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Organization[edit] The current "Prefectural Self-Governments" were formed in 1994[2] and replaced the previous prefectures, whose councils and prefects were appointed by the government. Prefectures are governed by a Prefectural Council (νομαρχιακό συμβούλιο) made up of 21 to 37 members,[3] led by the Prefect (νομάρχης) and presided by a Council President (πρόεδρος). Other organs of the prefectures are: The Prefectural Committee, consisted of the Prefect or an assistant appointed by him and 4 to 6 members, elected by the Prefectural Council.[4] The Provincial Council and The Eparchos (Sub-prefect, έπαρχος). Super-prefectures have their own organs (Council, Committee and Super-prefect). Prefectural councillors are elected via public election every four years. Three-fifths of all seats go to the combination winning a majority and two-fifths of the seats go to remaining parties based on a proportional system. Prefect becomes the president of the victorious electoral combination. Electoral is a combination which attains more than 42% in the first round of the prefectural elections. If no combination passes this threshold, a second round takes place between the two combinations that took the most votes in the first round[5]

Duties[edit] The State ultimately oversees the actions of local governments, including the prefectures, but the Constitution of Greece[6] and the Code of Prefectural Self-Government[7] still provide communities and municipalities with legal control over the administration of their designated areas. The Code of Prefectural Self-Government does not include a non-restrictive list of prefectural duties, but a general rule, according to which the newly formed Prefectural Self-Governments have all the duties of the previous prefectures, which are related to their local affairs.[8] Nonetheless, the affairs of "(central) state administration" belonging to the prefects before 1994 are now exerted by the Presidents of the Regions (περιφερειάρχης).[9] The current Prefectural Self-Governments have kept the "local affairs of prefectureal level" not belonging to the "(central) state administration".[10] With certain laws specific affairs of certain ministries were transferred to the Prefectural Self-Governments (sanitary committees, urban-planning services etc.).[11]

List of prefectures[edit] The prefectures of Greece Division of Attica (labelled 1 in the map above): 1 Athens, 2 East Attica, 3 Piraeus, 4 West Attica. Number in map Prefecture Area (km²) Population (2001) Population density (/km²) Region 46 Aetolia-Acarnania 5460.888 224,429 41.10 Western Greece 42 Larissa 5380.943 279,305 51.91 Thessaly 24 Ioannina 4990.416 170,239 34.11 Epirus 5 Phthiotis 4440.765 178,771 40.26 Central Greece 34 Arcadia 4418.736 102,035 23.09 Peloponnese 19 Evros 4241.615 149,354 35.21 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace 2 Euboea 4167.449 215,136 51.62 Central Greece 12 Serres 3967.744 200,916 50.64 Central Macedonia 13 Thessaloniki 3682.736 1,057,825 287.24 Central Macedonia 37 Laconia 3636.058 99,637 27.40 Peloponnese 51 Kozani 3515.853 155,324 44.18 Western Macedonia 18 Drama 3468.293 103,975 29.98 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace 44 Trikala 3383.477 138,047 40.80 Thessaly 45 Achaea 3271.507 322,789 98.67 Western Greece 38 Messenia 2990.901 176,876 59.14 Peloponnese 6 Boeotia 2951.622 131,085 44.41 Central Greece 7 Chalkidiki 2917.877 104,894 35.95 Central Macedonia 40 Dodecanese 2714.295 190,071 70.03 South Aegean 15 Heraklion 2641.220 292,489 110.74 Crete 43 Magnesia 2636.272 206,995 78.52 Thessaly 41 Karditsa 2635.954 129,541 49.14 Thessaly 47 Elis 2617.776 193,288 73.84 Western Greece 39 Cyclades 2571.691 112,615 43.79 South Aegean 21 Rhodope 2543.145 110,828 43.58 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace 9 Kilkis 2518.880 89,056 35.36 Central Macedonia 10 Pella 2505.774 145,797 58.18 Central Macedonia 14 Chania 2375.849 150,387 63.30 Crete 49 Grevena 2290.856 37,947 16.56 Western Macedonia 36 Corinthia 2289.952 154,624 67.52 Peloponnese 35 Argolis 2154.309 105,770 49.10 Peloponnese 32 Lesbos 2153.727 109,118 50.66 North Aegean 4 Phocis 2120.564 48,284 22.77 Central Greece 20 Kavala 2111.705 144,850 68.59 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace 48 Florina 1924.564 54,768 28.46 Western Macedonia 3 Evrytania 1868.911 32,053 17.15 Central Greece 16 Lasithi 1822.764 76,319 41.87 Crete 22 Xanthi 1792.992 101,856 56.81 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace 50 Kastoria 1720.133 53,483 31.09 Western Macedonia 8 Imathia 1700.810 143,618 84.44 Central Macedonia 23 Arta 1662.210 78,134 47.01 Epirus 11 Pieria 1516.702 129,846 85.61 Central Macedonia 26 Thesprotia 1514.653 46,091 30.43 Epirus 1-2 East Attica 1512.993 403,918 266.97 Attica 17 Rethymno 1496.047 81,936 54.77 Crete 25 Preveza 1035.938 59,356 57.30 Epirus 1-4 West Attica 1004.007 151,612 151.01 Attica 1-3 Piraeus 929.382 541,504 582.65 Attica 28 Cephalonia 904.387 39,488 43.66 Ionian Islands 31 Chios 904.227 53,408 59.06 North Aegean 33 Samos 777.945 43,595 56.04 North Aegean 27 Corfu (Kerkyra) 641.057 111,975 174.67 Ionian Islands 30 Zakynthos 405.550 39,015 96.20 Ionian Islands 1-1 Athens Prefecture 361.719 2,664,776 7,366.98 Attica 29 Lefkada 355.936 22,506 63.23 Ionian Islands a Mount Athos[12] 335.637 2,262 6.74 Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

History[edit] The following prefectures have been part of the Greek state since independence: Attica Boeotia Phthiotis Prefecture Phocis Prefecture Evrytania Prefecture Euboea Prefecture Aetolia-Acarnania Prefecture Cyclades Prefecture Corinthia Prefecture Argolis Prefecture Arcadia Prefecture Laconia Prefecture Messinia Prefecture Achaea Prefecture Elis Notes: Many of the prefectures were originally combined in pairs: Attica and Boeotia formed the Attica and Boeotia Prefecture Phthiotis Prefecture and Phocis Prefecture formed the Phthiotis and Phocis Prefecture (in 1833–1836 the Phocis and Locris Prefecture) Corinthia Prefecture and Argolis Prefecture formed Argolis and Corinthia Prefecture Achaea Prefecture and Elis Prefecture formed the Achaea and Elis Prefecture Aetolia-Acarnania originally also included Evrytania. Unlike the rest mentioned above, the prefecture never broke up into two prefectures, thus being the only one left with a composite appellation. Messenia originally included the southern half of what is now Elis. Laconia originally included the southern-eastern half of what is now Messinia. Euboea originally included the Sporades, which now belong to Magnesia. The territory of Phthiotis Prefecture did not originally include the Domokos Province, which was part of Thessaly (under Ottoman rule until 1881). The area currently constituting the Domokos Province of the Fthiotis Prefecture only became a part of the Greek state in general, and of Phthiotis in particular, after the annexation of Thessaly to Greece in 1881. Arcadia Prefecture and the Cyclades Prefecture are the only prefectures to have their borders unchanged since independence. The capital of Argolis Prefecture, Nafplion was the first capital of the modern Greek state (1828–1834), before the move of the capital to Athens by King Otto. There were several short-lived prefectures in areas of present Albania and Turkey, during the Greek occupation of those areas during World War I and the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922) respectively: Argyrokastron (1915–1916), in Northern Epirus (southern Albania) Korytsa (1915–1916), in Northern Epirus (southern Albania) Adrianople (1920–1922), in Eastern Thrace (European Turkey) Kallipolis (1920–1922), in Eastern Thrace (European Turkey) Rhaedestos (1920–1922), in Eastern Thrace (European Turkey) Saranta Ekklisies (1920–1922), in Eastern Thrace (European Turkey)

See also[edit] ISO 3166-2:GR

Notes[edit] ^ United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names: Administrative Division of Greece (Working Paper N° 95), New York 2000, (PDF, 1,3 MB)] ^ Law 2218/1994 ^ Articles 13 and 14 of the "Code of Prefectural Self-Government" (Presidential Decree 30/1996) ^ Article 15 of the Code of Prefectural Self-Government ^ According to the legislative reform of 2006 (Law 3463/2006). See also the circular 12 of the Ministry of Interior Affairs about the upcoming local elections. ^ Article 102 of the Constitution ^ Articles 1 and 8 of the Code of Prefectural Self-Government ^ About the meaning of local affairs see the Decision 888/1997 of the Council of State. ^ Articles 3 and 8 of the Code of Prefectural Self-Government ^ See the Decision 3441/1998 of the Council of State. ^ See the Law 2647/1998 for instance. ^ Mount Athos is not a prefecture, but has been listed for completeness.

External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Prefectures of Greece. Map of Greece at (archived 2012-12-04)  "Nomarchy". New International Encyclopedia. 1905.  v t e Prefectures of Greece By name Achaea and Elis Achaea Adrianoplea Aetolia-Acarnania Arcadia Argolis and Corinthia Argolis Argyrokastronb Arta Attica and Boeotia Atticac Boeotia Cephalonia Chalkidiki Chania Chios Corfu Corinthia Cyclades Dodecanese Dramad Elis Euboea Evrosd Evrytania Florina Grevena Heraklion Imathia Ioannina Kallipolisa Karditsa Kastoria Kavalad Kilkis Korytsab Kozani Lacedaemon Laconia Lakoniki Larissa Lasithi Lefkada Lesbos Magnesia Messenia Pella Phocis and Locris Phocis Phthiotis and Phocis Phthiotis Pieria Piraeus Preveza Rethymno Rhaedestosa Rhodoped Samos Saranta Ekklisiesa Serres Sfakia Thesprotia Thessaloniki Trikala Trifylia Xanthid Zakynthos By year established 1800s 1833 Achaea and Elis Aetolia-Acarnania Arcadia Argolis and Corinthia Attica and Boeotia Cyclades Euboea Laconia Messenia Phocis and Locris 1845 Phthiotis and Phocis 1864 Corfu Kefallinia Lefkada Zakynthos 1882 Arta Larissa Trikala 1899 Achaea Argolis Atticac Boeotia Corinthia Elis Evrytania Karditsa Lacedaemon Lakoniki Magnesia Phocis Phthiotis Trifylia 1900s 1912 Chania Heraklion Lasithi Rethymno Sfakia 1914 Thessaloniki 1915 Argyrokastronb Chalkidiki Chios Dramad Florina Ioannina Kavalad Korytsab Kozani Lesbos Preveza Samos Serres 1920 Adrianoplea Evrosd Kallipolisa Rhaedestosa Rhodoped Saranta Ekklisiesa 1930–1944 Pella Kilkis Thesprotia Kastoria Xanthid 1947 Dodecanese Imathia Pieria 1964 Grevena Piraeus a In Eastern Thrace or b Northern Epirus, outside present-day Greece. c From 1971, Attica consisted of four prefecture-level units: Athens, East Attica, Piraeus and West Attica. From 1994, Athens and Piraeus were grouped into a single super-prefecture. d From 1994, Drama / Kavala / Xanthi and Evros / Rhodope prefectures were grouped into super-prefectures. v t e Greek terms for country subdivisions Modern apokentromenes dioikiseis / geniki dioikisis§ / diamerisma§ / periphereia nomos§ / periphereiaki enotita demos / eparchia§ / koinotita§ Historical archontia/archontaton bandon demos despotaton dioikesis doukaton droungos eparchia exarchaton katepanikion kephalatikion kleisoura meris naukrareia satrapeia strategis thema toparchia tourma § signifies a defunct institution Retrieved from "" Categories: Prefectures of GreeceFormer subdivisions of GreeceLists of subdivisions of GreeceGreece geography-related listsHidden categories: Articles containing Greek-language textWebarchive template archiveis linksWikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the New International Encyclopedia

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