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Early life[edit] Mary Louise Streep was born on June 22, 1949, in Summit, New Jersey.[9] She is the daughter of Mary Wilkinson Streep (née Mary Wolf Wilkinson), a commercial artist and art editor; and Harry William Streep, Jr., a pharmaceutical executive.[10] The eldest child, she has two younger brothers - Dana David, and Harry William III.[11] Meryl Streep as a senior in high school, 1966 Streep's father Harry was of German and Swiss ancestry. Her father's lineage traces back to Loffenau, Germany, from where her second great-grandfather, Gottfried Streeb, immigrated to the United States, and where one of her ancestors served as mayor (the surname was later changed to "Streep").[12] Another line of her father's family was from Giswil, Switzerland. Her mother had English, German, and Irish ancestry.[12] Some of Streep's maternal ancestors lived in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, and were descended from 17th-century immigrants from England.[13][14] Her eighth great-grandfather, Lawrence Wilkinson, was one of the first Europeans to settle in Rhode Island.[15] Streep is also a distant relative of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania; records show that her family is among the first purchasers of land in the state.[15] Streep's maternal great-great-grandparents, Manus McFadden and Grace Strain, the latter the namesake of Streep's second daughter, were natives of the Horn Head district of Dunfanaghy, Ireland.[14][16][17] Streep as a cheerleader at Bernards High School, 1966 Streep's mother, whom she has compared in both appearance and manner to Dame Judi Dench,[18] strongly encouraged her daughter, and instilled confidence in her from a very young age.[19] Streep has said: "She was a mentor because she said to me, 'Meryl, you're capable. You're so great.' She was saying, 'You can do whatever you put your mind to. If you're lazy, you're not going to get it done. But if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.' And I believed her." Although Streep was naturally more introverted than her mother, at times, when she later needed an injection of confidence in adulthood, she would consult her mother, asking her for advice.[19] Streep was raised as a Presbyterian[20] in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and attended Cedar Hill Elementary School and the Oak Street School, which was a Junior High school back then. In her Junior High debut, she starred as Lousie Heller in the play "The Family Upstairs". In 1963, the family moved to Bernardsville, New Jersey, where she attended Bernards High School.[21] Author Karina Longworth described her as a "gawky kid with glasses and frizzy hair", yet noted that she liked to show off in front of the camera in family home movies from a young age.[22] At the age of 12, Streep was selected to sing at a school recital, leading to her having opera lessons from Estelle Liebling. However, despite her talent, she has remarked that, "I was singing something I didn't feel and understand. That was an important lesson - not to do that. To find the thing that I could feel through."[22] She quit after four years. Streep had many Catholic school friends, and regularly attended mass.[23] Although in high school, Streep appeared in numerous school plays, she was uninterested in serious theater until acting in the play Miss Julie at Vassar College in 1969, in which she gained attention across the campus.[24] Vassar drama professor Clinton J Atkinson noted, "I don't think anyone ever taught Meryl acting. She really taught herself."[24] Streep demonstrated an early ability to mimic accents and to quickly memorize her lines. She received her BA cum laude from the college in 1971, before applying for an MFA from the Yale School of Drama. At Yale, she supplemented her course fees by waitressing and typing, and appeared in over a dozen stage productions a year, to the point that she became overworked, developing ulcers. She contemplated quitting acting and switching to study law.[24] Streep played a variety of roles on stage,[25] from Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream to an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair in a comedy written by then-unknown playwrights Christopher Durang and Albert Innaurato.[26][27] She was a student of choreographer Carmen de Lavallade, who in 2017 she introduced at the Kennedy Center Honors.[28] Another one of her teachers was Robert Lewis, one of the co-founders of the Actors Studio. Streep disapproved of some of the acting exercises she was asked to do, remarking that the professors "delved into personal lives in a way I find obnoxious".[29][30] She received her MFA from Yale in 1975.[31] Streep also enrolled as a visiting student at Dartmouth College in the fall of 1970, and received an Honorary Doctor of Arts degree from the college in 1981.[31]

Career[edit] See also: Meryl Streep on screen and stage 1970s[edit] Theater and film debut[edit] Streep in 1979 One of Meryl Streep’s first professional jobs in 1975, after Yale, was at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's National Playwrights Conference during which she acted in five plays over six weeks. Streep moved to New York City in 1975, and was cast by Joseph Papp in a production of Trelawny of the Wells at the Public Theater, opposite Mandy Patinkin and John Lithgow.[29] She went on to appear in five more roles in her first year in New York, including in Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival productions of Henry V, The Taming of the Shrew with Raúl Juliá, and Measure for Measure opposite Sam Waterston and John Cazale.[32][33][34] She entered into a relationship with Cazale at this time, and resided with him until his death three years later.[29] She starred in the musical Happy End on Broadway, and won an Obie for her performance in the off-Broadway play Alice at the Palace.[35] Although she had not set out to make her career in film, Robert De Niro's performance in Taxi Driver (1976) had a profound impact on young Streep, who said to herself, "that's the kind of actor I want to be when I grow up".[29] Streep began auditioning for film roles, and underwent an unsuccessful audition for the lead role in Dino De Laurentiis's King Kong. Laurentiis stated in Italian to his son: "This is so ugly. Why did you bring me this?"[22] Unknown to Laurentiis, Streep understood Italian, and she remarked, "I'm very sorry that I'm not as beautiful as I should be, but, you know - this is it. This is what you get."[24] She continued to work on Broadway, appearing in the 1976 double bill of Tennessee Williams' 27 Wagons Full of Cotton and Arthur Miller's A Memory of Two Mondays. For the former, she received a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Play.[36] Streep's other Broadway credits include Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard and the Bertolt Brecht-Kurt Weill musical Happy End, in which she had originally appeared off-Broadway at the Chelsea Theater Center. She received Drama Desk Award nominations for both productions.[37] Streep's first feature film role came opposite Jane Fonda in the 1977 film Julia, in which she had a small role during a flashback sequence. Most of her scenes were edited out, but the brief time on screen horrified the actress: "I had a bad wig and they took the words from the scene I shot with Jane and put them in my mouth in a different scene. I thought, I've made a terrible mistake, no more movies. I hate this business."[29] However, Streep cites Fonda as having a lasting influence on her as an actress, and has credited her as "open[ing] probably more doors than I probably even know about".[19] Breakthrough[edit] Robert De Niro, who had spotted Streep in her stage production of The Cherry Orchard, suggested that she play the role of his girlfriend in the war film The Deer Hunter (1978).[38] Cazale, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer,[39] was also cast in the film, and Streep took on the role of a "vague, stock girlfriend" to remain with Cazale for the duration of filming.[40][41][42] Longworth notes that Streep "made a case for female empowerment by playing a woman to whom empowerment was a foreign concept - a normal lady from an average American small town, for whom subservience was the only thing she knew".[43] Pauline Kael, who would later become a strong critic of Streep, remarked that she was a "real beauty" who brought much freshness to the film with her performance.[44] The film's success exposed Streep to a wider audience and earned her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.[45] In the 1978 mini-series Holocaust, Streep played the leading role of a German woman married to a Jewish artist in Nazi era Germany. She found the material to be "unrelentingly noble" and professed to have taken on the role for financial gain.[46] Streep travelled to Germany and Austria for filming while Cazale remained in New York. Upon her return, Streep found that Cazale's illness had progressed, and she nursed him until his death on March 12, 1978.[47][42] With an estimated audience of 109 million, Holocaust brought a wider degree of public recognition to Streep, who found herself "on the verge of national visibility". She won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for her performance.[48] Despite the awards success, Streep was still not enthusiastic towards her film career and preferred acting on stage.[49] Hoping to divert herself from the grief of Cazale's death, Streep accepted a role in The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979) as the chirpy love interest of Alan Alda, later commenting that she played it on "automatic pilot". She performed the role of Katherine in The Taming of the Shrew for Shakespeare in the Park, and also played a supporting role in Manhattan (1979) for Woody Allen. Streep later said that Allen did not provide her with a complete script, giving her only the six pages of her own scenes,[50] and did not permit her to improvise a word of her dialogue.[51] In the drama Kramer vs. Kramer, Streep was cast opposite Dustin Hoffman as an unhappily married woman who abandons her husband and child. Streep thought that the script portrayed the female character as "too evil" and insisted that it was not representative of real women who faced marriage breakdown and child custody battles. The makers agreed with her, and the script was revised.[52] In preparing for the part, Streep spoke to her own mother about her life as a wife with a career,[53] and frequented the Upper East Side neighborhood in which the film was set, watching the interactions between parents and children.[52] The director Robert Benton allowed Streep to write her own dialogue in two key scenes, despite some objection from Hoffman, who "hated her guts".[54][a] Jaffee and Hoffman later spoke of Streep's tirelessness, with Hoffman commenting, "She's extraordinarily hard-working, to the extent that she's obsessive. I think that she thinks about nothing else, but what she's doing."[55] The film was controversial among feminists, but it was a role which film critic Stephen Farber believed displayed Streep's "own emotional intensity", writing that she was one of the "rare performers who can imbue the most routine moments with a hint of mystery".[56] For Kramer vs. Kramer, Streep won both the Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, which she famously left in the ladies room after giving her speech.[57][58][59] She was also awarded the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress,[60] National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress and National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress for her collective work in her three film releases of 1979.[61][62] Both The Deer Hunter and Kramer vs. Kramer were major commercial successes and were consecutive winners of the Academy Award for Best Picture.[63][64] 1980s[edit] Rise to stardom[edit] In 1979, Streep began workshopping Alice in Concert, a musical version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, with writer and composer Elizabeth Swados and director Joseph Papp; the show was put on at New York's Public Theater from December 1980. Frank Rich of The New York Times referred to Streep as the production's "one wonder" but questioned why she devoted so much energy to it.[49] By 1980, Streep had progressed to leading roles in films. She was featured on the cover of Newsweek magazine with the headline "A Star for the 80s"; Jack Kroll commented, "There's a sense of mystery in her acting; she doesn't simply imitate (although she's a great mimic in private). She transmits a sense of danger, a primal unease lying just below the surface of normal behavior".[65] Streep denounced her fervent media coverage at the time as "excessive hype".[65] The story within a story drama The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981) was Streep's first leading role. The film paired Streep with Jeremy Irons as contemporary actors, telling their modern story, as well as the Victorian era drama they were performing. Streep perfected an English accent for the part, but considered herself a misfit for the role: " I couldn't help wishing that I was more beautiful".[66][65][b] A New York magazine article commented that, while many female stars of the past had cultivated a singular identity in their films, Streep was a "chameleon", willing to play any type of role.[68] Streep was awarded a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work.[69] The following year, she re-united with Robert Benton for the psychological thriller, Still of the Night (1982), co-starring Roy Scheider and Jessica Tandy. Vincent Canby, writing for The New York Times, noted that the film was an homage to the works of Alfred Hitchcock, but that one of its main weaknesses was a lack of chemistry between Streep and Scheider, concluding that Streep "is stunning, but she's not on screen anywhere near long enough".[70] Greater success came later in the year when Streep starred in the drama Sophie's Choice (also 1982), portraying a Polish holocaust survivor caught in a love triangle between a young naïve writer (Peter MacNicol) and a Jewish intellectual (Kevin Kline). Streep's emotional dramatic performance and her apparent mastery of a Polish accent drew praise.[71][72] William Styron wrote the novel with Ursula Andress in mind for the role of Sophie, but Streep was determined to get the role.[73] Streep filmed the "choice" scene in one take and refused to do it again, finding it extremely painful and emotionally exhausting.[74] That scene, in which Streep is ordered by an SS guard at Auschwitz to choose which of her two children would be gassed and which would proceed to the labor camp, is her most famous scene, according to Emma Brockes of The Guardian who wrote in 2006: "It's classic Streep, the kind of scene that makes your scalp tighten, but defter in a way is her handling of smaller, harder-to-grasp emotions".[18] Among several acting awards, Streep won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance,[75] and her characterization was voted the third greatest movie performance of all time by Premiere magazine.[76] Roger Ebert said of her delivery, "Streep plays the Brooklyn scenes with an enchanting Polish-American accent (she has the first accent I've ever wanted to hug), and she plays the flashbacks in subtitled German and Polish. There is hardly an emotion that Streep doesn't touch in this movie, and yet we're never aware of her straining. This is one of the most astonishing and yet one of the most unaffected and natural performances I can imagine."[77] Pauline Kael, on the contrary, called the film an "infuriatingly bad movie", and thought that Streep "decorporealizes" herself, which she believed explained why her movie heroines "don't seem to be full characters, and why there are no incidental joys to be had from watching her".[78] Streep in 1989 The year 1983 saw Streep play her first non-fictional character, the nuclear whistleblower and labor union activist Karen Silkwood who died in a suspicious car accident while investigating alleged wrongdoing at the Kerr-McGee plutonium plant, in Mike Nichols's biographical film Silkwood. Streep felt a personal connection to Silkwood,[79] and in preparation she met with people close to the woman, and in doing so realized that each person saw a different aspect of her personality.[80] She said, "I didn't try to turn myself into Karen. I just tried to look at what she did. I put together every piece of information I could find about her... What I finally did was look at the events in her life, and try to understand her from the inside."[80] Jack Kroll of Newsweek considered Streep's characterization to have been "brilliant", while Silkwood's boyfriend Drew Stephens expressed approval in that Streep had played Karen as a human being rather than a myth, despite Karen's father Bill thinking that Streep and the film had dumbed his daughter down. Pauline Kael believed that Streep had been miscast.[81] Streep next played opposite Robert De Niro in the romance Falling in Love (1984), which was poorly received, and portrayed a fighter for the French Resistance during World War II in the British drama Plenty (1985), adapted from the play by David Hare. For the latter, Roger Ebert wrote that she conveyed "great subtlety; it is hard to play an unbalanced, neurotic, self-destructive woman, and do it with such gentleness and charm... Streep creates a whole character around a woman who could have simply been a catalogue of symptoms."[82] In 2008, Molly Haskell praised Streep's performance in Plenty, believing it to be "one of Streep's most difficult and ambiguous" films and "most feminist" role.[83] Out of Africa and backlash[edit] Longworth considers Streep's next release, Out of Africa (1985), to have established her as a Hollywood superstar. In the film, Streep starred as the Danish writer Karen Blixen, opposite Robert Redford's Denys Finch Hatton. Director Sydney Pollack was initially dubious about Streep in the role, as he did not think she was sexy enough, and had considered Jane Seymour for the part. Pollack recalls that Streep impressed him in a different way: "She was so direct, so honest, so without bullshit. There was no shielding between her and me."[84] Streep and Pollack often clashed during the 101-day shoot in Kenya, particularly over Blixen's voice. Streep had spent much time listening to tapes of Blixen, and began speaking in an old-fashioned and aristocratic fashion, which Pollack thought excessive.[85] A significant commercial and critical success, the film earned Streep another Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, and the film ultimately won Best Picture. Critic Stanley Kaufmann wrote, "Meryl Streep is back in top form. This means her performance in Out of Africa is at the highest level of acting in film today."[86] Longworth notes that the dramatic success of Out of Africa led to a backlash of critical opinion against Streep in the years that followed, especially as she was now demanding $4 million a picture. Unlike other stars at the time, such as Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise, Streep "never seemed to play herself", and certain critics felt her technical finesse led people to literally see her acting.[87] Her next films did not appeal to a wide audience; she co-starred with Jack Nicholson in the dramas Heartburn (1986) and Ironweed (1987), in which she sang onscreen for the first time since the television movie Secret Service (1977). In Evil Angels[c] (1988), she played Lindy Chamberlain, an Australian woman who had been convicted of the murder of her infant daughter despite claiming that the baby had been taken by a dingo. Filmed in Australia, Streep won the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role,[88][89][90][91] a Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival, and the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress.[92] Streep has said of perfecting the Australian accent in the film: "I had to study a little bit for Australian because it's not dissimilar [to American], so it's like coming from Italian to Spanish. You get a little mixed up."[18] Vincent Canby of The New York Times referred to her performance as "another stunning performance", played with "the kind of virtuosity that seems to re-define the possibilities of screen acting".[93] In 1989, Streep lobbied to play the lead role in Oliver Stone's adaption of the play Evita, but two months before filming was due to commence, she dropped out, citing "exhaustion" initially, although it was later revealed that there was a dispute over her salary.[94] By the end of the decade, Streep actively looked to star in a comedy. She found the role in She-Devil (1989), a satire that parodied Hollywood's obsession with beauty and cosmetic surgery, in which she played a glamorous writer.[95] Though not a success, Richard Corliss of Time wrote that Streep was the "one reason" to see the film and observed that it marked a departure from the dramatic roles she was known to play.[96] Reacting to her string of poorly received films, Streep said: "Audiences are shrinking; as the marketing strategy defines more and more narrowly who they want to reach males from 16 to 25 - it's become a chicken-and-egg syndrome. Which came first? First, they release all these summer movies, then do a demographic survey of who's going to see them."[94] 1990s[edit] Unsuccessful comedies, and The Bridges of Madison County[edit] Meryl Streep at the 32nd Grammy Awards in 1990 Biographer Karen Hollinger described the early 1990s as a downturn in the popularity of Streep's films, attributing this partly to a critical perception that her comedies had been an attempt to convey a lighter image following several serious, but commercially unsuccessful, dramas, and, more significantly, to the lack of options available to an actress in her forties.[97] Streep commented that she had limited her options by her preference to work in Los Angeles, close to her family,[97] a situation that she had anticipated in a 1981 interview when she commented, "By the time an actress hits her mid-forties, no one's interested in her anymore. And if you want to fit a couple of babies into that schedule as well, you've got to pick your parts with great care."[68] At the Screen Actor's Guild National Women's Conference in 1990, Streep keynoted the first national event, emphasizing the decline in women's work opportunities, pay parity, and role models within the film industry.[98] She criticized the film industry for downplaying the importance of women both on screen and off.[92] After roles in the comedy-drama Postcards from the Edge (1990), and the comedy-fantasy Defending Your Life (1991), Streep starred with Goldie Hawn in the farcical black comedy, Death Becomes Her (1992), with Bruce Willis as their co-star. Streep persuaded writer David Koepp to re-write several of the scenes, particularly the one in which her character has an affair with a younger man, which she believed was "unrealistically male" in its conception. The seven-month shoot was the longest of Streep's career, during which she got into character by "thinking about being slightly pissed off all of the time".[99] Due to Streep's allergies to numerous cosmetics, special prosthetics had to be designed to age her by ten years to look 54, although Streep believed that they made her look nearer 70.[100] Longworth considers Death Becomes Her to have been "the most physical performance Streep had yet committed to screen, all broad weeping, smirking, and eye-rolling".[101] Although it was a commercial success, earning $15.1 million in just five days, Streep's contribution to comedy was generally not taken well by critics.[102] Time's Richard Corliss wrote approvingly of Streep's "wicked-witch routine" but dismissed the film as "She-Devil with a make-over" and one which "hates women".[103][102] Streep appeared with Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close and Winona Ryder in The House of the Spirits (1993), set during the military dictatorship of Chile. The film was not well received by critics.[104] Anthony Lane of The New Yorker wrote: "This is really quite an achievement. It brings together Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, Winona Ryder, Antonio Banderas, and Vanessa Redgrave and insures that, without exception, they all give their worst performances ever".[105] The following year, Streep featured in The River Wild, as the mother of children on a whitewater rafting trip who encounter two violent criminals (Kevin Bacon and John C. Reilly) in the wilderness. Though critical reaction was generally mixed, Peter Travers of Rolling Stone found her to be "strong, sassy and looser than she has ever been onscreen".[106] Streep's most successful film of the decade was the romance The Bridges of Madison County (1995) directed by Clint Eastwood, who adapted the film from Robert James Waller's novel of the same name.[107] It relates the story of Robert Kincaid (Eastwood), a photographer working for National Geographic, who has a love affair with a middle-aged Italian farm wife in Iowa named Francesca (Streep). Though Streep disliked the novel it was based on, she found the script to be a special opportunity for an actress her age.[108] She gained weight for the part, and dressed differently from the character in the book to emulate voluptuous Italian film stars such as Sophia Loren. Both Loren and Anna Magnani were an influence in her portrayal, and Streep viewed Pier Paolo Pasolini's Mamma Roma (1962) prior to filming.[109] The film was a box office hit and grossed over $70 million in the United States.[110] The film, unlike the novel, was warmly received by critics. Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote that Eastwood had managed to create "a moving, elegiac love story at the heart of Mr. Waller's self-congratulatory overkill", while Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal described it as "one of the most pleasurable films in recent memory".[110] Longworth believes that Streep's performance was "crucial to transforming what could have been a weak soap opera into a vibrant work of historical fiction implicitly critiquing postwar America's stifling culture of domesticity".[111] She considers it to have been the role in which Streep became "arguably the first middle-aged actress to be taken seriously by Hollywood as a romantic heroine".[112] Late 1990s[edit] Streep played the estranged sister of Bessie (Diane Keaton), a woman battling leukemia, in Marvin's Room (1996), an adaptation of the play by Scott McPherson. Streep recommended Keaton for the role.[113] The film also featured Leonardo DiCaprio as the rebellious son of Streep's character. Roger Ebert stated that, "Streep and Keaton, in their different styles, find ways to make Lee and Bessie into much more than the expression of their problems."[114] The film was well received, and Streep earned another Golden Globe nomination for her performance.[59] As an Irishwoman, Streep acted opposite Michael Gambon and Catherine McCormack in Pat O'Connor's Dancing at Lughnasa (1998), which was entered into the Venice Film Festival in its year of release. [115] Janet Maslin of The New York Times remarked that "Meryl Streep has made many a grand acting gesture in her career, but the way she simply peers out a window in Dancing at Lughnasa ranks with the best. Everything the viewer need know about Kate Mundy, the woman she plays here, is written on that prim, lonely face and its flabbergasted gaze".[116] Later that year, she played a cancer sufferer caught in a difficult family situation, playing the mother of Renée Zellweger and wife of William Hurt in One True Thing. The film gained positive reviews. Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle declared, "After 'One True Thing', critics who persist in the fiction that Streep is a cold and technical actress will need to get their heads examined. She is so instinctive and natural - so thoroughly in the moment and operating on flights of inspiration - that she's able to give us a woman who's at once wildly idiosyncratic and utterly believable."[117] Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan noted that her role "is one of the least self-consciously dramatic and surface showy of her career" but she "adds a level of honesty and reality that makes [her performance] one of her most moving".[118] Streep portrayed Roberta Guaspari, a real-life New Yorker who found passion and enlightenment teaching violin to the inner-city kids of East Harlem, in the music drama Music of the Heart (1999). A departure from director Wes Craven's previous work in films like A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream series, Streep replaced singer Madonna, who left the project before filming began due to creative differences with Craven.[119][120] Required to perform on the violin, Streep went through two months of intense training, five to six hours a day.[119] Streep received nominations for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance. Roger Ebert wrote that "Meryl Streep is known for her mastery of accents; she may be the most versatile speaker in the movies. Here you might think she has no accent, unless you've heard her real speaking voice; then you realize that Guaspari's speaking style is no less a particular achievement than Streep's other accents. This is not Streep's voice, but someone else's - with a certain flat quality, as if later education and refinement came after a somewhat unsophisticated childhood."[121] 2000s[edit] Main article: Meryl Streep in the 2000s 2000–2005[edit] Streep entered the 2000s with a voice cameo in Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), a science fiction film about a childlike android, played by Haley Joel Osment.[122] The same year, Streep co-hosted the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert with Liam Neeson which was held in Oslo, Norway, on December 11, 2001, in honour of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the United Nations and Kofi Annan.[123][124] In 2001, Streep returned to the stage for the first time in more than twenty years, playing Arkadina in The Public Theater's revival of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, directed by Mike Nichols and co-starring Kevin Kline, Natalie Portman, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.[125] The same year, she began work on Spike Jonze's comedy-drama Adaptation (2002), in which she portrayed real-life journalist Susan Orlean. Lauded by critics and viewers alike,[126] the film won Streep her fourth Golden Globe in the Best Supporting Actress category.[59] A. O. Scott in The New York Times considered Streep's portrayal of Orlean to have been "played with impish composure", noting the contrast in her "wittily realized" character with love interest Chris Cooper's "lank-haired, toothless charisma" as the autodidact arrested for poaching rare orchids.[127] Streep appeared alongside Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore in Stephen Daldry's The Hours (2002), based on the 1999 novel by Michael Cunningham. Focusing on three women of different generations whose lives are interconnected by the novel Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, the film was generally well received and won all three leading actresses a Silver Bear for Best Actress.[128] Streep had a cameo as herself in the Farrelly brothers comedy Stuck on You (2003), and re-united with Mike Nichols to star with Al Pacino and Emma Thompson in the HBO adaptation of Tony Kushner's six-hour play Angels in America (2003), the story of two couples whose relationships dissolve amidst the backdrop of Reagan era politics. Streep, who was cast in four roles in the mini-series, received her second Emmy Award and fifth Golden Globe for her performance.[59][129] She appeared in Jonathan Demme's moderately successful remake of The Manchurian Candidate (2004),[130] co-starring Denzel Washington, playing the role of a woman who is both a U.S. senator and the manipulative, ruthless mother of a vice-presidential candidate.[131] The same year, she played the supporting role of Aunt Josephine in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events alongside Jim Carrey, based on the first three novels in Snicket's book series. The black comedy received generally favorable reviews from critics,[132] and won the Academy Award for Best Makeup.[133] Inspired by her love of Giverny in France and Claude Monet, Streep did the narration for the film Monet's Palate, with Alice Waters, Steve Wynn, Daniel Boulud and Helen Rappel Bordman.[134] Streep was next cast in the comedy film Prime (2005), directed by Ben Younger. In the film, she played Lisa Metzger, the Jewish psychoanalyst of a divorced and lonesome business-woman, played by Uma Thurman, who enters a relationship with Metzger's 23-year-old son (Bryan Greenberg). A modest mainstream success, it eventually grossed US$67.9 million internationally.[135] Roger Ebert noted how Streep had "that ability to cut through the solemnity of a scene with a zinger that reveals how all human effort is".[136] 2006–2009[edit] In August and September 2006, Streep starred onstage at The Public Theater's production of Mother Courage and Her Children at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park.[137] The Public Theater production was a new translation by playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America), with songs in the Weill/Brecht style written by composer Jeanine Tesori (Caroline, or Change); veteran director George C. Wolfe was at the helm. Streep starred alongside Kevin Kline and Austin Pendleton in this three-and-a-half-hour play.[138][37] Around the same time, Streep, along with Lily Tomlin, portrayed the last two members of what was once a popular family country music act in Robert Altman's final film A Prairie Home Companion (2006). A comedic ensemble piece featuring Lindsay Lohan, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Kline and Woody Harrelson, the film revolves around the behind-the-scenes activities at the long-running public radio show of the same name. The film grossed more than US$26 million, the majority of which came from domestic markets.[139] Streep (right) at the Venice premiere of The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Commercially, Streep fared better with a role in The Devil Wears Prada (also 2006), a loose screen adaptation of Lauren Weisberger's 2003 novel of the same name. Streep portrayed the powerful and demanding Miranda Priestly, fashion magazine editor (and boss of a recent college graduate played by Anne Hathaway). Though the overall film received mixed reviews, her portrayal, of what Ebert calls the "poised and imperious Miranda",[140] drew rave reviews from critics, and earned her many award nominations, including her record-setting 14th Oscar bid, as well as another Golden Globe.[141][142] On its commercial release, the film became Streep's biggest commercial success to this point, grossing more than US$326.5 million worldwide.[143] She portrayed a wealthy university patron in Chen Shi-zheng's much-delayed feature drama Dark Matter, a film about a Chinese science graduate student who becomes violent after dealing with academic politics at a U.S. university. Inspired by the events of the 1991 University of Iowa shooting,[144] and initially scheduled for a 2007 release, producers and investors decided to shelve Dark Matter out of respect for the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre in April 2007.[145] The drama received negative to mixed reviews upon its limited 2008 release.[146] Streep played a U.S. government official who investigates an Egyptian foreign national suspected of terrorism in the political thriller Rendition (2007), directed by Gavin Hood.[147] Keen to get involved in a thriller film, Streep welcomed the opportunity to star in a film genre for which she was not usually offered scripts, and immediately signed on to the project.[148] Upon its release, Rendition was less commercially successful,[149] and received mixed reviews.[150] In this period, Streep had a short role alongside Vanessa Redgrave, Glenn Close, and her eldest daughter Mamie Gummer in Lajos Koltai's drama film Evening (2007), based on the 1998 novel of the same name by Susan Minot. Switching between the present and the past, it tells the story of a bedridden woman, who remembers her tumultuous life in the mid-1950s.[151] The film was released to a lukewarm reaction from critics, who called it "beautifully filmed, but decidedly dull [and] a colossal waste of a talented cast".[152][153] She had a role in Robert Redford's Lions for Lambs (also 2007), a film about the connection between a platoon of United States soldiers in Afghanistan, a U.S. senator, a reporter, and a California college professor. Like Evening, critics felt that the talent of the cast was wasted, and that it suffered from slow pacing, although one critic announced that Streep positively stood out, being "natural, unforced, quietly powerful", in comparison to Redford's forced performance.[154] Streep with her fellow cast and all four members of ABBA at the Swedish premiere of Mamma Mia! in July 2008 Streep found major commercial success when she starred in Phyllida Lloyd's Mamma Mia! (2008), a film adaptation of the musical of the same name, based on the songs of Swedish pop group ABBA. Co-starring Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgård, Colin Firth, Julie Walters, and Christine Baranski, Streep played a single mother and a former girl-group singer, whose daughter (Seyfried), a bride-to-be who never met her father, invites three likely paternal candidates to her wedding on an idyllic Greek island.[155] An instant box office success, Mamma Mia! became Streep's highest-grossing film to date, with box office receipts of US$602.6 million,[156] also ranking it first among the highest-grossing musical films.[157] Nominated for another Golden Globe, Streep's performance was generally well received by critics, with Wesley Morris of The Boston Globe commenting: "The greatest actor in American movies has finally become a movie star."[158] Doubt (also 2008) features Streep with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis. A drama revolving around the stern principal nun (Streep) of a Bronx Catholic school in 1964 who brings accusations of pedophilia against a popular priest (Hoffman), the film became a moderate box office success,[159] and was hailed by many critics as one of the best films of 2008. The film received five Academy Awards nominations, for its four lead actors and for Shanley's script.[160] Ebert, who awarded the film the full four stars, highlighted Streep's caricature of a nun, who "hates all inroads of the modern world",[161] while Kelly Vance of The East Bay Express remarked: "It's thrilling to see a pro like Streep step into an already wildly exaggerated role, and then ramp it up a few notches just for the sheer hell of it. Grim, red-eyed, deathly pale Sister Aloysius may be the scariest nun of all time."[162] In 2009, Streep played chef Julia Child in Nora Ephron's Julie & Julia, co-starring with Stanley Tucci, and again with Amy Adams. (Tucci and Streep had worked together earlier in Devil Wears Prada.) The first major motion picture based on a blog, Julie and Julia contrasts the life of Child in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell (Adams), who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child's cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking.[163] Longworth believes her caricature of Julia Child was "quite possibly the biggest performance of her career, while also drawing on her own experience to bring lived-in truth to the story of a late bloomer".[111] In Nancy Meyers' romantic comedy It's Complicated (also 2009), Streep starred with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. She received nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for both Julie & Julia and It's Complicated; she won the award for Julie & Julia, and later received her 16th Oscar nomination for it.[164] She also lent her voice to Mrs. Felicity Fox in the stop-motion film Fantastic Mr. Fox.[165] 2010s[edit] 2010–2015[edit] Streep re-teamed with Mamma Mia director Phyllida Lloyd on The Iron Lady (2011), a British biographical film about Margaret Thatcher, which takes a look at the Prime Minister during the Falklands War and her years in retirement.[166] Streep, who attended a session of the House of Commons to see British MPs in action in preparation for her role as Thatcher,[167] called her casting "a daunting and exciting challenge".[168] While the film had a mixed reception, Streep's performance gained rave reviews, earning her Best Actress awards at the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs, as well as her third win at the 84th Academy Awards.[169][170][171] Former advisers, friends, and family of Thatcher criticized Streep's portrayal of her as "inaccurate" and "biased".[172] The following year, after Thatcher's death, Streep issued a formal statement describing Thatcher's "hard-nosed fiscal measures" and "hands-off approach to financial regulation", while praising her "personal strength and grit".[173] Streep at the 69th Golden Globe Awards in January 2012 Streep re-united with Prada director David Frankel on the set of the romantic comedy-drama film Hope Springs (2012), co-starring Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. Streep and Jones play a middle-aged couple, who attend a week of intensive marriage counseling to try to bring back the intimacy missing in their relationship. Reviews for the film were mostly positive, with critics praising the "mesmerizing performances [...] which offer filmgoers some grown-up laughs - and a thoughtful look at mature relationships".[174] In 2013, Streep starred alongside Julia Roberts and Ewan McGregor in the black comedy drama August: Osage County (2013) about a dysfunctional family that re-unites into the familial house when their patriarch suddenly disappears. Based on Tracy Letts's Pulitzer Prize-winning eponymous play, Streep received positive reviews for her portrayal of the family's strong-willed and contentious matriarch, who is suffering from oral cancer and an addiction to narcotics, and was subsequently nominated for another Golden Globe, SAG, and Academy Award.[175][176][177] At the National Board of Review Awards in 2013, Streep labeled Walt Disney as "anti-semitic" and a "gender bigot".[178] Former actors, employees and animators who knew Disney during his lifetime rebuffed the comments as misinformed and selective.[179] The Walt Disney Family Museum issued a statement rebuking Streep's allegations indirectly, citing, among others, Disney's contributions to Jewish charities and his published letters stating that women "have the right to expect the same chances for advancement as men".[180] However, Disney's grandniece, Abigail Disney, wholeheartedly agreed with Streep's statements, stating that he was an "anti-Semite" and "racist" who was also an exemplary filmmaker whose work "made billions of people happy".[181] In 2014's The Giver, a motion picture adaptation of the young adult novel, Streep played a community leader.[182] Set in 2048, the social science fiction film recounts the story of a post-apocalyptic community without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, where a young boy is chosen to learn the real world. Streep was aware of the book before being offered the role by co-star and producer Jeff Bridges.[183] Upon its release, The Giver was met with generally mixed to negative reviews from critics.[184] Streep also had a small role in the period drama film The Homesman (2014). Set in the 1850s midwest, the film stars Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones as an unusual pair who help three women driven to madness by the frontier to get back East. Streep does not appear until near the end of the film, playing a preacher's wife, who takes the women into care.[185] The Homesman premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival where it garnered largely positive reviews from critics.[186] Directed by Rob Marshall, Into the Woods (also 2014) is a Disney film adaptation of the Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim in which Streep plays a witch.[187] A fantasy genre crossover inspired by the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales, it centers on a childless couple who set out to end a curse placed on them by Streep's vengeful witch.[188][189][190] Though the film was dismissed by some critics such as Mark Kermode as "irritating naffness",[191] Streep's performance earned her Academy Award, Golden Globe, SAG, and Critic's Choice Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress.[192][193][194][195] In July 2014, it was announced that Streep would portray Maria Callas in Master Class, but the project was pulled after director Mike Nichols's death in November of the same year.[196] Streep in 2016 In 2015, Streep starred in Jonathan Demme's Ricki and the Flash, playing a grocery store checkout worker by day who is a rock musician at night, and who has one last chance to reconnect with her estranged family.[197] Streep learned to play the guitar for the semi-autobiographical drama-comedy film,[198] which again featured Streep with her eldest daughter Mamie Gummer.[198] Reviews of the film were generally mixed.[199] Streep's other film of this time was director Sarah Gavron's period drama Suffragette (also 2015), co-starring Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter. In the film, she played the small, but pivotal, role of Emmeline Pankhurst, a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote.[200] The film received mostly positive reviews, particularly for the performances of the cast, though its distributor earned criticism that Streep's prominent position within the marketing was misleading.[201] 2016–present[edit] In February 2016, Streep was president of the main competition jury at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival.[202] Her only film that year was the Stephen Frears-directed comedy Florence Foster Jenkins (2016), an eponymous biopic about a blithely unaware tone-deaf opera singer who insists upon public performance.[203] Other cast members were Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg.[204] For her performance, Streep won the Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Actress in a Comedy,[205] and received Academy Award, Golden Globe, SAG, and BAFTA nominations.[206][207][208][209] In 2017, Streep starred as the U.S.'s first female newspaper publisher, Kay Graham, to Tom Hanks' Ben Bradlee, in Steven Spielberg's drama The Post, which centers on The Washington Post's publication of the 1971 Pentagon Papers.[210] The film received highly positive reviews, with specific praise for the performances of the two leads.[211][212] Streep received her 31st Golden Globe nomination at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, for Best Actress.[213] In February 2017, Streep again worked with Rob Marshall and Emily Blunt, in Mary Poppins Returns (2018), playing the titular character's cousin Topsy.[214] The film also re-unites Streep with Colin Firth and Julie Walters.[215][216] Streep is set to reprise her role as Donna Sheridan from Mamma Mia!, along with the majority of the original cast, in the 2018 sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.[217]

Acting style and legacy[edit] "Women are better at acting than men. Why? Because we have to be. If successfully convincing somebody bigger than you of something he doesn't know is a survival skill, this is how women have survived through the millennia. Pretending is not just play. Pretending is imagined possibility. Pretending or acting is a very valuable life skill, and we all do it. All the time." -Streep on acting. [22] Vanity Fair commented that "it's hard to imagine that there was a time before Meryl Streep was the greatest-living actress".[19] Emma Brockes of The Guardian notes that despite Streep's being "one of the most famous actresses in the world", it is "strangely hard to pin an image on Streep", in a career where she has "laboured to establish herself as an actor whose roots lie in ordinary life".[18] Despite her success, Streep has always been modest about her own acting and achievements in cinema. She has stated that she has no particular method when it comes to acting, learning from the days of her early studies that she cannot articulate her practice. She said in 1987, "I have a smattering of things I've learned from different teachers, but nothing I can put into a valise and open it up and say, 'Now, which one would you like?' Nothing I can count on, and that makes it more dangerous. But then, the danger makes it more exciting." She has stated that her ideal director is one who gives her complete artistic control, and allowing her a degree of improvisation and to learn from her own mistakes.[218] Karina Longworth notes how "external" Streep's performances are, "chameleonic" in her impersonation of characters, "subsuming herself into them, rather than personifying them". In her early roles such as Manhattan and Kramer vs. Kramer, she was compared to both Diane Keaton and Jill Clayburgh, in that her characters were unsympathetic, which Streep has attributed to the tendency to be drawn to playing women who are difficult to like and lack empathy.[218] Streep has stated that many consider her to be a technical actor, but she professed that it comes down to her love of reading the initial script, adding, "I come ready and I don't want to screw around and waste the first 10 takes on adjusting lighting and everybody else getting comfortable".[111] Streep's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Mike Nichols, who directed Streep in Silkwood, Heartburn, Postcards from the Edge, and Angels in America, praised Streep's ability to transform herself into her characters, remarking that, "In every role, she becomes a totally new human being. As she becomes the person she is portraying, the other performers begin to react to her as if she were that person."[219] He said that directing her is "so much like falling in love that it has the characteristics of a time which you remember as magical, but which is shrouded in mystery".[220] He also noted that Streep's acting ability had a profound impact on her co-stars, and that "one could improve by 1000% purely by watching her".[219] Longworth believes that in nearly every film, Streep has "sly infused" a feminist point of view in her portrayals.[221] However, film critic Molly Haskell has stated, "None of her heroines are feminist, strictly speaking. Yet, they uncannily embody various crosscurrents of experience in the last twenty years, as women have re-defined themselves against the background of the women's movement".[111] Streep is well known for her ability to imitate a wide range of accents[222] - from Danish in Out of Africa (1985) to British received pronunciation in The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981), Plenty (1985), and The Iron Lady (2011); Italian in The Bridges of Madison County (1995); a southern American accent in The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979); a Minnesota accent in A Prairie Home Companion (2006); Irish-American in Ironweed (1987); and a heavy Bronx accent in Doubt (2008). Streep has stated that she grew up listening to artists such as Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan, and she learned a lot about how to use her voice, her "instrument", by listening to Barbra Streisand's albums.[223][224][225] In the film Evil Angels (1988, released in the U.S. as A Cry in the Dark), in which she portrays a New Zealand transplant to Australia, Streep perfected a hybrid of Australian and New Zealand English. Her performance received the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role,[88][89] as well as Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival, and the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress.[92] For her role in the film Sophie's Choice (1982), Streep spoke both English and German with a Polish accent, as well as Polish itself.[226] In The Iron Lady, she reproduced the vocal style of Margaret Thatcher from the time before Thatcher became Britain's Prime Minister, and after she had taken elocution lessons to change her pitch, pronunciation, and delivery.[227][226] Streep has commented that using accents as part of her acting is a technique she views as an obvious requirement in her portrayal of a character.[228] When questioned in Belfast as to how she reproduces different accents, Streep replied in a perfect Belfast accent: "I listen."[229][228] In 2004, Streep was awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award by the board of directors of the American Film Institute.[230]

Other work[edit] Streep with Alec Baldwin and Josh Wood at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards After Streep appeared in Mamma Mia!, her rendition of the song "Mamma Mia" rose to popularity in the Portuguese music charts, where it peaked at No. 8 in October 2008.[231] At the 35th People's Choice Awards, her version of "Mamma Mia" won an award for "Favorite Song From A Soundtrack".[232] In 2008, Streep was nominated for a Grammy Award (her fifth nomination) for her work on the Mamma Mia! soundtrack.[233][234] Streep has narrated numerous audio books, including three by children's book author William Steig: Brae Irene, Spinky Sulks, and The One and Only Shrek!.[235] Streep is the spokesperson for the National Women's History Museum, to which she has made significant donations (including her fee for The Iron Lady, which was $1 million), and hosted numerous events.[236] On October 4, 2012, Streep donated $1 million to The Public Theater in honor of both its late founder, Joseph Papp, and her friend, the author Nora Ephron.[237] She also supports Gucci's "Chime for Change" campaign that aims to spread female empowerment.[238] Streep at Harvard University in 2010 In 2014, Streep established two scholarships for students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell - the Meryl Streep Endowed Scholarship for English majors, and the Joan Hertzberg Endowed Scholarship (named for Streep's former classmate at Vassar College) for math majors.[239] In April 2015, it was announced that Streep had funded a screenwriters lab for female screenwriters over forty years old, called the Writers Lab, to be run by New York Women in Film & Television and the collective IRIS.[240][241] The Lab was the only one of its kind in the world for female screenwriters over forty years old.[241] In 2015, Streep signed an open letter for which the ONE Campaign had been collecting signatures; the letter was addressed to Angela Merkel and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, urging them to focus on women as they served as heads of the G7 in Germany and the AU in South Africa, respectively, in setting development funding priorities.[242] Also in 2015, Streep sent each member of the U.S. Congress a letter supporting the Equal Rights Amendment.[243] Each of her letters was sent with a copy of the book Equal Means Equal: Why the Time for the ERA is Now by Jessica Neuwirth, president of the ERA Coalition.[244] Streep, when asked in a 2015 interview by Time Out magazine if she was a feminist, answered, "I am a humanist; I am for nice easy balance."[245] In March 2016, Streep, among others, signed a letter asking for gender equality throughout the world, in observance of International Women's Day; this was also organized by the ONE Campaign.[246][247] In 2018, she collaborated with 300 women in Hollywood to set up the Time's Up initiative to protect women from harassment and discrimination.[248] Streep on April 25, 2017 publicly backed the campaign to free Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian filmmaker from Crimea who was subjected to a sham trial by Russia and jailed in Siberia for 20 years in August 2015. She was pictured alongside Ukrainian lawmaker Mustafa Nayyem with a “Free Sentsov” sign in a photograph taken during the PEN America Annual Literary Gala on April 25, at which Sentsov was honoured with a 2017 PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write award.[249]

Political views[edit] Politically, Streep has described herself as part of the American Left.[250] She gave a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in support of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.[251] On January 8, 2017, Streep accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Golden Globes, during which she delivered a highly political speech that criticized then-President-elect Donald Trump. She said that Trump had a very strong platform and was using it inappropriately. She said that he mocked a disabled reporter, Serge F. Kovaleski, whom, in her words, Trump "outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back", and that, "When the powerful use their position to bully, we all lose". She also said, "Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if you kick us all out, you'll have nothing to watch except for football and mixed martial arts, which are not arts."[252][253] Trump responded on Twitter by calling Streep "one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood", and "a Hillary flunky who lost big".[254]

Personal life[edit] Streep with Barack Obama Author Karina Longworth notes that despite her "high level of stardom" for decades, Streep has managed to maintain a relatively normal personal life.[22] Streep lived with actor John Cazale for three years until his death from lung cancer in March 1978.[255] Streep said of his death, "I didn't get over it. I don't want to get over it. No matter what you do, the pain is always there in some recess of your mind, and it affects everything that happens afterwards. I think you can assimilate the pain and go on without making an obsession of it."[56] Streep married sculptor Don Gummer six months after Cazale's death.[256] They have four children: musician Henry (born 1979), actresses Mamie (born 1983) and Grace (born 1986), and model Louisa (born 1991).[10][257] In August 1985, the family moved into a $1.8-million private estate in Connecticut, with an extensive art studio to facilitate Streep's husband's work, and lived there until they bought a $3-million mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, in 1990.[258] They eventually moved back to Connecticut.[259][260] Streep is the godmother of fellow actress Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher.[261] When asked if religion plays a part in her life in 2009, Streep replied: "I follow no doctrine. I don't belong to a church or a temple or a synagogue or an ashram."[262] In an interview in December 2008, she also alluded to her lack of religious belief when she said: "So, I've always been really, deeply interested, because I think I can understand the solace that's available in the whole construct of religion. But I really don't believe in the power of prayer, or things would have been avoided that have happened, that are awful. So, it's a horrible position as an intelligent, emotional, yearning human being to sit outside of the available comfort there. But I just can't go there."[263] When asked from where she draws consolation in the face of aging and death, Streep responded: "Consolation? I'm not sure I have it. I have a belief, I guess, in the power of the aggregate human attempt - the best of ourselves. In love and hope and optimism - you know, the magic things that seem inexplicable. Why we are the way we are. I do have a sense of trying to make things better. Where does that come from?"[263]

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Notes[edit] ^ Streep's initial impression of Hoffman had been a negative one, thinking him to have been an "obnoxious pig" when she had first met him on stage several years earlier, and Hoffman had admitted that he initially "hated her guts", but respected her as an actress.[52] ^ Despite Streep's own negative self-body-image, President Obama while presenting the Kennedy Center Honors remarked, "Anyone who saw The French Lieutenant's Woman had a crush on her..."[67] ^ The film was released in Australia as Evil Angels.

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Jones Paul McCartney Oprah Winfrey 2011 Barbara Cook Neil Diamond Yo-Yo Ma Sonny Rollins Meryl Streep 2012 Buddy Guy Dustin Hoffman David Letterman Led Zeppelin Natalia Makarova 2013 Martina Arroyo Herbie Hancock Billy Joel Shirley MacLaine Carlos Santana 2014 Al Green Tom Hanks Patricia McBride Sting Lily Tomlin 2015 Carole King George Lucas Rita Moreno Seiji Ozawa Cicely Tyson 2016 Martha Argerich Eagles Al Pacino Mavis Staples James Taylor 2017 Carmen de Lavallade Gloria Estefan LL Cool J Norman Lear Lionel Richie Complete list 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s v t e London Film Critics' Circle Award for Actress of the Year Susan Sarandon (1991) Judy Davis (1992) Holly Hunter (1993) Linda Fiorentino (1994) Nicole Kidman (1995) Frances McDormand (1996) Claire Danes (1997) Cate Blanchett (1998) Annette Bening (1999) Julia Roberts (2000) Nicole Kidman (2001) Stockard Channing (2002) Julianne Moore (2003) Imelda Staunton (2004) Naomi Watts (2005) Meryl Streep (2006) Marion Cotillard (2007) 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Aghdashloo (2003) Virginia Madsen (2004) Catherine Keener (2005) Luminița Gheorghiu (2006) Amy Ryan (2007) Penélope Cruz (2008) Mo'Nique (2009) Jacki Weaver (2010) Jessica Chastain (2011) Amy Adams (2012) Lupita Nyong'o (2013) Agata Kulesza (2014) Alicia Vikander (2015) Lily Gladstone (2016) Laurie Metcalf (2017) v t e MTV Movie Award for Best Villain Rebecca De Mornay (1992) Jennifer Jason Leigh (1993) Alicia Silverstone (1994) Dennis Hopper (1995) Kevin Spacey (1996) Jim Carrey (1997) Mike Myers (1998) Matt Dillon / Stephen Dorff (1999)† Mike Myers (2000) Jim Carrey (2001) Denzel Washington (2002) Daveigh Chase (2003) Lucy Liu (2004) Ben Stiller (2005) Hayden Christensen (2006) Jack Nicholson (2007) Johnny Depp (2008) Heath Ledger (2009) Tom Felton (2010) Tom Felton (2011) Jennifer Aniston (2012)‡ Tom Hiddleston (2013) Mila Kunis (2014) Meryl Streep (2015) Adam Driver (2016) Jeffrey Dean Morgan (2017) † Tie; ‡ The Award was re-named Best On-Screen Dirtbag v t e National Board of Review Award for Best Actress Joan Crawford (1945) Anna Magnani (1946) Celia Johnson (1947) Olivia de Havilland (1948) Gloria Swanson (1950) Jan Sterling (1951) Shirley Booth (1952) Jean Simmons (1953) Grace Kelly (1954) Anna Magnani (1955) Dorothy McGuire (1956) Joanne Woodward (1957) Ingrid Bergman (1958) Simone Signoret (1959) Greer Garson (1960) Geraldine Page (1961) Anne Bancroft (1962) Patricia Neal (1963) Kim Stanley (1964) Julie Christie (1965) Elizabeth Taylor (1966) Edith Evans (1967) Liv Ullmann (1968) Geraldine Page (1969) Glenda Jackson (1970) Irene Papas (1971) Cicely Tyson (1972) Liv Ullmann (1973) Gena Rowlands (1974) Isabelle Adjani (1975) Liv Ullmann (1976) Anne Bancroft (1977) Ingrid Bergman (1978) Sally Field (1979) Sissy Spacek (1980) Glenda Jackson (1981) Meryl Streep (1982) Shirley MacLaine (1983) Peggy Ashcroft (1984) Whoopi Goldberg (1985) Kathleen Turner (1986) Lillian Gish / Holly Hunter (1987) Jodie Foster (1988) Michelle Pfeiffer (1989) Mia Farrow (1990) Geena Davis / Susan Sarandon (1991) Emma Thompson (1992) Holly Hunter (1993) Miranda Richardson (1994) Emma Thompson (1995) Frances McDormand (1996) Helena Bonham Carter (1997) Fernanda Montenegro (1998) Janet McTeer (1999) Julia Roberts (2000) Halle Berry (2001) Julianne Moore (2002) Diane Keaton (2003) Annette Bening (2004) Felicity Huffman (2005) Helen Mirren (2006) Julie Christie (2007) Anne Hathaway (2008) Carey Mulligan (2009) Lesley Manville (2010) Tilda Swinton (2011) Jessica Chastain (2012) Emma Thompson (2013) Julianne Moore (2014) Brie Larson (2015) Amy Adams (2016) Meryl Streep (2017) v t e National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress Nina Foch (1954) Marjorie Rambeau (1955) Debbie Reynolds (1956) Sybil Thorndike (1957) Kay Walsh (1958) Edith Evans (1959) Shirley Jones (1960) Ruby Dee (1961) Angela Lansbury (1962) Margaret Rutherford (1963) Edith Evans (1964) Joan Blondell (1965) Vivien Merchant (1966) Marjorie Rhodes (1967) Virginia Maskell (1968) Pamela 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Jennifer Jason Leigh (2015) Naomie Harris (2016) Laurie Metcalf (2017) v t e National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress 1966-1979 Sylvie (1966) Bibi Andersson (1967) Liv Ullmann (1968) Vanessa Redgrave (1969) Glenda Jackson (1970) Jane Fonda (1971) Cicely Tyson (1972) Liv Ullmann (1973) Liv Ullmann (1974) Isabelle Adjani (1975) Sissy Spacek (1976) Diane Keaton (1977) Ingrid Bergman (1978) Sally Field (1979) 1980-1999 Sissy Spacek (1980) Marília Pêra (1981) Meryl Streep (1982) Debra Winger (1983) Vanessa Redgrave (1984) Vanessa Redgrave (1985) Chloe Webb (1986) Emily Lloyd (1987) Judy Davis (1988) Michelle Pfeiffer (1989) Anjelica Huston (1990) Alison Steadman (1991) Emma Thompson (1992) Holly Hunter (1993) Jennifer Jason Leigh (1994) Elisabeth Shue (1995) Emily Watson (1996) Julie Christie (1997) Ally Sheedy (1998) Reese Witherspoon (1999) 2000-present Laura Linney (2000) Naomi Watts (2001) Diane Lane (2002) Charlize Theron (2003) Imelda Staunton / Hilary Swank (2004) Reese Witherspoon (2005) Helen Mirren (2006) Julie Christie (2007) Sally Hawkins (2008) Yolande Moreau (2009) Giovanna Mezzogiorno (2010) Kirsten Dunst (2011) Emmanuelle Riva (2012) Cate Blanchett (2013) Marion Cotillard (2014) Charlotte Rampling (2015) Isabelle Huppert (2016) Sally Hawkins (2017) v t e National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress 1967–1979 Marjorie Rhodes (1967) Billie Whitelaw (1968) Siân Phillips / Delphine Seyrig (1969) Lois Smith (1970) Ellen Burstyn (1971) Jeannie Berlin (1972) Valentina Cortese (1973) Bibi Andersson (1974) Lily Tomlin (1975) Jodie Foster (1976) Ann Wedgeworth (1977) Meryl Streep (1978) Meryl Streep (1979) 1980–1999 Mary Steenburgen (1980) Maureen Stapleton (1981) Jessica Lange (1982) Sandra Bernhard (1983) Melanie Griffith (1984) Anjelica Huston (1985) Dianne Wiest (1986) Kathy Baker (1987) Mercedes Ruehl (1988) Anjelica Huston (1989) Annette Bening (1990) Jane Horrocks (1991) Judy Davis (1992) Madeleine Stowe (1993) Dianne Wiest (1994) Joan Allen (1995) Barbara Hershey (1996) Julianne Moore (1997) Judi Dench (1998) Chloë Sevigny (1999) 2000–present Elaine May (2000) Helen Mirren (2001) Patricia Clarkson (2002) Patricia Clarkson (2003) Virginia Madsen (2004) Amy Adams (2005) Meryl Streep (2006) Cate Blanchett (2007) Hanna Schygulla (2008) Mo'Nique (2009) Olivia Williams (2010) Jessica Chastain (2011) Amy Adams (2012) Jennifer Lawrence (2013) Patricia Arquette (2014) Kristen Stewart (2015) Michelle Williams (2016) Laurie Metcalf (2017) v t e New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress 1935–1940 Greta Garbo (1935) Luise Rainer (1936) Greta Garbo (1937) Margaret Sullavan (1938) Vivien Leigh (1939) Katharine Hepburn (1940) 1941–1960 Joan Fontaine (1941) Agnes Moorehead (1942) Ida Lupino (1943) Tallulah Bankhead (1944) Ingrid Bergman (1945) Celia Johnson (1946) Deborah Kerr (1947) Olivia de Havilland (1948) Olivia de Havilland (1949) Bette Davis (1950) Vivien Leigh (1951) Shirley Booth (1952) Audrey Hepburn (1953) Grace Kelly (1954) Anna Magnani (1955) Ingrid Bergman (1956) Deborah Kerr (1957) Susan Hayward (1958) Audrey Hepburn (1959) Deborah Kerr (1960) 1961–1980 Sophia Loren (1961) No Award (1962) Patricia Neal (1963) Kim Stanley (1964) Julie Christie (1965) Elizabeth Taylor/Lynn Redgrave (1966) Edith Evans (1967) Joanne Woodward (1968) Jane Fonda (1969) Glenda Jackson (1970) Jane Fonda (1971) Liv Ullmann (1972) Joanne Woodward (1973) Liv Ullmann (1974) Isabelle Adjani (1975) Liv Ullmann (1976) Diane Keaton (1977) Ingrid Bergman (1978) Sally Field (1979) Sissy Spacek (1980) 1981–2000 Glenda Jackson (1981) Meryl Streep (1982) Shirley MacLaine (1983) Peggy Ashcroft (1984) Norma Aleandro (1985) Sissy Spacek (1986) Holly Hunter (1987) Meryl Streep (1988) Michelle Pfeiffer (1989) Joanne Woodward (1990) Jodie Foster (1991) Emma Thompson (1992) Holly Hunter (1993) Linda Fiorentino (1994) Jennifer Jason Leigh (1995) Emily Watson (1996) Julie Christie (1997) Cameron Diaz (1998) Hilary Swank (1999) Laura Linney (2000) 2001–present Sissy Spacek (2001) Diane Lane (2002) Hope Davis (2003) Imelda Staunton (2004) Reese Witherspoon (2005) Helen Mirren (2006) Julie Christie (2007) Sally Hawkins (2008) Meryl Streep (2009) Annette Bening (2010) Meryl Streep (2011) Rachel Weisz (2012) Cate Blanchett (2013) Marion Cotillard (2014) Saoirse Ronan (2015) Isabelle Huppert (2016) Saoirse Ronan (2017) v t e New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actress 1969–1980 Dyan Cannon (1969) Karen Black (1970) Ellen Burstyn (1971) Jeannie Berlin (1972) Valentina Cortese (1973) Valerie Perrine (1974) Lily Tomlin (1975) Talia Shire (1976) Sissy Spacek (1977) Maureen Stapleton (1978) Meryl Streep (1979) Mary Steenburgen (1980) 1981–2000 Mona Washbourne (1981) Jessica Lange (1982) Linda Hunt (1983) Christine Lahti (1984) Anjelica Huston (1985) Dianne Wiest (1986) Vanessa Redgrave (1987) Diane Venora (1988) Lena Olin (1989) Jennifer Jason Leigh (1990) Judy Davis (1991) Miranda Richardson (1992) Gong Li (1993) Dianne Wiest (1994) Mira Sorvino (1995) Courtney Love (1996) Joan Cusack (1997) Lisa Kudrow (1998) Catherine Keener (1999) Marcia Gay Harden (2000) 2001–present Helen Mirren (2001) Patricia Clarkson (2002) Shohreh Aghdashloo (2003) Virginia Madsen (2004) Maria Bello (2005) Jennifer Hudson (2006) Amy Ryan (2007) Penélope Cruz (2008) Mo'Nique (2009) Melissa Leo (2010) Jessica Chastain (2011) Sally Field (2012) Jennifer Lawrence (2013) Patricia Arquette (2014) Kristen Stewart (2015) Michelle Williams (2016) Tiffany Haddish (2017) v t e Satellite Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (1996–2010, retired) Gwyneth Paltrow (1996) Helen Hunt (1997) Christina Ricci (1998) Janet McTeer (1999) Renée Zellweger (2000) Nicole Kidman (2001) Jennifer Westfeldt (2002) Diane Keaton (2003) Annette Bening (2004) Reese Witherspoon (2005) Meryl Streep (2006) Ellen Page (2007) Sally Hawkins (2008) Meryl Streep (2009) Anne Hathaway (2010) Motion Picture Drama (1996–2010, retired) Frances McDormand (1996) Judi Dench (1997) Cate Blanchett (1998) Hilary Swank (1999) Ellen Burstyn (2000) Sissy Spacek (2001) Diane Lane (2002) Charlize Theron (2003) Hilary Swank (2004) Felicity Huffman (2005) Helen Mirren (2006) Marion Cotillard (2007) Angelina Jolie (2008) Shohreh Aghdashloo (2009) Noomi Rapace (2010) Motion Picture (2011–present) Viola Davis (2011) Jennifer Lawrence (2012) Cate Blanchett (2013) Julianne Moore (2014) Saoirse Ronan (2015) Isabelle Huppert‎ / Ruth Negga (2016) v t e Satellite Award for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film Helen Mirren (1996) Jennifer Beals (1997) Angelina Jolie (1998) Linda Hamilton (1999) Jill Hennessy (2000) Judy Davis (2001) Vanessa Williams (2002) Meryl Streep (2003) Dianne Wiest (2004) Kristen Bell (2005) Judy Davis (2006) Samantha Morton (2007) Judi Dench (2008) Drew Barrymore (2009) Claire Danes (2010) Kate Winslet (2011) Julianne Moore (2012) Elisabeth Moss (2013) Frances McDormand (2014) Sarah Hay (2015) Sarah Paulson (2016) v t e Satellite Award for Best Cast – Motion Picture 2004 Sideways Thomas Haden Church Paul Giamatti Virginia Madsen Sandra Oh 2005 Crash Chris Bridges Sandra Bullock Don Cheadle Matt Dillon Jennifer Esposito William Fichtner Brendan Fraser Terrence Howard Thandie Newton Ryan Phillippe Larenz Tate 2006 The Departed Anthony Anderson Alec Baldwin Matt Damon Leonardo DiCaprio Vera Farmiga Jack Nicholson Martin Sheen Mark Wahlberg Ray Winstone 2007 Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Albert Finney Rosemary Harris Ethan Hawke Philip Seymour Hoffman Brían F. O'Byrne Amy Ryan Michael Shannon Marisa Tomei 2009 Nine Marion Cotillard Penélope Cruz Daniel Day-Lewis Judi Dench Fergie Kate Hudson Nicole Kidman Sophia Loren 2011 The Help Anna Camp Jessica Chastain Viola Davis Nelsan Ellis Aunjanue Ellis Bryce Dallas Howard Dana Ivey Allison Janney Leslie Jordan Brian Kerwin Chris Lowell Ahna O'Reilly David Oyelowo Sissy Spacek Octavia Spencer Mary Steenburgen Emma Stone Cicely Tyson Mike Vogel 2012 Les Misérables Samantha Barks Sacha Baron Cohen Helena Bonham Carter Russell Crowe Anne Hathaway Hugh Jackman Eddie Redmayne Amanda Seyfried Aaron Tveit 2013 Nebraska Bruce Dern Missy Doty Will Forte Rance Howard Stacy Keach Angela McEwan Bob Odenkirk Devin Ratray Melinda Simonsen June Squibb Roger Stuckwisch Mary Louise Wilson 2014 Into the Woods Christine Baranski Tammy Blanchard Emily Blunt James Corden Lilla Crawford Frances de la Tour Johnny Depp Daniel Huttlestone Anna Kendrick Billy Magnussen MacKenzie Mauzy Chris Pine Lucy Punch Meryl Streep Tracey Ullman 2015 Spotlight Brian d'Arcy James Michael Keaton Rachel McAdams Mark Ruffalo Liev Schreiber John Slattery Stanley Tucci 2016 Hidden Figures Mahershala Ali Kevin Costner Kirsten Dunst Taraji P. Henson Aldis Hodge Janelle Monáe Jim Parsons Glen Powell Kimberly Quinn Octavia Spencer v t e Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role Jodie Foster (1994) Susan Sarandon (1995) Frances McDormand (1996) Helen Hunt (1997) Gwyneth Paltrow (1998) Annette Bening (1999) Julia Roberts (2000) Halle Berry (2001) Renée Zellweger (2002) Charlize Theron (2003) Hilary Swank (2004) Reese Witherspoon (2005) Helen Mirren (2006) Julie Christie (2007) Meryl Streep (2008) Sandra Bullock (2009) Natalie Portman (2010) Viola Davis (2011) Jennifer Lawrence (2012) Cate Blanchett (2013) Julianne Moore (2014) Brie Larson (2015) Emma Stone (2016) v t e Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Miniseries or Television Movie Joanne Woodward (1994) Alfre Woodard (1995) Kathy Bates (1996) Alfre Woodard (1997) Angelina Jolie (1998) Halle Berry (1999) Vanessa Redgrave (2000) Judy Davis (2001) Stockard Channing (2002) Meryl Streep (2003) Glenn Close (2004) S. Epatha Merkerson (2005) Helen Mirren (2006) Queen Latifah (2007) Laura Linney (2008) Drew Barrymore (2009) Claire Danes (2010) Kate Winslet (2011) Julianne Moore (2012) Helen Mirren (2013) Frances McDormand (2014) Queen Latifah (2015) Sarah Paulson (2016) v t e Silver Bear for Best Actress Elsa Martinelli (1956) Yvonne Mitchell (1957) Anna Magnani (1958) Shirley MacLaine (1959) Juliette Mayniel (1960) Anna Karina (1961) Rita Gam / Viveca Lindfors (1962) Bibi Andersson (1963) Sachiko Hidari (1964) Madhur Jaffrey (1965) Lola Albright (1966) Edith Evans (1967) Stéphane Audran (1968) Simone Signoret / Shirley MacLaine (1971) Elizabeth Taylor (1972) Kinuyo Tanaka (1975) Jadwiga Barańska (1976) Lily Tomlin (1977) Gena Rowlands (1978) Hanna Schygulla (1979) Renate Krößner (1980) Barbara Grabowska (1981) Katrin Sass (1982) Yevgeniya Glushenko (1983) Inna Churikova (1984) Jo Kennedy (1985) Charlotte Valandrey / Marcélia Cartaxo (1986) Ana Beatriz Nogueira (1987) Holly Hunter (1988) Isabelle Adjani (1989) Victoria Abril (1991) Maggie Cheung (1992) Michelle Pfeiffer (1993) Crissy Rock (1994) Josephine Siao (1995) Anouk Grinberg (1996) Juliette Binoche (1997) Fernanda Montenegro (1998) Juliane Köhler (1999) Bibiana Beglau (2000) Kerry Fox (2001) Halle Berry (2002) Nicole Kidman / Julianne Moore / Meryl Streep (2003) Charlize Theron / Catalina Sandino Moreno (2004) Julia Jentsch (2005) Sandra Hüller (2006) Nina Hoss (2007) Sally Hawkins (2008) Birgit Minichmayr (2009) Shinobu Terajima (2010) Sareh Bayat / Sarina Farhadi / Leila Hatami / Kimia Hosseini (2011) Rachel Mwanza (2012) Paulina García (2013) Haru Kuroki (2014) Charlotte Rampling (2015) Trine Dyrholm (2016) Kim Min-hee (2017) Authority control WorldCat Identities VIAF: 66485464 LCCN: n81019162 ISNI: 0000 0001 2281 1152 GND: 118823655 SELIBR: 397609 SUDOC: 028698266 BNF: cb12048104v (data) BIBSYS: 90854367 MusicBrainz: eb8b0a8a-dc7d-480c-b83a-70a069150d05 NLA: 36235455 NKC: jn20000701728 BNE: XX1266593 IATH: w6c836b3 Retrieved from "" Categories: Meryl Streep1949 birthsLiving people20th-century American actresses21st-century American actressesActresses from New JerseyActresses of German descentAmerican film actressesAmerican musical theatre actressesAmerican people of English descentAmerican people of German descentAmerican people of Irish descentAmerican people of Swiss-German descentAmerican Shakespearean actressesAmerican television actressesAmerican voice actressesBAFTA winners (people)Best Actress AACTA Award winnersBest Actress AACTA International Award winnersBest Actress Academy Award winnersBest Actress BAFTA Award winnersBest Drama Actress Golden Globe (film) winnersBest Miniseries or Television Movie Actress Golden Globe winnersBest Musical or Comedy Actress Golden Globe (film) winnersBest Supporting Actress Academy Award winnersBest Supporting Actress Golden Globe (film) winnersCecil B. 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KramerDustin HoffmanUpper East SideRobert BentonGolden Globe Award For Best Supporting Actress - Motion PictureAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActressLos Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best Supporting ActressNational Board Of Review Award For Best Supporting ActressNational Society Of Film Critics Award For Best Supporting ActressAcademy Award For Best PictureAlice's Adventures In WonderlandElizabeth SwadosJoseph PappFrank RichThe New York TimesNewsweekJack KrollStory Within A StoryThe French Lieutenant's Woman (film)Jeremy IronsVictorian EraNew York (magazine)ChameleonBAFTA Award For Best Actress In A Leading RolePsychological ThrillerStill Of The Night (film)Roy ScheiderJessica TandyVincent CanbyAlfred HitchcockSophie's Choice (film)Holocaust SurvivorPeter MacNicolKevin KlineWilliam StyronUrsula AndressSchutzstaffelAuschwitz Concentration CampEmma BrockesThe GuardianAcademy Award For Best ActressPremiere (magazine)Roger EbertEnlargeNuclear WhistleblowersKerr-McGeePlutoniumMike NicholsSilkwoodFalling In Love (1984 Film)French ResistanceWorld War IIPlenty (film)David Hare (playwright)Molly HaskellOut Of Africa (film)Karen BlixenRobert RedfordDenys Finch HattonSydney PollackJane Seymour (actress)Stanley KaufmannSylvester StalloneTom CruiseJack NicholsonHeartburn (film)Ironweed (film)Evil Angels (film)Lindy ChamberlainDeath Of Azaria ChamberlainDingoAustralian Film Institute Award For Best Actress In A Leading RolePrix D'interprétation FéminineCannes Film FestivalNew York Film Critics Circle Award For Best ActressOliver StoneShe-Devil (film)Richard CorlissTime (magazine)Enlarge32nd Grammy AwardsScreen Actor's GuildPostcards From The Edge (film)Defending Your LifeGoldie HawnDeath Becomes HerBruce WillisDavid KoeppJeremy IronsGlenn CloseWinona RyderThe House Of The Spirits (film)Anthony LaneThe New YorkerThe River WildKevin BaconJohn C. ReillyPeter TraversRolling StoneThe Bridges Of Madison County (film)Clint EastwoodRobert James WallerNational Geographic (magazine)IowaSophia LorenAnna MagnaniPier Paolo PasoliniMamma RomaJanet MaslinThe New York TimesJoe MorgensternThe Wall Street JournalDiane KeatonLeukemiaMarvin's Room (film)Scott McPhersonLeonardo DiCaprioMichael GambonCatherine McCormackPat O'Connor (director)Dancing At Lughnasa (film)Venice Film FestivalRenée ZellwegerWilliam HurtOne True ThingMick LaSalleSan Francisco ChronicleLos Angeles TimesKenneth TuranRoberta GuaspariEast HarlemMusic Of The HeartWes CravenA Nightmare On Elm StreetScream (film Series)Madonna (entertainer)Screen Actors Guild AwardMeryl Streep In The 2000sSteven SpielbergA.I. Artificial IntelligenceScience Fiction FilmAndroid (robot)Haley Joel OsmentNobel Peace Prize ConcertLiam NeesonOslo, NorwayNobel Peace PrizeKofi AnnanThe Public TheaterAnton ChekhovThe SeagullMike NicholsKevin KlineNatalie PortmanPhilip Seymour HoffmanSpike JonzeAdaptation (film)Susan OrleanGolden GlobeA. O. ScottChris CooperNicole KidmanJulianne MooreStephen DaldryThe Hours (film)The Hours (novel)Michael CunninghamMrs. DallowayVirginia WoolfBerlin Film Festival Award For Best ActressCameo AppearanceFarrelly BrothersStuck On You (film)Mike NicholsAl PacinoEmma ThompsonHBOTony KushnerAngels In America (miniseries)Reagan EraEmmy AwardJonathan DemmeThe Manchurian Candidate (2004 Film)Denzel WashingtonUnited States SenatePsychological ManipulationLemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate EventsJim CarreyLemony SnicketA Series Of Unfortunate EventsBlack ComedyAcademy Award For Best MakeupGivernyClaude MonetAlice WatersSteve WynnDaniel BouludPrime (film)Ben YoungerJewUma ThurmanBryan GreenbergThe Public TheaterMother Courage And Her ChildrenTony KushnerAngels In AmericaJeanine TesoriCaroline, Or ChangeGeorge C. 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(film)Mamma Mia (song)35th People's Choice AwardsGrammy AwardWilliam SteigJoseph PappNora EphronGucciGucciEnlargeHarvard UniversityUniversity Of Massachusetts LowellVassar CollegeNew York Women In Film & TelevisionONE CampaignAngela MerkelNkosazana Dlamini-ZumaEqual Rights AmendmentJessica NeuwirthTime Out (magazine)FeministHumanistInternational Women's DayONE CampaignTime's Up (movement)Oleg SentsovMustafa NayyemAmerican Left2016 Democratic National ConventionHillary ClintonGolden Globe Cecil B. DeMille AwardDonald TrumpSerge F. KovaleskiHillary ClintonEnlargeBarack ObamaJohn CazaleLung CancerDon GummerHenry Wolfe GummerMamie GummerGrace GummerLouisa GummerBrentwood, Los AngelesBillie LourdCarrie FisherAshramList Of Awards And Nominations Received By Meryl StreepMeryl Streep On Screen And StageList Of Academy Award RecordsList Of Actors With Two Or More Academy Awards In Acting CategoriesKennedy Center HonorsThe AgeDonegal NewsThe New York TimesThe Philadelphia InquirerMel GussowLortel ArchivesLortel ArchivesLortel ArchivesThe A.V. ClubTime (magazine)Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And SciencesWikipedia:Link RotEmmy AwardWikipedia:Link RotWikipedia:Link RotHelp:Cite Errors/Cite Error References No TextNew York (magazine)British Academy Of Film And Television ArtsPeople (magazine)Time (magazine)Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And SciencesVincent CanbyRotten TomatoesFlixsterRolling StoneJanet MaslinSan Francisco ChronicleLos Angeles TimesHelp:CS1 ErrorsBox Office MojoAmazon.comA. O. 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Classic MoviesBox Office MojoPortal:BiographyPortal:New JerseyPortal:DramaPortal:TheatrePortal:FilmPortal:TelevisionList Of Awards And Nominations Received By Meryl StreepTemplate:Academy Award Best ActressTemplate Talk:Academy Award Best ActressAcademy Award For Best ActressJanet GaynorMary PickfordNorma ShearerMarie DresslerHelen HayesKatharine HepburnClaudette ColbertBette DavisLuise RainerLuise RainerBette DavisVivien LeighGinger RogersJoan FontaineGreer GarsonJennifer JonesIngrid BergmanJoan CrawfordOlivia De HavillandLoretta YoungJane WymanOlivia De HavillandJudy HollidayVivien LeighShirley BoothAudrey HepburnGrace KellyAnna MagnaniIngrid BergmanJoanne WoodwardSusan HaywardSimone SignoretElizabeth TaylorSophia LorenAnne BancroftPatricia NealJulie AndrewsJulie ChristieElizabeth TaylorKatharine HepburnKatharine HepburnBarbra StreisandMaggie SmithGlenda JacksonJane FondaLiza MinnelliGlenda JacksonEllen BurstynLouise FletcherFaye DunawayDiane KeatonJane FondaSally FieldSissy SpacekKatharine HepburnShirley MacLaineSally FieldGeraldine PageMarlee MatlinCherJodie FosterJessica TandyKathy BatesJodie FosterEmma ThompsonHolly HunterJessica LangeSusan SarandonFrances McDormandHelen HuntGwyneth PaltrowHilary SwankJulia RobertsHalle BerryNicole KidmanCharlize TheronHilary SwankReese WitherspoonHelen MirrenMarion CotillardKate WinsletSandra BullockNatalie PortmanJennifer LawrenceCate BlanchettJulianne MooreBrie LarsonEmma StoneTemplate:Academy Award Best Supporting ActressTemplate Talk:Academy Award Best Supporting ActressAcademy Award For Best Supporting ActressGale SondergaardAlice BradyFay BainterHattie McDanielJane DarwellMary AstorTeresa WrightKatina PaxinouEthel BarrymoreAnne RevereAnne BaxterCeleste HolmClaire TrevorMercedes McCambridgeJosephine HullKim HunterGloria GrahameDonna ReedEva Marie SaintJo Van FleetDorothy MaloneMiyoshi UmekiWendy HillerShelley WintersShirley JonesRita MorenoPatty DukeMargaret RutherfordLila KedrovaShelley WintersSandy DennisEstelle ParsonsRuth GordonGoldie HawnHelen HayesCloris LeachmanEileen HeckartTatum O'NealIngrid BergmanLee GrantBeatrice StraightVanessa RedgraveMaggie SmithMary SteenburgenMaureen StapletonJessica LangeLinda HuntPeggy AshcroftAnjelica HustonDianne WiestOlympia DukakisGeena DavisBrenda FrickerWhoopi GoldbergMercedes RuehlMarisa TomeiAnna PaquinDianne WiestMira SorvinoJuliette BinocheKim BasingerJudi DenchAngelina JolieMarcia Gay HardenJennifer ConnellyCatherine Zeta-JonesRenée ZellwegerCate BlanchettRachel WeiszJennifer HudsonTilda SwintonPenélope CruzMo'NiqueMelissa LeoOctavia SpencerAnne HathawayLupita Nyong'oPatricia ArquetteAlicia VikanderViola DavisTemplate:AFI Life Achievement AwardTemplate Talk:AFI Life Achievement AwardAFI Life Achievement AwardJohn FordJames CagneyOrson WellesWilliam WylerBette DavisHenry FondaAlfred HitchcockJames StewartFred AstaireFrank CapraJohn HustonLillian GishGene KellyBilly WilderBarbara StanwyckJack LemmonGregory PeckDavid LeanKirk DouglasSidney PoitierElizabeth TaylorJack NicholsonSteven SpielbergClint EastwoodMartin ScorseseRobert WiseDustin HoffmanHarrison FordBarbra StreisandTom HanksRobert De NiroGeorge LucasSean ConneryAl PacinoWarren BeattyMichael DouglasMike NicholsMorgan FreemanShirley MacLaineMel BrooksJane FondaSteve MartinJohn WilliamsDiane KeatonGeorge ClooneyTemplate:AACTA Award Best Actress In A Leading RoleTemplate Talk:AACTA Award Best Actress In A Leading RoleAACTA Award For Best Actress In A Leading RoleMonica MaughanJacki WeaverJudy MorrisJulie SeymourHelen MorsePat BishopAngela Punch McGregorMichele FawdonTracy MannJudy DavisNoni HazlehurstWendy HughesAngela Punch McGregorNoni HazlehurstJudy DavisJudy DavisNadine GarnerCatherine McClementsSheila FloranceLisa HarrowHolly HunterToni ColletteJacqueline McKenzieJudy DavisPamela RabeDeborah MailmanSacha HorlerPia MirandaKerry ArmstrongMaria TheodorakisToni ColletteAbbie CornishCate BlanchettEmily BarclayJoan ChenMonic HendrickxFrances O'ConnorJacki WeaverJudy DavisDeborah MailmanRose ByrneSarah SnookKate WinsletOdessa YoungEmma Booth (actress)Template:AACTA International Award For Best ActressTemplate Talk:AACTA International Award For Best ActressAACTA International Award For Best ActressJennifer LawrenceCate BlanchettJulianne MooreCate BlanchettEmma StoneMargot RobbieTemplate:BAFTA Award For Best Actress In A Leading RoleTemplate Talk:BAFTA Award For Best Actress In A Leading RoleBAFTA Award For Best Actress In A Leading RoleVivien LeighSimone SignoretAudrey HepburnLeslie CaronYvonne MitchellCornell BorchersKatie Johnson (English Actress)Betsy BlairVirginia McKennaAnna MagnaniHeather SearsSimone SignoretIrene WorthSimone SignoretAudrey HepburnShirley MacLaineRachel Roberts (actress)Shirley MacLaineDora BryanSophia LorenLeslie CaronAnne BancroftRachel Roberts (actress)Patricia NealAudrey HepburnAnne BancroftJulie ChristiePatricia NealElizabeth TaylorJeanne MoreauEdith EvansAnouk AiméeKatharine HepburnMaggie SmithKatharine RossGlenda JacksonLiza MinnelliStéphane AudranJoanne WoodwardEllen BurstynLouise FletcherDiane KeatonJane FondaJane FondaJudy DavisKatharine HepburnJulie WaltersMaggie SmithPeggy AshcroftMaggie SmithAnne BancroftMaggie SmithPauline CollinsJessica TandyJodie FosterEmma ThompsonHolly HunterSusan SarandonEmma ThompsonBrenda BlethynJudi DenchCate BlanchettAnnette BeningJulia RobertsJudi DenchNicole KidmanScarlett JohanssonImelda StauntonReese WitherspoonHelen MirrenMarion CotillardKate WinsletCarey MulliganNatalie PortmanEmmanuelle RivaCate BlanchettJulianne MooreBrie LarsonEmma StoneTemplate:BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia AwardsTemplate Talk:BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia AwardsBritannia AwardsAlbert R. BroccoliMichael CainePeter UstinovMartin ScorseseAnthony HopkinsBob WeinsteinHarvey WeinsteinDustin HoffmanJohn TravoltaStanley KubrickSteven SpielbergGeorge LucasHugh GrantTom HanksTom CruiseClint EastwoodDenzel WashingtonSean PennRobert De NiroJeff BridgesWarren BeattyDaniel Day-LewisGeorge ClooneyRobert Downey Jr.Jodie FosterMatt DamonPeter WeirJim SheridanMike Newell (director)Anthony MinghellaMartin CampbellStephen FrearsDanny BoyleChristopher NolanDavid YatesQuentin TarantinoKathryn BigelowMike LeighSam MendesAng LeeAva DuVernayHoward StringerKirk DouglasRidley ScottTony ScottJohn LasseterWill Wright (game Designer)Ben KingsleyJudi DenchHarrison FordSamuel L. JacksonKenneth BranaghRachel WeiszKate WinsletTilda SwintonEmily BluntMichael SheenHelena Bonham CarterDaniel CraigBenedict CumberbatchEmma WatsonJames CordenFelicity JonesClaire FoyBetty WhiteBen StillerTrey ParkerMatt StoneSacha Baron CohenJulia Louis-DreyfusAmy SchumerRicky GervaisAziz AnsariAaron SpellingHBODick Van DykeRichard CurtisDon CheadleColin FirthIdris ElbaMark RuffaloOrlando BloomEwan McGregorBBCTarsem SinghAngela LansburyHelen MirrenElizabeth TaylorRonald NeameSidney PoitierRobert ShayeMichael LynneTemplate:Boston Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActressTemplate Talk:Boston Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActressBoston Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActressGena RowlandsMarília PêraRosanna ArquetteJudy DavisGeraldine PageChloe WebbHolly HunterMelanie GriffithJessica TandyAnjelica HustonGeena DavisEmma ThompsonHolly HunterJulianne MooreNicole KidmanBrenda BlethynHelena Bonham CarterSamantha MortonHilary SwankEllen BurstynTilda SwintonMaggie GyllenhaalScarlett JohanssonHilary SwankReese WitherspoonHelen MirrenMarion CotillardSally HawkinsNatalie PortmanMichelle Williams (actress)Emmanuelle RivaCate BlanchettMarion CotillardCharlotte RamplingIsabelle HuppertSally HawkinsTemplate:Cecil B. DeMille AwardTemplate Talk:Cecil B. DeMille AwardGolden Globe Cecil B. DeMille AwardCecil B. DeMilleWalt DisneyDarryl F. ZanuckJean HersholtJack L. WarnerMervyn LeRoyBuddy AdlerMaurice ChevalierBing CrosbyFred AstaireJudy GarlandBob HopeJoseph E. LevineJames StewartJohn WayneCharlton HestonKirk DouglasGregory PeckJoan CrawfordFrank SinatraAlfred HitchcockSamuel GoldwynBette DavisHal B. WallisWalter MirischRed SkeltonLucille BallHenry FondaGene KellySidney PoitierLaurence OlivierPaul NewmanElizabeth TaylorBarbara StanwyckAnthony QuinnClint EastwoodDoris DayAudrey HepburnJack LemmonRobert MitchumLauren BacallRobert RedfordSophia LorenSean ConneryDustin HoffmanShirley MacLaineJack NicholsonBarbra StreisandAl PacinoHarrison FordGene HackmanMichael DouglasRobin WilliamsAnthony HopkinsWarren BeattySteven SpielbergMartin ScorseseRobert De NiroMorgan FreemanJodie FosterWoody AllenGeorge ClooneyDenzel WashingtonOprah WinfreyTemplate:Critics' Choice Movie Award For Best ActressTemplate Talk:Critics' Choice Movie Award For Best ActressCritics' Choice Movie Award For Best ActressNicole KidmanFrances McDormandHelena Bonham CarterCate BlanchettHilary SwankJulia RobertsSissy SpacekJulianne MooreCharlize TheronHilary SwankReese WitherspoonHelen MirrenJulie ChristieAnne HathawaySandra BullockNatalie PortmanViola DavisJessica ChastainCate BlanchettJulianne MooreBrie LarsonNatalie PortmanFrances McDormandTemplate:Critics' Choice Movie Award For Best Actress In A ComedyTemplate Talk:Critics' Choice Movie Award For Best Actress In A ComedyCritics' Choice Movie Award For Best Actress In A ComedyJennifer LawrenceAmy AdamsJenny SlateAmy SchumerMargot RobbieTemplate:Cannes Film Festival Best Actress AwardTemplate Talk:Cannes Film Festival Best Actress AwardCannes Film Festival Award For Best ActressMichèle MorganIsa MirandaBette DavisLee GrantShirley BoothA Big FamilySusan HaywardGiulietta MasinaBibi AnderssonEva DahlbeckBarbro Hiort Af OrnäsIngrid ThulinSimone SignoretMelina MercouriJeanne MoreauSophia LorenKatharine HepburnRita TushinghamMarina VladyAnne BancroftBarbara BarrieSamantha EggarVanessa RedgravePia DegermarkVanessa RedgraveOttavia PiccoloKitty WinnSusannah YorkJoanne WoodwardMarie-José NatValerie PerrineDominique SandaMari TörőcsikShelley DuvallMonique MercureJill ClayburghIsabelle HuppertSally FieldAnouk AiméeIsabelle AdjaniJadwiga Jankowska-CieślakHanna SchygullaHelen MirrenNorma AleandroCherBarbara SukowaFernanda TorresBarbara HersheyBarbara HersheyJodhi MayLinda MvusiKrystyna JandaIrène JacobPernilla AugustHolly HunterVirna LisiHelen MirrenBrenda BlethynKathy BurkeÉlodie BouchezNatacha RégnierSéverine CaneeleÉmilie DequenneBjörkIsabelle HuppertKati OutinenMarie-Josée CrozeMaggie CheungHana LaszloPenélope CruzCarmen MauraLola DueñasChus LampreaveBlanca PortilloYohana CoboJeon Do-yeonSandra CorveloniCharlotte GainsbourgJuliette BinocheKirsten DunstCristina FluturCosmina StratanBérénice BejoJulianne MooreEmmanuelle BercotRooney MaraJaclyn JoseDiane KrugerTemplate:David Di Donatello For Best Foreign ActressTemplate Talk:David Di Donatello For Best Foreign ActressDavid Di DonatelloDavid Di Donatello For Best Foreign ActressIngrid BergmanDeborah KerrAudrey HepburnBrigitte BardotAudrey HepburnGeraldine PageShirley MacLaineAudrey HepburnJulie AndrewsJulie ChristieElizabeth TaylorFaye DunawayKatharine HepburnMia FarrowBarbra StreisandLiza MinnelliAli MacGrawElizabeth TaylorLiza MinnelliBarbra StreisandTatum O'NealLiv UllmannIsabelle AdjaniGlenda JacksonFaye DunawayAnnie GirardotJane FondaSimone SignoretIngrid BergmanLiv UllmannIsabelle HuppertCatherine DeneuveDiane KeatonJulie AndrewsShirley MacLaineNorma AleandroCherJodie FosterJessica TandyAnne ParillaudGeena DavisSusan SarandonEmmanuelle BéartTilda SwintonEmma ThompsonEmma ThompsonJodie FosterSusan SarandonTemplate:EmmyAward MiniseriesLeadActressTemplate Talk:EmmyAward MiniseriesLeadActressPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or MovieJudith AndersonMary MartinClaire TrevorPolly BergenJulie Harris (actress)Ingrid BergmanJudith AndersonJulie Harris (actress)Kim StanleyShelley WintersLynn FontanneSimone SignoretGeraldine PageMaureen StapletonGeraldine PagePatty DukeLee GrantGlenda JacksonSusan HampshireCloris LeachmanCicely TysonMildred NatwickKatharine HepburnJessica WalterSusan ClarkRosemary HarrisSally FieldPatty DukeJoanne WoodwardBette DavisPatty DukeVanessa RedgraveIngrid BergmanBarbara StanwyckJane FondaJoanne WoodwardMarlo ThomasGena RowlandsJessica TandyHolly HunterBarbara HersheyLynn WhitfieldGena RowlandsHolly HunterKirstie AlleyGlenn CloseHelen MirrenAlfre WoodardEllen BarkinHelen MirrenHalle BerryJudy DavisLaura LinneyMaggie SmithS. Epatha MerkersonHelen MirrenHelen MirrenLaura LinneyJessica LangeClaire DanesKate WinsletJulianne MooreLaura LinneyJessica LangeFrances McDormandSarah PaulsonNicole KidmanTemplate:EmmyAward NarratorTemplate Talk:EmmyAward NarratorPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding NarratorJeremy IronsPeter CoyoteKeith DavidTemplate:Lincoln Center Gala TributeTemplate Talk:Lincoln Center Gala TributeFilm Society Of Lincoln CenterCharlie ChaplinFred AstaireAlfred HitchcockJoanne WoodwardPaul NewmanGeorge CukorBob HopeJohn HustonBarbara StanwyckBilly WilderLaurence OlivierClaudette ColbertFederico FelliniElizabeth TaylorAlec GuinnessYves MontandBette DavisJames StewartAudrey HepburnGregory PeckJack LemmonRobert AltmanShirley MacLaineClint EastwoodSean ConneryMartin ScorseseMike NicholsAl PacinoJane FondaFrancis Ford CoppolaSusan SarandonMichael CaineDustin HoffmanJessica LangeDiane KeatonTom HanksMichael DouglasSidney PoitierCatherine DeneuveBarbra StreisandRob ReinerRobert RedfordMorgan FreemanRobert De NiroHelen MirrenTemplate:Golden Globe Award Best Actress Motion Picture DramaTemplate Talk:Golden Globe Award Best Actress Motion Picture DramaGolden Globe Award For Best Actress In A Motion Picture – DramaJennifer JonesIngrid BergmanIngrid BergmanRosalind RussellRosalind RussellJane WymanOlivia De HavillandGloria SwansonJane WymanShirley BoothAudrey HepburnGrace KellyAnna MagnaniIngrid BergmanJoanne WoodwardSusan HaywardElizabeth TaylorGreer GarsonGeraldine PageGeraldine PageLeslie CaronAnne BancroftSamantha EggarAnouk AiméeEdith EvansJoanne WoodwardGeneviève BujoldAli MacGrawJane FondaLiv UllmannMarsha MasonGena RowlandsLouise FletcherFaye DunawayJane FondaJane FondaSally FieldMary Tyler MooreShirley MacLaineSally FieldWhoopi GoldbergMarlee MatlinSally KirklandJodie FosterShirley MacLaineSigourney WeaverMichelle PfeifferKathy BatesJodie FosterEmma ThompsonHolly HunterJessica LangeSharon StoneBrenda BlethynJudi DenchCate BlanchettHilary SwankJulia RobertsSissy SpacekNicole KidmanCharlize TheronHilary SwankFelicity HuffmanHelen MirrenJulie ChristieKate WinsletSandra BullockNatalie PortmanJessica ChastainCate BlanchettJulianne MooreBrie LarsonIsabelle HuppertFrances McDormandTemplate:Golden Globe Award Best Actress Motion Picture Musical Or ComedyTemplate Talk:Golden Globe Award Best Actress Motion Picture Musical Or ComedyGolden Globe Award For Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy Or MusicalJudy HollidayJune AllysonSusan HaywardEthel MermanJudy GarlandJean SimmonsDeborah KerrKay KendallTaina ElgRosalind RussellMarilyn MonroeShirley MacLaineRosalind RussellRosalind RussellShirley MacLaineJulie AndrewsJulie AndrewsLynn RedgraveAnne BancroftBarbra StreisandPatty DukeCarrie SnodgressTwiggyLiza MinnelliGlenda JacksonRaquel WelchAnn-MargretBarbra StreisandDiane KeatonMarsha MasonEllen BurstynMaggie SmithBette MidlerSissy SpacekBernadette PetersJulie AndrewsJulie WaltersKathleen TurnerKathleen TurnerSissy SpacekCherMelanie GriffithJessica TandyJulia RobertsBette MidlerMiranda RichardsonAngela BassettJamie Lee CurtisNicole KidmanMadonna (entertainer)Helen HuntGwyneth PaltrowJanet McTeerRenée ZellwegerNicole KidmanRenée ZellwegerDiane KeatonAnnette BeningReese WitherspoonMarion CotillardSally HawkinsAnnette BeningMichelle Williams (actress)Jennifer LawrenceAmy AdamsAmy AdamsJennifer LawrenceEmma StoneSaoirse RonanTemplate:Golden Globe Award Best Supporting Actress Motion PictureTemplate Talk:Golden Globe Award Best Supporting Actress Motion PictureGolden Globe Award For Best Supporting Actress – Motion PictureKatina PaxinouAgnes MooreheadAngela LansburyAnne BaxterCeleste HolmEllen CorbyMercedes McCambridgeJosephine HullKim HunterKaty JuradoGrace KellyJan SterlingMarisa PavanEileen HeckartElsa LanchesterHermione GingoldSusan KohnerJanet LeighRita MorenoAngela LansburyMargaret RutherfordAgnes MooreheadRuth GordonJocelyne LaGardeCarol ChanningRuth GordonGoldie HawnKaren BlackMaureen StapletonAnn-MargretShelley WintersLinda BlairKaren BlackBrenda VaccaroKatharine RossVanessa RedgraveDyan CannonMary SteenburgenJoan HackettJessica LangeCherPeggy AshcroftMeg TillyMaggie SmithOlympia DukakisSigourney WeaverJulia RobertsWhoopi GoldbergMercedes RuehlJoan PlowrightWinona RyderDianne WiestMira SorvinoLauren BacallKim BasingerLynn RedgraveAngelina JolieKate HudsonJennifer ConnellyRenée ZellwegerNatalie PortmanRachel WeiszJennifer HudsonCate BlanchettKate WinsletMo'NiqueMelissa LeoOctavia SpencerAnne HathawayJennifer LawrencePatricia ArquetteKate WinsletViola DavisAllison JanneyTemplate:GoldenGlobeBestActressTVMiniseriesFilmTemplate Talk:GoldenGlobeBestActressTVMiniseriesFilmGolden Globe Award For Best Actress – Miniseries Or Television FilmJane Seymour (actress)Ingrid BergmanAnn-MargretAnn-MargretLiza MinnelliLoretta YoungGena RowlandsAnn JillianChristine LahtiBarbara HersheyJudy DavisLaura DernBette MidlerJoanne WoodwardJessica LangeHelen MirrenAlfre WoodardAngelina JolieHalle BerryJudi DenchJudy DavisUma ThurmanGlenn CloseS. Epatha MerkersonHelen MirrenQueen LatifahLaura LinneyDrew BarrymoreClaire DanesKate WinsletJulianne MooreElisabeth MossMaggie GyllenhaalLady GagaSarah PaulsonNicole KidmanTemplate:Hasty Pudding Woman Of The YearTemplate Talk:Hasty Pudding Woman Of The YearHasty Pudding Woman Of The YearGertrude LawrenceBarbara Bel GeddesMamie EisenhowerShirley BoothDebbie ReynoldsPeggy Ann GarnerCarroll BakerKatharine HepburnJoanne WoodwardCarol LawrenceJane FondaPiper LaurieShirley MacLaineRosalind RussellLee RemickEthel MermanLauren BacallAngela LansburyCarol BurnettDionne WarwickCarol ChanningRuby KeelerLiza MinnelliFaye DunawayValerie HarperBette MidlerElizabeth TaylorBeverly SillsCandice BergenMary Tyler MooreElla FitzgeraldJulie AndrewsJoan RiversCherSally FieldBernadette PetersLucille BallKathleen TurnerGlenn CloseDiane KeatonJodie FosterWhoopi GoldbergMeg RyanMichelle PfeifferSusan SarandonJulia RobertsSigourney WeaverGoldie HawnJamie Lee CurtisDrew BarrymoreSarah Jessica ParkerAnjelica HustonSandra BullockCatherine Zeta-JonesHalle BerryScarlett JohanssonCharlize TheronRenée ZellwegerAnne HathawayJulianne MooreClaire DanesMarion CotillardHelen MirrenAmy PoehlerKerry WashingtonOctavia SpencerTemplate:Honorary CésarTemplate Talk:Honorary CésarHonorary CésarIngrid BergmanDiana RossHenri LangloisJacques TatiRobert DorfmannRené GoscinnyMarcel CarnéCharles VanelWalt DisneyPierre BraunbergerLouis De FunèsKirk DouglasMarcel PagnolAlain ResnaisGeorges DancigersAlexandre MnouchkineAndrzej WajdaRaimuRené ClémentGeorges De BeauregardEdwige FeuillèreChristian-JaqueDanielle DarrieuxAlain PoiréMaurice JarreBette DavisJean DelannoyClaude LanzmannJean-Luc GodardSerge SilbermanBernard BlierPaul GrimaultGérard PhilipeJean-Pierre AumontSophia LorenMichèle MorganSylvester StalloneJean MaraisMarcello MastroianniGérard OuryJean CarmetJeanne MoreauGregory PeckSteven SpielbergLauren BacallHenri VerneuilCharles AznavourAndie MacDowellMichael DouglasClint EastwoodJean-Luc GodardPedro AlmodóvarJohnny DeppJean RochefortJosiane BalaskoGeorges CravenneJean-Pierre LéaudMartin ScorseseDarry CowlCharlotte RamplingAgnès VardaAnouk AiméeJeremy IronsClaude RichBernadette LafontSpike LeeMicheline PresleJacques DutroncWill SmithHugh GrantPierre RichardMarlène JobertJude LawJeanne MoreauRoberto BenigniDustin HoffmanHarrison FordQuentin TarantinoKate WinsletKevin CostnerScarlett JohanssonSean PennMichael DouglasGeorge ClooneyTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2010sTemplate Talk:Kennedy Center Honorees 2010sKennedy Center HonorsMerle HaggardJerry HermanBill T. JonesPaul McCartneyOprah WinfreyBarbara CookNeil DiamondYo-Yo MaSonny RollinsBuddy GuyDustin HoffmanDavid LettermanLed ZeppelinNatalia MakarovaMartina ArroyoHerbie HancockBilly JoelShirley MacLaineCarlos SantanaAl GreenTom HanksPatricia McBrideSting (musician)Lily TomlinCarole KingGeorge LucasRita MorenoSeiji OzawaCicely TysonMartha ArgerichEagles (band)Al PacinoMavis StaplesJames TaylorCarmen De LavalladeGloria EstefanLL Cool JNorman LearLionel RichieKennedy Center HonorsTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1970sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1980sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 1990sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2000sTemplate:Kennedy Center Honorees 2010sTemplate:London Film Critics Circle Award For Actress Of The YearTemplate Talk:London Film Critics Circle Award For Actress Of The YearLondon Film Critics' Circle Award For Actress Of The YearSusan SarandonJudy DavisHolly HunterLinda FiorentinoNicole KidmanFrances McDormandClaire DanesCate BlanchettAnnette BeningJulia RobertsNicole KidmanStockard ChanningJulianne MooreImelda StauntonNaomi WattsMarion CotillardKate WinsletMo'NiqueAnnette BeningAnna PaquinEmmanuelle RivaCate BlanchettJulianne MooreCharlotte RamplingIsabelle HuppertTemplate:Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best ActressTemplate Talk:Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best ActressLos Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best ActressFlorinda BolkanLiv UllmannShelley DuvallJane FondaSally FieldSissy SpacekShirley MacLaineKathleen TurnerSandrine BonnaireHolly HunterSally KirklandChristine LahtiAndie MacDowellMichelle PfeifferAnjelica HustonMercedes RuehlEmma ThompsonHolly HunterJessica LangeElisabeth ShueBrenda BlethynHelena Bonham CarterFernanda MontenegroAlly SheedyHilary SwankJulia RobertsSissy SpacekJulianne MooreNaomi WattsImelda StauntonVera FarmigaHelen MirrenMarion CotillardSally HawkinsYolande MoreauKim Hye-jaYoon Jeong-heeJennifer LawrenceEmmanuelle RivaCate BlanchettAdèle ExarchopoulosPatricia ArquetteCharlotte RamplingIsabelle HuppertSally HawkinsTemplate:Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best Supporting ActressTemplate Talk:Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best Supporting ActressLos Angeles Film Critics Association Award For Best Supporting ActressVanessa RedgraveMaureen StapletonMona WashbourneMary SteenburgenMaureen StapletonGlenn CloseLinda HuntPeggy AshcroftAnjelica HustonCathy TysonDianne WiestOlympia DukakisGeneviève BujoldBrenda FrickerLorraine BraccoJane HorrocksJudy DavisAnna PaquinRosie PerezDianne WiestJoan AllenBarbara HersheyJulianne MooreJoan AllenChloë SevignyFrances McDormandKate WinsletEdie FalcoShohreh AghdashlooVirginia MadsenCatherine KeenerLuminița GheorghiuAmy RyanPenélope CruzMo'NiqueJacki WeaverJessica ChastainAmy AdamsLupita Nyong'oAgata KuleszaAlicia VikanderLily GladstoneLaurie MetcalfTemplate:MTV Movie Award For Best VillainTemplate Talk:MTV Movie Award For Best VillainMTV Movie Award For Best VillainRebecca De MornayJennifer Jason LeighAlicia SilverstoneDennis HopperKevin SpaceyJim CarreyMike MyersMatt DillonStephen DorffMike MyersJim CarreyDenzel WashingtonDaveigh ChaseLucy LiuBen StillerHayden ChristensenJack NicholsonJohnny DeppHeath LedgerTom FeltonTom FeltonJennifer AnistonTom HiddlestonMila KunisAdam DriverJeffrey Dean MorganTemplate:National Board Of Review Award For Best ActressTemplate Talk:National Board Of Review Award For Best ActressNational Board Of Review Award For Best ActressJoan CrawfordAnna MagnaniCelia JohnsonOlivia De HavillandGloria SwansonJan SterlingShirley BoothJean SimmonsGrace KellyAnna MagnaniDorothy McGuireJoanne WoodwardIngrid BergmanSimone SignoretGreer GarsonGeraldine PageAnne BancroftPatricia NealKim StanleyJulie ChristieElizabeth TaylorEdith EvansLiv UllmannGeraldine PageGlenda JacksonIrene PapasCicely TysonLiv UllmannGena RowlandsIsabelle AdjaniLiv UllmannAnne BancroftIngrid BergmanSally FieldSissy SpacekGlenda JacksonShirley MacLainePeggy AshcroftWhoopi GoldbergKathleen TurnerLillian GishHolly HunterJodie FosterMichelle PfeifferMia FarrowGeena DavisSusan SarandonEmma ThompsonHolly HunterMiranda RichardsonEmma ThompsonFrances McDormandHelena Bonham CarterFernanda MontenegroJanet McTeerJulia RobertsHalle BerryJulianne MooreDiane KeatonAnnette BeningFelicity HuffmanHelen MirrenJulie ChristieAnne HathawayCarey MulliganLesley ManvilleTilda SwintonJessica ChastainEmma ThompsonJulianne MooreBrie LarsonAmy AdamsTemplate:National Board Of Review Award For Best Supporting ActressTemplate Talk:National Board Of Review Award For Best Supporting ActressNational Board Of Review Award For Best Supporting ActressNina FochMarjorie RambeauDebbie ReynoldsSybil ThorndikeKay WalshEdith EvansShirley JonesRuby DeeAngela LansburyMargaret RutherfordEdith EvansJoan BlondellVivien MerchantMarjorie RhodesVirginia MaskellPamela FranklinKaren BlackCloris LeachmanMarisa BerensonSylvia SidneyValerie PerrineRonee BlakleyTalia ShireDiane KeatonAngela LansburyEva Le GallienneMona WashbourneGlenn CloseLinda HuntSabine AzémaAnjelica HustonDianne WiestOlympia DukakisFrances McDormandMary Stuart MastersonWinona RyderKate NelliganJudy DavisWinona RyderRosemary HarrisMira SorvinoJuliette BinocheKristin Scott ThomasAnne HecheChristina RicciJulianne MooreLupe OntiverosCate BlanchettKathy BatesPatricia ClarksonLaura LinneyGong LiCatherine O'HaraAmy RyanPenélope CruzAnna KendrickJacki WeaverShailene WoodleyAnn DowdOctavia SpencerJessica ChastainJennifer Jason LeighNaomie HarrisLaurie MetcalfTemplate:National Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActressTemplate Talk:National Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActressNational Society Of Film Critics Award For Best ActressSylvie (actress)Bibi AnderssonLiv UllmannVanessa RedgraveGlenda JacksonJane FondaCicely TysonLiv UllmannLiv UllmannIsabelle AdjaniSissy SpacekDiane KeatonIngrid BergmanSally FieldSissy SpacekMarília PêraDebra WingerVanessa RedgraveVanessa RedgraveChloe WebbEmily LloydJudy DavisMichelle PfeifferAnjelica HustonAlison SteadmanEmma ThompsonHolly HunterJennifer Jason LeighElisabeth ShueEmily WatsonJulie ChristieAlly SheedyReese WitherspoonLaura LinneyNaomi WattsDiane LaneCharlize TheronImelda StauntonHilary SwankReese WitherspoonHelen MirrenJulie ChristieSally HawkinsYolande MoreauGiovanna MezzogiornoKirsten DunstEmmanuelle RivaCate BlanchettMarion CotillardCharlotte RamplingIsabelle HuppertSally HawkinsTemplate:National Society Of Film Critics Award For Best Supporting ActressTemplate Talk:National Society Of Film Critics Award For Best Supporting ActressNational Society Of Film Critics Award For Best Supporting ActressMarjorie RhodesBillie WhitelawSiân PhillipsDelphine SeyrigLois SmithEllen BurstynJeannie BerlinValentina CorteseBibi AnderssonLily TomlinJodie FosterAnn WedgeworthMary SteenburgenMaureen StapletonJessica LangeSandra BernhardMelanie GriffithAnjelica HustonDianne WiestKathy BakerMercedes RuehlAnjelica HustonAnnette BeningJane HorrocksJudy DavisMadeleine StoweDianne WiestJoan AllenBarbara HersheyJulianne MooreJudi DenchChloë SevignyElaine MayHelen MirrenPatricia ClarksonPatricia ClarksonVirginia MadsenAmy AdamsCate BlanchettHanna SchygullaMo'NiqueOlivia WilliamsJessica ChastainAmy AdamsJennifer LawrencePatricia ArquetteKristen StewartMichelle Williams (actress)Laurie MetcalfTemplate:New York Film Critics Circle Award For Best ActressTemplate Talk:New York Film Critics Circle Award For Best ActressNew York Film Critics Circle Award For Best ActressGreta GarboLuise RainerGreta GarboMargaret SullavanVivien LeighKatharine HepburnJoan FontaineAgnes MooreheadIda LupinoTallulah BankheadIngrid BergmanCelia JohnsonDeborah KerrOlivia De HavillandOlivia De HavillandBette DavisVivien LeighShirley BoothAudrey HepburnGrace KellyAnna MagnaniIngrid BergmanDeborah KerrSusan HaywardAudrey HepburnDeborah KerrSophia LorenPatricia NealKim StanleyJulie ChristieElizabeth TaylorLynn RedgraveEdith EvansJoanne WoodwardJane FondaGlenda JacksonJane FondaLiv UllmannJoanne WoodwardLiv UllmannIsabelle AdjaniLiv UllmannDiane KeatonIngrid BergmanSally FieldSissy SpacekGlenda JacksonShirley MacLainePeggy AshcroftNorma AleandroSissy SpacekHolly HunterMichelle PfeifferJoanne WoodwardJodie FosterEmma ThompsonHolly HunterLinda FiorentinoJennifer Jason LeighEmily WatsonJulie ChristieCameron DiazHilary SwankLaura LinneySissy SpacekDiane LaneHope DavisImelda StauntonReese WitherspoonHelen MirrenJulie ChristieSally HawkinsAnnette BeningRachel WeiszCate BlanchettMarion CotillardSaoirse RonanIsabelle HuppertSaoirse RonanTemplate:New York Film Critics Circle Award For Best Supporting ActressTemplate Talk:New York Film Critics Circle Award For Best Supporting ActressNew York Film Critics Circle Award For Best Supporting ActressDyan CannonKaren BlackEllen BurstynJeannie BerlinValentina CorteseValerie PerrineLily TomlinTalia ShireSissy SpacekMaureen StapletonMary SteenburgenMona WashbourneJessica LangeLinda HuntChristine LahtiAnjelica HustonDianne WiestVanessa RedgraveDiane VenoraLena OlinJennifer Jason LeighJudy DavisMiranda RichardsonGong LiDianne WiestMira SorvinoCourtney LoveJoan CusackLisa KudrowCatherine KeenerMarcia Gay HardenHelen MirrenPatricia ClarksonShohreh AghdashlooVirginia MadsenMaria BelloJennifer HudsonAmy RyanPenélope CruzMo'NiqueMelissa LeoJessica ChastainSally FieldJennifer LawrencePatricia ArquetteKristen StewartMichelle Williams (actress)Tiffany HaddishTemplate:Satellite Award Best Actress Motion PictureTemplate Talk:Satellite Award Best Actress Motion PictureSatellite Award For Best Actress – Motion PictureGwyneth PaltrowHelen HuntChristina RicciJanet McTeerRenée ZellwegerNicole KidmanJennifer WestfeldtDiane KeatonAnnette BeningReese WitherspoonEllen PageSally HawkinsAnne HathawayFrances McDormandJudi DenchCate BlanchettHilary SwankEllen BurstynSissy SpacekDiane LaneCharlize TheronHilary SwankFelicity HuffmanHelen MirrenMarion CotillardAngelina JolieShohreh AghdashlooNoomi RapaceViola DavisJennifer LawrenceCate BlanchettJulianne MooreSaoirse RonanIsabelle HuppertRuth NeggaTemplate:Satellite Award Best Actress Television Miniseries Or FilmTemplate Talk:Satellite Award Best Actress Television Miniseries Or FilmSatellite Award For Best Actress – Miniseries Or Television FilmHelen MirrenJennifer BealsAngelina JolieLinda HamiltonJill HennessyJudy DavisVanessa WilliamsDianne WiestKristen BellJudy DavisSamantha MortonJudi DenchDrew BarrymoreClaire DanesKate WinsletJulianne MooreElisabeth MossFrances McDormandSarah HaySarah PaulsonTemplate:Satellite Award For Best Cast – Motion PictureTemplate Talk:Satellite Award For Best Cast – Motion PictureSatellite Award For Best Cast – Motion PictureSidewaysThomas Haden ChurchPaul GiamattiVirginia MadsenSandra OhCrash (2004 Film)LudacrisSandra BullockDon CheadleMatt DillonJennifer EspositoWilliam FichtnerBrendan FraserTerrence HowardThandie NewtonRyan PhillippeLarenz TateThe DepartedAnthony AndersonAlec BaldwinMatt DamonLeonardo DiCaprioVera FarmigaJack NicholsonMartin SheenMark WahlbergRay WinstoneBefore The Devil Knows You're DeadAlbert FinneyRosemary HarrisEthan HawkePhilip Seymour HoffmanBrían F. 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