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History[edit] WHOI's most recent logo as an ABC affiliate, used until 2016. WHOI-DT2's most recent logo as an affiliate of The CW Plus, used until 2016. WHOI was Peoria's second television station, signing-on as WTVH on October 20, 1953. The station was founded by Hugh Norman and Edward Schoede. Hilltop Broadcasting, which co-owned the Peoria Journal Star bought the station in 1954.[1] Its first studios were on Main Street in Peoria. Originally broadcasting an analog signal on VHF channel 8,[2] it was a primary CBS affiliate but also carried shows from ABC and DuMont. WTVH lost DuMont when the network ceased operations in 1955, and lost CBS when WMBD-TV (channel 31) began broadcasting. The Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation, later known as Metromedia, purchased the station in 1959. In 1963, WTVH was bumped down to UHF channel 19 so that a third commercial VHF station could sign-on in the Quad Cities using that channel (the new station, WQAD-TV, is also an ABC affiliate). In 1965, Metromedia sold the station to Mid-America Media, owners of WIRL radio (1290 AM) who, on September 12 of that year, changed the call sign to WIRL-TV. It became WRAU-TV in 1971 and adopted its present calls of WHOI on March 17, 1985. The WTVH call sign was picked up by a station in Syracuse, New York in 1976. In 1987, WHOI came under the ownership of Adams Communications following a merger with its previous owner, Forward Communications. The station was sold to Brissette Broadcasting in 1991, then to Benedek Broadcasting in 1996. When Benedek declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2002, WHOI was sold to Chelsey Broadcasting instead of Gray Television. In April 2004, WHOI and KHQA-TV in the Hannibal, Missouri/Quincy, Illinois media market became two of the founding stations of Barrington Broadcasting. WHOI carried some programming from UPN, including Star Trek: Voyager, from the network's launch in January 1995[3] until WAOE (channel 59) went on the air in 1999. Starting in 1998, WHOI began to run a cable-only WB affiliate. Known by the fictional call sign "WBPE", it was on channel 4 on most cable systems in the area. On September 18, 2006, when The WB and UPN merged to create The CW, "WBPE" became part of The CW Plus which is a similar operation to The WB 100+. WHOI added a new second digital subchannel to simulcast this programming to offer non-cable subscribers access to The CW. The channel then began to use WHOI-DT2 as its official calls.[4] WHOI has been digital-only since February 17, 2009 [5] with the "WHOI" calls being transferred from the now-defunct analog channel 19 to the new digital channel 19 and the "WHOI-DT" call sign from the pre-transition digital channel 40 being permanently discontinued. However, the PSIP identifier still identifies the station's main channel on 19.1 as "WHOI-DT". On March 2, 2009, it was made public that rival WEEK-TV (channel 25) would take over the operations of WHOI through joint sales and shared services agreements. It resulted in WHOI closing its longtime studios near its transmitter in Creve Coeur and moving into WEEK-TV's facility on Springfield Road, along I-474, in East Peoria. Sixteen employees were transferred to WEEK-TV but as many as thirty were laid off immediately.[1] This left the five full-power commercial stations in the market operated by two entities; WEEK-TV already controlled the market's MyNetworkTV outlet, WAOE (owned by Four Seasons Broadcasting), under a separate joint sales agreement (JSA). The WHOI and CW subchannel websites were immediately changed to redirects to WEEK-TV's web address. As part of the agreement, Granite-owned CBS affiliate WTVH merged its operations with Barrington's NBC affiliate WSTM-TV and low-powered CW affiliate WSTQ-LP in a similar arrangement on the same day.[6] On February 28, 2013, Barrington Broadcasting announced the sale of its entire group, including WHOI, to the Sinclair Broadcast Group.[7] Sinclair already owned the license of WYZZ-TV (channel 43), which was sold to Cunningham Broadcasting to satisfy Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations on duopoly ownership. While most of Cunningham's stations are operated by Sinclair though local marketing agreements, WYZZ is operated separately by the Nexstar Media Group at the facility of CBS outlet WMBD-TV. The sale was completed on November 25.[8] On February 11, 2014, it was announced that Quincy, Illinois-based Quincy Newspapers would acquire WEEK-TV from Granite Broadcasting. Originally, Quincy intended to continue providing services to WHOI but Sinclair gave notice that the JSA/SSA between WHOI and WEEK-TV (which was originally set to expire in March 2017) would be terminated within nine months of Quincy closing on its purchase of WEEK-TV.[9] The Quincy/Granite sale was completed on November 2, 2015.[10] On July 26, 2016, Quincy Media announced that it had acquired WHOI's ABC and CW affiliations, and would consolidate them onto subchannels of WEEK beginning August 1, 2016.[11] As an aspect of this deal, Quincy-owned WSJV in South Bend similarly relinquished its Fox affiliation to Sinclair-owned WSBT-TV.[12] The ABC and CW subchannels were simulcast on WHOI for 60 days following the consolidation.[13] After the end of the transition period, the Comet TV affiliation moved to WHOI's main 19.1 channel, making WHOI an owned-and-operated station of Comet.[14]

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External links[edit] Query the FCC's TV station database for WHOI BIAfn's Media Web Database -- Information on WHOI-TV Preceded by None ABC affiliate for the Peoria Television Market 1953–2016 Succeeded by WEEK-DT2 v t e Television Stations in North Central Illinois, including Peoria and Bloomington Stations WHOI (19.1 Comet) WEEK (25.1 NBC, 25.2 ABC, 25.3 CW+) WMBD (31.1 CBS, 31.2 Bounce, 31.3 Laff, 31.4 Escape) WYZZ (43.1 Fox, 43.3 GetTV) WTVP (47.1 PBS, 47.2 PBS Kids, 47.3 Create/World) W50DD 50 / W51CT 51 (silent) WAOE (59.1 MNTV, 59.2 Antenna TV, 59.3 Light TV) Adjacent locals Central Illinois WCIA (3.1 CBS, 3.2 MyNetworkTV, 3.3 Bounce TV, 3.4 Grit) WILL-TV (12.1 PBS, 12.2 PBS Kids, 12.3 Create/World) WSEC (14.1 PBS, 14.2 World, 14.3 Create) WICD/WICS (15/20.1 ABC, 15/20.2 Comet, 15/20.3 TBD, 15/20.4 Charge) WAND (17.1 NBC, 17.2 Cozi TV, 17.3 Ion) WBUI (23.1 CW, 23.2 This TV) WCCU/WRSP-TV (27/55.1 Fox, 27/55.2 MeTV, 27/55.3 Antenna TV) WLCF-LD (45.1 CTN) WCIX (49.1 MyNetworkTV, 49.2 CBS, 49.3 Escape, 49.4 Laff) Quad Cities WHBF-TV (4.1 CBS, 4.2 CW, 4.3 Grit, 4.4 Escape) KWQC-TV (6.1 NBC, 6.2 Ion, 6.3 Cozi TV) WQAD-TV (8.1 ABC, 8.2 Antenna TV, 8.3 MyNetworkTV) KLJB (18.1 Fox, 18.2 MeTV) WQPT-TV (24.1 PBS, 24.2 MHz Worldview) KGCW (26.1 CW, 26.2 This TV, 26.3 Laff, 26.4 Bounce TV) WMWC-TV (53.1 TBN, 53.2 Hillsong, 53.3 JUCE/Smile of a Child, 53.4 Enlace, 53.5 TBN Salsa) Chicago, IL WBBM-TV (2.1 CBS, 2.2 Decades) WGN-TV (9.1 Independent, 9.2 Antenna TV, 9.3 This TV) WTTW (11.1 PBS, 11.2 WTTW Prime, 11.3 Create/World, 11.4 PBS Kids) WWME-CD (23.1 MeTV, 23.2 Heroes & Icons) WCIU-TV (26.1 Independent, 26.2 WMEU-CD 48, 26.3 MeTV, 26.4 Heroes & Icons, 26.5 Bounce TV) WFLD (32.1 Fox) WWTO-TV (35.1 TBN, 35.2 Hillsong, 35.3 JUCE/Smile of a Child, 35.4 Enlace, 35.5 TBN Salsa) WPWR-TV (50.1 CW/MyNetworkTV, 50.2 Movies! 50.3 Light TV, 50.4 Buzzr) WXFT-DT (60.1 UniMás, 60.2 Univision, 60.3 Escape) WGBO-DT (66.1 Univision, 66.2 GetTV, 66.3 Grit) St. Louis, MO KPLR-TV (11.1 CW, 11.2 This TV, 11.3 Comet) See also Quad Cities Champaign-Decatur-Springfield Rockford Quincy Chicago St. Louis v t e Other television stations in the state of Illinois Chicago market Spanish stations WOCK-CD 13 (Mega TV) WESV-LD 40 (Estrella TV) WSNS 44 (Telemundo) WXFT 60 (UniMás) WCHU-LD 61 (Azteca) WGBO 66 (Univision) Chicago market Independent stations WGN 9 WWME-CD 23 WCIU 26 WMEU-CD 48 Other stations: WPXS 13 (Daystar, Mt. Vernon) W15BU-D 15 (3ABN, Johnston City) - WTJR 16 (CTN, Quincy) WHOI 19 (Comet, Peoria) WTCT 27 (TCT, Marion) W29CI-D 29 (3ABN, Salem) WLPD-LP 30 (A1, Plano) WFBN-LD 33 (H&I DT1, TMD DT2 via WTYU Milwaukee, Rockford) WEDE-CD 34 (Religious Ind., Arlington Hts. / Chicago) WWTO 35 (TBN, La Salle) W40CN-D 40 (Edu. Ind., Sugar Grove / Aurora) – WLCF-LD 45 (CTN, Decatur) WBXC-CD 46 (A1, Champaign) W50CH 50 (Religious Ind., Alton) WDCI-LD 57 (Daystar, Chicago) / WJYS 62 (Religious Ind., Tinley Park / Chicago) Defunct WOCH-CD 41 See also ABC CBS CW Fox Ion MyNetworkTV NBC PBS Other stations in Illinois v t e Sinclair Broadcast Group sorted by primary channel network affiliations ABC KAEF-TV KATU KATV KDNL-TV KHGI-TV / KWNB-TV / KHGI-CD KOMO-TV KRCR-TV KTUL KTVO KTXS-TV / KTXE-LD KVII-TV / KVIH-TV WATM-TV WBMA-LD WCHS-TV WCTI-TV WEAR-TV WGTU / WGTQ 1 WHAM-TV 1 WICD WICS WKEF WJLA-TV WLOS WPDE-TV WSET-TV WSYX WTVC WXLV-TV CBS KBAK-TV KBOI-TV KDBC-TV KEYE-TV KFDM KGAN KGBT-TV KHQA-TV KIMA-TV / KEPR-TV KLEW-TV KMEG 1 KRCG KTVL KUTV KVAL-TV / KCBY-TV / KPIC WGFL 1 WGME-TV WHP-TV WKRC-TV WPEC WRGB WSBT-TV WTVH 1 WWMT The CW KECA-LD KFDM KFRE-TV KMYS 1 KOCB KTXS-TV / KTXE-LD KVCW KXVO 1 KYUU-LD WBUI 1 WBSF 1 WCWF WCWN WCYB-DT2 WFLI-TV 1 WHAM-DT2 1 WLFL WNAB 1 WNUV 1 WSTQ-LP WSWB 1 WTLF 1 WTTO / WDBB WTVX WUCW WVTV WWHO 1 WWMB 1 Fox KABB KBFX-CD KBSI KBTV-TV 1 KBVU 1 KCVU 1 KDSM-TV KFOX-TV KFXA 1 KFXL-TV KMPH-TV KOKH-TV KPTH KPTM KRXI-TV KSAS-TV KSCC WACH WBFF WDKY-TV WEMT 1 WFXL WGXA WLUK-TV WMSN-TV WOLF-TV 1 WPFO 1 WPGH-TV WRGT-TV 1 WRLH-TV WRSP-TV / WCCU 1 WSMH WTAT-TV 1 WTGS WTTE 1 WUHF WUTV WVAH-TV 1 WYDO 1 WYZZ-TV 1 WWCP-TV WZTV MyNetworkTV KAME-TV 1 KDBC-TV KECA-LD KMTW 1 KMYU KRVU-LD / KZVU-LD KTOV-LP KUTV KVCW-DT2 WABM WCIV WDKA WFGX WMYA-TV 1 WMYG-LP 1 WMYV WNYO-TV WPNT WQMY 1 WRDC WSTR-TV 1 WTCN-CA WTVZ-TV WUTB 1 WUXP-TV WVTV-DT2 3 NBC KECI-TV / KCFW-TV / KTVM-TV / KDBZ-CD KMTR / KMCB / KTCW 1 KRNV-DT 1 KSNV WCYB-TV WEYI-TV 1 WJAC-TV WJAR WNBW-DT 1 WNWO-TV WOAI-TV WPBN-TV / WTOM-TV WPMI-TV 1 WSTM-TV WTOV-TV WTWC-TV Spanish-language Azteca WWHB-CA Univision KEUV-LP KUCO-LP KUNP KUNS-TV KUNW-CD / KVVK-CD / KORX-CA UniMás KKTF-LD Other stations Antenna TV KXVU-LD Comet KENV-DT 1 WHOI Ind. KJZZ-TV WJTC 1 MeTV KTES-LD WYME-CD WTLH 1 Stadium KTXD-TV TBD KXPX-LP This TV WDSI-TV 1 Radio stations KOMO KOMO-FM 2 KPLZ-FM KVI Channels Subchannel/streaming networks Charge! Comet Honor Club Stadium TBD Cable channels NewsChannel 8 (DC metro) Tennis Channel/Tennis (magazine) Defunct American Sports Network Programming News Full Measure w/ Sharyl Attkisson News Central Circa News Other KidsClick Ring of Honor Acquisitions Act III Broadcasting Allbritton Communications Barrington Broadcasting Bonten Media Group Fisher Communications Four Points Media Group Freedom Communications Guy Gannett Communications Heritage Media Newport Television River City Broadcasting Tribune Media (pending) 1 Operated by Sinclair under an LMA. 2 Owned by South Sound Broadcasting, Sinclair programs this station, as a simulcast of KOMO (AM). Full purchase is currently pending. 3 Formerly separately licensed as WCGV-TV and merged with WVTV's spectrum, but remains on its former channel number as a separate station Retrieved from "" Categories: Comet affiliatesTelevision stations in IllinoisTelevision channels and stations established in 1953Sinclair Broadcast GroupMedia in Peoria, Illinois

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