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History This section is in a list format that may be better presented using prose. You can help by converting this section to prose, if appropriate. Editing help is available. (October 2017) Early years Main article: Viacom (original) In March 2005, the prior Viacom announced plans of looking into splitting the company into two publicly traded companies because of a stagnating stock price and the rivalry between Leslie Moonves and Tom Freston, longtime heads of CBS and MTV Networks respectively. In addition, the company was facing issues after MTV was banned from producing any more Super Bowl halftime shows after the Super Bowl Halftime Show controversy of 2004. After the departure of Mel Karmazin in 2004, Sumner Redstone, who served as chairman and chief executive officer, decided to split the offices of president and chief operating officer between Moonves and Freston. Redstone was set to retire in the near future, and a split was seen as a creative solution to the matter of replacing him. It was also intended to provide alternative investments that would be more appealing to investors: one a high cash flow, lower growth company that could afford to pay a substantial dividend and the other a growing company that would have greater investment opportunities and therefore would not be expected to pay a dividend. A new company, the present Viacom, was created and was headed by Freston. It comprises BET Networks, MTV Networks, and Paramount Pictures Corporation.[9] 2000s In June 2005, Viacom announced its purchase of Neopets, a virtual pet website, along with GameTrailers, GoCityKids, and IFILM. That December, Paramount announced it would acquire DreamWorks. All indications were that the whole of DreamWorks—both live-comedy film and TV studios, albeit not the DreamWorks archive (which was sold to a group led by George Soros in March 2006) nor the animated unit (which was not part of the deal)—would remain owned by Viacom, even though CBS acquired Paramount's television studio. On February 1, 2006, Paramount completed its acquisition of DreamWorks. On April 24, Viacom obtained Xfire. In August, just hours before announcing its most recent quarterly earnings, Viacom announced that it had acquired Atom Entertainment for $200 million. In September, Viacom acquired game developer Harmonix for $175 million. In February 2007, Viacom ordered leaked copyrighted video clips be taken off the video-sharing service YouTube for copyright reasons.[10] On February 21, Viacom publicly announced they would be offering free online access to their own material through Silicon Valley's distributor Joost. On May 21, 2007, Viacom entered into a 50–50 joint venture with Indian media company Network 18 to form Viacom 18 which will house Viacom's existing channels in India: MTV, VH1 and Nick as well as Network 18's Bollywood movie business. All future Viacom content for India and new ventures such as a Hindi entertainment channel and a Hindi movie channel would be housed in this joint venture. On December 19, 2007, Viacom signed a five-year, $500 million contract with Microsoft that included content sharing and advertisement. The deal allowed Microsoft to license many shows from Viacom owned cable television and film studios for use on Xbox Live and MSN. The deal also made Viacom a preferred publisher partner for casual game development and distribution through MSN and Windows. On the advertisement side of the deal, Microsoft's Atlas ad-serving division became the exclusive provider of previously unsold advertising inventory on Viacom owned websites. Also, Microsoft purchased a large amount of advertising on Viacom owned broadcasts and online networks. Finally, Microsoft would also collaborate on promotions and sponsorships for MTV and BET award shows, two Viacom owned cable networks. On December 4, 2008, Viacom announced layoffs of 850 personnel, or 7% of their workforce.[11] At the end of the year, Time Warner Cable (along with partner Bright House Networks) and Viacom's MTV Networks could not come to terms for the renewal of any Viacom channel beyond the end of year.[12][13] Time Warner Cable's operations include New York City and Los Angeles, with Bright House including the Tampa Bay and Orlando markets, both top-20 markets. This blackout was narrowly avoided when a zero-hour deal was reached shortly after midnight on January 1, 2009.[14] On December 7, 2009, Viacom sold its stake in MTV Brasil to Grupo Abril along with rights to the brand. Details on the deal were not disclosed.[15] 2010s On May 5, 2010, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Viacom's Comedy Central "is developing a whole animated series around Jesus Christ" who, according to the network, wants to escape the shadow of his "powerful but apathetic father".[16] In February 2011, Hulu and Viacom announced the return of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report to Hulu, along with shows from the Viacom library. Nickelodeon's shows are not part of this deal.[17] Also that month, Viacom invested in Rainbow S.r.l., an Italian children's animated and consumer products company best known for the Winx Club franchise.[18] Later, in October 2011, Viacom purchased a majority stake in Bellator Fighting Championships. Spike TV started to air Bellator in 2013, after the rights to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) library ended in 2012.[19] On December 1, 2011, the company stopped trading on the New York Stock Exchange and began listing its securities on NASDAQ instead. The stock ticker symbols are the same as that used while the company was on the NYSE.[20] On July 10, 2012, during contract negotiations over raising carrier rates the U.S. satellite TV provider, DirecTV's executives approached Viacom with a new proposal and a request to continue broadcasting 17 of Viacom's television networks (including Nickelodeon, MTV, Logo, and Comedy Central) during talks, but received no response and thus Viacom ceased transmission to DirecTV's 20 million subscribers.[21] On July 11, in a counter response to DirecTV advising its subscribers to view original programming from the affected networks online, Viacom scaled back access to recent episodes of Viacom-owned program content available to the websites of its networks. Viacom described this as a "temporary slimdown" until a new carriage deal with DirecTV was reached.[22] Viacom and DirecTV reached an agreement on July 20 to return the interrupted programming.[23] In 2012 CEO Phillip Dauman began to report Viacom's intentions to bundle past programming and make it available on-demand via services like Hulu.[24] On April 1, 2014, Cable One removed 15 channels owned by Viacom (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and TV Land) off after the two companies failed to reach an agreement. Channels were replaced with other networks, including BBC America, Sprout, SundanceTV, IFC, Investigation Discovery, TV One, CMP/TV, National Geographic Channel, and TheBlaze. The change has been deemed permanent. On May 1, 2014, Viacom announced it had agreed to take over the British broadcaster Channel 5 from Northern & Shell, the media group owned by the British newspaper publisher Richard Desmond. Viacom becomes the first American media company to take over a British broadcaster with a public service remit.[25] The purchase of Channel 5 closed on September 10, 2014.[26] On October 1, 2014, Suddenlink Communications, removed channels owned by Viacom off after the two companies failed to reach an agreement. Channels were replaced with other networks including Sprout, FXX, Pivot, Uplifting Entertainment, Investigation Discovery, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Women's Entertainment, and TheBlaze. On August 20, 2016, a settlement between Sumner and Shari Redstone and Philippe Dauman has been reached that will have him resign as chief executive officer and be replaced with Thomas E. Dooley as interim CEO. Dauman will continue to serve as chairman until September 13.[27] On May 25, 2017, Viacom channels returned to Suddenlink after nearly 3 years of absence.[28] In November 2016, Viacom bought Argentine television network Telefe.[29] In December 2016, the Viacom board appointed Bob Bakish as acting CEO.[30] Following the Weinstein effect, Viacom (along with Lionsgate and MGM) was on a list of 22 potential buyers that were interested in acquiring The Weinstein Company.[31] They have lost the bid, and on March 1, 2018, it was announced that Maria Contreras-Sweet will acquire all of TWC's assets for $500 million.[32][33] In February 2018, Viacom announced their plans to acquire the internet video conference Vidcon in an effort to reach out to youth audiences (in a similar way to Viacom's Nickelodeon and MTV channels).[34] In the same month, Viacom announced that they would launch an official Viacom streaming service in fall 2018, in another effort by Bakish to revitalize the company. This streaming service will support ads (similar to Hulu) and is expected to include TV series from Viacom Media Networks that haven't been available on other services, such as Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.[35][36][37][38] Bakish has stated that the streaming service will serve as a "compliment" to OTT MVPDs, rather than a replacement.[39] Possible re-merger with CBS On September 29, 2016, National Amusements sent a letter to the company and CBS Corporation, encouraging the two companies to merge back into one company.[40] On December 12, the deal was called off.[41] On January 12, 2018, CNBC reported that Viacom re-entered talks to re-merge with CBS Corporation back into one company, after Disney's announced acquisition of 21st Century Fox and the heavy competition from companies such as Netflix and Amazon.[42] Possible merger with Lionsgate (with CBS) Viacom and CBS Corporation are in talks to merge with Lionsgate, along with Amazon, Comcast, and Verizon. This was reported at the same time as the CBS and Viacom re-merger talks.[43][44] Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns has hinted in an interview with CNBC that Lionsgate could merge with CBS and Viacom in the future.[45]

Copyright complaints against YouTube Main article: Viacom International Inc. v. YouTube, Inc. In February 2007, Viacom sent upwards of 100,000 Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to the video-sharing site YouTube. Of the 100,000 notices, approximately 60–70 non-infringing videos were removed under the auspices of copyright infringement.[10] On March 13, 2007, Viacom filed a US$1 billion legal claim (Viacom International Inc. v. YouTube, Inc.) against Google and YouTube alleging massive copyright infringement, alleging that users frequently uploaded copyrighted material to YouTube—enough to cause a hit in revenue for Viacom and a gain in advertisement revenue for YouTube.[46] The complaint contended that almost 160,000 unauthorized clips of Viacom's programming were made available on YouTube and that these clips had collectively been viewed more than 1.5 billion times. In July 2008, the case generated controversy when District Judge Louis Stanton ruled that YouTube was required to hand over data detailing the viewing habits of every user who had ever watched videos on the site.[47] Judge Stanton rejected Viacom's request for YouTube to hand over the source code of its search engine system, saying that the code was a trade secret.[48] Google and Viacom later agreed to allow Google to anonymize all the data before handing it over to Viacom.[49] On June 23, 2010, Judge Stanton ruled in Google's favour in a motion for summary judgment, holding that Google was protected by provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, notwithstanding evidence of intentional copyright infringement. Viacom announced its intention to appeal the ruling.[50] On April 5, 2012, the ruling was overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.[51] Writing for a two-judge panel (because Judge Roger Miner had died while the trial was pending) of the Second Circuit, Judge José A. Cabranes concluded that "a reasonable jury could find that YouTube had actual knowledge or awareness of specific infringing activity on its website". Eric Goldman, a professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law, expressed concern that the ruling would negatively affect startups, by making them "more hair-trigger on taking down news or content, for fear that failure to do so will be held against them by content providers".[52]

Viacom International Main article: Viacom International As with the old Viacom, the current company owns Viacom International, which is the formal owner of copyrights associated with Viacom's corporate website and its cable networks. This division now owns the rights to a majority of Elvis Presley films made for Paramount Pictures, such as Blue Hawaii and King Creole. It also continues to focus on its own in-house productions made for its various networks (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon).[53]

Corporate governance The previous board of directors of Viacom were George S. Abrams, David Andelman, Joseph Califano, Jr., William Cohen, Philippe Dauman, Alan C. Greenberg, Charles Phillips, Shari Redstone, Sumner Redstone, Frederic Salerno, William Schwartz, and Robert D. Walter. Following the Viacom/CBS split, the Viacom board consisted of George S. Abrams, Philippe Dauman, Thomas E. Dooley, Ellen V. Futter, Robert Kraft, Alan Greenberg, Charles Phillips, Sumner Redstone (Chairman), Shari Redstone (non-executive Vice-Chair), Frederic Salerno, and William Schwartz. As of 2010, the Board consists of George Abrams, Philippe Dauman, Thomas E. Dooley, Alan Greenberg, Robert Kraft, Blythe McGarvie, Robert M. Bakish, Charles Phillips, Shari E. Redstone, Sumner M. Redstone, Frederic Salerno, and William Schwartz.[54]

Assets Main article: List of assets owned by Viacom Film production and distribution Paramount Animation Paramount Pictures Viacom International Viacom Media Networks branded labels Comedy Central Films MTV Films Nickelodeon Movies Television production and distribution Paramount Television Viacom Media Networks production studios Nickelodeon Animation Studio Rainbow S.r.l. (30%) Bardel Entertainment Television networks BET BET Her BET Jams BET Soul Channel 5 CMT CMT Music Comedy Central Logo TV MTV MTV2 MTVU MTV Classic MTV Live Nick at Nite Nick Jr. Nickelodeon NickMusic Nicktoons Paramount Network TeenNick Telefe MTV Tres TV Land VH1 5Star 5USA Recording Labels Comedy Central Records Nick Records Streaming music service MusicQubed New media

See also New York City portal Companies portal List of conglomerates Viacom (original) Gulf+Western Paramount Communications Paramount Pictures

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KCAL KTXA WLNY-TV MyNetworkTV WBFS WSBK v t e Entercom AM radio stations KCBS KCSP KDKA KEZW KFH KFXX KHTK¹ KIFM KIKK KILT KJCE KMBZ KMOX KMPS KMTT KNSS KNX KRLD KWOD KXNT KXST KYW KYYS KZDG WAOK WAXY WBBM WBEN WBT WBZU WCBS WCCO WEAL WEEI WFAN WFNZ WGR WILK WINS WJFK WJZ WKZN WMC WMFS WORD WPET WPHT WQAM WRNL WROC WRVA WSCR WSSP WTIC WVEI WWJ WWKB WWL WWWL WWWS WXNT WXYT WYRD FM radio stations K240EL K276FK KALC KALV-FM KAMP-FM KAMX KBLX-FM¹ KBZT KCBS-FM KDGS KDKA-FM KEGY KEYN-FM KEZK-FM KEZN KFBZ KFRC-FM KFRG KGMZ KGON KHMX KHTP KILT-FM KISW KITS KJKK KKDO KKHH KKMJ-FM KKWF KLLC KLOL KLUC-FM KLUV KMBZ-FM KMLE KMNB KMVK KMVQ-FM¹ KMXB KNCI¹ KNDD KNRK KNSS-FM KOIT¹ KOOL-FM KQKS KQMT KQRC-FM KRBQ KRBZ KRLD-FM KROQ-FM KRSK KRTH KRXQ KSEG KSFM KSON KSWD KTWV KUDL KUFX¹ KVFG KVIL KWJJ-FM KXFG KXQQ-FM KXSN KXTE KYCH-FM KYKY KYMX¹ KYXY KZJK KZZO¹ KZPT W241AP W253BI WAAF WBBM-FM WBEE-FM WBMP WBMX WBT-FM WBTJ WBZA WBZZ WCBS-FM WCFS-FM WCMF-FM WDAF-FM WDCH-FM WDOK WDSY-FM WDZH WEEI-FM WEZB WFAN-FM WFBC-FM WGGY WIAD WILK-FM WIP-FM WJFK-FM WJMH WJZ-FM WKBU WKIS WKRF WKRK-FM WKRZ WKSE WKTK WKXJ WLFP WLIF WLKK WLMG WLND WLNK WLYF WLZL WMC-FM WMFS-FM WMHX WMJX WMMM-FM WMQX WMXJ WMYX-FM WNCX WNEW-FM WNTR WNVZ WOCL WODS WOGL WOLX-FM WOMC WOMX-FM WPAW WPGC-FM WPOW WPTE WPXY-FM WQAL WQMG WQMP WRCH WROQ WRVQ WRVR WRXL WRXR-FM WSFS WSKY-FM WSMW WSPA-FM WSTR WTDY-FM WTIC-FM WTPT WTSS WTVR-FM WUSN WUSY WVEE WVEI-FM WVKL WWBX WWDE-FM WWEI WWL-FM WWMX WXRT WXSS WXTU WXYT-FM WYCD WYRD-FM WZGC WZMX WZPL ¹Stations operated by Bonneville International via LMA and to be sold pending FCC approval Radio Networks Boston Bruins Radio CBS Sports Radio* Sabres Hockey Network New York Yankees Radio Digital properties Eventful See also CBS Radio * = Entercom operates under a CBS Brands License Agreement as producer with distribution handled by Westwood One. KVMM-CD (part of Tres) Film production and distribution CBS Films CBS Home Entertainment Paramount Pictures Paramount Home Media Distribution Paramount Animation Insurge Pictures Republic Pictures United International Pictures (50% ownership) Comedy Central Films MTV Films Nickelodeon Movies Television production and distribution CBS Television Studios CBS Productions CBS Television Distribution Big Ticket Entertainment Paramount Television Nickelodeon Animation Studio Viacom International International cable channels CBS Action CBS Drama CBS Europa CBS Reality Horror Channel Eleven RTL CBS Entertainment RTL CBS Extreme Viacom 18 (India) Simon & Schuster Howard Pimsleur Pocket Scribner Simon & Schuster Threshold Aladdin Atheneum Miscellaneous assets CBS All Access CBS Consumer Products CBS Records Comedy Central Records Nick Records Bellator MMA Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group Nickelodeon on Sunset Westinghouse Electric CBS News CBS Sports CBS Interactive CBS Building CBS Broadcast Center CBS Studio Center CBS Television City Ed Sullivan Theater Former/Defunct assets and predecessors CBS Cable CBS Paramount Domestic Television CBS Paramount Network Television DreamWorks DreamWorks Home Entertainment DreamWorks Television Go Fish Pictures Free FM Famous Music Famous Players Gulf and Western Industries Harmonix King World Productions Nick GaS NickMom Neopets Paramount Parks Paramount Stations Group Paramount Vantage Quizilla Spelling Television UPN Worldvision Enterprises Sundance Channel CBS Outdoor Terrytoons CBS Theatrical Films Cinema Center Films Desilu Productions Authority control WorldCat Identities VIAF: 135199925 ISNI: 0000 0000 9225 0170 Retrieved from "" Categories: 2005 establishments in New York (state)ViacomCompanies based in ManhattanMedia companies established in 2005Media companies based in New York CityMultinational companies based in New York CityPublicly traded companies based in New York CityCompanies listed on NASDAQCompanies formerly listed on the New York Stock ExchangeConglomerate companies of the United StatesMedia companies of the United StatesMultinational companies headquartered in the United StatesHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksAll articles with dead external linksArticles with dead external links from November 2016Articles with permanently dead external linksArticles with dead external links from July 2011CS1 Portuguese-language sources (pt)Articles with dead external links from October 2013Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalismPages using deprecated image syntaxPages using infobox company with unsupported parametersArticles needing cleanup from October 2017All pages needing cleanupArticles with sections that need to be turned into prose from October 2017Pages using div col without cols and colwidth parametersWikipedia articles with VIAF identifiersWikipedia articles with ISNI identifiers

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DooleyTelefeWeinstein EffectLionsgateMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer PicturesThe Weinstein CompanyMaria Contreras-SweetVidconNickelodeonMTVHuluViacom Media NetworksAmazon Prime VideoMultichannel Television In The United StatesNational AmusementsCBS CorporationCNBCCBS CorporationProposed Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox By DisneyNetflixAmazon.comCBS CorporationLionsgateAmazon (company)ComcastVerizonMichael R. BurnsCNBCViacom International Inc. V. YouTube, Inc.Digital Millennium Copyright ActYouTubeViacom International Inc. V. YouTube, Inc.GoogleCopyright InfringementLouis StantonSource CodeSearch Engine (computing)Trade SecretSummary JudgmentDigital Millennium Copyright ActUnited States Court Of Appeals For The Second CircuitRoger MinerUnited States Court Of Appeals For The Second CircuitJosé A. CabranesEric GoldmanSanta Clara University School Of LawStartup CompanyViacom InternationalElvis PresleyParamount PicturesBlue HawaiiKing CreoleVH1NickelodeonDavid R. AndelmanJoseph A. Califano, Jr.William CohenPhilippe DaumanAlan C. GreenbergCharles Phillips (businessman)Shari RedstoneSumner RedstoneRobert D. WalterThomas E. DooleyEllen V. FutterRobert KraftRobert KraftBlythe McGarvieList Of Assets Owned By ViacomParamount AnimationParamount PicturesViacom InternationalViacom Media NetworksComedy Central FilmsMTV FilmsNickelodeon MoviesParamount TelevisionViacom Media NetworksNickelodeon Animation StudioRainbow S.r.l.Bardel EntertainmentBETBET HerBET JamsBET SoulChannel 5 (UK)CMT (U.S. TV Channel)CMT MusicComedy CentralLogo TVMTVMTV2MTVUMTV Classic (U.S. TV Network)MTV Live (TV Network)Nick At NiteNick Jr.NickelodeonNickMusicNicktoons (TV Channel)Paramount NetworkTeenNickTelefeMTV TresTV LandVH15Star5USAComedy Central RecordsNick RecordsMusicQubedRateMyProfessors.comPortal:New York CityPortal:CompaniesList Of ConglomeratesViacom (original)Gulf And Western IndustriesParamount Communications IncorporatedParamount PicturesNewsCorpWayback MachineInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0618894691Wayback MachineWikipedia:Link RotWikipedia:Link RotWikipedia:Link RotWikipedia:Link RotWayback MachinePCWorld (magazine)Fox BusinessLos Angeles TimesThe GuardianViacom International Inc. V. YouTube, Inc.Hoover'sYahoo!SEC FilingForm S-4Template:ViacomTemplate Talk:ViacomEllen V. FutterAlan C. GreenbergCharles Phillips (businessman)Sumner RedstoneShari RedstoneWilliam Schwartz (law Professor)Viacom Media NetworksBETBET GospelBET HerBET Hip-HopBET JamsBET SoulCMT (U.S. TV Channel)CMT MusicComedy CentralComedy Central ExtraLogo TVMTVMTV2MTVURateMyProfessors.comMTV Classic (U.S. TV Network)MTV Live (TV Network)MTV TresParamount NetworkTV LandVH1VH1 Classic EuropeNickelodeonNick At NiteNick Jr.NickMusicNicktoons (TV Channel)Noggin (brand)TeenNickParamount PicturesParamount PicturesParamount PicturesParamount PlayersParamount AnimationParamount TelevisionInsurge PicturesRepublic PicturesUnited International PicturesMTVComedy Central FilmsMTV FilmsNickelodeon MoviesKVMM-CDMTV TresComedy Central RecordsNick RecordsViacom InternationalViacom 18Bellator KickboxingBellator MMAMovieTickets.comNickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds GroupNickelodeon On SunsetNickelodeon Animation StudioVidConParamount VantageViacom Entertainment StoreCBS CorporationGulf And Western IndustriesNational AmusementsViacom (original)Viacom Criticisms And ControversiesTemplate:Viacom Media NetworksTemplate Talk:Viacom Media NetworksViacom Media NetworksBETBET GospelBET HerBET Hip-HopBET JamsBET SoulCMT (U.S. TV Channel)CMT MusicComedy CentralLogo TVMTVMTV2MTVUMTV Classic (U.S. TV Network)MTV Live (TV Network)MTV TresParamount NetworkTV LandVH1NickelodeonNick At NiteNick Jr.NickMusicNicktoons (TV Channel)Noggin (brand)TeenNickNickelodeon Animation StudioNickelodeon On SunsetTemplate:CATV AmericasTemplate Talk:CATV AmericasCable TelevisionSatellite TelevisionTemplate:CATV CanadaTemplate Talk:CATV CanadaTelecommunications In CanadaTerrestrial TelevisionSatellite TelevisionSatellite TelevisionBell TVShaw DirectTelus TVCable TelevisionBell CanadaCablevision (Canada)Val-d'OrMTS TVManitobaCogecoOntarioQuebecEastLink (company)Atlantic CanadaNorthern OntarioWestern CanadaLook CommunicationsRogers CableOntarioNew BrunswickNewfoundlandSource CableHamilton, OntarioShaw CommunicationsVidéotronQuebecAccess CommunicationsSaskatchewanCable AxionMagog, QuebecCityWestPrince Rupert, British ColumbiaDery TelecomSaguenay, QuebecNovus EntertainmentBritish ColumbiaLower MainlandOmineca CablevisionPrince George, British ColumbiaBrandon, ManitobaCategory:Defunct Cable And DBS Companies Of CanadaIPTVFibe (Bell Aliant)Bell Fibe TVMTS TVComwaveSaskTelTelus TVTbaytelVmediaZazeenMultichannel Multipoint Distribution ServiceCraig WirelessTemplate:CATV Africa, Asia, And OceaniaTemplate:CATV AmericasTemplate:CATV EuropeTemplate:CATV Central And South AmericaTemplate Talk:CATV Central And South AmericaCable TelevisionAxtelCablemásCablevisión (Argentina)Claro ColombiaDigicel PlayFlow (brand)Izzi TelecomMegacableMovistar TVNET (telecommunications)Oi (telecommunications)Red Intercable (Argentina)Tricom, S.AVTR (telecom Company)Satellite TelevisionCanalSat CaraïbesCANTVClaro TVDirecTVDish MéxicoEntel (Chile)Inter (Venezuelan Broadcaster)Movistar TVOi (telecommunications)SKY BrasilSKY MéxicoVivo TVFiber To The XIPTVBmobileClaro República DominicanaVivo TVTerrestrial TelevisionMulti-Choice TV (Barbados)DirecTVDirecTVGVT TVVivo TVTemplate:CATV Africa, Asia, And OceaniaTemplate:CATV AmericasTemplate:CATV CanadaTemplate:CATV EuropeTemplate:CATV USATemplate:CATV USATemplate Talk:CATV USACable Television In The United StatesAdams CableAltice USAAltice USASuddenlink CommunicationsArmstrong Group Of CompaniesAtlantic BroadbandAT&T AlascomBlue Ridge CommunicationsBlue Stream (company)BroadstripeBuckeye BroadbandCable OneSpectrum (cable Service)XfinityConsolidated CommunicationsFairPoint CommunicationsCox CommunicationsDoCoMo PacificEmery TelcomFull ChannelGCI (company)HargrayMediacomMidcoNorthland CommunicationsLiberty Puerto RicoSatview BroadbandService ElectricShentelSRT CommunicationsTDS TelecomTPG CapitalGrande CommunicationsRCN CorporationWave BroadbandTruVista CommunicationsWide Open WestSatellite Television In The United StatesClaro Puerto RicoDish NetworkDirecTVGlorystarHeadend In The SkyHome2USFiber To The XIPTVAT&T U-versePrism TVCincinnati BellClaro Puerto RicoConsolidated CommunicationsFairPoint CommunicationsEPBFiOS From FrontierGoogle FiberGTA TeleguamHawaiian TelcomMidcoNEP TelephoneNorth State CommunicationsSonic.netTDS TelecomVerizon FiosWhidbey TelecomWindstream HoldingsMultichannel Television In The United StatesDirecTV NowFuboTVHuluPhilo (company)PlayStation VueSling TVSpectrum TV StreamXfinity Instant TVYouTubeOver-the-top Media ServicesAmazon VideoAnime NetworkITunes StoreCBS All AccessSony CrackleCrunchyrollCW SeedCuriosityStreamDramaFeverFandor (film Site)FunimationGo90Hallmark Movies NowHBO NowHistory (U.S. TV Network)HuluION (IPTV)Lifetime (TV Network)NetflixNoggin (app)Pluto TVRokuSeesoShowtime (TV Network)StarzTriBeCa ProductionsTubi TVUFC Fight PassUnivisionYuppTVWWE NetworkAdelphia Communications CorporationAlameda Municipal PowerAstound BroadbandAT&T BroadbandMediaOneTele-Communications Inc.Baja BroadbandUS CableBresnan CommunicationsBright House NetworksCablevisionChampion BroadbandCobridge CommunicationsCommunity Home EntertainmentGraceba Total CommunicationsInsight CommunicationsJones IntercableKing VideocableKnologyMarcus CableNews-Press & Gazette CompanyParagon CableRapid CommunicationsTelePrompTer CorporationTime Warner CableUA-Columbia CablevisionWindjammer CommunicationsAlphaStarGlobeCast World TVPrimeStarUnited States Satellite BroadcastingVoom HD NetworksSky AngelVirtual Digital CableAereoUSDTVMovieBeamCenturyLinkTemplate:North American TVTemplate Talk:North American TVTemplate:Television Stations In North AmericaTemplate:North American DTVTemplate:North American TVTemplate:Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television ChannelsList Of Canadian Specialty ChannelsList Of Canadian Television StationsList Of United States Stations Available In Canada2001 Vancouver TV Realignment2007 Canada Broadcast TV 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RailroadBryant Electric CompanyInfinity Broadcasting CorporationNew England Westinghouse CompanyWestinghouse Aviation Gas Turbine DivisionWestinghouse BroadcastingA2W ReactorList Of Westinghouse LocomotivesS2W ReactorTransit Expressway Revenue LineGeorge WestinghouseCBS CorporationWestinghouse DigitalWestinghouse Electric CompanyWestinghouse Licensing CorporationWhite-WestinghouseGeorge Westinghouse Award (ASEE)George Westinghouse MedalIntel Science Talent SearchWestinghouse Works, 1904Template:National AmusementsNational AmusementsSumner RedstoneShari RedstoneMichael RedstoneShowcase CinemasCinema De LuxUCI CinemasCBSThe CWWarner Bros.Decades (TV Network)Weigel BroadcastingBETBET GospelBET HerBET Hip-HopBET JamsBET SoulCMT (U.S. TV Channel)CMT MusicComedy CentralComedy Central ExtraLogo TVMTVMTV2MTVURateMyProfessors.comMTV Classic (U.S. TV Network)MTV Live (TV Network)MTV TresParamount NetworkTV LandVH1VH1 Classic EuropeNickelodeonNick At NiteNick Jr.NickMusicNicktoons (TV Channel)Noggin (brand)TeenNickShowtime NetworksCBS Sports NetworkPop (U.S. TV Network)LionsgateAXS TVTemplate:CBSTVSTemplate Talk:CBSTVSCBS Television StationsCBSDecades (TV Network)Owned-and-operated StationKCBS-TVKCNC-TVKDKA-TVKOVRKPIX-TVKTVTKYW-TVWBBM-TVWBXI-CDWBZ-TVWCBS-TVWCCO-TVWFOR-TVWJZ-TVWWJ-TVThe CWKBCW (TV)KMAX-TVKSTWWKBD-TVWPCWWPSGWTOGWUPAIndependent Station (North America)KCAL-TVKTXAWLNY-TVMyNetworkTVWBFS-TVWSBK-TVTemplate:EntercomTemplate Talk:EntercomEntercomAM BroadcastingKCBS (AM)KCSP (AM)KDKA (AM)KEZWKFH (AM)KFXX (AM)KHTKKIFMKIKKKILT (AM)KJCEKMBZ (AM)KMOXKMPS (AM)KMTTKNSS (AM)KNX (AM)KRLD (AM)KWODKXNT (AM)KXSTKYW (AM)KYYSKZDGWAOKWAXY (AM)WBBM (AM)WBEN (AM)WBT (radio Station)WBZUWCBS (AM)WCCO (AM)WEALWEEI (AM)WFAN (AM)WFNZWGRWILK (AM)WINS (AM)WJFK (AM)WJZ (AM)WKZNWMC (AM)WMFS (AM)WORD (AM)WPETWPHTWQAMWRNLWROC (AM)WRVA (AM)WSCRWSSPWTIC (AM)WVEI (AM)WWJ (AM)WWKBWWL (AM)WWWLWWWSWXNTWXYT (AM)WYRD (AM)FM BroadcastingK240ELK276FKKALCKALV-FMKAMP-FMKAMXKBLX-FMKBZTKCBS-FMKDGSKDKA-FMKEGY (FM)KEYN-FMKEZK-FMKEZNKFBZKFRC-FMKFRGKGMZKGONKHMXKHTPKILT-FMKISWKITSKJKKKKDOKKHHKKMJ-FMKKWFKLLCKLOLKLUC-FMKLUVKMBZ-FMKMLEKMNBKMVKKMVQ-FMKMXBKNCIKNDDKNRKKNSS-FMKOITKOOL-FMKQKSKQMTKQRC-FMKRBQKRBZKRLD-FMKROQ-FMKRSKKRTHKRXQKSEG (FM)KSFMKSON (FM)KSWD (FM)KTWVKUDLKUFXKVFGKVILKWJJ-FMKXFGKXQQ-FMKXSNKXTEKYCH-FMKYKYKYMXKYXYKZJKKZZOKZPTW241APW253BIWAAF (FM)WBBM-FMWBEE-FMWBMP (FM)WBMX (FM)WBT-FMWBTJWBZAWBZZWCBS-FMWCFS-FMWCMF-FMWDAF-FMWDCH-FMWDOKWDSY-FMWDZHWEEI-FMWEZBWFAN-FMWFBC-FMWGGYWIADWILK-FMWIP-FMWJFK-FMWJMHWJZ-FMWKBUWKISWKRFWKRK-FMWKRZWKSEWKTKWKXJWLFPWLIFWLKKWLMGWLNDWLNKWLYFWLZLWMC-FMWMFS-FMWMHXWMJXWMMM-FMWMQXWMXJWMYX-FMWNCXWNEW-FMWNTRWNVZWOCLWODSWOGLWOLX-FMWOMCWOMX-FMWPAWWPGC-FMWPOWWPTEWPXY-FMWQALWQMGWQMPWRCH (FM)WROQWRVQWRVRWRXLWRXR-FMWSFS (FM)WSKY-FMWSMWWSPA-FMWSTR (FM)WTDY-FMWTIC-FMWTPTWTSSWTVR-FMWUSNWUSYWVEEWVEI-FMWVKLWWBXWWDE-FMWWEIWWL-FMWWMXWXRTWXSSWXTUWXYT-FMWYCDWYRD-FMWZGCWZMXWZPLBonneville InternationalRadio NetworkBoston Bruins Radio NetworkCBS Sports RadioSabres Hockey NetworkNew York Yankees Radio NetworkEventfulPlay.itCBS RadioWestwood OneKVMM-CDMTV TresCBS FilmsCBS Home EntertainmentParamount PicturesParamount Home Media DistributionParamount AnimationInsurge PicturesRepublic PicturesUnited International PicturesComedy Central FilmsMTV FilmsNickelodeon MoviesCBS Television StudiosCBS ProductionsCBS Television DistributionBig Ticket EntertainmentParamount TelevisionNickelodeon Animation StudioViacom InternationalCBS ActionCBS DramaCBS EuropaCBS RealityHorror ChannelEleven (Australian TV Channel)RTL CBS EntertainmentRTL CBS ExtremeViacom 18Simon & SchusterHoward BooksPimsleur Language ProgramsPocket BooksCharles Scribner's SonsSimon & SchusterThreshold EditionsAladdin PaperbacksAtheneum BooksCBS All AccessCBS Consumer ProductsCBS Records (2006)Comedy Central RecordsNick RecordsBellator MMAMovieTickets.comNickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds GroupNickelodeon On SunsetWestinghouse Licensing CorporationCBS NewsCBS SportsCBS InteractiveCBS BuildingCBS Broadcast CenterCBS Studio CenterCBS Television CityEd Sullivan TheaterCBS CableCBS Paramount Domestic TelevisionCBS Paramount Network TelevisionDreamWorksDreamWorks Home EntertainmentDreamWorks TelevisionGo Fish PicturesFree FMFamous MusicFamous PlayersGulf And Western IndustriesHarmonixKing World ProductionsNick GaSNickMomNeopetsParamount ParksParamount Stations GroupParamount VantageQuizillaSpelling TelevisionUPNWorldvision EnterprisesSundanceTVOutfront MediaTerrytoonsCBS Theatrical FilmsCinema Center FilmsDesilu ProductionsHelp:Authority ControlVirtual International Authority FileInternational Standard Name IdentifierHelp:CategoryCategory:2005 Establishments In New York (state)Category:ViacomCategory:Companies Based In ManhattanCategory:Media Companies Established In 2005Category:Media Companies Based In New York CityCategory:Multinational Companies Based In New York CityCategory:Publicly Traded Companies Based In New York CityCategory:Companies Listed On NASDAQCategory:Companies Formerly Listed On The New York Stock ExchangeCategory:Conglomerate Companies Of The United StatesCategory:Media Companies Of The United StatesCategory:Multinational Companies Headquartered In The United StatesCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksCategory:All Articles With Dead External LinksCategory:Articles With Dead External Links From November 2016Category:Articles With Permanently Dead External LinksCategory:Articles With Dead External Links From July 2011Category:CS1 Portuguese-language Sources (pt)Category:Articles With Dead External Links From October 2013Category:Wikipedia Pages Semi-protected Against VandalismCategory:Pages Using Deprecated Image SyntaxCategory:Pages Using Infobox Company With Unsupported ParametersCategory:Articles Needing Cleanup From October 2017Category:All Pages Needing CleanupCategory:Articles With Sections That Need To Be Turned Into Prose From October 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