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History[edit] Spanish explorers arrived on California's coasts as early as the mid-16th century. In 1769 the first Spanish Franciscan mission was built in San Diego. Local tribes were relocated and conscripted into forced labor on the mission, stretching from San Diego to San Francisco. Disease, starvation, over work, and torture decimated these tribes.[1] Many were baptized as Roman Catholics by the Franciscan missionaries at the missions. Mission Indians were from many regional Native American tribes; their members were often relocated together in new mixed groups and the Spanish name [2] d the Indian groups after the responsible mission. For instance, the Payomkowishum were renamed Luiseños after the Mission San Luis Rey, and the Acjachemem were renamed the Juaneños after the Mission San Juan Capistrano.[3] The Catholic priests forbade the Indians from practicing their native culture, resulting in the disruption of many tribes' linguistic, spiritual, and cultural practices. With no acquired immunity to the new European diseases, and changed cultural and lifestyle demands, the population of Native American Mission Indians suffered high mortality and dramatic decreases especially in the coastal regions where population was reduced by 90 percent between 1769 and 1848.[4] When Mexico gained its independence in 1834, it assumed control of the Californian missions from the Franciscans, but abuse persisted. Mexico secularized the missions and transferred or sold the lands to other non-Native administrators or owners. Many of the Mission Indians worked on the newly established ranchos with little improvement in their living conditions.[1] Around 1906 Alfred L. Kroeber and Constance G. Du Bois of the University of California, Berkeley first applied the term "Mission Indians" to Southern California Native Americans as an ethnographic and anthropological label to include those at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa and south.[5][6] Today it is also sometimes used to describe Northern California Native Americans populations at the eleven Northern California missions, Mission San Miguel Arcángel and north, as well as people relocated there, like the Channel Islands' original inhabitants.[citation needed]

Reservations[edit] On January 12, 1891 the U.S. Congress passed "An Act for the Relief of the Mission Indians in the State of California" which further sanctioned the original grants of the Mexican government to the natives in southern California and sought to protect their rights while giving railroad corporations a primary interest.[7] In 1927, Sacramento Bureau of Indian Affairs Superintendent Lafayette A. Dorrington was instructed by Assistant Commissioner E. B. Merritt in Washington D.C. to list tribes in California that Congress had not yet purchased land to be used as reservations. As part of the 1928 California Indian Jurisdictional Act enrollment, Native Americans were asked to identify their “Tribe or Band.” The majority of applicants supplied the name of the mission that they knew their ancestors were associated with. The enrollment was part of a plan to provide reservation lands promised but never fulfilled by 18 non-ratified treaties made in 1851-1852.[8] Because of the enrollment applications and the native American's association with a specific geographical location, often associated with the Catholic missions, the bands of natives became known as the "mission band" of people associated with a Spanish mission.[8] Some bands also occupy trust lands—Indian Reservations—identified under the Mission Indian Agency. The Mission Indian Act of 1891 formed the administrative Bureau of Indian Affairs unit which governs San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Santa Barbara County. There is one Chumash reservation in the last county, and more than thirty reservations in the others. Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Orange counties do not contain any tribal trust lands. But, resident tribes, including the Tongva in the first and the Juaneño-Acjachemen Nation in the last county (as well as the Coastal Chumash in Santa Barbara County) continue seeking federal Tribal recognition by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Eleven of the Southern California reservations were included under the early 20th century allotment programs, which broke up communal tribal holdings to assign property to individual households, with individual heads of household and tribal members identified lists such as the Dawes Rolls. The most important reservations include: the Agua Caliente Reservation in Palm Springs, which occupies alternate sections (approx. 640 acres each) with former railroad grant lands that form much of the city; the Morongo Reservation in the San Gorgonio Pass area; and the Pala Reservation which includes San Antonio de Pala Asistencia (Pala Mission) of the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia in Pala. These and the tribal governments of fifteen other reservations operate casinos today. The total acreage of the Mission group of reservations constitutes approximately 250,000 acres (1,000 km2).

Southern California locations[edit] Indian cemetery at Mission San Carlos Borromeo, Carmel, California These tribes were associated with the following Missions, Asisténcias, and Estáncias: Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, in San Luis Obispo Mission La Purísima Concepción, northeast of Lompoc Mission Santa Inés, in Solvang Mission Santa Barbara, in Santa Barbara Mission San Buenaventura, in Ventura Mission San Fernando Rey de España, in Mission Hills (Los Angeles) Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, in San Gabriel Mission San Juan Capistrano, in San Juan Capistrano Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, in Oceanside Mission San Diego de Alcalá, in San Diego Santa Ysabel Asistencia, founded in 1818 in Santa Ysabel San Antonio de Pala Asistencia (Pala Mission), founded in 1816 in eastern San Diego County San Bernardino de Sena Estancia, founded in 1819 in Redlands Santa Ana Estancia, founded in 1817 in Costa Mesa Las Flores Estancia (Las Flores Asistencia), founded in 1823 in Camp Pendleton

Northern California missions[edit] In Northern California, specific tribes are associated geographically with certain missions.[8] Mission Dolores in San Francisco (Muwekma Ohlone) Mission San Jose in Fremont (Muwekma Ohlone) Mission Santa Clara in Santa Clara/San Jose (Muwekma Ohlone) Mission Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz (Amah-Mutsun Band of Costanoan Ohlone) Mission San Juan Bautista in San Juan Bautista (Amah-Mutsun Band of Costanoan Ohlone) Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo in Carmel/Monterey (Esselen nation) Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad in Soledad (Esselen nation) Mission San Antonio de Padua in Jolon. (Esselen nation and Salinan nation)

Mission tribes[edit] The territorial boundaries of the Southern California Indian tribes based on dialect, including the Cahuilla, Chemehuevi, Cupeño, Diegueño, Gabrieliño, Juaneño (highlighted), Luiseño and Mohave language groups.[9] Current mission Indian tribes include the following in Southern California: Agua Caliente Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla) Augustine Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla) Barona Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Cabazon Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla) Cahuilla Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla) Campo Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Cuyapaipe Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Giant Rock Band (unrecognized) of Morongo Serrano-Cahuilla. Inaja and Cosmit Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Jamul Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Juaneño Band of Mission Indians (Juaneño) Laguna Band of Mission Indians of the Laguna Reservation La Jolla Band of Mission Indians (Luiseño) La Posta Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Las Palmas Band (unrecognized) of Cahuilla. Los Coyotes Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla and Cupeño) Manzanita Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Mission Creek Band of Mission Indians - Mission Creek Reservation of Cahuilla. Morongo Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla, Serrano and Cupeño) Pala Band of Mission Indians (Cupeño and Luiseño) Pauma Band of Mission Indians (Luiseño) Pechanga Band of Mission Indians (Luiseño) Ramona Band or Village of Mission Indians (Cahuilla) San Cayetano Band (unrecognized) of Cahuilla. San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (Serrano) San Miguel Arcangel,[10] descandants of Mission San Miguel Indians in San Miguel, California. San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Santa Rosa Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla) Santa Ynez Band of Mission Indians (Chumash) Santa Ysabel Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Soboba Band of Mission Indians (Luiseño) Sycuan Band of Mission Indians (Kumeyaay/Diegueño) Temecula Band (unrecognized) of Mission Indians (Luiseño and Serrano). Torres-Martinez Band of Mission Indians (Cahuilla) Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians[11] (Chemehuevi with some Cahuilla and Luiseño descent)[12] Current Mission Indian tribes north of the present day ones listed above, in the Los Angeles Basin, Central Coast, Salinas Valley, Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Areas also were identified with the local Mission of their Indian Reductions in those regions.[citation needed]

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External links[edit] Indians of the California Missions: Territories, Affiliations and Descendants at the California Frontier Project Handbook of the Indians of California in the Claremont Colleges Digital Library Matrimonial Investigation Records of the San Gabriel Mission in the Claremont Colleges Digital Library "Two Myths of the Mission Indians of California" by Alfred L. Kroeber (1906) "Mythology of the Mission Indians" by Constance Goddard DuBois (1906) v t e Indigenous peoples of California Achomawi Atsugewi Bay Miwok (Saklan) Cahuilla Chemehuevi Chimariko Chumash Coast Miwok Cupeño Eel River Athapaskans (Lassik, Nongatl, Sinkyone, Wailaki) Esselen Halchidhoma Hupa (Chilula, Whilkut) Juaneño (Acjachemen) Karuk Kato Kawaiisu Kitanemuk Kucadikadi Kumeyaay (Diegueño, Ipai, Tipai) Lake Miwok Luiseño Maidu Mattole (Bear River) Modoc (Klamath) Mohave Mono (Monache, Owens Valley Paiute) Nomlaki Northern Paiute Ohlone (Costanoan) Patwin Pomo Quechan (Yuma) Salinan Serrano Shasta (Konomihu, Okwanuchu) Tataviam (Fernandeño) Timbisha Tolowa Tongva (Gabrieliño) Tübatulabal Valley and Sierra Miwok Wappo Washoe Wintu Wiyot Yana Yokuts Yuki Yurok v t e Franciscan Missions in California San Diego de Alcalá (1769) San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo (1770) San Antonio de Padua (1771) San Gabriel Arcángel (1771) San Luis Obispo de Tolosa (1772) San Francisco de Asís (1776) San Juan Capistrano (1776) Santa Clara de Asís (1777) San Buenaventura (1782) Santa Barbara (1786) La Purísima Concepción (1787) Santa Cruz (1791) Nuestra Señora de la Soledad (1791) San José (1797) San Juan Bautista (1797) San Miguel Arcángel (1797) San Fernando Rey de España (1797) San Luis Rey de Francia (1798) Santa Inés (1804) San Rafael Arcángel (1817) San Francisco Solano (1823) Asistencias Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles (1784) San Pedro y San Pablo (1786) Santa Margarita de Cortona (1787) San Antonio de Pala (1816) Santa Ysabel (1818) Estancias San Francisco Xavier (Castaic) (1804) San Bernardino de Sena (1819) Santa Ana (1820) Las Flores (1823) Military districts First, San Diego (1769) Second, Santa Barbara (1782) Third, Monterey (1770) Fourth, San Francisco (1776) Sonoma Barracks (1836) See also Architecture of the California missions Mission Revival Style architecture California mission clash of cultures El Camino Real List Catholicism portal v t e Mission Tribes of California Agua Caliente Augustine Barona Cabazon Cahuilla Campo Capitan Grande Cuyapaipe Inaja and Cosmit Jamul La Jolla La Posta Los Coyotes Manzanita Mesa Grande Morongo Pala Pauma Pechanga Ramona San Manuel San Pasqual Santa Rosa Santa Ynez Santa Ysabel Soboba Sycuan Torres-Martinez Twenty-Nine Palms v t e History of California Before 1900 Native Californian Precontact First explorations Later explorations Spanish colonization Mexican rule California Trail Mexican–American War Californio California Republic United States rule Gold Rush Civil War Since 1900 Labor Engineering Water wars Industrial growth Postwar culture Development Legal revolution Tech boom Present day By topic Highways Maritime Missions Ranchos Slavery Railroads Etymology By region San Fernando Valley By county Alameda Alpine Amador Butte Calaveras Colusa Contra Costa Del Norte El Dorado Fresno Glenn Humboldt Imperial Inyo Kern Kings Lake Lassen Los Angeles Madera Marin Mariposa Mendocino Merced Modoc Mono Monterey Napa Nevada Orange Placer Plumas Riverside Sacramento San Benito San Bernardino San Diego San Francisco San Joaquin San Luis Obispo San Mateo Santa Barbara Santa Clara Santa Cruz Shasta Sierra Siskiyou Solano Sonoma Stanislaus Sutter Tehama Trinity Tulare Tuolumne Ventura Yolo Yuba By city Los Angeles San Diego San Jose San Francisco Fresno Sacramento Long Beach Oakland Bakersfield Anaheim Santa Ana Riverside Stockton Chula Vista Fremont Irvine San Bernardino Modesto Oxnard Fontana Moreno Valley Glendale Huntington Beach Santa Clarita Garden Grove Santa Rosa Oceanside Rancho Cucamonga Ontario Lancaster Elk Grove Palmdale Corona Salinas Pomona Torrance Hayward Escondido Sunnyvale Pasadena Fullerton Orange Thousand Oaks Visalia Simi Valley Concord Roseville Santa Clara Vallejo Victorville El Monte Berkeley Downey Costa Mesa Inglewood Ventura Fairfield Santa Maria Redding Santa Monica Santa Barbara Chico Merced Napa Redwood City Yuba City Madera Santa Cruz San Rafael Woodland Hanford San Luis Obispo El Centro Lompoc Martinez Hollister Eureka Susanville Ukiah Oroville Red Bluff Auburn Marysville Piedmont Placerville Yreka Crescent City Willows Colusa Sonora Lakeport Jackson Nevada City Alturas Retrieved from "" Categories: California Mission IndiansSpanish missions in CaliforniaNative American history of CaliforniaNew SpainHidden categories: All articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from April 2016Articles with unsourced statements from October 2016

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Susanville, CaliforniaHistory Of Ukiah, CaliforniaHistory Of Oroville, CaliforniaHistory Of Red Bluff, CaliforniaHistory Of Auburn, CaliforniaHistory Of Marysville, CaliforniaHistory Of Piedmont, CaliforniaHistory Of Placerville, CaliforniaHistory Of Yreka, CaliforniaHistory Of Crescent City, CaliforniaHistory Of Willows, CaliforniaHistory Of Colusa, CaliforniaHistory Of Sonora, CaliforniaHistory Of Lakeport, CaliforniaHistory Of Jackson, CaliforniaHistory Of Nevada City, CaliforniaHistory Of Alturas, CaliforniaHelp:CategoryCategory:California Mission IndiansCategory:Spanish Missions In CaliforniaCategory:Native American History Of CaliforniaCategory:New SpainCategory:All Articles With Unsourced StatementsCategory:Articles With Unsourced Statements From April 2016Category:Articles With Unsourced Statements From October 2016Discussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This 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