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Plot[edit] Luxury hotel night manager and former British soldier Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) is recruited by Angela Burr (Olivia Colman), an intelligence operative. He is tasked to navigate Whitehall and Washington, D.C. where there is an alliance between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade. He must infiltrate the inner circle of arms dealer Richard Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie), Roper's girlfriend Jed (Elizabeth Debicki), and associate Corkoran (Tom Hollander).

Cast[edit] Main cast[6] Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine Hugh Laurie as Richard Onslow Roper Olivia Colman as Angela Burr Tom Hollander as Major "Corky" Lance Corkoran Elizabeth Debicki as Jemima "Jed" Marshall Alistair Petrie as Alexander "Sandy" Langbourne, the Lord Langbourne Natasha Little as Caroline Langbourne, Lady Langbourne Douglas Hodge as Rex Mayhew David Harewood as Joel Steadman Tobias Menzies as Geoffrey Dromgoole Antonio de la Torre as Juan Apostol Adeel Akhtar as Rob Singhal Michael Nardone as Frisky Hovik Keuchkerian as Tabby Guest and recurring cast David Avery as Freddie Hamid Amir El-Masry as Youssuf Aure Atika as Sophie (Samira) Alekan Nasser Memarzia as Omar Barghati Russell Tovey as Simon Ogilvey Neil Morrissey as Harry Palfrey Katherine Kelly as Pamela, the Permanent Secretary Bijan Daneshmand as Kouyami Hannah Steele as Marilyn

Production[edit] In January 2015 it was announced that the series would be co-produced by the BBC, AMC and The Ink Factory.[1] Filming began on 19 March 2015 in Zermatt, Switzerland.[7][8] Production then moved to London, UK. From 13–17 April 2015, location filming took place at Blackpool Mill Cottage, Hartland Abbey, and in and around Hartland, Devon.[9] On 20 April 2015, production moved to Marrakesh, Morocco. The Es Saadi Resort was used as the location for the fictional Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo.[10] At the end of May, production moved to Majorca, Spain; principal photography wrapped in Majorca on 3 July 2015.[11][12] Notable places include Port de Sóller, luxury property La Fortaleza in Port de Pollença and several locations in Palma.[13] The author John le Carré made an appearance in Episode 4.[14]

Broadcast[edit] Episode 1 of The Night Manager was broadcast on 21 February 2016 on BBC One in the United Kingdom.[6] AMC Spain broadcast the first episode on 24 February 2016.[15] TV3 in New Zealand broadcast the first episode on 28 February 2016.[16] In the United States, the show premiered on 19 April 2016 on AMC.[17] The serial was scheduled to air in Australia on BBC First on 20 March 2016.[18] The serial aired in Saudi Arabia on AMC starting on 6 June 2016.[citation needed] In Finland the serial premiered 22 June 2016 on MTV3.[19] In Sweden the serial first aired on 22 August 2016 on TV4, split up into eight episodes.[20] In Germany the serial started airing on 29 August 2016 on ZDF and on Raidió Teilifís Éireann in Ireland.[21] On 24 February 2017, The Night Manager started to air on Dutch public broadcaster NPO 1, being broadcast by AVROTROS.[22] The series was broadcast by BBC Persian from 15 February 2018 for Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Episodes[edit] No. Title Original air date UK viewers (millions) [23][A] 1 "Episode 1" 21 February 2016 (2016-02-21) 10.18 During the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Jonathan Pine works as night manager of the Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo, Egypt. He becomes involved with Sophie Alekan, the mistress of playboy Freddie Hamid, whose wealthy family is highly influential in Cairo. Sophie gives Jonathan an envelope of confidential documents she wants copied. Inside, he finds a list of weapons and warfare chemicals, and correspondence between the Hamids' companies and Ironlast Limited. She tells him to keep it in a safe, and to turn in the documents to his contacts if anything were to happen to her. Jonathan decides the information is too important to sit on, and turns the documents over to the International Enforcement Agency in London, England. This information makes its way to intelligence officer Angela Burr, who has been working for many years to try and bring down Richard Roper. However, the information is somehow leaked to Richard Roper, who pulls out of the deal with the Hamids. When Jonathan next sees Sophie, she is visibly bruised and battered, due to the Hamids' suspicions that she was the reason of the failed deal. Jonathan brings her away to a safe house, during which they become romantically involved. Jonathan then confronts his contact over the leaked document, and demands that Sophie be given asylum in England for providing the important documents. He is told that the Hamids have numerous investments and friends in England, so it is recommended that Sophie just return to the Hamids and pretend she does not know anything. Sophie is crestfallen when Jonathan tells her this, and returns to the hotel while acting in a cold and distant manner towards Jonathan. A short while later, Angela Burr discovers who provided the documents to England, and hurriedly contacts Jonathan to immediately take Sophie to safety because she is in danger. Jonathan rushes to her room, where he discovers Sophie dead. Four years later, Jonathan Pine, who is now night manager of the Meisters Hotel in Zermatt, Switzerland, is told by the day manager to take care of the late arriving guests, and to give them a parcel that has arrived earlier. He notices that the package is addressed to Richard Roper, and he is visibly shaken. Richard Roper and his entourage arrive late at night, and Jonathan Pine is alternatively charmed and repulsed but maintains a professional facade. He later contacts Angela Burr, and provides her with all the information he's managed to obtain during Richard Roper's stay. He states he wants nothing further to do with this, while Angela Burr, seeing an opportunity to bring down Richard Roper, wants him to help her investigate Ironlast CEO Richard Roper. When Jonathan balks, she cites Pine's two tours of duty during the Iraq War and his witnessing what harm chemical weapons can inflict, as well as Sophie's murder. 2 "Episode 2" 28 February 2016 (2016-02-28) 10.19 Jonathan agrees to work with Angela, upon her promise of a new identity for him afterwards, and is given non-official covers: Jack Linden and, later, Thomas Quince. As Linden, Jonathan spends time in Devon, England, establishing a violent cover identity. Later, Angela sends him to Spain, where Roper is meeting partners in relation to an arms deal. The operation to place Jonathan within Roper's organization is named Limpet. In Majorca, Spain, a staged abduction of Roper's son Daniel is conducted at a seaside restaurant. Jonathan, as Quince, in place as a chef at the restaurant, appears to free Daniel by confronting and battling the attackers. During the confrontation one of the abductors violently beats him in retaliation for his excessive violence against another of the kidnappers as part of the fake rescue. The badly injured Quince is taken by Roper back to his villa to recover. Roper believes he is "Pine from Switzerland" and while grateful to Pine for the rescue, Roper remains skeptical. Roper's henchman Corky confronts Jonathan about his criminal past and multiple identities, and Roper says he will soon learn who the wounded man is. In London, Angela works to keep the status of Operation Limpet secret from the "River House" (MI6), who she believes will disrupt the operation if they learn about it. 3 "Episode 3" 6 March 2016 (2016-03-06) 9.74 At his villa, Roper questions Jonathan about his criminal past. Jonathan shares his crafted backstory, of which Roper has a dossier to match. Jonathan states that he is leaving, but Roper says his Quince cover is blown, and that he will have to stay and concoct another. Some time later, in Madrid, Spain, Roper's lawyer Juan "Apo" Apostol hosts a birthday party for his daughter, Elena, which Roper and his entourage attend. Elena is soon found hanged to death. In Madrid, Angela finds a grieving Apo and attempts to gain his trust. Later with Daniel, Jonathan learns of Roper's secret study and its hidden key. Daniel also discloses that an alarm test is done once daily. Jonathan finds the key and, during the test in the study, photographs documents on Tradepass, Roper's agricultural equipment company which is a front. The next day, Roper presents Jonathan with a passport under the name Andrew Birch. However, Jonathan must do something for him in exchange. Roper gives him Corky's former job of control of Tradepass. Jonathan accepts his new name and role. In London, members of the River House attempt to take control of Limpet from Angela's backer Rex Mayhew – he resists, even when offered a bribe. Later, another corrupt River House member meets with Roper in Monaco, and tells Roper about the existence of Limpet (though not Jonathan's role, of which he is unaware). 4 "Episode 4" 13 March 2016 (2016-03-13) 9.61 Roper gives Jonathan the details of his Andrew Birch identity and his plan to introduce him to willing financial supporters of Tradepass. He adds that the investors will not know where the money comes from, as the company will be registered in Cyprus and Geneva, Switzerland. At the IEA, Angela produces Tradepass documents and explains that Roper pays his investors 20-percent profit for backing Tradepass, but sells his purchased weapons for twice the amount. Special attention is given to two names, Halo and Felix. Angela later learns that Halo is Dromgoole, who falsifies Ministry of Defence documents. Felix is Barbara Vandon, a Langley operative who assists in the falsification. Dromgoole suspects Apo to have leaked the Tradepass documents, and Apo is later found murdered. Meanwhile, Corky's suspicions about Jonathan and Roper's girlfriend Jed prove true when they have sex. She later calls him by his actual name over the phone, which reaches Angela who wants to pull him out. Jonathan tells her about a shipment of weapons crates in Istanbul that could amount to starting a war. When Angela refuses to listen, Jonathan tells Roper they are being watched and their team escapes from the IEA. 5 "Episode 5" 20 March 2016 (2016-03-20) 9.67 During a flight to Turkey, Roper informs Jonathan of knowing Angela obtained the Tradepass documents, including those with written notes from Apo, which is why he is "no longer with us". Roper adds that he knows only four other people, including Jonathan, could have leaked the document. Arriving at a compound, called the Haven, mercenaries prepare to display their weapons to Roper. On a hill above a cleared village, he delights in seeing jets napalm it. Jonathan makes note of the convoy trucks disguised as aid trucks as they leave the compound. In London, Dromgoole contacts Angela to ask where she got the papers she took to Apo. She asks about Dromgoole's involvement with Roper. Dromgoole says he knows someone is on the inside for Limpet and warns her not to get in the way. Jonathan sneaks out of the compound to have his notes delivered to Angela but is caught by Corky upon returning. A struggle results in Jonathan beating Corky to death and Roper being told Corky may have met with someone outside the fence. Angela manages to request U.S. military action against Roper's trucks at the Syrian border. However, when inspected, they contain merely agriculture equipment. Roper, watching with his team via satellite feed, has played a shell game. They all return to Cairo, where Roper contacts Freddie Hamid. In London, when Angela comes home, she finds the place ransacked and her husband lying wounded on the floor. 6 "Episode 6" 27 March 2016 (2016-03-27) 9.90 In London, following the botched raid at the Syrian border, the Ministry begins disbanding the IEA office. In Egypt, the Tradepass team meets Hamid, whom Jonathan denies knowing, and strike a deal for the weapons shipment. Meanwhile Angela arrives at Cairo after receiving Jonathan's tip. Later, Jed manages to get the code to Roper's safe for Jonathan, which he gives to Angela. She steals an envelope from it containing an owner registration certificate under Tradepass Holdings. At a casino, Jonathan spikes Hamid's drinks and escorts him home. He asks Hamid about Sophie's death, where Hamid reveals that Roper had her killed because she refused to tell him who helped her. As a result, Jonathan strangles Hamid and dumps him face down in the pool. Using the certificate, Jonathan sneaks in a team to investigate the weapons cargo and rig them with explosives, before returning the envelope to Jed. While replacing it, she is caught by Roper, who starts to have her tortured for information and figures out that Jonathan is the mole. Meanwhile, Jonathan transfers $300 million out of the Tradepass account. Angela saves Jed from being tortured by Roper's bodyguard, while Roper and Jonathan meet with the Egyptian buyers. Roper tells him to give an excellent performance with the investors or Jed will die. Jonathan blows the trucks up and has Roper take him to Jed, in exchange for the money. At the hotel, Angela confronts Roper, who attempts to phone Dromgoole to call her off, only to receive no answer – Angela's team, armed with the certificate as evidence of his involvement with Roper, has blackmailed him into staying silent. Roper is arrested by local police, but the police van is commandeered by his angered buyers, who drive off with Roper and his bodyguards to an ambiguous fate. Later, Jed arranges to return to America to see her son and Jonathan promises to come see her. He watches her depart the Nefertiti as he addresses the new night manager.

Critical reception[edit] The series received widespread critical acclaim, with The Sun calling it "one of the greatest series of all time".[24] Adam Sisman, le Carré's biographer, wrote in UK daily newspaper The Daily Telegraph, "It is more than 20 years since the novel was published, and in that time two film companies have tried and failed to adapt it, concluding that it was impossible to compress into two hours. But this six-hour television adaptation is long enough to give the novel its due." He added, "And though Hugh Laurie may seem a surprising choice to play 'the worst man in the world', he dominates the screen as a horribly convincing villain. Alert viewers may spot a familiar face in the background of one scene, in a restaurant: John le Carré himself makes a cameo, as he did in the films of A Most Wanted Man and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. But he is on screen only for an instant: blink and you'll miss him."[25] Reviewing Episode 1 for The Guardian, Archie Bland began by noting, "The Night Manager is as sexed up as television drama comes. In Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie it has bona fide international stars; in John le Carré's source novel it has a pedigree of untouchable grandeur. The palette is as sumptuous as one of our hero Jonathan Pine's beautiful hotels." He added, "It's Laurie's vulpine performance that gives The Night Manager its force once the smell of money has worn off. But we barely see him for the first 40 minutes – a delayed gratification trick that's always worked like magic on me, ever since we spent the whole first episode of The West Wing waiting impatiently to meet Josiah Bartlet." Turning to Hiddleston's performance, Bland wrote, "And as the embodiment of the show's atmosphere of paralysed establishment glamour, Hiddleston is the business. When the noble beast beneath that accommodating English exterior begins to make itself known, I do find the righteous revenge he's intent on wreaking on Roper compelling."[26] IGN reviewer Jesse Schedeen gave the miniseries an 8.8 out of 10, saying "The Night Manager proves that television is the ideal format to bring le Carré's novels to life. This miniseries is tightly paced, suspenseful and boasts strong performances from the likes of Hiddleston, Laurie, Colman and Hollander. With any luck, this series will open the doors for more of le Carré's classic spy tales to make their way to the small screen."[27]

Accolades[edit] Year Ceremony Category Recipient(s) Result 2016 7th Critics' Choice Television Awards[28] Best Movie or Miniseries The Night Manager Nominated Actor – Movie or Miniseries Tom Hiddleston Actress – Movie or Miniseries Olivia Colman Supporting Actor – Movie or Miniseries Hugh Laurie Supporting Actress – Movie or Miniseries Elizabeth Debicki 68th Primetime Emmy Awards[5] Outstanding Limited Series The Night Manager Nominated Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Tom Hiddleston Nominated Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Hugh Laurie Nominated Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Olivia Colman Nominated Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special Susanne Bier Won Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special David Farr Nominated 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards[5] Outstanding Casting for a Limited Series, Movie, or Special Jina Jay Nominated Outstanding Main Title Design Patrick Clair, Jeff Han, Paul Kim, and Raoul Marks Nominated Outstanding Main Title Theme Music Victor Reyes Nominated Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie, or Special Won Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Special Adam Armitage, Howard Bargroff, Peter Melemendjian, Alex Sawyer, and Barnaby Smith Nominated Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Limited Series or Movie Howard Bargroff and Aitor Bernguer Nominated Royal Television Society Craft & Design Awards[29] Costume Design - Drama Signe Sejlund Won Make Up Design - Drama Jenna Wrage Music - Original Title Victor Reyes Effects - Special Pau Costa Moeller Nominated 2017 32nd Artios Awards[30] Casting - Television Movie or Miniseries Jina Jay Nominated BAFTA TV Awards[31] Best Supporting Actor Tom Hollander Won BAFTA TV Craft Awards[32][33] Director: Fiction Susanne Bier Nominated Editing: Fiction Ben Lester Won Production Design Tom Burton Nominated Sound: Fiction Aitor Berenguer, Howard Bargroff, Alex Sawyer, Adam Armitage Won Special, Visual & Graphic Effects Bluebolt, Pau Costa Moeller Nominated Titles & Graphic Identity Patrick Clair, Raoul Marks, Elastic Nominated 43rd Broadcasting Press Guild Awards[34] Best Drama Series The Night Manager Won Best Actor Hugh Laurie Nominated Empire Awards[35][36] Best TV Series The Night Manager Won European Composer and Songwriter Alliance Grand Scores Awards[37] Best Original Music for a Series Victor Reyes Won 74th Golden Globe Awards[38] Best Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television The Night Manager Nominated Best Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television Tom Hiddleston Won Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television Olivia Colman Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television Hugh Laurie 42nd Gracie Awards[39] Actress in a Supporting Role - Made for TV Movie or Limited Series Olivia Colman Won Location Managers Guild Awards[40] LMGI Award for Outstanding Locations in Contemporary Television Tom Howard and Daniel Sampedro Palerm Won Producers Guild of America Award[41] Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television Simon Cornwell, Stephen Garrett, Stephen Cornwell, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston, Susanne Bier, David Farr, John le Carré, William D. Johnson, Alexei Boltho, Rob Bullock Nominated 21st Satellite Awards[42] Best Actor - Miniseries or Television Film Tom Hiddleston Nominated Best Supporting Actress - Series, Miniseries or Television Film Olivia Colman Won Best Supporting Actor - Series, Miniseries or Television Film Hugh Laurie Nominated 29th USC Scripter Awards[43] Adapted Screenplay - Television David Farr, John le Carré Won 43rd Saturn Awards[44] Best Presentation on Television The Night Manager Nominated 2017 Television and Radio Industries Club (TRIC) Awards[45] Best Crime Programme The Night Manager Nominated 2017 Televisual Media Bulldog Awards[46][47] Drama One-Off or Serial The Night Manager Won Cinematography Nominated 2017 Rose d'Or Awards[48] Drama Series The Night Manager Nominated

Notes[edit] A. ^ Based on twenty-eight day data.

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Series Title Over The Top Of A GlassDramatic ProgrammingSpy FilmThe Night ManagerJohn Le CarréDavid Farr (theatre Director)Susanne BierTom HiddlestonHugh LaurieOlivia ColmanTom HollanderTobias MenziesElizabeth DebickiAlistair PetrieDouglas HodgeAntonio De La Torre (actor)BBCAMC NetworksIMG (company)BBC OneAMC (TV Channel)16:91080iSusanne BierTom HiddlestonHugh LaurieOlivia ColmanDavid HarewoodTom HollanderElizabeth DebickiThe Night ManagerJohn Le CarréDavid Farr (theatre Director)BBC OneAMC (TV Channel)Emmy AwardGolden Globes 2017Tom HiddlestonOlivia ColmanGovernment Of The United KingdomFederal Government Of The United StatesHugh LaurieElizabeth DebickiTom HollanderTom HiddlestonHugh LaurieOlivia ColmanTom HollanderElizabeth DebickiAlistair PetrieNatasha LittleDouglas HodgeDavid HarewoodTobias MenziesAntonio De La Torre (actor)Adeel AkhtarMichael NardoneDavid AveryAure AtikaRussell ToveyNeil MorrisseyKatherine Kelly (actress)Bijan DaneshmandHannah SteeleBBCZermattLondonHartland AbbeyHartland, EnglandMarrakeshMajorcaPort De SóllerPort De PollençaPalma, MajorcaAMC (Europe)TV3 (New Zealand)BBC FirstWikipedia:Citation NeededMTV3TV4 (Sweden)ZDFRaidió Teilifís ÉireannIrelandNPO 1AVROTROSBBC PersianEgyptian Revolution Of 2011CairoEgyptLondonEnglandZermattSwitzerlandIraq WarNon-official CoverDevonSpainMajorcaVillaSecret Intelligence ServiceMadridFront OrganizationMonacoCyprusGenevaMinistry Of Defence (United Kingdom)Central Intelligence AgencyIstanbulTurkeyNapalmSyria–Turkey BorderShell GameThe Sun (United Kingdom)The Daily TelegraphA Most Wanted Man (film)Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (film)The GuardianThe West WingJosiah BartletIGNCritics' Choice Television AwardsCritics' Choice Television Award For Best Movie/MiniseriesCritics' Choice Television Award For Best Actor In A Movie/MiniseriesTom HiddlestonCritics' Choice Television Award For Best Actress In A Movie/MiniseriesOlivia ColmanCritics' Choice Television Award For Best Supporting Actor In A Movie/MiniseriesHugh LaurieCritics' Choice Television Award For Best Supporting Actress In A Movie/MiniseriesElizabeth Debicki68th Primetime Emmy AwardsPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Limited SeriesPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Lead Actor In A Limited Series Or MovieTom HiddlestonPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Series Or MovieHugh LauriePrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Limited Series Or MovieOlivia ColmanPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Directing For A Limited Series, Movie, Or Dramatic SpecialSusanne BierPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Writing For A Limited Series, Movie, Or Dramatic SpecialDavid Farr (theatre Director)68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy AwardsPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Casting For A Limited Series, Movie, Or SpecialPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Main Title DesignPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Main Title Theme MusicPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Music Composition For A Limited Series, Movie, Or SpecialPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Sound Editing For A Limited Series, Movie, Or SpecialPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Limited Series Or MovieRoyal Television SocietyCasting Society Of AmericaBritish Academy Television AwardsBritish Academy Television Award For Best Supporting ActorTom HollanderBritish Academy Television Craft AwardsSusanne BierBroadcasting Press Guild AwardsHugh LaurieEmpire AwardsEuropean Composer And Songwriter Alliance74th Golden Globe AwardsGolden Globe Award For Best Miniseries Or Television FilmGolden Globe Award For Best Actor – Miniseries Or Television FilmTom HiddlestonGolden Globe Award For Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries Or Television FilmOlivia ColmanGolden Globe Award For Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries Or Television FilmHugh LaurieGracie AwardsOlivia ColmanLocation Managers Guild AwardsProducers Guild Of America AwardStephen Garrett (producer)Hugh LaurieTom HiddlestonSusanne BierDavid Farr (theatre Director)John Le Carré21st Satellite AwardsSatellite Award For Best Actor – Miniseries Or Television FilmTom HiddlestonSatellite Award For Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries Or Television FilmOlivia ColmanSatellite Award For Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries Or Television FilmHugh LaurieUSC Scripter AwardDavid Farr (theatre Director)John Le Carré43rd Saturn AwardsTelevision And Radio Industries ClubRose D'OrVariety (magazine)Deadline.comThe Sun (United Kingdom)Deadline.comBBC OnlineHugh LaurieTwitterHugh LaurieTwitterDavid HarewoodTwitterThe Sun (United Kingdom)The Daily TelegraphThe GuardianThe Hollywood ReporterVariety (magazine)BBC OnlineIMDbTV.comTemplate:AMC ShowsTemplate Talk:AMC ShowsAMC (TV Channel)List Of Programs Broadcast By AMCThe Movie MastersThe LotRemember WENNBreaking BadBroken TrailDVD TVMad MenMovies That Shook The WorldThe Prisoner (2009 Miniseries)Shootout (TV Series)4th And LoudThe American WestFeed The BeastFreakshow (TV Series)Game Of ArmsHalt And Catch Fire (TV Series)Hell On Wheels (TV Series)The Killing (U.S. TV Series)Low Winter Sun (U.S. TV Series)The Making Of The MobOwner's Manual (TV Series)The Pitch (TV Series)Rubicon (TV Series)Small Town SecurityTalking BadTurn: Washington's SpiesBetter Call SaulComic Book MenFear The Walking DeadGeeking OutHumans (TV Series)Into The Badlands (TV Series)McMafiaPreacher (TV Series)Ride With Norman ReedusThe Son (TV Series)Talking DeadTalking PreacherTalking SaulTalking With Chris HardwickThe Walking Dead (TV Series)Lodge 49The Spy Who Came In From The ColdThe Terror (TV Series)Template:Susanne BierTemplate Talk:Susanne BierSusanne BierFreud's Leaving HomeFamily Matters (film)Credo (1997 Film)The One And Only (1999 Film)Once In A Lifetime (2000 Film)Open HeartsBrothers (2004 Film)After The WeddingThings We Lost In The Fire (film)In A Better WorldLove Is All You NeedSerena (2014 Film)A Second Chance (2014 Film)Bird Box (film)Template:John Le CarréTemplate Talk:John Le CarréJohn Le CarréCall For The DeadA Murder Of QualityThe Spy Who Came In From The ColdThe Looking Glass WarA Small Town In GermanyThe Naïve And Sentimental LoverTinker Tailor Soldier SpyThe Honourable SchoolboySmiley's PeopleThe Little Drummer GirlA Perfect SpyThe Russia HouseThe Secret PilgrimThe Night ManagerOur GameThe Tailor Of PanamaSingle & SingleThe Constant GardenerAbsolute FriendsThe Mission SongA Most Wanted ManOur Kind Of TraitorA Delicate TruthA Legacy Of SpiesThe Spy Who Came In From The Cold (film)The Deadly AffairThe Looking Glass War (film)The Little Drummer Girl (film)The Russia House (film)The Tailor Of Panama (film)The Constant Gardener (film)Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (film)A Most Wanted Man (film)Our Kind Of Traitor (film)Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (miniseries)Smiley's People (miniseries)A Perfect Spy (TV Series)A Murder Of Quality (film)Control (fictional Character)Toby EsterhasePeter GuillamBill HaydonKarla (character)Jim PrideauxConnie SachsGeorge SmileyRicki TarrGerald WesterbyMoscow CentreConstant Gardener TrustThe Incongruous SpySmiley Versus KarlaBook:John Le CarréCategory:John Le CarréHelp:CategoryCategory:2016 British Television Programme DebutsCategory:2016 British Television Programme EndingsCategory:2010s British Drama Television SeriesCategory:Espionage Television SeriesCategory:AMC (TV Channel) Network ShowsCategory:BBC Television DramasCategory:Films Directed By Susanne BierCategory:John Le CarréCategory:Television Programs Based On NovelsCategory:English-language Television ProgramsCategory:Television Shows Set In EnglandCategory:Television Shows Set In EgyptCategory:Television Shows Set In MoroccoCategory:Television Shows Set In SpainCategory:Television Shows Set In SwitzerlandCategory:Articles With Spanish-language External LinksCategory:CS1 Finnish-language Sources (fi)Category:CS1 Swedish-language Sources (sv)Category:CS1 German-language Sources (de)Category:EngvarB From March 2016Category:Use Dmy Dates From 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