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Map[edit] Map of the municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia, with the city of Skopje indicated on the map as 1. The map shows the rural and the urban municipalities. The numbers of the map correspond with the numbers of the municipalities indicated to the left of the municipality name in the table below the maps, the second one is a map of the City of Skopje municipalities, the numbers of this municipalities are shown as 1, x, where "x" is the number of the appropriate municipality.

Municipalities (2013–present)[edit] № Municipality Municipality centre Area (km²)[1] Population (2002) Eastern (Источен) 39 Berovo (Берово) Berovo (Берово) 597 13,941 28 Češinovo-Obleševo (Чешиново-Облешево) Obleševo (Облешево) 133 7,490 26 Delčevo (Делчево) Delčevo (Делчево) 423 17,505 29 Karbinci (Карбинци) Karbinci (Карбинци) 231 4,012 24 Kočani (Кочани) Kočani (Кочани) 357 38,092 32 Lozovo (Лозово) Lozovo (Лозово) 166 2,858 25 Makedonska Kamenica (Македонска Каменица) Makedonska Kamenica (Македонска Каменица) 189 8,110 38 Pehčevo (Пехчево) Pehčevo (Пехчево) 208 5,517 23 Probištip (Пробиштип) Probištip (Пробиштип) 326 16,193 31 Štip (Штип) Štip (Штип) 583 47,796 22 Sveti Nikole (Свети Николе) Sveti Nikole (Свети Николе) 483 18,497 27 Vinica (Виница) Vinica (Виница) 432 19,938 30 Zrnovci (Зрновци) Zrnovci (Зрновци) 52 3,264 Northeastern (Североисточен) 21 Kratovo (Кратово) Kratovo (Кратово) 375 10,441 20 Kriva Palanka (Крива Паланка) Kriva Palanka (Крива Паланка) 482 20,820 17 Kumanovo (Куманово) Kumanovo (Куманово) 432 105,484 7 Lipkovo (Липково) Lipkovo (Липково) 270 27,058 19 Rankovce (Ранковце) Rankovce (Ранковце) 240 4,144 18 Staro Nagoričane (Старо Нагоричане) Staro Nagoričane (Старо Нагоричане) 515 4,840 Pelagonia (Пелагониски) 71 Bitola (Битола) Bitola (Битола) 790 95,385 70 Demir Hisar (Демир Хисар) Demir Hisar (Демир Хисар) 480 9,497 51 Dolneni (Долнени) Dolneni (Долнени) 418 13,568 72 Krivogaštani (Кривогаштани) Krivogaštani (Кривогаштани) 88 6,150 52 Kruševo (Крушево) Kruševo (Крушево) 190 9,684 73 Mogila (Могила) Mogila (Могила) 255 6,710 74 Novaci (Новаци) Novaci (Новаци) 755 3,549 50 Prilep (Прилеп) Prilep (Прилеп) 1,198 76,768 69 Resen (Ресен) Resen (Ресен) 549 16,825 Polog (Полошки) 59 Bogovinje (Боговиње) Bogovinje (Боговиње) 141 28,997 12 Brvenica (Брвеница) Brvenica (Брвеница) 164 15,855 60 Gostivar (Гостивар) Gostivar (Гостивар) 375 81,042 9 Jegunovce (Јегуновце) Jegunovce (Јегуновце) 174 10,790 61 Mavrovo and Rostuša (Маврово и Ростуша) Rostuša (Ростуша) 856 8,618 10 Tearce (Теарце) Tearce (Теарце) 137 22,454 11 Tetovo (Тетово) Tetovo (Тетово) 262 86,580 58 Vrapčište (Врапчиште) Vrapčište (Врапчиште) 157 25,399 2 Želino (Желино) Želino (Желино) 201 24,390 Skopje (Скопски) 1.3 Aerodrom (Аеродром)[2] Aerodrom (Аеродром) —[3] 72,009 75 Aračinovo (Арачиново) Aračinovo (Арачиново) 38 11,597 1.6 Butel (Бутел)[4] Butel (Бутел) —[5] 36,154 1.4 Čair (Чаир)[6] Čair (Чаир) 53 64,773 1.1 Centar (Центар)[7] Centar (Центар) 9 45,412 8 Čučer-Sandevo (Чучер Сандево) Čučer-Sandevo (Чучер Сандево) 215 8,493 1.2 Gazi Baba (Гази Баба)[8] Gazi Baba (Гази Баба) 92 72,617 1.9 Gjorče Petrov (Ѓорче Петров)[9] Gjorče Petrov (Ѓорче Петров) 63 41,634 6 Ilinden (Илинден) Ilinden (Илинден) 97 15,894 1.8 Karpoš (Карпош)[10] Karpoš (Карпош) 21 59,666 1.5 Kisela Voda (Кисела Вода)[11] Kisela Voda (Кисела Вода) 43 57,236 16 Petrovec (Петровец) Petrovec (Петровец) 222 8,255 1.10 Saraj (Сарај)[12] Saraj (Сарај) 230 35,408 3 Sopište (Сопиште) Sopište (Сопиште) 223 5,656 4 Studeničani (Студеничани) Studeničani (Студеничани) 276 17,246 1.7 Šuto Orizari (Шуто Оризари)[13] Šuto Orizari (Шуто Оризари) 6 22,017 5 Zelenikovo (Зелениково) Zelenikovo (Зелениково) 177 4,077 Southeastern (Југоисточен) 46 Bogdanci (Богданци) Bogdanci (Богданци) 114 8,707 41 Bosilovo (Босилово) Bosilovo (Босилово) 143 14,260 47 Gevgelija (Гевгелија) Gevgelija (Гевгелија) 484 22,988 45 Dojran (Дојран) Dojran (Стар Дојран) 129 3,426 36 Konče (Конче) Konče (Конче) 233 3,536 42 Novo Selo (Ново Село) Novo Selo (Ново Село) 257 11,567 37 Radoviš (Радовиш) Radoviš (Радовиш) 502 28,244 43 Strumica (Струмица) Strumica (Струмица) 311 54,676 44 Valandovo (Валандово) Valandovo (Валандово) 331 11,890 40 Vasilevo (Василево) Vasilevo (Василево) 231 12,122 Southwestern (Југозападен) 63 Centar Župa (Центар Жупа) Centar Župa (Центар Жупа) 107 6,519 62 Debar (Дебар)[14] Debar (Дебар) 85 19,542 67 Debarca (Дебарца) Belčišta (Белчишта) 423 5,507 55 Kičevo (Кичево) Kičevo (Кичево) 838 56,734 13 Makedonski Brod (Македонски Брод) Makedonski Brod (Македонски Брод) 875 7,141 68 Ohrid (Охрид) Ohrid (Охрид) 392 55,749 53 Plasnica (Пласница) Plasnica (Пласница) 54 4,545 65 Struga (Струга) Struga (Струга) 469 63,376 66 Vevčani (Вевчани) Vevčani (Вевчани) 35 2,433 Vardar (Вардарски) 14 Čaška (Чашка) Čaška (Чашка) 727 7,673 48 Demir Kapija (Демир Капија) Demir Kapija (Демир Капија) 312 4,545 33 Gradsko (Градско) Gradsko (Градско) 291 3,760 49 Kavadarci (Кавадарци) Kavadarci (Кавадарци) 998 38,741 35 Negotino (Неготино) Negotino (Неготино) 414 19,212 34 Rosoman (Росоман) Rosoman (Росоман) 133 4,141 15 Veles (Велес) Veles (Велес) 518 55,108 Subtotal 24,856 Total [15] 25,713 2,022,547 In March 2013, the following municipalities merged with Kičevo: № (Реден број) Municipality (Општина) Municipality Center (Центар на Општината) Area (km²)[16] Population (2002) 64 Drugovo (Другово) Drugovo (Другово) 383 3,249 56 Oslomej (Осломеј) Oslomej (Осломеј) 137 10,420 54 Vraneštica (Вранештица) Vraneštica (Вранештица) 109 1,322 57 Zajas (Зајас) Zajas (Зајас) 161 11,605 Map of the municipalities of Macedonia Kavardarci Prilep Rosoman Gevgelija Demir Kapija Novaci Bitola Demir Hisar Resen Ohrid Debarca Struga Vev. Mogila Kriv. Kruševo Dolneni Čaška Makedonski Brod Mavrovo and Rostuša Gostivar Kriva Palanka Rankovce Staro Nagoričane Kumanovo Sveti Nikole Probištip Češ.- Obleš. Zrn. Karbinci Štip Radoviš Berovo Pehčevo Delčevo Mak. Kamen. Kočani Kratovo Petrovec Ilinden Arač. City of Skopje Lipkovo Čučer Sand. Jegun. Tearce Tetovo Bogovinje Vrapčište Kičevo Plas. Cent. Župa Debar Veles Lozovo Gradsko Zelenik. Studenič. Sopište Želino Brven. Novo Selo Bosil. Vasilevo Strumica Valandovo Dojran Bogdan. Konče Negotino Vinica

See also[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia. List of municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia by population Statistical regions of the Republic of Macedonia Administrative divisions of the Republic of Macedonia List of FIPS region codes: Republic of Macedonia (MK) ISO 3166-2:MK, ISO 3166-2 subdivision codes for the Republic of Macedonia

Notes[edit] ^ Municipal areas are summations of component areas. As of the 2002 census, area figures for Aerodrom and Butel municipalities are unavailable and included in those of other municipalities in Skopje region ^ Municipalities, 10 in total, forming the City of Skopje (Град Скопје) ^ Hierarchical Administrative Subdivision Codes (HASC) ^ The boundaries for Debar municipality in the Southwestern region were revised in 2004 to include some territory of Rostuša municipality, the predecessor of Mavrovo and Rostuša municipality, in Polog region ^ Total area includes 577 km2 (223 sq mi) of inland water not distributed by municipality/region

References[edit] Republic of Macedonia, State Statistical Office: Mapping the Socio-economic Disparities between the Republic of Macedonia's Municipalities (I-IV) Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in the Republic of Macedonia 2002 (PDF) "Municipalities of Macedonia". Statoids.  v t e Municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia Municipalities Aračinovo Berovo Bitola Bogdanci Bogovinje Bosilovo Brvenica Čaška Češinovo-Obleševo Centar Župa Čučer-Sandevo Debar Debarca Delčevo Demir Hisar Demir Kapija Dojran Dolneni Gevgelija Gostivar Gradsko Ilinden Jegunovce Karbinci Kavadarci Kičevo Kočani Konče Kratovo Kriva Palanka Krivogaštani Kruševo Kumanovo Lipkovo Lozovo Makedonska Kamenica Makedonski Brod Mavrovo and Rostuša Mogila Negotino Novaci Novo Selo Ohrid Pehčevo Petrovec Plasnica Prilep Probištip Radoviš Rankovce Resen Rosoman Sopište Staro Nagoričane Štip Struga Strumica Studeničani Sveti Nikole Tearce Tetovo Valandovo Vasilevo Veles Vevčani Vinica Vrapčište Zelenikovo Želino Zrnovci Greater Skopje Aerodrom Butel Čair Centar Gazi Baba Gjorče Petrov Karpoš Kisela Voda Saraj Šuto Orizari Former Bač Belčišta Bistrica Blatec Bogomila Capari Čegrane Češinovo Delogoždi Dobruševo Dolna Banjica Drugovo Džepčište Izvor Kamenjane Klečovce Kondovo Konopište Kosel Kukliš Kukurečani Labuništa Lukovo Mavrovi Anovi Mešeišta Miravci Murtuno Negotino-Pološko Obleševo Orašac Orizari Oslomej Podareš Rostuša Samokov Šipkovica Sopotnica Srbinovo Staravina Topolčani Velešta Vraneštica Vitolište Vratnica Vrutok Zajas Žitoše Zletovo v t e First-level administrative divisions in European countries Sovereign states Albania Andorra Armenia2 Austria Azerbaijan1 Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus2 Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia1 Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Kazakhstan1 Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia1 San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey1 Ukraine United Kingdom States with limited recognition Abkhazia2 Kosovo Nagorno-Karabakh2 Northern Cyprus2 South Ossetia2 Transnistria 1 Has part of its territory outside Europe. 2 Considered European for cultural, political and historical reasons but is geographically in Western Asia. Table of administrative divisions by country Retrieved from "" Categories: Municipalities of the Republic of MacedoniaSubdivisions of the Republic of MacedoniaLists of country subdivisionsCountry subdivisions in EuropeFirst-level administrative country subdivisionsRepublic of Macedonia geography-related listsHidden categories: Articles containing Macedonian-language text

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