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Corporate history[edit] McGraw-Hill Education traces its history back to 1888 when James H. McGraw, co-founder of the company, purchased the American Journal of Railway Appliances. He continued to add further publications, eventually establishing The McGraw Publishing Company in 1899. His co-founder, John A. Hill, had also produced several technical and trade publications and in 1902 formed his own business, The Hill Publishing Company. In 1909 both men agreed upon an alliance and combined the book departments of their publishing companies into The McGraw-Hill Book Company. John Hill served as President, with James McGraw as Vice-President. 1917 saw the merger of the remaining parts of each business into The McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Inc.[15] In 1986, McGraw-Hill bought out competitor The Economy Company, then the nation's largest publisher of educational material. The buyout made McGraw-Hill the largest educational publisher in the U.S.[16] In 1979 McGraw-Hill Publishing Company purchased Byte from its owner/publisher Virginia Williamson who then became a vice-president of McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Inc became The McGraw-Hill Companies in 1995, as part of a corporate identity rebranding.[17][not in citation given] In 2007, The McGraw-Hill Companies launched an online student study network, This offering gave McGraw-Hill an opportunity to connect directly with its end users, the students. The site closed on April 29, 2012. On November 26, 2012, The McGraw-Hill Companies announced it was selling its entire education division to Apollo Global Management for $2.5 billion.[18] On March 22, 2013, it announced it had completed the sale and the proceeds were for $2.4 billion in cash.[19] In 2014, McGraw Hill Education India partnered with GreyCampus to promote Online Learning Courses among University Grants Commission- National eligibility Test Aspirants.[20] McGraw Hill Education India is located in Noida area of Delhi/NCR. The company also sells books online at On June 30, 2015, McGraw-Hill Education announced that Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) had agreed to acquire "key assets" of the CTB/McGraw-Hill assessment business.[21] On May 11, 2017, McGraw-Hill Education announced the sale of the business holdings of McGraw-Hill Ryerson (Ryerson Press) to Canadian educational publisher, Nelson. [22]

Corporate organization[edit] Operating segments of McGraw-Hill Education include: McGraw-Hill Education K-12, which develops curriculum solutions and content for early childhood education, K-12 learners, and adult education. McGraw-Hill Education Higher Ed, which focuses on post-secondary education. McGraw-Hill Education Professional, focused on post-graduate and professional learners. McGraw-Hill Education International, which focuses on learners and professionals outside of the United States. Other major subsidiaries, partners and investments: ALEKS[23][24][25] Area9 Aps[26][27][28] Engrade[29][30] Key Curriculum[31][32] StudySync[33][34] McGraw-Hill Education is also established in Asia, Australia, Canada (as McGraw Hill Ryerson) Europe, India, and Latin America (as McGraw-Hill Interamericana). In 2013, McGraw-Hill Education acquired the entirety of shares in Tata McGraw-Hill Education Private Limited, the company's long-existing joint venture with Tata Group in India. The company is now known as McGraw Hill Education in India as well.

Acquisitions[edit] During the course of its history, the McGraw-Hill Companies expanded significantly through acquisition, not just within the publishing industry but also into other areas such as financial services (the purchase of Standard & Poor's in 1966) and broadcasting (the 1972 acquisition of Time-Life Broadcasting). Many of these acquisitions stayed with McGraw-Hill Education after their acquisition by Apollo Global Management in 2013. Date of acquisition Company acquired Industry 1920 Newton Falls Paper Company[35] - 1928 A.W. Shaw Company[35] Publisher of magazines and textbooks 1950s Gregg Company[35] Publisher of vocational textbooks 1953 Companies of Warren C Platts, including Platts[35][36] Publisher of petroleum industry information 1961 F.W. Dodge Corporation[37] Publisher of construction industry information 1965 California Test Bureau[35] Developer of educational testing systems 1966 Standard & Poor's[37] Financial Services 1966 Shepard's Citations[38] Legal publisher 1968 National Radio Institute Correspondence School 1970 The Ryerson Press Educational and trade publishing 1972 Television Stations of Time Life Broadcasting[37] Broadcasting 1986 The Economy Company Educational publishing 1996 Random House Schools and Colleges[39] Educational publishing 1996 Times Mirror Higher Education including William C Brown, Richard D Irwin, Irwin Professional, Mosby College and Broiwn & Benchmark [40] Educational publishing 1997 Micropal Group Limited[41] Financial Services 1999 Appleton & Lange[42] Publisher of medical information 2000 Tribune Education, including NTC/Contemporary, Everyday Leraning/Creative, Instructional Fair, Landoll, The Wright Group. American Education Publishing, Meeks Heit & Peter Bedrick Books[43] Publisher of supplementary educational materials 2002 Open University Press University press - academic publications 2005 J.D. Power & Associates[44] Marketing information provider 2013 Key Curriculum[45] Math technology firm 2013 ALEKS[46] Adaptive learning firm 2014 Area9 Aps[47] Adaptive learning firm 2014 Engrade[48] Learning management system 2016 Redbird Advanced Learning, formerly Education Program for Gifted Youth[49] Adaptive learning firm

Presidents[edit] John A. Hill (1909-1917) James H. McGraw (1917–1928) Johnathan Heflin (1928–1948) James McGraw, Jr. (1948–1950) Curtis W. McGraw (1950–1953) Donald C. McGraw (1953–1968) Shelton Fisher (1968–1974) Harold McGraw, Jr. (1974–1983) Joseph Dionne (1983–1998) Harold W. McGraw III (1998–2013) Buzz Waterhouse (2013–2014) David Levin (2014–2017) Buzz Waterhouse (2017–current)

Controversies[edit] McGraw-Hill paid the African American writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin $200,000 advance for his unfinished manuscript called Remember This House, a memoir of his personal recollections of civil rights leaders Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr [50] . Following his death, the publishing company took the unprecedented step of suing his estate to recover the advance they had paid him for the book, although the lawsuit was dropped by 1990. In October 2015, McGraw-Hill Education was accused of whitewashing history after it had published a caption in a geography textbook referring to American slaves as "workers."[51] The company quickly apologized, updated the digital version of the materials, and offered schools replacement texts at no charge.[52] Since the controversy began in Houston, it has been linked to broader controversies about conservative texts at the Texas Education Agency.[53]

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Texas has been a battleground in the fight over changes to textbooks that some say concede too much ground to conservative viewpoints on subjects such as climate change, religious liberty and slavery. 

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