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Duties and powers[edit] Los Angeles has a strong mayor council form of government, giving the mayor the position of chief executive of the city. The mayor is given the authority to appoint general managers and commissioners, remove officials from city posts, and is required to propose a budget each year. Most of the mayor's appointments and proposals are subject to approval by the Los Angeles City Council, but the mayor has the power of veto or approval of City Council legislation.[3] The organization of the mayor's office changes with administration, but is almost always governed by a chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, director of communications, and several deputy mayors. Each mayor also organizes his office into different offices, usually containing the Los Angeles Housing Team, Los Angeles Business Team, International Trade Office, Mayor's Volunteer Corps, and Office of Immigrant Affairs, among other divisions.[4] The mayor has an office in the Los Angeles City Hall[5] and resides at the Mayor's Mansion, Getty House, located in Windsor Square in Hancock Park.[6] As of Fiscal Year 2015–16, the salary for the mayor is set at $239,993.[7]

Election[edit] See also: List of Los Angeles municipal election returns The mayor is elected in citywide election. Elections follow a two-round system. The first round of the election is called the primary election. The candidate receiving a majority of the vote in the primary is elected outright. If no candidate receives a majority, the top two candidates advance to a runoff election, called the general election. The City Charter allows for write-in candidates for the primary election, but not for the runoff in the general election. The mayor is elected to a four-year term, with a limit of two consecutive terms.[8] The office of Mayor is officially nonpartisan by state law, although most mayoral candidates identify a party preference.[9] Elections for mayor were held in odd-numbered years from 1909 until 2013. In October 2014, the Los Angeles City Council recommended consolidating city elections with gubernatorial and presidential elections in even-numbered years in an effort to increase turnout.[10][11] On March 3, 2015, voters passed a charter amendment to extend the term of the mayor elected in 2017 to five-and-a-half years. From 2022 and onward, mayoral elections will be consolidated with the statewide gubernatorial elections held every four years.[12] The most recent election was held in March 2017. Incumbent mayor Eric Garcetti was re-elected for a second term.

Succession[edit] In the case of an office vacancy, the City Council has a choice to appoint a new mayor or to hold a special election. The replacement, if appointed, will serve until the next regularly scheduled primary for a city general election. If any portion remains on the term, a special election will be held to elect a candidate to serve the remainder of the term.[8] The mayor is subject to recall by registered voters if at least 15 percent of eligible voters sign a recall petition within 120 days of the first day of circulation. If the petition is successful, a special election is held asking whether the incumbent should be removed and who among a list of candidates should replace the incumbent. If the recall is successful, the replacement candidate with the majority of votes succeeds the ousted incumbent. If no replacement candidate receives a majority of the votes, a special runoff election is held between the top two candidates.[8]

List[edit] For pre-statehood mayors, see List of pre-statehood mayors of Los Angeles, California. As of March 2018, 42 individuals have served as mayor of Los Angeles since its incorporation as a city in the state of California. Six individuals served non-consecutive terms, the first of which began in 1854 and the last of which ended in 1921. Those who served non-consecutive terms are only counted once in the official count of mayoralties. Stephen Clark Foster was also appointed as mayor in 1848 prior to California statehood and official incorporation of the City. The longest term was that of Tom Bradley, who served for 20 years over five terms prior to the establishment of successive term limits. The shortest term, not counting city council presidents serving as acting mayor, was that of William Stephens, who was appointed to serve for less than two weeks after Arthur Cyprian Harper resigned from office. Two mayors died in office: Henry Mellus and Frederick A. MacDougall. Three Hispanics have served as mayor since incorporation: Antonio F. Coronel, Cristobal Aguilar, and Antonio Villaraigosa. Many other Hispanics served as mayor prior to California joining the United States including Manuel Requena, who also briefly served as acting mayor post-statehood in his role as city council president. Tom Bradley is the only African American to have served as mayor, but was the city's longest serving mayor. Two French Canadians have served as mayor, including Damien Marchesseault, who served for three distinct periods, and Prudent Beaudry. This list includes three city council presidents who served as acting mayor due to a vacancy in the office of the mayor but who were not officially appointed as mayor. The council presidents are not included in the count of mayors. Stephen Clark Foster, 5th mayor, was also appointed mayor in 1848 prior to the city's official incorporation. Prudent Beaudry, 13th mayor, was the second French-Canadian in the office, the first being Damien Marchesseault. Meredith Snyder, 23rd mayor, served three separate terms. Fred Eaton, 24th mayor, was instrumental in developing the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Tom Bradley, 38th mayor, was the city's longest-serving mayor. # Mayor Term start Term end Terms   Party 01 !1 Alpheus P. Hodges July 1, 1850 May 7, 1851 1 02 !2 Benjamin Davis Wilson May 7, 1851 May 4, 1852 1 03 !3 John G. Nichols May 4, 1852 May 3, 1853 1 Democratic 04 !4 Antonio F. Coronel May 3, 1853 May 4, 1854 1 Democratic 05 !5 Stephen C. Foster (2nd)[a] May 4, 1854 January 13, 1855 .5 !​1⁄2[b] Democratic 06 !— (vacant) January 13, 1855 January 25, 1855 .1 !N/A[b] 07 !(5) Stephen C. Foster (3rd)[c] January 25, 1855 May 9, 1855 .5 !​1⁄2[b] Democratic 08 !6 Dr. Thomas Foster May 9, 1855 May 7, 1856 1 Democratic 09 !(5) Stephen C. Foster (4th)[c] May 7, 1856 September 22, 1856 .5 !​1⁄2[d] Democratic 10 !— Manuel Requena† (3rd)[e] September 22, 1856 October 4, 1856 .2 !Partial[d] Republican 11 !(3) John G. Nichols (2nd)[c] October 4, 1856 May 9, 1859 ​2 1⁄2 Democratic 12 !7 Damien Marchesseault May 9, 1859 May 9, 1860 1 Democratic 13 !8 Henry Mellus May 9, 1860 December 26, 1860 .5 !​1⁄2[f] Democratic 14 !— Wallace Woodworth† December 26, 1860 January 7, 1861 .2 !Partial[f] Democratic 15 !(7) Damien Marchesseault (2nd)[c] January 7, 1861 May 6, 1865 ​4 1⁄2 Democratic 16 !9 Jose Mascarel May 5, 1865 May 10, 1866 1 Republican 17 !10 Cristóbal Aguilar May 10, 1866 May 8, 1867 1 Democratic 18 !(7) Damien Marchesseault (3rd)[c] May 8, 1867 August 8, 1867 .2 !Partial[g] Democratic 19 !(10) Cristóbal Aguilar (2nd)[c] August 8, 1867 December 7, 1868 1[g] Democratic 20 !11 Joel Turner December 9, 1868 December 9, 1870 2 Democratic 21 !(10) Cristóbal Aguilar (3rd)[c] December 9, 1870 December 5, 1872 2 Democratic 22 !12 James R. Toberman December 5, 1872 December 18, 1874 2 Democratic 23 !13 Prudent Beaudry December 18, 1874 December 8, 1876 2 24 !14 Frederick A. MacDougall December 8, 1876 November 16, 1878 2[h] Democratic 25 !— (vacant) November 16, 1878 November 21, 1878 .1 !N/A[h] 26 !15 Bernard Cohn November 21, 1878 December 5, 1878 .2 !Partial[h] Democratic 27 !(12) James R. Toberman (2nd)[c] December 5, 1878 December 9, 1882 4 Democratic 28 !16 Cameron E. Thom December 9, 1882 December 9, 1884 2 Democratic 29 !17 Edward F. Spence December 9, 1884 December 14, 1886 2 Republican 30 !18 William H. Workman December 14, 1886 December 10, 1888 2 Democratic 31 !19 John Bryson December 10, 1888 February 25, 1889 1[i] Democratic 32 !20 Henry T. Hazard February 25, 1889 December 5, 1892 2 Republican 33 !— William H. Bonsall† December 5, 1892 December 12, 1892 .2 !Partial[j] Republican 34 !21 Thomas E. Rowan December 12, 1892 December 12, 1894 1 Democratic 35 !22 Frank Rader December 12, 1894 December 16, 1896 1 Republican 36 !23 Meredith P. Snyder December 16, 1896 December 15, 1898 1 Democratic 37 !24 Fred Eaton December 15, 1898 December 12, 1900 1 Republican 38 !(23) Meredith P. Snyder (2nd)[c] December 12, 1900 December 8, 1904 2 Democratic 39 !25 Owen McAleer December 8, 1904 December 13, 1906 1 Republican 40 !26 Arthur C. Harper December 13, 1906 March 11, 1909 .5 !​1⁄2[k] Democratic 41 !27 William D. Stephens March 15, 1909 March 26, 1909 .2 !Partial[k] Republican 42 !28 George Alexander March 26, 1909 July 1, 1913 ​2 1⁄2 Democratic 43 !29 Henry R. Rose July 1, 1913 July 1, 1915 1 Republican 44 !30 Charles E. Sebastian July 1, 1915 September 2, 1916 .5 !​1⁄2[l] Democratic 45 !31 Frederick T. Woodman September 5, 1916 July 1, 1919 ​1 1⁄2[l] Republican 46 !(23) Meredith P. Snyder (3rd)[c] July 1, 1919 July 1, 1921 1 Democratic 47 !32 George E. Cryer July 1, 1921 July 1, 1929 3 Republican 48 !33 John C. Porter July 1, 1929 July 1, 1933 1 Democratic 49 !34 Frank L. Shaw July 1, 1933 September 26, 1938 ​1 1⁄2[m] Republican[13] 50 !35 Fletcher Bowron September 26, 1938 July 1, 1953 ​3 1⁄2[m] Republican 51 !36 C. Norris Poulson July 1, 1953 July 1, 1961 2 Republican 52 !37 Samuel W. Yorty July 1, 1961 July 1, 1973 3 Democratic 53 !38 Thomas Bradley July 1, 1973 July 1, 1993 5 Democratic 54 !39 Richard J. Riordan July 1, 1993 July 1, 2001 2 Republican 55 !40 James K. Hahn July 1, 2001 July 1, 2005 1 Democratic 56 !41 Antonio Villaraigosa July 1, 2005 July 1, 2013 2 Democratic 57 !42 Eric Garcetti July 1, 2013 incumbent 2 Democratic † Council presidents who temporarily served as acting mayor in case of a vacancy but were not officially appointed to the position are not included in the count of mayors.

Other offices held[edit] The following is a list of congressional, gubernatorial and other offices held by mayors, before or after their term(s). Mayor Mayoral term Other offices held References Wilson, Benjamin DavisBenjamin Davis Wilson 1851–1852 California State Senator (1855–1857 & 1869–1872) [14] Thom, Cameron E.Cameron E. Thom 1882–1884 California State Senator (1859–1860) [15] Spence, Edward FallesEdward Falles Spence 1884–1886 California State Assemblyman (1860) [16] Hazard, Henry T.Henry T. Hazard 1889–1892 California State Assemblyman (1882–1888) [17] Stephens, WilliamWilliam Stephens 1909 U.S. Representative from California (1911–1916) Lieutenant Governor of California (1916–1917) Governor of California (1917–1923) [18] Poulson, NorrisNorris Poulson 1953–1961 California State Assemblyman (1938–1942) U.S. Representative from California (1943–1945 & 1947–1953) [19] Yorty, SamSam Yorty 1961–1973 California State Assemblyman (1936–1940 & 1949–1950) U.S. Representative from California (1951–1955) [20] Villaraigosa, AntonioAntonio Villaraigosa 2005–2013 California State Assemblyman (1994–2000) Speaker of the California State Assembly (1998–2000) [21][22]

Living former mayors[edit] As of March 2018, three former mayors were alive, the oldest being Richard J. Riordan (1993–2001, born 1930). The most recent mayor to die was Thomas Bradley (1973–1993), on September 29, 1998. Name Mayoral term Date of birth Richard J. Riordan 1993–2001 (1930-05-01) May 1, 1930 (age 87) James K. Hahn 2001–2005 (1950-07-03) July 3, 1950 (age 67) Antonio Villaraigosa 2005-2013 (1953-01-23) January 23, 1953 (age 65)

See also[edit] Los Angeles portal History of Los Angeles Timeline of Los Angeles

Notes[edit] a Stephen Clark Foster previously served as mayor of Los Angeles under United States military rule prior to official incorporation.[23] b On January 13, 1855, Stephen Clark Foster resigned as mayor to lead a lynch mob. After the lynching, Foster was reelected as mayor in a special election and returned to office for the remainder of his term.[23] c In cases where the same person served non-consecutive terms as mayor, the city only counts one mayoralty. d On September 22, 1856, Stephen Clark Foster resigned as mayor to attend to the executorship of the estate of his brother-in-law.[23] City Council president Manuel Requena served as acting mayor until a special election could be held. Requena's term as acting mayor is not counted as an official mayoralty.[24] e Manuel Requena previously served two terms as Alcalde of Los Angeles under Independent Mexican rule prior to California statehood in the United States.[24] f On December 26, 1860, Henry Mellus died in office. City Council president Wallace Woodworth served as acting mayor until a special election could be held. Woodworth's term as acting mayor is not counted as an official mayoralty. g On May 8, 1867, Damien Marchesseault assumed the office of mayor, interrupting the term of Cristóbal Aguilar. After three months, Marchesseault was deposed and Aguilar was restored as mayor. h On November 16, 1878, Frederick A. MacDougal died in office. Bernard Cohn was appointed as mayor until a special election could be held.[25] i John Bryson's term lasted a little over two months before he was legislated out of service with the adoption of a new city charter. j City Council president William Hartshorn Bonsall served as acting mayor for a week during the vacancy between the terms of Henry T. Hazard and Thomas E. Rowan. Bonsall's term as acting mayor is not counted as an official mayoralty. k On March 11, 1909 Arthur Harper was forced to resign in the wake of a recall drive. William Stephens was appointed mayor for less than two weeks until a new election could be held. l On September 2, 1916, Charles Sebastian resigned as mayor amid personal scandal. Frederick Woodman was appointed to finish the balance of Sebastian's term and later was elected to a full term in his own right. m On September 16, 1938 Frank Shaw was successfully recalled from office amid allegations of corruption. Fletcher Bowron was elected to take Shaw's place.

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External links[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mayors of Los Angeles. Official City of Los Angeles : Office of Mayor website City of Los Angeles Officials Database v t e Mayors of Los Angeles S. Foster1 Hodges Wilson Nichols Coronel S. Foster T. Foster S. Foster Requena2 Nichols Marchesseault Mellus Woodworth2 Marchesseault Mascarel Aguilar Turner Aguilar Toberman Beaudry MacDougall Cohn Toberman Thom Spence Workman Bryson Hazard Bonsall2 Rowan Rader Snyder Eaton Snyder McAleer Harper Stephens Alexander Rose Sebastian Woodman Snyder Cryer Porter Shaw Bowron Poulson Yorty Bradley Riordan Hahn Villaraigosa Garcetti 1 Prior to city incorporation 2 City Council president serving as acting mayor v t e Government of Los Angeles City Hall City Council District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9 District 10 District 11 District 12 District 13 District 14 District 15 Departments Emergency Preparedness Fire General Services Police (LAGSPD) Housing Libraries Police (LAPD) Recreation and Parks Port Transportation Water and Power Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Elections General 2009 2011 Mayoral 1896 1898 1900 1902 1904 1906 1909 (M) 1909 (N) 1911 1913 1915 1917 1919 1921 1923 1925 1929 1933 1937 1938 1941 1945 1949 1953 1957 1961 1965 1969 1973 1977 1981 1985 1989 1993 1997 2001 2005 2009 2013 2017 City attorney 2009 Officials Elected Mayor City Attorney City Controller Appointed City Clerk Public Defender City Administrative Officer (CAO) Director of Finance City Treasurer Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) Chief Technology Officer Chief Data Officer Deputies to Elected Officials School Districts Los Angeles Unified School District Las Virgenes Unified School District v t e City of Los Angeles Topics History Timeline Transportation Culture Landmarks Historic sites Skyscrapers Demographics Crime Sports Media Music Notable people Lists Government Flag Mayors City Council (President) Other elected officials Airport DWP Fire Department Police Public schools Libraries Port Transportation LA Regions Crescenta Valley Downtown Eastside Harbor Area Greater Hollywood Northeast LA Northwest LA San Fernando Valley South LA Westside Wilshire Mid-City West Mid-Wilshire Retrieved from "" Categories: Mayors of Los AngelesLists of mayors of places in CaliforniaLos Angeles-related listsGovernment of Los AngelesHistory of Los AngelesPoliticians from the Greater Los Angeles AreaHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksCS1: Julian–Gregorian uncertaintyArticles with hCards

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