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K–12 schools[edit] Zoned schools Elizabeth Learning Center (Only K–8 is zoned) (Cudahy, opened 1927) James A. Foshay Learning Center (Only 6–12 is zoned; in order to attend Foshay LC for 9–12, a student has to have been enrolled as an 8th grader) (Los Angeles, Opened 1924) Magnet/alternative schools Banneker Special Education Center Marlton School (Los Angeles, Opened 1968) – for deaf and hearing-impaired students Valley Alternative Magnet School (Los Angeles) – currently the only K–12 Magnet School in LAUSD.

4–12 schools[edit] Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies Zoned schools Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools (Central Los Angeles New Learning Center 1 Middle School/High School) (Opened September 2010[3]) (On the site of the Ambassador Hotel) Magnet schools Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies

K–8 schools[edit] Pio Pico Span School Zoned schools Caroldale Learning Community (Carson) Ellen Ochoa Learning Center (Cudahy, Opened 2004 [1]) Pio Pico Span School (K–8)], (formerly Pio Pico Elementary School, Los Angeles, Opened 1987 as a K–6 elementary school, expanded to K–8 in 1994–95)(When Central Region ES 13 [Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Studies] opened in 2010, Pio Pico was reconfigured into a middle school [2]) South Region Span K–8 1 (Los Angeles, Opened 2011 [3]) Valley Region Hesby Span Elementary School (Los Angeles, Reopened 2006 [4]) Utah Elementary School To be opened Valley Span K–8 1 (Los Angeles, Opening 2012 [5]) Valley Span K–8 2 (Los Angeles, Opening 2012 [6]) Option schools[edit] Academia Semillas del Pueblo (K–7, Opened 2002) Anatola elementary school

Secondary schools[edit] 6–12 schools[edit] Magnolia Science Academy 6 – Palms Magnet schools International Studies Learning Center Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies Maywood Center for Enriched Studies (Newest LAUSD School, Maywood, Opened 2017) Robert Fulton College Preparatory School (Opened 2010 [7]) Magnolia Schools Magnolia Science Academy 6 – Palms (Opened 2009) (Currently has 6-7 grades) 7–12 schools[edit] Zoned schools Eagle Rock High School (Los Angeles) (All grades are zoned) (Opened 1927) Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School (Long Beach), Opened 2011 (All grades are zoned) [8])

High schools (grades 9–12)[edit] Zoned high schools[edit] Arleta High School Fairfax High School Hamilton High School Palisades Charter High School Panorama High School University High School Venice High School Augustus F. Hawkins High School (Los Angeles, California (Opened 2012) Legacy High School (South Gate, Opened 2012) South Region High School 12 (Opened 2012) South Region High School 13 (Opened 2012) South Region High School 14 (Opened 2012) Dr. Maya Angelou High School (Los Angeles, California) (Opened 2011) [9] Arleta High School (Los Angeles, Opened in 2006 [10]) Phineas Banning High School Wilmington, Opened in 1926) Bell High School (Bell, Opened 1925) Belmont High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1923) (The existing school will become a 6–12 school by 2010 [11]) Helen Bernstein High School (Opened Fall 2008 [12]) Birmingham High School (Opened 1952) Canoga Park High School (Opened 1915) Carson High School (Carson, Opened 1963) Cesar Chavez High School (San Fernando, California) Opened 2011 [13]) Chatsworth High School (Opened 1963) Cleveland High School (Opened 1959) Miguel Contreras Learning Complex (Opened 2006 [14]) (The area around Contreras is zoned to Belmont High School) Crenshaw High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1968) Susan Miller Dorsey High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1937 – Will gain more permanent capacity by 2011 [15]) East Valley High School, North Hollywood, California (Opened in 2006) [16]) El Camino Real High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1969) Esteban Torres High School (Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Opened 2010) Fairfax High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1924) Franklin High School (Highland Park, Opened 1916) John C. Fremont High School (Opened 1924) Gardena High School (Los Angeles) (Opened 1901) James A. Garfield High School ( E. Los Angeles, opened 1925) Granada Hills Charter High School (Los Angeles) (Opened 1960, became a charter school in 2003) Ulysses S. Grant High School (Los Angeles) (Opened 1959) Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy Hollywood High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1903) Alexander Hamilton High School (Los Angeles, opened 1931) Hamilton Humanities Magnet Huntington Park High School (Huntington Park, Opened 1909) Thomas Jefferson High School (Opened 1916) David Starr Jordan High School (Opened 1923) John F. Kennedy High School (Opened 1971) Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools (Opened 2010) Legacy High School (South Gate, California) Abraham Lincoln High School (Lincoln Heights, Opened 1878) Alain Leroy Locke High School (Opened 1967) Los Angeles High School (Opened 1873) Manual Arts High School (Opened 1910) Linda Esperanza Marquez High School, Opened 2011 John Marshall High School (Opened 1931) Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez Learning Centers James Monroe High School (North Hills in Los Angeles, Opened 1958) Narbonne High School (Opened 1925) North Hollywood High School (Opened 1927) Northridge Academy High School (Opened 2012) Highly Gifted Magnet Palisades Charter High School (Opened 1961) Panorama High School (Opened 2006 [17]) John H. Francis Polytechnic High School (Opened 1897, renamed 1935) Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts (Opened in 2009) Reseda High School (Opened 1955) Diego Rivera Learning Complex(Opened 2011 [18]) Roosevelt High School (Opened 1922) Edward R. Roybal Learning Center (Opened 2008 [19]) San Fernando High School (Pacoima, Los Angeles) (Opened 1896) San Pedro High School (Opened 1898) Santee Education Complex (Los Angeles, Opened 2005 [20]) Sonia M. Sotomayor Learning Academies (Opened 2011) South East High School (South Gate, Opened 2005 [21]) South Gate High School (South Gate, Opened 1932) South Region High School #6, (Opened 2011) [22]) Sylmar High School William Howard Taft High School (Woodland Hills, Opened 1960) University High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1924) Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences (Granada Hills, California) Opened 2011 [23]) Van Nuys High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1915) Venice High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1911, current location 1925) Verdugo Hills High School (Tujunga, Opened 1937) Washington Preparatory High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1927) West Adams Preparatory High School (Los Angeles, Opened 2007) Westchester High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1948) Wilson High School (Los Angeles, Opened 1969) Gallery of high schools[edit] Belmont High School Camino Nuevo High School Grover Cleveland High School Miguel Contreras Learning Complex Dorsey High School John C. Fremont High School Granada Hills Charter High School Thomas Jefferson High School John F. Kennedy High School Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools Los Angeles High School Reseda High School Edward R. Roybal Learning Center William Howard Taft High School Van Nuys High School West Adams Preparatory High School Continuation high schools[edit] Addams High School Angel's Gate High School Benjamin Franklin High School Avalon High School Boyle Heights High School Central High School Cheviot Hills High School Del Rey High School Douglas High School East Valley Continuation High School Eagle Tree Continuation High School Earhart High School Einstein High School Ellington High School Evergreen High School Grey High School Highland Park High School Hope High School Independence High School John R. Wooden High School Leonis High School Lewis High School London High School Metropolitan High School Mission High School Moneta High School Monterey High School Mt. Lukens High School Newmark High School Odyssey High School Owensmouth High School Patton High School Phoenix High School Pueblo de Los Angeles High School Rodia High School Rogers High School San Antonio High School Stoney Point High School Thoreau High School Truth High School View Park Continuation High School Whitman High School Young High School Alternative high schools[edit] Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School Maywood Academy High School Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Animo Locke Technology High School Animo South Los Angeles Animo Venice Charter High School Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School California Academy for LS #2 Camino Nuevo High School Central City Value College Ready Academy High School Crenshaw Arts Technical Daniel Pearl Magnet High School De La Hoya Animo High School Downtown Magnets High School Discovery Charter Preparatory East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy High School for the Visual and Performing Arts (formerly known as Central Los Angeles High Area School #9), opened September 2009[4][5] High Tech High School (Los Angeles) King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science Leap High School Los Angeles International Charter High School,[6] opened 2005 Maywood Academy High School (Maywood, opened 2006 [24]) Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez Learning Center (formerly East Los Angeles New High School 1) (Opened 2009 [25]) Middle College High School Northridge Academy High School, opened 2004[7] Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School Renaissance Academy Vaughn Next Century Learning Center[8] View Park Preparatory Accelerated High School J.P. Widney High School Port of Los Angeles High School [26])

Middle schools (grades 6–8)[edit] Berendo Middle School Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School (formerly Mt. Vernon Jr. High) Emerson Middle School Thomas Starr King Middle School John H. Liechty Middle School Palms Middle School Walter Reed Middle School Daniel Webster Middle School Zoned middle schools[edit] John Adams Middle School (Los Angeles) Audubon Middle School (Los Angeles) Bancroft Middle School (Los Angeles) – established 1929, contains a Performing Arts Magnet and a STE[+a]M Magnet Belvedere Middle School (Unincorporated area) Berendo Middle School (Los Angeles) Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School (Los Angeles) Luther Burbank Middle School (Los Angeles) John Burroughs Middle School (Los Angeles) Richard E. Byrd Middle School (Los Angeles) (A new campus for Byrd is under construction [27]) Andrew Carnegie Middle School (Carson) Central Los Angeles Area New Middle School 3 (Opened 2009) Central Region Middle School 7 (Opened in 2011) Dr. George Washington Carver Middle School (Los Angeles) Henry Clay Middle School (Unincorporated area) William Jefferson Clinton Middle School (Los Angeles) (Opened 2006 [28]) – Formerly Central Los Angeles Area New Middle School #4 Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Middle School (Los Angeles) – (formerly Mount Vernon Middle School) Christopher Columbus Middle School Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle School (Carson) Dodson Middle School Charles R. Drew Middle School Thomas A. Edison Middle School El Sereno Middle School Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School Alexander Fleming Middle School Robert Frost Middle School David Wark Griffith Middle School Gompers Middle School George Ellery Hale Middle School (Los Angeles) Patrick Henry Middle School (Los Angeles) Hollenbeck Middle School Oliver Wendell Holmes International Middle School Washington Irving Middle School Young Oak Kim Academy Thomas Starr King Middle School Ernest Lawrence Middle School Le Conte Middle School John H. Liechty Middle School Los Angeles Academy Middle School James Madison Middle School, North Hollywood Horace Mann Middle School Marina del Rey Middle School Edwin Markham Middle School Millikan Middle School Henry T. Gage Middle School Mount Gleason Middle School John Muir Middle School William Mulholland Middle School Florence Nightingale Middle School Chester W. Nimitz Middle School Alfred Bernhard Nobel Charter Middle School Northridge Middle School Olive Vista Middle School Pacoima Middle School Palms Middle School Robert E. Peary Middle School George K. Porter Middle School (Los Angeles) Gaspar De Portola Middle School Walter Reed Middle School Paul Revere Charter Middle School (Los Angeles) Roy Romer Middle School San Fernando Middle School (San Fernando) Sepulveda Middle School Southeast Middle School] (South Gate South Gate Middle School (South Gate, Opened 1941) South Region Middle School #2 (Bell, Opened 2010) South Region Middle School #6 (Opened 2010) Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School Sun Valley Middle School John A. Sutter Middle School Van Nuys Middle school Virgil Middle School Vista Middle School Daniel Webster Middle School Stephen White Middle School Wilmington Middle School Woodland Hills Academy Orville Wright Middle School Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School Walnut Park Middle School Middle schools to be opened[edit] South Region Middle School #3 (Unincorporated Los Angeles County, to be opened [29]) Alternative middle schools Magnet only[edit] North Valley Charter Academy

Elementary schools[edit] Zoned elementary schools[edit] Tenth Street School Numbers[edit] 1st Street Elementary School 2nd Street Elementary School 3rd Street Elementary School 4th Street Elementary School 6th Avenue Elementary School 7th Street Elementary School 9th Street Elementary School 10th Street Elementary School 15th Street Elementary School 20th Street Elementary School 24th Street Elementary School 28th Street Elementary School 42nd Street Elementary School 49th Street Elementary School 52nd Street Elementary School 54th Street Elementary School 59th Street Elementary School 61st Street Elementary School 66th Street Elementary School 68th Street Elementary School 74th Street Elementary School 75th Street Elementary School 92nd Street Elementary School 93rd Street Elementary School 95th Street Elementary School 96th Street Elementary School 99th Street Elementary School 107th Street Elementary School 109th Street Elementary School 112th Street Elementary School 116th Street Elementary School 118th Street Elementary School 122nd Street Elementary School 135th Street Elementary School 153rd Street Elementary School 156th Street Elementary School 186th Street Elementary School 232nd Place Elementary School A[edit] Albion Street Elementary School Aldama Elementary School Alexandria Avenue Elementary School Allesandro Elementary School Alta California Elementary School Alta Loma Elementary School Amanecer Primary Center (K–2) (Opened 2005 [30]) Ambler Avenue Elementary School Amestoy Elementary School Anatola Avenue Elementary School Andasol Avenue Elementary School Angeles Mesa Elementary School Ann Street Elementary School (5th Oldest Elementary School in LAUSD, Opened 1884.) Annalee Avenue Elementary School Annandale Elementary School Anton, William R. Elementary School (Note: Hammel Street Elementary Demolished after school Moved to Anton.) Apperson Street Elementary School Aragon Avenue Elementary School Arlington Heights Elementary School Arminta Street Elementary School Arroyo Seco Museum Science Magnet Ascot Avenue Elementary School Aspire Firestone Academy Aspire Gateway Chater Academy Aspire Inskeep Academy Charter Aspire Junior Collegiate Academy Aspire Slauson Acadeny Elementary Aspire Tate, Juanita Academy Elementary Aspire Titan Academy Atwater Avenue Elementary School Aurora Elementary School (Opened 2006 [31]) Avalon Gardens Elementary School B[edit] Judith F. Baca Arts Academy Danny J. Bakewell Sr. Primary Center (Kindergarten, opened 2005 [32]) Balboa Elementary Magnet Baldwin Hills Elementary School Bandini Street Elementary School Banning New Elementary School #1 Charles W. Barrett Elementary School (formerly 98th Street School) Barton Hill Elementary School Bassett Street Elementary School Beachy Avenue Elementary School Beckford Charter for Enriched Studies Beethoven Street Elementary School Bellevue Primary Center (K–1) Bellingham Elementary School (Opened 2004 [33]) Belvedere Elementary School Bertrand Avenue Elementary School Frances Blend Elementary School Blythe Street Elementary School Bonita Street Elementary School Braddock Drive Elementary School Tom Bradley Global Awareness Magnet (The school also takes "zoned" students & also formerly known as Dublin Elementary) Brainard Elementary School Breed Street Elementary School (2nd Oldest Elementary School in LAUSD, Opened 1881.) Brentwood Elementary Science Magnet (only kindergarten is zoned – 1–5 are magnet students) Bridge Street Elementary School Birdielee V. Bright Elementary School (formerly 36th Street School) Broad Avenue Elementary School Broadacres Avenue Elementary School Hillery T. Broadous Elementary School (formerly Filmore Street School) Broadway Elementary School Brockton Avenue Elementary School Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School Bryson Avenue Elementary School Buchanan Street Elementary School Budlong Avenue Elementary School Burbank Boulevard Elementary School Burton Street Elementary School Bushnell Way Elementary School C[edit] Carthay Center School Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School Cahuenga Elementary School Calabash Charter Academy Calahan Community Charter School Calvert Charter for Enriched Studies Camellia Avenue Elementary School Canfield Avenue Elementary School Canoga Park Elementary School Cantara Street Elementary School Canterbury Avenue Elementary School Canyon Charter Elementary School Capistrano Avenue Elementary School Andres & Maria Cardenas Elementary School (Opened 2010) Caroldade Learning Community School Carpenter Community Charter School (formerly Carpenter Avenue Elementary School) Carson Street Elementary School Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Studies (Opened 2010) Carthay Center Elementary School (beginning in Fall 2014, Carthay ES becomes Carthay Elementary of Environmental Studies Magnet) Castelar Street Elementary School (4th Oldest Elementary School in LAUSD located in Chinatown, Opened 1882.) Castle Heights Elementary School Castlebay Lane Elementary School Catskill Avenue Elementary School Central Los Angeles New Learning Center K–3 (Opened 2009 [34]) (Located on The Ambassador Hotel site) Central Region Elementary School 13 (Opened 2010 [35]) Central Region Elementary School 14 (Opened 2010 [36]) Central Region Elementary School 15 (Opened 2010 [37]) Central Region Elementary School 16 (Opened 2010 [38]) Central Region Elementary School 17 (Opened 2010 [39]) Central Region Elementary School 18 (Opened 2010 [40]) Central Region Elementary School 19 and EEC (Opened 2010 [41]) Century Park Elementary School Chandler Learning Academy Chapman Elementary School Charnock Road Elementary School Chase Street Elementary School Chatsworth Park Elementary School Cesar Chavez Elementary School (Opened 2005)[42]} Cheremoya Avenue Elementary School Chime Institute Schwarzenegger Community School (located at the former Collier Street School.) Cienega Elementary School Cimmaron Avenue Elementary School City Terrace Elementary School Clifford Street Math & Technology Magnet Clover Avenue Elementary School Coeur d'Alene Avenue Elementary School Cohasset Street Elementary School Coldwater Canyon Elementary School Colfax Charter Elementary School Coliseum Street Elementary School Columbus Avenue Elementary School Commonwealth Avenue Elementary School Community Magnet Elementary School Compton Avenue Elementary School Corona Avenue Elementary School Sara Coughlin Elementary School (Opened 2005 [43]) Cowan Avenue Elementary School Crescent Heights Boulevard Elementary Language Arts and Social Justice Magnet Crestwood Street Elementary School D[edit] Dorris Place Elementary Dahila Heights Elementary School Danube Avenue Elementary School Darby Avenue Charter School Dayton Heights Elementary School George De La Torre Elementary School (Opened 2006) Dearborn Elementary Charter School Del Amo Elementary School Frank Del Olmo Elementary School (Opened 2006 [44]) Delevan Drive Elementary School Christopher Dena Elementary School (formerly Dacotah Street School) Denker Avenue Elementary School Dixie Canyon Community Charter School Dolores Street Elementary School Dominguez Elementary School Dorris Place Elementary School Dyer Street Elementary School E[edit] Esperanza Elementary School Eagle Rock Elementary School Eastman Avenue Elementary School El Dorado Avenue Elementary School El Oro Way Charter for Enriched Studies El Sereno Elementary School Elysian Heights Elementary School Emelita Academy Charter School Enadia Technology Enriched Charter School (Reopened in 2008 [45]) Encino Charter Elementary School Erwin Elementary School Jaime Escalante Elementary School (Opened 2010) Martha Escutia Primary Center (Opened 2005, [46]) Eshelman Avenue Elementary School Esperanza Elementary School Estrella Elementary School (Opened 2010) Euclid Avenue Elementary School Evergreen Avenue Elementary School F[edit] Fairburn Avenue School Fair Avenue Elementary School – Established just after World War II (1946) as an "Overflow" school from Victory Boulevard School in North Hollywood – Bungalows were moved from Victory Boulevard School to Fair Avenue (near) Tunjunga Blvd in North Hollywood in an empty farm lot. Fairburn Avenue Elementary School Farmdale Elementary School Fenton Avenue Elementary School (Charter School) Fenton Avenue Primary Center (Opened 2013) Fernangeles Elementary School Figueroa Street Elementary School Fishburn Avenue Elementary School (Maywood) Fletcher Drive Elementary School Florence Avenue Elementary School Lovelia P. Flournoy Elementary School (formerly 111th Street School) Ford Boulevard Elementary School Franklin Avenue Elementary School Fries Avenue Elementary School Fullbright Avenue Elementary School G[edit] Glassell Park Elementary School Evelyn Thurman Gratts Elementary School Garden Grove Elementary School Gardena Elementary School Gardner Street Elementary School Garvanza Elementary School Gates Street Elementary School Gault Street Elementary School Germain Academy for Academic Achievement[9] Glassell Park Elementary School Gledhill Street Elementary School Glen Alta Elementary School Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary School Glenwood Elementary School Graham Elementary School Granada Community Charter School Grand View Boulevard Elementary School Grant Elementary School[10] Grape Street Elementary School Gratts Learning Academy for Young Scholars[11][12] Gridley Street Elementary School Griffin Avenue Elementary School (3rd Oldest Elementary School in LAUSD, Opened 1882.) Florence Griffith-Joyner Elementary School[13] Gulf Avenue Elementary School H[edit] Haddon Avenue Elementary School Halldale Elementary School Hamlin Charter Academy Hancock Park Elementary School[14] Harbor City Elementary School Harding Street Elementary School Harmony Elementary School (Opened 2004)[15] Harrison Street Elementary School Hart Street Elementary School Harvard Elementary School (Opened 2005)[16] Haskell Elementary STEAM Magnet[17] Hawaiian Avenue Elementary School[18] Haynes Charter for Enriched Studies Hazeltine Avenue Elementary School Heliotrope Avenue Elementary School Herrick Avenue Elementary School Hillcrest Drive Elementary School Hillside Elementary School Hobart Boulevard Elementary School[19] Hollywood Primary Center (K–2) (Opened 2005)[20] Holmes Avenue Elementary School Hooper Avenue Elementary School (1–5) Hooper Avenue Primary Center (Kindergarten only, Completed 2005)[21] Hoover Street Elementary School Hope Street Elementary School (Opened 2005)[22] Hubbard Street Elementary School Humphreys Avenue Elementary School Huntinghton Drive Elementary School Huntington Park Elementary School (Opened 2006)[23] I[edit] Independence Elementary School Ivanhoe Elementary School J[edit] Quincy Jones Elementary School Dr. James Edward Jones Primary Center (Opened in 2008 [47]) Justice Street Academy Charter School K[edit] Julie Korenstein Elementary School (Opened 2010) Kenter Canyon Charter Elementary School Kentwood Elementary School Kester Avenue Elementary School Charles H. Kim Elementary School (Opened Fall 2006 [48]) Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School (formerly Santa Barbera Avenue School) Kingsley Elementary School (Opened 2005 [49]) Kittridge Street Elementary School Knollwood Preparatory Academy Dr. Owen Lloyd Knox Elementary School L[edit] Lockwood Avenue School Maywood Elementary School Magnolia Avenue Elementary School Micheltoreana Street School Overland Avenue Elementary School Leo Politi Elementary School La Salle Avenue Elementary School Lafayette Park Primary Center Lake Street Primary School Robert Hill Lane Elementary School Lanai Road Elementary School Langdon Avenue Elementary School Lankershim Elementary School Lassen Elementary School Latona Avenue Elementary School Laurel Elementary School Gerald A. Lawson Academy A/M/S Elementary School Leapwood Avenue Elementary School Dr. Sammy Lee Elementary M/HS Magnet Leland Street Elementary School Lemay Street Elementary School Lexington Avenue Primary Center (K–2) (Opened 2006 [50]) Liberty Boulevard Elementary School Liggett Street Elementary School Lillian Elementary School Limerick Avenue Elementary School (Opened 1957, Re-opened 1980) Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School (Opened 2005 [51]) Lockhurst Drive Charter Elementary School Lockwood Elementary School Logan Street Elementary School Loren Miller Elementary School Loma Vista Elementary School (Maywood, Opened 1926) Lomita Elementary M/S/T Magnet Lorena Street Elementary School Loreto Elementary School Lorne Street Elementary School Los Angeles Elementary School Los Feliz Elementary School Loyola Village Elementary Fine/Performing Arts Magnet Lucille Roybal-Allard Elementary School M[edit] MacArthur Park Elementary Visual & Performing Arts John W. Mack Elementary School (Opened 2005 [52]) Madison Elementary School (Opened 2005) Magnolia Avenue Elementary School Main Street Elementary School Maple Primary Center (K–1) (Opened 2004 [53]) Malabar Street Elementary School Manchester Avenue Elementary School Manhattan Place Elementary School Mar Vista Elementary School Marianna Avenue Elementary School Mariposa-Nabi Primary Center (K–2) (Opened 2005 [54]) Marquez Charter School (K–5) Marvin Elementary School Mayall Street Academy of Arts/Technology Magnet Mayberry Street Elementary School (K–6) Maywood Elementary School (Maywood, Opened 2005 [55]) Mckinley Avenue Elementary School Melrose Avenue Elementary Math/Science/Technology Magnet Melvin Avenue Elementary School Menlo Elementary School Meyler Street Elementary School Micheltorena Elementary School (2 – 6) Middleton Elementary School] (1 – 6) Middleton Primary Center (Kindergarten) (Opened 2005 [56]) Miles Avenue Elementary School Loren Miller Elementary School Miramonte Elementary School John B. Monlux Elementary School Montague Charter Academy Montara Avenue Elementary School Monte Vista Elementary School Morningside Elementary School Mount Washington Elementary School Mountain View Elementary School Multnomah Street Elementary School Murchinson Street Elementary School N[edit] Napa Street Elementary School Nestle Avenue Charter School Nevada Avenue Elementary School Nevin Avenue Elementary School Newcastle Elementary School Noble Avenue Elementary School Normandie Avenue Elementary School Normont Elementary School Norwood Street Elementary School Nueva Vista Elementary School (Bell, Opened 1991) O[edit] O'Melveny Elementary School Olympic Primary Center Osceola Street Elementary School Overland Avenue Elementary School Oxnard Street Elementary School P[edit] Pacific Boulevard Elementary School (Opened 2005 [57]) Palisades Charter Elementary School (chartered 1993, renewed 2005) President Avenue Elementary School Palms Elementary School Plasencia Elementary School Leo Politi Elementary School Point Fermin Elementary School Pomelo Drive Elementary School Parmelee Avenue Elementary School Q[edit] Queen Anne Elementary School R[edit] Rosa Parks Learning Center (Opened 2006 [58]) Roscomare Road Elementary School Rowan Elementary School Rosewood Avenue Elementary School S[edit] Nora Sterry Elementary School San Jose Elementary School San Miguel Avenue Elementary School Santa Monica Community Charter School Saturn Elementary School (K–5) Maurice Sendak Elementary School (Opened 2005 [59]) Sheridan Street Elementary School Sherman Oaks Elementary School Shirley Avenue Elementary School Short Avenue Elementary School Stanford Elementary School (1-5) South Region Elementary School 1 (Opened 2010 [60]) South Region Elementary School 2 (Opened 2010 [61]) South Region Elementary School 3 (Cudahy, Opened 2010 [62]) South Region Elementary School 4 (South Gate, Opened 2010 [63]) South Region Elementary School 5 (South Gate, Opening 2012 [64]) South Region Elementary School 6 (Opened 2011 [65]) South Region Elementary School 7 (Opened 2011 [66]) Stanford Primary Center (Kindergarten, opened 2004 [67]) Nora Sterry Elementary School Stonehurst Elementary School (Sun Valley) Stoner Elementary School (Los Angeles) Sunny Brae Elementary School Sunland Elementary School South Park Elementary School Sunset Hills Elementary School, located in Watts San Gabriel Elementary School San Antonio Elementary School State Street Elementary School T[edit] Teresa Hughes Elementary School Topanga Elementary School (Unincorporated Los Angeles County) Towne Avenue Elementary School Tweedy Elementary School (Opened 2004 [68]) Telfair Avenue Elementary School U[edit] Union Avenue Elementary School V[edit] Valley Region Elementary School 6 (Opened 2010 [69]) Valley Region Elementary School 7 (Opened 2010 [70]) Valley Region Elementary School 8 (Opened 2010 [71]) Valley Region Elementary School 9 (Opened 2010 [72]) Valley Region Elementary School 10 (Opened 2010 [73]) Valley Region Elementary School 12 (Opened 2011 [74]) Van Gogh Street Elementary School Van Deene Avenue Elementary School Victoria Elementary School Victory Elementary School (1 – 5) Vintage Math/Science/Technology Magnet School (Only Kindergarten is zoned – Grades 1-5 are completely magnet) W[edit] Walnut Park Elementary School Warner Avenue Elementary School Westwood Charter Elementary School Wadsworth Avenue Elementary School Warner Avenue Elementary School (Los Angeles) Washington Primary Center (K–1) (Opened 2005 [75]) Welby Way Elementary School West Hollywood Elementary School Westport Heights Elementary School Westwood Charter Elementary School (Los Angeles) Westminster Avenue Elementary School Charles White Elementary School (Opened 2004 [76]) Wilton Place Elementary School Wilbur Avenue Elementary School Wilshire Crest Elementary School Wilshire Park Elementary School (Opened 2006 [77]) Wonderland Avenue Elementary School Woodcrest Elementary School Woodland Hills Elementary School Wisdom Elementary School (Opened 2010) Wisdom Academy For Young Scientists Optional elementary schools[edit] 32nd USC Performing Arts Arroyo Seco Museum Science Magnet Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary School[24] Carthay Environmental Studies Magnet (begins in Fall 2014. Students in zone accepted with Choices application throughout the year; students outside zone accepted based on magnet points & availability) N.E.W. Canoga Park Elementary School (Opened 2006[25]) San Jose Highly Gifted Magnet Elementary[26]

Early education centers[edit] Central Region EEC 1 (Opened in 2010 [78]) Central Region Gratts EEC (Opened in 2009 [79]) Valley Region EEC 1 (Opened in 2010 [80]) To be opened[edit] Central Region EEC 2 (to be opened – Renovation of classrooms at Humphreys ES [81]) Central Region EEC 3 (to be opened – Renovation of classrooms at Utah ES [82]) Central Region Glassell Park EEC (to be opened [83]) This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Former schools[edit] 98th Street School is Located at 5431 W 98th Street, Westchester, CA. Schools Reopened in the 2000s as Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy. Airport Junior High School (Closed and Razed in 1975) Located at 9000 Airport Boulevard, Westchester, CA. Central Junior High School is Located on Hill Street in Downtown, Los Angeles the School closed in 1946. Note: Demolished Henry Clay Middle School is Located at 12226 S Western Avenue. This School is now home to Animo Western Charter Middle School Collins Street Elementary School (Closed by the end of 2001-2002 school year) Located at 5717 Rudnick Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA. Collier Street School (1963-1988) is Located at 19722 Collier Street, Woodland Hills, CA. This School Reopened in 1990 as CHIME Institute's Schwarzenegger Community School. Custer Avenue School is located at Central LA, it was covered with freeway and now home to Downtown Magnets High School. Devonshire School is Located at 10045 Jumilla Avenue, Chatsworth, California. This School Became Home to Our Community School. Francisco Street School is located near Francisco Street near Central LA. It is now home to the Park DTLA. Hammel Street Elementary School (Closed 2010) Located at 438 N Brannick Avenue. This School has Moved to a New Campus as William R. Anton Elementary School at 831 N Bonnie Beach Place near City Terrace While Hammel Street Elementary is Demolished and Taken Over by the New Esteban E. Torres High School in 2010. Highlander Road Elementary School (1962-2004) Located at 23834 Highlander Road, Woodland Hills, CA. This school has also been demolished in 2016, same year as Oso Avenue School. Charles E. Hughes Middle School is Located at 5607 Capistrano Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA. This School is now home to Hughes Adult Learn Center. Lafayette Junior High School is Located at 1240 Naomi Avenue. School Closed in 1955 due to Decreasing Enrollment Figures. Now Used as a School District Office. Oakdale Avenue School (1962-1976) Located at 6844 Oakdale Avenue, Winnetka, Los Angeles, CA. The School is Now Home to AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School. Oso Avenue Elementary School (Closed 2003) is Located at 5724 Oso Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA. Sadly, This School was demolished in 2016. Palo Verde School is Located at the Echo Park Neighborhood. In the 1960s The School and the Remaining Houses as well we're all torn down to make way for the Dodger Stadium. Platt Ranch Elementary School (1963-2003) is Located at 5345 Wilhelmina Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA. This former School has currently operated Class Acts Musical Theatre. But is was Planning to Reopen Soon. Prairie Street Elementary School is located on Prairie Street, Near California State University Northridge at Northridge, California. This School Closed in 1993 and Razed in 2004 to Make way for Parking Lot and Structure for CSUN. Sequoia Junior High School is located at 18605 Erwin Street, Tarzana, California. This School Reopened as Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies.

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