Contents 1 Description 1.1 Origin of "regency" 1.2 Etymology 1.3 Pre-Independence Period 1.4 Recent history 2 List of regencies and cities by province 2.1 Sumatra 2.1.1 Special Region of Aceh 2.1.2 North Sumatra 2.1.3 West Sumatra 2.1.4 Jambi 2.1.5 Riau 2.1.6 Bengkulu 2.1.7 South Sumatra 2.1.8 Lampung 2.1.9 Bangka-Belitung Islands 2.1.10 Riau Islands 2.2 Java 2.2.1 Special Capital Region of Jakarta 2.2.2 Banten 2.2.3 West Java 2.2.4 Central Java 2.2.5 East Java 2.2.6 Special Region of Yogyakarta 2.3 Lesser Sunda Islands 2.3.1 Bali 2.3.2 West Nusa Tenggara 2.3.3 East Nusa Tenggara 2.4 Kalimantan 2.4.1 West Kalimantan 2.4.2 South Kalimantan 2.4.3 Central Kalimantan 2.4.4 East Kalimantan 2.4.5 North Kalimantan 2.5 Sulawesi 2.5.1 Gorontalo 2.5.2 South Sulawesi 2.5.3 West Sulawesi 2.5.4 Southeast Sulawesi 2.5.5 Central Sulawesi 2.5.6 North Sulawesi 2.6 Maluku Islands 2.6.1 Maluku 2.6.2 North Maluku 2.7 Western New Guinea 2.7.1 Special Region of West Papua 2.7.2 Special Region of Papua 3 Proposed new regencies 4 References

Description[edit] Origin of "regency"[edit] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Portrait of a Javanese regent in gala uniform (circa 1900). A regency (Indonesian: kabupaten) is a political subdivision of a province in Indonesia. The Indonesian term kabupaten is also sometimes translated as "municipality". Regencies and cities are divided into Districts (Kecamatan). The English name "regency" comes from the Dutch colonial period, when regencies were ruled by bupati (or regents) and were known as regentschap (kabupaten in Javanese and subsequently Indonesian). Bupati had been regional lords under the pre-colonial monarchies of Java. When the Dutch abolished or curtailed those monarchies, the bupati were left as the most senior indigenous authority. They were not strictly speaking "native rulers" because the Dutch claimed full sovereignty over their territory, but in practice they had many of the attributes of petty kings (including elaborate regalia and palaces, and a high degree of impunity). Etymology[edit] The Indonesian title of bupati is originally a loanword from Sanskrit originating in India, a shortening of the Sanskrit title bhumi-pati, (bhumi, भूमि, "(of the) land" + pati, पति, "lord", hence bhumi-pati, "lord of the land"). In Indonesia, bupati was originally used as a Javanese title for regional rulers in precolonial kingdoms, its first recorded usage being in a Telaga Batu inscription during the Sriwijaya period in which bhupati is mentioned among the titles of local rulers who paid allegiance to Sriwijaya's kings.[4] Related titles which were also used in precolonial Indonesia are adipati ("duke") and senapati ("lord of the Army", or "general"). Pre-Independence Period[edit] Regencies in Java territorial units were grouped together into Residencies headed by exclusively European Residents. This term hinted that the Residents had a quasi-diplomatic status in relation to the bupati (and indeed they had such a relationship with the native rulers who continued to prevail in much of Indonesia outside Java), but in practice the bupati had to follow Dutch instructions on any matter of concern to the colonial authorities. The relationship between those sides was ambivalent: while legal and military power rested with the Dutch government (or, for a long time, with the Dutch East India Company (commonly known as the VOC, an abbreviation of the Dutch Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) under a Governor General in Batavia on Java, the regents held higher protocollary rank than the white officials who supposedly advised them and held day-to-day sway over the population. After the independence of Indonesia in 1945, the terms bupati and kabupaten were applied throughout the archipelago to the administrative unit below the residency (karesidenan). Recent history[edit] Since the start of the Reform Era in 1998 a remarkable secession of district governments has arisen in Indonesia. This process has become known as pemekaran ("secession"). Following the surge of support for decentralisation across Indonesia which occurred following the end of the Soeharto era in 1998, key new decentralisation laws were passed in 1999. Subsequently, there was a jump in the number of regencies (and cities) from around 300 at the end of 1998 to over 490 in 2008 ten years later. This secession of new regencies, welcome at first, has become increasingly controversial within Indonesia because the administrative fragmentation has proved costly and has not brought the hoped-for benefits. Senior levels of the administration have expressed a general feeling that the process of pemekaran now needs to be slowed down (or even stopped for the time being) but local politicians at various levels across government in Indonesia continue to express strong populist support for the continued creation of new regencies.[5] Since 1998, a large portion of governance have been delegated from central government in Jakarta to local regencies, with regencies now playing important role in providing services to Indonesian people.[6] On 22 October 2012, the House of Representatives’ Commission II on home affairs and regional autonomy approved the establishment of a new province (North Kalimantan) as well as four new regencies; Pangandaran Regency in West Java, South Manokwari Regency and Arfak Mountains Regency in West Papua, and West Pesisir Regency in Lampung.

List of regencies and cities by province[edit] Sumatra[edit] Special Region of Aceh[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Aceh Besar Jantho 2 Aceh Jaya Calang 3 Aceh Singkil Singkil 4 Aceh Tamiang Karang Baru 5 Bener Meriah Simpang Tiga Redelong 6 Bireuën Bireuën 7 Central Aceh Takengon 8 East Aceh Langsa 9 Gayo Lues Blangkejeren 10 Nagan Raya Suka Makmue 11 North Aceh Lhoksukon 12 Pidie Sigli 13 Pidie Jaya Meureudu 14 Simeulue Sinabang 15 South Aceh Tapaktuan 16 Southeast Aceh Kutacane 17 Southwest Aceh Blangpidie 18 West Aceh Meulaboh No City 1 Banda Aceh 2 Langsa 3 Lhokseumawe 4 Sabang 5 Subulussalam North Sumatra[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Asahan Kisaran 2 Batubara Limapuluh 3 Central Tapanuli (Tapanuli Tengah) Pandan 4 Dairi Sidikalang 5 Deli Serdang Lubuk Pakam 6 Humbang Hasundutan Dolok Sanggul 7 Karo Kabanjahe 8 Labuhan Batu Rantau Prapat 9 Langkat Stabat 10 Mandailing Natal Panyabungan 11 Nias Gunungsitoli 12 North Labuhan Batu Aek Kanopan 13 North Nias Lotu 14 North Padang Lawas Gunung Tua 15 North Tapanuli Tarutung 16 Padang Lawas Sibuhuan 17 Pakpak Bharat Salak 18 Samosir Panguruan 19 Serdang Bedagai Sei Rampah 20 Simalungun Raya 21 South Labuhan Batu Kota Pinang 22 South Nias Teluk Dalam 23 South Tapanuli Sipirok 24 Toba Samosir Balige 25 West Nias Lahomi No City 1 Binjai 2 Gunungsitoli 3 Medan 4 Padang Sidempuan 5 Pematangsiantar 6 Sibolga 7 Tanjung Balai 8 Tebing Tinggi West Sumatra[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Agam Lubuk Basung 2 Dharmasraya Pulau Punjung 3 Lima Puluh Kota Sarilamak 4 Mentawai Islands Tuapejat 5 Padang Pariaman Parit Malintang 6 Pasaman Lubuk Sikaping 7 Sijunjung Muaro Sijunjung 8 Solok Arosuka 9 South Pesisir Painan 10 South Solok Padang Aro 11 Tanah Datar Batusangkar 12 West Pasaman Simpang Ampek No City 1 Bukittinggi 2 Padang 3 Padang Panjang 4 Pariaman 5 Payakumbuh 6 Sawahlunto 7 Solok Jambi[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Batang Hari Muara Bulian 2 Bungo Bungo 3 Kerinci Siulak 4 Merangin Bangko 5 Muaro Jambi Sengeti 6 Sarolangun Sarolangun 7 East Tanjung Jabung Muara Sabak 8 West Tanjung Jabung Kuala Tungkal 9 Tebo Tebo No City 1 Jambi 2 Sungai Penuh Riau[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bengkalis Regency Bengkalis 2 Indragiri Hilir Tembilahan 3 Indragiri Hulu Regency Rengat 4 Kampar Regency Bangkinang 5 Kuantan Singingi Teluk Kuantan 6 Meranti Islands Selat Panjang 7 Pelalawan Pangkalan Kerinci 8 Rokan Hulu Pasir Pangaraian 9 Rokan Hilir Bagansiapiapi 10 Siak Regency Siak Sri Indrapura No City 1 Dumai 2 Pekanbaru Bengkulu[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Central Bengkulu Karang Tinggi 2 Kaur Bintuhan 3 Kepahiang Kepahiang 4 Lebong Muara Aman 5 Muko-Muko Muko-Muko 6 North Bengkulu Argamakmur 7 Rejang Lebong Curup 8 Seluma Tais 9 South Bengkulu Manna No City 1 Bengkulu South Sumatra[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Banyuasin Pangkalan Balai 2 East Ogan Komering Ulu Martapura 3 Empat Lawang Tebing Tinggi 4 Lahat Lahat 5 Muarama Enim Muara Enim 6 Musi Banyuasin Sekayu 7 Musi Rawas Muara Beliti Baru 8 North Musi Rawas Rupit 9 Ogan Ilir Indralaya 10 Ogan Komering Ilir Kayuagung 11 Ogan Komering Ulu Baturaja 12 Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir Talang Ubi 13 South Ogan Komering Ulu Muaradua No City 1 Lubuklinggau 2 Pagar Alam 3 Palembang 4 Prabumulih Lampung[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Central Lampung Gunung Sugih 2 East Lampung Sukadana 3 Mesuji Mesuji 4 North Lampung Kotabumi 5 Pesawaran Gedong Tataan 6 Pringsewu Pringsewu 7 South Lampung Kalianda 8 Tanggamus Kota Agung 9 Tulang Bawang Menggala 10 Way Kanan Blambangan Umpu 11 West Lampung Liwa 12 West Pesisir Krui 13 West Tulang Bawang Central Tulang Bawang No City 1 Bandar Lampung 2 Metro Bangka-Belitung Islands[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bangka Sungai Liat 2 Belitung Tanjung Pandan 3 Central Bangka Koba 4 East Belitung Manggar 5 South Bangka Toboali 6 West Bangka Mentok No City 1 Pangkalpinang Riau Islands[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Anambas Islands Tarempa 2 Bintan Bandar Seri Bentan 3 Karimun Tanjung Balai Karimun 4 Lingga Daik 5 Natuna Ranai No City 1 Batam 2 Tanjungpinang Java[edit] Special Capital Region of Jakarta[edit] No Administrative regency Capital 1 Kepulauan Seribu Pramuka Island No Administrative city 1 Central Jakarta Menteng 2 East Jakarta Jatinegara 3 North Jakarta Koja 4 South Jakarta Kebayoran Baru 5 West Jakarta Kembangan Banten[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Lebak Rangkasbitung 2 Pandeglang Pandeglang 3 Serang Ciruas 4 Tangerang Tigaraksa No City 1 Cilegon 2 Serang 3 Tangerang 4 South Tangerang Ciputat West Java[edit] Name Capital Area in Square km Population 2005 estimate Population 2010 Census Population 2014 estimate[7] Bandung City 167.27 2,288,570 2,394,873 2,575,478 Banjar City 113.49 162,383 175,157 188,365 Bekasi City 206.61 1,993,478 2,334,871 2,510,951 Bogor City 118.50 891,467 950,334 1,022,002 Cimahi City 39.27 546,879 541,177 581,989 Cirebon City 37.36 308,771 296,389 318,741 Depok City 200.29 1,374,903 1,738,570 1,869,681 Sukabumi City 48.25 291,277 298,681 321,205 Tasikmalaya City 171.61 582,423 635,464 683,386 Bandung Regency Soreang 1,767.96 4,037,274 3,178,543 3,418,246 Bekasi Regency Cikarang 1,224.88 1,983,815 2,630,401 2,828,767 Bogor Regency Cibinong 2,710.62 3,829,053 4,771,932 5,131,798 Ciamis Regency Ciamis 2,424.71 1,511,942 1,532,504 1,648,075 Cianjur Regency Cianjur 3,840.16 2,079,770 2,171,281 2,335,024 Cirebon Regency Sumber 984.52 2,044,257 2,067,196 2,223,089 Garut Regency Garut 3,074.07 2,196,422 2,404,121 2,585,423 Indramayu Regency Indramayu 2,040.11 1,689,247 1,663,737 1,789,204 Karawang Regency Karawang 1,652.20 1,926,471 2,127,791 2,288,254 Kuningan Regency Kuningan 1,110.56 1,045,691 1,035,589 1,113,686 Majalengka Regency Majalengka 1,204.24 1,167,566 1,166,473 1,254,440 Pangandaran Regency Parigi (id) ** ** ** ** Purwakarta Regency Purwakarta 825.74 753,306 852,521 916,812 Subang Regency Subang 1,893.95 1,380,047 1,465,157 1,575,649 Sukabumi Regency Sukabumi 4,145.70 2,168,892 2,341,409 2,517,982 Sumedang Regency Sumedang 1,518.33 1,014,019 1,093,602 1,176,074 Tasikmalaya Regency Singaparna 2,552.19 1,619,052 1,675,675 1,802,043 West Bandung Regency Ngamprah (id) 1,305.77 * 1,510,284 1,624,179 Totals 35,377.76 38,886,975 43,053,732 46,300,543 Notes * - the 2005 population is included in the total for Bandung Regency, of which West Bandung Regency was formerly part. ** - the figures for Ciamis Regency include those for the new Pangandaran Regency, created in 2012. Central Java[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Banjarnegara Banjarnegara 2 Banyumas Purwokerto 3 Batang Batang 4 Blora Blora 5 Boyolali Boyolali 6 Brebes Brebes 7 Cilacap Cilacap 8 Demak Demak 9 Grobogan Purwodadi 10 Jepara Jepara 11 Karanganyar Karanganyar 12 Kebumen Kebumen 13 Kendal Kendal 14 Klaten Klaten 15 Kudus Kudus 16 Magelang Mungkid 17 Pati Pati 18 Pekalongan Kajen 19 Pemalang Pemalang 20 Purbalingga Purbalingga 21 Purworejo Purworejo 22 Rembang Rembang 23 Semarang Ungaran 24 Sragen Sragen 25 Sukoharjo Sukoharjo 26 Tegal Slawi 27 Temanggung Temanggung 28 Wonogiri Wonogiri 29 Wonosobo Wonosobo No City 1 Magelang 2 Surakarta 3 Salatiga 4 Semarang 5 Pekalongan 6 Tegal East Java[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bangkalan Bangkalan 2 Banyuwangi Banyuwangi 3 Blitar Wlingi 4 Bojonegoro Bojonegoro 5 Bondowoso Bondowoso 6 Gresik Gresik 7 Jember Jember 8 Jombang Jombang 9 Kediri Pare 10 Lamongan Lamongan 11 Lumajang Lumajang 12 Madiun Madiun 13 Magetan Magetan 14 Malang Kepanjen 15 Mojokerto Mojokerto 16 Nganjuk Nganjuk 17 Ngawi Ngawi 18 Pacitan Pacitan 19 Pamekasan Pamekasan 20 Pasuruan Pasuruan 21 Ponorogo Ponorogo 22 Probolinggo Probolinggo 23 Sampang Sampang 24 Sidoarjo Sidoarjo 25 Situbondo Situbondo 26 Sumenep Sumenep 27 Trenggalek Trenggalek 28 Tuban Tuban 29 Tulungagung Tulungagung No City 1 Batu 2 Blitar 3 Kediri 4 Madiun 5 Malang 6 Mojokerto 7 Pasuruan 8 Probolinggo 9 Surabaya Special Region of Yogyakarta[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bantul Bantul 2 Gunung Kidul Wonosari 3 Kulon Progo Wates 4 Sleman Sleman No City 1 Yogyakarta Lesser Sunda Islands[edit] Bali[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Badung Mangupura 2 Bangli Bangli 3 Buleleng Singaraja 4 Gianyar Gianyar 5 Jembrana Negara 6 Karangasem Amlapura 7 Klungkung Semarapura 8 Tabanan Tabanan No City 1 Denpasar West Nusa Tenggara[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bima Woha 2 Central Lombok Praya 3 Dompu Dompu 4 East Lombok Selong 5 North Lombok Tanjung 6 Sumbawa Sumbawa Besar 7 West Lombok Gerung 8 West Sumbawa Taliwang No City 1 Mataram 2 Bima East Nusa Tenggara[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Alor Kalabahi 2 Belu Atambua 3 Central Sumba Waibakul 4 East Flores Larantuka 5 East Manggarai Borong 6 East Sumba Waingapu 7 Ende Ende 8 Kupang Oelamasi 9 Lembata Lewoleba 10 Malaka Betun 11 Manggarai Ruteng 12 Nagekeo Mbay 13 Ngada Bajawa 14 North Central Timor Kefamenanu 15 Rote Ndao Baa 16 Sabu Raijua West Savu 17 Sikka Maumere 18 South Central Timor Soe 19 Southwest Sumba Tambolaka 20 West Manggarai Labuan Bajo 21 West Sumba Waikabubak No City 1 Kupang Kalimantan[edit] West Kalimantan[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bengkayang Bengkayang 2 Kapuas Hulu Putussibau 3 North Kayong Sukadana 4 Ketapang Ketapang 5 Kubu Raya Sungai Raya 6 Landak Ngabang 7 Melawi Nanga Pinoh 8 Pontianak Mempawah 9 Sambas Sambas 10 Sanggau Sanggau 11 Sekadau Sekadau 12 Sintang Sintang No City 1 Pontianak 2 Singkawang South Kalimantan[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Balangan Paringin 2 Banjar Martapura 3 Barito Kuala Marabahan 4 Central Hulu Sungai Barabai 5 Kotabaru Kotabaru 6 North Hulu Sungai Amuntai 7 South Hulu Sungai Kandangan 8 Tabalong Batulicin 9 Tanah Laut Tanjung 10 Tanah Bumbu Pelaihari 11 Tapin Rantau No City 1 Banjarbaru 2 Banjarmasin Central Kalimantan[edit] No Regency Capital 1 East Barito Tamiang 2 East Kotawaringin Sampit 3 Gunung Mas Kuala Kurun 4 Kapuas Kapuas 5 Katingan Kasongan 6 Lamandau Nanga Bulik 7 Murung Raya Puruk Cahu 8 North Barito Muarateweh 9 Pulang Pisau Pulang Pisau 10 Sukamara Sukamara 11 Seruyan Kuala Pembuang 12 South Barito Buntok 13 West Kotawaringin Pangkalan Bun No City 1 Palangka Raya East Kalimantan[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Berau Tanjung Redeb 2 East Kutai Sangatta 3 Kutai Kartanegara Tenggarong 4 Mahakam Ulu Ujoh Bilang 5 North Penajam Paser Penajam 6 Paser Tanah Grogot 7 West Kutai Sendawar No City 1 Balikpapan 2 Bontang 3 Samarinda North Kalimantan[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bulungan Tanjung Selor 2 Malinau Malinau 3 Nunukan Nunukan 4 Tana Tidung Tideng Pale No City 1 Tarakan Sulawesi[edit] Gorontalo[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Boalemo Tilamuta 2 Bone Bolango Suwawa 3 Gorontalo Limboto 4 North Gorontalo Kwandang 5 Pahuwato Marisa No City 1 Gorontalo South Sulawesi[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bantaeng Bantaeng 2 Barru Barru 3 Bone Watampone 4 Bulukumba Bulukumba 5 East Luwu Malili 6 Enrekang Enrekang 7 Gowa Sungguminasa 8 Jeneponto Bontosunggu 9 Luwu Belopa 10 North Luwu Masamba 11 North Toraja Rantepao 12 Maros Maros 13 Pangkajene Islands Pangkajene 14 Pinrang Pinrang 15 Selayar Islands Benteng 16 Sinjai Sinjai 17 Sidenreng Rappang Sidenreng 18 Soppeng Watan Soppeng 19 Takalar Takalar 20 Tana Toraja Makale 21 Wajo Sengkang No City 1 Makassar 2 Palopo 3 Pare-Pare West Sulawesi[edit] No Regency Capital 1. Central Mamuju Tobadak 2. Majene Majene 3. Mamasa Mamasa 4. Mamuju Mamuju 5. North Mamuju Pasangkayu 6. Polewali Mandar Polewali Southeast Sulawesi[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bombana Rumbia 2 Buton Pasar Wajo 3 Central Buton Labungkari 4 East Kolaka Tirawuta 5 Kolaka Kolaka 6 Konawe Unaaha 7 Konawe Islands Langara 8 Muna Raha 9 North Buton Burangga 10 North Kolaka Lasusua 11 North Konawe Wanggudu 12 South Buton Batauga 13 South Konawe Andolo 14 Wakatobi Wangi-Wangi 15 West Muna Laworo No City 1 Baubau 2 Kendari Central Sulawesi[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Banggai Luwuk 2 Banggai Islands Salakan 3 Buol Buol 4 Banggai Laut Banggai 5 Donggala Donggala 6 Morowali Bungku 6 North Morowali Kolonodale 8 Parigi Moutong Parigi 9 Poso Poso 10 Sigi Sigi Biromaru 11 Tojo Una-Una Ampana 12 Toli-Toli Toli-Toli No City 1 Palu North Sulawesi[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Bolaang Mongondow Lolak 2 East Bolaang Mongondow Tutuyan 3 Minahasa Tondano 4 North Bolaang Mongondow Boroko 5 North Minahasa Airmadidi 6 Sangihe Islands Tahuna 7 Sitaro Islands Ondong 8 South Bolaang Mongondow Boolang Uki 9 South Minahasa Amurang 10 Southeast Minahasa Ratahan 11 Talaud Islands Melonguane No City 1 Bitung 2 Kotamobagu 3 Manado 4 Tomohon Maluku Islands[edit] Maluku[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Aru Islands Dobo 2 Buru Namlea 3 Central Maluku Masohi 4 Eastern Seram Bula 5 South Buru Namrole 6 Southeast Maluku Tual 7 Southwest Maluku Tiakur 8 Western Seram Piru 9 Western Southeast Maluku Saumlaki No City 1 Ambon 2 Tual North Maluku[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Central Halmahera Weda 2 East Halmahera Maba 3 Morotai Island Daruba 4 North Halmahera Tobelo 5 South Halmahera Labuha 6 Sula Islands Sanana 7 Taliabu Island Bobong 8 West Halmahera Jailolo No City 1 Ternate 2 Tidore Islands Soasiu Western New Guinea[edit] Special Region of West Papua[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Fak-Fak Fak-Fak 2 Kaimana Kaimana 3 Manokwari Manokwari 4 Maybrat Kumurkek 5 Raja Ampat Waisai 6 Pegunungan Arfak (Arfak Mountains) Anggi 7 Sorong Aimas * 8 South Manokwari Ransiki 9 South Sorong Teminabuan 10 Tambrauw Fef 11 Teluk Bintuni Bintuni 12 Teluk Wondama Rasiei No City 1 Sorong Special Region of Papua[edit] No Regency Capital 1 Asmat Agats 2 Biak Numfor Biak 3 Boven Digoel Tanahmerah 4 Central Mamberamo Kobakma 5 Deiyai Tigi 6 Dogiyai Kigamani 7 Intan Jaya Sugapa 8 Jayapura Sentani 9 Jayawijaya Wamena 10 Keerom Waris 11 Lanny Jaya Tiom 12 Mamberamo Raya Burmeso 13 Mappi Kepi 14 Merauke Merauke 15 Mimika Timika 16 Nabire Nabire 17 Nduga Kenyam 18 Paniai Enarotali 19 Pegunungan Bintang Oksibil 20 Puncak Ilaga 21 Puncak Jaya Kota Mulia 22 Sarmi Sarmi 23 Supiori Sorendiweri 24 Tolikara Karubaga 25 Waropen Botawa 26 Yahukimo Sumohai 27 Yalimo Elelim 28 Yapen Islands Serui No City 1 Jayapura

Proposed new regencies[edit] On 25 October 2013 the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) began reviewing draft laws on the establishment of 57 prospective regencies/cities (and 8 new provinces),[8] as set out below: “With these new regions, it is hoped that we can shorten the line of governance, improve land and security aspects, and no less important, support historical and cultural [institutions],” House Speaker Marzuki Alie said. The agreement will be forwarded on for government approval. Marzuki said that the new regions, especially in areas bordering other nations, will be able to support more development so that border areas develop faster and become less vulnerable to the territorial claims of other countries. “We hope everything will go smoothly,” he said. Under the new package, eight new provinces will join Indonesia’s current 34; three of the new provinces are in Papua and West Papua. The new provinces are Pulau Sumbawa, South Papua, Central Papua, Southwest Papua, Tapanuli, Nias, Kapuas Raya and Bolang Mongondow Raya. The newly created regencies in Papua Province comprise the regencies of Gili Menawa, Moyo, Balin Senter, Bogogha, Puncak Trikora, Muara Digul, Admi Korbay, Katengban, Okika, Northwest Yapen, East Yapen, Numfor Island, Yalimek, Mambera Hulu, Southwest Yahukimo, East Yahukimo and Gondumisisare and the municipalities of Merauke and Lembah Baliem (Baliem Valley). The newly created regencies in West Papua comprise the regencies of Malamoy, Maibratsau, North Raja Ampat, South Raja Ampat, Raja Maskona, Okas, Kota Manokwari, West Manokwari and Imeo. The other new regencies will comprise: Simalungun Hataran (created from Simalungun Regency) and Pantai Barat Mandailing (from Mandailing Natal Regency) in North Sumatra, Kundur Island (from Karimun Regency) in Riau Kepulauan, Renah Indojati (from South Pesisir Regency) in West Sumatra, the Muaro Bungo municipality (from Bungo Regency) in Jambi, the Lembak Regency (from Rejang Lebong Regency) in Bengkulu and the regencies of Bigi Maria (from Lahat Regency) and Pantai Timur (from Ogan Ilir Regency) in South Sumatra. Additionally, three new regencies will be created in West Java: South Garut, or Garut Selatan (created from Garut Regency), North Sukabumi, or Sukabumi Utara (from Sukabumi Regency) and West Bogor, or Bogor Barat (from Bogor Regency). Kalimantan will see four new regencies: Sekayam Raya (created from Sanggau Regency) and Banua Banjak (from Kapuas Hulu Regency) in West Kalimantan, and South Berau Pesisir (from Berau Regency) and South Paser (from Paser Regency) in East Kalimantan. Sulawesi will see four as well: South Talaud, or Talaud Selatan (created from Talaud Islands Regency) in North Sulawesi, South Bone, or Bone Selatan (from Bone Regency) in South Sulawesi, and Bolio Huto, Panipi (from Gorontalo Regency) and West Gorontalo (from Pohuwato Regency) in Gorontalo; and two new municipalities: Tahuna (from Sangihe Islands Regency) and Langoa (from Minahasa Regency), both located in North Sulawesi. Other new regencies will include South Lombok (created from East Lombok Regency) on Lombok island, the regency of Adonara (from East Flores Regency) and the Municipality of Maumere (from Sikka Regency) on Flores island, and the regencies of Wasile (from East Halmahera Regency) and Obi Islands (from South Halmahera Regency) in North Maluku. Later in the same week, the House, at its last plenary meeting of 2013, approved the creation of a further seven new regencies - Mahakam Ulu (in East Kalimantan), Malaka (in East Nusa Tenggara), Central Mamuju (in West Sulawesi), Banggai Laut (in Central Sulawesi), Tailabu Island (in North Maluku), Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir (in South Sumatra) and East Kolaka (in Southeast Sulawesi).[8]

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Russia1 Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Timor-Leste (East Timor) Turkey1 Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen 1Country spanning more than one continent (transcontinental country) List of administrative divisions by country v t e Designations for types of administrative territorial entities English terms Common English terms1 Area Insular area Local government area Protected area Special area Statistical area Combined statistical area Metropolitan statistical area Micropolitan statistical area Urban area Canton Half-canton Borough County borough Metropolitan borough Capital Federal capital Imperial capital City City state Autonomous city Charter city Independent city Incorporated city Imperial city Free imperial city Royal free city Community Autonomous community Residential community County Administrative county Autonomous county Consolidated city-county Metropolitan county Non-metropolitan Viscountcy Country Overseas country Department Overseas department District Capital district City district Congressional district Electoral district Federal district Indian government district Land district Metropolitan district Non-metropolitan district Military district Municipal district Police district Regional district Rural district Sanitary district Subdistrict Urban district Special district Division Census division Police division Subdivision Municipality County municipality Norway Nova Scotia Regional county municipality Direct-controlled municipality District municipality Mountain resort municipality Neutral municipality Regional municipality Resort municipality Rural municipality Specialized municipality Prefecture Autonomous prefecture Subprefecture Super-prefecture Praetorian prefecture Province Autonomous province Overseas province Roman province Region Administrative region Autonomous region Capital region Development region Economic region Mesoregion Microregion Overseas region Planning region Special administrative region Statistical region Subregion Reserve Biosphere reserve Ecological reserve Game reserve Indian reserve Nature reserve State Federal state Free state Sovereign state Territory Capital territory Federal capital territory Dependent territory Federal territory Military territory Organized incorporated territory Overseas territory Union territory Unorganized territory Town Census town Market town Township Charter township Civil township Paper township Survey township Urban township Unit Autonomous territorial unit Local administrative unit Municipal unit Regional unit Zone Economic zone Exclusive economic zone Free economic zone Special economic zone Free-trade zone Neutral zone Self-administered zone Other English terms Current Alpine resort Bailiwick Banner Autonomous Block Cadastre Circle Circuit Colony Commune Condominium Constituency Duchy Eldership Emirate Federal dependency Governorate Hamlet Ilkhanate Indian reservation Manor Royal Muftiate Neighbourhood Parish Periphery Precinct Principality Protectorate Quarter Regency Autonomous republic Riding Sector Autonomous Shire Sultanate Suzerainty Townland Village Administrative Summer Ward Historical Agency Barony Burgh Exarchate Hide Hundred Imperial Circle March Monthon Presidency Residency Roman diocese Seat Tenth Tithing Non-English or loanwords Current Amt Bakhsh Barangay Bezirk Regierungsbezirk Comune Frazione Fu Gemeinde Județ Kunta / kommun Finland Sweden Län Località Megye Muban Oblast Autonomous Okrug Ostān Poblacion Purok Shahrestān Sum Sýsla Tehsil Vingtaine Historical Commote Gau Heerlijkheid Köping Maalaiskunta Nome Egypt Greece Pagus Pargana Plasă Satrapy Socken Subah Syssel Zhou v t e Arabic terms for country subdivisions First-level Muhafazah (محافظة governorate) Wilayah (ولاية province) Mintaqah (منطقة region) Mudiriyah (مديرية directorate) Imarah (إمارة emirate) Baladiyah (بلدية municipality) Shabiyah (شعبية "popularate") Second / third-level Mintaqah (منطقة region) Qadaa (قضاء district) Nahiyah (ناحية subdistrict) Markaz (مركز district) Mutamadiyah (معتمدية "delegation") Daerah/Daïra (دائرة circle) Liwa (لواء banner / sanjak) City / township-level Amanah (أمانة municipality) Baladiyah (بلدية municipality) Ḥai (حي neighborhood / quarter) Mahallah (محلة) Qarya (قرية) Sheyakhah (شياخة "neighborhood subdivision") English translations given are those most commonly used. v t e French terms for country subdivisions arrondissement département préfecture subprefectures v t e Greek terms for country subdivisions Modern apokentromenes dioikiseis / geniki dioikisis§ / diamerisma§ / periphereia nomos§ / periphereiaki enotita demos / eparchia§ / koinotita§ Historical archontia/archontaton bandon demos despotaton dioikesis doukaton droungos eparchia exarchaton katepanikion kephalatikion kleisoura meris naukrareia satrapeia strategis thema toparchia tourma § signifies a defunct institution v t e Portuguese terms for country subdivisions Regional subdivisions Estado Distrito federal Província Região Distrito Comarca Capitania Local subdivisions Município Concelho Freguesia Comuna Circunscrição Settlements Cidade Vila Aldeia Bairro Lugar Historical subdivisions in italics. v t e Slavic terms for country subdivisions Current dzielnica gmina krai kraj krajina / pokrajina městys obec oblast / oblast' / oblasti / oblys / obwód / voblast' okręg okres okrug opština / općina / občina / obshtina osiedle powiat / povit raion selsoviet / silrada sołectwo voivodeship / vojvodina županija Historical darugha gromada guberniya / gubernia jurydyka khutor obshchina okolia opole pogost prowincja sorok srez starostwo / starostva uyezd volost ziemia župa v t e Spanish terms for country subdivisions National, Federal Comunidad autónoma Departamento Distrito federal Estado Provincia Región Regional, Metropolitan Cantón Comarca Comuna Corregimiento Delegación Distrito Mancomunidad Merindad Municipalidad Municipio Parroquia Ecuador Spain Urban, Rural Aldea Alquería Anteiglesia Asentamiento Asentamiento informal Pueblos jóvenes Barrio Campamento Caserío Ciudad Ciudad autónoma Colonia Lugar Masía Pedanía Población Ranchería Sitio Vereda Villa Village (Pueblito/Pueblo) Historical subdivisions in italics. v t e Turkish terms for country subdivisions Modern il (province) ilçe (district) şehir (city) kasaba (town) belediye (municipality) belde (community) köy (village) mahalle (neighbourhood/quarter) Historical ağalık (feudal district) bucak (subdistrict) beylerbeylik (province) kadılık (subprovince) kaza (sub-province) hidivlik (viceroyalty) mutasarrıflık (subprovince) nahiye (nahiyah) paşalık (province) reya (Romanian principalities) sancak (prefecture) vilayet (province) voyvodalık (Romanian provinces) 1 Used by ten or more countries or having derived terms. Historical derivations in italics. See also: Census division, Electoral district, Political division, and List of administrative divisions by country Retrieved from "" Categories: Cities in IndonesiaRegencies of IndonesiaSubdivisions of IndonesiaSecond-level administrative country subdivisionsIndonesia geography-related listsLists of cities in AsiaDecentralizationHidden categories: Webarchive template wayback linksArticles containing Indonesian-language textArticles needing additional references from December 2015All articles needing additional referencesArticles containing Dutch-language textInterlanguage link template link number

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RegencySimalungun RegencyRaya, SimalungunSouth Labuhan Batu RegencyKota PinangSouth Nias RegencyTeluk DalamSouth Tapanuli RegencySipirokToba Samosir RegencyBaligeWest Nias RegencyBinjaiGunungsitoliMedanPadang SidempuanPematangsiantarSibolgaKota Tanjung BalaiTebing TinggiWest SumatraAgam RegencyLubuk BasungDharmasraya RegencyPulau PunjungLima Puluh KotaSarilamakMentawai IslandsTuapejatPadang PariamanParit MalintangPasamanLubuk SikapingSijunjungMuaro SijunjungSolok RegencyArosukaSouth PesisirPainanSouth SolokPadang AroTanah DatarBatusangkarWest PasamanSimpang AmpekBukittinggiPadang, IndonesiaPadang PanjangPariamanPayakumbuhSawahluntoSolokJambiBatang Hari RegencyMuara BulianBungo RegencyKerinci RegencyMeranginMuaro Jambi RegencySarolangun RegencyEast Tanjung JabungWest Tanjung JabungTebo RegencyJambi CitySungai PenuhRiauBengkalis RegencyBengkalisIndragiri HilirTembilahanIndragiri Hulu RegencyRengatKampar RegencyBangkinangKuantan SingingiMeranti IslandsSelat PanjangPelalawanPangkalan KerinciRokan HuluRokan HilirBagansiapiapiSiak RegencySiak Sri IndrapuraDumaiPekanbaruBengkuluCentral Bengkulu RegencyKaur RegencyKepahiang RegencyKepahiangLebong RegencyMuko-Muko RegencyNorth Bengkulu RegencyRejang Lebong RegencyCurupSeluma RegencyTaisSouth Bengkulu RegencyBengkulu (city)South SumatraBanyuasin RegencyEast Ogan Komering Ulu RegencyEmpat Lawang RegencyLahat RegencyMuara Enim RegencyMusi Banyuasin RegencySekayu, IndonesiaMusi Rawas RegencyMuara Beliti BaruNorth Musi Rawas RegencyRupitOgan Ilir RegencyOgan Komering Ilir RegencyOgan Komering Ulu RegencyBaturajaPenukal Abab Lematang Ilir RegencySouth Ogan Komering Ulu RegencyLubuklinggauPagar AlamPalembangPrabumulihLampungCentral Lampung RegencyEast Lampung RegencySukadanaMesuji RegencyNorth Lampung RegencyPesawaran RegencyPringsewu RegencySouth Lampung RegencyTanggamus RegencyTulang Bawang RegencyMenggalaWay Kanan RegencyWest Lampung RegencyLiwa, IndonesiaWest Pesisir RegencyWest Tulang Bawang RegencyBandar LampungMetro, IndonesiaBangka-Belitung IslandsBangka RegencySungai LiatBelitung RegencyTanjung PandanCentral BangkaKoba, IndonesiaEast BelitungManggarSouth BangkaToboaliWest BangkaMentokPangkal PinangRiau IslandsAnambas IslandsBintan RegencyKarimun RegencyTanjung Balai KarimunLingga RegencyDaikNatuna RegencyBatamTanjung PinangJavaJakartaThousand Islands (Indonesia)Pramuka IslandCentral JakartaMentengEast JakartaJatinegaraNorth JakartaKoja, JakartaSouth JakartaKebayoran BaruWest JakartaKembangan, JakartaBantenLebak RegencyRangkasbitungPandeglang RegencyPandeglangSerang RegencyTangerang RegencyTigaraksaCilegonSerangTangerangSouth TangerangCiputatWest JavaBandungBanjar, West JavaBekasiBogorCimahiCirebonDepokSukabumiTasikmalayaBandung RegencySoreangBekasi RegencyCikarangBogor RegencyCibinongCiamis RegencyCiamisCianjur RegencyCianjurCirebon RegencySumberGarut RegencyGarutIndramayu RegencyIndramayuKarawang RegencyKarawangKuningan RegencyKuninganMajalengka RegencyMajalengkaPangandaran RegencyPurwakarta RegencyPurwakartaSubang RegencySubang RegencySukabumi RegencySukabumiSumedang RegencySumedangTasikmalaya RegencySingaparnaWest Bandung RegencyCentral JavaRegencies In Central JavaBanjarnegara RegencyBanjarnegaraBanyumas RegencyPurwokertoBatang RegencyBlora RegencyBloraBoyolali RegencyBoyolaliBrebes RegencyBrebesCilacap RegencyCilacapDemak RegencyDemak, IndonesiaGrobogan RegencyPurwodadi GroboganJepara RegencyJeparaKaranganyar RegencyKebumen RegencyKebumen CityKendal RegencyKlaten RegencyKlatenKudus RegencyKudus, KudusMagelang RegencyMungkidPati RegencyPekalongan RegencyPemalang RegencyPemalangPurbalingga RegencyPurbalinggaPurworejo RegencyPurworejoRembang RegencyRembangSemarang RegencyUngaranSragen RegencySragenSukoharjo RegencyTegal RegencySlawiTemanggung RegencyTemanggungWonogiri RegencyWonogiriWonosobo RegencyWonosoboMagelangSurakartaSalatigaSemarangPekalonganTegal, Central JavaEast JavaRegencies In East JavaBangkalan RegencyBangkalanBanyuwangiBanyuwangi (city)Blitar RegencyBojonegoro RegencyBondowosoGresik RegencyGresikJemberJombang RegencyKediri RegencyPare, KediriLamongan RegencyLumajang RegencyLumajangMadiun RegencyMadiunMagetanMalang RegencyMojokerto RegencyMojokertoNganjuk RegencyNgawi RegencyNgawi, East JavaPacitan RegencyPacitanPamekasan RegencyPasuruan RegencyPasuruanPonorogoProbolinggo RegencyProbolinggoSampang RegencySidoarjo RegencySitubondo RegencySumenep RegencySumenep (city)Trenggalek RegencyTubanTulungagungBatu (city)BlitarKediri, East JavaMadiunMalangMojokertoPasuruanProbolinggoSurabayaSpecial Region Of YogyakartaBantul RegencyBantulGunung Kidul RegencyWonosariKulon Progo RegencyWates, Kulon ProgoSleman RegencySlemanYogyakarta (city)Lesser Sunda IslandsBaliBadungMangupuraBangli RegencyBangliBulelengSingarajaGianyar RegencyGianyarJembranaNegara, BaliKarangasem RegencyAmlapuraKlungkungSemarapuraTabanan RegencyTabananDenpasarWest Nusa TenggaraBima RegencyWoha, SumbawaCentral Lombok RegencyPraya, LombokDompu RegencyDompuEast Lombok RegencySelongNorth Lombok RegencyTanjung, LombokSumbawa RegencySumbawa BesarWest Lombok RegencyGerungWest Sumbawa RegencyTaliwangMataram (city)BimaEast Nusa TenggaraAlor RegencyKalabahiBelu RegencyAtambuaCentral Sumba RegencyWaibakulEast Flores RegencyLarantukaEast Manggarai RegencyEast Sumba RegencyWaingapuEnde RegencyEnde, IndonesiaKupang RegencyLembata RegencyLewolebaMalaka RegencyManggarai RegencyRutengNagekeo RegencyNgada RegencyBajawaNorth Central Timor RegencyKefamenanuRote Ndao RegencyBaa, IndonesiaSabu Raijua RegencyWest Savu, IndonesiaSikka RegencyMaumereSouth Central Timor RegencySoe, IndonesiaSouthwest Sumba RegencyTambolakaWest Manggarai RegencyLabuan BajoWest Sumba RegencyWaikabubakKupangKalimantanWest KalimantanBengkayang RegencyKapuas Hulu RegencyPutussibauNorth Kayong RegencySukadanaKetapang RegencyKetapangKubu Raya RegencyLandak RegencyMelawi RegencyPontianak RegencySambas RegencySanggau RegencySanggauSekadau RegencySintang RegencyPontianak, IndonesiaSingkawangSouth KalimantanBalangan RegencyBanjar RegencyMartapura, South KalimantanBarito Kuala RegencyCentral Hulu Sungai RegencyBarabaiKotabaru RegencyNorth Hulu Sungai RegencySouth Hulu Sungai RegencyKandanganTabalong RegencyBatulicinTanah Laut RegencyTanah Bumbu RegencyTapin RegencyBanjarbaruBanjarmasinCentral KalimantanEast Barito RegencyEast Kotawaringin RegencySampitGunung Mas RegencyKapuas RegencyKatingan RegencyLamandau RegencyMurung Raya RegencyNorth Barito RegencyPulang Pisau RegencySukamara RegencySeruyan RegencySouth Barito RegencyWest Kotawaringin RegencyPangkalan BunPalangkarayaEast KalimantanBerau RegencyTanjung RedebEast Kutai RegencyKutai Kartanegara RegencyTenggarongMahakam Ulu RegencyNorth Penajam Paser RegencyPenajamPaser RegencyWest Kutai RegencySendawarBalikpapanBontangSamarindaNorth KalimantanBulungan RegencyTanjung SelorMalinau RegencyMalinauNunukan RegencyNunukanTana Tidung RegencyTideng PaleTarakan, East KalimantanSulawesiGorontalo (province)Boalemo RegencyTilamutaBone Bolango RegencySuwawaGorontalo RegencyLimbotoNorth Gorontalo RegencyKwandangPohuwato RegencyMarisa (town)Gorontalo (city)South SulawesiBantaeng RegencyBantaengBarru RegencyBarruBone RegencyWatamponeBulukumba RegencyEast Luwu RegencyEnrekang RegencyGowa RegencySungguminasaJeneponto RegencyLuwu RegencyNorth Luwu RegencyMasambaNorth Toraja RegencyRantepaoMaros RegencyMarosPangkajene Islands RegencyPangkajenePinrang RegencySelayar RegencySinjai RegencySidenreng Rappang RegencySoppeng RegencyTakalar RegencyTana Toraja RegencyMakale, IndonesiaWajo RegencySengkang, IndonesiaMakassarPalopoPare-PareWest SulawesiCentral Mamuju RegencyMajene RegencyMajeneMamasa RegencyMamuju RegencyMamuju (city)North Mamuju RegencyPolewali Mandar RegencyPolewaliSoutheast SulawesiBombana RegencyButon RegencyCentral Buton RegencyEast Kolaka RegencyKolaka RegencyKonawe RegencyKonawe Islands RegencyMuna RegencyRaha, IndonesiaNorth Buton RegencyNorth Kolaka RegencyNorth Konawe RegencySouth Buton RegencySouth Konawe RegencyWakatobiWangi-wangi IslandWest Muna RegencyBau-BauKendariCentral SulawesiBanggai RegencyLuwukRegency Of Banggai KepulauanBuol RegencyBuol (city)Banggai Laut RegencyDonggala RegencyMorowali RegencyBungkuNorth Morowali RegencyKolonodaleParigi Moutong RegencyPoso RegencyPoso (city)Sigi RegencyTojo Una-Una RegencyAmpanaToli-Toli RegencyPaluNorth SulawesiBolaang Mongondow RegencyEast Bolaang Mongondow RegencyMinahasa RegencyTondanoNorth Bolaang Mongondow RegencyBorokoNorth Minahasa RegencyAirmadidiSangihe Islands RegencySitaro Islands RegencySouth Bolaang Mongondow RegencySouth Minahasa RegencySoutheast Minahasa RegencyTalaud Islands RegencyBitungKotamobaguManadoTomohonMaluku IslandsMaluku (province)Aru IslandsBuru RegencyNamleaCentral Maluku RegencyMasohiSeram Bagian Timur RegencyBula, IndonesiaSouth Buru RegencySoutheast Maluku RegencyTual, IndonesiaSouthwest Maluku RegencySeram Bagian Barat RegencyPiru, IndonesiaWestern Southeast Maluku RegencyAmbon, MalukuTual, IndonesiaNorth MalukuCentral Halmahera RegencyWedaEast Halmahera RegencyMaba, IndonesiaMorotai Island RegencyDarubaNorth Halmahera RegencyTobeloSouth Halmahera RegencyLabuhaSula IslandsSananaTaliabu Island RegencyWest Halmahera RegencyJailolo (town)TernateTidoreSoasiuWestern New GuineaWest Papua (province)Fak-Fak RegencyFak-FakKaimana RegencyManokwari RegencyManokwari (city)Maybrat RegencyRaja Ampat RegencyWaisaiArfak Mountains RegencySorong RegencySouth Manokwari RegencySorong Selatan RegencyTeminabuanTambrauw RegencyFef, IndonesiaTeluk Bintuni RegencyBintuniTeluk Wondama RegencyRasieiSorong (city)Papua (province)Asmat RegencyAgatsBiak Numfor RegencyBiakBoven Digoel RegencyTanahmerahCentral Mamberamo RegencyDeiyai RegencyDogiyai RegencyIntan Jaya RegencyJayapura RegencyJayawijaya RegencyWamenaKeerom RegencyLanny Jaya RegencyMamberamo Raya RegencyMappi RegencyMerauke RegencyMeraukeMimika RegencyTimikaNabire RegencyNduga RegencyPaniai RegencyEnarotaliPegunungan Bintang RegencyOksibilPuncak RegencyIlaga, IndonesiaPuncak Jaya RegencySarmi RegencySupiori RegencyTolikara RegencyWaropen RegencyYahukimo RegencyYalimo RegencyYapen Islands RegencyJayapuraPapua (province)West Papua (province)Simalungun RegencyMandailing Natal RegencyNorth SumatraKarimun RegencyRiau KepulauanSouth Pesisir RegencyWest SumatraBungo RegencyJambiRejang Lebong RegencyBengkuluLahat RegencyOgan Ilir RegencySouth SumatraWest JavaGarut RegencySukabumi RegencyBogor RegencySanggau RegencyKapuas Hulu RegencyWest KalimantanBerau RegencyPaser RegencyEast KalimantanTalaud Islands RegencyNorth SulawesiBone RegencySouth SulawesiGorontalo RegencyPohuwato RegencyGorontaloSangihe Islands RegencyMinahasa RegencyNorth SulawesiEast Lombok RegencyLombokAdonaraEast Flores RegencyMaumereSikka RegencyFloresEast Halmahera RegencySouth Halmahera RegencyNorth MalukuEast KalimantanEast Nusa TenggaraWest SulawesiCentral SulawesiNorth MalukuSouth SumatraSoutheast SulawesiInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/0-7315-3697-5Wayback MachineThe AustralianTemplate:Articles On Second-level Administrative Divisions Of Asian CountriesTemplate Talk:Articles On Second-level Administrative Divisions Of Asian CountriesAdministrative DivisionDistricts Of AfghanistanDistricts Of BangladeshGewogs Of BhutanThromdeMukims Of BruneiList Of Cambodian Districts And SectionsPrefectures Of The People's Republic Of ChinaSubdivisions Of EgyptList Of Municipalities In Georgia (country)List Of Districts In IndiaCounties Of IranDistricts Of IraqDistricts Of IsraelSubprefectures Of JapanDistricts Of JapanNahias Of JordanDistricts Of KazakhstanList Of Second-level Administrative Divisions Of North KoreaList Of Cities Of South KoreaGun (administrative Division)Gu (administrative Division)Areas Of KuwaitDistricts Of KyrgyzstanDistricts Of LaosDistricts Of LebanonDistricts Of MalaysiaDistricts Of MongoliaDistricts Of MyanmarList Of Districts Of NepalProvinces Of OmanList Of Districts Of PakistanList Of Cities And Municipalities In The PhilippinesCategory:Districts Of Russia By Federal SubjectList Of Governorates Of Saudi ArabiaDistricts Of Sri LankaDistricts Of SyriaProvincial City (Taiwan)Districts Of TajikistanAmphoeSubdistricts Of East TimorList Of Districts In TurkeyDistricts Of TurkmenistanDistricts Of UzbekistanList Of Districts Of VietnamList Of Districts Of YemenList Of Transcontinental CountriesList Of Administrative Divisions By CountryTemplate:Terms For Types Of Country SubdivisionsTemplate Talk:Terms For Types Of Country SubdivisionsAdministrative DivisionList Of Terms For Administrative DivisionsArea (country Subdivision)Insular AreaLocal Government AreaProtected AreaSpecial Areas BoardStatistical Area (United States)Combined Statistical AreaMetropolitan Statistical AreaMicropolitan Statistical AreaUrban AreaCanton (country Subdivision)Half-cantonBoroughCounty BoroughMetropolitan BoroughCapital CityFederal CapitalCapital CityCityCity StateAutonomous CityCharter CityIndependent CityIncorporated CityImperial CityFree Imperial CityRoyal Free CityCommunity (administrative Division)Autonomous Communities Of SpainResidential CommunityCountyAdministrative CountyAutonomous Counties Of The People's Republic Of ChinaConsolidated City-countyMetropolitan CountyNon-metropolitan CountyViscountcyCountryOverseas CountryDepartment (country Subdivision)Overseas DepartmentDistrictCapital DistrictCity DistrictCongressional DistrictElectoral DistrictFederal DistrictList Of Municipalities In British ColumbiaLands Administrative Divisions Of AustraliaMetropolitan DistrictNon-metropolitan DistrictMilitary DistrictMunicipal DistrictPolice DistrictList Of Regional Districts Of British ColumbiaRural DistrictSanitary DistrictSubdistrictUrban DistrictSpecial District (United States)Division (country Subdivision)Census DivisionPolice DivisionSubdivision (country Subdivision)MunicipalityCounty Municipality (disambiguation)County Municipality (Norway)County Municipality (Nova Scotia)Regional County MunicipalityDirect-controlled MunicipalityDistrict MunicipalityMountain Resort MunicipalityNeutral MunicipalityRegional MunicipalityResort MunicipalityRural MunicipalitySpecialized MunicipalityPrefectureAutonomous PrefectureSubprefectureSuper-prefecturePraetorian PrefectureProvinceAutonomous ProvinceOverseas ProvinceRoman ProvinceRegionAdministrative RegionAutonomous RegionCapital RegionDevelopment RegionMesoregion (geography)MicroregionOverseas RegionSpecial Administrative RegionSubregion (country Subdivision)Reserve (territorial Entity)Biosphere ReserveEcological ReserveGame ReserveIndian ReserveNature ReserveFederated StateFederal StateFree State (government)Sovereign StateTerritoryCapital TerritoryFederal Capital TerritoryDependent TerritoryFederal TerritoryOrganized Incorporated TerritoryOverseas TerritoryUnion TerritoryUnorganized TerritoryTownCensus TownMarket TownTownshipCharter TownshipCivil TownshipPaper TownshipSurvey TownshipUrban TownshipAutonomous Territorial UnitLocal Administrative UnitRegional UnitEconomic ZoneExclusive Economic ZoneFree Economic ZoneSpecial Economic ZoneFree-trade ZoneNeutral Zone (territorial Entity)Self-administered ZoneLocal Government In VictoriaBailiwickBanner (country Subdivision)Banners Of Inner MongoliaBlock (district Subdivision)CadastreCircle (country Subdivision)Circuit (administrative Division)ColonyMunicipalityCondominium (international Law)Constituency (administrative Division)DuchyElderships Of LithuaniaEmirateFederal Dependencies Of VenezuelaGovernorateHamlet (place)IlkhanateIndian ReservationManorRoyal ManorMuftiateNeighbourhoodParish (administrative Division)Periphery (country Subdivision)PrecinctPrincipalityProtectorateQuarter (urban Subdivision)Autonomous RepublicRiding (country Subdivision)Sector (country Subdivision)Autonomous SectorShireSultanateSuzeraintyTownlandVillageAdministrative VillageList Of Summer Villages In AlbertaWard (electoral Subdivision)Agency (country Subdivision)BaronyBurghExarchateHide (unit)Hundred (county Division)Imperial CircleMarch (territorial Entity)MonthonPresidency (country Subdivision)Residency (country Subdivision)Roman DioceseSeat (territorial Administrative Unit)Tenth (country Subdivision)TithingAmt (country Subdivision)BakhshBarangayBezirkRegierungsbezirkComuneFrazioneFu (country Subdivision)GemeindeJudețMunicipalities Of FinlandMunicipalities Of SwedenLänLocalitàCounties Of HungaryMubanOblastAutonomous OblastOkrugProvinces Of IranPoblacionPurokCounties Of IranSum (country Subdivision)SýslaTehsilVingtaineCommoteGau (territory)HeerlijkheidKöpingMaalaiskuntaNome (Egypt)Prefectures Of GreecePagusParganaPlasăSatrapSockenSubahSysselZhou (country Subdivision)Template:Arabic Terms For Country SubdivisionsTemplate Talk:Arabic Terms For Country SubdivisionsArabicAdministrative DivisionMuhafazahWilayahMintaqahMudiriyahEmirateBaladiyahShabiyahMintaqahKazaNahiyahMarkaz (country Subdivision)MutamadiyahDaerahDaïraSanjakSanjakAmanah (administrative Subdivision)BaladiyahMahallahVillageSheyakhahTemplate:French Terms For Country SubdivisionsTemplate Talk:French Terms For Country SubdivisionsFrench LanguageAdministrative DivisionArrondissementDepartment (country Subdivision)Prefectures In FranceSubprefectures In FranceTemplate:Greek Terms For Country SubdivisionsTemplate Talk:Greek Terms For Country SubdivisionsGreek LanguageAdministrative DivisionDecentralized Administrations Of GreeceGovernor-generalGeographic Regions Of GreeceAdministrative Regions Of GreecePrefectures Of GreeceRegional Units Of GreeceMunicipalities And Communities Of GreeceProvinces Of GreeceMunicipalities And Communities Of GreeceArchonBandon (Byzantine Empire)DemeDespot (court Title)Roman DioceseDuxDroungosEparchyExarchKatepanoKephale (Byzantine Empire)Kleisoura (Byzantine District)MeridarchNaucrarySatrapStrategosTheme (Byzantine District)ToparchesTurmaTemplate:Portuguese Terms For Country 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EcuadorParroquia (Spain)Hamlet (place)AlqueriaElizateAsentamientoShanty TownPueblos JóvenesBarrioCampamento (Chile)Hamlet (place)CityAutonomous CityColonia (Mexico)Lugar (country Subdivision)MasiaPoblacionRancheríaSitioVeredaVillaVillageTemplate:Turkish Terms For Country SubdivisionsTemplate Talk:Turkish Terms For Country SubdivisionsTurkish LanguageAdministrative DivisionProvinces Of TurkeyIlçeCityTownBelediyeBeldeKöyMahalleAgalukBucak (administrative Unit)EyaletKadilukKazaKhedivate Of EgyptMutasarrıfNahiyaPashalikRaya (country Subdivision)SanjakVilayetVoivodeshipCensus DivisionElectoral DistrictPolitical DivisionList Of Administrative Divisions By CountryHelp:CategoryCategory:Cities In IndonesiaCategory:Regencies Of IndonesiaCategory:Subdivisions Of IndonesiaCategory:Second-level Administrative Country SubdivisionsCategory:Indonesia Geography-related ListsCategory:Lists Of Cities In AsiaCategory:DecentralizationCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksCategory:Articles Containing 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