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When and how should a CCI be started?[edit] As a rule of thumb, at least five instances of clear copyvios (copy/pasting of unlicensed third party material; clear derivative works) should be required to file a case. There are no other requirements for filing a CCI request. A new case should be filed using the template {{subst:CCI-request}}, which is to be placed underneath the requests header below. {{subst:CCI-request |user = the user subject to the CCI |evidence = your reasoning for opening the case }} Remember to remain civil. Some contributors violate copyright from misunderstanding of copyright policies or laws. While it may be necessary to intervene to prevent future copyright issues, it is not helpful to treat individuals listed here discourteously. Good faith requests are welcome even if they should prove mistaken. However, please remember that this is a serious allegation and should not be made without evidence. Requests without evidence may be interpreted as harassment. After submitting a case, notify the contributor by adding {{subst:CCI-notice}} ~~~~ to the bottom of his or her talk page. It is not necessary to notify individuals who are currently blocked for copyright infringement, even if temporarily.

Review of CCI requests[edit] Further information: Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/Instructions Following a CCI request, a CCI clerk or admins will determine whether concerns are substantiated based on the evidence presented and the response of the editor who is the subject of the CCI. Non-admin clerks may request admin review of deleted contribs where necessary. If a user has requested evaluation of your contributions here, please remember that the purpose of this process is not to harass or embarrass you, but to ensure that Wikipedia remains compliant with copyright laws. If you believe that your contributions have not constituted a copyright problem under Wikipedia's policies, please succinctly provide your rationale. If it should prove that the contributor who made the request is mistaken, this will be noted and the section archived. If, on the other hand, concerns are substantiated, you may best demonstrate a willingness to comply with copyright policies by helping to identify and address problems. Clerks/admins will determine whether the evidence presented warrants the review of all of contributions of the involved editor. If not, the CCI request will be moved to the archive subpage.

Accepted cases[edit] Accepted cases will lead to a contributor survey. A clerk or uninvolved admin will create the appropriate Contributor survey subpage and populate the contribution data. Open cases are listed below on this page. If contributors have been shown to have a history of extensive copyright violation, it may be assumed without further evidence that all of their major contributions are copyright violations, and they may be removed indiscriminately, in accordance with Wikipedia:Copyright violations. When such indiscriminate removal may be controversial or cause considerable collateral damage, an effort will be made to assemble a volunteer force sufficient to evaluate problematic contributions. If insufficient volunteers are available to manage clean-up, presumptive wholesale removal may be the only choice. To participate in clean up, follow the link to its listing page. All contributors with no history of copyright problems are welcome to contribute to clean up. Additionally, contributors listed are encouraged to contribute to clean up of their own materials. The affected editor should not expect to receive individual notices of articles or images that are deleted or blanked for copyright concerns in the course of a CCI. The Y and N (created with {{y}} and {{n}}) signify that there was a copyright violation in the article and that there was not, respectively. An entry ? indicates that the original contribution is now gone or completely rewritten so confirming whether it was a problem is not worth the effort. After completion, the CCI case will be moved to the archive subpage.

Requests[edit] Please add any suspected infringers to the FOOT of the list below, following the format at How should a case be filed? above. A CCI clerk or administrator will review your request according to the instructions, then either open the case or close it.  Benea Benea (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by SpinningSpark In attempting to find a source for a requested citation in HMS Oxley, I discovered that the original article [1] was copied from Sunken Ships: World War II by User:Nomadtales. This prompted me to check the articles for the other ships discussed on that page of the book. I found that HMS Undine (N48), HMS Seahorse (98S), HMS Starfish (19S), HMS Thistle (N24), and HMS Tarpon (N17) had all been copied from the same source, but surprisingly, by a different user, user:Benea. At this point it was obvious that there is a much wider problem and it is likely that the user has emptied the entire book into Wikipedia. Most of these articles have been heavily edited since creation, so speedying them is not an option, but the copyright infringement remains. SpinningSpark 15:45, 5 February 2016 (UTC) It's a fair point, but oddly enough you have the wrong source. The submarines were my first creation when I started editing wikipedia a loooong time ago, when my wikifu was much weaker. I soon became a lot stronger, but in retrospect I am a bit embarrassed by those early articles. I was unaware of the existence of the book Sunken Ships: World War II until you mentioned it there. It looks rather good, but as the writer himself points out, he has himself lifted all the material about the British submarines from another source, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum - see page 224 of the book. The material has been available on their website since 2004 according to the wayback machine. Heden's book wasn't published until 2006. I didn't use the web source for all the submarine articles, by a long shot, but those you mentioned, yes, and probably a few more besides. I was under the impression that as with many government departments in different countries, information like this was being released with no copyright. This may not be the case, but I find it interesting that they appear to have allowed Heden to use it in his book which of course is produced with a commercial aim in mind. Perhaps the RN could be approached to see if they allow use of the work, much as DANFS does for the USN. I don't really edit wikipedia any more, and have no real interest in doing so in future. I want to allay your fears though that I might have 'emptied the entire book into Wikipedia', a book I reiterate I had no idea existed until today. I moved on from British submarines - mostly the S-U classes, by which time I was no longer using the RN's material - but if you want an idea of scope, it's probably only those British submarine losses from the S to U/V classes. Pip pip. (talk) 16:41, 5 February 2016 (UTC) The site is marked "2015 © Copyright National Maritime History - All rights reserved." So even if that is the original source, it is still not public domain, and even if it were public domain, you are still required to give proper attribution rather than represent it as your own work. The right thing for you to do here is to work at fixing the problem you have caused rather than expecting others to do the work. You could start with a definitive list of the articles affected, rather than some vague handwaving about it probably only being submarines of particular classes. As for your suggestion that someone else should approach the copyright holder to ask if they mind that Wikipedia has used their copyrighted material without permission, well, do I need to spell out what I think of that? SpinningSpark 14:44, 15 February 2016 (UTC)  Sayerslle Sayerslle (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Fram (talk) This editor is indefinitely blocked (a long history of blocks, including sockpuppetry), but has made more than 10,000 mainspace edits and created 165 pages between 2008 and 2015. I noticed a long and old copyvio (minor paraphrasing, but lot of text) at Christ Crowned with Thorns (Bosch, London), which I deleted. Looking at his other contributions, I noticed things like very long translations from French wikipedia articles without any attribution (e.g. here), I think this will be the bulk of the problems. Looking at his earliest edits, I notice something like this: the source (National Geographic) is given, but it isn't made clear that the text is a nearly literal transcript of that magazine[2] His long addition to The Men (film) was taken almost straight from a 1973 book[3]. Again, the source is given at the end of his addition, but it's a way too long quote without even the quotation marks. An edit like this seems to be one copyvio from here. Even when he did use real quotes, he didn't know when to stop: in 2014 a 66Kb quote farm was removed here; the same quotes had been removed in 2010 already, but reinserted by this editor afterwards. Similarly, the vast majority of the 63K article Glued to the Box is a quote farm from the book. And Taking It All In. Fram (talk) 13:40, 3 March 2016 (UTC)  DrChrissy DrChrissy (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Nikkimaria (talk) I encountered Theory of mind in animals in queue at DYK, and found that it copied or closely paraphrased multiple sources, including this one. Further spotchecks of the user's edits found several more instances of this type of problem: This article copies / closely paraphrases several sources, including this one This diff closely paraphrases this This diff and this source This diff, this source This diff, this source Nikkimaria (talk) 23:45, 4 May 2016 (UTC) Reply I would like to state that I have not deliberately violated copyright and I have been editing in good faith. I have made all my edits in the belief that my paraphrasing is not too close. I may have inadvertently too closely paraphrased on occasion, and for this, I apologise. I am more than happy to re-phrase material which is in violation (I have already done this today at Theory of mind in animals). I am a scientist in real life and have written over 60 peer-reviewed articles. I am therefore used to paraphrasing what other scientists have written, but I have never before been accused of copyright violation. Sometimes, in scientific writing, it is impossible to state material in a different way without making this inaccurate. I have therefore sometimes copied and pasted a sentence or portion, believing that this was allowed. DrChrissy (talk) 17:21, 6 May 2016 (UTC) @Nikkimaria: provides 4 diffs of my allegedly violating copyright. Diff #1 is paraphrasing. I am happy for someone to assess this and if the paraphrasing is considered to be "too close", I will edit this. Diff #2 appears to be repeating facts, rather than using someone else's creativity. I will edit if required to. Diff #3 is paraphrasing. I am happy for someone to assess this and if the paraphrasing is considered to be "too close", I will edit this. Diff #4 was made on February 23rd 2016. The text is no longer recognisable in the form the complainant accuses me of in copyright violation. It was probably a temporary save which I went back to and paraphrased later. DrChrissy (talk) 22:42, 6 May 2016 (UTC) I don't have time to deeply evaluate, but I will note that a quick review of edit history disclosed the following concerns: [4]. There may be follow-up to that note there; I have not tagged any of the article themselves. I have committed to review another potential CCI today and have limited time. :/ --Moonriddengirl (talk) 00:33, 9 May 2016 (UTC)  Mahussain06 Mahussain06 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by (talk) After I warned this user [5] and they said they would use their own words they did the same thing again which I removed again [6] User also warned by another user but was ignored [7] most of their large edits are copied if you check the sources and here are some examples that are blatantly from the sources that I removed - [8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19] Just a few more not reverted - [20] copied at least compubox sentence from [21] [22] from [23] see wide scores Ward used a steady left hook etc [24] from [25] [26] see Miller hurt Dennis with a hard right hand to the head in round 7. etc from [27] [28] slight variation but at least sentence - Scott Quigg successfully defended his WBA super-bantamweight title for the third time with a second-round stoppage of Tshifhiwa Munyai (much more from that page) [29] (talk) 02:04, 16 August 2016 (UTC)  Dunks58 Dunks58 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Justlettersandnumbers (talk) This editor, apparently in good faith, copied large amounts of stuff here from his website, He's asserted ownership of the material at various times and in various places, including Talk:Normie Rowe and OTRS ticket #2016081910002945; a request for a clearer statement of permission, sent in response to that ticket, has not received any reply that I can trace. There's discussion at Talk:Split Enz#Copyright violation. At this point I see no alternative to wholesale removal of the material – there's quite a lot of it. Some examples: Stewie Speer from here The Masters Apprentices from here The La De Das from here Split Enz from here Robert Whitaker (photographer) from here. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 13:36, 26 January 2017 (UTC)  Hvant Hvant (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Justlettersandnumbers (talk) User is an intern (or something similar) at the FAO in Rome, and has been adding stuff from their (copyright) publications in the belief that this was acceptable. Examples: The Funding Strategy for the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources, deleted as G12 Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, deleted for copyright reasons The State of the World's Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, cleaned Second Report on the State of the World's Animal Genetic Resources, redirected Talk:The State of the World's Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture/Temp, unusable because of violations from here. All contribs need to be checked. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 23:30, 4 February 2017 (UTC) Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 23:30, 4 February 2017 (UTC) contribs to be checked DAD-IS: (8 edits, 8 major, +6655) Y removed some minor copying Calliopejen1 (talk) 19:42, 18 May 2017 (UTC) N Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture: (21 edits, 21 major, +6288) (+3384)(+278)(+6288)(+2751)(+2561)(+4084)(+2735)(+668)(+193)(+5721)(+2932)(+1699)(+208)(+237)(+660)(+266)(+287)(+329)(+1026)(+244)(+332) N Global plan of action for animal genetic resources: Y Deleted Wizardman 23:52, 22 October 2017 (UTC) N Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis: (2 edits, 2 major, +2099) (+2099)(+175) Genetic diversity: (4 edits, 4 major, +1021) (+1021) N Transboundary breed: (2 edits, 2 major, +950) (+950)(+439) Rare breed (agriculture): (5 edits, 5 major, +695) (+412)(+266)(+695) Agricultural biodiversity: (2 edits, 2 major, +666) (+666) Ex situ conservation: (4 edits, 4 major, +666) (+195)(+329)(+182)(+666) Pastoralism: (3 edits, 3 major, +543) (+514)(+435)(+543)  Ajmoore94 Ajmoore94 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Justlettersandnumbers (talk) This may not need a full investigation. Ajmoore94 is or was associated with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, and worked on pages about it, its works and its past members, with enthusiasm but with little understanding of copyright. Problems – copying from online and printed sources of the college – were found in: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh – cleaned Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia – deleted, subsequently re-created Laboratory of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh – deleted There may be more. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 21:34, 6 June 2017 (UTC) I had discovered and fixed some copyright problems associated with Ajmoore94's edits. On one article that I hadn't requested revdeletion, Isabella Pringle, I notice that the check hasn't picked up that the first edit that created the article contained sections of text that had also been published in the RCPE's own journal in 2014 [30]. Drchriswilliams (talk) 22:38, 6 June 2017 (UTC) I think this is (now) the right place, Drchriswilliams. I've blanked and listed Isabella Pringle, as the problem has not been completely eliminated. I'm hoping that either you or Stephencdickson will be prepared to rewrite that section. Do you happen to recall which other articles you worked on? – it'd be good to cross them off the list of contributions below. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 11:13, 7 June 2017 (UTC) List of contributions This report covers contributions to 27 articles from timestamp 2016-10-26 13:14:06 UTC to timestamp 2017-02-23 16:12:56 UTC. N George Matthew Robertson: (2 edits, 2 major, +2655) (+2655)(+358) Robert Sibbald: (2 edits, 2 major, +2643) (+2643)(+765) N Stuart Threipland: (1 edits, 1 major, +2453) (+2453) N Alexander Peddie: (1 edits, 1 major, +2443) (+2443) N John Clerk (physician): (1 edits, 1 major, +2143) (+2143) Diarmid Noel Paton: (1 edits, 1 major, +2106) (+2106) N Isabella Pringle: Y blanked and listed. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 11:05, 7 June 2017 (UTC) N Alexander Keiller (physician): (2 edits, 2 major, +1339) (+1339)(+185) N Charles McNeil (physician): (3 edits, 3 major, +1266) (+1266)(+475)(+635) Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia: Y deleted, re-created. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 11:05, 7 June 2017 (UTC) Royal Public Dispensary of Edinburgh: (2 edits, 2 major, +1129) (+1129)(+873) William Allan Jamieson: (1 edits, 1 major, +744) (+744) Scottish Enlightenment: (1 edits, 1 major, +613) (+613) German Sims Woodhead: (1 edits, 1 major, +585) (+585) Stanley Davidson: (1 edits, 1 major, +551) (+551) Alexander Hugh Freeland Barbour: (2 edits, 2 major, +505) (+237)(+505) Robert Christison: (1 edits, 1 major, +498) (+498) Robert William Philip: (1 edits, 1 major, +383) (+383) Thomas Clouston: (1 edits, 1 major, +369) (+369) This report generated by Contribution Surveyor at 2017-06-06T21:43:08+00:00 in 0.19 sec.  Hogie75 Hogie75 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Justlettersandnumbers (talk) This is from Wikipedia:Copyright problems/2017 May 25. Confirmed instances of verbatim copy-pasting from copyright sources include: Fundy National Park, from here (cleaned) Scoudouc, New Brunswick, from here (cleaned) Moncton Parish, New Brunswick, from here McAdam Parish, New Brunswick, from here New Moncton High School, from here (cleaned). All contributions should be checked. Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 20:02, 16 September 2017 (UTC)  Almodaa Almodaa (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Mramoeba (talk) repeated and persistant copyright violations, usually inserted at end of lede, copy and paste from the citation: copy and paste and again and again, they are all like this Despite warnings and help offered onto user’s talk by several editors. Mramoeba (talk) 20:34, 20 November 2017 (UTC)  Rochelimit Rochelimit (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Hijiri 88 (聖やや) User has created multiple articles (at least fifteen by my count[31][32][33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45]) that include copy-pasted text from various sources I was able to check, but the same articles also include an unknown volume of text (anywhere from nothing up to nearly the entire text of the articles) copied from sources I cannot access, and I don't know how long ago this started or how many articles have this problem. To be clear, I'm not asking that the user be blocked, as this appears to be a good-faith mistake, but they have been unwilling to work with me to fix the problem, repeatedly refusing to tell me or anyone else which articles include plagiarized text and even complaining that some plagiarized text should not have been blanked (Ctrl+F "questions" or "naga morsarang" here, here or here). Hijiri 88 (聖やや) 05:48, 12 December 2017 (UTC) Hijiri 88 (聖やや) 05:48, 12 December 2017 (UTC) See also: [46] and [47] This dates the issue back to at least February 2013. Most of the sources cited in his other early articles seem to be in English, but the links are dead so I don't know how to check. Hijiri 88 (聖やや) 10:14, 12 December 2017 (UTC) FWIW, I've found that if a passage in one of the user's articles cites and English-language source and also uses a word that foreigners (more specifically speakers of non-European languages) with a rudimentary knowledge of English would be unlikely to know, such as cantilevered or celibate, it's a good bet that some of that text is plagiarized. This trick has made checking some of the articles like Sopo (structure) a lot easier, but it's still less than ideal working with GBooks previews, and living in Japan as I do, with not as much time to get to the library as I would like, it's a lot harder for me than for most editors to access such sources offline. Ideally, the user would simply tell us whether this or that piece of text was copy-pasted, since (at least for the recent ones) he would surely remember not writing a sentence like Batak Toba house also stands broadly on the ground, while the sopo rises from a narrow base and widens at the level of the cantilevered attic floor. But he's still insisting that he can and will clean up everything himself, which would be easier to believe if it weren't for slip-ups like this? And his lack of transparency regarding the recent articles that definitely do plagiarize English sources I have checked makes me wonder if he has been copy-pasting English sources he doesn't name directly, for example when he finds a source in English and a source in Indonesian or Dutch that both give the same information, he could cite the foreign source inline but copy-paste the exact words of the English source. Tracking down such problems would be almost impossible, of course. But it's just a hunch, and might just be me being paranoid after spending the last two weeks trying to get the user to be more transparent. Hijiri 88 (聖やや) 01:18, 13 December 2017 (UTC) I endorse this, the copyvio seems to be primarily from books, so it is harder to check, and will require more time in cleanup than I can personally do. I did a spotcheck after this was brought to ANI and the two pages I viewed also contained website based copy-paste that needed revdel in addition to the close paraphrase issues that Hijiri was able to find. TonyBallioni (talk) 13:39, 12 December 2017 (UTC)  FLACOPAILO FLACOPAILO (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Jytdog (talk) They are systematically adding links to two argentinian blogs, and; these blogs host scans of newspaper articles and ads, some of which transcribe the scanned article. See for example the refs used in this diff. Are these blog pages OK under WP:COPYLINK, or not? Jytdog (talk) 17:39, 6 January 2018 (UTC)  Cacrats Cacrats (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Canadian Paul Just doing spot checking, I found eight instances where the user inserted copyright violations from the Sports website (which is not in public domain), and I feel that a more systematic, perhaps even automated examination is warranted here, since these examples are often nestled in between edits that are not contentious. Here are just a few examples: [48] vs. [49] [50] vs. [51] [52] vs. [53] [54] vs. [55] [56] vs. [57] [58] vs. [59] [60] vs. [61] [62] vs. [63] Given what I have seen from work in this area, I suspect that there are many more to be found. Canadian Paul 19:35, 8 January 2018 (UTC)  Elisa.rolle Elisa.rolle (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · page moves · block user · block log) Check requested by Fram (talk) Editor was blocked in July 2017 (indef) for copyvios, unblocked a few days later, but now again blocked indef for coyvios by me as she either doesn't understand copyright vs. public domain, or doesn't care. New copyvios were found in Allanah Harper, Hugh Armigel Wade, Valerie Violet French, Emily Woodruff (philantropist). Also copyvio pictures on Commons. Fram (talk) 15:29, 31 January 2018 (UTC) Endorse, for what it's worth. Please see also Wikipedia:Copyright problems/2018 January 2 and/or Mary Farhill. Clearly I should have checked much more thoroughly, both the block log and her other contribs – sorry about that! Justlettersandnumbers (talk) 16:04, 31 January 2018 (UTC)

Open investigations[edit] Only clerks or administrators should add or remove listings in this section. Proposed investigations should be listed in the section above. All contributors with no history of copyright problems are welcome to contribute to clean up. Additionally, contributors listed are encouraged to contribute to clean up of their own materials. New listings should mention the date they were opened, and listed in the order they are opened. Overview of rough stats here.  20100114; 14 January 2010 — (Religion)  Craigy144; 20 January 2010 — (British monarchy, peerage, military history)  20100225; 27 February 2010 — (India)  Razzsic; 7 March 2010 — ( Pakistani military)  Pohick2; 3 July 2010 — (biographies )  20100713; 13 July 2010 — ( British politics)  Ardfern; 19 August 2010 — (Ireland )  LouisPhilippeCharles; 26 August 2010 — (cut/paste moves )  20100912; 12 September 2010 — (music )  20100917; 17 September 2010 — ( India, Bangladesh)  Epson291; 04 October 2010 — (Hebrew, Israel)  Md iet; 07 October 2010 — (Islam )  ItsLassieTime; 16 November 2010 — (children's stories)  Xpclient; 19 November 2010 — (Microsoft Windows)  20101122; 22 November 2010 — ( India)  Dude95; 1 December 2010 — (TV shows)  Mibelz; 17 December 2010 — (Chess, Ukraine)  Logger9; 22 December 2010 — (Physics )  Epeefleche; 7 January 2011 — (Jewish biographies)  Arilang1234; 20 January 2011 — (China )  Ahmetyal; 20 January 2011 — ( international relations)  S710; 20 January 2011 — (Moroccan biographies)  Eurodog; 4 February 2011 — ( musician biographies)  Jpullokaran; 5 February 2011 — (Kerala )  Kittybrewster; 7 February 2011 — ( British peerage)  Wtimrock; 3 March 2011 — (biographies ); 10 May 2011 — (Serbian biographies)  Dawkeye; 10 May 2011 — (military history, navies)  Gubernatoria; 11 June 2011 — (Philippines )  GVnayR; 25 June 2011 — ( video games, Nascar )  Bugnot; 5 July 2011 — (billionaires )  Djflem; 25 July 2011 — (New Jersey)  20110727; 27 July 2011 — (United States)  Hauganm; 31 July 2011 — ( Sweden, Norway, biographies)  Arfaz; 3 August 2011 — ( Indian films)  Marylandstater; 26 August 2011 — (Maryland )  20110828; 28 August 2011 — (India )  20111004; 04 October 2011 — (aviation )  MusiCitizen; 08 October 2011 — (baseball )  Ironboy11; 09 October 2011 — (Pakistan )  SameerJaved; 10 October 2011 — (Norway, Pakistan)  SasiSasi; 18 October 2011 — (copyright )  Borsoka; 23 October 2011 — (Eastern Europe)  Night w; 3 November 2011 — (Middle East )  20111108; 8 November 2011 — (text )  Hentzer; 23 November 2011 — (Brazil )  Indian Education Program; 26 November 2011 — (misc.)  Jazz3111; 2 December 2011 — (American football)  20111207; 7 December 2011 — (Urdu culture )  Redtoe; 23 January 2012 — ( TV shows)  Tiamut; 11 March 2012 — (Middle East)  Icetea8; 16 March 2012 — (tea )  Mushroom9; 4 April 2012 — (India )  Wikiwatcher1; 11 April 2012 — (Images )  20120412; 12 April 2012 — (energy )  Marcus334; 19 April 2012 — ( India, environment)  Sfsorrow2; 25 May 2012 — (steam engines)  GreenUniverse; 6 June 2012 — (unattributed merges); 9 June 2012 — (miscellaneous )  Judgesurreal777; 23 June 2012 — (pop culture )  Patapsco913; 1 July 2012 — ( USA, Catholicism )  YHoshua; 10 August 2012 — (Indiana )  Arunsingh16; 23 August 2012 — (Indian biographies )  Striver; 4 September 2012 — (Islam )  Crosstemplejay; 28 September 2012 — (Ghana )  Hyperionsteel; 10 October 2012 — (Canada )  Cooly123; 1 November 2012 — (TV shows)  Ragib; 3 November 2012 — (Bangladesh )  Offender9000; 14 December 2012 — ( New Zealand politics )  Proudbolsahye; 21 December 2012 — (Armenia )  Mondigomo; 16 January 2013 — (mythology, Greece )  IWannaABillionaire; 29 January 2013 — (popular culture)  Tobyc75; 13 February 2013 — (Switzerland )  Snigdhasinghsweet; 20 February 2013 — (India )  20130224; 24 February 2013 — (Albania )  No barometer of intelligence; 01 March 2013  Rosser1954; 04 March 2013 — (Scotland )  Hantsheroes; 17 March 2013 — (Canada )  Tamravidhir; 25 March 2013 — (India )  20130330; 30 March 2013 — (philosophy )  20130414; 14 April 2013 — (Beauty pageants )  BhagyaMani; 19 April 2013 — (wildlife )  20130424; 24 April 2013 — (novels )  Gunkarta; 10 June 2013 — (Indonesia )  Arrwiki; 17 June 2013 — (Indian films )  Omdo; 31 July 2013 — (Malaysia ); 13 August 2013 — (Roman Catholicism, Medicine)  20130819; 20 August 2013 — (Military )  Degen Earthfast; 5 September 2013 — (Military )  20130908; 8 September 2013 — (geology, paleontology, biology)  Zictor23; 19 September 2013 — (Chile )  20131014; 14 October 2013 — (Indian media)  FreshCorp619; 14 October 2013 — (Schools )  America789; 31 October 2013 — (Military )  Buster40004; 31 October 2013 — (Military )  DrMicro; 13 November 2013 — (medicine )  Kazemita1; 5 December 2013 — (Islam )  Aetheling1125; 9 December 2013 — (British history)  Rivatphil; 12 December 2013 — (Indian politics)  Premkudva; 20 December 2013 — (India )  Purrum; 15 January 2014 — (Australian Football)  20140127; 27 January 2014 — (Biographies )  Nehapant19; 18 February 2014 — (India )  Scholarscentral; 28 February 2014 — (various )  Carvin11; 1 March 2014 — (Philippines )  Chewygum; 2 March 2014 — (Philippines military)  Dante8; 27 March 2014 — (feminism )  $1LENCE D00600D; 17 April 2014 — (American military history)  Norden1990; 25 April 2014 — (Hungary )  DendroNaja; 17 May 2014 — (snakes, crime)  GordyB; 1 June 2014 — (Rugby )  Cheeseladder; 14 June 2014 — (Biographies, water sports )  Trident13; 22 July 2014 — (Britain )  Nconwaymicelli; 1 August 2014 — (New York )  Superzohar; 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23 May 2017 — (Pakistan, Islam)  Faedra; 23 May 2017 — (Nobility)  Michtrich; 23 May 2017 — (Refugees)  Josephlalrinhlua786; 23 May 2017 — (Film)  Ahendra; 23 May 2017 — (Islamic and other history)  Helena Bx; 24 May 2017 — (South Asian history)  20170921; 21 September 2017 — (Norwegian music)  CJojoC; 22 September 2017 — (Korean movies)  Rizuan; 23 September 2017 — (Malaysia)  Manc1234; 9 October 2017  20171021; 21 October 2017 — (Wales)  20171031; 31 October 2017  G0700596; 17 November 2017  Jwratner1 ; 1 December 2017

Closed investigations[edit] All closed investigations, as well as requests that were declined, can be found at Wikipedia:Contributor copyright investigations/Archive.

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