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Features[edit] Features of the voiceless labiodental fricative: Its manner of articulation is fricative, which means it is produced by constricting air flow through a narrow channel at the place of articulation, causing turbulence. Its place of articulation is labiodental, which means it is articulated with the lower lip and the upper teeth. Its phonation is voiceless, which means it is produced without vibrations of the vocal cords. In some languages the vocal cords are actively separated, so it is always voiceless; in others the cords are lax, so that it may take on the voicing of adjacent sounds. It is an oral consonant, which means air is allowed to escape through the mouth only. Because the sound is not produced with airflow over the tongue, the central–lateral dichotomy does not apply. The airstream mechanism is pulmonic, which means it is articulated by pushing air solely with the lungs and diaphragm, as in most sounds.

Occurrence[edit] Language Word IPA Meaning Notes Abkhaz фы [fə] 'lightning' See Abkhaz phonology Adyghe тфы  [tfə] (help·info) 'five' Corresponds to [xʷ] in Kabardian and Proto-Circassian Albanian faqe [facɛ] 'cheek' Arabic Standard[1] ظرف [ðˤɑrf] 'envelope' See Arabic phonology Armenian Eastern[2] ֆուտբոլ  [fut̪bol] (help·info) 'football' Assamese বৰফ [bɔɹɔf] 'snow/ice' Basque fin [fin] 'thin' Bengali ফুল [ful] 'flower' Allophone of /pʰ/. See Bengali phonology Catalan[3] fase [ˈfazə] 'phase' See Catalan phonology Chechen факс / faks [faks] 'fax' Chinese Cantonese 飛 / fēi  [fei̯˥] 'to fly' See Cantonese phonology Mandarin 飛 / fēi  [feɪ̯˥] See Mandarin phonology Coptic ϥⲧⲟⲟⲩ [ftow] 'four' Czech foukat [ˈfoʊ̯kat] 'to blow' See Czech phonology Dutch[4] fiets [fits] 'bike' See Dutch phonology English All dialects fill  [fɪl] 'fill' See English phonology Cockney[5] think [fɪŋk] 'think' Socially marked,[6] with speakers exhibiting some free variation with [θ] (with which it corresponds to in other dialects).[7] See th-fronting. Many British urban dialects[8] Some younger New Zealanders[9][10] Broad South African[11] More common word-finally. Esperanto fajro [ˈfajɾo] 'fire' See Esperanto phonology Ewe[12] eflen [éflé̃] 'he spit off' French[13] fabuleuse [fäbyˈløːz̪] 'fabulous' See French phonology Galician faísca [faˈiska] 'spark' See Galician phonology German fade [ˈfaːdə] 'bland' See Standard German phonology Goemai [fat] 'to blow' Greek φύση fysī [ˈfisi] 'nature' See Modern Greek phonology Gujarati ફળ/faļ [fəɭ] 'fruit' See Gujarati phonology Hebrew סופר [so̞fe̞ʁ] 'writer' See Modern Hebrew phonology Hindustani साफ़/صاف [sɑːf] 'clean' See Hindustani phonology Hungarian figyel [fiɟɛl] 'he/she pays attention' See Hungarian phonology Italian fantasma [fän̪ˈt̪äzmä] 'ghost' See Italian phonology Kabardian фыз [fəz] 'woman' Corresponds to [ʂʷ] in Adyghe and Proto-Circassian Kabyle afus [afus] 'hand' Macedonian фонетика [fɔnetika] 'phonetics' See Macedonian phonology Malay feri [feri] 'ferry' Maltese fenek [fenek] 'rabbit' Norwegian filter [filtɛɾ] 'filter' See Norwegian phonology Persian فکر [fekr] 'thought' Polish[14] futro  [ˈfut̪rɔ] (help·info) 'fur' See Polish phonology Portuguese[15] fogo [ˈfoɡʊ] 'fire' See Portuguese phonology Punjabi ਫ਼ੌਜੀ [fɔːd͡ʒi] 'soldier' Romanian[16] foc [fo̞k] 'fire' See Romanian phonology Russian[17] орфография [ɐrfɐˈɡrafʲɪjə] 'orthography' Contrasts with palatalized form. See Russian phonology Slovak fúkať [ˈfuːkac] 'to blow' See Slovak phonology Somali feex [fɛħ] 'wart' See Somali phonology Spanish[18] fantasma [fã̠n̪ˈt̪a̠zma̠] 'ghost' See Spanish phonology Swahili kufa [kufɑ] 'to die' Swedish fisk [ˈfɪsk] 'fish' See Swedish phonology Turkish saf [säf] 'pure' See Turkish phonology Ukrainian[19] Фастів [ˈfɑsʲtʲiw] 'Fastiv' See Ukrainian phonology Vietnamese[20] pháo [faːw˧ˀ˥] 'firecracker' See Vietnamese phonology Welsh ffon [fɔn] 'stick' See Welsh phonology West Frisian fol [foɫ] 'full' See West Frisian phonology Yi ꃚ/fu [fu˧] 'roast' Zapotec Tilquiapan[21] cafe [kafɘ] 'coffee' Used primarily in loanwords from Spanish

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Shaded areas denote articulations judged to be impossible. Non-pulmonic consonants Bi­labial Labio­dental Dental Alveolar Post­alveolar Retro­flex Palatal Velar Uvular Epi­glottal Glottal Ejectives Stop pʼ tʼ ʈʼ cʼ kʼ qʼ ʡʼ Affricate t̪θʼ tsʼ t̠ʃʼ ʈʂʼ kxʼ qχʼ Lateral affricate tɬʼ cʎ̝̊ʼ kʟ̝̊ʼ Fricative fʼ θʼ sʼ ʃʼ ʂʼ ɕʼ xʼ χʼ Lateral fricative ɬʼ Clicks Nasal ʘ̃ ǀ̃ ǃ̃ ǃ̃˞ ǂ̃ ◌̃ˀ Stop ʘ ʘ̬ ǀ ǀ̬ ǃ ǃ̬ ǃ˞ ǃ̬˞ ǂ ǂ̬ ʞ ◌ˀ Lateral nasal ǁ̃ Lateral fricative ǁ ǁ̬ Implosive ɓ̥ ɓ ɗ̥ ɗ ᶑ̥ ᶑ ʄ̊ ʄ ɠ̊ ɠ ʛ̥ ʛ help full chart template Co-articulated consonants Nasals n͡m Labial–alveolar ŋ͡m Labial–velar Stops t͡p Labial–alveolar (voiceless) d͡b Labial–alveolar (voiced) k͡p Labial–velar (voiceless) ɡ͡b Labial–velar (voiced) q͡ʡ Uvular–epiglottal Fricatives ɧ Sj-sound Approximants ʍ Labialized velar (voiceless) w Labialized velar (voiced) ɫ Velarized alveolar (lateral) ɥ̊ Labialized palatal (voiceless) ɥ Labialized palatal (voiced) help full chart template Vowels Front Near-front Central Near-back Back Close i y ɨ ʉ ɯ u ɪ ʏ ɪ̈ ʊ̈ ɯ̽ ʊ e ø ɘ ɵ ɤ o e̞ ø̞ ə ɵ̞ ɤ̞ o̞ ɛ œ ɜ ɞ ʌ ɔ æ ɐ ɞ̞ a ɶ ä ɒ̈ ɑ ɒ Near-close Close-mid Mid Open-mid Near-open Open help full chart template Paired vowels are: unrounded • rounded Retrieved from "" Categories: Fricative consonantsLabiodental consonantsHidden categories: Articles containing Abkhazian-language textArticles containing Kabardian-language textArticles with hAudio microformatsArticles including recorded pronunciationsArticles containing Albanian-language textArticles containing Arabic-language textArticles containing Amharic-language textArticles containing Assamese-language textArticles containing Basa (Cameroon)-language textArticles containing Bengali-language textArticles containing Catalan-language textArticles containing Chechen-language textArticles containing Chinese-language textArticles containing Mandarin Chinese-language textArticles containing Coptic-language textArticles containing Czech-language textArticles containing Dutch-language textArticles containing explicitly cited English-language textArticles containing Esperanto-language textArticles containing Ewe-language textArticles containing French-language textArticles containing Galician-language textArticles containing German-language textArticles containing Greek-language textArticles containing Gujarati-language textArticles containing Hebrew-language textArticles containing Hindi-language textArticles containing Urdu-language textArticles containing Hungarian-language textArticles containing Italian-language textArticles containing Kabyle-language textArticles containing Macedonian-language textArticles containing Malay-language textArticles containing Norwegian-language textArticles containing Polish-language textArticles containing Portuguese-language textArticles containing Romanian-language textArticles containing Russian-language textArticles containing Slovak-language textArticles containing Somali-language textArticles containing Spanish-language textArticles containing Swedish-language textArticles containing Turkish-language textArticles containing Ukrainian-language textArticles containing Vietnamese-language textArticles containing Welsh-language textArticles containing West Frisian-language text

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ConsonantDorsal ConsonantLaryngeal ConsonantManner Of ArticulationBilabial ConsonantLabiodental ConsonantLinguolabial ConsonantDental ConsonantAlveolar ConsonantPostalveolar ConsonantRetroflex ConsonantPalatal ConsonantVelar ConsonantUvular ConsonantPharyngeal ConsonantEpiglottal ConsonantGlottal ConsonantNasal StopVoiceless Bilabial NasalBilabial NasalLabiodental NasalLinguolabial NasalVoiceless Alveolar NasalDental, Alveolar And Postalveolar NasalsVoiceless Retroflex NasalRetroflex NasalVoiceless Palatal NasalPalatal NasalVoiceless Velar NasalVelar NasalUvular NasalStop ConsonantVoiceless Bilabial StopVoiced Bilabial StopVoiceless Labiodental StopVoiced Labiodental StopVoiceless Linguolabial StopVoiced Linguolabial StopVoiceless Dental And Alveolar StopsVoiced Dental And Alveolar StopsVoiceless Retroflex StopVoiced Retroflex StopVoiceless Palatal StopVoiced Palatal StopVoiceless Velar StopVoiced Velar StopVoiceless Uvular StopVoiced Uvular StopEpiglottal StopGlottal StopSibilant ConsonantAffricate ConsonantVoiceless Alveolar AffricateVoiced Alveolar AffricateVoiceless Palato-alveolar AffricateVoiced Palato-alveolar AffricateVoiceless Retroflex AffricateVoiced Retroflex AffricateVoiceless Alveolo-palatal AffricateVoiced Alveolo-palatal AffricateAffricate ConsonantVoiceless Bilabial AffricateVoiced Bilabial AffricateVoiceless Labiodental AffricateVoiced Labiodental AffricateVoiceless Dental Non-sibilant AffricateVoiced Dental Non-sibilant AffricateVoiceless Alveolar Non-sibilant AffricateVoiced Alveolar Non-sibilant AffricateVoiceless Postalveolar Non-sibilant AffricateVoiced Postalveolar Non-sibilant AffricateVoiceless Palatal AffricateVoiced Palatal AffricateVoiceless Velar AffricateVoiced Velar AffricateVoiceless Uvular AffricateVoiced Epiglottal AffricateVoiceless Glottal AffricateSibilantFricative ConsonantVoiceless Alveolar FricativeVoiced Alveolar FricativeVoiceless Postalveolar FricativeVoiced Postalveolar FricativeVoiceless Retroflex FricativeVoiced Retroflex FricativeVoiceless Alveolo-palatal FricativeVoiced Alveolo-palatal FricativeFricative ConsonantVoiceless Bilabial FricativeVoiced Bilabial FricativeVoiced Labiodental FricativeVoiceless Linguolabial FricativeVoiced Linguolabial FricativeVoiceless Dental FricativeVoiced Dental FricativeVoiceless Alveolar Non-sibilant FricativeVoiced Alveolar Non-sibilant FricativeVoiceless Postalveolar Non-sibilant FricativeVoiced Postalveolar Non-sibilant FricativeVoiced Retroflex Non-sibilant FricativeVoiceless Palatal FricativeVoiced Palatal FricativeVoiceless Velar FricativeVoiced Velar FricativeVoiceless Uvular FricativeVoiced Uvular FricativeVoiceless Pharyngeal FricativeVoiced Pharyngeal FricativeVoiced Epiglottal TrillVoiceless Glottal FricativeVoiced Glottal FricativeApproximant ConsonantVoiceless Labiodental ApproximantLabiodental ApproximantVoiceless Alveolar And Postalveolar ApproximantsAlveolar And Postalveolar ApproximantsVoiceless Retroflex ApproximantRetroflex ApproximantVoiceless Palatal ApproximantPalatal ApproximantVoiceless Velar ApproximantVoiced Velar ApproximantCreaky-voiced Glottal ApproximantFlap ConsonantBilabial FlapLabiodental FlapLinguolabial TapVoiceless Alveolar FlapDental And Alveolar FlapsVoiceless Retroflex FlapRetroflex FlapUvular FlapEpiglottal FlapTrill ConsonantVoiceless Bilabial TrillBilabial TrillVoiceless Alveolar TrillDental, Alveolar And Postalveolar TrillsVoiceless Retroflex TrillRetroflex TrillVoiceless Uvular TrillUvular TrillVoiceless Epiglottal TrillVoiced Epiglottal TrillLateral ConsonantAffricate ConsonantVoiceless Alveolar Lateral AffricateVoiced Alveolar Lateral AffricateVoiceless Retroflex Lateral AffricateVoiceless Palatal Lateral AffricateVoiceless Velar Lateral AffricateVoiced Velar Lateral AffricateLateral ConsonantFricative ConsonantVoiceless Dental And Alveolar Lateral FricativesVoiced Dental And Alveolar Lateral FricativesVoiceless Retroflex Lateral FricativeVoiceless Palatal Lateral FricativeVoiced Palatal Lateral FricativeVoiceless Velar Lateral FricativeVoiced Velar Lateral FricativeLateral ConsonantApproximant ConsonantVoiceless Dental, Alveolar And Postalveolar Lateral ApproximantsDental, Alveolar And Postalveolar Lateral ApproximantsVoiceless Retroflex Lateral ApproximantRetroflex Lateral ApproximantVoiceless Palatal Lateral ApproximantPalatal Lateral ApproximantVoiceless Velar Lateral ApproximantVelar Lateral ApproximantUvular Lateral ApproximantLateral FlapDental, Alveolar And Postalveolar Lateral FlapsRetroflex Lateral FlapPalatal Lateral FlapVelar Lateral TapHelp:IPAInternational Phonetic Alphabet ChartTemplate:IPA Pulmonic ConsonantsVoiceless ConsonantVoiced ConsonantBilabial ConsonantLabiodental ConsonantDental ConsonantAlveolar ConsonantPostalveolar ConsonantRetroflex ConsonantPalatal ConsonantVelar ConsonantUvular ConsonantEpiglottal ConsonantGlottal ConsonantEjective ConsonantStop ConsonantBilabial EjectiveDental And Alveolar EjectivesRetroflex EjectivePalatal EjectiveVelar EjectiveUvular EjectiveEpiglottal EjectiveAffricate ConsonantDental Ejective AffricateAlveolar Ejective AffricatePalato-alveolar Ejective AffricateRetroflex Ejective AffricateVelar Ejective AffricateUvular Ejective AffricateLateral ConsonantAffricate ConsonantAlveolar Lateral Ejective AffricatePalatal Lateral Ejective AffricateVelar Lateral Ejective AffricateFricative ConsonantLabiodental Ejective FricativeDental Ejective FricativeAlveolar Ejective FricativePalato-alveolar Ejective FricativeRetroflex Ejective FricativeAlveolo-palatal Ejective FricativeVelar Ejective FricativeUvular Ejective FricativeLateral ConsonantFricative ConsonantAlveolar Lateral Ejective FricativeClick ConsonantNasal ConsonantBilabial Nasal ClickDental Nasal ClickAlveolar Nasal ClickRetroflex Nasal ClickPalatal Nasal ClickGlottalized ClicksStop ConsonantTenuis Bilabial ClickVoiced Bilabial ClickTenuis Dental ClickVoiced Dental ClickTenuis Alveolar ClickVoiced Alveolar ClickVoiceless Retroflex ClickVoiced Retroflex ClickTenuis Palatal ClickVoiced Palatal ClickBack-released Velar ClickGlottalized ClicksLateral ConsonantNasal ConsonantAlveolar Lateral Nasal ClickLateral ConsonantFricative ConsonantTenuis Alveolar Lateral ClickVoiced Alveolar Lateral ClickImplosive ConsonantVoiceless Bilabial ImplosiveVoiced Bilabial ImplosiveVoiceless Alveolar ImplosiveVoiced Alveolar ImplosiveVoiceless Retroflex ImplosiveVoiced Retroflex ImplosiveVoiceless Palatal ImplosiveVoiced Palatal ImplosiveVoiceless Velar ImplosiveVoiced Velar ImplosiveVoiceless Uvular ImplosiveVoiced Uvular ImplosiveHelp:IPAInternational Phonetic Alphabet ChartTemplate:IPA Non-pulmonic ConsonantsCo-articulated ConsonantNasal ConsonantLabial–coronal ConsonantLabial–velar NasalStop ConsonantLabial–coronal ConsonantVoiceless Labial–velar StopVoiced Labial–velar StopUvular–epiglottal ConsonantFricative ConsonantSj-soundApproximant ConsonantVoiceless Labialized Velar ApproximantVoiced Labio-velar ApproximantVelarized Alveolar Lateral ApproximantVoiceless Labialized Palatal ApproximantLabialized Palatal ApproximantHelp:IPAInternational Phonetic Alphabet ChartTemplate:IPA Co-articulated ConsonantsVowelFront VowelNear-front VowelCentral VowelNear-back VowelBack VowelClose VowelClose Front Unrounded VowelClose Front Rounded VowelClose Central Unrounded VowelClose Central Rounded VowelClose Back Unrounded VowelClose Back Rounded VowelNear-close Near-front Unrounded VowelNear-close Near-front Rounded VowelNear-close Central Unrounded VowelNear-close Central Rounded VowelNear-close Near-back Unrounded VowelNear-close Near-back Rounded VowelClose-mid Front Unrounded VowelClose-mid Front Rounded VowelClose-mid Central Unrounded VowelClose-mid Central Rounded VowelClose-mid Back Unrounded VowelClose-mid Back Rounded VowelMid Front Unrounded VowelMid Front Rounded VowelMid Central VowelMid Central VowelMid Back Unrounded VowelMid Back Rounded VowelOpen-mid Front Unrounded VowelOpen-mid Front Rounded VowelOpen-mid Central Unrounded VowelOpen-mid Central Rounded VowelOpen-mid Back Unrounded VowelOpen-mid Back Rounded VowelNear-open Front Unrounded VowelNear-open Central Unrounded VowelNear-open Central Rounded VowelOpen Front Unrounded VowelOpen Front Rounded VowelOpen Central Unrounded VowelOpen Central Rounded VowelOpen Back Unrounded VowelOpen Back Rounded VowelNear-close VowelClose-mid VowelMid VowelOpen-mid VowelNear-open VowelOpen VowelHelp:IPAInternational Phonetic Alphabet ChartTemplate:IPA VowelsRoundednessRoundednessHelp:CategoryCategory:Fricative ConsonantsCategory:Labiodental ConsonantsCategory:Articles Containing Abkhazian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Kabardian-language TextCategory:Articles With HAudio MicroformatsCategory:Articles Including Recorded PronunciationsCategory:Articles Containing Albanian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Arabic-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Amharic-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Assamese-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Basa (Cameroon)-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Bengali-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Catalan-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Chechen-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Chinese-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Mandarin Chinese-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Coptic-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Czech-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Dutch-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Explicitly Cited English-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Esperanto-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Ewe-language TextCategory:Articles Containing French-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Galician-language TextCategory:Articles Containing German-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Greek-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Gujarati-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Hebrew-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Hindi-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Urdu-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Hungarian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Italian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Kabyle-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Macedonian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Malay-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Norwegian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Polish-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Portuguese-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Romanian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Russian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Slovak-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Somali-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Spanish-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Swedish-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Turkish-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Ukrainian-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Vietnamese-language TextCategory:Articles Containing Welsh-language TextCategory:Articles Containing West 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