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1890s[edit] Academy Award Winner Golden Globe Winner Nominated, or minor award winner 1898 Tancred Commandery, Pittsburg 1899 Heros of Luzon Running Through Gallitzin Tunnel

1900s[edit] 1901 Packing Pickle Jars[2] Cucumbers & Cauliflower[2] 1902 Panoramic View[2] Jones & Laughlin Steel Yard[2] 1903 Pittsburgh Fire Department in Full Run 1904 Assembling a Generator Assembling and Testing Turbines Casting a Guide Box Coil Winding Machines Coil Winding Section E Girls Winding Armatures Panorama Exterior Westinghouse Works Panorama of Machine Co. Aisle Panorama View Street Car Motor Room Panorama View Aisle B Steam Hammer Steam Whistle Taking Time Checks Taping Coils Tapping a Furnace Testing a Rotary Testing Large Turbines Welding the Big Ring Westinghouse Employees Boarding Train Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Westinghouse Co. Works (Casting Scene) Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Westinghouse Co. Works (Moulding Scene) Westinghouse Air Brake Co. Westinghouse Works 1905 The Juvenile[3]

1910s[edit] 1912 Olympic Games, Pittsburgh YMCA 1914 Filial Love The Perils of Pauline Pearl White 1915 Via Wireless 1918 Just a Woman 1919 Spring Fever Harold Lloyd

1920s[edit] 1920 The North Wind's Malice 1922 In the Name of the Law Honus Wagner, Jeanne Carpenter 1924 Fording the Lincoln Highway[4] William A. Magee 1926 Buy an Electric Refrigerator

1930s[edit] 1931 The Pip from Pittsburgh 1936 Can You Imagine 1939 The City Allegheny Uprising John Wayne, Claire Trevor

1940s[edit] 1940 Valley Town[5][6] 1941 The Pittsburgh Kid 1942 Pittsburgh John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich Columbia World Of Sports: College Champions 1945 The Valley of Decision Lionel Barrymore, Jessica Tandy 1947 The Unconquered Helen Keller, Gertrude Stein 1948 The Legend of Johnny Appleseed Dennis Day

1950s[edit] 1951 Angels in the Outfield Bing Crosby, Joe DiMaggio, Ty Cobb I Was a Communist for the FBI Frank Lovejoy, Dorothy Hart 1952 Pat and Mike[7] Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn The Winning Team[8] Ronald Reagan, Doris Day 1955 Lonesome Trail 1958 Some Came Running Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Dean Martin

1960s[edit] 1960 The Rat Race Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Don Rickles 1963 A Visit to Santa 1965 Sylvia Peter Lawford, Carroll Baker 1968 Night of the Living Dead Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea

1970s[edit] 1970 Imago Looking for Me Inside/Outside Station 9 1971 The Affair Judith Ridley Vagrant Woman Going Home Robert Mitchum, Brenda Vaccaro The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes Eyes Deus Ex Three Domestics 1972 Jack's Wife Investigation of a Hit and Run 901/904 1973 The Crazies Lynn Lowry, Richard Liberty The Song Remains the Same Robert Plant, Jimmy Page After the Game A Forty Dollar Misunderstanding The Informant A Legal Discussion of a Hit and Run Manifold Controversy Nothing Hurt But My Pride Two Brothers $21 or 21 days Wrong Kid You Wasn't Loitering Henry Is Drunk The 4th, 5th, & Exclusionary Rule 1974 The Devil and Sam Silverstein 1976 Betty's Corner Cafe 1977 Slap Shot Paul Newman, Lindsay Crouse Incident at Browns Ferry 1978 Martin Tom Savini, John Amplas The Deer Hunter Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro Death Penalty Dawn of the Dead Tom Savini 1979 The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh Jonathan Winters, Stockard Channing, Flip Wilson, Julius Erving

1980s[edit] 1980 Effects All Washed Up 1981 Knightriders Ed Harris, Patricia Tallman, Tom Savini What Price Clean Air? Robert Richter 1982 Creepshow #1 Nov. 12–18 Top 10 Nov. 12 – Dec. 16 Ed Harris, Hal Holbrook, Ted Danson, Leslie Nielsen Midnight John Amplas Second Challenge King's Bane Poland: Two weeks in Winter 1983 Flashdance #1 Apr. 15 – May 12 Top 5 May 15 – Jun. 9 Top 10 -Jul. 28 & Aug. 26 – Oct. 13 Top 15 until Oct. 20 Jennifer Beals, Michael Nouri All the Right Moves Top 5 Oct. 21 – Nov. 15 & Dec. 2–Dec. 8 Top 10 until Dec. 15 Tom Cruise, Lea Thompson, Craig T. Nelson Hambone & Hillie 1984 Mrs. Soffel Top 10 Feb. 8–10, 1985 Top 20 Dec. 28, 1984 – Jan. 10, 1985 Mel Gibson, Diane Keaton Reckless Top 5 Feb. 3 – Feb. 16 Aidan Quinn, Daryl Hannah, Dan Hedaya The Muppets Take Manhattan Top 5 Jul. 13–19 Top 10 Jul 20 – Aug. 2 Top 15 until Aug. 16 Maria's Lovers John Goodman, Nastassja Kinski The Boy Who Loved Trolls William H. Macy, Sam Waterston, Susan Anton 1985 Day of the Dead Rappin' #5 May 10 – May 16 #14 May 17–23 Mario Van Peebles, Rutanya Alda Moon over Pittsburgh 1986 Gung Ho #1 Mar. 14–20 Top 5 Mar. 21 – Apr. 24 Top 10 until May 29 Michael Keaton, John Turturro, George Wendt, Mimi Rogers The Majorettes The Suicide Squeeze Flight of the Spruce Goose 1987 RoboCop Top 5 Jul. 17 – Aug. 6 Top 10 Aug. 7–27 Top 15 Until Oct. 1 Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Miguel Ferrer, Kurtwood Smith Lady Beware Michael Woods, Diane Lane Drive-In Madness! Alone In The Neon Jungle Susan Pleshette, Danny Aiello 1988 The Prince of Pennsylvania Keanu Reeves, Amy Madigan, Fred Ward, Bonnie Bedelia Heartstopper Monkey Shines Stanley Tucci, Janine Turner, Stephen Root, Kate McNeil Kenny Caitlin Clarke, Liane Curtis, Zach Grenier Dominick and Eugene Top 20: Mar. 18–24 Ray Liotta, Jamie Lee Curtis Tiger Warsaw Patrick Swayze, Piper Laurie, Flesheater Lightning Over Braddock Street Law Christina Cox 1989 No Place Like Home Jeff Daniels An Unremarkable Life Shelley Winters To the Limit The Awakening

1990s[edit] 1990 Pretty Woman #1Mar. 23–29; Apr. 27 – May 17 #2 Mar. 30 – Apr. 26 #3 May 18 – May 31 Top 5-Jun. 14 Top 10-Jul. 12 Top 15 -Oct. 18[9] Julia Roberts, Richard Gere Night of the Living Dead #7 Oct. 19–25 #14 Oct. 26 – Nov. 1[10] Two Evil Eyes #17 Oct. 25–31[11] Harvey Keitel, Julie Benz Margaret Matt Damon, Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Allison Janney Superstar Dennis Hopper, Shelley Winters The 10 Million Dollar Getaway (TV Film) Iron Maze Bridget Fonda Simple Justice John Spencer, Doris Roberts 1991 The Silence of the Lambs #1 Feb. 15 – Mar. 21 #2 Mar. 22 – Apr. 11 Top 6 Apr. 12 – May 16 Top 15 until Jun. 20 Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn, Ted Levine, Jodie Foster My Girl #2 Nov. 29 – Dec. 5 #3 Dec. 6–12 #4 Nov. 22–28 Top 10 until Jan. 2, 1992 Macaulay Culkin, Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Anna Chlumsky Diary of a Hitman James Belushi, Forest Whitaker, Sharon Stone Waterland Jeremy Irons, Ethan Hawke, Maggie Gyllenhaal Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh (also known as Picking up the Pieces) Tom Tully, Maureen McCullough My Worst Enemy North of Pittsburgh 1992 Passed Away #14 Apr. 24–30 Bob Hoskins, Maureen Stapleton, Frances McDormand, Teri Polo Whispers in the Dark #8 Aug. 7–13 #11 Aug. 14–20 Jamey Sheridan, John Leguizamo, Alan Alda Bob Roberts Top 15 Sep. 11–17 & Sep. 25 – Oct. 1 Top 20 Sep. 4–Oct. 1 Tim Robbins, Jack Black, Fred Ward, Jeremy Irons, Susan Sarandon, Helen Hunt, John Cusack Innocent Blood #8 Sep. 25 – Oct. 1 #12 Oct. 2–8 Don Rickles, Chazz Palminteri, Angela Bassett Hoffa #6 Dec. 25, 1992 – Jan. 7, 1993 #8 Jan. 8–14 #12 until Jan. 21 Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito The Cemetery Club Danny Aiello, Christina Ricci, Diane Ladd, Olympia Dukakis The Fire Next Time The Jacksons: An American Dream No Pets Triumph of the Heart 1993 Lorenzo's Oil Top 20 Jan. 1–Feb. 4 Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Laura Linney Groundhog Day #1 Feb. 12–25 #2 Feb. 26 – Mar. 11 Top 18 until Jun. 17 Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell The Dark Half #6 Apr. 23–29 #8 Apr. 30 – May 6 #11 until May 13 Timothy Hutton, Amy Madigan Money for Nothing #16 Sep. 10–16 John Cusack, Benicio del Toro, James Gandolfini Striking Distance #1 Sep. 17–23 #4Sep. 24–30 Top 10 until Oct. 7 Top 15 until Oct. 14 Bruce Willis, Dennis Farina, John Mahoney, Sarah Jessica Parker Roommates Peter Falk, D. B. Sweeney, Julianne Moore, Ellen Burstyn Heartstopper Coming in Out of the Rain 1994 Boys on the Side #2 Feb. 3–9 #4 Feb. 10–16 Top 10 until Mar. 2 Matthew McConaughey, Drew Barrymore, Mary-Louise Parker, Whoopi Goldberg Milk Money Top 5 Sep. 2–8 & 16-22 Top 10 until Sep. Ed Harris, Melanie Griffith, Anne Heche Timecop #1 Sep. 16–29 #3 Sep. 30 – Oct. 6 #6 until Oct. 13 Top 15 until Oct. 27 Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ron Silver, Gloria Reuben Only You #3 Oct. 7–13 Top 10 Oct. 14–27 Top 15 until Nov. Billy Zane, Robert Downey, Jr., Marisa Tomei Street Corner Justice Baskin's Run 1995 Houseguest #3 Jan. 6–12 #6 Jan. 13–19 Top 11 until Feb. 9 Sinbad, Phil Hartman, Kim Murphy Sudden Death Top 11 Dec. 22, 1995 – Jan. 7, 1996 Jean-Claude Van Damme, Powers Boothe, Audra Lindley Captured Alive Pat Morita Bloodscent Undertakings Bleeding Orange and Brown 1996 Bed of Roses #2 Jan. 26 – Feb. 1 #5 Feb. 2–8 #7 Feb. 9–15 Christian Slater, Mary Stuart Masterson Diabolique #3 Mar. 22–28 #5 Mar. 29 – Apr. 4 #11 until Apr. 7 Sharon Stone, Isabelle Adjani, Chazz Palminteri, Kathy Bates Independence Day Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum Kingpin #4 Jul. 26 – Aug. 1 #6 Aug. 2–8Top 20 until Aug. 18 Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid That Thing You Do! Top 5 Oct. 4–24 Top 10 Oct. 25 – Oct. 31 Tom Hanks, Liv Tyler, Steve Zahn Santa Claws Naked Christmas Struggles in Steel 1997 Fire Down Below #1 Sep. 5–11 #3 Sep. 5–18 #10 Sep. 19–21 Steven Seagal, Kris Kristofferson The Journey Sprung (Written, directed and starring native Rusty Cundeiff) 1998 Desperate Measures Top 10 Jan. 30 – Feb. 12 #11 until Feb. 16 Andy García, Michael Keaton, Brian Cox, Marcia Gay Harden Transatlantic Star of Jaipur Linda Gray Whatever Liza Weil 1999 Inspector Gadget #2 Jul. 23–29 #5 Jul. 30 – Aug. 5 #7 Aug. 6–26 Matthew Broderick, Rupert Everett, Andy Dick, D. L. Hughley, Dabney Coleman, Joely Fisher, Cheri Oteri Stigmata #1 Sep. 10–16 #4 Sep. 17–24 Top 10 Sep. 25 – Oct. 7 Top 15 Oct. 8–21 Gabriel Byrne, Jonathan Pryce, Patricia Arquette Dogma #3 Nov. 12–18 #7 Nov. 19 – Dec. 2 #6 Dec. 3–9 #8 Dec. 10–16 #13 Dec. 17–23 Chris Rock, Matt Damon, Kevin Smith, George Carlin, Salma Hayek The Nest Out for Vengeance Cola for Tea Achilles Heel

2000s[edit] 2000 Eye of the Beholder #1 Jan. 28 – Feb. 3 #5 Feb. 4–10 #9 Feb. 11–17 Ewan McGregor, Jason Priestley, Ashley Judd Wonder Boys #7 Feb. 25 – Mar. 2 #10 Mar. 3–9 #13 Mar. 10–16 Top 20 Mar. 17–30 Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey, Jr., Katie Holmes, Frances McDormand Screwed #8 May 12–18 #12 May 19–25 #20 May 26 – Jun. 1 Norm Macdonald, Dave Chappelle, Danny DeVito, Sarah Silverman Civility William Forsythe, Tom Arnold View from the Vault Jerry Garcia Brother 2 Sergei Bodrov, Jr. Reign of the Dead Matthew Montgomery, Holly Crenshaw Out of the Black Achilles' Love Ketchup King 2001 Rock Star #4 Sep. 7–13 #9 Sep. 14–20 #8 Sep. 21–27 #17 Sep. 28 – Oct. 4 Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston A Wedding for Bella Scott Baio High Point The Resurrection Game Kristin Pfeifer Shake 'Em Up 2002 The Mothman Prophecies #6 Jan. 25 – Feb. 7 #10 Feb. 8–14 #18 Feb. 15–21 Richard Gere, Will Patton, Debra Messing The Murder Daddy Cool Memories of a Forgotten War Project: Valkyrie Icarus of Pittsburgh 2003 Bringing Down the House #1 Mar. 7–27 Top 5 Mar. 28 – Apr. 17 Top 15 Apr. 18 – May 8 Top 20 May 9–Jun. 12[12] Steve Martin, Queen Latifah, Eugene Levy Beautiful Girl August Underground's Mordum Vicious Klownz Mr. Smith goes to Pittsburgh Shooting Home The Battles for Fort Duquesne 2004 The Clearing Top 20 Jul. 2–29 Robert Redford, Willem Dafoe, Helen Mirren 10th & Wolf Dennis Hopper, Brian Dennehy, Giovanni Ribisi, Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee, Piper Perabo Grim Fragile The War that Made America Graham Greene Deadline Atlanta When Tyrants Kiss Lift The Stranger Speilburgh Day of the Scorpion Dvorak and America 2005 Land of the Dead #6 Jun. 24–30 #10 Jul. 1–7 #15 Jul. 8–14 23 Jul. 15–21[13] Dennis Hopper, John Leguizamo Devil and Daniel Johnston Daniel Johnston The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania Fabian, Patricia Heaton, Sarah Rush Me and the Mosque Dumpster Squonkumentary Missing Jane The Smallest Things A Thousand Windows Squonkumentary Missing Jane The Smallest Things A Thousand Windows On Every Corner 2006 Pittsburgh Jeff Goldblum, Conan O'Brien, Ed Begley, Jr. Chasing 3000 Ray Liotta, Lauren Holly, Willa Holland God Grew Tired of Us Nicole Kidman a/k/a Tommy Chong Tommy Chong American Scary Bewilderness Abattoir 30 Karloff and Me Project: Adam Sofia for Now Grace Doing Therapy Prison Girl 2007 The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Nick Nolte, Sienna Miller, Mena Suvari Golden Days Strange Girls The Haunting Hour Volume One: Don't Think About It Pain Within Gravida The Screening The Lottery Dr. Ravie and Mr. Hyde Myron Cope Germanity Gender Redesigner Happy Walter Silent Knights All Saints Eve 2008 Smart People #7 Apr. 11–17 #11 Apr. 18–24 #15 Apr 25 – May 1 #18 May 2–8[14] Thomas Haden Church, Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Page Zack and Miri Make a Porno #2 Oct. 31 – Nov. 6 #5 Nov. 7–13 #6 Nov. 14–20 #12 Nov. 21–27 #14 Nov. 28 – Dec. 4 #18Dec. 5–11[15] Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith, Elizabeth Banks Graduation The Mausoleum[16] My Bloody Valentine 3D Deadtime Stories[17] Deadtime Stories[17] Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father The Bridge to Nowhere[18] Ving Rhames, Bijou Phillips Homecoming Jessica Stroup, Mischa Barton On Sabbath Hill[17] I Am a Schizophrenic and So Am I Served Cold Staunton Hill Tremble 2009 Adventureland #6 Apr. 3–9 #9 Apr. 10–16 #13 Apr. 17–23 #16 Apr. 24–30 #25 May 1–7[19] Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Wiig The Road #10 Nov. 27 – Dec. 3 #16 Dec. 4–10 #17 Dec. 11–24 #19 Dec. 25–31 #18 Jan. 1–7 2010[20] Viggo Mortensen, Robert Duvall, Charlize Theron Hollywood & Wine Chris Kattan, David Spade Shannon's Rainbow Louis Gossett Jr., George Lopez, Charles Durning, Steve Guttenberg, Daryl Hannah Sorority Row Carrie Fisher Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3-D[21] Kenny Chesney End Game Kurt Angle If It Ain't Broke, Break It

2010s[edit] 2010[edit] She's Out of My League #3 Mar. 12–18 #6 Mar. 19–25 #7 Mar. 26 – Apr. 1 #9 Apr. 2–8 #14 Apr. 9–15 #25 Apr. 16–22[22] Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve Unstoppable #2 Nov.12-18 #3 Nov. 19–25 #5 Nov. 26 – Dec. 2 #4 Dec. 3–9 #6 Dec. 10–16 #12 Dec. 17–23 #17 Dec. 24–30 #15 Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 #18 Jan. 7–13[23] Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Mimi Rogers The Next Three Days #6 Nov. 19–25 #9 Nov. 26 – Dec. 2 #10 Dec. 3–9 #13 Dec. 10–16 #25 Dec. 17–23[24] Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson, Brian Dennehy, Elizabeth Banks Love & Other Drugs #10 November. 19–25 #6 Nov. 26 – Dec. 2 #5 Dec. 3–9 #8 Dec. 10–16 #16 Dec. 17–23 #22 Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 #19 Jan. 7–13[25] Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway Dog Jack Louis Gossett Jr. The Chief Tom Atkins Chasing 3000 Ray Liotta, Willa Holland Police State IV: The Rise Of FEMA Since I Don't Have You 2011[edit] I Am Number Four #3 Feb. 18–24 #4 Feb. 25 – Mar. 3 #9 Mar. 4–10 #12 Mar. 11–17 #15 Mar. 18–24 #19 Mar. 25–31[26] Timothy Olyphant Super 8 #1 Jun. 10–16 #2 Jun. 17–23 #5 Jun. 24 – Jul. 7 #7 Jul. 8–14 #9 Jul. 15–21 #14 Jul. 22–28[27] Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler Warrior #3 Sep. 9–15 #8 Sep. 16–22 #12 Sep. 23–29 #17 Sep. 30 – Oct. 6 #24 Oct. 7–13[28] Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Kurt Angle, Jennifer Morrison Abduction #4 Sep. 23–29 #8 Sep. 30 – Oct. 6 #11 Oct. 7–13 #13 Oct. 14–20 #20 Oct. 21–27[29] Taylor Lautner, Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver Death from Above Kurt Angle River of Darkness Kurt Angle On the Inside Olivia Wilde Sibling[30] Michael Clarke Duncan, Mischa Barton, Devon Sawa Riddle[30] Val Kilmer Mafia[30] Ving Rhames, Pam Grier A New York Heartbeat Eric Roberts Spineview[31] 2012[edit] One for the Money #3Jan. 27 – Feb. 2 #6Feb. 3–9 #13Feb. 10–16 #18Feb. 17–23[32] Daniel Sunjata, Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara The Avengers[33] #1May 4–24 #2May 25–31 #3Jun. 1–7 #5Jun. 8–14 #7Jun. 15–21 #8Jun. 22–28 #11Jun. 29 – Jul. 5 #12Jul. 6–19[34] Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson The Dark Knight Rises #1Jul. 20 – Aug. 9 #3Aug. 10–16 #5Aug. 17–23 #6Aug. 24–30 8Aug. 31 – Sep. 6 10Sep. 7–13 12Sep. 14–20 14Sep. 21–27[35] Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway The Perks of Being a Wallflower #13Sep. 28 – Oct. 4 #11Oct. 5–11 #10Oct. 12–18 #12Oct. 19–25 #16Oct. 26 – Nov. 1 #17Nov. 2–8 #14Nov. 9–15[36] Logan Lerman, Emma Watson Won't Back Down[37][38] #10Sep. 28 – Oct. 4 #13Oct. 5–11 #23Oct. 12–18[39] Maggie Gyllenhaal, Holly Hunter Jack Reacher #4Dec. 21–27 #5Dec. 28 – Jan. 10 #11Jan. 11–17 #16Jan. 18–24[40] Tom Cruise, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins, David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike A Separate Life Progression[41] 2013[edit] . Jagoff Massacre Sep. 1 - Dec. 30 2013 .Chuck Connors, Brandon Snyder, Tim Gross, Daniel Boyd, Anna Flamm, Martin Kessler, Jamie Gregory, Bryce Katzman, Bryan Kearns Promised Land #29Dec. 28, 2012 – Jan. 3 #10Jan. 4–10 #19Jan. 11–17[42] Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Hal Holbrook, Frances McDormand Out of the Furnace[43] #3Dec. 6–12 #7Dec. 13–19 #29Dec. 20–26[44] Christian Bale, Woody Harrelson, Forest Whitaker, Casey Affleck, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana Grudge Match #12Dec. 20–26 #11Dec. 27 – Jan. 2 2014 #11Jan. 3–9 #15Jan. 10–16[45] The Lifeguard[46] Martin Starr, Kristen Bell, Mamie Gummer 6 Souls[47] Julianne Moore, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Generation Iron[48] Elixir[49] Chelsea Kane, Jane Seymour, Sara Paxton Blood Brother[50][51] Rocky Braat 2014[edit] The Fault in Our Stars[52] #1Jun 6–12 #4Jun 13–19 #7Jun 20–26 #8Jun 27 – Jul 3 #11Jul 4–10 #15Jul 11–17 #19Jul 18–24[53] Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Laura Dern, Nat Wolff Foxcatcher[54] Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller Heroes Behind the Badge: Sacrifice & Survival[55] Bridge[56] The Family Next Door[57] 2015[edit] Me & Earl & the Dying Girl[58][59] American Pastoral[60][61] Fathers and Daughters[62] Russell Crowe, Aaron Paul, Amanda Seyfried The Last Witch Hunter[59][63] Vin Diesel Concussion[59][64] Will Smith, Alec Baldwin Southpaw[59] Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker, 50 Cent Let It Snow[65] 2016[edit] Last Flag Flying Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, Lawrence Fishburne Fences Denzel Washington, Viola Davis

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Laughlin China iGate Iron City Brewing Company Kennametal Koppers MARC USA Millcraft Industries Mine Safety Appliances Oxford Development Pitt Ohio Express PTC Alliance Renda Broadcasting rue21 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Vocelli Pizza Wabtec Companies with split headquarters Alcoa ModCloth NOVA Chemicals Subsidiary company headquarters Allegheny Energy Bayer Corporation FedEx Ground GlaxoSmithKline USA LANXESS Respironics Vivisimo Westinghouse Electric Company Outside companies with strong Pittsburgh relations BNY Mellon (formerly Mellon Financial) Dreyfus Corporation Eaton Corporation Spreadshirt Macy's Historic Fisher's Big Wheel Clark Bar Dravo Fisher Scientific Integra Bank Mesta Machinery G. C. Murphy Gulf Oil J&L Steel Ketchum Rockwell Sunbeam Westinghouse List of corporations in Pittsburgh Sports Dapper Dan Grand Prix Great Race Head of the Ohio Lore Marathon Mylan Classic Regatta WPHL Baseball Pirates Wild Things Panthers Dukes Chronicle-Telegraph Cup Allegheny Burghers Champions Crawfords Filipinos Grays Hardhats Keystones Stogies Rebels Basketball Yellow Jackets Panthers (m) Panthers (w) Dukes (m) Dukes (w) Colonials (m) Colonials (w) Roundball Classic Condors Ironmen Loendi Monticello Phantoms Pipers Piranhas Pirates Rens Xplosion Football Steelers Panthers Steeler Nation heritage Colts Force Passion Renegades 1898 All-Stars Allegheny Americans A's Duquesne Gladiators Homestead Lyceum Maulers Power Odds Olympics Quakers JP Stars Early Pro Football Circuit Hockey Penguins Colonials (m) Colonials (w) Three Rivers Classic A's Bankers Cougars Duquesne Ft. Pitt Hornets Keystones Lyceum Panthers Phantoms Pirates Pirates (WPHL) Pros Shamrocks Victorias Winter Garden Yellow Jackets Soccer Riverhounds SC Beadling Cannons Hurricanes Phantoms Spirit Other Sledgehammers Bulls Harlequins PCC Triangles Wallabies Studio Wrestling Dirty Dozen Venues PPG Paints Arena Heinz Field PNC Park 84 Lumber Arena Fitzgerald Field House Highmark Stadium Palumbo Center Petersen Events Center Petersen Sports Complex Rooney Field Sewall Center Trees Hall Central Park Civic Arena Duquesne Gardens Exposition Park Forbes Field Josh Gibson Field Greenlee Field Motor Square Garden Pitt Stadium Recreation Park Schenley Gardens Three Rivers Winter Garden Parks Allegheny Arsenal Allegheny Commons Allegheny Riverfront ArtGardens Buhl Community Chatham University Arboretum Frank Curto Frick Emerald View Highland Market Square Mellon Mellon Green Mellon Square North Shore Riverfront Phillips Point of View Point State PPG Place Riverview Roberto Clemente Memorial Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden Schenley Schenley Plaza South Shore Riverfront South Side Three Rivers West End Overlook Westinghouse Transportation Inclines Steps v t e Port Authority of Allegheny County Light rail (List of stations)      Blue Line – Library      Blue Line – South Hills Village      Red Line – Castle Shannon      Red Line – South Hills Village Inclines (Historical list) Duquesne Incline Monongahela Incline Buses and busways (List of routes)      Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway      South Busway      West Busway Former lines 47 Drake Brown Line PATrain Skybus Other North Shore Connector Port Authority 4000 Series PCC Wabash Tunnel v t e Public transportation in Greater Pittsburgh Bus services Port Authority of Allegheny County list of bus routes Beaver Butler Fayette IndiGO Mid Mon Valley Mountain Line New Castle Town & Country University of Pittsburgh Washington Westmoreland Bus rapid transit MLK Jr. East Busway South Busway West Busway Light rail Red Line Blue Line Library South Hills Village Inclines Duquesne Monongahela Amtrak Capitol Limited Pennsylvanian Airports Pittsburgh International Arnold Palmer Allegheny County Beaver Butler Eddie Dew Greensburg Jeannette Herron Jefferson Jimmy Stewart Joe Hardy Lakehill Monroeville New Castle Rock Rostraver Washington Wheeling Zelienople Discontinued Broadway Limited Brown Line List of streetcar routes in Pittsburgh Parkway Limited PATrain Skybus v t e Tunnels and bridges in Pittsburgh Tunnels Allegheny River Tunnel Armstrong Tunnel Cork Run Tunnel Corliss Tunnel Fort Pitt Tunnel J&L Tunnel Liberty Tunnel Mount Washington Transit Tunnel Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Tunnel Pittsburgh & Steubenville Extension Railroad Tunnel Schenley Tunnel Squirrel Hill Tunnel Wabash Tunnel Bridges 30th Street Bridge 31st Street Bridge 33rd Street Railroad Bridge 40th Street Bridge Bloomfield Bridge Birmingham Bridge David McCullough Bridge Fort Duquesne Bridge Fort Pitt Bridge Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge Glenwood Bridge Glenwood B&O Railroad Bridge Highland Park Bridge Homestead Grays Bridge Hot Metal Bridge Liberty Bridge McKees Rocks Bridge Panhandle Bridge Panther Hollow Bridge Schenley Bridge Senator Robert D. Fleming Bridge Smithfield Street Bridge South Tenth Street Bridge Three Sisters Roberto Clemente Bridge Andy Warhol Bridge Rachel Carson Bridge Veterans Bridge West End Bridge Attractions Aviary Baywood Cathedral of Learning Chinatown Conservatory Dippy Immaculate Heart Duquesne Incline Heinz Chapel Little Italy Mellon Institute Mon Incline Observatory Pamela's Penn Station Point of View sculpture Primanti's Science Center Steps USS Requin Zoo Kennywood Luna Park Westinghouse Sign Landmarks National (City) National (County) State City PHLF Cultural Museums Art Arts Arts Festival Bible Fort Pitt and Blockhouse Clayton Clemente Children's Frick Glass Center History Jazz Jewish Mattress Factory Dental Miller Miss Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms National Map Natural History Soldiers and Sailors Warhol Wilson WSG Venues Heinz Hall Benedum Byham Harris Kelly-Strayhorn New Hazlett O'Reilly Foster Playhouse Trib Hunt Stage AE Syria Mosque Nixon Theater Festivals Anthrocon Arts Blues Comicon Fashion Film Folk Handmade New Works Tekko Whiskey & Fine Spirits Wine Shopping and entertainment Casino Gateway Clipper Fleet Station Square Strip Downtown Oakland South Side Macy's Market Square Southside Works Waterworks Mount Washington East Liberty Squirrel Hill Shadyside Walnut Street Opera Ballet Symphony Brass Classical Theatre Dance Ensemble Caravan Theatre Folk Light Opera Opera Theater Jewish Theatre Public Theater Playwrights Musical Theater Stage Right Youth Ballet Youth Symphony Bricolage NNOC v t e Shopping malls in Pittsburgh Enclosed Beaver Valley Mall The Block Northway Century III Mall The Galleria of Mt. Lebanon The Mall at Robinson Monroeville Mall Pittsburgh Mills Ross Park Mall South Hills Village Station Square Uniontown Mall Warner Centre Washington Crown Center Westmoreland Mall Lifestyle / Outdoor Bakery Square Edgewood Towne Centre Ellsworth Avenue McCandless Crossing Northern Lights Robinson Town Centre Settlers Ridge SouthSide Works Walnut Street The Waterfront Waterworks Mall Outlet Grove City Premium Outlets Tanger Outlets Pittsburgh Defunct Allegheny Center Mall East Hills Shopping Center (Eastgate Commerce Center) Eastland Mall Greengate Mall Parkway Center Mall Village Square Mall Washington Mall Colleges and universities Pitt Carnegie Mellon Duquesne Robert Morris Chatham Point Park Carlow Art Institute Byzantine Catholic Seminary Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Saint Paul Seminary CCAC Culture of Pittsburgh Cookie table Jewish history Iron City Brewing Company Jagoff Joe Magarac Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Mr. Yuk Parking chairs Pittsburgh left Pittsburgh toilet Robot Hall of Fame Steeler Nation Book Category Portal Retrieved from "" Categories: Lists of television series by settingTelevision shows set in PittsburghFilms shot in PennsylvaniaLists of films shot in the United StatesPittsburgh-related lists

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List Of Television Shows Shot In PittsburghList Of Fiction Set In PittsburghPittsburghPennsylvaniaPittsburgh Metropolitan AreaAcademy AwardsGolden GlobesWestinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904Westinghouse Works, 1904The Perils Of Pauline (1914 Serial)Pearl WhiteJust A Woman (1918 Film)Spring Fever (1919 Film)Harold LloydIn The Name Of The Law (1922 Film)Honus WagnerJeanne CarpenterLincoln HighwayWilliam A. MageeThe City (1939 Film)Allegheny UprisingJohn WayneClaire TrevorThe Pittsburgh KidPittsburgh (1942 Film)John WayneMarlene DietrichThe Valley Of DecisionLionel BarrymoreJessica TandyThe Unconquered (film)Helen KellerGertrude SteinJohnny Appleseed (film)Dennis DayAngels In The Outfield (1951 Film)Bing CrosbyJoe DiMaggioTy CobbI Was A Communist For The FBIFrank LovejoyDorothy HartPat And MikeSpencer TracyKatharine HepburnThe Winning TeamRonald ReaganDoris DaySome Came RunningFrank SinatraShirley MacLaineDean MartinThe Rat RaceTony CurtisDebbie ReynoldsDon RicklesA Visit To SantaSylvia (1965 Film)Peter LawfordCarroll BakerNight Of The Living DeadDuane JonesJudith O'DeaThere's Always VanillaJudith RidleyJohn Marshall (filmmaker)Going Home (1971 Film)Robert MitchumBrenda VaccaroThe Act Of Seeing With One's Own EyesStan BrakhageStan BrakhageJack's WifeThe Crazies (1973 Film)Lynn LowryRichard LibertyThe Song Remains The Same (film)Robert PlantJimmy PageSlap Shot (film)Paul NewmanLindsay CrouseMartin (1978 Film)Tom SaviniJohn AmplasThe Deer HunterChristopher WalkenMeryl StreepRobert De NiroDawn Of The Dead (1978 Film)Tom SaviniThe Fish That Saved PittsburghJonathan WintersStockard ChanningFlip WilsonJulius ErvingEffects (film)KnightridersEd HarrisPatricia TallmanTom SaviniRobert Richter (American Film Producer)CreepshowHal HolbrookTed DansonLeslie NielsenMidnight (1982 Film)John AmplasFlashdanceJennifer BealsMichael NouriAll The Right Moves (film)Tom CruiseLea ThompsonCraig T. NelsonMrs. SoffelMel GibsonDiane KeatonReckless (1984 Film)Aidan QuinnDaryl HannahDan HedayaThe Muppets Take ManhattanMaria's LoversJohn GoodmanNastassja KinskiThe Boy Who Loved TrollsWilliam H. MacySam WaterstonSusan AntonDay Of The Dead (1985 Film)Rappin'Mario Van PeeblesRutanya AldaGung Ho (film)Michael KeatonJohn TurturroGeorge WendtMimi RogersThe MajorettesRoboCop (1987 Film)Peter WellerNancy Allen (actress)Miguel FerrerKurtwood SmithLady BewareDiane LaneSusan PleshetteDanny AielloThe Prince Of PennsylvaniaKeanu ReevesAmy MadiganFred WardBonnie BedeliaHeartstopperMonkey ShinesStanley TucciJanine TurnerStephen RootKate McNeilKenny (1988 Film)Caitlin ClarkeLiane Alexandra CurtisZach GrenierDominick And EugeneRay LiottaJamie Lee CurtisTiger WarsawPatrick SwayzePiper LaurieFlesheaterChristina CoxJeff DanielsShelley WintersPretty WomanJulia RobertsRichard GereNight Of The Living Dead (1990 Film)Two Evil EyesHarvey KeitelJulie BenzMargaret (2011 Film)Jean RenoAllison JanneySuperstar (1990 Film)Shelley WintersBridget FondaSimple JusticeJohn Spencer (actor)Doris RobertsThe Silence Of The Lambs (film)Anthony HopkinsScott GlennTed LevineJodie FosterMy Girl (film)Macaulay CulkinDan AykroydJamie Lee CurtisAnna ChlumskyDiary Of A HitmanJames BelushiForest WhitakerSharon StoneWaterland (film)Jeremy IronsEthan HawkeMaggie GyllenhaalNorth Of PittsburghPassed Away (film)Bob HoskinsMaureen StapletonFrances McDormandTeri PoloWhispers In The Dark (film)Jamey SheridanJohn LeguizamoAlan AldaBob RobertsTim RobbinsJack BlackFred WardJeremy IronsSusan SarandonHelen HuntJohn CusackInnocent Blood (film)Don RicklesChazz PalminteriAngela BassettHoffaJack NicholsonDanny DeVitoThe Cemetery ClubDanny AielloChristina RicciDiane LaddOlympia DukakisThe Fire Next TimeThe Jacksons: An American DreamLorenzo's OilNick NolteSusan SarandonLaura LinneyGroundhog Day (film)Andie MacDowellThe Dark HalfTimothy HuttonAmy MadiganMoney For Nothing (1993 Film)John CusackBenicio Del ToroJames GandolfiniStriking DistanceBruce WillisDennis FarinaJohn MahoneySarah Jessica ParkerRoommates (1995 Film)Peter FalkD. B. SweeneyJulianne MooreEllen BurstynHeartstopper (film)Boys On The SideMatthew McConaugheyDrew BarrymoreMary-Louise ParkerWhoopi GoldbergMilk Money (film)Ed HarrisMelanie GriffithAnne HecheTimecopJean-Claude Van DammeRon SilverGloria ReubenOnly You (1994 Film)Billy ZaneRobert Downey, Jr.Marisa TomeiHouseguestSinbad (entertainer)Phil HartmanKim Murphy (actress)Sudden Death (1995 Film)Jean-Claude Van DammePowers BootheAudra LindleyPat MoritaBed Of Roses (1996 Film)Christian SlaterMary Stuart MastersonDiabolique (1996 Film)Sharon StoneIsabelle AdjaniChazz PalminteriKathy BatesIndependence Day (1996 Film)Will SmithBill PullmanJeff GoldblumKingpin (1996 Film)Bill MurrayWoody HarrelsonRandy QuaidThat Thing You Do!Tom HanksLiv TylerSteve ZahnSanta ClawsFire Down Below (1997 Film)Steven SeagalKris KristoffersonDesperate Measures (film)Andy GarcíaMichael KeatonBrian Cox (actor)Marcia Gay HardenTransatlantic (1998 Film)Linda GrayWhatever (1998 Film)Liza WeilInspector Gadget (film)Matthew BroderickRupert EverettAndy DickD. L. HughleyDabney ColemanJoely FisherCheri OteriStigmata (film)Gabriel ByrneJonathan PrycePatricia ArquetteDogma (film)Chris RockMatt DamonKevin SmithGeorge CarlinSalma HayekEye Of The Beholder (film)Ewan McGregorJason PriestleyAshley JuddWonder Boys (film)Michael DouglasTobey MaguireRobert Downey, Jr.Katie HolmesFrances McDormandScrewed (2000 Film)Norm MacdonaldDave ChappelleDanny DeVitoSarah SilvermanCivilityWilliam Forsythe (actor)Tom Arnold (actor)View From The VaultJerry GarciaBrother 2Sergei Bodrov, Jr.Matthew Montgomery (actor)Rock Star (2001 Film)Mark WahlbergJennifer AnistonA Wedding For BellaScott BaioThe Mothman Prophecies (film)Richard GereWill PattonDebra MessingThe MurderBringing Down The House (film)Steve MartinQueen LatifahEugene LevyBeautiful Girl (film)August Underground's MordumThe ClearingRobert RedfordWillem DafoeHelen Mirren10th & WolfDennis HopperBrian DennehyGiovanni RibisiVal KilmerTommy LeePiper PeraboFragile (film)The War That Made AmericaGraham GreeneLand Of The DeadDennis HopperJohn LeguizamoDevil And Daniel JohnstonDaniel JohnstonThe Bituminous Coal Queens Of PennsylvaniaFabian (entertainer)Patricia HeatonSarah RushMe And The MosqueDumpsterPittsburgh (2006 Film)Jeff GoldblumConan O'BrienEd Begley, Jr.Chasing 3000Ray LiottaLauren HollyWilla HollandGod Grew Tired Of UsNicole KidmanA/k/a Tommy ChongTommy ChongAmerican ScaryBewildernessAbattoir (film)Prison GirlThe Mysteries Of Pittsburgh (film)Sienna MillerMena SuvariStrange GirlsThe Haunting Hour Volume One: Don't Think About ItGravidaThe LotteryMyron CopeAll Saints Eve (film)Smart PeopleThomas Haden ChurchDennis QuaidSarah Jessica ParkerEllen PageZack And Miri Make A PornoElizabeth BanksGraduation (2007 Film)The MausoleumMy Bloody Valentine 3DDeadtime Stories (film)Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His FatherThe Bridge To NowhereVing RhamesBijou PhillipsHomecoming (2008 Film)Jessica StroupMischa BartonAdventureland (film)Kristen StewartJesse EisenbergRyan ReynoldsKristen WiigThe Road (2009 Film)Viggo MortensenRobert DuvallCharlize TheronHollywood & WineChris KattanDavid SpadeShannon's RainbowLouis Gossett Jr.George LopezCharles DurningSteve GuttenbergDaryl HannahSorority RowCarrie FisherKenny ChesneyKenny ChesneyKurt AngleShe's Out Of My LeagueJay BaruchelAlice EveUnstoppable (2010 Film)Denzel WashingtonChris PineRosario DawsonMimi RogersThe Next Three DaysRussell CroweLiam NeesonBrian DennehyElizabeth BanksLove & Other DrugsJake GyllenhaalAnne HathawayDog JackLouis Gossett Jr.The Chief (play)Tom Atkins (actor)Chasing 3000Ray LiottaWilla HollandAlex Jones (radio Host)I Am Number Four (film)Timothy OlyphantSuper 8 (2011 Film)Elle FanningKyle ChandlerWarrior (2011 Film)Tom HardyJoel EdgertonNick NolteKurt AngleJennifer MorrisonAbduction (2011 Film)Taylor LautnerAlfred MolinaSigourney WeaverDeath From Above (film)Kurt AngleRiver Of DarknessKurt AngleOn The Inside (film)Olivia WildeMichael Clarke DuncanMischa BartonDevon SawaVal KilmerVing RhamesPam GrierEric RobertsOne For The Money (film)Daniel SunjataKatherine HeiglJason O'MaraThe Avengers (2012 Film)Robert Downey, Jr.Chris Evans (actor)Mark RuffaloChris HemsworthScarlett JohanssonThe Dark Knight RisesChristian BaleMichael CaineTom HardyJoseph Gordon-LevittGary OldmanMorgan FreemanAnne HathawayThe Perks Of Being A Wallflower (film)Logan LermanEmma WatsonWon't Back Down (film)Maggie GyllenhaalHolly HunterJack Reacher (film)Tom CruiseRobert DuvallRichard JenkinsDavid OyelowoRosamund PikePromised Land (2012 Film)Matt DamonJohn KrasinskiHal HolbrookFrances McDormandOut Of The FurnaceChristian BaleWoody HarrelsonForest WhitakerCasey AffleckWillem DafoeZoe SaldanaGrudge Match (film)The LifeguardMartin StarrKristen BellMamie Gummer6 SoulsJulianne MooreJonathan Rhys MeyersGeneration IronChelsea KaneJane Seymour (actress)Sara PaxtonThe Fault In Our Stars (film)Shailene WoodleyAnsel ElgortLaura DernNat WolffFoxcatcherSteve CarellMark RuffaloChanning TatumSienna MillerThe Family Next DoorMe & Earl & The Dying Girl (film)American PastoralFathers And DaughtersRussell CroweAaron PaulAmanda SeyfriedThe Last Witch HunterVin DieselConcussion (2015 Film)Will SmithAlec BaldwinSouthpaw (film)Jake GyllenhaalRachel McAdamsForest Whitaker50 CentLet It Snow (2015 Film)Last Flag FlyingSteve CarellBryan CranstonLaurence FishburneFences (film)Denzel WashingtonViola DavisCommons:Category:Film And Television Production In PittsburghPortal:PittsburghPortal:FilmList Of Television Shows Shot In PittsburghPittsburgh Film OfficeThree Rivers Film FestivalInternational Standard Book NumberSpecial:BookSources/9781609497095Template:PittsburghTemplate Talk:PittsburghPittsburghHistory Of PittsburghTimeline Of PittsburghCulture Of PittsburghWestern Pennsylvania EnglishMedia In PittsburghList Of Pittsburgh NeighborhoodsList Of People From The Pittsburgh Metropolitan AreaList Of Tallest Buildings In PittsburghGovernment Of PittsburghAllegheny County Airport AuthorityDavid L. Lawrence Convention CenterPittsburgh City-County BuildingAllegheny County CourthouseList Of Mayors Of PittsburghPittsburgh City CouncilSports & Exhibition Authority Of Pittsburgh And Allegheny CountyPittsburgh Intergovernmental Cooperation AuthorityPittsburgh PoliceAllegheny County District AttorneyAllegheny County SheriffPittsburgh Bureau Of FireCarnegie Library Of PittsburghPort Authority Of Allegheny CountyPittsburgh Public SchoolsPort Of PittsburghAllegheny ConferenceEconomy Of PittsburghAllegheny ConferenceDuquesne ClubGreater Pittsburgh Chamber Of CommerceEconomic Club Of PittsburghAllegheny HYP ClubPittsburgh Stock ExchangeFortune 500U.S. SteelPNC Financial ServicesPPG IndustriesKraft HeinzMylanWESCO InternationalConsol EnergyDick's Sporting GoodsAllegheny Technologies84 LumberGiant EagleAmerican Bridge CompanyAmerican Eagle OutfittersAmpco PittsburghANSYS, Inc.Armstrong Group Of CompaniesAtlas AmericaBlack Box CorporationBruster's Ice CreamCalgon CarbonCompunetixDollar BankDQEEat'n ParkEDMCEQTFederated InvestorsGNC (store)Guru.comHighmarkHomer Laughlin China CompanyIGateIron City Brewing CompanyKennametalKoppersMARC USAMillcraft IndustriesMine Safety AppliancesNiche (company)Oxford DevelopmentPitt Ohio ExpressPTC AllianceRenda BroadcastingRue21University Of Pittsburgh Medical CenterVocelli PizzaWabtecAlcoaModClothNOVA ChemicalsSubsidiaryAllegheny EnergyBayer CorporationFedEx GroundGlaxoSmithKlineLANXESSRespironicsVivisimoWestinghouse Electric CompanyThe Bank Of New York MellonMellon FinancialDreyfus CorporationEaton CorporationSpreadshirtMacy'sFisher's Big WheelClark BarDravo CorporationFisher ScientificIntegra Bank (Pittsburgh)Mesta MachineryG. C. MurphyGulf OilJones And Laughlin Steel CompanyKetchum Inc.Rockwell InternationalSunbeam ProductsWestinghouse Electric CorporationList Of Corporations In PittsburghSports In PittsburghDapper Dan CharitiesPittsburgh Vintage Grand PrixPittsburgh Great RaceHead Of The OhioPittsburgh Sports LorePittsburgh MarathonMylan ClassicPittsburgh Three Rivers RegattaWestern Pennsylvania Hockey LeaguePittsburgh PiratesWashington Wild ThingsPittsburgh Panthers BaseballDuquesne DukesChronicle-Telegraph CupPittsburgh Allegheny (International Association)Pittsburgh BurghersPittsburgh ChampionsPittsburgh CrawfordsPittsburgh FilipinosHomestead GraysPittsburgh Hardhats (softball)Pittsburgh Keystones (baseball)Chicago Browns/Pittsburgh StogiesPittsburgh RebelsSteel City Yellow JacketsPittsburgh Panthers Men's BasketballPittsburgh Panthers Women's BasketballDuquesne Dukes Men's BasketballDuquesne Dukes Women's BasketballRobert Morris Colonials Men's BasketballRobert Morris Colonials Women's BasketballRoundball ClassicPittsburgh CondorsPittsburgh IronmenBlack FivesBlack FivesPittsburgh Phantoms (ABA)Pittsburgh CondorsPittsburgh PiranhasPittsburgh Pirates (NBL)Pittsburgh RensPittsburgh XplosionPittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Panthers FootballSteeler NationAmerican Football In Western PennsylvaniaPittsburgh ColtsPittsburgh ForcePittsburgh PassionSteel City Renegades1898 Western Pennsylvania All-Star Football TeamAllegheny Athletic AssociationPittsburgh AmericansPittsburgh Athletic Club (football)Duquesne Country And Athletic ClubTampa Bay StormCarnegie Library Of HomesteadPittsburgh Lyceum (American Football)Pittsburgh MaulersPittsburgh PowerGlassport OddsMcKeesport OlympicsPitcairn QuakersJ.P. RooneysPittsburgh StarsWestern Pennsylvania Professional Football CircuitPittsburgh PenguinsRobert Morris Colonials Men's Ice HockeyRobert Morris Colonials Women's Ice HockeyThree Rivers ClassicPittsburgh Athletic ClubPittsburgh BankersPittsburgh CougarsPittsburgh DuquesneFort Pitt HornetsPittsburgh HornetsPittsburgh Keystones (ice Hockey)Pittsburgh LyceumFort Pitt HornetsPittsburgh Phantoms (RHI)Pittsburgh Pirates (NHL)Pittsburgh Pirates (WPHL)Pittsburgh ProfessionalsPittsburgh ShamrocksPittsburgh VictoriasPittsburgh Winter Garden Hockey TeamPittsburgh Yellow JacketsPittsburgh Riverhounds SCPittsburgh BeadlingPittsburgh CannonsHarmarville HurricanesPittsburgh Phantoms (NPSL)Pittsburgh SpiritPittsburgh SledgehammersPittsburgh BullsPittsburgh HarlequinsPittsburgh Curling ClubPittsburgh TrianglesPittsburgh WallabiesStudio WrestlingDirty Dozen (bicycle Competition)PPG Paints ArenaHeinz FieldPNC Park84 Lumber ArenaFitzgerald Field HouseHighmark StadiumPalumbo CenterPetersen Events CenterPetersen Sports ComplexArthur J. Rooney Athletic FieldCharles L. Sewall CenterTrees HallCentral Park (Pittsburgh)Civic Arena (Pittsburgh)Duquesne GardensExposition Park (Pittsburgh)Forbes FieldJosh Gibson FieldGreenlee FieldMotor Square GardenPitt StadiumRecreation Park (Pittsburgh)Schenley Park CasinoThree Rivers StadiumWinter Garden At Exposition HallList Of Parks In PittsburghAllegheny ArsenalAllegheny Commons (Pittsburgh)Allegheny Riverfront ParkArtGardens Of PittsburghChildren's Museum Of PittsburghChatham University ArboretumFrank Curto ParkFrick ParkEmerald View ParkHighland Park (Pittsburgh)Market Square (Pittsburgh)Mellon ParkMellon GreenMellon SquareNorth Shore Riverfront ParkPhillips Park (Pittsburgh)Point Of View ParkPoint State ParkPPG PlaceRiverview Park (Pittsburgh)Roberto Clemente Memorial ParkRodef Shalom Biblical Botanical GardenSchenley ParkSchenley PlazaSouth Shore Riverfront ParkSouth Side Park (Pittsburgh)Three Rivers ParkWest End OverlookWestinghouse ParkTransportation In PittsburghList Of Inclines In PittsburghSteps Of PittsburghTemplate:Port Authority Of Allegheny CountyTemplate Talk:Port Authority Of Allegheny CountyPort Authority Of Allegheny CountyPittsburgh Light RailList Of Pittsburgh Light Rail StationsBlue Line (Pittsburgh)Blue Line (Pittsburgh)Red Line (Pittsburgh)Red Line (Pittsburgh)FunicularList Of Inclines In PittsburghDuquesne InclineMonongahela InclinePort Authority Of Allegheny CountyList Of Bus Routes In PittsburghMartin Luther King Jr. East BuswaySouth BuswayWest Busway47 DrakeBrown Line (Pittsburgh)PATrainTransit Expressway Revenue LineNorth Shore ConnectorPort Authority 4000 Series PCCWabash TunnelTemplate:PittsburghTransitTemplate Talk:PittsburghTransitPittsburgh Metropolitan AreaPort Authority Of Allegheny CountyList Of Bus Routes In PittsburghBeaver County Transit AuthorityButler Transit AuthorityFayette Area Coordinated TransportationIndiana County Transit AuthorityMid Mon Valley Transit AuthorityMountain Line Transit AuthorityNew Castle Area Transit AuthorityTown & Country TransitUniversity Of Pittsburgh Transportation SystemWashington City TransitWestmoreland County Transit AuthorityMartin Luther King Jr. East BuswaySouth BuswayWest BuswayPittsburgh Light RailRed Line (Pittsburgh)Blue Line – LibraryBlue Line – South Hills VillageDuquesne InclineMonongahela InclineAmtrakCapitol Limited (Amtrak Train)Pennsylvanian (train)Allegheny County Airport AuthorityPittsburgh International AirportArnold Palmer Regional AirportAllegheny County AirportBeaver County AirportPittsburgh-Butler Regional AirportEddie Dew Memorial AirparkGreensburg Jeannette Regional AirportHerron AirportJefferson County AirparkIndiana County–Jimmy Stewart AirportJoseph A. Hardy Connellsville AirportLakehill AirportPittsburgh–Monroeville AirportNew Castle Municipal AirportRock AirportRostraver AirportWashington County Airport (Pennsylvania)Wheeling Ohio County AirportZelienople Municipal AirportBroadway LimitedBrown Line (Pittsburgh)List Of Streetcar Routes In PittsburghParkway LimitedPATrainTransit Expressway Revenue LineTemplate:Pittsburgh BridgesTemplate Talk:Pittsburgh BridgesTransportation In PittsburghBridges Of PittsburghAllegheny River TunnelArmstrong TunnelCork Run TunnelCorliss TunnelFort Pitt TunnelJ&L TunnelLiberty TunnelMount Washington Transit TunnelPittsburgh And Castle Shannon TunnelPittsburgh & Steubenville Extension Railroad TunnelSchenley TunnelSquirrel Hill TunnelWabash Tunnel30th Street Bridge31st Street Bridge33rd Street Railroad BridgeWashington Crossing Bridge (Pittsburgh)Bloomfield BridgeBirmingham BridgeDavid McCullough BridgeFort Duquesne BridgeFort Pitt BridgeFort Wayne Railroad BridgeGlenwood BridgeGlenwood B&O Railroad BridgeHighland Park BridgeHomestead Grays BridgeHot Metal BridgeLiberty Bridge (Pittsburgh)McKees Rocks BridgePanhandle BridgePanther Hollow BridgeSchenley BridgeSenator Robert D. Fleming BridgeSmithfield Street BridgeSouth Tenth Street BridgeThree Sisters (Pittsburgh)Roberto Clemente BridgeAndy Warhol BridgeRachel Carson BridgeVeterans Bridge (Pittsburgh)West End Bridge (Pittsburgh)National AviaryKing Estate (Pittsburgh)Cathedral Of LearningChinatown, PittsburghPhipps Conservatory And Botanical GardensDippy (Pittsburgh)Immaculate Heart Of Mary Church (Pittsburgh)Duquesne InclineHeinz Memorial ChapelBloomfield (Pittsburgh)Mellon Institute Of Industrial ResearchMonongahela InclineAllegheny ObservatoryPamela's DinerUnion Station (Pittsburgh)Point Of View (sculpture)Primanti BrothersCarnegie Science CenterSteps Of PittsburghUSS Requin (SS-481)Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG AquariumKennywood ParkLuna Park, PittsburghWestinghouse SignNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaList Of Pennsylvania State Historical Markers In Allegheny CountyList Of City Of Pittsburgh Historic DesignationsList Of Pittsburgh History And Landmarks Foundation Historic LandmarksCultural District, PittsburghCarnegie Museum Of ArtPittsburgh Center For The ArtsThree Rivers Arts FestivalPittsburgh Theological SeminaryFort Pitt (Pennsylvania)Fort Pitt BlockhouseFrick Art & Historical CenterThe Clemente MuseumChildren's Museum Of PittsburghFrick Fine Arts BuildingPittsburgh Glass CenterHeinz History CenterWilliam Pitt UnionAmerican Jewish MuseumMattress FactorySalk HallMiller Gallery At Carnegie Mellon UniversityMiss PittsburghNationality RoomsNational Mine Map RepositoryCarnegie Museum Of Natural HistorySoldiers And Sailors Memorial Hall And MuseumThe Andy Warhol MuseumAugust Wilson Center For African American CultureWood Street GalleriesHeinz Hall For The Performing ArtsBenedum CenterByham TheaterHarris Theater (Pittsburgh)Kelly-Strayhorn TheaterNew Hazlett TheaterO'Reilly TheaterStephen Foster MemorialPittsburgh PlayhouseTrib Total Media AmphitheatreHunt ArmoryStage AESyria MosqueRegional Enterprise TowerAnthroconThree Rivers Arts FestivalPittsburgh Blues FestivalPittsburgh ComiconPittsburgh Fashion WeekThree Rivers Film FestivalPittsburgh Folk FestivalHandmade ArcadePittsburgh New Works FestivalTekko (convention)Pittsburgh Whiskey & Fine Spirits FestivalPittsburgh Wine FestivalRivers Casino (Pittsburgh)Gateway Clipper FleetStation SquareStrip District, PittsburghDowntown PittsburghOakland (Pittsburgh)South Side (Pittsburgh)Kaufmann'sMarket Square (Pittsburgh)SouthSide WorksWaterworks MallMount Washington (Pittsburgh)East Liberty (Pittsburgh)Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh)Shadyside (Pittsburgh)Walnut Street (Pittsburgh)Pittsburgh OperaPittsburgh Ballet TheatrePittsburgh Symphony OrchestraRiver City Brass BandPittsburgh Irish And Classical TheatreDance AlloyPittsburgh New Music EnsembleCaravan Theatre Of PittsburghCalliope: Pittsburgh Folk Music SocietyPittsburgh Civic Light OperaOpera Theater Of PittsburghJewish Theatre Of PittsburghPittsburgh Public TheaterPittsburgh Playwrights Theatre CompanyPittsburgh Musical TheaterStage Right (Pittsburgh)Pittsburgh Youth BalletPittsburgh Youth Symphony OrchestraBricolage Production CompanyNational Negro Opera CompanyTemplate:Pittsburgh ShoppingTemplate Talk:Pittsburgh ShoppingShopping MallsPittsburghBeaver Valley MallThe Block NorthwayCentury III MallThe Mall At RobinsonMonroeville MallPittsburgh MillsRoss Park MallSouth Hills VillageStation SquareUniontown MallWarner CentreWashington Crown CenterWestmoreland MallBakery SquareEdgewood Towne CentreEllsworth AvenueMcCandless CrossingNorthern Lights Shopping CenterRobinson Town CentreSettlers RidgeSouthSide WorksWalnut Street (Pittsburgh)The WaterfrontWaterworks MallGrove City Premium OutletsTanger Outlets PittsburghAllegheny Center MallEast Hills Shopping CenterEastland Mall (North Versailles, Pennsylvania)Greengate CentreParkway Center MallWashington MallUniversity Of PittsburghCarnegie Mellon UniversityDuquesne UniversityRobert Morris UniversityChatham UniversityPoint Park UniversityCarlow UniversityArt Institute Of PittsburghByzantine Catholic Seminary Of SS. Cyril And MethodiusPittsburgh Theological SeminarySaint Paul Seminary (Pittsburgh)Community College Of Allegheny CountyCulture Of PittsburghCookie TableHistory Of The Jews In PittsburghIron City Brewing CompanyJagoffJoe MagaracMister Rogers' NeighborhoodMr. YukParking ChairPittsburgh LeftPittsburgh ToiletRobot Hall Of FameSteeler NationBook:PittsburghCategory:PittsburghPortal:PittsburghHelp:CategoryCategory:Lists Of Television Series By SettingCategory:Television Shows Set In PittsburghCategory:Films Shot In PennsylvaniaCategory:Lists Of Films Shot In The United StatesCategory:Pittsburgh-related ListsDiscussion About Edits From This IP Address [n]A List Of Edits Made From This IP Address [y]View The Content Page [c]Discussion About The Content Page [t]Edit This Page [e]Visit The Main Page [z]Guides To Browsing WikipediaFeatured Content – The Best Of WikipediaFind Background Information On Current EventsLoad A Random Article [x]Guidance On How To Use And Edit WikipediaFind Out About WikipediaAbout The Project, What You Can Do, Where To Find ThingsA List Of Recent Changes In The Wiki [r]List Of All English Wikipedia Pages Containing Links To This Page [j]Recent Changes In Pages Linked From This Page [k]Upload Files [u]A List Of All Special Pages [q]Wikipedia:AboutWikipedia:General Disclaimer

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