Contents 1 Current bureaucrats 2 Former bureaucrats 3 Procedures 3.1 Promotions and RfX closures 3.2 Removal of permissions 3.2.1 Deceased Wikipedians 3.2.2 Inactive bureaucrat accounts 3.3 Restoration of permissions 3.4 Bot flags 4 Mailing list 5 See also 6 Notes

Current bureaucrats Name Timezone E-mail Other positions 28bytes (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET email Global renamer Acalamari (talk · contribs · rights · renames) GMT email Global renamer Addshore (talk · contribs · rights · renames) WET/WEST email BAG Andrevan (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET email Avraham (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET email OTRS  • CU  • OS  • Steward Bibliomaniac15 (talk · contribs · rights · renames) PT email Cecropia (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET email Deskana (talk · contribs · rights · renames) PT email OTRS Dweller (talk · contribs · rights · renames) GMT email OTRS  • OS  • Global renamer EVula (talk · contribs · rights · renames) CT email Kingturtle (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET (UTC−4/-5) email Maxim (talk · contribs · rights · renames) email BAG  • Global renamer MBisanz (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET (UTC−4/-5) email OS  • BAG  • Steward Nihonjoe (talk · contribs · rights · renames) MT (UTC−6/-7) email OTRS  • Global renamer Pakaran (talk · contribs · rights · renames) email UninvitedCompany (talk · contribs · rights · renames) CT email Useight (talk · contribs · rights · renames) MT email Warofdreams (talk · contribs · rights · renames) GMT email Wizardman (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET email WJBscribe (talk · contribs · rights · renames) UTC/UTC+1 email Global renamer Worm That Turned (talk · contribs · rights · renames) GMT email Xaosflux (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET (UTC−4/-5) email BAG  • importer Xeno (talk · contribs · rights · renames) ET (UTC−4/-5) email OS  • Global renamer See also: Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat

Former bureaucrats Extended content X! (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 1 June 2016 Bcorr (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Brion VIBBER (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Cimon Avaro (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Cprompt (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Ilyanep (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Infrogmation (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Jwrosenzweig (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Raul654 (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Secretlondon (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed per activity requirements 31 December 2015 Stan Shebs (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 19 August 2015 Anonymous Dissident (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed for inactivity 14 December 2014 Writ Keeper (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 10 September 2014 Taxman (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed for inactivity 7 April 2014 Rdsmith4 (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed for inactivity 2 December 2013 The Rambling Man (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 2 September 2013 WilliamH (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 1 September 2013 Linuxbeak (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed for inactivity 1 April 2013 Hersfold (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 12 March 2013 Redux (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed for inactivity 9 August 2011 TUF-KAT (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed for inactivity 9 August 2011 Tim Starling (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 2 March 2011 Rlevse (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 31 October 2010 Angela (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 29 July 2010 Nichalp (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed by motion 13 June 2009 Danny (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 21 March 2007 Dannyisme~enwiki (talk · contribs · rights · renames), 21 March 2007 Essjay (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 4 March 2007 Francs2000 (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 29 March 2006 Optim (talk · contribs · rights · renames), removed 9 February 2006 (resigned 6 March 2004) Ed Poor (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 12 September 2005 Eloquence (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 26 May 2005 Ugen64 (talk · contribs · rights · renames), resigned 12 October 2004 Click [show] to display a timeline showing all users who have served as bureaucrats.

Procedures These are instructions and procedures concerning bureaucratic actions and processes. Promotions and RfX closures Note: Similar to non-administrators closing deletion discussions, Requests for adminship can be closed by non-bureaucrats in certain cases; for example if the user has withdrawn the request or the outcome is very unlikely to be positive (see WP:NOTNOW). Non-bureaucrats should be very careful in the latter case and only close RfAs when they are not in doubt. In such cases the requesting user should always be asked to consider withdrawal first. Wait at least seven days after the listing was made on Wikipedia:Requests for adminship or Wikipedia talk:Bot Approvals Group Check the history for the transcluded page to be reasonably sure that the comments are genuine Determine whether there is a consensus that the person should be promoted using the traditional rules of thumb and your best judgement Edit the nomination. Add the relevant header and footer to the discussion page, remembering to substitute: Discussion Header Footer Successful RfA {{subst:rfap}} {{subst:rfab}} Unsuccessful RfA {{subst:rfaf}} {{subst:rfab}} Successful RfB {{subst:rfbp}} {{subst:rfbb}} Unsuccessful RfB {{subst:rfbf}} {{subst:rfbb}} On hold RfA {{subst:rfah}} {{subst:rfab}} On hold RfB {{subst:rfbh}} {{subst:rfbb}} Successful BAG {{subst:rfbagp}} {{subst:rfbagb}} Unsuccessful BAG {{subst:rfbagf}} {{subst:rfbagb}} For requests for adminship or bureaucratship Remove the "Voice your opinion" and talk page link (example) Replace the {{rfatally}} template with {{subst:finaltally}}, fill in the appropriate fields, make sure the final tally is accurate, and include any additional comments If there is a consensus, promote to admin or bureaucrat using Special:Userrights. If present, remove userrights made redundant by the sysop flag. Refer to Special:ListGroupRights for details on which other rights are included with the new user rights level. Please reference the RfA (or RfB) when making the promotion Remove the request from requests for adminship For successful nominations, add a summary of the outcome to successful requests for adminship or successful bureaucratship candidacies and update the relevant counts. For unsuccessful nominations, add the summary to Wikipedia:Unsuccessful adminship candidacies (Chronological) and Wikipedia:Unsuccessful adminship candidacies (Alphabetical), or Wikipedia:Unsuccessful bureaucratship candidacies and update the relevant counts For requests for membership in the Bot Approvals Group Add the user to Wikipedia:Bot Approvals Group Add a summary of the outcome to successful or unsuccessful Bot Approvals Group candidacies Inform the user of the result, whether it is successful or unsuccessful (perhaps using one of the optional templates) Removal of permissions Bureaucrats may remove the "administrator" user right from an account in some situations[5]: If self-requested by the administrator By official request of the Arbitration Committee If the administrator is deemed inactive per Wikipedia:Administrators#Procedural removal for inactive administrators If the account belongs to an editor who has been verified as deceased (in which case, all user rights should be removed). See also WP:DWG. Bureaucrats should include a permanent link to the request or relevant policy when removing permissions. If necessary, the affected user should be immediately notified and given a reason for the removal along with advice on seeking the reinstatement of the permissions. Should the extended confirmed group have been removed from the account since becoming an administrator, it should be restored when removing administrator permissions. The use of these procedures is not intended to constrain the authority of the Wikimedia Stewards to undertake emergency removal of permissions on their own discretion, or removal following a request from the Arbitration Committee, pursuant to the relevant policies governing Steward actions. Deceased Wikipedians If an editor is verified as having died, all permissions on the account should be removed. Unless the account is suspected of being compromised, it should not be blocked. For Checkuser, Oversight and Bureaucrat rights, which cannot be removed locally, a request to remove those should be posted on m:Steward requests/Permissions#Removal of access. See also WP:DWG. Inactive bureaucrat accounts There are two separate activity requirements applicable to bureaucrat accounts: Bureaucrat accounts which have been completely inactive for at least one calendar year (without any edits or other logged actions) may have their bureaucrat permissions removed. The bureaucrat must be contacted on their user talk page and via email one month before the removal of permissions and again several days before the request is made. Should the bureaucrat remain inactive, another bureaucrat may request the procedural removal of permissions. This is not to be considered a reflection on the user's use of, or rights to, the tools. If an inactive bureaucrat returns to Wikipedia, they may request restoration of the permissions at the bureaucrats' noticeboard provided they have not been inactive for three consecutive years. Bureaucrats are expected to exercise the duties granted by their role while remaining cognizant of relevant community standards concerning their tasks. If a bureaucrat does not participate in bureaucrat activity[6] for over three years, their bureaucrat permissions may be removed. The user must be notified on their talk page and by email one month before the removal, and again a few days prior to the removal. If the user does not return to bureaucrat activity, another bureaucrat may request the removal of permissions at meta:Steward requests/Permissions. Permissions removed for not meeting bureaucrat activity requirements may be re-obtained through a new request for bureaucratship. Restoration of permissions Shortcut WP:RESYSOP In the case that a former administrator or bureaucrat requests their permissions be restored via the bureaucrats' noticeboard: Check that the user in question is indeed a former administrator or bureaucrat (in particular, a bureaucrat restoring permissions should satisfy themselves that the account has not been compromised since the permissions were relinquished). Check their talk page history and any pertinent discussions or noticeboards for indications that they may have resigned (or become inactive) for the purpose, or with the effect, of evading scrutiny of their actions that could have led to sanctions.[7] To allow time for requests to be checked thoroughly, it is required that a minimum of 24 hours elapse for multiple bureaucrats and other editors to comment on the request before restoring permissions. This time may be lengthened at a bureaucrat's discretion, if new information arises. If a former administrator ("lengthy inactivity") or bureaucrat ("inactive bureaucrat accounts") has been inactive (defined by zero edits or logged actions) for a period of three years or longer after the removal of permissions (or for three years from the last edit or log action in the case of permissions removed due to inactivity), they must be successful in a new request for adminship or bureaucratship to have the permission(s) restored. If the permission is restored, list the user at Wikipedia:List of resysopped users. Bot flags Bot flags may be granted or removed in accordance with the bot policy, often on the advice of the Bot Approvals Group. (On process page) Ensure that the request is compliant with relevant policies and guidelines and that a Bot Approvals Group member asked for the bot to be flagged. Bot flags may also be granted or removed in other situations (such as requests to the bureaucrats' noticeboard or other noticeboard discussions). Use Special:UserRights to set or remove the flag, with a link to the approved BRFA or permanent link to the relevant discussion as the rationale.

Mailing list A Bureaucrat mailing list was established in March 2009,[8] but was retired following a discussion in 2017.[9] It was intended as a convenient way to notify bureaucrats about urgent matters or, on rare occasions, to discuss private matters. Any issue that is neither urgent nor necessarily private should instead be handled at the appropriate on-wiki venue, for instance at the bureaucrats' noticeboard. For sensitive matters you may contact an individual bureaucrat directly.

See also Special:Log/rights: log of user rights changes; Special:Log/renameuser: log of local username changes (global username changes between 9 July 2014 and 19 March 2015 affecting local accounts were not logged locally); m:Special:log/gblrename: log of global username changes (became available 9 July 2014); Wikipedia:Bureaucrat log: for Bureaucrat activity (user rights adjustments) before 24 December 2004; Wikipedia:List of resysopped users: listing of users resysopped by Bureaucrats; Wikipedia:Bureaucrats' noticeboard: discussion of Bureaucrat-related matters (please note that questions relating to decisions by particular bureaucrats should be directed to their talkpage in the first instance); Wikipedia:User access levels: general information on the English Wikipedia's user rights system; User:NoSeptember/crat stats: Bureaucrat activity statistics (historical); m:Stewards: information on users who can grant and remove all user flags Wikipedia:Bureaucrats/Message list: for use with Special:Massmessage

Notes ^ The bureaucrat privilege may be removed by Steward request in certain situations (including if an account appears to be compromised). ^ From July 2005 until April 2015, bureaucrats were also responsible for carrying out username changes. As a result of the final implementation of global accounts, username changes must now be completed globally by a user with centralauth-rename rights on meta (Global renamers and Stewards). Due to their experience in this area, many bureaucrats also hold those rights and continue to perform username changes. ^ Although the ability to add and/or remove the account creator, IP block exempt, and pending changes reviewer rights is technically a part of the bureaucrat toolset (see Special:ListGroupRights), administrators also have these technical abilities. ^ Notice regarding emailing unused accounts ^ Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Bureaucrat removal of adminship policy ^ Bureaucrat activity is widely construed and includes acting or commenting as a bureaucrat at any venue including WP:BN/RFA/RFB/RFBAG/BRFA and responding to requests in their capacity as a global renamer or signalling that they remain actively engaged and available for bureaucrat tasks. ^ In particular, see Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Scientology#Return of access levels: an administrator who requests desysopping while an arbitration case or a request for arbitration is pending against him or her will be deemed to have left under circumstances of controversy, unless the Arbitration Committee decides otherwise, for purposes of applying this rule. ^ It was at [mail:wikien-bureaucrats|wikien-bureaucrats] ^ Bureaucrats' noticeboard discussion to retire mailing list v t e Requests for adminship (RfA), bureaucratship (RfB), and past request archives (search) Administrators Requests for adminship edit watch RfA talk new post Archives RfA nominations Request a nom Optional RfA candidate poll Advice for RfA candidates Guide Miniguide Advice for voters Arguments to avoid RfA analysis Requests for adminship by year Successful RfAs By month Alphabetical Chronological Unsuccessful RfAs Alphabetical Chronological Bureaucrats Noticeboard Successful RfBs Alphabetical Chronological Unsuccessful RfBs Alphabetical Chronological Bureaucrat discussion Useful pages RFA reform RfX Report Inactive administrators Former administrators Logs User rights log Old log Meta log Meta old log Current admin count: 1,230 (list all) Current bureaucrat count: 23 (list all) v t e Wikipedia accounts and governance Unregistered (IP) users Why create an account? Create an account Request an account IPs are human too IP addresses are not people IP hopper Registered users New account Logging in Reset passwords Username policy Changing username Usernames for administrator attention Unified login or SUL Alternate account Account security Password strength requirements User account security Personal security practices Two-factor authentication Simple 2FA 2FA for AWB Committed identity On privacy, confidentiality and discretion Compromised accounts Blocks, global locks, bans, sanctions Blocking policy FAQ Admins guide Tools Autoblock Appealing a block Guide to appealing blocks UTRS Unblock Ticket Request System Blocking IP addresses Range blocks IPv6 Open proxies Global locks Banning policy ArbCom appeals Sanctions Personal sanctions General sanctions Discretionary sanctions and Log Essay Long-term abuse Standard offer Related to accounts Sock puppetry Single-purpose account Sleeper account Vandalism-only account Wikibreak Enforcer Retiring Courtesy vanishing Clean start Quiet return User groups and global user groups Requests for permissions Admin instructions Admin guide Account creator PERM Autopatrolled PERM AutoWikiBrowser PERM Confirmed PERM Extended confirmed PERM Edit filter helper File mover PERM Mass message sender PERM New page reviewer PERM Page mover PERM Pending changes reviewer PERM Rollback PERM Template editor PERM IP-block-exempt Requests Courses access Requests Bot accounts Requests Global rights policy OTRS Volunteer Response Team Advanced user groups Administrators RfA Bureaucrats RfB Edit filter manager Requests CheckUser and Oversight Requests Founder Committees and related Arbitration Committee Mediation Committee Bot approvals group Functionaries Clerks Governance Administration FAQ Formal organization Editorial oversight and control Quality control Wikimedia Foundation Board Founder's seat Meta-Wiki Leadership opportunities WikiProjects Elections Policies and guidelines Unbundling administrators' powers Petitions Noticeboards Consensus Dispute resolution Reforms Retrieved from "" Categories: Wikipedia bureaucratsWikipedia user access levelsWikipedia procedural policies

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AdminshipWikipedia:Successful Requests For AdminshipWikipedia:Successful Bureaucratship CandidaciesWikipedia:Unsuccessful Adminship Candidacies (Chronological)Wikipedia:Unsuccessful Adminship CandidaciesWikipedia:Unsuccessful Bureaucratship CandidaciesWikipedia:Bot Approvals GroupWikipedia:Bot Approvals Group/Successful Membership CandidaciesWikipedia:Bot Approvals Group/Unsuccessful Membership CandidaciesCategory:User Notification Templates Related To Requests For AdminshipWikipedia:Arbitration CommitteeWikipedia:AdministratorsWikipedia:Deceased Wikipedians/GuidelinesWikipedia:Deceased Wikipedians/GuidelinesWikipedia:Bureaucrats' NoticeboardWikipedia:ShortcutWikipedia:Bureaucrats' NoticeboardWikipedia:AdministratorsWikipedia:Request For AdminshipWikipedia:Requests For BureaucratshipWikipedia:List Of Resysopped UsersWikipedia:Bot PolicyWikipedia:Bot Approvals GroupWikipedia:Bots/Requests For Approval/ApprovedSpecial:UserRightsWikipedia:BRFAWikipedia:Bureaucrats' 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Adminship DiscussionsWikipedia:Requests For Adminship By YearWikipedia:RFA By MonthCategory:Successful Requests For AdminshipWikipedia:Successful Requests For AdminshipWikipedia:Unsuccessful Adminship CandidaciesWikipedia:Unsuccessful Adminship Candidacies (Chronological)Wikipedia:Bureaucrats' NoticeboardCategory:Successful Requests For BureaucratshipWikipedia:Successful Bureaucratship CandidaciesWikipedia:Unsuccessful Bureaucratship CandidaciesWikipedia:Unsuccessful Bureaucratship Candidacies/ChronologicalWikipedia:Bureaucrat DiscussionWikipedia:RFA ReformUser:Cyberpower678/RfX ReportWikipedia:Inactive AdministratorsWikipedia:Former AdministratorsSpecial:Log/rightsWikipedia:Bureaucrat LogSpecial:ListUsers/sysopSpecial:ListUsers/bureaucratTemplate:Wikipedia AccountsTemplate Talk:Wikipedia AccountsUser (computing)GovernanceWikipedia:User Access LevelsWikipedia:Why Create An Account?Special:CreateAccountWikipedia:Request An AccountWikipedia:IPs Are Human TooWikipedia:IP Addresses Are Not 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Committee/Discretionary SanctionsWikipedia:Arbitration Enforcement LogWikipedia:Sanctions (essay)Wikipedia:Long-term AbuseWikipedia:Standard OfferWikipedia:Sock PuppetryWikipedia:Single-purpose AccountWikipedia:Sleeper AccountWikipedia:Vandalism-only AccountWikipedia:WikibreakWikipedia:WikiProject User Scripts/Scripts/WikiBreak EnforcerWikipedia:RetiringWikipedia:Courtesy VanishingWikipedia:Clean StartUser:Worm That Turned/Quiet ReturnWikipedia:User Access LevelsWikipedia:Requests For PermissionsWikipedia:Requests For Permissions/Administrator InstructionsWikipedia:Administrators' Guide/Granting And Revoking User RightsWikipedia:Account CreatorWikipedia:Requests For Permissions/Account CreatorWikipedia:AutopatrolledWikipedia:Requests For Permissions/AutopatrolledWikipedia:AutoWikiBrowserWikipedia:Requests For Permissions/AutoWikiBrowserWikipedia:User Access LevelsWikipedia:Requests For Permissions/ConfirmedWikipedia:User Access LevelsWikipedia:Requests For Permissions/Extended 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