Contents 1 General reference 2 Geography of Saint Petersburg 2.1 Location of Saint Petersburg 2.2 Environment of Saint Petersburg 2.2.1 Natural geographic features of Saint Petersburg 2.3 Areas of Saint Petersburg 2.4 Locations in Saint Petersburg 2.4.1 Bridges in Saint Petersburg 2.4.2 Cultural and exhibition centers in Saint Petersburg 2.4.3 Forts of Saint Petersburg 2.4.4 Monuments and memorials in Saint Petersburg 2.4.5 Museums and art galleries in Saint Petersburg 2.4.6 Palaces and villas in Saint Petersburg 2.4.7 Parks and gardens in Saint Petersburg 2.4.8 Public squares in Saint Petersburg 2.4.9 Religious buildings in Saint Petersburg 2.4.10 Secular buildings in Saint Petersburg 2.4.11 Streets in Saint Petersburg 2.4.12 Theatres in Saint Petersburg 2.4.13 Towers in Saint Petersburg 2.4.14 Triumphal arches in Saint Petersburg 2.5 Demographics of Saint Petersburg 3 Government and politics of Saint Petersburg 3.1 Law and order in Saint Petersburg 3.2 Military in Saint Petersburg 4 History of Saint Petersburg 4.1 History of Saint Petersburg, by period or event 4.2 History of Saint Petersburg, by subject 5 Culture of Saint Petersburg 5.1 Arts in Saint Petersburg 5.1.1 Architecture of Saint Petersburg 5.1.2 Cinema of Saint Petersburg 5.1.3 Literature of Saint Petersburg 5.1.4 Music and ballet of Saint Petersburg 5.1.5 Theatre of Saint Petersburg 5.1.6 Visual arts of Saint Petersburg 5.2 Religion in Saint Petersburg 5.3 Sports in Saint Petersburg 6 Economy and infrastructure of Saint Petersburg 6.1 Transportation in Saint Petersburg 6.1.1 Rail transport in Saint Petersburg 7 Education in Saint Petersburg 8 Healthcare in Saint Petersburg 9 See also 10 References 11 External links

General reference[edit] Pronunciation: (Russian: Санкт-Петербу́рг, tr. Sankt-Peterburg, IPA: [ˈsankt pʲɪtʲɪrˈburk] ( listen));[1] Common English name(s): Saint Petersburg Official English name(s): Saint Petersburg Adjectival(s): Saint Petersburgian Demonym(s): Saint Petersburgian, (Saint) Petersburger

Geography of Saint Petersburg[edit] Geography of Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg is: a city a federal city Population of Saint Petersburg: 5,323,300 Area of Saint Petersburg: 1,439 km2 (556 sq mi) Atlas of Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Санкт-Петербург Saint Petersburg Location within Russia Coordinates: 59°57′N 30°18′E / 59.950°N 30.300°E / 59.950; 30.300 Location of Saint Petersburg[edit] Saint Petersburg is situated within the following regions: Northern Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere Eurasia Europe (outline) Eastern Europe Russia Northwestern Federal District Time zone(s): Moscow Time (UTC+03) Environment of Saint Petersburg[edit] Satellite picture of St. Petersburg The Griboyedov Canal Aerial view of the Vasilyevsky Island Districts of St. Petersburg: 1. Admiralteysky 2. Vasileostrovsky 3. Vyborgsky 4. Kalininsky 5. Kirovsky 6. Kolpinsky 7. Krasnogvardeysky 8. Krasnoselsky 9. Kronshtadtsky 10. Kurortny 11. Moskovsky 12. Nevsky 13. Petrogradsky 14. Petrodvortsovy 15. Primorsky 16. Pushkinsky 17. Frunzensky 18. Tsentralny Climate of Saint Petersburg Natural geographic features of Saint Petersburg[edit] Canals in Saint Petersburg Griboyedov Canal Ligovsky Canal Obvodny Canal Winter Canal Hills in Saint Petersburg Duderhof Heights Pulkovo Heights Islands in Saint Petersburg Aptekarsky Island Dekabristov Island Hare Island Kamenny Islands Krestovsky Island Yelagin Island Kotlin Island New Holland Island Petrogradsky Island Vasilyevsky Island Lakes in Saint Petersburg Lakhtinsky Razliv Ligovsky Pond Rivers in Saint Petersburg Izhora River Karpovka River Moyka River Neva River Bolshaya Neva River Bolshaya Nevka River Fontanka River Malaya Neva Okhta River Sestra River Areas of Saint Petersburg[edit] Districts of Saint Petersburg Central Saint Petersburg Locations in Saint Petersburg[edit] Tourist attractions in Saint Petersburg Museums in Saint Petersburg Shopping areas and markets World Heritage Sites in Saint Petersburg Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments Bridges in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Lomonosov Bridge The Palace Bridge The English Bridge Bridges in Saint Petersburg Anichkov Bridge Bank Bridge Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge Bolshoy Obukhovsky Bridge Bridge of Four Lions Egyptian Bridge English Bridge Exchange Bridge Finland Railway Bridge Hermitage Bridge Italian Bridge Lazarevskiy Bridge Lomonosov Bridge Marble Bridge Palace Bridge Saint Petersburg Dam Floods in Saint Petersburg Trinity Bridge Cultural and exhibition centers in Saint Petersburg[edit] Kuryokhin Center Saint Petersburg Manege Forts of Saint Petersburg[edit] Aerial view of Peter and Paul Fortress Fort Alexander Peter and Paul Fortress Grand Ducal Burial Vault Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral Saint Petersburg Mint Monuments and memorials in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Leningrad Hero City Obelisk Alexander Column Bronze Horseman Chesme Column Column of Glory Green Belt of Glory Leningrad Hero City Obelisk Monument to Nicholas I Monument to Peter I (Peter and Paul Fortress) Monument to Peter I (St. Michael's Castle) Rimsky-Korsakov Monument Museums and art galleries in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Kunstkamera Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps The Russian Museum The Menshikov Palace, a branch of the Hermitage Museum Museums in Saint Petersburg Arctic and Antarctic Museum ARKA Gallery Central Naval Museum Dmitry Mendeleev's Memorial Museum Apartment Dostoyevsky Museum Erarta Erarta Galleries Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg Grand Maket Rossiya Hermitage Museum Hermitage cats Kunstkamera Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps Museum of Electrical Transport Museum of Political History of Russia Museum of Russian Submarine Forces National Pushkin Museum Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment and Museum Russian cruiser Aurora Russian Museum Cabin of Peter the Great Collections of the Russian Museum Russian Museum of Ethnography Russian Museum of Military Medicine Russian Railway Museum Saint Petersburg Toy Museum State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg Stieglitz Museum of Applied Arts Suvorov Museum V.V. Dokuchaev Central Museum of Soil Zoological Museum of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Palaces and villas in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Winter Palace Oranienbaum, the Grand Menshikov Palace Peterhof Palace Tsarskoye Selo, Catherine Palace The Amber Room in 1917 Alexis Palace Anichkov Palace Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace Ficquelmont Palace Gatchina Palace? Kamenny Island Palace Kikin Hall Lobanov-Rostovsky Palace Marble Palace Mariinsky Palace Menshikov Palace Moika Palace Nevsky Prospect 86 New Michael Palace Nicholas Palace Oranienbaum Pavlovsk Palace Peterhof Palace Monplaisir Palace Peterhof Grand Palace Saint Michael's Castle Shuvalov Palace Stroganov Palace Summer Palace Summer Palace of Peter the Great Tauride Palace Tsarskoye Selo Alexander Palace Catherine Palace Amber Room Sophia Cathedral Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum Vladimir Palace Vorontsov Palace Winter Palace Neva Enfilade of the Winter Palace Private Apartments of the Winter Palace Yelagin Palace Parks and gardens in Saint Petersburg[edit] The "Temple of Friendship" in Pavlovsk Park Alexander Garden Alexander Park Catherine Park Field of Mars Maritime Victory Park Monplaisir Garden Moskovsky Victory Park Pavlovsk Park Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden Summer Garden Public squares in Saint Petersburg[edit] Saint Isaac's Square Public squares in Saint Petersburg Manezhnaya Square Muzhestva Square Palace Square Saint Isaac's Square Senate Square Sennaya Square Victory Square Vosstaniya Square Religious buildings in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Church of the Savior on Blood Kazan Cathedral Smolny Convent Trinity Cathedral Alexander Nevsky Lavra Ascension Cathedral Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chesme Church Church of St. Catherine Church of the Epiphany Church of the Savior on Blood Coastal Monastery of Saint Sergius Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saint Mary Gothic Chapel Ioannovsky Convent Kazan Cathedral Kronstadt Naval Cathedral Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Old Trinity Cathedral Sacred Heart Church Saint Andrew's Cathedral Saint Catherine's Armenian Church Saint Isaac's Cathedral Saint Sampson's Cathedral Saviour Church on Sennaya Square Smolny Convent St. John the Baptist Church St. John's Church St. Julian's Church St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral St. Stanislaus Church St. Vladimir's Cathedral Transfiguration Cathedral Trinity Cathedral Vladimirskaya Church Secular buildings in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Admiralty tower The Imperial Academy of Arts Buildings and structures in Saint Petersburg The Admiralty Embankment The English Embankment Quay with Sphinxes Admiralty building Ciniselli Circus Eliseyev Emporium Esders and Scheefhaals building General Staff Building House of Soviets Imperial Academy of Arts Kotomin House Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences National Library of Russia Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns Pulkovo Observatory Pushkin House Saint Petersburg City Duma Saint Petersburg Commodity and Stock Exchange Saint Petersburg Mint Singer House Smolny Institute Tolstoy House Twelve Collegia Utkina Dacha Wawelberg Bank building Streets in Saint Petersburg[edit] Bolshoy Prospekt Gorokhovaya Street Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt Ligovsky Avenue Lines of Vasilyevsky Island Liteyny Avenue Malaya Sadovaya Street Millionnaya Street Moskovsky Avenue Neva embankments Admiralty Embankment Lions at the Dvortsovaya pier English Embankment Kutuzov Embankment Palace Embankment Universitetskaya Embankment Quay with Sphinxes Nevsky Prospect Sadovaya Street Theatres in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Alexandrinsky Theatre Saint Petersburg TV Tower Narva Triumphal Arch Theatres in Saint Petersburg Alexandrinsky Theatre Baltic House Festival Theatre Bolshoi Theatre Hermitage Theatre Kamenny Island Theatre Komedianty Theatre Liteiny Theatre Na Neve Theatre Ostrov Theatre Saint Petersburg Comedy Theatre State Puppet Theatre of Fairy Tales Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater Youth Theatre on the Fontanka Zazerkalie Towers in Saint Petersburg[edit] Griffins' tower Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light Saint Petersburg TV Tower Triumphal arches in Saint Petersburg[edit] Moscow Triumphal Gate Narva Triumphal Arch Demographics of Saint Petersburg[edit] Demographics of Saint Petersburg

Government and politics of Saint Petersburg[edit] Smolny Institute, the seat of the governor's office and city administration Politics of Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg City Administration Governor of Saint Petersburg Law and order in Saint Petersburg[edit] Charter of Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Police Military in Saint Petersburg[edit] Western Military District

History of Saint Petersburg[edit] History of Saint Petersburg History of Saint Petersburg, by period or event[edit] Tsar Peter the Great, who founded Saint Petersburg in 1703 Timeline of Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg during the Imperial Era (1703–1917) Founding of Saint Petersburg (1703) – Tsar Peter the Great founded the city on 27 May 1703 after he reconquered the Ingrian land from Sweden, in the Great Northern War. Upon the city's founding, he named the city after his patron saint, the apostle Saint Peter. Peter moved the capital from Moscow to Saint Petersburg in 1712. After the death of Peter the Great in 1725, Peter II of Russia moved his seat back to Moscow, but in 1732 Saint Petersburg became capital of the Russian Empire for more than two hundred years. The Revolution of 1905 began in Saint Petersburg and spread rapidly into the provinces. On 1 September 1914, after the outbreak of World War I, the Imperial government renamed the city Petrograd. Saint Petersburg during the Revolution and Soviet Era (1917–1941) In March 1917, during the February Revolution, Nicholas II abdicated. On 7 November 1917, the Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin stormed the Winter Palace in an event known thereafter as the October Revolution. Lenin moved his government to Moscow on 5 March 1918. On 26 January 1924, five days after Lenin's death, Petrograd was renamed Leningrad. Saint Petersburg during World War II (1941–1945) Siege of Leningrad (1941–1944) Saint Petersburg during the Soviet Era (1945–1991) Leningrad affair (1949–1952) – Stalin had leaders and heroes of the city framed and executed, imprisoned, or exiled to Siberia, due to their popularity, including the mayor. Contemporary Era (1991–present) On 12 June 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in a referendum 54% of voters chose to restore "the original name, Saint Petersburg". Original names returned to many streets, bridges, Metro stations and parks. History of Saint Petersburg, by subject[edit] Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1723) Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1762) Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1805) Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1812) Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1825) Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1834) Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1875) Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881)

Culture of Saint Petersburg[edit] Fence of the Catherine Palace The Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange The Alexander Palace Culture of Saint Petersburg Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, an Italian architect who contributed numerous landmarks to St. Petersburg Arts in Saint Petersburg[edit] Architecture of Saint Petersburg[edit] Architecture of Saint Petersburg Art Nouveau architecture in Saint Petersburg Singer House Secession Building Baroque architecture in Saint Petersburg Smolny Convent Vorontsov Palace Fences in Saint Petersburg Gothic Revival architecture in Saint Petersburg Gothic Chapel Greek Revival architecture in Saint Petersburg Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange Neoclassical architecture in Saint Petersburg Alexander Palace General Staff Building Trinity Cathedral Palladian architecture in Saint Petersburg Smolny Institute Petrine Baroque in Saint Petersburg Menshikov Palace Twelve Collegia Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral Cinema of Saint Petersburg[edit] Festival of Festivals Saint Petersburg International Film Festival Literature of Saint Petersburg[edit] Fyodor Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment The Double Nikolai Gogol The Nose Aleksandr Pushkin Ivan Turgenev National Library of Russia Music and ballet of Saint Petersburg[edit] Saint Petersburg Conservatory The stage of the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet of Saint Petersburg Mariinsky Ballet Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet St Petersburg Ballet Theatre Igor Stravinsky, considered one of the most important composers of the 20th century Music of Saint Petersburg Music schools in Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Conservatory Music venues in Saint Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre Mikhailovsky Theatre Saint Petersburg Philharmonia St. Petersburg Music Hall Musical compositions dedicated to Saint Petersburg Symphony No. 7 (Shostakovich) Musical ensembles in Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra Saint Petersburg Court Chapel Saint Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra The Male Choir of St. Petersburg Musicians from Saint Petersburg Alexander Borodin Victor Ewald Alexander Glazunov Alexander Serov Dmitri Shostakovich Igor Stravinsky The Mighty Handful Theatre of Saint Petersburg[edit] Saint Petersburg Lensoviet Theatre Teatralnaya laboratoriya Visual arts of Saint Petersburg[edit] The Rose Trellis Egg made in Saint Petersburg in 1907 Fine Art of Leningrad Leningrad School of Painting Painters of Saint Petersburg Events in Saint Petersburg Scarlet Sails, a public event during the White Nights Festival White Nights Festival Festival of Festivals Scarlet Sails Languages of Saint Petersburg Russian language Veps language Media in Saint Petersburg Newspapers in Saint Petersburg The St. Petersburg Times Radio and television in Saint Petersburg Television and radio stations in Saint Petersburg People from Saint Petersburg List of people from Saint Petersburg George Balanchine Peter Carl Fabergé Ludvig Faddeev Mikhail Kutuzov Vladimir Nabokov Religion in Saint Petersburg[edit] Saint Isaac's Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox Church The Datsan Gunzechoinei Religion in Saint Petersburg Catholicism in Saint Petersburg Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Petersburg Church of St. Catherine Eastern Orthodoxy in Saint Petersburg Transfiguration Cathedral Russian Orthodoxy in Saint Petersburg Russian Orthodox Church Buddhism in Saint Petersburg Datsan Gunzechoinei Islam in Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Mosque Judaism in Saint Petersburg Grand Choral Synagogue Sports in Saint Petersburg[edit] Krestovsky Stadium The Saint Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex Petrovsky Stadium Sport in Saint Petersburg Basketball in Saint Petersburg BC Spartak Saint Petersburg B.C. Zenit Saint Petersburg Football in Saint Petersburg Association football in Saint Petersburg FC Dynamo Saint Petersburg FC Zenit Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg derby Ice hockey in Saint Petersburg HC Dinamo Saint Petersburg SKA Saint Petersburg Sports competitions in Saint Petersburg 2006–07 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final Leningrad City Chess Championship St. Petersburg Open White Nights Marathon Sports venues in Saint Petersburg Ice Palace Krestovsky Stadium Petrovsky Stadium Saint Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex Yubileyny Sports Palace

Economy and infrastructure of Saint Petersburg[edit] Hotel Astoria The Saint Petersburg hotel The DLT department store Economy of Saint Petersburg Financial services in Saint Petersburg Bank Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange Hotels in Saint Petersburg Angleterre Hotel Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg Grand Hotel Europe Hotel Astoria Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace Oktyabrskaya Hotel Saint Petersburg Restaurants and cafés in Saint Petersburg Literaturnoye Kafe Shipbuilding industry Admiralty Shipyard Almaz Shipbuilding Company Shopping malls and markets in Saint Petersburg Shopping malls in Saint Petersburg DLT Galeria Great Gostiny Dvor Passage Tourism in Saint Petersburg Landmarks of Saint Petersburg Transportation in Saint Petersburg[edit] Pulkovo Airport Cruise ship at Passenger Port of St. Petersburg Transportation in Saint Petersburg Public transport in Saint Petersburg Public transport operators in Saint Petersburg Air transport in Saint Petersburg Airports in Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport Maritime transport in Saint Petersburg Ports and harbours in Saint Petersburg Big port Saint Petersburg Passenger Port of St. Petersburg Shipping lines serving Saint Petersburg Baltic Sea Shipping Company Road transport in Saint Petersburg Bus transport in Saint Petersburg Central Arc Thoroughfare Saint Petersburg Ring Road Rail transport in Saint Petersburg[edit] Kirovsky Zavod metrostation Tram on Moscow Gate Square Rail transport in Saint Petersburg Railway stations in Saint Petersburg Baltiysky railway station Finland Station Riihimäki–Saint Petersburg railway Ladozhsky railway station Moskovsky railway station Vitebsky railway station Saint Petersburg Metro List of Saint Petersburg Metro stations Trams in Saint Petersburg Vasileostrovsky tram depot

Education in Saint Petersburg[edit] The Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology Kikin Hall Komarov Botanical Institute, the botanical garden Education in Saint Petersburg Primary schools in Saint Petersburg St Petersburg Classical Gymnasium Secondary schools in Saint Petersburg Karl May School Saint Peter's School Saint Petersburg Lyceum 30 Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239 The Second Saint Petersburg Gymnasium Tavricheskaya Art School Higher education and academic institutions in Saint Petersburg Music schools Kikin Hall Saint Petersburg Conservatory Universities in Saint Petersburg Herzen University Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Saint Petersburg State University Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance Research institutes in Saint Petersburg Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Bekhterev Psychoneurological Institute Komarov Botanical Institute Krylov State Research Center

Healthcare in Saint Petersburg[edit] Hospitals in Saint Petersburg City hospital No. 40

See also[edit] Outline of geography

References[edit] ^ Names of European cities in different languages: Q–T#S

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Egg)Fine Art Of LeningradLeningrad School Of PaintingList Of Painters Of Saint Petersburg Union Of ArtistsEnlargeScarlet Sails (tradition)White Nights FestivalWhite Nights FestivalFestival Of Festivals, Saint PetersburgScarlet Sails (tradition)Russian LanguageVeps LanguageThe St. Petersburg TimesList Of Television And Radio Stations In Saint PetersburgList Of People From Saint PetersburgGeorge BalanchinePeter Carl FabergéLudvig FaddeevMikhail KutuzovVladimir NabokovEnlargeSaint Isaac's CathedralEnlargeDatsan GunzechoineiRoman Catholic Diocese Of Saint PetersburgChurch Of St. Catherine (Saint Petersburg)Transfiguration Cathedral (Saint Petersburg)Russian Orthodox ChurchDatsan GunzechoineiSaint Petersburg MosqueGrand Choral SynagogueEnlargeKrestovsky StadiumEnlargeSaint Petersburg Sports And Concert ComplexEnlargePetrovsky StadiumSport In Saint PetersburgBC Spartak Saint PetersburgB.C. Zenit Saint PetersburgFC Dynamo Saint PetersburgFC Zenit Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg DerbyHC Dinamo Saint PetersburgSKA Saint Petersburg2006–07 Grand Prix Of Figure Skating FinalLeningrad City Chess ChampionshipSt. Petersburg OpenIce Palace (Saint Petersburg)Krestovsky StadiumPetrovsky StadiumSaint Petersburg Sports And Concert ComplexYubileyny Sports PalaceEnlargeHotel Astoria (Saint Petersburg)EnlargeSaint Petersburg (hotel, Saint Petersburg)EnlargeDLT (department Store)Economy Of Saint PetersburgBank Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Stock ExchangeHotels In Saint PetersburgAngleterre HotelCorinthia Hotel St. PetersburgGrand Hotel EuropeHotel Astoria (Saint Petersburg)Lobanov-Rostovsky PalaceOktyabrskaya HotelSaint Petersburg (hotel, Saint Petersburg)Literaturnoye Kafe (Saint Petersburg)Admiralty ShipyardAlmaz Shipbuilding CompanyList Of Shopping Malls In Saint PetersburgDLT (department Store)Galeria (Saint Petersburg)Great Gostiny DvorPassage (department Store)Saint PetersburgLandmarks Of Saint PetersburgEnlargePulkovo AirportEnlargePassenger Port Of St. PetersburgSaint PetersburgPulkovo AirportBig Port Saint PetersburgPassenger Port Of St. PetersburgBaltic Sea Shipping CompanyBuses In Saint PetersburgCentral Arc ThoroughfareSaint Petersburg Ring RoadEnlargeKirovsky Zavod (Saint Petersburg Metro)EnlargeBaltiysky Railway StationFinland StationRiihimäki–Saint Petersburg RailwayLadozhsky Railway StationMoskovsky Railway Station (Saint Petersburg)Vitebsky Railway StationSaint Petersburg MetroSaint Petersburg MetroLine 1 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 2 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 3 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 4 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 5 (Saint Petersburg Metro)List Of Saint Petersburg Metro StationsTrams In Saint PetersburgVasileostrovsky Tram DepotEnlargeSaint Petersburg State Institute Of TechnologyEnlargeKikin HallEnlargeKomarov Botanical InstituteSaint Petersburg Botanical GardenSaint PetersburgSt Petersburg Classical GymnasiumKarl May SchoolSaint Peter's SchoolSaint Petersburg Lyceum 30Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239The Second Saint Petersburg GymnasiumTavricheskaya Art SchoolList Of Higher Education And Academic Institutions In Saint PetersburgKikin HallSaint Petersburg ConservatoryHerzen UniversityPeter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic UniversitySaint Petersburg State UniversitySaint-Petersburg State University Of Architecture And Civil EngineeringSaint-Petersburg State University Of Culture And ArtsSaint Petersburg State University Of Economics And FinanceArctic And Antarctic Research InstituteBekhterev Psychoneurological InstituteKomarov Botanical InstituteKrylov State Research CenterCity Hospital No. 40Outline Of GeographyNames Of European Cities In Different Languages: Q–TWikipedia:Wikimedia Sister ProjectsTemplate:Saint PetersburgTemplate Talk:Saint PetersburgSaint PetersburgAdministrative Divisions Of Saint PetersburgFederal Cities Of RussiaHistory Of Saint PetersburgTimeline Of Saint PetersburgPeter The GreatSiege Of LeningradList Of People From Saint PetersburgEconomy Of Saint PetersburgClimate Of Saint PetersburgFloods In Saint PetersburgFlag Of Saint PetersburgDemographics Of Saint PetersburgList Of Buildings And Structures In Saint PetersburgFlag Of Saint PetersburgGeography Of Saint PetersburgNeva RiverBaltic SeaSaint Petersburg DamSociety And Culture In Saint PetersburgSaint PetersburgSport In Saint PetersburgSaint PetersburgList Of Museums In Saint PetersburgHermitage MuseumWinter PalacePeterhof PalaceList Of Theatres In Saint PetersburgHistoric Centre Of Saint Petersburg And Related Groups Of MonumentsSaint PetersburgSaint Petersburg Philharmonic OrchestraPolitics Of Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg City AdministrationList Of Heads Of Saint Petersburg GovernmentSaint Petersburg PoliceCrime In RussiaList Of Higher Education And Academic Institutions In Saint PetersburgSaint PetersburgSaint Petersburg MetroTrams In Saint PetersburgPulkovo AirportList Of Bridges In Saint 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