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Early life[edit] Connelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the second oldest child of W. Michael Connelly, a property developer, and Mary Connelly, a homemaker.[4] According to Connelly, his father was a frustrated artist who encouraged his children to want to succeed in life[5] and was a risk taker who alternated success with failure in his pursuit of a career. Connelly's mother was a fan of crime fiction and introduced her son to the world of mystery novels.[4] At age 12, Connelly moved with his family from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School. At age 16, Connelly’s interest in crime and mystery escalated when, on his way home from his work as a hotel dishwasher, he witnessed a man throw an object into a hedge. Connelly decided to investigate and found that the object was a gun wrapped in a lumberjack shirt. After putting the gun back, he followed the man to a bar and then left to go home to tell his father. Later that night, Connelly brought the police down to the bar, but the man was already gone. This event introduced Connelly to the world of police officers and their lives, impressing him with the way they worked.[4] Connelly had planned on following his father’s early choice of career in building construction and started out at the University of Florida in Gainesville as a building construction major. After earning grades that were lower than expected, Connelly went to see Robert Altman’s film The Long Goodbye (1973). The film, based on Raymond Chandler’s 1953 novel of the same name, inspired Connelly to want to become a mystery writer. Connelly went home and read all of Chandler's works featuring Philip Marlowe, a detective in Los Angeles during the 1940s and ‘50s, and decided to switch majors to journalism with a minor in creative writing.[4]

Early career[edit] After graduating from the University of Florida in 1980, Connelly got a job as a crime beat writer at the Daytona Beach News Journal, where he worked for almost two years until he went to the Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel in 1981. There, he covered the crime beat during the South Florida cocaine wars.[2] He stayed with the paper for a few years and in 1986, he and two other reporters spent several months interviewing survivors of the 1985 Delta Flight 191 plane crash, which story earned Connelly a place as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.[6] The honor also brought Connelly a job as a crime reporter at the Los Angeles Times. He moved to California in 1987 with his wife Linda McCaleb, whom he met while in college and married in April 1984.[4] After moving to Los Angeles, Connelly went to see the High Tower Apartments where Raymond Chandler's character Philip Marlowe had lived (in The High Window (1942)), and Robert Altman had used for his film The Long Goodbye (1973). Connelly got the manager of the building to promise to phone him if the apartment ever became available. Ten years later, the manager tracked Connelly down, and Connelly decided to rent the place. This apartment served as a place to write for several years.[5][7] After three years at the Los Angeles Times, Connelly wrote his first published novel, The Black Echo (1992), after previously writing two unfinished novels that he had not attempted to get published.[5] He sold The Black Echo to Little, Brown to be published in 1992 and won the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award for best first novel.[6] The book is partly based on a true crime and is the first one featuring Connelly's primary recurring character, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch,[2] a man who, according to Connelly, shares few similarities with the author himself.[5] Connelly named Bosch after the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, known for his paintings full of sin and redemption, such as the painting Hell, a copy of which hangs on the office wall behind Connelly’s computer.[3][4] Connelly describes his own work as a big canvas with all the characters of his books floating across it as currents on a painting. Sometimes they are bound to collide, creating cross currents. This is something that Connelly creates by bringing back characters from previous books and letting them play a part in books written five or six years after first being introduced.[4] Connelly went on to write three more novels about Detective Bosch — The Black Ice (1993), The Concrete Blonde (1994), and The Last Coyote (1995) — before quitting his job as a reporter to write full-time.[4]

Full-time novelist[edit] Harry Bosch and Connelly received a good deal of publicity in 1994, when President Bill Clinton came out of a bookstore carrying a copy of The Concrete Blonde in front of the waiting cameras. A meeting was set up between the two at the Los Angeles Airport.[4] In 1996, Connelly wrote The Poet, his first book not to feature Bosch; the protagonist was reporter Jack McEvoy. The book was a success and earned Connelly comparisons to author Thomas Harris by reviewers.[4] In 1997, Connelly returned to Bosch in Trunk Music before writing another book, Blood Work (1998), about a different character, FBI agent Terry McCaleb. Blood Work was made into a film in 2002, directed by Clint Eastwood, who also played McCaleb,[4] an agent with a transplanted heart, in pursuit of his donor’s murderer. The book came together after one of Connelly’s friends had a heart transplant, and he saw what his friend was going through with survivor's guilt after the surgery.[2] When asked if he had anything against the changes made to fit the big screen, Connelly simply replied: “If you take their money, it’s their turn to tell the story”.[8] Connelly wrote another book featuring Bosch, Angels Flight (1999), before writing Void Moon (2000), a free-standing book about Las Vegas thief Cassie Black. In 2001, A Darkness More Than Night was published, in which Connelly united Bosch and McCaleb to solve a crime together, before releasing two books in 2002. The first, City of Bones, was the eighth Bosch novel, and the other, Chasing the Dime, was a non-series novel.[2] In 2001, Connelly left California for Tampa Bay, Florida, together with his wife and daughter, so that both he and his wife could be closer to their families. His novels still took place in Los Angeles.[5] In 2003, another Bosch novel, Lost Light, was published. With this book, a CD was released, Dark Sacred Night, the Music of Harry Bosch, featuring some of the jazz music Bosch listens to.[2] Connelly says he prefers listening to rock and roll, jazz, and blues. While writing he listens exclusively to instrumental jazz, though, because it does not have intrusive vocals, and because the improvisational playing inspires his writing.[3] The Narrows, published in 2004, was a sequel to The Poet but featured Bosch instead of McEvoy.[2] Together with this book, a DVD was released called Blue Neon Night: Michael Connelly’s Los Angeles, in which film Connelly presents some of the places in Los Angeles that are frequently featured in his books.[2] The Closers, published in May 2005, was the 11th Bosch novel. It was followed by The Lincoln Lawyer in October, Connelly’s first legal novel; it features defense attorney Mickey Haller, Bosch’s half-brother. The book was made into a film in 2011, starring Matthew McConaughey as Haller. After releasing Crime Beat (2006), a non-fiction book about Connelly’s experiences as a crime reporter, Connelly went back to Bosch with Echo Park (2006).[2] This book sets its opening scene in the High Tower Apartment that Connelly rented and wrote from.[5] His next Bosch story, The Overlook, was originally published as a multi-part series in the New York Times Magazine. After some editing, it was published as a novel in 2007. In October 2008, Connelly wrote The Brass Verdict, which brought together Bosch and Haller for the first time.[2] He followed that with The Scarecrow (May 2009), which brought back McEvoy as the lead character. 9 Dragons, a novel taking Bosch to Hong Kong, was published in October 2009. The Reversal (October 2010), reunites Bosch & Haller as they work together under the banner of the state on the retrial of a child murderer. The Haller novel The Fifth Witness was published in 2011. The Drop, which refers in part to the "Deferred Retirement Option Plan" that was described in the novel The Brass Verdict (2008),[9] was published in November 2011. The next Bosch novel was The Black Box (2012). Connelly's subsequent novel, a legal thriller, was a return to Haller: The Gods of Guilt (2013). His next book returned to Bosch in The Burning Room (2014), and then Connelly used Haller as a main supporting character in the Bosch novels The Crossing (2015) and The Wrong Side of Goodbye (2016).

Film and television[edit] Connelly was one of the creators and executive producers of Level 9, an action TV series that aired for 13 episodes in the 2000-2001 season on the UPN television network.[2][10] His novel Blood Work was adapted into a 2002 film with a screenplay by Brian Helgeland and direction by Clint Eastwood, who also played the lead role. Connelly is the subject of the video documentary Blue Neon Night: Michael Connelly's Los Angeles (2004).[11] He occasionally made guest appearances as himself in the ABC comedy/drama TV series Castle.[12][13] Along with fellow crime authors James Patterson, Dennis Lehane, and the late Stephen J. Cannell, he was one of Castle's poker buddies. Connelly's novel The Lincoln Lawyer was made into a film in 2011, with Matthew McConaughey playing defense lawyer Michael "Mickey" Haller. Connelly is the Executive Producer of Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story, a documentary about the late jazz saxophone player, Frank Morgan. Connelly is currently producing a TV series for Amazon Studios called Bosch, based on Connelly's Harry Bosch novels. It began streaming on Amazon Prime in early 2015, and was recently renewed for a 3rd and 4th season by Amazon.[14] Michael Connelly, London November 2013

Awards and honors[edit] Connelly has won nearly every major award given to mystery writers, including the Edgar Award,[15] Anthony Award,[16] Macavity Award,[17] Los Angeles Times Best Mystery/Thriller Award,[18] Shamus Award,[19] Dilys Award,[20] Nero Award,[21] Barry Award,[22] Audie Award,[23] Ridley Award, Maltese Falcon Award (Japan), .38 Caliber Award (France), the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière (France) and Premio Bancarella Award (Italy).[24] In 2012, The Black Box won the world's most lucrative crime fiction award, the RBA International Prize for Crime Writing worth €125,000.[25]

Writing techniques[edit] When starting a book, the story is not always clear, but Connelly has a hunch where it is going.[5] The books often reference world events, such as the 1992 Los Angeles riots and the September 11 attacks. Even events that might not be considered as world-changing are included in some of the books, because they are of personal interest to Connelly. For example, in City of Bones, Detective Bosch investigates the murder of an 11-year-old boy. This was written during Connelly’s early years as a father of a daughter, and it hit close to home. According to Connelly, he didn’t mean to write about the biggest fear of his life; it just came out that way.[26] Detective Bosch’s life usually changes in harmony with Connelly’s own life. When Connelly moved 3,000 miles across the country from Florida, Bosch had some life-changing experiences that sent him in a new direction in the book written at that time, City of Bones. According to Connelly, his "real" job is to write about Bosch,[26] and his purpose in bringing McCaleb and Bosch together in A Darkness More Than Night was to use McCaleb as a tool to look at Bosch from another perspective and keep the character interesting.[26]

Recurring characters[edit] Every character in the list below, with one exception, has appeared in a Harry Bosch book. All of Michael Connelly's novels occur in the same fictional universe and character crossovers are common. Main characters[edit] Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch – a Los Angeles Police Department detective Michael "Mickey" Haller – criminal defense attorney Terrell "Terry" McCaleb – former FBI agent Jack McEvoy – crime reporter, brother of one of the Poet's victims Rachel Walling – FBI agent Cassidy "Cassie" Black – burglar and ex-con. Lead character in Void Moon. Has a cameo in The Narrows' Henry Pierce – Chemical scientist and entrepreneur. Lead character in Chasing the Dime. Pierce is the only Connelly character who has never appeared in a Harry Bosch novel (in fact he has not appeared in any other Connelly novel). However, Bosch was referred to by a character in ‘‘Chasing the Dime,’’ although not by name. Renée Ballard – a Los Angeles Police Department detective Other characters[edit] Each of these characters has appeared in at least two novels of Connelly's. Abel Pratt – LAPD Open-Unsolved Unit supervisor Steven Vascik – A process server in Angels Flight, and also someone Mr. Connelly apparently knows. Vascik is credited with photos of Hong Kong on the author's website (photo gallery 15–17). Carmen Hinojos – LAPD psychologist; first appears in The Last Coyote, Bosch later contacts her upon returning from Hong Kong to help Maddie cope with the events of 9 Dragons Larry Sakai – Coroner technician with the LAPD Teresa Corazon – Bosch's love interest in the Black Ice, appears later in City of Bones and A Darkness More than Night; medical expert examiner Howard Kurlen – detective in Van Nuys Division and frequent opponent of Haller's on the stand Irvin S. Irving – former LAPD Deputy Chief and Bosch's chief nemesis in the department; now an L.A. city councilman Francis "Frankie" Sheehan – Bosch's original partner in Robbery-Homicide Division Jerry "Jed" Edgar (aka J. Edgar) – Bosch's former partner in Hollywood Homicide squad; now a detective leader there Kizmin "Kiz" Rider – Bosch's former partner in Hollywood Homicide squad and the RHD Open-Unsolved Unit; now an aide to the L.A. chief of police. When introduced, she was in a same-sex relationship with her commanding officer, Lt. Grace Billets Lucius Porter – Hollywood Homicide Detective (The Black Echo and The Black Ice) Ed Thomas – Hollywood Homicide Detective (mentioned in The Poet, appears later in The Narrows) Ignacio "Iggy" Ferras – Bosch's former partner in the RHD Homicide Special Unit, killed during the events of 9 Dragons David Chu – Bosch's partner in RHD Special Homicide. Was with LAPD's Asian Gangs Unit (AGU) during the events of 9 Dragons John Chastain – former LAPD Internal Affairs detective, killed during the events of Angels Flight. Harvey "Ninety-Eight" Pounds – Bosch's ex-supervisor in Hollywood Homicide squad, murdered in The Last Coyote. Lieutenant Grace "Bullets" Billets – Pounds' successor as Bosch's supervisor in Hollywood Homicide squad. When first introduced, she had a husband, but was in a same-sex relationship with Kiz Rider. Eleanor Wish – ex-FBI agent, ex-con and Bosch's ex-wife, mother of Bosch's daughter Maddie; moved to Hong Kong. Killed during the events of 9 Dragons. Roy Lindell (aka "Luke Goshen") – FBI agent Janis Langwiser – former prosecutor, now a criminal defense attorney Keisha Russell – Los Angeles Times reporter, started on the Los Angeles crime beat, Now based in D.C., and occasionally provided information for Bosch. Jack McEvoy's ex-wife. Joel Bremmer - Keisha Russell's predecessor on the LA Times crime beat. In The Concrete Blonde, it is established that Bremmer wrote a novel about a string of murders committed by a serial killer known as "The Dollmaker." Bremmer used this pattern to as a cover to commit several murders of his own. John Iverson - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Detective in Trunk Music, appears later in Void Moon. Thelma Kibble – Cassie Black's parole officer Maddie Bosch – daughter of Bosch and Eleanor Wish; Mickey Haller's niece Buddy Lockridge – McCaleb's friend and business associate Jaye Winston – Detective, works alongside both Bosch and McCaleb in Blood Work and A Darkness More Than Night Maggie "McFierce" McPherson – A prosecutor in the Van Nuys Division, Haller's first ex-wife Lorna Taylor – Mickey Haller's current secretary and second ex-wife Hayley Haller – Mickey Haller's daughter with Maggie McPherson; Harry Bosch's niece Dennis "Cisco" Wojciechowski – Mickey Haller's private investigator. Formerly associated with the Road Saints motorcycle gang who bestowed him with the nickname Cisco in reference to The Cisco Kid. (Wojciechowski is named after Connelly's real-life investigator, who, like Bosch, is a Vietnam veteran.) Raul Levin – Mickey Haller's private investigator in The Lincoln Lawyer. Killed during the events. Graciela Rivers-McCaleb. Terry McCaleb meets Graciela and her nephew Raymond at the beginning of Blood Work. In A Darkness More Than Night they are married, living on Catalina Island and have a young daughter and they have adopted Raymond. In The Narrows she moves back to the mainland with the children.

Bibliography[edit] Novels[edit] Title Publication date Featuring Also featuring The Black Echo 1992 Harry Bosch (1) Eleanor Wish The Black Ice 1993 Harry Bosch (2) The Concrete Blonde 1994 Harry Bosch (3) The Last Coyote 1995 Harry Bosch (4) The Poet 1996 Jack McEvoy (1) Rachel Walling Trunk Music 1997 Harry Bosch (5) Eleanor Wish, Roy Lindell Blood Work 1998 Terry McCaleb (1) Jaye Winston Angels Flight 1999 Harry Bosch (6) Eleanor Wish, Roy Lindell Void Moon 2000 Cassie Black A Darkness More Than Night 2001 Terry McCaleb (2), Harry Bosch (7) Jaye Winston, Jack McEvoy City of Bones 2002 Harry Bosch (8) Chasing the Dime 2002 Henry Pierce Lost Light 2003 Harry Bosch (9) Eleanor Wish, Roy Lindell The Narrows 2004 Harry Bosch (10) Rachel Walling, Terry McCaleb, Eleanor Wish The Closers 2005 Harry Bosch (11) Kiz Rider The Lincoln Lawyer 2005 Mickey Haller (1) Echo Park 2006 Harry Bosch (12) Rachel Walling The Overlook 2007 Harry Bosch (13) Rachel Walling The Brass Verdict 2008 Mickey Haller (2) Harry Bosch, Jack McEvoy The Scarecrow 2009 Jack McEvoy (2) Rachel Walling Nine Dragons 2009 Harry Bosch (14) Eleanor Wish, Mickey Haller, David Chu The Reversal 2010 Mickey Haller (3) Harry Bosch, Rachel Walling The Fifth Witness 2011 Mickey Haller (4) The Drop 2011 Harry Bosch (15) David Chu, Dr Hannah Stone The Black Box 2012 Harry Bosch (16) David Chu, Dr Hannah Stone The Gods of Guilt 2013 Mickey Haller (5) The Burning Room 2014 Harry Bosch (17) Rachel Walling, Lucia Soto The Crossing 2015 Harry Bosch (18) Mickey Haller, Lucia Soto The Wrong Side of Goodbye 2016 Harry Bosch (19) Mickey Haller The Late Show[27] 2017 Renee Ballard (1) Two Kinds of Truth[28] 2017 Harry Bosch (20) Dark Sacred Night 2018 Harry Bosch (21) Renee Ballard Editor[edit] The Best American Mystery Stories 2003 (2003) – collected short stories. Murder in Vegas (2005) – collected short stories. The Blue Religion (2008) – collected short stories. In the Shadow of the Master (2009) – collected short stories by Edgar Allan Poe with observations by current mystery writers including Sue Grafton and Stephen King Short stories[edit] "Two-Bagger" – in Murderers' Row (2001) and The Best American Mystery Stories 2002 (2002). "Cahoots" – in Measures of Poison (2002) "After Midnight" – in Men from Boys (2003) "Christmas Even" – in Murder...and All That Jazz (2004); a Harry Bosch story (partner: Jerry Edgar) "Cielo Azul" – in Dangerous Women (2005); a Harry Bosch and Terry McCaleb story (backstory to A Darkness More than Night) "The Safe Man" - published anonymously in The Secret Society Of Demolition Writers (2005)[29] "Angle of Investigation" – in Plots with Guns (2005) and The Penguin Book Of Crime Stories (2007) – continuation of The Closers; with Harry Bosch (partner: Kiz Rider) "Mulholland Dive" – in Los Angeles Noir (2007), Prisoner of Memory (2008), The Best American Mystery Stories (2008), and A Prisoner of Memory and 24 of the Year's Finest Crime and Mystery Stories (2008) "Suicide Run" – in Hollywood and Crime (2007); featuring Harry Bosch "One Dollar Jackpot" – in Dead Man's Hand (2007); featuring Harry Bosch "Father's Day" – in The Blue Religion (2008), and The Best American Mystery Stories (2009); a Harry Bosch story (partner: Ignacio Ferras) "Blue on Black" – in Hook, Line & Sinister (2010); a Harry Bosch story, with Rachel Walling "The Perfect Triangle" – in The Dark End of the Street (2010); a Mickey Haller story "Blood Washes Off" – in The Rich and the Dead (2011); a Harry Bosch story "Homicide Special" – in The Drop (2011); a Harry Bosch story written exclusively for copies of The Drop sold in Waterstones stores "A Fine Mist of Blood" – in Vengeance (2012); A Harry Bosch story "Switchblade" – an ebook companion to The Gods of Guilt, published on 14 January 2014; a Harry Bosch story "Red Eye" – in "FaceOff" (2014), co-written with Dennis Lehane; a Harry Bosch story, with Patrick Kenzie "The Crooked Man" – published in "In the Company of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon" (Nov 2014); a Harry Bosch story "Burnt Matches" - published in "The Highway Kind: Tales of Fast Cars, Desperate Drives and Dark Roads" (Oct 2016); featuring Mickey Haller "Nighthawks" - published in "In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper" (Dec 2016); featuring Harry Bosch Short story collections[edit] Angle of Investigation (2011), includes "Christmas Even," "Father's Day" and "Angle of Investigation"[30] Suicide Run (2011), includes "Suicide Run," "Cielo Azul" and "One Dollar Jackpot"[31] Mulholland Dive (2012), includes "Cahoots," "Mulholland Dive" and "Two Bagger."[32] Non-fiction books[edit] Crime Beat (2004), collected journalism from the Sun-Sentinel and Los Angeles Times Filmography[edit] Television[edit] Level 9 (2001) – co-creator and co-executive producer Castle (2009–2011) – actor (cameo) Bosch (2015) – co-creator and producer Features[edit] Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story (2014) – executive producer

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CannellThe Lincoln Lawyer (film)Matthew McConaugheySound Of Redemption: The Frank Morgan StoryFrank Morgan (musician)Amazon StudiosBosch (TV Series)Amazon PrimeEnlargeEdgar AwardAnthony AwardMacavity AwardShamus AwardDilys AwardNero AwardBarry Award (for Crime Novels)Audie AwardMaltese Falcon AwardGrand Prix De Littérature PolicièrePremio Bancarella AwardRBA International Prize For Crime Writing1992 Los Angeles RiotsSeptember 11 AttacksFloridaA Darkness More Than NightHarry BoschMickey HallerTerry McCalebFederal Bureau Of InvestigationJack McEvoyRachel WallingSame-sex RelationshipSame-sex RelationshipLos Angeles TimesThe Concrete BlondeCopycat CrimeThe Cisco KidThe Black EchoHarry BoschThe Black IceThe Concrete BlondeThe Last CoyoteThe Poet (novel)Trunk Music (novel)Blood Work (novel)Angels Flight (novel)Void MoonA Darkness More Than NightCity Of Bones (Connelly Novel)Chasing The DimeLost LightThe Narrows (Connelly Novel)The ClosersThe Lincoln LawyerMickey HallerEcho Park (novel)The OverlookThe Brass VerdictThe Scarecrow (Connelly Novel)9 Dragons (novel)The ReversalThe Fifth WitnessThe Drop (novel)The Black Box (novel)The Gods Of GuiltThe Burning RoomThe Wrong Side Of GoodbyeEdgar Allan PoeSue GraftonStephen King2011 In LiteratureWaterstonesThe Gods Of GuiltLevel 9 (TV Series)Castle (TV Series)Bosch (TV Series)Sound Of Redemption: The Frank Morgan StoryVariety MagazineThe Wall Street JournalIMDbIMDbWayback MachineThe Washington PostIMDbTemplate:Michael ConnellyTemplate Talk:Michael ConnellyCategory:Novels By Michael ConnellyHarry BoschThe Black EchoThe Black IceThe Concrete BlondeThe Last CoyoteTrunk Music (novel)Angels Flight (novel)A Darkness More Than NightCity Of Bones (Connelly Novel)Lost LightThe Narrows (Connelly Novel)The Closers (Michael Connelly Novel)Echo Park (novel)The Overlook9 Dragons (novel)The Drop (Connelly Novel)The Black Box (novel)The Burning RoomThe Wrong Side Of GoodbyeMickey HallerThe Lincoln LawyerThe Brass VerdictThe ReversalThe Fifth WitnessThe Gods Of GuiltJack McEvoyThe Poet (novel)The Scarecrow (Connelly Novel)Blood Work (novel)Void MoonChasing The DimeBlood Work (film)The Lincoln Lawyer (film)Bosch (TV Series)Template:Bancarella PrizeTemplate Talk:Bancarella PrizePremio BancarellaErnest HemingwayGiovannino GuareschiHan SuyinWerner Keller (writer)Boris PasternakHeinrich GerlachBonaventura TecchiAndré Schwarz-BartCornelius RyanCaccia DominioniLuigi PretiVincenzo PappaletteraIndro MontanelliIsaac Bashevis SingerOriana FallaciEnzo BiagiAlberto BevilacquaGiuseppe BertoSusanna AgnelliCarlo CassolaGiorgio SavianeAlex HaleyMaurice DenuzièreGary JenningsLuciano De CrescenzoGiulio AndreottiPasquale Festa CampanileEnzo BiagiUmberto EcoVittorio SgarbiAlberto BevilacquaCarmen CovitoJohn GrishamJostein GaarderPaco Ignacio Taibo IIKen FollettAndrea CamilleriBruno VespaGianrico CarofiglioAndrea VitaliFrank SchätzingValerio Massimo ManfrediElizabeth StroutHelp:Authority ControlVirtual International Authority FileLibrary Of 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