Contents 1 Standardization 2 Implementations 3 Use 4 Code points 4.1 Dedicated OCR-A characters 4.2 Space, digits, and unaccented letters 4.3 Regular characters 4.4 Remaining characters 4.5 Additional characters 4.6 Exceptions 4.6.1 PrecisionID 4.6.2 Barcodesoft 4.6.3 Morovia 4.6.4 IDAutomation 5 Applications 6 Sellers of font standards 7 See also 8 Notes 9 External links

Standardization[edit] The OCR-A font was standardized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as ANSI X3.17-1981. X3.4 has since become the INCITS and the OCR-A standard is now called ISO 1073-1:1976. There is also a German standard for OCR-A called DIN 66008.[4]

Implementations[edit] In 1968, American Type Founders produced OCR-A, one of the first optical character recognition typefaces to meet the criteria set by the U.S. Bureau of Standards. The design is simple so that it can be easily read by a machine, but it is more difficult for the human eye to read.[5] As metal type gave way to computer-based typesetting, Tor Lillqvist used MetaFont to describe the OCR-A font.[when?] That definition was subsequently improved by Richard B. Wales. Their work is available from CTAN.[6] To make the free version of the font more accessible to users of Microsoft Windows, John Sauter converted the MetaFont definitions to TrueType using potrace and FontForge in 2004.[7] In 2007, Gürkan Sengün created a Debian package from this implementation.[8] In 2008. Luc Devroye corrected the vertical positioning in John Sauter's implementation, and fixed the name of lower case z.[9] Independently, Matthew Skala[10] used mftrace[11] to convert the Metafont definitions to TrueType format in 2006. In 2011 he released a new version created by rewriting the Metafont definitions to work with METATYPE1, generating outlines directly without an intermediate tracing step. On September 27, 2012, he updated his implementation to version 0.2.[12] In addition to these free implementations of OCR-A, there are also implementations sold by several vendors.

Use[edit] Although optical character recognition technology has advanced to the point where such simple fonts are no longer necessary, the OCR-A font has remained in use. Its usage remains widespread in the encoding of cheques around the world. Some lockbox companies still insist that the account number and amount owed on a bill return form be printed in OCR-A.[13] Also, because of its unusual look, it is sometimes used in advertising and display graphics. Notably, it is used for the subtitles in the show Blacklist.

Code points[edit] A font is a set of character shapes, or glyphs. For a computer to use a font, each glyph must be assigned a code point in a character set. When OCR-A was being standardized the usual character coding was the American Standard Code for Information Interchange or ASCII. Not all of the glyphs of OCR-A fit into ASCII, and for five of the characters there were alternate glyphs, which might have suggested the need for a second font. However, for convenience and efficiency all of the glyphs were expected to be accessible in a single font using ASCII coding, with the additional characters placed at coding points that would otherwise have been unused. The modern descendant of ASCII is Unicode, also known as ISO 10646. Unicode contains ASCII and has special provisions for OCR characters, so some implementations of OCR-A have looked to Unicode for guidance on character code assignments. Dedicated OCR-A characters[edit] Main article: Optical Character Recognition (Unicode block) The following characters have been defined for control purposes and are now in the "Optical Character Recognition" Unicode range 2440–245F: [14] Dedicated OCR-A code points based on ASCII and Unicode Name Glyph Unicode OCR Hook U+2440 OCR Chair U+2441 OCR Fork U+2442 OCR Inverted fork ⑃ U+2443 OCR Belt buckle ⑄ U+2444 OCR Bow tie ⑅ U+2445 Space, digits, and unaccented letters[edit] OCR-A digits OCR-A unaccented capital letters OCR-A unaccented small letters All implementations of OCR-A use U+0020 for space, U+0030 through U+0039 for the decimal digits, U+0041 through U+005A for the unaccented upper case letters, and U+0061 through U+007A for the unaccented lower case letters. Regular characters[edit] In addition to the digits and unaccented letters, many of the characters of OCR-A have obvious code points in ASCII. Of those that do not, most, including all of OCR-A's accented letters, have obvious code points in Unicode. Additional OCR-A code points based on ASCII and Unicode Name Glyph Unicode Exclamation Mark U+0021 Quotation Mark U+0022 Number Sign U+0023 Dollar Sign U+0024 Percent Sign U+0025 Ampersand U+0026 Apostrophe U+0027 Left Parenthesis U+0028 Right Parenthesis U+0029 Asterisk U+002A Plus Sign U+002B Comma U+002C Hyphen-Minus U+002D Full Stop (Period) U+002E Solidus (Slash) U+002F Colon U+003A Semicolon U+003B Less-Than Sign U+003C Equals Sign U+003D Greater-Than Sign U+003E Question Mark U+003F Commercial At U+0040 Left Square Bracket U+005B Reverse Solidus (Backslash) U+005C Right Square Bracket U+005D Circumflex Accent U+005E Left Curly Bracket U+007B Right Curly Bracket U+007D Pound Sign (Sterling) U+00A3 Yen Sign U+00A5 Latin Capital Letter A with Dieresis U+00C4 Latin Capital Letter A with Ring Above U+00C5 Latin Capital Letter AE U+00C6 Latin Capital Letter N with Tilde U+00D1 Latin Capital Letter O with Dieresis U+00D6 Latin Capital Letter O with Stroke U+00D8 Latin Capital Letter U with Dieresis U+00DC Remaining characters[edit] Linotype[15] coded the remaining characters of OCR-A as follows: Additional OCR-A Characters Name Glyph Unicode Unicode Name Long Vertical Mark U+007C Vertical Line Alternate Comma U+E000 private use 0 Character Erase U+E001 private use 1 Alternate Hyphen U+E003 private use 3 Alternate Period U+E004 private use 4 Alternate Question Mark U+E005 private use 5 Alternate Apostrophe U+E006 private use 6 Additional characters[edit] The fonts that descend from the work of Tor Lillqvist and Richard B. Wales define four characters not in OCR-A to fill out the ASCII character set. These shapes use the same style as the OCR-A character shapes. They are: Additional ASCII Characters Name Glyph Unicode Low Line U+005F Grave Accent U+0060 Vertical Line U+007C Tilde U+007E Linotype also defines additional characters.[16] Exceptions[edit] Some implementations do not use the above code point assignments for some characters. PrecisionID[edit] The PrecisionID implementation of OCR-A has the following non-standard code points:[17] OCR Hook at U+007E OCR Chair at U+00C1 OCR Fork at U+00C2 Euro Sign at U+0080 Barcodesoft[edit] The Barcodesoft implementation of OCR-A has the following non-standard code points:[18][19] OCR Hook at U+0060 OCR Chair at U+007E OCR Fork at U+005F Long Vertical Mark at U+007C (agrees with Linotype) Character Erase at U+0008 Morovia[edit] The Morovia implementation of OCR-A has the following non-standard code points:[20] OCR Hook at U+007E (agrees with PrecisionID) OCR Chair at U+00F0 OCR Fork at U+005F (agrees with Barcodesoft) Long Vertical Mark at U+007C (agrees with Linotype) IDAutomation[edit] The IDAutomation implementation of OCR-A has the following non-standard code points:[21] OCR Hook at U+007E (agrees with PrecisionID) OCR Chair at U+00C1 (agrees with PrecisionID) OCR Fork at U+00C2 (agrees with PrecisionID) OCR Belt Buckle at U+00C3

Applications[edit] This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. (January 2017)

Sellers of font standards[edit] Hardcopy of ISO 1073-1:1976, distributed through ANSI, from ISO 1073-1 is also available from Techstreet, who distributes standards for ANSI and ISO

See also[edit] Magnetic ink character recognition Optical character recognition Westminster (typeface), a typeface designed to resemble the visual appearance of MICR. OCR-B

Notes[edit] ^ Background on the OCR-A font from Adobe ^ Motivation for OCR-A from Microscan ^ Background on OCR from Embedded Software Engineering ^ DIN 66008-1 Font A For Optical Character Recognition; Characters And Nominal Dimensions ^ Background on OCR-A from Adobe ^ The MetaFont sources for OCR-A from CTAN ^ John Sauter's 2004 OCR-A font from those MetaFont sources ^ The fonts-ocr-a Debian package, based on John Sauter's SourceForge project ^ Luc Devroye's account of his changes to John Sauter's implementation of OCR-A ^ Matthew Skala's home page ^ The mftrace Debian package ^ Matthew Skala's 2012 OCR-A font from the MetaFont sources ^ Description of a lockbox service, note “The bill contains an invoice and a statement with patient information contained in a scannable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) line. The OCR line is similar in appearance to that found on a credit card statement or telephone bill.” ^ ^ Linotype's OCR-A font: choose Character Map then Private Use Area ^ Linotype's OCR-A font: choose Character Map then Show all ^ PrecisionID User Guide for the PrecisionID implementation of the OCR-A font ^ Information page for the Barcode implementation of the OCR-A font ^ Another source of information about the Barcode fonts ^ Information page for the Morovia implementation of the OCR-A font ^ Information page for the IDAutomation implementation of the OCR-A and OCR-B fonts

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Escape CodeISO 6438ISO 6523ISO 6709ISO 7001ISO 7002PinyinPascal (programming Language)ISO 7200OSI ModelISO 7736ISO/IEC 7810ISO/IEC 7811ISO/IEC 7812ISO/IEC 7813ISO/IEC 7816ISO 8000ISO 8178Fuel OilFTAMISO 8583ISO 8601Computer Graphics MetafileISO/IEC 8652ISO 8691Language Of Temporal Ordering SpecificationISO/IEC 8820-5ISO/IEC 8859ISO/IEC 8859-1ISO/IEC 8859-2ISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-4ISO/IEC 8859-5ISO/IEC 8859-6ISO/IEC 8859-7ISO/IEC 8859-8ISO-8859-8-IISO/IEC 8859-9ISO/IEC 8859-10ISO/IEC 8859-11ISO/IEC 8859-12ISO/IEC 8859-13ISO/IEC 8859-14ISO/IEC 8859-15ISO/IEC 8859-16Standard Generalized Markup LanguageISO 9000SQLISO/IEC 9126File Allocation TableISO 9241ISO 9362Shoe SizeManufacturing Message SpecificationISO 9529ISO 9564X.500ISO 9660ISO 9897C (programming Language)POSIXISO 9984ISO 9985ISO/IEC 9995ISO 10005ISO 10006ISO 10007ISO/IEC 10116Whirlpool (cryptography)ISO 10160ISO 10161Guidelines For The Definition Of Managed ObjectsDocument Style Semantics And Specification LanguageISO 10206ISO 10218ISO 10303EXPRESS (data Modeling Language)ISO 10303-21ISO 10303-22ISO 10303-28STEP-NCISO 10383ISO 10487ArmSCIIIS-ISUniversal Coded Character SetTorxRM-ODPMultibusInternational Standard Music NumberISO 10962ISO/IEC 10967ISO/IEEE 11073ISO 11170ISO/IEC 11179ISO/IEC 11404JBIGISO 11783ISO 11784 & 11785ISO 11784 & 11785ISO/IEC 11801ISO 11898ISO 11940ISO 11940-2ISO/TR 11941ISO/TR 11941ISO 11992ISO 12006ISO/IEC TR 12182ISO/IEC 12207Tag Image File Format / Electronic PhotographyPrologPrologPrologIsofixTopic MapsISO 13399ISO 13406-2110 FilmISO 13485ISO 13490ISO 13567Z NotationISO 13584International Bank Account NumberISO 14000ISO 14031ISO 14224PDF/UAHorsepowerISO/IEC 14443MPEG-4MPEG-4 Part 2MPEG-4 Part 3Delivery Multimedia Integration FrameworkH.264/MPEG-4 AVCMPEG-4 Part 11MPEG-4 Part 12MPEG-4 Part 14MPEG-4 Part 14MPEG-4 Part 14ISO 14644STEP-NCISO 14651ISO 14698ISO 14750Software MaintenanceC++ISO 14971ISO 15022ISO 15189ISO/IEC 15288Ada Semantic Interface SpecificationISO 15292ISO 15398Common CriteriaJPEG 2000Motion JPEG 2000HTMLPDF417ISO/IEC 15504International Standard Identifier For Libraries And Related OrganizationsISO 15686ISO/IEC 15693International Standard Audiovisual NumberISO 15706-2International Standard Musical Work CodeISO 15897ISO 15919ISO 15924ISO 15926ISO 15926 WIPPDF/XMaxiCodeECMAScriptPDF/VTISO 16750ISO/TS 16949ISO/IEC 17024ISO/IEC 17025ISO 17100:2015Open Virtualization FormatSDMXLegal Entity IdentifierISO/IEC 27002ISO/IEC 18000QR CodeISO/IEC 18014ISO 18245Process Specification LanguagePhotographic Activity TestPDF/AISO 19011ISO 19092-1ISO 19092-2ISO 19114ISO 19115Simple Feature AccessISO 19136ISO 19439Common Object Request Broker ArchitectureUnified Modeling LanguageMeta-Object FacilityXML Metadata InterchangeUnified Modeling LanguageKnowledge Discovery MetamodelObject Constraint LanguageMeta-Object FacilityXML Metadata InterchangeBusiness Process Model And NotationISO 19600:2014ISO/IEC 19752RELAX NGISO/IEC 19770X3DISO/IEC 19794-5Cloud Infrastructure Management InterfaceISO/IEC 20000ISO 20022ISO 20121ISO 20400MPEG-21International Standard Text CodeISO 21500ISO/IEC 21827ISO 22000C Sharp (programming Language)Common Language InfrastructureLinux Standard BasePDF/ELexical Markup FrameworkISO-TimeMLCommon LogicISO 25178ISO 25964ISO 26000OpenDocumentDigital Object IdentifierISO/IEC 27000-seriesISO/IEC 27000ISO/IEC 27001ISO/IEC 27002ISO/IEC 27006International Standard Name IdentifierISO 28000ISO 29110Requirements EngineeringJPEG XROffice Open XMLRuby (programming Language)ISO 31000Portable Document FormatISO/IEC 38500Web Content Accessibility GuidelinesISO/IEC 42010ISO 55000ISO/IEC 80000ISO 80000-1ISO 80000-2ISO 80000-3Category:ISO StandardsHelp:CategoryCategory:Monospaced TypefacesCategory:Sans-serif TypefacesCategory:Microsoft TypefacesCategory:ISO StandardsCategory:Open-source TypefacesCategory:Optical Character RecognitionCategory:American Type Founders TypefacesCategory:Computer-related Introductions In 1968Category:All Articles With 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