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History[edit] As an independent station[edit] The station signed on the air on February 18, 1984 as independent station WCAY-TV; it was owned by the TVX Broadcast Group, which had signed on a few stations in other markets. The station maintained a general entertainment format featuring cartoons, sitcoms, movies and drama series. The station originally operated from studios located on Peabody Street in downtown Nashville. Along with the other TVX stations, WCAY became a Fox affiliate on April 5, 1987 as part of a groupwide affiliation deal. Fox affiliated with all of TVX's stations as a condition of affiliating with WNOL-TV in New Orleans. However, there was a catch: if one of TVX's underperforming stations was sold, that particular station that was sold could lose their Fox affiliation in the event that there is a higher rated independent station in the market available for affiliation. As a Fox affiliate[edit] In 1987, TVX acquired Taft Broadcasting's Fox affiliates and independent stations. Unfortunately, the deal left TVX heavily leveraged. After the 1987 stock market "bump", the larger investors started pulling their funding. One large investor used his voting shares and influence to force TVX to sell some of its underperforming medium-market stations. WCAY and sister station WMKW in Memphis (now WLMT) were sold to MT Communications, which was headed by – and named after – Michael Thompson. WCAY then changed its call letters to WXMT on September 26, 1989. Return to independent status[edit] In 1990, WZTV's owner, Act III Broadcasting – who was known for buying its competitors' stronger programming assets and having the competitor change formats to religious or home shopping programming and in one case, even having it go dark altogether – offered to buy WXMT's entire syndicated programming inventory and move most of the shows over to WZTV, alongside programs that were already broadcast on that station. Fox also planned to exercise its option to moving its Nashville area affiliation to WZTV. Originally, WXMT was to switch to a hybrid format of home shopping for 18 hours a day and religious programs for six hours a day, but MT Communications still wanted some of the programming and to keep some entertainment shows on the schedule. The deal was called off early in February. But in the middle of the month when Fox moved over to WZTV, negotiations resumed and immediately it was decided that WZTV would get only cash programming (including sitcoms, movies, and some of the cartoons), while WXMT would keep barter cartoons, a few barter sitcoms as well as some religious shows. The deal took effect later in February 1990. By this time, WXMT's schedule now featured cartoons from 7-9 a.m., religious programming from 9 a.m.-noon, Home Shopping Network programming from noon to 4 p.m. and after 9 p.m., and low-rated barter syndicated shows from 4 to 9 p.m. Gradually, more first run talk shows, sitcoms and cartoons were added to WXMT's schedule. By 1994, WXMT was once again running general entertainment programming full-time. As a UPN affiliate[edit] On January 16, 1995, the station became an affiliate of the United Paramount Network (UPN), and began branding itself as "UPN 30". By then, WZTV was owned by Abry Communications; later that year, WZTV entered into a local marketing agreement with WXMT. MT Communications sold the station to a local owner, but WZTV would handle programming responsibilities for the station. The station's call letters were changed to the current WUXP on August 23, 1996 with its on-air branding changing to "UXP30" and later "UPN Nashville" before reverting to "UPN 30" in 2002. Before it entered into the LMA with WZTV, WXMT had planned to build a state-of-the-art studio facility along the "south loop" of Interstate 40 in Nashville. For many years, even after the plans had been abandoned, a retaining wall on the site featured a mural reading "Future Home of WXMT-30". The LMA continued after Sinclair acquired Abry. As time went on, cartoons and anime (such as The Wacky World of Tex Avery, Pokémon and RoboCop: Alpha Commando) disappeared from the schedule gradually and more first-run reality and talk shows were added. In 2000, Sinclair Broadcast Group bought WUXP outright. As a MyNetworkTV affiliate[edit] On February 22, 2006, News Corporation announced the formation of MyNetworkTV, a sister network to Fox that would affiliate with WB and UPN stations that were not named as affiliates of fellow upstart network The CW.[1][2] In February 2006, WUXP, along with most of Sinclair's WB and UPN affiliates, was announced as a charter affiliate of MyNetworkTV. On September 5 of that year, WUXP changed its on-air branding to "My 30" and carried the last three weeks of UPN programming outside of prime time during the late night hours. WUXP may carry CW or Fox programming should WNAB or WZTV preempt in the event of a local special or an emergency such as a breaking news story. Signal loss of 2014[edit] WUXP went off the air on September 15, 2014 due to technical problems with its transmission tower. No public relations statement or updates had been provided on its website or Facebook page. On September 18, the signal was restored only to remain broken up and intermittent that day. The signal was completely restored on September 20, 2014.

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] The station's digital signal is multiplexed: Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[3] 30.1 720p 16:9 WUXP-MY Main WUXP-TV programming / MyNetworkTV 30.2 480i 4:3 GetTV GetTV 30.3 Comet Comet WUXP-DT2[edit] As a part of an affiliation agreement involving several Sinclair-owned stations, WUXP began carrying The Tube Music Network on March 23, 2006, However that relationship stopped temporarily (and eventually permanently) on January 1, 2007, in a dispute involving FCC requirements for digital subchannels, which resulted in Sinclair Broadcasting pulling The Tube from all of its Stations. (Including WUXP) Three years later, TheCoolTV was added on digital subchannel 30.2 on September 18, 2010, However it was dropped on August 31, 2012, as part of a groupwide removal of the network on all of Sinclair Broadcasting Stations. The station launched Get-TV, a movie-oriented network owned by Sony Pictures Television on their second digital subchannel during the wee hours of Saturday, June 28, 2014 as part of a deal with Sinclair that would add 33 markets to the GetTV affiliate roster.[4][5] WUXP-DT3[edit] WUXP-DT3 launched on October 27, 2015 as a simulcast of WUXP-DT2. At 4:00 a.m. CT on the morning of October 31, 2015, WUXP-DT3 began serving as a charter affiliate of Comet, a new premium multi-cast network jointly owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sinclair Broadcasting. The channel will be a new movie network focusing on science fiction, supernatural, adventure and fantasy series and films, mainly from the libraries of MGM and sister studio, United Artists. It will also air some Infomercials.[6] Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] WUXP-TV shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 30, on February 17, 2009, which was intended to be the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate. The deadline was moved to June 12, 2009, but the station decided to convert on the original deadline.[7] The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 21.[8][9] Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display the station's virtual channel as its former UHF analog channel 30.

General programming[edit] Some of WUXP's syndicated programming includes Celebrity Name Game, Family Feud, Maury, Jerry Springer, Friends, The Andy Griffith Show, Seinfeld, The Middle, and The Simpsons. During severe weather, WZTV provides its severe weather tracker for its own main channel, as well as the main channels of WUXP and WNAB since WZTV fills the programming schedules of all three stations.

Sports programming[edit] Local sports programming[edit] On Friday nights, mainly during high school football season (late August–November), WUXP broadcasts their own coverage of high school football games around middle Tennessee, under the banner Friday Night Rivals beginning the 2014 season.[10][11] Since September 2014, Friday Night Rivals is also live streamed online.[12] It features games involving certain local high schools in and/or around the Nashville area playing against certain rivals.[13] They were previously broadcast on Thursday Nights under the name Thursday Night Lights until the end of the 2013 season.[14] Halftime reports includes recaps of the first half, as well as a weather segment from WZTV's weather team. These broadcasts will also preempt MyNetworkTV programming during these time slots, so WUXP would air those programs after the game is over. Since 2013, the station also broadcasts TSSAA football title games as part of a 3-year agreement with Mann Communications and PlayOn! Sports.[15] In addition, also during football season, WUXP and WZTV both air Titans All Access,[16] a 30-minute game preview show hosted by famed Titans Radio personality Mike Keith. It provides highlights behind the scenes of the games, and analysis and perdictions for the next game that is played after the broadcast of this program.[17] In January 2015, High school basketball games began broadcasting on WUXP under the title, Friday Night Hoops. Syndicated sports programming[edit] Past syndicated sports programming[edit] WUXP has been the long-time home to Southeastern Conference (SEC) football and men's basketball games (including those involving Vanderbilt Commodores or the University of Tennessee Volunteers) from Jefferson-Pilot/Lincoln Financial Sports/Raycom Sports (previously broadcast by WSMV-TV in the 1980s and 1990s) from 2002 until 2009,[18][19][20] and ESPN Plus-oriented SEC TV from 2009 to 2014. This ended in 2014 because of the inception of the then-new cable-exclusive SEC Network that launched in August 2014 due to a new 20-year contract between the SEC and ESPN to launch that new network.[21] Current syndicated sports programming[edit] In 2014, WUXP began broadcasting Raycom Sports' Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) syndication package (branded as ACC Network) after acquiring local rights from ABC affiliate WKRN-TV's second digital subchannel. This includes football and men's basketball games syndicated through the service, especially those involving the Louisville Cardinals, the closest ACC member institution to the area, which became a member in 2014. American Sports Network/Stadium[edit] On August 30, 2014, Sinclair Broadcasting Group launched the American Sports Network, which has rights to Conference USA football and men's basketball.[22] [23] WUXP began carrying that syndication package from ASN, including the Conference USA Showcase, and sporting events involving the sports programs of the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders, beginning with the 2014 football and 2014–15 basketball season. In addition, the station also aired any Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) men's basketball games offered through ASN, since four of the OVC's member institutions are within WUXP's coverage area. Since the OVC's league office is based in the south Nashville suburb of Brentwood, WUXP was the unofficial flagship station of ASN's OVC programming package. OVC Football was added to ASN's portfolio on September 26, 2015, so WUXP broadcast those games also in that season.[24] During the summer months, WUXP also airs certain installments of ASN's Minor League Baseball Sunday Showcase, especially one game in which the Nashville Sounds was participating in. After WNAB-DT2 became an affiliate of the 24-hour linear channel of ASN in 2015, which later became Stadium in 2017, WUXP still broadcast some ASN/Stadium-produced games that could not fit into the schedule of the linear channel. Sports programming scheduling conflicts[edit] All of the sports packages from Raycom Sports and Stadium both serve as replacements for the now-dissolved SEC TV syndication package. In the event of conflicting schedules between the sports packages of Raycom and Stadium, WUXP-DT2 may also have had a share in Stadium's OVC package, thus preempting some GetTV programming. Also, any time these syndicated sporting events are broadcast during the primetime hours on weeknights, MyNetworkTV programming is broadcast on a tape-delay after the games are over. However, with a 24/7 version of Stadium available on WNAB-DT2 since January 2016, scheduling conflicts have eased up. At some occasions, WZTV would air Raycom's ACC basketball whenever the times conflict with WUXP's broadcasts of TSSAA boys' and girls' high school basketball championship games, which air in late February and early March. WUXP also broadcasts TSSAA high school football championship games that typically take place in November. Other syndicated sports programming[edit] On some occasions, WUXP-TV also broadcast some non-conference basketball games involving Belmont University’s men’s basketball team.[25] Since 2011, both WUXP and WZTV are the Nashville-area homes to Ring of Honor Wrestling, another syndicated program by Sinclair Broadcasting.[26]

Newscast[edit] In 1991, WXMT debuted the Nashville market's first primetime newscast at 9 p.m. (predating WZTV's 9 p.m. newscast by six years) through a news share agreement with NBC affiliate WSMV-TV (channel 4). The hour-long weeknight newscast, which featured WSMV's anchors and reporting staff, lasted less than two years before it was cancelled and replaced with syndicated programming. After the cancellation of the WSMV-produced newscast in 1993, WUXP would never again air a newscast outside of a minute-long WZTV-produced weather update from 2000 on. On June 5, 2017, WUXP began rebroadcasting WZTV's 9 p.m. newscasts two hours after it begins, at 11 p.m. on weeknights. On March 5, 2018, WZTV began producing a 4 p.m. newscast for WUXP, which now competes with the 4 p.m. newscasts of the Big Three affiliates (WKRN, WSMV, and WTVF)

Out of market coverage[edit] WUXP-TV was the default UPN affiliate for the Bowling Green, Kentucky media market throughout that network’s 1995-2006 existence because UPN was never available from a local outlet in that area. WUXP was also the default MyNetworkTV affiliate for the Bowling Green market since MyNetworkTV launched in September 2006. This ended in the first quarter of 2014, when DTV America Corporation signed on WCZU-LD to serve as a primary Antenna TV and secondary MyNetworkTV affiliate. WUXP could still be easily picked up in some areas of the Bowling Green media market with an over-the-air antenna. WUXP also remains on WesternCable, the on-campus cable system in classrooms and residence halls at Western Kentucky University.[27] WUXP (as WCAY-TV and WXMT) was also the first station to be the default Fox affiliate for Bowling Green from Fox’s 1987 inception until WZTV took the Fox affiliation in 1990. Except for select areas of Lincoln County, Tennessee (in the Huntsville, Alabama market) and southernmost Muhlenberg County, Kentucky (in the Evansville, Indiana market), about half of the Bowling Green market area is the only out-of-market coverage that WUXP has.

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External links[edit] - Official website Query the FCC's TV station database for WUXP-TV BIAfn's Media Web Database -- Information on WUXP-TV v t e Broadcast television in Middle Tennessee, including Nashville, Murfreesboro and Clarksville Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with cable television Network O&Os are in bold Stations WKRN (2.1 ABC, 2.2 MeTV, 2.3 Justice Network, 2.4 Grit) WSMV (4.1 NBC, 4.2 Escape, 4.3 Cozi TV) WTVF (5.1 CBS, 5.2 NewsChannel 5+, 5.3 Laff) WNPT (8.1 PBS, 8.2 NPT2, 8.3 PBS Kids) WZTV (17.1 FOX, 17.2 TBD, 17.3 Antenna TV) WNPX-TV (28.1 Ion, 28.2 Qubo, 28.3 Ion Life, 28.4 Ion Shop, 28.5 QVC Over Air, 28.6 HSN) WUXP (30.1 MNTV, 30.2 GetTV, 30.3 Comet) WHTN (39.1 CTN) WJFB (44.1 TCT HD, 44.2 TCT SD, 44.3 Light TV) WPGD (50.1 TBN, 50.2 Hillsong, 50.3 JUCE TV/Smile, 50.4 Enlace, 50.5 Salsa) WNAB (58.1 CW, 58.2 Stadium, 58.3 Charge!) Low-power stations WRTN-LD (6.1 Daystar, 6.2 Retro TV, 6.3 This TV, 6.4 Classic Shows, 6.5 Classic Movies, 6.6 Evine, 6.7 JTV) WIIW-LP (14.1 silent → Ind) WJFB-LP (18.1 silent → TCT HD, 18.2 silent → TCT SD, 18.3 silent → Light TV) WNPX-LP (20.1 silent → Daystar) WNTU-LD (26.1 Daystar) WJDE-LD (31.1 H&I, 31.2 TCN, 31.3 Decades, 31.4 HSN, 31.5 Sonlife, 31.6 Movies!) WJNK-LD (34.1 3ABN, 34.2 3ABN Proclaim, 34.4 3ABN Latino, 34.5 3ABN Radio, 34.6 3ABN Radio Latino, 34.7 Radio 74) WCTZ-LD (35.1 silent/Future Station) WKUW-LD (40.1 Buzzr, 40.2 Shop LC, 40.3 Stadium, 40.4 Quest, 40.5 QVC 2, 40.6 QVC Over Air, 40.7 JTV) WLLC-LP (42.1 Univision, 42.2 UniMás, 42.3 Bounce TV, 42.4 Heartland) Outlying areas Clarksville WCKV-LD (21.1 The Walk TV, 21.2 Doctor TV, 21.3 Ind, 21.4 NRB Network) Cookeville WCTE (22.1 PBS, 22.2 World, 22.3 Create, 22.4 PBS Kids) Other areas WETV-LP (11.1 Ind – Murfreesboro) WPBM-CD (31.1 Religious Ind./WalkTV/GEB – Scottsville KY) ATSC-M/H Mobile DTV WSMV (4.10 NBC) Cable television stations APSU-TV CSN 49/CSN 176 Fox Sports Tennessee Metro Nashville Network NECAT Network VTV Adjacent locals Bowling Green. Kentucky WBKO (13.1 ABC, 13.2 Fox, 13.3 The CW/CW+) WKGB-TV (53.1 PBS/KET, 53.2 PBS Encore/KET2, 53.3 KY Channel, 53.4 PBS Kids) Madisonville. Kentucky WKMA-TV (35.1 PBS/KET, 35.2 PBS Encore/KET2, 35.3 KY Channel, 35.4 PBS Kids) Defunct stations Nashville area WRMX-LP 12 (HSN) W36AK 36 (TBN, via WPGD-TV) W48BK 48 (TBN) W52CT 52/W59AW 59 (America One, via WLLC-LP) W61AR 61 (Ind./FamilyNet, via WJNK-LD) W68CG/WGAP-LP 68 (The Box/MTV2, via WNTU-LP) Clarksville W26CJ 26 (TBN) Hopkinsville. Kentucky W22CH 22 (TBN) WKAG-CA 43 (Ind./A1) WNKJ-TV 51 (Ind., 1983-85) W62BH 62 (TBN) W64AV 64 (PBS/KET via WKMA-TV) Other areas WLLP-CA 13 (Ind./AMGTV/TLN, Lawrenceburg, TN) W27AN 27 (MSTV, Murfreesboro) W29DM-D/W34DB (29.1/34 A1/GBN/Ind., Lewisburg) W46AJ 46 (TBN, Cookeville) W55AL 55 (PBS/KET via WKSO-TV, Tompkinsville. KY) Tennessee broadcast television areas by city Chattanooga Jackson Knoxville Memphis Nashville Paducah, KY Tri-Cities See also Huntsville TV, Bowling Green TV v t e Television stations in South Central Kentucky, including Bowling Green and Glasgow Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with cable television Network O&Os are in bold Full-power stations WBKO (13.1 ABC, 13.2 FOX, 13.3 CW+) WKYU (24.1 PBS, 24.2 Create, 24.3 NWS Weather radar with KIH45 audio) WNKY (40.1 NBC, 40.2 CBS, 40.3 MeTV) WKGB (53.1 PBS/KET, 53.2 PBS Encore/KET2, 53.3 KY Channel, 53.4 PBS Kids) Low-power stations W14DG-D (14.1 Silent → WBKO/ABC, 14.2 Silent → WBKO-DT2/FOX, 14.3 Laff → WBKO-DT3/CW+) WCZU-LD (39.1 Ant.TV/MNTV, 39.2 Buzzr, 39.3 Bounce TV, 39.4 SBN, 39.5 Grit, 39.6 Escape, 39.7 Cozi TV) Outlying areas Scottsville WPBM-CD (31.1 Rel. Ind./GEB/WalkTV) Cable-only HSSN 1 Spectrum News Kentucky Defunct or silent Bowling Green WBWG 12” (The WB 100+, cable-only) WKUW-LP (60 TBN) 2 WKUT-LP/LD (64/25.1 TBN) Glasgow WKUG-LP (62 TBN) Other areas Tompkinsville W55AL (55 PBS/KET via WKSO-TV) Campbellsville WBKI-TV (34.1 The CW, 34.2 Movies!) Adjacent locals Nashville WSMV (4.1 NBC, 4.2 Escape, 4.3 Cozi TV) WTVF (5.1 CBS, 5.2 NewsChannel 5+, 5.3 Laff) WZTV (17.1 Fox, 17.2 TBD, 17.3 Antenna TV) WNPX-TV (28.1 ION, 28.2 Qubo, 28.3 ION Life, 28.4 Ion Shop, 28.5 QVC Over Air, 28.6 HSN) WUXP (30.1 MNTV, 30.2 GetTV, 30.3 Comet) Louisville WLKY (32.1 CBS, 32.2 Me-TV) WDRB (41.1 Fox, 41.2 Antenna TV, 41.3 ION) WBKI (58.1 CW, 58.2 Cozi TV, 58.3 MNTV, 58.4 Movies!) 1 Seasonal broadcasts on WKYU-TV. 2 Returned to the air after relocating to Nashville. Kentucky broadcast television areas by city Bowling Green Charleston, WV Cincinnati, OH Evansville, IN Knoxville, TN Lexington Louisville Paducah See also Nashville TV v t e MyNetworkTV Network Affiliates in the state of Tennessee WVLT-DT 8.2 (Knoxville) WYJJ 27.1 (Jackson TN) WUXP 30 (Nashville) WLMT 30.2 (Memphis) WFLI-DT 53.2 (Chattanooga) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in Tennessee v t e Sinclair Broadcast Group sorted by primary channel network affiliations ABC KAEF-TV KATU KATV KDNL-TV KHGI-TV / KWNB-TV / KHGI-CD KOMO-TV KRCR-TV KTUL KTVO KTXS-TV / KTXE-LD KVII-TV / KVIH-TV WATM-TV WBMA-LD WCHS-TV WCTI-TV WEAR-TV WGTU / WGTQ 1 WHAM-TV 1 WICD WICS WKEF WJLA-TV WLOS WPDE-TV WSET-TV WSYX WTVC WXLV-TV CBS KBAK-TV KBOI-TV KDBC-TV KEYE-TV KFDM KGAN KGBT-TV KHQA-TV KIMA-TV / KEPR-TV KLEW-TV KMEG 1 KRCG KTVL KUTV KVAL-TV / KCBY-TV / KPIC WGFL 1 WGME-TV WHP-TV WKRC-TV WPEC WRGB WSBT-TV WTVH 1 WWMT The CW KECA-LD KFDM KFRE-TV KMYS 1 KOCB KTXS-TV / KTXE-LD KVCW KXVO 1 KYUU-LD WBUI 1 WBSF 1 WCWF WCWN WCYB-DT2 WFLI-TV 1 WHAM-DT2 1 WLFL WNAB 1 WNUV 1 WSTQ-LP WSWB 1 WTLF 1 WTTO / WDBB WTVX WUCW WVTV WWHO 1 WWMB 1 Fox KABB KBFX-CD KBSI KBTV-TV 1 KBVU 1 KCVU 1 KDSM-TV KFOX-TV KFXA 1 KFXL-TV KMPH-TV KOKH-TV KPTH KPTM KRXI-TV KSAS-TV KSCC WACH WBFF WDKY-TV WEMT 1 WFXL WGXA WLUK-TV WMSN-TV WOLF-TV 1 WPFO 1 WPGH-TV WRGT-TV 1 WRLH-TV WRSP-TV / WCCU 1 WSMH WTAT-TV 1 WTGS WTTE 1 WUHF WUTV WVAH-TV 1 WYDO 1 WYZZ-TV 1 WWCP-TV WZTV MyNetworkTV KAME-TV 1 KDBC-TV KECA-LD KMTW 1 KMYU KRVU-LD / KZVU-LD KTOV-LP KUTV KVCW-DT2 WABM WCIV WDKA WFGX WMYA-TV 1 WMYG-LP 1 WMYV WNYO-TV WPNT WQMY 1 WRDC WSTR-TV 1 WTCN-CA WTVZ-TV WUTB 1 WUXP-TV WVTV-DT2 3 NBC KECI-TV / KCFW-TV / KTVM-TV / KDBZ-CD KMTR / KMCB / KTCW 1 KRNV-DT 1 KSNV WCYB-TV WEYI-TV 1 WJAC-TV WJAR WNBW-DT 1 WNWO-TV WOAI-TV WPBN-TV / WTOM-TV WPMI-TV 1 WSTM-TV WTOV-TV WTWC-TV Spanish-language Azteca WWHB-CA Univision KEUV-LP KUCO-LP KUNP KUNS-TV KUNW-CD / KVVK-CD / KORX-CA UniMás KKTF-LD Other stations Antenna TV KXVU-LD Comet KENV-DT 1 WHOI Ind. KJZZ-TV WJTC 1 MeTV KTES-LD WYME-CD WTLH 1 Stadium KTXD-TV TBD KXPX-LP This TV WDSI-TV 1 Radio stations KOMO KOMO-FM 2 KPLZ-FM KVI Channels Subchannel/streaming networks Charge! Comet Honor Club Stadium TBD Cable channels NewsChannel 8 (DC metro) Tennis Channel/Tennis (magazine) Defunct American Sports Network Programming News Full Measure w/ Sharyl Attkisson News Central Circa News Other KidsClick Ring of Honor Acquisitions Act III Broadcasting Allbritton Communications Barrington Broadcasting Bonten Media Group Fisher Communications Four Points Media Group Freedom Communications Guy Gannett Communications Heritage Media Newport Television River City Broadcasting Tribune Media (pending) 1 Operated by Sinclair under an LMA. 2 Owned by South Sound Broadcasting, Sinclair programs this station, as a simulcast of KOMO (AM). Full purchase is currently pending. 3 Formerly separately licensed as WCGV-TV and merged with WVTV's spectrum, but remains on its former channel number as a separate station Retrieved from "" Categories: MyNetworkTV affiliatesGetTV affiliatesComet affiliatesSinclair Broadcast GroupTelevision stations in Nashville, TennesseeTelevision channels and stations established in 1984Southeastern Conference broadcastersUPN network affiliatesHidden categories: Pages using deprecated image syntax

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WXMTNashville, TennesseeUnited StatesChannel (broadcasting)Digital Terrestrial TelevisionUltra High FrequencyVirtual ChannelProgram And System Information ProtocolDigital SubchannelMyNetworkTVGetTVComet (TV Network)Network AffiliateSinclair Broadcast GroupLimited Liability CompanyCall SignUPNSister StationWNABWZTVCall SignNetwork AffiliateIndependent Station (North America)Fox Broadcasting CompanyUPNThe Tube Music NetworkTheCoolTVEffective Radiated PowerKilowattHeight Above Average TerrainFacility IDFederal Communications CommissionVirtual ChannelUltra High FrequencyDigital Terrestrial TelevisionMyNetworkTVNetwork AffiliateTelevision StationCity Of LicenseNashville, TennesseeTennesseeUnited StatesSinclair Broadcast GroupDuopoly (broadcasting)Fox Broadcasting CompanyWZTVThe CWWNABOutsourcingCumberland RiverInterstate 24 In TennesseeWhites Creek, TennesseeIndependent Station (North America)TVX Broadcast GroupAnimated CartoonSitcomFeature FilmDrama (film And Television)Fox Broadcasting CompanyWNOL-TVNew OrleansTaft BroadcastingMemphis, TennesseeWLMTAct III BroadcastingReligious BroadcastingHome ShoppingHome Shopping NetworkUnited Paramount NetworkAbry CommunicationsLocal Marketing AgreementInterstate 40AnimeThe Wacky World Of Tex AveryPokémon (anime)RoboCop: Alpha CommandoReality TelevisionTalk ShowNews CorporationMyNetworkTVThe WB Television NetworkThe CWThe CWWNABFacebookMultiplex (TV)Digital SubchannelDisplay ResolutionAspect Ratio (image)Program And System Information Protocol720p16:9480i4:3GetTVComet (TV Network)The Tube Music NetworkTheCoolTVDigital SubchannelGet-TVSony Pictures TelevisionHalloweenComet (TV Network)Metro-Goldwyn-MayerScience FictionAdventureFantasyUnited ArtistsInfomercialUltra High FrequencyDigital Television Transition In The United StatesProgram And System Information ProtocolVirtual ChannelCelebrity Name GameFamily FeudMaury (TV Series)The Jerry Springer ShowFriendsThe Andy Griffith ShowSeinfeldThe Middle (TV Series)The SimpsonsHigh School Football In North AmericaWZTVTitans All AccessMike Keith (announcer)Southeastern ConferenceCollege FootballCollege BasketballVanderbilt UniversityVanderbilt CommodoresUniversity Of TennesseeTennessee VolunteersJefferson-PilotLincoln Financial MediaRaycom SportsWSMV-TVESPN PlusSEC TVSEC NetworkESPNAtlantic Coast ConferenceACC NetworkAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWKRN-TVWKRN-DT2Atlantic Coast Conference FootballAtlantic Coast Conference Men's BasketballUniversity Of LouisvilleLouisville CardinalsAmerican Sports NetworkStadium (sports Network)American Sports NetworkConference USAMiddle Tennessee State UniversityMiddle Tennessee Blue RaidersOhio Valley ConferenceBrentwood, TennesseeFlagship (broadcasting)Minor League BaseballNashville SoundsStadium (sports Network)Broadcast DelayTennessee Secondary School Athletic AssociationBelmont UniversityRing Of Honor WrestlingNBCWSMV-TVBig Three Television NetworksBowling Green, KentuckyDTV AmericaWCZU-LDAntenna TVWestern Kentucky UniversityLincoln County, TennesseeHuntsville, AlabamaMuhlenberg County, KentuckyEvansville, IndianaIndianaUSA TodayBroadcasting & CableAssociated PressNBC NewsNashville PostThe TennesseanWayback MachineWayback MachineBroadcasting And CableBelmont BruinsTemplate:Nashville TVTemplate Talk:Nashville TVTerrestrial TelevisionMiddle TennesseeNashville, TennesseeMurfreesboro, TennesseeClarksville, TennesseeCable TelevisionOwned-and-operated Television Stations In The United StatesWKRN-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWKRN-DT2MeTVJustice NetworkGrit (TV Network)WSMV-TVNBCWSMV-DT2Escape (TV Network)Cozi TVWTVFCBSWTVF-DT2Laff (TV Network)WNPT (TV)PBSPBS KidsWZTVFox Broadcasting CompanyTBD (TV Network)Antenna TVWNPX-TVIon TelevisionQuboIon LifeIon ShopQVC Over AirHome Shopping NetworkMyNetworkTVGetTVComet (TV Network)WHTNChristian Television NetworkWJFBTri-State Christian TelevisionLight TVWPGD-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkHillsong ChannelJUCE TVSmile Of A Child TVTBN Enlace USATBN SalsaWNABThe CWStadium (sports Network)Charge! (TV Network)Low-power BroadcastingWRTN-LPDaystar (TV Network)Retro Television NetworkThis TVEvineJewelry TelevisionWIIW-LPDark (broadcasting)Independent Station (North America)WJFB-LPDark (broadcasting)Tri-State Christian TelevisionDark (broadcasting)Dark (broadcasting)Light TVWNPX-LPDark (broadcasting)Daystar (TV Network)WNTU-LPDaystar (TV Network)WJDE-LDHeroes & IconsThe Country NetworkDecades (TV Network)Home Shopping NetworkSonlife Broadcasting NetworkMovies!WJNK-LDThree Angels Broadcasting NetworkThree Angels Broadcasting NetworkRadio 74 InternationaleDark (broadcasting)WKUW-LDBuzzrShop LCStadium (sports Network)Quest (U.S. TV Network)QVCQVCJewelry TelevisionWLLC-LPUnivisionUniMásBounce TVHeartland (TV Network)Clarksville, TennesseeWCKV-LDThe Walk TVDoctor Television ChannelIndependent Station (North America)NRB NetworkCookeville, TennesseeWCTEPBSWorld (TV Channel)Create (TV Network)PBS KidsWETV-LPIndependent Station (North America)Murfreesboro, TennesseeWPBM-CDReligious BroadcastingIndependent Station (North America)The Walk TVGEB AmericaScottsville, KentuckyATSC-M/HMobile DTVWSMV-TVNBCCable TelevisionAPSU-TVComcast SpotlightFox Sports TennesseeMetro 3NECAT NetworkVTV (Vanderbilt University)Template:Bowling Green TVWBKOAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWBKO-DT2Fox Broadcasting CompanyWBKO-DT3The CWThe CW PlusKentucky Educational TelevisionPBSKentucky Educational TelevisionPBSWKMJ-TVKentucky Educational TelevisionPBS KidsTemplate:Evansville TVKentucky Educational TelevisionPBSKentucky Educational TelevisionPBSWKMJ-TVKentucky Educational TelevisionPBS KidsWRMX-LPHome Shopping NetworkWPGD-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkWPGD-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkWLLC-LPAmerica OneWLLC-LPWJNK-LDFamilyNetWJNK-LDWNTU-LPThe Box (U.S. TV Channel)MTV2WNTU-LPTrinity Broadcasting NetworkHopkinsville, KentuckyTrinity Broadcasting NetworkTrinity Broadcasting NetworkWKAG-CAIndependent Station (North America)America OneWNKJ-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkTrinity Broadcasting NetworkW64AVPBSKentucky Educational TelevisionKentucky Educational TelevisionWLLP-CAIndependent Station (North America)AMGTVTotal Living NetworkLawrenceburg, TennesseeWAXOAmerica OneGospel Broadcasting NetworkIndependent Station (North America)Lewisburg, TennesseeTrinity Broadcasting NetworkKentucky Educational TelevisionPBSKentucky Educational TelevisionKentucky Educational TelevisionTompkinsville, KentuckyTennesseeTerrestrial TelevisionTemplate:Chattanooga TVTemplate:Jackson TN TVTemplate:Knoxville TVTemplate:Memphis TVTemplate:Nashville TVTemplate:Paducah TVTemplate:Tri-Cities TVTemplate:Huntsville TVTemplate:Bowling Green TVTemplate:Bowling Green TVTemplate Talk:Bowling Green TVTerrestrial TelevisionKentuckyBowling Green, KentuckyGlasgow, KentuckyCable TelevisionOwned-and-operated Television Stations In The United StatesWBKOAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWBKO-DT2Fox Broadcasting CompanyThe CW PlusWKYU-TVPBSCreate (TV Network)National Weather ServiceWeather RadarKIH45WNKYNBCWNKY-DT2CBSWNKY-DT3MeTVKentucky Educational TelevisionPBSKentucky Educational TelevisionPBS Satellite ServiceWKMJ-TVPBS KidsW14DG-DDark (broadcasting)WBKOAmerican Broadcasting CompanyFox Broadcasting CompanyLaff (TV Network)The CW PlusWCZU-LDAntenna TVMyNetworkTVBuzzrBounce TVSonlife Broadcasting NetworkGrit (TV Network)Escape (TV Network)Cozi TVScottsville, KentuckyWPBM-CDReligious BroadcastingIndependent Station (North America)GEB AmericaThe Walk TVCable TelevisionHilltopper Sports Satellite NetworkSpectrum NewsWBWG (The WB 100+)The WBThe WB 100+ Station GroupWKUW-LDTrinity Broadcasting NetworkWKUT-LDTrinity Broadcasting NetworkWKUG-LPTrinity Broadcasting NetworkTompkinsville, KentuckyKentucky Educational TelevisionPBSWKSO-TVCampbellsville, KentuckyWBKI-TV (1983–2017)The CWMovies!Nashville, TennesseeWSMV-TVNBCWSMV-DT2Escape (TV Network)Cozi TVWTVFCBSWTVF-DT2Laff (TV Network)WZTVFox Broadcasting CompanyTBD (TV Network)Antenna TVWNPX-TVION TelevisionQuboION LifeInfomercialQVC Over AirHome Shopping NetworkMyNetworkTVGetTVComet (TV Network)Louisville, KentuckyWLKYCBSMe-TVWDRBFox Broadcasting CompanyAntenna TVION TelevisionWBKI (TV)The CWCozi TVMyNetworkTVMovies!KentuckyTerrestrial TelevisionTemplate:Bowling Green TVTemplate:HuntingtonCharleston TVTemplate:Cincy TVTemplate:Evansville TVTemplate:Knoxville TVTemplate:Lexington TVTemplate:Louisville TVTemplate:Paducah TVTemplate:Nashville TVTemplate:MNTV TennesseeTemplate Talk:MNTV TennesseeMyNetworkTVTennesseeWVLT-DT2Template:Knoxville TVWYJJ-LDTemplate:Jackson TN TVTemplate:Nashville TVWLMTTemplate:Memphis TVWFLI-TVTemplate:Chattanooga TVTemplate:ABC TennesseeTemplate:CBS TennesseeTemplate:CW TennesseeTemplate:Fox TennesseeTemplate:ION TennesseeTemplate:MNTV TennesseeTemplate:NBC TennesseeTemplate:PBS TennesseeTemplate:Other Tennessee StationsTemplate:SBGITemplate Talk:SBGISinclair Broadcast GroupList Of Stations Owned Or Operated By Sinclair Broadcast GroupAmerican Broadcasting CompanyKAEF-TVKATUKATVKDNL-TVKHGI-TVKOMO-TVKRCR-TVKTULKTVOKTXS-TVKVII-TVWATM-TVWBMA-LDWCHS-TVWCTI-TVWEAR-TVWGTUWHAM-TVWICD (TV)WICSWKEFWJLA-TVWLOSWPDE-TVWSET-TVWSYXWTVCWXLV-TVCBSKBAK-TVKBOI-TVKDBC-TVKEYE-TVKFDMKGANKGBT-TVKHQA-TVKIMA-TVKEPR-TVKLEW-TVKMEGKRCGKTVLKUTVKVAL-TVWGFLWGME-TVWHP-TVWKRC-TVWPECWRGBWSBT-TVWTVHWWMTThe CWKECA-LDKFDMKFRE-TVKMYSKOCBKTXS-TVKVCWKXVOKYUU-LDWBUIWBSFWCWFWCWNWCYB-DT2WFLI-TVWHAM-DT2WLFLWNABWNUVWSTQ-LPWSWBWTLFWTTOWTVXWUCWWVTVWWHOWWMBFox Broadcasting CompanyKABBKBFX-CDKBSIKBTV-TVKBVU (TV)KCVUKDSM-TVKFOX-TVKFXAKFXL-TVKMPH-TVKOKH-TVKPTHKPTMKRXI-TVKSAS-TVKSCCWACHWBFFWDKY-TVWEMTWFXLWGXAWLUK-TVWMSN-TVWOLF-TVWPFOWPGH-TVWRGT-TVWRLH-TVWRSP-TVWSMHWTAT-TVWTGSWTTEWUHFWUTVWVAH-TVWYDOWYZZ-TVWWCP-TVWZTVMyNetworkTVKAME-TVKDBC-TVKECA-LDKMTWKMYUKRVU-LDKTOV-LPKUTVKVCWWABMWCIVWDKAWFGXWMYA-TVWMYG-LPWMYVWNYO-TVWPNTWQMYWRDCWSTR-TVWTCN-CAWTVZ-TVWUTBWVTV-DT2NBCNBC MontanaKMTRKRNV-DTKSNVWCYB-TVWEYI-TVWJAC-TVWJARWNBW-DTWNWO-TVWOAI-TVWPBN-TVWPMI-TVWSTM-TVWTOV-TVWTWC-TVAzteca (TV Network)WWHB-CAUnivisionKEUV-LPKUCO-LPKUNPKUNS-TVKUNW-CDUniMásKKTF-LDAntenna TVKXVU-LDComet (TV Network)KENV-DTWHOI (TV)Independent Station (North America)KJZZ-TVWJTCMeTVKTES-LDWYME-CDWTLHStadium (sports Network)KTXD-TVTBD (TV Network)KXPX-LPThis TVWDSI-TVKOMO (AM)KOMO-FMKPLZ-FMKVICharge! (TV Network)Comet (TV Network)Honor ClubStadium (sports Network)TBD (TV Network)NewsChannel 8 (cable Channel)Washington Metropolitan AreaTennis ChannelTennis (magazine)American Sports NetworkFull Measure With Sharyl AttkissonNews CentralCirca NewsKidsClickRing Of HonorAct III BroadcastingAllbritton CommunicationsBarrington BroadcastingBonten Media GroupFisher CommunicationsFour Points Media GroupFreedom CommunicationsGuy Gannett CommunicationsHeritage MediaNewport TelevisionRiver City BroadcastingTribune MediaProposed Acquisition Of Tribune Media By Sinclair Broadcast GroupLocal Marketing AgreementHelp:CategoryCategory:MyNetworkTV AffiliatesCategory:GetTV AffiliatesCategory:Comet AffiliatesCategory:Sinclair Broadcast GroupCategory:Television Stations In Nashville, TennesseeCategory:Television Channels And Stations Established In 1984Category:Southeastern Conference BroadcastersCategory:UPN Network AffiliatesCategory:Pages Using Deprecated Image SyntaxDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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