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Service description[edit] Route[edit] The Red Line is a 16.4-mile (26.4 km) line[3] that begins at Union Station and travels southwest through Downtown Los Angeles, passing the Civic Center, Pershing Square (near the Historic Core) and the Financial District. At 7th St/Metro Center, travelers can connect to the Metro Blue Line and Metro Expo Line. From here, the train travels between 7th Street and Wilshire Boulevard (and briefly Ingraham Street) west through Pico-Union and Westlake, arriving at Wilshire/Vermont in the city's Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown district. Up to this point, the track is shared with the Metro Purple Line: at Wilshire/Vermont, the two lines diverge. From here, the Red Line travels north along Vermont, and then west along Hollywood Boulevard, traveling through Koreatown and Hollywood. Finally, the line turns northwest and crosses into the San Fernando Valley, where it terminates in North Hollywood. This route matches a branch of the old Red Car system, dismantled during The Great American Streetcar Scandal. Hours of operation[edit] Trains run between approximately 4:30 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. the following morning.[4] On Friday and Saturday evenings, trains are extended until 2:00 a.m. of the following morning. First and last train times are as follows: To/From North Hollywood Eastbound First Train to Union Station: 4:31 a.m. Last Train to Union Station: 12:54 a.m. (1:56 a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings) Westbound First Train to North Hollywood: 4:30 a.m. Last Train to North Hollywood: 12:17 a.m. (2:12 a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings) Headways[edit] Trains on the Red Line operate every ten minutes during peak hours Monday through Friday.[5] They operate every twelve minutes during the daytime weekdays and all day on the weekends after approximately 10 a.m. (with a 15-minute headway early Saturday and Sunday mornings). Night service can range between 10–20 minutes. Due to being paired with the Purple Line, the headways between Union Station and Wilshire/Vermont are cut in half, so the Red/Purple Line trunk has trains running five to ten minutes throughout service times.

History[edit] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (April 2013) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Planning and construction[edit] The Red Line project consisted of the current Red Line and Purple Line corridors, plus other corridors that were never built. Rather than building the entire project all at once, the SCRTD divided the project into "minimum operating segments" (MOS), corridor segments that could be built as distinct project phases that would provide incremental benefit as they opened. While some type of mass transit rail project had been planned and considered for many decades to serve the length of Wilshire corridor to Santa Monica, transit planners finally decided on a route that would travel west along Wilshire Blvd. to Fairfax Avenue, then turn north along Fairfax to the San Fernando Valley. Following a methane explosion in 1985 at a Ross Dress for Less clothing store near Fairfax and Third Street, Congressman Henry Waxman worked to legally designate a large part of Mid-Wilshire as a "methane zone". This zone stretched on either side of Wilshire Boulevard from Hancock Park to west of Fairfax (through areas of his district where subway opposition was strongest). Congress passed the ban in 1986. Subsequently, any plans for a subway west of Western Avenue diverted the line south around the methane zone, using Crenshaw, Pico, and San Vicente Boulevards, but these plans never came to fruition. The passage of the legislation forced the then SCRTD (predecessor agency to the current LACMTA) to terminate the route at Western Avenue. (it would later be referred to as "the tail" for its short length from the future transfer station at Vermont Avenue) and no longer qualify for the current round of Federal funding for the remaining miles of the rail line. However, in an effort to qualify for future awards of Federal funds for miles of route that had now been canceled, the SCRTD quickly started over (the FTA requires formulas and studies before it approves funds, and then only for the precise route submitted) and proposed that one leg of the subway would deviate from the Western Ave. bound tunnel and turn north on Vermont, west on Sunset, then north to the San Fernando Valley, avoiding Waxman's "no-subway" zone. However, the route from Vermont Avenue heading north was proposed to be elevated along Vermont and required the purchase and demolition of one or more of the hospitals located near the corner of Vermont & Sunset in order for the trains to make the turn west onto Sunset continuing on elevated tracks, a major impact upon the community. In addition, the owners of TV and radio stations, and recording studios further west along Sunset (at that time KTLA, KTTV and KCBS were among several broadcast and post production facilities and music recording studios that were located along the proposed route's stretch of Sunset Blvd.) strongly protested the route claiming that the vibrations and noise from passing trains would interfere with their productions using sensitive microphones and recording equipment. The SCRTD later proposed to put trains underground along Sunset to mollify the media owners' concerns, but those same business interests strongly believed that even underground trains would still create sufficient vibrations to negatively impact their facilities and services and vowed to fight and file suit to prevent any rail line along their stretch of Sunset Blvd. By then, new rounds of Federal money were available, and then-SCRTD CEO Allen Pegg announced that the transit agency was highly confident that sufficient funding for an all subway line, now proposed to travel under Hollywood Blvd to avoid conflicts with the studios on Sunset, could be secured. The line would then turn north along Highland Avenue to Universal City and North Hollywood (a Hollywood Bowl stop was determined not to have enough year-round ridership to meet FTA formulas for Federal funding, just one of the reasons for not building a station there). The FTA approved the all subway route and funding (although broken into 2 phases rather than the original 1 phase in order to spread the cost over time making it more likely to be approved by Congress as part of the Federal Budget) for the line as it exists today. Building awareness to the new Metro Red Line required a massive public relations and advertising campaign. Several agencies were awarded contracts to supply information, create signage and billboards, and produce radio, newspaper and television advertising. Coronado Communications, in alliance with sub-contractor Pangea Corporation, worked out a creative strategy to communicate to the Latino, Korean and Chinese communities. Under the direction of Coronado Communications' Fernando Oaxaca[6] and Pangea's Cheryl Ann Wong, the campaign reached the target audience months before the Metro opened by utilizing traditional media and hosting special minority community events. As the Metro Red Line extended to the West Side of Los Angeles, another campaign was enacted by UltraSystems Environmental and Hintz and Balvin Communications, who put together a team to handle all the collateral and public relations.[7] Operation[edit] MOS-1, which consisted of the original five stations from Union Station to Westlake/MacArthur Park, opened on January 30, 1993.[8] In 1995, during construction of the subway, a sinkhole appeared on Hollywood Boulevard, barely missing several workers and causing damage to buildings on the street. Subway construction was halted until the situation could be resolved. The contractor, Shea-Kiewit-Kenny, was replaced with a new contractor, Tutor Saliba.[9] MOS-2 included three new stations between Westlake/MacArthur Park and Wilshire/Western, which completed the branch now served by the Purple Line opened in 1996,[10] and five new stations from Wilshire/Vermont to Hollywood/Vine which opened in 1999.[11] In 1998, Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky introduced a Los Angeles County initiative called the MTA Reform and Accountability Act of 1998 (Los Angeles County Proposition A). This initiative, passed by voters in 1998, bans the use of Los Angeles County revenue from existing sales taxes for subway tunneling. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky later stated that local money could be used to cover subway-related costs, as long as it was not used directly for tunneling.[12] In the time since this proposition became law, a new sales tax measure, Measure R, was passed by voters which specifically provides funds for subway development. MOS-3, which added new stations and extended the Red Line from Hollywood/Vine to its final terminus at North Hollywood, opened in 2000.[13] Litigation over an illegally awarded contract to build the Hollywood/Highland station and tunnels took more time to resolve than the actual construction.[14] During construction, 2,000 fossils were discovered, including 64 extinct species of fish, the tusk of an Ice Age elephant and the bones of an ancient longhorn bison, a report funded by the MTA found. The report was authored by paleontologist Bruce Lander of Paleo Environmental Associates in Irvine. Lander worked with a team of 28 scientists during construction of the Metro Rail Red Line. Fossil evidence showed that tens of thousands of years ago, ground sloths, horses, elephants and camels roamed among redwood trees in what is now Los Angeles, according to an MTA summary of the 300-page report. The scientists also found evidence of a great flood in the San Fernando Valley 9,000 years ago that swept away trees. Among the 64 extinct species of marine fish 39 had never before been discovered, the report said. The scientists found bones of an American mastodon, a western camel and a Harlan's ground sloth. They found wood and pollen of land plants including incense cedar and coast redwood trees, and bones of birds, shrews, cottontail rabbits, gophers, mice and kangaroo rats. Some of the fossils are as much as 16.5 million years old.[15] During construction there were allegations of corruption and safety issues, including cost overruns and tunnel walls having thicknesses less than specified or required by law.[16] In October 2005, the new Orange Line busway began service. The busway was constructed instead of a further Red Line rail extension in the Valley. The Orange Line uses train-like two-cabin articulated bus bodies to provide high-capacity transit service across an east-west corridor in the southern San Fernando Valley. The Red Line connects to the Orange Line at North Hollywood station. The Orange Line feeds about 15,000 new boardings into the Red Line at the North Hollywood terminus. Currently, little chance exists for further underground Red Line extension west from its northern terminus. In August 2006, the Wilshire branch of the Red Line, operating between Union Station and Wilshire/Western, was redesignated by Metro as the Metro Purple Line to distinguish it from the Downtown-North Hollywood service.[17] This helps riders in the overlapping section of the routes to avoid confusion and taking the wrong train.

Future extensions[edit] Train at North Hollywood Metro Red Line Station. Interior decor and stairs to platform level of Hollywood and Vine station Eastbound platform at Universal City Station. The route currently known as the Red Line was originally intended to continue beyond its eastern terminus at Union Station to East Los Angeles. At the north end of the route, the Red Line was to turn west from North Hollywood station toward Warner Center. However, a 1998 proposition was passed by voters, which banned use of county sales tax revenue for subway construction due to the high cost of construction and problems associated with tunneling under Hollywood Blvd. The tunneling ban put an end to expansion of the Red Line for the then foreseeable future. The route to Warner Center was turned into the Metro Orange Line, a bus rapid transitway (BRT) service. However, in recent years, new legislation has been passed reflecting new public support for subway development, and Metro is now currently working on two subway projects (the Purple Line Extension and the Regional Connector) in other parts of Los Angeles. Extensions to the North[edit] Former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has mentioned extending the Red Line from its current North Hollywood Station terminus along Lankershim Boulevard to the northeastern San Fernando Valley, with a terminus in Sylmar.[citation needed] One long-term possibility might be an underground extension of another mile or two to a future high-rise housing district, or to a multi-modal transportation hub station at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, a distance of approximately four miles. It would possibly go under Vineland Avenue and Vanowen Street.[citation needed] In 2006 a large number of housing units, including a high-rise tower was completed very near the North Hollywood (NoHo Arts District) station. Planned high-rise housing developments further to the north and the possibility of establishing a direct connection to the planned California High-Speed Rail station at Burbank Airport have been suggested as additional justification for an extension of the line from its current terminus in North Hollywood.[18] Extension to Arts District[edit] In 2010, at the request of L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge, Metro staff studied the possibility of adding a station along the west bank of the Los Angeles River to 6th Street and Santa Fe Avenue. The study concluded that such an extension, completed at-grade along Metro-owned right-of-way, could be completed for as little as $90 million. The study suggested an alternative station at the Division 20 Yard north of 4th Street and Santa Fe Avenue. This station would be closer to the residential population of the Arts District. As new turnback tracks will need to be built as part of the Purple Line Extension (to allow shorter headways), this Arts District extension could possibly be partially completed as part of the Purple Line Extension project, lowering the incremental cost of the station while increasing its usability.[19][20] Extensions East[edit] Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the Metro Red Line's most popular destinations on the line. Plans of extending the Red Line to the Eastside have been set aside with opening of the Metro Gold Line East extension to the neighborhoods of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles in 2009.[21] Although there are no plans to do such, it is conceivable that plans for a future eastward extension could involve the San Gabriel Valley rather than the Eastside. Some citizen proposals have included the conversion of the El Monte Busway to heavy rail, although this would disrupt the existing bus and Metrolink service along that corridor. Other rights-of-way that could host a Red Line extension, whether subway or at-grade, include the Union Pacific's Alhambra Trench, the former Pacific Electric two-track right of way extending through the City Terrace area to El Monte and Covina, and the median of Huntington Drive, which also held a two-track Pacific Electric line extending as far as Azusa & Glendora, until 1951, when it was removed. Extension South[edit] See: Vermont Avenue Corridor Subway Purple Line Extension[edit] Metro is currently constructing the Purple Line Extension (formerly known as the Westside Subway Extension project) to extend the Purple Line (originally part of the Red Line) westward, to the Westside.

Station listing[edit] The following table lists the stations of the Red Line, from east to west: Station Connections Date Opened Station Parking City/ Neighborhood Union Station   Metro Purple Line   Metro Gold Line   Metro Silver Line Metro Local: 40, 68, 70, 71, 76, 78, 79, 378 Metro Express: 442, 485, 487, 489 Metro Rapid: 704, 728, 733, 745, 770 Amtrak: Coast Starlight, Pacific Surfliner, Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle, San Joaquin (bus connection) Antelope Valley Transit Authority: 785 City of Santa Clarita Transit: 794 Foothill Transit: Silver Streak, 481, 493, 497, 498, 499, 699 LAX FlyAway LADOT Commuter Express: 431, 534, Union Station/Bunker Hill Shuttle LADOT DASH: B, D, Lincoln Heights/Chinatown Metrolink: Antelope Valley Line, Ventura County Line, San Bernardino Line, Riverside Line, Orange County Line, 91 Line Orange County Transportation Authority: 701 Santa Monica Big Blue Bus: Rapid 10 Torrance Transit: 4 January 30, 1993 Nearby Paid Parking (Independent) Downtown Los Angeles Civic Center/Grand Park   Metro Purple Line   Metro Silver Line Metro Local: 2, 4, 10, 14, 28, 30, 37, 40, 45, 48, 68, 70, 71, 76, 78, 79, 81, 83, 90, 91, 92, 94, 96, 302, 378 Metro Express:442, 487, 489 Metro Rapid: 728, 733, 745, 770, 794 Antelope Valley Transit Authority: 785 Big Blue Bus: 10 City of Santa Clarita Transit: 799 Foothill Transit: Silver Streak, 493, 495 497, 498, 499, 699 LADOT Commuter Express: 409, 419, 422, 423, 431, 437, 438, 448, 534 LADOT DASH: A, B, D Montebello Bus Lines: 341, 342 Santa Monica Big Blue Bus: Rapid 10 Torrance Transit: 4 January 30, 1993 Nearby Paid Parking (Independent) Pershing Square   Metro Purple Line   Metro Silver Line (northbound only) Metro Local: 2, 4, 10, 14, 16, 18, 28, 30, 33, 37, 38, 40, 45, 48, 53, 55, 62, 68, 70, 71, 76, 78, 79, 81, 83, 90, 91, 92, 94, 96, 302, 316, 378 Metro Express: 442 (northbound only), 460, 487, 489 Metro Rapid: 720, 728, 733, 745, 770, 794 Angels Flight Foothill Transit: Silver Streak LADOT Commuter Express: 419 LADOT DASH: B, D Montebello Bus Lines: 40, 50, 341, 342 Orange County Transportation Authority: 701, 721 Torrance Transit: 4 (northbound only) January 30, 1993 Nearby Paid Parking (Independent) 7th Street/Metro Center   Metro Purple Line   Metro Blue Line   Metro Expo Line   Metro Silver Line Metro Local: 14, 16, 18, 20, 37, 51, 52, 60, 62, 66, 76, 78, 79, 81, 316, 352, 378 Metro Express: 442, 460, 487, 489 Metro Rapid: 720, 760 Antelope Valley Transit Authority: 785 City of Santa Clarita Transit: 799 Foothill Transit: Silver Streak, 493, 495, 497, 498, 499, 699 LADOT Commuter Express: 409, 422, 423, 431, 437, 438, 448, 534 LADOT DASH: A, B, E, F Montebello Bus Lines: 40, 50, 341, 342, 343 Orange County Transportation Authority: 701, 721 Santa Monica Big Blue Bus: Rapid 10 Torrance Transit: 4 January 30, 1993 None Westlake/MacArthur Park   Metro Purple Line Metro Local: 18, 20, 51, 52, 200, 352, 603 Metro Express: 487, 489 Metro Rapid: 720 Foothill Transit: 481 LADOT DASH: Pico Union/Echo Park January 30, 1993 None Westlake Wilshire/Vermont   Metro Purple Line Metro Local: 18, 20, 51, 52, 201, 204, 352 Metro Rapid: 720, 754 Foothill Transit: 481 LADOT DASH: Wilshire Center/Koreatown July 13, 1996 Nearby Paid Parking (Independent) Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown Vermont/Beverly Metro Local: 10, 14, 204 Metro Rapid: 754 June 12, 1999 None Los Angeles Vermont/Santa Monica Metro Local: 4, 204 Metro Rapid: 704, 754 LADOT DASH: Hollywood June 12, 1999 None Los Angeles Vermont/Sunset Metro Local: 2, 175, 204, 206, 302 Metro Rapid: 754 LADOT DASH: Hollywood, Los Feliz, Weekend Observatory Shuttle June 12, 1999 None East Hollywood Hollywood/Western Metro Local: 180, 181, 207, 217 Metro Rapid: 757, 780 June 12, 1999 None East Hollywood Hollywood/Vine Metro Local: 180, 181, 210, 212, 217, 222 Metro Rapid: 780 LADOT DASH: Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood, Hollywood/Wilshire LAX FlyAway June 12, 1999 Nearby Paid Parking (Independent) Hollywood Hollywood/Highland Metro Local: 212, 217, 222, 237, 312, 656 (late night only) Metro Rapid: 780 LADOT DASH: Hollywood June 24, 2000 Nearby Paid Parking (Independent) Hollywood Universal City/Studio City Metro Local: 150, 155, 224, 237, 240, 656 (late night only) Metro Rapid: 750 Universal Studios/Universal CityWalk shuttle June 24, 2000 779 Spaces Studio City North Hollywood   Metro Orange Line Metro Local: 152, 154, 162, 183, 224, 237, 353, 656 (late night only) Metro Express: 501 Bob Hope Airport Shuttle (weekends & holidays only) Burbank Bus: NoHo-Airport, NoHo-Media District City of Santa Clarita Transit: 757 LADOT Commuter Express: 549 June 24, 2000 803 Spaces North Hollywood

Operations[edit] Maintenance[edit] Inside the car of a Metro Red Line. Both the Metro Red and Purple Lines use the Ansaldobreda A650 cars. The Red Line operates out of the Division 20 Yard (Santa Fe Yard) located at 320 South Santa Fe Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. This yard stores the fleet used on the Red and Purple Lines, and where heavy maintenance is performed. Cars reach this yard by continuing past Union Station, making a right turn and surfacing at the Eastern terminus of Ducommun Street. They then travel south to 1st Street, through a washing station, and enter the yard. Rolling stock[edit] The Red Line uses Breda A650 75-foot (23 m) electric multiple unit cars built by Breda in Italy. Trains usually run in six-car consists during peak hours and four-car consists outside of peak hours. The acceleration for cars #530 and up is similar to that of cars used by the Washington Metro because they both use General Electric traction motors.[22][23] The cars are maintained in a Metro yard on Santa Fe Avenue near 4th Street alongside the Los Angeles River in downtown Los Angeles. In March 2017, Metro ordered new CRRC HR4000 railcars, some of which will operate on the Red Line when they are delivered beginning in 2020.[24]

Incidents[edit] 1994 movie[edit] The 1994 movie, Speed, involves the Red Line at the end of the movie. The films villain is killed and the protagonist escapes, after the train smashes through bollards and fences. 2006 mercury spillage[edit] On December 22, 2006, a transient accidentally spilled a vial of mercury on the platform at the Pershing Square station. He then located a passenger information intercom and told the operator that he spilled mercury before boarding a train.[25] The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was not notified until the next day, eight hours later. Metro has responded since the incident by giving hazardous materials (Hazmat) training to its field employees and operators so they can identify hazardous substances and take correct action in the future.[26] 2011 fatal stabbing[edit] On August 19, 2011 an altercation between two passengers resulted in a fatal stabbing of one of the involved on the train near the Hollywood and Vine station.[27] The suspect was caught on August 24.[28] 2012 fatal accident[edit] On September 4, 2012, a 54-year-old man fell onto the tracks at the North Hollywood station and was hit by an oncoming train.[29] He was rescued by firefighters and paramedics, but died at the hospital.[30]

See also[edit] Purple Line (Los Angeles Metro) Purple Line Extension Los Angeles County Metro Rail Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Breda A-650 Metro Red Line Railcar

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Red_Line_(Los_Angeles_Metro) - Photos and All Basic Informations

Red_Line_(Los_Angeles_Metro) More Links

Red CarWikipedia:No Original ResearchWikipedia:VerifiabilityWikipedia:Citing SourcesHelp:Maintenance Template RemovalImage Of Red Line Train At Union Station.Union Station (Los Angeles)Metro Rail (Los Angeles County)Heavy RailPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityBreda A650Track GaugeStandard GaugeRailway Electrification SystemVoltDirect CurrentThird RailTemplate:Railway Line LegendMetrolink (Southern California)AmtrakGold LineMetro Gold Line (LACMTA)APU/Citrus College StationUnion Station (Los Angeles)Purple LineGold LineSilver LineMetrolink (Southern California)AmtrakFlyAway BusGold LineMetro Gold Line (LACMTA)Atlantic Station (Los Angeles Metro)U.S. Route 101 In CaliforniaCivic Center (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LineSilver LinePershing Square (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LineSilver Line7th St/Metro Center (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LineBlue LineExpo LineSilver LineBlue LineMetro Blue Line (LACMTA)Downtown Long Beach StationExpo LineMetro Expo Line (LACMTA)Downtown Santa Monica StationCalifornia State Route 110Westlake/MacArthur Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LineWilshire/Vermont (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LinePurple LineMetro Purple Line (LACMTA)Wilshire/Western StationVermont/Beverly (Los Angeles Metro Station)U.S. Route 101 In CaliforniaCalifornia State Route 2Vermont/Santa Monica (Los Angeles Metro Station)Vermont/Sunset (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hollywood/Western (Los Angeles Metro Station)U.S. Route 101 In CaliforniaHollywood/Vine (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hollywood/Highland (Los Angeles Metro Station)U.S. Route 101 In CaliforniaUniversal City/Studio City (Los Angeles Metro Station)California State Route 134North Hollywood (Los Angeles Metro Station)Orange LineOrange LineMetro Orange Line (LACMTA)Chatsworth StationTemplate:Metro Red LineTemplate Talk:Metro Red LineEnlargeEnlargeHeavy RailRapid TransitDowntown Los AngelesNorth Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMid-WilshireOrange Line (Los Angeles Metro)Bus Rapid TransitWarner Center, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWoodland Hills, Los AngelesChatsworth, Los AngelesLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityLos Angeles County Metro RailPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Downtown Los Angeles7th St/Metro Center StationBlue Line (Los Angeles Metro)Expo Line (Los Angeles Metro)Wilshire/Vermont StationMid-WilshireKoreatown, Los AngelesPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Hollywood BoulevardKoreatown, Los AngelesHollywood, Los AngelesSan Fernando ValleyNorth Hollywood, CaliforniaRed CarGreat American Streetcar ScandalWikipedia:VerifiabilityHelp:Introduction To Referencing With Wiki Markup/1Help:Maintenance Template RemovalWilshire BoulevardSanta MonicaFairfax AvenueSan Fernando ValleyRoss Dress For LessHenry WaxmanMethaneHancock Park, Los AngelesCrenshaw BoulevardPico BoulevardSan Vicente BoulevardSouthern California Rapid Transit DistrictKTLAKTTVKCBS-TVPangea CorporationUnion Station (Los Angeles)Westlake/MacArthur Park StationSinkholeHollywood BoulevardTutor SalibaWestlake/MacArthur Park StationWilshire/Western StationPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Wilshire/Vermont StationHollywood/Vine StationZev YaroslavskyLos Angeles CountyZev YaroslavskyMeasure RHollywood/Vine StationNorth Hollywood StationHollywood/Highland (Los Angeles Metro Station)Quaternary GlaciationElephantBison LatifronsIrvine, CaliforniaGround SlothEquus (genus)CamelRedwoodSan Fernando ValleyMastodonWestern CamelHarlan's Ground SlothShrewsCottontail RabbitGopher (animal)MiceKangaroo RatOrange Line (Los Angeles Metro)Articulated BusSan Fernando ValleyNorth Hollywood StationUnion Station (Los Angeles)Wilshire/Western StationPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)EnlargeEnlargeEnlargeUnion Station (Los Angeles)East Los Angeles (region)North Hollywood StationWarner CenterPurple Line ExtensionRegional Connector (Los Angeles Metro)Sylmar, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWikipedia:Citation NeededBob Hope AirportBurbank, CaliforniaWikipedia:Citation NeededNorth Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNoHo Arts DistrictCalifornia High-Speed RailTom LaBongeLos Angeles RiverPurple Line ExtensionEnlargeEast Los Angeles (region)Gold Line (Los Angeles Metro)San Gabriel ValleyEl Monte BuswayUnion PacificPacific ElectricCity TerraceEl Monte, CaliforniaCovina, CaliforniaAzusa, CaliforniaLos Angeles Metro RailPurple Line ExtensionWestside, Los AngelesUnion Station (Los Angeles)Purple LinePurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Gold LineGold Line (Los Angeles Metro)Silver LineSilver Line (Los Angeles Metro)Metro LocalMetro Express (Los Angeles County)Metro RapidAmtrakCoast StarlightPacific SurflinerSouthwest ChiefSunset LimitedTexas EagleSan Joaquin (train)Antelope Valley Transit AuthorityCity Of Santa Clarita TransitFoothill TransitSilver Streak (bus)FlyAway (bus)LADOT Commuter ExpressLADOT DASHMetrolink (Southern California)Antelope Valley LineVentura County LineSan Bernardino LineRiverside LineOrange County Line91 LineOrange County Transportation AuthorityBig Blue BusTorrance TransitDowntown Los AngelesCivic Center/Grand Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LinePurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Silver LineSilver Line (Los Angeles Metro)Montebello Bus LinesPershing Square (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LinePurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Silver LineSilver Line (Los Angeles Metro)Angels Flight7th Street/Metro Center (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LinePurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Blue LineBlue Line (Los Angeles Metro)Expo LineExpo Line (Los Angeles Metro)Silver LineSilver Line (Los Angeles Metro)Westlake/MacArthur Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LinePurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Westlake, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWilshire/Vermont (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple LinePurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Mid-WilshireKoreatown, Los Angeles, CaliforniaVermont/Beverly (Los Angeles Metro Station)Los Angeles, CaliforniaVermont/Santa Monica (Los Angeles Metro Station)Los Angeles, CaliforniaVermont/Sunset (Los Angeles Metro Station)Griffith ObservatoryEast Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood/Western (Los Angeles Metro Station)East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood/Vine (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood/Highland (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaUniversal City/Studio City (Los Angeles Metro Station)Universal Studios HollywoodUniversal CityWalkStudio City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNorth Hollywood (Los Angeles Metro Station)Orange LineOrange Line (Los Angeles Metro)Bob Hope AirportBurbank BusNorth Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaEnlargeBreda A650Multiple UnitSocietà Italiana Ernesto BredaItalyWashington Metro Rolling StockGeneral ElectricTraction MotorLos Angeles RiverSpeed (1994 Film)Mercury (element)Pershing Square (LACMTA Station)Operator (profession)Los Angeles County Sheriff's DepartmentPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Purple Line ExtensionLos Angeles County Metro RailLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityBreda A-650 Metro Red Line RailcarLos Angeles Daily NewsLos Angeles Daily NewsLos Angeles Daily NewsWayback MachineLos Angeles Daily NewsLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles TimesLos Angeles TimesKABC-TVKABC-TVLos Angeles Daily NewsKCBS-TVHelp:Attached KMLTemplate:Attached KML/Red Line (Los Angeles Metro)Template:Los Angeles Metro Rail Stations NavboxTemplate Talk:Los Angeles Metro Rail Stations NavboxLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityLos Angeles Metro RailList Of Los Angeles Metro Rail StationsUnion Station (Los Angeles)Civic Center/Grand Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Pershing Square (Los Angeles Metro Station)7th Street/Metro Center (Los Angeles Metro Station)Westlake/MacArthur Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wilshire/Vermont (Los Angeles Metro Station)Vermont/Beverly (Los Angeles Metro Station)Vermont/Santa Monica (Los Angeles Metro Station)Vermont/Sunset (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hollywood/Western (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hollywood/Vine (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hollywood/Highland (Los Angeles Metro Station)Universal City/Studio City (Los Angeles Metro Station)North Hollywood (Los Angeles Metro Station)Purple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Union Station (Los Angeles)Civic Center/Grand Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Pershing Square (Los Angeles Metro Station)7th Street/Metro Center (Los Angeles Metro Station)Westlake/MacArthur Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wilshire/Vermont (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wilshire/Normandie (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wilshire/Western (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wilshire/La Brea (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wilshire/Fairfax (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wilshire/La Cienega StationWilshire/Rodeo (Los Angeles Metro Station)Blue Line (Los Angeles Metro)7th Street/Metro Center (Los Angeles Metro Station)Pico (Los Angeles Metro Station)Grand (Los Angeles Metro Station)San Pedro Street (Los Angeles Metro Station)Washington (Los Angeles Metro Station)Vernon (Los Angeles Metro Station)Slauson (Los Angeles Metro Blue Line Station)Florence (Los Angeles Metro Station)Firestone (Los Angeles Metro Station)103rd Street/Watts Towers (Los Angeles Metro Station)Willowbrook (Los Angeles Metro Station)Compton (Los Angeles Metro Station)Artesia (Los Angeles Metro Station)Del Amo (Los Angeles Metro Station)Wardlow (Los Angeles Metro Station)Willow Street (Los Angeles Metro Station)Pacific Coast Highway Station (Blue Line)Anaheim Street (Los Angeles Metro Station)5th Street (Los Angeles Metro Station)1st Street (Los Angeles Metro Station)Downtown Long Beach (Los Angeles Metro Station)Pacific Avenue (Los Angeles Metro Station)Expo Line (Los Angeles Metro)7th Street/Metro Center StationPico StationLATTC/Ortho Institute StationJefferson/USC StationExpo Park/USC StationExpo/Vermont StationExpo/Western StationExpo/Crenshaw StationFarmdale StationExpo/La Brea StationLa Cienega/Jefferson StationCulver City StationPalms StationWestwood/Rancho Park StationExpo/Sepulveda StationExpo/Bundy Station26th Street/Bergamot Station17th Street/Santa Monica College StationDowntown Santa Monica StationGreen Line (Los Angeles Metro)Norwalk Station (Los Angeles Metro)Lakewood Boulevard StationLong Beach Boulevard StationWillowbrook/Rosa Parks StationAvalon Station (Los Angeles Metro)Harbor Freeway StationVermont/Athens StationCrenshaw StationHawthorne/Lennox StationAviation/LAX StationMariposa Station (Los Angeles Metro)El Segundo StationDouglas Station (Los Angeles Metro)Redondo Beach StationGold Line (Los Angeles Metro)APU/Citrus College (Los Angeles Metro Station)Azusa Downtown (Los Angeles Metro Station)Irwindale (Los Angeles Metro Station)Duarte/City Of Hope (Los Angeles Metro Station)Monrovia (Los Angeles Metro Station)Arcadia (Los Angeles Metro Station)Sierra Madre Villa (Los Angeles Metro Station)Allen (Los Angeles Metro Station)Lake (Los Angeles Metro Station)Memorial Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Del Mar (Los Angeles Metro Station)Fillmore (Los Angeles Metro Station)South Pasadena (Los Angeles Metro Station)Highland Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Southwest Museum (Los Angeles Metro Station)Heritage Square (Los Angeles Metro Station)Lincoln/Cypress (Los Angeles Metro Station)Chinatown (Los Angeles Metro Station)Union Station (Los Angeles)Little Tokyo/Arts District (Los Angeles Metro Station)Pico/Aliso (Los Angeles Metro Station)Mariachi Plaza (Los Angeles Metro Station)Soto (Los Angeles Metro Station)Indiana (Los Angeles Metro Station)Maravilla (Los Angeles Metro Station)East LA Civic Center (Los Angeles Metro Station)Atlantic (Los Angeles Metro Station)Crenshaw/LAX Line (Los Angeles Metro)Expo/Crenshaw (Los Angeles Metro Station)Martin Luther King Jr. Station (Los Angeles Metro)Leimert Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Hyde Park (Los Angeles Metro Station)Fairview Heights (Los Angeles Metro Station)Downtown Inglewood (Los Angeles Metro Station)Westchester/Veterans (Los Angeles Metro Station)Aviation/96th (Los Angeles Metro Station)Aviation/Century (Los Angeles Metro Station)Regional ConnectorGrand Av Arts/Bunker Hill StationHistoric Broadway StationLittle Tokyo/Arts District StationLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityTemplate:Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityTemplate Talk:Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityLos Angeles Metro RailPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Blue Line (Los Angeles Metro)Expo Line (Los Angeles Metro)Green Line (Los Angeles Metro)Gold Line (Los Angeles Metro)Los Angeles Metro BuswayOrange Line (Los Angeles Metro)Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)Metro LocalMetro RapidMetro Express (Los Angeles County)Union Station (Los Angeles)Patsaouras Transit PlazaEl Monte StationList Of Los Angeles Metro Rail StationsList Of Los Angeles Metro Busway StationsEl Monte BuswayHarbor TransitwayMTA BuildingCrenshaw/LAX LineRegional ConnectorPurple Line ExtensionGold Line Foothill ExtensionLos Angeles Metro Bus FleetLos Angeles Metro Rail Rolling StockTransit Access PassTransportation In Los AngelesFlyAway (bus)Metrolink (Southern California)Template:USSubwayTemplate Talk:USSubwayPassenger Rail TerminologyRapid TransitBay Area Rapid TransitLos Angeles Metro RailPurple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Washington MetroMetrorail (Miami-Dade County)Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit AuthorityChicago "L"Massachusetts Bay Transportation AuthorityBlue Line (MBTA)Orange Line (MBTA)Red Line (MBTA)Baltimore Metro SubwayNew York City SubwayStaten Island RailwayPATH (rail System)RTA Rapid TransitRed Line (Cleveland)SEPTAMarket–Frankford LineBroad Street LinePATCO SpeedlineTren UrbanoTemplate:LA Mass TransitTemplate Talk:LA Mass TransitMass TransitLos Angeles CountyMetro Rail (Los Angeles County)Blue Line (Los Angeles Metro)Expo Line (Los Angeles Metro)Gold Line (Los Angeles Metro)Green Line (Los Angeles Metro)Purple Line (Los Angeles Metro)Metrolink (Southern California)Angels FlightGetty Center MonorailPacific SurflinerCoast StarlightSouthwest ChiefSunset LimitedTexas EagleLos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityMetro LocalMetro RapidMetro Express (Los Angeles County)Foothill TransitLos Angeles Department Of TransportationAntelope Valley Transit AuthorityCity Of Santa Clarita TransitTorrance TransitBig Blue BusCulver CityBusGlendale BeelineBurbank BusLong Beach TransitBeach Cities TransitPasadena TransitEl Monte TransitCity Of Commerce Municipal Bus LinesGTransMontebello Bus LinesMonterey Park Spirit BusPalos Verdes Peninsula Transit AuthorityNorwalk Transit (California)Bus Rapid TransitLos Angeles Metro BuswayOrange Line (Los Angeles Metro)Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)El Monte BuswayHarbor TransitwaySilver Streak (bus)Los Angeles International AirportLong Beach AirportHollywood Burbank AirportCalTrainEl Camino (train)Glendale And Montrose RailwayGrand Central Airport (United States)Los Angeles RailwayMount Lowe RailwayMunicipal Area ExpressPacific ElectricSouthern California Rapid Transit DistrictWaterfront Red CarHelp:CategoryCategory:Red Line (Los Angeles Metro)Category:Los Angeles Metro Rail LinesCategory:Public Transportation In Los AngelesCategory:Public Transportation In The San Fernando ValleyCategory:Public Transportation In Los Angeles County, CaliforniaCategory:Central Los AngelesCategory:Downtown Los AngelesCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksCategory:Use Mdy Dates From February 2016Category:Articles That May Contain Original Research From April 2013Category:All Articles That May Contain Original ResearchCategory:Articles Containing Potentially Dated Statements From October 2013Category:All Articles Containing Potentially Dated StatementsCategory:Articles Needing Additional References From April 2013Category:All Articles Needing Additional ReferencesCategory:All Articles With Unsourced StatementsCategory:Articles 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