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History[edit] The SBCFD was initially founded on April 5, 1926.[2] In 1974, Santa Barbara launched the paramedic program which placed trained paramedics at station 11 to work alongside the firefighters.[3]

Equipment[edit] Engine 18, a Type 1, sits in a parking lot in Buellton. Engine 331, a Type 3, sits in a parking lot in Buellton. Type 1 Engine[edit] Each of the 16 stations service by SBC FD are equipped with at least one Type 1 engine. The engines have the ability to pump 1,500 GPM and carry 500 gallons of water as well as 25 gallons of foam. For moving the water the engines carry over 2000 feet of hose in various diameters and over 100 feet of ladders. Each engine also has a set of the "Jaws of Life" as well as various other power tools, rescue gear and hand tools for both urban and brush fires.[4] Type 3 Engine[edit] The Type 3 Engines are smaller than the Type 1’s and are primarily used for vegetation fires as well as any type of emergency in the back country where the Type 1's cannot respond. The Type 3 has 4 x 4 capability and can thus climb hills and make it through rough terrain. One of the features that makes the Type 3 ideal for vegetation fires is that it can pump water while driving, whereas the Type 1 engine must be put into park to flow water. This allows the Type 3 to make "running attacks" on vegetation fires, a tactic that can help minimize the rate of spread by having a firefighter walk the edge of a fire with a hose line and the Type 3 trailing close behind. Each of the engines feature a 500 gallon water tank and a pump capable of producing 500 gpm @ 150 psi. It also carries a 20 gallon tank for the Class A foam injection.[5] The Type 3 Engines will often be sent elsewhere in the county as of a Strike Team to assist with major incidence. In 2013 multiple engines were sent north to assist with the Rim Fire which became the largest fire in California history.[6][7] Trucks[edit] Truck 11 during a training drill The nozzle on the ladder of Truck 11 As of 2014[update], Santa Barbara County has one aerial ladder truck located at Station 11. The truck weighs 74,000 pounds (34,000 kg) and features a 100-foot (30 m) ladder and a pump that produces 1,250 GPM. The pump is connected to a nozzle at the top of the ladder allow water to be sprayed onto a fire from above. Besides being set up for fire fighting, the truck is also configured for technical, trench and confined space rescue. Along with the standard ladders and hoses, the truck also carries cutting torches, chainsaws, ropes, air bags and various other tools. The truck automatically responds to all technical rescues, vehicle accidents and structure fires in Battalion 1.[8] Helicopters[edit] The Santa Barbara County Air Support Unit (ASU) is made up of two Bell UH-1H "Huey"s.[9] The helicopters are jointly operated by the Fire Department and the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office. Located at the Santa Ynez Airport adjacent to the Station 32, the ASU will often travel with a Rescue Paramedics from Station 32 when a medic is necessary. The helos are fitted for both hoisting of personnel for a rescue and for dropping of water during a fire. The underside can also be fitted with water dropping tanks that carry 320 gallons of water and have the ability to pump water from a reservoir or other water source or they can be filled on the ground with fire hose.[10] Helitender[edit] To keep the squadron of helicopters that make up the Santa Barbara County Air Support Unit (ASU) airborne during a vegetation fire or any extended incident requires the use of a helitender. This specialized apparatus is unit is based at the Santa Ynez Airport, where both helicopters are kept, adjacent to Station 32. As mentioned above, these helicopters can hold up to 190 gallons of fuel. The mobile helitender holds 1,200 gallons of Jet A fuel and is able to be driven to the incident. In this manner it can be used to help maximize the flying time over the scene. It also holds various equipment and tools for servicing the helos on scene.[11] Water Tenders[edit] Santa Barbara County uses two different types of water tenders, two tactical and two supply units. The tactical units feature 4x4 capabilities and carry 1,500 gallons of water. They are specifically designed to carry water inside of a vegetation fire incident. These tenders are located at Station 22 in Orcutt and Station 32 in Santa Ynez. The supply units can carry 3,200 gallons of water to easily accessible areas. These are located at Station 18 in Gaviota and Station 41 in Cuyama.[12] Rescue Ambulance[edit] The SBCFD has four Rescue Ambulances (RA) deployed around the county. Santa Barbara County was at the forefront of the firefighter/paramedic introduction to the industry.[13] Although the primary Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider for the county is the private ambulance company American Medical Response (AMR), there are areas in which the county provides both dedicated ALS coverage and patient transport to hospital facility. The vehicles are based on the Ford modular-style ambulance outfitted with advanced life support capabilities. There are a total of five RAs throughout the county, two are located at Station 17 servicing UC Santa Barbara, two are at Station 41 in New Cuyama and one is at Station 51 in Vandenberg Village. In addition to medical emergencies, the RA will also respond with an initial assignment to any structure fire or multi-engine calls.[13]

Stations and apparatus[edit] Battalion 1[edit] Battalion one, or South Battalion, consists of stations 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18. Adjacent to station 11 is the office and quarters for the Battalion Chief serving Battalion 1. The designations for the South BC are 510 (A-shift), 512 (B-shift) and 514 (C-shift).[14] City Engine Truck EMS Wildland Other 11 Goleta Engine 11 Truck 11 USAR 11, Water Rescue 11, Battalion 1 [14] 12 Goleta Engine 12 Engine 212 Engine 312 [15] 13 Santa Barbara Engine 12 Engine 213 Engine 313 Utility 13 [16] 14 Goleta Engine 14 Engine 314 [17] 15 Santa Barbara Engine 15 Engine 315 Utility 15 [18] 17 UCSB Engine 17 Engine 217 Rescue 17 Rescue 217 Utility 17, Water Rescue 17 [19] 18 Gaviota Engine 18 Engine 318 Water Tender 18, Utility 18, Light & Air 18 [20] Battalion 2[edit] Battalion two, or North Battalion, consists of stations 21, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 41 and 51. Adjacent to Station 24 is the office and quarters for the Battalion Chief serving Battalion 2. The designations for the North BC are 511 (A-shift), 513 (B-shift) and 515 (C-shift).[21] City Engine EMS Wildland Other 21 Orcutt Engine 21 Engine 321 [22] 22 Santa Maria Engine 22 Engine 322 Utility 22, Water Tender 22 [23] 23 Sisquoc Engine 23 Engine 323 Utility 23 [24] 24 Los Alamos Engine 24 Engine 224 Engine 324 Utility 24, Battalion 2, Dozer 1, Dozer 2 [21] 30 Solvang Engine 30 Engine 230 Engine 330 Utility 30 [25] 31 Buellton Engine 31 Engine 331 Utility 31, HazMat [26] 32 Santa Ynez Engine 32 Engine 332 Utility 32, Water Tender 32 [27] 41 New Cuyama Engine 41 Rescue 41 Rescue 241 Engine 341 Utility 41, Water Tender 41 [28] 51 Vandenberg Village Engine 51 Rescue 51 Engine 351 [29]

Gallery[edit] Battalion Chief 514 oversees the drill. Battalion Chief 514 oversees the drill. Engine 14 Truck 11 Engine 14

Notable Incidents[edit] Painted Cave Fire (June–July 1990) Zaca Fire (July–August 2007) Gap Fire (July 2008) Montecito Tea Fire (November 2008) Jesusita Fire (May 2009) Sherpa Fire (June 2016) Rey Fire (August 2016) Refugio oil spill[edit] Main article: Refugio oil spill On May 19, 2015, the SBCFD responded around 11:40am to a report of a strong smell of oil coming from the area of Refugio State Beach.[30] Crews found a ruptured 24 inches (61 cm) line with crude oil running into the Pacific Ocean. The department stated the spill went into a culvert that ran under the U.S. 101, and into the ocean.[30] Representatives from Plains All American Pipeline stated that at the time of the spill the pipeline was operating at maximum capacity with a rate of 2,000 barrels per hour (84,000 US gal/h).[31]

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