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History[edit] Founding of the Pueblo[edit] Main article: Pueblo de Los Angeles Plaza in 1869 A plaque across from the Old Plaza commemorates the founding of the city. It states: "On September 4, 1781, eleven families of pobladores (44 persons including children) arrived at this place from the Gulf of California to establish a pueblo which was to become the City of Los Angeles. This colonization ordered by King Carlos III was carried out under the direction of Governor Felipe de Neve." The small town received the name El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles sobre El Rio Porciúncula, Spanish for The Town of Our Lady Queen of the Angels on the Porciuncula River. The original pueblo was built to the southeast of the current plaza along the Los Angeles River. In 1815, a flood washed away the original pueblo, and it was rebuilt farther from the river at the location of the current plaza.[2] Growth of the Pueblo[edit] Main article: History of Los Angeles, California Inscription on historical marker "EL PUEBLO DE NUESTRA SEÑORA LA REINA DE LOS ÁNGELES FELIPE DE NEVE SEPTEMBER FOURTH 1781" During its first 70 years, the Pueblo grew slowly from 44 in 1781 to 1,615 in 1850—an average of about 25 persons per year. During this period, the Plaza Historic District was the Pueblo's commercial and social center. In 1850, shortly after California became part of the United States, Los Angeles was incorporated as a city. It experienced a major boom in the 1880s and 1890s, as its population grew from 11,200 (1880) to 50,400 (1890) and 102,500 in 1900. As the City grew, the commercial and cultural center began to move south away from the Plaza, along Spring Street and Main Street. In 1891, the Los Angeles Times reported on the shifting city center: "The geographical center of Los Angeles is the old plaza, but that has long since ceased to be the center of population. ... While at one time most of the population was north of the plaza, during the past ten years 90 per cent of the improvements have gone up in the southern half of the city. ... These are solid facts which it is useless to attempt to ignore by playing the ostrich acts and level-headed property holders in the northern part of the city are beginning to ask themselves seriously what is to be done to arrest or at least delay the steady march of the business section from the old to the new plaza on Sixth Street ..."[3]

Preservation as a historic park[edit] The Old Plaza around 1930 The 44 acres (180,000 m2) surrounding the Plaza and constituting the old pueblo have been preserved as a historic park roughly bounded by Spring, Macy, Alameda and Arcadia streets, and Cesar Chavez Boulevard (formerly Sunset Boulevard). There is a visitors center in the Sepúlveda House. A volunteer organization known as Las Angelitas del Pueblo provides tours of the district. The district includes the city's oldest historic structures clustered around the old plaza. The buildings of historical significance include Nuestra Señora La Reina de Los Ángeles Church (1822), Avila Adobe (1818) (the city's oldest surviving residence), the Olvera Street market, Pico House (1870), and the Old Plaza Fire Station (1884). Four of the buildings have been restored and are operated as museums.[4] In addition, archaeological excavations in the Pueblo have uncovered artifacts from the long indigenous period before European contact and colonization. These include animal bones, household goods, tools, bottles, and ceramics.[4] The district was designated as a state monument in 1953,[5] and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. These steps, however, did not prevent the demolition, in the decades to come, of numerous historic and very old buildings, particularly those that once formed the eastern edge of the Plaza.

Major sites[edit] The Plaza[edit] Main article: Los Angeles Plaza Musicians performing at the Plaza At the center of the Historic District is the plaza . It was described in 1982 as "the focal point" of the state historic park, symbolizing the city's birthplace and "separating Olvera Street's touristy bustle from the Pico-Garnier block's empty buildings."[6] Built in the 1820s, the plaza was the city's commercial and social center. It remains the site of many festivals and celebrations. The plaza has large statues of three important figures in the city's history: King Carlos III of Spain, the monarch who ordered the founding of the Pueblo de Los Ángeles in 1780; Felipe de Neve, the Spanish Governor of the Californias who selected the site of the Pueblo and laid out the town; and Junípero Serra, founder and first head of the Alta California missions. In addition to this, the plaza is dedicated to commemorating the original forty-four settlers (Los Pobladores), and the four soldiers who accompanied them. A large plaque listing their names was erected in the plaza, and later plaques dedicated to the individual eleven families were placed in the ground encircling the gazebo in the center of the plaza. La Placita Church[edit] Main article: La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles in early 2007. The parish church in the Plaza Historic District, known as La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles (The Church of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels), was founded in 1814. The structure was completed and dedicated in 1822. The present church, which replaced it, was built in 1861.[7] The church was one of the first three sites designated as Historic Cultural Monuments by the City of Los Angeles,[8] and has also been designated as a California Historical Landmark.[9] Olvera Street[edit] Main article: Olvera Street Entrance to Olvera Street (left), Los Angeles. Olvera Street, known for its Mexican marketplace, was originally known as Wine Street. In 1877, it was extended and renamed in honor of Augustín Olvera, a prominent local judge. Many of the Plaza District's contributing historic buildings, including the Avila Adobe and Sepulveda House, are located on Olvera Street. In 1930, it was adapted by local merchants into the colorful marketplace that operates today. The mural América Tropical (full name: América Tropical: Oprimida y Destrozada por los Imperialismos, or Tropical America: Oppressed and Destroyed by Imperialism,[10]) by David Siqueiros, was unveiled above the street in 1932. It was soon covered up to mask its political content. The Getty Conservation Institute has performed detailed conservation work on the mural to restore it and the America Tropical Interpretive Center opened to provide public access.[11] Avila Adobe[edit] Main article: Avila Adobe Avila Adobe The Avila Adobe was built in 1818 and is the oldest surviving residence in Los Angeles. It is located in the paseo of Olvera Street and was built by Francisco Avila, a wealthy cattle rancher. Its adobe walls are 2½ to 3 feet (0.91 m) thick. U. S. Navy Commodore Robert Stockton took it over as his temporary headquarters when the United States first occupied the city in 1846. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the adobe is also designated as California State Landmark No. 145. Plaza Substation[edit] Main article: Plaza Substation The Plaza Substation was part of the electric streetcar system operated by the Los Angeles Railway. Completed in 1904, the substation provided electricity to power the yellow streetcars. When the streetcar system closed in the 1940s, the building was converted to other uses. The substation is one of the two buildings in the district that is separately listed in the National Register of Historic Places. (The Avila Adobe is the other.) Old Plaza Firehouse[edit] Old Plaza Firehouse The Old Plaza Firehouse is the oldest firehouse in Los Angeles. Built in 1884, it operated as a firehouse until 1897. The building was thereafter used as a saloon, cigar store, poolroom, "seedy hotel", Chinese market, "flop house", and drugstore.[12] The building was restored in the 1950s and opened as a firefighting museum in 1960. Pico House[edit] Main article: Pico House Pico House was a luxury hotel built in 1870 by Pío Pico, a successful businessman who was the last Mexican Governor of Alta California. With indoor plumbing, gas-lit chandeliers, a grand double staircase, lace curtains, and a French restaurant, the Italianate three-story, 33-room hotel was the most elegant hotel in Southern California. It had a total of nearly eighty rooms. The Pico House is listed as a California Historical Landmark (No. 159). Merced Theater[edit] Pico House, Merced Theater and Masonic Hall The Merced Theater, completed in 1870, was built in an Italianate style and operated as a live theatre from 1871 to 1876. When the Woods Opera House opened nearby in 1876, the Merced ceased being the city's leading theatre.[13] Eventually, it gained an "unenviable reputation" because of "the disreputable dances staged there, and was finally closed by the authorities."[14] Masonic Hall[edit] Masonic Hall was built in 1858 as Lodge 42 of the Free and Accepted Masons. The building was a painted brick structure with a symbolic "Masonic eye" below the parapet. In 1868, the Masons moved to larger quarters further south. Afterward, the building was used for many purposes, including a pawn shop and boarding house. It is the oldest building in Los Angeles south of the Plaza. Garnier Building[edit] Garnier Building The Garnier Building was built in 1890 and was part of the city's original Chinatown. The southern portion of the building was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the Hollywood Freeway. The Chinese American Museum is now located in the Garnier Building. Sepulveda House[edit] Sepulveda House Sepulveda House is a 22-room Victorian house built in 1887 in the East lake style. The original structure included two commercial businesses and three residences. Pelanconi House[edit] Pelanconi House, built in the 1850s, is the oldest surviving brick house in Los Angeles.[15] In 1924, it was converted into a restaurant called La Golondrina, which is the oldest restaurant on Olvera Street.[16] Plaza Methodist Church[edit] Built in 1926, the Plaza Methodist Church was built on the site of the adobe once owned by Agustín Olvera, the man for whom Olvera Street was named. Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail[edit] Main article: Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail The Pueblo de Los Ángeles is part of the tour sights of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail, a National Park Service unit in the United States National Historic Trail and National Millennium Trail programs. A driving tour map and list of sites by County can be used to follow the trail.[17] Historical Mural painting[edit] Mural shows important events Various historical events of Los Angeles are depicted in a colourful trompe-l'œil mural painting. Old Spanish National Historic Trail[edit] The Pueblo de Los Ángeles was the final destination of the Old Spanish Trail. It is a site on the Old Spanish National Historic Trail, which was established in 2002. This historic trail does not yet have designated visitor facilities or services. But museums, historic sites, and markers along the Old Spanish Trail identify sites from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. The popular National Park Passport Stamps program is available at many sites along the trail, including the visitor center of the Avila Adobe.

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Town, San DiegoOld San JuanSan Miguel De AllendeCiudad Colonial (Santo Domingo)St. Augustine, FloridaHistoric Centre Of TrujilloViganCathedral Of BogotáTemplate:Spanish MissionsList Of Cathedrals In ArgentinaList Of Cathedrals In BoliviaList Of Cathedrals In ChileList Of Cathedrals In Costa RicaList Of Cathedrals In ColombiaList Of Cathedrals In CubaList Of Cathedrals In The Dominican RepublicList Of Cathedrals In EcuadorList Of Cathedrals In The United StatesList Of Cathedrals In GuatemalaList Of Cathedrals In HondurasList Of Cathedrals In MexicoList Of Cathedrals In NicaraguaList Of Cathedrals In PanamaList Of Cathedrals In ParaguayList Of Cathedrals In The PhilippinesList Of Cathedrals In PeruList Of Cathedrals In The United StatesList Of Cathedrals In The United StatesList Of Cathedrals In The United StatesList Of Cathedrals In The United StatesCathedral Of San FernandoList Of Cathedrals In UruguayList Of Cathedrals In VenezuelaRoman Catholic Churches In BoholChurches Of ChiloéMonasteries On The Slopes Of PopocatépetlPresidioFortifications On The Caribbean Side Of Panama: Portobelo-San LorenzoList Of Forts In Colonial Santo DomingoCamino Real De Tierra AdentroSpanish Colonial Bridges In TayabasHaciendaHaciendas In The Valley Of AmecaCabildo (council)List Of Colonial Universities In Hispanic AmericaList Of The Oldest Schools In The PhilippinesPlazaSpanish Baroque ArchitectureAndean BaroqueChurrigueresqueEarthquake BaroqueNew Spanish BaroqueChilotan ArchitectureMonterey Colonial ArchitectureRenaissance ArchitectureRococoNeoclassical ArchitectureSpanish Colonial Revival ArchitectureMission Revival ArchitectureCategory:Spanish Colonial ArchitectureTemplate:Spanish EmpireTemplate Talk:Spanish EmpireSpanish EmpireCatholic MonarchsHabsburg SpainSpanish Golden AgeEncomiendaNew LawsExpulsion Of The MoriscosEighty Years' WarPortuguese Restoration WarEnlightenment In SpainPeninsular WarSpanish American Wars Of IndependenceSpanish Constitution Of 1812Carlist 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New GranadaViceroyalty Of PeruViceroyalty Of The Río De La PlataReal AudienciaNew Kingdom Of GranadaRoyal Audiencia Of Buenos AiresCaptaincy General Of VenezuelaReal Audiencia Of CharcasReal Audiencia Of ConcepciónReal Audiencia Of CuscoRoyal Audiencia Of GuadalajaraReal Audiencia Of GuatemalaReal Audiencia Of LimaReal Audiencia Of ManilaRoyal Audiencia Of MexicoReal Audiencia Of PanamaReal Audiencia Of QuitoReal Audiencia Of SantiagoReal Audiencia Of Santo DomingoCaptaincies Of The Spanish EmpireCaptaincy General Of ChileCaptaincy General Of CubaCaptaincy General Of GuatemalaCaptaincy General Of The PhilippinesCaptaincy General Of Puerto RicoCaptaincy General Of Santo DomingoCaptaincy General Of VenezuelaCaptaincy General Of YucatánProvincias InternasGovernorates Of The Spanish EmpireCastilla De OroGovernorate Of CubaGovernorate Of New Andalusia (1501–13)Governorate Of New AndalusiaGovernorate Of New CastileGovernorate Of New ToledoGovernorate Of ParaguayGovernorate Of The Río De La PlataCurrency Of Spanish AmericaSpanish DollarSpanish Colonial RealMaravedíSpanish EscudoColumnariosManila GalleonSpanish Treasure FleetCasa De ContrataciónGuipuzcoan Company Of CaracasCamino Real De Tierra AdentroTercioArmy Of FlandersSpanish ArmadaIndian AuxiliariesSpanish LegionFernando Álvarez De Toledo, 3rd Duke Of AlbaAntonio De Leyva, Duke Of TerranovaMartín De GoitiAlfonso D'AvalosGarcía De Toledo Osorio, 4th Marquis Of VillafrancaEmmanuel Philibert, Duke Of SavoyÁlvaro De Bazán The ElderJohn Of AustriaCharles Bonaventure De Longueval, Count Of BucquoyPedro De ZubiaurAmbrogio Spinola, 1st Marquis Of The BalbasesBernardo De GálvezChristopher ColumbusPinzón BrothersFerdinand MagellanJuan Sebastián ElcanoJuan De La CosaJuan Ponce De LeónMiguel López De LegazpiPedro Menéndez De AvilésSebastián De OcampoÁlvar Núñez Cabeza De VacaAlonso De OjedaVasco Núñez De BalboaAlonso De SalazarAndrés De UrdanetaAntonio De UlloaRuy López De VillalobosDiego ColumbusAlonso De ErcillaNicolás De OvandoJuan De AyalaSebastián VizcaínoJuan Fernández (explorer)Felipe González De AhedoConquistadorHernán CortésFrancisco PizarroGonzalo Jiménez De QuesadaHernán Pérez De QuesadaFrancisco Vázquez De CoronadoDiego Velázquez De CuéllarPedro De ValdiviaPedro De AlvaradoMartín De UrsúaDiego De AlmagroPánfilo De NarváezDiego De MazariegosJerónimo Luis De CabreraBattle Of BicoccaBattle Of LandrianoBattle Of PaviaConquest Of Tunis (1535)Battle Of MühlbergBattle Of St. Quentin (1557)Battle Of Gravelines (1558)Great Siege Of MaltaBattle Of LepantoFall Of AntwerpBattle Of Ponta DelgadaSiege Of Mons (1572)Battle Of Gembloux (1578)Siege Of OstendEnglish ArmadaBattle Of Cape CelidoniaBattle Of White MountainSiege Of Breda (1624)Battle Of Nördlingen (1634)Battle Of Valenciennes (1656)Sieges Of Ceuta (1694–1727)Battle Of BitontoBattle Of BailénBattle Of VitoriaBattle Of TétouanAlhucemas LandingBattle Of Capo D'OrsoBattle Of PrevezaSiege Of CastelnuovoAlgiers Expedition (1541)Battle Of CeresoleBattle Of DjerbaConquest Of Tunis (1574)Spanish ArmadaSiege Of LeidenBattle Of RocroiBattle Of The DownsBattle Of Cape PassaroBattle Of TrafalgarBattle Of SomosierraBattle Of AnnualFall Of TenochtitlanBattle Of CajamarcaSiege Of CuscoSpanish Conquest Of The MuiscaBattle Of ReynogüelénBattle Of PencoBattle Of Guadalupe Island (1595)Battle Of San Juan (1595)Battle Of Cartagena De IndiasCuerno VerdeSiege Of PensacolaLa Noche TristeBattle Of TucapelBattle Of ChacabucoBattle Of CaraboboBattle Of AyacuchoCapture Of GuamBattle Of Santiago De CubaBattle Of Manila BayPuerto Rican CampaignConquest Of The Canary IslandsSpanish Conquest Of The Aztec EmpireSpanish Conquest Of The MayaSpanish Conquest Of ChiapasSpanish Conquest Of YucatánSpanish Conquest Of GuatemalaSpanish Conquest Of PeténSpanish Conquest Of El SalvadorSpanish Conquest Of HondurasSpanish Conquest Of NicaraguaSpanish Conquest Of The Chibchan NationsSpanish Conquest Of The MuiscaSpanish Conquest Of The Inca EmpireConquest Of 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