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History[edit] Early history[edit] NBC and Universal Television had a partnership dating back to 1950, when Universal Television's earliest ancestor, Revue Studios, produced a number of shows for NBC (although they would have some hits on the other networks as well). This partnership continued throughout a number of name changes and changes of ownership. Television[edit] Main articles: NBC and NBCUniversal Cable NBC Universal Television has its modern roots in a series of expansions undertaken by NBC. In the late 1980s, NBC began pursuing a strategy of diversification, including the formation of two NBC-owned cable-television networks: CNBC and America's Talking. NBC also had partial ownership of several regional sports channels and other cable channels such as American Movie Classics and Court TV (until 2007). In 1995, NBC began operating NBC Desktop Video, a financial news service that delivered live video to personal computers. The following year, NBC announced an agreement with Microsoft to create an all-news cable television channel, MSNBC (using its subscriber base from America's Talking network). A separate joint venture with Microsoft included establishing a news website, (now In 1998, NBC partnered with Dow Jones & Co. The two companies combined their financial news channels outside the US. The new networks included NBC Europe, CNBC Europe, NBC Asia, CNBC Asia, NBC Africa, and CNBC Africa. In 1999, NBC took a 32% stake in the Paxson group, operator of PAX TV. Five years later, NBC decided to sell its interest in PAX TV and end its relationship with PAX owner, Paxson Communications.[10] In 2001, NBC acquired the US Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo, which included the bilingual Mun2 Television. That same year NBC acquired the cable channel Bravo. Combining with Universal[edit] NBC Universal logo: Television Studio (August 2, 2004 - August 7, 2008) and Television Distribution (September 13, 2004 - January 28, 2011) In 2003, amid a major financial crisis caused by over-expansion, Universal Studios' parent company, Vivendi Universal Entertainment (a division of the French company Vivendi Universal, now Vivendi), decided to sell an 80% stake to NBC's parent company, General Electric. The sale and resulting merger formed NBC Universal. The new company was 80% owned by GE, and 20% owned by Vivendi.[7] The joint venture encompassed Vivendi's US film interests (such as Universal Studios), production and distribution units, as well as five theme parks, cable television channels including USA Network, Sci-Fi Channel, the defunct Trio, Cloo (formerly Sleuth), as well as 50% stakes in Canal+ and StudioCanal (with Vivendi owning the rest). Universal Music Group was not included in the deal and is not part of NBC Universal.[11] On August 2, 2004, the television divisions of NBC and Universal Television were combined to form NBC Universal Television. NBC Studios series bought into the company include the NBC dramas Las Vegas (with DreamWorks SKG), Crossing Jordan, and American Dreams. Universal Network Television bought the Law & Order franchise and The District—in fact, Universal Network Television had co-produced American Dreams with NBC before the merger. Entertainment shows produced by the new group include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Last Call with Carson Daly, and Saturday Night Live. The formation of NBC Universal saw the establishment of NBC Universal Cable, which oversees the distribution, marketing, and advertisement sales for thirteen channels (Bravo, Bravo HD+ (eventually renamed Universal HD), Chiller, CNBC, CNBC World, MSNBC, NBC Universo, Syfy, ShopNBC (which became ShopHQ after NBCUniversal sold its stake in the network), Telemundo, Cloo, USA Network and the Olympic Games on cable). NBC Universal Cable also manages the company's investments in The Weather Channel and TiVo. The cable division also used to operate NBC Weather Plus until 2008. It also owned a 50% stake in Canal+ and also owned a 15% stake in A+E Networks until 2012.[12] Global expansion[edit] NBC Universal Chicago headquarters (NBC Tower) In the early 1990s, NBC began its expansion throughout Europe by creating CNBC Europe and its long-time successful NBC Europe Superstation by broadcasting NBC Giga throughout Germany and the rest of the European Union. NBC Europe helped to develop the Leipzig-based Games Convention, the largest European video game exposition with more than 100,000 visitors each year. In 2005, NBC Universal joined HANA, the High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance to help establish standards in consumer electronics interoperability. Later that year, NBC announced a partnership with Apple Computer to offer shows from all the NBC Universal TV networks on Apple's iTunes Store.[13] In January 2006, NBC Universal launched a new cable channel, Sleuth. The channel's programming dedicated to mystery/crime genre. Sleuth Network's initial slogan was "Mystery. Crime. All The Time." In early 2008, the channel unveiled a new slogan, "Get Clued In." On August 15, 2011, Sleuth rebranded as Cloo, in order to be able to trademark and own the name, as NBCUniversal cannot so with the name Clue (as Hasbro owns the rights to it with their board game Clue). NBCUniversal also explained that another reason for the name change was the word "Sleuth" is too common for search engines (a Google search brings up over 9,530,000 results).[14][15] One year later after Sleuth's debut, NBC Universal announced that the company would launch a horror-themed cable channel, Chiller, on March 1, 2007. At launch Chiller would be available exclusively on DirecTV. The network would feature films like Psycho and The Shining and TV series that include Twin Peaks, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Freddy's Nightmares, Friday the 13th: The Series, War of the Worlds and Tales from the Crypt. NBC Universal also stated that, aside from the content in their own vaults, Chiller will feature content from other studios as well. In 2009, Chiller unveiled a new slogan, "scary good". This replaced the channel's previous slogan "Dare To Watch". On June 14, 2007, NBC Universal Television Studio was renamed Universal Media Studios. The company explained that the reason for the name change was because "the new name fully describes the company's mission to be the premier content provider for television and digital platforms, spanning all television dayparts and creative genres."[16] In August 2007, NBC Universal purchased Sparrowhawk Media Group and renamed it NBC Universal Global Networks.[17] This acquisition gave NBC Universal all Hallmark channels outside the United States, plus the British channels Diva TV, Movies 24, Hallmark Channel and KidsCo.[18] Later that fall, the company also acquired the Oxygen network in a separate $925 million deal.[19] The sale was completed one month later. In the summer of 2008, NBC Universal, Blackstone Group and Bain Capital announced their intentions to buy The Weather Channel from Landmark Communications. The deal closed on September 12, 2008.[20] Shortly after the acquisition completed, NBC announced that their existing TV weather network, NBC Weather Plus, would be shut down by December 31, 2008. In July 2008, Universal Cable Productions split off from Universal Media Studios and moved into NBCUniversal's NBCU Cable Entertainment division.[21] The summer of 2008 marked NBC Universal's first venture into the United Kingdom by acquiring British television production company Carnival Films.[22] On November 12, 2008, NBC Universal acquired 80.1% of Geneon Entertainment from Dentsu in Japan, merging it with Universal Pictures International Entertainment to form a new company,[23] Geneon Universal Entertainment Japan.[24] On March 16, 2009, NBC Universal-owned cable channel Sci Fi announced that it would be changing its name to Syfy, replacing a generic term with a proprietary brand name that can be trademarked.[25] The rebranding and name change took place on July 7, 2009.[26][27] On August 27, 2009, A&E Television Networks (A&E) merged with Lifetime Entertainment Services (Lifetime),[28][29] giving NBC Universal an equal share of both Lifetime and A&E with The Walt Disney Company and Hearst. On October 20, 2010, NBC Universal-owned horror/suspense-themed cable channel Chiller announced a major rebranding campaign incorporating a new logo and on-air look that launched on Wednesday, October 27, 2010.[30][31] Syfy and Chiller President Dave Howe said, "We have very ambitious plans to grow this network as a brand."[30][31] Comcast era (2011–present)[edit] Main article: Acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast 10 Universal City Plaza in 2015 after Comcast acquired GE's remaining stake in NBC Universal. Notice the wording on the top of the building changed. On December 3, 2009, after months of rumors, a deal was formally announced in which Comcast would buy a stake in NBC Universal from GE.[32] Under the agreement, NBC Universal would be controlled with a 51% stake by Comcast and GE would retain the remaining 49%. Comcast paid $6.5 billion cash to GE. The deal includes a provision under which Comcast must contribute $7.5 billion in programming including regional sports networks and cable channels such as Golf Channel, Versus, and E! Entertainment Television. GE used some of the funds, $5.8 billion, to buy out Vivendi's 20% minority stake in NBC Universal.[32] Under the terms of the deal, Comcast reserves the right to buy out GE's share at certain times, and GE reserves the right to force the sale of their stake within the first seven years.[32][33] Vivendi completed the initial transaction on September 27, 2010, selling a $2 billion stake to GE (approximately 7.66%).[34] U.S. regulators approved the proposed sale on January 18, 2011 with conditions. Comcast would have to give up NBC control over online video site Hulu, and ensure NBC Universal programming is available to competing cable operators.[35] On January 26, 2011, Vivendi sold its remaining shares in NBC Universal to GE, giving GE complete control of the company ahead of the completion of the sale of 51% of the company to Comcast on January 28, 2011.[36] Comcast and GE formed the joint venture holding company NBCUniversal, LLC. NBC Universal, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of the holding company and was renamed as NBCUniversal Media, LLC.[37] Later that year, these two companies merged to become NBCUniversal, Inc. Comcast had planned to buy out GE's 49% stake over the following seven years, but ownership of NBCUniversal remained split at 51–49% for two years, until the February 12, 2013 announcement that Comcast intended to complete the $16.7 billion purchase early, all at once. The sale was completed on March 19, 2013.[38][39][40] Originally, the NBC Universal logo was a combination of the NBC peacock logo and the Universal Studios globe and text. The logo was redesigned by Wolff Olins on January 31, 2011 to reflect the new Comcast ownership[41] and the unity of its two main divisions.[38] The corporation on July 19, 2012 formed the NBCUniversal News Group with the NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC divisions.[42] In February 2013, NBCUniversal merged its two cable divisions, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment & Cable Studios and NBCUniversal Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media, into one unit while moving out Telemundo and Mun2 to a new division, NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises and Content. The move also created the corporate-level position of executive vice president in charge of digital ventures.[43] In July, the company placed NBC TV Stations and Telemundo's O&Os stations into a new division, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, with New England Cable News being transferred into NBC TV Stations.[44] On April 28, 2016, NBCUniversal officially announced its intent to acquire DreamWorks Animation for $3.8 billion.[45] Universal Pictures will take over the distribution for DreamWorks Animation films after their deal with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation expires. The sale was approved by board members, but was subject to regulatory approval.[46][47] On June 21, 2016, the acquisition was approved by the United States Department of Justice.[48][49] On August 22, 2016, the deal was completed, and DreamWorks Animation is now a wholly owned subsidiary of NBCUniversal.[50] This will give Universal Pictures distribution to both DreamWorks Animation and Illumination Entertainment films beginning in 2019. On February 15, 2017, Universal Studios acquired a minority stake in Amblin Partners, strengthening the relationship between Universal and Amblin,[51] and reuniting a minority percentage of the DreamWorks Pictures label with DreamWorks Animation. On May 1, 2017, NBCUniversal announced that Sprout would be re-launched as Universal Kids on September 9, 2017. The re-branded network will revamp its evening and primetime programming to target youth and family viewing, with plans to incorporate new original series targeting the demographic (such as Top Chef Junior), as well as other international imports (such as the Australian series Nowhere Boys and the Canadian series The Next Step). The remainder of the network's programming will continue to consist of preschool programming under the Sprout brand, occupying 15 hours-per-day of programming from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET.[52] NBCUniversal's recent acquisition of DreamWorks Animation will also be leveraged by Universal Kids to bolster its programming; critics felt that the DWA purchase and the launch of Universal Kids were meant to help NBCUniversal establish a viable multi-platform presence in children's media, and a competitor to other major children's brands such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel.[53][54][55][53][56][57] On May 10, 2017, NBCUniversal announced that it had acquired Denver-based online platform Craftsy.[58] On November 16, 2017, NBCUniversal (through Comcast) approached 21st Century Fox to acquire Fox's filmed entertainment, cable entertainment, and international assets, ten days after The Walt Disney Company was reported to be negotiating with Fox for the same assets. The deal contained key assets, including the 20th Century Fox film and TV divisions, 30% stake in Hulu, television assets FX Networks, National Geographic Channel, and Fox Sports Networks, and international television operations such as Star India and Sky UK, while excluding the Fox Broadcasting Company, the Fox News Channel, Fox Television Stations, Fox Business Network, and Fox Sports, all which will spin-off into a new independent company run by the Murdoch family; a notable purchase from the deal was to include the 20th Century Fox's 2013–2017 distribution rights of DreamWorks Animation films (On February 2018, Universal acquired the distribution rights to the library from Fox.), and the animated TV series The Simpsons, which NBCUniversal's subsidiary Universal Parks & Resorts in Hollywood and Florida have the ride and themed areas based on the TV show.[59][60][61] However, on December 11, NBCUniversal's owner Comcast officially dropped the bid, saying that "We never got the level of engagement needed to make a definitive offer.”[62] On December 14, Disney officially confirmed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, which is still awaiting approval from the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division.[63]

Units[edit] Subsidiaries[edit] NBC Broadcasting Peacock Productions NBCUniversal Television Stations NBC Owned Television Stations NBCUniversal Television Distribution NBC Entertainment NBC programming Universal Television Universal Filmed Entertainment Group Universal Pictures Focus Features Focus World Gramercy Pictures label High Top Releasing Working Title Films Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Universal 1440 Entertainment Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Australia (JV) Universal Animation Studios Amblin Partners (JV) Amblin Entertainment Amblin Television DreamWorks Pictures label DreamWorks Television (merged with Amblin Television) Storyteller Distribution DreamWorks Animation DreamWorks Animation Television DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment (merged with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) DreamWorks Channel DreamWorks Classics Big Idea Entertainment Bullwinkle Studios (JV) DreamWorks New Media AwesomenessTV (JV) DreamWorksTV Oriental DreamWorks (JV) Illumination Entertainment Illumination Mac Guff NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan Back Lot Music NBC Sports Group NBC Sports Regional Networks Golf Channel NBC Sports Olympic Channel NBCSN SportsEngine NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group Syfy E! USA Network Universal Cable Productions Bravo Oxygen Media Universal Kids (formerly Sprout) The Weather Channel (JV) NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises DailyCandy Fandango NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises Telemundo Universo Telemundo Deportes NBCUniversal News Group NBC News CNBC MSNBC NBCUniversal International Networks Joint ventures[edit] United International Pictures euronewsNBC, formerly known as euronews. Parks and resorts[edit] Main article: Universal Parks & Resorts NBCUniversal owns or licenses the following parks and resorts: Universal Studios Hollywood; wholly owned[64] Universal Orlando; wholly owned[65] Universal Studios Japan; 100% ownership stake in USJ Co., Ltd.[66] Universal Studios Singapore; run by Genting Group.[67] Internet[edit] The streaming video website Hulu is a joint venture of NBCUniversal, Fox Entertainment Group, ABC (Disney–ABC Television Group),[68] and as of 2016, Turner Broadcasting System (Time Warner).[69] The agreement reached between Comcast and the Federal Communications Commission requires NBCUniversal and Comcast to not exercise any influence on Hulu's operations.[70]

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Records Verve Forecast Records Film/TV units Eagle Rock Entertainment PolyGram Entertainment Universal Music TV Canal+ Group Canal+ Canalsat Afrique Calédonie Caraïbes D8 StudioCanal UK Other assets Dailymotion (90%) Gameloft (96.9%) Telecom Italia (24.6%) Mediaset (28.80%) Havas Group (40%) v t e The Weather Channel Network information and ownership History Landmark Communications (former) NBCUniversal Bain Capital The Blackstone Group List of meteorologists Local on the 8s Programs (list) Live programs AMHQ PM Edition Weather Center Live Weather Geeks Weather Underground Weekend Recharge Recorded programs 23.5° with Sam Champion 3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar 100 Biggest Weather Moments (2007 miniseries) American Super/Natural Fat Guys in the Woods Highway Thru Hell Natural Born Monsters Prospectors Raging Nature Secrets of the Earth So You Think You'd Survive? Strangest Weather on Earth Storm Stories Tornado Alley Weather Caught on Camera Weather Gone Viral Why Planes Crash Weather Stars III 4000 XL IntelliStar Related operations Local Now Weatherscan Albums The Best of Smooth Jazz Smooth Jazz II Defunct regions Latin America United Kingdom v t e CEOs of NBC CEOs of NBCUniversal Fred Silverman (1978-1981) Grant Tinker (1981–1986) Bob Wright (1986-2007) Jeff Zucker (2007-2011) Steve Burke (2011-present) Presidents of NBC Sylvester Weaver (1953-1955) Robert Sarnoff (1955-1965) Robert E. Kintner (1958-1965) Julian Goodman (1966-1974) Herb Schlosser (1974-1978) Fred Silverman (1978-1981) NBC West Coast Presidents Perry Lafferty (1979) Don Ohlmeyer (1993-1999) Scott Sassa (1999-2002) Retrieved from "" Categories: 2004 establishments in New York (state)NBCUniversalBroadcasting companies of the United StatesEntertainment companies of the United StatesMedia companies of the United StatesEntertainment companies based in New York CityMedia companies established in 2004Companies based in New York CityCompanies based in Los Angeles County, CaliforniaComcastFormer General Electric subsidiariesFormer Vivendi subsidiariesUniversal City, CaliforniaHidden categories: Pages with reference errorsCS1 Japanese-language sources (ja)Webarchive template wayback linksAll articles with dead external linksArticles with dead external links from September 2010Pages with broken reference namesOfficial website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia

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ElectricVivendiVivendiUniversal TelevisionNBCNBCUniversal CableCNBCAmerica's TalkingAMC (TV Channel)TruTVMicrosoft CorporationMSNBCNBCNews.comDow Jones & Co.NBC EuropeCNBC EuropeCNBC AsiaCNBC AfricaIon TelevisionPaxson CommunicationsTelemundoBilingualMun2Bravo (US TV Channel)EnlargeVivendiUniversal PicturesUSA NetworkSyfyTrio (TV Network)ClooCanal+StudioCanalUniversal Music GroupNBCUniversal Television GroupLas Vegas (TV Series)DreamWorksCrossing JordanAmerican DreamsLaw & OrderFranchisingThe DistrictThe Tonight Show With Jay LenoLate Night With Jimmy FallonLast Call With Carson DalySaturday Night LiveNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment GroupOlympic Channel (United States)Chiller (TV Channel)SyfyShopHQClooUSA NetworkOlympic GamesThe Weather ChannelTiVoNBC Weather PlusA+E NetworksEnlargeNBC TowerCNBC EuropeSuperstationNBC GigaLeipzigGames ConventionHigh-Definition Audio-Video Network AllianceApple Inc.ITunes StoreSleuth (TV Channel)ClooHasbroCluedoGoogleChiller (TV Channel)DirecTVPsycho 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BoysThe Next Step (2013 TV Series)NickelodeonCartoon NetworkDisney ChannelCraftsy21st Century FoxThe Walt Disney Company20th Century FoxHuluFX (TV Channel)National Geographic (U.S. TV Channel)Fox Sports NetworksStar IndiaSky UKFox Broadcasting CompanyFox News ChannelFox Television StationsFox Business NetworkFox Sports (United States)Corporate Spin-offMurdoch FamilyThe SimpsonsUniversal Parks & ResortsUniversal Studios HollywoodUniversal Studios FloridaThe Simpsons RideProposed Acquisition Of 21st Century Fox By DisneyUnited States Department Of Justice Antitrust DivisionNBCUniversal Television GroupPeacock ProductionsNBC Owned Television StationsNBCUniversal Television DistributionNBCUniversal Television GroupNBCUniversal TelevisionUniversal PicturesFocus FeaturesFocus WorldGramercy PicturesHigh Top ReleasingWorking Title FilmsUniversal Pictures Home EntertainmentUniversal Animation StudiosAmblin PartnersAmblin EntertainmentAmblin TelevisionDreamWorksDreamWorks TelevisionDreamWorks AnimationDreamWorks ChannelDreamWorks ClassicsBig Idea EntertainmentJay Ward ProductionsAwesomenessTVDreamWorksTVOriental DreamWorksIllumination EntertainmentIllumination Mac GuffNBCUniversal Entertainment JapanBack Lot MusicNBC Sports GroupNBC Sports Regional NetworksGolf ChannelNBC SportsOlympic ChannelNBCSNSportsEngineNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment GroupSyfyE!USA NetworkUniversal Cable ProductionsBravo (U.S. TV Network)Oxygen (TV Channel)Universal KidsUniversal KidsThe Weather ChannelDailyCandyFandango (ticket Service)NBCUniversal CableTelemundoUniverso (TV Network)Telemundo DeportesNBCUniversal News GroupNBC NewsCNBCMSNBCNBCUniversal International NetworksUnited International PicturesEuronewsNBCUniversal Parks & ResortsUniversal Studios HollywoodUniversal OrlandoUniversal Studios JapanUniversal Studios SingaporeGenting GroupStreaming MediaHuluFox Entertainment GroupAmerican Broadcasting CompanyDisney–ABC Television GroupTurner Broadcasting SystemTime WarnerFederal Communications 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(Europe)NBCUniversal Television GroupNBCDreamWorks AnimationStamford Center For The ArtsUniversal TelevisionNBCUniversal Television GroupList Of NBC Television Affiliates (table)NBCUniversal Television DistributionNBC Owned Television StationsOwned-and-operated StationNBC Owned Television StationsKNBCKNSDKNTVKXAS-TVWBTS-LDWYCN-CDWCAUWMAQ-TVWNBCWRC-TVWTVJWVITCozi TVK15CU-DLXTVNew England Cable NewsNBC Owned Television StationsKBLR (TV)KDEN-TVKULX-CDKHRRKNSDKNSOKSTSKTAZKTDOKTLMKTMDKVDAKVEAKXTX-TVWKAQ-TVWNEUWNJUWRDM-CDWRIW-CDWRMD-CDWSCVWSNS-TVWTMO-CDWWSIWWDT-CDWZTD-LDWZDC-CDTeleXitosWZGS-CDEMKA, Ltd.International Media DistributionPictureBox FilmsCastle FilmsChapman EntertainmentChiller (TV Channel)CIC VideoClooComcast NetworkEsquire NetworkFilmDistrictG4 (U.S. TV Channel)Good MachineGramercy PicturesHarvey FilmsHarvey ComicsITC EntertainmentInterscope CommunicationsKitty FilmsMiss UniverseMultimedia EntertainmentMCA Inc.NBC Weather PlusOctober FilmsPacific Data ImagesPolyGram Filmed EntertainmentPropaganda FilmsSeagramShift (MSNBC)SeesoTotal TelevisionUPA (animation Studio)ZGS CommunicationsParticipant MediaReliance EntertainmentEntertainment OneAlibaba PicturesChina Media CapitalShanghai Media GroupHearst CommunicationsVerizon CommunicationsViacomParamount Pictures21st Century FoxThe Walt Disney CompanyTime WarnerThe Blackstone GroupBain CapitalMediasetLocal Marketing AgreementThe Trump OrganizationWilliam Morris EndeavorIMG (company)Template:2010 Tonight Show ConflictTemplate Talk:2010 Tonight Show Conflict2010 Tonight Show ConflictThe Tonight ShowJay LenoConan O'BrienNBCJeff ZuckerThe Tonight Show With Conan O'BrienThe Tonight Show With Jay LenoThe Jay Leno ShowConan (talk Show)Lopez TonightLate Night With Jimmy FallonLast Call With Carson DalyThe War For Late NightConan O'Brien Can't StopKhonani30 RockFile:Im With Coco.jpgMike Mitchell (artist)1992 Tonight Show ConflictDavid LettermanThe Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television TourLate Night With Conan O'Brien2010 In American TelevisionCategory:2010 Tonight Show ConflictTemplate:ComcastTemplate Talk:ComcastComcastXfinityList Of Communities Served By ComcastXfinity StreampixComcast Entertainment TelevisionComcast TelevisionComcast BusinessHeadend In The SkyThePlatformXfinity 3DComcast SpectacorPhiladelphia FlyersMaine Mariners (ECHL)Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia)Comcast SpectacorComcastTIXUniversal PicturesNBCUniversal Parks & ResortsNBCUniversal Cable Entertainment GroupTelemundoNBCUniversal Television GroupNBC SportsNBCUniversal Television GroupTemplate:NBCUniversalLeisure ArtsPlaxoMidcoIn DemandGuideWorksTemplate:VivendiTemplate Talk:VivendiVivendiVivendiList Of Assets Owned By VivendiVincent BolloréArnaud De PuyfontainePierre RodocanachiUniversal Music GroupUniversal Music Publishing GroupDecca GoldDecca RecordsDeutsche GrammophonIsland RecordsMercury RecordsRoc NationStarRocTakeover Roc NationRepublic RecordsCash Money RecordsBig Machine Label GroupUniversal Music EnterprisesHip-O RecordsDef Jam RecordingsShow Dog-Universal MusicVevoCapitol Christian Music GroupCapitol Christian Music GroupSparrow RecordsTooth & Nail RecordsCapitol Music GroupAstralwerksApple RecordsBlue Note RecordsCapitol RecordsCaroline DistributionHarvest RecordsMau5trapMotownPriority RecordsVirgin RecordsInterscope Geffen A&M RecordsA&M RecordsA&M Octone RecordsDGC RecordsGeffen RecordsInterscope RecordsUniversal Music Latin EntertainmentCapitol LatinDisa RecordsFonovisa RecordsMachete MusicUniversal Music Group NashvilleUniversal Music Group NashvilleUniversal Music Group NashvilleUniversal Music Group NashvilleUniversal Music Group NashvilleUniversal Music Group NashvilleCapitol RecordsDecca RecordsIsland RecordsPolydor RecordsVirgin EMI RecordsVerve RecordsGRP RecordsImpulse! RecordsVerve Forecast RecordsEagle Rock EntertainmentPolyGramUniversal Music TVCanal+ GroupCanal+CanalsatCanalSat AfriqueCanalSat CalédonieCanalSat CaraïbesD8 (TV Channel)StudioCanalStudioCanal UKDailymotionGameloftTelecom ItaliaMediasetHavasTemplate:The Weather ChannelTemplate Talk:The Weather ChannelThe Weather ChannelHistory Of The Weather ChannelLandmark Media EnterprisesBain CapitalThe Blackstone GroupList Of Personalities On The Weather ChannelLocal On The 8sList Of Programs Broadcast By The Weather ChannelAmerica's Morning HeadquartersPM EditionWeather Center Live100 Biggest Weather MomentsHighway Thru HellProspectors (TV Series)Storm StoriesWeatherStarWeatherStarWeatherStarWeather Star XLIntelliStarLocal NowWeatherscanThe Weather Channel Presents: The Best Of Smooth JazzThe Weather Channel Presents: Smooth Jazz IIThe Weather Channel Latin AmericaTemplate:CEOs Of NBCNBCChief Executive OfficerFred SilvermanGrant TinkerBob WrightJeff ZuckerSteve Burke (businessman)President (corporate Title)Sylvester Weaver (executive)Robert E. 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