Contents 1 WA 2 WB 3 WC 4 WD 5 WE 6 WF 7 WG 8 WH 9 WI 10 WJ 11 WK 12 WL 13 WM 14 WN 15 WO 16 WP 17 WQ 18 WR 19 WS 20 WT 21 WU 22 WV 23 WW 24 WX 25 WY 26 WZ 27 See also

WA[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WAAY-TV 32 PSIP 31 ABC Huntsville, Alabama The Greatest American WAAY with an extraneous A WABC-TV 7 PSIP 7 ABC New York, New York American Broadcasting Company WABG-TV 32 PSIP 6 6.1ABC 32.2Fox Greenwood, Mississippi ABC Greenwood. Digital subchannel 32.2 branded as cable channel 10. WABI-TV 13 PSIP 5 5.1CBS 19.2The CW Bangor, Maine Digital subchannel is Eastern and Central Maine CW. WABM 36 PSIP 68 68.1MyNetworkTV 58.2WBMA-LD Birmingham, Alabama Alabama's Best Movies. WABW-TV 6 PSIP 14 PBS Pelham, Georgia We serve AlBany and West Georgia WACH 48 PSIP 57 Fox Columbia, South Carolina WAtCH WACP 4 PSIP 4 4.1Independent 4.2Independent 4.3Sonlife Broadcasting Network Atlantic City, New Jersey Atlantic City Philadelphia WACS-TV 8 PSIP 25 PBS Dawson, Georgia AmeriCuS WACX 40 PSIP 55 Religious Independent Leesburg, Florida Associated Christian X(Christ) WACY-TV 27 PSIP 32 MyNetworkTV Appleton, Wisconsin Appleton Crescent (founder of the station) mYnet "My New 32" WADL 39 PSIP 38 38.1 Independent 38.2 Antenna TV 38.3 The Word Network Mount Clemens, Michigan A D E L L Broadcasting WAFB 9 PSIP 9 9.1CBS 39.4WBXH-CD Baton Rouge, Louisiana WAFF 48 PSIP 48 NBC Huntsville, Alabama American Families' Finest WAGA-TV 27 PSIP 5 Fox Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia WAGM-TV 8 PSIP 8 8.1Fox/MyNetworkTV 8.2CBS Presque Isle, Maine Aroostook Garden of Maine WAGV 51 PSIP 44 Religious Harlan, Kentucky Rebroadcasts WLFG Grundy, Virginia WAIQ 27 PSIP 26 PBS Montgomery, Alabama Alabama Intelligence Quotient WAKA 42 PSIP 8 8.1CBS 42.2MeTV Selma, Alabama We Always Know Alabama WALA-TV 9 PSIP 10 Fox Mobile, Alabama We Are Loyal Alabamians WALB 10 PSIP 10 10.1NBC 10.2ABC 10.3Bounce TV Albany, Georgia Albany WAMI-DT 47 PSIP 69 TeleFutura Hollywood, Florida W'e Are MIami WAND 17 PSIP 17 NBC Decatur, Illinois Weather And News Daily WANE-TV 31 PSIP 15 15.1CBS 15.2Antenna TV Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne WAOE 39 PSIP 59 MyNetworkTV Peoria, Illinois WAOW 9 PSIP 9 9.1ABC 9.2The CW 9.3This TV Wausau, Wisconsin WAsau WMOW. Digital subchannel 9.2 is a semisatellite of WMOW Crandon, Wisconsin WAPA-TV 27 PSIP 4 Independent San Juan, Puerto Rico Asociación de Productores de Azucar WAPT 21 PSIP 16 ABC Jackson, Mississippi We're American Public Television WAQP 48 PSIP 49 TCT Saginaw, Michigan WATC-DT 41 PSIP 57 Religious Atlanta, Georgia ATlanta Christian WATE-TV 26 PSIP/cable 6 ABC Knoxville, Tennessee WATL 25 PSIP 36 MyNetworkTV Atlanta, Georgia ATLanta WATM-TV 24 PSIP 23 23.1ABC 24.3This TV Altoona, Pennsylvania Altoona Television Market WATN-TV 25 PSIP 24 ABC Memphis, Tennessee ABC for Tennessee WAVE 47 PSIP 3 NBC Louisville, Kentucky Radio WAVE WAVY-TV 31 PSIP/cable 10 NBC Portsmouth, Virginia nAVY WAWD 49 PSIP 58 Independent Fort Walton Beach, Florida WAWV-TV 39 PSIP 38 ABC Terre Haute, Indiana ABC Wabash Valley WAXN-TV 50 PSIP 64 Independent Kannapolis, North Carolina AXN ("Action")

WB[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WBAL-TV 11 PSIP 11 11.1NBC 11.2Independent Baltimore, Maryland BALtimore. Digital subchannel is branded as WBAL Plus. WBAY-TV 23 PSIP 2 2.1ABC 2.2 Weather 2.3LWN Green Bay, Wisconsin Green BAY WBBH-TV 15 PSIP 20 20.1NBC 15.2Independent Fort Myers, Florida Brands by its cable channel number, 2. Its digital subchannel is branded as NBC2 newsplus WBBJ-TV 43 PSIP/cable 7 7.1ABC 7.3CBS/MeTV Jackson, Tennessee We're Bahakel Broadcasting of Jackson WBBM-TV 12 PSIP/cable 2 CBS Chicago, Illinois We Broadcast Better Music or World's Best Broadcasting Medium; from sister radio station WBBM (AM) WBBZ-TV 7 PSIP 67 MeTV Springville, New York Buffalo's BuzZ WBDT 26 PSIP 26 26.1The CW 26.2Bounce TV Springfield, Ohio WB DayTon WBEC-TV 40 PSIP 63 Educational Independent Boca Raton, Florida Broward Educational Communications WBFF 46 PSIP 45 45.1Fox 46.2This TV Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore's Finest Features; also Baltimore's Forty Five (the station's PSIP number) WBFS-TV 32 PSIP 33 MyNetworkTV Miami, Florida Broadcasting from Florida's South WBGU-TV 27 PSIP 27 PBS Bowling Green, Ohio Bowling Green University WBIF 51 PSIP 51 Daystar Marianna, Florida WBIH 29 PSIP 29 The Walk TV Selma, Alabama WBIQ 10 PSIP 10 PBS Birmingham, Alabama Birminghan Intelligence Quotient WBIR-TV 10 PSIP 10 10.1NBC 10.2MeTV Knoxville, Tennessee Jesse W. BIRdwell WBKB-TV 11 PSIP 11 11.1CBS 11.2Fox/MyNetworkTV 11.3ABC Alpena, Michigan Balaban and Katz Broadcasting WBKI 51 PSIP 58 58.1 The CW 58.3 MyNetworkTV Salem, Indiana WB KentuckIana (affiliation of predecessor station) WBKO 13 PSIP 13 13.1ABC 13.2Fox 13.3The CW Bowling Green, Kentucky We're Bowling Green,Kentucky Own. Digital subchannel 13.3 branded by cable channel number, 12. WBKP 5 PSIP 5 The CW Calumet, Michigan Beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula WBMM 22 PSIP 22 The CW Tuskegee, Alabama We Belong in MontgoMery WBNA 8 PSIP 21 21.1ION Television 8.3GOD TV Louisville, Kentucky Word Broadcasting Network Association. Digital subchannel 8.3 is branded as The Light. WBNG-TV 7 PSIP 12 12.1CBS 12.2The CW Binghamton, New York BiNGhamton. Digital subchannel 12.2 branded by as cable channel 11. WBNS-TV 21 PSIP/cable 10 CBS Columbus, Ohio Wolfe Bank, Newspaper and Shoes (original owner) WBNX-TV 30 PSIP 55 55.1The CW 30.3This TV Akron, Ohio Winston Broadcasting Networks (X, owner) WBOC-TV 21 PSIP 16 16.1CBS 21.2Fox 21.3Antenna TV Salisbury, Maryland We're Between the (Atlantic) Ocean and the Chesapeake (Bay). Digital subchannel 21.3 (PSIP 16.2) is branded as WBOC Classics WBOY-TV 12 PSIP 12 12.1NBC 12.2ABC Clarksburg, West Virginia WBPH-TV 9 PSIP 60 Religious Independent Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Bethlehem and PHiladelphia WBPX-TV 32 PSIP 68 ION Television Boston, Massachusetts Boston PaX affiliate WBRA-TV 3 PSIP 15 PBS Roanoke, Virginia Blue Ridge roAnoke WBRC 50 PSIP/cable 6 Fox Birmingham, Alabama Bell Radio Corp. WBRE-TV 11 PSIP 28 NBC Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Wilkes Barre WBRZ-TV 13 PSIP/cable 2 ABC Baton Rouge, Louisiana W Baton Rouge's Z (2) WBSF 46 PSIP 46 The CW Bay City, Michigan W Bay City Saginaw Flint WBTV 23 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Charlotte, North Carolina Radio sister station WBT WBTW 13 PSIP 13 13.1CBS 13.2MyNetworkTV/RTV Florence, South Carolina Originally a sister station of WBTV. WBUI 22 PSIP 23 22.1The CW 23.2This TV Decatur, Illinois WB University of Illinois WBUP 10 PSIP 10 ABC Ishpeming, Michigan Beautiful Upper Peninsula WBUY-TV 41 PSIP 40 TBN Holly Springs, Mississippi BUY (Shopping, former HSN affiliation) WBXX-TV 20 PSIP 20 The CW Crossville, Tennessee WB XX (20 in Roman numerals) WBZ-TV 30 PSIP 4 CBS Boston, Massachusetts Westinghouse BoZton (founder)

WC[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WCAU 34 PSIP 10 10.1NBC 10.2Cozi TV Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Where Cheer Awaits You (adopted calls and slogan of WCAU 1210 AM). WCAV 19 PSIP 19 19.1CBS 27.3WAHU-CD Charlottesville, Virginia CAValier WCAX-TV 22 PSIP 3 3.1CBS 22.2WCAXtra Burlington, Vermont University of Vermont College of Agriculture EXtension Service. WCBB 10 PSIP 10 PBS Augusta, Maine W Colby College/Bates College/Bowdoin College WCBD-TV 50 PSIP 2 2.1NBC 2.2The CW Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, Berkely Dorchester (tri-county). Digital subchannel 2.2 branded as cable channel 14. WCBI-TV 35 PSIP 4 4.1CBS 35.2MyNetworkTV 4.3The CW Columbus, Mississippi Columbus, Birney Imes (founder). Digital subchannel 4.3 is branded by its cable channel assignment on 4. WCBS-TV 33 PSIP/cable 2 CBS New York, New York Columbia Broadcasting System WCCB 27 PSIP 18 18.1The CW 27.2MeTV Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte Cy Bahakel (station founder) WCCO-TV 32 PSIP/cable 4 CBS Minneapolis, Minnesota Washburn-Crosby COmpany (ancestor of General Mills) WCCT-TV 20 PSIP 20 20.1The CW 20.2This TV Waterbury, Connecticut Channel CT = postal abbreviation for Connecticut WCCU 26 PSIP 27 27.1Fox 26.2MeTV Urbana, Illinois We're Central Illinois/Champaign/Urbana. Satellite of WRSP-TV Springfield, Illinois WCCV-TV 46 PSIP 54 Religious Arecibo, Puerto Rico Cadena Cristo Viene WCDC-TV 36 PSIP 19 19.1ABC Adams, Massachusetts Rebroadcasts WTEN Albany, New York WCES-TV 6 PSIP 20 PBS Wrens, Georgia Central-East Georgia and South Carolina. Satellite of WGTV Athens, Georgia WCET 34 PSIP 48 PBS Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati Educational Television WCFE-TV 38 PSIP 57 PBS Plattsburgh, New York Clinton, Franklin and Essex Counties, NY state WCGV-TV 25 PSIP 24 24.1MyNetworkTV 24.2ZUUS Country Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wisconsin's Choice for Great Viewing; license returned to FCC on January 8, 2018, but remains on-air through channel share with sister station WVTV. WCHS-TV 41 PSIP/cable 8 ABC Charleston, West Virginia CHarleSton WCIA 48 PSIP 3 CBS Champaign, Illinois Central Illinois Area WCIQ 7 PSIP 7 PBS Mount Cheaha, Alabama Cheaha Intelligence Quotient WCIU-TV 27 PSIP 26 26.1Independent 23.2WWME-CD 48.3WMEU-CA 26.5Bounce TV Chicago, Illinois Chicago's 1st UHF or Chicago, Illinois UHF WCIV 36 PSIP 36 36.1MyNetworkTV 36.2ABC 36.3MeTV Charleston, South Carolina Charleston IV (4 in Roman numerals). Digital subchannel 36.2 is branded by its cable and former over-the-air channel number, 4. WCIX 13 PSIP 49 MyNetworkTV Springfield, Illinois WCJB-TV 16 PSIP 20 20.1ABC 20.2The CW Gainesville, Florida Casey, Jean, and Bill Minshall (original owners). Digital subchannel 20.2 brands by its cable channel number, 10. WCLF 21 PSIP 22 CTN Clearwater, Florida CLearwater, Florida WCLJ-TV 42 PSIP 42 TBN Bloomington, Indiana WCMH-TV 14 PSIP 4 4.1NBC 4.2MeTV Columbus, Ohio CMH = Columbus's international airport code (for Columbus Municipal Hangar). WCML 24 PSIP 6 PBS Alpena, Michigan Satellite of WCMU. WCMU-TV 26 PSIP 14 PBS Mount Pleasant, Michigan Central Michigan University WCMV 17 PSIP 27 PBS Cadillac, Michigan Satellite of WCMU. WCMW 21 PSIP 21 PBS Manistee, Michigan Satellite of WCMU. WCMZ-TV 28 PSIP 28 PBS Flint, Michigan Satellite of WCMU. Formerly WFUM. WCNC-TV 22 PSIP 36 NBC Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte, North Carolina (promoted on air as Carolinas' News Channel). WCNY-TV 25 PSIP 24 PBS Syracuse, New York Central New York WCOV-TV 20 PSIP 20 20.1Fox 20.3This TV Montgomery, Alabama Will COVington (founder of WCOV radio) WCPB 28 PSIP 28 PBS Salisbury, Maryland Corporation for Public Broadcasting) WCPO-TV 22 PSIP/cable 9 ABC Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati POst WCPX-TV 43 PSIP 38 ION Television Chicago, Illinois Chicago PAX WCSC-TV 47 PSIP 5 5.1CBS 5.2Independent 47.3Bounce TV Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina. Digital subchannel 5.2 is Live 5+ WCSH 44 PSIP/cable 6 NBC Portland, Maine Congress Square Hotel (station's original location) WCTE 22 PSIP 22 PBS Cookeville, Tennessee Cookeville, TEnnessee WCTI-TV 12 PSIP 12 12.1ABC 12.3This TV New Bern, North Carolina Continental Television Incorporated (former owner) WCTV 46 PSIP 6 6.1CBS 46.2MyNetworkTV Thomasville, Georgia We're Capital TeleVisionDigital subchannel 46.2 branded by its cable channel number, 2. WCTX 39 PSIP 59 MyNetworkTV New Haven, Connecticut CT=Connecticut. Once branded with the X. Brands with its cable channel number, 9. WCVB-TV 20 PSIP 5 5.1ABC 20.2MeTV Boston, Massachusetts W Channel V Boston WCVE-TV 42 PSIP 23 PBS Richmond, Virginia Central Virginia Educational. Call letter uniformity: the sister station is WCVW WCVI-TV 23 PSIP 39 The CW Christiansted, US Virgin Islands Christiansted Virgin Islands WCVN-TV 24 PSIP 54 PBS Covington, Kentucky CoViNgton WCVW 44 PSIP 57 PBS Richmond, Virginia Call letter uniformity: the sister station is WCVE WCWF 21 PSIP 14 The CW Suring, Wisconsin CW Fourteen WCWG 19 PSIP 20 20.1The CW 19.2Independent 19.4Bounce TV Lexington, North Carolina CW Greensboro. Digital subchannel 19.2 branded as BNT (Black Network Television). WCWJ 34 PSIP 17 17.1The CW 34.2Bounce TV Jacksonville, Florida CW Jacksonville. WCWN 43 PSIP 45 The CW Schenectady, New York CW New York. Branded by its cable channel assignment on 15. WCYB-TV 5 PSIP 5 5.1NBC 5.2The CW Bristol, Virginia CitY of Bristol. Digital subchannel 5.2 branded by its cable channel number, 4.

WD[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WDAF-TV 34 PSIP 4 4.1Fox 4.2Antenna TV Kansas City, Missouri One of the few call signs starting with a W located west of the Mississippi river. Call sign was sequentially assigned to former AM sister, unofficially means "Why Dial Any Further?". WDAM-TV 7 PSIP 7 7.1NBC 7.2ABC 7.3Bounce TV Laurel, Mississippi David A Madison (station founder) WDAY-TV 21 PSIP 6 6.1ABC 6.2WBFG Fargo, North Dakota WDAZ-TV 8 PSIP 8 8.1ABC 8.2WBFG Devils Lake, North Dakota Sister station and semi-satellite of WDAY Fargo WDBB 18 PSIP 17 The CW Bessemer, Alabama W DuBose Broadcasting (original owner of the station). Rebroadcaster of WTTO Homewood, Alabama WDBD 40 PSIP 40 40.1Fox Jackson, Mississippi WDBJ 18 PSIP 7 7.1CBS 18.2MyNetworkTV Roanoke, Virginia Digital subchannel 18.2 branded by cable channel 19 WDCA 35 PSIP 20 MyNetworkTV Washington, District of Columbia Washington, District of ColumbiA (DCA is the airport code for Ronald Reagan International Airport) WDCQ-TV 15 PSIP 35 PBS Bad Axe, Michigan Delta College Quality Television WDCW 50 PSIP 50 The CW Washington, District of Columbia formerly WBDC; Washington, District of Columbia's CW (the C in Columbia and CW overlap) WDEF-TV 12 PSIP 12 CBS Chattanooga, Tennessee WDFX-TV 33 PSIP 34 34.1Fox 34.2Bounce TV Dothan, Alabama Dothan's FoX WDHN 21 PSIP 18 ABC Dothan, Alabama DHN is the abbreviation for the DotHaN airport. WDHS 8 PSIP 8 Dark Iron Mountain, Michigan Deliverance Healing Salvation(station formerly broadcast religious programming) WDIO-DT 10 PSIP 10 10.1ABC 10.2MeTV Duluth, Minnesota Duluth Channel IO(10) WDIQ 10 PSIP/cable 2 PBS Dozier, Alabama Dozier Intelligence Quotient WDIV-TV 45 PSIP 4 4.1NBC 45.2This TV Detroit, Michigan We're Detroit's Channel IV (Roman numeral for 4) WDJT-TV 46 PSIP 58 58.1CBS 41.2WBME-CD 46.3This TV 46.4TouchVision Milwaukee, Wisconsin Debra Jackson and John Torres (the station's original license holders) WDKA 49 PSIP 49 49.1MyNetworkTV Paducah, Kentucky PaDuc(K)Ah WDKY-TV 31 PSIP 56 56.1Fox Danville, Kentucky Danville KY(postal abbreviation for Kentucky) WDLI-TV 49 PSIP 17 TBN Canton, Ohio David LIvingstone(previous owner) WDPB 44 PSIP 64 64.1 PBS 64.2 Y2 64.3 Y Info Seaford, Delaware Delaware Public Broadcasting WDPM-DT 23 PSIP 18 Daystar Mobile, Alabama Daystar Pensacola Mobile WDPX-TV 40 PSIP 58 ION Television Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts Rebroadcasts WBPX-TV Boston WDRB 49 PSIP 41 Fox Louisville, Kentucky DeRBy WDSC-TV 33 PSIP 15 Educational Independent New Smyrna Beach, Florida Daytona State College. WDSE 8 PSIP 8 PBS Duluth, Minnesota Duluth-Superior Educational WDSI-TV 40 PSIP 61 61.1Fox 40.2MyNetworkTV Chattanooga, Tennessee Digital subchannel carries MyNetworkTV WDSU 43 PSIP 6 6.1NBC 43.2MeTV New Orleans, Louisiana De Soto Hotel and Joseph R. Uhalt WDTI 44 PSIP 69 Daystar Indianapolis, Indiana Daystar Television Indianapolis WDTN 50 PSIP/cable 2 NBC Dayton, Ohio DayToN WDTV 5 PSIP 5 CBS Weston, West Virginia DuMont TeleVision WDVM-TV 26 PSIP 25 Independent/Heroes & Icons Hagerstown, Maryland West Virginia District of Columbia Virginia Maryland WDWL 30 PSIP 36 36.1 TBN Enlace USA Bayamon, Puerto Rico

WE[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WEAO 50 PSIP 49 PBS Akron, Ohio EAstern Ohio WEAR-TV 17 PSIP/cable 3 ABC Pensacola, Florida The word EAR WEAU 38 PSIP 13 NBC Eau Claire, Wisconsin EAU Claire WEBA-TV 33 PSIP 14 PBS Allendale, South Carolina Allendale Barnwell Augusta WECN 18 PSIP 64 Independent Naranjito, Puerto Rico Encuentro Christian Network WECT 44 PSIP/cable 6 NBC Wilmington, North Carolina Eastern Carolina Television. WEDH 45 PSIP 24 PBS Hartford, Connecticut EDucational Hartford. Connecticut Public TV primary public television station WEDN 9 PSIP 53 PBS Norwich, Connecticut EDucational Norwich. Simulcasts WEDH Hartford WEDQ 34 PSIP 16 PBS Tampa, Florida WEDU 13 PSIP/cable 3 PBS Tampa, Florida EDUcation WEDW 49 PSIP 49 PBS Bridgeport, Connecticut EDucational Western Connecticut. Simulcasts WEDH Hartford WEDY 41 PSIP 65 PBS New Haven, Connecticut EDucational Yale University. Simulcasts WEDH Hartford WEEK-TV 25 PSIP 25 25.1NBC 25.2AccuWeather Peoria, Illinois WEFS 30 PSIP 68 68.1 Educational Independent Cocoa, Florida Eastern Florida State College WEHT 7 PSIP 25 25.1ABC Evansville, Indiana Watch Evansville Henderson Television. WEIQ 41 PSIP 42 PBS Mobile, Alabama Educational Intelligence Quotient WEIU-TV 50 PSIP 51 PBS Charleston, Illinois Eastern Illinois University WEKW-TV 49 PSIP 52 PBS Keene, New Hampshire Educational Keene Western New Hampshire WELF-TV 16 PSIP 23 TBN Dalton, Georgia WELU 34 PSIP 32 Religious Aguadilla, Puerto Rico WEMT 38 PSIP 39 39.1Fox 38.2This TV Greeneville, Tennessee Eastern and Mid-Tennessee WENH-TV 11 PSIP 11 PBS Durham, New Hampshire Educational TV in New Hampshire WENY-TV 36 PSIP 36 36.1ABC 36.2CBS 36.3The CW Elmira, New York W Elmira, New York. Digital subchannel 36.3 is branded by its cable channel number, 2. WEPH 49 CTN Tupelo, Mississippi WEPX-TV 26 PSIP 38 ION Television Greenville, North Carolina Eastern Carolina's PaX WESH 11 PSIP 2 2.1NBC 11.2Me-TV Daytona Beach / Orlando, Florida Wright EScH(original licensee for the station) WETA-TV 27 PSIP 26 PBS Washington, District of Columbia Washington Educational Television Association WETK 32 PSIP 33 PBS Burlington, Vermont Educational Television WETM-TV 18 PSIP 18 18.1NBC 18.2Independent Elmira, New York Elmira Times Mirror (former owner) WETP-TV 41 PSIP/cable 2 PBS Sneedville, Tennessee East Tennessee Public Television WEUX 49 PSIP 48 48.1Fox 49.2Me-TV Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin EaU Claire FoX. Satellite of WLAX LaCrosse, Wisconsin WEVV-TV 45 PSIP 44 44.1CBS 44.2Fox/MyNetworkTV Evansville, Indiana EVansVille WEWS-TV 15 PSIP/cable 5 ABC Cleveland, Ohio E.W. Scripps (owner) WEYI-TV 30 PSIP 25 25.1NBC 30.3Bounce TV Saginaw, Michigan refers to both former CBS (EYe) affiliation and former "WI25" branding

WF[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WFAA 8 PSIP 8 ABC Dallas, Texas Working For All Alike WFBD 48 PSIP 48 America One Destin, Florida WFDC-DT 15 PSIP 14 Univision Arlington, Virginia WFFF-TV 43 PSIP 44 44.1Fox Burlington, Vermont Fox Forty Four (the station's PSIP channel number) WFFP-TV 24 PSIP 24 Religious Independent Danville, Virginia WFFT-TV 36 PSIP 55 Fox Fort Wayne, Indiana Fifty Five Television WFGC 49 PSIP 61 CTN Palm Beach, Florida WFGX 50 PSIP 35 35.1MyNetworkTV Fort Walton Beach, Florida WFIE 46 PSIP 14 14.1NBC 14.2Independent 46.3This TV Evansville, Indiana We're First In Evansville. Digital subchannel 14.2 branded as 14xtra. WFIQ 22 PSIP 36 PBS Florence, Alabama WFLA-TV 7 PSIP 8 8.1NBC 8.2Me-TV Tampa, Florida FLoridA. WFLD 31 PSIP 32 Fox Chicago, Illinois Field Communications (original owner) WFLI-TV 42 PSIP 53 53.1The CW 42.2Me-TV Cleveland, Tennessee WFLX 28 PSIP 29 Fox West Palm Beach, Florida WFMJ-TV 20 PSIP 21 NBC Youngstown, Ohio William F. Maag, Jr. (station founder) WFMY-TV 51 PSIP/cable 2 CBS Greensboro, North Carolina WFMZ-TV 46 PSIP 69 69.1Independent 69.3Me-TV Allentown, Pennsylvania Family Minded Zone WFNA 25 PSIP 55 The CW Gulf Shores, Alabama Florida And Alabama WFOR-TV 22 PSIP/cable 4 CBS Miami, Florida W Four / Formerly WTVJ WFOX-TV 32 PSIP 30 30.1Fox 30.2Me-TV/MyNetworkTV Jacksonville, Florida Fox WFPT 28 PSIP 62 PBS Frederick, Maryland WFPX-TV 36 PSIP 62 ION Television Fayetteville, North Carolina Fayetteville Pax Rebroadcasts WRPX-TV Raleigh, NC WFQX-TV 32 PSIP 33 Fox Cadillac, Michigan WFRV-TV 39 PSIP/cable 5 CBS Green Bay, Wisconsin Fox River Valley WFSB 33 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Hartford, Connecticut Frederick S Beebe (former president of Post-Newsweek Stations WFSG 38 PSIP 56 PBS Panama City, Florida WFSU-TV 32 PSIP 11 PBS Tallahassee, Florida Florida State University WFTC 29 PSIP 29 MyNetworkTV Minneapolis, Minnesota Fox Twin Cities (referring to the station's previous Fox affiliation) WFTS-TV 29 PSIP 28 ABC Tampa, Florida Fox Television Station (referring to the station's previous Fox affiliation) WFTT-DT 47 PSIP 50 UniMás Tampa, Florida WFTV 39 PSIP 9 ABC Orlando, Florida Florida TV WFTX-TV 35 PSIP 36 Fox Cape Coral, Florida Brands by its cable channel number, 4. WFTY-DT 23 PSIP 67 UniMás Smithtown, New York Simulcasts WFUT-DT Newark, NJ WFUP 45 PSIP 45 45.1Fox 45.2CBS Vanderbilt, Michigan Simulcasts WFQX-TV (DT1) and WWTV (DT2) Cadillac WFUT-DT 30 PSIP 68 UniMás Newark, New Jersey TeleFutura WFWA 40 PSIP 39 PBS Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne WFXB 18 PSIP 43 43.1Fox 18.4Me-TV Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Fox Myrtle Beach WFXG 31 PSIP 54 54.1Fox 31.2This TV Augusta, Georgia Fox Georgia WFXL 12 PSIP 31 31.1 Fox 31.2 TBD 31.3 Comet 31.4 Charge! Albany, Georgia We're FoX ALbany WFXP 22 PSIP 66 66.1 Fox 66.2 Grit 66.3 Bounce Erie, Pennsylvania Fox Pennsylvania WFXR 17 PSIP 27 Fox Roanoke, Virginia Fox Roanoke WFXT 31 PSIP 25 Fox Boston, Massachusetts WFXU 48 PSIP 57 Soul of the South Network Live Oak, Florida WFXV 27 PSIP 33 33.1 Fox 33.2 Escape 33.3 Laff Utica, New York FoX Vtica (deliberately misspelled since "V" looks like "U") WFXW 15 PSIP 15 Silent Greenville, Mississippi WFYI 21 PSIP 20 PBS Indianapolis, Indiana For Your Information

WG[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WGAL 8 PSIP 8 8.1NBC 8.2This TV Lancaster, Pennsylvania WGBA-TV 41 PSIP 26 26.1NBC 41.2Me-TV Green Bay, Wisconsin Green Bay–Appleton WGBC 31 PSIP 30 30.1Fox 30.2NBC Meridian, Mississippi GloBal Communications (former owner) WGBH-TV 19 PSIP 2 PBS Boston, Massachusetts Great Blue Hills (transmitter location) WGBO-DT 38 PSIP 66 Univisión Joliet, Illinois Grant Broadcasting (former owner) WGBX-TV 43 PSIP 44 PBS Boston, Massachusetts Co-owned with WGBH. WGBY-TV 22 PSIP 57 PBS Springfield, Massachusetts Related to WGBH WGCB-TV 30 PSIP 49 49.1Independent 49.2Me-TV Red Lion, Pennsylvania World for God, Christ and the Bible WGCL-TV 19 PSIP 46 CBS Atlanta, Georgia We're Georgia's Clear TV (former slogan) WGCU 31 PSIP 30 PBS Fort Myers, Florida Branded by its cable channel number, 3. WGEM-TV 10 PSIP 10 10.1NBC 10.2The CW 10.3Fox Quincy, Illinois WGEN-TV 8 PSIP 8 MundoFox Key West, Florida Satellite on Channel 55 in Miami has same call letters. WGFL 28 PSIP 53 53.1CBS 11.2WMYG-LP High Springs, Florida Gainesville, FLorida. Subchannel 53.1 markets itself by its cable channel number, 4. WGGB-TV 40 PSIP 40 40.1ABC 40.2Fox/MyNetworkTV Springfield, Massachusetts Guy Gannet Broadcasting, former owner. Digital subchannel 40.2 brands by its cable channel assignment on 6. WGGN-TV 42 PSIP 52 Religious independent Sandusky, Ohio WGGS-TV 16 PSIP 16 Religious Greenville, South Carolina WGHP 35 PSIP 8 8.1Fox 8.2Antenna TV High Point, North Carolina Winston-Salem / Greensboro / High Point WGIQ 44 PSIP 43 PBS Louisville, Alabama WGMB-TV 45 PSIP 44 44.1Fox 21.2WBRL-CD Baton Rouge, Louisiana Galloway Media Broadcasting or GuMBo WGME-TV 38 PSIP/cable 13 CBS Portland, Maine Guy Gannet MainE, former owner WGN-TV 19 PSIP 9 The CW Chicago, Illinois World's Greatest Newspaper (reference to owner, the Chicago Tribune) WGNM 45 PSIP 64 CTN Macon, Georgia Good News Macon WGNO 26 PSIP 26 ABC New Orleans, Louisiana We've Got New Orleans; or reference to parent company Tribune (WGN) WGNT 50 PSIP 27 The CW Portsmouth, Virginia Greater Norfolk Television WGPT 36 PSIP 36 PBS Oakland, Maryland Garrett [County] Public Television WGPX-TV 14 PSIP 16 ION Television Burlington, North Carolina Greensboro Pax WGRZ 33 PSIP/cable 2 NBC Buffalo, New York We're Great Radio - Original calls came from WGR-AM WGSA 35 PSIP 34 The CW Baxley, Georgia Runs WGSA-CA 50 in Savannah and brands by its cable channel number, 13. WGTA 24 PSIP 32 Heroes & Icons Toccoa, Georgia Greenville To Atlanta WGTE-TV 29 PSIP 30 PBS Toledo, Ohio WGTQ 8 PSIP 8 8.1ABC 8.2NBC Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Simulcasts WGTU(DT1) and WPBN(DT2) Traverse City, Michigan. G'rand Traverse Q"uality WGTU 29 PSIP 29 ABC Traverse City, Michigan Grand Traverse UHF WGTV 8 PSIP 8 PBS Athens, Georgia Georgia Television WGTW-TV 27 PSIP 48 48.1TBN 48.2The Church Channel 48.3JUCE TV 48.4TBN Enlace USA 48.5Smile of a Child TV Burlington, New Jersey W Good Television to Watch. WGVK 5 PSIP 52 PBS Kalamazoo, Michigan Simulcasts WGVU Grand Rapids, Michigan WGVU-TV 11 PSIP 35 PBS Grand Rapids, Michigan WGWG 34 PSIP 4 Dark Charleston, South Carolina WGWW 9 PSIP 40 Dark Anniston, Alabama WGXA 16 PSIP 24 24.1Fox 16.2ABC Macon, Georgia

WH[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WHA-TV 20 PSIP 21 PBS Madison, Wisconsin WHAM-TV 13 PSIP 13 13.1ABC 13.2The CW Rochester, New York WHAS-TV 11 PSIP 11 ABC Louisville, Kentucky We Have A Signal WHBF-TV 4 PSIP 4 4.1CBS Rock Island, Illinois Where Historic Black Hawk Fought WHBQ-TV 13 PSIP 13 Fox Memphis, Tennessee WHBR 34 PSIP 33 CTN Pensacola, Florida WHDF 14 PSIP 15 The CW Florence, Alabama W Huntsville-Decatur-Florence (the three major cities served by the station) WHDH 42 PSIP 7 7.1NBC 42.2This TV Boston, Massachusetts WHDT 42 PSIP 59 TACH-TV Stuart, Florida Shares call sign with satellite on Channel 44 PSIP 9 in Miami, Florida WHEC-TV 10 PSIP 10 10.1NBC 10.2Me-TV Rochester, New York Hickson Electric Company WHFT-TV 46 PSIP 45 TBN Miami, Florida World Harvest Florida Television, referring to previous affiliation. WHIO-TV 41 PSIP/cable 7 CBS Dayton, Ohio OHIO WHIQ 24 PSIP 25 PBS Huntsville, Alabama WHIZ-TV 40 PSIP 18 NBC Zanesville, Ohio WHKY-TV 40 PSIP 14 Independent Hickory, North Carolina Hickory WHLA-TV 30 PSIP 31 PBS La Crosse, Wisconsin WHA (Wisconsin Public Television's primary station in Madison) in La Crosse WHLT 22 PSIP 22 CBS Hattiesburg, Mississippi Semisatellite of WJTV Jackson, Mississippi WHLV-TV 51 PSIP 52 TBN Cocoa, Florida WHMB-TV 20 PSIP 40 LeSEA Indianapolis, Indiana WHMC 9 PSIP 23 PBS Conway, South Carolina WHME-TV 48 PSIP 46 LeSEA South Bend, Indiana WHNO 21 PSIP 20 LeSEA New Orleans, Louisiana WHNS 21 PSIP 21 Fox Asheville, North Carolina Harry ' N Stella Pappas, former owners WHNT-TV 19 PSIP 19 19.1CBS 19.2Antenna TV Huntsville, Alabama Huntsville WHO-DT 13 PSIP 13 NBC Des Moines, Iowa WHOI 19 PSIP 19 19.1ABC 19.2The CW Peoria, Illinois Heart of Illinois. Digital subchannel 19.2 brands by its cable channel number, 4. WHP-TV 21 PSIP 21 21.1CBS 21.2MyNetworkTV Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. WHPX-TV 26 PSIP 26 ION Television New London, Connecticut WHRM-TV 24 PSIP 20 PBS Wausau, Wisconsin Rib Mountain WHRO-TV 16 PSIP 15 PBS Hampton / Norfolk, Virginia Hampton Roads WHSG-TV 44 PSIP 63 TBN Monroe, Georgia WHSV-TV 49 PSIP 3 3.1ABC 43.2WSVF-CD 49.4MyNetworkTV Harrisonburg, Virginia Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley. WHTJ 46 PSIP 41 PBS Charlottesville, Virginia WHTM-TV 10 PSIP 27 27.1ABC 27.2RTV Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Harrisburg Times Mirror (previous owners) WHTN 38 PSIP 39 Christian Television Network Murfreesboro, Tennessee WHUT-TV 33 PSIP 32 PBS Washington, District of Columbia Howard University Television WHWC-TV 27 PSIP 28 PBS Menomonie, Wisconsin WHYY-TV 12 PSIP 12 12.1PBS 12.2PBS 12.3PBS World Wilmington, Delaware Wider Horizons for You and Yours

WI[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WIAT 30 PSIP 42 CBS Birmingham, Alabama It's About Time (former slogan) WIBW-TV 13 PSIP 13 13.1CBS 13.2MyNetworkTV/Me-TV Topeka, Kansas Indiana Broadcast Works (original owner) WICD 41 PSIP 15 ABC Champaign, Illinois Semi-satellite of WICS Springfield, Illinois WICS 42 PSIP 20 ABC Springfield, Illinois WICU-TV 12 PSIP 12 12.1 NBC 12.2 Me-TV 12.3 Ion Television Erie, Pennsylvania I C (see) U (you) WICZ-TV 8 PSIP 40 40.1Fox 8.2WBPN-LP Binghamton, New York WIDP 45 PSIP 46 46.1 TBN Enlace USA 46.2 Expande TV 46.3 Bethel Television 46.4 WNRT Guayama, Puerto Rico WIFS 32 PSIP 57 The CW Janesville, Wisconsin WIIQ 19 PSIP 41 PBS Demopolis, Alabama WILL-TV 9 PSIP 12 PBS Urbana, Illinois Illinois WILX-TV 10 PSIP 10 NBC Onondaga, Michigan From former radio sister station WILS; X(Roman numeral for ten) sounds similar to "S" WINK-TV 50 PSIP 11 CBS Fort Myers, Florida WINM 12 PSIP 63 TCT Angola, Indiana WINP-TV 38 PSIP 16 ION Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ion Pittsburgh. WIPB 23 PSIP 49 PBS Muncie, Indiana WIPM-TV 35 PSIP 3 PBS Mayagüez, Puerto Rico Satellite for WIPR-TV WIPR-TV 43 PSIP 6 PBS San Juan, Puerto Rico WIPX-TV 27 PSIP 63 ION Television Bloomington, Indiana WIRS 41 PSIP 42 42.1 MundoFox 42.2 America TV Puerto Rico Yauco, Puerto Rico WIRT-DT 13 PSIP 13 13.1ABC 13.2Me-TV Hibbing, Minnesota Satellite of WDIO-DT Duluth, Minnesota WIS 10 PSIP 10 NBC Columbia, South Carolina Wonderful Iodine State WISC-TV 50 PSIP 3 3.1CBS 50.2MyNetworkTV Madison, Wisconsin WISConsin. Digital subchannel 50.2 is branded as TVW WISE-TV 18 PSIP 33 33.1 The CW Fort Wayne, Indiana Had the call letters WKJG until 2003. WISH-TV 9 PSIP 8 The CW Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana State Hoosiers WISN-TV 34 PSIP/cable 12 ABC Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Wisconsin News or Wisconsin WITF-TV 36 PSIP 33 PBS Harrisburg, Pennsylvania WITI 33 PSIP 6 6.1Fox 6.2Antenna TV Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wisconsin Independent Television, Inc. (former owner) WITN-TV 32 PSIP 7 7.1NBC 7.2MyNetworkTV/Me-TV Washington, North Carolina WITV 7 PSIP 7 PBS Charleston, South Carolina Instructional Television WIVB-TV 39 PSIP/cable 4 CBS Buffalo, New York IV (as Roman Numeral for the number 4) Buffalo WIVT 34 PSIP 34 34.1ABC 20.2WBGH-CA Binghamton, New York WIWN 5 PSIP 68 WeatherNation Fond du Lac, Wisconsin WI(Postal abbreviation for Wisconsin)'s WeatherNation WIYC 48 PSIP 67 Cozi TV Troy, Alabama It's Your Country (former slogan)

WJ[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WJAC-TV 34 PSIP 6 6.1NBC 34.2Me-TV Johnstown, Pennsylvania Johnstown Automotive Company (original owners) WJAL 39 PSIP 68 Independent Hagerstown, Maryland WJAR 51 PSIP 10 10.1NBC 51.2Me-TV Providence, Rhode Island WJAX-TV 19 PSIP 47 47.1CBS Jacksonville, Florida JAX = Jacksonville WJBF 42 PSIP 6 6.1ABC 6.2Me-TV Augusta, Georgia WJBK 7 PSIP/cable 2 Fox Detroit, Michigan Jesus Be Kind WJCL 22 PSIP 22 ABC Savannah, Georgia Julius Curtis Lewis (station founder and former Savannah mayor) WJCT 7 PSIP 7 PBS Jacksonville, Florida WJEB-TV 44 PSIP 59 TBN Jacksonville, Florida WJET-TV 24 PSIP 24 24.1 ABC 24.2 Laff 24.3 Escape 24.4 Cozi Erie, Pennsylvania WJFB 44 PSIP 66 Pursuit Channel Lebanon, Tennessee WJFW-TV 16 PSIP/cable 12 NBC Rhinelander, Wisconsin WJHG-TV 18 PSIP 7 7.1NBC 7.2The CW Panama City, Florida WJHL-TV 11 PSIP 11 11.1CBS 11.2Me-TV Johnson City, Tennessee John H. Lancaster; taken from WJHL radio WJKT 39 PSIP 16 Fox Jackson, Tennessee WJLA-TV 7 7.1ABC 7.2Me-TV Washington, District of Columbia Joe L. Albritton (owner). Runs cable-only NewsChannel 8 WJLP 3 PSIP 3 Me-TV Ely, Nevada WJMN-TV 48 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Escanaba, Michigan Semi-satellite of WFRV Green Bay, Wisconsin WJPM-TV 45 PSIP 33 PBS Florence, South Carolina WJPX 21 PSIP 24 Independent, MTV Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico WJRT-TV 12 PSIP 12 12.1ABC Flint, Michigan WJSP-TV 23 PSIP 28 PBS Columbus, Georgia Satellite of WGTV Athens, Georgia WJTC 45 PSIP 44 Independent Pensacola, Florida WJTV 12 PSIP 12 12.1CBS 12.2The CW Jackson, Mississippi WJW 8 PSIP 8 Fox Cleveland, Ohio John F. Weimer, founder of former sister radio station. WJWJ-TV 44 PSIP 16 PBS Beaufort, South Carolina James Waddell, Jr. Simulcasts WRLK Columbia, SC WJWN-TV 39 PSIP 38 38.1 MundoFox 38.2 America TeVe Puerto Rico San Sebastian, Puerto Rico WJXT 42 PSIP 4 4.1Independent Jacksonville, Florida WJXX 10 PSIP 25 ABC Orange Park, Florida WJYS 36 PSIP 62 62.1Independent 34.2WEDE-CD Hammond, Indiana Jesus Your Savior or We're Joyfully Your Station WJZ-TV 13 PSIP 13 CBS Baltimore, Maryland Originally the calls of a New York City radio station also owned by Westinghouse WJZY 47 PSIP 46 46.1Fox Belmont, North Carolina

WK[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WKAQ-TV 28 PSIP 2 2.1 Telemundo 2.2 Punto 2 2.3 WNBC San Juan, Puerto Rico WKAR-TV 40 PSIP 23 23.1 PBS 23.2 World 23.3 Create East Lansing, Michigan WKAS 26 PSIP 25 PBS Ashland, Kentucky WKBD-TV 14 PSIP 50 The CW Detroit, Michigan Kaiser Broadcasting Detroit (former owner) WKBN-TV 41 PSIP 27 27.1 CBS 27.2 WYFX-LD 27.3 Ion Television Youngstown, Ohio WKBS-TV 46 PSIP 47 Cornerstone Television Altoona, Pennsylvania Simulcast of WPCB Pittsburgh, PA WKBT-DT 8 PSIP 8 8.1 CBS 8.2 MyNetworkTV La Crosse, Wisconsin WKBW-TV 38 PSIP/cable 7 ABC Buffalo, New York We Know Buffalo's Watching WKCF 17 PSIP 18 18.1 The CW 18.2 This TV 18.3 Estrella TV Clermont, Florida WKEF 51 PSIP 22 22.1 ABC 22.2 ASN 22.3 Antenna TV 22.4 Grit Dayton, Ohio WKGB-TV 48 PSIP 53 PBS Bowling Green, Kentucky Kentucky Green Bowling WKHA 16 PSIP 35 PBS Hazard, Kentucky WKLE 42 PSIP 46 PBS Lexington, Kentucky WKMA-TV 42 PSIP 35 PBS Madisonville, Kentucky WKMG-TV 26 PSIP 6 CBS Orlando, Florida Katherine M. Graham (station is owned by the Post-Newsweek group) WKMJ-TV 38 PSIP 68 PBS Louisville, Kentucky WKMR 15 PSIP 38 PBS Morehead, Kentucky WKMU 36 PSIP 21 PBS Murray, Kentucky WKNO 29 PSIP/cable 10 PBS Memphis, Tennessee WKNX-TV 7 PSIP 7 Independent Knoxville, Tennessee WKOH 30 PSIP 31 PBS Owensboro, Kentucky WKOI-TV 39 PSIP 43 TBN Richmond, Indiana WKON 44 PSIP 52 PBS Owenton, Kentucky WKOP-TV 17 PSIP 15 PBS Knoxville, Tennessee WKOW 26 PSIP 27 27.1 ABC 27.2 Me-TV 27.3 Decades Madison, Wisconsin WKPC-TV 17 PSIP 15 PBS Louisville, Kentucky WKPD 41 PSIP 29 PBS Paducah, Kentucky WKPI-TV 24 PSIP 22 PBS Pikeville, Kentucky WKPT-TV 27 PSIP 19 19.1 MyNetworkTV 19.2 WAPK-CD 19.3 WOPI-CD 19.4 Escape Kingsport, Tennessee WKPV 21 PSIP 24 24.1 América Tevé 24.3 Infomercials 42.1 Teveo Ponce, Puerto Rico WKRC-TV 12 PSIP 12 12.1 CBS 12.2 The CW 12.3 ASN Cincinnati, Ohio Kodel Radio Company (original owners of WKRC radio). WKRG-TV 27 PSIP 5 5.1 CBS 5.2 Ion Television 5.3 Me-TV Mobile, Alabama Kenneth R. Giddens (former owner) WKRN-TV 27 PSIP/cable 2 ABC Nashville, Tennessee Knight-Ridder Nashville (former owner) WKSO-TV 14 PSIP 29 PBS Somerset, Kentucky WKTC 39 PSIP 63 The CW/MyNetworkTV Sumter, South Carolina Formerly WBHQ, WQHB WKTV 29 PSIP 2 2.1 NBC 2.2 CBS 2.3 The CW 2.4 MeTV Utica, New York Kallet TeleVision (original owners). Digital subchannel 29.3 by its cable channel number, 11. WKYC 17 PSIP/cable 3 NBC Cleveland, Ohio We Know You Cleveland WKYT-TV 36 PSIP 27 27.1 CBS 27.2 The CW 27.3 weather radar Lexington, Kentucky WKYU-TV 18 PSIP 24 PBS Bowling Green, Kentucky WKZT-TV 43 PSIP 23 PBS Elizabethtown, Kentucky

WL[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WLAE-TV 31 PSIP 32 PBS New Orleans, Louisiana WLAJ 25 PSIP 53 53.1ABC 53.2The CW Lansing, Michigan Lansing and Jackson. Digital subchannel 53.2 brands by its cable channel assignment on 5. WLAX 17 PSIP 25 25.1Fox 17.2Me-TV La Crosse, Wisconsin La Crosse (X meaning "cross") WLBT 30 PSIP 3 3.1NBC 30.3This TV Jackson, Mississippi Lamar Broadcasting Television (station founders) WLBZ 2 PSIP 2 NBC Bangor, Maine WLED-TV 48 PSIP 49 PBS Littleton, New Hampshire WLEF-TV 36 PSIP 36 PBS Park Falls, Wisconsin WLEX-TV 39 PSIP 18 18.1NBC 39.2Me-TV Lexington, Kentucky WLFB 40 PSIP 40 Religious Bluefield, West Virginia Rebroadcasts WLFG Grundy, Virginia WLFG 49 PSIP 68 Religious Grundy, Virginia WLFI-TV 11 PSIP 18 CBS Lafayette, Indiana West Lafayette, Indiana WLFL 27 PSIP 22 The CW Raleigh, North Carolina W Light For Living (the station's original slogan). WLGA 30 PSIP 66 Antenna TV Opelika, Alabama ALabama and GA(postal abbreviation for Georgia) WLII-DT 11 PSIP 11 Univisión Caguas, Puerto Rico WLIO 8 PSIP 35 8.1NBC 8.2Fox/MyNetworkTV Lima, Ohio WLIW 21 PSIP 21 PBS Garden City, New York WLJC-TV 7 PSIP 65 TBN Beattyville, Kentucky WLJT-DT 47 PSIP 11 PBS Lexington, Tennessee WLKY 26 PSIP 32 32.1CBS 32.2Me-TV Louisville, Kentucky Louisville, Kentucky WLLA 45 PSIP 64 My Family TV Kalamazoo, Michigan WLMB 5 PSIP 40 FamilyNet/Worship Toledo, Ohio WLMT 31 PSIP 30 30.1The CW 30.2Me-TV Memphis, Tennessee WLNE-TV 49 PSIP 6 6.1ABC 49.2LWN New Bedford, Massachusetts We Love New England. WLNS-TV 36 PSIP/cable 6 CBS Lansing, Michigan WLNY-TV 47 PSIP 55 Independent Riverhead, New York Long Island, New York or We Love New York. Also brands by its cable channel assignment on 10 WLOO 41 PSIP 35 MyNetworkTV Vicksburg, Mississippi TougaLOO College (owner) WLOS 13 PSIP 13 ABC Asheville, North Carolina Land of the Sky WLOV-TV 16 PSIP 27 27.1Fox 16.2Me-TV 16.3This TV West Point, Mississippi WLOX 39 PSIP 13 13.1ABC 13.2CBS 39.3Bounce TV Biloxi, Mississippi Biloxi WLPB-TV 25 PSIP 27 PBS Baton Rouge, Louisiana Louisiana Public Broadcasting WLPX-TV 39 PSIP 29 ION Television Charleston, West Virginia WLRN-TV 20 PSIP 17 PBS Miami, Florida LeaR N WLS-TV 44 PSIP/cable 7 ABC Chicago, Illinois World's Largest Store (reference to Sears-Roebuck) WLTV-DT 23 PSIP 23 Univisión Miami, Florida WLTX 17 PSIP 19 CBS Columbia, South Carolina Lewis Television (former owner) WLTZ 35 PSIP 38 38.1NBC 35.2The CW Columbus, Georgia WLUC-TV 35 PSIP 6 6.1NBC 35.2Fox Marquette, Michigan Lucky 6; former sister station of WLUK Green Bay WLUK-TV 11 PSIP 11 Fox Green Bay, Wisconsin Lucky 11 (former station branding in '60s WLVI 41 PSIP 56 The CW Cambridge, Massachusetts LVI (56) WLVT-TV 39 PSIP 39 PBS Allentown, Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley Television WLWC 22 PSIP 28 28.1The CW New Bedford, Massachusetts WLWT 35 PSIP 5 5.1NBC 35.2Me-TV Cincinnati, Ohio WLXI 43 PSIP 61 TCT Greensboro, North Carolina Roman numeral for 61

WM[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WMAB-TV 10 PSIP 2 PBS Mississippi State, Mississippi WMAE-TV 12 PSIP 12 PBS Booneville, Mississippi WMAH-TV 16 PSIP 19 PBS Biloxi, Mississippi WMAO-TV 25 PSIP 23 PBS Greenwood, Mississippi WMAQ-TV 29 PSIP/cable 5 5.1NBC Chicago, Illinois William A. Quinn; We Must Ask Questions. WMAR-TV 38 PSIP/cable 2 ABC Baltimore, Maryland MARyland WMAU-TV 18 PSIP 17 PBS Bude, Mississippi WMAV-TV 36 PSIP 18 PBS Oxford, Mississippi WMAW-TV 44 PSIP 14 PBS Meridian, Mississippi WMAZ-TV 13 PSIP 13 13.1CBS 13.2The CW Macon, Georgia Watch Mercer Attain Zenith (a reference to former owner Mercer University) WMBB 13 PSIP 13 13.1ABC Panama City, Florida World's Most Beautiful Beaches. WMBC-TV 18 PSIP 63 Independent Newton, New Jersey Mountain Broadcasting Corporation (owner) WMBD-TV 30 PSIP 31 31.1CBS 31.2Bounce TV Peoria, Illinois World's Most Beautiful Drive (a reference to what President Teddy Roosevelt said about Grandview Drive in Peoria, which overlooks the Illinois River Valley). WMBF-TV 32 PSIP 32 32.1NBC 32.2Bounce TV 32.3This TV Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Myrtle Beach Florence WMC-TV 5 PSIP 5 5.1NBC 5.3This TV Memphis, Tennessee Memphis Commercial Appeal (original owners) WMCF-TV 46 PSIP 45 TBN Montgomery, Alabama WMCN-TV 44 PSIP 44 44.1Independent 44.2Soul of the South Network Atlantic City, New Jersey WMDE 5 PSIP 36 Soul of the South Network Dover, Delaware WMDN 24 PSIP 24 CBS Meridian, Mississippi WMDT 47 PSIP 47 47.1ABC 47.2The CW Salisbury, Maryland Maryland Television. Digital subchannel 47.2 brands by cable channel number, 3. WMEA-TV 45 PSIP 26 PBS Biddeford, Maine WMEB-TV 9 PSIP/cable 12 PBS Orono, Maine WMEC 21 PSIP 22 PBS Macomb, Illinois WMED-TV 10 PSIP 13 PBS Calais, Maine WMEM-TV 10 PSIP 10 PBS Presque Isle, Maine WMFD-TV 12 PSIP 68 Independent Mansfield, Ohio 68.1 WMFD-DT 68.2 WOHZ-CD (Channel 41) WMFP 18 PSIP 62 Cozi TV Lawrence, Massachusetts WMGM-TV 36 PSIP 40 Independent Wildwood, New Jersey Named after WMGM-FM, which had adopted the calls of a defunct New York Station owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Call signs shared with translator on Channel 7 in Pleasantville, NJ. WMGT-TV 40 PSIP 41 41.1NBC 41.2MyNetworkTV Macon, Georgia We're Middle Georgia Television WMHT 34 PSIP 17 PBS Schenectady, New York WMLW-TV 48 PSIP 49 49.1Independent 63.4WYTU-LD Racine, Wisconsin MiLWaukee WMOR-TV 19 PSIP 32 32.1Independent 19.2This TV Lakeland, Florida WMOW 12 PSIP 4 4.1 The CW 4.2ABC Crandon, Wisconsin Digital subchannel 4.1 brands by its cable channel numbers, 8 and 14, and 4.2 rebroadcasts WAOW Wausau WMPB 29 PSIP 67 PBS Baltimore, Maryland Maryland Public Television affiliate; simulcasts WMPT Annapolis WMPN-TV 20 PSIP 29 PBS Jackson, Mississippi WMPT 42 PSIP 22 PBS Annapolis, Maryland Maryland Public Television WMPV-TV 20 PSIP 21 TBN Mobile, Alabama Mobile, Pensacola, Video WMSN-TV 49 PSIP 47 47.1Fox 47.3TCN Madison, Wisconsin Madison WMTJ 16 PSIP 40 PBS Fajardo, Puerto Rico WMTV 19 PSIP 15 NBC Madison, Wisconsin Madison Television. WMTW 8 PSIP 8 ABC Poland Spring, Maine Mount Washington (former transmitter location) WMUM-TV 7 PSIP 29 PBS Cochran, Georgia Rebroadcasts WGTV Athens, Georgia WMUR-TV 9 PSIP 9 9.1ABC 9.2Me-TV Manchester, New Hampshire Gov. Francis P. MURphy, founder WMVS 8 PSIP/cable 10 PBS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee Vocational Schools WMVT 35 PSIP 36 PBS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee Vocational and Technical Schools WMWC-TV 8 PSIP 53 Trinity Broadcasting Network Galesburg, Illinois WMYA-TV 14 PSIP 40 40.1MyNetworkTV Greenville, South Carolina My Anderson (city of license) WMYD 21 PSIP 20 20.1MyNetworkTV Detroit, Michigan My Detroit. WMYT-TV 39 PSIP 55 MyNetworkTV Charlotte, North Carolina My TV. Brands with its cable channel 12. WMYV 33 PSIP 48 48.1MyNetworkTV Greensboro, North Carolina MyNetwork TV

WN[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WNAB 23 PSIP 58 The CW Nashville, Tennessee Originally the NAshville WB station (letters rearranged) WNAC-TV 12 PSIP 64 64.1Fox 64.2MyNetworkTV Providence, Rhode Island WNBC 28 PSIP 4 4.1NBC New York, New York National Broadcasting Company. WNBW-DT 9 PSIP 9 9.1NBC 45.2WYME-CD Gainesville, Florida call signs previously on WRC-TV Washington. WNCF 31 PSIP 32 ABC Montgomery, Alabama Where News Comes First (ironically, the station no longer produces a newscast) WNCN 17 PSIP 17 17.1NBC 17.2Antenna TV Goldsboro, North Carolina North Carolina WNCT-TV 10 PSIP 9 9.1CBS 9.2The CW Greenville, North Carolina North Carolina Television. WNDU-TV 42 PSIP 16 NBC South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame University. WNDY-TV 32 PSIP 23 23.1MyNetworkTV 32.2Bounce TV Marion, Indiana Indy (Short for Indianapolis) WNED-TV 43 PSIP 17 PBS Buffalo, New York Western New York Educational WNEH 18 PSIP 38 PBS Greenwood, South Carolina WNEM-TV 22 PSIP 5 5.1CBS 5.2MyNetworkTV Bay City, Michigan Northeastern Michigan Company (original owner). WNEO 45 PSIP 45 PBS Alliance, Ohio WNEP-TV 50 PSIP 16 16.1ABC 16.2Antenna TV Scranton, Pennsylvania Northeastern Pennsylvania. WNET 13 PSIP 13 PBS Newark, New Jersey National Educational Television, forerunner of PBS WNEU 34 PSIP 60 Telemundo Merrimack, New Hampshire NUEva Inglaterra (Spanish for New England); letters rearranged WNGH-TV 33 PSIP 18 PBS Chatsworth, Georgia Satellite of WGTV Athens, Georgia WNIN 9 PSIP 9 PBS Evansville, Indiana W NINe WNIT 35 PSIP 34 PBS South Bend, Indiana W Northern Indiana Television WNJB 8 PSIP 58 PBS New Brunswick, New Jersey New Jersey—New Brunswick WNJN 51 PSIP 50 PBS Montclair, New Jersey New Jersey—North WNJS 22 PSIP 23 23.1PBS 23.3 AudioVision Camden, New Jersey New Jersey—South WNJT 43 PSIP 52 PBS Trenton, New Jersey New Jersey—Trenton WNJU 36 PSIP 47 Telemundo Linden, New Jersey New Jersey—Union (county) WNJX-TV 23 PSIP 4 Independent Mayagüez, Puerto Rico Satellite for WAPA-TV WNKY 16 PSIP 40 40.1NBC 40.2CBS Bowling Green, Kentucky Digital subchannel 40.2 branded by its cable channel number, 4. WNLO 32 PSIP 23 The CW Buffalo, New York WNMU 13 PSIP 13 PBS Marquette, Michigan Northern Michigan University WNNE 25 PSIP 31 NBC Hartford, Vermont Semi-satellite of WPTZ in North Pole, New York WNOL-TV 15 PSIP 38 38.1The CW 15.2This TV New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana WNPB-TV 33 PSIP24 PBS Morgantown, West Virginia Satellite of WVPB Charleston; Northern Public Broadcasting WNPI-DT 23 PSIP 18 PBS Norwood, New York Rebroadcasts WPBS-DT Watertown WNPT 8 PSIP 8 PBS Nashville, Tennessee Nashville Public Television WNPX-TV 36 PSIP 28 ION Television Cookeville, Tennessee WNSC-TV 15 PSIP 30 PBS Rock Hill, South Carolina North and South Carolina. Semisatellite of WITV Columbia WNTV 9 PSIP 29 PBS Greenville, South Carolina WNTZ-TV 49 PSIP 48 Fox/MyNetworkTV Natchez, Mississippi WNUV 40 PSIP 54 54.1The CW Baltimore, Maryland NUVision, original owners. WNVC 24 PSIP 30 mHz WorldView Fairfax, Virginia WNVT 30 PSIP 53 mHz Worldview Goldvein, Virginia WNWO-TV 49 PSIP 24 NBC Toledo, Ohio NW(abbreviation of Northwest) Ohio WNYA 13 PSIP 51 51.1MyNetworkTV 51.2WEPT-CD Pittsfield, Massachusetts Brands by its cable channel number, 4. WNYB 26 PSIP 26 TCT Jamestown, New York WNYE-TV 24 PSIP 25 educational Independent New York, New York New York Board of Education WNYI 20 PSIP 52 Daystar Ithaca, New York New York-Ithaca WNYO-TV 49 PSIP 49 MyNetworkTV Buffalo, New York Western New York and Ontario WNYS-TV 44 PSIP 43 MyNetworkTV Syracuse, New York New York Syracuse. WNYT 12 PSIP 13 13.1NBC 12.2Me-TV Albany, New York WNYW 44 PSIP/cable 5 Fox New York, New York What New Yorkers Watch

WO[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WOAI-TV 48 PSIP/cable 4 NBC San Antonio, Texas World of Agricultural Information; from sister radio station WOAI (AM) WOAY-TV 50 PSIP 4 ABC Oak Hill, West Virginia WOFL 22 PSIP 35 Fox Orlando, Florida Orlando, FLorida WOGX 31 PSIP 51 Fox Ocala, Florida Ocala-Gainesville Fox WOI-DT 5 PSIP 5 5.1ABC Ames, Iowa IOWA spelled backwards. WOIO 10 PSIP 19 19.1CBS 10.2Me-TV Shaker Heights, Ohio Ohio WOLE-DT 12 PSIP 12 Telemundo Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Repeater for WKAQ-TV WOLF-TV 45 PSIP 56 Fox Hazleton, Pennsylvania WOLO-TV 8 PSIP 25 25.1ABC 8.4Me-TV Columbia, South Carolina Branded on-air as ABC Columbia. WOOD-TV 7 PSIP 8 8.1NBC 7.2Bounce TV Grand Rapids, Michigan WOPX-TV 48 PSIP 56 ION Television Melbourne, Florida WORA-TV 29 PSIP 5 Univision Mayagüez, Puerto Rico Repeater for WLII-DT WORO-DT 13 PSIP 13 Independent/Religious San Juan, Puerto Rico Oro = Spanish for gold WOST 22 PSIP 14 Independent Mayagüez, Puerto Rico WOSU-TV 38 PSIP 34 PBS Columbus, Ohio W Ohio State University WOTF-DT 43 PSIP 43 UniMás Melbourne, Florida WOTV 20 PSIP 41 41.1ABC Battle Creek, Michigan Digital channel 41.1 branded by its cable channel number, 4. WOUB-TV 27 PSIP 20 PBS Athens, Ohio WOUC-TV 35 PSIP 44 PBS Cambridge, Ohio Simulcasts WOUB Athens WOWK-TV 13 PSIP 13 CBS Huntington, West Virginia West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky WOWT 22 PSIP 6 6.1NBC Omaha, Nebraska Woodmen of the World (station founders; T for television added when WOW-AM and -TV went to separate owners)

WP[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WPAN 40 PSIP 53 Cozi TV Fort Walton Beach, Florida WPBA 21 PSIP 30 PBS Atlanta, Georgia Public Broadcasting Atlanta WPBF 16 PSIP 25 ABC Tequesta, Florida West Palm Beach Florida WPBN-TV 47 PSIP 7 NBC Traverse City, Michigan Paul Bunyan Network WPBS-DT 41 PSIP 16 PBS Watertown, New York Public Broadcasting Service WPBT 18 PSIP 2 PBS Miami, Florida Public Broadcasting Television WPCB-TV 50 PSIP 40 Cornerstone Television Greensburg, Pennsylvania WPCH-TV 20 PSIP 17 Independent Atlanta, Georgia PeaCHtree TV WPCT 47 PSIP 46 tourist Panama City Beach, Florida Panama City Tourist or Panama City Television WPCW 11 PSIP 19 The CW Jeannette, Pennsylvania We'rePittsburgh's CW WPDE-TV 16 PSIP 15 ABC Florence, South Carolina Pee Dee (River) WPEC 13 PSIP 12 12.1CBS West Palm Beach, Florida WPFO 23 PSIP 23 Fox Waterville, Maine WPGA-TV 32 PSIP 58 Independent Perry, Georgia WPGD-TV 33 PSIP 50 TBN Hendersonville, Tennessee WPGH-TV 43 PSIP 53 Fox Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania W Pittsburgh WPGX 9 PSIP 28 Fox Panama City, Florida WPHL-TV 17 PSIP 17 17.1MyNetworkTV 17.2Antenna TV 17.3This TV 17.4Mummers TV Philadelphia, Pennsylvania W PHiLadelphia WPIX 11 PSIP 11 11.1The CW 11.2Antenna TV 11.3This TV New York, New York Short for "Pictures" (originally showed movies); named for the NY Daily News, "New York's Picture Newspaper" WPLG 10 PSIP 10 ABC Miami, Florida W Paul Lauren Graham WPME 35 PSIP 35 35.1MyNetworkTV 28.2tourist Lewiston, Maine Portland Maine WPMI-TV 15 PSIP 15 NBC Mobile, Alabama Pensacola, Mobile, Independent WPMT 47 PSIP 43 Fox York, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania-Maryland Television WPNE-TV 42 PSIP 38 PBS Green Bay, Wisconsin Wisconsin Public Television North East WPNT 42 PSIP 22 MyNetworkTV Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh's MyNetworkTV WPPX-TV 31 PSIP 61 61.1ION Television 61.2Qubo 61.3Ion Life 61.4Infomercials 61.5QVC 61.6Home Shopping Network Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia's PAX WPRI-TV 13 PSIP 12 12.1CBS 13.2Bounce TV Providence, Rhode Island Providence, Rhode Island. WPSD-TV 32 PSIP 6 6.1NBC 6.3Antenna TV Paducah, Kentucky Paducah Sun-Democrat. Original name of city's newspaper; same ownership. WPSG 32 PSIP 57 57.1The CW Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Paramount Stations Group. Was an early UPN Owned and Operated station WPSU-TV 15 PSIP 3 3.1 PBS 3.2 Create 3.3 World Clearfield, Pennsylvania WPTA 24 PSIP 21 21.1ABC 24.2The CW Fort Wayne, Indiana Digital subchannel 24.2 is branded by its cable channel numbers of 19 and 7. WPTD 16 PSIP 16 PBS Dayton, Ohio WPTO 28 PSIP 14 PBS Oxford, Ohio WPTV-TV 12 PSIP 5 NBC West Palm Beach, Florida West Palm Television WPTZ 14 PSIP 5 5.1NBC 5.2The CW 5.3Me-TV North Pole, New York W Point Zero (North Pole). WPVI-TV 6 PSIP 6 6.1ABC 6.2LWN 6.3LWN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia's Channel 6 (Roman numeral VI) WPWR-TV 51 PSIP 50 MyNetworkTV Gary, Indiana WPXA-TV 31 PSIP 14 ION Television Rome, Georgia WPXC-TV 24 PSIP 21 ION Television Brunswick, Georgia WPXD-TV 50 PSIP 31 ION Television Ann Arbor, Michigan WPXE-TV 40 PSIP 55 ION Television Kenosha, Wisconsin WPXG-TV 33 PSIP 21 ION Television Concord, New Hampshire Rebroadcasts WBPX-TV Boston WPXH-TV 45 PSIP 44 ION Television Gadsden, Alabama WPXI 48 PSIP 11 11.1NBC 11.2Me-TV Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh's Channel 11 (Roman XI). Runs the PCNC news-talk cable TV network. WPXJ-TV 23 PSIP 51 ION Television Batavia, New York WPXK-TV 23 PSIP 54 ION Television Jellico, Tennessee WPXL-TV 50 PSIP 49 ION Television New Orleans, Louisiana PAX Louisiana WPXM-TV 35 PSIP 35 ION Television Miami, Florida PAX Miami WPXN-TV 31 PSIP 31 ION Television New York, New York PAX New York WPXP-TV 36 PSIP 67 ION Television Lake Worth, Florida WPXQ-TV 17 PSIP 69 ION Television Block Island, Rhode Island WPXR-TV 36 PSIP 38 ION Television Roanoke, Virginia PAX Roanoke WPXS 21 PSIP 13 Daystar Mount Vernon, Illinois WPXT 43 PSIP 51 51.1The CW 43.2Me-TV Portland, Maine WPXU-TV 34 PSIP 35 ION Television Jacksonville, North Carolina Satellite of WEPX-TV Greenville, NC WPXV-TV 46 PSIP 49 ION Television Norfolk, Virginia PAX Virginia WPXW-TV 34 PSIP 66 ION Television Manassas, Virginia PAX Washington (DC) WPXX-TV 51 PSIP 50 ION Television Memphis, Tennessee

WQ[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WQAD-TV 38 PSIP 8 8.1ABC 38.2Weather 8.3WBQD-LP Moline, Illinois W Qu A D Cities WQCW 17 PSIP 30 The CW Portsmouth, Ohio WQEC 34 PSIP 27 PBS Quincy, Illinois WQED 13 PSIP 13 PBS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D.) WQHA 50 PSIP 50 50.1 OptimaVision 50.2 WUJA 50.3 AERCO Broadcasting Network 50.4 WNVM Aguada, Puerto Rico WQHS-DT 34 PSIP 61 Univisión Cleveland, Ohio WQLN 50 PSIP 54 54.1 PBS 54.2 Create 54.3 World Erie, Pennsylvania WQMY 29 PSIP 53 MyNetworkTV Williamsport, Pennsylvania WQOW 15 PSIP 18 18.1ABC 15.2The CW 15.3This TV Eau Claire, Wisconsin Sister station and semi-satellite of WXOW (DT1 and DT3) La Crosse, Wisconsin. Digital subchannel 15.2 rebroadcasts WXOW-DT2 WQPT-TV 23 PSIP 24 PBS Moline, Illinois WQPX-TV 32 PSIP 64 ION Television Scranton, Pennsylvania WQRF-TV 42 PSIP 39 39.1Fox 42.2Bounce TV Rockford, Illinois Quality RockFord WQTO 25 PSIP 26 PBS Ponce, Puerto Rico Satellite for WMTJ

WR[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WRAL-TV 48 PSIP 5 5.1 NBC 5.2 Heroes & Icons Raleigh, North Carolina W RALeigh. WRAY-TV 42 PSIP 30 TCT Wilson, North Carolina WRAZ 49 PSIP 50 50.1Fox 50.2MeTV Raleigh, North Carolina WRBJ-TV 34 PSIP 34 TBN Magee, Mississippi Roberts Broadcasting Jackson (Company that founded the station) WRBL 15 PSIP 3 3.1CBS 15.2MeTV Columbus, Georgia WRBU 47 PSIP 46 Ion Television St. Louis, Missouri W Roberts Broadcasting UPN (company that founded the station and a former affiliation) WRBW 41 PSIP 65 MyNetworkTV Orlando, Florida WRC-TV 48 PSIP/cable 4 4.1NBC Washington, District of Columbia Radio Corporation of America (former NBC parent) WRCB 13 PSIP 3 3.1NBC Chattanooga, Tennessee Rust Craft Broadcasting (former owner) WRDC 28 PSIP 28 MyNetworkTV Durham, North Carolina W Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill WRDQ 27 PSIP 27 27.1Independent Orlando, Florida WRDW-TV 12 PSIP 12 12.1CBS 12.2MyNetworkTV Augusta, Georgia WREG-TV 28 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Memphis, Tennessee WRET-TV 43 PSIP 49 PBS Spartanburg, South Carolina Richard E. Tukey, Chairman of the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce WREX 13 PSIP 13 13.1NBC 13.2The CW Rockford, Illinois Digital subchannel 13.2 brands by its cable channel number, 14 WRFB 51 PSIP 52 Telemicro Internacional Carolina, Puerto Rico WRGB 6 PSIP 6 6.1CBS 6.2This TV Schenectady, New York W Red, Green, and Blue (component parts of color TV signal. WRGB was an early adopter of NTSC Color) WRGT-TV 30 PSIP 45 45.1Fox 30.2MyNetworkTV/This TV Dayton, Ohio WRIC-TV 22 PSIP 8 ABC Petersburg, Virginia W RIChmond WRJA-TV 28 PSIP 27 PBS Sumter, South Carolina R. J. Aycock WRLH-TV 26 PSIP 35 35.1Fox 26.2MyNetworkTV/This TV Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Loving and Hudson (station co-founders) WRLK-TV 32 PSIP 35 PBS Columbia, South Carolina WRLM 47 PSIP 67 TCT Canton, Ohio Radiant Life Ministries WRNN-TV 48 PSIP 48 Independent Kingston, New York Shares call sign with satellite on Channel 57 in Nyack, New York WROC-TV 45 PSIP 8 8.1CBS 45.2Bounce TV Rochester, New York ROChester WRPT 31 PSIP 31 31.1 PBS 31.2 PBS Satellite Service 31.3 Create 31.4 Minnesota Channel Hibbing, Minnesota WRPX-TV 15 PSIP 47 ION Television Rocky Mount, North Carolina Raleigh Pax WRSP-TV 44 PSIP 55 55.1Fox 44.2Me TV Springfield, Illinois WRTV 25 PSIP 6 6.1ABC 25.2Hometown Sports Indianapolis, Indiana WRUA 33 PSIP 34 Independent Fajardo, Puerto Rico WRXY-TV 33 PSIP 49 CTN Tice, Florida

WS[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WSAV-TV 39 PSIP 3 3.1NBC 3.2MyNetworkTV/Me-TV Savannah, Georgia SAVannah. WSAW-TV 7 PSIP 7 7.1CBS 7.2MyNetworkTV Wausau, Wisconsin WSAZ-TV 23 PSIP 3 3.1NBC 23.2MyNetworkTV/This TV Huntington, West Virginia WSB-TV 39 PSIP 2 2.1ABC 2.2Me-TV Atlanta, Georgia Welcome South, Brother WSBE-TV 21 PSIP 36 PBS Providence, Rhode Island WSBK-TV 39 PSIP 38 MyNetworkTV Boston, Massachusetts SBK = stock symbol of Storer Broadcasting (former owner) WSBS-TV 3 PSIP 22 Mega TV Key West, Florida Spanish Broadcasting System (owner). Shares call sign with satellite on Channel 50 in Miami WSBT-TV 22 PSIP 22 22.1CBS 22.2 Independent South Bend, Indiana South Bend Tribune. Digital subchannel SBT2 not affiliated with any network. WSCV 30 PSIP 51 Telemundo Fort Lauderdale, Florida WSEC 15 PSIP 14 PBS Jacksonville, Illinois WSEE-TV 16 PSIP 35 35.1CBS 35.2The CW Erie, Pennsylvania Digital subchannel 16.2 branded by its cable channel number, 3. WSES 33 PSIP 33 ABC Tuscaloosa, Alabama WSET-TV 13 PSIP 13 13.1ABC 13.2RTV Lynchburg, Virginia WSFA 12 PSIP 12 12.1NBC 12.2 Bounce TV Montgomery, Alabama With South's Finest Airport. A mid-50s hopeful civic boast that never materialized. WSFJ-TV 24 PSIP 51 TBN Newark, Ohio WSFL-TV 19 PSIP 39 The CW Miami, Florida WSFX-TV 30 PSIP 26 26.1Fox 30.2This TV Wilmington, North Carolina WSIL-TV 34 PSIP/cable 3 ABC Harrisburg, Illinois WSIU-TV 8 PSIP 8 PBS Carbondale, Illinois Southern Illinois University WSJU-TV 31 PSIP 30 Independent San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan WSJV 28 PSIP 28 Fox Elkhart, Indiana Saint Joseph Valley WSKA 30 PSIP 30 PBS Corning, New York WSKG-TV 42 PSIP 46 PBS Binghamton, New York WSKY-TV 9 PSIP 4 Independent Manteo, North Carolina WSLS-TV 30 PSIP 10 10.1NBC 30.3Me-TV Roanoke, Virginia Shenandoah Life Station (station founded by an insurance company) WSMH 16 PSIP 66 Fox Flint, Michigan We Show More Hits (station's original slogan; or SMitH, name of family which currently owns the station.) WSMV-TV 10 PSIP 4 NBC Nashville, Tennessee We Shield Millions (formerly owned by an insurance company; added a V to the call sign after WSM-AM and -TV went to different owners). WSNS-TV 45 PSIP 44 Telemundo Chicago, Illinois Essaness (former owner) WSOC-TV 34 PSIP/cable 9 ABC Charlotte, North Carolina We Serve Our Community or Sounds of Charlotte WSPA-TV 7 PSIP 7 7.1CBS 7.2Me-TV Spartanburg, South Carolina Spartanburg (or Spartan Broadcasting, the owner) WSPX-TV 15 PSIP 56 ION Television Syracuse, New York Syracuse PaX WSRE 31 PSIP 23 PBS Pensacola, Florida WSST-TV 51 PSIP 55 Independent Cordele, Georgia WSTE-DT 8 PSIP 7 Independent Ponce, Puerto Rico Siete (Siete is Spanish for seven) WSTM-TV 24 PSIP/cable3 3.1NBC 14.2WSTQ-LP Syracuse, New York WSTR-TV 33 PSIP 64 64.1MyNetworkTV Cincinnati, Ohio Station is branded as Star 64. WSUR-DT 9 PSIP 9 Univisión Ponce, Puerto Rico Sur is Spanish for south (Ponce's geographical location in Puerto Rico) Satellite for WLII-DT WSVI 20 PSIP 8 ABC Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands WSVN 7 PSIP 7 Fox Miami, Florida Seven WSWB 31 PSIP 38 The CW Scranton, Pennsylvania Scranton-Wilkes-Barre WSWG 43 PSIP 44 44.1CBS 43.2MyNetworkTV 44.3The CW Valdosta, Georgia WSWP-TV 10 PSIP 9 PBS Grandview, West Virginia WSYM-TV 38 PSIP 47 47.1Fox 38.2MeTV Lansing, Michigan We Say Yes to Michigan, reference to 1980s Michigan travel ad campaign. WSYR-TV 17 PSIP 9 9.1ABC 9.2Me-TV Syracuse, New York SYRacuse WSYT 19 PSIP 68 Fox Syracuse, New York SYracuse Television. WSYX 48 PSIP 6 6.1ABC 13.2MyNetworkTV Columbus, Ohio sounds like "Six".

WT[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WTAE-TV 51 PSIP 4 4.1ABC 51.2This TV Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania We're Taking Action Everywhere WTAJ-TV 32 PSIP/cable 10 CBS Altoona, Pennsylvania We're Television for Altoona and Johnstown WTAP-TV 49 PSIP 15 15.1NBC Parkersburg, West Virginia WTAT-TV 24 PSIP 24 Fox Charleston, South Carolina WTBY-TV 27 PSIP 54 TBN Poughkeepsie, New York WTCE-TV 38 PSIP 21 TBN Fort Pierce, Florida WTCI 29 PSIP 45 PBS Chattanooga, Tennessee WTCT 17 PSIP 27 TCT Marion, Illinois Tri-State Christian Television (station owners) WTCV 32 PSIP 18 Music videos San Juan, Puerto Rico WTEN 26 PSIP 10 10.1ABC Albany, New York Ten is its PSIP/cable channel number. WTGL 46 PSIP 45 TLN/FamilyNet/LeSEA/Worship Leesburg, Florida The Good Life. WTGS 28 PSIP 28 Fox Hardeeville, South Carolina We're Television for Georgia and South Carolina WTHI-TV 10 PSIP 10 10.1CBS 10.2Fox/MyNetworkTV Terre Haute, Indiana Terre Haute, Indiana WTHR 13 PSIP 13 13.1NBC 46.2WALV-CD 13.3Me-TV Indianapolis, Indiana Thirteen WTIC-TV 31 PSIP 61 Fox Hartford, Connecticut Travelers Insurance Company (original owners of radio sister station) WTIN-TV 15 PSIP 4 Independent Ponce, Puerto Rico Satellite for WAPA-TV WTIU 14 PSIP 30 PBS Bloomington, Indiana WTJP-TV 26 PSIP 60 TBN Gadsden, Alabama WTJR 32 PSIP 16 CTN Quincy, Illinois WTJX-TV 44 PSIP 12 12.1 PBS 12.2 PBS Kids 12.3 Encore 12.4 WTJX Education Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands WTKR 40 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Norfolk, Virginia Tidewater Knight-Ridder (former owners). Originally WTAR-TV. WTLF 24 PSIP 24 The CW Tallahassee, Florida Sister station of WTLH Bainbridge, Georgia WTLH 50 PSIP 49 49.1Fox 49.3Me-TV Bainbridge, Georgia WTLJ 24 PSIP 54 TCT Muskegon, Michigan WTLV 13 PSIP 12 NBC Jacksonville, Florida Twelve (The station's PSIP/cable channel number) WTLW 44 PSIP 44 Religious Independent Lima, Ohio WTMJ-TV 28 PSIP/cable 4 NBC Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Milwaukee Journal (owner) WTNH 10 PSIP 8 8.1ABC 10.2Bounce TV New Haven, Connecticut Television New Haven WTNZ 34 PSIP 43 43.1Fox 34.2This TV Knoxville, Tennessee WTOC-TV 11 PSIP 11 CBS Savannah, Georgia Welcome To Our City WTOG 44 PSIP 44 The CW Tampa, Florida WTOK-TV 11 PSIP 11 11.1ABC 11.2MyNetworkTV 11.3The CW Meridian, Mississippi Digital subchannel 11.2 brands by cable channel 2, and digital subchannel 11.3 as cable channel 8. WTOL 11 PSIP 11 11.1CBS 11.2MeTV Toledo, Ohio Toledo WTOM-TV 35 PSIP/cable 4 4.1NBC 35.2ABC Cheboygan, Michigan Top of Michigan. Rebroadcasts WPBN(DT1) and WGTU(DT2) Traverse City WTOV-TV 9 PSIP 9 9.1 NBC 9.2 Fox 9.3 MeTV Steubenville, Ohio We're Television for the Ohio Valley WTPC-TV 7 PSIP 21 TBN Virginia Beach, Virginia WTPX-TV 46 PSIP 46 ion Television Antigo, Wisconsin WTRF-TV 7 PSIP 7 7.1 CBS 7.2 MyNetworkTV 7.3 ABC 7.4 Escape Wheeling, West Virginia WTSF 44 PSIP 61 Daystar Ashland, Kentucky WTSP 10 PSIP 10 CBS St. Petersburg, Florida Tampa St. Petersburg WTTA 32 PSIP 38 38.1MyNetworkTV St. Petersburg, Florida WTTE 36 PSIP 28 28.1Fox Columbus, Ohio WTTG 36 PSIP 5 Fox Washington, District of Columbia Thomas T. Goldsmith (chief Engineer for DuMont Broadcasting System) WTTK 29 PSIP 29 29.1 CBS 29.2 independent 29.3 Comet Kokomo, Indiana Rebroadcaster of WTTV, probably stands for WTTV Kokomo WTTO 28 PSIP 21 The CW Homewood, Alabama W Television Twenty One (the station's PSIP channel number). WTTV 48 PSIP 4 4.1 CBS 4.2 independent 4.3 Comet Bloomington, Indiana Tarzian TeleVision (after founding owner, Sarkes Tarzian) WTTW 47 PSIP/cable 11 PBS Chicago, Illinois Window to the World Communications (owner) WTVA 8 PSIP/cable 9 9.1NBC 8.2ABC Tupelo, Mississippi Tennessee Valley Authority WTVC 9 PSIP 9 9.1ABC 9.2This TV Chattanooga, Tennessee We're TeleVision Chattanooga WTVD 11 PSIP 11 ABC Durham, North Carolina TeleVision Durham WTVE 25 PSIP 51 51.1Religious Independent/infomercials Reading, Pennsylvania WTVF 25 PSIP 5 5.1CBS 5.2 NewsChannel 5+ 5.3 This TV Nashville, Tennessee TV Five. WTVG 13 PSIP 13 13.1ABC 13.2The CW Toledo, Ohio Digital subchannel 13.2 was previously cable-only as WT05 (Its cable channel number is 5) WTVH 47 PSIP/cable 5 5.1 CBS 5.2 Charge! 5.3 TBD Syracuse, New York Television WHEN (station was formerly WHEN-TV until 1976) WTVI 11 PSIP 42 PBS Charlotte, North Carolina WTVJ 31 PSIP 6 6.1NBC 6.2 Cozi TV Miami, Florida WTVM 11 PSIP 9 ABC Columbus, Georgia WTVO 16 PSIP 17 17.1ABC 16.2MyNetworkTV Rockford, Illinois WTVP 46 PSIP 47 PBS Peoria, Illinois WTVQ-DT 40 PSIP 36 36.1ABC 40.2MyNetworkTV Lexington, Kentucky Digital subchannel 40.2 by its cable channel number, 2. WTVR-TV 25 PSIP 6 CBS Richmond, Virginia We're Television Richmond WTVS 43 PSIP 56 PBS Detroit, Michigan WTVT 12 PSIP 13 Fox Tampa, Florida Walter Tison, Virginia Tison (original owner and his wife) WTVW 28 PSIP 7 7.1The CW 28.2Bounce TV Evansville, Indiana WTVX 34 PSIP 34 34.1The CW 48.2WWHB-CA 43.3WTCN-CA Fort Pierce, Florida Former CBS affiliate; Palm Beaches were previously served by WTVJ in Miami, hence the calls. WTVY 36 PSIP 4 4.1CBS 4.2MyNetworkTV 4.3The CW 23.4WRGX-LD Dothan, Alabama Digital subchannel 4.3 branded by its cable channel number, 10. WTVZ-TV 33 PSIP 33 33.1MyNetworkTV Norfolk, Virginia WTWC-TV 40 PSIP 40 40.1NBC 40.3TCN Tallahassee, Florida WTWO 36 PSIP 2 NBC Terre Haute, Indiana Two is the station's PSIP/cable channel number WTWV 23 PSIP 14 Religious Independent Memphis, Tennessee WTXF-TV 42 PSIP 29 42.1Fox 42.2Movies! 42.3MundoFox (WPSJ-CD 8.1 simulcast) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Was once WTAF for TAFT Broadcasting WTXL-TV 27 PSIP 27 27.1ABC 27.2Bounce TV 27.3AccuWeather Tallahassee, Florida

WU[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WUAB 28 PSIP 43 MyNetworkTV Lorain, Ohio United Artists Broadcasting WUCF-TV 23 PSIP 24 24.1PBS 23.2UCF-TV Orlando, Florida University of Central Florida WUCW 22 PSIP 23 The CW Minneapolis, Minnesota Formerly KMWB, KLGT and KTMA in that order. WUFT 36 PSIP 5 PBS Gainesville, Florida WUHF 28 PSIP 31 Fox Rochester, New York UHF WUJA 48 PSIP 58 58.1 Pura Palabra Television 58.2 Pura Palabra Television 58.3 Pura Palabra Television 58.4 Pura Palabra Television Caguas, Puerto Rico WUNC-TV 25 PSIP/cable 4 PBS Chapel Hill, North Carolina UNC-TV affiliates; name from University of North Carolina (last letters changed for each station) WUND-TV 20 PSIP 2 PBS Columbia, North Carolina WUNE-TV 17 PSIP 17 PBS Linville, North Carolina WUNF-TV 25 PSIP 33 PBS Asheville, North Carolina WUNG-TV 44 PSIP 58 PBS Concord, North Carolina WUNI 29 PSIP 27 Univisión Worcester, Massachusetts Univision WUNJ-TV 29 PSIP 39 PBS Wilmington, North Carolina UNC-TV affiliates; name from University of North Carolina (last letters changed for each station) WUNK-TV 23 PSIP 25 PBS Greenville, North Carolina WUNL-TV 32 PSIP 26 PBS Winston-Salem, North Carolina WUNM-TV 19 PSIP 19 PBS Jacksonville, North Carolina WUNP-TV 36 PSIP 36 PBS Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina WUNU 31 PSIP 31 PBS Lumberton, North Carolina WUNW 27 PBS Canton, North Carolina WUPA 43 PSIP 69 The CW Atlanta, Georgia UPN Atlanta. Also brands by its cable channel number, 10. WUPL 24 PSIP 54 MyNetworkTV Slidell, Louisiana UPN Louisiana WUPV 47 PSIP 65 65.1The CW 65.2Bounce TV Ashland, Virginia UPN Virginia WUPW 46 PSIP 36 Fox Toledo, Ohio WUPX-TV 21 PSIP 67 ION Television Morehead, Kentucky WUSA 9 PSIP 9 CBS Washington, District of Columbia United States of America, and USA Today (owned by Gannett, WUSA's former owner) WUSI-TV 19 PSIP 16 PBS Olney, Illinois Rebroadcaster of WSIU; see WSIU WUTB 41 PSIP 24 24.1MyNetworkTV 41.2Bounce TV Baltimore, Maryland United Television Baltimore (former owner) WUTF-DT 29 PSIP 66 UniMás Marlborough, Massachusetts WUTR 30 PSIP 20 20.1 ABC 20.2 WPNY-LP 20.3 Grit 20.4 Bounce TV Utica, New York UTica-Rome WUTV 14 PSIP 29 Fox Buffalo, New York WUVC-DT 38 PSIP 40 Univisión Fayetteville, North Carolina W Univision Carolina WUVG-DT 48 PSIP 34 Univisión Athens, Georgia Univision Georgia WUVN 46 PSIP 18 18.1Univisión 47.3WUTH-CA Hartford, Connecticut Univision WUVP-DT 29 PSIP 65 65.1Univisión 65.2WFPA-CD UniMás 65.3GetTV 65.4Bounce TV Vineland, New Jersey Univision for Philadelphia WUXP-TV 21 PSIP 30 MyNetworkTV Nashville, Tennessee

WV[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WVAH-TV 19 PSIP/cable 11 Fox Charleston, West Virginia West Virginia's Almost Heaven WVAN-TV 9 PSIP 9 PBS Savannah, Georgia Savannah. Satellite of WGTV Athens, Georgia WVBT 29 PSIP 43 Fox Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia Beach Television WVCY-TV 22 PSIP 30 FamilyNet Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth WVEA-TV 25 PSIP 62 Univisión Venice, Florida WVEC 13 PSIP 13 13.1ABC 13.3Me-TV Hampton, Virginia We Value Every Customer WVEN-TV 49 PSIP 26 Univisión Daytona Beach, Florida WVEO 17 PSIP 44 44.1 Mega TV Aguadilla, Puerto Rico WVER 9 PSIP 28 PBS Rutland, Vermont Member of Vermont Public Television WVFX 10 PSIP 46 10.1Fox 10.2The CW Clarksburg, West Virginia West Virginia FoX. Digital subchannel 10.2 also brands as cable channel 3. WVIA-TV 50 PSIP 44 PBS Scranton, Pennsylvania WVII-TV 7 PSIP 7 7.1ABC 22.2WFVX-LD Bangor, Maine VII = 7 WVIR-TV 32 PSIP 29 29.1NBC 29.3The CW Charlottesville, Virginia VIRginia The CW is broadcast on digital subchannel DT3 WVIT 35 PSIP 30 30.1NBC New Britain, Connecticut Viacom Television (former owner) WVIZ 26 PSIP 25 PBS Cleveland, Ohio WVLA-TV 34 PSIP 33 NBC Baton Rouge, Louisiana WVLR 48 PSIP 48 CTN Tazewell, Tennessee Volunteer WVLT-TV 30 PSIP 8 8.1CBS 30.2MyNetworkTV Knoxville, Tennessee Broadcasts the UTennessee Volunteers games; brands as "Volunteer TV" WVNS-TV 8 PSIP 59 59.1CBS 59.2Fox/MyNetworkTV Lewisburg, West Virginia West Virginia News Station Fox and MyNetworkTV are broadcast on digital subchannel DT2 WVNY 13 PSIP 22 ABC Burlington, Vermont Vermont-New York. WVOZ-TV 47 PSIP 48 48.1 Mega TV Ponce, Puerto Rico WVPB-TV 34 PSIP 33 PBS Huntington, West Virginia West Virginia Public Broadcasting WVPT 11 PSIP 51 PBS Staunton, Virginia Virginia Public Television WVPX-TV 23 PSIP 23 ION Television Akron, Ohio WVPY 21 PSIP 42 PBS Front Royal, Virginia Repeater of WVPT WVSN 49 PSIP 68 Religious independent Humacao, Puerto Rico WVTA 24 PSIP 41 PBS Windsor, Vermont Member of Vermont Public Television WVTB 18 PSIP 20 PBS St. Johnsbury, Vermont Member of Vermont Public Television WVTM-TV 13 PSIP 13 13.1NBC 13.2Me-TV Birmingham, Alabama W Vulcan Times Mirror (There is a large statue of Vulcan overlooking Birmingham; Times Mirror formerly owned the station) WVTV 18 PSIP 18 The CW Milwaukee, Wisconsin WVUA 6 PSIP 23 This TV Tuscaloosa, Alabama University of Alabama. WVUE-DT 29 PSIP 8 Fox New Orleans, Louisiana WVUT 22 PSIP 22 PBS Vincennes, Indiana W Vincennes University Television WVVA 46 PSIP 6 6.1NBC 46.2The CW Bluefield, West Virginia Postal abbreviations West Virginia WV & Virginia VA. Digital subchannel 46.2 branded by its cable channel numbers, 10 and 18. WVXF 17 PSIP 17 CBS Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands

WW[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WWAY 46 PSIP 3 3.1ABC 3.2RTV Wilmington, North Carolina WWBT 12 PSIP 12 12.1NBC 12.2Me-TV Richmond, Virginia Co-owned with WBT-AM and WBTV in Charlotte, NC WWCP-TV 8 PSIP 8 Fox Johnstown, Pennsylvania WWCW 20 PSIP 21 21.1The CW 21.2Fox Lynchburg, Virginia Digital subchannel 21.1 brands as cable channel 5, and subchannel 21.2 Rebroadcasts WFXR Roanoke WWDP 10 PSIP 46 EVINE Live Norwell, Massachusetts WWHO 46 PSIP 53 The CW Chillicothe, Ohio WWJ-TV 44 PSIP 62 CBS Detroit, Michigan Derives from WWJ-AM WWJE-DT 35 PSIP 50 Justice Network Derry, New Hampshire JusticE Network WWJX 23 PSIP 51 Legacy TV Jackson, Mississippi WWL-TV 36 PSIP 4 CBS New Orleans, Louisiana WWLP 11 PSIP 22 NBC Springfield, Massachusetts William L. Putnam. WWMB 21 PSIP 21 The CW Florence, South Carolina WWMT 8 PSIP 3 3.1CBS 3.2The CW Kalamazoo, Michigan We're West Michigan Television. Digital subchannel 3.2 is branded by its cable channel number, 7 WWNY-TV 7 PSIP 7 7.1CBS 28.2WNYF-CD Carthage, New York New York. Shares call sign with Channel 28 in Massena, New York. WWOR-TV 38 PSIP 9 9.1MyNetworkTV 38.2Bounce TV Secaucus, New Jersey/New York City, New York Formerly WOR-TV WWPB 44 PSIP 31 PBS Hagerstown, Maryland WWPX-TV 12 PSIP 60 Ion Martinsburg, West Virginia Rebroadcasts WPXW-TV Manassas, Virginia WWRS-TV 43 PSIP 52 TBN Mayville, Wisconsin WWSB 24 PSIP 40 ABC Sarasota, Florida Brands by its cable channel number, 7. WWSI 49 PSIP 62 62.1Telemundo 62.2TeleXitos Atlantic City, New Jersey WWTI 21 PSIP 50 50.1ABC 21.2The CW Watertown, New York Digital subchannel 21.2 branded by its cable channel numbers, 14 and 31 WWTO-TV 10 PSIP 35 TBN LaSalle, Illinois WWTV 9 PSIP 9 CBS Cadillac, Michigan WWTW 34 PSIP 34 Senatobia, Mississippi WWUP-TV 10 PSIP 10 10.1CBS 10.2Fox Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Simulcasts WWTV (DT1) and WFQX (DT2) Cadillac, Michigan

WX[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WXBU 23 PSIP 15 15.1The CW Lancaster, Pennsylvania WXCW 45 PSIP 46 46.1The CW 46.2MundoFox Naples, Florida Brands by cable channel number, 6. WXEL-TV 27 PSIP 42 PBS Boynton Beach, Florida EXELence In Public Broadcasting WXFT-DT 50 PSIP 60 UniMás Aurora, Illinois WXGA-TV 8 PSIP 8 PBS Waycross, Georgia Waycross (Xmeaning "cross"), GA(postal abbreviation for Georgia) WXIA-TV 10 PSIP/cable 11 NBC Atlanta, Georgia XI = 11 in Roman numerals WXII-TV 31 PSIP/cable 12 NBC Winston-Salem, North Carolina XII = 12 in Roman numerals WXIN 45 PSIP 59 Fox Indianapolis, Indiana Across (X) INdiana WXIX-TV 29 PSIP 19 19.1Fox Newport, Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio XIX = 19 in Roman numerals WXLV-TV 29 PSIP 45 45.1ABC Winston-Salem, North Carolina XLV = 45 in Roman numerals WXMI 19 PSIP 17 Fox Grand Rapids, Michigan X = Across MIchigan WXOW 48 PSIP 19 19.1ABC 48.2The CW 48.3This TV La Crosse, Wisconsin WXPX-TV 42 PSIP 66 ION Television Bradenton, Florida WXTV-DT 40 PSIP 41 Univisión Paterson, New Jersey WXTX 49 PSIP 54 54.1Fox 49.2This TV Columbus, Georgia WXXA-TV 7 PSIP 23 23.1FOX Albany, New York WXXI-TV 16 PSIP 21 PBS Rochester, New York XXI = 21 in Roman numerals WXXV-TV 48 PSIP 25 25.1Fox 25.2NBC Gulfport, Mississippi XXV = 25 (station's PSIP channel number) in Roman numerals. Co-owned cable channel EXXV-TV(My25) is affiliated with MyNetworkTV and Cozi TV. WXYZ-TV 41 PSIP 7 7.1ABC 41.2LWN Detroit, Michigan W, X, Y, and Z are consecutive letters of the alphabet.

WY[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WYBE 35 PSIP 35 35.1Independent, educational 35.2NHK World 35.3France 24 35.4RT 35.5MHz WorldView Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WYCC 21 PSIP 20 PBS Chicago, Illinois We're Your City Colleges—managed by the City Colleges of Chicago system. WYCI 40 PSIP 40 40.1RTV 40.3MyNetworkTV/Tuff TV Saranac Lake, New York Only full power TV for the Adirondacks, is rebroadcast in Burlington and Vermont through a series of low-power rebroadcasters. WYCW 45 PSIP 62 The CW Asheville, North Carolina Your CW. Previous call letters WASV. WYDC 48 PSIP 48 48.1Fox 39.2WJKP-LD Corning, New York WYDN 47 PSIP 48 Daystar Worcester, Massachusetts WYDO 47 PSIP 14 Fox Greenville, North Carolina Rebroadcasts WFXI in Morehead City WYES-TV 11 PSIP/cable 12 PBS New Orleans, Louisiana WYFF 36 PSIP/cable 4 NBC Greenville, South Carolina We're Your Friend Four (Call Letters formerly WFBC) WYIN 17 PSIP 56 PBS Gary, Indiana WYMT-TV 12 PSIP 57 CBS Hazard, Kentucky We're Your Mountain Television. Semi-satellite of WKYT Lexington WYOU 13 PSIP 22 CBS Scranton, Pennsylvania WYOW 28 PSIP 34 34.1ABC 34.2The CW 29.3This TV Eagle River, Wisconsin Semisatellite of WAOW(DT1) and WMOW (DT2) Wausau, Wisconsin. Digital subchannel 34.3 rebroadcasts WAOW-DT3. WYPX-TV 50 PSIP 55 ion Television Amsterdam, New York WYTV 36 PSIP 33 33.1ABC 36.2MyNetworkTV Youngstown, Ohio WYZZ-TV 28 PSIP 43 Fox Bloomington, Illinois

WZ[edit] Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes WZDX 41 PSIP 54 54.1Fox 41.3Me-TV Huntsville, Alabama WZME 42 PSIP 43 Me-TV Bridgeport, Connecticut Z Memorable Entertainment WZMQ 19 PSIP 19 19.1Me-TV 19.2MyNetworkTV/This TV Marquette, Michigan W Z MarQuette WZPX-TV 44 PSIP 43 ION Television Battle Creek, Michigan WZRB 47 PSIP 47 ion Television Columbia, South Carolina Roberts Broadcasting (station owner) WZTV 15 PSIP 17 Fox Nashville, Tennessee Zenith TV WZVI 43 PSIP 43 ABC Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands WZVN-TV 41 PSIP 26 ABC Naples, Florida Brands by its cable channel number, 7. WZZM 13 PSIP 13 ABC Grand Rapids, Michigan

See also[edit] Call signs in North America#United States List of United States over-the-air television networks v t e Television stations in North America Canada AB BC MB NB NL NT NS NU ON PE QC SK YT United States AL AK AS AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA GU HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA PR RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VI VA WA WV WI WY Mexico Ags. BC BCS Camp. Cd. de México Chis. Chih. Coah. Col. Dgo. Gto. Gro. Hgo. Jal. Mex. Mich. Mor. Nay. NL Oax. Pue. Qro. Q. Roo SLP Sin. Son. Tab. Tamps. Tlax. Ver. Yuc. Zac. By region Canada (CB, CF-CK) United States (K) United States (W) Mexico (XE/XH) Caribbean (V/Z) By channel number TV stations by channel number See also v t e Additional resources on North American television North America List of local television stations in North America DTV transition North American TV mini-template Canada Canadian networks List of Canadian television networks List of Canadian television channels List of Canadian specialty channels Local Canadian TV stations List of United States stations available in Canada 2001 Vancouver TV realignment 2007 Canada broadcast TV realignment Mexico Mexican networks Local Mexican TV stations United States American networks List of American cable and satellite networks List of American over-the-air networks Local American TV stations (W) Local American TV stations (K) Spanish-language TV networks 1994 United States broadcast TV realignment 2006 United States broadcast TV realignment List of Canadian television stations available in the United States Insular Areas TV Retrieved from "" Categories: Television stations in the United StatesLists of television channels in the United States

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List Of Television Stations In The United StatesCall SignList Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter K)List Of Television Stations In Mexico By Call SignWAAY-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyHuntsville, AlabamaWABC-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNew York CityWABG-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyFox Broadcasting CompanyGreenwood, MississippiWABI-TVCBSThe CWBangor, MaineThe CWWABMMyNetworkTVWBMA-LDBirmingham, AlabamaWABW-TVPublic Broadcasting ServicePelham, GeorgiaWACHFox Broadcasting CompanyColumbia, South CarolinaWACPIndependent StationIndependent StationJimmy SwaggartAtlantic City, New JerseyWACS-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceDawson, GeorgiaWACXIndependent StationLeesburg, FloridaWACY-TVMyNetworkTVAppleton, WisconsinWADL (TV)Independent StationAntenna TVThe Word NetworkMount Clemens, MichiganWAFBCBSWBXH-CDBaton Rouge, LouisianaWAFF (TV)NBCHuntsville, AlabamaWAGA-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyAtlantaWAGM-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVCBSPresque Isle, MaineWAGVReligious BroadcastingHarlan, KentuckyWAIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceMontgomery, AlabamaWAKACBSMeTVSelma, AlabamaWALA-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMobile, AlabamaWALBNBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBounce TVAlbany, GeorgiaWAMI-DTTeleFuturaHollywood, FloridaWANDNBCDecatur, IllinoisWANE-TVCBSAntenna TVFort Wayne, IndianaWAOEMyNetworkTVPeoria, IllinoisWAOWAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWThis TVWausau, WisconsinWAPA-TVIndependent StationSan Juan, Puerto RicoWAPTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyJackson, MississippiWAQPTri-State Christian TelevisionSaginaw, MichiganWATC-DTReligious BroadcastingAtlantaWATE-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyKnoxville, TennesseeWATL (TV)MyNetworkTVAtlantaWATM-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThis TVAltoona, PennsylvaniaWATN-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMemphis, TennesseeWAVE (TV)NBCLouisville, KentuckyWAVY-TVNBCPortsmouth, VirginiaWAWDIndependent StationFort Walton Beach, FloridaWAWV-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyTerre Haute, IndianaWAXN-TVIndependent StationKannapolis, North CarolinaWBAL-TVNBCIndependent StationBaltimoreWBAY-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLive Well NetworkGreen Bay, WisconsinWBBH-TVNBCIndependent StationFort Myers, FloridaWBBJ-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCBSMeTVJackson, TennesseeWBBM-TVCBSChicagoWBBZ-TVMeTVWBDTThe CWBounce TVSpringfield, OhioWBEC-TVIndependent StationBoca Raton, FloridaWBFFFox Broadcasting CompanyThis TVBaltimoreWBFS-TVMyNetworkTVMiamiWBGU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBowling Green, OhioWBIFDaystar (TV Network)Marianna, FloridaWBIHThe Walk TVSelma, AlabamaWBIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceBirmingham, AlabamaWBIR-TVNBCMeTVKnoxville, TennesseeWBKB-TVCBSFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyAlpena, MichiganWBKI (TV)The CWMyNetworkTVSalem, IndianaWBKI-TV (1983–2017)WBKOAmerican Broadcasting CompanyFox Broadcasting CompanyThe CWBowling Green, KentuckyWBKPThe CWCalumet, MichiganWBMMThe CW Television NetworkTuskegee, AlabamaWBNAION TelevisionGOD TVLouisville, KentuckyWBNG-TVCBSThe CWBinghamton, New YorkWBNS-TVCBSColumbus, OhioWBNX-TVThe CWThis TVAkron, OhioWBOC-TVCBSFox Broadcasting CompanyAntenna TVSalisbury, MarylandWBOY-TVNBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyClarksburg, West VirginiaWBPH-TVIndependent StationBethlehem, PennsylvaniaWBPX-TVION TelevisionBostonWBRA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceRoanoke, VirginiaWBRCFox Broadcasting CompanyBirmingham, AlabamaWBRE-TVNBCWilkes-Barre, PennsylvaniaWBRZ-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBaton Rouge, LouisianaWBSFThe CWBay City, MichiganWBTVCBSCharlotte, North CarolinaWBTWCBSMyNetworkTVRetro Television NetworkFlorence, South CarolinaWBUIThe CWThis TVDecatur, IllinoisWBUPAmerican Broadcasting CompanyIshpeming, MichiganWBUY-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkHolly Springs, MississippiWBXX-TVThe CWCrossville, TennesseeWBZ-TVCBSBostonWCAUNBCCozi TVPhiladelphiaWCAVCBSWAHU-CDCharlottesville, VirginiaWCAX-TVCBSBurlington, VermontWCBBPublic Broadcasting ServiceAugusta, MaineWCBD-TVNBCThe CWCharleston, South CarolinaWCBI-TVCBSMyNetworkTVThe CWColumbus, MississippiWCBS-TVCBSNew York CityWCCBThe CWMeTVCharlotte, North CarolinaWCCO-TVCBSMinneapolisWCCT-TVThe CWThis TVWaterbury, ConnecticutWCCU (TV)Fox Broadcasting CompanyMeTVUrbana, IllinoisWCCV-TVReligious BroadcastingArecibo, Puerto RicoWCDC-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyAdams, MassachusettsWCES-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWrens, GeorgiaWCET (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceCincinnatiWCFE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServicePlattsburgh (city), New YorkWVTV-DT2MyNetworkTVZUUS CountryMilwaukeeWVTVWCHS-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCharleston, West VirginiaWCIACBSChampaign, IllinoisWCIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceMount Cheaha, AlabamaWCIU-TVIndependent StationWWME-CDWMEU-CABounce TVChicagoWCIVMyNetworkTVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMeTVCharleston, South CarolinaWCIXMyNetworkTVSpringfield, IllinoisWCJB-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWGainesville, FloridaWCLFChristian Television NetworkClearwater, FloridaWCLJ-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkBloomington, IndianaWCMH-TVNBCMeTVColumbus, OhioWCML (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceAlpena, MichiganWCMU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMount Pleasant, MichiganWCMVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCadillac, MichiganWCMW (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceManistee, MichiganWCMZ-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWCNC-TVNBCCharlotte, North CarolinaWCNY-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceSyracuse, New YorkWCOV-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyThis TVMontgomery, AlabamaWCPBPublic Broadcasting ServiceSalisbury, MarylandWCPO-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCincinnatiWCPX-TVION TelevisionChicagoWCSC-TVCBSIndependent StationBounce TVCharleston, South CarolinaWCSHNBCPortland, MaineWCTEPublic Broadcasting ServiceCookeville, TennesseeWCTI-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThis TVNew Bern, North CarolinaWCTVCBSMyNetworkTVThomasville, GeorgiaWCTXMyNetworkTVNew Haven, ConnecticutWCVB-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMeTVBostonRoman NumeralsWCVE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceRichmond, VirginiaWCVI-TVThe CWChristiansted, United States Virgin IslandsWCVN-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCovington, KentuckyWCVWPublic Broadcasting ServiceRichmond, VirginiaWCWFThe CWSuring, WisconsinWCWGThe CWIndependent StationBounce TVLexington, North CarolinaWCWJThe CWBounce TVJacksonville, FloridaWCWNThe CWSchenectady, New YorkWCYB-TVNBCThe CWBristol, VirginiaWDAF-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyAntenna TVKansas City, MissouriCall Signs In North AmericaWDAM-TVNBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBounce TVLaurel, MississippiWDAY-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWDAY-TVFargo, North DakotaWDAZ-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWDAY-TVDevils Lake, North DakotaWDBBThe CWBessemer, AlabamaWDBDFox Broadcasting CompanyJackson, MississippiWDBJCBSMyNetworkTVRoanoke, VirginiaWDCAMyNetworkTVWashington, District Of ColumbiaRonald Reagan International AirportWDCQ-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBad Axe, MichiganWDCWThe CWWashington, District Of ColumbiaWDEF-TVCBSChattanooga, TennesseeWDFX-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyBounce TVDothan, AlabamaWDHNAmerican Broadcasting CompanyDothan, AlabamaWDHSIron Mountain, MichiganWDIO-DTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMeTVDuluth, MinnesotaWDIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceDozier, AlabamaWDIV-TVNBCThis TVDetroitWDJT-TVCBSWBME-CDThis TVTouchVisionMilwaukeeWDKAMyNetworkTVPaducah, KentuckyWDKY-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyDanville, KentuckyWDLI-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkCanton, OhioWDPBPBSSeaford, DelawareWDPM-DTDaystar (TV Network)Mobile, AlabamaWDPX-TVION TelevisionVineyard Haven, MassachusettsWDRBFox Broadcasting CompanyLouisville, KentuckyWDSC-TVIndependent StationNew Smyrna Beach, FloridaWDSEPublic Broadcasting ServiceDuluth, MinnesotaWDSI-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVChattanooga, TennesseeMyNetworkTVWDSUNBCMeTVNew OrleansWDTIDaystar (TV Network)IndianapolisWDTNNBCDayton, OhioWDTVCBSWeston, West VirginiaWDVM-TVIndependent Station (North America)Heroes & IconsHagerstown, MarylandWDWLTBN Enlace USABayamon, Puerto RicoWEAO (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceAkron, OhioWEAR-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyPensacola, FloridaWEAUNBCEau Claire, WisconsinWEBA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceAllendale, South CarolinaWECNIndependent StationNaranjito, Puerto RicoWECTNBCWilmington, North CarolinaWEDHPublic Broadcasting ServiceHartford, ConnecticutPublic TelevisionWEDNPublic Broadcasting ServiceNorwich, ConnecticutWEDQPublic Broadcasting ServiceTampa, FloridaWEDUPublic Broadcasting ServiceTampa, FloridaWEDW (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceBridgeport, ConnecticutWEDYPublic Broadcasting ServiceNew Haven, ConnecticutWEEK-TVNBCAccuWeatherPeoria, IllinoisWEFSIndependent StationCocoa, FloridaWEHTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyEvansville, IndianaWEIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceMobile, AlabamaWEIU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCharleston, IllinoisWEKW-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceKeene, New HampshireWELF-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkDalton, GeorgiaWELUReligious BroadcastingAguadilla, Puerto RicoWEMTFox Broadcasting CompanyThis TVGreeneville, TennesseeWENH-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceDurham, New HampshireWENY-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCBSThe CWElmira, New YorkWEPHChristian Television NetworkTupelo, MississippiWEPX-TVION TelevisionGreenville, North CarolinaWESHNBCMe-TVDaytona Beach, FloridaOrlando, FloridaWETA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWashington, District Of ColumbiaWETKPublic Broadcasting ServiceBurlington, VermontWETM-TVNBCIndependent StationElmira, New YorkWETP-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceSneedville, TennesseeWEUXFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVChippewa Falls, WisconsinWEVV-TVCBSFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVEvansville, IndianaWEWS-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyClevelandWEYI-TVNBCBounce TVSaginaw, MichiganWFAAAmerican Broadcasting CompanyDallasWFBDAmerica OneDestin, FloridaWFDC-DTUnivisionArlington County, VirginiaWFFF-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyBurlington, VermontWFFP-TVIndependent StationDanville, VirginiaWFFT-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyFort Wayne, IndianaWFGCChristian Television NetworkPalm Beach, FloridaWFGXMyNetworkTVFort Walton Beach, FloridaWFIENBCIndependent StationThis TVEvansville, IndianaWFIQ-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceFlorence, AlabamaWFLA-TVNBCMe-TVTampa, FloridaWFLDFox Broadcasting CompanyChicagoWFLI-TVThe CWMe-TVCleveland, TennesseeWFLXFox Broadcasting CompanyWest Palm Beach, FloridaWFMJ-TVNBCYoungstown, OhioWFMY-TVCBSGreensboro, North CarolinaWFMZ-TVIndependent StationMe-TVAllentown, PennsylvaniaWFNA (TV)The CWGulf Shores, AlabamaWFOR-TVCBSMiamiWFOX-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVMyNetworkTVJacksonville, FloridaWFPTPublic Broadcasting ServiceFrederick, MarylandWFPX-TVION TelevisionFayetteville, North CarolinaWFQX-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyCadillac, MichiganWFRV-TVCBSGreen Bay, WisconsinWFSBCBSHartford, ConnecticutPost-Newsweek StationsWFSGPublic Broadcasting ServicePanama City, FloridaWFSU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceTallahassee, FloridaWFTCMyNetworkTVMinneapolisWFTS-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyTampa, FloridaWFTT-DTUniMásTampa, FloridaWFTVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyOrlando, FloridaWFTX-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyCape Coral, FloridaWFTY-DTUniMásSmithtown, New YorkWFUPFox Broadcasting CompanyCBSVanderbilt, MichiganWFUT-DTUniMásNewark, New JerseyWFWAPublic Broadcasting ServiceFort Wayne, IndianaWFXBFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVMyrtle Beach, South CarolinaWFXGFox Broadcasting CompanyThis TVAugusta, GeorgiaWFXLFox Broadcasting CompanyTBD (TV Network)Comet (TV Network)Charge! (TV Network)Albany, GeorgiaWFXPFox Broadcasting CompanyGrit (TV Network)Bounce TVErie, PennsylvaniaWFXRFox Broadcasting CompanyRoanoke, VirginiaWFXTFox Broadcasting CompanyBostonWFXULive Oak, FloridaWFXVFox Broadcasting CompanyEscape (TV Network)Laff (TV Network)Utica, New YorkWFXWGreenville, MississippiWFYI (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceIndianapolisWGALNBCThis TVLancaster, PennsylvaniaWGBA-TVNBCMe-TVGreen Bay, WisconsinWGBCFox Broadcasting CompanyNBCMeridian, MississippiWGBH-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBostonWGBO-DTUnivisiónJoliet, IllinoisWGBX-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBostonWGBY-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceSpringfield, MassachusettsWGCB-TVIndependent StationMe-TVRed Lion, York County, PennsylvaniaWGCL-TVCBSAtlantaWGCU (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceFort Myers, FloridaWGEM-TVNBCThe CWFox Broadcasting CompanyQuincy, IllinoisWGEN-TVMundoFoxKey West, FloridaWGFLCBSWMYG-LPHigh Springs, FloridaWGGB-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVSpringfield, MassachusettsWGGN-TVReligious BroadcastingIndependent StationSandusky, OhioWGGS-TVReligious BroadcastingGreenville, South CarolinaWGHPFox Broadcasting CompanyAntenna TVHigh Point, North CarolinaWGIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceLouisville, AlabamaWGMB-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyWBRL-CDBaton Rouge, LouisianaWGME-TVCBSPortland, MaineWGN-TVThe CWChicagoWGNMChristian Television NetworkMacon, GeorgiaWGNOAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNew OrleansWGNTThe CWPortsmouth, VirginiaWGPTPublic Broadcasting ServiceOakland, MarylandWGPX-TVION TelevisionBurlington, North CarolinaWGRZNBCBuffalo, New YorkWGSAThe CWBaxley, GeorgiaWGTA (TV)Heroes & IconsWGTE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceToledo, OhioWGTQAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNBCSault Ste. Marie, MichiganWGTUAmerican Broadcasting CompanyTraverse City, MichiganWGTVPublic Broadcasting ServiceAthens, GeorgiaWGTW-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkThe Church ChannelJUCE TVTBN Enlace USASmile Of A Child TVBurlington, New JerseyWGVKPublic Broadcasting ServiceKalamazoo, MichiganWGVU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceGrand Rapids, MichiganWGWGCharleston, South CarolinaWGWWAnniston, AlabamaWGXAFox Broadcasting CompanyAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMacon, GeorgiaWHA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMadison, WisconsinWHAM-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWRochester, New YorkWHAS-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLouisville, KentuckyWHBF-TVCBSRock Island, IllinoisBlack Hawk (Sauk Leader)WHBQ-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMemphis, TennesseeWHBR (TV)Christian Television NetworkPensacola, FloridaWHDFThe CWFlorence, AlabamaWHDH (TV)NBCThis TVBostonWHDTStuart, FloridaWHEC-TVNBCMe-TVRochester, New YorkWHFT-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkMiamiWHIO-TVCBSDayton, OhioWHIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceHuntsville, AlabamaWHIZ-TVNBCZanesville, OhioWHKY-TVIndependent StationHickory, North CarolinaWHLA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceLa Crosse, WisconsinWHLTCBSHattiesburg, MississippiWHLV-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkCocoa, FloridaWHMB-TVLester SumrallIndianapolisWHMC (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceConway, South CarolinaWHME-TVLester SumrallSouth Bend, IndianaWHNOLester SumrallNew OrleansWHNSFox Broadcasting CompanyAsheville, North CarolinaWHNT-TVCBSAntenna TVHuntsville, AlabamaWHO-DTNBCDes Moines, IowaWHOI (TV)American Broadcasting CompanyThe CWPeoria, IllinoisWHP-TVCBSMyNetworkTVHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaWHPX-TVION TelevisionNew London, ConnecticutWHRM-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWausau, WisconsinWHRO-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceHampton, VirginiaNorfolk, VirginiaWHSG-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkMonroe, GeorgiaWHSV-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWSVF-CDMyNetworkTVHarrisonburg, VirginiaWHTJPublic Broadcasting ServiceCharlottesville, VirginiaWHTM-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyRetro Television NetworkHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaWHTNChristian Television NetworkMurfreesboro, TennesseeWHUT-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWashington, District Of ColumbiaWHWC-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMenomonie, WisconsinWHYY-TVPublic Broadcasting ServicePublic Broadcasting ServicePBS WorldWilmington, DelawareWIATCBSBirmingham, AlabamaWIBW-TVCBSMyNetworkTVMe-TVTopeka, KansasWICD (TV)American Broadcasting CompanyChampaign, IllinoisWICSAmerican Broadcasting CompanySpringfield, IllinoisWICU-TVNBCMe-TVIon TelevisionErie, PennsylvaniaWICZ-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyWBPN-LPBinghamton, New YorkWIDPTBN Enlace USAWNRTGuayama, Puerto RicoWIFS (TV)The CWJanesville, WisconsinWIIQPublic Broadcasting ServiceDemopolis, AlabamaWILL-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceUrbana, IllinoisWILX-TVNBCOnondaga, MichiganWILSWINK-TVCBSFort Myers, FloridaWINMTri-State Christian TelevisionAngola, IndianaWINP-TVIon TelevisionPittsburghPennsylvaniaWIPBPublic Broadcasting ServiceMuncie, IndianaWIPM-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMayagüez, Puerto RicoWIPR-TVWIPR-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceSan Juan, Puerto RicoWIPX-TVION TelevisionBloomington, IndianaWIRSMundoFoxYauco, Puerto RicoWIRT-DTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVHibbing, MinnesotaWISNBCColumbia, South CarolinaWISC-TVCBSMyNetworkTVMadison, WisconsinWISE-TVThe CWFort Wayne, IndianaWISH-TVThe CWIndianapolisWISN-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMilwaukeeWITF-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaWITI (TV)Fox Broadcasting CompanyAntenna TVMilwaukeeWITN-TVNBCMyNetworkTVMe-TVWashington, North CarolinaWITVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCharleston, South CarolinaWIVB-TVCBSBuffalo, New YorkWIVTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWBGH-CABinghamton, New YorkWIWNWeatherNationFond Du Lac, WisconsinWIYCCozi TVTroy, AlabamaWJAC-TVNBCMe-TVJohnstown, PennsylvaniaWJALIndependent StationHagerstown, MarylandWJARNBCMe-TVProvidence, Rhode IslandWJAX-TVCBSJacksonville, FloridaWJBFAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVAugusta, GeorgiaWJBKFox Broadcasting CompanyDetroitWJCL (TV)American Broadcasting CompanySavannah, GeorgiaWJCT (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceJacksonville, FloridaWJEB-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkJacksonville, FloridaWJET-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLaff (TV Network)Escape (TV Network)Cozi TVErie, PennsylvaniaWJFBPursuit ChannelLebanon, TennesseeWJFW-TVNBCRhinelander, WisconsinWJHG-TVNBCThe CWPanama City, FloridaWJHL-TVCBSMe-TVJohnson City, TennesseeWJHLWJKTFox Broadcasting CompanyJackson, TennesseeWJLA-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVWashington, District Of ColumbiaNewsChannel 8WJLPMe-TVEly, NevadaWJMN-TVCBSEscanaba, MichiganWJPM-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceFlorence, South CarolinaWJPXIndependent StationSan Juan, Puerto RicoWJRT-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyFlint, MichiganWJSP-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceColumbus, GeorgiaWJTCIndependent StationPensacola, FloridaWJTVCBSThe CWJackson, MississippiWJW (TV)Fox Broadcasting CompanyClevelandWKNRWJWJ-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBeaufort, South CarolinaWJWN-TVMundoFoxSan Sebastian, Puerto RicoWJXTIndependent StationJacksonville, FloridaWJXXAmerican Broadcasting CompanyOrange Park, FloridaWJYSIndependent StationWEDE-CDHammond, IndianaWJZ-TVCBSBaltimoreWJZYFox Broadcasting CompanyBelmont, North CarolinaWKAQ-TVTelemundoWNBCSan Juan, Puerto RicoWKAR-TVPBSWorld (TV Channel)Create (TV Channel)East Lansing, MichiganWKASPBSAshland, KentuckyWKBD-TVThe CWDetroitWKBN-TVCBSWYFX-LDIon TelevisionYoungstown, OhioWKBS-TVCornerstone TelevisionAltoona, PennsylvaniaWKBT-DTCBSMyNetworkTVLa Crosse, WisconsinWKBW-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBuffalo, New YorkWKCFThe CWThis TVEstrella TVClermont, FloridaWKEFAmerican Broadcasting CompanyAmerican Sports NetworkAntenna TVGrit (TV Network)Dayton, OhioWKGB-TVPBSBowling Green, KentuckyWKHAPBSHazard, KentuckyWKLEPBSLexington, KentuckyWKMA-TVPBSMadisonville, KentuckyWKMG-TVCBSOrlando, FloridaWKMJ-TVPBSLouisville, KentuckyWKMRPBSMorehead, KentuckyWKMUPBSMurray, KentuckyWKNO (TV)PBSMemphis, TennesseeWKNX-TVIndependent StationKnoxville, TennesseeWKOHPublic Broadcasting ServiceOwensboro, KentuckyWKOI-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkRichmond, IndianaWKONPBSOwenton, KentuckyWKOP-TVPBSKnoxville, TennesseeWKOWAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVDecades (TV Network)Madison, WisconsinWKPC-TVPBSLouisville, KentuckyWKPDPBSPaducah, KentuckyWKPI-TVPBSPikeville, KentuckyWKPT-TVMyNetworkTVWAPK-CDWOPI-CDEscape (TV Network)Kingsport, TennesseeWKPVWJAN-CDInfomercialsWFUN-LDPonce, Puerto RicoWKRC-TVCBSThe CWAmerican Sports NetworkCincinnatiWKRG-TVCBSIon TelevisionMe-TVMobile, AlabamaWKRN-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNashville, TennesseeWKSO-TVPBSSomerset, KentuckyWKTCThe CWMyNetworkTVSumter, South CarolinaWKTVNBCCBSThe CWMeTVUtica, New YorkWKYCNBCClevelandWKYT-TVCBSThe CWLexington, KentuckyWKYU-TVPBSBowling Green, KentuckyWKZT-TVPBSElizabethtown, KentuckyWLAE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceNew OrleansWLAJAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWLansing, MichiganWLAXFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVLa Crosse, WisconsinWLBTNBCThis TVJackson, MississippiWLBZNBCBangor, MaineWLED-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceLittleton, New HampshireWLEF-TVPublic Broadcasting ServicePark Falls, WisconsinWLEX-TVNBCMe-TVLexington, KentuckyWLFBReligious BroadcastingBluefield, West VirginiaWLFGReligious BroadcastingGrundy, VirginiaWLFI-TVCBSLafayette, IndianaWLFLThe CWRaleigh, North CarolinaWLGAAntenna TVOpelika, AlabamaWLII-DTUnivisiónCaguas, Puerto RicoWLIONBCFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVLima, OhioWLIWPublic Broadcasting ServiceGarden City, New YorkWLJC-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkBeattyville, KentuckyWLJT-DTPublic Broadcasting ServiceLexington, TennesseeWLKYCBSMe-TVLouisville, KentuckyWLLAMy Family TVKalamazoo, MichiganWLMBFamilyNetThe Worship NetworkToledo, OhioWLMTThe CWMe-TVMemphis, TennesseeWLNE-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLive Well NetworkNew Bedford, MassachusettsWLNS-TVCBSLansing, MichiganWLNY-TVIndependent StationRiverhead (town), New YorkI Love New YorkWLOOMyNetworkTVVicksburg, MississippiTougaloo CollegeWLOSAmerican Broadcasting CompanyAsheville, North CarolinaWLOV-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVThis TVWest Point, MississippiWLOXAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCBSBounce TVBiloxi, MississippiWLPB-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBaton Rouge, LouisianaWLPX-TVION TelevisionCharleston, West VirginiaWLRN-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMiamiWLS-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyChicagoWLTV-DTUnivisiónMiamiWLTXCBSColumbia, South CarolinaWLTZNBCThe CWColumbus, GeorgiaWLUC-TVNBCFox Broadcasting CompanyMarquette, MichiganWLUK-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyGreen Bay, WisconsinWLVIThe CWCambridge, MassachusettsRoman NumeralsWLVT-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceAllentown, PennsylvaniaWLWCThe CWNew Bedford, MassachusettsWLWTNBCMe-TVCincinnatiWLXITri-State Christian TelevisionGreensboro, North CarolinaWMAB-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMississippi State, MississippiWMAE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBooneville, MississippiWMAH-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBiloxi, MississippiWMAO-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceGreenwood, MississippiWMAQ-TVNBCChicagoWMAR-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBaltimoreWMAU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBude, MississippiWMAV-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceOxford, MississippiWMAW-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMeridian, MississippiWMAZ-TVCBSThe CWMacon, GeorgiaWMBBAmerican Broadcasting CompanyPanama City, FloridaWMBC-TVIndependent StationNewton, New JerseyWMBD-TVCBSBounce TVPeoria, IllinoisWMBF-TVNBCBounce TVThis TVMyrtle Beach, South CarolinaWMC-TVNBCThis TVMemphis, TennesseeCommercial AppealWMCF-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkMontgomery, AlabamaWMCN-TVIndependent StationSoul Of The South NetworkAtlantic City, New JerseyWMDESoul Of The South NetworkDover, DelawareWMDNCBSMeridian, MississippiWMDTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWSalisbury, MarylandWMEA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBiddeford, MaineWMEB-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceOrono, MaineWMEC (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceMacomb, IllinoisWMED-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCalais, MaineWMEM-TVPublic Broadcasting ServicePresque Isle, MaineWMFD-TVIndependent StationMansfield, OhioWOHZ-CDWMFPCozi TVLawrence, MassachusettsWMGM-TVIndependent StationWildwood, New JerseyWMGT-TVNBCMyNetworkTVMacon, GeorgiaWMHT (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceSchenectady, New YorkWMLW-TVIndependent StationWYTU-LDRacine, WisconsinWMOR-TVIndependent StationThis TVLakeland, FloridaWMOWThe CWAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCrandon, WisconsinWMPBPublic Broadcasting ServiceBaltimoreMaryland Public TelevisionWMPN-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceJackson, MississippiWMPTPublic Broadcasting ServiceAnnapolis, MarylandWMPV-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkMobile, AlabamaWMSN-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyThe Country NetworkMadison, WisconsinWMTJPublic Broadcasting ServiceFajardo, Puerto RicoWMTVNBCMadison, WisconsinWMTWAmerican Broadcasting CompanyPoland, MaineWMUM-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCochran, GeorgiaWMUR-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVManchester, New HampshireWMVSPublic Broadcasting ServiceMilwaukeeWMVTPublic Broadcasting ServiceMilwaukeeWMWC-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkGalesburg, IllinoisWMYA-TVMyNetworkTVGreenville, South CarolinaWMYDMyNetworkTVDetroitWMYT-TVMyNetworkTVCharlotte, North CarolinaWMYVMyNetworkTVGreensboro, North CarolinaWNABThe CWNashville, TennesseeWNAC-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVProvidence, Rhode IslandWNBCNBCNew York CityWNBW-DTNBCWYME-CDGainesville, FloridaWNCFAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMontgomery, AlabamaWNCNNBCAntenna TVGoldsboro, North CarolinaWNCT-TVCBSThe CWGreenville, North CarolinaWNDU-TVNBCSouth Bend, IndianaWNDY-TVMyNetworkTVBounce TVMarion, IndianaWNED-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBuffalo, New YorkWNEHPublic Broadcasting ServiceGreenwood, South CarolinaWNEM-TVCBSMyNetworkTVBay City, MichiganWNEOPublic Broadcasting ServiceAlliance, OhioWNEP-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyAntenna TVScranton, PennsylvaniaWNETPublic Broadcasting ServiceNewark, New JerseyNational Educational TelevisionPublic Broadcasting ServiceWNEUTelemundoMerrimack, New HampshireWNGH-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceChatsworth, GeorgiaWNIN (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceEvansville, IndianaWNIT (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceSouth Bend, IndianaWNJB (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceNew Brunswick, New JerseyWNJN (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceMontclair, New JerseyWNJS (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceCamden, New JerseyWNJT (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceTrenton, New JerseyWNJUTelemundoLinden, New JerseyWNJX-TVIndependent StationMayagüez, Puerto RicoWAPA-TVWNKYNBCCBSBowling Green, KentuckyWNLOThe CWBuffalo, New YorkWNMU (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceMarquette, MichiganWNNENBCHartford, VermontWNOL-TVThe CWThis TVNew OrleansWNPB-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMorgantown, West VirginiaWNPI-DTPublic Broadcasting ServiceNorwood, New YorkWNPT (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceNashville, TennesseeWNPX-TVION TelevisionCookeville, TennesseeWNSC-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceRock Hill, South CarolinaWNTVPublic Broadcasting ServiceGreenville, South CarolinaWNTZ-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVNatchez, MississippiWNUVThe CWBaltimoreWNVCMHz WorldViewFairfax, VirginiaWNVTMHz WorldviewGoldvein, VirginiaWNWO-TVNBCToledo, OhioWNYAMyNetworkTVWEPT-CDPittsfield, MassachusettsWNYBTri-State Christian TelevisionJamestown, New YorkWNYE-TVIndependent StationNew York CityWNYIDaystar (TV Network)WNYO-TVMyNetworkTVBuffalo, New YorkWNYS-TVMyNetworkTVSyracuse, New YorkWNYT (TV)NBCMe-TVAlbany, New YorkWNYWFox Broadcasting CompanyNew York CityWOAI-TVNBCSan AntonioWOAY-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyOak Hill, West VirginiaWOFLFox Broadcasting CompanyOrlando, FloridaWOGXFox Broadcasting CompanyOcala, FloridaWOI-DTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyAmes, IowaWOIOCBSMe-TVShaker Heights, OhioWOLE-DTTelemundoAguadilla, Puerto RicoWKAQ-TVWOLF-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyHazleton, PennsylvaniaWOLO-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVColumbia, South CarolinaWOOD-TVNBCBounce TVGrand Rapids, MichiganWOPX-TVION TelevisionMelbourne, FloridaWORA-TVUnivisionMayagüez, Puerto RicoWLII-DTWORO-DTIndependent Station (North America)San Juan, Puerto RicoWOSTIndependent Station (North America)Mayagüez, Puerto RicoWOSU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceColumbus, OhioWOTF-DTUniMásMelbourne, FloridaWOTVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBattle Creek, MichiganWOUB-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceAthens, OhioWOUC-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCambridge, OhioWOWK-TVCBSHuntington, West VirginiaWOWTNBCOmaha, NebraskaWoodmen Of The WorldWPANCozi TVFort Walton Beach, FloridaWPBA (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceAtlantaWPBFAmerican Broadcasting CompanyTequesta, FloridaWPBN-TVNBCTraverse City, MichiganPaul BunyanWPBS-DTPublic Broadcasting ServiceWatertown (city), New YorkWPBTPublic Broadcasting ServiceMiamiWPCB-TVCornerstone TelevisionGreensburg, PennsylvaniaWPCH-TVIndependent StationAtlantaWPCTPanama City Beach, FloridaWPCWThe CWJeannette, PennsylvaniaWPDE-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyFlorence, South CarolinaWPECCBSWest Palm Beach, FloridaWPFOFox Broadcasting CompanyWaterville, MaineWPGA-TVIndependent StationPerry, GeorgiaWPGD-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkHendersonville, TennesseeWPGH-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyPittsburghWPGXFox Broadcasting CompanyPanama City, FloridaWPHL-TVMyNetworkTVAntenna TVThis TVMummers ParadePhiladelphiaWPIXThe CWAntenna TVThis TVNew York CityWPLGAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMiamiWPMEMyNetworkTVTouristLewiston, MaineWPMI-TVNBCMobile, AlabamaWPMTFox Broadcasting CompanyYork, PennsylvaniaWPNE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceGreen Bay, WisconsinWPNTMyNetworkTVPittsburghWPPX-TVION TelevisionQuboIon LifeInfomercialQVCHome Shopping NetworkPhiladelphiaWPRI-TVCBSBounce TVProvidence, Rhode IslandWPSD-TVNBCAntenna TVPaducah, KentuckyWPSGThe CWPhiladelphiaWPSU-TVPBSCreate (TV Network)World (TV Channel)Clearfield, PennsylvaniaWPTAAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWFort Wayne, IndianaWPTDPublic Broadcasting ServiceDayton, OhioWPTOPublic Broadcasting ServiceOxford, OhioWPTV-TVNBCWest Palm Beach, FloridaWPTZNBCThe CWMe-TVNorth Pole, New YorkWPVI-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLive Well NetworkLive Well NetworkPhiladelphiaWPWR-TVMyNetworkTVGary, IndianaWPXA-TVION TelevisionRome, GeorgiaWPXC-TVION TelevisionBrunswick, GeorgiaWPXD-TVION TelevisionAnn Arbor, MichiganWPXE-TVION TelevisionKenosha, WisconsinWPXG-TVION TelevisionConcord, New HampshireWPXH-TVION TelevisionGadsden, AlabamaWPXINBCMe-TVPittsburghPCNCWPXJ-TVION TelevisionBatavia (city), New YorkWPXK-TVION TelevisionJellico, TennesseeWPXL-TVION TelevisionNew OrleansWPXM-TVION TelevisionMiamiWPXN-TVION TelevisionNew York CityWPXP-TVION TelevisionLake Worth, FloridaWPXQ-TVION TelevisionBlock IslandWPXR-TVION TelevisionRoanoke, VirginiaWPXSDaystar (TV Network)Mount Vernon, IllinoisWPXTThe CWMe-TVPortland, MaineWPXU-TVION TelevisionJacksonville, North CarolinaWPXV-TVION TelevisionNorfolk, VirginiaWPXW-TVION TelevisionManassas, VirginiaWPXX-TVION TelevisionMemphis, TennesseeWQAD-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWBQD-LPMoline, IllinoisWQCWThe CWPortsmouth, OhioWQECPublic Broadcasting ServiceQuincy, IllinoisWQED (TV)Public Broadcasting ServicePittsburghQ.E.D.WQHAWUJAWNVMAguada, Puerto RicoWQHS-DTUnivisiónClevelandWQLN (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceCreateWorldErie, PennsylvaniaWQMYMyNetworkTVWilliamsport, PennsylvaniaWQOWAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWThis TVEau Claire, WisconsinWQPT-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceMoline, IllinoisWQPX-TVION TelevisionScranton, PennsylvaniaWQRF-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyBounce TVRockford, IllinoisWQTOPublic Broadcasting ServicePonce, Puerto RicoWMTJWRAL-TVNBCHeroes & IconsRaleigh, North CarolinaWRAY-TVTri-State Christian TelevisionWilson, North CarolinaWRAZ (TV)Fox Broadcasting CompanyMeTVRaleigh, North CarolinaWRBJ-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkMagee, MississippiWRBLCBSMeTVColumbus, GeorgiaWRBUIon TelevisionSt. Louis, MissouriWRBWMyNetworkTVOrlando, FloridaWRC-TVNBCWashington, District Of ColumbiaWRCBNBCChattanooga, TennesseeWRDCMyNetworkTVDurham, North CarolinaWRDQIndependent StationOrlando, FloridaWRDW-TVCBSMyNetworkTVAugusta, GeorgiaWREG-TVCBSMemphis, TennesseeWRET-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceSpartanburg, South CarolinaWREXNBCThe CWRockford, IllinoisWRFBCarolina, Puerto RicoWRGBCBSThis TVSchenectady, New YorkWRGT-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVThis TVDayton, OhioWRIC-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyPetersburg, VirginiaWRJA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceSumter, South CarolinaWRLH-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVThis TVRichmond, VirginiaWRLK-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceColumbia, South CarolinaWRLM (TV)Tri-State Christian TelevisionCanton, OhioWRNN-TVIndependent StationKingston, New YorkWROC-TVCBSBounce TVRochester, New YorkWRPTPBSCreate (TV Network)Minnesota ChannelHibbing, MinnesotaWRPX-TVION TelevisionRocky Mount, North CarolinaWRSP-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVSpringfield, IllinoisWRTVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyHometown Sports IndianaIndianapolisWRUAIndependent StationFajardo, Puerto RicoWRXY-TVChristian Television NetworkTice, FloridaWSAV-TVNBCMyNetworkTVMe-TVSavannah, GeorgiaWSAW-TVCBSMyNetworkTVWausau, WisconsinWSAZ-TVNBCMyNetworkTVThis TVHuntington, West VirginiaWSB-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVAtlantaWSBE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceProvidence, Rhode IslandWSBK-TVMyNetworkTVBostonWSBS-TVMega TV (Florida)Key West, FloridaWSBT-TVCBSIndependent StationSouth Bend, IndianaWSCVTelemundoFort Lauderdale, FloridaWSECPublic Broadcasting ServiceJacksonville, IllinoisWSEE-TVCBSThe CWErie, PennsylvaniaWSESAmerican Broadcasting CompanyTuscaloosa, AlabamaWSET-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyRetro Television NetworkLynchburg, VirginiaWSFANBCBounce TVMontgomery, AlabamaWSFJ-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkNewark, OhioWSFL-TVThe CW Television NetworkMiamiWSFX-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyThis TVWilmington, North CarolinaWSIL-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyHarrisburg, IllinoisWSIU-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceCarbondale, IllinoisWSJU-TVIndependent StationSan Juan, Puerto RicoWSJVFox Broadcasting CompanyElkhart, IndianaWSKAPublic Broadcasting ServiceCorning (city), New YorkWSKG-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBinghamton, New YorkWSKY-TVIndependent StationManteo, North CarolinaWSLS-TVNBCMe-TVRoanoke, VirginiaWSMHFox Broadcasting CompanyFlint, MichiganWSMV-TVNBCNashville, TennesseeWSNS-TVTelemundoChicagoWSOC-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCharlotte, North CarolinaWSPA-TVCBSMe-TVSpartanburg, South CarolinaWSPX-TVION TelevisionSyracuse, New YorkWSREPublic Broadcasting ServicePensacola, FloridaWSST-TVIndependent StationCordele, GeorgiaWSTE-DTIndependent StationPonce, Puerto RicoWSTM-TVNBCWSTQ-LPSyracuse, New YorkWSTR-TVMyNetworkTVCincinnatiWSUR-DTUnivisionPonce, Puerto RicoSpanish LanguageWLII-DTWSVIAmerican Broadcasting CompanyChristiansted, U.S. Virgin IslandsWSVNFox Broadcasting CompanyMiamiWSWBThe CWScranton, PennsylvaniaWSWGCBSMyNetworkTVThe CWValdosta, GeorgiaWSWP-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceGrandview, West VirginiaWSYM-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMeTVLansing, MichiganWSYR-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVSyracuse, New YorkWSYTFox Broadcasting CompanySyracuse, New YorkWSYXAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVColumbus, OhioWTAE-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThis TVPittsburghWTAJ-TVCBSAltoona, PennsylvaniaWTAP-TVNBCParkersburg, West VirginiaWTAT-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyCharleston, South CarolinaWTBY-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkPoughkeepsie, New YorkWTCE-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkFort Pierce, FloridaWTCIPublic Broadcasting ServiceChattanooga, TennesseeWTCTTri-State Christian TelevisionMarion, IllinoisWTCVSan Juan, Puerto RicoWTENAmerican Broadcasting CompanyAlbany, New YorkWTGLTotal Living NetworkFamilyNetLester SumrallThe Worship NetworkLeesburg, FloridaWTGSFox Broadcasting CompanyHardeeville, South CarolinaWTHI-TVCBSFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVTerre Haute, IndianaWTHRNBCWALV-CDMe-TVIndianapolisWTIC-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyHartford, ConnecticutWTIN-TVIndependent StationPonce, Puerto RicoWAPA-TVWTIUPublic Broadcasting ServiceBloomington, IndianaWTJP-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkGadsden, AlabamaWTJRChristian Television NetworkQuincy, IllinoisWTJX-TVPBSPBS KidsCharlotte Amalie, Virgin IslandsWTKRCBSNorfolk, VirginiaWTLFThe CWTallahassee, FloridaWTLHFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVBainbridge, GeorgiaWTLJTri-State Christian TelevisionMuskegon, MichiganWTLVNBCJacksonville, FloridaWTLWIndependent StationLima, OhioWTMJ-TVNBCMilwaukeeWTNHAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBounce TVNew Haven, ConnecticutWTNZFox Broadcasting CompanyThis TVKnoxville, TennesseeWTOC-TVCBSSavannah, GeorgiaWTOGThe CWTampa, FloridaWTOK-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVThe CWMeridian, MississippiWTOLCBSMeTVToledo, OhioWTOM-TVNBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCheboygan, MichiganWTOV-TVNBCFox Broadcasting CompanyMeTVSteubenville, OhioWTPC-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkVirginia BeachWTPX-TVIon TelevisionAntigo, WisconsinWTRF-TVCBSWTRF-DT2MyNetworkTVWTRF-DT3American Broadcasting CompanyEscape (TV Network)Wheeling, West VirginiaWTSFDaystar (TV Network)Ashland, KentuckyWTSPCBSSt. Petersburg, FloridaWTTAMyNetworkTVSt. Petersburg, FloridaWTTEFox Broadcasting CompanyColumbus, OhioWTTGFox Broadcasting CompanyWashington, District Of ColumbiaWTTKCBSIndependent Station (North America)Comet (TV Network)Kokomo, IndianaWTTOThe CWHomewood, AlabamaWTTVCBSIndependent Station (North America)Comet (TV Network)Bloomington, IndianaSarkes TarzianWTTWPublic Broadcasting ServiceChicagoWTVANBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyTupelo, MississippiTennessee Valley AuthorityWTVCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThis TVChattanooga, TennesseeWTVDAmerican Broadcasting CompanyDurham, North CarolinaWTVEIndependent StationReading, PennsylvaniaWTVFCBSThis TVNashville, TennesseeWTVGAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWToledo, OhioWT05WTVHCBSCharge! (TV Network)TBD (TV Network)Syracuse, New YorkWTVIPublic Broadcasting ServiceCharlotte, North CarolinaWTVJNBCCozi TVMiamiWTVMAmerican Broadcasting CompanyColumbus, GeorgiaWTVOAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVRockford, IllinoisWTVPPublic Broadcasting ServicePeoria, IllinoisWTVQ-DTAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVLexington, KentuckyWTVR-TVCBSRichmond, VirginiaWTVSPublic Broadcasting ServiceDetroitWTVTFox Broadcasting CompanyTampa, FloridaWTVWThe CWBounce TVEvansville, IndianaWTVXThe CWWWHB-CAWTCN-CAFort Pierce, FloridaWTVY (TV)CBSMyNetworkTVThe CWWRGX-LDDothan, AlabamaWTVZ-TVMyNetworkTVNorfolk, VirginiaWTWC-TVNBCThe Country NetworkTallahassee, FloridaWTWONBCTerre Haute, IndianaWTWVIndependent StationMemphis, TennesseeWTXF-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyMovies!MundoFoxWPSJ-CDSimulcastPhiladelphiaWTXL-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBounce TVAccuWeatherTallahassee, FloridaWUABMyNetworkTVLorain, OhioWUCF-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceOrlando, FloridaWUCWThe CWMinneapolisWUFT (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceGainesville, FloridaWUHFFox Broadcasting CompanyRochester, New YorkWUJACaguas, Puerto RicoWUNC-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceChapel Hill, North CarolinaUNC-TVUniversity Of North CarolinaWUND-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceColumbia, North CarolinaWUNE-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceLinville, North CarolinaWUNF-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceAsheville, North CarolinaWUNG-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceConcord, North CarolinaWUNIUnivisiónWorcester, MassachusettsWUNJ-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWilmington, North CarolinaUNC-TVUniversity Of North CarolinaWUNK-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceGreenville, North CarolinaWUNL-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWinston-Salem, North CarolinaWUNM-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceJacksonville, North CarolinaWUNP-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceRoanoke Rapids, North CarolinaWUNUPublic Broadcasting ServiceLumberton, North CarolinaWUNW (TV)Public Broadcasting ServiceCanton, North CarolinaWUPAThe CWAtlantaWUPLMyNetworkTVSlidell, LouisianaWUPVThe CWBounce TVAshland, VirginiaWUPWFox Broadcasting CompanyToledo, OhioWUPX-TVION TelevisionMorehead, KentuckyWUSA (TV)CBSWashington, District Of ColumbiaUSA TodayGannettWUSI-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceOlney, IllinoisWUTBMyNetworkTVBounce TVBaltimoreWUTF-DTUniMásMarlborough, MassachusettsWUTRAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWPNY-LPGrit (TV Network)Bounce TVUtica, New YorkWUTVFox Broadcasting CompanyBuffalo, New YorkWUVC-DTUnivisiónFayetteville, North CarolinaWUVG-DTUnivisiónAthens, GeorgiaWUVNUnivisiónWUTH-CAHartford, ConnecticutWUVP-DTUnivisiónWFPA-CDUniMásGetTVBounce TVVineland, New JerseyWUXP-TVMyNetworkTVNashville, TennesseeWVAH-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyCharleston, West VirginiaWVAN-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceSavannah, GeorgiaWVBTFox Broadcasting CompanyVirginia BeachWVCY-TVFamilyNetMilwaukeeWVEA-TVUnivisiónVenice, FloridaWVECAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVHampton, VirginiaWVEN-TVUnivisiónDaytona Beach, FloridaWVEOMega TV (United States)Aguadilla, Puerto RicoWVERPublic Broadcasting ServiceRutland (city), VermontWVFXFox Broadcasting CompanyThe CWClarksburg, West VirginiaWVIA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceScranton, PennsylvaniaWVII-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWFVX-LDBangor, MaineWVIR-TVNBCThe CWCharlottesville, VirginiaThe CWWVITNBCNew Britain, ConnecticutWVIZPublic Broadcasting ServiceClevelandWVLA-TVNBCBaton Rouge, LouisianaWVLRChristian Television NetworkTazewell, TennesseeWVLT-TVCBSMyNetworkTVKnoxville, TennesseeWVNS-TVCBSFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVLewisburg, West VirginiaFox Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVWVNYAmerican Broadcasting CompanyBurlington, VermontWVOZ-TVMega TV (United States)Ponce, Puerto RicoWVPB-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceHuntington, West VirginiaWVPTPublic Broadcasting ServiceStaunton, VirginiaWVPX-TVION TelevisionAkron, OhioWVPYPublic Broadcasting ServiceFront Royal, VirginiaWVSNIndependent StationHumacao, Puerto RicoWVTAPublic Broadcasting ServiceWindsor, VermontWVTBPublic Broadcasting ServiceSt. Johnsbury, VermontWVTM-TVNBCMe-TVBirmingham, AlabamaWVTVThe CWMilwaukeeWVUA (TV)This TVTuscaloosa, AlabamaWVUE-DTFox Broadcasting CompanyNew OrleansWVUTPublic Broadcasting ServiceVincennes, IndianaWVVANBCThe CWBluefield, West VirginiaWVXFCBSCharlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin IslandsWWAYAmerican Broadcasting CompanyRetro Television NetworkWilmington, North CarolinaWWBTNBCMe-TVRichmond, VirginiaWBT (AM)WBTVWWCP-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyJohnstown, PennsylvaniaWWCWThe CWFox Broadcasting CompanyLynchburg, VirginiaWWDPEVINE LiveNorwell, MassachusettsWWHOThe CWChillicothe, OhioWWJ-TVCBSDetroitWWJ (AM)WWJE-DTJustice NetworkDerry, New HampshireWWJXJackson, MississippiWWL-TVCBSNew OrleansWWLPNBCSpringfield, MassachusettsWWMBThe CWFlorence, South CarolinaWWMTCBSThe CWKalamazoo, MichiganWWNY-TVCBSWNYF-CDCarthage, New YorkWWOR-TVMyNetworkTVBounce TVSecaucus, New JerseyNew York, New YorkWWPBPublic Broadcasting ServiceHagerstown, MarylandWWPX-TVIon TelevisionMartinsburg, West VirginiaWWRS-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkMayville, WisconsinWWSBAmerican Broadcasting CompanySarasota, FloridaWWSITelemundoTeleXitosAtlantic City, New JerseyWWTIAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWWatertown (city), New YorkWWTO-TVTrinity Broadcasting NetworkLaSalle, IllinoisWWTVCBSCadillac, MichiganWWTWSenatobia, MississippiWWUP-TVCBSFox Broadcasting CompanySault Ste. Marie, MichiganWXBUThe CWLancaster, PennsylvaniaWXCWThe CWMundoFoxNaples, FloridaWXEL-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceBoynton Beach, FloridaWXFT-DTUniMásAurora, IllinoisWXGA-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceWaycross, GeorgiaWXIA-TVNBCAtlantaWXII-TVNBCWinston-Salem, North CarolinaWXIN (TV)Fox Broadcasting CompanyIndianapolisWXIX-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyNewport, KentuckyCincinnatiWXLV-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyWinston-Salem, North CarolinaWXMIFox Broadcasting CompanyGrand Rapids, MichiganWXOWAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWThis TVLa Crosse, WisconsinWXPX-TVION TelevisionBradenton, FloridaWXTV-DTUnivisiónPaterson, New JerseyWXTXFox Broadcasting CompanyThis TVColumbus, GeorgiaWXXA-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyAlbany, New YorkWXXI-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceRochester, New YorkWXXV-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyNBCGulfport, MississippiMyNetworkTVCozi TVWXYZ-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyLive Well NetworkDetroitWYBEIndependent StationNHK WorldFrance 24RT (TV Network)MHz WorldViewPhiladelphiaWYCCPublic Broadcasting ServiceChicagoWYCIRetro Television NetworkMyNetworkTVTuff TVSaranac Lake, New YorkWYCWThe CWAsheville, North CarolinaWYDCFox Broadcasting CompanyWJKP-LDCorning (city), New YorkWYDNDaystar (TV Network)Worcester, MassachusettsWYDOFox Broadcasting CompanyGreenville, North CarolinaWYES-TVPublic Broadcasting ServiceNew OrleansWYFFNBCGreenville, South CarolinaWYINPublic Broadcasting ServiceGary, IndianaWYMT-TVCBSHazard, KentuckyWYOUCBSScranton, PennsylvaniaWYOWAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CWThis TVEagle River, WisconsinWYPX-TVIon TelevisionAmsterdam (city), New YorkWYTVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyMyNetworkTVYoungstown, OhioWYZZ-TVFox Broadcasting CompanyBloomington, IllinoisWZDXFox Broadcasting CompanyMe-TVHuntsville, AlabamaWZMEMe-TVBridgeport, ConnecticutWZMQMe-TVMyNetworkTVThis TVMarquette, MichiganWZPX-TVION TelevisionBattle Creek, MichiganWZRBIon TelevisionColumbia, South CarolinaWZTVFox Broadcasting CompanyNashville, TennesseeWZVIAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCharlotte Amalie, Virgin IslandsWZVN-TVAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNaples, FloridaWZZMAmerican Broadcasting CompanyGrand Rapids, MichiganCall Signs In North AmericaList Of United States Over-the-air Television NetworksTemplate:Television Stations In North AmericaTemplate Talk:Television Stations In North AmericaLists Of Television Stations In North AmericaList Of Television Stations In AlbertaList Of Television Stations In British ColumbiaList Of Television Stations In ManitobaList Of Television Stations In New BrunswickList Of Television Stations In Newfoundland And LabradorList Of Television Stations In Northwest TerritoriesList Of Television Stations In Nova ScotiaList Of Television Stations In NunavutList Of Television Stations In OntarioList Of Television Stations In Prince Edward IslandList Of Television Stations In QuebecList Of Television Stations In SaskatchewanList Of Television Stations In YukonList Of Television Stations In AlabamaList Of Television Stations In AlaskaList Of Television Stations In American SamoaList Of Television Stations In ArizonaList Of Television Stations In ArkansasList Of Television Stations In CaliforniaList Of Television Stations In ColoradoList Of Television Stations In ConnecticutList Of Television Stations In DelawareList Of Television Stations In Washington, D.C.List Of Television Stations In FloridaList Of Television Stations In Georgia (U.S. State)List Of Television Stations In GuamList Of Television Stations In HawaiiList Of Television Stations In IdahoList Of Television Stations In IllinoisList Of Television Stations In IndianaList Of Television Stations In IowaList Of Television Stations In KansasList Of Television Stations In KentuckyList Of Television Stations In LouisianaList Of Television Stations In MaineList Of Television Stations In MarylandList Of Television Stations In MassachusettsList Of Television Stations In MichiganList Of Television Stations In MinnesotaList Of Television Stations In MississippiList Of Television Stations In MissouriList Of Television Stations In MontanaList Of Television Stations In NebraskaList Of Television Stations In NevadaList Of Television Stations In New HampshireList Of Television Stations In New JerseyList Of Television Stations In New MexicoList Of Television Stations In New YorkList Of Television Stations In North CarolinaList Of Television Stations In North DakotaList Of Television Stations In OhioList Of Television Stations In OklahomaList Of Television Stations In OregonList Of Television Stations In PennsylvaniaList Of Television Stations In Puerto RicoList Of Television Stations In Rhode IslandList Of Television Stations In South CarolinaList Of Television Stations In South DakotaList Of Television Stations In TennesseeList Of Television Stations In TexasList Of Television Stations In UtahList Of Television Stations In VermontList Of Television Stations In The U.S. Virgin IslandsList Of Television Stations In VirginiaList Of Television Stations In Washington StateList Of Television Stations In West VirginiaList Of Television Stations In WisconsinList Of Television Stations In WyomingList Of Television Stations In AguascalientesList Of Television Stations In Baja CaliforniaList Of Television Stations In Baja California SurList Of Television Stations In CampecheList Of Television Stations In Mexico CityList Of Television Stations In ChiapasList Of Television Stations In ChihuahuaList Of Television Stations In CoahuilaList Of Television Stations In ColimaList Of Television Stations In DurangoList Of Television Stations In GuanajuatoList Of Television Stations In GuerreroList Of Television Stations In HidalgoList Of Television Stations In JaliscoList Of Television Stations In The State Of MexicoList Of Television Stations In MichoacánList Of Television Stations In MorelosList Of Television Stations In NayaritList Of Television Stations In Nuevo LeónList Of Television Stations In OaxacaList Of Television Stations In PueblaList Of Television Stations In QuerétaroList Of Television Stations In Quintana RooList Of Television Stations In San Luis PotosíList Of Television Stations In SinaloaList Of Television Stations In SonoraList Of Television Stations In TabascoList Of Television Stations In TamaulipasList Of Television Stations In TlaxcalaList Of Television Stations In VeracruzList Of Television Stations In YucatánList Of Television Stations In ZacatecasList Of Television Stations In CanadaList Of Television Stations In The United States By Call Sign (initial Letter K)List Of Television Stations In MexicoList Of Television Stations In The CaribbeanCategory:TV Stations By Channel NumberTemplate:North American TVTemplate Talk:North American TVTemplate:Television Stations In North AmericaTemplate:North American DTVTemplate:North American TVTemplate:Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television NetworksList Of Canadian Television ChannelsList 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