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Callsign timeline[edit] 1943: W67B at 46.7 MHz becomes the first WBZ-FM 1946: WBZ-FM moves to 100.7 MHz 1947: WBZ-FM moves to 92.9 MHz 1954: First WBZ-FM goes off the air 1957: 106.7 goes on the air as the second WBZ-FM 1981: 106.7 sold; 106.7 drops WBZ-FM callsign to become WMJX 2009: 98.5 drops WBMX-FM callsign to become third WBZ-FM

First WBZ-FM[edit] The first WBZ-FM had its origins in a construction permit held by Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company to operate at 42.6 MHz;[2] this facility signed on as W1XK on November 7, 1940 from the Hull transmitter site of sister station WBZ.[3] Westinghouse soon sought a commercial FM license, and on February 19, 1941 was granted a construction permit for W67B on 46.7;[4] W1XK left the air for good on December 28, 1941, and W67B signed on March 29, 1942.[3] The call letters became WBZ-FM on November 2, 1943.[3] Initially, W67B/WBZ-FM was largely separately-programmed,[3] though in later years it became a simulcast of its AM sister station.[5] After the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moved the FM band to 88–106 MHz (later expanded to 108), WBZ-FM began to operate on 100.7 MHz on January 1, 1946 (while still operating on 46.7 as well).[3] The frequency again changed to 92.9 MHz on August 10, 1947[3] (the 100.7 frequency was reoccupied by WCOP-FM, now WZLX, in 1948).[6] WBZ-FM's transmitter moved to the WBZ-TV (channel 4) tower at the stations' new studios in the Allston-Brighton portion of Boston in 1948,[7] with 92.9 operations from Hull ceasing on July 23 and the 46.7 operation shutting down on November 21.[3] The tower was destroyed by Hurricane Carol on August 31, 1954; after that point, WBZ-FM's operations were discontinued and the license surrendered to the FCC,[8] which deleted it and a Springfield sister station, WBZA-FM/97.1, on November 22, 1954.[9] (The 92.9 frequency has been occupied by WBOS since 1960.)

Second WBZ-FM: 106.7[edit] For 106.7 after WBZ-FM, see WMJX. After securing a new license for operation on 106.7 MHz, Westinghouse reactivated WBZ-FM on December 15, 1957.[10] The station initially operated only from 5 p.m.–midnight with a classical music format branded "Westinghouse Fine Music in Boston"; in 1959, WBZ-FM expanded its operating hours by simulcasting the AM sister station during periods in which the station had signed off.[5] After live programming was replaced with tapes of classical music in January 1960, WBZ-FM's separate programming was expanded, with the simulcast continuing in mornings.[5] On December 31, 1971, WBZ-FM became a rock music station as "Rockin' Stereo 106.7"[11] programming mostly top 40 with some album cuts. Although automated, it featured voice-tracked announcing from Clark Smidt (who also programmed the station) and Ken Shelton. For a time in the mid-1970s, WBZ-FM was Boston's second most popular top 40 station, only trailing WRKO. In 1975, both Smidt and Shelton left to join WCOZ, which was changing formats from beautiful-music to album-oriented rock. By 1979, WBZ-FM had drifted into an automated album oriented rock format itself, which remained in place through 1981. As a rock station, WBZ-FM also simulcast the hourly newscasts from the AM side, the commercial spots on which were the only commercials heard on the FM side. In 1981, WBZ-FM was sold to Greater Media, becoming that company's first Boston station. Under the new ownership, the station signed off for a couple of weeks at the very end of 1981. Before signing back on as "Magic" in January 1982 with the call letters WMJX, the station installed a new transmitter and raised the height of the antenna on the WBZ-TV tower. A few years later, the transmission equipment was relocated to the Prudential Tower, improving 106.7's signal in downtown Boston.

Third WBZ-FM: 98.5[edit] For 98.5 before WBZ-FM, see WWBX. WBZ-FM's studios in Brighton, shared with CBS' other Boston FM stations. In July 2009, CBS Radio announced that it would re-introduce WBZ-FM as a sports radio station named "98.5 The Sports Hub" on August 13,[12] moving the existing Hot AC "Mix 98.5" WBMX-FM to 104.1 as "Mix 104.1" on August 12,[13] and the existing active rock 104.1 WBCN to HD Radio subchannel 2 on the new 98.5, removing it from analog. 98.5 then stunted starting at 2 AM on the 12th with a loop of the song Move Along by The All-American Rejects while Mix voiceover Ann DeWig and DJs of Mix redirected listeners to 104.1 until "The Sports Hub" launched at 1 PM on the 13th. "98.5 The Sports Hub" was created to go head to head against WEEI, at the time the top rated sports radio station in the Boston market. Two years later, WEEI would add an FM simulcast, a reaction to the success WBZ-FM was enjoying as an FM sports talker. The "Sports Hub" amended its slogan from "Boston's New (FM) Home For Sports" to "Boston's Home For Sports". The call sign WBZ-FM was assigned to the station on August 5, 2009. On February 2, 2017, CBS announced that they will be selling their radio division to Entercom, which could have made WBZ-FM a direct sister to WEEI. The sale would be conducted using a Reverse Morris Trust so that it would be tax-free. While CBS will still retain a 72% ownership stake in the combined company, Entercom will be the surviving entity and will separate WBZ radio (both 98.5 and AM 1030) from WBZ-TV and WSBK-TV.[14][15] However, the combined company would have to shed some of its Boston stations in order to satisfy Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice requirements.[16] On October 10, 2017, CBS disclosed that as part of the process of obtaining regulatory approval of the merger, WBZ-FM would be one of sixteen stations that would be divested by Entercom, along with sister stations WBZ and WZLX, and Entercom stations WRKO and WKAF, with Entercom retaining WEEI AM and FM, WBMX, WODS and WAAF.[17] On November 1, 2017, Beasley Media Group announced that it will trade WMJX to Entercom, in exchange for WBZ-FM (WBZ, WZLX, WRKO and WKAF will be acquired by iHeartMedia).[18][19][20] The merger was approved on November 9, 2017, and was consummated on the 17th. Beasley took complete ownership of the station on December 20th.[21][22] Shows and staff[edit] When the station launched in 2009, Boston Bruins games moved to WBZ-FM from WBZ.[13] The Toucher and Rich Show and New England Patriots games came from WBCN. It was announced on September 26, 2013, that the station has become the new flagship of the Boston Celtics Radio Network (replacing WEEI-FM), with select games airing on WZLX due to conflicts.[23] Programs[edit] Toucher & Rich Zolak & Bertrand Felger & Massarotti The Adam Jones Show [24] Sports broadcast staff[edit] Patriots Radio Broadcast Staff Bob Socci Play by Play Scott Zolak Co-Host Marc Bertrand Host of Pregame and Postgame shows Chris Gasper Host of Pregame Show Steve DeOssie Host of Postgame Show Marc D. Cappello Producer Celtics Radio Broadcast Staff Sean Grande Play By Play Cedric Maxwell Co-Host Jon Wallach Fill in Play By Play Bruins Radio Broadcast Team Bob Beers Co-Host Judd Sirott Play by Play Marc D. Cappello Producer Revolution Radio Broadcast Team Brad Feldman Play By Play Paul Mariner Co-Host Former staff[edit] Andy Gresh Dave Goucher Former Bruins Broadcaster Damon Amendolara Rich Keefe Crash Clark Gil Santos Former Patriots Broadcaster Gino Cappelletti[25]

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England Patriots Season2013 New England Patriots Season2014 New England Patriots Season2015 New England Patriots Season2016 New England Patriots Season2017 New England Patriots Season1985 NFL Season1996 NFL Season2001 NFL Season2003 NFL Season2004 NFL Season2007 NFL Season2011 NFL Season2014 NFL Season2016 NFL Season2017 NFL SeasonSuper Bowl XXXVISuper Bowl XXXVIIISuper Bowl XXXIXSuper Bowl XLIXSuper Bowl LIGino CappellettiMike Haynes (cornerback)Andre TippettSteve Nelson (American Football)John Hannah (American Football)Bruce ArmstrongJim Lee HuntBob DeeList Of New England Patriots BroadcastersNew England Patriots Radio NetworkGil SantosGino CappellettiBob SocciScott ZolakNational Football LeagueAmerican Football ConferenceAFC EastAmerican Football LeagueList Of New England Patriots Seasons1960 Boston Patriots Season1961 Boston Patriots Season1962 Boston Patriots Season1963 Boston Patriots Season1964 Boston Patriots Season1965 Boston Patriots Season1966 Boston Patriots Season1967 Boston Patriots Season1968 Boston Patriots Season1969 Boston Patriots Season1970 Boston Patriots Season1971 New England Patriots Season1972 New England Patriots Season1973 New England Patriots Season1974 New England Patriots Season1975 New England Patriots Season1976 New England Patriots Season1977 New England Patriots Season1978 New England Patriots Season1979 New England Patriots Season1980 New England Patriots Season1981 New England Patriots Season1982 New England Patriots Season1983 New England Patriots Season1984 New England Patriots Season1985 New England Patriots Season1986 New England Patriots Season1987 New England Patriots Season1988 New England Patriots Season1989 New England Patriots Season1990 New England Patriots Season1991 New England Patriots Season1992 New England Patriots Season1993 New England Patriots Season1994 New England Patriots Season1995 New England Patriots Season1996 New England Patriots Season1997 New England Patriots Season1998 New England Patriots Season1999 New England Patriots Season2000 New England Patriots Season2001 New England Patriots Season2002 New England Patriots Season2003 New England Patriots Season2004 New England Patriots Season2005 New England Patriots Season2006 New England Patriots Season2007 New England Patriots Season2008 New England Patriots Season2009 New England Patriots Season2010 New England Patriots Season2011 New England Patriots Season2012 New England Patriots Season2013 New England Patriots Season2014 New England Patriots Season2015 New England Patriots Season2016 New England Patriots Season2017 New England Patriots Season2018 New England Patriots SeasonHelp:CategoryCategory:HD Radio StationsCategory:National Football League On The RadioCategory:Radio Stations Established In 1942Category:Radio Stations Established In 1948Category:Radio Stations Established In 1957Category:Radio Stations Established In 2009Category:Radio Stations In BostonCategory:Sports Radio Stations In The United 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