but do not Alternatives (outside of Wikipedia): Biographicon Wikipopuli WikiBiography Wiki Wikipedia:Living People Patrol (inactive) Birthdays: see Biographies Biting: Wikipedia:Please do not bite the newcomers Blocks: see Access (limiting), Enforcement  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Books  Books: (see also Collections (books), Resources) Articles about a book: Wikipedia:Notability (books) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (books) (guideline) ISBN Wikipedia:ISBN Wikipedia:Book sources Special:Booksources User:Lunchboxhero/monobook.js – when clicking on an ISBN link, go directly to your preferred book-related website Ottobib – Web page that generates citation if ISBN is known Problems: Category:Articles with invalid ISBNs – usually very few articles listed Wikipedia:List of pages with Invalid ISBNs – stubborn cases Finding a book mentioned in a Wikipedia article: At a local library: Forward to Libraries (Signpost article, March 2013) Wikipedia:Forward to Libraries (information page) - uses templates to allow readers to go to a landing page for their specific information User:Lunchboxhero/monobook.js – when clicking on an ISBN link, go directly to your preferred book-related website Other: Template:Gutenberg – for creating a link to a book source available at Project Gutenberg Bootcamp: see Wikipedia:New contributors' help page  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Bot  Bots: (see also Tools, User scripts) Wikipedia:Bot policy Wikipedia:Bots/Frequently denied bots m:Bot policy Wikipedia:Types of bots (not maintained) Wikipedia:History of Wikipedia bots (very sketchy/dated) Creating: Wikipedia:Creating a bot m:Using the python wikipediabot Creating MediaWiki bots in PHP – includes BasicBot Wikipedia:Bot requests (WP:BOTREQ) – requests to existing bot owners; questions about possible new bots, requests for assistance in creating or improving a bot, etc. Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval Special:Log/makebot Wikipedia:Bots/Status - list of all bots Category:Wikipedia bots Special:Listusers – set to "Bots"; user accounts listed have been flagged as doing very low-risk edits Wikipedia:Bot owners' noticeboard Wikipedia:Bot Approvals Group Template:Bots – template for user pages, to encourage or block (compliant) bots Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Adminbots Cumulative editing statistics for bots  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Browser  Browsers (for Wikipedia editing): (see also Editing software) Wikipedia:Browser notes m:Browser issues with MediaWiki Wikipedia:Tools/Browser tools Wikipedia:Interfaces/External interfaces User:Dinoguy1000/scripts/safeIEeditlinks.js – makes it safe to click on most links when editing a page in Internet Explorer (normally the links open in the same window, and any edits in progress are lost; this script forces a link to open in a new window) AutoWikiBrowser: (WP:AWB) (a semi-automated Wikipedia editor, Windows only, typically used for vandal patrol or mass edits)  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#AutoWi   WP:EIW#AutoWikiBrowser  Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser Category:AutoWikiBrowser User:Kingbotk/Plugin – a set of AWB plugins (included with AWB version on onwards) Wikibrowser: part of the Wikipedia:WikiBrowse package User:Cacycle/wikEd – wikEd, adds enhanced text processing functions to Wikipedia (also available as a gadget, under "Preferences") m:WikiMonitor – fully functional web browser (beta, November 2007) Wikipedia Explorer (beta in March 2007; still beta as of February 2008; requires .NET 3.0) Wikipedia:Wikipedia Widget – for Mac OS X v10.4 or later IndyWiki Wikibench (pre-beta as of February 2008) Extensions (add-ons) to standard browsers (other than for citations): Wikipedia Toolbar – Firefox add-on: Wikipedia:Wikipedia Toolbar Source  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Bugs  Bugs: Wikipedia:Bug reports and feature requests mediazilla: – MediaZilla Main Page How to Report Bugs Effectively – general advice on reporting bugs, recommended by MediaZilla, not specific to any particular system  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Bureau  Bureaucrats – folks who handle special, higher-level administrative tasks Wikipedia:Bureaucrats Wikipedia:Bureaucrats' noticeboard

C[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Canonicalization: Help:Link#Conversion to canonical form (converting links to URLs) Canvassing: see Messages  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#CAPTCHA  CAPTCHA: Special:Captcha MediaWiki:Captchahelp-text reCAPTCHA: reCAPTCHA MediaWiki Extension WP:Perennial proposals#Use reCAPTCHA Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)/Archive 8#reCAPTCHA: adding titles to the Gutemberg Project (November 2007) Captions: see Images  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Cat  Categories: General information: Wikipedia:Categorization – (WP:CAT) (guideline) Help:Category Wikipedia:FAQ/Categorization Wikipedia:Category names (guideline) Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories Portal:Contents/Categories Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates (guideline) – comparing alternative approaches Wikipedia:Overcategorization (guideline) – what types of categories are not good ones to create Wikipedia:Classification – putting a set of links on category pages so readers can see the levels above the category Wikipedia:Categories are different from articles (essay) Wikipedia:Do not write articles using categories – do not add a category for every attribute of the subject of an article Special:MostLinkedCategories – the categories that have the highest number of pages belonging to them Listings of categories: Special:Categories – alphabetical category listing MediaWiki:Categoriespagetext - scrollable access to the list of all categories Special:CategoryTree – can generate a tree of categories, or categories and articles User:Chris G Bot 2 – produces, for a given category, a table listing all articles within that category (and all subcategories of that category), and the status of those articles (a clone of User:PockBot, which is disabled) CatScan (at the toolserver) Wikipedia:Category types (failed proposal) Possible problems with categories: Wikipedia:Categories for discussion – page to discuss (and nominate) the deletion, merging, and renaming of categories (WP:CFD) Wikipedia:Categorizing redirects – most redirects should not have a category on the redirect page Category:Underpopulated categories Special:Wantedcategories – red link categories on pages Special:Uncategorizedcategories – category pages without at least one parent category Special:Unusedcategories – categories not used for any page Wikipedia:Database reports/Polluted categories - Categories that contain pages in both the (Main) namespace and user namespaces User:AKA MBG/Cycles – Where category A is a subcategory of B, and B is a subcategory of A (or more complicated than that) User:TheDJ/Gadget-HotCat.js – user script that provides an easy way to add, modify and remove categories (also available as a gadget, under "Preferences") Articles without categories: Special:UncategorizedPages User:Addbot – adds categories to uncategorized articles, using AWB Intersection of two categories: Wikipedia:Categorization#Searching for articles in categories – via the standard search box (doesn't search subcategories) CatScan - a tool that can do various types of category scans, including intersection (may or may not be using up-to-date version of database); can search subcategories m:User:Duesentrieb/CatScan CatScan (at the toolserver) Wikipedia:Category intersection – a feature request m:Help:DPL – a MediaWiki extension supporting intersections and other set operations of pages belonging to several categories How articles are listed: Template:DEFAULTSORT – specifies how an article will be listed on category pages (for example, an article on "F.M. Smith" could be listed as "Smith, F.M." on all category pages) User:Helpful Pixie Bot (formerly SmackBot) – adds DEFAULTSORT to people-related article stubs Wikipedia:Category suppression – keeping templates from creating categories when they shouldn't: Bots:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Catbot  Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Working#Bots – bots working on CFD results User:Kbdankbot – CFD tasks such as emptying categories of articles and moving articles from one category to another User:O bot – adds, removes, and moves/renames categories by request (approval) User:Alaibot – cleans up redundant double-categorisation (where an article is in both a category and a parent of that category) User:Yetanotherbot – works on WP:CFD/W User:RockfangBot – does speedy renames; empties or moves categories at WP:CFD/WU; processes categories with "and" results at WP:CFDWM Hidden categories: March 2008 Signpost article Category:Hidden categories Other: Bug# 6943 – Magic word for number of items in a category User:TheDJ/Gadget-HotCat.js – user script that makes it easy to add, modify and remove categories User:Erwin/CatCount – provides a count of pages in any given category User:Ais523/catwatch.js – for monitoring changes to the pages that are in a specified category Category:Wikipedia categorization Wikipedia:Template messages/Category namespace In category since – tool to list all articles in a category that have been so since a specified date (at the toolserver) mw:Extension:CategoryTree – describes <categorytree> tags that can be added to articles so that a category for that article can be viewed as a dynamic tree on that page. (Using the page Special:Categorytree is faster, unless the tags are permanent.) Help:Job queue – why changing a category in a template doesn't instantly change all articles with that template User talk:GregU/randomlink.js – this tool can go to a random page in a category User:Dr. Submillimeter/Humorous categories – unusual (and no longer existing) categories random article - redirects to a random article in a given category's tree (at the toolserver)  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Cen   WP:EIW#Censor  Censorship: Wikipedia is not censored Wikipedia:No disclaimers in articles Wikipedia:Offensive material (Manual of Style) m:Should Wikipedia Use Profanity Wikipedia:Pornography (essay) Wikipedia:Advice for parents (essay) Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikipedians against censorship Wikipedia:WikiProject Sexology and sexuality MediaWiki:Bad image list Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Content warnings Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Censor offensive images Ways to set personal preferences so as to not see some or all images: Help:Options to hide an image (alternative to censorship) User:Mr.Z-man/badimages Failed proposals: Wikipedia:Offensive Wikipedia:Graphic and potentially disturbing images Wikipedia:Image censorship Wikipedia:Sexual content  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Chapters  Chapters: wmf:Local chapters Sub-national chapters Q&A (October 20, 2008) Characters (special): Help:Special characters Checkuser: see Sock puppets Children: see Privacy  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#China  China: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/China-related articles Wikipedia:History standards for China-related articles Portal:China Wikipedia:Advice to users using Tor Help:Multilingual support (East Asian)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Cite  Citations: Within articles: see Sources If others want to cite Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia Civility: see Personal attacks Clarity: Wikipedia:Please clarify (information page) Template:Clarify - to mark individual phrases or sentences Template:Elucidate - to mark individual phrases or sections which require further explanation for general (i.e., non-expert) readers Template:Confusing - to mark sections (or entire articles, though this is undesirable) Template:Examples - to mark individual phrases or sentences which require examples for clarification Classes: see Learning (for classes of editors, see User rights) Cleanup: see Maintenance, Quality of articles Clerks: see Functionaries Coaching: see Learning  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Collaboration  Collaborations: (see also Maintenance, WikiProjects) Wikipedia:Collaborations Template:COTWs – collaborations of the week Category:Wikipedia collaborations Wikipedia:WikiProject Reference Desk Article Collaboration Wikipedia:Today's articles for improvement Wikipedia:Spotlight Etherpad Lite at wikimedia.org] - for real-time, simultaneous editing  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Collapsing  Collapsing: m:Help:Collapsing Wikipedia:NavFrame – dynamic navigation (series) boxes (collapsible – hide/show)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Collect  Collections (books) Wikipedia:Books m:Book tool m:Book tool/Help/Books m:Book tool/Help/Books/for experts m:Book tool/Help/Books/Frequently Asked Questions m:Book tool/Help/Books/Feedback Wikipedia:Bookshelf – pages that organize the list of community books Help:Books Help:Books/PediaPress PDF rendering Special:PrefixIndex/Book: Category:Wikipedia books "Books extension enabled" (Signpost article, March 2009) mw:Extension:Collection – organizing a personal selections of pages into a collection Colon trick: Help:Colon trick  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Comic  Comics and comic books: Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics/copyright (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (comics) (guideline) Wikipedia:Notability (web) (guideline) (includes webcomics)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Comments  Comments, invisible: (also called "invisible text", "hidden comments", "hidden text") Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Invisible comments Help:Hidden text Help:Wiki markup#Invisible text (comments) Wikipedia:Writing better articles#Make omissions explicit for other editors  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Common  Common sense: (see also Process) Wikipedia:Ignore all rules (WP:IAR) (policy) Wikipedia:What "Ignore all rules" means (essay) Wikipedia:Suggestions on how to ignore all rules (essay) Wikipedia:Ignoring all rules – a beginner's guide (essay) Wikipedia:Interpret all rules (essay)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Commons  Commons (Wikimedia Commons): Wikipedia:Wikimedia Commons – as of September 2013, has over 18 million media files (photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, etc.) available for use in any Wikimedia (community) project, as well as for free downloading by anyone. Anything other than non-free content should be uploaded to the Commons, not to the English Wikipedia. Commons:Welcome A guide to getting started on Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons - manual that provides the essential information for people interested in contributing their own work to Wikimedia Commons Mayflower – searching the Commons (at the toolserver) Commons:Commons:Tools Manual for new Commons users (at en.flossmanuals.net) Uploading: Default/standard process: Commons:Commons:Upload Wizard Commons:Commons:GLAMToolset project - a set of tools to make easier the batch uploads of GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) material Other processes: see Commons:Commons:Upload tools (includes tools for Flickr, Android, and iPhone) Moving images to Commons (from Wikipedia):  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#MoveToCommons  Wikipedia:Moving files to the Commons Wikipedia:WikiProject Images and Media/Commons CommonsHelper – tool to generate an image description to copy-and-paste for the commons upload form (formerly called "Move-to-commons assistant") (at the toolserver) User:Fran Rogers/CommonsHelper Helper – user script that adds a button to easily bring up CommonsHelper User:MonoBot – fixes (some) problems when an editor doesn't do a move to Commons totally correctly Duplicate images – tool to show duplicate files between Wikipedia and Commons (at the toolserver) Push-for-commons – tool to show a set of images from a wikipedia, helping to find license problems, {{NowCommons}} candidates, and images that should be copied/moved to the commons (at the toolserver) RSS feeds: Category-based feed (for newly added images) (at the toolserver) Media file of the Day (at the toolserver) Other: Category:Wikimedia Commons administrators – English Wikipedia editors who are admins at the Commons m:User:CommonsDelinker – bot that removes links from Wikipedias (all languages) when an image is deleted at Commons Commons interface for the iPhone (at the toolserver) Flickr-like interface to Commons (no logins or uploads) (at the toolserver) Commons sum-it-up – tool to generate a summary text for pages on Commons, using Wikipedia articles in different languages (at the toolserver) Flickr: "The Commons" at Flickr - "Help us catalog the world’s public photo archives." Browse Flickr images (at the toolserver) Communications (communicating with other editors): see Messages Community: see Wikipedia as community Community portal: Wikipedia:Community portal - a place to find collaborations, tasks, and news about English Wikipedia (see also Wikipedia as a community)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Company  Companies and organizations: Wikipedia:FAQ/Organizations Wikipedia:Companies, corporations and economic information Wikipedia:Notability (organizations and companies) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (companies) (guideline) Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes#Companies Infoboxes: Template:Infobox organization Template:Organization infoboxes Category:Organization infobox templates Wikipedia:Contact us - Subjects – what to do when an individual who owns or represents a business or other organization has a problem with an article about that organization Portal:Business and economics  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Compete  Competitors, forks, and mirrors: Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks m:Mirror filter – Firefox extension which removes sites which mirror Wikimedia content from Google search results Potential resources: Category:Online encyclopedias Citizendium – vetted volunteers (articles that originated in part at Wikipedia are GFDL) (July 2007 analysis in the Signpost) New World Encyclopedia – paid editors (funded by Unification Church through February 2008) (all GFDL) Medpedia (GFDL) (in preview mode as of July 2008)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#COI  Conflict of interest: (see also Advocacy, Biographies, Promotional content) Wikipedia:Conflict of interest (WP:COI) (guideline) Wikipedia:Plain and simple conflict of interest guide (essay) (WP:PSCOI) Wikipedia:Conflict of interest/Noticeboard – reporting cases of conflict of interest policy not being followed {{Request edit}} – for talk page postings; related: Category:Requested edits Wikipedia:COI declaration (essay)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Paid  Paid editors: Wikipedia:Conflict of interest#Paid editing (WP:PAY) Wikipedia:WikiProject Cooperation/Paid editor help Wikipedia:WikiProject Integrity Wikipedia:Paid editing (essay) Wikipedia:Paid editor's bill of rights (essay) Wikipedia:Reward board Proposals: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Paid editing Wikipedia:No paid advocacy (open as of August 2013) Wikipedia:Paid editing (guideline) (failed proposal) (December 2010) Wikipedia:Paid editing (policy) (failed proposal) (2009/2010) Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Paid editing (June 2009) (inactive) Automation: User:COIBot User:AlexNewArtBot/COISearchResult – new articles that appear likely to be conflict of interest cases Wikipedia Scanner – identifies unregistered edits from user-specified organizations (Wired magazine story, August 2007) Other: Conflict-of-interest editing on Wikipedia - controversies that have been reported in the media Wikipedia:Suggestions for COI compliance (essay) Wikipedia:Best practices for editors with close associations (essay) User:Charles Matthews/Conflict of interest (essay) "The Right Way To Fix Inaccurate Wikipedia Articles", searchengineland.com, August 7, 2007 (article by a Wikipedia editor) Wikipedia:Bounty board (marked "Historical" in November 2013)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Congress  Congress: edits by Congressional staffers: Wikipedia:Congressional staffer edits U.S. House of Representatives rule against use of government equipment for political purposes  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Consensus  Consensus and voting: Wikipedia:Consensus (WP:CON) (policy) Wikipedia:Rough consensus (failed proposal, November 2013) Wikipedia:Consensus#Consensus can change (WP:CCC) Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements/Consensus seeking processes m:Wikipedia power structure m:Democracy Wikipedia:Elections Wikipedia:Requests for comment Wikipedia is not an experiment in democracy – historical statement by Jimmy Wales (2005) Wikipedia:WikiProject Democracy – informations on current elections, votings and centralized discussions Wikipedia:Polling is not a substitute for discussion (guideline) Wikipedia:Of course it's voting Wikipedia:Canvassing (WP:CANVAS) (guideline) m:Polls are evil Wikipedia:Voting is not evil (essay) Wikipedia:Times that 1000 or more Wikipedians supported something Wikipedia:Delegable proxy (failed proposal) Wikipedia:Straw polls (failed proposal) Conservapedia: Wikipedia vs. Conservapedia Bookmarklet Conservation: Wikipedia:Conservation status (categories) (Manual of Style) Content of articles: (see also Content disputes, Edits (in general), New articles, Style (articles), and specific topics throughout this index) Category:Wikipedia content policies Category:Wikipedia content guidelines Content disclaimer: Wikipedia:Content disclaimer  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Dispute  Content disputes: (see also Consensus, Controversial articles, Disruptive editing, Neutral point of view, Personal attacks) General policies and guidelines: (in addition to WP:NOR, WP:V, WP:NPOV, etc.) Wikipedia:Dispute resolution (WP:DR) (policy) – overview of the process Wikipedia:Ownership of articles (WP:OWN) (policy) – no editor "owns" the content of an article; the only way that an editor can properly prevent his/her words from being edited is to not put them into a Wikipedia article in the first place Wikipedia:Controversial articles (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Etiquette (WP:EQ) (guideline) – how to work with others on Wikipedia Wikipedia:Editing policy#Preserve information (WP:PRESERVE) (policy) endeavour to preserve content Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements/Skilled content warriors Wikipedia:Scientific standards (inactive proposal) Reverts and other disagreements: Wikipedia:BOLD, revert, discuss cycle – Boldly edit, revert once, discuss – an essay on reaching consensus Wikipedia:Accuracy dispute (guideline) Wikipedia:NPOV dispute – how-to guidance Wikipedia:Edit warring (policy) Wikipedia:Edit warring#The Three revert rule (WP:3RR) – repeated edits can get a user account blocked (typically, for 24 hours) Wikipedia:Verifiability#Burden of evidence Wikipedia:Accuracy dispute Wikipedia:Uphill Battles (essay) Wikipedia:Disruptive editing (guideline) Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars Wikipedia:Other stuff exists#Precedent in usage (essay) Wikipedia:Don't overuse shortcuts to policy and guidelines to win your argument (essay) Possible solutions: Wikipedia:Staying cool when the editing gets hot (essay) Wikipedia:Forgive and forget (essay) Wikipedia:No angry mastodons (essay) Wikipedia:Don't be a fanatic (essay) Wikipedia:Truce (essay) Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club m:How to win an argument Wikipedia:A nice cup of tea and a sit down Wikipedia:Drop the stick and back slowly away from the horse carcass (essay) Processes for resolving (when informal discussions fail) Wikipedia:Dispute resolution – official policy (overview) Wikipedia:New admin/Dealing with disputes Category:Wikipedia dispute resolution Wikipedia:Editorial Council (failed proposal) Post at Wikipedia:Wikiquette assistance Ask for a third opinion: Wikipedia:Third opinion – (rule: only two parties involved). Obtain dispute resolution: Wikipedia:Dispute resolution noticeboard Requests for comment: Wikipedia:Requests for comment Wikipedia:RFC/How to present a case (essay) Mediation: Wikipedia:Mediation (policy) Wikipedia:Requests for mediation – formal mediation Wikipedia:Community enforceable mediation – experimental alternative (began March 2007, marked historical/inactive December 2007) Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal – informal mediation (marked inactive July 2012 But is it really?) Other: Wikipedia:No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man (essay) (WP:SPIDER) Wikipedia:Working group on ethnic and cultural edit wars (final report was August 2008) Wikipedia:Requests for remedies (failed proposal) Content notes: see Notes  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Contests  Contests Wikipedia:Contests Wikipedia:The Core Contest Wikipedia:WikiCup  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Contro  Controversial articles: (see also Content disputes) Wikipedia:Controversial articles (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:List of controversial issues  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Conver  Conversion: Converting page content from one format to another: see Exporting (a page), Importing Converting one unit of measurement into another: see Units of measurement Converting wikitext table data to and from other formats: see Tables  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Copy  Copyright: (see also Legal) In general: Wikipedia:FAQ/Copyright Wikipedia:Copyrights (policy) Wikipedia:Image use policy Wikipedia:Non-U.S. copyrights (guideline) Wikipedia:Media copyright questions – a place to get help and answers Fair use, non-free use, and public domain: wmf:Resolution:Licensing policy – requires all Foundation projects to create a "Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP)" for fair use media. Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria (WP:FUC) (policy) Wikipedia:Non-free content (guideline) Wikipedia:Plain and simple non-free content guide Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria compliance (proposal as of August 2011) Wikipedia:Non-free use rationale guideline (guideline) Wikipedia:Public domain (guideline) Dispatches: Reviewing non-free images – Signpost article, September 2008 m:Avoid Copyright Paranoia – discussion Wikipedia:WikiProject Images and Media/Non-free Wikipedia:History of non-free content policies - Survey of the development of the present NFC policy Wikipedia:Deletion of all fair use images of living people (historical page) Avoiding problems: Wikipedia:File copyright tags Template:USAtags – copyright tags for U.S. images (mostly for U.S. government images) Wikipedia:Requesting copyright permission Wikipedia:Example requests for permission Wikipedia:Donating copyrighted materials Problems: Wikipedia:Contact us - Licensing – if an article is using copyrighted content without permission Wikipedia:Copyright violations (WP:COPYVIO) (policy) Wikipedia:Plagiarism (guideline) Wikipedia:Close paraphrasing (essay) Wikipedia:Spotting possible copyright violations Wikipedia:Copyright problems Duplication Detector (at the toolserver) - compare any two web pages to identify text which has been copied from one to the other Category:Wikipedian copyright problem patrollers Wikipedia:Copyright violations on history pages – dealing with prior versions of an article that have copyright violations and are accessible via history pages wmf:Designated agent – for notification of claimed infringement Wikipedia:Files for discussion Categories for problem images: Category:Wikipedia files with unknown copyright status Category:Wikipedia files with unknown source Category:Wikipedia files with no non-free use rationale Bots to find problems: Text: User:Non-Free Content Compliance Bot User:CopyvioHelperBot Images: User:BetacommandBot User:718 Bot – creates lists of images tagged with disputed fair use rationales, sorted by date and type User:AWeenieBot – creates lists of images tagged with disputed fair use rationales, sorted by type and number of times used User:ImageTaggingBot – inspects newly uploaded images for ones lacking source information, a license tag, or a fair-use rationale if one is needed; tags as necessary User:STBotI – tags images for relatively speedy deletion User:BJBot – tags orphaned images as such; notifies originator of problem User:Erwin85Bot – removes Template:Di-orphaned fair use from pages that are not orphans User:SoxBot VIII – removes fair use images from outside of article space, removes tags from non-orphaned images (replaced User:ImageBacklogBot) User:John Bot II – tags images that lack adequate copyright information User:FairuseBot – does tagging of problematic fairuse images Using Wikipedia content outside of Wikipedia:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Reusing  Wikipedia:Reusing Wikipedia content (policy) Commons:Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia Wikipedia:Buying Wikipedia articles in print or another form (commercial use) GFDL (former licensing): GNU Free Documentation License Wikipedia:Text of the GNU Free Documentation License Wikipedia:Verbatim copying under the GFDL (essay) Migration from: "GFDL 1.3 released, will allow Wikimedia migration to Creative Commons license" (Signpost article, November 2008) Proposal to license Wikimedia material so it is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC-BY-SA) m:Licensing update/Questions and Answers m:Licensing update(voting to start April 2009)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Count  Counts (of edits, for an editor): (for counts of edits for a page, see History (of a page); for counts of views, see Page views) Wikipedia:Edit count Wikipedia:Tools#Edit counters Wikipedia:WikiProject edit counters Wikicheck Milestone – finds the nth edit of an editor (at the toolserver) User:Henrik/live-edit-counter – continuously updated edit counter (userbox) User:Interiot/EditCountOptIn Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits Wikipedia:Editcountitis – an essay Creating articles: see New articles  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Cred  Credentials: Wikipedia:There is no credential policy – Wikipedia has no policy on whether credentials should either be disregarded or verified Criticism of Wikipedia: see Encyclopedia, Criticism (of)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Current  Current events: (see also News about Wikipedia) Wikinews (sister project) Portal:Current events Wikipedia:How the Current events page works As of: Wikipedia:As of Template:As of Template:Category as of Template:Update after Category:Wikipedia articles in need of updating Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Precise language Wikipedia:WikiProject Update Watch Wikipedia:Current event templates Wikipedia:Notability (events) (guideline)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Custom  Customization: (see also Quickbar, Signatures) Wikipedia:Customisation Via "Preferences": Special:Preferences Help:Preferences Via the Gadgets tab in "Preferences" – see Gadgets Via JavaScript: see User scripts Via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Help:Cascading Style Sheets Skins: Wikipedia:Skin (trivial; probably should be a redirect) m:Customization:Explaining skins MediaWiki talk:Vector.css – place to discuss changes to the Vector skin (standard skin that editors get by default) MediaWiki talk:Monobook.css – place to discuss changes to the Monobook skin (older standard skin) MediaWiki talk:Modern.css – bug reports and other comments for new (January 2008) Modern skin Different customizations of the way Wikipedia pages appear, downloadable from userstyles.org/styles/ (primarily for readers) (Firefox, Thunderbird, Flock, Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey, and Songbird browsers only) Personal CSS: mw:Gallery of user styles (a mix of MediaWiki-compatible skins, not selectable by editors, and personal css) User:GeorgeMoney/UsefulCSS User:Wolfgangbeyer/monobook.css – monobook.css optimized for color blindness Technical: Help:User style m:Help:Cascading style sheets Wikipedia:Catalogue of CSS classes Wikipedia:Useful styles m:Customize page layout – should be at Mediawiki; how to rework standard page seen by all non-logged in readers Editors who know CSS: Category:User css Cyrillic: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Cyrillic)

D[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Data download: see Downloading all of Wikipedia, Queries (database) (for individual pages, see Exporting (a page)) Database lag (message displayed on watch list): User:Equazcion/LagToMinutes - adds minutes/seconds version of the lag (which is normally shown only as number of seconds) Database query: see Queries (database)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Dates  Dates: (see also Current events) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers Wikipedia:Naming conventions (numbers and dates) Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Chronological items Wikipedia:Date formattings m:Dynamic dates Help:Calendar – code to include the image of a small '"calendar page", including a time display, on a Wikipedia page Wikilinking of dates: Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Dates Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Linking and autoformatting of dates Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)/RFC: Unresolved date delinking and autoformatting issues (closed February 2009) Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)/Archive D1#A new parallel syntax for autoformatting dates Wikipedia:Date formatting and linking poll (March 2009) Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Date delinking (closed June 2009) Bug# 4582 – provide preference-based autoformatting for unlinked dates Other: Wikipedia:Neutral point of view/BCE-CE Debate (failed proposal) Category:Use dmy dates Category:Use mdy dates Template:Start date Template:Start date and age Template:End date "Daughter" articles: see Article size Decision-making: see Consensus and voting, Functionaries, Wikimedia Foundation  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Delete   WP:EIW#Del  Deletion: (see also Categories for deletion of categories, Redirect for deletion of redirects, etc.) (for articles, see Deletion of articles, immediately below) Wikipedia:Deletion process (WP:DP) (guideline) Template:Deletion tools (for one's user page) Wikipedia:Introduction to deletion process (essay) Wikipedia:Deletion process Wikipedia:Deletion guidelines for administrators (WP:DGFA) (guideline) Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion Category:Wikipedia deletion  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#AfD-etc  Deletion of articles: (see also Deletion) Policies, general criteria, and examples: (see also Notability) Wikipedia:List of policies#Deletion: policies about deletion Wikipedia:Deletion policy Wikipedia:Search engine test (how-to) Wikipedia:New admin/Deleting Commons:File:Deletion process on English Wikipedia (flowchart).jpg Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Delete unreferenced articles Essays: Wikipedia:Give an article a chance Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas Wikipedia:I wouldn't know him from a hole in the ground Wikipedia:Deletion and deletionism Others: see "Essays on building, editing, and deleting content" at Template:Wikipedia essays Alternatives to deletion: Move to a sister project such as Wiktionary or Wikisource – see Transwiki Wikipedia:Userfication – if article has potential for Wikipedia (move to userspace) Help:Merging Wikipedia:Redirect (guideline) Wikipedia:Article Incubator ("soft delete") Types of deletion: Wikipedia:Page blanking (guideline) (do not blank article pages) Speedy deletion:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Speedy  Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion (WP:CSD) (policy) Tagging articles and notifying editors: Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Easy db – adds tabs when viewing an article, for tagging for speedy deletion User:CSDWarnBot – finds the creator of a tagged article and posts a warning on the user's talk page Pending deletion: Category:Candidates for speedy deletion Deletion: User:Chairboy/csdhelper.greasemonkey.js – similar to AutoReason Prod:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Prod  Wikipedia:Proposed deletion (WP:PROD) (policy) – five-day (countdown) process (no polling of opinions) User:DumbBOT/ProdSummary – articles currently with "prod" templates Wikipedia:WikiProject proposed deletion patrolling User talk:Dycedarg/easyprod.js – user script to propose a page for deletion in one click, and (optionally) notify the author of the page as well User:BJBot – informs major/recent editors of an article that a {{prod}} template has been posted to that article Wikipedia:Database reports/PRODed articles with deletion logs (not necessarily current) Category:Proposed deletion Formal deletion process (AfD discussions) (Articles for deletion):  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#AfD  Wikipedia:Guide to deletion – information on the process Wikipedia:Repeated AfD nomination limitation (failed proposal) – to limit the number of times an article can go through the AfD process Wikipedia:Afd categories Deletion sorting - AfDs organized into topical lists Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting User:John Vandenberg/Deletion sorting tool User:Jayden54Bot – bot that notifies creator of article that it has been submitted to AfD process (approved January 2007) (inactive as of May 2009) User:BJBot – informs major/recent editors of an article that it has been submitted to AfD process Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Numerical rules for WP:AFD Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#All authors must be notified of deletion Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Rename AFD - rename to "Articles for Discussion" Current AfDs: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion (AfD) – shows how to create a new AfD, links to current AfDs Wikipedia:Articles for deletion#Current discussions – articles proposed for deletion in the past five or so days via the AfD process Tools for participation: User:Jnothman/afd helper – makes voting on an AFD a one-click process (user script) User:Nixeagle/WikiDiscussion Manager – Windows-based application that assists editors with participation in AfD discussions User:Jayden54/AFD Organizer – Windows-based application that provides a set of tools for participating in AfD discussions Arguments and expectations (see also next subsection, "Closing"): Wikipedia:Help, my article got nominated for deletion! (essay) Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid in deletion discussions (essay) Wikipedia:Other stuff exists (essay) Wikipedia:Pokémon test (essay) (marked as "historical") Closing: Wikipedia:Non-admin closure (essay) Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes Wikipedia:Speedy keep – closing a discussion early and keeping the article Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/CloseAFD.js What an administrator won't do upon closing and AfD: User:Mangojuice/Administrators are not slaves (essay) – don't ask administrators to do large amounts of work under the guise of a deletion debate Wikipedia:Closing Administrator is not an Edit on Demand Service (essay) After an article is deleted:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Postmortem  Deletionpedia – An automated bot uploads pages to this website as they are deleted from Wikipedia. Wikipedia:Viewing and restoring deleted pages Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements/Activation of view-deleted-pages – request that the community consider giving selected regular editors the ability to view deleted pages Wikipedia:Deletion policy#Courtesy blanking (WP:CBLANK) (guideline) (blanking of the AfD discussion due to privacy issues) Wikipedia:Protection policy#Creation protection (WP:SALT) – "padlocking" or "salting the earth" to protect against further re-creation of deleted pages without prior admin approval Wikipedia:Why was the page I created deleted? (essay) Wikipedia:Deletion review – appeals to restore pages that have been deleted or delete pages which were closed as "keep" in an AfD discussion (WP:DRV) Getting a copy of a deleted article put into one's user space, where it can be improved before going into the article namespace again: Wikipedia:Requests for undeletion Wikipedia:Deletion review#Content review Category:Wikipedia administrators who will provide copies of deleted articles Wikipedia:New admin/Protecting deleted pages Wikipedia:New admin/Viewing deleted pages Finding why an article was deleted: Special:Log/delete – deletion log, searchable by article name or user who created the article (alternatively, type the article name (exactly), click "Create the page" when the search fails, and then look for deletion log information) Discussions (if deletion was by AfD) can be found at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Name of Article, etc. (alternatively, use Special:Prefixindex, in the Wikipedia space, searching on "Articles for deletion/Firstlettersofarticlename") Proposals that the contents of deleted articles should still be accessible: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Deleted pages should be visible Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)/Persistent proposals/Straw poll for view-deleted - proposal, September 2008, that at least some editors should be able to view some types of deleted pages, other than admins Wikipedia:Viewing of deleted articles by non-administrators (historical) Wikipedia:Experimental Deletion (inactive) Wikipedia:Pure wiki deletion system (dormant) Other: Wikipedia:Article Rescue Squadron Wikipedia undelete (user script) – lists versions of a deleted article that are available at archive.org, plus information on why an article was deleted User:Lenticel/Deletion isn't Evil (essay) User:Mailer diablo/The Mailer Diablo Deletion Project Wikipedia:Transparent deletion (essay) Wikipedia:AFD 100 days – June–September 2005 computer-assisted evaluation Age of Wikipedia articles at the time of deletion – data for November 2005, February 2006, and September 2007 User:Emijrp/Statistics#Most deleted ever User:Emijrp/Deleting – statistics, January 2005 to September 2007 Deletionist: see m:Deletionism Diagrams: see Graphics  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Dict  Dictionary: Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary (policy) For Wiktionary, see also wikt:Main Page Another alternative: Urban Dictionary WikiLook – Firefox add-on that provides Wiktionary information about any word on a screen, when specially selected (shift or highlight plus mouse move) Diff: see History (of a page) Dimensions: see Units of measurement  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Directory  Directories: (see also Indexes) Wikipedia:Department directory Wikipedia:Quick directory Wikipedia:Requests Special:Specialpages – a list of special pages that are automatically generated and cannot be edited User:Thunderhead~enwiki/Bookmarks Wikipedia:TourBusStop "Toolsets": Wikipedia:Starter toolset Category:Wikipedia users' toolsets Template:UsefulLinks For readers more than for editors, but still useful: Portal:Contents  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Disambig  Disambiguation (see also Moving a page, Naming an article) Information about: Wikipedia:Disambiguation (guideline) (WP:DAB) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Disambiguation pages Wikipedia:Disambiguation and abbreviations (guideline) Special:DisambiguationPageLinks – pages that link to a disambiguation page and (probably) should link to an article instead Hatnotes (a short note placed at the top of an article before the primary topic, generally to provide disambiguation of closely related terms or to summarize a topic, and explain its boundaries) Wikipedia:Hatnote Template:Other uses Wikipedia:HATTEST List of pages: Special:DisambiguationPages Wikipedia:Links to (disambiguation) pages – list of page with "(disambiguation)" in title Wikipedia:Links to disambiguating pages – list of pages marked as disambiguation pages Wikipedia:Multiple-place names – index of disambiguation pages involving places Wikipedia:Non-unique personal name – where Wikipedia has references to two or more persons with the same name Possible problems: Category:Disambiguation pages to be converted to broad concept articles Special:DisambiguationPageLinks - Pages linking to disambiguation pages Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links/Maintenance Template:Incoming links (placed on disambiguation pages) Template:Dablinks Template:Dablinks/FAQ Tools: Dab solver (at the toolserver) Dablinks (at the toolserver) User:Anomie/linkclassifier.js – User script that changes the color of the wikilink to an article when that article is a redirect or disambiguation page or has been proposed for deletion at AfD Wikipedia:WikiProject Disambiguation/fixer – CorHomo, downloadable program (pseudo-browser) (Linux only) Wikipedia:WPCleaner – requires Java 5 or later Bots: User:DPL bot User:Polbot – removes piped linking on disambiguation pages (function #5) User:Commander Keane bot – automated bot for disambiguation User:RussBot – automated bot for disambiguation Templates: mw:MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage – list of templates that categorize disambiguation pages as such (e.g., {{Geodis}}) Category:Disambiguation and redirection templates Other: mw:Extension:Disambiguator - allows all disambiguation pages to be designated with the __DISAMBIG__ magic word (or an equivalent) Wikipedia:WikiProject Disambiguation Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages aren't articles (essay) – that they are, in most cases, treated like article pages is a posted bug – see Bug# 6754, not a feature Category:Wikipedia disambiguation  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Disclaim  Disclaimers: Wikipedia:General disclaimer Wikipedia:Legal disclaimer Wikipedia:Content disclaimer Wikipedia:Medical disclaimer Wikipedia:Risk disclaimer Wikipedia:No disclaimers in articles (WP:NDT) Wikipedia:Non-Wikipedia disclaimers – examples from other information providers Category:Wikipedia disclaimers Discussion pages: see Talk pages Disputes: see: Content disputes, Personal attacks  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Disrup  Disruptive editing (see also Content disputes, Enforcement, Personal attacks) Wikipedia:Disruptive editing (guideline) (WP:DIS) Wikipedia:Gaming the system (guideline) WP:GAME Wikipedia:Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point (WP:POINT)(guideline) Wikipedia:Harassment (WP:HAR) (guideline) Wikipedia:Tendentious editing (essay) Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User conduct – requires two or more editors to have posted warnings about another editor Wikipedia:User RFC reform (inactive/historical)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Download  Downloading all of Wikipedia: (see also Mobile access, Queries (database); for downloading individual pages, see Exporting (a page)) Pre-packaged: June 2006 ("official" version) Wikipedia:TomeRaider database Most recent version – £3.00 requested payment; includes £1 donation to the Wikipedia Foundation [sic] Slightly older English version (free) Wikipedia-iphone – complete download for iPhone or iPod Touch Infodisiac downloads (for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, regular Windows O/S, and Palm) Webaroo – download of all Wikipedia articles as a set of web pages, for off-line reading (horribly out-of-date) Do-it-yourself: Wikipedia:Database download Wikimedia Downloads – four types of downloads (was known as "Wikimedia dump service") Wikipedia Static HTML Dumps Wikipedia:FAQ/Forking – downloading all of Wikipedia plus the WikimMedia software to run it Freebase Wikipedia Extraction (WEX) – processed dump of Wikipedia, with machine-readable XML and tabular extracts of relational features Building a (fast) Wikipedia offline reader Screencast: "How to install Wikipedia on your iPod Touch or iPhone!", YouTube, February 8, 2008

E[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#EditCon  Edit conflicts: Help:Edit conflict – when two editors simultaneously edit the same page or section Using an edit lock to prevent edit conflict: Wikipedia:Edit lock (guideline) – asking other editors to let you do major edits undisturbed Template:In use/doc Bug# 1510 – provide "edit warning" for pages when someone else has just started editing (software change proposal) Bug# 4745 – section edit conflict expands edit box to entire article – proposal to change MediaWiki software behavior when edit conflict involves only a section of a page  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#EditSumm  Edit summary: Help:Edit summary Wikipedia:Edit summary legend – commonly used abbreviations Wikipedia:Edit summary legend/Quick reference Wikipedia:Automatic edit summaries Help:Dummy edit - to post a "follow-up" edit summary when the first is missing, incomplete, or incorrect Special:Preferences#prefsection-5 – has option for a prompt (message) when "save" is clicked but edit summary is blank Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Force edit summary alternative – flashes a summary box rather than displaying a message that no edit summary was entered Bug# 10105 – Allow editing of edit summaries after the fact Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Automatically prompt for missing edit summary Edit wars: see Content disputes Editing: see Edits (in general)  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#EditSoft   WP:EIW#Interface  Editing interface (see also Browsers, Preview, Usability, User interface) mw:Markup spec/ANTLR – general specifications for existing markup syntax WikiEditor: mw:Extension:WikiEditor Tweaking the standard Wikipedia text editing window: see Edits (in general) Enhancements: CodeEditor - adds syntax highlighting, easier insertion of tab characters, etc. mw:Extension:CodeEditor meta:CodeEditor Wikipedia:RefToolbar/2.0 mw:Manual:Custom edit buttons mw:Extension:WikiEditor/Toolbar customization VisualEditor: (sometimes "Visual Editor") foundation:2011-2012 Annual Plan Questions and Answers#What are the 2011-12 plan targets? - Initial goal of opt-in production-ready version by December 2011 Wikipedia:VisualEditor mw:VisualEditor Wikipedia:VisualEditor/Feedback User:John Vandenberg/switch editor - can begin editing in VE, and then switch - mid-edit - to WikiEditor without losing any editing work Documentation: mw:Help:VisualEditor/User guide mw:Help:VisualEditor/FAQ mw:VisualEditor:TestingRefs Pages marked as not to be edited using VE: Category:Pages with content uneditable in VisualEditor Templates: Template:Disable VE top Template:Disable VE bottom Alternatives: User:Magnus Manske/less edit clutter.js – interface change, via javascript, that puts references in a separate edit box (screenshot, mailing list discusion) mw:Extension:Uniwiki Generic Edit Page - extension that replaces the default editing page of Mediawiki with a section-based editor (unimplemented) WYSIWYG:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#WYSIWYG  mw:WYSIWYG editor mw:Extension:InlineEditor/Proposal - WYSIWYG editing, but limited to sentences without complications [archived proposal] Other WYSIWYG alternatives: CKEditor (formerly "FCKeditor"): FCKeditor integration guide mw:Extension:FCKeditor (Official) Demo site of the MediaWiki+FCKeditor project Wikiwyg: Demo of Wikiwyg for Wikipedia mw:Extension:Wikiwyg Using an external editor: Wikipedia:Text editor support Wikipedia:External editors Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/External editor – adds a tab to easily invoke an external editor Wikipedia:MozEx tutorial – how to use the MozEx extension of Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox to select a page editor Wikipedia:Wikipedia-mode.el – Emacs Eclipse Wikipedia Editor at SourceForge.net Editor review: Wikipedia:Editor review – to request a review of one's editing Editors: see Wikipedia as a community  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Edits  Edits (in general) (see also Edit summary, Editing interface, Formatting of text, Help, History (of a page), New articles, New editors, Page revisions, Preview, Quality of articles, Sources) Wikipedia:Wikipedia in brief Wikipedia:Editing policy – official policy Wikipedia:Introduction 2 Wikipedia:Tutorial/Editing Help:Editing mw:Help:Editing pages Tags (brief messages that the software automatically places next to certain edit): Wikipedia:Tags Special:Tags Standard editing screen: Help:Edit toolbar MediaWiki talk:Edittools Modifying: Wikipedia:Tools/Editing tools Wikipedia:User scripts#Editing – user scripts that add search and replace, quick preview, and modifications to the edit toolbar mw:User:Remember the dot/Syntax highlighter - a script that makes syntax stand out colorfully in the edit box Custom edit buttons (information at Wikia, which uses the MediaWiki software that Wikipedia also uses) Help:Editing FAQ User:Uncle G/Wikipedia triage – a guide to "What to do" with problematical articles (nice categorization) Wikipedia:Basic copyediting Wikipedia:FAQ/Contributing Wikipedia:FAQ/Editing Wikipedia:Be bold Wikipedia:Annotated article – an annotated article that explains various editing decisions, using a sample article Wikipedia:Patent nonsense (guideline) – what to do with not-understandable content in an article m:Help:Dummy edit – generally for the purpose of posting an edit summary Category:Wikipedia editing Enhancements for edit mode: User:Zocky/Search Box – search and replace mw:Extension:Drafts – adds the ability to save a draft of the edit of a page, on the server, while editing; also automatically saves edits in progress every 120 seconds  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Elect  Elections (articles on): Wikipedia:Articles on elections Wikipedia:Candidates and elections (inactive) Elections within Wikipedia and Wikimedia: Wikipedia:WikiProject Democracy meta:Democracy  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Email  Email: Help:Email confirmation Wikipedia:Emailing users Embedded citations: see Sources  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Enc  Encyclopedia: Wikipedia:Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (WP:ENC) Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia (WP:NOT#PAPER) Wikipedia:External peer review – information on formal and informal reviews of the overall quality of Wikipedia articles, done by outside experts, not initiated within Wikipedia Wikipedia:Size comparisons Wikipedia:Wikipedia is a work in progress (WP:WIP) (essay) Wikipedia:There is a deadline (essay) - Why it's important to contribute now Wikipedia:Fancruft (essay) Criticism:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Critic  Criticism of Wikipedia Wikipedia:Replies to common objections Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia is not so great User:Ta bu shi da yu/Global Politician – "six sins" of Wikipedia – a rebuttal Wikipedia:Evaluating Wikipedia as an encyclopedia (essay) Wikipedia:Wikipedia is succeeding (essay) Alternatives to the English Wikipedia, within the Wikimedia Foundation: Simple English Wikipedia meta:Concise Wikipedia (proposal as of September 2013) Endnotes: see Sources  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Enforce  Enforcement: (see also Administrators, Arbitration, Functionaries, Protection of pages) General: Wikipedia:List of policies#Enforcing policies: what action authorized editors can take to enforce other policies Wikipedia:General sanctions Wikipedia:Requests for administrator attention – a directory of places to request administrator help Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard (WP:AN) Wikipedia:Confidential evidence (inactive proposal) Blocks: (see also Access (limiting)) Wikipedia:Blocking policy (WP:BLOCK) Help:I have been blocked Wikipedia:New admin/Blocking Wikipedia:Admins willing to make difficult blocks Category:Wikipedia blocking Category:User block templates Special:Log/block – log of blocks Wikipedia:Autoblock Wikipedia talk:Per-article blocking – 2005 proposal; generally supported by community, not considered critical by developers User:Emijrp/Blocking – statistics, December 2004 to September 2007 Blocking IP addresses: Wikipedia:Blocking IP addresses Wikipedia:IP block exemption (policy) mw:Help:Range blocks Template:School block Special:Ipblocklist – List of currently blocked IP addresses and usernames (searchable) m:Global blocking – new extension; implemented August 2008 Actions by blocked editors: Wikipedia:Appealing a block (policy) Wikipedia:Blocked users can edit their own talk page Template:Unblock Wikipedia:Unblock Ticket Request System Requesting unblocking via the Unblock-en-l mailing list Bans: Wikipedia:Banning policy Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Community sanction – forum to discuss community bans (began January 2007, ended October 2007) Wikipedia:List of banned users Other: Wikipedia:Editing restrictions Article probation: Category:Articles on probation Esperanza: Wikipedia:Esperanza – a group of Wikipedia editors "dedicated to strengthening Wikipedia's sense of community"; created in September 2005, disbanded in January 2007  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Essay  Essays: Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines#Non-official essays or proposals Wikipedia:The difference between policies, guidelines and essays (WP:PGE) Wikipedia:Wikipedia essays ("guidance essay") (WP:WES) Wikipedia:The value of essays (information page) Wikipedia:WikiProject Essays Finding essays (in Wikipedia: namespace) Wikipedia:About essay searching (includes list of more than 800 essays) Category:Wikipedia essays Category:Wikipedia essays by impact Template:Wikipedia essays Other essays about essays: Wikipedia:Essays are not policy Wikipedia:Essays in a nutshell Wikipedia:Don't cite essays or proposals as if they were policy User:Montchav/Don't worry about writing essays Category:User essays - Also see the "About essays" section of Template:Wikipedia essays  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Ethiopia  Ethiopia: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Ethiopia-related articles Help:Multilingual support (Ethiopic) Etiquette: see Behavior  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Expert  Experts: (see also Criticism (of Wikipedia)) Category:Articles needing expert attention Wikipedia:WikiProject Expert Request Sorting – changes the general "expert-needed" category in articles to more specific subcategories Essays: Wikipedia:Anti-elitism Wikipedia:Expert editors Wikipedia:Expert rebellion User:LinaMishima/Experts Problem Wikipedia:Expert retention Why Wikipedia Must Jettison Its Anti-Elitism by Larry Sanger  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Export  Exporting (a page): (see also Downloading all of Wikipedia, Collections (books)) Help:Export Special:Export mw:Manual:Parameters to Special:Export PDF: mw:Extension:PDF Writer WikiPDF Wikipedia:Books#Resources Mediawiki2pdf (shows sample Wikibooks url, but reportedly works for Wikipedia articles as well) March 2008 analysis of options for Wikipedia's servers – by Brion Vibber, Wikipedia's chief developer m:Alternative parsers – programs and projects to translate MediaWiki's text markup syntax into something else, such as HTML Wikipedia:Wiki Markup Language (WKML) (historical) Extensions: see MediaWiki External links: see Sources, URLs

F[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z FAQs – see Help pages, or specific topics in this index  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Feature  Featured content: (see also Valued content) Wikipedia:New featured content Portal:Featured content Category: Wikipedia featured content User:Rick Bot – bot that maintains various lists of featured content and featured content nominators Articles: (see also Good articles, Main Page) Wikipedia:Featured articles (WP:FA) Wikipedia:Featured article criteria Wikipedia:Featured article candidates Wikipedia:Featured article review Wikipedia:Today's featured article – history of what have been Main Page articles Wikipedia:Today's featured article/requests - requests that a particular featured article appear on the Main Page Wikipedia:Featured article statistics Process (roles): Dispatches: History of the featured article process (Signpost article, July 2008) Wikipedia:Featured articles/2012 RfC on FA leadership Wikipedia:Compare Criteria Good v. Featured User:Feature Historian – sortable table of articles that are or were FAs Advice on writing a FA: User:Yannismarou/Ten rules to make an article FA (related Signpost tutorial) User:Giano/A fool's guide to writing a featured article User:Dweller/Dweller, on Featured Article Candidates User:Tony1/How to improve your writing Wikipedia:Featured Article Help Desk (inactive) Increasing the number of FAs: Wikipedia:One featured article per quarter – an informal project Wikipedia:100,000 feature-quality articles (essay) Wikipedia:Article Collaboration and Improvement Drive Wikipedia:Stabilizing featured articles (inactive/historical) Featured articles in other language versions of Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Featured articles in other languages Topics: Wikipedia:Featured topics – a collection of inter-related articles that are of a good quality Dispatches: Featured topics – Signpost article, September 2008 Other: Random Featured article (at the toolserver) Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by featured article nominations Protection: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Protect featured articles Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Protecting Today's Featured Article on the main page Featured content other than articles: Lists: Wikipedia:Featured lists Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by featured list nominations Pictures: Wikipedia:Featured pictures Dispatches: Reviewing featured picture candidates (Signpost article, January 2009) Portals: Portal:Featured portals Sounds: Dispatches: "Featured sounds" (Signpost article, May 2008) Dispatches: "Hundredth Featured sound approaches" (Signpost article, February 2009)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Fiction  Fiction: (see also Films) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Writing about fiction Wikipedia:Notability (fiction) (guideline) Wikipedia:Television episodes (guideline) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Anime- and manga-related articles Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games Files: see Media  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Film  Films: Wikipedia:Notability (films) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (films) Wikipedia:WikiProject Film Wikipedia:WikiProject Film/Style guidelines/Copy-editing essentials Plot summaries: Wikipedia:How to write a plot summary (essay) Wikipedia:Plot-only description of fictional works (essay) Category:Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Film Wikipedia:IMDb (Internet Movie Database) – templates The Movie Dude – user script that cross-links various movie related sites with Wikipedia Portal:Film Five pillars: Wikipedia:Five pillars Help:Five pillars  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Flag  Flags: (as content, not database fields) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Icons Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template Fonts: (see also Languages) Planned update: mw:Wikimedia Foundation Design/Typography mw:Typography Update Wikipedia:Typography (essay) Footnotes: see Sources Foreign language, words in: (or "words in other languages") For words that should be changed to English, see Translation For words that should remain in another language: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Text formatting#Foreign terms Category:Multilingual support templates Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Other languages Template:Lang Form (as input): mw:Extension:InputBox (a MediaWiki extension to add predefined HTML forms to wiki pages)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Format  Formatting of text: (see also Exporting (a page)) How to (wikitext): Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Text formatting – bold, italics, underlines, etc. Help:Editing#Wiki markup Help:Wiki markup m:Help:Reference card – one page summary of important MediaWiki editing commands, intended to be printed out Help:HTML in wikitext Wikipedia:Tutorial/Formatting Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Text Quick reference guides: Help:Cheatsheet Short, printable "cheatsheet" on Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Computing#Command-line examples – for articles on computer science, how to format words that an editor would type Colors:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Color  Help:Using colours (Manual of Style) User:Trödel/Color chart (8-bit) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Color Wikipedia:WikiProject Color Line breaks and word wrapping: Wikipedia:Don't use line breaks (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Line-break handling (How-to guide) Help:Newlines and spaces Template:Nowrap Discussion of MediaWiki's syntax: Wikitext-l mailing list Wikitext-l Archives Other: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Titles – scientific names, titles of books, etc. Wikipedia:Naming conventions (books)#Subtitles mw:Manual:Extending wiki markup Formulas: see Graphics Forum shopping: see Wikipedia:Spam#Forum shopping Foundation: see Wikimedia Foundation Frequently asked questions (FAQ): in general, see Help (general); also see specific topics  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Fun  Fun: Wikipedia:Department of Fun Wikipedia:List of shortcuts/Project shortcuts#Department of fun Wikipedia:April Fool's Main Page Games: Category:Wikipedia games Wikigames at Wikia Wikipedia:Wikipedia holidays  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Function  Functionaries: (see also Enforcement) User:NoSeptember/Functionaries Category:Wikipedia functionaries Wikipedia:User access levels Special:Listusers – page where one can specify a type of functionary to get a list all editors in that group Wikipedia:Global rights policy mw:Legal and Community Advocacy/Legal Fees Assistance Program Types: Administrators: q.v. Bureaucrats: q.v. Checkusers: q.v. Clerks: Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/Clerks For usurpations: March 1, 2007 description Oversight: q.v. Stewards – the top-level administrative folks (note: stewards are selected via Meta rather than individual projects such as the English Wikipedia) m:Stewards m:Steward handbook Wikipedia:Review Board (inactive/historical) – proposal for a panel of editors for independent review and monitoring of checkuser and oversight access and use, and to oversee the actions of the Arbitration Committee

G[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Gadget  Gadgets: (new tab, as of December 2007, on the "Preferences" page) (see also User scripts) mw:Extension:Gadgets- a way for editors to pick JavaScript or CSS based "gadgets" that other Wikipedia editors have created, via "Preferences" (implemented December 2007) mw:Gadgets-definition Special:Gadgets – shows underlying scripts and CSS code used for each gadget Wikipedia:Gadget (WP:GADGET) – lists the available gadgets on Wikipedia mw:Gadget kitchen  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Gallery  Galleries (see also Images) Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a free web host Wikipedia:Image use policy#Image galleries Wikipedia:Picture tutorial#Galleries Help:Gallery tag mw:Help:Images#Rendering a gallery of images Template:Gallery Wikipedia:Gallery pages (failed proposal) Games: see Fun (for games within Wikipedia), Video games General disclaimer: Wikipedia:General disclaimer  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Geo  Geocoding (graphic coordinates and mapping): (see also Maps) Wikipedia:Obtaining geographic coordinates Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates Wikipedia:Database reports/Articles containing overlapping coordinates mw:Extension:GeoData (blog posting) Template:Coord commons:Commons:Geocoding GeoLocator - "Interactive tool ... to ease georeferencing and geotagging" Geo microformat Wikipedia-World – international co-ordination page for the multilingual usage and analysis of the geographical data collected in various projects GeoPedia – provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location mw:Beta Features/Nearby Pages - Adds a button to the top right corner of pages that contain geographical information, to get the reader to "nearby" pages Showing existing Wikipedia articles on a map: Wikimapia Google: Google Maps has an option, under "More", to place markers showing Wikipedia articles About the Google Earth Geographic Web Layer  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Gloss  Gifs: Wikipedia:Image use policy#Animated images Bug# 16451 – GIF scaling limit should be applied to animated GIFs only  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#GLAM  GLAM: (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Outreach:GLAM Outreach:GLAM/Newsletter Wikipedia:GLAM Commons:Commons:GLAMToolset project - a set of tools to make easier the batch uploads of GLAM material Glossaries: For terms used by Wikipedia editors, see Terms and terminology For glossaries that are articles (content), see Portal:Contents/List of glossaries Wikipedia:WikiProject Glossaries  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Good  Good articles: (see also Featured articles) Wikipedia:Good articles – the list Wikipedia:Good article criteria Wikipedia:Good article nominations Wikipedia:Good article reassessment Wikipedia:Good article statistics Wikipedia:WikiProject Good articles Wikipedia:Good Article Collaboration of the week Random Good article (at the toolserver) Good faith: see Personal attacks  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Google  Google: Google Earth: see Maps Google test: see Search engine test Wikipedia:Google Web Accelerator – the accelerator should be disabled for the wikipedia.org domain m:Mirror filter – Firefox extension which removes sites which mirror Wikimedia content from Google search results The page where Google gets its description of Wikipedia – at dmoz.org {{Google templates}} - a list of templates that generate links to various Google services (e.g. search, custom search, image search, language translation) Wikipedia:Purging Google search results (WP:GOOGLEPURGE) - how to remove vandalism, etc., from cached copies of Wikipedia articles in Google search results  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Gothic  Gothic: Wikipedia:Gothic Keyboarding Help:Fonts#Gothic Unicode Fonts  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Graphic  Graphics (see also Images) Wikipedia:Graphics tutorials Help:Displaying a formula – markup Wikipedia:ASCII art conversion tool Charts: Commons:Commons:Create charts and graphs online Wikipedia:How to create charts for Wikipedia articles Wikipedia:Graphs and charts Category:Bar chart templates Category:Chart formatting templates Create a Graph (U.S. government website) Wikipedia:Graphics Lab (formerly "Graphic Lab") Diagrams: Greenspun Illustration Project: Grant proposal (pdf) m:Philip Greenspun illustration project August 2008 announcement that Round 1 of the PGIP is open Reflections on PGIP phase 1 (June 2009) Wikipedia:How to draw a diagram with Dia Wikipedia:How to draw a diagram with Inkscape Wikipedia:Historical archive/How to draw a diagram with Microsoft Word Other: mw:Extension:GraphViz Greek: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Greek) (guideline) Guestbooks: see User pages Guidelines: see Policies and guidelines

H[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Hardware: see Technical (hardware and software) Harassment (aka "Harassment"): see Personal attacks Harmony: Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club hCalendar microformat Wikipedia:WikiProject Microformats hCard microformat Wikipedia:WikiProject Microformats Headings (headers): see Article message boxes, Layout and sections Hebrew: Help:Hebrew Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Hebrew) (guideline) Category:Wikipedia Hebrew templates  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Help  Help (directly requesting): (see also Questions) Template:Help me - {{Help me}} Category:Wikipedians looking for help Template:Admin help Category:Wikipedians looking for help from administrators Wikipedia:Help desk (WP:HD) Wikipedia:Highly Active Users (WP:HAU) – request editing help from users who are currently online  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#HelpPage  Help pages: (for pages that are help-oriented for a specific topic, see that topic); see also Assistance (disputes), Learning, Questions Help:Contents – top-level help page in the English Wikipedia mw:Help:Contents – top-level help page at mediawiki.org (intended for use by anyone installing the MediaWiki software) Help:Contents/Directory - help directory Wikipedia:Help desk patrol Wikipedia:Help Project Template:Help navigation Category:Wikipedia help projects Frequently asked questions: Wikipedia:FAQ – includes 13 "general" FAQs Nubio – "a repository of Frequently Asked Questions about Wikipedia" (at the toolserver) Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/FAQ Pages categorized as help-related: Category:Wikipedia help Category:Wikipedia basic information Category:Wikipedia editor help Category:Wikipedia FAQs Category:Wikipedia how-to Category:Wikipedia help forums Category:Wikipedia help templates‎ Other: Helpwiki – planned merger back into Wikipedia (February 2008) Hieroglyphs: Help:WikiHiero syntax  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#History  History (of a page): (see also Page revisions) Wikipedia:How to read an article history Help:Page history Wikipedia:Copyright violations on history pages Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/HistoryCount – user script that specifies the number of history entries on the history tab (without the script, 50 entries are shown when the tab is opened) Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Six tabs – adds a history tab (and an edit tab) for the page that is paired with the page that is visible Diffs: Help:Diff How-to guides: Wikipedia:Simplest diff guide Wikipedia:Simple diff and link guide Wikipedia:Complete diff and link guide Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Compare link – makes the "compare selected versions" button into a link (diffs can be in new windows, tabs, etc.) Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Changes since I last edited – adds a tab that does a diff between the editor's last edit and the current version of a page Enhancing the differences in diffs: MediaWiki talk:Monobook.css/Archive 4#Better rendering for .diffchange in diff's... User:Cacycle/wikEdDiff – user script – additions and deletions are highlighted by color in one continuous text User:Js/diffs – another, different user script Exporting: Special:Export Deletions (hiding) of prior versions: Wikipedia:Selective deletion – deletion by an admin; still visible to other admins Oversight – hidden from admins as well Tools:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#HistTools  For content: User:Stevage/EnhanceHistory.user.js – Collapses consecutive edits from the same person into one, integrates (shows) diffs on the history page Who did what: WikiBlame – searches for given text in versions of article tools:~tparis/blame/ - Similar User:AmiDaniel/WhodunitQuery – Windows application that identifies the edit and user who added a specific word or phrase Tools that use the database (not real time): m:User:Jah/histfilter – Filters out reverted vandal edits, versions that don't affect a specific section, etc. "wikipedia blame": October 2008 blog posting and 1450 articles processed using the code For counts and major contributors: WikiDashboard – when going to a new page, puts a count of top editors, and a histogram of edit activity, at the top of the page (Quick Guide) Revision counter[dead link] – counts revisions (edits) (at the toolserver) WikiSense - Contributors – lists edits, similar to page history, but can be sorted by contributor; easy to exclude different groups (at the toolserver) Wikipedia Page History Statistics – builds an edit history overview page WikiChecker Article Contribution Counter (beta) – tool that identifies major contributors to an article (at the toolserver) (a similar feature request is at Bug# 7988) Articleinfo - Article revision statistics Other: User:AmiDaniel/SHM – Simple History Merge – Windows application (requires administrator privileges) History Flow Visualization Application Wikipedia Animate – user script; shows the evolution of a page, like a webcast MediaWiki:Histlegend – text that appears at the top of a history page  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Hoax  Hoaxes: Wikipedia:Do not create hoaxes (guideline) Category:Suspected hoax articles Wikipedia:List of hoaxes on Wikipedia – hoaxes that have been discovered and removed House of Representatives (edits by staffers): see Congressional staffer edits How-to: Category:Wikipedia how-to (see also Help pages) HTML: Help:HTML in wikitext Wikipedia:Tools#Importing - (converting) content from other formats to Wikipedia (MediaWiki) format – includes tools for converting HTML to the Wikipedia (wikitext) format Help:Markup validation Humor: Category:Wikipedia humor "Humorous essays" are listed at Template:Wikipedia essays

I[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Image  Images: (see also Censorship, Commons, Copyrights, Galleries, Graphics, Navigation) General information: Help:File page Help:Files Wikipedia:Contact us - Licensing – using, donating, or reporting copyright problems with images Wikipedia:Image use policy Wikipedia:Media Wikipedia:No 3D illustrations (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Picture tutorial Wikipedia:Ten things you may not know about images on Wikipedia Wikipedia:WikiProject Images and Media Category:Wikipedia image help User:Smurrayinchester/Tutorial/Images Needed pictures: Wikipedia:Image placeholders – inserting a request for an image into an article Wikipedia:Requested pictures Wikipedia:Photo Matching Service Category:Wikipedia requested photographs Template:Image requested User:PhotoCatBot does some subcategorization  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#ImgResources  Resources (where to get images) (see also Commons) Wikipedia:Finding images tutorial Wikipedia:Public domain image resources Wikipedia:Free image resources Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Photographers Wikipedia:Photo Matching Service Free Image Search Tool (at the toolserver) Before uploading: Wikipedia:Preparing images for upload Wikipedia:How to improve image quality Wikipedia:How to reduce colors for saving a JPEG as PNG Wikipedia:Basic bitmap image editing Uploading: (see also Commons, which is the preferred place to upload images to) Wikipedia:File Upload Wizard Wikipedia:Uploading images MediaWiki:Uploadtext – warns about the need to specify the source of an upload, and copyright information Wikipedia:Upload/Replace this image/People – uploading an image you created or own (not restricted to people) Wikipedia:File names (naming convention) Wikipedia:File copyright tags Special:Upload Wikipedia:Files for upload - allows unregistered editors to add images to Wikipedia with the assistance of experienced editors Choosing a License – explanations of what the various Creative Commons options are Displaying on a page: Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Images Wikipedia:Extended image syntax – options for displaying an image (size, right/left, etc.) Template:Clear - Often used to stop text from flowing next to unrelated images mw:Multimedia/About Media Viewer - displays images in larger size and with less clutter; in beta as of November 2013 Cropping: Template:CSS image crop - previewing (but not actually cropping) Commons:User:Cropbot - creating a cropped image Template:Annotated image 1 and Annotated image 4 - cropping an image for display purposes (file at Commons is not affected) Accessibility issues: Wikipedia:Alternative text for images (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Images Captions: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Captions Template:Plain image with caption - adding a caption to an image without also adding a border to that image Wikipedia:WikiProject Writing Captions (inactive) Wikipedia:How to fix bunched-up edit links – if section edit links are being pushed down by floated images Help:File page Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Add in-article credit for images Featured and valued: Wikipedia:Featured pictures Wikipedia:Featured picture criteria Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates Wikipedia:Valued pictures Improving images: Wikipedia:Graphics Lab (to request assistance) commons:Commons:Media restoration "Dispatches: Vintage image restoration" (Signpost, March 2008) commons:User:Durova/Encyclopedic image restoration Problem images on Wikipedia: (other than Copyrights) Deletion: Wikipedia:Image use policy#Deleting images Wikipedia:Guide to image deletion Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid in image deletion discussions Wikipedia:Files for discussion Orphans: Category:Orphaned non-free use Wikipedia files Special:Unusedimages Young Orphans – tool to find newly uploaded orphaned images (at the toolserver) (not functioning as of mid-October 2007) Special:FileDuplicateSearch – search function for duplicate files in imagespace (duplicate images) (uses hash values) Wikipedia:File namespace noticeboard - requests for assistance involving the File namespace, for multiple files or other larger issues Automation: Bots: User:ImageTaggingBot – inspects newly uploaded images for ones lacking source information, a license tag, or a fair-use rationale if one is needed; tags as necessary User:STBotI – tags images for relatively speedy deletion User:BJBot – tags orphaned images as such; notifies originator of problem User:ImageRemovalBot – removes images links from articles after an image has been deleted User:OrphanBot – removes links to problematical images, from articles, so administrators can delete the images User:Erwin85Bot – removes Template:Di-orphaned fair use from pages that are not orphans User:ImageBacklogBot – removes fair use images from outside of article space, removes tags from non-orphaned images User:John Bot II – tags images that lack adequate copyright information User:FairuseBot – does tagging of problematic fairuse images Other: Annotations: Template:Annotated image and Template:Annotated image 4 - allows users to add annotated wikitext on any image used in wikipedia articles or project namespaces. commons:Commons:Image annotations (Commons guideline) commons:Help:Gadget-ImageAnnotator - allows users to place comments onto images shown on file description pages at Commons User:Howcheng/quickimgdelete.js – makes it easier to tag images and nominate images for deletion LicenseToKill at SourceForge.net – Windows application that helps with image deletion tasks, including easy deletion of multiple files within a category or from a list WikiProjects: Wikipedia:WikiProject Photography Wikipedia:WikiProject Images and Media Other: (see also Commons regarding moving images from Wikipedia to Commons) Wikipedia:Template messages/File namespace Special:Newimages ("Gallery of new files") – images that have just been added to Wikipedia Special:ListFiles – most recently uploaded files Help:Options to hide an image (how-to guide) – includes CSS modification to prevent display of images on specified pages Template:External media – If an image or other media is available online, but cannot be uploaded to Wikipedia or the Commons, this template provides a referenced direct link Special:Filepath – provides a URL to link directly to the current version of an image Bug# 7757 – allow cropping images when rendered – proposal to enable display of only part of an image TranslateSvg  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Import  Importing: (see also Tables) Wikipedia:How to import articles Microsoft Word documents: Help:WordToWiki m:Word Macros Porting PDF files to MediaWiki (from Appropedia.org) Wikipedia:Tools#Importing (converting) content from other formats to Wikipedia (MediaWiki) format – includes tools for converting Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, HTML, LaTeX, and BibTeX information to the Wikipedia format m:Help:Import – sysop-only import; disabled on the English Wikipedia project (related: user group "import") Inclusion: Wikipedia:Inclusion is not an indicator of notability (essay)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Index  Indexes: (see also Directories) Of any namespace in Wikipedia: Special:Allpages – select a starting point for browsing Of articles only: Portal:Contents/A–Z index – click on a one-or-two character starting point to browse articles (formerly called "Quick index") Portal:Contents/Categories Other: m:Help-style indexing – uses keywords (historical) Wikipedia:Index (disambiguation) Wikipedia:WikiProject Indexes  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Indian  Indian subcontinent: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Indic) (proposal as of August 2011) Help:Multilingual support (Indic) Wikipedia:Bangla script display help Wikipedia:Kannada support Portal:Bangladesh Portal:India Portal:Pakistan Portal:Sri Lanka Indymedia: Wikipedia:Guide for Indymedia authors  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Infobox  Infoboxes: (templates): Help:Infobox Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Infoboxes Help:Infobox picture Help:Designing infoboxes Wikipedia:Disinfoboxes - the case for *not* including an infobox in an article Category:Infobox templates Wikipedia:How to read a color infobox Wikipedia:WikiProject Infoboxes Wikipedia:Thinking outside the infobox (essay) Specialized: Wikipedia:Chemical infobox Taxonomy: Template:Taxobox/doc Wikipedia:How to read a taxobox Problems: Category:Biography articles without infoboxes Category:Wikipedia articles with an infobox request Category:Wikipedia infobox cleanup Other: Wikipedia:WikiProject Accessibility/Infoboxes User:Helpful Pixie Bot – puts birth dates and death dates into standard formats inside infoboxes Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2013-07-10/Dispatch - Signpost opinion piece that infoboxes often have excessive detail Inserting text from one page into another page – see Transclusion Instruction creep: see Policies and guidelines Instructional material: see Learning  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Interlanguage  Interlanguage links: (see also Interwiki links, Translations) Help:Interlanguage links User:Equazcion/SidebarTranslate - translates interlanguage links into English Wikidata: (sister project) Wikipedia:Wikidata meta:Wikidata d:Wikidata:Main Page d:Help:FAQ d:Wikidata:Introduction Help: d:Wikidata:Project chat #wikimedia-wikidata connect – IRC chat room Tools: d:Wikidata:Tools Autolist - query tool meta:Grants:IEG/Wikidata Toolkit - project to create a modular toolkit for loading, querying, and analysing Wikidata data will make it easy for developers to use Wikidata in their applications (funded late 2013) Category:Wikidata m:A newer look at the interlanguage link – essay about establishing a wiki as a hub for interwiki links Other: Wikipedia:WikiProject Interlanguage Links (defunct)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#IRC  Internet Relay Chat (IRC): Wikipedia:IRC Wikipedia:IRC/Tutorial m:IRC/Channels m:IRC Group Contacts – liaisons between Wikimedia and the staff of the freenode IRC network m:IRC guidelines/wikipedia Wikipedia:Scripts#IRC channel scripts m:IRC channel cloaks Wikipedia IRC help channel – a login page (at the toolserver) Wikipedia:List of administrators/IRC nicknames Wikipedia:IRC/Personal views regarding IRC – regarding use of the admin IRC channel Essays: User:Geogre/IRC considered (essay) Category:User essays on IRC  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Interwiki  Interwiki links: (see also Interlanguage links, Transwiki) Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects (Manual of Style) – templates for links Help:Interwiki linking Help:Interwikimedia links m:Interwiki map (links to non-WMF wikis) Wikipedia:Linking to other wikis (proposal, February 2008) Help:Custom namespaces – prefixes (like m:) that normally resolve into an interwiki Bots to fix problems: User:COBot User:JL-Bot IP lookup: see Vandalism  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Ireland  Ireland: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Ireland-related articles Help:IPA/Irish Portal:Ireland ISBN see Books Islam: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Islam-related articles

J[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Japan  Japan/Japanese: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Japan-related articles Help:Japanese Help:Japanese/Editing Portal:Japan Help:Multilingual support (East Asian)

K[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Keyboard shortcuts: Wikipedia:Keyboard shortcuts  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Keyword  Keywords: m:Help-style indexing Wikipedia:WikiProject Keywords Wikipedia:Link intersection  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Korea  Korea: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Korea-related articles Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Korean) Portal:Korea Help:Multilingual support (East Asian)

L[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Languages  Languages: see also Wikipedia:Naming conventions (languages), individual countries/languages, Translations mw:Universal Language Selector - MediaWiki extension that allows users to change (display) language settings and configurations, including fonts mw:Universal Language Selector/FAQ  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#LDS  Latter Day Saints (Mormons): Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Latter Day Saints Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Latter Day Saints)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#LaTex  LaTex: mw:Extension:WikiTeX (WikiTeX is a modular system for incorporating LaTeX objects with MediaWiki output) m:Wikitex usability review  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Layout  Layout and sections: (see also Table of contents) (for changing the layout of elements common to all Wikipedia pages, see Customization) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Layout Help:Section Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Article titles, headings, and sections Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility Wikipedia:How to fix bunched-up edit links Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Changes to standard appendices - Varying the names and sequence of sections at the end of articles Lead section (aka "Top section", "First section", "Lead paragraph") Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lead section Wikipedia:Writing better articles#Lead section Wikipedia:WikiProject Introductions Wikipedia:WikiProject Lead section cleanup Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts#Navigating to Edit page – several user scripts which make it possible to edit the lead section (section "0") without editing the entire article Summary style (when articles or sections get too long) – see Article size Wikipedia:Be bold#Graphical layout changes (guideline) – does not apply to articles, portals, or most other pages User:Anchor Link Bot – automatically adds a comment to section headers that are linked to from other articles  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Lead  Lead section: see Layout and sections  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Learning  Learning: (see also Help, New editors, Questions) Wikipedia:Learning the ropes Wikipedia:Plain and simple Help:Getting started Category:Wikipedia quick introductions Category:Wikipedia editor help Training Wikipedia:Training/For students Wikipedia:Training/For educators Wikipedia:Training/For Ambassadors Tutorials: Wikipedia:Tutorial mw:Extension:GuidedTour - provides a framework for creating "guided tours" (interactive tutorials) Wikipedia:Tutorial Drive Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Tutorial series (2008) Coaching: Wikipedia:Coaching Wikipedia:Adopt-a-user (WP:ADOPT) Wikipedia:Editor review (WP:ER) Wikipedia:Admin coaching (WP:ADCO) Classes: User:Foxj/Virtual classroom User:Brusselsshrek/Wiki School – dormant Other: Wikipedia:Instructional material Wikipedia:Lectures Wikipedia:The newcomer's manual (very incomplete) Books: Formally published: Wikipedia: The Missing Manual (January 2008) ISBN 978-0596515164 (online: WP:TMM) How Wikipedia Works (September 2008) ISBN 978-1593271763 (online pdf) MediaWiki Administrators' Tutorial Guide: Install, manage, and customize your MediaWiki installation (March 2007) ISBN 978-1904811596 Wikibooks: b:MediaWiki User Guide b:MediaWiki Administrator's Handbook m:Wikipedia Trainers – program started in June 2008 by the Wikimedia Foundation  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Legal  Legal: (see also Copyrights, Disclaimers, Privacy) Threats: Wikipedia:No legal threats (WP:NLT) (policy) – among other things, an editor who makes a legal threat is to refrain from further editing Wikipedia:Don't overlook legal threats (essay) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Legal Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Legal issues Wikipedia:List of policies#Legal and copyright: law-based rules about what material may be used in Wikipedia, and remedies for misuse Wikipedia:Contact us - Subjects – contacting Wikipedia when someone has a problem about an article about them, their company, or somebody they represent. Wikipedia:Office actions (WP:OFFICE) (policy) – sometimes Wikimedia Foundation representatives bypass normal procedures because of legal issues Wikipedia:Logos (guideline) Wikipedia:Image use policy Wikipedia:Libel (WP:LIBEL) (policy) meta:Wikilegal Links: see Sources (for external links), Wikilinks (for links between wiki articles)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Lists  Lists: Wikipedia:WikiProject Lists Wikipedia:Template messages/Lists Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Lists Wikipedia:WikiProject Lists of topics (inactive) Lists as part of an article: Help:List Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Embedded lists Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists of works Wikipedia:Pro and con lists (guideline) Wikipedia:Language order poll Lists that are the sole content of article: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Stand-alone lists Wikipedia:Naming conventions (long lists) (guideline) Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates (WP:CLN) (guideline) – comparing alternative approaches Featured lists: Wikipedia:Featured lists Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by featured list nominations User:Rick Bot – bot that maintains the list of nominators Wikipedia:Requested lists Wikipedia:Move navigational lists to portal namespace (failed proposal) Wikipedia:Lists in Wikipedia (essay) Special:Prefixindex/List of – reportedly about 50,000 articles (lists) Scrolling lists (not allowed in the body of articles): Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Scrolling lists and collapsible content Help:Scrolling list Template:Scroll box Problems: Wikipedia:WikiProject Lists#Incomplete lists Wikipedia:Listcruft (essay) Wikipedia:Victim lists (essay) Putting a list into columns (*not* using a table) Help:Columns Template:Columns-list Other: Template:Plainlist - Used to create a plain (unbulleted) list Wikipedia:WikiProject Laundromat – to reduce the number of "laundry lists" in articles Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes#Lists  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Lithuania  Lithuania: Wikipedia:Simplified phonetic transcription for Lithuanian Wikipedia:Translations of Lithuanian administrative divisions Portal:Lithuania Living people: see Biographies  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Login  Logging in: (see also User account and username) Help:Logging in Security: HTTPS: m:HTTPS Native HTTPS support enabled for all Wikimedia Foundation wikis - October 2011 The future of HTTPS on Wikimedia projects - August 2013 Wikipedia:User account security (essay) Wikipedia:Personal security practices (essay) Secure login m:Don't leave your fly open (essay) Template:User committed identity – preventive action to enable regaining control of a hijacked account (story) Using a non-Wikipedia account and password: In general: mw:Auth systems mw:Extension:Facebook - not actively maintained OAuth 1.0a: mw:Auth systems/OAuth - work in 2013 mw:Extension:OAuth - beta mw:Auth systems/OAuth/Design - “abandoned in favor of a different permissions model” OpenID: mw:Extension:OpenID mw:Extension:GoogleLogin (OpenID 2.0, which is no longer supported by Google) mw:Extension:Persona - Mozilla Persona (status of extension: "Experimental")  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Logo  Logos: Within articles: Wikipedia:Logos (guideline) Template:Non-free use rationale logo – a template to help editors write fair use rationales ("furs") for non-free logos Wikipedia's logo: Wikipedia:Wikipedia logos Wikipedia:FAQ/Miscellaneous#Can you tell me anything about the Wikipedia logo? m:Errors in the Wikipedia logo Lyrics: Wikipedia:Lyrics and poetry (guideline)

M[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Magic  Magic: Help:Magic Magic words: (parser functions, variables, and behavior switches) Help:Magic words mw:Help:Extension:ParserFunctions mw:Markup spec/BNF/Magic links Help:Expansion Qif: Wikipedia:Conditional tables Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Template:Qif (May 2006) Mailing lists: (see also News (about Wikipedia)) Wikimedia Mail Stats: Index – statistics on all Wikimedia Foundation mailing lists  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Main  Main page: (see also Protection of pages) Main Page Wikipedia:Editing the main page (only admins can edit) Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors Wikipedia:Main Page history Wikipedia:Main Page alternatives – customizing how the main page appears to you Category:Main Page alternatives Wikipedia:FAQ/Main Page Sections: Featured Article: Wikipedia:Today's featured article Dispatches: Main page day – Signpost article about when what editors should expect when/if their Featured Article is on the Main Page Daily-article-l mailing list subscription page – get an extract of the Main Page article via email Wikipedia:Featured articles that haven't been on the Main Page "Dispatches: Choosing Today's Featured Article", Signpost, August 2008 Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Protecting Today's Featured Article on the main page Wikipedia:Main page featured article stability (inactive/historical) News: Wikipedia:In the news (ITN) (section on the Main Page) Wikipedia:In the news/Candidates Wikipedia:In the news/Recurring items (guideline) Template:In the news "Dispatches: In the news" (Signpost article, January 2009) "Did you know" (DYK): Wikipedia:Did you know User talk:Dark jedi requiem/DYK tutorial RSS feed Category:Wikipedia Did you know Wikipedia:Recent additions – old postings to the section Category:Wikipedia Did you know contributors Other: Wikipedia:2008 main page redesign proposal Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Main Page features  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Maintain  Maintenance: (see also Article message boxes, Collaborations, Quality of articles, Spelling) General: Wikipedia:Maintenance Wikipedia:WikiProject Check Wikipedia Wikipedia:Cleanup Wikipedia:Cleanup resources (WP:CR) Wikipedia:WikiGnome Specific articles with problems: Category:Wikipedia maintenance Category:Wikipedia backlog Wikipedia:Pages needing attention – sorted by topic Category:Cleanup by month Wikipedia:Community portal/Opentask – pages that need wikification, cleanup, expansion (of stubs), verification, updates, etc. Template:Multiple issues – includes a listing of all types of templates that can be used to note issues with articles User:Topbanana/Reports – old reports; useful for ideas Projects: In general: Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Directory/Wikipedia (page showing active and inactive projects involving maintenance) Template:Active Wiki Fixup Projects Wikipedia:Patrols Cross-cutting maintenance projects not listed elsewhere in this index: Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce Wikipedia:WikiProject Guild of Copy Editors Wikipedia:WikiProject Wiki Syntax Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikify Wikipedia:Elements of Style improvement project Wikipedia:WikiProject Fix common mistakes Other: {{Cleanup}} – template (at top of article) for listing details of what needs to be cleaned up. (It's better to just fix problems, but if you lack the time or knowledge, use this template.) [Note that {{Wikify}} has been deprecated and should no longer be used.] Articles that may need updating: Wikipedia:Dusty articles – 100 articles with the longest elapsed time since the last edit Wikipedia:Database reports/Forgotten articles - up to 1000 articles that have not been edited in the past three years Special:AncientPages – automated report on "dormant pages"; currently disabled Wikipedia:WikiProject Abandoned Articles (semi-active) Wikipedia:Neglected articles (inactive/historical)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#MOS  Manual of Style: Wikipedia:Manual of Style Special:Prefixindex/MOS: – lists all redirects in the pseudo-namespace "MOS:" Wikipedia:WikiProject Manual of Style Wikipedia:Styletips - advice to editors on writing style and formatting, in bite-size chunks  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Map  Maps: (see also Geocoding) m:Maps m:Wikimaps Wikipedia:Blank maps – maps that can be colored and labeled in different languages Wikipedia:WikiProject Maps Wikipedia:WikiProject Maps/Source materials Wikipedia:Graphics Lab/Map workshop Commons:Commons:Project Mapmaking Wiki Standards Commons:Commons:Map resources mw:Extension:Maps Wikipedia:Producing maps with xplanet OpenStreetMap: Wikipedia:WikiProject OpenStreetMap "Collaboration with Wikipedia" at openstreetmap.org "Key:wikipedia" at openstreetmap.org [tools:~kolossos/openlayers/kml-on-ol.php?lat=51.52214&lon=-0.06012&zoom=10&lang=en Wikipedia on OpenStreetMap] (at the toolserver) Templates for maps: Category:Graphic templates (most individual pages in this category are map-related) Category:Dynamic map templates Category:Mapping templates Category:Geography and place templates Category:Wikipedia requested maps Template:Coord – produces a link to a list of map sources, based on the geographical coordinates and other parameters m:WikiMiniAtlas – JavaScript plugin to display a GoogleMaps-like draggable, zoomable, and clickable worldmap in geocoded Wikipedia articles meta:Grants:IEG/Wikimaps Atlas - project to automate the creation of SVG base maps in a well researched cartographic style using the latest and most accurate open geographic data (funded late 2013) Markup: see Formatting of text  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Math  Mathematics: (see also Numbers) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Mathematics Wikipedia:WikiProject Mathematics Help:Calculation – simple mathematical calculations Wikipedia:Make technical articles understandable (guideline) mw:Extension:ASCIIMath4Wiki – tag that outputs math expressions written in ASCIIMath as MathML mw:Extension:Blahtex - a LaTeX to MathML converter Blahtex – a free software tool/library that translates TeX markup into MathML markup Template:Frac (for fractions) Wikipedia:Evaluating how interesting an integer's mathematical property is (essay) Portal:Mathematics Displaying math formulas: Help:Displaying a formula Wikipedia:«math» mw:VisualEditor/Beta Features/Formulae Measurements: see Units of measurement Meatpuppetry (meat puppets): (see also Sock puppets) Sockpuppet (Internet)#Meatpuppetry (WP:MEAT) Wikipedia:Tag team (essay)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Media  Media: (images, audio, video) (see also Copyright, Images) Wikipedia:Media Wikipedia:Creation and usage of media files Wikipedia:Media help Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Animations, videos and audio Wikipedia:Media help (MIDI) Wikipedia:Media help (Ogg) Category:Media templates Moving (renaming) a file (special rights): Wikipedia:File mover Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/File mover In-page playing of music notes: Help:Score - allows mw:Extension:Score Category:Pages with score rendering errors Requests and resources: Wikipedia:Requested recordings Category:Wikipedia requested audio Category:Wikipedians who take recording requests Wikipedia:Free sound resources Wikipedia:WikiProject Images and Media/Sound Ogg search – search of the Commons for specific audio and video streams (at the toolserver) More technical: Help:Visual file markup mw:Extension:OggHandler mw:Extension:TimedMediaHandler Audio-specific: Help:Sound file markup Category:Audio templates Video-specific: Wikipedia:WikiProject Wiki Makes Video Wikipedia:Videos Wikipedia:Creation and usage of media files#Video commons:Commons:Video mw:Help:Converting video Wikipedia:WikiProject Screencast Wikipedia:Video and Interactive Tutorials Other: WMF Multimedia mailing list User:TheDJ/WikimediaPlayer Components for Mac users – downloads for playing Ogg Vorbis in iTunes or producing Ogg Theora with iMovie  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Mediation  Mediation: Wikipedia:Mediation (policy) Semi-formal:Wikipedia:Community enforceable mediation (inactive) Formal: Wikipedia:Requests for mediation Wikipedia:Mediation Committee  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#MediaWiki  MediaWiki: (see also specific topics pertaining to the software) MediaWiki – a web-based wiki software application used by all projects of the Wikimedia Foundation mw:Manual:FAQ mw:MediaWiki roadmap – features planned for future releases mw:Project:Support desk – place to ask questions (particularly for non-Wikipedia users of Mediawiki) Help:Testing mw:How to become a MediaWiki hacker Books: MediaWiki, October 2008 MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide (March 2007) Extensions: m:Extending wiki markup m:MediaWiki extensions mw:How to become a MediaWiki hacker/Extension Writing Tutorial mw:Extension Matrix mw:Category:Extensions mw:Manual:Extensions Special:Version – lists which extensions are installed Handbook: For readers For editors For moderators For administrators Mediawiki namespace within Wikipedia projects: Help:MediaWiki namespace Wikipedia:MediaWiki messages Searching for information on MediaWiki: Search MediaWiki.org with Google Search Meta-Wiki with Google Other: User:Pyrospirit/Design the interface for newcomers  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Medical  Medical: Wikipedia:Medical disclaimer Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Medicine-related articles (guideline) Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources (medicine) (WP:MEDRS) (guideline) Portal:Medicine Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library/Cochrane (access to medical sources, to improve articles) Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine Mentorship: (see also Wikipedia:Adopt-a-user) Wikipedia:Mentorship – either voluntary (informal) or involuntary (from dispute resolution) Wikipedia:Mentorship Committee – inactive/historical Merchandise: The Wikimedia Shop Wikipedia:Merchandise giveaways (WP:GIVEAWAY)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Merge  Merging: Wikipedia:Merging Help:Merging Wikipedia:Proposed mergers Wikipedia:Integrate (essay) Category:Articles to be merged Wikipedia:Template messages/Merging and splitting Wikipedia:Mergers for discussion (failed proposal)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Messages  Messages: (see also Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Messageboxes, Talk pages) Notifications: Wikipedia:Notifications - notifies an editor of new talk page messages, edit reverts, mentions (User:Whatever), links to a page that he/she created, thanks, and changes in user rights, page reviews Wikipedia:Notifications/FAQ mw:Help:Notifications Template:Reply to MassMessage: (for admins) meta:MassMessage mw:Help:Extension:MassMessage Thanks: Wikipedia:Notifications/Thanks Thanks log User:Equazcion/DynaThank - hides "thank" links on History pages Development: mw:Echo (Notifications)/Feature requirements mw:Echo (Notifications)/Testing Template:Talkback Wikipedia:Emailing users Wikipedia:Canvassing – votestacking, campaigning, friendly notice, and forum shopping Wikipedia:Template messages User:MelonBot – can post a standard message to the talk pages of a list of editors  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Messageboxes  Messageboxes: Via MediaWiki: Wikipedia:Editnotice (how-to guide) - an editnotice appears above the edit window, in edit mode. Anyone can create editnotices for their user and talk pages; elsewhere, only administrators and template editors can do this. Via templates: Wikipedia:Template messages (all messageboxes are templates; not all templates are messageboxes) For template messageboxes at the top of articles, see Article message boxes (amboxes) For template messageboxes at the top of article talk pages, see Talk pages  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Meta  Meta: Wikipedia:Meta m:Meta:Babel – general and policy discussion page Microformats Help:Microformats Wikipedia:WikiProject Microformats Category:Microformats Category:Templates generating microformats Category:Articles with microformats User:Hans Adler/Microformats - list of discussions, 2007-2010, about microformats Minor edit: Help:Minor edit  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Mirror  Mirrors: Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks – sites that use Wikipedia content Wikipedia:Standard license violation letter  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Missing  Miscellany for deletion: Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion – for deleting any page which is not covered by another deletion process (AfD, CfD, TfD, etc.) Missing articles: Wikipedia:Requested articles (WP:RA) Wikipedia:WikiProject Missing encyclopedic articles Wikipedia:Find-A-Grave famous people Wikipedia:WikiProject Abandoned Drafts Red links (also q.v.): Wikipedia:Most wanted articles (WP:MWA) Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than a year Wikipedia:Topics where Wikipedia is weak (inactive) Category:Redirects with possibilities Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Redirects – needed redirects for articles that have not been created yet User:Piotrus/Wikipedia interwiki and specialized knowledge test – estimates that Wikipedia should have about 400 million articles  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Mobile  Mobile access: "iPhone Gems: Wikipedia Apps" – review of 16 apps for the iPhone or iPod touch (November 2008) Real-time version of Wikipedia: Help:Mobile access mw:Mobile Beta - experimental staging area for new features that may eventually be added to the official mobile site "Accessing Wikipedia via mobile devices", Signpost article, January 2009 Semi-experimental mobile portal (as of February 2008) Wapedia m:Mobile subdomain Wikipanion – Free iPhone/iPod app; searches using a fast, native interface; includes autosuggest, landscape mode, and large, readable text. Downloaded version of Wikipedia: Pocket Wikipedia – 24,000 images and 14 million words (for PocketPC, Windows and Linux machines) Encyclopodia – complete download, for Apple iPod Wikipedia-iphone – complete download for iPhone or iPod Touch WikiPock Screencast: "How to install Wikipedia on your iPod Touch or iPhone!", February 8, 2008 Other: GeoPedia – provides iPhone owners with a Wikipedia feed customized to their current location "Kiwi" client – for iPhone and iPod Moderator: see Administrator  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Money  Money: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Currencies Wikipedia:WikiProject Numismatics/Style (Manual of Style) Mongolian: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Mongolian)  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Monitor   WP:EIW#Watch  Monitoring changes: (see also Recent changes) Watchlist Help:Watching pages – about watchlists Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Watchlist changes (multiple watchlists, interwiki watchlists, public watchlists, watchlisting individual sections of a page) Wikipedia:User_scripts#Watchlist User:Ais523/watchlistei.js – exporting and importing a watchlist Wikipedia:Copying watchlist to new username MediaWiki:Watcheditlist/Check all – to clear most or all of a checklist Special:EditWatchlist/raw - Edit, import, and/or export your watchlist, in "raw" text format MediaWiki:Watchlist-messages and MediaWiki talk:Watchlist-messages – a notice displayed at the top of the Special:Watchlist page for all editors who view that page Real-time feeds: User:Lupin/Monitor my watchlist – realtime feed of pages on a watch – requires User:Lupin/Anti-vandal tool (a user script) User:Crazycomputers/WatchlistBot – editors using an XMPP service (such as Google talk), can have a separate watchlist that is updated in real time via IM, by subscribing to the service of this bot API (must be logged in or have "remember me" checked as login option) User:Jyotirmoyb/Watchlistfeed User:Ryos/Watchlist RSS feeder User:Adodge/WLWP (tested: NetNewsWire, Mac only) Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts#Watchlist / Recent Changes Customizing a watchlist (other than by using "Preferences"): Wikipedia:Added or removed characters – changing whether the watchlist shows or does not show the number of characters added or deleted by each edit User:Stevage/filterwatchlist.user.js – Removes various namespaces from watchlist display User talk:Alex Smotrov/wlunwatch.js – adds an "unwatch" link to each entry on a watchlist (uses AJAX) user:js/watchlist – multiple changes, including sorting by namespace and showing only edits since that last time the watchlist report was generated User:Quarl/watchlist.js – adds buttons to watchlist: "unwatch", "diff since" Alternatives to the standard watchlist (other than real-time feeds): User:Ais523/topcontrib.js – Color-codes your contributions page based on whether you have the top (most recent) contribution or not for each page edited Special:Recentchangeslinked/User:SpecifiedUsername/OptionalSpecifiedSubpage lists changes to all Wikipedia pages on the User:SpecifiedUsername/OptionalSpecifiedSubpage page, for example User:Tra#User watchlist – a watchlist report of edits made by the editors listed on a regular watchlist For multiple Wikipedias: gWatch (Global Watchlist) – Watchlist for all Wikimedia wikis (at the toolserver) MetaWatchlist by Magnus Manske RSS (page-by-page specification): Wikipedia:Syndication m:Syndication feeds User:Blinklmc (historical: predates implementation of integrated RSS for Wikipedia) Other: User:Anomie/linkclassifier.js – User script that changes the color of the wikilink to an article when that article is a redirect or disambiguation page or has been proposed for deletion at AfD User:Ais523/catwatch.js – for monitoring changes to the pages that in a specified category Wikipedia:Hide Pages in Watchlist – User script that allows an editor to hide selected talk pages from watchlist reports Special:Unwatchedpages – pages not on anyone's watchlist [this special page is viewable only by admins] Motto: Wikipedia:Motto of the day "WikiProject Report: Motto of the Day" (Signpost article, January 2009) Movies: see Films  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Moving  Moving a page: (see also Disambiguation, Naming an article, Redirects) Help:Page name Wikipedia:Moving a page (WP:MOVE) Wikipedia:Requested moves – page for moves that require administrator assistance Wikipedia:Requested moves/Closing instructions Wikipedia:How to fix cut-and-paste moves Wikipedia:Requests for history merge MediaWiki:Movenotallowed MediaWiki:Movepage-moved – page that an editor sees after a successful move  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Music  Music: (see also Media) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Music Wikipedia:Notability (music) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (music) (guideline) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Music samples Record charts (music charts): Wikipedia:Record charts (guideline) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Record charts Wikipedia:Lyrics and poetry Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes#Music Presentation (display) Help:Musical symbols m:Music markup Wikipedia:WikiProject Music Wikipedia:WikiProject Music/Free music taskforce mw:Extension:AbcMusic – for typesetting music using the ABC notation Portal:Music Wikifm – a mashup of Last.fm and Wikipedia

N[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Name (of a user): see User account and username  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Namespace  Namespaces: Wikipedia:Namespace Query results – existing namespaces – also indicates which are allowed to have subpages m:Help:Namespace manager – for a future version of MediaWiki Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Create shortcut namespace aliases for various namespaces Links from articles to generally inappropriate namespaces such as "User" and "User talk": Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Self-references to avoid#Writing about Wikipedia itself (WP:WAWI) Wikipedia:Database reports/Articles containing links to the user space Template:Srlink - externalizes [rare, acceptable] cross-namespace links from article space (to avoid these breaking, in mirror sites) mw:Extension:CrossNamespaceLinks - functionality disabled, January 2011, because page was not being updated (Bug# 16878) Prefix namespaces (for redirects): Help:Custom namespaces – prefixes (like :m) that (normally) resolve into an interwiki but can resolve into external source Special:Prefixindex/XXX – can be used to find pseudo-namespaces (shortcuts) in mainspace (substitute "CAT" or "MOS" or whatever for "XXX") Wikipedia:Shortcut#List of prefixes – (pseudo-namespaces) Wikipedia:Cross-namespace redirects (essay) Naming a page: see Naming an article, New pages  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Naming  Naming an article: (see also Disambiguation, Moving a page, New pages) Wikipedia:Article titles (WP:NC) (policy) In general: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (use English) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (capitalization) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (plurals) (guideline) Wikipedia:Articles with slashes in title Wikipedia:Naming conventions (technical restrictions) (guideline) Specific topics: (see also elsewhere in this index) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (geographic names) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (events) (guideline) Wikipedia:Naming conventions (fauna) (guideline) Wikipedia:WikiProject Tree of Life Other: Special:ProtectedTitles – page titles that are protected to prevent them from being created  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Naviga  Navigation: (see also Lists) (for changing navigation by changing the location of links on the standard Wikipedia page, see Customization, Quickbar [left sidebar]) Anchors: (between pages or within a page) Help:Link#Section linking (anchors) Template:Anchor Help:HTML in wikitext#Span – using "span id=" for hidden anchors Between pages: Help:Navigation Navigational templates: see Series boxes Wikipedia:Keyboard shortcuts Additional tabs ("cactions") at the top of the page: Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Six tabs – adds a history tab (and an edit tab) for the page that is paired with the page that is visible User:Haza-w/Drop-down menus – revises and expands the top tabs, setting up each with a menu with numerous options Clicking on an image:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Clickable  Template:Click (deprecated) Wikipedia:WikiProject Usability/Clickable images (inactive/historical) mw:Help:Linked images ImageMaps:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#ImageMap  mw:Extension:ImageMap – "imagemap" tags for linking via clickable images (new as of January 2007) Tutorial in the Signpost Image map editor (at the toolserver) User:Nihiltres/Click-to-ImageMap – easy conversion of the {{click}} template to an ImageMap (only for MacOS) Category:Wikipedia image maps The timeline syntax can also be used for clickable images, as in {{Vocal and instrumental pitch ranges}}; see Timelines for details Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation popups (user scripts) – enables mouseover of links; other features (also available as a gadget, under "Preferences") Other: User:Anakin101/toplinks.js – adds a "top" link next to every "edit" link, to make it easy to go to the top of a page User:AndyZ/monobook.js/personalredirect.js – put personalized abbreviations into the search box, to go to specific pages Nearby articles: Special:Nearby Needed articles: see Missing articles, Translations  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#NPOV  Neutral point of view (NPOV): General policy and guidance: Wikipedia:Neutral point of view (WP:NPOV) (policy) Wikipedia:Neutral point of view/FAQ (policy) Wikipedia:NPOV dispute – how-to guidance Wikipedia:NPOV tutorial Wikipedia:Describing points of view (essay) Wikipedia:Writing for the opponent (essay) Wikipedia:Avoid thread mode (essay) Wikipedia:Neutral point of view/Examples Balance and space: Wikipedia:NPOV tutorial#Space and balance Wikipedia:Neutral point of view#Undue weight Wikipedia:Coatrack – an article that is primarily an extended discussion about a peripherally related (bias) subject Wikipedia:Fringe theories/Noticeboard Wikipedia:Pro and con lists (guideline) Other: Template:Welcomenpov – for posting to a user talk page Wikipedia:WikiProject Neutrality Category:NPOV disputes – pages with an NPOV dispute tag Category:Neutrality templates Wikipedia:List of controversial issues Category:Wikipedia neutral point of view Wikipedia:Advocacy (essay) Wikipedia:Scientific point of view (failed proposal) New accounts: see New editors, User account and username  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#NewA  New articles: (see also Conflicts of interest, Deletion of articles, Edits (in general), Missing articles, Naming an article, New pages, Quality of articles, Notability) To consider before creating a new article: Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary (policy) Wikipedia:Notability (guideline) – if it's not about something notable, it shouldn't be an article in Wikipedia Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not for things made up one day Wikipedia:List of bad article ideas (guideline) Wikipedia:List of really, really, really stupid article ideas that you really, really, really should not create Wikipedia:Fringe theories (guideline) Wikipedia:Content policy in a nutshell (essay) Feedback on a planned new article: Wikipedia:Drawing board (inactive/historical) How to write a new article: (see also New pages) Wikipedia:Your first article Wikipedia:Starting an article Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/RfC 2013 - should there be specific rules for new (registered) users creating new articles? Wikipedia:There is no deadline (essay) Other essays: See "Essays on building, editing, and deleting content" at Template:Wikipedia essays Writing a good draft in your userspace (registered editors): Help:Userspace draft Template:Userspace draft - Stops Google (and other compliant search engines) from indexing the draft article Wikipedia:So you made a userspace draft (essay) Wikipedia:WikiProject Abandoned Drafts New articles proposed by non-registered editors: Wikipedia:Article wizard – a series of qualifying questions leading to a page where the proposed new article can be posted Articles for creation (AfC) (review process): Wikipedia:Articles for creation – for both those proposing articles and those reviewing proposed articles Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation/RfC Reviewer permission - should a right (permission) be set up to limit those who can approve AfCs? Wikipedia:WikiProject Articles for creation User:Henrik/afc-helper (user script) – enables one-click declines for proposed new articles mw:Article Creation Workflow - Never-implemented revision of AfC process "Draft" namespace articles Announcement, December 2013 Wikipedia:Drafts mw:Draft namespace After a new article is created: User:AlexNewArtBot – adds new articles to new article pages of WikiProjects and Portals (as listed at Wikipedia:New articles by topic Checking for copyright violations: User:Wherebot User:COBot User:CorenSearchBot Other: New articles created by any specified editor (at the toolserver) MediaWiki talk:Newarticletext {{HD/new}} and {{creation}}. New contributors: see New editors  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#NewE  New editors: (see also Edits (in general), Learning, Questions, User account and username, User rights) Welcoming: Wikipedia:Welcoming committee MediaWiki:Welcomecreation – page for automatic welcome message for all new accounts (transitory; is not posted to user talk pages) Standard welcoming messages (templates): Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Standard user greeting Wikipedia:Welcoming committee/Welcome templates, includes Template:Welcome User talk:Nmajdan/welcome newuser.js – quick way to add a welcome template to a new user's talk page Template:WelcomeMenu – one of many templates, pretty good (except for the built-in category) User:SQLBot-Hello – adds a welcome section for new editors who have gotten accounts via Wikipedia:Request an account and have opted-in for such a welcome Impact of welcoming: User:TeaDrinker/Welcome study – six day study in May 2007 of the impact of welcoming 100 randomly selected new editors Other: Wikipedia:Twinkle – includes welcome templates and other (unrelated) functionality (also available as a gadget, under "Preferences") Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/Welcomebot (request denied December 2006) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Use a bot to welcome new users "Onboarding": mw:Onboarding new Wikipedians mw:Extension:GettingStarted Wikipedia:GettingStarted Special:GettingStarted The Teahouse - "A friendly place to help new editors become accustomed to Wikipedia culture, ask questions, and develop community relationships." Wikipedia:Teahouse Category:Wikipedia Teahouse Standard postings for mistakes by new editors: Category:Wikipedia standard response templates Suggested reading: Wikipedia:A Primer for newcomers Wikipedia:Avoiding common mistakes Wikipedia:Contributing to Wikipedia Wikipedia:Contribute what you know or are willing to learn more about (historical/inactive essay) Other: mw:MoodBar - experimental feature aimed at getting quick feedback on the editing experience of new editors Wikipedia:Starter toolset – page to copy and modify Wikipedia:Please do not bite the newcomers (WP:BITE) (guideline) Special:Log/newusers – new accounts edits by new editors Wikipedia:Guide for Everything2 noders User:Emijrp/New users – statistics on new accounts Source of first talk page postings for new editors, 2004-2011 User:Pyrospirit/Design the interface for newcomers User:AlMac/Wiki Start Map – visual organization of Wikipedia pages for editors (incomplete, outdated)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#New_page  New pages: (see also New articles) Special:Newpages - all namespaces Help:Page name Non-talk pages can only be created by registered editors – December 2005 Special:Newpages – Lists new pages just created; shows which pages have been marked as "patrolled" Restrictions on names of new pages: mw:Extension:Title Blacklist mw:MediaWiki:Titleblacklist Special:ProtectedTitles Patrolling new article pages: Pages automatically marked as patrolled: Wikipedia:Autopatrolled Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Autopatrolled (WP:RFP/A) Wikipedia:Database reports/Editors eligible for Autopatrol privilege Wikipedia:Page Curation (WP:CURATE) - new tools as 2012 Special:NewPagesFeed - article and user namespaces only Wikipedia:Page Curation/Help Wikipedia:Page Curation/Tutorial Signpost article, November 2007, about new process Special:Log/patrol – Patrol log (listing those who marked edits as "patrolled") Wikipedia:New pages patrol – organized effort to review all new pages Wikipedia:WikiProject New page User:JVbot – bot which marks new pages as "patrolled" if the editor who created the page is listed at User:JVbot/patrol whitelist User:Martinp23/NPWatcher (WP:NPW) Wikipedia tool which helps editors perform new page patrol more easily Wikipedia:WikiProject Marketing & Advertising New users: see New editors New Zealand: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (New Zealand) Portal:New Zealand  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#News  News (about Wikipedia): (for news not about Wikipedia, see Current events) Wikipedia:News Wikipedia:Dashboard (keeps track of various discussions on Wikipedia) Category:Wikipedia news Wikipedia:Community portal#CBB – Community bulletin board (particularly the "Notices" section) Wikipedia:Milestones Signpost (internal, weekly newspaper): Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/About Receiving: Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Subscribe – as a message on a user talk page Template:Signpost-subscription – in a box (transcluded) on a user page Via blog (including RSS option) Signpost app - via mobile phone; app includes push notifications (Android only) Via twitter Wikipedia:WikipediaWeekly – a weekly (or so) podcast Wikipedia:Not The Wikipedia Weekly (WikiProject) (inactive) Mailing lists: Wikipedia:Mailing lists m:List Summary Service – summarizes of what has been discussed on various mailing lists, with links Wikien-l mailng list – threaded version (also citable) Wikiien-l mailing list – forum format Foundation-l mailing list – threaded version (also citable) Blogs: m:Planet Wikimedia, hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, began March 2007 – blog aggregator (blog is here [1]) Open Wiki Blog Planet – another blog aggregator Newsgroup: gmane.org.wikimedia.foundation Other external sources: WikiChecker (media) Wikipedia:Wikipedia in the media Wikipedia:WikiProject For the Record – for responding to coverage of Wikipedia in the news media Wikipedia:Wikizine – a weekly (or so) independent electronic magazine Inactive/historical: wmf:Wikimedia Quarto – quarterly publication; last issue was for Q1 2005 Wikipedia:Goings-on (prior to the Signpost, this was the weekly newsletter of sorts) Wikipedia:Village pump (news) (inactive)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Not  Not: Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not (WP:NOT) (policy) – it's not a paper encyclopedia, a dictionary, a publisher of original thought, a soapbox, a mirror or a repository of links, images, or media, a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site, a directory, an indiscriminate collection of information, a crystal ball, censored, a battleground, an anarchy, a democracy, a bureaucracy Wikipedia:Victim lists (essay) Wikis and similar sites which do allow various types of content that Wikipedia does not: Wikipedia:Alternative outlets WikiIndex  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Notable  Notability: (see also specific subject areas) Wikipedia:Notability (guideline) – also lists types of articles for which more specific criteria has been created Wikipedia:Notability (events) Wikipedia:Fringe theories (guideline) Search results and notability Wikipedia:Search engine test (how-to guide) Wikipedia:Google searches and numbers - considerations regarding search results Wikipedia:The answer to life, the universe, and everything (information page) - Articles require significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject (WP:VRS) Wikipedia:WikiProject Notability Category:Wikipedia notability – guidelines and discussions Category:Articles with topics of unclear notability Essays: User:Uncle G/On notability Wikipedia:Inclusion is not an indicator of notability Wikipedia:Wikipuffery Wikipedia:Other stuff exists#Inherent notability Others: See "Essays on notability" at Template:Wikipedia essays Wikipedia:Notability (science) (failed proposal)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Notes  Notes (in articles): For footnotes in a "Notes" section, see Sources Content notes (a separate section with notes about contents of an article): Templates: {{Cref}} and {{Cnote}} Examples: Che Guevara, Pericles Note: {{ref}} and {{note}}, though deprecated, are being used in thousands of articles, presumably for content notes Noticeboards: Wikipedia:Noticeboards English wiki Noticeboard Archive Search Tool – searches various noticeboards, and all their archives NPOV: see Neutral point of view  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Number  Numbers: (see also Mathematics, Units of measurement) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers Wikipedia:Naming conventions (numbers and dates) Wikipedia:Notability (numbers) (guideline) m:Help:Modulo and round Wikipedia:WikiProject Numbers Template:Nowrap – to ensure that a number and its unit of measurement appear on the same line of text

O[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Obscenity: see Censorship "Office" actions – see Wikimedia Foundation Organizations: As subjects of articles: see Companies and organizations Within Wikipedia: (see Wikipedia as community) Original research: see Sources  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Outlines  Outlines: Articles: Portal:Contents/Outlines Category:Wikipedia outlines Category:WikiProject Outlines articles Wikipedia:WikiProject Outlines Output: see Exporting (a page) Overcategorization: Wikipedia:Overcategorization (guideline) – what types of categories are not good ones to create (see also Categories)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Oversight  Oversight: Wikipedia:Oversight (policy) Wikipedia:Requests for oversight Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/CheckUser and Oversight Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/CheckUser and Oversight appointments (discussion, January 2009) m:Oversight mw:Bitfields for rev deleted – removes specific revisions from public view ("public" includes admins) Example of how oversighted revisions now appear on history pages mw:Extension:Oversight – oversighted revisions are permanently hidden from all users (no longer in effect)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Own  Ownership: Wikipedia:Ownership of articles (WP:OWN) – about editors who don't like to have their words edited by others (For ownership of Wikipedia, see Wikimedia Foundation.)

P[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Panorama: Category:Panorama Templates: Template:Wide image Template:Panorama Page protection: see Protection of pages Page size: see Article size  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Page revision  Page revisions: (see also Counts) Wikirage – list of pages with high levels of edits (most edits per unique editor) – recently Special:MostRevisions – "Pages with the most revisions" (top 1000) – cumulative Wikipedia:Most frequently edited pages – 4 December 2007 to 2 January 2008 – top 5000 pages  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Page_v  Page views: (see also Counts) Most viewed (English Wikipedia): Wikipedia:Popular pages Most accessed pages per day (Wikistics) Wikipedia article traffic statistics – the 1000 pages with the most views (for April 2013) [last checked: November 2013] For any specific article or other page: Monthly chart for any specified page ("Wikipedia article traffic statistics") (for pages that are not articles, include the namespace as a prefix) ("Hendrik's tool") tools:~emw/wikistats/ - Wikipedia article traffic statistics (alpha, as of November 2013) Raw counts – beginning (24 hourly snapshots per day) December 10, 2007 (announcement) Different language Wikipedias: Comparison of page views for the various language Wikipedias (March 2008) Wikipedia Page Views – page views per language per month Paper: see Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia Parser function: see Magic words Password: see Logging in People (as subjects of articles, or discussed in articles): see Biographies  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Per  Per: Wikipedia:What does 'per' mean? – how to interpret "per WP:PAGE" and similar comments by other editors Permissions: see User rights Persian: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Persian (inactive proposal)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Person  Personal attacks: (see also: Content disputes, Disruptive editing) Core policies and guidelines Wikipedia:Assume good faith (WP:AGF) (guideline) Wikipedia:Civility (WP:CIVIL) (policy) Wikipedia:No personal attacks (WP:NPA) (policy) Wikipedia:Harassment (guideline) Wikipedia:No legal threats (policy) Wikipedia:Attack page (policy) Wikipedia:Linking to external harassment (guideline) Wikipedia:Attack sites (failed proposal) Avoiding problems: Wikipedia:Etiquette (WP:EQ) (guideline) – how to work with others on Wikipedia Essays: Wikipedia:Avoid personal remarks m:Don't be a dick Wikipedia:Don't call the kettle black Wikipedia:How to be civil Others: See "Essays on civility" at Template:Wikipedia essays Organized efforts to minimize: Wikipedia:Harmonious editing club Wikipedia:Concordia (inactive) Remedies (see also Arbitration, Mediation) Wikipedia:No personal attacks#Removal of text Wikipedia:Editor assistance Wikipedia:Wikiquette assistance Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User conduct – requires two or more editors to have posted warnings about another editor See also Wikipedia:RFC/How to present a case Wikipedia:Requests for remedies (failed proposal) Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Personal attacks (closed January 2007 Personal information: see Privacy Philippines: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Philippine-related articles Pictures: see Images  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Piped  Piped links (changing the visible text for a wikilink): Wikipedia:Piped link Help:Link#Piped link Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Disambiguation pages#Piping and redirects – generally, don't use piped links on disambiguation pages Help:Pipe trick – how to avoid some typing by shortening a page name that has a colon or parentheses in it Plagiarism: see Copyright (particularly "Problems") Poems: Wikipedia:Lyrics and poetry (guideline) mw:Extension:Poem – for formatting Point: Wikipedia:Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point (WP:POINT) Point of view (POV): see Neutral point of view (NPOV)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Poker  Poker: Wikipedia:WikiProject Poker  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Policy  Policies and guidelines (see also Process) Wikipedia:The difference between policies, guidelines and essays (WP:PGE) Existing: m:Community foundation issues – five core principles guiding all Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia Foundation policies Wikipedia:Trifecta – an unofficial summary of the rules – three guiding principles for editors, with their corollaries. Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines – overview Wikipedia:Key policies and guidelines Template:Wikipedia policies and guidelines Wikipedia:List of policies Wikipedia:List of guidelines Category:Wikipedia policies and guidelines Updates: Wikipedia:Update - A quarterly history of changes to policy pages. (As of 2012, limited to content policies; deletion and enforcement policy pages were also covered before 2012) User:Tony1/Monthly updates of styleguide and policy changes Wikipedia:Tutorial/Keep in mind Wikipedia Policies – information and statistics about the talk pages of all policies and guidelines Misuses: Wikipedia:Gaming the system (guideline) Wikipedia:Wikilawyering (essay) Wikipedia:Don't overuse shortcuts to policy and guidelines to win your argument (essay) Wikipedia:Don't cite essays or proposals as if they were policy (essay) Changing (in general): Wikipedia:Style of policy and guideline pages (inactive) m:Instruction creep Wikipedia:Avoid instruction creep (guideline) Wikipedia:How to contribute to Wikipedia guidance (essay) Wikipedia:Editing policy pages (failed proposal) Discussions on proposed or changed or questioned policies and guidelines: Wikipedia:Overlapping policies and guidelines Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Wikipedia policies and guidelines Wikipedia:Centralized discussion – a way/place to list current major discussions (via {{Cent}}) Category:Wikipedia proposals Wikipedia:Village pump (policy) Category:Wikipedia proposals – pages categorized as "Wikipedia proposals" Old discussions: Wikipedia:Centralized discussion/Archive – a list of centralized discussions that have been completed, and the conclusions that have been drawn from them Wikipedia:Perennial proposals – things that are frequently proposed on Wikipedia, and have been rejected by the community several times in the past Category:Wikipedia failed proposals Other: Wikipedia:WikiProject Policy and Guidelines (semi-active) Wikipedia:Process is important (essay) Wikipedia:Policy patrol Wikipedia:If you could re-write the rules (essay) Polls: see Consensus and voting  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Portal  Portals: Wikipedia:Portal (WP:P) Wikipedia:Portal guidelines (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Portal/Directory Portal:Contents/Portals – introductory page that organizes and lists all portals Wikipedia:Move navigational lists to portal namespace (failed proposal) Wikipedia:WikiProject Portals Category:Portals Wikipedia:Portal peer review Featured: Portal:Featured portals Wikipedia:Featured portal criteria Wikipedia:Featured portal candidates Bot assistance: User:AlexNewArtBot – bot to identify new articles related to a portal User:Wikinews Importer Bot – imports certain dynamically-generated Wikinews pages into Wikipedia portals Wikipedia:Community portal Portugal: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Portuguese-related articles Preferences: see Customization Prefixes: Wikipedia:Shortcut#List of prefixes – (pseudo-namespaces)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Preview  Preview: Help:Show preview Help:Editing shortcuts [Note: poor page name; it's about previews.] Bug# 2679 – show category links above the edit box rather than at the bottom of the screen, on preview Bug# 5984 – add <references /> text to the preview when editing a section, to showing footnotes automatically when previewing User scripts to speed previewing, adding references, etc. User:Pilaf~enwiki/InstaView – near-instantaneous preview (user script) User:Js/ajaxPreview – quick AJAX preview User:CBM/quickpreview.js – ditto User:Anomie/ajaxpreview.js – quick AJAX preview, also displays footnotes in the preview when editing a section User:FT2/scripts/previewrefs.js Printing: Help:Printable  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Privacy  Privacy: For subjects of articles: see Biographies For editors and readers: Wikipedia:Privacy policy m:Privacy policy m:Draft Privacy Policy June 2008 Wikipedia:How to not get outed on Wikipedia (essay) Wikipedia:Privacy (inactive/historical) Wikipedia:Respect privacy (inactive/historical) Secure access: Secure (SSL) access for reading and editing User:Anakin101/alwayssecurewikipedia.js – user script to keep the secure connection for all Wikipedia pages wmf: Access to nonpublic data policy m:Ombudsman commission – processes complaints about violations of the privacy policy Wikipedia:Harassment#Types of harassment Wikipedia:Protecting children's privacy (essay) Removal (from view) of selected versions of pages: Wikipedia:Selective deletion – by administrators Wikipedia:Oversight and Wikipedia:Requests for oversight – by editors given "oversight" authority Editors leaving Wikipedia (or changing usernames): m:Right to vanish Wikipedia:Courtesy vanishing (guideline) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Deletion of user accounts  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Process  Process: (see also Common sense, Policies and guidelines) Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not (policy) – Wikipedia is not a bureaucracy, and not an anarchy Wikipedia:Process is important (essay) Wikipedia:Practical process (essay) Wikipedia:Product, process, policy (essay) Closing discussions: Wikipedia:Closing discussions (information page) Wikipedia:Snowball clause – more than an essay, less than a policy Category:Wikipedia processes Profanity: see Censorship  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Promotional  Promotional content: (see also Conflict of interest, Spam) WP:NOT#Wikipedia is not a soapbox or means of promotion (policy) (WP:PROMOTION) Template:Advert - "This article appears to be written like an advertisement" Category:All articles with a promotional tone Wikipedia:Promotional Drafts - How to deal with userspace "drafts" of unacceptable articles Promotional files that might, in some circumstances, be usable: Category:Wikipedia promotional files Category:Promotional photos Template:Non-free promotional Projects: see Wikiprojects "Project" pages: (those that begin "Wikipedia:") Wikipedia:Project namespace Wikipedia:Historical archive - co-ordination point for pages that were previously in the Wikipedia: namespace, but have become obsolete and archived  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Pronounce  Pronunciation: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation Help:Pronunciation respelling key Help:IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) Help:IPA/Conventions for English Help:IPA/English Category:Requests for audio pronunciation  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Proposal  Proposals: (see also Policies and guidelines) Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals) – new ideas and proposals that are not policy related Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)/Persistent proposals – for proposals with consensus that haven't been implemented yet Category:Wikipedia proposals in experimental stage Wikipedia:Areas for Reform  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Protec  Protection of pages: Help:Protection Wikipedia:Protection policy (WP:PROT) Category:Page protection m:Protected pages considered harmful Requesting: Wikipedia:Requests for page protection – page to request that a page be protected (WP:RPP) Category:Wikipedia protected edit requests Wikipedia:High-risk templates (guideline) Administrator action to protect a page: Wikipedia:New admin/Protecting User:Steel359/Protection js – makes the page protection process easier for administrators MediaWiki:Semiprotectedpagewarning After protection is in place: m:The Wrong Version – why a version of an article that is protected is always the wrong version Template:Edit semi-protected - used by an IP or non-autoconfirmed editor, to request the assistance of another editor Requesting administrator editing of a protected page: use the {{editprotected}} template Pending changes protection: Wikipedia:Pending changes Wikipedia:Reviewing (guideline) Special:StablePages - pages under pending changes protection Special:PendingChanges - pages with pending edits Reviewing: Wikipedia:Reviewing Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Reviewer Special:AdvancedReviewLog - approvals and deprecations of proposed revisions Wikipedia:Flagged revisions - MediaWiki extension that underlies pending changes protection Category:Wikipedia flagged revisions Historical: Wikipedia:Flagged protection and patrolled revisions - the original trial proposal Wikipedia:PC2012 - overview of the 2012 implementation of pending changes Wikipedia:Pending changes caveats - why the use of pending changes was severely limited (essay) Wikipedia:Patrolled revisions - request for a passive reviewing system, part of the original proposal Wikipedia:Deferred revisions - request for a way for the edit filter to defer suspect edits for review Main page featured article: Wikipedia:Main Page featured article protection (guideline, historical) Wikipedia:For and Against TFA protection (essay) Analyses of vandalism: Wikipedia talk:Don't protect Main Page featured articles/December Main Page FA analysis - December 2006 (7 days) Wikipedia talk:Don't protect Main Page featured articles/December 2008 Main Page FA analysis - December 2008 (3 days) Wikipedia talk:Don't protect Main Page featured articles/December 2013 Main Page FA analysis - December 2013 (3 days) Bots that change protection notification templates on pages that are or are not protected: User:DumbBOT User:COBot User:Maelgwnbot User:Emijrp/Statistics#Most protected ever Other: Special:Protectedpages – list of protected pages Wikipedia:List of indefinitely protected pages Wikipedia:Rough guide to semi-protection (essay) Wikipedia:New admin/Protecting deleted pages Unimplemented: Wikipedia:Version to protect – proposed policy (inactive) mw:Extension:ProtectSection – blocks editing of part of a page by a regular editors mw:Extension:PageSecurity – allows specified pages to be edited only by editors who are part of (a) specified group(s)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Punctuate  Punctuation: Wikipedia:Manual of Style Wikipedia:WikiProject Punctuation Dumb quotes – user script that converts "fancy" punctuation to their 7-bit ASCII equivalent User:GregU/dashes.js – tool for fixing hyphens, dashes and minus signs

Q[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Quality  Quality of articles: (see also Featured articles, Good articles, Maintenance, Stable versions, Style (articles), Vital articles) Guidelines and guidance: Wikipedia:Article development Wikipedia:Simplified ruleset – includes three guidelines for getting to high-quality articles Wikipedia:Writing better articles (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:The perfect article User:AndyZ/Suggestions Central initiatives: Wikipedia Quality website m:Wikiquality Wikiquality-l: Subscription Archives Reviews and assistance for specific articles: Peer reviewer - automated tool (at the toolserver) (also runs Dablinks and Checklinks tools) Wikipedia:Requests for feedback – a place to get feedback for new articles or for a major edit to an existing article Peer reviews: Main peer review: Wikipedia:Peer review – exposes articles to closer scrutiny from a broader group of editors User:CloudNineBot – transcludes articles at the main peer review page onto WikiProject peer review pages User:AndyZ/peerreviewer – automated review Dispatches: Interview with Ruhrfisch, master of Peer review, Signpost article, September 2008 WikiProject peer reviews: Category:WikiProject peer reviews – pages within WikiProjects for peer reviews User:CloudNineBot – transcludes articles at the main peer review page onto WikiProject peer review pages User:PeerReviewBot – archives peer review pages Other peer review: Wikipedia:Scientific peer review Wikipedia:Academic peer review Assessments:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Assessment  By editors (from "stub" (worst) to "featured article" (best)): Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Assessment FAQ Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment (guideline) – an assessment scale in use to give "grades" to articles Category:WikiProject assessments – separate pages within WikiProjects that show assessments done and still needed for pages within that WikiProject User:VeblenBot – updates a table with counts of article ratings By readers (viewers) (ratings/reviews) m:Article validation feature (was supposed to begin in late 2005) Wikipedia:Article feedback Wikipedia:Article Feedback Tool Special:ArticleFeedbackv5 - central feedback page Wikipedia:Feedback walkthrough Wikipedia:Feedback guidelines Wikipedia:Article Feedback/Noticeboard mw:Article feedback/Version 5 m:R:Article Feedback - research mw:Extension:Review Based on quality of editors: WikiTrust: Announcement of Version 2, August 2008 Blog Main Page Other: m:Wikimedia Sverige/Lennart thoughts of Quality Wikipedia:Forum for Encyclopedic Standards Wikipedia:Quality control Wikipedia:100,000 feature-quality articles – essay, includes some specific steps Category:Wikipedia editorial validation Quality of editing, improving: see Learning  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Query  Queries (database) (see also Downloading all of Wikipedia, Statistics and reports, Technical (hardware and software)) Wikipedia:Database queries mw:API:Query m:Requests for queries – SQL queries against wiki projects, including Wikipedia API to query data directly from the MediaWiki servers User talk:TonyBot – bot that can do database queries upon request (requires registration) m:WikiXRay – a robust and extensible software tool for an in-depth quantitative analysis of the whole Wikipedia project (under development as of October 2007) Queries of database dumps (downloaded databases): Wikipedia:WikiProject Database analysis – collaboration of editors who use XML database dumps User:Bluemoose/DataBaseSearchTool – for searching a database dump Wikipedia:Computer help desk/ParseMediaWikiDump Wikipedia:Scripts#Database scripting – scripts that can be used with a downloaded database Wikidata queries: Wikipedia:Wikidata meta:Wikidata d:Wikidata:Main Page d:Wikidata:Introduction d:Help:FAQ Wikidata Query: (Wikimedia Labs) Description API documentation Other structured data that can be queried: DBpedia WikiXMLDB – Wikipedia content has been parsed into well-structured XML representation and loaded into a Sedna XML database, and an XQuery Web interface has been set up Online version of dbpedia.org – structured information extracted from Wikipedia Query Wikipedia – semantic database extracted from Wikipedia that can be queried  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Question  Questions: (see also Assistance, Help, Learning) Wikipedia:Questions Specific places to ask questions: Wikipedia:Help desk (WP:HD) Wikipedia:New contributors' help page (WP:NCHP) Wikipedia:Media copyright questions (WP:MCQ) Wikipedia:Village pump (technical) (WP:VPT) Wikipedia:Reference desk (WP:RD) – a librarian service; not for help with editing On a user talk page, via Template:Help me IRC: Wikipedia IRC help channel (at the toolserver) (irc://irc.freenode.net/wikipedia-en-help)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Quickbar  Quickbar: (the set of links on the left side of the page, often called the "left sidebar") mw:Sidebar – standard links for the top two boxes of the quickbar Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation shortcuts – add one or more personal sidebars, with links, on the left side of the screen User:Gadget850/Help:Customizing toolbars Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Sidebar update (closed, November 2013, no consensus on exact changes to be made) User:Equazcion/SidebarTranslate - translates inter-language links into English Floating the quickbar: m:Help:User style/floating quickbar Help:User style#Fix the sidebar's position while you scroll User:Keepcalm444/floatingnav Bug# 287 – floating quickbar support for the Monobook skin  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Quote  Quotations: Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Quotations (MOS:QUOTE) Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Quotation marks (MOS:QUOTEMARKS) Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Italics Wikipedia:Quotations (essay) (WP:QUOTE) Template:Quote

R[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Random  Random article: Reading: Any page within a specified namespace: Special:Random (in the standard navigation box on the left) (adding a suffix – /Category, /Help, /Image, /Portal, /Template, /User, or /Wikipedia) will take you to a random page in those namespaces) Wikipedia:Random Any article within a category: Special:RandomInCategory Random article in a category (at the toolserver) Random Featured article (at the toolserver) Random Good article (at the toolserver) User talk:GregU/randomlink.js – Adds a "Random link" option to the sidebar menu; can be used to go to a random page in a category or a list Portal:Middle-earth/Random-article – example of how to generate a random article from a specified set of articles Editing random pages: Wikipedia:Random page patrol Wikipedia:Random pages test Wiki ToDo – Randomly selects an article, provides a statistical analysis, and suggests ways to improve it (at the toolserver) Other: User:Misza13/Random – Random number generator (via a template)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Recent  Recent changes (recent edits): (see also Monitoring changes, Vandalism) Special:Recentchanges Help:Recent changes Wikipedia Recent Changes Map Help:Enhanced recent changes User:Lupin/Recent IP edits Related changes (recent changes to a limited subset of pages) Help:Related changes Recent changes to all articles in a category: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Recentchangeslinked&target=Category%3ACategory_name (must use underscores) Wikipedia:Scripts#Recent changes scripts Different ways to get recent changes Wikipedia:IRCMonitor – Windows application, primarily for vandal-fighting m:IRC/Channels#Recent changes Listen to [recent changes to] Wikipedia Description Website Recentism: see Bias Recognition: see Awards  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Red   WP:EIW#Red_links  Red links: (aka "redlinks") Wikipedia:Red link MediaWiki:Red-link-title – standard tool-tip message Wikipedia:WikiProject Red Link Recovery Wikipedia:Most wanted articles (WP:MWA) Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than a year Wikipedia:Write the article first (essay) – don't create red links, and then write the article.  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Redirect  Redirects: Wikipedia:Redirect Help:Redirect Wikipedia:Template messages/Redirect pages Wikipedia:Soft redirect (WP:SRD) (guideline) Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation popups/About fixing redirects (basically, don't fix single redirects) Categories Wikipedia:Categorizing redirects – most redirects should not have a article category on the redirect page (most should have a maintenance category) Category:Disambiguation and redirection templates Category:Redirects Help:Link#Using a redirect as an alternative Wikipedia:Cross-namespace redirects (essay) Wikipedia:WikiProject Redirect Tools: What redirects here – finds the redirects that point to a specified page (uses a version of Wikipedia that lags the current version slightly) (at the toolserver) User:Splarka/fetchredirects.js – adds a link (left side), similar to "What links here" User:Dschwen/HighlightRedirects – limited use; "fixing" redirects is generally not a good idea [Monobook skin] User:Anomie/linkclassifier.js – User script that changes the color of the wikilink to an article when that article is a redirect or disambiguation page or has been proposed for deletion at AfD Broken redirects (point to non-existent page) Special:BrokenRedirects – list Bots: User:SQLBot User:RedirectCleanupBot Double redirects: Wikipedia:Double redirects Special:DoubleRedirects – list produced every three days or so Automated correction by MediaWiki software (as of July 2008) Signpost note about software change Wikitech-l posting, "Double redirect fixer", July 2008 Bug# 4578 – "Page moves should not create double redirects" Bots that fix: User:COBot User:Muro Bot User:Stwalkerbot User:Yetanotherbot To be deleted or discussed: Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion#Redirects Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion – where decisions are made about what should be done with problematic redirects, including deletion Wikipedia:Redirects are costly Wikipedia:Redirects are cheap  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Redistribution  Redistribution: (see also Competitors, forks, and mirrors, Schools) Wikipedia:DVD Wikipedia:Wikipedia CD Selection Wikipedia:Version 0.5 Wikipedia:Snapshots Category:Wikipedia redistribution Refactoring: see Talk pages References: see Sources  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Region  Regional noticeboards: Wikipedia:Regional notice boards Category:Regional Wikipedian notice boards Registration: see User account and username Related changes: see Recent changes Reliable sources: see Sources Renaming (pages): see Moving a page Requests for comment: Wikipedia:Requests for comment Reports: see Statistics and reports Requested articles: see New articles  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Resource   WP:EIW-Resource  Resources (except image-specific or sound-specific resources, for which see Images, Media): (for how to do a citation, see Sources) Wikipedia:Article development#Research Wikipedia:Public domain resources Wikipedia:GNU Free Documentation License resources (freely usable resources) Wikipedia:Free or semi-free non-Public-Domain information resources Wikipedia:Current science and technology sources Wikipedia:News sources Wikimediareference discussion list Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library - free access to reliable sources About (2013 grant): m:Grants:IEG/The Wikipedia Library Newsletter: Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library/Newsletter/Recipients Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library/Databases Wikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange/Resource Request Wikipedia:Book sources Template:Library resources box (Forward to Libraries) Dispatches: Find reliable sources online, Signpost, July 2008 Dispatches: Sources in biology and medicine, Signpost, June 2008 Wikipedia Reference Search: Search page (Google) User:Nicolas1981/Wikipedia Reference Search – underlying list of sources (domains) Appropedia's Public Domain Search Wikipedia:List of bibliographies Category:Wikipedia sources Template:Article resources mw:AcademicAccess (abandoned 2011 project) Assistance from other editors: Wikipedia:WikiProject Resource Exchange Wikipedia group at LibraryThing.com – to provide a distributed catalogue of books available to editors Other: WikiResearch – a tool for doing research, part of the WikiBrowse package Zotero, an on-line research tool, which can export citations in Wikipedia format  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Revert  Reverts: (see also the "Reverts and other disagreements" section of Content disputes) Help:Reverting meta:Research:Revert detection Wikipedia:Revert only when necessary (WP:ROWN) (essay) Wikipedia:Edit warring#The three revert rule – more than three reverts by one editor to one article within 24 hours is grounds for an automatic block (WP:3RR) User warning: Template:uw-3rr Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Edit warring – place to report 3RR violations (WP:AN/3RR) Wikipedia:Three revert rule enforcement – 2004 poll about whether admins should enforce 3RR rule (was being enforced by Arbitration Committee) Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Revert tools Talk:Gdansk/Vote – special exception to the 3RR rule Via rollback: Help:Reverting#Rollback Wikipedia:Rollback (guideline) (WP:ROLL) Wikipedia:New admin/Rollback Category:Wikipedia rollback feature Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive 55#This week's software updates – how to hide "rollback" links in one's watchlist and on user pages By non-admins: Wikipedia:Rollback for non-administrators – discussion, December 2007; implemented January 2008 Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Rollback – place to ask for rollback user rights Category:Wikipedia administrators willing to grant rollback requests Bug# 12534 – Rollback on en.wiki (resolved/closed; link is here for those interested in the history of this feature) Wikipedia:Requests for rollback/Draft poll Revision (prior version) of a page: see History Reward Board: Wikipedia:Reward board (see also Wikipedia:Bounty board) RFC automatic links: mw:Manual:RFC Risk disclaimer: Wikipedia:Risk disclaimer  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Roads  Roads: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (U.S. state and territory highways) Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads (includes three guidelines) Category:Chart formatting templates Rotating images, text, etc: mw:Extension:RandomSelection Russian: Wikipedia:Romanization of Russian RSS and similar feeds: see Monitoring changes

S[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Sandbox  Sandbox: a place to practice without hurting anything Wikipedia:About the Sandbox (information page) Wikipedia:Sandbox Cleaning: User:OverlordQBot, User:SoxBot IV, User:Addbot, User:ClueBot II  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#School  Schools: Wikipedia:FAQ/Schools Wikipedia:Student assignments (WP:ASSIGN) Wikipedia:College and university article guidelines Wikipedia:WikiProject Classroom coordination 2008/2009 Wikipedia Selection for schools – 5,500 "good" and above articles, cleaned up and checked for suitability for children, on a single DVD (background and downloadable version of the earlier, 2007 selection here [2]) Template:School block Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes#Education Scripts: see User scripts Screenshots: Wikipedia:Software screenshots - guidelines for putting screenshots of software into articles Wikipedia:Screenshots of Wikipedia - guide to uploading screenshots for Wikipedia for bug reports and other project-space uses Scrolling reference lists: not allowed per Wikipedia:Citing sources  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Search  Searching Wikipedia: (see also Index of pages, Queries (database)) In general: Help:Searching Across language Wikipedias: Global Wikipedia Article Search From within Wikipedia: Search engine: "MediaWiki search engine improved" (Signpost article, November 2008) Special:Search – regular search with a wider box to enter text Test web interface for lucene-search 2.1 Help:Advanced search User:Zocky/Auto Complete – auto-completes the titles of articles in the search box (JavaScript) (no longer required as of May 2008; this is built into the search function now) Invoking search: Wikipedia:FAQ/Main Page#Why doesn't the cursor appear in the search box, like with Google? – provides JavaScript so that the page focus is automatically in the search box Other: Special:Prefixindex – lists articles that begin with any chosen initial character string From outside Wikipedia: Firefox: Using Wikipedia for the search box provides an autocomplete feature Creating a smart keyword – can replace "site:en.wikipedia.org" in searches Wikiseek: Wikiseek – A better way to search Wikipedia – beta, January 2007; includes Firefox extension Wikiseek Community Wikie DBpedia.org Similpedia – uses a URL or a chunk of text to find similar articles in Wikipedia AskWiki – semantic search engine developed in partnership between AskMeNow and the Wikimedia Foundation (beta) Powerset – natural language search of Wikipedia Yahoo's Wikipedia SearchMonkey App Seariki – search engine specifically designed for Wikipedia [(http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikien-l/2007-December/088027.html December 2007 announcement]) Powerset – semantic search (May 2008) Googlepedia – Firefox add-on; shows a relevant Wikipedia article along with Google search results Preventing search engines from searching pages: Wikipedia:Controlling search engine indexing (WP:NOINDEX) Robots.txt file – specifies search engines that are not allowed to crawl all or part of Wikipedia, as well as pages/namespaces that are not to be indexed by any search engine MediaWiki:Robots.txt – direct editing of robots.txt mw:Extension:NoRobots allows editors to mark specific pages as not to be included by all outside search engines [not implemented as of April 2008] Wikipedia:Talk pages not indexed by Google (feature request) Wikipedia:Requests for comment/NOINDEX Tools: Wikipedia:Tools#Searching (may eventually merge into Help:Searching) Wikipedia:User scripts#Searching Semantic MediaWiki: Semantic MediaWiki (supplanted by Wikidata) m:Semantic MediaWiki Semantic MediaWiki at Sourceforge.net Wikipedia Concept Extractor at Sourceforge.net Wikipedia:WikiProject Microformats – metadata Sections (of articles): see Layout and sections "See also" section: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Layout#See also section Self-interest: see Conflicts of interest Semi-protection of pages: see Protection of pages  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Series  Series boxes: Wikipedia:Article series (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Incumbent series Wikipedia:Navigation templates Category:Navigational templates Wikipedia:List of article series Wikipedia:NavFrame – dynamic navigation (series) boxes (collapsible – hide/show) Wikipedia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates – compares alternative approaches Servers: see Statistics, Technical (hardware and software)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Shortcuts  Shortcuts (abbreviated redirects): Wikipedia:Shortcut Wikipedia:List of shortcuts (organized by topic) Wikipedia:Wikipedia abbreviations - alphabetical list of shortcuts Wikipedia:Shortcuts to talk pages Wikipedia:List of shortcuts/Project shortcuts Wikipedia:WTF? OMG! TMD TLA. ARG! (essay) Category:Redirects from shortcuts User:Deathlime/Deredirectification – user script so that a mousing over a shortcut shows the name of the page that the shortcut points to Wikipedia:Full meta links – failed proposal to implement templates to replace shortcuts  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Sign  Signatures: (see also Customization, Talk pages) Wikipedia:Signatures (WP:SIG) (guideline) Bug# 8458 – proposed restriction on length of signatures Individual changes to the default signature: Help:How to fix your signature User:Athaenara/Gallery Wikipedia:Smurrayinchester's signature tutorial User:NikoSilver/Signature shop Automatic signing (automated signing): User:SineBot – signs talk pages for editors who forgot, where an editor started a new section or an indented his/her comment (replacement for User:HagermanBot) Category:Wikipedians who have opted out of automatic signing Pages where default signatures can be customized: (implemented November 2007 Mediawiki:Signature Mediawiki:Signature-anon Other: Wikipedia:User scripts#Discussion oriented – several user scripts that modify signatures of others, on posted comments Template:Uw-tilde – notice that can be put on user talk pages to remind editors to sign MediaWiki:Signature – format of default signature for editors who haven't changed the default in their preferences Signon – see Logging in, User account and username Single purpose account: Wikipedia:Single-purpose account (essay) Sinhala: Help:Sinhala Font Guide Signpost – see News (about Wikipedia) Sister projects: see Transwiki Slovenia: Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Slovenian vs Slovene) (guideline) Social networking: Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a blog, Web hosting service, social networking service, or memorial site (WP:NOT) Wikipedia:User pages (WP:USER) Sharing pages: Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Share pages on Facebook, Twitter etc. - add "Like" buttons and "Share" widgets User:TheDJ/Sharebox - script that adds new buttons that make it easier to mail, print or share an article on Facebook or another linksharing service  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Sock  Sock puppets (multiple accounts by one person): (see also Meatpuppetry) Wikipedia:Sock puppetry (WP:SOCK) (policy) Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets – discussion and reporting (inactive/historical) Wikipedia:Username policy#Doppelganger accounts – accounts created preemptively to block vandals (allowable) Checkuser: (editors who can identify sock puppets by checking IP addresses)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Checkuser  Wikipedia:CheckUser (policy) Wikipedia:Requests for checkuser – requests for review of addresses mw:Admin tools development/Global CheckUser Wikipedia:Quick and dirty Checkuser policy (failed proposal) How editors become checkusers: Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/CheckUser and Oversight Wikipedia:Requests for checkusership (failed proposal) Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/June 2008 announcements/Checkuser appointments Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee/CheckUser and Oversight appointments (discussion, January 2009) Tools available to non-checkusers: Intersection contribs – lists all pages edited by both of two specified editors (at the toolserver) Multiple contributors – A "recent edits" listing for a group of (specified) editors (at the toolserver) WikiStalk - finds pages that have been edited by two or more specific users (at the toolserver) Editor Interaction Analyzer - shows the common pages that multiple editors have both edited (at the tool server) Software: As the subject of an article: Wikipedia:Notability (software) (inactive proposal) Used for the Wikipedia project: see MediaWiki, Technical (hardware and software) Used for editing: see Browsers, Editing software Sound (files): see Media  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Source  Sources: (see also Resources, Spam, URLs) WHY and WHEN sources must be given (including avoiding excessive links): Wikipedia:Verifiability (WP:V) (policy) Original research: Wikipedia:No original research (WP:NOR) (policy) Wikipedia:These are not original research (essay) Wikipedia:Attribution (WP:ATT) (essay) Wikipedia:Common knowledge (essay) User:Uncle G/On sources and content Wikipedia:Citing sources#When to cite sources (WP:CITE) (guideline) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Require inline citations for everything Wikipedia:When to cite (essay or guideline – disputed as of March 2008) Wikipedia:Scientific citation guidelines (Manual of Style) WHAT can properly be used as a source, and WHERE links/sources should appear: Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources (WP:RS) (guideline) Wikipedia:Reliable source examples Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Define reliable sources - only sources defined as reliable may be used for verifiability Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Require or prefer free, online sources Dispatches: Reliable sources in content review processes, Signpost article, June 2008 Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources (medicine) Wikipedia:Evaluating sources (essay) Wikipedia:You are not a reliable source (essay) Wikipedia:External links (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Convenience link (essay) – links to primary sources, or to copies of secondary sources HOW to cite a source:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Citesource  In general (including formatting): Wikipedia:Citing sources (WP:CITE) (guideline) Embedded citations: Wikipedia:Embedded citations (essay) Wikipedia:Citation templates (WP:CITET) Category:Citation templates Help:Citations quick reference Wikipedia:Template messages/Sources of articles/Citation quick reference (WP:CITEQR) Wikipedia:Do not include the full text of lengthy primary sources (guideline) Wikipedia:Inline citation (essay) (outdated informational page) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Linking#External links section Help:Editing#Links and URLs – mostly about wikilinks Wikipedia:Verification methods (essay/how-to) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Establish a house citation style Template:Subscription required - to flag an external link that requires a paid subscription to view source information Three alternative systems: Footnotes Wikipedia:Citing sources#Footnotes Help:Referencing for beginners Help:Footnotes Help:List-defined references - all reference (footnote) detail is in the "References" section; the body of the article has only reference names mw: Extension:Cite/Cite.php – technical; discusses issues with current <ref> tags m:Talk:Cite/Cite.php (fork, as of 30 April 2006) Template:Rp – for appending page numbers to Cite.php-generated footnote superscripts (can also be used to add a link, to mimic the embedded citations method) User:Magnus Manske/less edit clutter.js – interface change, via javascript, that puts references in a separate edit box (screenshot, mailing list discusion) Parenthetical referencing (was "Harvard referencing", "Author-date referencing"): Wikipedia:Citing sources#Parenthetical referencing Wikipedia:Parenthetical referencing Wikipedia:Harvard citation template examples Mixing footnotes and parenthetical referencing: Discussion: Wikipedia talk:Featured article criteria/Archive 6#Consistent references - mixing Harvard and Chicago User:CitationTool/Hybrid referencing Examples: Charles Darwin, Pericles, Che Guevara, saffron Possible changes to MediaWiki software regarding citations: m:Wikicat mw:Category:Referencing extensions meta:Wikireference - proposal for a sister project, a multilingual site similar to the Wikimedia Commons Bug# 423 – a reference system that support BibTeX databases (under development) m:Wikicite – future system for automated fact citation and checking Biblio.php (alternative site)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Citetools  Tools for creating citations: Help:Citation tools Wikipedia:RefToolbar (available via the Gadgets tab) Universal reference formatter (at the toolserver) Wikipedia citation tool for Google Books] DOI Wikipedia reference generator New York Times Wikipedia reference generator Wikipedia:RefToolbar/1.0#refToolPlus Wikipedia:Cite4Wiki - Firefox add-on Wikipedia:Citing sources with Zotero Other: User:Citation bot – Adds Digital object identifiers (DOIs), PubMed Identifiers (PMIDs), and ISBNs, and fixes common formatting errors, in citations which use the templates {{cite journal}}, {{cite book}}, {{cite arXiv}}, and {{citation}} PROBLEMS: Preventing, identifying, and fixing:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Citeprobs  In general: Wikipedia:WikiProject Citation cleanup Wikipedia:WikiProject External links Wikipedia:WikiProject Fact and Reference Check Category:Wikipedians who convert reference tags Wikipedia:WikiProject critical source examination Category:Citation and verifiability maintenance templates Footnote problems, other than bad external links (for which, see below): Help:Cite errors Category:Articles with incorrect citation syntax (includes the following, plus many more): Category:Pages with incorrect ref formatting Category:Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL Category:Pages using citations with format and no URL User:LemmeyBOT – fixes incorrect ref tag formatting User:DumZiBoT – adds a title (from page HTML) for a naked URL enclosed by <ref> tags User:CitationTool (inactive or never functional) User:Fictional tool (inactive or never functional) Lack of sources: Wikipedia:WikiProject Unreferenced articles – project to review articles that are in Category:Articles lacking sources Category:Articles lacking sources (Template:Unreferenced) Category:Articles lacking reliable references (Template:Primary sources) "Citation needed" tag (template: {{fact}}): Wikipedia:Citation needed Category:All articles with unsourced statements User warning templates: Wikipedia:Recent changes patrol#Lack of sources Useful sources that don't support the text they appear after: Template:Failed verification Category:Articles with unsourced statements Unreliable sources: Wikipedia:Reliable sources/Noticeboard Bad external links: (link rot)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#LinkRot  In general: Wikipedia:Link rot Wikipedia:Citing sources#Preventing and repairing dead links Preventing: WebCite – a way to archive a copy of a page that is an external link Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/WebCiteBOT (proposed, February 2009) Finding bad links: Checklinks (generates a report for links on any requested page): Checklinks (at the toolserver) User:Dispenser/Checklinks – documentation m:Weblinkchecker.py -script to find and report external links that are no longer available Bots: User:EchoBot – bot that posts messages on article talk pages when a dead external link is found User:Stwalkerbot – bot that posts messages on article talk pages when a dead external link is found Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/ShakingBot – inactive request for bot to flag bad external links Identified bad links: Template:dead link Category:Wikipedia external links cleanup Category:Articles with dead external links Fixing bad external links: Wikipedia:Citing sources#Dead links Wikipedia:Improving referencing efforts (proposal) Archive.org: Wikipedia:Using the Wayback Machine ErrorZilla – Firefox add-on; when a link is not found, the error screen offers (among other things) a search of archive.org User:RefBot – not operational due to restrictions on owner – ArbComm cases OTHER: Help:Reference display customization w:fr:Aide:Espace référence - Information about the "Reference" namespace of the French Wikipedia; each source has its own page (with multiple editions of a source - say, of a book - on a single page) Special:Linksearch – identifying all external links from a given domain that are in Wikipedia articles (useful for spam searches, for example) Category:External link templates Help:Link#Conversion to canonical form – how links work (technical) Help:Custom namespaces – prefixes (like :m) that (normally) resolve into an interwiki but can resolve into external source Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Self-references to avoid Top 500 external websites to which Wikipedia links User:Anomie/reftooltip.js – user script to display footnote text as a tooltip when the cursor is on a footnote number User:Anomie/ajaxpreview.js – user script to display footnotes in the preview when editing a section  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Spam  Spam: (see also Promotional, Sources, Vandalism) Wikipedia:Spam (WP:SPAM) (guideline) Blacklist: m:Spam blacklist – blocked domains MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist m:File:Screencast - Spam blacklist introduction and COIBot reports - best.ogv Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam User:Thomas Larsen/Yuser, on fighting linkspam Special:Linksearch – tool for finding all articles with similar spam (spam domain) Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace#Grid of warnings – warnings (templates) for spammers m:Anti-spam features – some built in, some optional Template:Spamsearch – list of spam terms ("our products") to search for Category:Wikipedia spam Automation: Bots: User:AntiSpamBot (was Shadowbot) User:XLinkBot (was SquelchBot) and User talk:XLinkBot/RevertList User:COIBot – reports linkadditions where the editor's name has a significant overlap with the domain of the link added, or (for IP/unregistered editors) the IP of the link is close to the IP of the editor User:RBSpamAnalyzerBot – uses database dumps to analyze pages for potential spam User:Nixeagle/Linkwatcher – bot that identifies links added in edits; feed is via Freenode User:MER-C/Spamsearch – searching for a particular (spammy) URL across all 700+ Wikimedia projects User: RoboMaxCyberSem – removal of links to blacklisted and other problem sites m:Spamda – anti-spam program to assist editors in identifying and reverting spam; under development as July 2007 Wikipedia:Search engine optimization (essay) Wikipedia:Spam event horizon (essay) Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not Google (essay) Wikipedia:WikiProject Marketing & Advertising Span tags: Wikipedia:Span tags – common ones are "div" (small font in References/Notes section), strikethrough, and blockquote  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#SpecialChar  Special characters: Help:Special characters Help:Macrons  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Special  Special pages: Help:Special page m:Help:Special page Bug# 15434 - All special pages that had been disabled will be run twice per year (as of August 2013) Special:Specialpages – list/links  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Spell  Spelling: (see also Formatting of text, Maintenance) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Proper names U.S. and Commonwealth differences: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Spelling Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Capital letters Wikipedia:List of spelling variants Wikipedia:Articles using British English titles Wikipedia:Articles using American English titles Wikipedia:Manual of Style/National varieties of English (failed proposal) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Enforce American or British spelling Errors in articles: Wikipedia:Spellchecking Wikipedia:Lists of common misspellings Commonly misspelled English words Bug# 42880 – Redirects mask incorrect spellings (misspellings) in articles Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Typos Wikipedia:Typo Team User:TypoBot User:SpellCheckerBot – will generate lists of suspected spelling errors which individual editors can then review and correct Spellbot: User talk:Rambot (awaiting code rewrite as of March 2007) Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Typos – set of regular expressions used to automatically fix common typos and misspellings Other: Spell checkers for various browsers: see Wikipedia:Tip of the day/September 2, 2008 Splitting: see Article size Spoiler: Wikipedia:Spoiler (WP:SPOIL) (guideline) SQL query: see Queries (database)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Stable  Stable versions: (see also Quality of articles) Wikipedia:Why stable versions Wikipedia:Flagged revisions (WP:FLR) mw:Extension:FlaggedRevs – allows for Editor and Reviewer classes of editors to rate articles and set revisions as the default to show normal viewers Implementation on German Wikipedia: User:Dapete/Report on Flagged Revisions, December 14, 2008 (status report) Implementation statistics Demonstrations: On a version of Mediawiki software not run by the Wikimedia Foundation (starting September 2007) Beta version on Foundation software (starting March 2008) Discussed in Signpost: March 2005, July 2006, August 2006, March 2008 m:Reviewed article version m:Article validation Veropedia – stable articles imported from Wikipedia Inactive/rejected: m:Article endorsement (inactive proposal) Wikipedia:Stable versions (inactive) Wikipedia:Stable versions now (failed proposal)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Statistic  Statistics and reports: (see also separate topics, Page views (of articles), Queries (database)) Wikipedia:Statistics Special:Statistics Category:Wikipedia statistics Wikipedia:Awareness statistics Wikipedia:Size of Wikipedia Wikipedia:Modelling Wikipedia's growth WikiProjects: Wikipedia:Statistics Department Wikipedia:WikiProject Editing trends User:Katalaveno/TBE – time between (10 million) edits of the English Wikipedia Infodisiac blog – postings by Eric Zachte, hired September 1, 2008 to maintain and develop code for metrics for Wikimedia Foundation projects mw:Help:Magic words#Statistics – "magic words" that provide statistical information Information kept on wikimedia.org (Foundation) pages: Erik Zachte's Wikipedia Statistics Sitemap Server statistics Wikipedia:Multilingual statistics – by month, for all different language Wikipedias (related) Editing by time of day m:List of Wikipedias User:NoSeptember/Subpages about adminship – many subpages have reports; many include more than just admin-related reports nedworks.org Statistics (charts) Wikipedia:Modelling Wikipedia's growth User:Dragons flight/Log analysis – analysis of both log entries (100%) and a sampling (6%) of article histories (edits), some data back to 2001 (analysis reported October 2007) Stewards: see Functionaries  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Stub  Stubs: Wikipedia:Stub (WP:STUB) (guideline) User:Grutness/Croughton-London rule of stubs - deciding what is a stub (essay) User:Grutness/Stubbing how-to Wikipedia:Aggregate data into lists rather than stubs (essay) Categories and templates ("message boxes") Category:Stub categories Category:Stub message templates Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Naming conventions Wikipedia:When to use the generic stub tag (essay) Problems: Wikipedia:Database reports/Dubious stub categories Wikipedia:Database reports/Stubs included directly in stub categories (stub categories should be generated by templates; that's not the case with these articles) Wikipedia:Database reports/Unused stub templates (stub templates generate stub categories) Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/missing stubs Wikipedia:Stub types for deletion Lists of stub articles: Wikipedia:Most wanted stubs Special:Shortpages Category:Stub categories (these category pages are good places to find stubs of interest) "Article lists" tool (search on "stub-class") Shortpages – finds pages of less than 50 characters User:Zorglbot/Shortpages (malfunctioning, blocked, as of November 2013) Problems: Wikipedia:Database reports/Long stubs - long articles that are categorized as stubs Wikipedia:Database reports/Untagged stubs - short articles not categorized as stubs Tools: User:Ais523/stubtagtab.js – adds tab for easy application of {{stub}} and more specific stub templates Bots (other than for listing stubs): User:Giggabot – does stub sorting User:Addbot – checks articles in Category:Stubs to see if they should still be in that category User:RockfangBot – prepares stub types to be deleted (orphans them) Projects and initiatives: Wikipedia:Computer help desk/cleanup/stubsensor/20060810 – project to remove stubs from articles where that tag does not belong Wikipedia:WikiProject Stubsensor – tries to identify out-of-the-ordinary articles tagged as stubs (inactive WikiProject) Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting Wikipedia:WikiProject Anti-Stub (defunct) Wikipedia:Stub Makers Contests: Wikipedia:Stub Contest (2013) Wikipedia:Weekly contest/Growing 41 Stubs (2009; never actually done)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Style  Style (articles) (see also Accessibility, Dates, Formatting of text, Layout and sections, Punctuation, Quality of articles, Words and wording) General: Wikipedia:Manual of Style Wikipedia:Guidance on applying the Manual of Style Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Wikipedia style and naming Wikipedia:Annotated article – an annotated article that explains various editing decisions, using a sample article Wikipedia:List of policies#Content and Style – which topics are welcome on Wikipedia, and quality and naming standards User:Tony1/Monthly updates of styleguide and policy changes Category:Wikipedia style guidelines Other: Wikipedia:Abundance and redundancy (essay) User:Wooyi/Readability (essay) Wikipedia:Criticism (essay) – on criticism of subjects of articles, within those articles Wikipedia:WikiProject Usability User:Tony1/Redundancy exercises: removing fluff from your writing  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Subpage  Subpages: Wikipedia:Subpages (WP:SP) (guideline) Wikipedia:User pages (WP:USER) (guideline) User:UberScienceNerd/Tutorials/Using subpages Query results – existing namespaces – lists which namespaces are allowed to have subpages Deleting: Template:Db-u1 for userspace pages Subsections (of articles): see Layout and sections Substitution: see Templates Synonyms: Synarcher at SourceForge.net – search and visual display  Shortcut:   WP:SYNTH  Synthesis: Wikipedia:No original research#Synthesis of published material that advances a position (policy) Wikipedia:What SYNTH is not (essay) Sysop: see Administrator

T[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#TOC  Table of contents: (see also Layout and sections) Category:Wikipedia table of contents templates Wikipedia:Template messages/Compact tables of contents Help:Section – covers several aspects of TOCs  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Table  Tables: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Tables Help:Table Help:Sorting m:Help:Collapsing Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Tables User:Smurrayinchester/Tutorial/Tables User:Dcljr/Tables – another user page about tables "Table" namespace: mw:Extension:TableEdit Wikipedia:Table: namespace and editor – proposal that a new table editor should be written and that tables should be moved to a namespace similar to Image namespace Wikipedia:Table namespace Bug# 2194 – feature request Exporting a table from a page: Data Scraping Wikipedia with Google Spreadsheets Importing data from existing spreadsheets: mw:Extension:SimpleTable – allows tabular data to be easily cut-and-pasted (proposal) mw:Extension:Word2MediaWikiPlus – convert Microsoft Word tables to wikitables Convert Excel tables to wikitables – saves most formatting like background – and fontcolor, fontstyle(bold/italic), column height and width Tabs: Template:Page tabs Tags: see Wikipedia:Span tags, Article message boxes, Messageboxes (using the term “tags” to refer to messageboxes is common but technically incorrect; messageboxes are templates)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Talk  Talk pages (see also Archiving, Signature, User pages, Warnings) Wikipedia:Talk page guidelines (WP:TPG) (WP:TP) m:Help:Talk page Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Allow discussion about the topic of the article Wikipedia:Tutorial/Talk pages Wikipedia:Talk page layout (information page) Wikipedia:BOLD, revert, discuss cycle – an exception to discussing content changes on article talk pages Template:Reflist-talk - a version of {{reflist}}, to show a reference section for a talk page discussion within a bordered box. Wikipedia:Refactoring talk pages Wikipedia:A researcher's guide to discussion pages Template:Uw-english – when an editor posts a comment in a language other than English Wikipedia:Talk page highlights – humor Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Talk page section tabs – if redlink to a talk page is clicked, uses the "new section" option for editing, not "new page" option Wikipedia:Indentation (essay) Wikipedia:Emoticons Coordination of user talk page discussions: (see also "Notifications" section of Messages) {{usertalkback}} and {{talkback}} IP user talk pages: Wikipedia:IP talk page proposal Template:IPtalk Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/MonoBot 2 – adds a header (template) to long IP user talk pages New systems for talk pages: Flow Wikipedia:Flow (WP:FLOW) mw:Flow Liquid Threads: (now unlikely to be implemented on English Wikipedia)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#LT  mw:Extension:LiquidThreads – proposal Demonstration site In use on a site using MediaWiki software Templates for article talk pages: (see also WikiProjects) MediaWiki:Talkpagetext – standard message that appears at top of all (new?) mainspace talk pages – implemented late 2006 Template:Talk header – common template (at least until Talkpagetext was implemented) – header "Keep" decision 1/2007 Wikipedia:Talk page templates Wikipedia:Template messages/Talk namespace Template:Article history – consolidates information on multiple talk page templates (discussed at Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-03-24/Dispatches) Template:WikiProjectBanners and Template:WikiProjectBannerShell – for consolidating WikiProject templates at the top of article talk pages (discussed at Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-03-24/Dispatches) Category:Talk header templates Template:Skip to talk – template for top of article talk pages, to allow readers to bypass other templates at top of article talk page Bots: User:PaievBot – adds specified text (including a parameterized template) to talk pages of articles in a given category and sub-categories User:GimmeBot – adds information about events such as peer reviews and outcomes of featured and good article candidates to the Articlehistory template  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Technical  Technical (hardware and software) (see also Bugs, MediaWiki, Queries (database)) General: Wikipedia:FAQ/Technical Category:Wikipedia features m:System administrators (formerly "Developers") Special:Version – lists extensions and hooks Wikipedia:Don't worry about performance (WP:PERF) (guideline) Wikimedia Technical Blog - real-time postings from Wikimedia system administrators about server status, software updates, etc. Wikitech mailing list Operational status Wikipedia: Site internals, configuration, code examples and management issues (pdf), presentation at MySQL Users Conference 2007 Troubleshooting: Wikipedia:FAQ/Problems Wikipedia:Troubleshooting Wikipedia:Village pump (technical) Wikipedia:Bypass your cache Wikipedia:Purge – clear a page's server cache Other: m:Wikimedia servers Server admin log Uptime statistics – at pingdom.com m:Summer of Code 2006 m:Summer of Code 2006/ideas  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Template  Templates: (see also Article message boxes, Infoboxes, Messageboxes, Series boxes, Transclusion, Userboxes) General information: Wikipedia:Template namespace Help:A quick guide to templates Wikipedia:Anatomy of a template (tutorial) Wikipedia:FAQ/Template Help:Template Help:Expansion Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion#Templates More information: Wikipedia:Template documentation Wikipedia:Template messages Wikipedia:Template standardisation Wikipedia:No disclaimers in articles (guideline) – regarding templates like "This article contains profanity" User:Scartol/Scartol, on template use and design Templatology, an essay Places to get help: Wikipedia:WikiProject Templates Wikipedia:Requested templates Substitution: Help:Substitution Wikipedia:Substitution (guideline) (WP:SUB) Internal description of parameters, for VisualEditor Wikipedia:TemplateData Wikipedia:TemplateData/List User:NicoV/TemplateDataEditor.js - script for visually editing TemplateData Protection: Wikipedia:High-risk templates (guideline) Wikipedia:Cascade-protected items Right to edit protected templates: Wikipedia:Template editor Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Template editor Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Template editor user right Requesting changes to protected templates: {{edit template-protected}} Category:Wikipedia template-protected edit requests User:AnomieBOT/TPERTable - annotated list of edit requests (automatically updated by AnomieBOT) Technical: Testing: Wikipedia:Template sandbox and test cases Special:TemplateSandbox mw:Extension:TemplateSandbox mw:Help:Extension:TemplateSandbox Wikipedia:Template limits mw:Help:Advanced templates Help:Parameter default – expands templates recursively Help:Editing sections of included templates Special:ExpandTemplates – takes some text and expands all templates in it recursively. Wikipedia:Changing templates Wikipedia:Category suppression – keeping templates from creating categories when they shouldn't Problems: Special:WantedTemplates - Templates whose pages have been deleted but which still exist (red-linked) on other Wikipedia pages Wikipedia:High-risk templates – authorizes permanent protection for such templates Wikipedia:Templates for discussion Category:Pages containing omitted template arguments Category:Pages where template include size is exceeded Wikipedia:Templates with red links Job queue – why changing a template doesn't instantly change all articles with that template Help:Job queue Wikipedia:Purge#Null edit (WP:NULLEDIT, WP:NULL) mw:Manual:Job queue Other: Category:Wikipedia templates Category:Intricate templates TemplateRevs – shows last edit for all templates transcluded on a page (default is WP:AN/I) Wikipedia:WikiProject Inline Templates – primarily for inline superscript templates such as {{Fact}} Wikipedia:Avoid template creep (essay) Wikipedia:Avoid using meta-templates (failed proposal)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Terms  Terms and terminology: (abbreviations and acronyms) In Wikipedia articles: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Abbreviations Wikipedia:Disambiguation and abbreviations For editor interaction (talk pages, edit summaries, etc.) (see also Shortcuts) Wikipedia:Glossary Wikipedia:Tutorial/Glossary – ten terms not covered in the main part of the tutorial that may be useful for beginners Wikipedia:Edit summary legend – commonly used abbreviations in edit summaries Wikipedia:WikiSpeak – alternative definitions Text direction: Left-to-right mark Right-to-left mark Bi-directional text Thailand: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Thailand-related articles  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#ToDo  Things to do: Wikipedia:Community portal#Todo User:SuggestBot – generates a list of articles with known problems that the requesting editor might be interested in fixing Wiki ToDo – Randomly selects an article, provides a statistical analysis, and suggests ways to improve it Wikipedia:Maintenance Wikipedia:The Cure for WikiBoredom  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Threat  Threats: (see also Personal attacks) Legal threats: see Legal Violence: Wikipedia:Threats of violence User:Mendaliv/TOV letter Three reverts: Wikipedia:Edit warring#The three revert rule (WP:3RR) Time: Adjusting date/time shown on watchlists and other special pages: see "Preferences", "Appearance" tab mw:MediaWiki:Gadget-UTCLiveClock.js User:Gary/comments in local time.js – converts all timestamps on a displayed Wikipedia page to the user's local time  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Timeline  Timelines: Wikipedia:Timeline Wikipedia:Timeline standards (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Timeline syntax Wikipedia:EasyTimeline Help:EasyTimeline syntax mw:Extension:WikiTimeLine (version 1.0 as of July 2008) List of timelines Category:Timelines Category:Graphical timelines {{include timeline}} – template to start process of creating a {{Horizontal timeline}} or a {{Graphical timeline}} (vertical timeline) template linked to a particular article (does not use [Easy]timeline syntax) Easy Timeline index  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Tip  Tips: Wikipedia:Tips - complete library of tips arranged by subject Wikipedia:Tip of the day - schedule of 366 daily tips Template for one's user page: {{totd}} Category:Wikipedia Tip of the day Wikipedia:Wikipedia tipster  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Tools  Tools: (see also Bots, Extensions, User scripts) Wikipedia:Tools Category:Wikipedia tools m:Open Source Toolset m:User:Duesentrieb/Tools m:Toolserver Wikipedia:Toolserver "Wikr" bookmarklet Wikipedia:Tools/Optimum tool set Wikipedia:Tools/Not English – tools in languages other than English that need translation Toolboxes (templates) User:Fuhghettaboutit/Toolbox Template:Tools Template:UserTools Top of article: see Layout and sections  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Transclude  Transclusion: (see also Templates) Wikipedia:Transclusion m:Help:A simple composite example Labeled sections: Help:Labeled section transclusion Template:Section mw:Extension:Labeled Section Transclusion mw:Extension:DynamicPageList – creating a composite article from a collection of section "chapters" of similar articles Wikipedia:Transclusion costs and benefits (essay)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Translate  Translations: (see also Interwiki links) Wikipedia in different languages – overview: Wikipedia:Multilingual coordination m:Meta:Babylon – Meta translations portal and noticeboard Embassies: m:Wikimedia Embassy – central place for resources to help with cross-language issues that affect everyone Wikipedia:Local Embassy - the English language Embassy Category:Wikipedia multilingual coordination Wikipedia:Contributing to articles outside your native language incubator:Main Page – Wikimedia Incubator, for developing potential Wikimedia project wikis in new language versions Information about languages, and translation aids: mw:Extension:Live Translate Wikipedia:Local Embassy m:List of Wikipedias Language recognition chart Help:Special characters Help:Multilingual support (guide to fonts) Category:Multilingual support templates Using a different language article to create or improve an article in the English Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia#Translating from other language Wikimedia Projects Template:Expand language - a header banner with the text "This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in the [other language] Wikipedia." Category:Expand by language Wikipedia templates Template:Rough translation Template:Cleanup-translation Template:Proofreader needed Template:Translated page Problems with existing article in the English Wikipedia: {{Not English}} and {{Rough translation}} Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English Category:Wikipedia articles needing translation Wikipedia:Content contradictory to other language versions Moving information from other language Wikipedias to the English Wikipedia Wikipedia:Translation Wikipedia:French Collaboration Project – for translation of high quality articles from the French Wikipedia Wikipedia:Spanish Translation of the Week Wikipedia:WikiProject Echo – finding information in articles in non-English Wikipedias to be added to this Wikipedia (inactive) Wikipedia Bilingual – side-by-side display of an article in any two languages in which it is available (Firefox browser extension) Editors who can help with translations: Wikipedia:Babel Category:Available translators in Wikipedia mw:Extension:Babel  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Transwiki  Transwiki: (see also Interwiki links) Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects (Manual of Style) – info on moving articles between other projects such as Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikinews, and Wikibooks m:Help:Transwiki Category:Transwiki templates Wikipedia:Transwiki log Information on specific sister projects: Wikiversity: Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-05-09/Wikiversity interview  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Trivia  Trivia: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Trivia sections Template:Trivia Wikipedia:Handling trivia Wikipedia:"In popular culture" content (essay) Wikipedia:WikiProject Trivia Cleanup Category:Articles with trivia sections m:WikiTrivia – a proposed offshoot of Wikipedia Trolls and trolling: Wikipedia:What is a troll? (WP:TROLL) (essay) Truth: Wikipedia:Verifiability, not truth (essay) Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Only allow the truth in articles Tutorials: see Help pages

U[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Undue weight: see Wikipedia:Neutral point of view (called "space and balance" in the NPOV tutorial) Unicode: Wikipedia:Scripts#Unicode numeric converter scripts  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Unit  Units of measurement: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Units of measurement Template:Convert Category:Conversion templates Ukrainian: Wikipedia:Romanization of Ukrainian (Manual of Style)  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Anon   WP:EIW#Unreg  Unregistered users (see also Access (limiting), User account and username, Vandalism) MediaWiki:Anoneditwarning Wikipedia:IPs are human too (essay) Wikipedia:Welcome unregistered editing (essay) Wikipedia:Editors should be logged-in users (failed proposal) WP:Perennial proposals#Prohibit anonymous users from editing Who Writes Wikipedia – asserts that unregistered users add the bulk of new text Universities: see Schools  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#URL  URLs: (see also Sources, Wikilinks) Help:URL - URLs of pages within Wikipedia: articles, redirects, watchlists, etc. Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Accessibility#Links Wikipedia:Tutorial/Citing sources {{urlencode:}} – magic word that encodes non-alphanumeric characters in a URL (for example, one that has brackets within it) Template:Querylink – how to avoid showing the external link graphic for a URL for a Wikipedia page where the URL has a query string  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Usable  Usability: (see also Accessibility, Editing interface) Wikipedia:WikiProject Usability m:Usability group m:Usability Wikimedia Foundation usability initiative (2009-2010): Press release: Wikipedia to become more user-friendly for new volunteer writers (December 3, 2008) Stanton Grant Q&A m:Wikipedia Usability Initiative (Meta page) Main page (wiki) User:M~enwiki/Wikipedia usability problems User:AxelBoldt/Wikipedia usability problems  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Username  User account and username (also called "useraccount", "login", and "user login") (see also Logging in, Privacy, Signature, Unregistered users, User pages, User rights) Registered versus unregistered editing: Wikipedia:Why create an account? – benefits to a person who decides to register Wikipedia:The benefits of requiring account creation on Wikipedia (essay) – arguments against allowing IP editors Wikipedia:The benefits of not requiring account creation on Wikipedia (essay) – arguments in favor of IP editors Wikipedia:IPs are human too (essay) - arguments on not assuming IP editors do not make positive contributions Starting out: Wikipedia:Username policy (WP:U) Wikipedia:Tutorial/Registration Special:Userlogin – to request an account Wikipedia:Request an account – for those who wish to create an account but cannot read the CAPTCHA image that is part of the standard registration process as of February 2007 mw:Extension:SignupAPI mw:API:Account creation Help:Email confirmation Improving account creation: mw:Account Creation Improvement Project outreach:Account Creation Improvement Project (inactive/historical) mw:Account creation user experience Inappropriate usernames: Wikipedia:Username policy#Inappropriate usernames Wikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention – blatantly inappropriate usernames Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User names – discussions Template:Uw-ublock Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Usernames should contain only Latin Characters Monitoring bots: User:HBC NameWatcherBot User:DeadBot Changing usernames ("rename", "renaming"): Special:Listusers – check if a username exists Wikipedia:Changing username Wikipedia:Changing username/Guidelines Wikipedia:Changing username/Usurpations – changing a username to another registered but "unused" (no edits) username Wikipedia:Copying watchlist to new username mw:Extension:Renameuser Wikipedia:Changing attribution for an edit - merging edits from two different accounts (inactive/historical) Removing accounts without any edits: wmf:Privacy policy#User accounts and authorship Wikipedia:Delete unused username after 90 days – proposal rejected by Wikipedia developers Single signon ("single login", "single user login", "SUL"):  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#SingleSignon  Bug# 57 – request for this feature Signpost articles: August 2006, August 2007 m:Help:Unified login and m:Single signon transition – moving to a single username (signon) across all Wikipedia domains mw:Extension:CentralAuth – "allows global/shared accounts between projects" Identifying existing accounts for a user name: User contributions – tool on the German Wikipedia Single-user login conflict search (MySQL server error since mid-2007) mw:Admin tools development/SUL Audit Unification: Special:MergeAccount – to check one's own status, and to do login unification m:Special:GlobalUsers – editors who have opted into single signon Gender: Special:Preferences has (as of early 2009) an optional, user-selected field for gender Templates that use this field: {{heorshe}} and {{hisorher}} Other: Multiple accounts: see Sock puppets Wikipedia:Account creator - For those needing to create more than six new accounts per 24 hour period Help:User contributions Wikipedia:Single-purpose account (essay) User registration date/time finder WikiStalk - finds pages that have been edited by two or more specific users User interface: (see also Customization, Editing interface, Usability) Wikipedia:User pages (WP:USER) (guideline) Special:AllMessages – system messages available in the MediaWiki: namespace  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#UserPage  User pages: (see also Archiving, Galleries, User account and username, Userboxes, Warnings) Wikipedia:User pages (WP:USER) (guideline) Wikipedia:Subpages (guideline) Wikipedia:Keep It Simple – for editors who want a simple layout on their user page Wikipedia:User page design center Wikipedia:Userfication – moving an article from Wikipedia mainspace to a user subpage, usually because of failure to establish notability of the subject of the article Current status of an editor:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Status  Wikipedia:Editor activity indicator – in, around, somewhere, out User:Misza13/Scripts#Status switcher – adds "in", "busy" and "out" links next to the "log out" link User:Xenocidic/statusChanger2.js Template:Statustop User:Hersfold/StatusTemplate – "one-click way to update your status yourself" User:TheDJ/Qui – script and system to track the online/offline status of specified other editors User:Chris G Bot 3 – IRC users can message the bot when they want the bot to set their status to online or offline Bug# 14384 – New #lastedit parserfunction (accepts a username as input and return a standard timestamp of the last edit by that username) mw:Extension:OnlineStatus Categories: Wikipedia:User categories Wikipedia:Categories for discussion Category:Wikipedians – collects subcategories that editors use to label themselves, many generated by userboxes Information about editors: Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/User tabs – adds tabs for counts (of edits), page moves, contributions, and block logs when viewing user or user talk pages. Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/User Contribs Tabs – shows contributions, counts (of edits), and edit summary usage when viewing user or user talk pages Secret pages: User:Bahamut0013/Secret pages Proposal to ban, April 2008 (no consensus) Other: Wikipedia:Editnotice#Editnotices for user space Wikipedia:Template messages/User namespace Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace Template:User committed identity - a way to prove that you are the owner of an account, should your password become compromised Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Autograph books (also known as "guestbooks" or "signature books") – may be allowed for active editors (case-by-case)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#UserRights  User rights (also known as "permissions", "usergroups", "user groups", and "user privileges"): Special:ListGroupRights Wikipedia:User access levels Wikipedia:Requests for permissions Category:Wikipedia requests for permissions Wikipedia:Global rights policy {{NUMBERINGROUP}} – magic word that counts the number of users in a particular group; for instance: {{NUMBERINGROUP:rollbacker}} API query that returns a listing showing the rights assigned to each usergroup  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Script   WP:EIW#UserScript  User scripts: (JavaScript) (.js pages) (see also Bots, Gadgets, Tools): Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts Wikipedia:User scripts/Guide mw:Gadget kitchen - where developers can coordinate their work on user scripts and gadgets Wikibits – "MediaWiki JavaScript support functions" (good source of code) Wikipedia:Tools Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation popups Help:User style#JavaScript User:Aaron Schulz/UsefulJS User:GeorgeMoney/UserScripts Category:Wikipedia scripts mw:Extension:Gadgets – a way for editors to pick JavaScript or CSS based "gadgets" that other Wikipedia editors have created, via the "Preferences" page Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Autolink – makes plaintext wikilinks and templates clickable, for example on monobook.js pages User status (online, offline, etc.) Wikipedia:Editor activity indicator Template:Statustop User:Hersfold/StatusTemplate User:TheDJ/Qui User:Xenocidic/statusChanger2.js mw:Extension:OnlineStatusBar User:StatusBot - inactive for many years  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Userbox  Userboxes (see also User pages) Wikipedia:Userboxes (WP:UBX) Wikipedia:Userbox migration – userification of userboxes Wikipedia:Userbox Maker Wikipedia:WikiProject Userboxes Category:Userboxes Wikipedia:Jimbo on Userboxes (WP:JOU) Userification: Wikipedia:Userfication – moving a non-notable or very problematical article to user space as an alternative to deletion

V[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Valued  Valued content: Wikipedia:Valued pictures Category: Wikipedia valued pictures Dispatches: Valued pictures (Signpost article, April 2009)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Vandal  Vandalism (see also Sock puppets, Spam, Stable versions, Warnings) In general: Wikipedia:Vandalism (WP:VAN) (policy) Wikipedia:Cleaning up vandalism Tutorial: Reporting and dealing with vandals – Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-01-28/Tutorial Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress – a quick directory Wikipedia:Revert, block, ignore (essay) Wikipedia:Do not insult the vandals (essay) Wikipedia:Deny recognition (essay) Wikipedia:The motivation of a vandal (essay) Category:Wikipedia vandalism Wikipedia:Counter-Vandalism Unit/Vandalism studies Edit filter: Wikipedia:Edit filter – extension that analyzes (filters) edits and takes rules-based action (let edit happen, prevent edit, issue warning, etc.) "Abuse Filter is enabled" (Signpost article, March 2009) mw:Extension:AbuseFilter Log: Special:AbuseLog mw:AbuseFilter Priorities / Design mw:Extension:Phalanx - integrated special control mechanism originally developed by and for Wikia; has not been modified to run on Wikipedia Getting assistance: Wikipedia:Guide to administrator intervention against vandalism Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism – page to report vandalism incidents to administrators (WP:AIV) Wikipedia:Abuse response – reporting abuse of an IP address to a school, university, or internet provider (must have been at least five blocks on the IP address) (WP:ABUSE) Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents – for complex cases where WP:AIV is inadequate (WP:AN/I) Coordinated efforts: Wikipedia:Counter-Vandalism Unit Wikipedia:Recent changes patrol Wikipedia:Most vandalized pages Template:Vandalism information Freenode IRC network – #vandalism-en-wp channel Patrolled edits: Wikipedia:New pages patrol Wikipedia talk:Checked edits brainstorming – January 2005 failed implementation (little participation) Tools: (see also Recent changes)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#VandalTools  Category:Wikipedia counter-vandalism tools Wikipedia:Cleaning up vandalism Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser User:AmiDaniel/VandalProof – more than 1400 users Wikipedia:Twinkle (also available as a gadget, under "Preferences") Wikipedia:Huggle Wikipedia:Mike's Wiki Tool, for Windows and Linux users User:Lupin/Filter recent changes – uses realtime feed to identify edits containing badwords; requires User:Lupin/Anti-vandal tool (user script) User:Henna/VF – Vandal-fighter – software that watches Wikipedia edits in real-time (announced May 2005) User:Garethfoot/Wiki-Aid – Windows program that adds a sidebar interface User:Lloydpick/Wikipedia Vandalism Watch – Windows program that monitors specified editors' contributions pages for "top" edits WikipediaVision (beta) – shows unregistered edits to Wikipedia (almost) in real-time, on a Google map IP lookup godmode-light – JavaScript that adds rollback buttons to user contribution and article diff pages Schools: post {{school block}} on talk pages Warning vandals: User:Kbh3rd/Vandal warning toolbox User:Adam1213/warn – enter the username and click a button to post a warning (note: still should read the user talk page first) Reporting of vandals at WP:AIV: User:Digitalme/aiv.js – adds "ipvandal" and "vandal" buttons when editing WP:AIV User:Royalguard11/AIV'er – Mac OS X program Bots: Identifying and fixing vandalism: User:MartinBot User:AntiVandalBot User:ClueBot User:CounterVandalismBot User:AntiAbuseBot - Watches the Recent Changes (RC) feed for actions that match known vandals; then sends off an alert on irc, reverts the edit, reverts the edit and blocks the user, or just blocks the user Assisting at WP:AIV: User:HBC AIV helperbot3 User:HBC AIV helperbot5 User:HBC AIV helperbot7 User:HBC AIV helperbot 8 Other: TemplateRevs – shows last edit for all templates transcluded on a page (default is WP:AN/I) (for suspected template vandalism) User:The Rambling Man/The Rambling Man, on vandalism Wikipedia:Long-term abuse – vandals who have repeatedly returned with different user accounts Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Prohibit anonymous users from editing m:Friends of gays should not be allowed to edit articles Vanity articles: see Conflicts of interest and Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion Variables: see Magic words Verifiability: see Sources, Truth Version tagging: see Stable versions Video: see Media  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Vid  Video games: Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games (includes two guidelines) Village pump: Wikipedia:Village pump – discussion of technical issues, policies, and operations of Wikipedia  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Vital  Vital articles: Wikipedia:Vital articles (WP:VITAL) – most important 1000 (or so) articles and their status (featured, good, templated as needing work, etc.) Wikipedia:Vital articles/Expanded m:List of articles every Wikipedia should have Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Core topics Wikipedia:List of 2007 Macropædia articles – analysis of Wikipedia's coverage of these 699 articles in the Encyclopædia Britannica Volunteer response team: Wikipedia:Volunteer Response Team (otherwise called OTRS) m:Info-en mission – incoming emails in English m:OTRS (upgraded, 2013) m:OTRS/Info-en recruiting – information on volunteering ("experienced admins" only, in theory) m:OTRS/volunteering – page for volunteers to list their names Voting: see Consensus and voting

W[edit] Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Warn  Warnings: Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace – discussion and grid of warnings Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace#Warnings and notices Wikipedia:Don't template the regulars (essay) Wikipedia:WikiProject user warnings Template:WarningsSmall (for one's user page) Category:User warning templates Removal is acceptable: Wikipedia:User pages#Removal of comments, warnings Wikipedia:Removing warnings – failed proposal to prevent removal of warnings Wikipedia:Perennial proposals#Prohibit removal of warnings Watchlist: see Monitoring changes Web content as the subject of an article: Wikipedia:Notability (web) (guideline) – includes webcomics, podcasts, blogs, Internet forums, online magazines and other media, web portals and web hosts Weight (undue): see Wikipedia:Neutral point of view Welcome: see New editors What: Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not – articles and content that are NOT appropriate for Wikipedia Wheel war: Wikipedia:Administrators#Reinstating a reverted action ("Wheel warring") (WP:WW) Wiki markup: see Formatting of text  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Break   WP:EIW#Wikibreak  Wikibreaks: Wikipedia:Wikibreak Self-specified (enforced) breaks: Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/WikiBreak Enforcer – user script LeachBlock – Firefox add-on (for any website) SelfControl (Mac OS X only) Wikilawyering: see Policies and guidelines (misuses of)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Wikilink  Wikilinks: (see also Piped links, Red links) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Linking Help:Editing#Links and URLs Wikipedia:Tutorial/Wikipedia links Help:Contents/Browse/Links Help:Link Help:Self link Help:What links here – identifying wikilinks that point to an existing page User:JL-Bot – corrects links that are in the format of external links but should be wikilinks Technical: Help:Link color Help:Link#Conversion to canonical form – how wikilinks work Wikipedia:Template messages/Links Template:Querylink – to make URL for a Wikipedia page, where the URL has a query string, look like a wikilink Tools: User:Zocky/Link Complete – JavaScript tool which adds autocomplete functionality for links in the editing window User:Js/urldecoder - converts urls to wikilinks, if applicable User:Ucucha/duplinks - script that highlights links that occur more than once in an article. Articles which lack outgoing wikilinks: Special:DeadendPages Wikipedia:Dead-end pages (no longer run; excess load on server) Fixing: User:Nickj/Can We Link It – tool (inactive since 2009) that was formerly included in the {{deadend}} template User:Nickj/Link Suggester - inactive; was superseded by "Can We Link It" tool Articles which lack incoming wikilinks ("orphan" articles): Special:Lonelypages User:Yetanotherbot – adds {{orphan}} template to Lonelypages lacking such Wikipedia:WikiProject Orphanage Category:All orphaned articles "Find link" tool - searches for possible articles in which to create incoming links (info: User:Edward/Find link) User:JL-Bot – checks articles tagged as orphans, and removes the tag if it is no longer applicable WP:VPPR#Proposal to move the Orphan tags to the talk page - (successful) proposal, December 2013, to move all "orphan" tags to article talk pages Other: Special:Mostlinked – pages with the most links pointing to them Template:Underlinked Wikipedia:Link intersection (feature request) – using wikilinks in searches Six degrees of Wikipedia – shortest path query solver Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/Autolink – makes plaintext wikilinks and templates clickable, for example on monobook.js pages  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#WMF   WP:EIW#Foundation  Wikimedia Foundation – the parent organization of Wikipedia and numerous other collaborative projects such as Wiktionary and Wikibooks wmf:Home m:Metapub – central place for questions and discussions about the Foundation and its projects m:Wikimedia Embassy – central place for resources to help with cross-language issues that affect everyone Wikimedia Foundation – Wikipedia article Foundation blog Wikipedia:Elections#Wikimedia Board Wikimedia Information Kit, September 2006 (pdf) Inside Wikimedia (video, 2009) Projects: Wikipedia:Projects of Wikimedia Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects (Manual of Style) mw:Special:SiteMatrix – list of two-digit abbreviations for all Wikimedia Foundation wikis Wikipedia:Office actions (WP:OFFICE) (policy) – immediate editing actions to deal with potential legal issues  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#WP1.0   WP:EIW#Version1.0  Wikipedia 1.0: (see also Stable versions) Wikipedia:Pushing to 1.0 Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team Presentation, June 2006 (pdf)  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Community  Wikipedia as a community (see also Criticism (of Wikipedia), Experts, News (about Wikipedia), WikiProjects) m:Wikicommunity Participants: Wikipedia:Editor Wikipedia:Who writes Wikipedia m:Why Wikimedians edit m:New contributor objections (barriers/problems) m:Edits by project and country of origin Wikipedia:Why to contribute (essay) Wikipedia:Job center - "The intention is to describe kinds of tasks that are done, not to ask for help with a specific task." Wikipedia:Don't-give-a-fuckism (essay) - on the value of being non-attached to praise or other things Wikipedian Wikipedia:Wikipedians Category:Wikipedians – collects subcategories that editors use to label themselves, many generated by userboxes Wikipedia:Wikipedians with articles – Wikipedia editors notable enough (almost always for other reasons) to have a mainspace article about them Wikipedia:Facebook directory Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians Wikipedia:Editors matter (essay) Wikipedia:Patrols Template:Wikipediholism Books: How Wikipedia Works (September 2008) ISBN 978-1593271763 The Wikipedia Revolution (March 2009) ISBN 978-1401303716 (website) The World and Wikipedia: How we are editing reality (August 2009) ISBN 978-0956205209 Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia (September 2010) ISBN 978-0262014472 (website) Philosophies: m:Conflicting Wikipedia philosophies Wikipedia:Laissez-faire (essay) – also known as "wikilibertarianism" Wikipedia:Why do you care? (essay) User:Raul654/Raul's laws Forums: Wikipedia:Community portal – "the central place to find out what's happening on Wikipedia" Wikipedia:Village pump – discussion of technical issues, policies, and operations of Wikipedia The WikBack – for those who prefer a web-based forum (December 2007 announcement) Research and studies:  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#Research  Wikipedia:Academic studies of Wikipedia Wikipedia:Researching Wikipedia Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikidemia meta:Wikimedia Research Network Wikipedia:Ethically researching Wikipedia – proposal (as of November 2008) Mailing lists: Wiki-research: General info Archives Wiki-research-l: General info Archive "Talk Before You Type: Coordination in Wikipedia", 2007 research paper based on October 2005 database Organizations: (see also WikiProjects) Category:Wikipedian organizations Wikipedia:Concordia – inactive as of December 2006; efforts to revive in early 2007 Wikipedia:Esperanza – defunct as of January 2007 Retention: Wikipedia:Editor engagement meta:Editor engagement experiments meta:List of editor engagement projects Other: Divisiveness: Wikipedia:Divisiveness Wikipedia:Meetup – face-to-face meetings of Wikipedians in cities around the world Wikipedia:Geonotice – a notice displayed to editors who are calculated (based on their IP address) to be in a specific geographical area, such as a metropolitan area. Currently only shown to editors looking at their watchlists. Wikipedia:Wikipediology – a WikiProject for "a serious study of the dynamics and problems of the Wikipedia community and providing resources about the Wikipedia community that currently do not exist" (inactive) Wikipedia:Wikistress Reduction Initiative Category:Wikipedia culture Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikipedia  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#WP   WP:EIW#Basic_Info  Wikipedia basic information: Wikipedia – what it is, history, hardware and software, funding, authorship and management, and much more Wikipedia:About What is Wikipedia? (pdf) – two page flyer Wikipedia:History of Wikipedian processes and people Wikipedia:Historic debates Wikipedia:Role of Jimmy Wales Wikipedia:Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia (essay) Late 2001 version of Wikipedia (nostalgia.wikipedia.org) Wikipedia:Why Wikipedia is so great (essay) Wikipedia:Wikipediology/library/essays/Merovingian-1 (essay) – "The Fluid Encyclopedia" – 2001 to 2005 Wikipedia Fundraising Central Online Reporting Engine Category:Wikipedia history Wikipedia:General reading list Wikipedia:Instructional material Wikipedia:Learning the ropes  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#WikiProject   WP:EIW#Project  WikiProjects: (for a WikiProject related to a topic within this index, see that topic) (see also Collaborations) In general: Wikipedia:WikiProject – projects within the English Wikimedia (community) project Wikipedia:WikiProject Council – unofficial group to encourage/assist with wikiprojects Wikipedia:WikiProject Turnkey Project Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide (guideline) – best practices Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide#Advice pages - Any WikiProject advice page that has not been formally approved by the full Wikipedia community has the actual status of an optional essay Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Directory – main directory of WikiProjects Wikipedia:Reform of WikiProjects (essay) "WikiProject Report: Lessons from the dead and dying", Signpost, October 30, 2013 Activity: Wikipedia:Database reports/WikiProject watchers - number of watchers of the main page of each WikiProject Wikipedia:Database reports/WikiProjects by changes - number of changes to all pages in each WikiProject over the last 365 days; User:Topbanana/WPtalk - number of edits on each WikiProject's talk page between 1 March 2012 and 1 September 2012 Logos: "Great WikiProject Logos", Signpost article, October 2011 "More Great WikiProject Logos", Signpost article, December 2013 Bots: User:SatyrBot/WikiProject Services User:MelonBot/Member lists – identifies active and inactive participants User:PaievBot – adds specified text (including a parameterized template) to talk pages of articles in a given category and sub-categories User:MonoBot – Adds WikiProject templates to article talk pages, including an assessment for the article based on previous ratings User:FlagBot – automate the assessment of articles within a WikiProject User:WatchlistBot – tags pages to create project watchlists User:AlexNewArtBot – identifies new articles related to a WikiProject User:PsychAWB – tags articles with WikiProject banners and adds "stub" assessment to the talk page template if an article has a stub template User:BHGbot – puts a template on the talk pages of categories and articles to identify them as being within the scope of a particular WikiProject User:SMS Bot – adds WikiProject banners to talk pages of articles User:LivingBot/ProjectSignup – posts milestones for a WikiProject (for example, reaching 10 Featured articles) to the Wikipedia:Announcements page User:NeraBot – WikiProject tagging User:Giggabot – WikiProject tagging and newspaper delivery User:DyceBot – WikiProject tagging User:SQLBot – tags article talk pages with wikiproject templates User:Yetanotherbot – tags article talk pages with WikiProject templates User:John Bot – tags article talk pages User:Anibot – delivers newsletters User:ENewsBot – delivers newsletters User:Newsletterbot – delivers newsletters User:StormBot – delivers newsletters Other: User:ClockworkSoul/Igor – a standalone multi-functional management tool for maintaining and managing a medium-to-large WikiProject Wikipedia:Awards by WikiProject Template:WikiProject Category:WikiProjects – pages categorized as WikiProjects Wisdom: Wikipedia:Words of wisdom  Shortcuts:   WP:EIW#Words   WP:EIW#Wording  Words and wording: (see also Formatting of text, Spelling) Wikipedia:Manual of Style Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Abbreviations Peacock terms: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Words to watch#Puffery – show, don't tell {{Peacock}} Category:Articles with peacock terms Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Technical language Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary#Neologisms Wikipedia:Rhetoric (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Self-references to avoid (WP:SELF) – "this website", "this Wikipedia article" (okay on talk pages, but not articles) Wikipedia:Technical terms and definitions (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Trademarks Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Words to watch (WP:AWW) Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers#Precise language (WP:DATED) Wikipedia:Make technical articles understandable (Manual of Style) Wikipedia:WikiProject Grammar

X[edit]  Shortcut:   WP:EIW#XML  XML: see Formatting of text, Queries (database) Top of page Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z v t e Wikipedia editor navigation v t e Wikipedia key policies and guidelines Five pillars What Wikipedia is not Ignore all rules Content Verifiability No original research Neutral point of view What Wikipedia is not Biographies of living persons Image use Wikipedia is not a dictionary Article titles Notability Autobiography Citing sources Identifying reliable sources medicine Do not include copies of primary sources Plagiarism Don't create hoaxes Fringe theories Patent nonsense External links Conduct Civility Consensus Editing policy Harassment Vandalism Ignore all rules No personal attacks Ownership of content Edit warring Dispute resolution Sock puppetry No legal threats Child protection Paid-contribution disclosure Assume good faith Conflict of interest Disruptive editing Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point Etiquette Gaming the system Please do not bite the newcomers Courtesy vanishing Deletion Deletion policy Proposed deletion Criteria for speedy deletion Attack page Oversight Proposed deletion of BLP Proposed deletion (books) Revision deletion Enforcement Administrators Banning Blocking Page protection Editing Article size Be bold Disambiguation Hatnotes Set index articles Subpages User pages Talk page guidelines Signatures Broad-concept article Project namespace WikiProjects Style Manual of Style Contents Accessibility Understandability Dates and numbers Images Layout Lead section Linking Lists Classification Categories, lists, and navigation templates Categorization Template namespace WMF List of policies Friendly space policy Licensing and copyright Privacy policy Values FAQ List of all policies and guidelines List of policies List of guidelines Lists of attempts in creating fundamental principles v t e Manual of Style Overview Directory Tips Content Accessibility Biographies Disambiguation pages Infoboxes Linking Self-references Words to watch Formatting Abbreviations Capitalization Dates and numbers Pronunciation Proper names Spelling Text formatting Titles Images Captions Galleries Icons Images Layout Layout Lead section Tables Trivia sections Lists Embedded lists Lists Lists of works Road junctions Stand-alone lists Legal Legal Trademarks Arts Anime & Manga Comics Film Lyrics and Poetry Novels Television Video games Visual arts Writing about fiction Music Music Music samples Record charts Regional Canada China France Hawaii India Ireland Japan Korea Malaysia Philippines Poland Singapore Trinidad and Tobago Religion Islam Latter Day Saints Science Chemistry Computer commands Mathematics Medicine Taxonomy Sports Cue sports Snooker Related Article size Article titles Categories, lists, and navigation templates Categorization Citing sources Hatnotes Military history Signatures Subpages Talk page guidelines Template namespace Understandability User pages Wikimedia sister projects WikiProjects Search Book Category v t e Wikipedia accounts and governance Unregistered (IP) users Why create an account? Create an account Request an account IPs are human too IP addresses are not people IP hopper Registered users New account Logging in Reset passwords Username policy Changing username Usernames for administrator attention Unified login or SUL Alternate account Account security Password strength requirements User account security Personal security practices Two-factor authentication Simple 2FA 2FA for AWB Committed identity On privacy, confidentiality and discretion Compromised accounts Blocks, global locks, bans, sanctions Blocking policy FAQ Admins guide Tools Autoblock Appealing a block Guide to appealing blocks UTRS Unblock Ticket Request System Blocking IP addresses Range blocks IPv6 Open proxies Global locks Banning policy ArbCom appeals Sanctions Personal sanctions General sanctions Discretionary sanctions and Log Essay Long-term abuse Standard offer Related to accounts Sock puppetry Single-purpose account Sleeper account Vandalism-only account Wikibreak Enforcer Retiring Courtesy vanishing Clean start Quiet return User groups and global user groups Requests for permissions Admin instructions Admin guide Account creator PERM Autopatrolled PERM AutoWikiBrowser PERM Confirmed PERM Extended confirmed PERM Edit filter helper File mover PERM Mass message sender PERM New page reviewer PERM Page mover PERM Pending changes reviewer PERM Rollback PERM Template editor PERM IP-block-exempt Requests Courses access Requests Bot accounts Requests Global rights policy OTRS Volunteer Response Team Advanced user groups Administrators RfA Bureaucrats RfB Edit filter manager Requests CheckUser and Oversight Requests Founder Committees and related Arbitration Committee Mediation Committee Bot approvals group Functionaries Clerks Governance Administration FAQ Formal organization Editorial oversight and control Quality control Wikimedia Foundation Board Founder's seat Meta-Wiki Leadership opportunities WikiProjects Elections Policies and guidelines Unbundling administrators' powers Petitions Noticeboards Consensus Dispute resolution Reforms v t e Wikipedia community For a listing of current collaborations, tasks, and news, see the Community portal. For a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests, see the Dashboard. About Wikipedia Welcome! Administration News The Signpost Goings-on In the media Meetups Mailing lists Wikipedians Statistics Milestones The Wikipedia Library Centralized discussion Village pump Idea lab Policy Proposals Technical Miscellaneous Awards Reward board Contests Contents and grading Requested articles Most-wanted articles Images needing articles Articles needing images Articles for creation Creation Help Vital articles Today's articles for improvement Peer review Good article nominations Featured article candidates Lists Pictures Portals Topics Article translation Pages Main Page Errors WikiProjects and collaborations Directory Culture and the arts Geographical History and society Science, technology and engineering Wikipedia assistance and tasks Patrols Recent changes Counter-Vandalism Unit Version 1.0 Editorial Team Accessibility Organizations category Maintenance tasks Task Center Open tasks Backlog Category Admin category Edit requests Category Database reports Category tracker Dusty articles Special pages New pages Recent changes Controversial issues Administrators and noticeboards Administrators' noticeboard Incidents Edit warring Vandalism Admin dashboard Admin requests Closure Page protection User permissions Sockpuppets Open proxies Revision deletion Oversight Request Usernames Changing Title blacklist OTRS Bureaucrats' Requests for adminship and bureaucratship Arbitration Committee Requests Enforcement Content dispute resolution Editor assistance Requests for comment Third opinion Dispute resolution noticeboard Biographies of living persons Conflict of interest External links Fringe theories Neutral point of view No original research Reliable sources Mediation Other noticeboards and assistance Regional notice boards Requests for help Category Asking questions Teahouse Help desk Reference desk Adopt-a-user Online Ambassadors Copyright assistance Copyright investigations Text problems Media questions Paid editors Resource requests Mergers History mergers Moves Page importation Spam Blacklist Whitelist Bots Education New pages patrol General sanctions Editor sanctions Long-term abuse Deletion discussions Guide Admin Today Articles Templates Files Categories Redirects Miscellany Speedy Proposed BLP Books Review Undeletion Arguments to avoid Arguments to make Article Rescue Elections and votings Requests for comment (meta) Wikimedia Foundation elections WP Democracy Voting is not evil Milestones Directories and summaries Departments Edit summary legend Editor's index Essays FAQs Glossary Abbreviations Help Manual of Style Simplified Rules Five pillars Policies Guidelines Shortcuts Template messages Citation templates Tips Today Tools Wikis Wiki markup Book Media Category Templates v t e Essays about Wikipedia Essays on building, editing, and deleting content Philosophy Articles must be written Avoid vague introductions Be a reliable source Cohesion Concede lost arguments Eight simple rules for editing our encyclopedia Don't lie Explanationism External criticism of Wikipedia Here to build an encyclopedia Most ideas are bad Need Neutrality of sources Not editing because of Wikipedia restriction Oversimplification Paradoxes Paraphrasing POV and OR from editors, sources, and fields Product, process, policy Purpose There is no seniority Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia Tendentious editing The role of policies in collaborative anarchy The rules are principles Trifecta Wikipedia in brief Wikipedia is an encyclopedia Wikipedia is a community Construction 100K featured articles Acronym Overkill Advanced source searching Adding images improves the encyclopedia Advanced article editing Advanced table formatting Advanced template coding Advanced text formatting Alternatives to the "Expand" template Amnesia test A navbox on every page An unfinished house is a real problem Articles have a half-life Autosizing images Avoid mission statements Bare URLs Be neutral in form Beef up that first revision Blind men and an elephant Cherrypicking Children's lit, adult new readers, & large-print books Citation overkill Citation underkill Concept cloud Creating controversial content Criticisms of society may be consistent with NPOV and reliability Dictionaries as sources Don't demolish the house while it's still being built Don't hope the house will build itself Don't panic Editing on mobile devices Editors are not mindreaders Endorsements (commercial) Featured articles may have problems Fruit of the poisonous tree Give an article a chance Ignore STRONGNAT for date formats Inaccuracy Introduction to structurism Law sources Link rot Mine a source Merge Test Minors and persons judged incompetent "Murder of" articles Not every story/event/disaster needs a biography Not everything needs a navbox Nothing is in stone Organizing disambiguation pages by subject area Permastub Potential, not just current state Printability Pruning article revisions Publicists Put a little effort into it Restoring part of a reverted edit Robotic editing Sham consensus Run an edit-a-thon Temporary versions of articles There is a deadline There is no deadline The deadline is now Walled garden What an article should not include Wikipedia is a work in progress Wikipedia is not a reliable source Wikipedia is not being written in an organized fashion The world will not end tomorrow Write the article first Writing better articles Deletion Adjectives in your recommendations AfD is not a war zone Arguments to avoid in deletion discussions Arguments to avoid in deletion reviews Arguments to avoid in image deletion discussions Arguments to make in deletion discussions Avoid repeated arguments Before commenting in a deletion discussion But there must be sources! Confusing arguments mean nothing Content removal Counting and sorting are not original research Delete the junk Does deletion help? Don't overuse shortcuts to policy and guidelines to win your argument Follow the leader How to save an article proposed for deletion I just don't like it Immunity Liar Liar Pants on Fire Nothing Overzealous deletion Relisting can be abusive Relist bias The Heymann Standard Unopposed AFD discussion Wikipedia is not Whack-A-Mole Why was the page I created deleted? What to do if your article gets tagged for speedy deletion When in doubt, hide it in the woodwork No Encyclopedic Use Essays on civility The basics How to be civil Compromise Accepting other users Enjoy yourself Expect no thanks Thank you Apologizing Truce Divisiveness Encouraging newcomers Relationships with academic editors High-functioning autism and Asperger's editors Obsessive Compulsive Disorder editors Philosophy A weak personal attack is still wrong Advice for hotheads An uncivil environment is a poor environment Be the glue Civility warnings Deletion as revenge Failure Forgive and forget It's not the end of the world Nobody cares Most people who disagree with you on content are not vandals Old Fashioned Wikipedian Values Staying cool when the editing gets hot The grey zone The last word There is no Divine Right Of Editors Most ideas are bad Nothing is clear The rules of polite discourse There is no common sense Wikipedia is not about winning Writing for the opponent Dos Argue better Assume good faith Assume the assumption of good faith Assume no clue Avoid personal remarks Avoid the word "vandal" Beyond civility Call a spade a spade Candor Drop the stick and back slowly away from the horse carcass Deny recognition Encourage full discussions Get over it How to lose Just drop it Keep it down to earth Mind your own business Don'ts Don't give a fuck Don't be inconsiderate Don't be rude Don't call a spade a spade Don't call the kettle black Don't take the bait Do not insult the vandals Don't come down like a ton of bricks Don't be ashamed Don't drink the consensus Kool-Aid Don't spite your face Don't call things cruft No angry mastodons No, you can't have a pony Don't be an ostrich Don't template the regulars Don't be a fanatic Don't accuse someone of a personal attack for accusing of a personal attack Don't fight fire with fire Don't be prejudiced Don't remind others of past misdeeds Don't throw your toys out of the pram Don't help too much Passive aggression Don't cry COI Don't be obnoxious Don't be a WikiBigot Don't confuse stub status with non-notability Don't eat the troll's food You can't squeeze blood from a turnip Wiki relations WikiLove WikiHate WikiCrime WikiBullying WikiPeace WikiLawyering WikiHarassment POV Railroading Essays on notability Notability Alternative outlets Articles with a single source Bare notability Bombardment Businesses with a single location But it's true! Citation overkill Clones Coatrack articles Common sourcing mistakes Discriminate vs indiscriminate information Every snowflake is unique Existence ≠ Notability Fart Google searches and numbers High Schools Inclusion is not an indicator of notability Inherent notability Insignificant Masking the lack of notability Make stubs News coverage does not decrease notability No amount of editing can overcome a lack of notability No big loss No one cares about your garage band No one really cares Notability/Historical/Arguments Notability cannot be purchased Notability is not a level playing field Notability is not a matter of opinion Notability is not relevance or reliability Notability means impact Notability points Notability sub-pages Obscurity ≠ Lack of notability Offline sources One hundred words One sentence does not an article make Other stuff exists Pokémon test Read the source Run-of-the-mill Significant coverage not required Solutions are mixtures and nothing else Subjective importance What notability is not What is and is not routine coverage What to include Wikipedia is not here to tell the world about your noble cause General notability guideline Independent sources Significant coverage Trivial mentions Humorous essays Humorous material Assume bad faith Assume faith Assume good wraith Assume stupidity Assume that everyone's assuming good faith, assuming that you are assuming good faith Avoid using preview button Avoid using wikilinks BOLD, revert, revert, revert Boston Tea Party Barnstaritis Don't-give-a-fuckism Edits Per Day Editsummarisis Go ahead, vandalize How many Wikipedians does it take to change a lightbulb? 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DemocracyWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:Email ConfirmationWikipedia:Emailing UsersWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Wikipedia Is An EncyclopediaWikipedia:ENCWikipedia:What Wikipedia Is NotWikipedia:NOTWikipedia:External Peer ReviewWikipedia:Size ComparisonsWikipedia:Wikipedia Is A Work In ProgressWikipedia:WIPWikipedia:There Is A DeadlineWikipedia:FancruftWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWCriticism Of WikipediaWikipedia:Replies To Common ObjectionsWikipedia:Why Wikipedia Is Not So GreatUser:Ta Bu Shi Da Yu/Global PoliticianWikipedia:Evaluating Wikipedia As An EncyclopediaWikipedia:Wikipedia Is SucceedingWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:List Of PoliciesWikipedia:General SanctionsWikipedia:Requests For Administrator AttentionWikipedia:Administrators' NoticeboardWikipedia:ANWikipedia:Confidential EvidenceWikipedia:Blocking PolicyWikipedia:BLOCKHelp:I Have Been BlockedWikipedia:New Admin/BlockingWikipedia:Admins Willing To Make Difficult BlocksCategory:Wikipedia 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Article/requestsWikipedia:Featured Article StatisticsWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-07-21/DispatchesWikipedia:Featured Articles/2012 RfC On FA LeadershipWikipedia:Compare Criteria Good V. FeaturedUser:Feature HistorianUser:Yannismarou/Ten Rules To Make An Article FAWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-02-18/TutorialUser:Giano/A Fool's Guide To Writing A Featured ArticleUser:Dweller/Dweller, On Featured Article CandidatesUser:Tony1/How To Improve Your WritingWikipedia:Featured Article Help DeskWikipedia:One Featured Article Per QuarterWikipedia:100,000 Feature-quality ArticlesWikipedia:Article Collaboration And Improvement DriveWikipedia:Stabilizing Featured ArticlesWikipedia:Featured Articles In Other LanguagesWikipedia:Featured TopicsWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-09-08/Dispatches 1Wikipedia:List Of Wikipedians By Featured Article NominationsWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:Featured ListsWikipedia:List Of Wikipedians By Featured List NominationsWikipedia:Featured PicturesWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2009-01-24/DispatchesPortal:Featured PortalsWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-05-26/DispatchesWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2009-02-23/DispatchesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Writing About FictionWikipedia:Notability (fiction)Wikipedia:Television EpisodesWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Anime- And Manga-related ArticlesWikipedia:WikiProject Video GamesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Notability (films)Wikipedia:Naming Conventions (films)Wikipedia:WikiProject FilmWikipedia:WikiProject Film/Style Guidelines/Copy-editing EssentialsWikipedia:How To Write A Plot SummaryWikipedia:Plot-only Description Of Fictional WorksCategory:Wikipedia Articles With Plot Summary Needing AttentionWikipedia:WikiProject Deletion Sorting/FilmWikipedia:IMDbPortal:FilmWikipedia:Five PillarsHelp:Five PillarsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/IconsWikipedia:WikiProject Flag TemplateWikipedia:TypographyWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Text FormattingCategory:Multilingual Support TemplatesWikipedia:Manual Of Style/AccessibilityTemplate:LangWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Text FormattingHelp:EditingHelp:Wiki MarkupHelp:HTML In WikitextWikipedia:Tutorial/FormattingWikipedia:Manual Of Style/AccessibilityHelp:CheatsheetWikipedia:Manual Of Style/ComputingComputer ScienceWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:Using ColoursUser:Trödel/Color Chart (8-bit)Wikipedia:Manual Of Style/AccessibilityWikipedia:WikiProject ColorWikipedia:Don't Use Line BreaksWikipedia:Line-break HandlingHelp:Newlines And SpacesTemplate:NowrapWikipedia:Manual Of Style/TitlesWikipedia:Naming Conventions (books)Wikipedia:SpamWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Department Of FunWikipedia:List Of Shortcuts/Project ShortcutsWikipedia:April Fool's Main PageCategory:Wikipedia GamesWikipedia:Wikipedia HolidaysWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWUser:NoSeptember/FunctionariesCategory:Wikipedia FunctionariesWikipedia:User Access LevelsSpecial:ListUsersWikipedia:Global Rights PolicyWikipedia:Arbitration Committee/ClerksWikipedia:Review BoardWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWSpecial:PreferencesSpecial:GadgetsWikipedia:GadgetWikipedia:GADGETWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:What Wikipedia Is NotWikipedia:Image Use PolicyWikipedia:Picture TutorialHelp:Gallery TagTemplate:GalleryWikipedia:Gallery PagesWikipedia:General DisclaimerWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Obtaining Geographic CoordinatesWikipedia:WikiProject Geographical CoordinatesWikipedia:Database Reports/Articles Containing Overlapping CoordinatesTemplate:CoordWikipedia:WikiProject MicroformatsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Image Use PolicyWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:GLAMPortal:Contents/List Of GlossariesWikipedia:WikiProject GlossariesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Good ArticlesWikipedia:Good Article CriteriaWikipedia:Good Article NominationsWikipedia:Good Article ReassessmentWikipedia:Good Article StatisticsWikipedia:WikiProject Good ArticlesWikipedia:Good Article Collaboration Of The WeekWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWGoogle EarthWikipedia:Google Web AcceleratorTemplate:Google TemplatesTemplate:GoogleTemplate:Google CustomTemplate:Google ImagesTemplate:Google TranslationWikipedia:Purging Google Search ResultsWikipedia:GOOGLEPURGEWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Gothic KeyboardingHelp:FontsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Graphics TutorialsHelp:Displaying A FormulaWikipedia:ASCII Art Conversion ToolWikipedia:How To Create Charts For Wikipedia ArticlesWikipedia:Graphs And ChartsCategory:Bar Chart TemplatesCategory:Chart Formatting TemplatesWikipedia:Graphics LabWikipedia:How To Draw A Diagram With DiaWikipedia:How To Draw A Diagram With InkscapeWikipedia:Historical Archive/How To Draw A Diagram With Microsoft WordWikipedia:Naming Conventions (Greek)Wikipedia:Harmonious Editing ClubWikipedia:WikiProject MicroformatsWikipedia:WikiProject MicroformatsHelp:HebrewWikipedia:Naming Conventions (Hebrew)Category:Wikipedia Hebrew TemplatesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWTemplate:Help MeTemplate:Help MeCategory:Wikipedians Looking For HelpTemplate:Admin HelpCategory:Wikipedians Looking For Help From AdministratorsWikipedia:Help DeskWikipedia:HDWikipedia:Highly Active UsersWikipedia:HAUWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:ContentsHelp:Contents/DirectoryWikipedia:Help Desk PatrolWikipedia:Help ProjectTemplate:Help NavigationCategory:Wikipedia Help ProjectsWikipedia:FAQWikipedia:Village Pump (technical)/FAQCategory:Wikipedia HelpCategory:Wikipedia Basic InformationCategory:Wikipedia Editor HelpCategory:Wikipedia FAQsCategory:Wikipedia How-toCategory:Wikipedia Help ForumsCategory:Wikipedia Help TemplatesHelp:WikiHiero SyntaxWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:How To Read An Article HistoryHelp:Page HistoryWikipedia:Copyright Violations On History PagesWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/HistoryCountWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/Six TabsHelp:DiffWikipedia:Simplest Diff GuideWikipedia:Simple Diff And Link GuideWikipedia:Complete Diff And Link GuideWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/Compare LinkWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/Changes Since I Last EditedMediaWiki Talk:Monobook.css/Archive 4User:Cacycle/wikEdDiffUser:Js/diffsSpecial:ExportWikipedia:Selective DeletionWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWUser:Stevage/EnhanceHistory.user.jsUser:AmiDaniel/WhodunitQueryWikipedia:Link RotUser:AmiDaniel/SHMMediaWiki:HistlegendWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Do Not Create HoaxesCategory:Suspected Hoax ArticlesWikipedia:List Of Hoaxes On WikipediaCategory:Wikipedia How-toHelp:HTML In WikitextWikipedia:ToolsHelp:Markup ValidationCategory:Wikipedia HumorTemplate:Wikipedia EssaysWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:File PageHelp:FilesWikipedia:Contact Us - LicensingWikipedia:Image Use PolicyWikipedia:MediaWikipedia:No 3D IllustrationsWikipedia:Picture TutorialWikipedia:Ten Things You May Not Know About Images On WikipediaWikipedia:WikiProject Images And MediaCategory:Wikipedia Image HelpUser:Smurrayinchester/Tutorial/ImagesWikipedia:Image PlaceholdersWikipedia:Requested PicturesWikipedia:Photo Matching ServiceCategory:Wikipedia Requested PhotographsTemplate:Image RequestedUser:PhotoCatBotWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Finding Images TutorialWikipedia:Public Domain Image ResourcesWikipedia:Free Image ResourcesWikipedia:Wikipedians/PhotographersWikipedia:Photo Matching ServiceWikipedia:Preparing Images For UploadWikipedia:How To Improve Image QualityWikipedia:How To Reduce Colors For Saving A JPEG As PNGWikipedia:Basic Bitmap Image EditingWikipedia:File Upload WizardWikipedia:Uploading ImagesMediaWiki:UploadtextWikipedia:Upload/Replace This Image/PeopleWikipedia:File NamesWikipedia:File Copyright TagsSpecial:UploadWikipedia:Files For UploadWikipedia:Manual Of StyleWikipedia:Extended Image SyntaxTemplate:ClearTemplate:CSS Image CropTemplate:Annotated ImageTemplate:Annotated Image 4Wikipedia:Alternative Text For ImagesWikipedia:Manual Of Style/AccessibilityWikipedia:Manual Of Style/CaptionsTemplate:Plain Image With CaptionWikipedia:WikiProject Writing CaptionsWikipedia:How To Fix Bunched-up Edit LinksHelp:File PageWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:Featured PicturesWikipedia:Featured Picture CriteriaWikipedia:Featured Picture CandidatesWikipedia:Valued PicturesWikipedia:Graphics LabWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-03-13/DispatchesWikipedia:Image Use PolicyWikipedia:Guide To Image DeletionWikipedia:Arguments To Avoid In Image Deletion DiscussionsWikipedia:Files For DiscussionCategory:Orphaned Non-free Use Wikipedia FilesSpecial:UnusedFilesSpecial:FileDuplicateSearchWikipedia:File Namespace NoticeboardUser:ImageTaggingBotUser:STBotIUser:BJBotUser:ImageRemovalBotUser:OrphanBotUser:Erwin85BotTemplate:Di-orphaned Fair UseUser:ImageBacklogBotUser:John Bot IIUser:FairuseBotTemplate:Annotated ImageTemplate:Annotated Image 4User:Howcheng/quickimgdelete.jsWikipedia:WikiProject PhotographyWikipedia:WikiProject Images And MediaWikipedia:Template Messages/File NamespaceSpecial:NewFilesSpecial:ListFilesHelp:Options To Hide An ImageTemplate:External MediaSpecial:FilePathWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:How To Import ArticlesHelp:WordToWikiWikipedia:ToolsWikipedia:Inclusion Is Not An Indicator Of NotabilityWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWSpecial:AllPagesPortal:Contents/A–Z IndexPortal:Contents/CategoriesWikipedia:Index (disambiguation)Wikipedia:WikiProject IndexesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Naming Conventions (Indic)Help:Multilingual Support (Indic)Wikipedia:Bangla Script Display HelpWikipedia:Kannada SupportPortal:BangladeshPortal:IndiaPortal:PakistanPortal:Sri LankaWikipedia:Guide For Indymedia AuthorsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:InfoboxWikipedia:Manual Of Style/InfoboxesHelp:Infobox PictureHelp:Designing InfoboxesWikipedia:DisinfoboxesCategory:Infobox TemplatesWikipedia:How To Read A Color InfoboxWikipedia:WikiProject InfoboxesWikipedia:Thinking Outside The InfoboxWikipedia:Chemical InfoboxTemplate:Taxobox/docWikipedia:How To Read A TaxoboxCategory:Biography Articles Without InfoboxesCategory:Wikipedia Articles With An Infobox RequestCategory:Wikipedia Infobox CleanupWikipedia:WikiProject Accessibility/InfoboxesUser:Helpful Pixie BotWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2013-07-10/DispatchWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:Interlanguage LinksUser:Equazcion/SidebarTranslateWikipedia:WikidataCategory:WikidataWikipedia:WikiProject Interlanguage LinksWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:IRCWikipedia:IRC/TutorialWikipedia:ScriptsWikipedia:List Of Administrators/IRC NicknamesWikipedia:IRC/Personal Views Regarding IRCUser:Geogre/IRC ConsideredCategory:User Essays On IRCWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Wikimedia Sister ProjectsHelp:Interwiki LinkingHelp:Interwikimedia LinksWikipedia:Linking To Other WikisHelp:Custom NamespacesUser:COBotUser:JL-BotWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of 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NotabilityWikipedia:Inclusion Is Not An Indicator Of NotabilityWikipedia:WikipufferyWikipedia:Other Stuff ExistsTemplate:Wikipedia EssaysWikipedia:Notability (science)Wikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWTemplate:CrefTemplate:CnoteChe GuevaraPericlesTemplate:RefTemplate:NoteWikipedia:NoticeboardsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Dates And NumbersWikipedia:Naming Conventions (numbers And Dates)Wikipedia:Notability (numbers)Wikipedia:WikiProject NumbersTemplate:NowrapWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWPortal:Contents/OutlinesCategory:Wikipedia OutlinesCategory:WikiProject Outlines ArticlesWikipedia:WikiProject OutlinesWikipedia:OvercategorizationWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:OversightWikipedia:Requests For OversightWikipedia:Arbitration Committee/CheckUser And OversightWikipedia:Arbitration Committee/CheckUser And Oversight AppointmentsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Ownership Of ArticlesWikipedia:OWNCategory:PanoramaTemplate:Wide 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ArgumentWikipedia:Don't Cite Essays Or Proposals As If They Were PolicyWikipedia:Style Of Policy And Guideline PagesWikipedia:Avoid Instruction CreepWikipedia:How To Contribute To Wikipedia GuidanceWikipedia:Editing Policy PagesWikipedia:Overlapping Policies And GuidelinesWikipedia:Requests For Comment/Wikipedia Policies And GuidelinesWikipedia:Centralized DiscussionTemplate:CentCategory:Wikipedia ProposalsWikipedia:Village Pump (policy)Category:Wikipedia ProposalsWikipedia:Centralized Discussion/ArchiveWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsCategory:Wikipedia Failed ProposalsWikipedia:WikiProject Policy And GuidelinesWikipedia:Process Is ImportantWikipedia:Policy PatrolWikipedia:If You Could Re-write The RulesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:PortalWikipedia:PWikipedia:Portal GuidelinesWikipedia:Portal/DirectoryPortal:Contents/PortalsWikipedia:Move Navigational Lists To Portal NamespaceWikipedia:WikiProject PortalsCategory:PortalsWikipedia:Portal Peer ReviewPortal:Featured PortalsWikipedia:Featured Portal CriteriaWikipedia:Featured Portal CandidatesUser:AlexNewArtBotUser:Wikinews Importer BotWikinewsWikipedia:Community PortalWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Portuguese-related ArticlesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:Show PreviewHelp:Editing ShortcutsUser:Pilaf~enwiki/InstaViewUser:Js/ajaxPreviewUser:CBM/quickpreview.jsUser:Anomie/ajaxpreview.jsUser:FT2/scripts/previewrefs.jsHelp:PrintableWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Privacy PolicyWikipedia:How To Not Get Outed On WikipediaWikipedia:PrivacyWikipedia:Respect PrivacyUser:Anakin101/alwayssecurewikipedia.jsWikipedia:HarassmentWikipedia:Protecting Children's PrivacyWikipedia:Selective DeletionWikipedia:OversightWikipedia:Requests For OversightWikipedia:Courtesy VanishingWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:What Wikipedia Is NotWikipedia:Process Is ImportantWikipedia:Practical ProcessWikipedia:Product, Process, PolicyWikipedia:Closing DiscussionsWikipedia:Snowball ClauseCategory:Wikipedia ProcessesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:NOTWikipedia:PROMOTIONTemplate:AdvertCategory:All Articles With A Promotional ToneWikipedia:Promotional DraftsCategory:Wikipedia Promotional FilesCategory:Promotional PhotosTemplate:Non-free PromotionalWikipedia:Project NamespaceWikipedia:Historical ArchiveWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/PronunciationHelp:Pronunciation Respelling KeyHelp:IPAHelp:IPA/Conventions For EnglishHelp:IPA/EnglishCategory:Requests For Audio PronunciationWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Village Pump (proposals)Wikipedia:Village Pump (proposals)/Persistent ProposalsCategory:Wikipedia Proposals In Experimental StageWikipedia:Areas For ReformWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:ProtectionWikipedia:Protection PolicyWikipedia:PROTCategory:Page ProtectionWikipedia:Requests For Page ProtectionWikipedia:RPPCategory:Wikipedia Protected Edit RequestsWikipedia:High-risk TemplatesWikipedia:New Admin/ProtectingUser:Steel359/Protection JsMediaWiki:SemiprotectedpagewarningTemplate:Edit Semi-protectedTemplate:EditprotectedWikipedia:Pending ChangesWikipedia:ReviewingSpecial:StablePagesSpecial:PendingChangesWikipedia:ReviewingWikipedia:Requests For Permissions/ReviewerSpecial:AdvancedReviewLogWikipedia:Flagged RevisionsCategory:Wikipedia Flagged RevisionsWikipedia:Flagged Protection And Patrolled RevisionsWikipedia:PC2012Wikipedia:Pending Changes CaveatsWikipedia:Patrolled RevisionsWikipedia:Deferred RevisionsWikipedia:Main Page Featured Article ProtectionWikipedia:For And Against TFA ProtectionWikipedia Talk:Don't Protect Main Page Featured Articles/December Main Page FA AnalysisWikipedia Talk:Don't Protect Main Page Featured Articles/December 2008 Main Page FA AnalysisWikipedia Talk:Don't Protect Main Page Featured Articles/December 2013 Main Page FA AnalysisUser:DumbBOTUser:COBotUser:MaelgwnbotUser:Emijrp/StatisticsSpecial:ProtectedPagesWikipedia:List Of Indefinitely Protected PagesWikipedia:Rough Guide To Semi-protectionWikipedia:New Admin/Protecting Deleted PagesWikipedia:Version To ProtectWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of StyleWikipedia:WikiProject PunctuationUser:GregU/dashes.jsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Article DevelopmentWikipedia:Simplified RulesetWikipedia:Writing Better ArticlesWikipedia:The Perfect ArticleUser:AndyZ/SuggestionsWikipedia:Requests For FeedbackWikipedia:Peer ReviewUser:CloudNineBotUser:AndyZ/peerreviewerWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-09-15/DispatchesCategory:WikiProject Peer ReviewsUser:CloudNineBotUser:PeerReviewBotWikipedia:Scientific Peer ReviewWikipedia:Academic Peer ReviewWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:WikiProject Council/Assessment FAQWikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/AssessmentCategory:WikiProject AssessmentsUser:VeblenBotWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2005-11-21/News And NotesWikipedia:Article FeedbackWikipedia:Article Feedback ToolSpecial:ArticleFeedbackv5 (page Does Not Exist)Wikipedia:Feedback WalkthroughWikipedia:Feedback GuidelinesWikipedia:Article Feedback/NoticeboardWikipedia:Forum For Encyclopedic StandardsWikipedia:Quality ControlWikipedia:100,000 Feature-quality ArticlesCategory:Wikipedia Editorial ValidationWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Database QueriesUser Talk:TonyBotWikipedia:WikiProject Database AnalysisUser:Bluemoose/DataBaseSearchToolWikipedia:Computer Help Desk/ParseMediaWikiDumpWikipedia:ScriptsWikidataWikipedia:WikidataDBpediaWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:QuestionsWikipedia:Help DeskWikipedia:HDWikipedia:New Contributors' Help PageWikipedia:NCHPWikipedia:Media Copyright QuestionsWikipedia:MCQWikipedia:Village Pump (technical)Wikipedia:VPTWikipedia:Reference DeskWikipedia:RDTemplate:Help MeWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Tools/Navigation ShortcutsUser:Gadget850/Help:Customizing ToolbarsWikipedia:Requests For Comment/Sidebar UpdateUser:Equazcion/SidebarTranslateHelp:User StyleUser:Keepcalm444/floatingnavWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of StyleMOS:QUOTEWikipedia:Manual Of StyleMOS:QUOTEMARKSWikipedia:Manual Of StyleWikipedia:QuotationsWikipedia:QUOTETemplate:QuoteWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWSpecial:RandomWikipedia:RandomSpecial:RandomInCategoryUser Talk:GregU/randomlink.jsPortal:Middle-earth/Random-articleWikipedia:Random Page PatrolWikipedia:Random Pages TestUser:Misza13/RandomWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWSpecial:RecentChangesHelp:Recent ChangesHelp:Enhanced Recent ChangesUser:Lupin/Recent IP EditsHelp:Related ChangesWikipedia:ScriptsWikipedia:IRCMonitorWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Red LinkMediaWiki:Red-link-titleWikipedia:WikiProject Red Link RecoveryWikipedia:Most Wanted ArticlesWikipedia:MWAWikipedia:Articles Requested For More Than A YearWikipedia:Write The Article FirstWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:RedirectHelp:RedirectWikipedia:Template Messages/Redirect PagesWikipedia:Soft 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StubsUser:Ais523/stubtagtab.jsTemplate:StubUser:GiggabotUser:AddbotCategory:StubsUser:RockfangBotWikipedia:Computer Help Desk/cleanup/stubsensor/20060810Wikipedia:WikiProject StubsensorWikipedia:WikiProject Stub SortingWikipedia:WikiProject Anti-StubWikipedia:Stub MakersWikipedia:Stub ContestWikipedia:Weekly Contest/Growing 41 StubsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of StyleWikipedia:Guidance On Applying The Manual Of StyleWikipedia:Requests For Comment/Wikipedia Style And NamingWikipedia:Annotated ArticleWikipedia:List Of PoliciesUser:Tony1/Monthly Updates Of Styleguide And Policy ChangesCategory:Wikipedia Style GuidelinesWikipedia:Abundance And RedundancyUser:Wooyi/ReadabilityWikipedia:CriticismWikipedia:WikiProject UsabilityUser:Tony1/Redundancy Exercises: Removing Fluff From Your WritingWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:SubpagesWikipedia:SPWikipedia:User PagesWikipedia:USERUser:UberScienceNerd/Tutorials/Using 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SuppressionSpecial:WantedTemplatesWikipedia:High-risk TemplatesWikipedia:Templates For DiscussionCategory:Pages Containing Omitted Template ArgumentsCategory:Pages Where Template Include Size Is ExceededWikipedia:Templates With Red LinksHelp:Job QueueWikipedia:PurgeWikipedia:NULLEDITWikipedia:NULLCategory:Wikipedia TemplatesCategory:Intricate TemplatesWikipedia:AN/IWikipedia:WikiProject Inline TemplatesTemplate:FactWikipedia:Avoid Template CreepWikipedia:Avoid Using Meta-templatesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/AbbreviationsWikipedia:Disambiguation And AbbreviationsWikipedia:GlossaryWikipedia:Tutorial/GlossaryWikipedia:Edit Summary LegendWikipedia:WikiSpeakLeft-to-right MarkRight-to-left MarkBi-directional TextWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Thailand-related ArticlesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Community PortalUser:SuggestBotWikipedia:MaintenanceWikipedia:The Cure For WikiBoredomWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Threats Of ViolenceUser:Mendaliv/TOV 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CoordinationWikipedia:Contributing To Articles Outside Your Native LanguageWikipedia:Local EmbassyWikipedia:Language Recognition ChartHelp:Special CharactersHelp:Multilingual SupportCategory:Multilingual Support TemplatesWikipedia:Copying Within WikipediaTemplate:Expand LanguageCategory:Expand By Language Wikipedia TemplatesTemplate:Rough TranslationTemplate:Cleanup-translationTemplate:Proofreader NeededTemplate:Translated PageTemplate:Not EnglishTemplate:Rough TranslationWikipedia:Pages Needing Translation Into EnglishCategory:Wikipedia Articles Needing TranslationWikipedia:Content Contradictory To Other Language VersionsWikipedia:TranslationWikipedia:French Collaboration ProjectWikipedia:Spanish Translation Of The WeekWikipedia:WikiProject EchoWikipedia:BabelCategory:Available Translators In WikipediaWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Wikimedia Sister ProjectsCategory:Transwiki TemplatesWikipedia:Transwiki LogWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-05-09/Wikiversity InterviewWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Trivia SectionsTemplate:TriviaWikipedia:Handling TriviaWikipedia:"In Popular Culture" ContentWikipedia:WikiProject Trivia CleanupCategory:Articles With Trivia SectionsWikipedia:What Is A Troll?Wikipedia:TROLLWikipedia:Verifiability, Not TruthWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:Neutral Point Of ViewWikipedia:ScriptsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Dates And NumbersTemplate:ConvertCategory:Conversion TemplatesWikipedia:Romanization Of UkrainianWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:EIWMediaWiki:AnoneditwarningWikipedia:IPs Are Human TooWikipedia:Welcome Unregistered EditingWikipedia:Editors Should Be Logged-in Users (failed Proposal)Wikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWHelp:URLWikipedia:Manual Of Style/AccessibilityWikipedia:Tutorial/Citing SourcesTemplate:QuerylinkWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:WikiProject UsabilityUser:M~enwiki/Wikipedia Usability ProblemsUser:AxelBoldt/Wikipedia Usability ProblemsWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Why Create An Account?Wikipedia:The Benefits Of Requiring Account Creation On WikipediaWikipedia:The Benefits Of Not Requiring Account Creation On WikipediaWikipedia:IPs Are Human TooWikipedia:Username PolicyWikipedia:UWikipedia:Tutorial/RegistrationSpecial:UserLoginWikipedia:Request An AccountCAPTCHAHelp:Email ConfirmationWikipedia:Username PolicyWikipedia:Usernames For Administrator AttentionWikipedia:Requests For Comment/User NamesTemplate:Uw-ublockWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsUser:HBC NameWatcherBotUser:DeadBotSpecial:ListUsersWikipedia:Changing UsernameWikipedia:Changing Username/GuidelinesWikipedia:Changing Username/UsurpationsWikipedia:Copying Watchlist To New UsernameWikipedia:Changing Attribution For An EditWikipedia:Delete Unused Username After 90 DaysWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2006-08-07/Wikimania TechWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2007-08-13/Bug ReviewSpecial:MergeAccountSpecial:PreferencesTemplate:HeorsheTemplate:HisorherWikipedia:Account CreatorHelp:User ContributionsWikipedia:Single-purpose AccountWikipedia:User PagesWikipedia:USERSpecial:AllMessagesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:User PagesWikipedia:USERWikipedia:SubpagesWikipedia:Keep It SimpleWikipedia:User Page Design CenterWikipedia:UserficationWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Editor Activity IndicatorUser:Misza13/ScriptsUser:Xenocidic/statusChanger2.jsTemplate:StatustopUser:Hersfold/StatusTemplateUser:TheDJ/QuiUser:Chris G Bot 3Wikipedia:User CategoriesWikipedia:Categories For DiscussionCategory:WikipediansWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/User TabsWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/User Contribs TabsUser:Bahamut0013/Secret PagesWikipedia:Miscellany For Deletion/Secret PagesWikipedia:EditnoticeWikipedia:Template Messages/User NamespaceWikipedia:Template Messages/User Talk NamespaceTemplate:User Committed IdentityWikipedia:Miscellany For Deletion/Autograph BooksWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWSpecial:ListGroupRightsWikipedia:User Access LevelsWikipedia:Requests For PermissionsCategory:Wikipedia Requests For PermissionsWikipedia:Global Rights PolicyWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:WikiProject User ScriptsWikipedia:User Scripts/GuideWikipedia:ToolsWikipedia:Tools/Navigation PopupsHelp:User StyleUser:Aaron Schulz/UsefulJSUser:GeorgeMoney/UserScriptsCategory:Wikipedia ScriptsWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/AutolinkWikipedia:Editor Activity IndicatorTemplate:StatustopUser:Hersfold/StatusTemplateUser:TheDJ/QuiUser:Xenocidic/statusChanger2.jsUser:StatusBotWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:UserboxesWikipedia:UBXWikipedia:Userbox MigrationWikipedia:Userbox MakerWikipedia:WikiProject UserboxesCategory:UserboxesWikipedia:Jimbo On UserboxesWikipedia:JOUWikipedia:UserficationWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Valued PicturesCategory:Wikipedia Valued PicturesWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2009-04-20/DispatchesWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:VandalismWikipedia:VANWikipedia:Cleaning Up VandalismWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2008-01-28/TutorialWikipedia:Vandalism In ProgressWikipedia:Revert, Block, IgnoreWikipedia:Do Not Insult The VandalsWikipedia:Deny RecognitionWikipedia:The Motivation Of A VandalCategory:Wikipedia VandalismWikipedia:Counter-Vandalism Unit/Vandalism StudiesWikipedia:Edit FilterWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2009-03-23/Abuse FilterSpecial:AbuseLogWikiaWikipedia:Guide To Administrator Intervention Against VandalismWikipedia:Administrator Intervention Against VandalismWikipedia:AIVWikipedia:Abuse ResponseWikipedia:ABUSEWikipedia:Administrators' Noticeboard/IncidentsWikipedia:AN/IWikipedia:Counter-Vandalism UnitWikipedia:Recent Changes PatrolWikipedia:Most Vandalized PagesTemplate:Vandalism InformationFreenodeWikipedia:New Pages PatrolWikipedia Talk:Checked Edits BrainstormingWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWCategory:Wikipedia Counter-vandalism ToolsWikipedia:Cleaning Up VandalismWikipedia:AutoWikiBrowserUser:AmiDaniel/VandalProofWikipedia:TwinkleWikipedia:HuggleWikipedia:Mike's Wiki ToolUser:Lupin/Filter Recent ChangesUser:Lupin/badwordsUser:Lupin/Anti-vandal ToolUser:Henna/VFWikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2005-05-30/Vandal FighterUser:Garethfoot/Wiki-AidUser:Lloydpick/Wikipedia Vandalism WatchTemplate:School BlockUser:Kbh3rd/Vandal Warning ToolboxUser:Adam1213/warnWikipedia:AIVUser:Digitalme/aiv.jsUser:Royalguard11/AIV'erUser:MartinBotUser:AntiVandalBotUser:ClueBotUser:CounterVandalismBotUser:AntiAbuseBotUser:HBC AIV Helperbot3User:HBC AIV Helperbot5User:HBC AIV Helperbot7User:HBC AIV Helperbot 8Wikipedia:AN/IUser:The Rambling Man/The Rambling Man, On VandalismWikipedia:Long-term AbuseWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:Criteria For Speedy DeletionWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:WikiProject Video GamesWikipedia:Village PumpWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Vital ArticlesWikipedia:VITALWikipedia:Vital Articles/ExpandedWikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Core TopicsWikipedia:List Of 2007 Macropædia ArticlesWikipedia:Volunteer Response TeamWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Template Messages/User Talk NamespaceWikipedia:Template Messages/User Talk NamespaceWikipedia:Don't Template The RegularsWikipedia:WikiProject User WarningsTemplate:WarningsSmallCategory:User Warning TemplatesWikipedia:User PagesWikipedia:Removing WarningsWikipedia:Perennial ProposalsWikipedia:Notability (web)Wikipedia:Neutral Point Of ViewWikipedia:What Wikipedia Is NotWikipedia:AdministratorsWikipedia:WWWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:WikibreakWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/WikiBreak EnforcerWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Manual Of Style/LinkingHelp:EditingWikipedia:Tutorial/Wikipedia LinksHelp:Contents/Browse/LinksHelp:LinkHelp:Self LinkHelp:What Links HereUser:JL-BotHelp:Link ColorHelp:LinkWikipedia:Template Messages/LinksTemplate:QuerylinkUser:Zocky/Link CompleteUser:Js/urldecoderUser:Ucucha/duplinksSpecial:DeadendPagesWikipedia:Dead-end PagesUser:Nickj/Can We Link ItTemplate:DeadendUser:Nickj/Link SuggesterSpecial:LonelyPagesUser:YetanotherbotTemplate:OrphanWikipedia:WikiProject OrphanageCategory:All Orphaned ArticlesUser:Edward/Find LinkUser:JL-BotWikipedia:VPPRSpecial:MostLinkedPagesTemplate:UnderlinkedWikipedia:Link IntersectionWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/AutolinkWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:EIWWiktionaryWikibooksWikimedia FoundationWikipedia:ElectionsWikipedia:Projects Of WikimediaWikipedia:Wikimedia Sister ProjectsWikipedia:Office ActionsWikipedia:OFFICEWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:Pushing To 1.0Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial TeamWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:EIWWikipedia:EditorWikipedia:Who Writes WikipediaWikipedia:Why To ContributeWikipedia:Job CenterWikipedia:Don't-give-a-fuckismWikipedia:WikipediansCategory:WikipediansWikipedia:Wikipedians With ArticlesWikipedia:Facebook 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Like ItWikipedia:ImmunityWikipedia:Liar Liar Pants On FireWikipedia:NothingWikipedia:Overzealous DeletionWikipedia:Relisting Can Be AbusiveWikipedia:Relist BiasWikipedia:The Heymann StandardWikipedia:Unopposed AFD DiscussionWikipedia:Wikipedia Is Not Whac-A-MoleWikipedia:Why Was The Page I Created Deleted?Wikipedia:What To Do If Your Article Gets Tagged For Speedy DeletionWikipedia:When In Doubt, Hide It In The WoodworkWikipedia:No Encyclopedic UseWikipedia:Essay DirectoryWikipedia:Essays In A Nutshell/CivilityWikipedia:How To Be CivilWikipedia:NegotiationWikipedia:Accepting Other UsersWikipedia:Enjoy YourselfWikipedia:Expect No ThanksWikipedia:Thank YouWikipedia:ApologyWikipedia:TruceWikipedia:DivisivenessWikipedia:Encourage The NewcomersWikipedia:Relationships With Academic EditorsWikipedia:High-functioning Autism And Asperger's EditorsWikipedia:Obsessive Compulsive Disorder EditorsWikipedia:A Weak Personal Attack Is Still WrongWikipedia:Advice For HotheadsWikipedia:An Uncivil Environment Is A Poor EnvironmentWikipedia:Be The GlueWikipedia:Civility WarningsWikipedia:Overzealous DeletionWikipedia:FailureWikipedia:Forgive And ForgetWikipedia:It's Not The End Of The WorldWikipedia:Nobody CaresWikipedia:Most People Who Disagree With You On Content Are Not VandalsWikipedia:Old Fashioned Wikipedian ValuesWikipedia:Staying Cool When The Editing Gets HotWikipedia:The Grey ZoneWikipedia:The Last WordWikipedia:There Is No Divine Right Of EditorsWikipedia:Most Ideas Are BadWikipedia:CLEARLYWikipedia:The Rules Of Polite DiscourseWikipedia:What "Ignore All Rules" MeansWikipedia:Wikipedia Is Not About WinningWikipedia:Writing For The OpponentWikipedia:Beyond CivilityWikipedia:Assume Good FaithWikipedia:Assume The Assumption Of Good FaithWikipedia:Assume No ClueWikipedia:Avoid Personal RemarksWikipedia:Avoid The Word "vandal"Wikipedia:Beyond CivilityWikipedia:Call A Spade A SpadeWikipedia:CandorWikipedia:Drop The Stick And Back Slowly Away From The Horse CarcassWikipedia:Deny RecognitionWikipedia:Encourage Full DiscussionsWikipedia:Get Over ItWikipedia:How To LoseWikipedia:Just Drop ItWikipedia:Keep It Down To EarthWikipedia:Mind Your Own BusinessWikipedia:Don't-give-a-fuckismWikipedia:Don't Be InconsiderateWikipedia:Don't Be RudeWikipedia:Don't Call A Spade A SpadeWikipedia:Don't Call The Kettle BlackWikipedia:Don't Take The BaitWikipedia:Do Not Insult The VandalsWikipedia:Don't Come Down Like A Ton Of BricksWikipedia:Don't Be AshamedWikipedia:Don't Drink The Consensus Kool-AidWikipedia:Don't Spite Your FaceWikipedia:CruftcruftWikipedia:No Angry MastodonsWikipedia:No, You Can't Have A PonyWikipedia:Don't Be An OstrichWikipedia:Don't Template The RegularsWikipedia:Don't Be A FanaticWikipedia:Don't Accuse Someone Of A Personal Attack For Accusing Of A Personal AttackWikipedia:Don't Fight Fire With FireWikipedia:Don't Be PrejudicedWikipedia:Don't Remind Others Of Past MisdeedsWikipedia:Don't Throw Your Toys Out Of The PramWikipedia:Don't Help Too MuchWikipedia:Passive AggressionWikipedia:Don't Cry COIWikipedia:Don't Be ObnoxiousWikipedia:Don't Be A WikiBigotWikipedia:Do Not Confuse Stub Status With Non-notabilityWikipedia:Don't Eat The Troll's FoodWikipedia:You Can't Squeeze Blood From A TurnipWikipedia:WikiLoveWikipedia:WikiHateWikipedia:WikiCrimeWikipedia:WikiBullyingWikipedia:WikiPeaceWikipedia:WikilawyeringWikipedia:HarassmentWikipedia:POV RailroadWikipedia:Essay DirectoryWikipedia:Essays In A Nutshell/NotabilityWikipedia:Alternative OutletsWikipedia:Articles With A Single SourceWikipedia:Bare NotabilityWikipedia:BombardmentWikipedia:Businesses With A Single LocationWikipedia:But It's True!Wikipedia:Citation OverkillWikipedia:Wikipedia ClonesWikipedia:Coatrack ArticlesWikipedia:Common Sourcing MistakesWikipedia:Discriminate Vs Indiscriminate InformationWikipedia:Every Snowflake Is UniqueWikipedia:Existence ≠ NotabilityWikipedia:FartWikipedia:Google Searches And NumbersWikipedia:Notability (high Schools)Wikipedia:Inclusion Is Not An Indicator Of NotabilityWikipedia:Inherent NotabilityWikipedia:InsignificantWikipedia:Masking The Lack Of NotabilityWikipedia:Make StubsWikipedia:News Coverage Does Not Decrease NotabilityWikipedia:No Amount Of Editing Can Overcome A Lack Of NotabilityWikipedia:No Big LossWikipedia:No One Cares About Your Garage BandWikipedia:No One Really CaresWikipedia:Notability/Historical/ArgumentsWikipedia:Notability Cannot Be PurchasedWikipedia:Notability Is Not A Level Playing FieldWikipedia:Notability Is Not A Matter Of OpinionWikipedia:Notability Is Not Relevance Or ReliabilityWikipedia:Notability Means ImpactWikipedia:Notability PointsWikipedia:Notability Sub-pagesWikipedia:Obscure Does Not Mean Not NotableWikipedia:Offline SourcesWikipedia:One Hundred WordsWikipedia:One Sentence Does Not An Article MakeWikipedia:Other Stuff ExistsWikipedia:Pokémon TestWikipedia:Read The SourceWikipedia:Run-of-the-millWikipedia:Significant Coverage Not RequiredWikipedia:On Wikipedia, Solutions Are Mixtures And Nothing ElseWikipedia:Subjective ImportanceWikipedia:What Notability Is NotWikipedia:What Is And Is Not Routine CoverageWikipedia:What To IncludeWikipedia:Wikipedia Is Not Here To Tell The World About Your Noble CauseWikipedia:NotabilityWikipedia:Identifying And Using Independent SourcesWikipedia:NotabilityWikipedia:Trivial MentionsWikipedia:Essay DirectoryWikipedia:Assume Bad FaithWikipedia:Assume FaithWikipedia:Assume Good WraithWikipedia:Assume StupidityWikipedia:Assume That Everyone's Assuming Good Faith, Assuming That You Are Assuming Good FaithWikipedia:Avoid Using Preview ButtonWikipedia:Avoid Using WikilinksWikipedia:BOLD, Revert, Revert, RevertWikipedia:Boston Tea PartyWikipedia:BarnstaritisWikipedia:Don't-give-a-fuckismWikipedia:Edits Per DayWikipedia:EditsummarisisWikipedia:Go Ahead, VandalizeWikipedia:How Many Wikipedians Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?Wikipedia:How To Put Up A Straight Pole By Pushing It At An 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PagesTemplate:User Noticeboard NoticesTemplate:WP:UBSTemplate:User Rights TemplatesTemplate:Userspace Linking TemplatesTemplate:Userspace DisclaimersTemplate:Wikibreak TemplatesTemplate:WikiLove See AlsoWikipedia:Template DocumentationWikipedia:Template Messages/ExamplesHelp:Maintenance Template RemovalWikipedia:Requested TemplatesWikipedia:WikiProject TemplatesHelp:TemplateWikipedia:Template NamespaceCategory:Wikipedia TemplatesTemplate:Useful LinksTemplate Talk:Useful LinksCategory:Wikipedians Looking For HelpWikipedia:Administrators' Noticeboard/IncidentsWikipedia:Biographies Of Living Persons/NoticeboardWikipedia:Bots/NoticeboardWikipedia:Content NoticeboardWikipedia:Conflict Of Interest/NoticeboardWikipedia:CoordinationWikipedia:Editor Assistance/RequestsWikipedia:Ethnic And Cultural Conflicts NoticeboardWikipedia:Fiction/NoticeboardWikipedia:Fringe Theories/NoticeboardWikipedia:Help DeskWikipedia:Media Copyright QuestionsWikipedia:No Original Research/noticeboardWikipedia:Neutral Point Of View/NoticeboardWikipedia:Village Pump (all)Wikipedia:Village Pump (assistance)Wikipedia:Village Pump (miscellaneous)Wikipedia:Village Pump (policy)Wikipedia:Village Pump (proposals)Wikipedia:Village Pump (technical)Wikipedia:Reference DeskWikipedia:Reference Desk/ComputingWikipedia:Reference Desk/EntertainmentWikipedia:Reference Desk/HumanitiesWikipedia:Reference Desk/LanguageWikipedia:Reference Desk/MiscellaneousWikipedia:Reference Desk/MathematicsWikipedia:Reference Desk/ScienceWikipedia:Requests For CommentWikipedia:Requests For Comment/Art, Architecture, Literature And MediaWikipedia:Requests For Comment/BiographiesWikipedia:Requests For Comment/Economy, Trade, And CompaniesWikipedia:Requests For Comment/History And GeographyWikipedia:Requests For Comment/Language And LinguisticsWikipedia:Requests For Comment/User NamesWikipedia:Requests For Comment/Religion And PhilosophyWikipedia:Requests For Comment/PoliciesWikipedia:Requests For Comment/PoliticsWikipedia:Requests For 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WordsWikipedia:MergingWikipedia:Preparing Images For UploadWikipedia:PrecedentsWikipedia:RedirectWikipedia:Manual Of StyleWikipedia:Summary StyleWikipedia:Template MessagesSpecial:CategoryTreeSpecial:PrefixIndexWikipedia:Three-revert RuleWikipedia:AdministratorsWikipedia:Arbitration PolicyWikipedia:Appealing A BlockWikipedia:No Personal AttacksWikipedia:AutobiographyWikipedia:Banning PolicyWikipedia:No Blank PagesWikipedia:Blocking PolicyWikipedia:Be BoldWikipedia:Bot PolicyWikipedia:Build The WebWikipedia:CanvassingWikipedia:Content ForkingWikipedia:CivilityWikipedia:Conflict Of InterestWikipedia:ConsensusWikipedia:CopyrightsWikipedia:Deletion PolicyWikipedia:No Disclaimers In ArticlesWikipedia:Dispute ResolutionWikipedia:Disruptive EditingWikipedia:Please Do Not Bite The NewcomersWikipedia:Deletion ProcessWikipedia:Editing PolicyWikipedia:EtiquetteWikipedia:Edit WarWikipedia:Fringe TheoriesWikipedia:Gaming The SystemWikipedia:Search Engine TestWikipedia:HarassmentWikipedia:Do Not Create HoaxesWikipedia:Ignore All RulesWikipedia:Image Use PolicyWikipedia:Lead SectionWikipedia:No Legal ThreatsWikipedia:LibelWikipedia:External LinksWikipedia:ListsWikipedia:Biographies Of Living PersonsWikipedia:LogosWikipedia:MediationWikipedia:Naming ConventionsWikipedia:Non-free ContentWikipedia:Patent NonsenseWikipedia:What Wikipedia Is NotWikipedia:NotabilityWikipedia:Neutral Point Of ViewWikipedia:Don't Include Copies Of Primary SourcesWikipedia:Office ActionsWikipedia:No Original ResearchWikipedia:Revision HidingWikipedia:Ownership Of ArticlesWikipedia:Pro And Con ListsWikipedia:Public DomainWikipedia:Avoid Peacock TermsWikipedia:Don't Worry About PerformanceWikipedia:Do Not Disrupt Wikipedia To Illustrate A PointWikipedia:Polling Is Not A Substitute For DiscussionWikipedia:Proposed DeletionWikipedia:Protection PolicyWikipedia:Identifying Reliable SourcesWikipedia:Self-references To AvoidWikipedia:Sock PuppetryWikipedia:SpamWikipedia:Criteria For Speedy DeletionWikipedia:StubWikipedia:Talk Page GuidelinesWikipedia:Talk PageWikipedia:Trivia SectionsWikipedia:UserboxesWikipedia:Username PolicyWikipedia:User PageWikipedia:VandalismWikipedia:Right To VanishWikipedia:VerifiabilityWikipedia:Avoid Weasel WordsWikipedia:Wheel WarCategory:Administrative BacklogCategory:Candidates For Speedy DeletionCategory:Wikipedia Fully-protected Edit RequestsCategory:Requests For UnblockWikipedia:Administrators' Noticeboard/Arbitration EnforcementWikipedia:Administrator Intervention Against VandalismWikipedia:Administrators' NoticeboardWikipedia:Administrators' Noticeboard/Edit WarringWikipedia:Administrators' Reading ListWikipedia:Copyright ProblemsWikipedia:Deletion Guidelines For AdministratorsWikipedia:New AdminWikipedia:WikiProject On Open ProxiesWikipedia:Requests For AdminshipWikipedia:Requests For ArbitrationWikipedia:Requests For MediationWikipedia:Requests For Page ProtectionWikipedia:Requested MovesWikipedia Talk:WikiProject 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