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History[edit] Dial Global was founded as X Radio Networks, a division of Excelsior Radio Networks. It merged with Dial Communications and Global Media in 2006, from which it derived the Dial Global name. Dial Global initially specialized in syndicated weekend music programs of various types. In 2007 it acquired the former Transtar Radio Networks from the original Westwood One. Triton Media Group, a subsidiary of Oaktree Capital Management, purchased Excelsior in early 2008, and soon bought two of its three main competitors: Waitt Radio Networks and Jones Radio Networks. Triton used the Dial Global name for all of its programming and later bought the remainder of Westwood One in 2011, folding it into its Dial Global subsidiary. Dial Global began exhibiting signs of financial distress in late 2012, a possible side effect of its numerous acquisitions. On November 15 of that year, Dial Global announced a disappointing third quarter that it attributed in part to the financial impact of its exposure to the controversy surrounding a certain controversial talk personality, which was widely assumed to be a veiled reference to Rush Limbaugh in the wake of the Rush Limbaugh–Sandra Fluke controversy (although Limbaugh has no direct association with Dial Global). It simultaneously announced that it had filed for delisting from NASDAQ.[1] At the time of the announcement, Dial Global stock was trading at $2.00 a share; by mid-January 2013, DG's stock was trading at .30 a share. In a SEC 8-K filing dated January 15, 2013, DG announced that it had extended a loan waiver agreement with certain lenders.[2] On August 29, 2013, it was announced by The Wall Street Journal that Cumulus Broadcasting will be purchasing Dial Global. Cumulus will be paying $260 million in cash for this programming syndication service, part of which will be used to pay off Dial’s debt before it is folded into Cumulus Media Networks. To fund that sale, Cumulus will make a pair of station deals with Townsquare Media, Oaktree Capital Management's radio station ownership division.[3] On September 4, 2013, Dial Global announced that - as of that day - the company was renaming itself Westwood One.[4] Both transactions on the Cumulus-Townsquare deal were closed on November 14, 2013 and the transaction on Cumulus' buyout of Westwood One was also closed a month later on December 12, 2013. As a result of all of these acquisitions, Cumulus Media now controls the remnants of all four of the major networks from the Golden Age of Radio: the former NBC Radio Network, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the distribution rights to most of CBS, the former ABC Radio Network, and CBS Sports Radio (CBS Radio owned stations, but were merged with Entercom on November 17, 2017; ABC, which still owns a few stations outside its original network primarily for ESPN Radio as of December 18, 2015, pulled its content from Cumulus on January 1, 2015; and NBC, after having its content dropped from Westwood One in 2015, moved its content to iHeartMedia in 2016.) Among the numerous other holdings Cumulus now controls are the libraries of Transtar, RKO, Waitt, Jones, BPI, Watermark, and Drake-Chenault. The company's numerous acquisitions prompted rival Talk Radio Network to file an antitrust lawsuit against what was then Dial Global in August 2012.[5] Cumulus settled the lawsuit with TRN on amicable terms in March 2014,[6] which was followed by TRN filing another lawsuit over the issue in April 2016.[7] Cumulus won the lawsuit in late 2017, and TRN ceased operations at the end of that year. Cumulus filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2017. In January 2018, it began moving to terminate its broadcast contracts, including those through Westwood One. Talk programming[edit] Bob & Sheri The Clark Howard Show The Stephanie Miller Show The Thom Hartmann Show First Light with Evan Haning The Jim Bohannon Show America in The Morning with John Trout Moneytalk with Bob Brinker Imus in the Morning with Don Imus (contract to be terminated March 29, 2018) The Chris Plante Show The Savage Nation with Michael Savage The Mark Levin Show The John Batchelor Show Red Eye Radio Real Estate Today from the National Association of Realtors Sports programming[edit] Premier League (in partnership with Talksport) CBS Sports Radio The Masters NBC Sports Radio CONCACAF Champions League CONCACAF Gold Cup PGA Championship Radio Roland Garros AO Radio UFC Radio Network NCAA Radio Network NFL on Westwood One Sports EFL Championship (in partnership with Talksport) EFL Cup (in partnership with Talksport) FA Cup (in partnership with Talksport) Olympics NHL Radio (produced under the NBC Sports Radio service) Westwood One FC Premier Boxing Champions Music and entertainment programming[edit] The Adam Bomb Show 2Hours American Country Countdown Blair Garner Show Bob & Sheri The Bob & Tom Show Café Mocha The Mike Harvey Show (Daily and Weekend Party) The Big Time with Whitney Allen Backtrax USA with Kid Kelly (Only in the United States. International distribution is handled by Premiere Radio Networks.) The Hollywood 5 Flashback Intelligence for your Health with Connie Selleca The John Tesh Radio Show: Intelligence For Your Life Your Weekend with Jim Brickman The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show The Lia Show Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 (Only in the United States. International distribution is handled by Radio Express.) Country Gold with Terri Clark Country Countdown USA Nash Nights with Shawn Parr American Hit List with M. G. Kelly (Reruns of the 1998–2007 episodes. Kelly's current productions are distributed through Compass Media Networks.) The Nighttime Radio Program with Bernie Mack Power Source Country The Lu Valentino Show Grammy Awards Zach Sang and The Gang [8] The Daly Download with Carson Daly The History of Rock & Roll (both the 1978 and 1981 versions are available) News and weather[edit] NBC Sports Radio Westwood One News

References[edit] ^ Dial Global Posts Disappointing Q3 Financials, Points Finger At Rush Limbaugh For Some Problems All Access Radio Group, November 16, 2012 ^ Dial Global files 8K on loan waiver extension Radio Business Report, January 16, 2013 ^ Cumulus Makes Dial Global And Townsquare Deals Official - Radio Insight (released August 30, 2013) ^ Ahead Of Cumulus Merger, Dial Global Changing Its Name To Westwood One Forbes, September 4, 2013, "That’s why, as of today, Dial Global is renaming itself Westwood One." ^ Tuesday, August 28, 2012. Retrieved August 28, 2012. ^ TRN companies and Cumulus Media announce amicable Westwood One settlement. Press release (March 7, 2014). Retrieved May 22, 2014. ^ "Cumulus Hit With Antitrust Suit Over Advertising Payouts - Law360". Retrieved 14 March 2018.  ^ "Zach Sang Launching Syndicated Nights Show". Retrieved 14 March 2018.  v t e Westwood One Programming News/Talk America in The Morning America's Most Wanted The Chris Plante Show The Clark Howard Show First Light Imus in the Morning The Jim Bohannon Show The Jonathon Brandmeier Show The John Batchelor Show The Larry Kudlow Show The Mark Levin Show The Michael Baisden Show The Phil Valentine Show Moneytalk with Bob Brinker Real Estate Today Red Eye Radio The Savage Nation The Todd and Tyler Radio Empire Music and entertainment American Country Countdown Backtrax USA The Blair Garner Show Bob & Sheri The Bob & Tom Show Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 Country Gold with Randy Owen Elwood Blues's BluesMobile Cafe Mocha1 Flashback/Flashback Pop Quiz The John Tesh Radio Show The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show The Lia Show Loveline The Countdown/The Urban AC Countdown/Gospel Traxx Zach Sang Show Radio networks America's Best Music CBS Sports Radio1 Classic Hip-Hop Classic Hits Radio Good Time Oldies Jack FM Nash FM NBC Sports Radio1 Real Country The Touch Westwood One News See also Cumulus Media Networks Satellite Music Network Westwood One (1976–2011) 1 = Distribution only; produced by another company. v t e Cumulus Media AM radio stations KAAY KABC KAOK KARN KBED KBGG KBOI KCMO KCSF KCUB KESP KFAY KFRU KGO KIKR KKAT KKOB KKOH KLIF KLIK KMAJ KMJ KNBR KNEK KNML KNSH KPUR KPZK KRMD KRRF KSCR KSFO KTBL KTCK KTCT KTIK KTOP KTUC KUGN KVEN KVOR KWPN KXZZ KYNG WAAV WABC WALG WAPI WARM WAYS WBAP WBBF WBBW WBMQ WCOA WDUZ¹ WFAS WFNC WFNR WFTW WGLD WGOC WGOK WGOW WGPC WHBT WHGB WHLD WHLL WIBR WICC WIOV WISW WJBC WJCW WJLG WJOX WJR WJRW WKLQ WKY WLBY WLS WLTI WLWI WLZR WMAC WMAL WMSP WNAM WNML WOSH WPIC WPRO WPRV WRAD WRIE WRWM WSBA WSKO WSOM WSSO WTKA WTMA WTRX WUMP WVEL WVLK WVNN WWCK WXLM WXOK WXQW WXSM WYMB WYNN FM radio stations K279BI KAMO-FM KARN-FM KARX KATC-FM KATM KATT-FM KAYD-FM KBBM KBBQ-FM KBBY-FM KBCY KBEE KBER KBIU KBUL-FM KBXR KBZU KCDD KCFX KCHZ KCJK KCMO-FM KDJK KDRF KDVB KDVV KEHK KESN~ KENZ KFFG KFOG KGGO KHAY KHKI KHKK KHOP KHTB KHXS KHYT KIIM-FM KIPR KIZN KJJY KJMO KJOY KKEG KKFM KKGB KKGL KKMG KKND KKOB-FM KKPK KKWD KLAL KLIF-FM KLOS KLSZ-FM KLUR KMAJ-FM KMCK-FM KMEZ KMGA KMGV KMJ-FM KMJJ-FM KMJK KNEK-FM KNEV KNRQ KOLI KOMS KOQL KPLA KPLX KPUR-FM KQFC KQHN KQIZ-FM KQLK KQOB² KQRS-FM KQSM-FM KQXC-FM KQXL-FM KQXY-FM KRBE KRMD-FM KRMW KRRQ KRST KRUZ KRWP KSAN KSCS KSKS KSMB KSZR KTCK-FM KTCX KTIK-FM KTLT KTOP-FM KUBL-FM KUJZ KURB KVMA-FM KVYB KWIC KWIN KWNN KWQW KWYE KWYL KXKC KXXR KYIS KYKZ KYYI KZEL-FM KZJF KZRK-FM W264AK WABD WAOA-FM WAQX-FM WARM-FM WBBL-FM WBHD WBHT WBLX-FM WBNQ WBRW WBSX WBWN WBZE WBZF WCMG WCTO WCYN-FM WDAI WDEN-FM WDLT-FM WDRQ WDUZ-FM¹ WDVD WDZZ-FM WEAN-FM WEAS-FM WEBE WEDG WEGC WEMX WFBE WFMS WFTK WFYR WGFX WGKX WGLF WGLO WGNI WGOW-FM WGRF WGRR WGVX WHBX WHHY-FM WHKR WHNN WHOT-FM WHRP WHTS WHTT-FM WILZ WIOG WIOV-FM WIVK-FM WIWF WIXO WIXV WJAD WJBC-FM WJCL-FM WJEZ WJJK WJOX-FM WJQX WJTQ WKAK WKDF WKHX-FM WKIM WKKO WKOR-FM WKOS WKQZ WKRU WKSM WKXS-FM WLAV-FM WLAW WLCS WLEV WLFF WLLF WLS-FM WLTO WLWI-FM WLXC WLXX WLZN WMAL-FM WMAS-FM WMDH-FM WMEZ WMGB WMGL WMGS WMGU WMIM WMNX WMOS³ WMXS WMXT WMXU WNBM WNCV WNKT WNML-FM WNMQ WNMX WNNF WNNK-FM WNNX WNSH WNTQ WNUQ WOFX-FM WOGB¹ WOGT WOKI WOMG WORC-FM WPCK¹ WPEZ WPKR WPLJ WPRO-FM WPSK-FM WQGN-FM WQHZ WQKL WQLH¹ WQPD WQQK WQQO WQSM WQUT WQVE WQXA-FM WQXK WRBO WRCQ WRKN WROK-FM WRQN WRQQ WRQX WRRM WRRX WRXP WSEA WSJR WSKZ WSM-FM WSMS WSOX WSSX-FM WSYN WTCB WTNR WTOD WTYB WUHT WVBO WVIB WVLK-FM WVNN-FM WWBU WWCK-FM WWFF-FM WWFN-FM WWFX WWIZ WWKI WWKL WWKX WWLD WWLI WWLS-FM WWWM WWQQ-FM WWSN WWTN WWWQ W255CJ/WWWQ-HD2 WWWW-FM WWWX WWWZ WXBM-FM WXFX WXKC WXKR WXKR-HD2/W265CB WXLO WXMX WXTA WXTL WXZZ WYAY WYFM WYNN-FM WYRG WYZB WZAT WZCY-FM WZNS WZPW WZRH WZRR WZYP Radio networks Arkansas Radio Network CBS Sports Radio* Titans Radio Network Westwood One (see navpage) Online assets Nash Country Weekly iHeartRadio¹ Television-related assets Nash TV Other assets Broadcast Software International San Francisco Giants (minority interest in LP) See also Citadel Broadcasting Cumulus Media Networks Susquehanna Radio Corporation 1 = Owned by iHeartMedia; operated by Cumulus under an LMA. 2 = Co-owned with Champlin Broadcasting under an LMA. 3 = Operated by the Mohegan Sun under an LMA. ~ = Owned by The Walt Disney Company; operated by Cumulus under an LMA. * = Owned by CBS Corporation, operated by Cumulus. v t e Broadcast radio networks in the United States Conglomerates ABC Radio Compass Premiere Salem United Stations Westwood One Univision Spanish State Arkansas Radio Network Georgia News Network Louisiana Radio Network Michigan Farm Radio Network Michigan Radio Network Michigan Talk Network North Carolina News Network Ohio News Network The Point Supertalk Mississippi Texas State Network Specialty Accent American Urban Bloomberg Radio Business Talk CRN Digital GCN Metropolitan Opera Music of Your Life Pride Radio America Radio One Disney RBN Timeless Cool WestStar WFMT Radio Network World Classical Network Religious 3ABN Air 1 AFR BBN BRN Calvary CSN International EMF Effect EWTN Radio Family Life Network Family Life Radio Family Go Mix! GNN Gospel Opportunities Good News Voice Here's Help K-Love The Life FM LifeTalk Mars Hill Moody Pilgrim Promise FM Prayz Radio 74 Radio Nueva Vida Rejoice Radio Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Relevant RenewFM RevFM Salem Smile FM Sound of Life Sounds of the Spirit Spirit FM Strong Tower VCY America WAY-FM Worship FM Word FM Your Network of Praise Sports CBS NBC ESPN Deportes Fox Futbol de Primera Sports Byline USA Sports USA SB Nation Univision News ABC CBS Fox NBC Talk Media News USA Westwood One Public radio National APM NOAA Weather Radio NPR Pacifica PRX PRI Travelers' information station Statewide Alaska Colorado Connecticut Georgia Hawaii Iowa Maine Minnesota Mississippi Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire North Dakota Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Utah Vermont West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Regional Alabama Boise State CMU High Plains Public Indiana Public Interlochen Public Jefferson Public Michigan Radio Montana Public New England Public New Jersey Public North Carolina Public North Country Public Northeast Public Northwest Public Red River Yellowstone Public Defunct or moribund Blue Network/ABC (original) AAHS Air America America's Radio News Biz Radio children radio networks Dial Global (Local/Waitt) Enterprise God's Country I.E. America Jones Liberty Broadcasting System Michigan Regional Mutual Reports/Mutual Black Network Mutual Mutual Progressive Network/Mutual Lifestyle Radio NBC NBC Talknet NBG NBN National Negro Nova M NRN Progressive Broadcasting System RKO Satellite Music Sports Fan Talk Radio Network The Source Transtar UPI Univision America Washington News Desk Westinghouse Westwood One (original) WOR WSJ Radio Yankee Retrieved from "" Categories: Westwood One (current)American radio networksCumulus Media radio stationsCollege football on the radioHidden categories: Articles needing additional references from July 2012All articles needing additional referencesPages using deprecated image syntax

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