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Districts and neighborhoods[edit] City of Los Angeles[edit] According to the Mapping L.A. survey of the Los Angeles Times, the South Los Angeles region consists of:[2] Adams-Normandie Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Broadway-Manchester Central-Alameda Chesterfield Square Exposition Park Florence Gramercy Park Green Meadows Harvard Park Historic South Central Hyde Park Jefferson Park Leimert Park Manchester Square Nevin South Park University Park Vermont Knolls Vermont Square Vermont Vista Vermont-Slauson Watts West Adams Westmont Unincorporated county[edit] Athens Florence-Firestone Westmont Willowbrook View Park-Windsor Hills

History[edit] Pre-1948[edit] South L.A. is home to the University of Southern California, founded in 1880, as well as the Doheny Campus of Mount St. Mary's College, which was founded in 1920. The 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games took place near the USC campus at neighboring Exposition Park, which hosts the Los Angeles Coliseum. Until the 1920s, West Adams was one of the most desirable areas of the city. Then development of the Wilshire Boulevard corridor drew Los Angeles' development west of downtown. As the wealthy were building stately mansions in West Adams and Jefferson Park, the white working class was establishing itself in Crenshaw and Hyde Park. Affluent blacks gradually moved into West Adams and Jefferson Park as the decades passed.[3] At the same time, the area of modest bungalows and low-rise commercial buildings along Central Avenue emerged as the heart of the black community in southern California. It had one of the first jazz scenes in the western U.S., with trombonist Kid Ory a prominent resident.[4] Under racially restrictive covenants, blacks were allowed to own property only within the Main-Slauson-Alameda-Washington box and in Watts, as well as in small enclaves elsewhere in the city.[3] The working- and middle-class blacks who poured into Los Angeles during the Great Depression and in search of jobs during World War II found themselves penned into what was becoming a severely overcrowded neighborhood. During the war, blacks faced such dire housing shortages that the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles built the virtually all-black and Latino Pueblo Del Rio project, designed by Richard Neutra.[5] 1948–1960s[edit] When the Supreme Court banned the legal enforcement of race-oriented restrictive covenants in 1948's Shelley v. Kraemer, blacks began to move into areas outside the increasingly overcrowded Slauson-Alameda-Washington-Main settlement area. For a time in the early 1950s, southern Los Angeles became the site of significant racial violence, with whites bombing, firing into, and burning crosses on the lawns of homes purchased by black families south of Slauson. In an escalation of behavior that began in the 1920s, white gangs in nearby cities such as South Gate and Huntington Park routinely accosted blacks who traveled through white areas. The black mutual protection clubs that formed in response to these assaults became the basis of the region's fearsome street gangs.[6] As in most urban areas, 1950s freeway construction radically altered the geography of southern Los Angeles. Freeway routes tended to reinforce traditional segregation lines.[7] The Harbor Freeway ran just to the west of Main Street, and the Santa Monica Freeway just to the north of Washington Boulevard. The Marina Freeway was originally to run near Slauson Avenue all the way to the Orange County line, but was deemed redundant and went unbuilt except for its westernmost portions. Although the freeways worked in moving cars around, they were decidedly unsuccessful as instruments of integration. The explosive growth of suburbs, most of which barred blacks by a variety of methods, provided the opportunity for whites in neighborhoods bordering black districts to leave en masse. The spread of blacks throughout the area was achieved in large part through "blockbusting," a technique whereby real estate speculators would buy a home on an all-white street, sell or rent it to a black family, and then buy up the remaining homes from whites at cut-rate prices and sell them at a hefty profit to housing-hungry blacks. 1970s–1990s[edit] See also: 1992 Los Angeles riots Beginning in the 1970s, the rapid decline of the area's manufacturing base resulted in a loss of the jobs that had allowed skilled union workers to have a middle class life. Downtown Los Angeles' service sector, which had long been dominated by unionized African Americans earning relatively high wages, replaced most black workers with newly arrived Mexican and Central American immigrants.[3] Widespread unemployment, poverty and street crime contributed to the rise of street gangs in South Central, such as the Crips and Bloods. They became even more powerful with money from drugs, especially the crack cocaine trade, dominated by gangs in the 1980s.[6] 2000s–present[edit] By the early 2000s, the crime rate of South L.A. has lowered significantly. Current redevelopment,improved police patrol, community-based peace programs, gang intervention work, and youth development organizations lowered the murder and crime rates to levels that have not been seen since the 1940s and '50s. Nevertheless, South Los Angeles was still known for its gangs at the time.[8] In mid 2003, the City of Los Angeles officially changed the region's name from South Central to South Los Angeles, a move supporters said would "help erase a stigma that has dogged the southern part of the city."[9] On August 11, 2014, just two days after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a resident of South Los Angeles, Ezell Ford, described as "a mentally ill 25-year-old man", was fatally shot by two Los Angeles police officers (see Shooting of Ezell Ford).[10] Since then, a number of protests focused on events in Ferguson have taken place in South Los Angeles.[11][12] The neighborhoods of View Park–Windsor Hills, Baldwin Hills, and Leimert Park in South Los Angeles, which together with Ladera Heights form the largest and wealthiest conurbation of Blacks and other races in the United States, have always been affluent. Presently, real estate prices are growing at an all time high at some of the fastest rates in the city and the nation as a whole through the process of gentrification.

Demographics[edit] By the end of the 1980s, South Los Angeles had an increasing number of Hispanics and Latinos, mostly in the northeastern section of the region.[13] "Between 1970 and 1990 the South LA area went from 80% black and 9% Latino to 50.3% black and 44% Latino."[14] This massive and rapid residential demographic change occurred as resources in the area were shrinking due to global economic restructuring described above and due to the federal government's decrease in funding of urban anti-poverty and jobs programs, and other vital social services like healthcare. The socio-economic context described here increased the perception and the reality of competition amongst Asians, blacks, and Latinos in South LA. The results from the 2000 census which show continuing demographic change coupled with recent economic trends indicating a deterioration of conditions in South LA suggest that such competition will not soon ease."[2] In the 2010 census, the area of South Los Angeles had a population of about 768,456. 64.0% of the residents were Hispanic or Latino, nearly 31.4% were African American.[15]

Education[edit] South Los Angeles is home to the University of Southern California, a private research university in the University Park neighborhood. It is California's oldest private research university.[16] Public schools[edit] Almost all of the South Los Angeles Area is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District. There are some schools not within the LAUSD reach that also serve the South Los Angeles Area, such as independent private schools. Los Angeles Unified School District[edit] The following are some of the schools under the LAUSD which fall within the boundaries of the South Los Angeles area. LAUSD Elementary Schools [17] Graham Elementary Grape Street Elementary Manchester Avenue Elementary Russell Elementary 68th Street Elementary 107th Street Elementary 109th Street Elementary 112th Street Elementary 116th Street Elementary 118th Street Elementary LAUSD Middle Schools[17] Charles Drew Middle School Edwin Markham Middle School Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School Samuel Gompers Middle School Thomas Edison Middle School LAUSD High Schools[17] Crenshaw High School David Starr Jordan Senior High Diego Rivera Learning Complex John C Fremont Senior High School King-Drew Senior High Medicine and Science Magnet Mervyn M Dymally Senior High Nathaniel Narbonne Senior High Community Colleges[edit] Los Angeles Southwest College

Landmarks[edit] An image of the California Science Center An image of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Art image of the Banc of California Stadium Banc of California Stadium (under construction) California African American Museum Central Avenue Clark Library Coca-Cola Building Dunbar Hotel Exposition Park Fire Station No. 30 Leimert Park Lincoln Theater Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (future) Los Angeles Sports Arena (formerly) King/Drew Medical Center Second Baptist Church 28th Street YMCA University of Southern California Watts Towers

Notable people[edit] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (January 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Music and entertainment[edit] Ahmad Jones Barry White BROCKHAMPTON Charles Mingus Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band CJ Mac Coolio Da Lench Mob Dom Kennedy Eric Dolphy Glasses Malone Hampton Hawes Ice Cube Ice T Jay Rock John Cage, musician[18] Johnny "J" K-Dee Kausion Keb' Mo' Kendrick Lamar Kevin McCall Kurupt L.V. Michel'le Montell Jordan Murs Nipsey Hussle O.F.T.B. Patrice Rushen Ras Kass Robin Russell, drummer, member of New Birth/Nite-Liters (band) Schoolboy Q Scott Shaw Sir Jinx Skee-Lo South Central Cartel Spider Loc Tiffany Haddish Tone Lōc Tyrese Gibson WC Young Maylay Etta James Ty Dolla $ign (rapper) Sports and athletes[edit] Andre Miller Baron Davis Darryl Strawberry Eddie Murray Eric Davis Florence Griffith-Joyner Ozzie Smith Russell Westbrook Steve Smith Sr. Trayvon Robinson Willie Mack DeSean Jackson Politicians[edit] Frederick Madison Roberts (South Central, State Assembly 1918–32) Augustus Hawkins (South Central, State Assembly 1932–62, U.S. House of Representatives 1962–1991) Mervyn M. Dymally (South Central State Assembly 1962–68 & 2002–08, California State Senate 1969–74, Lieutenant Governor of California 1975–79, U.S. House of Representatives 1981–93) Gilbert Lindsey (South Central, Los Angeles City Council 1962–91) Tom Bradley (South Central, Los Angeles City Council 1963–73, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles 1973–93) Billy G. Mills (South Central, Los Angeles City Council 1963–1974, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge 1974–??) Julian C. Dixon (South Central, State Assembly 1973–78, U.S. House of Representatives 1979–2000) Robert C. Farrell (South Central, Los Angeles City Council 1974–91) Yvonne Brathwaite Burke (South Central, State Assembly 1967–73, U.S. House of Representatives 1973–79, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors 1979–80 and 1992–2008) Horace Hiller (1844–1898), member of the Los Angeles Common Council Nate Holden (Crenshaw, State Senator 1974–78, Los Angeles City Council 1987–2002) Diane Watson (Hyde Park, Los Angeles Unified School District Board 1975–73, State Senate 1978–98, United States Ambassador to Micronesia 1999–2000, U.S. House of Representatives 2001–2011) Maxine Waters (Watts, State Assembly 1976–1991, U.S. House of Representatives 1991–present) Rita Walters (Crenshaw, Los Angeles Unified School District Board 1979–91, Los Angeles City Council 1991–2001) Mark Ridley-Thomas (South Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Council 1991–2002, State Assembly 2002–06, California State Senate 2006–2008, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors 2008–present) Curren Price (South Los Angeles, City Council 1993–97 and 2001–2006, State Assembly 2006–2009, State Senate 2009–present) Kevin Murray (Baldwin Hills, State Assembly 1994–98, State Senate 1998–2006) Roderick Wright (South Los Angeles, State Assembly 1996–2002, State Senate 2008–present) Herb Wesson (South Los Angeles, State Assembly 1998–2004, Los Angeles City Council 2005–present) Jan Perry (South Los Angeles, Los Angeles City Council 2002–present) Karen Bass (South Los Angeles, State Assembly 2004–2010, U.S. House of Representatives 2011–present) Holly Mitchell (South Los Angeles, State Assembly 2010–present) Artists, filmmakers and writers[edit] Ron Finley (South LA) Mark Bradford (Leimert Park) Catherine Opie (South LA) David Ayer (South LA) Charles Burnett (director) (Watts) Cle Sloan[citation needed] Wanda Coleman (Watts) John Singleton (South LA) Clergy[edit] Frederick K. C. Price (Watts)—founder and pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center Javier Buelna - founder and pastor of Restauracion Total ( Total Restoration Church ) South Central Revival

Government and infrastructure[edit] The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services operates the South Health Center in Watts, Los Angeles, serving South Los Angeles.[19]

See also[edit] Los Angeles portal Our Town in Los Angeles Times suburban sections People James G. McAllister, president of the South Los Angeles Property Owners' Protective League and City Council member Robert C. Farrell (born 1936), journalist and member of the Los Angeles City Council, 1974–1991, prepared report on unemployment in Watts Other regions of Los Angeles County Angeles National Forest Antelope Valley Central Los Angeles Eastside Los Angeles Harbor Northeast Los Angeles Northwest County Pomona Valley San Fernando Valley San Gabriel Valley South Bay Santa Monica Mountains Southeast County Verdugos Westside

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Further reading[edit] Renwick, Lucille. "COVER STORY : THE MYTH OF South-Central : More a Stereotype Than a Place, It Is Defined By Ethnicity and Negative Media Images Rather Than Street Boundaries". Los Angeles Times. January 3, 1993. Kotkin, Joel (contributing editor of Opinion section) "COMMUNITY: Latinization of South Los Angeles" (Opinion). Los Angeles Times. May 28, 1995.

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