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History[edit] Upazilas were formerly known as thana which literally means police station. Despite the meaning, thanas functioned much as an administrative and geographic region, much as today's upazilas. In 1982 thanas were re-termed to as upazilas with provisions for semi-autonomous local governance. This system was reverted to the thana system in 1992. Later in 1999 geographic regions under administrations of thanas were converted into upazilas.[4] All administrative terms in this level were renamed from thana to upazila. For instance, Thana Nirbahi Officer (lit.Thana Executive Officer) was renamed to upazila Nirbahi Officer (lit.upazila Executive Officer). The word thana is now used to solely refer to police stations. Generally, there is one police station for each upazila; but larger administrative units may have more than one police station covering different regions.

Administration[edit] Upazila Nirbahi Officer[edit] Main article: Upazila Nirbahi Officer Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO, or Upazila Executive Officer; Bengali: উপজেলা নির্বাহী কর্মকর্তা) is a non-elected Administrator in Upazila. UNOs are Senior Assistant Secretary of Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS). They act as executive officer of the upazila under the elected posts. Upazila Parishad[edit] Each Upazila Parishad (or council) has a chairman, a vice-chairman and a woman vice-chairman. All three are elected through direct popular election. Union Parishad chairmen within the upazila are considered as the members of the porishod. The post of a woman vice-chairman was created to ensure at least one-third woman representation in the all elected posts of the local government. On 22 January 2010 the first election in 18 years of Upazila Porishod was held.[5]

Lists of Upazilas[edit] List of Upazilas in Rajshahi Division District Upazila Joypurhat District Akkelpur Upazila Joypurhat Sadar Upazila Kalai Upazila Khetlal Upazila Panchbibi Upazila Bogra District Adamdighi Upazila Bogra Sadar Upazila Dhunat Upazila Dhupchanchia Upazila Gabtali Upazila Kahaloo Upazila Nandigram Upazila Sariakandi Upazila Shajahanpur Upazila Sherpur Upazila Shibganj Upazila Sonatola Upazila Naogaon District Atrai Upazila Badalgachhi Upazila Manda Upazila Dhamoirhat Upazila Mohadevpur Upazila Naogaon Sadar Upazila Niamatpur Upazila Patnitala Upazila Porsha Upazila Raninagar Upazila Sapahar Upazila Natore District Bagatipara Upazila Baraigram Upazila Gurudaspur Upazila Lalpur Upazila Natore Sadar Upazila Singra Upazila Naldanga Upazila Nawabganj District Bholahat Upazila Gomastapur Upazila Nachole Upazila Nawabganj Sadar Upazila Shibganj Upazila Pabna District Ataikula Upazila Atgharia Upazila Bera Upazila Bhangura Upazila Chatmohar Upazila Faridpur Upazila Ishwardi Upazila Pabna Sadar Upazila Santhia Upazila Sujanagar Upazila Sirajganj District Belkuchi Upazila Chauhali Upazila Kamarkhanda Upazila Kazipur Upazila Raiganj Upazila Shahjadpur Upazila Sirajganj Sadar Upazila Tarash Upazila Ullahpara Upazila Rajshahi District Bagha Upazila Bagmara Upazila Charghat Upazila Durgapur Upazila Godagari Upazila Mohanpur Upazila Paba Upazila Puthia Upazila Tanore Upazila List of Upazilas in Rangpur Division District Upazila Dinajpur District Birampur Upazila Birganj Upazila Biral Upazila Bochaganj Upazila Chirirbandar Upazila Phulbari Upazila Ghoraghat Upazila Hakimpur Upazila Kaharole Upazila Khansama Upazila Dinajpur Sadar Upazila Nawabganj Upazila Parbatipur Upazila Gaibandha District Phulchhari Upazila Gaibandha Sadar Upazila Gobindaganj Upazila Palashbari Upazila Sadullapur Upazila Sughatta Upazila Sundarganj Upazila Kurigram District Bhurungamari Upazila Char Rajibpur Upazila Chilmari Upazila Phulbari Upazila Kurigram Sadar Upazila Nageshwari Upazila Rajarhat Upazila Raomari Upazila Ulipur Upazila Lalmonirhat District Aditmari Upazila Hatibandha Upazila Kaliganj Upazila Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila Patgram Upazila Nilphamari District Dimla Upazila Domar Upazila Jaldhaka Upazila Kishoreganj Upazila Nilphamari Sadar Upazila Saidpur Upazila Panchagarh District Atwari Upazila Boda Upazila Debiganj Upazila Panchagarh Sadar Upazila Tetulia Upazila Rangpur District Badarganj Upazila Gangachhara Upazila Kaunia Upazila Rangpur Sadar Upazila Mithapukur Upazila Pirgachha Upazila Pirganj Upazila Taraganj Upazila Thakurgaon District Baliadangi Upazila Haripur Upazila Pirganj Upazila Ranisankail Upazila Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila List of Upazilas in Mymensingh Division District Upazila Netrokona District Atpara Upazila Barhatta Upazila Durgapur Upazila Khaliajuri Upazila Kalmakanda Upazila Kendua Upazila Madan Upazila Mohanganj Upazila Netrokona Sadar Upazila Purbadhala Upazila Sherpur District Jhenaigati Upazila Nakla Upazila Nalitabari Upazila Sherpur Sadar Upazila Sreebardi Upazila Jamalpur District Baksiganj Upazila Dewanganj Upazila Islampur Upazila Jamalpur Sadar Upazila Madarganj Upazila Melandaha Upazila Sarishabari Upazila Mymensingh District Trishal Upazila Dhobaura Upazila Fulbaria Upazila Gaffargaon Upazila Gauripur Upazila Haluaghat Upazila Ishwarganj Upazila Mymensingh Sadar Upazila Muktagachha Upazila Nandail Upazila Phulpur Upazila Bhaluka Upazila Tara Khanda Upazila List of Upazilas in Barisal Division District Upazila Barguna District Amtali Upazila Bamna Upazila Barguna Sadar Upazila Betagi Upazila Patharghata Upazila Taltali Upazila Barisal District Agailjhara Upazila Babuganj Upazila Bakerganj Upazila Banaripara Upazila Gaurnadi Upazila Hizla Upazila Barisal Sadar Upazila Mehendiganj Upazila Muladi Upazila Wazirpur Upazila Bhola District Bhola Sadar Upazila Burhanuddin Upazila Char Fasson Upazila Daulatkhan Upazila Lalmohan Upazila Manpura Upazila Tazumuddin Upazila Jhalokati District Jhalokati Sadar Upazila Kathalia Upazila Nalchity Upazila Rajapur Upazila Patuakhali District Bauphal Upazila Dashmina Upazila Galachipa Upazila Kalapara Upazila Mirzaganj Upazila Patuakhali Sadar Upazila Rangabali Upazila Dumki Upazila Pirojpur District Bhandaria Upazila Kawkhali Upazila Mathbaria Upazila Nazirpur Upazila Pirojpur Sadar Upazila Nesarabad (Swarupkati) Upazila Zianagar Upazila List of Upazilas in Chittagong Division District Upazila Bandarban District Ali Kadam Upazila Bandarban Sadar Upazila Lama Upazila Naikhongchhari Upazila Rowangchhari Upazila Ruma Upazila Thanchi Upazila Brahmanbaria District Akhaura Upazila Bancharampur Upazila Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazila Kasba Upazila Nabinagar Upazila Nasirnagar Upazila Sarail Upazila Ashuganj Upazila Bijoynagar Upazila Chandpur District Chandpur Sadar Upazila Faridganj Upazila Haimchar Upazila Haziganj Upazila Kachua Upazila Matlab Dakshin Upazila Matlab Uttar Upazila Shahrasti Upazila Chittagong District Anwara Upazila Banshkhali Upazila Boalkhali Upazila Chandanaish Upazila Fatikchhari Upazila Hathazari Upazila Karnaphuli Thana Lohagara Upazila Mirsharai Upazila Patiya Upazila Rangunia Upazila Raozan Upazila Sandwip Upazila Satkania Upazila Sitakunda Upazila Bandar Thana Chandgaon Thana Double Mooring Thana Kotwali Thana Pahartali Thana Panchlaish Thana Bhujpur Thana Comilla District Barura Upazila Brahmanpara Upazila Burichang Upazila Chandina Upazila Chauddagram Upazila Daudkandi Upazila Debidwar Upazila Homna Upazila Laksam Upazila Muradnagar Upazila Nangalkot Upazila Comilla Adarsha Sadar Upazila Meghna Upazila Titas Upazila Monohargonj Upazila Comilla Sadar Dakshin Upazila Cox's Bazar District Chakaria Upazila Cox's Bazar Sadar Upazila Kutubdia Upazila Maheshkhali Upazila Ramu Upazila Teknaf Upazila Ukhia Upazila Pekua Upazila Feni District Chhagalnaiya Upazila Daganbhuiyan Upazila Feni Sadar Upazila Parshuram Upazila Sonagazi Upazila Fulgazi Upazila Khagrachhari District Dighinala Upazila Khagrachhari Upazila Lakshmichhari Upazila Mahalchhari Upazila Manikchhari Upazila Matiranga Upazila Panchhari Upazila Ramgarh Upazila Lakshmipur District Lakshmipur Sadar Upazila Raipur Upazila Ramganj Upazila Ramgati Upazila Kamalnagar Upazila Noakhali District Begumganj Upazila Noakhali Sadar Upazila Chatkhil Upazila Companiganj Upazila Hatiya Upazila Senbagh Upazila Sonaimuri Upazila Subarnachar Upazila Kabirhat Upazila Rangamati District Bagaichhari Upazila Barkal Upazila Kawkhali (Betbunia) Upazila Belaichhari Upazila Kaptai Upazila Juraichhari Upazila Langadu Upazila Naniyachar Upazila Rajasthali Upazila Rangamati Sadar Upazila List of Upazilas in Dhaka Division District Upazila Dhaka District Dhamrai Upazila Dohar Upazila Keraniganj Upazila Nawabganj Upazila Savar Upazila Tejgaon Circle Upazila Gazipur District Gazipur Sadar Upazila Kaliakair Upazila Kaliganj Upazila Kapasia Upazila Sreepur Upazila Gopalganj District Gopalganj Sadar Upazila Kashiani Upazila Kotalipara Upazila Muksudpur Upazila Tungipara Upazila Kishoreganj District Austagram Upazila Bajitpur Upazila Bhairab Upazila Hossainpur Upazila Itna Upazila Karimganj Upazila Katiadi Upazila Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila Kuliarchar Upazila Mithamain Upazila Nikli Upazila Pakundia Upazila Tarail Upazila Madaripur District Rajoir Upazila Madaripur Sadar Upazila Kalkini Upazila Shibchar Upazila Manikganj District Daulatpur Upazila Ghior Upazila Harirampur Upazila Manikgonj Sadar Upazila Saturia Upazila Shivalaya Upazila Singair Upazila Munshiganj District Gazaria Upazila Lohajang Upazila Munshiganj Sadar Upazila Sirajdikhan Upazila Sreenagar Upazila Tongibari Upazila Narayanganj District Araihazar Upazila Bandar Upazila Narayanganj Sadar Upazila Rupganj Upazila Sonargaon Upazila Rajbari District Baliakandi Upazila Goalandaghat Upazila Pangsha Upazila Rajbari Sadar Upazila Kalukhali Upazila Shariatpur District Bhedarganj Upazila Damudya Upazila Gosairhat Upazila Naria Upazila Shariatpur Sadar Upazila Zajira Upazila Shakhipur Upazila Faridpur District Alfadanga Upazila Bhanga Upazila Boalmari Upazila Charbhadrasan Upazila Faridpur Sadar Upazila Madhukhali Upazila Nagarkanda Upazila Sadarpur Upazila Saltha Upazila Tangail District Gopalpur Upazila Basail Upazila Bhuapur Upazila Delduar Upazila Ghatail Upazila Kalihati Upazila Madhupur Upazila Mirzapur Upazila Nagarpur Upazila Sakhipur Upazila Dhanbari Upazila Tangail Sadar Upazila Narsingdi District Narsingdi Sadar Upazila Belabo Upazila Monohardi Upazila Palash Upazila Raipura Upazila Shibpur Upazila List of Upazilas in Khulna Division District Upazila Bagerhat District Bagerhat Sadar Upazila Chitalmari Upazila Fakirhat Upazila Kachua Upazila Mollahat Upazila Mongla Upazila Morrelganj Upazila Rampal Upazila Sarankhola Upazila Chuadanga District Alamdanga Upazila Chuadanga Sadar Upazila Damurhuda Upazila Jibannagar Upazila Jessore District Abhaynagar Upazila Bagherpara Upazila Chaugachha Upazila Jhikargachha Upazila Keshabpur Upazila Jessore Sadar Upazila Manirampur Upazila Sharsha Upazila Jhenaida District Harinakunda Upazila Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila Kaliganj Upazila Kotchandpur Upazila Maheshpur Upazila Shailkupa Upazila Khulna District Batiaghata Upazila Dacope Upazila Dumuria Upazila Dighalia Upazila Koyra Upazila Paikgachha Upazila Phultala Upazila Rupsha Upazila Terokhada Upazila Daulatpur Thana Khalishpur Thana Khan Jahan Ali Thana Kotwali Thana Sonadanga Thana Harintana Thana Kushtia District Bheramara Upazila Daulatpur Upazila Khoksa Upazila Kumarkhali Upazila Kushtia Sadar Upazila Mirpur Upazila Magura District Magura Sadar Upazila Mohammadpur Upazila Shalikha Upazila Sreepur Upazila Meherpur District Gangni Upazila Meherpur Sadar Upazila Mujibnagar Upazila Narail District Kalia Upazila Lohagara Upazila Narail Sadar Upazila Naragati Thana Satkhira District Assasuni Upazila Debhata Upazila Kalaroa Upazila Kaliganj Upazila Satkhira Sadar Upazila Shyamnagar Upazila Tala Upazila List of Upazilas in Sylhet Division District Upazila Habiganj District Ajmiriganj Upazila Bahubal Upazila Baniyachong Upazila Chunarughat Upazila Habiganj Sadar Upazila Lakhai Upazila Madhabpur Upazila Nabiganj Upazila Sayestaganj Upazila Moulvibazar District Barlekha Upazila Juri Upazila Kamalganj Upazila Kulaura Upazila Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila Rajnagar Upazila Sreemangal Upazila Sunamganj District Bishwamvarpur Upazila Chhatak Upazila Dakshin Sunamganj Upazila Derai Upazila Dharamapasha Upazila Dowarabazar Upazila Jagannathpur Upazila Jamalganj Upazila Sullah Upazila Sunamganj Sadar Upazila Tahirpur Upazila Sylhet District Balaganj Upazila Beanibazar Upazila Bishwanath Upazila Companigonj Upazila Dakshin Surma Upazila Fenchuganj Upazila Golapganj Upazila Gowainghat Upazila Jaintiapur Upazila Kanaighat Upazila Osmani Nagar Upazila Sylhet Sadar Upazila Zakiganj Upazila

See also[edit] Bangladesh portal Divisions of Bangladesh Districts of Bangladesh Villages of Bangladesh Unions of Bangladesh

References[edit] ^ "upazila List". Bangladesh National Portal.  ^ "New upazila to be formed in Comilla". NTV. 9 January 2017. Retrieved 20 June 2017.  ^ Kamal Siddiqui (2012). "Local Government". In Sirajul Islam and Ahmed A. Jamal. Banglapedia: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh (Second ed.). Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.  ^ AMM Shawkat Ali (2012). "Thana". In Sirajul Islam and Ahmed A. Jamal. Banglapedia: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh (Second ed.). Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.  ^ "Upazila polls influenced: EC slams ruling party for misusing offices, controlling administration; tells of violence, ballot-stuffing, seizing polling stations by AL men; decides to probe low turnout reason". 

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UpazilaJaldhaka UpazilaKishoreganj UpazilaNilphamari Sadar UpazilaSaidpur UpazilaPanchagarh DistrictAtwari UpazilaBoda UpazilaDebiganj UpazilaPanchagarh Sadar UpazilaTetulia UpazilaRangpur DistrictBadarganj UpazilaGangachhara UpazilaKaunia UpazilaRangpur Sadar UpazilaMithapukur UpazilaPirgachha UpazilaPirganj Upazila, RangpurTaraganj UpazilaThakurgaon DistrictBaliadangi UpazilaHaripur UpazilaPirganj Upazila, ThakurgaonRanisankail UpazilaThakurgaon Sadar UpazilaNetrokona DistrictAtpara UpazilaBarhatta UpazilaDurgapur Upazila, NetrokonaKhaliajuri UpazilaKalmakanda UpazilaKendua UpazilaMadan UpazilaMohanganj UpazilaNetrokona Sadar UpazilaPurbadhala UpazilaSherpur DistrictJhenaigati UpazilaNakla UpazilaNalitabari UpazilaSherpur Sadar UpazilaSreebardi UpazilaJamalpur DistrictBaksiganj UpazilaDewanganj UpazilaIslampur UpazilaJamalpur Sadar UpazilaMadarganj UpazilaMelandaha UpazilaSarishabari UpazilaMymensingh DistrictTrishal UpazilaDhobaura UpazilaFulbaria UpazilaGaffargaon UpazilaGauripur UpazilaHaluaghat UpazilaIshwarganj UpazilaMymensingh Sadar UpazilaMuktagachha UpazilaNandail UpazilaPhulpur UpazilaBhaluka UpazilaBarguna DistrictAmtali UpazilaBamna UpazilaBarguna Sadar UpazilaBetagi UpazilaPatharghata UpazilaTaltali UpazilaBarisal DistrictAgailjhara UpazilaBabuganj UpazilaBakerganj UpazilaBanaripara UpazilaGaurnadi UpazilaHizla UpazilaBarisal Sadar UpazilaMehendiganj UpazilaMuladi UpazilaWazirpur UpazilaBhola DistrictBhola Sadar UpazilaBurhanuddin UpazilaChar Fasson UpazilaDaulatkhan UpazilaLalmohan UpazilaManpura UpazilaTazumuddin UpazilaJhalokati DistrictJhalokati Sadar UpazilaKathalia UpazilaNalchity UpazilaRajapur UpazilaPatuakhali DistrictBauphal UpazilaDashmina UpazilaGalachipa UpazilaKalapara UpazilaMirzaganj UpazilaPatuakhali Sadar UpazilaRangabali UpazilaDumki UpazilaPirojpur DistrictBhandaria UpazilaKawkhali Upazila, PirojpurMathbaria UpazilaNazirpur UpazilaPirojpur Sadar UpazilaNesarabad (Swarupkati) UpazilaBandarban DistrictAli Kadam UpazilaBandarban Sadar UpazilaLama UpazilaNaikhongchhari UpazilaRowangchhari UpazilaRuma UpazilaThanchi UpazilaBrahmanbaria DistrictAkhaura UpazilaBancharampur UpazilaBrahmanbaria Sadar UpazilaKasba UpazilaNabinagar UpazilaNasirnagar UpazilaSarail UpazilaAshuganj UpazilaBijoynagar UpazilaChandpur DistrictChandpur Sadar UpazilaFaridganj UpazilaHaimchar UpazilaHaziganj UpazilaKachua Upazila, ChandpurMatlab Dakshin UpazilaMatlab Uttar UpazilaShahrasti UpazilaChittagong DistrictAnwara UpazilaBanshkhali UpazilaBoalkhali UpazilaChandanaish UpazilaFatikchhari UpazilaHathazari UpazilaKarnaphuli ThanaLohagara Upazila, ChittagongMirsharai UpazilaPatiya UpazilaRangunia UpazilaRaozan UpazilaSandwip UpazilaSatkania UpazilaSitakunda UpazilaBandar ThanaChandgaon ThanaDouble Mooring ThanaChittagong Kotwali ThanaPahartali ThanaPanchlaish ThanaBhujpur ThanaComilla DistrictBarura UpazilaBrahmanpara UpazilaBurichang UpazilaChandina UpazilaChauddagram UpazilaDaudkandi UpazilaDebidwar UpazilaHomna UpazilaLaksam UpazilaMuradnagar UpazilaNangalkot UpazilaComilla Adarsha Sadar UpazilaMeghna UpazilaTitas UpazilaMonohargonj UpazilaComilla Sadar Dakshin UpazilaCox's Bazar DistrictChakaria UpazilaCox's Bazar Sadar UpazilaKutubdia UpazilaMaheshkhali UpazilaRamu UpazilaTeknaf UpazilaUkhia UpazilaFeni DistrictChhagalnaiya UpazilaDaganbhuiyan UpazilaFeni Sadar UpazilaParshuram UpazilaSonagazi UpazilaFulgazi UpazilaKhagrachhari DistrictDighinala UpazilaKhagrachhari UpazilaLakshmichhari UpazilaMahalchhari UpazilaManikchhari UpazilaMatiranga UpazilaPanchhari UpazilaRamgarh UpazilaLakshmipur DistrictLakshmipur Sadar UpazilaRaipur UpazilaRamganj UpazilaRamgati UpazilaKamalnagar UpazilaNoakhali DistrictBegumganj UpazilaNoakhali Sadar UpazilaChatkhil UpazilaCompaniganj Upazila, NoakhaliHatiya UpazilaSenbagh UpazilaSonaimuri UpazilaSubarnachar UpazilaKabirhat UpazilaRangamati DistrictBagaichhari UpazilaBarkal UpazilaKawkhali (Betbunia) UpazilaBelaichhari UpazilaKaptai UpazilaJuraichhari UpazilaLangadu UpazilaNaniyachar UpazilaRajasthali UpazilaRangamati Sadar UpazilaDhaka DistrictDhamrai UpazilaDohar UpazilaKeraniganj UpazilaNawabganj Upazila, DhakaSavar UpazilaGazipur DistrictGazipur Sadar UpazilaKaliakair UpazilaKaliganj Upazila, GazipurKapasia UpazilaSreepur Upazila, GazipurGopalganj District, BangladeshGopalganj Sadar UpazilaKashiani UpazilaKotalipara UpazilaMuksudpur UpazilaTungipara UpazilaKishoreganj DistrictAustagram UpazilaBajitpur UpazilaBhairab UpazilaHossainpur UpazilaItna UpazilaKarimganj UpazilaKatiadi UpazilaKishoreganj Sadar UpazilaKuliarchar UpazilaMithamain UpazilaNikli UpazilaPakundia UpazilaTarail UpazilaMadaripur DistrictRajoir UpazilaMadaripur Sadar UpazilaKalkini UpazilaShibchar UpazilaManikganj DistrictDaulatpur Upazila, ManikganjGhior UpazilaHarirampur UpazilaManikgonj Sadar UpazilaSaturia UpazilaShivalaya UpazilaSingair UpazilaMunshiganj DistrictGazaria UpazilaLohajang UpazilaMunshiganj Sadar UpazilaSirajdikhan UpazilaSreenagar UpazilaTongibari UpazilaNarayanganj DistrictAraihazar UpazilaBandar UpazilaNarayanganj Sadar UpazilaRupganj UpazilaSonargaon UpazilaRajbari DistrictBaliakandi UpazilaGoalandaghat UpazilaPangsha UpazilaRajbari Sadar UpazilaShariatpur DistrictBhedarganj UpazilaDamudya UpazilaGosairhat UpazilaNaria UpazilaShariatpur Sadar UpazilaZajira UpazilaShakhipur UpazilaFaridpur DistrictAlfadanga UpazilaBhanga UpazilaBoalmari UpazilaCharbhadrasan UpazilaFaridpur Sadar UpazilaMadhukhali UpazilaNagarkanda UpazilaSadarpur UpazilaSaltha UpazilaTangail DistrictGopalpur UpazilaBasail UpazilaBhuapur UpazilaDelduar UpazilaGhatail UpazilaKalihati UpazilaMadhupur UpazilaMirzapur UpazilaNagarpur UpazilaSakhipur UpazilaDhanbari UpazilaTangail Sadar UpazilaNarsingdi DistrictNarsingdi Sadar UpazilaBelabo UpazilaMonohardi UpazilaPalash UpazilaRaipura Upazila, NarsingdiShibpur UpazilaBagerhat DistrictBagerhat Sadar UpazilaChitalmari UpazilaFakirhat UpazilaKachua Upazila, BagerhatMollahat UpazilaMongla UpazilaMorrelganj UpazilaRampal UpazilaSarankhola UpazilaChuadanga DistrictAlamdanga UpazilaChuadanga Sadar UpazilaDamurhuda UpazilaJibannagar UpazilaJessore DistrictAbhaynagar UpazilaBagherpara UpazilaChaugachha UpazilaJhikargachha UpazilaKeshabpur UpazilaJessore Sadar UpazilaManirampur UpazilaSharsha UpazilaJhenaida DistrictHarinakunda UpazilaJhenaidah Sadar UpazilaKaliganj Upazila, JhenaidahKotchandpur UpazilaMaheshpur UpazilaShailkupa UpazilaKhulna DistrictBatiaghata UpazilaDacope UpazilaDumuria UpazilaDighalia UpazilaKoyra UpazilaPaikgachha UpazilaPhultala UpazilaRupsha UpazilaTerokhada UpazilaKhalishpur ThanaKhan Jahan Ali ThanaKhulna Kotwali ThanaSonadanga ThanaKushtia DistrictBheramara UpazilaDaulatpur Upazila, KushtiaKhoksa UpazilaKumarkhali UpazilaKushtia Sadar UpazilaMirpur UpazilaMagura DistrictMagura Sadar UpazilaMohammadpur UpazilaShalikha UpazilaSreepur Upazila, MaguraMeherpur DistrictGangni UpazilaMeherpur Sadar UpazilaMujibnagar UpazilaNarail DistrictKalia UpazilaLohagara Upazila, NarailNarail Sadar UpazilaSatkhira DistrictAssasuni UpazilaDebhata UpazilaKalaroa UpazilaKaliganj Upazila, SatkhiraSatkhira Sadar UpazilaShyamnagar UpazilaTala UpazilaHabiganj DistrictAjmiriganj UpazilaBahubal UpazilaBaniyachong UpazilaChunarughat UpazilaHabiganj Sadar UpazilaLakhai UpazilaMadhabpur UpazilaNabiganj UpazilaMoulvibazar DistrictBarlekha UpazilaJuri UpazilaKamalganj UpazilaKulaura UpazilaMoulvibazar Sadar UpazilaRajnagar UpazilaSreemangal UpazilaSunamganj DistrictBishwamvarpur UpazilaChhatak UpazilaDakshin Sunamganj UpazilaDerai UpazilaDharamapasha UpazilaDowarabazar UpazilaJagannathpur UpazilaJamalganj UpazilaSullah UpazilaSunamganj Sadar UpazilaTahirpur UpazilaSylhet DistrictBalaganj UpazilaBeanibazar UpazilaBishwanath UpazilaCompanigonj Upazila, SylhetDakshin Surma UpazilaFenchuganj UpazilaGolapganj UpazilaGowainghat UpazilaJaintiapur UpazilaKanaighat UpazilaOsmani Nagar UpazilaSylhet Sadar UpazilaZakiganj UpazilaPortal:BangladeshDivisions Of BangladeshDistricts Of 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