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Overview[edit] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Metro bus stop sign for Local line 4 and Rapid line 704 in Santa Monica. The Metro Rapid Program was implemented in June 2000-December 2002 with the goal of improving bus speeds within urbanized Los Angeles County. Lines 720 (Wilshire), 745 (Broadway), 754 (Vermont) and 750 (Ventura) were the pilot routes of the program. Metro claims travel times were reduced by as much as 29%. Metro Rapid stop demonstrating the new design and NextBus technology Metro Rapid buses are distinguished by their red and silver livery. Some Rapid stops are equipped with "NextBus" technology which indicates the wait time before the next bus arrives. NextBus displays were installed mostly at stops on Lines 720 and 750. Metro Rapid Lines 720, 770 and 780 are the only lines that complement multiple lines (the 720 runs alongside the 18 and 20; 770 runs alongside 68 and 70; and the 780 runs alongside the 180, 181 and 217); Lines 720 and 780 are the longest routes in the Metro Rapid system. They take roughly 2 hours from start to end during rush hours. Also, line 720 is the most frequent of all Rapids. In the morning rush hour, the Rapid 720 ranges from every 2–10 minutes. Metro Rapid articulated bus in downtown Los Angeles A year after Metro introduced SmartBus technology on most of their buses, marquees were modified on most Metro Rapid buses in which the "STOP REQUESTED" portion scrolls across the marquee instead of staying in place and "PLEASE USE REAR EXIT" scrolls slowly. Months later, marquees were switched back to their original format. The fare is the same as other Metro bus and rail service. Routes are numbered in the 700 series (7xx).

Criticism[edit] Critics[who?] see the Metro Rapid system as not sufficient to meet Los Angeles' growing transit needs. Limited funds, they say, would be better spent on extending the region's rail network. Rapid buses do not have the capacity or efficiency of light- or heavy-rail technology. Other critics[who?] claim that Metro Rapid is a triumph of marketing over substance. For many years, Metro and its predecessor, the SCRTD, operated limited-stop routes, which were similar to Metro Rapid service in the middle of their routes (serving only transfer points and major stops), but made local stops at each end. Rapid buses do not change traffic signals outside of the City of Los Angeles because only the City has tied the transponders to the signal network. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works is working on rectifying the problem for all the other cities where Rapid buses pass through, but individual signals have to be reprogrammed to give signal priority to Rapid buses. In addition, only Rapid-branded buses have transponders, which causes problems when not enough Rapid buses are available (or conversely, when Rapid-branded buses are used on Local service). Another complaint concerns the placement of Local and Rapid stops at separate locations at the same intersection.[citation needed] This was done to eliminate the backing up of buses at stops, but has resulted in a dangerous move called the "Rapid Bus Shuffle", in which a rider waiting at a Local stop runs to a Rapid stop, or vice versa, if the other bus arrives first. In response, some Rapid stops are placed adjacent to Local bus stops. In addition, civil rights organizations like the Bus Riders Union complain about cutbacks in Local service required to implement Rapid service. Generally, between 25 and 50% of Local service is cut and replaced by Rapid service. Thus, riders not living or working near a Rapid stop must walk a longer distance to an intersection with both Local and Rapid stops, or wait longer for a Local bus. The Special Master of the consent decree between Metro and the BRU has ordered that no more than 33% of the resources for Rapids come from Local service. It should be noted that Metro staff has never considered Metro Rapid a substitute for rail service, but is instead a pragmatic interim measure given current budgetary constraints.[citation needed] Another major complaint is the lack of Saturday, Sunday, and holiday service on several of its high-volume routes like the 705, 710 and 740 where many patrons commute from inner-city suburbs, Downtown LA, or the South Bay to major cities for their jobs and local shopping.

Routes[edit] Current Metro Rapid Routes[edit] Route Terminals via Days of Operation Notes 704 [1] Santa Monica 2nd St & Santa Monica Blvd Downtown LA Union Station Santa Monica Blvd Daily (Mon-Sat: 5:00a-9:00p; Sun: 7:00a-8:00p) Service began June 2007, replaced Line 304 and operates alongside Line 4 Westwood, Los Angeles Santa Monica Blvd & Sepulveda Blvd 705 [2] West Hollywood West Hollywood Library Vernon Vernon Ave & Santa Fe Ave La Cienega Blvd, Vernon Ave Weekdays (5:00a-9:15p) Service began June 2004, operates alongside Line 105 710 [3] Koreatown, Los AngelesWilshire/Western station Redondo Beach South Bay Galleria Crenshaw Blvd Weekdays, Saturday (M-F: 5:30a-9:30p; S: 6a-8:30p) Service began February 2004, replaced Line 310 and operates alongside Line 210 720 [4] Santa Monica Downtown Santa Monica station Commerce Commerce Center Wilshire Blvd, Whittier Blvd Daily (M-F: 4:30a-1:00a; Sa/Su: 5:00a-1:00a) Service began June 2000, one of the two original routes, replaced Lines 318, 320 and 322, and operates alongside Lines 18 and 20 Westwood, Los Angeles Wilshire Blvd & Westwood Blvd Downtown LA 6th St & S Central Ave Koreatown, Los Angeles Wilshire/Vermont station 728 [5] Century City, Los Angeles Constellation Blvd & Century Park W Downtown LA Union Station Olympic Blvd Weekdays (5:00a-9:00p) Began December 2007, replaced Line 328 and operates alongside Line 28 733 [6] Santa Monica Ocean Ave & Arizona Ave Downtown LA Union Station Venice Blvd Daily (5:00a-11:00p) Began June 2010, replaced Line 333 and operates alongside Line 33 (which replaces service during late evening and early morning hours) 734 [7] Sylmar, Los Angeles Sylmar/San Fernando station West LA Expo/Sepulveda station Sepulveda Blvd, Brand Blvd Weekdays (5a-10:15p) Began June 2006, operates alongside Line 234 (which replaces service everyday during late evenings and early mornings and all day on weekends) 740 [8] Jefferson Park, Los Angeles Expo/Crenshaw station Redondo Beach South Bay Galleria Hawthorne Blvd, Crenshaw Blvd Weekdays, Saturday (M-F: 5a-9:15p; Sa: 5:45a-9:15p) Began December 2004, replaced Line 340 and operates alongside Line 40 744 [9] Pacoima Van Nuys Blvd & Glenoaks Blvd Northridge Reseda Blvd & Devonshire St (weekdays only) Reseda Blvd, Ventura Blvd, Van Nuys Blvd Daily (M-F: 5a-10p; Sa/Su: 5:30a-8p) Began December 2014, replaced Lines 741 and 761 and operates alongside Lines 233 and 240 Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles Sherman Oaks Galleria 745 [10] Downtown LA Union Station South LA Harbor Freeway station Broadway Daily (M-F: 5a-9p; Sa: 5:30a-8p; Su: 6a-8p) Began December 2002, replaced Line 345 and operates alongside Line 45 Some morning peak service begins at Florence Ave 750 [11] Woodland Hills, Los Angeles Warner Center station Studio City, Los Angeles Universal City/Studio City station Ventura Blvd Weekdays (5a-10:30p) Began June 2000, one of the two original routes, operates alongside Line 150 751 [12] Cypress Park, Los Angeles Ave 28 & Idell St Huntington Park Palm Place & Seville Ave Ave 26, Daly St, Soto St Weekdays (4:30a-8:30p) Began June 2004, replaced Line 350 and operates alongside Line 251 754 [13] Hollywood Vermont Ave & Hollywood Blvd Athens 120th St & Vermont Ave Vermont Ave Daily (M-F: 5:00a-9:30p; Sa: 6:00a-9:15p; Su: 6:00a-8:30p) Began December 2002, replaced Line 354 and operates alongside Line 204 757 [14] East Hollywood, Los Angeles Hollywood/Western station Hawthorne Crenshaw station Western Ave Weekdays (5:00a-9:30p) Began December 2005, replaced Line 357 and operates alongside Line 207 760 [15] Downtown LA 5th St & Beaudry Ave Lynwood Long Beach Blvd station Santa Fe Ave, Pacific Blvd, Long Beach Blvd Weekdays, Saturday (M-F: 5:00a-8:45p; Sa: 5:00a-8:40p) Began June 2007, replaced Line 360 and operates alongside Line 60 762 [16] Pasadena Fair Oaks Ave & Colorado Blvd Compton Artesia station Fair Oaks Ave, Atlantic Blvd Weekdays (5:00a-9:00p) Began June 2008, replaced Line 361 and operates alongside Line 260 Lynwood Imperial Hwy & Atlantic Blvd 770 [17] Downtown LA Broadway & Venice Blvd El Monte El Monte Station Garvey Ave, Cesar E. Chavez Ave Weekdays, Saturday (M-F: 5:00a-9:00p; Sa: 6:15a-7:15p) Began December 2007, replaced Lines 368 and 370 and operates alongside Lines 68 and 70 780 [18] Pasadena Pasadena City College Culver City Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub Fairfax Ave, Hollywood Blvd, Colorado Blvd Weekdays (5:00a-8:45p) Began operating in December 2004 Replaced 380 in June 2005 to have a western terminus at Hollywood/Highland Station and combined it with the 717 in June 2006 to extend to its current western terminus at Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub. Operates alongside Lines 180, 181 and 217 788 [19] Arleta Van Nuys Blvd & Woodman Ave West LA Expo/Sepulveda station Van Nuys Blvd, I-405 Operates on Weekdays during rush hours (4:45-10am; 2:30-8:15pm) as a Rapid Express Began December 2014 Closed-door along the San Fernando Valley for northbound service and Westwood for southbound service 794 [20] Sylmar, Los Angeles Sylmar/San Fernando station Downtown LA Hill St & Venice Blvd San Fernando Road Weekdays (4:45a-9:20p) Began June 2008, replaced Line 394 and operates alongside Lines 94 and 224 Uses a mix of 40 and 45-foot NABI vehicles Rapid routes operated by other agencies[edit] Route Terminals via Days of Operation Notes Big Blue Bus Rapid 3 [21] Santa Monica 4th St & Wilshire Blvd Westchester, Los Angeles Aviation/LAX station Lincoln Blvd Daily (6:10a-8:40p) Operates alongside Big Blue Bus Line 3 Operated by Big Blue Bus Big Blue Bus Rapid 7 [21] Santa Monica Broadway & 5th St Koreatown, Los Angeles Wilshire/Western station Pico Blvd Daily (5:35a-11:10p) Operates alongside Big Blue Bus Line 7 Operated by Big Blue Bus Big Blue Bus Rapid 12 [21] Westwood, Los Angeles UCLA Charles E Young/P2 Hub Palms, Los Angeles Overland Ave & Venice Blvd Westwood Blvd, Overland Ave Daily (M-F: 5:30a-11:00p; Sa/Su: 6:30a-11:00p) Operated by Big Blue Bus Culver CityBus Rapid 6 [22] Westwood, Los Angeles UCLA Westchester, Los Angeles Aviation/LAX station Sepulveda Blvd Weekdays (5:50a-9:57a; 2:20p-7:35p) Operates alongside Culver CityBus Line 6 Operated by Culver CityBus Torrance Transit Rapid 3 Redondo Beach South Bay Galleria Long Beach Downtown Long Beach station Carson St, Avalon Blvd, Pacific Coast Hwy Weekdays (6:05a-10:20a; 2:15p-7:40p) Operates alongside Torrance Transit Line 3 Operated by Torrance Transit Former routes[edit] Route Terminals via Notes/History 711 [23] Inglewood Inglewood Transit Center Bell Gardens Florence Ave & Garfield Ave Florence Ave Began service on June 29, 2003 to replace the Local Limited Line 311. Replaced by Line 311 in December 2010 714 [24] Beverly Hills Santa Monica Blvd & Canon Drive Grand Station Beverly Blvd Originally operated daily before the service cut to only on weekday peak hours Discontinued in December 2010 due to low ridership 715 Westchester, Los Angeles LAX City Bus Center Downey Downey Depot Transportation Center Manchester Blvd, Manchester Ave, Firestone Blvd Began service in June 2008, replaced the Local Limited Line 315 for weekday services Discontinued in December 2010 due to low ridership Inglewood Inglewood Transit Center 717 Hollywood Hollywood/Vine station Culver City Washington/Fairfax Transit Hub Hollywood Blvd, Fairfax Ave Began operating in June 2005, replacing the Local Limited Line 317, which began in December 2004 Merged with Line 780 in June 2006 724 Sylmar, Los Angeles Sylmar/San Fernando station North Hollywood, Los Angeles North Hollywood station San Fernando Road, Lankershim Blvd Began service in June 2008, and operated alongside Metro Line 224 Discontinued in June 2009 due to low ridership [1] 730 Mid-City, Los Angeles Pico/Rimpau Transit Center Little Tokyo Little Tokyo/Arts District station Pico Blvd Began operating in June 2008, replaced Local Limited Line 330. Replaced by Line 330 in June 2012 741 [25] Northridge Reseda Blvd & Devonshire St Encino Ventura Blvd & Reseda Blvd Reseda Blvd Began operating in December 2005 Replaced by Line 744 in December 2014 753 Downtown LA 5th St & Beaudry Ave Willowbrook Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station Central Ave Began operating in June 2008, replaced Local Limited Line 350 Discontinued in December 2010 due to low ridership 761 [26] Pacoima Van Nuys Blvd & Glenoaks Blvd Westwood, Los Angeles Federal Building Van Nuys Blvd, Sepulveda Blvd Began operating in June 2003 and replaced by the Metro Express Line 561 Replaced by Lines 734 and 744 in December 2014 920 [27] Santa Monica Colorado Ave & Ocean Ave Koreatown, Los Angeles Wilshire/Vermont station Wilshire Blvd Began operating in June 2007 Former Rapid Express Line Operated during weekday peak hours Discontinued in December 2010 due to low ridership, although riders have advocated improvements, during the service's short life Westwood, Los Angeles Wilshire Blvd & Westwood Blvd 940 [28] Downtown LA Union Station Torrance Del Amo Fashion Center Hawthorne Blvd, Crenshaw Blvd, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Began operating in June 2007 Former Rapid Express Line Operated during weekday peak hours in peak directions Discontinued in June 2008 due to low ridership, although riders have advocated improvements [2], during the service's short life

Fleet[edit] NABI Metro 45C #8084 on the 780 on the way to Hollywood The Metro Rapid fleet consists exclusively of low-floor buses manufactured by both North American Bus Industries, and New Flyer.

Other Los Angeles-area Rapids[edit] Foothill Transit's Silver Streak made its debut on March 18, 2007, using the El Monte Busway and the San Bernardino Freeway. This route is not part of the official Metro Rapid program.

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External links[edit] Metro Rapid Homepage Metro Rapid timetable page Rapid Bus increases door-to-door travel time (op-ed) Route 704 proposal hearings Metro Rapid 754 Operator entertains passengers on YouTube Metro Rapid System Map v t e Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) Services Metro Rail Subway  Red Line  Purple Line Light rail  Blue Line  Expo Line  Green Line  Gold Line Metro Busway  Orange Line  Silver Line Metro Bus Metro Local Metro Rapid Metro Express Stations Union Station Patsaouras Transit Plaza El Monte Station Metro Rail stations Metro Busway stations Facilities El Monte Busway Harbor Transitway MTA Building Capital projects  Crenshaw/LAX Line Regional Connector  Purple Line Extension  Gold Line Foothill Extension Fleet Bus fleet Rail fleet Other information Transit Access Pass (TAP) Transportation in Los Angeles LAX FlyAway Metrolink v t e Currently operating bus rapid transit systems in the United States California Escondido Breeze Rapid Los Angeles Orange Line Metro Rapid San Gabriel Valley Silver Streak Silver Line San Bernardino sbX San Diego SuperLoop Rapid San Jose Alum Rock-Santa Clara BRT Stockton Metro Express Colorado Fort Collins MAX Connecticut Hartford–New Britain CTfastrak Florida Jacksonville First Coast Flyer Orlando Lynx Lymmo South Miami-Dade Busway Massachusetts Boston MBTA Silver Line Michigan Grand Rapids Silver Line Minnesota Minneapolis-Saint Paul A Line Metro: Metro Red Line Missouri / Kansas Kansas City Metro Area Express New Jersey Newark go bus Penn XBL PABT Lincoln Tunnel XBL BBS Route 9 & 22 New Mexico Albuquerque Rapid Transit New York Albany and Schenectady BusPlus New York City MTA Select Bus Service North Carolina Charlotte Area Transit System Ohio Cleveland HealthLine Cleveland State Line Columbus CMAX Oregon Eugene Emerald Express Pennsylvania Pittsburgh MLK East Busway South Busway West Busway Philadelphia SEPTA Route 103 Tennessee Nashville Nashville MTA Gallatin Road Murfreesboro Pike Charlotte Pike Nolensville Pike Texas El Paso Sun Metro Brio San Antonio VIA Primo Utah Salt Lake City MAX Virginia Arlington-Alexandria Metroway Richmond GRTC Pulse Virginia Beach VB Wave Washington Snohomish County Swift Vancouver The Vine Retrieved from "" Categories: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityPublic transportation in Los AngelesPublic transportation in Los Angeles County, CaliforniaPublic transportation in the San Fernando ValleyBus rapid transit in CaliforniaHidden categories: Articles needing additional references from January 2016All articles needing additional referencesAll articles with vague or ambiguous timeVague or ambiguous time from March 2015Articles needing additional references from December 2009All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrasesArticles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from May 2014All articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from May 2014

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