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History[edit] WTTE began operations on June 1, 1984 as the first general-entertainment independent station in central Ohio. The station was founded by the Commercial Radio Institute, a subsidiary of the Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group. The station originally operated from studio and office facilities at 6130 South Sunbury Road in Columbus. WTTE quickly became the dominant independent station in the area largely because its programming policy was far less conservative than that of the other independent in the area, Christian-oriented, Newark-licensed WSFJ-TV (channel 51). Channel 28 is a charter affiliate of Fox, having joined the network at its launch on October 9, 1986. From 1995 until 1997, it carried a secondary affiliation with UPN which was then picked up by WWHO. In 1996, Sinclair merged with River City Broadcasting, owner of WSYX. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules at the time did not allow one person to own two stations in a single market. Sinclair kept the longer-established WSYX and nominally sold WTTE to Glencairn, Ltd. owned by former Sinclair executive Edwin Edwards. However, nearly all of Glencairn's stock was held by the Smith family, founders and owners of Sinclair. In effect, Sinclair still owned WTTE, and now had a duopoly in Columbus in violation of FCC rules. Sinclair and Glencairn further circumvented the rules by moving WTTE's operations into WSYX's studios under a local marketing agreement, with WSYX as senior partner. Glencairn owned ten other stations—all in markets where Sinclair also had a station. Sinclair was eventually fined $40,000 for its illegal control of Glencairn. The two companies attempted to merge in 2001 after the FCC allowed duopolies. However, the FCC would not allow Sinclair to repurchase WTTE. The FCC does not allow duopolies between two of the four highest-rated stations in a single market. Also the Columbus market, despite its relatively large size, has only seven full-power stations—too few to legally permit a duopoly. WTTE thus remained under the banner of Glencairn, which was then renamed Cunningham Broadcasting. However, the Smith family still controls nearly all of Cunningham's stock, so Sinclair still effectively has a duopoly in Columbus. By nearly all accounts, Sinclair has used Glencairn / Cunningham as a shell corporation to evade FCC ownership rules. In 2006, all Sinclair-controlled Fox affiliates including WTTE extended their affiliation contracts until at least March 2012. WTTE-DT2 was formerly an affiliate of The Tube, a 24-hour digital music channel. Like other Sinclair-owned stations, this was dropped in January 2007, due to a disagreement between Sinclair and The Tube over E/I programming. The network ceased operations that October due to the lack of advertising. According to Nielsen Media Research in the May 2011 ratings period, WTTE was the second most watched Fox affiliate in the United States in prime time. The station remains intensely competitive in the Columbus television market with it remaining an extremely strong competitor against WBNS-TV and WCMH-TV averaging roughly 300,000 viewers each night during the station's 10 o'clock newscast despite its earlier time slot. WTTE typically wins the demographic viewership battle each and every ratings period. The demographic win is a much sought after attribute for television sales associates in the area for local advertising purposes. On October 18, 2010, the station reactivated their 28.2 digital subchannel for the first time since December 2006, with theCoolTV, a music video network which, unlike The Tube, had E/I programming pre-inserted as part of their national schedule. The network was discontinued as of August 31, 2012. WTTE is also considered an alternate ABC affiliate airing that network's programs when WSYX is unable to do so such as during a breaking news emergency or local special. On May 15, 2012, Sinclair and Fox agreed to a five-year extension to the network's affiliation agreement with the 19 Fox stations owned or controlled by Sinclair, including WTTE, allowing them to continue carrying the network's programming through 2017.[1] On June 23, 2014, Sinclair signed a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment to carry the GetTV network as a subchannel on 33 of their stations;[2] WTTE was one such station, and the 28.2 subchannel was reactivated. On June 1, 2017, Sinclair replaced GetTV with TBD on WTTE's 28.2 subchannel. TBD is operated by Sinclair Television Group, a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group. On August 21, 2017, WTTE's 28.3 subchannel began carriage of Stadium, which replaced ASN (American Sports Network).

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] The station's digital signal is multiplexed: Channel PSIP Short Name Video Aspect Programming[3] 28.1 WTTE-DT 720p 16:9 Main WTTE programming / Fox 28.2 TBD 480i 4:3 TBD 28.3 ASN Stadium Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] WTTE was one of only two full-power television stations in the Columbus market (the other being WWHO) that honored the original DTV transition date of February 17, 2009. The station shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 28, at 11:59 p.m. on that date, as part of the federally mandated transition from analog to digital television.[4] The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 36, using PSIP to display WTTE's virtual channel as 28 on digital television receivers. However, until March 3, as part of the SAFER Act,[5] analog channel 28 aired a repeating loop of a short informational film (in both English and Spanish) about the DTV changeover and how to upgrade to digital television. Analog channel 28 has since gone dark.

News operation[edit] WTTE presently broadcasts 25½ hours of locally produced newscasts each week (4 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on Saturday, 2½ hours on Sunday).

References[edit] ^ Sinclair Reups With Fox, Gets WUTB Option, TVNewsCheck, May 15, 2012. ^ "GetTV Signs Big Affiliation Deal With Sinclair," from TVNewsCheck, 6/23/2014 ^ RabbitEars TV Query for WTTE ^ List of Digital Full-Power Stations ^ "UPDATED List of Participants in the Analog Nightlight Program" (PDF). Federal Communications Commission. June 12, 2009. Retrieved June 4, 2012. 

External links[edit] WTTE "Fox 28" WSYX "ABC 6" Query the FCC's TV station database for WTTE v t e Television stations in Central Ohio and Greater Columbus Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with cable television Network O&Os are in bold Commercial stations WCMH-TV (4.1 NBC, 4.2 MeTV, 4.3 ION, 4.4 Laff) WSYX (6.1 ABC, 6.2 MyTV/This TV, 6.3 Antenna TV) WBNS-TV (10.1 CBS, 10.2 H&I, 10.3 Decades) WDEM-CD (17.1 Telemundo, 17.2 Justice Network, 17.3 Bounce TV, 17.4 Azteca America) W23BZ-D (23.1 Bounce TV, 23.2 Justice Network, 23.3 Telemundo, 23.4 Azteca America) WTTE (28.1 FOX, 28.2 TBD, 28.3 Stadium) WCSN-LD (32.1 Movies!, 32.2 Infomercials, 32.3 Dalmar TV, 32.4 Biz TV, 32.5 Guide Us TV, 32.6 Cozi TV, 32.7 Lifehacks DRTV, 32.8 Youtoo America) W44DC-D (44.1 HSN) WCPX-LP 48 WWHO (53.1 The CW, 53.2 Charge!, 53.3 Comet) Non-profit stations Public television WOSU-TV (34.1 PBS, 34.2 The Ohio Channel, 34.3 Create, 34.4 PBS Kids) Religious WGCT-CD (39.1 TCT, 39.2 Buzzr, 39.3 Daystar, 39.4 QVC, 39.5 Light TV) WCLL-CD (19.1 Daystar HD, 19.2 Daystar SD) WSFJ-TV (51.1 TBN, 51.2 Hillsong, 51.3 JUCE TV (7pm-7am)/Smile (7am-7pm), 51.4 Enlace, 51.5 TBN Salsa) Outlying areas WCBZ-CD (22.1 Youtoo America, 22.2 Grit, 22.3 Escape) WOCB-CD/WXCB-CD (39.1 TCT, 39.2 Buzzr, 39.3 Daystar, 39.4 QVC, 39.5 Light TV) WOUB-TV (20.1 PBS, 20.2 PBS Classic, 20.3 PBS Life) WOUC-TV (44.1 PBS, 44.2 PBS Encore, 44.3 World) WMFD-TV (68.1 Independent, 68.2 Weather, 68.3 Light TV) Cable-only stations Fox Sports Ohio The Ohio Channel SportsTime Ohio Spectrum Sports Adjacent locals Cleveland WKYC (3.1 NBC, 3.2 Justice, 3.3 Cozi) WEWS-TV (5.1 ABC, 5.2 Grit, 5.3 Laff) WJW (8.1 Fox, 8.2 ANT) Dayton WHIO-TV (7.1 CBS, 7.2 MeTV, 7.3 Laff) Lima WTLW (44.1 Ind., 44.2 WOSN) Toledo WTOL (11.1 CBS, 11.2 MeTV, 11.3 Grit) Zanesville WHIZ-TV (18.1 NBC) Defunct ONN WGSF 31 (PBS) Ohio broadcast television Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia Cincinnati Cleveland/Akron Columbus Dayton Ft. Wayne, Indiana Lima Marietta/Parkersburg, West Virginia Steubenville/Wheeling, West Virginia Toledo Youngstown Zanesville v t e Broadcast television in Muskingum County, Ohio, including Zanesville Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with cable television Local stations WOOH-LP (16 silent) WHIZ-TV (18.1 NBC) WIVN-LD 29/WIVD-LD 39 (x.1 IND/This TV, x.2 This TV, x.3 Comet TV, x.4 WJDD audio only) WOUC-TV (44.1 PBS, 44.2 PBS Encore, 44.3 World) Adjacent locals Columbus, OH WCMH-TV (4.1 NBC, 4.2 MeTV, 4.3 Ion, 4.4 Laff) WSYX (6.1 ABC, 6.2 MNTV/This TV, 6.3 Antenna TV) WBNS-TV (10.1 CBS, 10.2 H&I, 10.3 Decades) WTTE (28.1 Fox, 28.2 TBD, 28.3 Stadium) WOSU-TV (34.1 PBS, 34.2 The Ohio Channel, 34.3 Plus, 34.4 PBS Kids) WSFJ-TV (51.1 TBN, 51.2 Hillsong, 51.3 JUCE/Smile, 51.4 Enlace, 51.5 Salsa) WWHO (53.1 CW, 53.2 Charge, 53.3 Comet) Parkersburg/Marietta WTAP-TV (15.1 NBC, 15.4 Doppler weather radar) Cable-only stations "Zanesville CW 13" (CW Plus) Ohio broadcast television Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia Cincinnati Cleveland/Akron Columbus Dayton Ft. Wayne, Indiana Lima Marietta/Parkersburg, West Virginia Steubenville/Wheeling, West Virginia Toledo Youngstown Zanesville See also Parkersburg v t e Fox network affiliates in the state of Ohio WJW 8 (Cleveland) WLIO-DT 8.2 (Lima) WTOV 9.2 (Steubenville) WXIX 19 (Cincinnati) WYFX-LD 19 (Youngstown) WOVA-LD 22 (Marietta / Parkersburg) WTTE 28 (Columbus) WUPW 36 (Toledo) WRGT 45 (Dayton) See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in Ohio v t e Sinclair Broadcast Group sorted by primary channel network affiliations ABC KAEF-TV KATU KATV KDNL-TV KHGI-TV / KWNB-TV / KHGI-CD KOMO-TV KRCR-TV KTUL KTVO KTXS-TV / KTXE-LD KVII-TV / KVIH-TV WATM-TV WBMA-LD WCHS-TV WCTI-TV WEAR-TV WGTU / WGTQ 1 WHAM-TV 1 WICD WICS WKEF WJLA-TV WLOS WPDE-TV WSET-TV WSYX WTVC WXLV-TV CBS KBAK-TV KBOI-TV KDBC-TV KEYE-TV KFDM KGAN KGBT-TV KHQA-TV KIMA-TV / KEPR-TV KLEW-TV KMEG 1 KRCG KTVL KUTV KVAL-TV / KCBY-TV / KPIC WGFL 1 WGME-TV WHP-TV WKRC-TV WPEC WRGB WSBT-TV WTVH 1 WWMT The CW KECA-LD KFDM KFRE-TV KMYS 1 KOCB KTXS-TV / KTXE-LD KVCW KXVO 1 KYUU-LD WBUI 1 WBSF 1 WCWF WCWN WCYB-DT2 WFLI-TV 1 WHAM-DT2 1 WLFL WNAB 1 WNUV 1 WSTQ-LP WSWB 1 WTLF 1 WTTO / WDBB WTVX WUCW WVTV WWHO 1 WWMB 1 Fox KABB KBFX-CD KBSI KBTV-TV 1 KBVU 1 KCVU 1 KDSM-TV KFOX-TV KFXA 1 KFXL-TV KMPH-TV KOKH-TV KPTH KPTM KRXI-TV KSAS-TV KSCC WACH WBFF WDKY-TV WEMT 1 WFXL WGXA WLUK-TV WMSN-TV WOLF-TV 1 WPFO 1 WPGH-TV WRGT-TV 1 WRLH-TV WRSP-TV / WCCU 1 WSMH WTAT-TV 1 WTGS WTTE 1 WUHF WUTV WVAH-TV 1 WYDO 1 WYZZ-TV 1 WWCP-TV WZTV MyNetworkTV KAME-TV 1 KDBC-TV KECA-LD KMTW 1 KMYU KRVU-LD / KZVU-LD KTOV-LP KUTV KVCW-DT2 WABM WCIV WDKA WFGX WMYA-TV 1 WMYG-LP 1 WMYV WNYO-TV WPNT WQMY 1 WRDC WSTR-TV 1 WTCN-CA WTVZ-TV WUTB 1 WUXP-TV WVTV-DT2 3 NBC KECI-TV / KCFW-TV / KTVM-TV / KDBZ-CD KMTR / KMCB / KTCW 1 KRNV-DT 1 KSNV WCYB-TV WEYI-TV 1 WJAC-TV WJAR WNBW-DT 1 WNWO-TV WOAI-TV WPBN-TV / WTOM-TV WPMI-TV 1 WSTM-TV WTOV-TV WTWC-TV Spanish-language Azteca WWHB-CA Univision KEUV-LP KUCO-LP KUNP KUNS-TV KUNW-CD / KVVK-CD / KORX-CA UniMás KKTF-LD Other stations Antenna TV KXVU-LD Comet KENV-DT 1 WHOI Ind. KJZZ-TV WJTC 1 MeTV KTES-LD WYME-CD WTLH 1 Stadium KTXD-TV TBD KXPX-LP This TV WDSI-TV 1 Radio stations KOMO KOMO-FM 2 KPLZ-FM KVI Channels Subchannel/streaming networks Charge! Comet Honor Club Stadium TBD Cable channels NewsChannel 8 (DC metro) Tennis Channel/Tennis (magazine) Defunct American Sports Network Programming News Full Measure w/ Sharyl Attkisson News Central Circa News Other KidsClick Ring of Honor Acquisitions Act III Broadcasting Allbritton Communications Barrington Broadcasting Bonten Media Group Fisher Communications Four Points Media Group Freedom Communications Guy Gannett Communications Heritage Media Newport Television River City Broadcasting Tribune Media (pending) 1 Operated by Sinclair under an LMA. 2 Owned by South Sound Broadcasting, Sinclair programs this station, as a simulcast of KOMO (AM). Full purchase is currently pending. 3 Formerly separately licensed as WCGV-TV and merged with WVTV's spectrum, but remains on its former channel number as a separate station Retrieved from "" Categories: Fox network affiliatesTBD (TV network) affiliatesStadium (sports network) affiliatesTelevision stations in Columbus, OhioSinclair Broadcast GroupTelevision channels and stations established in 19841984 establishments in OhioHidden categories: Articles needing additional references from May 2012All articles needing additional references

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