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Background[edit] The case was an appeal to the Supreme Court by film distributor Joseph Burstyn against the rescinding of a license to exhibit the short film "The Miracle", originally made as a segment of the Italian film L'Amore. Burstyn was the distributor of the subtitled English versions of the movie in the U.S. The film was directed by Italian neorealist Roberto Rossellini. Its plot centered on a man, "Saint Joseph" (played by director Federico Fellini), who villainously impregnates "Nanni" (Anna Magnani), a disturbed peasant who believes herself to be the Virgin Mary. Fellini and Rossellini also co-wrote the script for "The Miracle". "The Miracle" originally premiered in Europe in 1948 as the anthology film L'Amore with two segments, "Il Miracolo" and "La voce umana", the latter based on Jean Cocteau's play The Human Voice and also starring Magnani. The film was first shown in New York in November 1950, presented under the title Ways of Love, with English subtitles. In December, Ways of Love was voted the best foreign language film of 1950 by the New York Film Critics Circle. "The Miracle" in particular sparked widespread moral outrage, and was criticized as "vile, harmful and blasphemous."[2] Protesters at the Paris Theater where the film was screened picketed the film with vitriolic signs carrying messages like "This Picture Is an Insult to Every Decent Woman and Her Mother," "Don't Be a Communist," and "Don't Enter the Cesspool." [3] After its American release, the New York State Board of Regents reportedly received "hundreds of letters, telegrams, postcards, affidavits and other communications" contrastingly protesting and defending the exhibition of the film. Three members of the Board were subsequently ordered to examine it; they concluded that "The Miracle" was "sacrilegious" and directed the appellants to show otherwise at a hearing. The hearing determined that the film indeed constituted religious bigotry and on February 16, 1951, the Commissioner of Education was ordered to rescind the picture's license.[4] The appellant brought this decision of the Board to rescind the license to the New York courts for review, on the grounds that the statute "violates the First Amendment as a prior restraint upon freedom of speech and of the press," "that it is invalid under the same Amendment as a violation of the guaranty of separate church and state and as a prohibition of the free exercise of religion," and "that the term 'sacrilegious' is so vague and indefinite as to offend due process." The Board's decision was upheld by the New York state courts, including the New York Court of Appeals. The decision was appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decision in 1952 brought films under the free speech and free press provisions of the First Amendment, overturning the Mutual case that had stood as precedent to censor films since 1915. However, because the decision said that films could still be censored under a narrowly drawn statute for obscenity, states and municipalities continued censoring, many until the mid-1960s and Maryland continued until 1981. This case was the turning point, though, as it became the precedent used in many other challenge cases.[5]

Relevant statute provisions[edit] The part of the statute (N. Y. Education Law, §122) in question that forbade the exhibition of unlicensed films read: [It is unlawful] to exhibit, or to sell, lease or lend for exhibition at any place of amusement for pay or in connection with any business in the state of New York, any motion picture film or reel [with specified exceptions not relevant here], unless there is at the time in full force and effect a valid license or permit therefor of the education department... The paragraph allowing the repeal of "sacrilegious" films' license read: The director of the [motion picture] division [of the education department] or, when authorized by the regents, the officers of a local office or bureau shall cause to be promptly examined every motion picture film submitted to them as herein required, and unless such film or a part thereof is obscene, indecent, immoral, inhuman, sacrilegious, or is of such a character that its exhibition would tend to corrupt morals or incite to crime, shall issue a license therefor. If such director or, when so authorized, such officer shall not license any film submitted, he shall furnish to the applicant therefor a written report of the reasons for his refusal and a description of each rejected part of a film not rejected in toto.

Still-existing laws[edit] Although this case made them unenforceable, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania still have unrepealed blasphemy laws on the books.[citation needed]

See also[edit] List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 343 Freedman v. Maryland (1965 U. S. Supreme Court case) Whirlpool of Desire (1935) French film also distributed by Burstyn and Arthur Mayer

References[edit] ^ Jowett, G. (1996). "A significant medium for the communication of ideas": The Miracle decision and the decline of motion picture censorship, 1952–1968. Movie censorship and American culture, 258–276. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press. ^ Kozlovic, Anton Karl (2003). Religious Film Fears 1: Satanic Infusion, Graven Images and Iconographic Perversion, 5 (2-3). ^ Black, G. D. (1998). The Catholic crusade against the movies, 1940-1975. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ^ [1] "Rossellini's Religious Films" ^ Wittern-Keller, Laura. Freedom of the Screen. University Press of Kentucky, 2008.

External links[edit] ^ Text of Joseph Burstyn, Inc v. Wilson , 343 U.S. 495 (1952) is available from:  Findlaw  Justia  BC  First Amendment Center Freedom Forum: Landmark decision brought freedom to films L'Amore (1948) at Internet Movie Database v t e United States First Amendment case law Establishment Clause Public funding Everson v. Board of Education (1947) McCollum v. Board of Education (1948) Walz v. Tax Commission of the City of New York (1970) Lemon v. Kurtzman (1971) Marsh v. Chambers (1983) Mueller v. Allen (1983) Aguilar v. Felton (1985) Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. Grumet (1994) Agostini v. Felton (1997) Mitchell v. Helms (2000) Zelman v. Simmons-Harris (2002) Locke v. Davey (2004) Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn (2011) Public displays Stone v. Graham (1980) Lynch v. Donnelly (1984) Board of Trustees of Scarsdale v. McCreary (1985) County of Allegheny v. ACLU (1989) McCreary County v. 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Bullitt (1964) In re Primus (1978) Roberts v. United States Jaycees (1984) Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian, & Bisexual Group of Boston (1995) Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000) Retrieved from ",_Inc._v._Wilson&oldid=823020926" Categories: 1952 in United States case lawUnited States Supreme Court casesUnited States Free Speech Clause case lawFilm censorship in the United StatesUnited States Supreme Court cases of the Vinson CourtHidden categories: All articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from January 2016

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Esquire, Inc.New York Times Co. V. United StatesMiami Herald Publishing Co. V. TornilloNebraska Press Ass'n V. StuartLandmark Communications, Inc. V. VirginiaTory V. CochranTime, Inc. V. HillCox Broadcasting Corp. V. CohnFlorida Star V. B. J. F.Grosjean V. American Press Co.Branzburg V. HayesMinneapolis Star Tribune Co. V. CommissionerDefamationBeauharnais V. IllinoisNew York Times Co. V. SullivanCurtis Publishing Co. V. ButtsGreenbelt Cooperative Publishing Ass'n, Inc. V. BreslerGertz V. Robert Welch, Inc.Time, Inc. V. FirestoneBose Corp. V. Consumers Union Of United States, Inc.Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. V. Greenmoss Builders, Inc.McDonald V. SmithHustler Magazine V. FalwellHarte-Hanks Communications V. ConnaughtonMilkovich V. Lorain Journal Co.Obsidian Finance Group, LLC V. CoxRed Lion Broadcasting Co. V. Federal Communications CommissionFCC V. Pacifica FoundationTurner Broadcasting V. Federal Communications CommissionBartnicki V. VopperZacchini V. 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