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List of territorial authorities[edit] Name Seat Area (km2)[1] Population[3] Rank (population) Density (/km2) Region(s)2 Island Far North District Kaikohe 7003667700000000000♠6,677 7004632000000000000♠63,200 14 7000947000000000000♠9.47 Northland North Whangarei District Whangarei 7003271200000000000♠2,712 7004897000000000000♠89,700 8 7001330800000000000♠33.08 Northland North Kaipara District Dargaville 7003310900000000000♠3,109 7004225000000000000♠22,500 43 7000724000000000000♠7.24 Northland North Auckland Auckland 7003494000000000000♠4,940 7006165720000000000♠1,657,200 1 7002335470000000000♠335.47 unitary authority North Thames-Coromandel District Thames 7003220700000000000♠2,207 7004290000000000000♠29,000 38 7001131400000000000♠13.14 Waikato North Hauraki District Paeroa 7003127000000000000♠1,270 7004198500000000000♠19,850 45 7001156300000000000♠15.63 Waikato North Waikato District Ngaruawahia 7003440300000000000♠4,403 7004736000000000000♠73,600 12 7001167200000000000♠16.72 Waikato North Matamata-Piako District Te Aroha 7003175500000000000♠1,755 7004347000000000000♠34,700 33 7001197700000000000♠19.77 Waikato North Hamilton City Hamilton 7002110000000000000♠110 7005165400000000000♠165,400 4 7003150364000000000♠1,503.64 Waikato North Waipa District Te Awamutu 7003147000000000000♠1,470 7004530000000000000♠53,000 21 7001360509999900000♠36.05 Waikato North Otorohanga District Otorohanga 7003199900000000000♠1,999 7004101000000000000♠10,100 56 7000505000000000000♠5.05 Waikato North South Waikato District Tokoroa 7003181900000000000♠1,819 7004242000000000000♠24,200 41 7001133000000000000♠13.30 Waikato North Waitomo District Te Kuiti 7003353500000000000♠3,535 7003973000000000000♠9,730 56 7000275000000000000♠2.75 Waikato (94.87%) Manawatu-Wanganui (5.13%) North Taupo District Taupo 7003633300000000000♠6,333 7004368000000000000♠36,800 30 7000580990000000000♠5.81 Waikato (73.74%) Bay of Plenty (14.31%) Hawke's Bay (11.26%) Manawatu-Wanganui (0.69%) North Western Bay of Plenty District Greerton1 7003195100000000000♠1,951 7004490000000000000♠49,000 25 7001251200000000000♠25.12 Bay of Plenty North Tauranga City Tauranga 7002135000000000000♠135 7005131500000000000♠131,500 5 7002952900000000000♠952.90 Bay of Plenty North Rotorua District Rotorua 7003240900000000000♠2,409 7004717000000000000♠71,700 13 7001297600000000000♠29.76 Bay of Plenty (61.52%) Waikato (38.48%) North Whakatane District Whakatane 7003445000000000000♠4,450 7004355000000000000♠35,500 31 7000798000000000000♠7.98 Bay of Plenty North Kawerau District Kawerau 7001240000000000000♠24 7003693000000000000♠6,930 64 7002288750000000000♠288.75 Bay of Plenty North Opotiki District Opotiki 7003308900000000000♠3,089 7003901000000000000♠9,010 60 7000292000000000000♠2.92 Bay of Plenty North Gisborne District Gisborne 7003838600000000000♠8,386 7004485000000000000♠48,500 24 7000578000000000000♠5.78 unitary authority North Wairoa District Wairoa 7003407700000000000♠4,077 7003821000000000000♠8,210 62 7000200999999999999♠2.01 Hawke's Bay North Hastings District Hastings 7003522700000000000♠5,227 7004799000000000000♠79,900 11 7001152900000000000♠15.29 Hawke's Bay North Napier City Napier 7002105000000000000♠105 7004620000000000000♠62,000 15 7002590480000000000♠590.48 Hawke's Bay North Central Hawke's Bay District Waipawa 7003333200000000000♠3,332 7004138500000000000♠13,850 49 7000416000000000000♠4.16 Hawke's Bay North New Plymouth District New Plymouth 7003220500000000000♠2,205 7004807000000000000♠80,700 10 7001366000000000000♠36.60 Taranaki North Stratford District Stratford 7003216300000000000♠2,163 7003942000000000000♠9,420 58 7000436000000000000♠4.36 Taranaki (68.13%) Manawatu-Wanganui (31.87%) North South Taranaki District Hawera 7003357500000000000♠3,575 7004280000000000000♠28,000 39 7000783000000000000♠7.83 Taranaki North Ruapehu District Taumarunui 7003673400000000000♠6,734 7004127000000000000♠12,700 52t 7000189000000000000♠1.89 Manawatu-Wanganui North Whanganui District Whanganui 7003237300000000000♠2,373 7004445000000000000♠44,500 28 7001187500000000000♠18.75 Manawatu-Wanganui North Rangitikei District Marton 7003448400000000000♠4,484 7004150000000000000♠15,000 48 7000335000000000000♠3.35 Manawatu-Wanganui (86.37%) Hawke's Bay (13.63%) North Manawatu District Feilding 7003265700000000000♠2,657 7004303000000000000♠30,300 37 7001114000000000000♠11.40 Manawatu-Wanganui North Palmerston North City Palmerston North 7002395000000000000♠395 7004873000000000000♠87,300 9 7002221010000000000♠221.01 Manawatu-Wanganui North Tararua District Dannevirke 7003436400000000000♠4,364 7004178000000000000♠17,800 46 7000408000000000000♠4.08 Manawatu-Wanganui (98.42%) Wellington (1.58%) North Horowhenua District Levin 7003106400000000000♠1,064 7004325000000000000♠32,500 35 7001305500000000000♠30.55 Manawatu-Wanganui North Kapiti Coast District Paraparaumu 7002731000000000000♠731 7004527000000000000♠52,700 20 7001720900000000000♠72.09 Wellington North Porirua City Porirua 7002175000000000000♠175 7004561000000000000♠56,100 18 7002320570000000000♠320.57 Wellington North Upper Hutt City Upper Hutt 7002540000000000000♠540 7004432000000000000♠43,200 29 7001800000000000000♠80.00 Wellington North Lower Hutt City Lower Hutt 7002376000000000000♠376 7005104700000000000♠104,700 7 7002278450000099999♠278.46 Wellington North Wellington City Wellington 7002290000000000000♠290 7005212700000000000♠212,700 3 7002733450000000000♠733.45 Wellington North Masterton District Masterton 7003230000000000000♠2,300 7004252000000000000♠25,200 40 7001109600000000000♠10.96 Wellington North Carterton District Carterton 7003118000000000000♠1,180 7003906000000000000♠9,060 59 7000768000000000000♠7.68 Wellington North South Wairarapa District Martinborough 7003238700000000000♠2,387 7004102500000000000♠10,250 55 7000429000000000000♠4.29 Wellington North Tasman District Richmond 7003961600000000000♠9,616 7004511000000000000♠51,100 23 7000530990000099999♠5.31 unitary authority South Nelson City Nelson 7002424000000000000♠424 7004514000000000000♠51,400 22 7002121230000000000♠121.23 unitary authority South Marlborough District Blenheim 7004104580000000000♠10,458 7004462000000000000♠46,200 27 7000442000000000000♠4.42 unitary authority South Buller District Westport 7003794200000000000♠7,942 7004101500000000000♠10,150 54 7000128000000000000♠1.28 West Coast South Grey District Greymouth 7003347400000000000♠3,474 7004135000000000000♠13,500 50 7000389000000000000♠3.89 West Coast South Westland District Hokitika 7004118280000000000♠11,828 7003881000000000000♠8,810 61 6999740000000000000♠0.74 West Coast South Kaikoura District Kaikoura 7003204700000000000♠2,047 7003371000000000000♠3,710 66 7000181000000000000♠1.81 Canterbury South Hurunui District Amberley 7003864100000000000♠8,641 7004128000000000000♠12,800 51 7000148000000000000♠1.48 Canterbury South Waimakariri District Rangiora 7003221700000000000♠2,217 7004592000000000000♠59,200 16 7001267000000000000♠26.70 Canterbury South Christchurch City Christchurch 7003141500000000000♠1,415[4] 7005381500000000000♠381,500 2 7002269610000000000♠269.61 Canterbury South Selwyn District Rolleston 7003638100000000000♠6,381 7004593000000000000♠59,300 17 7000928990000099999♠9.29 Canterbury South Ashburton District Ashburton 7003618300000000000♠6,183 7004341000000000000♠34,100 34 7000551990000099999♠5.52 Canterbury South Timaru District Timaru 7003273300000000000♠2,733 7004471000000000000♠47,100 26 7001172300000000000♠17.23 Canterbury South Mackenzie District Fairlie 7003714000000000000♠7,140 7003460000000000000♠4,600 65 6999640000000000000♠0.64 Canterbury South Waimate District Waimate 7003355400000000000♠3,554 7003789000000000000♠7,890 63 7000222000000000000♠2.22 Canterbury South Chatham Islands Territory Waitangi 7002794000000000000♠794 7002640000000000000♠640 67 6999810000000000000♠0.81 unitary authority South Waitaki District Oamaru 7003710900000000000♠7,109 7004222000000000000♠22,200 42 7000312000000000000♠3.12 Canterbury (59.61%) Otago (40.39%) South Central Otago District Alexandra 7003995600000000000♠9,956 7004203000000000000♠20,300 44 7000204000000000000♠2.04 Otago South Queenstown-Lakes District Queenstown 7003871900000000000♠8,719 7004371000000000000♠37,100 32 7000426000000000000♠4.26 Otago South Dunedin City Dunedin 7003328700000000000♠3,287 7005128800000000000♠128,800 6 7001391800000000000♠39.18 Otago South Clutha District Balclutha 7003633400000000000♠6,334 7004175500000000000♠17,550 47 7000277000000000000♠2.77 Otago South Southland District Invercargill 7004295520000000000♠29,552[5] 7004311000000000000♠31,100 36 7000105000000000000♠1.05 Southland South Gore District Gore 7003125400000000000♠1,254 7004124500000000000♠12,450 52t 7000993000000000000♠9.93 Southland South Invercargill City Invercargill 7002389000000000000♠389 7004548000000000000♠54,800 19 7002140870000000000♠140.87 Southland South 1 A suburb of Tauranga City 2 Percentages are of land area. ^ Population as of June 2017 ^ Total of Christchurch City and Banks Peninsula areas ^ Includes Stewart Island/Rakiura, also listed separately below, and Solander Islands. Offshore islands[edit] There are a number of islands where the Minister of Local Government is the territorial authority, two of which have a 'permanent population and/or permanent buildings and structures.' The main islands are listed below (population according to 2001 census in parenthesis): Mayor Island/Tuhua (3) Motiti Island (30) Whakaari/White Island Moutohora Island Bare Island In addition, seven of the nine groups of the New Zealand Outlying Islands are outside of any territorial authority: Kermadec Islands (3) Three Kings Islands Bounty Islands The Snares Antipodes Islands Auckland Islands Campbell Islands

History[edit] 1989 local government reforms[edit] For many decades until the local government reforms of 1989, a borough with more than 20,000 people could be proclaimed a city. The boundaries of councils tended to follow the edge of the built-up area, so little distinction was made between the urban area and the local government area. New Zealand’s local government structural arrangements were significantly reformed by the Local Government Commission in 1989 when approximately 700 councils and special purpose bodies were amalgamated to create 87 new local authorities. Regional councils were reduced in number from 20 to 13, territorial authorities (city/district councils) from 200 to 75, and special purpose bodies from over 400 to 7.[2] The new district and city councils were generally much larger and most covered substantial areas of both urban and rural land. Many places that once had a city council were now being administered by a district council. As a result, the term "city" began to take on two meanings. The word "city" came to be used in a less formal sense to describe major urban areas independent of local body boundaries. This informal usage is jealously guarded. Gisborne, for example, adamantly described itself as the first city in the world to see the new millennium. Gisborne is administered by a district council, but its status as a city is not generally disputed. Under the current law the minimum population for a new city is 50,000. Changes since 1989[edit] Since the 1989 reorganisations, there have been few major reorganisations or status changes in local government. Incomplete list: 1991: Invercargill re-proclaimed a city. 1992: Nelson-Marlborough Regional Council abolished by a Local Government Amendment Act. Of its territorial authorities, Kaikoura District was transferred to the Canterbury Region, and Nelson City and Tasman and Marlborough districts became unitary authorities. 1995: The Chatham Islands County was dissolved and reconstituted by a specific Act of Parliament as the "Chatham Islands Territory", with powers similar to those of territorial authorities and some functions similar to those of a regional council.[3] 2004: Tauranga became a city again on 1 March. 2006: Banks Peninsula District merged into Christchurch City as a result of 2005 referendum. 2010: Auckland Council, a unitary authority, replaced seven local councils and the regional council. Reports on completed reorganisation proposals since 1999 are available on the Local Government Commission's site (link below). 2007–2009 Royal Commission on Auckland Governance[edit] On 26 March 2009, the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance recommended the Rodney, North Shore, Waitakere, Auckland City, Manukau, Papakura and Franklin territorial councils and the Auckland Regional Council be abolished and the entire Auckland region to be amalgamated into one "supercity".[4] The area would consist of one city council (with statutory provision for three Maori councillors), four urban local councils, and two rural local councils: Rodney local council would lose Orewa, Dairy Flat, and Whangaparaoa but retain the remainder of the current Rodney District. The split areas as well as the current North Shore City would form a Waitemata local council. Waitakere local council would consist of the current Waitakere City as well as the Avondale area. Tamaki Makaurau would consist of the current Auckland City and Otahuhu (excluding CBD) Manukau local council would consist of the urban parts of the current Manukau City and of the Papakura District. Hunua local council would consist of the entire Franklin District, much of which is currently in the Waikato Region, along with rural areas of the current Papakura District and Manukau City. The entire Papakura District would be dissolved between urban and rural councils. The National-led Government responded within about a week. Its proposal, which will go to a Select Committee, has the supercity and many community boards but no local councils and for the first election no separate seats for Maori. Public reaction to the Royal Commission report was mixed, especially in regards to the Government's amended proposal. Auckland Mayor John Banks supported the amended merger plans.[5] Criticism of the amended proposal came largely from residents in Manukau, Waitakere and North Shore Cities.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12] In addition, Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples spoke against the exclusion of the Maori seats, as recommended by the Royal Commission.[13][14] Opposition Leader Phil Goff called for a referendum on the issue.[15] Creation of Auckland Council[edit] Auckland Council was created on 1 November 2010 — a unitary authority that is classed as both a region and a territorial authority. It incorporated the recommendations of the Royal Commission and was established via legislation.[16] Auckland Council is uniquely divided into "local boards" representing the lowest tier of local government.[17] Failed proposed changes[edit] 2015: Proposals to amalgamate local councils in Wellington[18] and Northland were accepted[19] by the Local Government Commission for consideration, although following consultation they ultimately were not formed into a final proposal. The status quo remains. 2015: Amalgamation of four local councils and the regional council in Hawke's Bay was proposed by the Local Government Commission. A district wide referendum was held in Sep-2015, and the proposal was defeated by 66% of voters.[20]

See also[edit] New Zealand portal Mayors in New Zealand Districts of New Zealand List of cities in New Zealand List of former territorial authorities in New Zealand Local Government Act 1974 (New Zealand) Local Government Act 2002 (New Zealand) Local Government New Zealand Ranked list of New Zealand urban areas

References[edit] ^ Living Density: Table 1, Housing Statistics, Statistics New Zealand. Accessed 25 January 2009. Areas are based on 2001 boundaries. Water bodies greater than 15 hectares are excluded. ^ Local Government Reform in New Zealand Wallis, J.and Dollery, B. (2000) Local Government Reform in New Zealand. Working Paper Series in Economics, No 2000-7,May 2000, ISBN 1-86389-682-1, University of New England School of Economic Studies, Armidale NSW 2351 Australia. Copyright 2000 by Joe Wallis and Brian Dollery. ^ Chatham Islands Council Act 1995, Parliament of New Zealand, 1995, Statute No 041, Commenced: 1 November 1995, retrieved 4 February 2008. ^ Thompson, Wayne (28 March 2009). "Super-city tipped to save $113m a year". The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved 2009-03-29.  ^ Thompson, Wayne (8 April 2009). "Proposal 'a great start' says Banks, but other mayors critical – Super City – NZ Herald News". The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ "Protest gets backing". Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ "Marching for Waitakere". Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ "Supercity protesters hit the streets – national". 22 April 2009. Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ Udanga, Romy. "Call for a united front". Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ Udanga, Romy. "Supercity fears emerge". Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ Kemeys, David. "Who stole our voice? – auckland". Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ "Govt's super-council leaflets anger mayor – National – NZ Herald News". The New Zealand Herald. 24 April 2009. Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ Tahana, Yvonne (8 April 2009). "Anger rises over lack of Maori seats – National – NZ Herald News". The New Zealand Herald. Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ Kotze, Karen. "Hui calls for representation". Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ "Let Auckland decide on local government changes | Scoop News". 24 April 2009. Retrieved 13 November 2011.  ^ "Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 No 32 (as at 10 May 2016), Public Act Contents – New Zealand Legislation". Parliamentary Counsel Office. Retrieved 5 February 2017.  ^ "Better Local Government". Department of Internal Affairs. Retrieved 21 November 2015.  ^ [1] ^ [2] ^ "Hawke's Bay Reorganisation Poll : PROGRESS RESULT" (PDF). Retrieved 2015-10-04. 

External links[edit] Local Councils (maintained by the Department of Internal Affairs) Local Government Services at the Department of Internal Affairs site (includes the Local Government Directory at the bottom of the page) Administration of Offshore Islands Local Government Commission site Local Government Online Limited site (portal site owned by the Society of Local Government Managers and the Association of Local Government Information Management) Local Government New Zealand region and district boundaries – North Island Local Government New Zealand region and district boundaries – South Island Statistics New Zealand clickable map for local body and area unit detail over all of New Zealand v t e Territorial authorities of New Zealand Cities North Island Auckland Hamilton Tauranga Napier Palmerston North Porirua Upper Hutt Lower Hutt Wellington South Island Nelson Christchurch Dunedin Invercargill Districts North Island Far North Whangarei Kaipara Thames-Coromandel Hauraki Waikato Matamata-Piako Waipa South Waikato Otorohanga Rotorua Waitomo Taupo Western Bay of Plenty Whakatane Kawerau Opotiki Gisborne Wairoa Hastings Central Hawke's Bay New Plymouth Stratford South Taranaki Ruapehu Whanganui Rangitikei Manawatu Tararua Horowhenua Kapiti Coast Masterton Carterton South Wairarapa South Island Tasman Marlborough Buller Grey Westland Kaikoura Hurunui Waimakariri Selwyn Ashburton Timaru Mackenzie Waimate Waitaki Queenstown-Lakes Central Otago Clutha Gore Southland Other Chatham Islands Authorities in italics are unitary authorities v t e Administrative divisions of the Realm of New Zealand Sovereign states  New Zealand      Cook Islands  Niue Regions 11 non-unitary regions 5 unitary regions Chatham Islands   Outlying islands outside any regional authority (the Kermadec Islands, Three Kings Islands, and Subantarctic Islands) Ross Dependency  Tokelau 15 islands 14 villages Territorial authorities 13 cities and 53 districts Notes Some districts lie in more than one region These combine the regional and the territorial authority levels in one Special territorial authority The outlying Solander Islands form part of the Southland Region New Zealand's Antarctic territory Non-self-governing territory of New Zealand States in free association with New Zealand v t e Articles on second-level administrative divisions of Oceanian countries Australasia Australia New Zealand Melanesia East Timor Papua New Guinea Micronesia Marshall Islands Federated States of Micronesia Polynesia Tonga Table of administrative country subdivisions by country Retrieved from "" Categories: Territorial authorities of New ZealandLists of subdivisions of New ZealandCountry subdivisions in OceaniaSecond-level administrative country subdivisionsNew Zealand-related listsHidden categories: Use dmy dates from November 2011

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