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Franchise history[edit] Main article: History of the Los Angeles Angels 1963–1964. An early logo used by the Los Angeles Angels. The "Los Angeles Angels" name originates from the first Los Angeles-based sports team, the Los Angeles Angels, who took the name "Angels" from the English translation of "Los Angeles", which means "The Angels" in Spanish. The team name started in 1892; in 1903, the team name continued in L.A. through the PCL, which is now a minor league affiliate of MiLB. The Angels franchise of today was established in MLB in 1961 after former owner Gene Autry bought the rights to continue the franchise name from Walter O'Malley, the former Los Angeles Dodgers owner who had acquired the franchise from Phil Wrigley, the owner of the Chicago Cubs at the time. As stated in the book Under the Halo: The Official History of Angels Baseball, "Autry agreed to buy the franchise name for $350,000, and continue the history of the previously popular Pacific Coast League team as his own expansion team in the MLB."[2] After the Angels joined the Major Leagues, some players from the Angels' PCL team joined the Major League Angels in 1961. As an expansion franchise, the club continued in Los Angeles as the "Los Angeles Angels", and played their home games at Los Angeles' Wrigley Field (not to be confused with Chicago's stadium of the same name), which had formerly been the home of the PCL Los Angeles Angels. The Angels were one of two expansion teams established as a result of the 1961 Major League Baseball expansion, along with the second incarnation of the Washington Senators (now Texas Rangers). The team then moved in 1962 to newly built Dodger Stadium, which the Angels referred to as Chavez Ravine, where they were tenants of the Los Angeles Dodgers through 1965. The team's founder, entertainer Gene Autry, owned the franchise for its first 36 years. During Autry's ownership, the team made the playoffs three times, but never won the pennant. The team has gone through several name changes in their history, first changing their name to the California Angels on September 2, 1965, with a month still left in the season, in recognition of their upcoming move to the newly constructed Anaheim Stadium in Anaheim at the start of the 1966 season.[3] When The Walt Disney Company took control of the team in 1997, it extensively renovated Anaheim Stadium, which was then renamed Edison International Field of Anaheim. The City of Anaheim contributed $30 million to the $118 million renovation with a renegotiated lease providing that the names of both the stadium and team contain the word "Anaheim".[4] The team was renamed the Anaheim Angels and became a subsidiary of Disney Sports, Inc. (later renamed Anaheim Sports, Inc.). Under Disney's ownership and the leadership of manager Mike Scioscia, the Angels won their first pennant and World Series championship in 2002. In 2005, new owner Arturo Moreno added "Los Angeles" to the team's name. In compliance with the terms of its lease with the city of Anaheim, which required "Anaheim" be a part of the team's name, the team was renamed the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Fans, residents and the municipal governments of both Anaheim and Los Angeles all objected to the change, with the City of Anaheim pursuing litigation; nevertheless, the change was eventually upheld in court and the city dropped its lawsuit in 2009. The team usually refers to itself as the Angels or Angels Baseball in its home media market, and the words "Los Angeles" and "LAA" do not appear in the stadium, on the Angels' uniforms, or on official team merchandise. Local media in Southern California tend to omit a geographic identifier and refer to the team as the Angels or as the Halos. The Associated Press, the most prominent news service in the U.S., refers to the team as the Los Angeles Angels, the Angels, or Los Angeles. The team refers to itself as the "Los Angeles Angels" on its social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.[5][6][7] In 2013, the team was to officially drop "of Anaheim" from its name, as part of a new Angel Stadium lease negotiated with the Anaheim city government.[8][9][10][11] The deal was never finalized, though as of 2017, most official sources omit the "of Anaheim" suffix and the official MLB Style Guide has referred to the team as simply the Los Angeles Angels since the 2016 season.[12][13][14][15]

Team traditions[edit] The mantra "Win One for the Cowboy" is a staple that is deeply rooted in Angels history for fans. The saying refers to the Angels' founder and previous owner, Gene Autry, who never saw his Angels win a World Series in his 38 years as owner. Years went by as the team experienced many losses just strikes away from American League pennants. By the Angels' first World Series Championship in 2002, Gene Autry had died, but after winning the World Series, Angels player Tim Salmon ran into the home dugout and brought out one of Autry's signature white Stetson hats in honor of the "singing cowboy". Autry's #26 was retired as the 26th man on the field for the Angels. Angel Stadium of Anaheim is nicknamed "The Big A."[16] It has a section in center field nicknamed the "California Spectacular", a formation of artificial rocks made to look like a desert mountain in California. The California Spectacular has a running waterfall, and also shoot fireworks from the rocks before every game; anytime the Angels hit a home run or win a game the fireworks shoot from the rocks as well.[16] Each game begins with the song "Calling All Angels" by Train being played accompanied by a video that shows historical moments in team history, with Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" being played during the team's starting lineup announcement. Anytime the Angels win a game, the saying "Light Up the Halo!", or "Light That Baby Up!" is used in reference to the giant landmark which is a big 230 foot tall A with a halo surrounding the top which lights up every time the Angels win a game.[16] Fans also use the saying, "Just another Halo victory", as the late Angels broadcaster Rory Markas, who would say the catch phrase after each win. The Angels organization was the first North American team to employ the use of thundersticks. The Rally Monkey[edit] The Rally Monkey is a mascot for the Angels which appears if the Angels are losing a game or if the game is tied from the 7th inning on, but sometimes earlier depending on the situation. The Rally Monkey appears on the scoreboard in various movies or pop culture references that have been edited to include him.[citation needed] The Rally Monkey was born in 2000 when the scoreboard showed a clip from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, after which the Angels rallied to win the game. The clip proved to be so popular that the team hired Katie, a white-haired capuchin monkey, to star in original clips for later games. When seen, she jumps up and down to the House of Pain song "Jump Around" and holds a sign that says "RALLY TIME!"[citation needed] The Rally Monkey came to national and worldwide attention during the Angels' appearance in the 2002 World Series against the San Francisco Giants. In the 6th game, the Angels were playing at home, but were trailing the series 3-2 and facing elimination. They were down 5-0 as the game entered the bottom of the 7th inning. Amid fervid rally-monkey themed fan support, the Angels proceeded to score six unanswered runs over the next two innings, winning the game and turning the momentum of the series for good (they went on to clinch the championship in game 7). From 2007 to 2009, the Angels reached the post-season each year, sparking a renewal of the Rally Monkey's popularity.

Rivalries[edit] The Angels have developed many rivalries in and also outside of their division. They include the New York Yankees,[17] Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers,[18] Oakland Athletics, and the neighboring Los Angeles Dodgers. Texas Rangers[edit] The Rangers and Angels rivalry has been said to develop over a domination in the division between the two teams, and also in recent years more animosity between the two teams due to the amount of former players from each team playing for the division rival. Players such as Mike Napoli, Darren Oliver, Vladimir Guerrero, C. J. Wilson, and Josh Hamilton have all been acquisitions the two division rivals have made from one another. In 2012, Wilson played a joke on Napoli, his former teammate, by tweeting his phone number, causing Napoli to exchange words with Wilson.[19] The feuds go back to two incidents between Angels second baseman Adam Kennedy and Rangers catcher Gerald Laird which led to punches being thrown.[20] The two teams have each had a perfect game against each other, including Mike Witt in 1984 at Arlington Stadium and Kenny Rogers in 1994 at The Ballpark in Arlington. New York Yankees[edit] The Angels and Yankees rivalry can be seen as stemming from heated play between the two teams through the years, including several times in the playoffs. For the past 20 years the Angels are also the only team in the majors to have a winning record against the Yankees, especially in 1998 when there was concern from New York sportswriters that the Angels could upset the Yankees in the Division Series. The Angels missed the playoffs, and the Yankees went on to win later that year. The Angels would knock off the Yankees four years later in the 2002 ALDS.[21] Coincidental enough, the former PCL Angels were nicknamed "Yankees West" due to the success the team had, and even held multiple scrimmage games between the two in the old Wrigley Field in Los Angeles during spring training throughout the 30s, 40s, and 50s.[22][23] Los Angeles Dodgers[edit] Main article: Freeway Series The rivalry with the Los Angeles Dodgers has been referred to as the Freeway Series because of the freeway system (mostly via I-5) linking the two teams' home fields.[24] The Freeway Series rivalry developed mostly over the two teams sharing similar regions and fans having been split in Los Angeles, similar to the Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox rivalry, the San Francisco Giants vs. Oakland A's rivalry, or the New York Mets vs. New York Yankees rivalry.

Game attendance[edit] The Angels have drawn more than 3 million fans to the stadium for twelve years straight, and at least 2 million for 17 seasons, and a game average in 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013 of 40,000 fans at each game despite not making the playoffs all four years.[25] This is 2nd in all of MLB, only trailing the New York Yankees. In 2014, the Angels were fifth in the MLB in attendance, with a total of 3,095,935 people.[26] As of 2015, the Angels fans have set 6 Guinness World Records for the largest gatherings of people wearing blankets, wrestling masks, cowboy hats, wigs, Santa hats, superhero capes, and sombreros. They've also set the world record for largest gathering of people with selfie sticks.[27] In 2009, the Angels were voted the number one franchise in professional sports in Fan Value by ESPN magazine.[28] In 2011, ESPN & Fan polls by ESPN ranked the Angels #4 in the best sports franchises, ahead of every Major League team in baseball at #1 and also making it the #1 sports franchise in Los Angeles. The rankings were determined through a combination of sports analysts and fan votes ranking all sports franchises by a combination of average fan attendance, fan relations, "Bang for your Buck" or winning percentage over the past 3 years, ownership, affordability, stadium experience, players effort on the field and likability, coaching, and "Title Track".

Logos and colors[edit] 2002–2004. The second logo under the "Anaheim" name and Disney ownership. The Los Angeles Angels have used ten different logos and three different color combinations throughout their history. Their first two logos depict a baseball with wings and a halo over a baseball diamond with the letters "L" and "A" over it in different styles. The original team colors were the predominantly blue with a red trim. This color scheme would be in effect for most of the franchise's history lasting from 1961 to 1996. On September 2, 1965, with the team still a tenant of the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine, Autry changed its name from the "Los Angeles Angels" to the "California Angels." With the club's 1966 move to Anaheim, the logo changed as well. During the 31 years of being known as the "California Angels", the team kept the previous color scheme, however, their logo did change six times during this period. The first logo under this name was very similar to the previous "LA" logo, the only difference was instead of an interlocking "LA", there was an interlocking "CA." Directly after this from 1971 to 1985, the Angels adopted a logo that had the word "Angels" written on an outline of the State of California. Between the years 1971–1972 the "A" was lower-case while from 1973 to 1985 it was upper-case. It was in 1965, while the stadium was being finished, that Bud Furillo (of the Herald Examiner) coined its nickname, "the Big A" after the tall letter A that once stood beyond left-center field and served as the arena's primary scoreboard (it was later relocated to a section of the parking lot, south-east of the stadium). Angel Stadium of Anaheim In 1986, the Angels adopted the "big A" on top of a baseball as their new logo, with the shadow of California in the background. After the "big A" was done in 1992, the Angels returned to their roots and re-adopted the interlocking "CA" logo with some differences. The Angels used this logo from 1993 to 1996, during that time, the "CA" was either on top of a blue circle or with nothing else. After the renovations of then-Anaheim Stadium and the takeover by the Walt Disney Company, the Angels changed their name to the "Anaheim Angels" along with changing the logo and color scheme. The first logo under Disney removed the halo and had a rather cartoon-like "ANGELS" script with a wing on the "A" over a periwinkle plate and crossed bats. With this change, the Angels' color scheme changed to dark blue and periwinkle. After a run with the "winged" logo from 1997 to 2001, Disney changed the Angels' logo back to a "Big A" with a silver logo over a dark blue baseball diamond. With this logo change, the colors changed to the team's current color scheme: predominantly red with some dark blue and white. When the team's name changed from the "Anaheim Angels" to the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim", the logo changed only slightly, the name "ANAHEIM ANGELS" and the blue baseball diamond were removed leaving only the "Big A." For the 2011 season, as part of the 50th anniversary of the Angels franchise, the halo on the 'Big A' logo temporarily changed colors from silver to old gold, paying tribute to the Angels logos of the past (and also the 50th Anniversary tradition of gold). The uniforms also reflected the change to the gold halo for this season. During the 50th Anniversary season the players wore throwback jerseys at each Friday home game reflecting all the different logos and uniforms previously worn by players. Also, Angels alumni from past seasons threw the ceremonious first pitch at every home game during the 50th Anniversary season. A new patch was added on the uniforms before the 2012 season, featuring a red circle encircling the words "Angels Baseball" and the club logo inside and flanking the year 1961 in the middle, which was the year the Angels franchise was established. With this new patch, the Angels' A with the halo now appears on three different locations of the jersey - the right shoulder, the wordmark, and the left shoulder.

Radio and television[edit] Main article: List of Los Angeles Angels broadcasters As of 2009[update], the Angels' flagship radio station is KLAA 830AM, which is owned by the Angels themselves and ESPN.[29] It replaces KSPN (710 ESPN), on which frequency had aired most Angels games since the team's inception in 1961. That station, then KMPC, aired games from 1961 to 1996. In 1997 & 1998, the flagship station became KIEV (1110AM). In 1999, it was replaced by KLAC for four seasons, including the 2002 World Series season. The Angels 2010 broadcast line-up was thrown into doubt with the death of Rory Markas in January 2010. The Angels had announced in November 2009 that Markas and Mark Gubicza would broadcast Angels' televised games, with Terry Smith and José Mota handling the radio side.[30] At the same time, the Angels announced that Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler would not return to the broadcasting team. On March 3, 2010 it was announced that Victor Rojas will replace Markas.[31] In 2008, KLAA broadcast spring training games on tape delay from the beginning on February 28 to March 9 because of advertiser commitments to some daytime talk shows. Those games were available live only online. Live preseason broadcasts were to begin on March 10.[32] In 2009, KFWB 980AM started broadcasting 110 weekday games, including postseason games, to better reach listeners in Los Angeles County and other areas to the north.[33] All 162 games plus post season games still air on KLAA. In 2010, KSPN 710AM broadcast at least 60 weekday games. This was a partial return to their old station from 2007.[34] Angels radio broadcasts are also in Spanish on KWKW 1330AM and KWKU 1220AM. Fox Sports West holds the exclusive rights to the regional telecasts of approximately 150 Angels home and away games.[35] Fox owned and operated MyNetworkTV affiliate KCOP-TV broadcast select games from 2006 to 2011, but opted to move those games to Fox Sports West in 2012. As all MLB teams, select national Angels telecasts can be found on Fox, ESPN, TBS or MLB Network. During Disney's ownership of the franchise, the company planned to start an ESPN West regional sports network in 1999, which would also carry Anaheim Mighty Ducks ice hockey games, but the plan was abandoned.[36] During the 2009 season, Physioc and Hudler called about 100 games, while Markas and Gubicza had the remaining game telecasts (about 50, depending on ESPN and Fox exclusive national schedules). The split arrangement dated back to the 2007 season, when Mota and Gubicza were the second team. Markas debuted on TV in a three-game series at the Toronto Blue Jays in August 2007. Mota, who is bilingual and the son of former Dodger Manny Mota, has also called Angels games in Spanish, and at one time did analysis from the dugout rather than the usual booth position. All locally broadcast games are produced by FSN regardless of the outlet actually showing the games. Dick Enberg, who broadcast Angels baseball in the 1970s, is the broadcaster most identified with the Angels, using such phrases as "Oh, my!", "Touch 'em all!" after Angel home runs, and "The halo shines tonight!" Other former Angels broadcasters over the past three decades include Buddy Blattner, Don Wells, Dave Niehaus, Don Drysdale, Bob Starr, Joe Torre, Paul Olden, Al Wisk, Al Conin, Mario Impemba, Sparky Anderson, Jerry Reuss, Ken Wilson, Ken Brett, and Ron Fairly. Jerry Coleman also spent time with the Angels organization in the early 1970s as a pre-game and post-game host before joining the San Diego Padres broadcast team. From 1994 until the end of the 2012 season, the public address announcer for most Angels home games was David Courtney, who also served as the public address announcer for the Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Clippers and a traffic reporter for Angels flagship KLAA 830 AM until his death on November 29, 2012,.[37] Starting in the 2013 season, Michael Araujo, the PA Announcer for the LA Galaxy since 2002, was selected as the new public address announcer for the Angels.[38] Anaheim Ducks announcer Phil Hulett serves as the secondary public address announcer.

Film & TV[edit] Walt Disney Pictures remade the 1951 film Angels in the Outfield in 1994 with the California Angels as the team that receives heavenly assistance. The team is also featured in the 1988 comedy film The Naked Gun. The 1990 comedy Taking Care of Business features a world series matchup between the Chicago Cubs and the California Angels. The 1991 movie Talent for the Game features Edward James Olmos as a baseball scout for the California Angels. During Disney's ownership of the Angels, the team was also featured in Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and TV movie Angels in the Infield. Most recently, the Angels and Angel Stadium were featured in season 8 of The Big Bang Theory in an episode titled "The First Pitch Insufficiency".

Season records[edit] Main article: List of Los Angeles Angels seasons

Awards and honors[edit] See also: Los Angeles Angels award winners and league leaders Retired numbers[edit] Jim Fregosi SS, Manager Retired August 1, 1998 Gene Autry Team Founder Retired October 3, 1982 Rod Carew 1B, Coach Retired August 12, 1986 Nolan Ryan P Retired June 16, 1992 Jackie Robinson All MLB Honored April 15, 1997 Jimmie Reese Coach Retired August 2, 1995 No. 26 was retired for Gene Autry to indicate he was the team's "26th Man" (25 is the player limit for any MLB team's active roster, except in September) No. 42 was retired throughout Major League Baseball in 1997 to honor Jackie Robinson. Out of circulation, but not retired[edit] No. 15 has been out of circulation since Tim Salmon's retirement at the end of the 2006 season No. 34 has been out of circulation since Nick Adenhart's untimely death in 2009. Angels Hall of Fame[edit] The Angels have a team Hall of Fame,[39] with the following members: Key Year Year inducted Bold Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame as an Angel Angels Hall of Fame Year No. Name Position(s) Tenure 1988 4 Bobby Grich 2B 1977–1986 1989 11 Jim Fregosi SS Manager 1961–1971 1978–1981 1990 12, 25 Don Baylor DH/LF 1977–1982 1991 29 Rod Carew 1B Coach 1979–1985 1992–1999 1992 30 Nolan Ryan P 1972–1979 1995 50 Jimmie Reese Coach 1972–1994 2009 5, 9 Brian Downing DH/LF/C 1978–1990 31 Chuck Finley P 1986–1999 2011 26 Gene Autry Owner/Founder 1961–1998 2012 2002 World Series Team 2013 29 Bobby Knoop 2B 1964–1969 2015 31 Dean Chance P 1961–1966 15 Tim Salmon RF 1992–2006 39 Mike Witt P 1981–1990 2016 16 Garret Anderson LF 1994–2008 2017 27 Vladimir Guerrero RF/DH 2004–2009 Team captains[edit] Jerry Remy 1977 Don Baylor 1978–1982 Baseball Hall of Fame[edit] As of the 2017 Hall of Fame election, no inducted members have elected to be depicted wearing an Angels cap on their plaque. However, Vladimir Guerrero has indicated that it is his choice to be depicted as an Angel once inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.[40] Also, several Hall of Famers have spent part of their careers with the Angels,[41] and the Hall lists the Angels as the "primary team"[42] of two inductees, Nolan Ryan and Vladimir Guerrero.[43] Los Angeles Angels Hall of Famers Affiliation according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum California Angels Bert Blyleven Rod Carew Whitey Herzog Reggie Jackson Frank Robinson Nolan Ryan Don Sutton Hoyt Wilhelm Dick Williams Dave Winfield Anaheim Angels Vladimir Guerrero Rickey Henderson Eddie Murray Players and managers listed in bold are depicted on their Hall of Fame plaques wearing a Angels cap insignia. Ford C. Frick Award recipients[edit] Los Angeles Angels Ford C. Frick Award recipients Affiliation according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Jerry Coleman Dave Niehaus Dick Enberg Joe Garagiola Names in bold received the award based primarily on their work as broadcasters for the Angels.

Current roster[edit] Los Angeles Angels 2018 spring training roster view talk edit 40-man roster Non-roster invitees Coaches/Other Pitchers 48 José Álvarez 90 Luke Bard 72 Jaime Barría 32 Cam Bedrosian 62 Parker Bridwell 71 Jesús Castillo 57 Dayán Díaz 28 Andrew Heaney 74 Jake Jewell 33 Jim Johnson 23 Alex Meyer 39 Keynan Middleton 60 Eduardo Paredes 53 Blake Parker 64 Felix Pena 66 J. C. Ramírez 25 Noe Ramirez 43 Garrett Richards 38 Troy Scribner 52 Matt Shoemaker 45 Tyler Skaggs 35 Nick Tropeano 46 Blake Wood Catchers 13 Juan Graterol 12 Martín Maldonado 58 Carlos Perez 44 Rene Rivera Infielders 22 Kaleb Cowart  7 Zack Cozart 16 Nolan Fontana  3 Ian Kinsler 19 Jefry Marté  2 Andrelton Simmons 18 Luis Valbuena Outfielders 56 Kole Calhoun 84 Michael Hermosillo 27 Mike Trout  8 Justin Upton 24 Chris Young Designated hitters  5 Albert Pujols Pitchers 81 Vicente Campos 75 Adam Hofacket 47 Ian Krol 49 John Lamb 89 Osmer Morales 17 Shohei Ohtani 40 Branden Pinder Catchers 96 Francisco Arcia 97 Michael Barash 95 Jose Briceno 98 Jack Kruger 99 Taylor Ward Infielders -- Chris Carter 83 Jose Miguel Fernandez 86 David Fletcher 85 Matt Thaiss 51 Colin Walsh Outfielders 87 Jahmai Jones 37 Rymer Liriano  9 Eric Young, Jr. Manager 14 Mike Scioscia Coaches 92 Anel De Los Santos (bullpen catcher) 21 Dino Ebel (third base) 70 Tom Gregorio (bullpen catcher)  4 Alfredo Griffin (first base) 77 Eric Hinske (hitting) 41 Charles Nagy (pitching) 88 Josh Paul (bench) 63 Scott Radinsky (bullpen) 61 Steve Soliz (catching/player information) 55 Paul Sorrento (assistant hitting) 40 active, 0 inactive, 20 non-roster invitees 7- or 10-day disabled list * Not on active roster † Suspended list Roster, coaches, and NRIs updated February 18, 2017 Transactions • Depth Chart → All MLB rosters

Minor league affiliations[edit] Main article: List of Los Angeles Angels minor league affiliates Level Team League Location AAA Salt Lake Bees Pacific Coast League Salt Lake City, Utah AA Mobile BayBears Southern League Mobile, Alabama Advanced A Inland Empire 66ers California League San Bernardino, California A Burlington Bees[44] Midwest League[44] Burlington, Iowa[44] Rookie Orem Owlz Pioneer League Orem, Utah AZL Angels Arizona League Tempe, Arizona DSL Angels Dominican Summer League San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic

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Further reading[edit] Bisheff, Steve. Tales from the Angels Dugout: The Championship Season and Other Great Angels Stories. Sports Publishing L.L.C., 2003. ISBN 1-58261-685-X. 2005 Angels Information Guide.

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numbers 11 Jim Fregosi 26 Gene Autry 29 Rod Carew 30 Nolan Ryan 50 Jimmie Reese v t e Los Angeles Angels general managers Haney Walsh Dalton Buzzie Bavasi Port O'Brien Herzog Bill Bavasi Stoneman Reagins Dipoto Stoneman Eppler v t e Los Angeles Angels managers Bill Rigney (1961–1969) Lefty Phillips (1969–1971) Del Rice (1972) Bobby Winkles (1973–1974) Whitey Herzog (1974) Dick Williams (1974–1976) Norm Sherry (1976–1977) Dave Garcia (1977–1978) Jim Fregosi (1978–1981) Gene Mauch (1981–1982) John McNamara (1983–1984) Gene Mauch (1985–1987) Cookie Rojas (1988) Moose Stubing (1988) Doug Rader (1989–1991) Buck Rodgers (1991–1992) Marcel Lachemann (1992) John Wathan (1992) Buck Rodgers (1993–1994) Marcel Lachemann (1994–1996) John McNamara (1996) Joe Maddon (1996) Terry Collins (1997–1999) Joe Maddon (1999) Mike Scioscia (2000–) World Series championship navigation boxes v t e Anaheim Angels 2002 World Series champions 1 Bengie Molina 2 Adam Kennedy (ALCS MVP) 3 Orlando Palmeiro 6 Chone Figgins 10 Benji Gil 15 Tim Salmon 16 Garret Anderson 17 Darin Erstad 18 Alex Ochoa 20 Brad Fullmer 22 David Eckstein 23 Scott Spiezio 25 Troy Glaus (World Series MVP) 27 Kevin Appier 28 José Molina 36 Ramón Ortiz 40 Troy Percival 41 John Lackey 44 Shawn Wooten 53 Brendan Donnelly 56 Jarrod Washburn 57 Francisco Rodríguez 60 Scott Schoeneweis 62 Scot Shields 77 Ben Weber Manager 14 Mike Scioscia Coaches First Base Coach 4 Alfredo Griffin Hitting Coach 7 Mickey Hatcher Third Base Coach 12 Ron Roenicke Bullpen Coach 13 Bobby Ramos Pitching Coach 24 Bud Black Bench Coach 70 Joe Maddon Regular season American League Division Series American League Championship Series v t e Major League Baseball (2018) American League East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays Central Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins West Houston Astros Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers 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Rivalries Interleague play Schedule Stadiums Civil Rights Game Jackie Robinson Day Spring training Opening Day Lockouts/strikes Mascots Timeline Timeline of Major League Baseball History of team nicknames Dead-ball era Live-ball era Golden age of baseball Relocation of the 1950s–60s Expansion 1961 1962 1969 1977 1993 1998 Commissioner: Rob Manfred League Presidents NL AL v t e American League Organization Parent league: Major League Baseball Partner league: National League Origins: (History Western League) Honorary president: Frank Robinson Current teams East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays Central Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins West Houston Astros Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers Former, relocated, and disestablished teams Baltimore Orioles (1901–1902) Kansas City Athletics (1955–1967) Milwaukee Brewers I (1901) Milwaukee Brewers II (1970–1997) Philadelphia Athletics (1901–1954) Seattle Pilots (1969) St. Louis Browns (1902–1953) Washington Senators I (1901–1960) Washington Senators II (1961–1971) Championship play List of champions Championship Series Division Series Wild Card winners Related articles Designated hitter Professional baseball v t e Sports in Orange County, California Baseball MLB Los Angeles Angels Ice hockey NHL Anaheim Ducks Tennis WTT Orange County Breakers Roller derby RDCL Orange County Roller Derby College athletics NCAA Division I Cal State Fullerton UC Irvine Soccer USL Orange County SC NASL California United FC NPSL Orange County FC PDL Orange County SC U-23 UPSL California United FC II, La Máquina FC, Orange County FC 2, Santa Ana Winds FC UWS LA Galaxy OC Defunct/Relocated NFL Los Angeles Rams ABA Anaheim Amigos NBA Los Angeles Clippers1 NBA D-League Anaheim Arsenal NASL California Surf APSL Los Angeles Salsa AFL Anaheim Piranhas NLL Anaheim Storm RHI Anaheim Bullfrogs WFL Southern California Sun CISL Anaheim Splash Venues Anaheim Convention Center Angel Stadium Anteater Ballpark Anteater Recreation Center Anteater Stadium Bren Events Center Championship Stadium Costa Mesa Speedway Crawford Hall Fairgrounds Grandstand Arena Goodwin Field Heritage Park Aquatic Center Honda Center LeBard Stadium Los Alamitos Race Course Santa Ana Stadium Titan Gym Titan Stadium 1Only played occasional games in Orange County v t e Sports teams based in Greater Los Angeles Baseball MLB Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Dodgers CL Inland Empire 66ers Lake Elsinore Storm Lancaster JetHawks Rancho Cucamonga Quakes PL California City Whiptails High Desert Yardbirds Basketball NBA Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers WNBA Los Angeles Sparks G League Agua Caliente Clippers South Bay Lakers ABA Los Angeles Slam Oceanside A-Team Orange County Novastars American football NFL Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams WFA Pacific Warriors West Coast Lightning IWFL California Quake LFL Los Angeles Temptation Ice hockey NHL Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings AHL Ontario Reign Soccer MLS LA Galaxy Los Angeles FC NASL California United FC USL LA Galaxy II Orange County SC PDL FC Golden State Force Orange County SC U-23 Southern California Seahorses Ventura County Fusion NPSL City of Angels FC Deportivo Coras USA Orange County FC Oxnard Guerreros FC Temecula FC UPSL California United FC II Santa Ana Winds FC LA Wolves FC FC Santa Clarita La Máquina FC Del Rey City SC MASL Ontario Fury UWS LA Galaxy OC Santa Clarita Blue Heat So Cal Crush FC Roller derby WFTDA Angel City Derby Girls Ventura County Derby Darlins West Coast Derby Knockouts RDCL Los Angeles Derby Dolls Rugby SCRFU Back Bay RFC Belmont Shore RFC Los Angeles RFC Santa Monica Rugby Club Team tennis WTT Orange County Breakers Ultimate AUDL Los Angeles Aviators College athletics (NCAA Div. I) Cal State Fullerton Cal State Northridge Long Beach State Loyola Marymount Pepperdine UC Irvine UC Riverside UCLA USC Venues Current Anaheim Convention Center Angel Stadium Citizens Business Bank Arena Dodger Stadium The Forum Galen Center Honda Center Long Beach Arena Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Pauley Pavilion Rose Bowl Staples Center StubHub Center Walter Pyramid Breakers Stadium at the Newport Beach Tennis Club Former Gilmore Field Gilmore Stadium Grand Olympic Auditorium Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena Pan-Pacific Auditorium Wrigley Field Future Banc of California Stadium (scheduled to open in 2018) Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park (scheduled to open in 2020) Rivalries Freeway Series Freeway Face-Off Lakers–Clippers rivalry UCLA–USC rivalry v t e Sports teams based in California Australian rules football USAFL Golden Gate Roos Los Angeles Dragons Orange County Bombers Sacramento Suns San Diego Lions Baseball MLB Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Dodgers Oakland Athletics San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants PCL Fresno Grizzlies Sacramento River Cats CL Inland Empire 66ers Lake Elsinore Storm Lancaster JetHawks Modesto Nuts Rancho Cucamonga Quakes San Jose Giants Stockton Ports Visalia Rawhide PA Napa Silverados Pittsburg Diamonds San Rafael Pacifics Sonoma Stompers Vallejo Admirals CWL Canada A's Palm Desert Coyotes Palm Springs Chill Palm Springs POWER PL Bakersfield Train Robbers California City Whiptails High Desert Yardbirds Monterey Amberjacks GWL Chico Heat Lincoln Potters San Francisco Seals Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox Basketball NBA Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Lakers Sacramento Kings WNBA Los Angeles Sparks G League Agua Caliente Clippers Santa Cruz Warriors South Bay Lakers American football NFL Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams Oakland Raiders San Francisco 49ers WFA Central Cal War Angels Inland Empire Ravens Kern County Crusaders Los Angeles Warriors San Diego Surge Ventura County Wolfpack IWFL Carson Bobcats North County Stars Sacramento Sirens LFL Los Angeles Temptation Ice hockey NHL Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks AHL Bakersfield Condors Ontario Reign San Diego Gulls San Jose Barracuda Stockton Heat Roller derby WFTDA Angel City Derby Girls Bay Area Derby Central Coast Roller Derby Derby Revolution of Bakersfield Humboldt Roller Derby Sacred City Derby Girls Sac City Rollers Santa Cruz Derby Girls Silicon Valley Roller Girls Sonoma County Roller Derby RDCL Los Angeles Derby Dolls Orange County Roller Girls San Diego Derby Dolls Rugby MLR San Diego Legion PRP Golden Gate RFC Old Mission Beach Athletic Club Santa Monica Rugby Club Belmont Shore RFC Olympic Club SCRFU Finlander Rugby Club Soccer MLS LA Galaxy Los Angeles FC San Jose Earthquakes NASL California United FC San Diego 1904 FC USL Fresno FC LA Galaxy II Orange County SC Sacramento Republic FC PDL Fresno FC U23 FC Golden State Force Orange County SC U-23 San Diego Zest FC San Francisco City FC SF Glens FC Santa Cruz Breakers Southern California Seahorses Ventura County Fusion NPSL Academica SC Albion SC Pros CD Aguiluchos USA City of Angels FC FC Davis Deportivo Coras USA East Bay FC Stompers El Farolito SC Napa Valley 1839 FC Orange County FC Oxnard Guerreros FC Sacramento Gold Sonoma County Sol Temecula FC UPSL Santa Ana Winds FC LA Wolves FC La Máquina FC FC Santa Clarita Del Rey City SC Real San Jose Stompers Juniors Aguiluchos U-23 Orange County FC 2 MASL Ontario Fury San Diego Sockers Turlock Express Tennis WTT Orange County Breakers San Diego Aviators Ultimate AUDL Los Angeles Aviators San Diego Growlers San Francisco FlameThrowers San Jose Spiders Lacrosse NLL San Diego Seals (2018) Sports in Los Angeles Sports in San Diego Sports in the San Francisco Bay Area College Sports in California Retrieved from "" Categories: Los Angeles AngelsMajor League Baseball teamsSports teams in Anaheim, CaliforniaBaseball teams established in 1961Cactus LeagueHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksArticles with a promotional tone from September 2012All articles with a promotional toneAll articles with unsourced statementsArticles with unsourced statements from September 2017Articles with unsourced statements from December 2012Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2009All articles containing potentially dated statementsCommons category with local link different than on Wikidata

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Angels Season1972 California Angels Season1973 California Angels Season1974 California Angels Season1975 California Angels Season1976 California Angels Season1977 California Angels Season1978 California Angels Season1979 California Angels Season1980 California Angels Season1981 California Angels Season1982 California Angels Season1983 California Angels Season1984 California Angels Season1985 California Angels Season1986 California Angels Season1987 California Angels Season1988 California Angels Season1989 California Angels Season1990 California Angels Season1991 California Angels Season1992 California Angels Season1993 California Angels Season1994 California Angels Season1995 California Angels Season1996 California Angels Season1997 Anaheim Angels Season1998 Anaheim Angels Season1999 Anaheim Angels Season2000 Anaheim Angels Season2001 Anaheim Angels Season2002 Anaheim Angels Season2003 Anaheim Angels Season2004 Anaheim Angels Season2005 Los Angeles Angels Season2006 Los Angeles Angels Season2007 Los Angeles Angels Season2008 Los Angeles Angels Season2009 Los Angeles Angels Season2010 Los Angeles Angels Season2011 Los Angeles Angels Season2012 Los Angeles Angels Season2013 Los Angeles Angels Season2014 Los Angeles Angels Season2015 Los Angeles Angels Season2016 Los Angeles Angels Season2017 Los Angeles Angels Season2018 Los Angeles Angels SeasonArizona Diamondbacks2001 World Series2002 World SeriesMiami Marlins2003 World SeriesNew York Yankees1998 In Baseball2001 In Baseball2002 In BaseballNew York Yankees2003 In BaseballTemplate:Los Angeles Angels Retired NumbersTemplate Talk:Los Angeles Angels Retired NumbersLos Angeles AngelsJim FregosiGene AutryRod CarewNolan RyanJimmie ReeseTemplate:Los Angeles Angels General ManagersTemplate Talk:Los Angeles Angels General ManagersList Of Los Angeles Angels Owners And ExecutivesFred HaneyDick Walsh (executive)Harry DaltonBuzzie BavasiMike PortDan O'Brien, Sr.Whitey HerzogBill BavasiBill StonemanTony ReaginsJerry DipotoBill 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And MuseumWinter MeetingsHot Stove LeagueMajor League Baseball TransactionsMajor League Baseball DraftRule 5 DraftMajor League Baseball Players AssociationMajor League Baseball On TelevisionList Of Highest Paid Major League Baseball PlayersMajor League Baseball Luxury TaxInstant Replay In Major League BaseballMajor League Baseball LogoMajor League Baseball UniformsMinor League BaseballHistory Of Baseball In The United StatesHistory Of The American LeagueList Of Major League Baseball SeasonsList Of Major League Baseball Tie-breakersMajor League Baseball Tie-breaking ProceduresMajor League Baseball RivalriesInterleague PlayMajor League Baseball ScheduleList Of Current Major League Baseball StadiumsCivil Rights GameJackie Robinson DaySpring TrainingOpening DayMLB LockoutList Of Major League Baseball MascotsMLB.comTimeline Of Major League BaseballHistory Of Baseball Team NicknamesDead-ball EraLive-ball EraGolden Age Of BaseballMajor League Baseball Relocation Of 1950s–60s1961 Major League 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(1901–60)History Of The Texas Rangers (baseball)List Of American League Pennant WinnersAmerican League Championship SeriesAmerican League Division SeriesList Of American League Wild Card WinnersDesignated HitterProfessional BaseballTemplate:Orange County SportsTemplate Talk:Orange County SportsSports In Orange County, CaliforniaBaseballMajor League BaseballIce HockeyNational Hockey LeagueAnaheim DucksTennisWorld TeamTennisOrange County BreakersRoller DerbyCategory:Roller Derby Coalition Of LeaguesOrange County Roller DerbyCollege Athletics In The United StatesNCAA Division ICal State Fullerton TitansUC Irvine AnteatersAssociation FootballUnited Soccer LeagueOrange County SCNorth American Soccer LeagueCalifornia United FCNational Premier Soccer LeagueOrange County FCPremier Development LeagueOrange County SC U-23United Premier Soccer LeagueCalifornia United FCLa Máquina FCOrange County FCSanta Ana Winds FCUnited Women's SoccerNational Football LeagueHistory Of The Los Angeles RamsAmerican Basketball AssociationAnaheim AmigosNational Basketball AssociationLos Angeles ClippersNBA Development LeagueAnaheim ArsenalNorth American Soccer League (1968–84)California SurfAmerican Professional Soccer LeagueLos Angeles SalsaArena Football LeagueAnaheim PiranhasNational Lacrosse LeagueAnaheim StormRoller Hockey InternationalAnaheim BullfrogsWorld Football LeagueSouthern California SunContinental Indoor Soccer LeagueAnaheim SplashCategory:Sports VenuesAnaheim Convention CenterAngel Stadium Of AnaheimAnteater BallparkAnteater Recreation CenterAnteater StadiumBren Events CenterOrange County Great ParkCosta Mesa SpeedwayCrawford Hall (Irvine)Fairgrounds Grandstand ArenaGoodwin FieldHeritage Park Aquatic CenterHonda CenterLeBard StadiumLos Alamitos Race CourseSanta Ana StadiumTitan GymTitan Stadium (Cal State Fullerton)Template:Greater Los Angeles Area SportsTemplate Talk:Greater Los Angeles Area SportsSports In Los AngelesBaseballMajor League BaseballLos Angeles DodgersCalifornia LeagueInland Empire 66ersLake Elsinore StormLancaster JetHawksRancho Cucamonga QuakesPecos LeagueCalifornia City WhiptailsHigh Desert YardbirdsBasketballNational Basketball AssociationLos Angeles ClippersLos Angeles LakersWomen's National Basketball AssociationLos Angeles SparksNBA G LeagueAgua Caliente ClippersSouth Bay LakersAmerican Basketball Association (2000–present)Los Angeles SlamAmerican FootballNational Football LeagueLos Angeles ChargersLos Angeles RamsWomen's Football AlliancePacific WarriorsWest Coast LightningIndependent Women's Football LeagueCalifornia QuakeLegends Football LeagueLos Angeles TemptationIce HockeyNational Hockey LeagueAnaheim DucksLos Angeles KingsAmerican Hockey LeagueOntario ReignAssociation FootballMajor League SoccerLA GalaxyLos Angeles FCNorth American Soccer LeagueCalifornia United FCUnited Soccer LeagueLA Galaxy IIOrange County SCPremier Development LeagueFC Golden State ForceOrange County SC U-23Southern California 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