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Facilities[edit] The campus facilities include three main buildings (Kennedy Hall, Frasher Hall, and Randolph Hall), an agricultural area with livestock, a garden, an auditorium, a cafeteria, two gymnasiums, multiple computer labs with internet access, an automech shop, a woodshop, an instrumental music room, a football field, two softball fields, a baseball diamond, two tennis court areas, a teachers' parking lot, an art room, a college center, a parent center, a student store, and a library.

History[edit] The student quad. Built in 1927, Lankershim High School was named for the town of Lankershim (first called Toluca, now North Hollywood) and its founding family. It opened with only a main building, auditorium, gymnaisum, and a shop & mechanics building, with 800 students, graduating its first class in 1928. The Board of Education was asked to employ teachers who were already residents of North Hollywood, creating jobs and education opportunities right in the area. Lankershim High School was renamed North Hollywood High School in 1929. In 1937, a girls' gymnasium and a second major classroom building, now named Frasher Hall, were built. In 1950, the third major classroom building, now named Randolph Hall, was built. In the 1950s, many smaller construction projects took place, including the agricultural classrooms, the boys' gymnasium, the home-side bleachers, and the instrumental music room. In 1965, the main hall was named the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hall after the slain President. In 1966, the cafeteria, student store, and two shop buildings were built. In 1973, the Amelia Earhart Continuation High School was built on the campus' Northeast corner. In the late 1990s, thirteen modular buildings were installed to support an increase in the number of students.[3] 1990s and beyond[edit] In 1996, the LAUSD board voted to move NHHS to a year-round schedule, but after more classroom space was found, the board reversed course. Several NHHS parents and community members did not want a year-round schedule since they feared it would negatively impact the Highly Gifted Magnet.[4] According to the 1996 scheduling magnet students were supposed to get July–May, which would have impacted their ability to attend summer programs operated by Ivy League universities. The zoo magnet students were to get the September–June schedule.[5] In 2000, Ramon C. Cortines, the LAUSD superintendent, stated that the overcrowding at NHHS was more severe than originally anticipated,[6] and he announced that NHHS was going year-round. This was despite parents and students protesting against the move for several months.[7] From 2000 to 2007, NHHS was a year-round school with three tracks.[8] In 2006, East Valley High School opened, relieving overcrowding at NHHS.[9] In 2007, the traditional calendar was re-adopted and the students were divided into many Small Learning Communities (SLCs). All but three of these SLCs were closed in June 2012.[10] In 2015, it was announced that NHHS was selected to undergo major renovations, including upgrading buildings and removing portable buildings, to be completed in five years.[11]

Academics[edit] NHHS contains two magnet programs; the Highly Gifted Magnet (HGM) and the Zoo Magnet. There are also three Small Learning Communities (SLCs); the Humanitas School for Advanced Studies, the Home Engineering Academy, and the Freshmen Academy. Highly Gifted Magnet[edit] The Highly Gifted Magnet was established in 1989, and is a component of the voluntary integration program of the LAUSD, designed to provide an academically challenging college preparatory program. The program is designed to prepare its students to thrive in the most demanding of university environments. The students in the HGM are from all over Los Angeles, and have a variety of extracurricular interests, as well as diversity in their academic directions. Children are eligible if they test in the 99.5th percentile or above on an intelligence test conducted by an LAUSD psychologist. Priority is given to children with 99.9%, officially “Highly Gifted” by LAUSD definition. If there are openings remaining in the program, “Gifted” students with 99.5%-99.8% may be admitted with priority based on magnet points.[12] The program had 265 students,[13] 4 administrators, and 7 faculty members in 2016.[14] Zoo Magnet[edit] The student cafeteria. The Zoo Magnet was established in 1981, and is a specialized school that buses students to a small campus next to the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park. At this site, approximately 300 students take standard classes such as history, math, and English, in addition to Advanced Placement classes related to biological and zoological sciences. Many of these classes include fieldwork in the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Los Angeles River ecosystem, Autry National Center and the natural world of Griffith Park for tours and observation. Classes are on a block schedule, meeting three days a week for two hours per class. Small Learning Communities[edit] The Small Learning Communities (SLCs) are intended to increase student achievement by personalizing the educational experience of students in large schools. Of the eight SLCs originally created, three remain as of 2015; the Humanitas School for Advanced Studies (HSAS), the Home Engineering Academy (HEA), and the Freshmen Academy (FA). The HSAS is designed for identified gifted, high achieving, high-ability students who show an interest in taking Honors and Advanced Placement courses. The HEA specializes in the construction and building trades. Rankings[edit] In 2017, the Washington Post ranked NHHS as 624th in the country, 77th of all high schools in California, 58th of all public high schools in California, 21st of all high schools in Los Angeles County, 11th of all high schools in LAUSD, and 1st of all high schools in District 2.[15] In 2017, U.S. News & World Report awarded NHHS a silver medal, ranked it as 943rd in the country, 160th of all high school is California, and gave it a College Readiness Index of 45.1/100. It also ranked its Highly Gifted Magnet as 141st in the country.[16] In 2017, Niche awarded NHHS an overall grade of "A-" (with an A- in Academics, a B+ in Diversity, a B+ in Teachers, an A- in College Prep, a B- in Clubs and Activities, an A- in Health and Safety, a B in Administration, a C in Sports, a B in Food, and a C+ in Resources and Facilities). In the "Niche Standout High School" category, NHHS was ranked 593rd of 1,873 in America, 31st of 239 in California, 18th of 110 in the Los Angeles area, and 14th of 77 in Los Angeles County. In the "Best High Schools for STEM" category, NHHS was ranked 1,497th of 440 in America, 229th of 557 in California, 80th of 198 in the Los Angeles area, and 51st of 127 in Los Angeles County. In the "Best College Prep Public High Schools" category, NHHS was ranked 1,835th of 15,868 in America, 325th of 1,261 in California, 128th of 485 in the Los Angeles area, and 64th of 315 in Los Angeles County. In the "Best Public High Schools" category, NHHS was ranked 2,675th of 17,867 in America, 378th of 1,510 in California, 151st of 562 in the Los Angeles area, and 75th of 368 in Los Angeles County. In the "Most Diverse Public High Schools" category, NHHS was ranked 6,304th of 22,335 in America, 702nd of 1,473 in California, 271st of 799 in the Los Angeles area, and 139th of 512 in Los Angeles County. In the "Best Public High School Teachers" category, NHHS was ranked 6,697th of 17,843 in America, 1,069th of 2275 in California, 281st of 550 in the Los Angeles area, and 174th of 362 in Los Angeles County.[17] In 2016, LAUSD's new School Quality Improvement Index[18] scored NHHS's 2014-15 year as 80/100, broken down into 10.51/15 in Academic Performance English Language Arts (64% met or exceeded standards), 12.01/15 in Academic Performance Math (37% met or exceeded standards), 11.25/20 in Four Year Cohort Graduation Rate (85% graduated class of 2014), 3.7/5 in Five Year Cohort Graduation Rate (90% graduated class of 2013), 3.51/5 in Six Year Cohort Graduation Rate (89% graduated class of 2012), 12.68/13.33 in Chronic Absenteeism (6% chronically absent), 13.35/13.33 in Suspension Rates (0% suspended/expelled), and 13.33/13.33 in English Learner Re-Designation (21% re-designated).[19] In 2015, the Los Angeles Times gave NHHS a grade of "A" in arts education, ranking it 6th of all secondary schools, and 9th of all schools within LAUSD. Out of over 700 schools, only 35 received an "A" grade.[20] In 2014, Los Angeles Magazine ranked NHHS 14th in Los Angeles County, 7th of all public schools in the county, 4th of all LAUSD schools, and 1st in District 2.[21] In 2013, NHHS's Academic Performance Index (API) score was 778, which is 22 points below the state goal, but an improvement of 8 points since 2012.[22] For the 2013-14 school year, the average SAT Reasoning Test score was 1557 of a possible 2400 points.[23] For the 2013-14 school year, the average ACT Test score was 22 of a possible 36 points.[24] For the 2013-14 school year, the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) classified 84% of 10th graders in English and 83% of 10th graders in Mathematics, as "proficient or better."[25] For the 2012-13 school year, the California Standardized Testing and Reporting Program (STAR) classified 59.3% of students in English-Language Arts, 20.7% of students in Algebra 1, 13% of students in Geometry, 30% of students in Algebra 2, 69% of students in Summative High School Mathematics, 45.3% of students in World History, 58% of students in U.S. History, 55% of students in Life Science, 39% of students in Biology, 33.8% of students in Chemistry, 86.3% of students in Life Science, and 74.3% of students in Physics, as "proficient or advanced."[26] For the 2014-15 school year, in the Physical Fitness Exam for 9th graders, 89.8% of students in Abdominal Strength, 65.5% of students in Aerobic Capacity, 63.1% of students in Body Composition, 91.2% of students in Flexibility, 92.1% of students in Trunk Extension Strength, and 80.9% of students in Upper Body Strength, were considered to be in the "Healthy Fitness Zone."[27] Advanced Placement Courses[edit] NHHS offers 24 Advanced Placement courses: AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP European History, AP French Language, AP Human Geography, AP Macroeconomics, AP Music Theory, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Psychology, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP US Government and Politics, AP US History, and AP World History. For the 2013-14 school year, 802 students took 2,042 AP examinations, with 20.9% receiving a score of 1, 22.8% receiving a score of 2, 26.2% receiving a score of 3, 17% receiving a score of 4, and 13% receiving a score of 5.[28]

Extracurriculars[edit] There are a wide variety of extracurricular activities offered at NHHS. While many of these activities are provided by the school, after-school partnerships exist with Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) and the Youth Policy Institute.[29] Competitive Academics[edit] One of the computer labs. The library. The woodshop. NHHS offers many highly successful teams in competitive academics: Academic Decathlon, CyberPatriot, DECA, Duke Moot Court, FIRST Robotics, Future Farmers of America, Mock Trial, North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, National Ocean Sciences Bowl, Physics Olympiad, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, and Speech and Debate. Athletics[edit] The Boys' Gym. The NHHS Huskies compete in the CIF Los Angeles City Section's East Valley League. NHHS's rivals are Polytechnic High School and Ulysses S. Grant High School. The NHHS Athletics Department offers: Archery, Baseball, Basketball (boys' and girls'), Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer (boys' and girls'), Softball (girls'), Students Run LA, Tennis, Track & Field, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball (boys' and girls'), and Weight Training. Performing Arts[edit] The instrumental music room. The auditorium. NHHS offers a wide variety of performing arts courses. Marching Band - During the Fall semester, the marching band is typically a Division 2A, 70-member ensemble called the Royal Regiment. The band performs as a pep band at football games and competes in field tournaments. Concert Band - During the Spring semester, the marching band becomes a concert band that performs at festivals, the annual Spring Concert, and various school events. String Orchestra - During the Fall semester, the string orchestra prepares and performs for the annual Winter Concert. Advanced Symphony Orchestra - During the Spring semester, the string orchestra becomes a symphony orchestra, inviting the Concert Band's top wind and percussion musicians to round out the ensemble. The orchestra performs at festivals and the annual Spring Concert. Percussion Ensemble - During the Fall semester, the percussion ensemble prepares and performs for the annual Winter Concert. Indoor Drumline - During the Spring semester, the indoor drumline performs in drumline tournaments, the annual Spring Percussion Concert, and various school events. Advanced Jazz Band - Meeting before school during both semesters, the jazz band is an approximately 20-member ensemble that performs in festivals, the annual Winter Concert, the annual Spring Concert, and various events. Beginning Instruments - During both semesters, beginning instruments is an introductory-level class for students with no musical background. Vocal Ensemble - During both semesters, the vocal ensemble is the most advanced group that prepares and performs for festivals, the annual Winter Concert, and the annual Spring Concert. Chorus - During both semesters, the chorus prepares and performs for the annual Winter Concert and the annual Spring Concert. Beginning Choir - During both semesters, the beginning choir is an introductory-level class for students with no musical background. Color Guard - During the Fall semester, the color guard teams up with the marching band to perform at football games and compete in field tournaments. Dance Team - During the Spring semester, the colorguard becomes a dance team that performs in competitions and the annual Spring Dance Show.

Demographics[edit] For the 2016-17 school year, NHHS had a total enrollment of 2,520 students, broken down into 31.1% freshmen, 26.5% sophomores, 19.3% juniors, and 23.1% seniors,.[30] 9.8% of NHHS students were English Learners.[31] During the 2014-15 school year, the student-teacher ratio was 24 to 1, and NHHS had 11 administrators, 114 teachers, and 10 pupil services workers. Of the 114 teachers, 1 has a Doctorate, 61 have Master's degrees, 48 have Bachelor's degrees, and 4 were unreported.[32] Race Students (2017)[33] Teachers (2015)[34] Hispanic or Latino 70.5% 19.3% White 14.6% 55.3% Asian 7.8% 5.3% Black or African American 3.7% 4.4% Filipino 1.8% 2.6% American Indian or Alaska Native 0.2% 0.8% Pacific Islander 0.2% 0.8% Other/Not Reported 1.3% 11.4%

Achievements[edit] At the California Academic Decathlon, NHHS won 8th place in 2001, 4th place in 2002, 7th place in 2005, 9th place in 2006, 4th place in 2007, 5th place in 2008, 3rd place in 2009, 45th place in 2013, 46th place in 2014, 31st place in 2015, 51st place in 2016, and 8th place in Division 3 in 2017.[35] At the Regional Science Bowl, NHHS has won 1st place every year since 1998, missing only 2005 and 2014.[36][37] At the National Science Bowl, NHHS won 1st place in 2001,[38] 2nd place in 2006, 6th place in 2008, 10th place in 2009, 3rd place in 2010, 2nd place in 2012, 7th place in 2013, 5th place in 2016, and 9th place in 2017. At the National Ocean Sciences Bowl's Los Angeles Surf Bowl, NHHS won 3rd place in 2012. At the CSU Long Beach Math Day at the Beach, NHHS won 1st place in 2006, 2nd place in 2012, 5th place in 2013, and 4th place in 2014.[39] At the Regional Mandelbrot Competition, NHHS ranked 42nd place in 2011 and 39th place in 2012. At the National Mandelbrot Competition, NHHS ranked 50th place in 2011 and 73rd place in 2012. At the Regional FIRST Robotics Competition, NHHS's NohoRobo Team was a quarterfinalist and received the Rookie Inspiration Award in 2010, and was a 6th seed (of 66) semifinalist in 2015. At the International Botball Competition, NHHS received the Outstanding Programming award and the Judges' Choice award in 2011. At the Greater Los Angeles Regional Botball Tournament, NHHS won 2nd place overall in 2017.[40] At the Duke Moot Court National Tournament, NHHS has won 1st place in 2009, 1st and 2nd place in 2010,[41] was a semifinalist in 2012 and won 2nd place in 2016. At the Constitutional Rights Foundation's Mock Trial State Competition, NHHS won 1st place in 1982 and 2nd place in 1983. At the National Speech and Debate Association's district qualifier, NHHS's speech and debate team won sweepstakes in Congressional Debate in 2014. In three of California High School Speech Association's Tri-County Forensics League competitions, NHHS's team took sweepstakes in 2014. At the CHSSA's state championships, NHHS students won 10th and 11th in Congressional Debate. At the National NAQT Tournament, NHHS won 43rd in 2009, 21st in 2012, and 33rd in 2013. At the CyberPatriot National Finals, NHHS won 4th and 6th place in 2013,[42] 1st place in 2014,[43] and 2nd and 5th place in 2015. At the California Cyber Innovation Challenge, NHHS won 1st place in 2016 and 2017.[44][45] In 2017, three teams were sent to the national finals and one team won 1st place.[46] The NHHS FFA chapter was ranked a "Superior Chapter" by the California FFA Association in 1951, 1953, 1954, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1963, 1967, 1980, 1989, and 1990. At the Los Angeles FFA Horticulture Contest, NHHS teams won 1st place in both Advanced Horticulture and Floral Horticulture in 2015. At the Southern California DECA Conference, NHHS won 1st and 2nd place in marketing, and 1st place in business law and ethics in 2016. The NHHS Baseball Team won the title of city champions in 1957 and 2012, and was a city championships runner-up in 1949, 1980, and 2011. The NHHS Boys' Basketball Team won the title of city champions in 1990, and was a city championships runner-up in 1959, 1960, 1978, 1991, 2000, and 2003. The NHHS Girls' Basketball Team won the title of city champions in 2016,[47] and was a runner-up in 1987, 1988, and 1993. The NHHS Cheerleading Team won 1st place at DREAM TEAM Championships in 2011 and 2nd place at YPI's Dance-Drill-Cheer Competition in 2014. The NHHS Varsity Football Team was undefeated and league champions in 2004 and 2007. The NHHS Girls' Golf Team won the title of city champions in 2010, and won individual champions in 2008 and 2009. The NHHS Boys' Tennis Team was undefeated and league champions in 2017. The NHHS Girls' Tennis Team won the title of Division II city champions in 2015. The NHHS Boys' Volleyball Team won the title of city champions in 2000. At the LAUSD Band and Dance Team Championships, the NHHS Royal Regiment won 1st place in 1985, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, and 2004. At the Southern California Band and Orchestra Association marching band circuit, the NHHS Royal Regiment was a finalist in 2004, 2005, and 2006. At the Drums Across California's Indoor Drumline Championships, the NHHS Indoor Drumline won 5th place in 2012, 4th place in 2013, 3rd place in 2014, 2nd place in 2015, 1st place in 2016, and 2nd place in 2017.[48] At the LAUSD Drumline Championships, the NHHS Indoor Drumline won 2nd place in 2012, 2nd place in 2013, and 4th place in 2014. In 2014, Mr. Jay Gehringer was named LAUSD Teacher of the Year.[49] In 2015, Mr. Altair Maine was named LAUSD Teacher of the Year.[50] In 2016, Ms. Carrie Schwartz was named Secondary Co-Administrator of the Year by the Association of California School Administrators.[51]

Filming location[edit] NHHS has been the filming location for movies, television shows, and other productions, including the following:[52] The Human Comedy (1943) The Rockford Files (1974-1980) The White Shadow (1978-1981) Demolition High (1996) Joan of Arcadia (2003-2005) The Lockhavens (2009) The Tudor Tutor (2010)

Notable alumni[edit] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Khalil Abdul-Rahman, music producer[53] Larry Agran, politician, U.S. Presidential candidate Harry Anderson, actor Tony Angell, artist, author Brian Baima, American football player Scott Baio, actor[54] Noah Beery, Jr., actor Stuart Benjamin, film producer Richard Beymer, actor Mayim Bialik, actress Donald "D.J." Bonebrake, musician Ron Brand, former Major League baseball player Michael Broggie, author, historian Barbara Brogliatti, public relations, marketing executive Bill Cable, actor, model Christy Canyon, actress Cindy Carol, actress Adam Carolla, comedian Nick Cassavetes, director, actor Bert Convy, actor, singer, game show host Andrei Cherny, author, politician Jordan Cronenweth, cinematographer Gary Crosby, actor, singer Benny DeFranco, guitarist, singer Marisa DeFranco, keyboardist, singer Dean Devlin, producer, writer, actor Maureen Dragone, journalist, author and founder of the Young Artist Awards Denis Dutton, media activist, web entrepreneur Edan Everly, musician Shelley Fabares, actress Stanley Fafara, actor Tiger Fafara, actor Brent Fischer, composer/arranger George Frenn, Olympian Ernestine Fu, venture capital investor, author[55] Gil Garfield, singer Carrington Garland, actress Teri Garr, actress[56] Cuba Gooding Jr., actor Omar Gooding, actor Farley Granger, actor Brian Austin Green, actor Don Hahn, film producer Khrystyne Haje, actress Alyson Hannigan, actress David Harper, actor Jamake Highwater, writer, journalist William Hohri, activist Desiree Horton, TV personality, helicopter pilot David Hurwitz, executive producer Michael Hutchence, musician, lead singer of Australian band INXS Sasha Jenson, actor Andy Johnson, former NBA player Dana Jones, basketball player Janet Julian, actress Josh "Andrew" Koenig, actor Jonathan Kovacs, singer Alan Ladd, actor Louis Landon, pianist[citation needed] Arthur Lee, basketball player Jonah Lehrer, author Pam Ling, physician, castmate on The Real World: San Francisco Barry Livingston, actor Stanley Livingston, actor Marlon Lucky, American football player Heather MacRae, vocalist, actress Meredith MacRae, actress Ralph Mauriello. former Major League baseball player Mike McDonald, former NFL player Jake McLaughlin, actor Nick McLean, cinematographer Nick Menza, drummer/percussionist Martin Milner, actor Aaron Mitchell, former NFL player Kristy McNichol, actress Jimmy McNichol, actor Erin Moran, actress Ken Osmond, actor The Purple Gang, rock band Alan Robbins, politician Bob Ronka, Los Angeles City Council member, 1977–81. Barbara Ruick, actress, singer Jennifer Runyon, actress Maia Sharp, singer, songwriter Robert Shields, mime, actor Shawnee Smith, actress, musician Susan Sontag, author, theorist, activist Joshua Stangby, NFL/CFL wide receiver[57] Robert C. Stebbins, biologist, illustrator Guy Sularz, former Major League baseball player Beth Sullivan, screenwriter, executive producer Robert Swink, film editor Anthony Sydes, actor, Purple Heart recipient Margaret Talbot, essayist Russ Tamblyn, actor, dancer Buck Taylor, actor Anthony 'Scooter' Teague, actor, dancer Michael Tilson Thomas, musician, composer, director of the San Francisco Symphony Ronne Troup, actress[58] Ron Unz, entrepreneur, political activist Benny Urquidez, kickboxer[59] Morgan Webb, TV personality Eugene Wescott, geophysicist De'voreaux White, actor John Williams, composer, conductor, pianist[60] Melanie Wilson, actress Lauren Woodland, actress, attorney Scott Yancey, TV personality Charles Yukl, ragtime pianist, murderer[61]

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