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Plot[edit] Peter Gunn is a well-dressed private investigator whose hair is always in place and who loves cool jazz. Where other gumshoes might be coarse, Peter Gunn is a sophisticate with expensive tastes. He operates in a nameless, fictional riverfront city and can usually be found at Mother's, a smoky wharfside jazz club that he uses as his "office", often meeting clients there. His standard fee is $1,000 but it can be more or less depending on the circumstances. He has a reputation of being honest and amongst the best investigators. He sometimes works cases out of state and on at least one occasion out of country, with one case occurring in Mexico and another involving a tour of Western Europe. Gunn was observed by a female character once as "wearing $30 shoes, a $200 suit and carrying a solid gold cigarette lighter". Gunn drives a 1958 two-tone DeSoto two-door hardtop in the first few episodes of the first season, then a 1959 Plymouth Fury convertible with a white top and a car phone. In the third season Gunn drives a 1961 white Plymouth Fury convertible with a car phone. Gunn's girlfriend, Edie Hart, is a sultry singer employed at Mother's; she opens her own place in season 3. His pet name for Edie is "Silly". Herschel Bernardi costarred as Lieutenant Charles "Chuck" Jacoby, a somber police detective and friend of Gunn. Occasionally he refers people to Gunn as clients. Bernardi received his only Emmy nomination for the role. Hope Emerson appeared as "Mother", who had been a singer and piano player in speakeasies during Prohibition. She received an Emmy nomination for the role. For the second season, "Mother" was played by Minerva Urecal, following the death of Emerson during the series' run. Associate producer Byron Kane portrayed Barney, the bartender; Kane was never credited for playing this role. Bill Chadney appeared as Emmett, the piano player at Mother's. (Chadney and Albright married in 1961.)[1] Both Billy Barty as pool hustler Babby and Herbert Ellis as Beat bistro owner, painter, and sculptor Wilbur appeared in several episodes as occasional "information resources", as "Mother" also often is. Capri Candela played Wilbur's girlfriend, Capri. Morris Erby made several appearances as Sgt. Davis during seasons 2 and 3. Frequent director Robert Gist appeared as an actor in different roles in three episodes. Edie opened her own restaurant and night club "Edie's" with James Lanphier as Leslie the maitre d' in season 3.

Cast[edit] Lola Albright and Craig Stevens Craig Stevens as Peter Gunn Lola Albright as Edie Hart, a lounge singer and Pete's girlfriend Herschel Bernardi as Lieutenant Charles "Chuck" Jacoby, a police detective and friend of Gunn Hope Emerson as "Mother", a singer and piano player in speakeasies during Prohibition (Season 1) Minerva Urecal as "Mother" (Season 2) Byron Kane (uncredited) as Barney, the bartender Bill Chadney as Emmett, the piano player at Mother's Billy Barty as Babby, a pool hustler Herbert Ellis as Wilbur, beat bistro owner, painter, and sculptor Capri Candela as Capri, Wilbur's girlfriend Morris Erby as police Sgt. Davis (seasons 2 & 3) James Lanphier as Leslie, maître d' (season 3) Frequent director Robert Gist appeared as an actor in different roles in three episodes.

Episodes[edit] Main article: List of Peter Gunn episodes Season Network episodes Premiered: Ended: 1 NBC 38 1958.09.22 1959.06.15 2 NBC 38 1959.09.21 1960.06.27 3 ABC 38 1960.10.03 1961.09.18 Peter Gunn ran for three seasons starting in late 1958. A total of 114 episodes were produced during the three season run. Peter Gunn premiered on September 22, 1958 with the episode The Kill. The first season ran from September 1958 through June 1959 and contained 38 episodes.[2][3][4]

Origin of series[edit] Edwards developed Peter Gunn from an earlier fictional detective that he had created. Richard Diamond, Private Detective starred Dick Powell, and aired as a radio series from 1949 to 1953. David Janssen later starred in the television adaptation from 1957 to 1960. It was this character's success which prompted his creator to revisit the concept as Peter Gunn. Edwards had earlier written and directed a Mike Hammer television pilot for Brian Keith.

Production[edit] Besides those directed by Blake Edwards, other episodes were directed by Boris Sagal, Robert Gist, Jack Arnold, Lamont Johnson, Robert Altman (for one episode) and several others. A total of 114 thirty-minute episodes were produced by Spartan Productions. Season one was filmed at Universal Studios, while seasons two and three were filmed at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Philip H. Lathrop and William W. Spencer were cinematographers on many episodes. Craig Stevens' wardrobe was tailored by Don Richards and Lola Albright's fashions by Jax.

Music[edit] The show's use of modern jazz music was a distinctive touch that helped set the standard for many years to come, with cool jazz themes accompanying every move Gunn made. The music, composed by Henry Mancini, was performed by a small jazz ensemble which included a number of prominent Los Angeles-based jazz and studio musicians. Trumpeter Pete Candoli, alto saxophonist Ted Nash, flautist Ronny Lang, trombonist Dick Nash, and pianist John Williams, provided most of the improvised jazz solos.[5][6] Prominent jazz musicians occasionally made on-screen appearances. Trumpeter Shorty Rogers appeared in the episode titled "The Frog" playing flugelhorn as Lola sings "How High the Moon".[7] Drummer Shelly Manne, in addition to performing on the soundtrack album, was credited with a Special Guest role in the 1959 episode "Keep Smiling" playing drums in the "Bamboo Club" combo. Brazilian guitarist Laurindo Almeida plays guitar as himself in the 1959 episode "Skin Deep". In his autobiography Did They Mention the Music? Mancini stated: The Peter Gunn title theme actually derives more from rock and roll than from jazz. I used guitar and piano in unison, playing what is known in music as an ostinato, which means obstinate. It was sustained throughout the piece, giving it a sinister effect, with some frightened saxophone sounds and some shouting brass. The piece has one chord throughout and a super-simple top line. The "Peter Gunn Theme"[8] became an instant hit, earning Mancini an Emmy Award and two Grammys. The Music from Peter Gunn was voted Album of the Year at the 1st Annual Grammy Awards in 1959. The RCA Victor soundtrack album by Henry Mancini reached No. 1 in Billboard's Pop LP Charts. The popularity of this album prompted RCA Victor to issue a second Mancini album of Peter Gunn music titled More Music from Peter Gunn. Bandleader Ray Anthony's recording of the theme music reached No. 8 on Billboard's Hot 100. Shelly Manne recorded two jazz albums of themes from the show in 1959, Shelly Manne & His Men Play Peter Gunn and Son of Gunn!!. "The Peter Gunn Theme" has been recorded and performed by numerous musicians. Today, many people who have never seen the TV show can easily identify the theme. Selected songs from the series[edit] Song Title[9][10] Season of First Appearance [11] Episode Number of First Appearance[11] Episode Title of First Appearance[11] Additional Episodes and Notes[11] Peter Gunn Theme 1 1 The Kill Accompanies the beginning and ending credits of each episode. Brief and Breezy 1 1 The Kill Also appears in "Murder on the Midway" (Season 1, Episode 19), "The Coffin" (Season 1, Episode 37, sung with lyrics), "The Portrait" (Season 1, Episode 38), "The Rifle" (Season 2, Episode 9), "Death Watch" (Season 2, Episode 30), "Send a Thief" (Season 2, Episode 33), and "Come Dance With Me And Die" (Season 3, Episode 24). Slow and Easy 1 1 The Kill Also appears in "Image of Sally" (Season 1, Episode 9), "Murder on the Midway" (Season 1, Episode 19), "The Ugly Frame" (Season 1, Episode 24), "The Lederer Story" (Season 1, Episode 25, solo piano version), "Keep Smiling" (Season 1, Episode 26), "The Coffin" (Season 1, Episode 37), "Protection" (Season 2, Episode 1), "Edge of the Knife" (Season 2, Episode 3, solo piano version), "Death is a Red Rose" (Season 2, Episode 5), and "The Price is Murder" (Season 2, Episode 11, sung with lyrics), "The Hunt" (Season 2, Episode 21), "The Long, Long Ride" (Season 2, Episode 24), "The Deadly Proposition" (Season 2, Episode 25), "The Dummy" (Season 2, Episode 27), "Witness in the Window" (Season 2, Episode 31), "Send a Thief" (Season 2, Episode 33), "The Heiress" (Season 2, Episode 37), "Cry Love, Cry Murder" (Season 3, Episode 25), "The Most Deadly Angel" (Season 3, Episode 29), and "Deadly Intrusion" (Season 3, Episode 35). The Floater 1 3 The Vicious Dog Also appears in "Murder on the Midway" (Season 1, Episode 19), "Scuba" (Season 1, Episode 21), "The Ugly Frame" (Season 1, Episode 24), "Keep Smiling" (Season 1, Episode 26), "Hot Money" (Season 2, Episode 15), "Hollywood Calling" (Season 2, Episode 22), "Wings of an Angel" (Season 2, Episode 29), "Send a Thief" (Season 2, Episode 33), "The Maître D'" (Season 3, Episode 3), "The Judgement" (Season 3, Episode 5), "The Death Frame" (Season 3, Episode 6), "Sepi" (Season 3, Episode 12), and "Portrait in Leather" (Season 3, Episode 23). Soft Sounds 1 3 The Vicious Dog Also appears in "Image of Sally" (Season 1, Episode 9), "The Leaper" (Season 1, Episode 15), "Pecos Pete" (Season 1, Episode 20, solo piano version), "The Dirty Word" (Season 1, Episode 23), and "The Feathered Doll" (Season 2, Episode 7). Fallout! 1 3 The Vicious Dog Although the bass line of this song is heard at the opening of most Peter Gunn episodes beginning with "The Kill" (Season 1, Episode 1), the melody is not featured until "The Vicious Dog" (Season 1, Episode 3). A Profound Gass 1 4 The Blind Pianist Also appears in "Image of Sally" (Season 1, Episode 9), "The Ugly Frame" (Season 1, Episode 24), "The Game" (Season 2, Episode 10, solo piano version), "Letter to the Law" (Season 2, Episode 35), and "Murder on the Line" (Season 3, Episode 38). Joanna 1 6 The Chinese Hangman Also appears in "February Girl" (Season 1, Episode 30, solo piano version), "Lady Wind Bell's Fan" (Season 1, Episode 33, solo piano version), "The Comic" (Season 2, Episode 4), "Letter to the Law" (Season 2, Episode 35, solo piano version), "Take Five for Murder" (Season 3, Episode 10), "Dream Big, Dream Deadly" (Season 3, Episode 11), "The Deep End" (Season 3, Episode 22), "Portrait in Leather" (Season 3, Episode 23), "Short Motive" (Season 3, Episode 27), and "Down the Drain" (Season 3, Episode 37). Not from Dixie 1 8 Rough Buck Also appears in "The Ugly Frame" (Season 1, Episode 24), "Death is a Red Rose" (Season 2, Episode 5), "Hot Money" (Season 2, Episode 15), "The Semi-Private Eye" (Season 2, Episode 34), "A Penny Saved" (Season 3, Episode 26), "The Most Deadly Angel" (Season 3, Episode 29), and "Death is a Four Letter Word" (Season 3, Episode 34). The Little Man Theme 1 10 The Man with a Scar Also appears in "The Ugly Frame" (Season 1, Episode 24), "The Portrait" (Season 1, Episode 38), "Send a Thief" (Season 2, Episode 33), "Baby Shoes" (Season 2, Episode 38), "Blind Item" (Season 3, Episode 17), and "A Kill and a Half" (Season 3, Episode 20). A Quiet Gass 1 10 The Man with a Scar Also appears in "February Girl" (Season 1, Episode 30), "Bullet for a Badge" (Season 1, Episode 35), "Vendetta" (Season 1, Episode 36), "The Portrait" (Season 1, Episode 38), "The Rifle" (Season 2, Episode 9), "Sentenced" (Season 2, Episode 20), "The Maître D'" (Season 3, Episode 3), "Sepi" (Season 3, Episode 12), "Portrait in Leather" (Season 3, Episode 23), "Till Death Do Us Part" (Season 3, Episode 30), and "Voodoo" (Season 3, Episode 36). The Brothers Go to Mother's 1 11 Death House Testament Also appears in "Scuba" (Season 1, Episode 21), "The Lederer Story" (Season 1, Episode 25), "The Family Affair" (Season 1, Episode 32), "Kidnap" (Season 2, Episode 8, solo piano version), "Down the Drain" (Season 3, Episode 37), and "Murder on the Line" (Season 3, Episode 38). Spook! 1 11 Death House Testament Also appears in "The Dummy" (Season 2, Episode 27). Blues for Mother's 1 12 The Torch Also appears in "Edie Finds a Corpse" (Season 1, Episode 22), "Breakout" (Season 1, Episode 27), "February Girl" (Season 1, Episode 30, solo piano version), "February Girl" (Season 1, Episode 30), "Crisscross" (Season 2, Episode 2, solo piano version), "The Grudge" (Season 2, Episode 17, solo piano version), "Sentenced" (Season 2, Episode 20), "The Murder Clause" (Season 2, Episode 26, solo piano version), "The Candidate" (Season 3, Episode 4), "Death Across the Board" (Season 3, Episode 07, solo piano version), "The Long Green Kill" (Season 3, Episode 9, solo piano version), and "The Royal Roust" (Season 3, Episode 14, solo piano version). Blue Steel 1 13 The Jockey Also appears in "The Lederer Story" (Season 1, Episode 25) and "The Portrait" (Season 1, Episode 38). Timothy 1 17 Let's Kill Timothy Sorta Blue 1 21 Scuba Also appears in "The Ugly Frame" (Season 1, Episode 24), "The Feathered Doll" (Season 2, Episode 7, sung with lyrics), "The Game" (Season 2, Episode 10), "Letter to the Law" (Season 2, Episode 35), and "A Penny Saved" (Season 3, Episode 26). Odd Ball 1 22 Edie Finds a Corpse My Manne Shelly 1 26 Keep Smiling The title of the song is a pun on the name of the drummer Shelly Manne. Session at Pete's Pad 1 31 Love Me to Death In its first appearances in "Love Me to Death" (Season 1, Episode 31), "Bullet for a Badge" (Season 1, Episode 34), and "The Rifle" (Season 2, Episode 9), this composition is performed in the form of a song (with lyrics) called "Straight to Baby" (as it is titled in Lola Albright's 1959 album "Dreamsville"). Goofin' at the Coffee House 1 31 Love Me to Death Also appears in "The Family Affair", "The Portrait" (Season 1, Episode 38), and (Season 1, Episode 32), "Crisscross" (Season 2, Episode 2), "Kidnap" (Season 2, Episode 8), "The Wolfe Case" (Season 2, Episode 14), "Hollywood Calling" (Season 2, Episode 22), "Witness in the Window" (Season 2, Episode 31), "The Semi-Private Eye" (Season 2, Episode 34), "Dream Big, Dream Deadly" (Season 3, Episode 11), "Bullet in Escrow" (Season 3, Episode 15), "A Penny Saved" (Season 3, Episode 26), and "The Murder Bond" (Season 3, Episode 28, sung with words). Lightly 1 31 Love Me to Death Also appears in "Bullet for a Badge" (Season 1, Episode 34), "The Feathered Doll" (Season 2, Episode 7), "Slight Touch of Homicide" (Season 2, Episode 28), "The Heiress" (Season 2, Episode 37), "The Judgement" (Season 3, Episode 5), "Bullet in Escrow" (Season 3, Episode 15), A Penny Saved (Season 3, Episode 26), and "Voodoo" (Season 3, Episode 36). Dreamsville 1 34 Bullet for a Badge Although the opening piano introduction is heard in "Bullet for a Badge" (Season 1, Episode 34), the primary melody is not heard until "Kidnap" (Season 2, Episode 8). Also appears in "Spell of Murder" (Season 2, Episode 16), "The Deadly Proposition" (Season 2, Episode 25), "The Murder Clause" (Season 2, Episode 26), "The Semi-Private Eye" (Season 2, Episode 34), "Baby Shoes" (Season 2, Episode 38), "The Passenger" (Season 3, Episode 1), "A Kill and a Half" (Season 3, Episode 20), "The Deep End" (Season 3, Episode 22), and "Voodoo" (Season 3, Episode 36). Walkin' Bass 2 31 Witness in the Window

Emmy nominations[edit] The series was nominated for 8 prime time Emmys without wins, all in 1959. They were for Best Dramatic Series - Less than One Hour, Craig Stevens as best lead actor in a drama, Herschel Bernardi as best supporting actor in a drama, Lola Albright and Hope Emerson as best supporting actress in a drama, Henry Mancini for best musical contribution to a television production, and Blake Edwards for best writing and direction of a single episode of a drama series.[12]

Adaptations[edit] The series made the transition to other media. An original novel and a comic book adaptation were published by Dell Publishing in 1960. A feature film, Gunn, was released by Paramount Pictures in 1967, scripted by Edwards and William Peter Blatty and directed by Edwards with Stevens reprising the title role. ABC broadcast a 90-minute pilot in April 1989 with Peter Strauss in the lead role that was written, produced, and directed by Edwards, but the network failed to order a series despite strong ratings and reviews. In 2001, Edwards and his son, Geoffrey, joined with producers Jeffrey Tinnell and John Michaels and writer Norman Snider in developing an updated television series, The New Peter Gunn for Muse Entertainment in Canada. The project fell through when producers John Woo and David Permut began developing a big screen remake for Paramount with screenwriter W. Peter Iliff. Peter Gunn: Once Upon a Time in L.A. was pitched as a possible vehicle for John Travolta or Harrison Ford. Neither revival made it beyond the script stage. TNT[edit] TNT announced a new series was in development in May 2013 from producers Steven Spielberg, Julie Andrews, Lou Pitt, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank with writers Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Josh Appelbaum, and André Nemec. The proposed series was not picked up for the 2014-2015 season.

DVD releases[edit] In 2002, A&E Home Video released two volume sets of Peter Gunn on DVD in Region 1, which comprise 32 episodes from Season One. These releases have been discontinued and are now out of print. On October 23, 2012, Timeless Media Group released Peter Gunn – The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1 for the first time. The 12-disc set features all 114 episodes of the series, as well as a bonus CD of Henry Mancini's award winning score.[13]

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