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History[edit] In 1928, the City of Santa Monica launched its first route. Choosing a blue livery, it was called Santa Monica Municipal Bus Lines. It kept its base fare at 10 cents for a long time. The impetus for the creation was a fare increase on the Pacific Electric interurban trains between Santa Monica and Los Angeles. The Santa Monica bus connected with the Los Angeles Railway streetcars at Pico and Rimpau Boulevards in the Mid-City section of Los Angeles. That historic terminus point has become an important transit center in Los Angeles simply because it is the point where thousands of bus riders along Pico Boulevard must transfer to continue their trips eastward to Downtown Los Angeles or westward to the Westside. The Big Blue Bus is considered one of the best bus services in the Los Angeles area. The system won the American Public Transportation Association’s Outstanding Transportation System award in 1987, 1992, 1997, 2000 and 2011. The Big Blue Bus did not raise its regular fare above 50 cents until 2002, when it became 75 cents. In contrast, most public bus lines in California were charging fares of a dollar or more well before 2000. There was no monthly pass until August 2010[3] except for the EZ Pass, and unlike other EZ Pass agencies, Metrolink fare media are not accepted. However, allowing for the inevitability of traffic delays on weekday afternoons, the Big Blue Bus system provides frequent and convenient service to most neighborhoods in its service area. Many routes serve UCLA. The Big Blue Bus was one of the last transit agencies using the GMC New Look buses; they were retired in 2005. Big Blue Bus received the last New Looks ever built. The last one built, #5180, was driven off the property in May 2013 after being donated to the Museum of Bus Transportation in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which preserves the bus. It was also the first transit agency in the State of California to use the Grumman-Flxible Model 870 advanced design transit buses equipped with Lift-U wheelchair lifts beginning in 1978, and the third customer after Atlanta's MARTA, and the Connecticut's Department of Transportation's CT Transit's order of these buses. These buses never experienced the same chronic structural problems that plagued these early vehicles that were also sold to other transit agencies. These were also the very first production buses built with wheelchair lifts before ADA effectively became law of the land in 1990. For 20 years until December 1999 Santa Monica Bank ran a series of humorous ads on the back of the buses. Examples include "Old and wrinkled is beautiful. Especially in large denominations", "Go invest, young man", "Was it his eyes? His lips? His jumbo CD?" and (the final one) "After 20 years on the bus, we've reached our stop". The campaign ended as the bank was absorbed by U.S. Bank.[4] The system was started by former Brentwood resident Rudolph F. Brunner, who later sold the system thinking it wouldn't amount to any more than a few dollars a week.

Incidents[edit] On November 20, 2012, a Big Blue Bus turned left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist, which resulted in the 25-year-old man's death. The accident occurred at approximately 10:33 a.m. at the triangular intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Marquez in the Pacific Palisades. Only buses are allowed to make the left turn, a maneuver that has been determined to be too dangerous for other vehicles. On June 7, 2013, Bus 4057 of Big Blue Bus was among several vehicles fired at during a thirteen-minute killing spree that left six people dead, including the gunman, and four others wounded. Three women suffered minor injuries aboard the bus, one from shrapnel-type injuries and the other two from injuries unrelated to the gunfire.[5] Approximately two dozen people were inside the bus at the time of the shooting. The attack on Bus 4057 marked the first time a Big Blue Bus came under attack by a gunman in its 85-year service.[6] A Big Blue Bus in Westwood.

Routes[edit] Big Blue Bus operates 14 local routes, 3 Rapid routes, and 1 express route in Los Angeles County.[7] − Route Terminals Via Days of Operation# Notes 1 UCLA‡ Venice Windward Circle Santa Monica Boulevard, Main Street Daily service 2 UCLA‡ Santa Monica Civic Center Wilshire Boulevard Daily service 3 Santa Monica Arizona Avenue and 5th Street Westchester, Los Angeles Aviation/LAX station Lincoln Boulevard Daily service Operates alongside the Rapid 3 Serves LAX City Bus Center Rapid 3 Santa Monica Arizona Avenue and 5th Street Westchester, Los Angeles Aviation/LAX station Lincoln Boulevard Daily service Operates alongside Line 3 Serves LAX City Bus Center See also: Metro Rapid 5 Santa Monica Civic Center Century City Westfield Century City Colorado Ave, Olympic Blvd (daily) Motor Ave, Manning Ave (weekdays) Daily service Palms station (weekdays) 7 Santa Monica 7th Street and Olympic Boulevard Mid-City, Rimpau Transit Center (Pico Boulevard and Rimpau Boulevard) Pico Boulevard Daily service Operates alongside the Rapid 7 Three trips westbound in the morning and three trips eastbound in the afternoon deviate from Pico Blvd. to serve Beverlywood. Rapid 7 Santa Monica 7th Street and Olympic Boulevard Mid-Wilshire, Wilshire/Western station Pico Boulevard Daily service Operates alongside Line 7 See also: Metro Rapid 8 Santa Monica 7th Street and Olympic Boulevard UCLA‡ Ocean Park Boulevard, National Boulevard, Westwood Boulevard Daily service 9 Pacific Palisades Sunset Boulevard and Marquez Avenue Santa Monica Civic Center Sunset Boulevard, Chatauqua Boulevard, 4th Street Daily service Rapid 10 Santa Monica 2nd Street and Colorado Avenue Downtown Los Angeles Main and Alameda Streets In Santa Monica: Santa Monica Boulevard Express Portion: Santa Monica Freeway In Downtown LA: Grand & Olive Streets Weekdays only Charges an express upgrade upon boarding. See also: Metro Rapid Rapid 12 UCLA Charles E Young/P2 Hub Culver City Overland Avenue and Venice Boulevard Westwood Boulevard, Overland Avenue Daily service See also: Metro Rapid 14 Brentwood San Vicente Boulevard and Gorham Avenue Playa Vista Artisans Way and Centinela Avenue Bundy Drive, Centinela Avenue Daily service Select trips continue to Paul Revere Middle School after reaching Brentwood. 15 Brentwood Barrington Place and Chayote Street West Los Angeles Expo/Bundy station Barrington Avenue Daily service Service runs every 30 min on Weekdays and Saturday and hourly on Sunday. 16 Marina del Rey Lincoln Boulevard and Mindanao Way West Los Angeles Saltair Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard Walgrove Avenue/23rd Street, 20th Street Weekdays only 17 UCLA‡ (weekdays) Culver City Culver City Expo Line Station Sawtelle Boulevard, Palms Boulevard Daily service West Los Angeles (weekends) VA West Los Angeles Medical Center 18 UCLA‡ (weekdays/Saturday) Marina Del Rey Admiralty Way and Via Marina Montana Avenue, 4th Street/Avenue Daily service Brentwood (Sunday)San Vicente Boulevard & Bringham Avenue 41 Santa Monica 14th Street and Pico 14th/20th Streets Daily service Service operates in a clockwise loop and terminates at 14th Street and Pico Operates in the opposite direction of Line 42 42 Santa Monica 16th Street and Pico- Santa Monica College 20th/14th Streets Daily service Service operates in a counterclockwise loop and terminates at 16th Street and Pico- Santa Monica College Operates in the opposite direction of Line 41 43 Santa Monica 16th Street and Pico- Santa Monica College Santa Monica San Vicente Boulevard and 14th Street 26th Street and San Vicente Boulevard Weekdays only during peak hours Select eastbound trips to San Vicente Boulevard and 14th Street deviate to serve Paul Revere Middle School. 44 Santa Monica 17th Street/Santa Monica College Station West Los Angeles Santa Monica College Bundy Campus Bundy Drive, Ocean Park Boulevard, 14th Street, and 17th Street Weekdays only Service connects the 17th Street/Santa Monica College station, the Santa Monica College Main Campus and the Santa Monica College Bundy Campus. Limited service when SMC is not in session. # Sunday schedules are operated on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. ‡ On the non-rapid routes, weekday trips between 7am and 8pm serve UCLA Transit Center / Hilgard Terminal; weekday trips from 8p-7a and all weekend trips serve Charles E Young/P2 Hub (Charles E. Young Dr. between Westholme Ave. and Manning Ave.). Rapid 12 always serves Charles E Young/P2 Hub.[8]

Fleet[edit] Current[edit] Order Year Manufacturer Image Model Length (ft.) Fleet Series (Quantity) Powertrain (Engine/Transmission) Fuel Propulsion Notes 2004-05 NFI L40LF 40 4038-4089 (41) (12 retired) Cummins Westport C-Gas Plus ZF Ecomat 6HP602 LNG The last LNG buses in the Big Blue Bus fleet. 4070-4072, 4078, and 4080-4089 are in big blue bus livery, but retain the rapid blue paint. As of July, 2017: 4041,4042, 4044, 4049, 4060, 4064, 4066, 4069, 4075, 4077, and 4079 have been retired have been auctioned, or are waiting to acutioned at Ken Porter. 2006 Santa Monica RapidBlue New Flyer L40LF 4095.jpg L40LF 40 4090-4099 (10) Cummins Westport C-Gas Plus ZF Ecomat 6HP602 LNG 4090 retains the light blue livery. All in service as of June 2017. 4091-4099 are in big blue bus livery but retain the rapid blue paint Last New Flyer L40LF buses ever built 2010/2012 ElDorado National E-Z Rider II BRT 32 2900–2914 (15) Ford Triton V10 ISE Thundervolt TB40-HG Cummins Westport ISL-G Allison B300R CNG Buses 2900-2904 are 2010 models that have been converted to big blue bus livery and CNG, previously operating as hybrid buses in the Mini Blue livery. 2905-2915 are 2012 models powered by CNG Weekdays: used on lines 8,16,18,41,42/43 (routes are not exclusively 30 foot buses; 40 foot buses run them too) Weekends: used on lines 5,8,9,15,18,41/42 (routes are not exclusively 30 foot buses; 40 foot buses run them too) Line 15 only uses 30ft buses on weekends. 30ft buses appear on line 8 in the evening/night because certain blocks/runs on lines 16 or 18 will transfer to line 8 in the evening. 2010/2012 NABI 60-BRT 60 5300-5320(21) Cummins Westport ISL-G Allison WB-500R CNG Used exclusively on Rapid 3, Local 3, Rapid 7, Rapid 10, and Rapid 12 service. 5300-5315 are 2010 series & 5316-5320 are 2012 series models 2011 NABI 40-LFW 40 3868-3876 (9) Cummins Westport ISL-G engine 44' turning radius Allison WB-400R Generation IV CNG Replaced 1997-98 New Flyer D40LF's and some 1995 Novabus Classic's these were an option of 58 units but was canceled after 9 units were delivered 2012 Gillig BRT 40 1300(1) Cummins Westport ISL-G Voith D864.5 CNG Replaced 1997-98 New Flyer D40LFs 2013 Gillig BRT 40 1301-1344(44) Cummins Westport ISL-G Voith D864.5 CNG Replaced 1997-98 New Flyer D40LFs 2014 Gillig BRT 40 1345-1357(13) Cummins Westport ISL-G Voith D864.5 CNG Replaced some 2002 NABI-40 LNG LFWs 2015 NFI XN60 60 1560-1566 (7)[9][10] Cummins Westport ISL-G Allison B500R CNG Replaced some 2002 NABI-40 LNG LFWs Used exclusively on Rapid 3', Local 3, Rapid 7, Rapid 10, and Rapid 12 service. On very rare occasions on line 8 2015 Gillig BRT 40 1500-1510 (11) [11] Cummins Westport ISL-G Allison B400R CNG Replaced some 2002 NABI-40 LNG LFWs These Gillig buses were ordered with Allison Transmissions instead of Voith Transmissions, which power the original 1300 series. 2016 Gillig BRT 29 1600-1603 (4) Cummins Westport ISL-G Allison B400R CNG Added due to a shortage of 30ft buses. All seats on board do not face forward except those in the very back. Run on same routes as the El Dorado E-Z Rider II BRTs. The buses were purchased because the Big blue Bus did not have enough 30ft buses, with the addition of new routes in 2016 like lines 16 and 43. These Gillig buses were ordered with Allison Transmissions instead of Voith Transmissions, which power the original 1300 series. 2017 Gillig BRT 40 1701-1725 (25) Cummins Westport ISL-G NZ[12] Allison B400R CNG Replacing the last 6 2002 NABI 40-LFWs. These buses are part of a deal to phase out LNG buses. These 1700 series buses are part of an order for 25, 40ft and 7 30ft buses. These Gillig buses were ordered with Allison Transmissions instead of Voith Transmissions, which power the original 1300 series. As of Feb 24, 2017, all 25 buses have been delivered to the big blue bus yard, have been equipped with the three-slot bike rack, and are now in service. Retired[edit] Make/ Model Thumbnail Year Numbers (Quantity Ordered) Engine/ Transmission Fuel Propulsion Retired Notes General Motors Diesel Division T8H-5307A 1982 5101-5122 Detroit Diesel 8V71N Allison Diesel 1998 Some sold to Brampton Transit Barrie Transit and STCUQ (RTC) and refurbishing Companies. General Motors Diesel Division T8H-5307A 1985-1986 5123-5180 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V730 Diesel 1998-2005 Some sold to Brampton Transit STCUQ (RTC) and Private owners and more. 5180 remained on BBB property as a historical bus until 2013. Last order of GM New looks. 5162 is now owned by a private party. (BBB 5162 Website) 5180 Sold to the Museum of Bus Transportation in Hershey, PA (July 2013). MCI TC40-102A Classic 1988-1991 5181-5210, 4951-4960 (40 buses) Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison V731 Diesel 2005-2006 Many are still used in secondhand service by Canadian bus operators. Sold to Woodstock Transit Timmins Transit SCT and Mont Tremblant Autocars de chutes and more. Nova Bus TC40-102A Classic 1995 4801-4821 (21 buses) Detroit Diesel Series 50 Allison B400R Diesel September 2011 Last high floor buses to be retired. Thomas Built Buses SLF 230 2000 2606-2615 (10 buses) Cummins B5.9 Allison AT-545 Diesel July 2010 Formerly used for Mini Blue service. New Flyer D40LF 1997-1998 3801-3867 (67 buses) Detroit Diesel Series 50 Allison B400R Diesel 2011-2014 The first low floor buses purchased Replaced 1982 GM T8H-5307A 5101-5122 buses. 3804 & 3855 remain in yard NABI 40-LFW 2002 4001-4037 (37 buses) Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison WB-400R LNG 2014-2017 Last trip was on bus #4036 on line 42 on Feb 09, 2017. First Natural Gas.[13] buses [14]

In popular culture[edit] Speed[edit] Main article: Speed (1994 film) The most famous Big Blue Bus is probably the one rigged with a bomb in 1994's hit movie Speed. Driving through Los Angeles at rush hour, the bus has to keep its speed over 50 mph (80 km/h) or the bomb on the bus will detonate. Two humorous slogans Santa Monica Bank used on Big Blue Buses appeared in the film.[4] The bus operator in the movie is called the Santa Monica Intercity Bus Lines, a barely fictionalized version of the Big Blue Bus's official name, the Santa Monica Municipal Bus Lines. Even more tellingly, the bus in the film is a General Motors "New Look" bus, introduced in 1959 but kept in prominent and active service by Santa Monica until early 2005, long after most other American cities had retired the retro-looking bus. In another effort to differentiate the movie's bus from any real-world bus, the headsigns on the Speed bus display: 33 DOWNTOWN | VIA FREEWAY However, number 33 buses are operated by Metro, not Big Blue, and run on Venice Boulevard, not the Santa Monica Freeway. The closest thing to the movie bus's routing is Santa Monica's number 10 express route. The bus number was 2525, not within any equipment number range operated by the real company at that time. It should also be noted that at the time the movie was released, Santa Monica's GM New Look fleet were the Canadian-built versions with wheelchair lifts; the US-built version were retired in 1990 to make room for the Classics. Jimmy Kimmel Live![edit] In an episode that originally aired on May 15, 2007, the ABC late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, was filmed on a New Flyer L40LF model LNG bus. In this episode, titled Jimmy Kimmel Live on a Bus, Kimmel sat behind the desk, which was rigged to fit in a bus. This particular Santa Monica Big Blue Bus that was used in the episode was driven by veteran bus driver Erskins Robinson, who picked up unsuspecting passengers along his route. The celebrity guests who appeared in the Jimmy Kimmel Live on a Bus episode were Paula Abdul, Flavor Flav, and musical guest Feist. The Doors[edit] A Blue Bus is referred to twice in The Doors's classic 1967 song "The End", when singer Jim Morrison says "The blue bus is calling us", and "Meet me at the back of the blue bus". Raymond Chandler[edit] In Raymond Chandler's novel Farewell, My Lovely, first published in 1940, he writes as protagonist Philip Marlowe, describing a scene in Bay City (Chandler's version of the City of Santa Monica): "Outside the narrow street fumed, the sidewalks swarmed with fat stomachs. Across the street a bingo parlor was going full blast and beside it a couple of sailors with girls were coming out of a photographer's shop where they had probably been having their photos taken riding on camels. The voice of the hot dog merchant split the dusk like an axe. A big blue bus blared down the street to the little circle where the street car used to turn on a turntable. I walked that way."

References[edit] ^ ^ "APTA Public Transportation Ridership Report" (PDF). American Public Transportation Association. May 19, 2016. p. 14. Retrieved June 13, 2016.  ^ Big Blue Bus to Increase Fares as of August 29th ^ a b Pool, Bob (1999-12-01). "Bus Line's One-Liners to Stop". Los Angeles Times. ISSN 0458-3035. Retrieved 2018-02-02.  ^ "Injured victims of Santa Monica shooting". Retrieved 2013-06-10.  ^ "City of Santa Monica: July 7th, 2013 Shooting Incident After-Action Report" ^ "Routes & Schedules". Big Blue Bus. Retrieved 26 September 2014.  ^ "BruinGo! Transit". UCLA Transportation. Retrieved 19 January 2012.  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Further reading[edit] Ayer, Bob. History of Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus. Santa Monica, CA: City of Santa Monica, 1992.

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