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Politics and governance[edit] Main article: Provincial politics in the Netherlands The government of each province consists of three major parts: The States-Provincial (Provinciale Staten) is the provincial parliament elected every four years. The number of members varies between 39 and 55 (as of 2015), depending on the number of inhabitants of the province.[2] Being a member is a part-time job. The main task of the States-Provincial is to scrutinise the work of the provincial government. The Provincial-Executive (Gedeputeerde Staten) is a college elected from among the members of the States-Provincial and charged with most executive tasks. Each province has between three and seven deputies, each having their own portfolio. The task of the Provincial Executive is the overall management of the province. The King's Commissioner (Commissaris van de Koning) is a single person appointed by the Crown who presides over the States-Provincial as well as over the Provincial Executive. The Commissioner is appointed for a term of six years, after which reappointment for another term is possible. Elections[edit] Kingdom of the Netherlands This article is part of a series on the politics and government of the Netherlands Constitution Charter Wet Algemene Bepalingen Human rights Monarchy King Willem-Alexander Council of Ministers Ministers Plenipotentiary Aruba Curaçao St. Maarten Cabinet Prime Minister (list) Mark Rutte Deputy Prime Ministers Hugo de Jonge Kajsa Ollongren Carola Schouten Cabinet (list) Current cabinet (70th / Rutte III) States General Senate President: Ankie Broekers-Knol Current membership Historic composition House of Representatives Speaker: Khadija Arib Current membership Historic composition Parliamentary committees Judiciary Supreme Court High Councils of State Council of State Court of Audit National Ombudsman Elections Recent elections General: 2010 2012 2017 Provincial: 2007 2011 2015 Municipal: 2006 2010 2014 European: 2004 2009 2014 Referendums Referendums: 2005 2016 2018 Political parties Politicians Local government Provincial politics Water boards Municipal politics BES islands Foreign relations Diplomatic missions of the Netherlands to the Netherlands Related topics Corruption in the Netherlands De Nederlandsche Bank Law of the Netherlands Modern history Republicanism in the Netherlands Social Economic Council Other countries Atlas v t e The members of the States-Provincial are elected every four years in direct elections. To a large extent, the same political parties are enlisted in these elections in the national elections. The chosen provincial legislators elect the members of the national Senate within three months after the provincial elections. The elections for the water boards take place on the same date as the provincial elections. The last three provincial elections were held in 2007, 2011 and in 2015.

Competencies[edit] The provinces of the Netherlands have 7 core tasks:[3] Sustainable spatial development, including water management. Environment, energy and climate Vital countryside Regional accessibility and regional public transport Regional economy Cultural infrastructure and preservation Quality of public administration Financing[edit] To a large extent, the provinces of the Netherlands are financed by the national government. Also, provinces have income from a part of the Vehicle Excise Duty. Several provinces have made a large profit in the past from privatising utility companies originally owned or partly owned by the provinces. An example is Essent, which was originally owned by six provinces and more than a hundred municipalities and was sold for around 9.3 billion euros.

List of provinces[edit] Main article: List of provinces of the Netherlands The currently existing country of the Netherlands, being the largest part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is divided into twelve provinces (provincies in Dutch) and three overseas special municipalities, the Caribbean Netherlands that are not part of any province. Previously these were part of public bodies (openbare lichamen). The twelve provinces are listed below. Province Flag Arms Capital Largest city King's Commissioner Area[4] Area excluding water Population (2015)[5] Density Density excluding water Drenthe  Assen  Emmen Jetta Klijnsma 7009268037000000000♠2,680.37 km2 (1,034.90 sq mi) 7009264109000000000♠2,641.09 km2 (1,019.73 sq mi) 7005489077000000000♠489,077 6996181999999999999♠182/km2 (470/sq mi) 6996185000000000000♠185/km2 (480/sq mi) Flevoland  Lelystad  Almere Leen Verbeek 7009241230000000000♠2,412.30 km2 (931.39 sq mi) 7009141750000000000♠1,417.50 km2 (547.30 sq mi) 7005403786000000000♠403,786 6996166000000000000♠166/km2 (430/sq mi) 6996285000000000000♠285/km2 (740/sq mi) Friesland[A]  Leeuwarden Arno Brok 7009574875000000000♠5,748.75 km2 (2,219.60 sq mi) 7009334170000000000♠3,341.70 km2 (1,290.24 sq mi) 7005646032000000000♠646,032 6996112000000000000♠112/km2 (290/sq mi) 6996193000000000000♠193/km2 (500/sq mi) Gelderland  Arnhem  Nijmegen Clemens Cornielje 7009513619000000000♠5,136.19 km2 (1,983.09 sq mi) 7009497176000000000♠4,971.76 km2 (1,919.61 sq mi) 7006202657800000000♠2,026,578 6996392999999999999♠393/km2 (1,020/sq mi) 6996408999999999999♠409/km2 (1,060/sq mi) Groningen[B] Groningen René Paas 7009295962000000000♠2,959.62 km2 (1,142.72 sq mi) 7009233328000000000♠2,333.28 km2 (900.88 sq mi) 7005584060000000000♠584,060 6996197000000000000♠197/km2 (510/sq mi) 6996250000000000000♠250/km2 (650/sq mi) Limburg  Maastricht Theo Bovens 7009220864000000000♠2,208.64 km2 (852.76 sq mi) 7009215087000000000♠2,150.87 km2 (830.46 sq mi) 7006111688400000000♠1,116,884 6996508000000000000♠508/km2 (1,320/sq mi) 6996518999999999999♠519/km2 (1,340/sq mi) North Brabant  's-Hertogenbosch[C]  Eindhoven Wim van de Donk 7009508177000000000♠5,081.77 km2 (1,962.08 sq mi) 7009491649000000000♠4,916.49 km2 (1,898.27 sq mi) 7006249836200000000♠2,498,362 6996488000000000000♠488/km2 (1,260/sq mi) 6996506999999999999♠507/km2 (1,310/sq mi) North Holland  Haarlem[D]  Amsterdam[D] Johan Remkes 7009409096000000000♠4,090.96 km2 (1,579.53 sq mi) 7009267103000000000♠2,671.03 km2 (1,031.29 sq mi) 7006278183400000000♠2,781,834 6996670000000000000♠670/km2 (1,700/sq mi) 6997103900000000000♠1,039/km2 (2,690/sq mi) Overijssel  Zwolle  Enschede Boele Staal 7009342069000000000♠3,420.69 km2 (1,320.74 sq mi) 7009332562000000000♠3,325.62 km2 (1,284.03 sq mi) 7006114363500000000♠1,143,635 6996332999999999999♠333/km2 (860/sq mi) 6996343999999999999♠344/km2 (890/sq mi) South Holland  The Hague[E]  Rotterdam Jaap Smit 7009341848000000000♠3,418.48 km2 (1,319.88 sq mi) 7009281469000000000♠2,814.69 km2 (1,086.76 sq mi) 7006361750200000000♠3,617,502 6997104600000000000♠1,046/km2 (2,710/sq mi) 6997128200000000000♠1,282/km2 (3,320/sq mi) Utrecht Utrecht Willibrord van Beek 7009144912000000000♠1,449.12 km2 (559.51 sq mi) 7009138502000000000♠1,385.02 km2 (534.76 sq mi) 7006127211500000000♠1,272,115 6996864000000000000♠864/km2 (2,240/sq mi) 6996915999999999999♠916/km2 (2,370/sq mi) Zeeland  Middelburg  Terneuzen Han Polman 7009293344000000000♠2,933.44 km2 (1,132.61 sq mi) 7009178713000000000♠1,787.13 km2 (690.01 sq mi) 7005381180000000000♠381,180 6996129999999999999♠130/km2 (340/sq mi) 6996213000000000000♠213/km2 (550/sq mi) ^ Friesland in Dutch; the official name Fryslân is in the West Frisian language.[6] ^ Grönnen in Gronings; Grinslân in West Frisian. ^ Also Den Bosch in Dutch. ^ a b Amsterdam is the national capital of the Netherlands.[7] Haarlem is, however, the capital of the province in which both Amsterdam and Haarlem are situated. ^ Den Haag or ​'s-Gravenhage in Dutch. The Dutch parliament and the Dutch government are located in The Hague along with the Supreme Court and the Council of State.[7]

History[edit] Flags of the provinces near the Hofvijver in The Hague Nearly all Dutch provinces can trace their origin to a medieval county or duchy, as can the provinces of regions in Belgium. Their status changed when they came under a single ruler who centralised their administration, reducing their powers. There were 17 in total: from these unified Netherlands, seven northern provinces from 1588 formed the Republic of the Seven United Provinces, namely Holland, Zeeland, Gelderland, Utrecht, Friesland, Overijssel and Groningen. The Republic's lands also included Drenthe (one of the 17, but without the autonomous status of the others), and parts of Brabant, Limburg and Flanders, which were considered to be "conquered lands" and were governed directly by the States General, hence their name Generality Lands. They were called Staats-Brabant, Staats-Limburg and Staats-Vlaanderen, meaning "governed by the States General". Each of these "Netherlands" had a high degree of autonomy, cooperating with each other mainly on defense and foreign relations, but otherwise keeping to their own affairs. On 1 January 1796, under the Batavian Republic, Drenthe and Staats-Brabant became the eighth and ninth provinces of the Netherlands. The latter, which had been known as Bataafs Brabant (English: Batavian Brabant), changed its name to Noord Brabant, North Brabant, in 1815 when it became part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, which also contained (then) South Brabant, a province now in Belgium. This new unified state featured the provinces in their modern form, as non-autonomous subdivisions of the national state, and again numbering 17, though they were not all the same as the 16th century ones. In 1839, following the separation of Belgium, the province of Limburg was divided between the two countries, each now having a province called Limburg. A year later, Holland, the largest and most populous of the Dutch provinces, was also split into two provinces, for a total of 11. The 12th province to be created was Flevoland, consisting almost entirely of reclaimed land, established on 1 January 1986. French period[edit] During the Batavian Republic, the Netherlands was from 1798 to 1801 completely reorganised into eight new departments, most named after rivers, inspired by the French revolutionary example, in an attempt to do away with the old semi-autonomous status of the provinces. They are listed below, with their capitals and the territory of the former provinces that they mostly incorporated: Batavian Departments English name Dutch name Capital Contained the territory of Department of the Ems Departement van de Eems Leeuwarden Northern Friesland, Groningen Department of the Old IJssel Departement van de Oude IJssel Zwolle Southern Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Northern Gelderland Department of the Rhine Departement van de Rijn Arnhem Central Gelderland, eastern Utrecht Department of the Amstel Departement van de Amstel Amsterdam The area around Amsterdam Department of Texel Departement van Texel Alkmaar Northern Holland minus Amsterdam, northwestern Utrecht Department of the Delft Departement van de Delft Delft Southern Holland up to the Meuse, southwestern Utrecht Department of the Dommel Departement van de Dommel 's-Hertogenbosch The eastern part of Batavian Brabant, southern Gelderland Department of the Scheldt and Meuse Departement van de Schelde en Maas Middelburg Zeeland, Holland south of the Meuse and the western part of Batavian Brabant After only three years, following a coup d'etat, the borders of the former provinces were restored, though not their autonomous status. They were now also called "departments" and Drenthe was added to Overijssel. In 1806 the Kingdom of Holland replaced the republic to further French interests. It was during this administration that Holland was first split in two, with the department of Amstelland to the north and that of Maasland to the south. East Frisia, then as now in Germany, was added to the kingdom as a department in 1807 and Drenthe split off again making a total of 11 departments. When the Netherlands finally did become fully part of France in 1810, the departments of the kingdom and their borders were largely maintained, with some joined together. They were however nearly all renamed, again mainly after rivers, though the names differed from their Batavian counterparts. Following are their names and the modern day province they mostly correspond to: Map of the subdivisions of the Netherlands during French administration; eastern Friesland is not included in this later map French Departments in the Netherlands English name French name Dutch name Modern territory Department of the Zuiderzee Département du Zuyderzée Departement van de Zuiderzee North Holland and Utrecht Department of the Mouths of the Meuse Département des Bouches-de-la-Meuse Departement van de Monden van de Maas South Holland Department of the Mouths of the Scheldt Département des Bouches-de-l'Escaut Departement van de Monden van de Schelde Zeeland Department of the Two Nethes Département des Deux-Nèthes Departement van de Twee Nethen Western North Brabant and Antwerp Department of the Mouths of the Rhine Département des Bouches-du-Rhin Departement van de Monden van de Rijn Eastern North Brabant and southern Gelderland Department of the Upper IJssel Département de l'Yssel-Supérieur Departement van de Boven IJssel Northern Gelderland Department of the Mouths of the IJssel Département des Bouches-de-l'Yssel Departement van de Monden van de IJssel Overijssel Department of Frisia Département de la Frise Departement Friesland Friesland Department of the Western Ems Département de l'Ems-Occidental Departement van de Wester Eems Groningen and Drenthe Department of the Eastern Ems Département de l'Ems-Oriental Departement van de Ooster Eems Eastern Friesland With the defeat and withdrawal of the French in 1813, the old provinces and their names were re-established, Holland was reunited and East-Frisia went its separate way. The 17 provinces of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands were for a significant part based on the former French departments and their borders, in particular in what would later become Belgium.[8] There is continuous discussion within the Netherlands about the future of the provinces. Before 2014, the national government was planning to merge the provinces Flevoland, North Holland and Utrecht into a single province (Noordvleugelprovincie). Due to significant protest the plan was abandoned.[9]

See also[edit] ISO 3166-2:NL Table of administrative divisions by country Flags of provinces of the Netherlands Coats of arms of provinces of the Netherlands

References[edit] ^ (in Dutch)IPO: did you know about the provinces (in Dutch). ^ (in Dutch)Provinciale Staten ^ (in Dutch)IPO, core task of provinces ^ "Regionale kerncijfers Nederland". CBS Statline (in Dutch). CBS. 16 December 2013. Retrieved 19 December 2013.  ^ "Netherlands, the". 15 July 2017.  ^ ICTU. " - Standaard elementen".  ^ a b Daum, Andreas (2005). Berlin - Washington, 1800–2000 Capital Cities, Cultural Representation, and National Identities. Cambridge University Press. pp. 13, 38. ISBN 0521841178. Amsterdam is the statuary capital of the Netherlands, while the Dutch government resides in De Hague. (sic) (p. 13) The Netherlands' seat of government is The Hague but its capital is bustling Amsterdam, the national cultural center. (p. 38)  ^ Luious, Bizaan (4 August 2014). "Alle kortingscodes om flink te besparen". Retrieved 27 July 2017.  ^ Koninkrijksrelaties, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en. "Geen Noordvleugelprovincie - Provincies -". (in Dutch). Retrieved 27 July 2017. 

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