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History[edit] Before European settlers arrived, there was a Native American village in what is today downtown Aurora, on the banks of the Fox River. In 1834, following the Black Hawk War, the McCarty brothers arrived. They initially owned land on both sides of the river, but sold their lands to the Lake Brothers on the west side. The Lake Brothers opened a mill on the opposite side of the river. The McCartys lived and operated their mill on the east side.[11] A post office was established in 1837, officially creating Aurora. Aurora was originally two villages: East Aurora, incorporated in 1845,[12] on the east side of the river, and West Aurora, formally organized on the west side of the river in 1854.[12] In 1857, the two towns joined officially, incorporated as the city of Aurora.[13] The two sides could not agree which side of the river should house the public buildings, so most public buildings were built on or around Stolp Island in the middle of the Fox River. As the city grew, many factories and jobs came to Aurora. In 1856, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad located its roundhouse and locomotive shop in Aurora to become the town's largest employer until the 1960s.[14] The heavy industries on the East side provided employment for generations of European immigrants. Immigrants flocked to the city, mainly from Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Luxembourg, Germany, France, and Italy. Aurora became the economic center of the Fox Valley region. The combination of these three factors—a highly industrialized town, a sizable river that divided it, and the Burlington's shops—accounted for much of the dynamics of Aurora's political, economic, and social history. The city welcomed a variety of immigrants and openly supported abolitionism before the American Civil War. Mexican migrants began arriving after the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Socially, the town was progressive in its attitude toward education, religion, welfare, and women. The first free public school district in Illinois was established in 1851 and a high school for girls came four years later. The city was a manufacturing powerhouse until the early 1970s, when the railroad shops closed. Soon many other factories and industrial areas relocated or went out of business. By 1980, there were few industrial areas operating in the city, and unemployment soared to 16%.[11] During the late 1970s and early 1980s, development of the Far East side along the Eola Road and Route 59 areas began. While this was financially beneficial to the city, it also contributed to the decline of the downtown and the manufacturing sectors on the near East and West Sides. Crime rates soared and street gangs started to form in the mid-1980s. It was during this time Aurora became a much more culturally diverse city. The Latino population started to grow rapidly in the city in the 1980s. In the late 1980s, several business and industrial parks were established on the city's outskirts. In 1993, the Hollywood Casino was built downtown, which helped bring the first redevelopment to the downtown area in nearly twenty years. In the late 1990s, more development began in the rural areas and towns outside Aurora. Subdivisions sprouted up around the city, and Aurora's population soared. Today, Aurora is a culturally diverse city of around 200,000 residents. Historic areas downtown are being redeveloped, and new developments are being built all over the city.

Geography[edit] The Phillips Park 'Sunken Garden' Aurora is at 41°45′50″N 88°17′24″W / 41.76389°N 88.29000°W / 41.76389; -88.29000 (41.7637855, −88.2901352).[4] According to the 2010 census, Aurora has an area of 45.799 square miles (118.62 km2), of which 44.94 square miles (116.39 km2) (or 98.12%) is land and 0.859 square miles (2.22 km2) (or 1.88%) is water.[15] While the city has traditionally been regarded as being in Kane County, Aurora also includes parts of DuPage, Kendall and Will counties. Aurora is one of only three cities in Illinois that span four counties. (The others are Barrington Hills and Centralia.) Regions of Aurora[edit] Politically, the city is divided into 10 wards.[16] Aurora is commonly divided into three regions:[citation needed] The West Side, which is west of the Fox River. The East Side, which spans the region east of the Fox River, stopping at the DuPage County line. Fox Valley, also referred to as the Far East Side, is the portion of Aurora east of the Dupage County line. Its name is deceptive because it is actually the part of the city farthest from the Fox River and its valley. The area acquired its name because of its proximity to the Westfield Fox Valley Mall and Fox Valley Villages, one of the first housing developments to be constructed after the mall. Climate[edit] The annual precipitation for Aurora is about 40 inches. The record high for Aurora is 111 °F (44 °C), on July 14, 1936. The record low is −33 °F (−36 °C), on January 16, 2009.[17] The average high temperature for Aurora in July is 83.5 °F (28.6 °C), the average January low is 12.6 °F (−10.8 °C). On July 17–18, 1996, a major flood struck Aurora, with 16.9 inches (430 mm) of rain in a 24-hour period, which is an Illinois state record, and the second highest ever nationally. Flooding occurred in almost every low-lying area in the city, and in neighborhoods bordering the Fox River, causing major damage in some neighborhoods. The flooding was just as bad in Blackberry Creek, on Aurora's far west side. Aurora has not been struck by any major tornadoes in recent history, although they occur in Northern Illinois annually. In 1906, a tornado went through the Aurora Driving Park, a large recreation/amusement park and race track where the Riddle Highlands neighborhood and Northgate shopping center is today. The tornado hit during the afternoon performance of the Ringling Brothers "Greatest Show on Earth" circus, when the park was crowded. It killed 2 people and injured 22, but the grandstand was still filled for the evening performance. Weak tornadoes struck the city in 1954, 1958, 1960, and 1991. In 1990, the supercell thunderstorm that produced the deadly Plainfield Tornado passed over the city, dropping golf ball sized hail and causing wind damage. Less than ten minutes after passing through Aurora, the storm produced an F5 tornado, which touched down in nearby Oswego, less than 5 miles from downtown. The tornado then traveled through Plainfield and Joliet, killing 29 people. The city can receive heavy snowfall and experiences blizzards periodically. Aurora was hit with one of the strongest earthquakes ever to strike Illinois, a M 5.1, on May 26, 1909. It put cracks through chimneys and could be felt 500,000 sq mi (1,300,000 km2) around. Climate data for Chicago Aurora Municipal Airport, Illinois Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high °F (°C) 66 (19) 72 (22) 83 (28) 92 (33) 104 (40) 106 (41) 111 (44) 105 (41) 103 (39) 90 (32) 81 (27) 69 (21) 111 (44) Average high °F (°C) 30.3 (−0.9) 35.0 (1.7) 46.8 (8.2) 60.0 (15.6) 70.9 (21.6) 80.3 (26.8) 83.9 (28.8) 81.7 (27.6) 75.0 (23.9) 62.3 (16.8) 47.7 (8.7) 33.8 (1) 58.98 (14.98) Average low °F (°C) 15.9 (−8.9) 20.0 (−6.7) 29.6 (−1.3) 40.3 (4.6) 50.1 (10.1) 60.0 (15.6) 64.8 (18.2) 63.3 (17.4) 54.9 (12.7) 42.8 (6) 32.5 (0.3) 20.2 (−6.6) 41.2 (5.12) Record low °F (°C) −33 (−36) −25 (−32) −15 (−26) 8 (−13) 21 (−6) 34 (1) 40 (4) 37 (3) 25 (−4) 11 (−12) −11 (−24) −25 (−32) −33 (−36) Average precipitation inches (mm) 1.68 (42.7) 1.72 (43.7) 2.37 (60.2) 3.62 (91.9) 4.01 (101.9) 4.22 (107.2) 3.90 (99.1) 4.07 (103.4) 3.59 (91.2) 3.07 (78) 3.24 (82.3) 2.20 (55.9) 37.69 (957.5) Average snowfall inches (cm) 10.0 (25.4) 7.0 (17.8) 3.7 (9.4) 0.8 (2) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0.1 (0.3) 1.4 (3.6) 7.5 (19.1) 30.5 (77.5) Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 9.7 7.8 10.4 11.8 11.2 10.2 9.3 10.0 8.9 8.9 10.2 10.7 119.1 Average snowy days (≥ 0.1 in) 6.7 4.5 2.1 0.4 0 0 0 0 0 0.1 1.2 4.9 19.9 Source: NOAA (normals, 1981–2010)[18]

Demographics[edit] This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. (September 2014) Historical population Census Pop. %± 1850 1,200 — 1860 6,011 400.9% 1870 11,162 85.7% 1880 11,873 6.4% 1890 19,688 65.8% 1900 24,147 22.6% 1910 29,800 23.4% 1920 36,300 21.8% 1930 46,589 28.3% 1940 47,200 1.3% 1950 50,600 7.2% 1960 63,715 25.9% 1970 74,200 16.5% 1980 81,293 9.6% 1990 99,581 22.5% 2000 142,990 43.6% 2010 197,899 38.4% Est. 2016 201,110 [3] 1.6% [7][19][20] As of the census[21] of 2000, there were 142,990 people, 46,489 households, and 34,215 families residing in the city. The population density was 3,711.5 inhabitants per square mile (1,433.0/km2). There were 48,797 housing units at an average density of 1,266.6 per square mile (489.0/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 68.07% White, 11.06% African American, 0.36% Native American, 3.06% Asian American, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 14.52% from other races, and 2.0% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 32.56% of the population. There were 46,489 households out of which 44.2% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 56.5% were married couples living together, 12.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 26.4% were non-families. 20.6% of all households were made up of individuals and 5.3% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 3.04 and the average family size was 3.55. In the city, the population was spread out with 31.7% under the age of 18, 10.2% from 18 to 24, 35.9% from 25 to 44, 15.9% from 45 to 64, and 6.3% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 29 years. For every 100 females, there were 101.5 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 99.3 males. The median income for a household in the city was $54,861, and the median income for a family was $61,113. Males had a median income of $41,429 versus $30,150 for females. The per capita income for the city was $22,131. About 6.2% of families and 8.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 10.9% of those under age 18 and 7.3% of those age 65 or over.

Economy[edit] Aurora is on the edge of the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor. The city has a long tradition of manufacturing as does much of Chicago metropolitan area. Prominent manufacturers, past and present include Lyon Workspace Products, The Aurora Silverplate Manufacturing Company, Barber-Greene Company, the Chicago Corset Company, the Aurora Brewing Company, Stephens-Adamson Company, Caterpillar Inc., Allsteel Metals, National Metalwares, and Western Wheeled Scraper Works (later Austin-Western Inc.). The most prominent employer and industry was the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad (later Burlington Northern) which was headquartered in Aurora. The CB&Q Roundhouse is still standing, and is now the popular restaurant originally called Walter Payton's Roundhouse; after the Payton estate ended its involvement in 2009 it became known as America's Historic Roundhouse, and after a 2011 change in ownership, it is now known as Two Brothers Roundhouse. Tourism[edit] Formed in 1987, the Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (AACVB) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to aggressively promoting and marketing the area as a premier overnight destination. The AACVB'S goal is to enhance the economic and environmental well-being of a region comprising ten communities: Aurora, Batavia, Big Rock, Hinckley, Montgomery, North Aurora, Plano, Sandwich, Sugar Grove, and Yorkville. Largest employers[edit] According to the City's 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,[22] the city's largest employers are: # Employer # of Employees 1 Caterpillar 2,500 2 Rush–Copley Medical Center 2,000 3 West Aurora Public School District 129 1,500 4 East Aurora Public School District 131 1,320 5 Provena Mercy Medical Center 1,300 6 City of Aurora 1,280 7 Dreyer Medical Clinic 1,200 8 Indian Prairie School District 204 1,200 9 Hollywood Casino Aurora 1,009 10 MetLife 720

Arts and culture[edit] Aurora's downtown is full of architectural landmarks and historic places. It includes a major Hindu temple, the Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple of Greater Chicago. Aurora also has its own zoo, Phillips Park Zoo, in Phillips Park. Downtown Aurora[edit] The Paramount Theatre under renovation, downtown Aurora. Downtown Aurora is home to the Paramount Theatre, a large live performance theater on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Hollywood Casino. There is also the Leland Tower, a former hotel which was the tallest building in Illinois outside of Chicago and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The largest collection of commercial buildings by Prairie School architect George Grant Elmslie is here as is the main building of Aurora Public Library and a branch campus of Waubonsee Community College. Downtown Alive, a festival that includes live music and a variety of food booths, is held on three weekends (Friday and Saturday night) in the summer; Blues on the Fox (featuring national blues artists) is held on the Friday and Saturday of Father's Day weekend. Roughly 8,000–13,000 people attend. The quarterly AuroraArtWalk is hosted by the Cultural Creatives—a grassroots team of local artist, property owners, patrons and the City of Aurora. The Riverfront Playhouse is a not-for-profit theater that has held a storefront location in downtown Aurora since 1978.[23] A fixture of Downtown Aurora, the Waubonsee Community College Campus, which formerly sat on Stolp Island near the Paramount Theatre, has recently[when?] closed, as a new and greatly expanded campus was built on the Western banks of the river, between the river and IL Route 31. The construction of the campus was part of a larger plan to redevelop the Downtown area, putting in parks and new walking paths, making the area more inviting. The plan also included a pedestrian bridge, which would connect the one banks of the river. Also in the works is a plan to modify or reconstruct the bridges onto Stolp Island, which have not been maintained for nearly 60 years. Museums[edit] Aurora Historical Society Aurora Regional Fire Museum The Aurora Public Arts Commission Grand Army of the Republic Hall Phillips Park Zoo David L. Pierce Art and History Center SciTech Interactive Science Museum Schingoethe Museum of Native American Culture Entertainment[edit] Aurora has a rich history of entertainment. There were several theaters in the downtown area and several large community parks with baseball stadiums, circus acts, and race tracks. Some of the more popular were: Theater Opened Closed Notes Coulter Opera House 1874 1899 This was Aurora's first major playhouse/opera house/theater. The building is still standing today as the Fifth Third Bank, formerly Merchants Bank, in downtown, with the upper floors converted to the Coulter Court Residences, an affordable-housing development. Evans Grand Opera House 1891 1915 Aurora Coliseum / Fox Theater 1900 1915 Changed name to Fox Theater in 1910. Condemned by the city in 1930. Taylorville Theater / Star Theater 1901 1930 The Strand Theater 1915 1929 Burned down in 1929. Coliseum Theater 1923 1951 Eighteen city blocks from the original Aurora Coliseum. Was converted into apartments and shops after 1951. Sylvandell Dance Hall / Rialto Theater 1915 1928 Changed its name to the Rialto Theater in 1919. This was the most popular theater in Aurora at the time, but it unfortunately burned down in 1928. It was nicknamed the "Million Dollar Fire" because of the amount of money the owners Frank Thielen and Jules J. Rubens spent converting the dance hall to a top quality theater. It even had a bowling alley in the basement. The Paramount stands on the Rialto's former site. Tivoli Theater 1928 1981 Demolished soon after closing. Tivoli was one of Aurora's the more popular theaters, and competed with the Paramount theater. It included a bowling alley. Paramount Theatre 1931 The longest lived Aurora theater. It was built on the site of the old Rialto Theater. The Paramount underwent a complete renovation in the 1970s and later in the 2000s. New Fox Theater 1935 1978 A third theater in Aurora for several decades. It is closed now, but the building still stands. It was incorporated into the Paramount in 2006. Isle Theater 1938 1982 A smaller theater next to the Leland Hotel, the Isle was demolished in 1982 and its site now is a park. Commemorative street names[edit] Street name Location Blues Alley Stolp Avenue between Galena Boulevard and Downer Place Dr. William Bonner Avenue Pond Avenue changed to Bonner Avenue Dr. Lloyd Hall Memorial Drive Beach Street between Claim Street and Delius Street Reverend Oliver Shackleford Jr. Memorial Way Sumner Avenue between New York Street and Grand Boulevard Reverend Robert Wesby Avenue Lincoln Avenue between New York Street and Galena Boulevard Marie Wilkinson Boulevard View Street between Illinois Avenue and Plum Street Rich Ebey Avenue White Avenue between Terry and Hartford Popular culture[edit] Wayne's World (1992) is a buddy film explicitly set in Aurora. The characters emerged from the television show Saturday Night Live; one of the original authors of the skit was from neighboring Naperville, Illinois and thought Aurora had the appropriate blue-collar feel desired for the characters. Though most of the movie was filmed elsewhere, there are at least one or two bits filmed on location in Aurora,[24] most notably the scene in which a White Castle is shown. Its sequel, Wayne's World 2, is also set in Aurora.

Sports[edit] This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (June 2012) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Aurora was once home to the Aurora Islanders/Blues/Foxes, a minor league baseball franchise that played from 1910 to 1915 in the Illinois-Wisconsin League. Their most famous player was Casey Stengel, who played one season with the team before being bought by the Brooklyn Dodgers. Stengel batted .352 and was the batting champion of the league for 1911, and also led the league with 50 stolen bases and had 27 outfield assists. The team played in a stadium on the west side in the former Riverview Park. Waubonsie Valley High School (IPSD—District 204) Soccer won the Northern Illinois regional championship in this highly competitive region, for both boys and girls, almost every year since 1987. In 2007, the Waubonsie Valley High School girls' team won the state championship and went on to achieve the #1 ranking of all high school girls' soccer teams in the United States, finishing with an undefeated season. Aurora has numerous youth soccer clubs, most of which have teams represented in the top five percent of the Northern Illinois Soccer League. Several youth soccer players from Aurora have received college scholarships to major college soccer programs throughout the U.S. In addition, Aurora maintains several developmental advantages for soccer enthusiasts. Three high quality indoor soccer venues allow year-round soccer training and competition for children and adults. Additionally, several area traveling soccer clubs, as well as high schools, boast coaches and trainers who have played soccer professionally or have been starting players for national teams. Some even played for teams that won the World Cup. Supplementing the local soccer training regimen are professional soccer trainers from England, Brazil, The Netherlands, Scotland, and other countries. Several played in the Premier League and for the Brazil national team, and for the Argentina national team. Fastpitch softball has been in Aurora since the 1930s and gained popularity after World War II when the Aurora Sealmasters Men's team finished fifth in the nation in 1950. The Sealmasters went on to win National Championships in 1959, 1961, 1965 and 1967 and World Championships in 1966 and 1968. The Sealmasters played their games at Stevens-Adamson Field, which was a significant fastpitch stadium on Ridgeway Avenue on the cities southwest side. The Sealmasters hosted many famous competitors from all over the United States, most notably Eddie Feigner and The King and His Court, as well as international opponents. There were many different and competitive men's leagues in Aurora from the 1960s through the mid-1990s. There are still a few leagues and teams playing to this day. In golf, the Stonebridge Country Club, on Aurora's far northeast side, was home to the LPGA Tour's Kellogg-Keebler Classic from 2002–2004. Stonebridge was also hosted the Ameritech Senior Open from 1991–1995 on the Senior PGA Tour. Aurora University has Men's and Women's basketball, golf, tennis, track and field and cross country. It also has a men's football and baseball team, as well as women's softball and volleyball teams. Aurora University athletics are division III. High school athletics are a major event in the city, as East and West Aurora High Schools have been rivals in all sports for over 100 years.

Infrastructure[edit] Transportation[edit] Aurora Transportation Center Aurora Municipal Airport Aurora has long been a regional transportation hub. The city is the final stop of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe line of the Metra commuter rail system, allowing rail service into Chicago. The city also has a stop at the Rt. 59 station on the BNSF Line. This station is on the border with Naperville and each city maintains a parking lot on their respective side of the tracks. The BNSF Railroad owns and maintains a rail yard in Aurora, which they named Eola Yard. Pace Suburban Bus operates local bus service within Aurora six days a week (no service on Sundays) and connects to cities such as Naperville, Geneva, Batavia, Oswego, and St. Charles. Metra trains and Pace buses stop at the Aurora Transportation Center. Greyhound buses used to stop there, but service was discontinued on September 7, 2011.[25] Aurora does not have a stop for Amtrak trains, as the old station closed in the 1980s. Aurora City Lines, the old city bus lines, was closed in the late 1980s in favor of regional bus service. Aurora also had an extensive streetcar system, operated by the Aurora, Elgin and Fox River Electric Company, that served most neighborhoods. Aurora was served by a number of interurban lines, the most prominent of which was the Chicago Aurora and Elgin Railroad which provided service into Chicago. The STAR Line would have a third station at Ferry Rd. north of the BNSF Line. The Aurora Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport in Sugar Grove, Illinois, just outside Aurora. Although the airport is in Sugar Grove, it is owned and operated by the City of Aurora. The Aurora Airport is designed as a reliever airport for Chicago's O'Hare and Midway Airports and also handles a lot of international cargo. It is capable of landing Boeing 757 aircraft. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center is on Aurora's west side. Healthcare[edit] Rush–Copley Medical Center Aurora has two hospitals, one on the west side, Presence Mercy Medical Center, and one in Fox Valley, Rush–Copley Medical Center. There are other area hospitals, including Edward Hospital in Naperville, Delnor Hospital in Geneva, Central DuPage in Winfield and a Level 1 Trauma center at Good Samaritan in Downers Grove. Aurora had three hospitals, St. Joseph Hospital, on the west side, St. Charles hospital, east of downtown, and Copley Memorial Hospital, on the east side. St Joseph and St, Charles hospitals have been converted into senior living centers, and the old Copley hospital, which was one of the largest hospitals in the area, sits vacant. The city of Aurora recently demolished the old smokestacks from the hospital, as they were starting to crumble. Dreyer Medical Clinic and several other independent clinics and medical groups are spread throughout the city. The area surrounding Provena Mercy has evolved into a diverse healthcare district with services and offices. Major highways[edit] Major highways in Aurora include: Interstate Highways Interstate 88 US Highways US 30 US 34 Illinois Highways Route 25 Route 31 Route 56 Route 59 Route 110

Education[edit] See also: Public school systems in Aurora, Illinois The city is home to Aurora University, two branches of Waubonsee Community College, and a branch of Rasmussen College. According to the census of Aurora's population over the age of twenty-five, 26% hold a bachelor's degree. Starting in the 1860s, Aurora was served by two main school systems, one on either side of the Fox River, which physically divides the city. In the mid-20th century, the district on the western side of the river expanded to include the students in the village of North Aurora, including the North Aurorans on the east side of the Fox. Additionally, in 1972, the Indian Prairie School District (IPSD) 204 was formed to serve the far eastern portion of Aurora within DuPage County. All three districts (Aurora Public Schools: West Side (District 129), Aurora Public Schools: East Side (District 131) and IPSD) have their headquarters and administrative offices within the Aurora city limits. As of 2005, there were at least forty public schools within Aurora city limits, serving residents of Aurora and neighboring communities. Due to the city's size, these are not the only three school systems serving residents – some students in the far north end of the city (north of I88 in Kane County) attend Batavia public schools, some on the far southwest side attend Kaneland CUSD 302 schools (headquartered in Maple Park), and some students in the far south end of the city (a small corner of the Kane, Kendall and Will County portions) attend Oswego public schools. Four of the schools in Oswego CUSD 308, Wheatlands Elementary, Homestead Elementary, Wolf's Crossing Elementary, and Bednarcik Junior High are within Aurora's limits. The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is a state-funded residential magnet school for grades 10 to 12. While IMSA operates under public funds (and uses the site originally designated West Aurora High School North Campus), it is managed independently of Aurora's other public schools. Any Illinois student who meets admission requirements may apply to attend IMSA, tuition free. Aurora is also home to other private schools. Within Aurora, there are three Roman Catholic High Schools, Aurora Central Catholic (Diocese of Rockford), Rosary, and Marmion Academy (Order of St. Benedict), and seven Catholic elementary schools operated by the Diocese of Rockford. Along with these three schools is Aurora Christian High School and Elementary School. Aurora is also home to Fox Valley Montessori School, one of the first Montessori schools established in Illinois in 1969, which offers a preschool and elementary program. The above-named districts have forty-six public schools within the city limits of Aurora (seventeen for District #131, thirteen for District #129, eleven for District #204, four for Oswego District #308 and the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy). Library[edit] The Aurora Public Library includes the main library, two branches, an express center, a support facility and a bookmobile. The library operations budget is $10 million and the staff numbers 85 full-time and 89 part-time employees. The library was funded in 1901 through a Carnegie grant. The Santori Public Library, the main library, was opened in June 2015, and offers a 3D printer and a digital media lab in addition to standard book and media services.[26]

Notable people[edit] Main article: List of people from Aurora, Illinois

Media[edit] In addition to the Chicago broadcast stations, the following are based in Aurora: Television[edit] WXFT-DT – TeleFutura Channel 50/60.1, Aurora/Chicago WPVN-CD – Polnet Communications Channel 20, Aurora Aurora Community TV (ACTV) – Channel 10 Total Living Network (TLN) Waubonsee Community College Educational Television – Comcast Channel 99 Radio[edit] WBIG (AM) 1280 Aurora WERV-FM 95.9 Aurora WLEY-FM 107.9 Aurora Newspapers[edit] The Beacon News is Aurora's oldest business, first published in 1846, and is part of the Chicago Tribune Media Group. The newspaper has two editions: the Aurora edition and the Kendall County edition. The Beacon-News has been recognized repeatedly by the Associated Press, Illinois Press Association, Northern Illinois Newspaper Association and the Chicago Headline Club as one of the best daily newspapers in Illinois.[27]

Crime and social issues[edit] In 2008, reported major crimes in Aurora were at their lowest level in nearly three decades.[28][29] The Chief of Police attributed the drop to a number of factors but especially credited the hard work of the city's police officers and the increase in anti-gang priorities. Gang violence had reached a high in the 1990s, with the city averaging nearly 30 murders per year.[28][29] In 2008, Aurora only had 2 murders.[28][29] In July 2007, the Aurora Police Department and the FBI conducted "Operation First Degree Burn," a sweep that resulted in the successful arrest of 31 alleged Latin Kings gang members suspected of 22 murders dating back to the mid-1990s.[30] Aurora has also adopted programs such as CeaseFire to reduce gang violence and prevent youths from joining gangs. Aurora had no murders in 2012. Like other large Midwestern cities that once relied on manufacturing as an economic basis, Aurora has a large number of abandoned buildings and vacant lots, especially in older sections of the city. Efforts are ongoing to rehabilitate these areas. Environmentally, Aurora has long dealt with pollution of the Fox River. The river was heavily polluted up until the 1970s by factories that had lined the river for over a century. Cleanup efforts have been successful with the help of state grants and volunteer efforts.[31] 2014 Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center fire[edit] On September 26, 2014, a fire at an air traffic control edifice in Aurora (also known as the "Chicago Center") caused nearly 2000 airline flights to be grounded.[32][33][34][35] Brian Howard, an employee of Harris Corporation, was charged in the incident.[36][37][38]

Local sights[edit] Goddess of Victory statue on Memorial Bridge, built c. 1931. In background is entrance to Hollywood Casino, c. 1993.  Stolp Island with Leland Tower from New York St. Bridge. Detail of Memorial Bridge figure Memory.  View of Stolp Island historic buildings from Downer Place with architectural details, such as these terracotta tiles.  Former main Aurora Public Library, remodeled c. 1969.  The Old Aurora Post Office, now home to the SciTech Museum.  Detail of unusual Mayan revival motif on the old Elk's Building, currently housing the Aurora Election Commission.  The carousel and food court at Fox Valley Mall, opened 1975.  Statue outside the Aurora Transportation Center, Aurora (Metra). 

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External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aurora, Illinois. Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Aurora, Illinois. Wikisource has the text of a 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article about Aurora, Illinois. Official website Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce Aurora, Illinois in the Electronic Encyclopedia of Chicago Aurora Fire Department history honoring its 150th anniversary, in 2006. Aurora, IL  "Aurora, a city of Kane county, Ill.". The American Cyclopædia. 1879.  Places adjacent to Aurora, Illinois Nottingham Woods Batavia and North Aurora Warrenville Sugar Grove Aurora Naperville Yorkville Montgomery and Oswego Plainfield v t e Aurora, Illinois Schools Public East Aurora Public School District 131 East Aurora High School Indian Prairie School District 204 Metea Valley High School Waubonsie Valley High School West Aurora Public School District 129 West Aurora High School Batavia Public School District No. 101 Kaneland School District Oswego Community Unit School District 308 Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Private Aurora Central Catholic High School Aurora Christian Schools Marmion Academy Rosary High School Colleges and universities Aurora University Waubonsee Community College Aurora Campuses Landmarks Aurora Regional Fire Museum Phillips Park Phillips Park Zoo Rush–Copley Medical Center Stolp Island Aurora Elks Lodge No. 705 Graham Building Grand Army of the Republic Hall Hotel Aurora Keystone Building Leland Tower Paramount Theatre Stolp Woolen Mill Store Fox Valley Mall Transportation Aurora Transportation Center Aurora Municipal Airport (in Sugar Grove, owned by the City of Aurora) Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center People List of people History 2014 Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center fire This list is incomplete. Articles and topics related to Aurora, Illinois v t e Municipalities and communities of DuPage County, Illinois, United States County seat: Wheaton Cities Aurora‡ Batavia‡ Chicago‡ Darien Elmhurst‡ Naperville‡ Oakbrook Terrace St. Charles‡ Warrenville West Chicago‡ Wheaton Wood Dale Villages Addison Bartlett‡ Bensenville‡ Bloomingdale Bolingbrook‡ Burr Ridge‡ Carol Stream Clarendon Hills Downers Grove Elk Grove Village‡ Glen Ellyn Glendale Heights Hanover Park‡ Hinsdale‡ Itasca Lemont‡ Lisle Lombard Oak Brook‡ Roselle‡ Schaumburg‡ Villa Park Wayne‡ Westmont Willow Springs‡ Willowbrook Winfield Woodridge‡ Townships Addison Bloomingdale Downers Grove Lisle Milton Naperville Wayne Winfield York Unincorporated communities Belmont Cloverdale Eola Flowerfield Fullersburg Keeneyville Lakewood Mammoth Springs Medinah Munger North Glen Ellyn Palisades South Elmhurst Swift York Center Ghost towns/Neighborhoods Gostyn Ontarioville Tedens Weston Footnotes ‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties v t e Municipalities and communities of Kane County, Illinois, United States County seat: Geneva Cities Aurora‡ Batavia‡ Elgin‡ Geneva St. Charles‡ Villages Algonquin‡ Barrington Hills‡ Bartlett‡ Big Rock Burlington Campton Hills Carpentersville East Dundee‡ Elburn Gilberts Hampshire Hoffman Estates‡ Huntley‡ Kaneville Lily Lake Maple Park‡ Montgomery‡ North Aurora Pingree Grove Sleepy Hollow South Elgin Sugar Grove Virgil Wayne‡ West Dundee Townships Aurora Batavia Big Rock Blackberry Burlington Campton Dundee Elgin Geneva Hampshire Kaneville Plato Rutland St. Charles Sugar Grove Virgil CDP Prestbury Other unincorporated communities Allens Corners Almora Bald Mound Bowes Coleman Five Island Park Fox River Estates Freeman La Fox Marywood Meredith Mooseheart North Plato Nottingham Woods Novak Park Plato Center Rainbow Hills Richardson Scraper-Moecherville South Park Starks Troxel Udina Valley View Wasco Wildwood Valley Youngsdale Footnotes ‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties v t e Municipalities and communities of Kendall County, Illinois, United States County seat: Yorkville Cities Aurora‡ Joliet‡ Plano Sandwich‡ Yorkville Villages Lisbon Millbrook Millington‡ Minooka‡ Montgomery‡ Newark‡ Oswego Plainfield‡ Plattville Townships Big Grove Bristol Fox Kendall Lisbon Little Rock Na-Au-Say Oswego Seward CDP Boulder Hill Other unincorporated communities Ament Corners Bristol Central Fox Helmar Kentland Knob Hill Lisbon Center Little Rock Millhurst Nettlecreek Pavilion Footnotes ‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties v t e Municipalities and communities of Will County, Illinois, United States County seat: Joliet Cities Aurora‡ Braidwood Crest Hill Joliet‡ Lockport Naperville‡ Wilmington Villages Beecher Bolingbrook‡ Channahon‡ Coal City‡ Crete Diamond‡ Elwood Frankfort‡ Godley‡ Homer Glen Lemont‡ Manhattan Matteson‡ Minooka‡ Mokena Monee New Lenox Orland Park‡ Park Forest‡ Peotone Plainfield‡ Rockdale Romeoville Sauk Village‡ Shorewood Steger‡ Symerton Tinley Park‡ University Park‡ Woodridge‡ CDPs Crystal Lawns Fairmont Frankfort Square Ingalls Park Lakewood Shores Preston Heights Willowbrook Townships Channahon Crete Custer DuPage Florence Frankfort Green Garden Homer Jackson Joliet Lockport Manhattan Monee New Lenox Peotone Plainfield Reed Troy Washington Wesley Wheatland Will Wilmington Wilton Unincorporated communities Andres Ballou Custer Park Eagle Lake Goodenow Lorenzo Pierce Polk Ritchie Stateville Wilton Wilton Center Ghost town Millsdale Footnotes ‡This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties v t e Fox River Valley of Northern Illinois Cities and villages Algonquin Antioch Aurora Batavia Carpentersville Cary East Dundee Elgin Fox Lake Fox River Grove Geneva Johnsburg Lake Barrington McHenry Millington Montgomery North Aurora Oswego Ottawa Port Barrington St. Charles Sheridan South Elgin Wayne West Dundee Yorkville Colleges and universities Aurora University Elgin Community College Judson University Waubonsee Community College v t e Chicago metropolitan area Major city Chicago Cities (over 30,000 in 2010) Aurora Berwyn Calumet City Chicago Heights Crystal Lake DeKalb Des Plaines Elgin Elmhurst Evanston Gary Hammond Joliet Kenosha Naperville North Chicago Park Ridge Portage St. Charles Valparaiso Waukegan Wheaton Towns and villages (over 30,000 in 2010) Addison Algonquin Arlington Heights Bartlett Bolingbrook Buffalo Grove Carol Stream Carpentersville Cicero Downers Grove Elk Grove Village Glendale Heights Glenview Gurnee Hanover Park Hoffman Estates Lombard Merrillville Mount Prospect Mundelein Northbrook Oak Lawn Oak Park Orland Park Oswego Palatine Plainfield Romeoville Schaumburg Skokie Streamwood Tinley Park Wheeling Woodridge Counties Cook DeKalb DuPage Grundy Jasper Kane Kendall Kenosha Lake, IL Lake, IN McHenry Newton Porter Will Regions Great Lakes Northern Illinois Northern Indiana Sub-regions Chicago Southland Eastern Ridges and Lowlands Fox Valley (Illinois) Golden Corridor Illinois Technology and Research Corridor North Shore (Chicago) Northwest Indiana Illinois, United States v t e Mayors of cities with populations exceeding 100,000 in Illinois Rahm Emanuel (Chicago) Richard Irvin (Aurora) Tom McNamara (Rockford) Bob O'Dekirk (Joliet) Steve Chirico (Naperville) Jim Langfelder (Springfield) Jim Ardis (Peoria) Dave Kaptain (Elgin) v t e  State of Illinois Springfield (capital) Topics Index Buildings and structures Census areas Communications Culture Delegations Earthquakes Economy Education Energy Environment Geography Government Health History Languages Law Music People Politics Portal Protected areas Society Sports Tourism Transportation Windmills Seal of Illinois Regions American Bottom Central Illinois Champaign–Urbana metropolitan area Chicago metropolitan area Collar counties Corn Belt Driftless Area Forgottonia Fox Valley Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state area Metro East Metro Lakeland Mississippi Alluvial Plain North Shore Northern Illinois Northwestern Illinois Peoria metropolitan area Quad Cities River Bend Rockford metropolitan area Southern Illinois Streatorland Wabash Valley Cities, towns and villages Alton/Granite City/Edwardsville Arlington Heights/Palatine Aurora/Naperville/Oswego/Plainfield Bartlett/Hanover Park/Streamwood Belleville/East St. Louis/Collinsville/O'Fallon Berwyn/Cicero Bloomington/Normal Bolingbrook/Romeoville Buffalo Grove/Wheeling Calumet City Canton Carbondale Carol Stream/Glendale Heights Centralia Champaign/Urbana Charleston/Mattoon Chicago Chicago Heights Crystal Lake/Algonquin Danville Decatur DeKalb/Sycamore Des Plaines/Mount Prospect/Park Ridge Dixon Downers Grove/Woodridge Effingham Elgin/Carpentersville Elmhurst/Lombard/Addison Evanston/Skokie Freeport Galesburg Glenview/Northbrook Harrisburg Jacksonville Joliet Kankakee/Bradley/Bourbonnais Lincoln Macomb Marion/Herrin Moline/East Moline/Rock Island Mount Vernon Mundelein Oak Lawn Oak Park Orland Park/Tinley Park Ottawa/Streator/LaSalle/Peru Peoria/Pekin/East Peoria/Morton/Washington Pontiac Quincy Rochelle Rockford/Belvidere/Machesney Park/Loves Park St. Charles Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates/Elk Grove Village Springfield Sterling/Rock Falls Taylorville Waukegan/North Chicago/Gurnee Wheaton Counties Adams Alexander Bond Boone Brown Bureau Calhoun Carroll Cass Champaign Christian Clark Clay Clinton Coles Cook Crawford Cumberland DeKalb DeWitt Douglas DuPage Edgar Edwards Effingham Fayette Ford Franklin Fulton Gallatin Greene Grundy Hamilton Hancock Hardin Henderson Henry Iroquois Jackson Jasper Jefferson Jersey Jo Daviess Johnson Kane Kankakee Kendall Knox LaSalle Lake Lawrence Lee Livingston Logan Macon Macoupin Madison Marion Marshall Mason Massac McDonough McHenry McLean Menard Mercer Monroe Montgomery Morgan Moultrie Ogle Peoria Perry Piatt Pike Pope Pulaski Putnam Randolph Richland Rock Island Saline Sangamon Schuyler Scott Shelby St. Clair Stark Stephenson Tazewell Union Vermilion Wabash Warren Washington Wayne White Whiteside Will Williamson Winnebago Woodford Authority control WorldCat Identities VIAF: 150112235 GND: 5009359-9 Retrieved from ",_Illinois&oldid=826250012#Newspapers" Categories: Aurora, Illinois1834 establishments in IllinoisChicago metropolitan areaCities in IllinoisCities in DuPage County, IllinoisCities in Kane County, IllinoisCities in Kendall County, IllinoisCities in Will County, IllinoisPopulated places established in 1834Hidden categories: Coordinates on WikidataAll articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from August 2013Wikipedia articles in need of updating from September 2014All Wikipedia articles in need of updatingAll articles with vague or ambiguous timeVague or ambiguous time from August 2013Articles needing additional references from June 2012All articles needing additional referencesWikipedia articles 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The Fox River And Galena Boulevard Dam, Paramount Theatre, Aurora Riverwalk, Civic Center, And Leland TowerFox River (Illinois River Tributary)Paramount Theatre (Aurora, Illinois)Leland TowerOfficial Logo Of Aurora, IllinoisLocation Of Aurora In DuPage, Kane, Kendall, And Will Counties, Illinois.Location Of Illinois In The United StatesGeographic Coordinate SystemDuPage County, IllinoisKane County, IllinoisKendall County, IllinoisWill County, IllinoisAurora Township, Kane County, IllinoisBatavia Township, Kane County, IllinoisSugar Grove Township, Kane County, IllinoisNaperville Township, DuPage County, IllinoisWinfield Township, DuPage County, IllinoisOswego Township, Kendall County, IllinoisWheatland Township, Will County, IllinoisMunicipal CorporationMayor–council Government2010 United States CensusList Of United States Cities By PopulationMetropolitan AreaList Of Metropolitan Statistical AreasTime ZoneCentral Time Zone (North America)UTC−6Daylight Saving TimeCentral Time Zone 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(restaurant)Wayne's World 2Wikipedia:VerifiabilityHelp:Introduction To Referencing With Wiki Markup/1Help:Maintenance Template RemovalCasey StengelFIFA World CupPremier LeagueBrazil National Football TeamArgentina National Football TeamFastpitch SoftballEddie FeignerGolfLPGA TourKellogg-Keebler ClassicAmeritech Senior OpenSenior PGA TourAurora UniversityAurora (Metra)Aurora Municipal Airport (Illinois)BNSF Railway LineMetraChicagoRoute 59 (Metra)BNSF RailroadRail YardPace (transit)MetraAurora (Metra)Greyhound LinesAmtrakTramAurora, Elgin And Fox River Electric CompanyInterurbanChicago Aurora And Elgin RailroadSuburban Transit Access RouteAurora Municipal Airport (Illinois)EnlargeRush–Copley Medical CenterRush–Copley Medical CenterInterstate 88 In IllinoisU.S. Route 30 In IllinoisU.S. Route 34 In IllinoisIllinois Route 25Illinois Route 31Illinois Route 56Illinois Route 59Illinois Route 110Public School Systems In Aurora, IllinoisAurora UniversityWaubonsee Community CollegeRasmussen CollegeFox River (Illinois River Tributary)DuPage County, IllinoisInterstate 88 (west)Batavia, IllinoisMaple Park, IllinoisOswego, IllinoisIllinois Mathematics And Science AcademyMagnet SchoolAurora Central Catholic High SchoolRosary High School (Aurora, Illinois)Marmion AcademyAurora Christian High SchoolAurora Public Library (Illinois)List Of People From Aurora, IllinoisWXFT-DTWPVN-CDPolnet CommunicationsTotal Living NetworkWaubonsee Community CollegeComcastWBIG (AM)WERV-FMWLEY-FMChicago TribuneKendall County, IllinoisAssociated PressLatin Kings (gang)Fox River (Illinois River Tributary)2014 Air Traffic Control Facility FireAir Traffic ControlHarris CorporationGoddess Of Victory Statue On Memorial Bridge, Built C. 1931. In Background Is Entrance To Hollywood Casino, C. 1993.VictoryStolp Island With Leland Tower From New York St. Bridge. Detail Of Memorial Bridge Figure Memory.Leland TowerMnemosyneView Of Stolp Island Historic Buildings From Downer Place With Architectural Details, Such As These Terracotta Tiles.TerracottaFormer Main Aurora Public Library, Remodeled C. 1969.Aurora Public Library (Illinois)The Old Aurora Post Office, Now Home To The SciTech Museum.Post OfficeDetail Of Unusual Mayan Revival Motif On The Old Elk's Building, Currently Housing The Aurora Election Commission.Maya ArchitectureThe Carousel And Food Court At Fox Valley Mall, Opened 1975.Fox Valley MallStatue Outside The Aurora Transportation Center, Aurora (Metra).Aurora (Metra)Sister CityMexicoIguala2007Portal:ChicagoUnited States Census BureauUnited States Census BureauComma-separated ValuesCleveland, OhioWabash, IndianaUnited States Census BureauNational Oceanic And Atmospheric AdministrationUnited States Census BureauWikisourceEncyclopædia Britannica Eleventh EditionThe American CyclopædiaNottingham Woods, IllinoisBatavia, IllinoisNorth Aurora, IllinoisWarrenville, IllinoisSugar Grove, IllinoisNaperville, IllinoisYorkville, IllinoisMontgomery, IllinoisOswego, IllinoisPlainfield, IllinoisTemplate:Aurora, IllinoisTemplate Talk:Aurora, IllinoisPublic School Systems In Aurora, IllinoisEast Aurora Public School District 131East Aurora High SchoolIndian Prairie School District 204Metea Valley High SchoolWaubonsie Valley High SchoolWest Aurora Public School District 129West Aurora High SchoolOswego Community Unit School District 308Illinois Mathematics And Science AcademyAurora Central Catholic High SchoolAurora Christian SchoolsMarmion AcademyRosary High School (Aurora, Illinois)Aurora UniversityWaubonsee Community CollegeAurora Regional Fire MuseumPhillips Park (Aurora, Illinois)Phillips Park ZooRush–Copley Medical CenterStolp IslandAurora Elks Lodge No. 705Graham Building (Aurora, Illinois)Grand Army Of The Republic Hall (Aurora, Illinois)Hotel Aurora (Aurora, Illinois)Keystone Building (Aurora, Illinois)Leland TowerParamount Theatre (Aurora, Illinois)Stolp Woolen Mill StoreFox Valley MallAurora (Metra Station)Aurora Municipal Airport (Illinois)Sugar Grove, IllinoisChicago Air Route Traffic Control CenterList Of People From Aurora, Illinois2014 Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center FireTemplate:DuPage County, IllinoisTemplate Talk:DuPage County, IllinoisDuPage County, IllinoisCounty SeatWheaton, IllinoisCity (Illinois)Batavia, IllinoisChicagoDarien, IllinoisElmhurst, IllinoisNaperville, IllinoisOakbrook Terrace, IllinoisSt. Charles, IllinoisWarrenville, IllinoisWest Chicago, IllinoisWheaton, IllinoisWood Dale, IllinoisVillage (Illinois)Addison, IllinoisBartlett, IllinoisBensenville, IllinoisBloomingdale, IllinoisBolingbrook, IllinoisBurr Ridge, IllinoisCarol Stream, IllinoisClarendon Hills, IllinoisDowners Grove, IllinoisElk Grove Village, IllinoisGlen Ellyn, IllinoisGlendale Heights, IllinoisHanover Park, IllinoisHinsdale, IllinoisItasca, IllinoisLemont, IllinoisLisle, IllinoisLombard, IllinoisOak Brook, IllinoisRoselle, IllinoisSchaumburg, IllinoisVilla Park, IllinoisWayne, IllinoisWestmont, IllinoisWillow Springs, IllinoisWillowbrook, DuPage County, IllinoisWinfield, IllinoisWoodridge, IllinoisCivil TownshipAddison Township, DuPage County, IllinoisBloomingdale Township, DuPage County, IllinoisDowners Grove Township, DuPage County, IllinoisLisle Township, DuPage County, IllinoisMilton Township, DuPage County, IllinoisNaperville Township, DuPage County, IllinoisWayne Township, DuPage County, IllinoisWinfield Township, DuPage County, IllinoisYork Township, DuPage County, IllinoisUnincorporated AreaBelmont, IllinoisCloverdale, IllinoisEola, IllinoisFlowerfield, IllinoisFullersburg, IllinoisKeeneyville, IllinoisLakewood, DuPage County, IllinoisMammoth Springs, IllinoisMedinah, IllinoisMunger, DuPage County, IllinoisNorth Glen Ellyn, IllinoisPalisades, IllinoisSouth Elmhurst, IllinoisSwift, IllinoisYork Center, IllinoisGhost TownGostyn, IllinoisOntarioville, IllinoisTedens, IllinoisWeston, DuPage County, IllinoisTemplate:Kane County, IllinoisTemplate Talk:Kane County, IllinoisKane County, IllinoisCounty SeatGeneva, IllinoisCity (Illinois)Batavia, IllinoisElgin, IllinoisGeneva, IllinoisSt. Charles, IllinoisVillage (Illinois)Algonquin, IllinoisBarrington Hills, IllinoisBartlett, IllinoisBig Rock, IllinoisBurlington, IllinoisCampton Hills, IllinoisCarpentersville, IllinoisEast Dundee, IllinoisElburn, IllinoisGilberts, IllinoisHampshire, IllinoisHoffman Estates, IllinoisHuntley, IllinoisKaneville, IllinoisLily Lake, IllinoisMaple Park, IllinoisMontgomery, IllinoisNorth Aurora, IllinoisPingree Grove, IllinoisSleepy Hollow, IllinoisSouth Elgin, IllinoisSugar Grove, IllinoisVirgil, IllinoisWayne, IllinoisWest Dundee, IllinoisCivil TownshipAurora Township, Kane County, IllinoisBatavia Township, Kane County, IllinoisBig Rock Township, Kane County, IllinoisBlackberry Township, Kane County, IllinoisBurlington Township, Kane County, IllinoisCampton Township, Kane County, IllinoisDundee Township, Kane County, IllinoisElgin Township, Kane County, IllinoisGeneva Township, Kane County, IllinoisHampshire Township, Kane County, IllinoisKaneville Township, Kane County, IllinoisPlato Township, Kane County, IllinoisRutland Township, Kane County, IllinoisSt. Charles Township, Kane County, IllinoisSugar Grove Township, Kane County, IllinoisVirgil Township, Kane County, IllinoisCensus-designated PlacePrestbury, IllinoisUnincorporated AreaAllens Corners, IllinoisAlmora, IllinoisBald Mound, IllinoisBowes, IllinoisFive Island Park, IllinoisFreeman, IllinoisLa Fox, IllinoisMooseheart, IllinoisNorth Plato, IllinoisNottingham Woods, IllinoisPlato Center, IllinoisRainbow Hills, IllinoisStarks, IllinoisUdina, IllinoisValley View, IllinoisWasco, IllinoisTemplate:Kendall County, IllinoisTemplate Talk:Kendall County, IllinoisKendall County, IllinoisCounty SeatYorkville, IllinoisCity (Illinois)Joliet, IllinoisPlano, IllinoisSandwich, IllinoisYorkville, IllinoisVillage (Illinois)Lisbon, IllinoisMillbrook, IllinoisMillington, IllinoisMinooka, IllinoisMontgomery, IllinoisNewark, IllinoisOswego, IllinoisPlainfield, IllinoisPlattville, IllinoisCivil TownshipBig Grove Township, Kendall County, IllinoisBristol Township, Kendall County, IllinoisFox Township, Kendall County, IllinoisKendall Township, Kendall County, IllinoisLisbon Township, Kendall County, IllinoisLittle Rock Township, Kendall County, IllinoisNa-Au-Say Township, Kendall County, IllinoisOswego Township, Kendall County, IllinoisSeward Township, Kendall County, IllinoisCensus-designated PlaceBoulder Hill, IllinoisUnincorporated AreaAment Corners, IllinoisBristol, IllinoisLittle Rock, IllinoisTemplate:Will County, IllinoisTemplate Talk:Will County, IllinoisWill County, IllinoisCounty SeatJoliet, IllinoisCity (Illinois)Braidwood, IllinoisCrest Hill, IllinoisJoliet, IllinoisLockport, IllinoisNaperville, IllinoisWilmington, Will County, IllinoisVillage (Illinois)Beecher, IllinoisBolingbrook, IllinoisChannahon, IllinoisCoal City, IllinoisCrete, IllinoisDiamond, IllinoisElwood, IllinoisFrankfort, IllinoisGodley, IllinoisHomer Glen, IllinoisLemont, IllinoisManhattan, IllinoisMatteson, IllinoisMinooka, IllinoisMokena, IllinoisMonee, IllinoisNew Lenox, IllinoisOrland Park, IllinoisPark Forest, IllinoisPeotone, IllinoisPlainfield, IllinoisRockdale, IllinoisRomeoville, IllinoisSauk Village, IllinoisShorewood, IllinoisSteger, IllinoisSymerton, IllinoisTinley Park, IllinoisUniversity Park, IllinoisWoodridge, IllinoisCensus-designated PlaceCrystal Lawns, IllinoisFairmont, IllinoisFrankfort Square, IllinoisIngalls Park, IllinoisLakewood Shores, IllinoisPreston Heights, IllinoisWillowbrook, Will County, IllinoisCivil TownshipChannahon Township, Will County, IllinoisCrete Township, Will County, IllinoisCuster Township, Will County, IllinoisDuPage Township, Will County, IllinoisFlorence Township, Will County, IllinoisFrankfort Township, Will County, IllinoisGreen Garden Township, Will County, IllinoisHomer Township, Will County, IllinoisJackson Township, Will County, IllinoisJoliet Township, Will County, IllinoisLockport Township, Will County, IllinoisManhattan Township, Will County, IllinoisMonee Township, Will County, IllinoisNew Lenox Township, Will County, IllinoisPeotone Township, Will County, IllinoisPlainfield Township, Will County, IllinoisReed Township, Will County, IllinoisTroy Township, Will County, IllinoisWashington Township, Will County, IllinoisWesley Township, Will County, IllinoisWheatland Township, Will County, IllinoisWill Township, Will County, IllinoisWilmington Township, Will County, IllinoisWilton Township, Will County, IllinoisUnincorporated AreaAndres, IllinoisBallou, IllinoisCuster Park, IllinoisGoodenow, IllinoisPierce, IllinoisPolk, IllinoisRitchie, IllinoisWilton, IllinoisWilton Center, IllinoisGhost TownMillsdale, IllinoisTemplate:Fox ValleyTemplate Talk:Fox ValleyFox Valley (Illinois)Northern IllinoisAlgonquin, IllinoisAntioch, IllinoisBatavia, IllinoisCarpentersville, IllinoisCary, IllinoisEast Dundee, IllinoisElgin, IllinoisFox Lake, IllinoisFox River Grove, IllinoisGeneva, IllinoisJohnsburg, IllinoisLake Barrington, IllinoisMcHenry, IllinoisMillington, IllinoisMontgomery, IllinoisNorth Aurora, IllinoisOswego, IllinoisOttawa, IllinoisPort Barrington, IllinoisSt. Charles, IllinoisSheridan, IllinoisSouth Elgin, IllinoisWayne, IllinoisWest Dundee, IllinoisYorkville, IllinoisAurora UniversityElgin Community CollegeJudson UniversityWaubonsee Community CollegeTemplate:Chicago Metropolitan AreaTemplate Talk:Chicago Metropolitan AreaChicago Metropolitan AreaChicagoChicago Landsat Image2010 United States CensusBerwyn, IllinoisCalumet City, IllinoisChicago Heights, IllinoisCrystal Lake, IllinoisDeKalb, IllinoisDes Plaines, IllinoisElgin, IllinoisElmhurst, IllinoisEvanston, IllinoisGary, IndianaHammond, IndianaJoliet, IllinoisKenosha, WisconsinNaperville, IllinoisNorth Chicago, IllinoisPark Ridge, IllinoisPortage, IndianaSt. Charles, IllinoisValparaiso, IndianaWaukegan, IllinoisWheaton, Illinois2010 United States CensusAddison, IllinoisAlgonquin, IllinoisArlington Heights, IllinoisBartlett, IllinoisBolingbrook, IllinoisBuffalo Grove, IllinoisCarol Stream, IllinoisCarpentersville, IllinoisCicero, IllinoisDowners Grove, IllinoisElk Grove Village, IllinoisGlendale Heights, IllinoisGlenview, IllinoisGurnee, IllinoisHanover Park, IllinoisHoffman Estates, IllinoisLombard, IllinoisMerrillville, IndianaMount Prospect, IllinoisMundelein, IllinoisNorthbrook, IllinoisOak Lawn, IllinoisOak Park, IllinoisOrland Park, IllinoisOswego, IllinoisPalatine, IllinoisPlainfield, IllinoisRomeoville, IllinoisSchaumburg, IllinoisSkokie, IllinoisStreamwood, IllinoisTinley Park, IllinoisWheeling, IllinoisWoodridge, IllinoisCook County, IllinoisDeKalb County, IllinoisDuPage County, IllinoisGrundy County, IllinoisJasper County, IndianaKane County, IllinoisKendall County, IllinoisKenosha County, WisconsinLake County, IllinoisLake County, IndianaMcHenry County, IllinoisNewton County, IndianaPorter County, IndianaWill County, IllinoisGreat Lakes Region (North America)Northern IllinoisNorthern IndianaChicago SouthlandEastern Ridges And LowlandsFox Valley (Illinois)Golden CorridorIllinois Technology And Research CorridorNorth Shore (Chicago)Northwest IndianaIllinoisUnited StatesTemplate:Illinois Cities And Mayors Of 100,000 PopulationTemplate Talk:Illinois Cities And Mayors Of 100,000 PopulationList Of United States Cities By PopulationRahm EmanuelChicagoThomas McNamara (Illinois Politician)Rockford, IllinoisBob O'DekirkJoliet, IllinoisSteve ChiricoNaperville, IllinoisJim LangfelderSpringfield, IllinoisJim ArdisPeoria, IllinoisDave KaptainElgin, IllinoisTemplate:IllinoisTemplate Talk:IllinoisU.S. StateIllinoisSpringfield, IllinoisOutline Of IllinoisIndex Of Illinois-related ArticlesCategory:Buildings And Structures In IllinoisIllinois Statistical AreasCategory:Communications In IllinoisCategory:Illinois CultureUnited States Congressional Delegations From IllinoisList Of Earthquakes In IllinoisEconomy Of IllinoisEducation In IllinoisEnergy In IllinoisCategory:Environment Of IllinoisGeography Of IllinoisGovernment Of IllinoisCategory:Health In IllinoisHistory Of IllinoisLanguages Of IllinoisLaw Of IllinoisMusic Of IllinoisList Of People From IllinoisPolitics Of IllinoisPortal:IllinoisList Of Protected Areas Of IllinoisCategory:Illinois SocietyList Of Professional Sports Teams In IllinoisCategory:Tourism In IllinoisIllinoisList Of Windmills In IllinoisSeal Of IllinoisSeal Of IllinoisAmerican BottomCentral IllinoisChampaign–Urbana Metropolitan AreaChicago Metropolitan AreaCollar CountiesCorn BeltDriftless AreaForgottoniaFox Valley (Illinois)Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky Tri-state AreaMetro EastMetro LakelandMississippi Alluvial PlainNorth Shore (Chicago)Northern IllinoisNorthwestern IllinoisPeoria Metropolitan Area, IllinoisQuad CitiesRiver Bend (Illinois)Rockford Metropolitan Area, IllinoisSouthern IllinoisStreatorlandWabash ValleyList Of Cities In IllinoisList Of Towns And Villages In IllinoisAlton, IllinoisGranite City, IllinoisEdwardsville, IllinoisArlington Heights, IllinoisPalatine, IllinoisNaperville, IllinoisOswego, IllinoisPlainfield, IllinoisBartlett, IllinoisHanover Park, IllinoisStreamwood, IllinoisBelleville, IllinoisEast St. Louis, IllinoisCollinsville, IllinoisO'Fallon, IllinoisBerwyn, IllinoisCicero, IllinoisBloomington, IllinoisNormal, IllinoisBolingbrook, IllinoisRomeoville, IllinoisBuffalo Grove, IllinoisWheeling, IllinoisCalumet City, IllinoisCanton, IllinoisCarbondale, IllinoisCarol Stream, IllinoisGlendale Heights, IllinoisCentralia, IllinoisChampaign, IllinoisUrbana, IllinoisCharleston, IllinoisMattoon, IllinoisChicagoChicago Heights, IllinoisCrystal Lake, IllinoisAlgonquin, IllinoisDanville, IllinoisDecatur, IllinoisDeKalb, IllinoisSycamore, IllinoisDes Plaines, IllinoisMount Prospect, IllinoisPark Ridge, IllinoisDixon, IllinoisDowners Grove, IllinoisWoodridge, IllinoisEffingham, IllinoisElgin, IllinoisCarpentersville, IllinoisElmhurst, IllinoisLombard, IllinoisAddison, IllinoisEvanston, IllinoisSkokie, IllinoisFreeport, IllinoisGalesburg, IllinoisGlenview, IllinoisNorthbrook, IllinoisHarrisburg, IllinoisJacksonville, IllinoisJoliet, IllinoisKankakee, IllinoisBradley, IllinoisBourbonnais, IllinoisLincoln, IllinoisMacomb, IllinoisMarion, IllinoisHerrin, IllinoisMoline, IllinoisEast Moline, IllinoisRock Island, IllinoisMount Vernon, IllinoisMundelein, IllinoisOak Lawn, IllinoisOak Park, IllinoisOrland Park, IllinoisTinley Park, IllinoisOttawa, IllinoisStreator, IllinoisLaSalle, IllinoisPeru, IllinoisPeoria, IllinoisPekin, IllinoisEast Peoria, IllinoisMorton, IllinoisWashington, IllinoisPontiac, IllinoisQuincy, IllinoisRochelle, IllinoisRockford, IllinoisBelvidere, IllinoisMachesney Park, IllinoisLoves Park, IllinoisSt. Charles, IllinoisSchaumburg, IllinoisHoffman Estates, IllinoisElk Grove Village, IllinoisSpringfield, IllinoisSterling, IllinoisRock Falls, IllinoisTaylorville, IllinoisWaukegan, IllinoisNorth Chicago, IllinoisGurnee, IllinoisWheaton, IllinoisList Of Counties In IllinoisAdams County, IllinoisAlexander County, IllinoisBond County, IllinoisBoone County, IllinoisBrown County, IllinoisBureau County, IllinoisCalhoun County, IllinoisCarroll County, IllinoisCass County, IllinoisChampaign County, IllinoisChristian County, IllinoisClark County, IllinoisClay County, IllinoisClinton County, IllinoisColes County, IllinoisCook County, IllinoisCrawford County, IllinoisCumberland County, IllinoisDeKalb County, IllinoisDeWitt County, IllinoisDouglas County, IllinoisDuPage County, IllinoisEdgar County, IllinoisEdwards County, IllinoisEffingham County, IllinoisFayette County, IllinoisFord County, IllinoisFranklin County, IllinoisFulton County, IllinoisGallatin County, IllinoisGreene County, IllinoisGrundy County, IllinoisHamilton County, IllinoisHancock County, IllinoisHardin County, IllinoisHenderson County, IllinoisHenry County, IllinoisIroquois County, IllinoisJackson County, IllinoisJasper County, IllinoisJefferson County, IllinoisJersey County, IllinoisJo Daviess County, IllinoisJohnson County, IllinoisKane County, IllinoisKankakee County, IllinoisKendall County, IllinoisKnox County, IllinoisLaSalle County, IllinoisLake County, IllinoisLawrence County, IllinoisLee County, IllinoisLivingston County, IllinoisLogan County, IllinoisMacon County, IllinoisMacoupin County, IllinoisMadison County, IllinoisMarion County, IllinoisMarshall County, IllinoisMason County, IllinoisMassac County, IllinoisMcDonough County, IllinoisMcHenry County, IllinoisMcLean County, IllinoisMenard County, IllinoisMercer County, IllinoisMonroe County, IllinoisMontgomery County, IllinoisMorgan County, IllinoisMoultrie County, IllinoisOgle County, IllinoisPeoria County, IllinoisPerry County, IllinoisPiatt County, IllinoisPike County, IllinoisPope County, IllinoisPulaski County, IllinoisPutnam County, IllinoisRandolph County, IllinoisRichland County, IllinoisRock Island County, IllinoisSaline County, IllinoisSangamon County, IllinoisSchuyler County, IllinoisScott County, IllinoisShelby County, IllinoisSt. Clair County, IllinoisStark County, IllinoisStephenson County, IllinoisTazewell County, IllinoisUnion County, IllinoisVermilion County, IllinoisWabash County, IllinoisWarren County, IllinoisWashington County, IllinoisWayne County, IllinoisWhite County, IllinoisWhiteside County, IllinoisWill County, IllinoisWilliamson County, IllinoisWinnebago County, IllinoisWoodford County, IllinoisHelp:Authority ControlVirtual International Authority FileIntegrated Authority FileHelp:CategoryCategory:Aurora, IllinoisCategory:1834 Establishments In IllinoisCategory:Chicago Metropolitan AreaCategory:Cities In IllinoisCategory:Cities In DuPage County, IllinoisCategory:Cities In Kane County, IllinoisCategory:Cities In Kendall County, IllinoisCategory:Cities In Will County, 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