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Geography[edit] Main article: Santa Monica Mountains The Santa Monica Mountains NRA contains 156,671 acres (63,403 ha) in the Santa Monica Mountains of the Transverse Ranges between the Pacific Ocean and inland valleys. Its southeastern slopes are part of the headwaters of the Los Angeles River. The California State Park system owns 42,000 acres (17,000 ha), the National Park Service controls 23,620 acres (9,560 ha), and the rest of the SMMNRA lands are in local agencies parks, university study reserves, and private property conservation easements. In size the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is the largest urban national park in the United States. Westward Beach at Point Dume 'Balance Rock' near the Mishe Mokwa Trail King Gillette Ranch Park Mountain lion kitten P-54, born in early 2017 in the SMMNRA

Park history[edit] The movement to preserve the Santa Monica Mountains has a long tradition which is frequently overlooked by historians who often focus exclusively on the environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s which culminated with the establishment of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in 1978.[5] Besides geologic forces, people who inhabited the area in the past have been ones to also affect the land. There were different reasons for people to come into the area. Some came to live and others to work the land. The first groups to live in the mountains were the Native American tribes called the Chumash and the Tongva who lived here for thousands of years. Then came the Spanish Explorers, Rancheros, and Homesteaders (after the Homestead Act of 1862) from other areas of the country, who worked the land. The Homesteaders brought new ideas and cultures that shaped the landscape and mindset of the area, and California overall. Up to this day, people continue to live, work, and recreate in the Santa Monica Mountains. Places such as Paramount Ranch, Solstice Canyon, and Rancho Sierra Vista/ Satwiwa still have that history that has been left behind by people in the past. The past stories from these people are discovered through photographs, letters, to even things they threw away. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area strives to make sure the collections, places, and stories of the people who affected the landscape will be preserved for the future. Griffith Park[edit] The first area in the Santa Monica Mountains set aside for public use was Griffith Park which was donated to the city of Los Angeles by Griffith J. Griffith in 1896. National Forest[edit] During the first decade of the twentieth century, Frederick H. Rindge made several attempts to create a forest reserve in the Santa Monica Mountains. These reserves were precursors to national forests. In 1902 California’s State Mining Bureau examined the area being considered for the establishment of a forest reserve. The resulting report was sent to Washington where the proposal for a reserve was denied.[6] In 1907 an application was submitted to the Secretary of the Interior requesting that at least 70,000 acres in the mountains be designated a forest reserve.[7] This time state mineralogist Lewis E. Aubury opposed the venture. He wrote the L.A. Time newspaper stating, “I believe that the lands embraced in the Malibu and Santa Monica districts should not be included in a forest reserve…I shall at once take the matter up with Gifford Pinchot, forester, Washington, D.C., and endeavor to ascertain his views on the subject, and further protest against the creation of this proposed reserve”.[8] Days later the U. S. Forest Service advised Aubury that it was highly improbable that a forest reserve would be created owing to local opposition and the small amount of public land still remaining in the Santa Monica Mountains.[6] Whitestone National Park[edit] Limestone deposits were discovered in the mountains behind Pacific Palisades in 1925 which led to a lengthy battle between wealthy home owners of the area and land developers.[9] The quarry site was in Traylor Canyon, three miles inland from the sea, between Santa Ynez and Temescal Canyons.[10] Alphonzo Bell, Sr. was the real estate developer behind the quarry scheme while local opposition was led by Sylvia Morrison, who championed the preservation of the area’s natural beauty. After much criticism of his original plan, Bell offered a new proposal. Using a new process, he would have the rock pulverized, mixed with water, and pumped via a buried pipeline to the mouth of Santa Ynez Canyon. The pipeline would continue from there along the ocean floor to an offshore buoy where it would be load on board a waiting ship.[11] Criticism of the plan grew and eventually garnered the ire of local resident Will Rogers who parodied the plan on the front page of the L.A. Times.[12] The debate raged citywide with such notable public figures as William Mulholland coming to Bell’s defense. In an attempt to sway public opinion, Bell urged local residents to take company-sponsored fieldtrips, on foot and on horseback, to the quarry to see the site for themselves. Among the people who took these trips was Sylvia Morrison, who had been an early leader of environmental concerns. She was among the visitors who scrambled up the limestone cliffs on ladders and hiked and rode on horseback through the chaparral and came away thrilled with the natural beauty of the canyons. “Taking a cue from Yellowstone National Park, Morrison urged the establishment of Whitestone National Park in the Santa Monica Mountains, named after the by-now infamous cliffs.”[13] Fredrick Law Olmsted[edit] In 1930 Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., a lifelong advocate of national parks and considered by many as the designer of the California State Parks system, proposed a network of parks, beaches, playgrounds, and forests to promote the social, economic, and environmental vitality of Los Angeles.[14] Olmsted also advocated for public ownership of at least 10,000 acres of the most scenic beach and mountain landscapes between Topanga and Point Dume.[15] However, the Olmsted report was essentially killed – only 200 copies were printed – due mainly to civic leaders who put politics ahead of public space.[14] Rindge bankruptcy[edit] After lengthy court battles to preserve her estate, May Rindge (widow of Frederick H. Rindge) lost control of her lands and was forced into bankruptcy in 1938. A proposal to establish a large park was considered in exchange for the cancellation of $1.1 million in unpaid taxes.[16] However, Los Angeles County refused the offer, thus missing the opportunity to acquire 17,000 acres of park lands.[17] Will Rogers State Historic Park[edit] Will Rogers State Historic Park was created in 1944 marking the establishment of the first state park in the Santa Monica Mountains and the first public land created in the mountains since Griffith Park in 1896. It now adjoins Topanga State Park on its northeast side. Toyon National Park[edit] In the 1960s and 70s, and possible as early of the 1950s, another campaign was undertaken to preserve the Santa Monica Mountains. Several proposals went before the U.S. Congress which called for the creation of Toyon National Park, referring to a dominant chaparral plant found in the area. The legislative history of Toyon National Park dates back to 1971 when Representative Alphonzo Bell, Jr. first introduced a bill in the Congress.[18] Point Mugu State Park[edit] Main article: Point Mugu State Park Point Mugu State Park was the first of three large, rural state parks in the Santa Monica Mountains was established in 1967, when the State Division of Beaches and Parks, the forerunner of California State Parks, acquired title to 6,700 acres (2,700 ha) acres of the old Broome Ranch for $15.1 million.[19] This property was the first acquisition for Point Mugu State Park, and was part of the 19th century Mexican Rancho Guadalasca. 5,800 acres was purchased from Richard E. Danielson in 1972 for $2.1 million, nearly doubling the park's acreage.[20] This property is situated northeast of the park's original 6,700 acres and consisted of mostly backcountry. A remaining 850-acre parcel which adjoined this property was purchased by the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area from Danielson in 1980, becoming Rancho Sierra Vista open space park. Topanga State Park[edit] Main article: Topanga State Park Topanga State Park was opened to the public in 1974.[21][22] The park's original name was Topanga Canyon State Park, but the name was shortened because the 11,525 acres (4,664 ha) park encompass large areas outside Topanga Canyon, from the Pacific Coast Highway to Mulholland Drive.[21] The park can be accessed by car and trails from Topanga, and by trailheads in Pacific Palisades and the San Fernando Valley.[23][24][25] Malibu Creek State Park[edit] Main article: Malibu Creek State Park In the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains, the 20th Century Fox Movie Ranch, commonly called Century Ranch, was a 2,700-acre land acquisition of what would become Malibu Creek State Park. It was purchased by the State of California in 1974 for $4.8 million. Reagan Ranch, a 120-acre property on the west and formerly owned by Ronald Reagan, was included in the original Century Ranch purchase.[26] The Hope Ranch, owned by entertainer Bob Hope and which abutted Century Ranch, was purchased in 1975 for $4.1 million.[26] In 1976 the State Parks and Recreation Commission adopted a compromise on the classification of the Century Ranch property, and officially named it Malibu Creek State Park.[26] Establishment of the National Recreation Area[edit] The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area was established November 10, 1978, after a long campaign for preservation of the Santa Monica Mountains by local and regional conservationists. Susan Nelson helped organize "Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains, Parks and Seashore" in 1964 and was known as the mother of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.[27] In 1988 though, she was concerned about the political push to end federal land purchases encouraged by Los Angeles County developers that preferred the land stay available for home building. She was encouraged though that neighboring cities in Ventura County were supportive of park expansion.[28] The strategy has been to grow SMMNRA by 'mosaic pieces' linking critical habitats, saving unique areas, and expanding existing parks. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, a California state agency, was created in 1980 for the acquisition of land for preservation as open space, for wildlife and California native plants habitat preserves, and for public recreation activities.[29][30] One of the first land acquisitions was Rancho Sierra Vista in 1980 which is reputed to be one of the last intact ranches from the first half of the twentieth century in the Santa Monica Mountains. Continuing land acquisitions[edit] In 1980 the Paramount Movie Ranch was acquired in Agoura Hills, and is the present day Paramount Ranch Park. The National Park Service revitalized the old movie ranch, and it is again used for movie and television productions, and is open for public recreation and events.[31] Entertainer and land speculator Bob Hope created controversy in the early 1990s when he proposed to sell 5,900 acres (2,400 ha) of land in the Corral Canyon area in the Santa Monicas to the federal government in exchange for 59 acres (24 ha) of federal parkland in the nearby Cheeseboro Canyon section of Santa Monica Mountains NRA in the Simi Hills, in order to build an access road to a new 'Jordan Ranch' golf course and housing development.[32] The land swap was never completed, the Jordan Ranch became the Palo Commado section of the Cheeseboro Canyon / Palo Comado Canyon Open Space parks. Most of the land for the 1,000 acres (400 ha) Corral Canyon Park was finally donated by Bob Hope.[33] The former Ahmanson Ranch was acquired by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy from Washington Mutual in 2003, to create the 2,983 acres (1,207 ha) Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in the southeastern Simi Hills. It is adjacent to and has trailheads in Calabasas (Las Virgenes Trailhead), Woodland Hills (Victory Trailhead), and West Hills via Moore's Canyon in El Escorpión Park.[34] The highly visible hills with undeveloped ranch land adjacent to the junction of U.S. Route 101 and Las Virgenes Road in western Calabasas, the former Brent's Junction area, have several viewsheds now protected from development. They also serve as an unofficial gateway to the central Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and its visitors center on Las Virgenes Road at King Gillette Ranch.[35] On the southeastern side the land was formerly owned by Bob Hope, acquired by the SMM Conservancy in 2010, and added to the Las Virgenes View Park in the Santa Monica Mountains NRA.[36] The viewshed on the northwestern side of the junction, formerly owned by Fred Sands, was acquired in 2010 and protected in the 200 acres (81 ha) Zev Yaroslavsky Las Virgenes Highlands Park.[37][38] Both preserve refreshing open space that's seen by many travelers on the Ventura Freeway (101) between the San Fernando and the Conejo Valleys. The area was originally along the Spanish and Mexican El Camino Real.[39] Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor Study[edit] The Rim of the Valley Corridor Special Resource Study is being conducted by the National Park Service, and generally includes the mountains encircling the San Fernando, La Crescenta, Santa Clarita, Simi, and Conejo Valleys in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.[40][41][42][43] The SMMNRA is part of the Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor planning process, and several alternatives include a Rim of the Valley a SMMNRA boundary adjustment (of an approximately 173,000-acre or 313,000 acre addition).[41] The Rim of the Valley Trail is a plan in progress for connecting the four valleys with the parklands surrounding them.[44][45][46][47] Superintendents[edit] Robert Chandler, 1979−1982 Daniel Kuehn, 1983−1988 William Webb (Acting Superintendent), 1988−1989 David Gackenbach, 1989−1995 Arthur Eck, 1995−2002 Woody Smeck, 2002−2012 David Szymanski, 2012−present

Cultural resources[edit] In terms of cultural heritage, the Santa Monica Mountains boast a rich history of continuous human occupation dating back more than 10,000 years[4] and contain many nationally significant prehistoric and historic sites.[48] In fact, more than 1,000 archaeological sites are located within the boundary of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area making it one of the highest densities of archaeological resources found in any mountain range in the world.[49] There are twenty-six known Chumash pictograph sites with the national recreation area, all sacred to traditional Native American Indians, and include some that are among the most spectacular found anywhere.[50] These pictographs – along with other sites – have been described by the National Park Service as “unique and a significant world heritage”.[51] Nearly every major prehistoric and historic theme associated with human interaction and development of the western United States is represented within the park from the early hunters and gathers, to Native American Indian cultures, the Spanish mission and rancho periods, and the American homestead era. Park activist Susan Nelson was instrumental in pushing for an inventory of the flora and fauna of the park and the Native American archeological resources.[27] At least 73 archeological sites, historic structures, cultural landscapes, and traditional cultural properties in the Santa Monica Mountains are potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.[52] The Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome on the famous Santa Monica Pier, which is within the national recreation area, is a National Historic Landmark, as is Will Rogers' house at Will Rogers State Historic Park (also within the national recreation area). The horsemen portrayed in the Saddle Rock Ranch Pictographs in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains are considered to be a representation of the Portola Expedition of 1769-1770, and have been determined to be eligible as a National Historic Landmark. A number of California Historical Landmarks also lie within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. These include the Site of the Port of Los Angeles Long Wharf (no. 881), Point Dume (no. 965), and the Adamson House of Malibu Lagoon State Beach (no. 966). Just outside the national recreation area is the Stagecoach Inn (no. 659) in Newbury Park, Los Encinos State Historic Park (no. 689), and the Old Santa Monica Forestry Station (no. 840).

Recreation[edit] Migrations of gray whales can be seen from the land. The Anthony C. Beilenson Interagency Visitor Center at King Gillette Ranch was opened in June 2012, and is operated by four partner agencies: National Park Service, California State Parks, Santa Monica Conservancy, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. It is located at 26876 Mulholland Highway, Calabasas, CA, 91302. The Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center is the only site in the National Park Service dedicated to the past, present, and future of all Indian cultures. A Native American guest-host or a park ranger is on hand to answer questions from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Native American workshops, programs, and art shows occur throughout the year. Satwiwa means "bluff" in the Chumash language and refers to the cliffs of Boney Mountain which can be seen from Satwiwa. The center is located at Rancho Sierra Vista in Newbury Park. Main Entrance cross street is Via Goleta and Potrero Road. The main headquarters for the park is located at 401 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks 91360.[53] Recreational opportunities abound, including biking, birding, land-based whale watching, camping, hiking, and horseback riding. The Backbone Trail runs for nearly 70 miles (110 km) across the Santa Monica Mountains between Will Rogers State Park and Point Mugu State Park and is nearly complete from end to end. Channel Islands National Park lies in the Pacific Ocean directly to the west. Entrances[edit] Main entrances to the SMMNRA include Malibu, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, and Topanga, California. Vehicles[edit] Only electric or non-motorized model aircraft are allowed. Only electric or non-motorized model terrestrial vehicles are allowed. No motorized model boats are allowed on park waters. Electric and non-motorized models were a traditional use at the Paramount Ranch area of Malibu Creek State Park.

Parks[edit] Santa Monica Mountains NRA Park Visitor Center The following parks and areas are managed by the National Park Service in the Santa Monica Mountains NRA: Arroyo Sequit [54] Backbone Trail System Charmlee Natural Area Park Cheeseboro Canyon / Palo Comado Canyon open space Parks Circle X Ranch Park Cold Creek Canyon Preserve Corral Canyon Park Diamond X Ranch Escondido Canyon Park (Escondido Falls) King Gillette Ranch Las Virgenes View Park Malibu Bluffs Open Space Paramount Ranch, -access date: 6/9/2010 Paramount Ranch Park Peter Strauss Ranch [55] Ramirez Canyon Park Rancho Sierra Vista Rocky Oaks [56] Solstice Canyon Park Tapia Park Triunfo Creek Park Tuna Canyon Park The following California State Parks are located within Santa Monica Mountains NRA: Topanga State Park [57][58] Red Rock Canyon State Park Leo Carrillo State Park Malibu Creek State Park [59][60] Point Mugu State Park Will Rogers State Historic Park State Beaches in or adjacent to Santa Monica Mountains NRA: Will Rogers State Beach Topanga State Beach Malibu Lagoon State Beach Point Dume State Beach El Pescador State Beach and El Matador State Beach Dan Blocker State Beach Wikimedia Commons has media related to Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

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External links[edit] Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Official Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area website Visitor Center for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area — at King Gillette Ranch Park. Wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains Outdoor LA Hiking Trails — Trail and trailhead maps and directions. Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Santa Monica Mountains Fund McLellan, Dennis (May 22, 2003) Susan Nelson, 76; Mountain Parklands Advocate Obituary. Los Angeles Times Woo, Elaine (May 23, 2008) Hiker pushed for an L.A. national park Obituary: Jill Swift, 1928 - 2008. Los Angeles Times Nelson, Valerie J. (June 29, 2012) Margot Feuer dies at 89; helped create Santa Monica Mountains park Obituary. 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Science Center Corte Madera Marsh Crystal Cove Dana Point Del Mar Landing Doheny Doheny Duxbury Reef Edward F. Ricketts Elkhorn Slough Elkhorn Slough Encinitas Estero de Limantour Fagan Marsh Farallon Islands Farnsworth Bank Fort Ross Gerstle Cove Goleta Slough Greyhound Rock Gull Island Harris Point Heisler Park Hopkins Irvine Coast James V. Fitzgerald Judith Rock Julia Pfeiffer Burns La Jolla Laguna Beach Lovers Cove (Catalina Island) Lovers Point MacKerricher Manchester and Arena Rock Marin Islands Mia J. Tegner Moro Cojo Slough Morro Bay Morro Bay Morro Beach Natural Bridges Niguel Pacific Grove Marine Gardens Painted Cave Peytonia Slough Piedras Blancas Piedras Blancas Pismo Pismo-Oceano Beach Point Buchon Point Buchon Point Cabrillo Point Fermin Point Lobos Point Reyes Headlands Point Sur Point Sur Portuguese Ledge Punta Gorda Redwood Shores Refugio Richardson Rock Robert E. Badham Robert W. Crown Russian Gulch Russian River Salt Point San Diego-Scripps San Dieguito Lagoon San Elijo Lagoon Santa Barbara Island Scorpion Skunk Point Sonoma Coast Soquel Canyon South Laguna Beach South Point Swami’s Tomales Bay Upper Newport Bay Van Damme Vandenberg White Rock (Cambria) Bureau of Land Management National Landscape Conservation System National Monuments Berryessa Snow Mountain California Coastal Carrizo Plain Cascade-Siskiyou Fort Ord Mojave Trails Sand to Snow Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Conservation Areas California Desert King Range Wilderness Areas Argus Range Big Maria Mountains Bigelow Cholla Garden Bighorn Mountain Black Mountain Bright Star Bristol Mountains Cadiz Dunes Carrizo Gorge Chemehuevi Mountains Chimney Peak Chuckwalla Mountains Chumash Cleghorn Lakes Clipper Mountain Coso Range Coyote Mountains Darwin Falls Dead Mountains Dick Smith El Paso Mountains Fish Creek Mountains Funeral Mountains Golden Valley Grass Valley Headwaters Forest Reserve Hollow Hills Ibex Indian Pass Inyo Mountains Jacumba Kelso Dunes Kiavah Kingston Range Little Chuckwalla Mountains Little Picacho Machesna Mountain Matilija Malpais Mesa Manly Peak Mecca Hills Mesquite Newberry Mountains Nopah Range North Algodones Dunes North Mesquite Mountains Old Woman Mountains Orocopia Mountains Otay Mountain Owens Peak Pahrump Valley Palen/McCoy Palo Verde Mountains Picacho Peak Piper Mountain Piute Mountains Red Buttes Resting Spring Range Rice Valley Riverside Mountains Rodman Mountains Sacatar Trail Saddle Peak Hills San Gorgonio Santa Lucia Santa Rosa Sawtooth Mountains Sespe Sheephole Valley South Nopah Range Stateline Stepladder Mountains Surprise Canyon Sylvania Mountains Trilobite Turtle Mountains Whipple Mountains National Marine Sanctuaries Channel Islands Cordell Bank Greater Farallones Monterey Bay National Estuarine Research Reserves Elkhorn Slough San Francisco Bay Tijuana River Estuary University of California Natural Reserve System Angelo Coast Range Reserve Año Nuevo Island Blue Oak Ranch Reserve Bodega Marine Box Springs Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center Burns Piñon Ridge Carpinteria Salt Marsh Chickering American River Coal Oil Point Dawson Los Monos Canyon Eagle Lake Field Station Elliott Chaparral Emerson Oaks Fort Ord Hastings James San Jacinto Mountains Jenny Pygmy Forest Jepson Prairie Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh Kenneth S. Norris Rancho Marino Landels-Hill Big Creek McLaughlin Motte Rimrock Quail Ridge Sagehen Creek Field Station San Joaquin Freshwater Marsh Santa Cruz Island Scripps Coastal Sedgwick Stebbins Cold Canyon Steele Burnand Anza-Borrego Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center Valentine Eastern Sierra Younger Lagoon Heritage registers National Natural Landmarks v t e National Recreation Areas of the United States Administered by the National Park Service Amistad Big South Fork Bighorn Canyon Boston Harbor Islands Chattahoochee River Chickasaw Curecanti Delaware Water Gap Gateway Gauley River Glen Canyon Golden Gate Lake Chelan Lake Mead Lake Meredith Lake Roosevelt Mississippi Ross Lake Santa Monica Mountains Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity Administered by the U.S. Forest Service Allegheny Arapaho Ed Jenkins Flaming Gorge Grand Island Hells Canyon Jemez Land Between The Lakes Moosalamoo Mount Baker Mount Hood Mount Rogers Oregon Dunes Pine Ridge Rattlesnake Sawtooth Smith River Spring Mountains Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity White Rocks Winding Stair Mountain Administered by the Bureau of Land Management White Mountains Retrieved from "" Categories: IUCN Category VSanta Monica Mountains National Recreation AreaSanta Monica MountainsSimi HillsRegional parks in CaliforniaNational Park Service National Recreation AreasParks in Los AngelesParks in Los Angeles County, CaliforniaParks in the San Fernando ValleyParks in Ventura County, CaliforniaProtected areas established in 1978Protected areas of Los Angeles County, CaliforniaGeography of Ventura County, CaliforniaNational Park Service areas in CaliforniaHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksCoordinates on WikidataOfficial website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia

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IUCNMap Showing The Location Of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation AreaSanta Monica MountainsLos Angeles County, CaliforniaVentura County, CaliforniaCaliforniaMalibu, CaliforniaNewbury Park, CaliforniaGeographic Coordinate SystemNational Park ServiceCalifornia Department Of Parks And RecreationNational Recreation AreaParkOpen Space ReserveSanta Monica MountainsSouthern CaliforniaLos Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles County, CaliforniaSimi HillsVentura County, CaliforniaNational Park ServiceMediterranean ClimateEcosystemSanta Monica MountainsSanta Monica MountainsTransverse RangesPacific OceanHeadwatersLos Angeles RiverCalifornia Department Of Parks And RecreationNational Park ServiceConservation EasementEnlargeEnlargeEnlargeEnlargeMountain LionSanta Monica MountainsGriffith ParkGriffith J. GriffithFrederick H. RindgeUnited States National ForestUnited States Secretary Of The InteriorGifford PinchotU. S. Forest ServiceLimestonePacific Palisades, Los AngelesAlphonzo BellWill RogersWilliam MulhollandChaparralYellowstone National ParkFrederick Law Olmsted, Jr.California State ParksTopangaPoint DumeFrederick H. RindgeWill Rogers State Historic ParkGriffith ParkU.S. CongressChaparralAlphonzo Bell, Jr.Point Mugu State ParkPoint Mugu State ParkSanta Monica MountainsRancho GuadalascaRancho Sierra VistaTopanga State ParkTopanga State ParkTopanga CanyonCalifornia State Route 1Mulholland DriveTopanga, CaliforniaPacific Palisades, Los AngelesSan Fernando ValleyMalibu Creek State ParkSanta Monica MountainsMovie RanchMalibu Creek State ParkRonald ReaganBob HopeSanta Monica MountainsConservation MovementSanta Monica Mountains ConservancyCalifornia Native PlantsNature ReserveRancho Sierra VistaMovie RanchAgoura Hills, CaliforniaBob HopeSimi HillsSanta Monica Mountains ConservancyWashington MutualUpper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space PreserveSimi HillsCalabasas, CaliforniaWoodland Hills, Los AngelesWest Hills, Los AngelesEl Escorpión ParkU.S. Route 101 In CaliforniaCalabasas, CaliforniaFred SandsVentura FreewaySan Fernando ValleyConejo ValleyEl Camino Real (California)Santa Monica MountainsChumash PeoplePictographNational Park ServiceCultural LandscapesNational Register Of Historic PlacesSanta Monica Looff HippodromeSanta Monica PierNational Historic LandmarkWill RogersWill Rogers State Historic ParkSanta Monica MountainsPortola ExpeditionNational Historic LandmarkCalifornia Historical LandmarkLong Wharf (Santa Monica)Point DumeAdamson HouseMalibu Lagoon State BeachStagecoach Inn (California)Newbury Park, CaliforniaLos Encinos State Historic ParkEnlargeGray WhaleAnthony C. BeilensonNational Park ServiceCalabasasSatwiwa Native American Indian Culture CenterPark RangerChumash PeopleBoney MountainRancho Sierra VistaThousand Oaks, CaliforniaCyclingBirdwatchingWhale WatchingCampingHikingHorseback RidingBackbone TrailChannel Islands National ParkPacific OceanMalibu, CaliforniaNewbury Park, CaliforniaAgoura Hills, CaliforniaCalabasas, CaliforniaWoodland Hills, Los AngelesTopanga, CaliforniaParamount RanchArroyo SequitBackbone Trail SystemParamount RanchPeter Strauss RanchRancho Sierra VistaRocky OaksState ParkTopanga State ParkLeo Carrillo State ParkMalibu Creek State ParkPoint Mugu State ParkWill Rogers State Historic ParkList Of California State ParksPoint Dume State BeachCategory:Santa Monica MountainsFlora Of The Santa Monica MountainsList Of California State ParksTriunfo PassWayback MachineKCETLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles TimesCalifornia Environmental Resources Evaluation SystemLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles TimesTemplate:Protected Areas Of CaliforniaTemplate Talk:Protected Areas Of CaliforniaProtected Areas Of The United StatesCaliforniaNational Park ServiceChannel Islands National ParkDeath Valley National ParkJoshua Tree National ParkKings Canyon National ParkLassen Volcanic National ParkPinnacles National ParkRedwood National And State ParksSequoia National ParkYosemite National ParkMojave National PreserveCabrillo National MonumentCastle Mountains National MonumentCesar E. Chavez National MonumentDevils Postpile National MonumentLava Beds National MonumentMuir Woods National MonumentWorld War II Valor In The Pacific National MonumentPoint Reyes National SeashoreRosie The Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical ParkSan Francisco Maritime National Historical ParkEugene O'Neill National Historic SiteFort Point, San FranciscoJohn Muir National Historic SiteManzanarPort Chicago Naval Magazine National MemorialGolden Gate National Recreation AreaWhiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation AreaList Of California State ParksAhjumawi Lava Springs State ParkAndrew Molera State ParkAngel Island (California)Annadel State ParkAño Nuevo State ParkAnza-Borrego Desert State ParkArthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State ParkBidwell–Sacramento River State ParkBig Basin Redwoods State ParkBorder Field State ParkBothe-Napa Valley State ParkBurton Creek State ParkButano State ParkCalaveras Big Trees State ParkCastle CragsCastle Rock State Park (California)Caswell Memorial State ParkChina Camp State ParkChino Hills State ParkClear Lake State Park (California)Crystal Cove State ParkCuyamaca Rancho State ParkD. L. Bliss State ParkDel Norte Coast Redwoods State ParkDonner Memorial State ParkEd Z'berg Sugar Pine Point State ParkEmerald Bay State ParkThe Forest Of Nisene Marks State ParkFort Ord Dunes State ParkFremont Peak State ParkGarrapata State ParkGaviota State ParkGreat Valley Grasslands State ParkGrizzly Creek Redwoods State ParkGrover Hot Springs State ParkHearst San Simeon State ParkHendy Woods State ParkHenry Cowell Redwoods State ParkHenry W. Coe State ParkHumboldt Lagoons State ParkHumboldt Redwoods State ParkJedediah Smith Redwoods State ParkJulia Pfeiffer Burns State ParkLeo Carrillo State ParkLimekiln State ParkMacKerricher State ParkMalibu Creek State ParkManchester State Park (California)McArthur–Burney Falls Memorial State ParkMcLaughlin Eastshore State ParkMendocino Headlands State ParkMendocino Woodlands State ParkMontaña De Oro State ParkMorro Bay State ParkMount DiabloMount San Jacinto State ParkMount Tamalpais State ParkNavarro River Redwoods State ParkPacheco State ParkPalomar MountainPatrick's Point State ParkPfeiffer Big Sur State ParkPlacerita Canyon State ParkPlumas-Eureka State ParkPoint Mugu State ParkPortola Redwoods State ParkPrairie Creek Redwoods State ParkRed Rock Canyon State Park (California)Richardson Grove State ParkRio De Los Angeles State ParkRobert Louis Stevenson State ParkRussian Gulch State ParkSaddleback Butte State ParkSalt Point State ParkSamuel P. Taylor State ParkSan Bruno Mountain State ParkSinkyone Wilderness State ParkSouth Yuba River State ParkSugarloaf Ridge State ParkSutter Buttes State ParkTolowa Dunes State ParkTomales Bay State ParkTopanga State ParkVan Damme State ParkWilder Ranch State ParkAntelope Valley California Poppy ReserveArmstrong Redwoods State Natural ReserveAzalea State Natural ReserveJohn Little State Natural ReserveJug Handle State Natural ReserveLos Osos Oaks State Natural ReserveMono Lake Tufa State Natural ReserveMontgomery Woods State Natural ReservePoint LobosTorrey Pines State Natural ReserveAlbany State Marine ReserveBig Creek State Marine Reserve And Marine Conservation AreaCarmel Pinnacles State Marine ReserveDel Mar Landing State Marine ReserveEmeryville Crescent State Marine ReserveEstero De Limantour State Marine Reserve & Drakes Estero State Marine Conservation AreaFitzgerald Marine ReserveLaguna Beach State Marine ReserveLovers Point State Marine ReserveMontara State Marine Reserve & Pillar Point State Marine Conservation AreaMoro Cojo Slough State Marine ReserveNatural Bridges State Marine ReservePoint LobosPoint Sur State Marine Reserve And Marine Conservation AreaRussian River State Marine Reserve And Russian River State Marine Conservation AreaStewarts Point State Marine Reserve & Stewarts Point State Marine Conservation AreaAnderson Marsh State Historic ParkAntelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic ParkBale Grist Mill State Historic ParkBenicia Capitol State Historic ParkBidwell Mansion State Historic ParkBodie, CaliforniaCalifornia Citrus State Historic ParkCalifornia State Indian MuseumChumash Painted Cave State Historic ParkColonel Allensworth State Historic ParkColumbia State Historic ParkPresidio Of Santa BarbaraEmpire Mine State Historic ParkFolsom Powerhouse State Historic ParkFort Humboldt State Historic ParkFort Ross State Historic ParkFort TejonGovernor's Mansion State Historic ParkHearst CastleIndian Grinding Rock State Historic ParkJack London State Historic ParkLa Purísima Mission State Historic ParkLeland Stanford Mansion State Historic ParkLos Angeles State Historic ParkLos Encinos State Historic ParkMalakoff Diggins State Historic ParkMarconi Conference Center State Historic ParkMarshall Gold Discovery State Historic ParkMonterey State Historic ParkOld Sacramento State Historic ParkOld Town San Diego State Historic ParkOlompali State Historic ParkRancho Petaluma AdobePigeon Point LighthousePio Pico State Historic ParkPoint Sur State Historic ParkRailtown 1897 State Historic ParkSan Juan Bautista State Historic ParkSan Pasqual Battlefield State Historic ParkSanta Cruz Mission State Historic ParkSanta Susana Pass State Historic ParkShasta, CaliforniaSonoma State Historic ParkSutter's Fort State Historic ParkWassama Round House State Historic ParkWatts Towers Of Simon Rodia State Historic ParkWeaverville Joss House State Historic ParkWill Rogers State Historic ParkWilliam B. Ide Adobe State Historic ParkWoodland Opera HouseAsilomar State BeachBean Hollow State BeachBolsa Chica State BeachCardiff State BeachCarlsbad State BeachCarmel River State BeachCarpinteria State BeachCaspar Headlands State BeachCayucos State BeachCorona Del Mar State BeachDockweiler State BeachDoheny State BeachEl Capitán State BeachEmma Wood State BeachGray Whale Cove State BeachGreenwood State BeachHalf Moon Bay State BeachHuntington State BeachLeucadia State BeachLighthouse Field State BeachLittle River State BeachMalibu Lagoon State BeachMandalay State BeachManresa State BeachMarina State BeachMcGrath State BeachMontara State BeachMonterey State BeachMoonlight State BeachMorro Strand State BeachMoss Landing State BeachNatural Bridges State BeachNew Brighton State BeachPacifica State BeachPelican State BeachPescadero State BeachPismo State BeachPoint Dume State BeachPoint Sal State BeachPomponio State BeachRefugio State BeachRobert H. Meyer Memorial State BeachRobert W. Crown Memorial State BeachSalinas River State BeachSan Buenaventura State BeachSan Clemente State BeachSan Elijo State BeachSan Gregorio State BeachSan Onofre State BeachSanta Monica State BeachSchooner Gulch State BeachSeacliff State BeachSilver Strand State BeachSonoma Coast State BeachSouth Carlsbad State BeachSunset State BeachThornton State BeachTorrey Pines State BeachTrinidad State BeachTwin Lakes State BeachWestport-Union Landing State BeachWill Rogers State BeachWilliam Randolph Hearst Memorial State BeachZmudowski State BeachAdmiral William Standley State Recreation AreaAuburn State Recreation AreaAustin Creek State Recreation AreaBenbow Lake State Recreation AreaBenicia State Recreation AreaBethany Reservoir State Recreation AreaBrannan Island State Recreation AreaCandlestick Point State Recreation AreaCastaic Lake State Recreation AreaFolsom Lake State Recreation AreaFranks Tract State Recreation AreaGeorge J. Hatfield State Recreation AreaKenneth Hahn State Recreation AreaLake Oroville State Recreation AreaLake Perris State Recreation AreaMcConnell State Recreation AreaPicacho State Recreation AreaProvidence Mountains State Recreation AreaSalton Sea State Recreation AreaSan Luis Reservoir State Recreation AreaSilverwood Lake State Recreation AreaTurlock Lake State Recreation AreaWoodson Bridge State Recreation AreaCarnegie State Vehicular Recreation AreaOceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation AreaOcotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation AreaBurleigh H. Murray RanchCalifornia State Mining And Mineral MuseumCalifornia State Capitol MuseumCalifornia State Railroad MuseumCastro AdobeDelta Meadows River ParkEstero Bay (California)Hatton CanyonIndio Hills PalmsPoint Cabrillo Light StationPoint Lobos RanchPoint Montara Light StationSan Timoteo CanyonStone Lake (California)Verdugo MountainsWard Creek (Lake Tahoe)Wildwood CanyonUnited States National ForestAngeles National ForestButte Valley National GrasslandCleveland National ForestEldorado National ForestHumboldt-Toiyabe National ForestInyo National ForestKlamath National ForestLake Tahoe Basin Management UnitLassen National ForestLos Padres National ForestMendocino National ForestModoc National ForestPlumas National ForestRogue River – Siskiyou National ForestSan Bernardino National ForestSequoia National ForestShasta–Trinity National ForestSierra National ForestSix Rivers National ForestStanislaus National ForestTahoe National ForestAgua Tibia WildernessAnsel Adams WildernessBucks Lake WildernessCaribou WildernessCarson-Iceberg WildernessCastle Crags WildernessCucamonga WildernessDesolation WildernessDick Smith WildernessDinkey Lakes WildernessEmigrant WildernessGolden Trout WildernessHoover WildernessInyo Mountains WildernessIshi WildernessJennie Lakes WildernessJohn Muir WildernessKaiser WildernessMarble Mountain WildernessMokelumne WildernessMount Shasta WildernessPine Creek WildernessSan Gabriel WildernessSan Rafael WildernessSespe WildernessSiskiyou WildernessSnow Mountain WildernessSouth Fork Eel River WildernessSouth Sierra WildernessSouth Warner WildernessThousand Lakes WildernessTrinity Alps WildernessVentana WildernessYolla Bolly–Middle Eel WildernessGiant Sequoia National MonumentSan Gabriel Mountains National MonumentSanta Rosa And San Jacinto Mountains National MonumentSmith River National Recreation AreaWhiskeytown–Shasta–Trinity National Recreation AreaSand To Snow National MonumentList Of California State ForestsBoggs Mountain Demonstration State ForestJackson Demonstration State ForestLaTour Demonstration State ForestMount Zion State ForestSoquel Demonstration State ForestNational Wildlife RefugeAntioch Dunes National Wildlife RefugeBitter Creek National Wildlife RefugeBlue Ridge National Wildlife RefugeButte Sink National Wildlife RefugeCastle Rock National Wildlife RefugeClear Lake National Wildlife RefugeCoachella Valley National Wildlife RefugeColusa National Wildlife RefugeDelevan National Wildlife RefugeDon Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife RefugeEllicott Slough National Wildlife RefugeFarallon IslandsGuadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife RefugeHopper Mountain National Wildlife RefugeHumboldt Bay National Wildlife RefugeKern National Wildlife RefugeLower Klamath National Wildlife RefugeMarin Islands National Wildlife RefugeMerced National Wildlife RefugeModoc National Wildlife RefugePixley National Wildlife RefugeSacramento National Wildlife Refuge ComplexSacramento River National Wildlife RefugeSalinas River National Wildlife RefugeSan Diego Bay National Wildlife RefugeSan Diego National Wildlife RefugeSan Joaquin River National Wildlife RefugeSan Luis National Wildlife RefugeSan Pablo Bay National Wildlife RefugeSeal Beach National Wildlife RefugeSonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife RefugeStone Lakes National Wildlife RefugeSutter National Wildlife RefugeTijuana Slough National Wildlife RefugeTule Lake National Wildlife RefugeCalifornia Department Of Fish And WildlifeFremont Weir Wildlife AreaHollenbeck Canyon Wildlife AreaMendota Wildlife AreaMoss Landing Wildlife AreaPutah Creek Wildlife AreaSpenceville Wildlife AreaWillow Creek-Lurline Wildlife Management AreaYolo Bypass Wildlife AreaBair IslandBatiquitos Lagoon Ecological ReserveBoggs Lake Ecological ReserveBolsa Chica Ecological ReserveBonny Doon Ecological ReserveBuena Vista Lagoon Ecological ReserveCanebrake Ecological ReserveEden Landing Ecological ReserveElkhorn Slough Ecological ReserveLoch Lomond Vernal Pool Ecological ReserveNorth Table Mountain Ecological ReservePine Hill Ecological ReserveSan Elijo Lagoon Ecological ReserveSan Felipe Creek Ecological ReserveSanta Rosa Plateau Ecological ReserveUpper Newport Bay Ecological ReserveAño Nuevo State Marine Conservation AreaAsilomar State Marine ReserveBair IslandBatiquitos Lagoon State Marine Conservation AreaBolsa Chica Basin State Marine Conservation AreaCambria State Marine Conservation AreaCarmel Bay State Marine Conservation AreaCarmel Pinnacles State Marine ReserveCrystal Cove State Marine Conservation AreaDana Point State Marine Conservation AreaDuxbury Reef State Marine Conservation AreaEdward F. Ricketts State Marine Conservation AreaElkhorn Slough State Marine Conservation AreaElkhorn Slough State Marine ReserveGerstle Cove State Marine ReserveGreyhound Rock State Marine Conservation AreaLaguna Beach State Marine ReserveLovers Point State Marine ReserveMoro Cojo Slough State Marine ReserveNatural Bridges State Marine ReservePacific Grove Marine Gardens State Marine Conservation AreaPoint Lobos State Marine ReservePortuguese Ledge State Marine Conservation AreaRussian River State Marine Reserve And Russian River State Marine Conservation AreaSalt Point State Marine Conservation AreaSan Elijo Lagoon State Marine Conservation AreaSonoma Coast State Marine Conservation AreaSoquel Canyon State Marine Conservation AreaSwami’s State Marine Conservation AreaUpper Newport Bay State Marine Conservation AreaVandenberg State Marine ReserveWhite Rock (Cambria) State Marine Conservation AreaBureau Of Land ManagementNational Landscape Conservation SystemBerryessa Snow Mountain National MonumentCalifornia Coastal National MonumentCarrizo Plain National MonumentCascade-Siskiyou National MonumentFort OrdMojave Trails National MonumentSand To Snow National MonumentSanta Rosa And San Jacinto Mountains National MonumentKing Range (California)Big Maria Mountains WildernessBigelow Cholla Garden WildernessBright Star WildernessChemehuevi Mountains WildernessChimney Peak WildernessChuckwalla Mountains WildernessChumash WildernessCleghorn Lakes WildernessClipper Mountain WildernessDarwin Falls WildernessDick Smith WildernessEl Paso Mountains WildernessFish Creek Mountains WildernessHeadwaters Forest ReserveIndian Pass WildernessInyo Mountains WildernessKiavah WildernessLittle Picacho WildernessMatilija WildernessAlgodones DunesOld Woman Mountains WildernessOtay Mountain WildernessOwens Peak WildernessPahrump Valley WildernessPalo Verde Mountains WildernessPiper Mountain WildernessRed Buttes WildernessRice Valley WildernessRiverside Mountains WildernessSacatar Trail WildernessSan Gorgonio WildernessSanta Rosa WildernessSawtooth Mountains WildernessSespe WildernessSheephole Valley WildernessStateline WildernessStepladder Mountains WildernessSylvania Mountains WildernessTurtle Mountains WildernessWhipple Mountains WildernessUnited States National Marine SanctuaryChannel Islands National Marine SanctuaryCordell Bank National Marine SanctuaryGreater Farallones National Marine SanctuaryMonterey Bay National Marine SanctuaryNational Estuarine Research ReserveElkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research ReserveSan Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research ReserveTijuana River National Estuarine Research ReserveUniversity Of California Natural Reserve SystemAngelo Coast Range ReserveAño Nuevo Island ReserveBlue Oak Ranch ReserveBodega Marine ReservePhilip L. Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research CenterBurns Piñon Ridge ReserveJames San Jacinto Mountains ReserveKendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh ReserveKenneth S. Norris Rancho Marino ReserveLandels-Hill Big Creek ReserveMcLaughlin Natural ReserveMotte Rimrock ReserveQuail Ridge ReserveSagehen Creek Field StationSanta Cruz IslandScripps Coastal ReserveSedgwick ReserveStebbins Cold Canyon ReserveStunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains ReserveSweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research CenterYounger Lagoon ReserveNational Natural LandmarkTemplate:USNRAsTemplate Talk:USNRAsNational Recreation AreaNational Park ServiceAmistad National Recreation AreaBig South Fork National River And Recreation AreaBighorn Canyon National Recreation AreaBoston Harbor Islands National Recreation AreaChattahoochee River National Recreation AreaChickasaw National Recreation AreaCurecanti National Recreation AreaDelaware Water Gap National Recreation AreaGateway National Recreation AreaGauley River National Recreation AreaGlen Canyon National Recreation AreaGolden Gate National Recreation AreaLake Chelan National Recreation AreaLake Mead National Recreation AreaLake Meredith National Recreation AreaLake Roosevelt National Recreation AreaMississippi National River And Recreation AreaRoss Lake National Recreation AreaWhiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation AreaUnited States Forest ServiceAllegheny National Recreation AreaArapaho National Recreation AreaEd Jenkins National Recreation AreaFlaming Gorge National Recreation AreaGrand Island National Recreation AreaHells Canyon National Recreation AreaJemez National Recreation AreaLand Between The Lakes National Recreation AreaMoosalamoo National Recreation AreaMount Baker National Recreation AreaMount Hood National Recreation AreaMount Rogers National Recreation AreaOregon Dunes National Recreation AreaPine Ridge National Recreation AreaRattlesnake National Recreation AreaSawtooth National Recreation AreaSmith River National Recreation AreaSpring Mountains National Recreation AreaSpruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation AreaWhiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation AreaWhite Rocks National Recreation AreaWinding Stair Mountain National Recreation AreaBureau Of Land ManagementWhite Mountains National Recreation AreaHelp:CategoryCategory:IUCN Category VCategory:Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation AreaCategory:Santa Monica MountainsCategory:Simi HillsCategory:Regional Parks In CaliforniaCategory:National Park Service National Recreation AreasCategory:Parks In Los AngelesCategory:Parks In Los Angeles County, CaliforniaCategory:Parks In The San Fernando ValleyCategory:Parks In Ventura County, CaliforniaCategory:Protected Areas Established In 1978Category:Protected Areas Of Los Angeles County, CaliforniaCategory:Geography Of Ventura County, CaliforniaCategory:National Park Service Areas In CaliforniaCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksCategory:Coordinates On WikidataCategory:Official Website Different In Wikidata And WikipediaDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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