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Prior to 20th century[edit] Part of a series on the History of California Periods Before 1900 Gold Rush (1848–55) U.S. Civil War (1861–65) Since 1900 Topics Maritime Railroad Highways Slavery Cities Chico Los Angeles Pasadena Piedmont Riverside Sacramento San Bernardino San Diego San Fernando Valley San Francisco San Jose Santa Barbara Santa Monica Visalia California portal v t e 1781 – El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles de Porciuncula founded in colonial New Spain.[1] 1818 – Avila Adobe built.[2] 1830 – Population: 730.[1] 1835 – Los Angeles becomes capital of Mexican California.[1] 1846 – September: Siege of Los Angeles by U.S. forces. 1847 – January 10: Los Angeles taken by U.S. forces.[1][3] 1848 – February 2: Los Angeles becomes part of U.S. territory per Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 1850 April 4: Los Angeles incorporated.[1] September 9: Los Angeles becomes part of the new U.S. state of California.[1] Population: 1,610 city; 3,530 county.[1] Los Angeles County established. 1851 – Los Angeles Star, city's first newspaper, begins publication.[4] 1854 – Round House constructed. 1855 – First City public school building built.[1] 1860 – Los Angeles Soap Company in business.[5] 1865 – St. Vincent's College opens.[6] 1866 – Town Square established.[7] 1868 – Street lighting installed.[7] 1869 – Los Angeles & San Pedro Railroad begins operating.[8] 1871 October 24: Anti-Chinese unrest.[1] Evening Express newspaper begins publication.[9] San Pedro Harbor development begins.[10] 1872 – First African Methodist Episcopal Church established.[7] 1873 – Los Angeles Daily Herald newspaper begins publication.[9] 1875 – Los Angeles and Independence Railroad begins operating to Santa Monica.[1] 1876 September 6 – Southern Pacific Railroad (San Francisco-Los Angeles line) begins operating Los Angeles' first link to transcontinental railroad.[1] Cathedral of Saint Vibiana built.[7] 1877 First oranges shipped to eastern markets.[1] 1880 University of Southern California opens. Population: 11,183 city;[1] 33,381 county. 1881 – Los Angeles Daily Times begins publication.[9] 1882 – Los Angeles State Normal School opens.[1] 1883 – City Railroad Company established.[11] 1884 – Child's Grand Opera House opens.[12] 1886 Kansas City-Los Angeles railway begins operating. City Fire Department[13] and Elysian Park established. Pasadena and Santa Monica incorporated in Los Angeles County.[1] Many people arrive as a result of railroad rate war; speculative real estate boom begins.[1] 1887 Peak of real estate boom; many towns laid out.[1] Los Angeles Athletic Club incorporated. April 20 – Occidental College founded.[1] Pomona incorporated in Los Angeles County.[1] 1888 Land boom collapses.[1] Southern Pacific's Arcade Depot opens. Chamber of Commerce founded. California Club incorporated. Long Beach incorporated in Los Angeles County.[1] 1889 City Parks Department[14] and Los Angeles Oil Exchange founded. Orange County established.[15] 1890 – Population: 50,400 city; 101,454 county. 1891 – Courthouse built.[1] 1892 Redondo Beach incorporated in Los Angeles County.[1] February – Oil discovered within Los Angeles City limits.[1] 1893 Bradbury Building constructed.[1] July 4 – Mount Lowe Railway opens north of Pasadena. 1894 – Fiesta de Los Angeles begins.[1] 1895 Highland Park becomes part of the City of Los Angeles.[1] Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway taken over by bondholders and renamed the Los Angeles Railway[16] 1896 May – Congress approves $2,900,000 for deep-water harbor at San Pedro.[1] 1897 – Los Angeles Country Club founded. 1898 September 1: Henry E. Huntington and Isaias W. Hellman syndicate purchase Los Angeles Railway and begin expanding it[16] March 5: Griffith Park presented to Los Angeles by Col. Griffith J. Griffith.[5] 1899 Garvanza and University district become part of the City of Los Angeles.[1] Construction begins on Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro.[1] 1900 – Population: 102,479 city;[1] 170,298 county.

20th century[edit] 1900s–1940s[edit] See also: Los Angeles in the 1920s 1901 Angels Flight funicular begins operating. Children's Hospital founded. November 1 – Huntington group incorporates the Pacific Electric Railway of California[16] 1902 Tally's Electric Theater opens.[12] Los Angeles takes over water system.[1] 1903 Los Angeles Examiner newspaper begins publication.[1] Braly Building constructed. 1905 Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad begins operating.[1] Design of the seal of the City of Los Angeles adopted. Vernon incorporated in Los Angeles County.[1] 1906 Alexandria Hotel in business.[5] Shoestring strip, to connect Wilmington to Los Angeles, annexed to City of Los Angeles.[17] Glendale, Huntington Park, and Watts incorporated in Los Angeles County.[1] 1907 Port of Los Angeles[8] and City Club of Los Angeles[18] established. Silver Lake Reservoir built.[5] Los Angeles Ostrich Farm[5] and Los Angeles Alligator Farm open. 1908 Mount Wilson Observatory begins operating in Los Angeles County. October 1: Construction begins on Owens River Aqueduct.[1] 1909 Selig Polyscope Company relocates to Los Angeles.[19] City Market Wholesale Produce Terminal built.[20] San Pedro and Wilmington become part of the City of Los Angeles.[1] 1910 October 1: Los Angeles Times bombing.[1] East Hollywood and Hollywood become part of City of Los Angeles.[17] Population: 319,200 city; 504,131 county. 1911 Nestor Studios begin operating.[19] Pacific Electric Railway Company[1] created from merger of eight streetcar companies. Los Angeles College created.[1] Burbank incorporated in Los Angeles County. San Fernando incorporated in Los Angeles County. 1912 – County of Los Angeles Public Library established.[1] 1913 Los Angeles Aqueduct completed.[19] La Brea Tar Pits excavation begins.[21] 1914 Southern Pacific's Central Station and Southwest Museum[1] open. "First ship via Panama Canal arrives."[1][8] Beverly Hills incorporated in Los Angeles County.[7] 1915 Universal Studios begins operating.[7] San Fernando Valley becomes part of City of Los Angeles.[17] Breed Street Synagogue active. Japan-Los Angeles steamship begins operating.[7] Area of city: 288 square miles.[22] 1916 Westgate becomes part of City of Los Angeles.[17] Lincoln Motion Picture Company in business.[23] 1917 – Culver City incorporated in Los Angeles County.[7] 1918 Warner Bros. Studios begin operating.[7] Los Angeles Philharmonic[12] and Otis College of Art and Design founded. 1919 September – Southern branch of University of California is founded.[1] 1920 Population: 576,673 city;[24] 936,455 county. Douglas Aircraft Company in business in nearby Santa Monica.[1] 1921 Hollywood Legion Stadium opens.[1] Hollywood Masonic Temple and Hollyhock House (residence) built. Watts Towers sculpture construction begins. Chouinard Art Institute founded. Ambassador Hotel in business. 1922 KFI, KHJ and KNX radio stations begin broadcasting.[7] Hollywood Bowl (amphitheater) and Grauman's Egyptian Theatre open. Rose Bowl completed in Pasadena.[1] 1923 Post World War I building boom reaches its peak.[1] Hollywoodland sign erected.[25] Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum opens. Biltmore Hotel in business. Angelus Temple built.[6] Illustrated Daily News begins publication.[1] 1924 – Harding High School established. 1925 Grand Olympic Auditorium opens. Junior League [1] and Yogananda Self-Realization Fellowship[26] established. 1926 Orpheum Theatre, El Capitan Theatre,[27] and 28th Street YMCA[28] open. June – New Central Public library building completed.[1] Shrine Auditorium rebuilt. Venice and Watts become part of City of Los Angeles. La Opinión Spanish-language newspaper begins publication. 1927 Grauman's Chinese Theatre opens. 5 May, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel opens for business. Barnsdall Art Park established. 1928 Los Angeles City Hall built. March 13: Collapse of St. Francis Dam in nearby San Francisquito Canyon.[1] Huntington Library opens in Los Angeles County.[1] 1929 August: Graf Zeppelin (aircraft) arrives from Tokyo.[6] Academy Awards begin.[29] Los Angeles Board of Trade Building and Bullocks Wilshire department store built. Nuart Theatre opens. 1930 Olvera Street restored.[30] Hollywood Reporter begins publication. Greek Theatre[7] and Pantages Theatre[27] open. Highland Park synagogue built. Population: 1,238,048 city; 2,208,492 county. Burbank airport begins operating. 1931 Chateau Marmont Hotel in business. Figueroa Street Tunnels open. 1932 – 1932 Summer Olympics held. 1933 March 10: 1933 Long Beach earthquake. October 12: Los Angeles Garment Workers Strike of 1933 begins. Frank L. Shaw becomes mayor. Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper[7] and Daily Variety begin publication. 1934 – Los Angeles Science Fiction Society formed.[4] 1935 – Griffith Park Planetarium dedicated.[1] 1936 Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles established. Crossroads of the World shopping mall built. 1937 Los Angeles purchases Mines Field for a municipal airport.[1] 1938 Los Angeles flood of 1938.[1] China City developed.[20] CBS Columbia Square built. Mayor Shaw ousted; Fletcher Bowron becomes mayor.[1] 1939 Union Station opens.[1] Chandler's fictional detective novel The Big Sleep published.[7] 1940 Arroyo Seco Parkway opens.[7] United States Court House built. 1941 Los Angeles Airport in operation. Pueblo Del Rio housing complex built. Turnabout Theatre of puppets established.[30] 1942 US-Mexico Bracero program begins. Parking meters installed.[7] Battle of Los Angeles occurs. 1943 – Ethnic Zoot Suit Riots occur.[6] 1944 – Imperial Courts and Jordan Downs housing projects built.[31] 1946 Los Angeles Rams football team active.[7] Kosher Burrito in business.[32][33] 1947 – KTLA television begins broadcasting.[4] 1948 – In-N-Out Burger is founded 1949 – Los Angeles Valley College opens in the Valley Glen neighborhood of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. 1950s–1970s[edit] See also: History of Los Angeles § 1950.E2.80.932000 1950 Fictional Sunset Boulevard film released.[7] Population: 1,970,358 city; 4,151,687 county. 1951 – Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority created.[11] 1953 – Four Level Interchange highway begins operating.[34] 1954 – Church of Scientology[6] and Getty Museum[7] open. 1955 Nickerson Gardens housing complex built.[31] Disneyland amusement park opens in nearby Anaheim.[7] 1956 – Capitol Records Tower built.[7] 1957 – Ferus Gallery of art opens.[35] 1958 – Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team active.[36] 1959 Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena opens. Grammy Award begins.[37] KPFK radio begins broadcasting.[38] Sister city relationships established with Eilat, Israel; and Nagoya, Japan.[39] 1960 July: 1960 Democratic National Convention held. Hollywood Walk of Fame established.[7] Los Angeles Lakers basketball team active.[7] 1961 Theme Building constructed at Los Angeles Airport. Pacific Electric Railway ceases operations (last line in service was Long Beach Line 1962 Los Angeles Herald-Examiner newspaper in publication. City Cultural Heritage Board created. Dodger Stadium opens.[7] Sister city relationship established with Salvador, Brazil.[39] 1963 Vincent Thomas Bridge opens. Century City development begins. 1964 Whisky a Go Go nightclub[7] and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (concert hall) opens.[7] UCLA Labor Center and Los Angeles Master Chorale founded. Sister city relationship established with Bordeaux, France.[39] 1965 August 11–17: Watts Riots.[40] Los Angeles County Museum of Art opens on Wilshire Boulevard.[35] Marina del Rey harbor opens in Los Angeles County.[7] 1966 Los Angeles Zoo opens.[7] Gemini G.E.L. art studio founded.[35] 1967 Super Bowl I is held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. City's Community Analysis Bureau established.[41] Two California Plaza built. Los Angeles Advocate newsletter begins publication.[4] Mark Taper Forum (theatre)[42] and Brockman Gallery of art[35] open. Forum (arena) opens in nearby Inglewood.[7] Los Angeles Kings hockey team active. Sister city relationship established with Berlin, Germany.[39] 1968 June 5: Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. Sister city relationship established with Lusaka, Zambia.[39] 1969 – Sister city relationship established with Mexico City, Mexico.[39] 1970 – Chinatown Service Center established.[20] 1971 February 9: 1971 San Fernando earthquake. Six Flags Magic Mountain (originally named Magic Mountain) opens in Valencia. Los Angeles Convention Center opens. California Institute of the Arts opens in nearby Valencia.[35] Sister city relationships established with Auckland, New Zealand; and Busan, South Korea.[39] 1972 Womanhouse art event occurs.[35] Self Help Graphics & Art active. Sister city relationships established with Mumbai, India; and Tehran, Iran.[39] 1973 Tom Bradley becomes mayor.[43] Aon Center built. 1974 – Security Pacific Plaza built. 1975 – Chinese Historical Society of Southern California founded. 1976 – Los Angeles City Historical Society founded.[2] 1977 – X (musical group) formed. 1978 LA Weekly begins publication. Los Angeles Conservancy founded. 1979 – Sister city relationship established with Taipei, Taiwan.[39] 1980s–1990s[edit] 1980 – Population: 2,966,850 city; 7,477,421 county. 1981 – Sister city relationship established with Guangzhou, China.[39] 1983 Crocker Tower built. Red Hot Chili Peppers (musical group) formed. 1984 1984 Summer Olympics held. Forever 21 clothier in business. "Power of Place" group formed. West Hollywood incorporated in Los Angeles County. Sister city relationships established with Athens, Greece; and Saint Petersburg, USSR.[39] 1985 – Latino Theater Company founded. 1986 Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles established. Los Angeles Opera active. Sister city relationship established with Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[39] Proposition U passed 1988 – Museum of Jurassic Technology founded. 1989 U.S. Bank Tower built. Sister city relationship established with Giza, Egypt.[39] 1990 Hollywood Bowl Orchestra founded. Sanwa Bank Plaza built. Population: 3,485,398.[24] Sony Pictures Entertainment headquartered in nearby Culver City. Sister city relationship established with Jakarta, Indonesia.[39] Metro Blue Line opens, re-establishing light rail in the city 1991 Gas Company Tower and 777 Tower built. Maxine Waters becomes U.S. representative for California's 29th congressional district.[44] Sister city relationship established with Kaunas, Lithuania.[39] 1992 April 29: Rodney King riots begin.[40] Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance founded. Sister city relationship established with Makati, Philippines.[39] 1993 Richard Riordan becomes mayor Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority created. Metro Red Line opens. Sister city relationship established with Split, Croatia.[39] 1994 – January 17: 1994 Northridge earthquake. 1995 City website launched.[45][46][47] Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and LA as Subject project[48] begin. Drudge Report begins publication. 1996 Loyola Marymount University's Center for the Study of Los Angeles founded.[49] Council on American–Islamic Relations Los Angeles chapter founded.[3] Museum of Television & Radio opens in Beverly Hills. 1997 Homies Unidos (community group) active.[4] American Apparel clothier headquartered in Los Angeles. The Getty Center opens in Brentwood. 1998 – Los Angeles Almanac begins publication.[50] California Science Center opens to the public. 1999 – Staples Center (sports arena) opens. 2000 August: 2000 Democratic National Convention held.[51] Los Angeles Police Rampart scandal report issued.

21st century[edit] 2001 James Hahn becomes mayor Kodak Theatre opens. Disney California Adventure opens adjacent to Disneyland. 2002 – Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels built. 2003 Walt Disney Concert Hall[52] and Chinese American Museum[20] open. Los Angeles Derby Dolls (rollerderby) team formed. 2004 – National Day Laborer Organizing Network headquartered in Los Angeles (approximate date).[citation needed] 2005 Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority homeless census begins.[53] headquartered in Los Angeles. Antonio Villaraigosa becomes mayor.[6] Sister city relationship established with San Salvador, El Salvador.[39] 2006 LA Weekly Detour Music Festival begins. City Office of Historic Resources created.[5] Sister city relationships established with Beirut, Lebanon; and Ischia, Italy.[39] 2007 May 1: 2007 MacArthur Park rallies. Los Angeles Theatre Center opens.[6] Sister city relationship established with Yerevan, Armenia.[39] 2008 – Los Angeles Heritage Alliance formed.[7] Anime Expo first arrives at the Los Angeles Convention Center 2009 – Los Angeles Times' Mapping L.A. project and Maron's WTF podcast begin. 2010 Population: 3,792,621 city;[54] 9,818,605 county; metro 12,828,837.[55] Area of city: 503 square miles. 2011 October 1: Occupy Los Angeles begins.[56] QuakeBot in use.[57] 2012 Metro Expo Line opens. Los Angeles Review of Books begins publication. Wilshire Grand Tower, the new tallest building in the city begins groundbreaking in downtown LA. September 19–21: Endeavour makes final landing at LAX. 2013 Eric Garcetti becomes mayor. Population: 3,884,307.[58] 2014 – DataLA (city data website) begins publication.[41] Concrete foundation poured for the Wilshire Grand Tower. The long-stalled Metropolis Towers has broken ground and began construction in downtown LA. Vertical construction began for the Wilshire Grand Tower. 2015 June 19: US president visits podcaster Maron's garage. Oceanwide Plaza Towers in downtown LA has broken ground and began construction. August: Shade balls put into Los Angeles Reservoir during 2015 California drought.[59] 2016 Los Angeles Rams NFL football team moves back to Los Angeles. City of Los Angeles population now over 4 million people. ET94 Space Shuttle fuel tank arrives in LA at the California Science Center. 2017 Measure S fails Los Angeles Chargers NFL football team moves back to Los Angeles.

See also[edit] History of Los Angeles List of mayors of Los Angeles List of districts and neighborhoods of Los Angeles National Register of Historic Places listings in Los Angeles, California Timeline of California[60] Timelines of other cities in the Southern California area of California: Anaheim, Bakersfield, Long Beach, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Ana

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External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Los Angeles. "Los Angeles City Directories, 1875–1942" – via Los Angeles Public Library.  v t e City of Los Angeles Topics History Timeline Transportation Culture Landmarks Historic sites Skyscrapers Demographics Crime Sports Media Music Notable people Lists Government Flag Mayors City Council (President) Other elected officials Airport DWP Fire Department Police Public schools Libraries Port Transportation LA Regions Crescenta Valley Downtown Eastside Harbor Area Greater Hollywood Northeast LA Northwest LA San Fernando Valley South LA Westside Wilshire Mid-City West Mid-Wilshire v t e Greater Los Angeles Area Central city Los Angeles Counties Los Angeles Orange Riverside San Bernardino Ventura Satellite cities Long Beach Riverside San Bernardino Cities >200k Anaheim Fontana Glendale Huntington Beach Irvine Long Beach Moreno Valley Oxnard Riverside San Bernardino Santa Ana Cities and towns 100k−200k Burbank Corona Costa Mesa Downey East Los Angeles El Monte Fullerton Garden Grove Inglewood Lancaster Murrieta Norwalk Ontario Orange Palmdale Pasadena Pomona Rancho Cucamonga Rialto Santa Clarita Simi Valley Temecula Thousand Oaks Torrance Ventura Victorville West Covina Area regions Los Angeles metropolitan area Antelope Valley Central Los Angeles Coachella Valley Colorado Desert Conejo Valley Downtown Los Angeles East Los Angeles Gateway Cities Greater Hollywood Harbor Area Inland Empire Mojave Desert Northwest Los Angeles Palos Verdes Peninsula Pomona Valley San Bernardino Valley San Fernando Valley San Gabriel Valley Santa Ana Valley Santa Clarita Valley Simi Valley South Bay South Los Angeles Victor Valley Westside Los Angeles Landforms Los Angeles Basin Baldwin Hills (range) Catalina Island Channel Islands Chino Hills Hollywood Hills Oxnard Plain Palos Verdes Hills Puente Hills San Fernando Valley San Gabriel Mountains San Gabriel Valley San Jacinto Mountains Santa Ana Mountains Santa Monica Mountains Santa Susana Mountains Sierra Pelona Mountains Simi Hills Verdugo Mountains Bodies of water Los Angeles River Aliso Creek Arroyo Calabasas Arroyo Seco Ballona Creek Bell Creek Big Bear Lake Coyote Creek Lake Arrowhead Lake Gregory Lake Perris Lake Piru Los Angeles Aqueduct Malibu Creek Mojave River Pacific Ocean Pyramid Lake Rio Hondo San Gabriel River San Juan Creek San Pedro Bay Santa Ana River Santa Clara River Santa Margarita River Santa Monica Bay Tujunga Wash v t e Years in California (1850–present) 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 Retrieved from "" Categories: History of Los AngelesTimelines of cities in CaliforniaLos Angeles-related listsHidden categories: Dynamic listsAll articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from December 2014

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GriffithGarvanza, Los AngelesLos Angeles In The 1920sAngels FlightChildren's Hospital Los AngelesPacific ElectricTally's Electric TheaterLos Angeles ExaminerContinental BuildingLos Angeles And Salt Lake RailroadSeal Of The City Of Los AngelesVernon, CaliforniaAlexandria HotelGlendale, CaliforniaHuntington Park, CaliforniaWatts, Los AngelesSilver Lake ReservoirLos Angeles Alligator FarmMount Wilson ObservatoryLos Angeles AqueductSelig Polyscope CompanySan Pedro, Los AngelesWilmington, Los AngelesLos Angeles Times BombingEast Hollywood, Los AngelesHollywoodNestor StudiosPacific ElectricLoyola Marymount UniversityBurbank, CaliforniaSan Fernando, CaliforniaCounty Of Los Angeles Public LibraryLos Angeles AqueductLa Brea Tar PitsCentral Station, Los AngelesSouthwest Museum Of The American IndianPanama CanalBeverly Hills, CaliforniaUniversal Studios HollywoodSan Fernando ValleyBreed Street ShulWestgate, Los AngelesLincoln Motion Picture CompanyCulver City, CaliforniaWarner Bros. StudiosLos Angeles PhilharmonicOtis College Of Art And DesignUniversity Of California, Los AngelesDouglas Aircraft CompanyHollywood Masonic TempleHollyhock HouseWatts TowersChouinard Art InstituteAmbassador Hotel (Los Angeles)KFIKHJ (AM)KNX (AM)Hollywood BowlGrauman's Egyptian TheatreRose Bowl (stadium)Hollywoodland SignLos Angeles Memorial ColiseumMillennium Biltmore HotelAngelus TempleIllustrated Daily NewsUniversity High School (Los Angeles, California)Grand Olympic AuditoriumYoganandaOrpheum Theatre (Los Angeles)El Capitan TheatreYMCACentral Library Goodhue BuildingShrine AuditoriumVenice, Los AngelesWatts, Los AngelesLa OpiniónGrauman's Chinese TheatreHollywood Roosevelt HotelBarnsdall Art ParkLos Angeles City HallSt. Francis DamSan Francisquito CanyonHuntington LibraryLZ 127 Graf ZeppelinAcademy AwardsLos Angeles Board Of Trade BuildingBullocks WilshireNuart TheatreOlvera StreetThe Hollywood ReporterGreek Theatre (Los Angeles)Pantages Theatre (Hollywood)Temple Beth Israel Of Highland Park And Eagle RockBob Hope AirportChateau Marmont HotelFigueroa Street Tunnels1932 Summer Olympics1933 Long Beach EarthquakeLos Angeles Garment Workers Strike Of 1933Frank L. 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KennedyAmbassador Hotel (Los Angeles)LusakaMexico City1971 San Fernando EarthquakeSix Flags Magic MountainLos Angeles Convention CenterCalifornia Institute Of The ArtsAucklandBusanWomanhouseSelf Help Graphics & ArtMumbaiTehranTom Bradley (American Politician)Aon Center (Los Angeles)Bank Of America Center (Los Angeles)Chinese Historical Society Of Southern CaliforniaX (American Band)LA WeeklyLos Angeles ConservancyTaipeiGuangzhouWells Fargo Center (Los Angeles)Red Hot Chili Peppers1984 Summer OlympicsForever 21Dolores HaydenWest Hollywood, CaliforniaAthensSaint PetersburgLatino Theater CompanyCoalition For Humane Immigrant Rights Of Los AngelesLos Angeles OperaVancouver, British ColumbiaProposition UMuseum Of Jurassic TechnologyU.S. Bank Tower (Los Angeles)GizaHollywood Bowl OrchestraFigueroa At WilshireSony Pictures EntertainmentCulver City, CaliforniaJakartaBlue Line (Los Angeles Metro)Gas Company Tower777 TowerMaxine WatersU.S. RepresentativeCalifornia's 29th Congressional DistrictKaunas1992 Los Angeles RiotsKoreatown Immigrant Workers AllianceMakatiRichard RiordanLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityRed Line (Los Angeles Metro)Split, Croatia1994 Northridge EarthquakeLos Angeles Independent Film FestivalDrudge ReportCouncil On American–Islamic RelationsPaley Center For MediaAmerican ApparelGetty CenterCalifornia Science CenterStaples Center2000 Democratic National ConventionRampart ScandalJames HahnDolby TheatreDisney California AdventureCathedral Of Our Lady Of The AngelsWalt Disney Concert HallLos Angeles Derby DollsNational Day Laborer Organizing NetworkWikipedia:Citation NeededHomelessness In The United StatesBreitbart.comAntonio VillaraigosaSan SalvadorLA Weekly Detour Music FestivalBeirutIschia, Campania2007 MacArthur Park RalliesYerevanAnime ExpoMapping L.A.WTF With Marc MaronLos Angeles Metropolitan AreaOccupy Los AngelesComputer-assisted ReportingExpo Line (Los Angeles Metro)Los Angeles Review Of BooksWilshire Grand TowerSpace Shuttle EndeavourEric GarcettiWilshire Grand TowerList Of Presidential Trips Made By Barack Obama During 2015Marc MaronShade BallsLos Angeles Aqueduct2015 California DroughtLos Angeles RamsNFLMeasure SLos Angeles ChargersHistory Of Los AngelesMayor Of Los AngelesList Of Districts And Neighborhoods Of Los AngelesNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Los Angeles, CaliforniaList Of Cities And Towns In CaliforniaLargest Cities In Southern CaliforniaTimeline Of Anaheim, CaliforniaTimeline Of Bakersfield, CaliforniaTimeline Of Long Beach, CaliforniaTimeline Of Riverside, CaliforniaTimeline Of San Bernardino, California HistoryTimeline Of San DiegoTimeline Of Santa Ana, CaliforniaKCETPublic Broadcasting SystemS. 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AngelesLists Of Los Angeles TopicsFlag Of Los AngelesMayor Of Los AngelesLos Angeles City CouncilPresident Of The Los Angeles City CouncilList Of Elected Officials In Los AngelesLos Angeles International AirportLos Angeles Department Of Water And PowerLos Angeles Fire DepartmentLos Angeles Police DepartmentLos Angeles Unified School DistrictLos Angeles Public LibraryPort Of Los AngelesLos Angeles Department Of TransportationList Of Districts And Neighborhoods Of Los AngelesCrescenta ValleyDowntown Los AngelesEast Los Angeles (region)Harbor AreaGreater Hollywood, Los AngelesNortheast Los AngelesNorthwest Los AngelesSan Fernando ValleySouth Los AngelesWestside (Los Angeles County)Wilshire, Los AngelesMid-City West, Los AngelesMid-Wilshire, Los AngelesTemplate:Greater Los Angeles AreaTemplate Talk:Greater Los Angeles AreaGreater Los Angeles AreaLos AngelesLos Angeles County, CaliforniaOrange County, CaliforniaRiverside County, CaliforniaSan Bernardino County, CaliforniaVentura County, 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PerrisLake PiruLos Angeles AqueductMalibu CreekMojave RiverPacific OceanPyramid Lake (Los Angeles County, California)Rio Hondo (California)San Gabriel River (California)San Juan CreekSan Pedro Bay (California)Santa Ana RiverSanta Clara River (California)Santa Margarita RiverSanta Monica BayTujunga WashTemplate:California Year NavTemplate Talk:California Year NavCaliforniaList Of U.S. States By Date Of Admission To The UnionCaliforniaCategory:1850 In CaliforniaCategory:1851 In CaliforniaCategory:1852 In CaliforniaCategory:1853 In CaliforniaCategory:1854 In CaliforniaCategory:1855 In CaliforniaCategory:1856 In CaliforniaCategory:1857 In CaliforniaCategory:1858 In CaliforniaCategory:1859 In CaliforniaCategory:1860 In CaliforniaCategory:1861 In CaliforniaCategory:1862 In CaliforniaCategory:1863 In CaliforniaCategory:1864 In CaliforniaCategory:1865 In CaliforniaCategory:1866 In CaliforniaCategory:1867 In CaliforniaCategory:1868 In CaliforniaCategory:1869 In CaliforniaCategory:1870 In 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