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History[edit] As an independent station (1966–1995)[edit] WDCA's logo under Superior Tube ownership used throughout the 1970s. WDCA-TV signed on as an independent station on April 20, 1966; it was originally owned by the Capitol Broadcasting Corporation. Channel 20 was Washington's third independent station, nearly 20 years younger than its future sister station WTTG, which had been founded as a DuMont affiliate, and after WOOK, the nation's first African American-oriented television station. Veteran Washington broadcaster Milton Grant, who previously worked at WTTG, was president of Capitol Broadcasting, and also served as WDCA's founding general manager. Grant would sell channel 20 three years later in 1969 to the Superior Tube Company, although he would stay on as WDCA's general manager for the next decade.[2] In 1979, Superior Tube sold WDCA to Cincinnati-based Taft Broadcasting, but only after an earlier proposed sale to the Chicago-based Tribune Company fell through.[3][4][5] In the 1970s and 1980s, WDCA's best-known personality was Dick Dyszel, who played Bozo the Clown, horror movie host "Count Gore de Vol", and kids show host "Captain 20", and also served as the station's main announcer. The station was also home to Petey Greene's Washington, an Emmy Award-winning show featuring the wit, wisdom and observations of Ralph "Petey" Greene, civil-rights activist and native Washingtonian. Under Taft's stewardship, channel 20 became very profitable. As Taft upgraded the programming (much of which was distributed by new sister company Worldvision Enterprises, especially Hanna-Barbera cartoons), WDCA gained higher ratings but still trailed WTTG overall. For most of the 1980s and early 1990s, WDCA was the flagship broadcaster of the Washington Bullets and Washington Capitals. It was also the Washington, D.C. home of the Baltimore Orioles. Channel 20 also became a regional superstation appearing on cable television systems up and down the East Coast. At its height, it was available on nearly every cable provider in Maryland and Virginia, and was carried as far south as Charlotte, North Carolina and as far north as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As early as 1987 – when it was displaced on Charlotte-area cable providers by upstart independent station WJZY (now a sister station to WDCA under Fox ownership) – WDCA began losing most of its out-of-market cable audience as more independent stations signed on in its former cable footprint. However, it is still available on several cable providers in Maryland and Virginia. In February 1987, Taft sold WDCA and its other independent and Fox-affiliated stations to the Norfolk, Virginia-based TVX Broadcast Group. At the same time, the station dropped its longtime branding of "TV20" and became known as "DC20". The Taft purchase created a debt load for TVX and the sale of their smaller-market stations did not fully reduce the debt. In mid-1989, TVX sold a minority interest in the company to Paramount Pictures. Two years later, in 1991, Paramount bought TVX's remaining shares and became full owner of the stations, which were renamed as the Paramount Stations Group and, as a result, WDCA changed its branding to "Paramount 20", like its Houston sister station KTXH. Viacom purchased the group as part of its acquisition of Paramount Pictures in 1993. As a UPN station (1995–2006)[edit] In 1994, Chris-Craft Industries and its broadcasting subsidiary, United Television, partnered with Viacom's newly acquired subsidiary Paramount Pictures to form the United Paramount Network (UPN). WDCA became the network's Washington area station when the network debuted on January 16, 1995. At the network's launch, WDCA was an affiliate of UPN as Chris-Craft had wholly owned the network at the time; the following year, Viacom (whose relationship to UPN was initially in the form of a programming partnership) bought a 50% ownership stake in UPN from Chris-Craft; this effectively turned channel 20 into a UPN owned-and-operated station through Viacom's part-ownership (Viacom later bought Chris-Craft's remaining 50% interest in UPN in 2000). On October 29, 2001, Viacom traded WDCA to the News Corporation's Fox Television Stations unit (along with KTXH in Houston) in exchange for KBHK-TV in San Francisco, resulting in the creation of the first television duopoly in the Washington, D.C. market. Fox merged the two stations' operations, with WDCA moving from its longtime studios in Bethesda, Maryland, into WTTG's facilities on Wisconsin Avenue NW in Washington's Friendship Heights neighborhood. WTTG was itself once related to Paramount Pictures – it was originally an O&O of the DuMont Television Network, which Paramount had owned in part. As a MyNetworkTV station (2006–present)[edit] Logo as "DCA 20" following the CW announcement, January to May 2006. WDCA's first "My 20 logo", used from May to June 2006. WDCA's second "My 20" logo, used from June 2006 to July 2017 On January 24, 2006, CBS Corporation and Time Warner announced that UPN and The WB Television Network would be shut down, to be replaced by a new network that would feature some of the higher-rated programs from both networks called The CW Television Network.[6][7] WB affiliate WBDC (channel 50, now WDCW) was announced as Washington's CW station, due to its owner Tribune Broadcasting having signed a 10-year affiliation agreement for 16 of the company's 19 WB stations. The day after the announcement of The CW's formation (January 25, 2006), Fox removed all network references from the on-air branding of its UPN affiliates, and stopped promoting UPN programs altogether. WDCA accordingly changed its branding from "UPN 20" to "DCA 20", and altered its logo to replace UPN's logo with the "DCA" lettering. The formation of MyNetworkTV, with WDCA and the other Fox-owned UPN stations as the nuclei, was announced on February 22, 2006, less than one month later.[8] With the impending switch to MyNetworkTV, channel 20's on-air branding was changed to "My 20" beginning on May 5, 2006. Despite MyNetworkTV's announcement that its launch date would be September 5, 2006, UPN continued to broadcast on stations across the country until September 15, 2006. While some UPN affiliates that switched to MyNetworkTV aired the final two weeks of UPN programming outside its regular primetime period, WDCA and the rest of the network's Fox-owned affiliates dropped UPN's programming entirely on August 31, 2006. On April 17, 2017, Fox announced that WDCA would be re-branded as "Fox 5 Plus" on July 17, 2017 to provide better name recognition with its sister station WTTG; the channel continues to air its current lineup of MyNetworkTV (initially on a one-hour delay from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m., will move to 10:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. beginning September 25) and syndicated programming, but has also introduced a new 8:00 p.m. primetime newscast produced by WTTG.[9]

Digital television[edit] Digital channels[edit] The station's digital channel is multiplexed: Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming[10] 20.1 720p 16:9 WDCA-DT Main WDCA programming / MyNetworkTV 20.2 480i MOVIES Movies![11] 20.3 HEROES Heroes & Icons 20.4 LIGHT Light TV In 2012, the station became an affiliate of the MundoFox network, which officially launched on August 13.[12] It stayed a MundoFox affiliate until around August 2015 when a change in ownership in MundoFox saw Fox's interest in the network end and its renaming to MundoMax. Two months later the 20.3 subchannel became home to Heroes & Icons. In July 2017 subchannel 20.4 was added for Light TV. Analog-to-digital conversion[edit] WDCA shut down its analog signal, over UHF channel 20, on June 12, 2009, the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate. The station's digital signal continued to broadcasts on its pre-transition UHF channel 35.[13] Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display the station's virtual channel as its former UHF analog channel 20. WDCA's digital signal had been very weak due to a problem with Washington, D.C. in constructing a new transmitter tower. However, around August 10, 2006, it was operating at full power and the signal became receivable in the suburbs. FCC spectrum auction[edit] On April 4, 2017, the FCC announced that WDCA was a winner in the 2016-17 spectrum reallocation auction and in return receive $118,834,183 for the frequency.[14] WDCA will cease broadcasting its own signal over channel 35 no later than July 23, 2018, and continue over-the-air coverage by sharing WTTG's channel 36. The channel-sharing arrangement will require WDCA and WTTG to drop one or more of their combined five subchannels. WDCA has obtained the maximum of two 90-day extensions from the original off-air deadline of January 23 in order to avoid doing so for as long as possible.[15][16]

Programming[edit] Syndicated programs currently on WDCA are Divorce Court, The Simpsons, Family Feud, Harry, The Big Bang Theory, and The Dr. Oz Show, among others. The first three are distributed by WDCA's sister company 20th Television. WDCA may air Fox network programs occasionally when WTTG is unable to carry due to some extended breaking news or severe weather coverage. WDCA may also interrupt regularly scheduled programming in certain instances to simulcast live breaking news coverage from WTTG and Fox News.

Newscasts[edit] In July 1995, WDCA experimented with a half-hour nightly 10:00 p.m. newscast called UPN 20 News at 10 to compete with future sister station WTTG's longer-running primetime newscast. The newscast was produced by regional cable news channel NewsChannel 8. The newscast was discontinued in the summer of 1996. In October 2006, while WTTG aired Fox Sports' coverage of the 2006 Major League Baseball postseason, the first half-hour of that station's 10 p.m. newscast was broadcast by WDCA under the title Fox 5 News at Ten: Special Edition; this also occurred in 2007, with the WDCA broadcast of the program being titled My 20 News at 10. As previously mentioned, WDCA began airing a primetime newscast, Fox 5 News on the Plus, on July 17, 2017, as a half-hour broadcast on weekdays and a full hour on weekends.

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Univision (22): KABE-CD KAKW KCEC1 KDTV KFTV KLUZ1 KMEX KTVW KUTH KUVE KUVN KUVS KWEX KXLN WFDC1 WGBO WLII/WSUR WLTV WQHS WUNI1 WUVC WUVG WUVP WVEA1 WVEN1 WXTV UniMás (22): KBTF KFPH KFSF KTFF KFTH KTFK KTFO KFTR KFTU KNIC KSTR WAMI WFPA-CD WFTY WFUT WTNC WXFT Univision owns the licenses to these stations but the stations themselves are operated by Entravision Communications under LMA. NBC Universal owns the license but the station is operated by Serestar Communications. Secondary affiliation; The CW is the station's primary affiliation. ZGS Communications owns the license but the station is operated by NBC Universal. v t e Superstations in North American markets Current Television KTLA 5 (Los Angeles) 1, 2 KWGN-TV 2 (Denver) 1 WAPA-TV 4 (San Juan) WGN-TV 9 (Chicago) 2 WPCH-TV 17 (Atlanta) 2 WPIX 11 (New York City) 2 WSBK-TV 38 (Boston) 2 WWOR-TV 9 (Secaucus–New York City) Radio KIIS-FM 102.7 FM (Los Angeles) 4, 5 KPIG-FM 107.5 FM (Santa Cruz) WBBR 1130 AM (New York City) 4, 5 WFAN 660 AM (New York City) WHTZ 100.3 FM (Newark–New York City) 4, 5 Former Television KHTV 39 (Houston) 3 KMSP-TV 9 (Minneapolis–St. Paul) KPHO-TV 5 (Phoenix) 3 KPLR-TV 11 (St. Louis) 3 KSHB-TV 41 (Kansas City) 3 KSTW 11 (Seattle) 3 KTVT 11 (Dallas–Fort Worth) 3 KTVU 2 (San Francisco–Oakland) 3 TBS WDCA 20 (Washington, D.C.) 3 WGN America WKBD-TV 50 (Detroit) WTOG 44 (Tampa–St. Petersburg) 3 WTTV 4 (Bloomington–Indianapolis) 3 WUAB 43 (Lorain–Cleveland) 3 WVTV 18 (Milwaukee) 3 WWOR EMI Service Radio KHMX 96.5 FM (Houston) KNEW 960 AM (Oakland) WLW 700 AM (Cincinnati) WSM 650 AM (Nashville) WTKS-FM 104.1 FM (Orlando) Subject to availability; all currently operating as superstations are distributed in the United States through the Dish Network satellite service. 1 Available on select cable and satellite providers in the Southwest United States as a regional superstation. 2 Available on most Canadian cable and satellite providers. 3 Formerly available as a regional superstation. 4 Available nationally through Sirius Satellite Radio. 5 Available nationally through XM Satellite Radio. v t e Additional resources on North American television North America List of local television stations in North America DTV transition North American TV mini-template Canada Canadian networks List of Canadian television networks List of Canadian television channels List of Canadian specialty channels Local Canadian TV stations List of United States stations available in Canada 2001 Vancouver TV realignment 2007 Canada broadcast TV realignment Mexico Mexican networks Local Mexican TV stations United States American networks List of American cable and satellite networks List of American over-the-air networks Local American TV stations (W) Local American TV stations (K) Spanish-language TV networks 1994 United States broadcast TV realignment 2006 United States broadcast TV realignment List of Canadian television stations available in the United States Insular Areas TV v t e NHL Network (1975–79) Related programs Hockey Night in Canada NHL on Hughes Related articles NHL Network (Canada) NHL Network (United States) Hughes Television Network History of the NHL on United States television Stanley Cup Finals television ratings Affiliates KCAL-TV WPCH-TV WSBK-TV WWOR-TV Commentators All-Star Game Stanley Cup Finals (American television) Historical NHL over-the-air television broadcasters Key figures Marv Albert Fred Cusick Ted Darling Don Earle Jim Gordon Gene Hart Bobby Hull Dan Kelly Jiggs McDonald Sam Nover Tim Ryan Jim Simpson Color commentators Don Awrey Curt Bennett Bill Chadwick Terry Crisp Phil Esposito John Ferguson, Sr. Eddie Giacomin Steve Jensen Stan Mikita Bobby Orr Glenn Resch George Michael Garry Unger Studio hosts/analysts Stan Fischler Dick Stockton Stanley Cup Finals 1976 1977 1978 1979 All-Star Game 1976 1977 1978 1979 Super Series 1976 (Flyers–Red Army game) Retrieved from "" Categories: MyNetworkTV affiliatesTelevision stations in Washington, D.C.Television stations in MarylandTelevision stations in VirginiaFox Television StationsLight TV affiliatesMovies! affiliatesTelevision channels and stations established in 19661966 establishments in Washington, D.C.Baltimore Orioles broadcastersWashington Bullets broadcastersNational Basketball Association over-the-air television broadcastersAmerican Basketball Association flagship television stationsWashington Capitals broadcastersNational Hockey League over-the-air television broadcastersThe NHL Network (1975–79) affiliatesAtlantic Coast Conference broadcastersATSC-M/H stationsSuperstations in the United StatesTaft BroadcastingBozo the ClownHeroes & Icons affiliatesHidden categories: All articles with dead external linksArticles with dead external links from December 2017Articles with permanently dead external linksWebarchive template wayback linksArticles needing additional references from December 2012All articles needing additional referencesCoordinates on Wikidata

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Wikipedia:VerifiabilityHelp:Introduction To Referencing With Wiki Markup/1Help:Maintenance Template RemovalWashington, D.C.United StatesChannel (broadcasting)Digital Terrestrial TelevisionUltra High FrequencyWTTGVirtual ChannelProgram And System Information ProtocolDigital SubchannelMyNetworkTVOwned-and-operated StationMovies!Heroes & IconsLight TVNetwork AffiliateFox Broadcasting CompanyFox Television StationsLimited Liability CompanyCall SignIATA Airport CodeRonald Reagan Washington National AirportSister StationNetwork AffiliateIndependent Station (North America)UPNMundoFoxEffective Radiated PowerKilowattHeight Above Average TerrainFacility IDGeographic Coordinate SystemFederal Communications CommissionVirtual ChannelUltra High FrequencyDigital Terrestrial TelevisionMyNetworkTVOwned-and-operated StationTelevision StationCity Of LicenseUnited StatesCapital CityWashington, D.C.Fox Television Stations21st Century FoxDuopoly (broadcasting)Fox Broadcasting CompanyWTTGTenleytownNorthwest, Washington, D.C.EnlargeIndependent Station (North America)DuMont Television NetworkWFDC-DTAfrican AmericanGrant BroadcastingCincinnatiTaft BroadcastingChicagoTribune CompanyDick DyszelBozo The ClownCount Gore De VolCaptain 20Emmy AwardRalph "Petey" GreeneWorldvision EnterprisesHanna-BarberaAnimated CartoonWashington BulletsWashington CapitalsBaltimore OriolesSuperstationCable TelevisionMarylandVirginiaCharlotte, North CarolinaNorth CarolinaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaWJZYSister StationFox Broadcasting CompanyNorfolk, VirginiaTVX Broadcast GroupParamount PicturesParamount Stations GroupHoustonKTXHViacom (original)Chris-Craft IndustriesBHC CommunicationsUPNNetwork AffiliateOwned-and-operated StationNews CorporationFox Television StationsKTXHHoustonKBCW (TV)Duopoly (broadcasting)Bethesda, MarylandFriendship HeightsDuMont Television NetworkEnlargeEnlargeEnlargeCBS CorporationTime WarnerThe WB Television NetworkThe CWWDCWTribune BroadcastingMyNetworkTVBroadcast DelayMultiplex (TV)Digital SubchannelDisplay ResolutionAspect Ratio (image)Program And System Information Protocol720p16:9480iMovies!Heroes & IconsLight TVMundoMaxHeroes & IconsLight TVUltra High FrequencyDigital Television Transition In The United StatesProgram And System Information ProtocolVirtual ChannelSpectrum ReallocationWTTGBroadcast SyndicationDivorce CourtThe SimpsonsFamily FeudHarry (talk Show)The Big Bang TheoryThe Dr. Oz Show20th TelevisionBreaking NewsFox NewsNewsChannel 8 (cable Channel)Fox Sports (United States)Major League BaseballBroadcasting & CableWikipedia:Link RotChicago TribuneCNNMoney.comThe New York TimesBroadcasting & CableWayback MachineWayback MachineTemplate:Washington TVTemplate Talk:Washington TVTerrestrial TelevisionWashington Metropolitan AreaWashington, D.C.Cable TelevisionOwned-and-operated Television Stations In The United StatesWRC-TVNBCCozi TVWTTGFox Broadcasting CompanyBuzzrMeTVWJLA-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCharge! (TV Network)Comet (TV Network)TBD (TV Network)WUSA (TV)CBSJustice NetworkWDCO-CDJewelry TelevisionWFDC-DTGetTVGrit (TV Network)Bounce TVMyNetworkTVMovies!Heroes & IconsLight TVWDDN-LDDaystar (TV Network)Escape (TV Network)Laff (TV Network)Home Shopping NetworkShop LCDecades (TV Network)WWTD-LDMunhwa Broadcasting CorporationNew Tang Dynasty TelevisionQVCRetro Television NetworkSonLifeJewelry TelevisionWDCWThe CWAntenna TVWDCO-CDJewelry TelevisionWPXW-TVIon TelevisionQuboIon LifeIon ShopHome Shopping NetworkQVCPublic BroadcastingMaryland Public TelevisionPBSMaryland Public TelevisionPBS KidsNHK WorldWETA-TVPBSPBS KidsWNVTTRT TürkCGTN AmericaRT AmericaAfrica Today TVCGTN DocumentaryWNVTFrance 24CNC WorldArirang (TV Network)TeleSURDeutsche WelleWHUT-TVPBSPBS KidsWDCN-LPWFDC-DTUnivisionWZDC-CDTelemundoTeleXitosWMDO-CDUniMásWJALLATVCable TelevisionNBC Sports WashingtonNBC Sports WashingtonNewsChannel 8 (cable Channel)Fairfax Public AccessArlington Independent MediaMid-Atlantic Sports NetworkUDC-TVHagerstown, MarylandWDVM-TVIndependent Station (North America)Heroes & IconsEscape (TV Network)Grit (TV Network)Laff (TV Network)Maryland Public TelevisionPBSMaryland Public TelevisionPBS KidsNHK WorldWinchester, VirginiaWHSV-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWSVF-CD2CBSWHSV-DT4MyNetworkTVMeTVWDCO-CDJewelry TelevisionWVPTPBSCreate (TV Network)World (TV Channel)Martinsburg, West VirginiaWest Virginia Public BroadcastingPBSWest Virginia Public BroadcastingPBS Satellite ServiceWorld (TV Channel)PBS KidsWWPX-TVIon TelevisionQuboIon LifeIon ShopHome Shopping NetworkQVCDark (broadcasting)The Comcast NetworkWHFV (defunct)NBCFredericksburg, VirginiaVirginiaTerrestrial TelevisionTemplate:Tri-Cities TVTemplate:Bluefield TVTemplate:Charlottesville TVTemplate:Harrisonburg TVTemplate:Hampton Roads TVTemplate:Richmond TVTemplate:Roanoke TVTemplate:Washington TVTemplate:Bluefield TVTemplate:Clarksburg/Weston TVTemplate:HuntingtonCharleston TVTemplate:Parkersburg TVTemplate:Washington TVTemplate:Wheeling TVTemplate:Baltimore TVTemplate:Pittsburgh TVTemplate:Salisbury TVTemplate:Washington TVTemplate:Binghamton TVTemplate:Buffalo TVTemplate:Elmira TVTemplate:Erie TVTemplate:Johnstown/Altoona/State College TVTemplate:TV In New York CityTemplate:Philly TVTemplate:Pittsburgh TVTemplate:Scranton/Wilkes-Barre TVTemplate:Susquehanna Valley TVTemplate:Washington TVTemplate:Youngstown TVTemplate:Baltimore TVTemplate Talk:Baltimore TVTerrestrial TelevisionBaltimore Metropolitan AreaBaltimoreCable TelevisionOwned-and-operated Television Stations In The United StatesWMAR-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLaff (TV Network)Bounce TVEscape (TV Network)WBAL-TVNBCMeTVWJZ-TVCBSDecades (TV Network)WMJF-CDIndependent Station (North America)Classic Arts ShowcaseWBFFFox Broadcasting CompanyTBD (TV Network)WUTBMyNetworkTVWNUVThe CWAntenna TVComet (TV Network)Charge! (TV Network)Maryland Public TelevisionPBSMaryland Public TelevisionMaryland Public TelevisionPBS KidsNHK WorldWQAW-LPAzteca (TV Network)Cable TelevisionMid-Atlantic Sports NetworkNBC Sports WashingtonNBC Sports WashingtonWWDD-LDDaystar (TV Network)Havre De Grace, MarylandTemplate:Washington TVHagerstown, MarylandMartinsburg, West VirginiaWDVM-TVIndependent Station (North America)Heroes & IconsEscape (TV Network)Grit (TV Network)Laff (TV Network)Maryland Public TelevisionPBSMaryland Public TelevisionMaryland Public TelevisionPBS KidsNHK WorldWWPX-TVIon TelevisionQuboIon LifeIon ShopTemplate:Baltimore TVTemplate:Pittsburgh TVTemplate:Salisbury TVTemplate:Washington TVTemplate:Philly TVTemplate:Susquehanna Valley TVTemplate:MNTV MarylandTemplate Talk:MNTV MarylandMyNetworkTVMarylandWUTBTemplate:Baltimore TVTemplate:Washington TVTemplate:ABC MarylandTemplate:CBS MarylandTemplate:CW MarylandTemplate:Fox MarylandTemplate:ION MarylandTemplate:MNTV MarylandTemplate:NBC MarylandTemplate:PBS MarylandTemplate:Other Maryland StationsTemplate:MNTV VirginiaTemplate Talk:MNTV VirginiaMyNetworkTVVirginiaWHSV-DT4Template:Harrisonburg TVWDBJTemplate:Roanoke TVWAPW-CDTemplate:Tri-Cities TVWRLH-DT2Template:Richmond TVWAHU-CDTemplate:Charlottesville TVWTVZ-TVTemplate:Hampton Roads TVTemplate:ABC VirginiaTemplate:CBS VirginiaTemplate:CW VirginiaTemplate:Fox VirginiaTemplate:ION VirginiaTemplate:MNTV VirginiaTemplate:NBC VirginiaTemplate:PBS VirginiaTemplate:Other Virginia StationsTemplate:Fox Entertainment GroupTemplate Talk:Fox Entertainment GroupFox Entertainment Group20th Century Fox20th Century Fox Animation20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentFox Star StudiosBlue Sky StudiosFox Searchlight PicturesFox Studios AustraliaFox Music20th Century Fox Television20th TelevisionFox 21 Television StudiosList Of 20th Century Fox Television ProgramsFox Broadcasting CompanyEndemol Shine GroupEndemolEndemolEndemolEndemol51 Minds EntertainmentEndemol Shine UKTiger Aspect ProductionsZeppotronEndemol AustraliaEndemolShine GroupBossa StudiosChannelFlipDragonfly Film And Television ProductionsFriday TVKudos (production Company)Metronome Film & TelevisionPrincess ProductionsShine AmericaShine TV (UK)CORE Media Group19 EntertainmentSharp EntertainmentFox NewsFox Business NetworkFox News RadioFox NationFox Television StationsMovies!MyNetworkTVFox Television StationsKDFWKMSP-TVKRIV (TV)KSAZ-TVKTBC (TV)KTTVKTVUWAGA-TVWFLDWJBKWJZYWNYWWOFLWOGXWTTGWTVTWTXF-TVKCOP-TVKDFIKTXHKUTPWFTCWMYT-TVWPWR-TVWRBWWWOR-TVWPWR-TVThe CWKICU-TVIndependent Station (North America)Fox Networks GroupFX (TV Channel)FXXFX Movie ChannelFox Sports (United States)Big Ten NetworkFox DeportesFox Sports NetworksFox Sports 1Fox Sports 2Fox Soccer PlusFox College SportsYES NetworkFox Networks GroupFox Broadcasting CompanyFox Channel AsiaFox International ChannelsFox (Finland)Fox Channel (Germany)Fox (Greece)Fox (India)Fox (Italy)Fox Latin AmericaFox (Arabia)Fox (Netherlands)Fox (Poland)Fox (Portugal)FOX (Balkans)Fox (Spain)Fox (Turkey)Fox (UK And Ireland)Fox (Hungary)Fox (Norway)Fox (Russia)Fox (Estonia)Fox (Latvia)Fox LifeFox Life (Asia)Fox Life GreeceFox Life (Italy)Fox Life IndiaFX (TV Channel)FX AustraliaFX (Asia)FX (Canada)FX Latin AmericaFox Sports InternationalFox Sports AfricaFox Sports AsiaFox Sports (Australia)Fox Sports And EntertainmentFox Sports (Brazil)Fox Sports LatinoaméricaFox Sports (Netherlands)Fox Sports EredivisieFox Sports International (Netherlands)Fox Sports (Philippines)Fox Sports RacingFox Sports TürkiyeJTBC3 Fox SportsFox Sports News (Australia)Fox FootyFox LeagueNational Geographic Channel (disambiguation)National Geographic (U.S. TV Channel)National Geographic (Asia)National Geographic (Australia And New Zealand)National Geographic (Canadian TV Channel)National Geographic (France TV Channel)National Geographic (Germany TV Channel)National Geographic (Greece)National Geographic Channel (India)National Geographic Channel (Latin America)National Geographic (Dutch TV Channel)National Geographic (Portugal TV Channel)National Geographic (Scandinavia TV Channel)National Geographic (South Korea TV Channel)National Geographic (UK And Ireland TV Channel)Nat Geo WildNat Geo Wild (Canada)Nat Geo Wild (Europe)Nat Geo WildNational Geographic ChannelNat Geo PeopleNat Geo MusicNat Geo Kids (Latin American TV Channel)Nat Geo Kids (Brazilian TV Channel)FXXFXX (Canada)Fox CrimeFox Crime (Asia)Fox Crime (Italy)Fox Crime (Turkey)Fox Comedy (Portugal)Fox Movies (MENA)Fox Movies (Portugal)Fox Movies (Asia)24Kitchen24Kitchen24Kitchen (Portugal)Fox PremiumFox PremiumFox PremiumChannel VFox Action MoviesFox Family MoviesTVN (Asia)Fox Animation (TV Channel)BabyTVFox Classics (Japan)Fox FilipinoFox KidsViajarVoyage (French TV Channel)YourTVStar TV (Asian TV Networks)Star World IndiaStar World PremiereStar MoviesStar Movies ActionStar SportsStar Sports (China)Star SportsStar PlusStar Plus (UK And Ireland)Movies OKStar BharatStar UtsavStar GoldStar VijayStar JalshaStar PravahJalsha MoviesAsianet CommunicationsAsianetAsianet SuvarnaAsianet MoviesStar Chinese MoviesStar Chinese ChannelPhoenix TelevisionPhoenix InfoNews ChannelPhoenix Movies ChannelPhoenix Hong Kong ChannelPhoenix Chinese News And Entertainment ChannelPhoenix North America Chinese ChannelFox Sports Digital MediaFoxsports.comFox TelecolombiaList Of Assets Owned By 21st Century FoxFox Digital EntertainmentZero Day Fox20th Century Fox World (Malaysia)Resorts World GentingGenting Group20th Century Fox World (Dubai)20th Century Fox Records20th Century Fox VideoBem SimplesCBS/Fox VideoESPN AsiaESPN PhilippinesESPN AsiaFox AtomicFox Animation StudiosFoxstar ProductionsFox FaithFox Football ChannelFox Footy ChannelFox InteractiveFox KidsFox Life (Netherlands)Fox Movie ChannelFox NextFox Reality ChannelFox Sports HoustonFox Sports News (Asia)Fox Sports TürkiyeFox Sports World CanadaFox SoccerFox 21 Television StudiosFox VideoFSN ChicagoFuel TV (Australia)Fuel TV (Portugal)FX (Greece)FX (India)GXTLife OKMetromediaMTM EnterprisesMBC 3 (MENA)MTV AsiaNew World PicturesPrime NetworkRegency TelevisionSpeed (TV Channel)Speed (Australian TV Network)Speed (TV Channel)Star One (Indian TV Channel)SportsChannel AmericaUtilísimaViva CinemaTemplate:Major U.S. TV O-O StationsTemplate Talk:Major U.S. TV O-O StationsOwned-and-operated Television Stations In The United StatesTelevision NetworkTelevision In The United StatesABC Owned Television StationsAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLive Well NetworkABC Owned Television StationsKABC-TVKFSN-TVKGO-TVKTRK-TVWABC-TVWLS-TVWPVI-TVWTVDCBS Television StationsCBSDecades (TV Network)CBS Television StationsKCBS-TVKCNC-TVKDKA-TVKOVRKPIX-TVKTVTKYW-TVWBBM-TVWBZ-TVWCBS-TVWCCO-TVWFOR-TVWJZ-TVWWJ-TVThe CWWarner Bros.CBS Television StationsKBCW (TV)KMAX-TVKSTWWKBD-TVWPCWWPSGWTOGWUPAFox Television StationsFox Broadcasting CompanyFox Television StationsKDFWKMSP-TVKRIV (TV)KSAZ-TVKTBC (TV)KTTVKTVUWAGA-TVWFLDWJBKWJZYWNYWWOFLWOGXWTTGWTVTWTXF-TVMyNetworkTVFox Television StationsKCOP-TVKDFIKTXHKUTPWFTCWMYT-TVWPWR-TVWRBWWWOR-TVNBC Owned Television StationsNBCCozi TVNBC Owned Television StationsKNBCKNSDKNTVKXAS-TVWBTS-LDWYCN-CDWCAUWMAQ-TVWNBCWRC-TVWTVJWVITTelemundoTeleXitosKBLR (TV)KDEN-TVKULX-CDKHRRKNSDKNSOKSTSKTAZKTDOKTLMKTMDKVDAKVEAKXTX-TVWKAQ-TVWNEUWNJUWRDM-CDWRMD-CDWRIW-CDWSCVWSNS-TVWTMO-CDWWDT-CDWWSIWZTD-LDWZDC-CDUnivision CommunicationsUnivisionKABE-CDKAKW-DTKCEC (TV)KDTV-DTKFTV-DTKLUZ-TVKMEX-DTKTVW-DTKUTH-DTKUVE-DTKUVN-DTKUVS-DTKWEX-DTKXLN-DTWFDC-DTWGBO-DTWLII-DTWLTV-DTWQHS-DTWUNIWUVC-DTWUVG-DTWUVP-DTWVEA-TVWVEN-TVWXTV-DTUniMásKBTF-CDKFPH-DTKFSF-DTKTFF-DTKFTH-DTKTFK-DTKTFO-CDKFTR-DTKFTU-DTKNIC-DTKSTR-DTWAMI-DTWFPA-CDWFTY-DTWFUT-DTWTNC-LDWXFT-DTEntravision CommunicationsLocal Marketing AgreementThe CWZGS CommunicationsTemplate:SuperstationsTemplate Talk:SuperstationsSuperstationTelevision StationKTLALos AngelesKWGN-TVDenverWAPA-TVSan Juan, Puerto RicoWGN-TVChicagoWPCH-TVAtlantaWPIXNew York CityWSBK-TVBostonWWOR-TVSecaucus, New JerseyRadio BroadcastingKIIS-FMKPIG-FMSanta Cruz, CaliforniaWBBRWFAN (AM)WHTZNewark, New JerseyKIAH-TVHoustonKMSP-TVMinneapolisSaint Paul, MinnesotaKPHO-TVPhoenix, ArizonaKPLR-TVSt. LouisKSHB-TVKansas City, MissouriKSTWSeattleKTVTDallasFort Worth, TexasKTVUSan FranciscoOakland, CaliforniaTBS (U.S. TV Channel)Washington, D.C.WGN AmericaWKBD-TVDetroitWTOGTampa, FloridaSt. Petersburg, FloridaWTTVBloomington, IndianaIndianapolisWUABLorain, OhioClevelandWVTVMilwaukeeWWOR EMI ServiceKHMXKNEW (AM)WLWCincinnatiWSM (AM)NashvilleWTKS-FMOrlandoDish NetworkSirius Satellite RadioXM Satellite RadioTemplate:North American TVTemplate Talk:North American TVTemplate:Television Stations In North AmericaTemplate:North American DTVTemplate:North American TVTemplate:Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television ChannelsList Of Canadian Specialty ChannelsList Of Canadian Television StationsList Of United States Stations Available In Canada2001 Vancouver TV Realignment2007 Canada Broadcast TV RealignmentTemplate:Mexican Broadcast TelevisionList Of Television Stations In MexicoTemplate:American Broadcast TelevisionList Of United States Cable And Satellite Television ChannelsList Of United States Over-the-air Television NetworksList Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter W)List Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter K)List Of Spanish-language Television Networks In The United States1994 United States Broadcast TV Realignment2006 United States Broadcast TV RealignmentList Of Canadian Television Stations Available In The United StatesTemplate:Insular Areas TVTemplate:The NHL Network (1975–79)Template Talk:The NHL Network (1975–79)NHL Network (1975–79)Hockey Night In CanadaNHL On HughesNHL Network (Canadian TV Network)NHL Network (U.S. TV Network)Hughes Television NetworkHistory Of The National Hockey League On United States TelevisionStanley Cup Finals Television RatingsKCAL-TVWPCH-TVWSBK-TVWWOR-TVList Of NHL All-Star Game BroadcastersList Of American Stanley Cup Finals Television AnnouncersHistorical NHL Over-the-air Television BroadcastersMarv AlbertFred CusickTed DarlingDon EarleJim Gordon (sportscaster)Gene HartBobby HullDan Kelly (sportscaster)Jiggs McDonaldSam NoverTim Ryan (sportscaster)Jim Simpson (sportscaster)Don AwreyCurt BennettBill ChadwickTerry CrispPhil EspositoJohn Ferguson, Sr.Eddie GiacominSteve JensenStan MikitaBobby OrrChico ReschGeorge Michael (sportscaster)Garry UngerStan FischlerDick Stockton1976 Stanley Cup Finals1977 Stanley Cup Finals1978 Stanley Cup Finals1979 Stanley Cup Finals29th National Hockey League All-Star Game30th National Hockey League All-Star Game31st National Hockey League All-Star Game1979 Challenge Cup (Ice Hockey)Super Series '761976 Philadelphia Flyers–Red Army GameHelp:CategoryCategory:MyNetworkTV AffiliatesCategory:Television Stations In Washington, D.C.Category:Television Stations In MarylandCategory:Television Stations In VirginiaCategory:Fox Television StationsCategory:Light TV AffiliatesCategory:Movies! 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