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Current listings[edit] This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 9, 2018.[7] [8] Name on the Register[9] Image Date listed[10] Location Neighborhood Description 1 27th Street Historic District More images 000000002009-06-11-0000June 11, 2009 (#09000399) Along 27th Street[11] 34°01′06″N 118°15′25″W / 34.018333°N 118.256944°W / 34.018333; -118.256944 (27th Street Historic District) South Los Angeles Historic district adjacent to Central Avenue Corridor in South Los Angeles; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles Multiple Property Submission (MPS) 2 52nd Place Historic District 000000002009-06-11-0000June 11, 2009 (#09000398) Along E. 52nd Place[12] 33°59′41″N 118°15′46″W / 33.994722°N 118.262778°W / 33.994722; -118.262778 (52nd Place Historic District) South Los Angeles Historic district in South Los Angeles consisting of American Craftsman homes; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 3 Al Malaikah Temple More images 000000001987-04-02-0000April 2, 1987 (#87000577) 655 W. Jefferson Blvd. 34°01′24″N 118°16′49″W / 34.023333°N 118.280278°W / 34.023333; -118.280278 (Al Malaikah Temple) University Park Landmark large-event venue; headquarters of the Al Malaikah Temple, a division of the Shriners 4 Alvarado Terrace Historic District More images 000000001984-05-17-0000May 17, 1984 (#84000783) Alvarado Terr., Bonnie Brae and 14th Sts. 34°02′42″N 118°16′50″W / 34.045°N 118.280556°W / 34.045; -118.280556 (Alvarado Terrace Historic District) Pico-Union Historic district southwest of downtown with well-preserved mansions built 1902–1907 overlooking park 5 American Trona Corporation Building Upload image 000000001984-08-30-0000August 30, 1984 (#84000785) Pacific Ave. 33°43′03″N 118°17′10″W / 33.7175°N 118.286111°W / 33.7175; -118.286111 (American Trona Corporation Building) San Pedro Industrial building in San Pedro used to process and store salt potash; built ca. 1917 6 Andalusia More images 000000002003-08-21-0000August 21, 2003 (#03000775) 1471-1475 Havenhurst Dr. 34°05′52″N 118°22′01″W / 34.097778°N 118.366944°W / 34.097778; -118.366944 (Andalusia) Hollywood Courtyard apartment building designed by Arthur and Nina Zwebell in Hollywood 7 Angels Flight Railway More images 000000002000-10-13-0000October 13, 2000 (#00001168) Hill St. 34°03′05″N 118°14′57″W / 34.051389°N 118.249167°W / 34.051389; -118.249167 (Angels Flight Railway) Downtown Los Angeles Landmark funicular railway in the Bunker Hill district of Los Angeles 8 Angelus Mesa Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001005) 2700 W. 52nd 33°59′41″N 118°19′20″W / 33.994722°N 118.322222°W / 33.994722; -118.322222 (Angelus Mesa Branch) Crenshaw Branch library; built in 1929; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System Thematic Resource (TR) 9 Angelus Funeral Home Upload image 000000002009-03-19-0000March 19, 2009 (#09000146) 1010 E. Jefferson Blvd. 34°00′43″N 118°15′28″W / 34.011964°N 118.257842°W / 34.011964; -118.257842 (Angelus Funeral Home) South Los Angeles First black-owned business incorporated in California; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 10 Angelus Temple More images 000000001992-04-27-0000April 27, 1992 (#92001875) 1100 Glendale Blvd. 34°04′35″N 118°15′36″W / 34.076389°N 118.26°W / 34.076389; -118.26 (Angelus Temple) Echo Park Church seating 5,300 used by evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson in 1920s and 1930s; central house of worship for the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel 11 Arroyo Seco Parkway Historic District More images 000000002011-02-04-0000February 4, 2011 (#10001198) CA 110 from Four Level Interchange in Los Angeles to East Glenarm St. in Pasadena 34°03′45″N 118°14′56″W / 34.0625°N 118.248889°W / 34.0625; -118.248889 (Arroyo Seco Parkway Historic District) Downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena 12 Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Steam Locomotive No. 3751 More images 000000002000-10-04-0000October 4, 2000 (#00001178) 2435 E. Washington Blvd. 34°01′02″N 118°13′31″W / 34.017222°N 118.225278°W / 34.017222; -118.225278 (Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Steam Locomotive No. 3751) Central City East Restored 4-8-4 steam locomotive; originally owned and operated by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway 13 Avenel Cooperative Housing Project 000000002005-02-27-0000February 27, 2005 (#05000070) 2839-2849 Avenel St. 34°06′37″N 118°16′03″W / 34.110278°N 118.2675°W / 34.110278; -118.2675 (Avenel Cooperative Housing Project) Silver Lake Ten-unit experiment in cooperative housing designed by Gregory Ain in Silver Lake; built 1947 14 Baldwin Hills Village More images 000000001993-04-01-0000April 1, 1993 (#93000269) 5300 Village Green 34°01′12″N 118°21′40″W / 34.02°N 118.361111°W / 34.02; -118.361111 (Baldwin Hills Village) Baldwin Hills 627 unit condominium complex; built in the 1930s; one of the first new planned communities 15 Banning House 000000001971-05-06-0000May 6, 1971 (#71000160) 401 E. M St. 33°47′25″N 118°15′26″W / 33.790278°N 118.257222°W / 33.790278; -118.257222 (Banning House) Wilmington Greek Revival mansion built in 1864 by Phineas Banning, the founder of Wilmington; operated as a museum since 1936 16 Aline Barnsdall Complex More images 000000001971-05-06-0000May 6, 1971 (#71000143) 4800 Hollywood Blvd. 34°06′01″N 118°17′36″W / 34.100278°N 118.293333°W / 34.100278; -118.293333 (Aline Barnsdall Complex) Little Armenia Includes Hollyhock House, a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1919–1921 17 Battery John Barlow and Saxton Upload image 000000001982-05-04-0000May 4, 1982 (#82002200) Fort MacArthur 33°42′58″N 118°17′41″W / 33.716111°N 118.294722°W / 33.716111; -118.294722 (Battery John Barlow and Saxton) San Pedro United States coastal defense gun emplacement; part of Fort MacArthur; added to register in 1982 18 Battery Osgood-Farley 000000001974-10-16-0000October 16, 1974 (#74000526) Fort MacArthur Upper Reservation 33°42′42″N 118°18′22″W / 33.711667°N 118.306111°W / 33.711667; -118.306111 (Battery Osgood-Farley) San Pedro United States coastal defense gun emplacement; part of Fort MacArthur; added to Register 1n 1976 19 Susana Machado Bernard House and Barn 000000001979-09-04-0000September 4, 1979 (#79000482) 845 S. Lake St. 34°03′15″N 118°16′44″W / 34.054167°N 118.278889°W / 34.054167; -118.278889 (Susana Machado Bernard House and Barn) Pico-Union Gothic Revival mansion in Pico Union designed by John Parkinson; built 1901 20 Board of Trade Building More images 000000002008-01-24-0000January 24, 2008 (#07001439) 111 W. 7th St. 34°02′40″N 118°15′02″W / 34.044444°N 118.250556°W / 34.044444; -118.250556 (Board of Trade Building) Downtown Los Angeles Beaux-Arts high-rise designed by Claud Beelman used as headquarters for California Stock Exchange starting in 1930 21 Bolton Hall 000000001971-11-23-0000November 23, 1971 (#71000159) 10116 Commerce Ave. 34°15′10″N 118°17′19″W / 34.252808°N 118.288594°W / 34.252808; -118.288594 (Bolton Hall) Tujunga Built in 1913 as the community center for a Utopian community; later used as Tujunga City Hall, and a local history museum 22 Boulevard Heights Historic District Upload image 000000002012-09-25-0000September 25, 2012 (#12000809) 658-899 S. Bronson Ave. 34°03′31″N 118°19′10″W / 34.058722°N 118.319483°W / 34.058722; -118.319483 (Boulevard Heights Historic District) Wilshire Park 23 Boyle Hotel – Cummings Block 000000002013-07-23-0000July 23, 2013 (#13000509) 101-105 N. Boyle Ave. 34°02′51″N 118°13′12″W / 34.047367°N 118.220051°W / 34.047367; -118.220051 (Boyle Hotel – Cummings Block) Boyle Heights 24 Bradbury Building More images 000000001971-07-14-0000July 14, 1971 (#71000144) 304 S. Broadway 34°03′02″N 118°14′50″W / 34.050556°N 118.247222°W / 34.050556; -118.247222 (Bradbury Building) Downtown Los Angeles Architectural landmark; built in 1893 25 Bradbury House 000000002010-03-10-0000March 10, 2010 (#10000110) 102 Ocean Way 34°01′39″N 118°31′01″W / 34.027425°N 118.516939°W / 34.027425; -118.516939 (Bradbury House) Pacific Palisades 26 The Bricker Building 000000002011-01-07-0000January 7, 2011 (#10001119) 1671 Northern Western Ave. 34°06′04″N 118°18′34″W / 34.101111°N 118.309444°W / 34.101111; -118.309444 (The Bricker Building) East Hollywood, Los Angeles 27 Eugene W. Britt House 000000001979-05-17-0000May 17, 1979 (#79000483) 2141 W. Adams Blvd. 34°01′59″N 118°18′44″W / 34.033056°N 118.312222°W / 34.033056; -118.312222 (Eugene W. Britt House) West Adams Colonial Revival mansion built in 1910 in West Adams now headquarters of the LA84 Foundation and the world's premier sports library 28 Broadway Theater and Commercial District 000000001979-05-09-0000May 9, 1979 (#79000484) 300-849 S. Broadway; also 242, 248-260, 249-259, 900-911, 908-910, 921-937, and 930-947 S. Broadway 34°02′48″N 118°15′04″W / 34.046667°N 118.251111°W / 34.046667; -118.251111 (Broadway Theater and Commercial District) Downtown Los Angeles First and largest historic theater district on the National Register; with 12 movie palaces in 6 blocks, the largest concentration of movie palaces in the United States. Second set of addresses represents a boundary increase of 000000002002-04-12-0000April 12, 2002 29 Brockman Building and New York Cloak and Suit House (annex) 000000002009-05-21-0000May 21, 2009 (#08001276) 520 W. 7th St. and 708 S. Grand Ave. 34°02′49″N 118°15′24″W / 34.046923°N 118.256598°W / 34.046923; -118.256598 (Brockman Building and New York Cloak and Suit House (annex)) Downtown Los Angeles The Brockman Building is a 12-story Classical and Romanesque Revival building located in Downtown Los Angeles. Built in 1912, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. It is currently home to an 80 unit condo complex on the top 11 floors, and the restaurant Bottega Louie sits on the 1st floor. 30 Bryson Apartment Hotel More images 000000001983-04-07-0000April 7, 1983 (#83001184) 2701 Wilshire Blvd. 34°03′40″N 118°16′53″W / 34.061111°N 118.281389°W / 34.061111; -118.281389 (Bryson Apartment Hotel) Mid-City Built in 1913, its rooftop sign and lions are Wilshire Blvd. landmarks; also closely associated with works of Raymond Chandler and film noir genre 31 Building at 816 South Grand Avenue 000000002004-12-02-0000December 2, 2004 (#04001075) 816 S. Grand Ave. 34°02′50″N 118°15′30″W / 34.047222°N 118.258333°W / 34.047222; -118.258333 (Building at 816 South Grand Avenue) Downtown Los Angeles Highrise parking garage designed by Claud Beelman and built in 1924; now known as "South Park Lofts" 32 Bullock's Wilshire Building More images 000000001978-05-25-0000May 25, 1978 (#78000685) 3050 Wilshire Blvd. 34°03′40″N 118°17′15″W / 34.061111°N 118.2875°W / 34.061111; -118.2875 (Bullock's Wilshire Building) Mid-City Former luxury department store; completed 1929; art deco style; noted for 241-foot (73 m) tower 33 Ralph J. Bunche House 000000001978-05-22-0000May 22, 1978 (#78000686) 1221 E. 40th Pl. 34°00′37″N 118°15′09″W / 34.010278°N 118.2525°W / 34.010278; -118.2525 (Ralph J. Bunche House) South Los Angeles Boyhood home of 1950 Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche, first African American to receive the award 34 Bungalow Court at 1516 N. Serrano Avenue 000000002010-09-16-0000September 16, 2010 (#10000761) 1516–1528½ N. Serrano Ave. 34°05′56″N 118°18′24″W / 34.098889°N 118.306667°W / 34.098889; -118.306667 (Bungalow Court at 1516 N. Serrano Avenue) East Hollywood 35 Bungalow Court at 1544 N. Serrano Avenue 000000002010-09-16-0000September 16, 2010 (#10000764) 1544–1552 N. Serrano Ave. 34°05′58″N 118°18′24″W / 34.099444°N 118.306667°W / 34.099444; -118.306667 (Bungalow Court at 1544 N. Serrano Avenue) East Hollywood 36 Bungalow Court at 1554 N. Serrano Avenue 000000002010-09-16-0000September 16, 2010 (#10000762) 1554–1576 N. Serrano Ave. 34°05′59″N 118°18′24″W / 34.099722°N 118.306667°W / 34.099722; -118.306667 (Bungalow Court at 1554 N. Serrano Avenue) East Hollywood 37 Bungalow Court at 1721 N. Kingsley Drive 000000002010-09-16-0000September 16, 2010 (#10000763) 1721–1729½ N. Kingsley Dr. 34°06′09″N 118°18′14″W / 34.1025°N 118.303889°W / 34.1025; -118.303889 (Bungalow Court at 1721 N. Kingsley Drive) Los Feliz 1721 N. Kingsley Drive are historic bungalow courts built in the Bungalows, Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival styles between 1921 and 1925. 38 Cahuenga Branch More images 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001006) 4591 W. Santa Monica Blvd. 34°05′28″N 118°17′17″W / 34.091111°N 118.288056°W / 34.091111; -118.288056 (Cahuenga Branch) East Hollywood Third oldest branch library in city; built in 1916 with grant from Andrew Carnegie; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 39 The California Club 000000002010-07-06-0000July 6, 2010 (#10000425) 538 South Flower St. 34°05′28″N 118°17′17″W / 34.091111°N 118.288056°W / 34.091111; -118.288056 (The California Club) Downtown Los Angeles A private club built in 1929-30 40 Campo de Cahuenga More images 000000002003-12-19-0000December 19, 2003 (#72001602) 3919 Lankershim Blvd. 34°08′24″N 118°21′42″W / 34.14°N 118.361667°W / 34.14; -118.361667 (Campo de Cahuenga) Universal City Adobe farmhouse; site of signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga 41 Foster Carling House Upload image 000000002016-04-19-0000April 19, 2016 (#16000168) 7144 West Hockey Trail 34°07′17″N 118°20′51″W / 34.121443°N 118.347584°W / 34.121443; -118.347584 (Foster Carling House) Hollywood Hills John Lautner design built 1947-1950[13] 42 Carroll Avenue, 1300 Block More images 000000001976-04-22-0000April 22, 1976 (#76000488) Carroll Ave. from Edgeware to Douglas St. 34°04′01″N 118°28′11″W / 34.066944°N 118.469722°W / 34.066944; -118.469722 (Carroll Avenue, 1300 Block) Angelino Heights Street of Victorian-era houses; often used in movies and TV; includes house used in TV show Charmed 43 Casa de Rosas 000000002004-07-14-0000July 14, 2004 (#04000679) 2600 S. Hoover 34°01′48″N 118°16′55″W / 34.03°N 118.281944°W / 34.03; -118.281944 (Casa de Rosas) West Adams Built in 1893, it has housed an experimental kindergarten, a prep school for girls, the headquarters of the Dianetics Foundation, and the Sunshine Shelter for homeless women 44 Case Study House No. 1 000000002013-07-24-0000July 24, 2013 (#13000512) 10152 Toluca Lake Ave. 34°08′55″N 118°21′05″W / 34.148732°N 118.351316°W / 34.148732; -118.351316 (Case Study House No. 1) North Hollywood One of the Case Study Houses 45 Case Study House No. 9 Upload image 000000002013-07-24-0000July 24, 2013 (#13000513) 205 Chautauqua Blvd. 34°01′48″N 118°31′08″W / 34.029936°N 118.518772°W / 34.029936; -118.518772 (Case Study House No. 9) Pacific Palisades One of the Case Study Houses 46 Case Study House No. 16 Upload image 000000002013-07-24-0000July 24, 2013 (#13000515) 1811 Bel Air Rd. 34°06′09″N 118°26′59″W / 34.102477°N 118.449817°W / 34.102477; -118.449817 (Case Study House No. 16) Bel Air One of the Case Study Houses 47 Case Study House No. 18 Upload image 000000002013-07-24-0000July 24, 2013 (#13000516) 199 Chautauqua Blvd. 34°01′48″N 118°31′06″W / 34.030043°N 118.51831°W / 34.030043; -118.51831 (Case Study House No. 18) Pacific Palisades One of the Case Study Houses 48 Case Study House No. 21 More images 000000002013-07-24-0000July 24, 2013 (#13000518) 9038 Wonderland Park Ave. 34°07′00″N 118°23′30″W / 34.116634°N 118.391623°W / 34.116634; -118.391623 (Case Study House No. 21) Beverly Crest One of the Case Study Houses 49 Case Study House No. 22 More images 000000002013-07-24-0000July 24, 2013 (#13000519) 1635 Woods Dr. 34°06′02″N 118°22′13″W / 34.100417°N 118.370139°W / 34.100417; -118.370139 (Case Study House No. 22) Hollywood Hills One of the Case Study Houses 50 S.S. Catalina 000000001976-09-01-0000September 1, 1976 (#76000495) Berth 96, Los Angeles Harbor 33°44′58″N 118°16′23″W / 33.749444°N 118.273056°W / 33.749444; -118.273056 (S.S. Catalina) San Pedro Steamship that transported 25 million people to Santa Catalina Island from 1924 to 1975; foundered in Ensenada in Mexico, 1997; destroyed for scrap, 2009. 51 Catholic-Protestant Chapels, Veterans Administration Center More images 000000001972-02-11-0000February 11, 1972 (#72000229) Eisenhower Ave. 34°03′18″N 118°27′19″W / 34.055°N 118.455278°W / 34.055; -118.455278 (Catholic-Protestant Chapels, Veterans Administration Center) West Los Angeles Separate Catholic and Protestant chapels built for residents of the soldiers' home; oldest building on Wilshire Blvd 52 Centinela Adobe More images 000000001974-05-02-0000May 2, 1974 (#74000522) 7634 Midfield Ave. 33°58′03″N 118°22′16″W / 33.9675°N 118.371111°W / 33.9675; -118.371111 (Centinela Adobe) Westchester Adobe structure; completed in 1834; "Birthplace of Inglewood"; currently a museum dedicated to Daniel Freeman, founder of Inglewood 53 Chateau Colline 000000002003-05-22-0000May 22, 2003 (#03000426) 10335 Wilshire Blvd. 34°04′11″N 118°25′36″W / 34.069722°N 118.426667°W / 34.069722; -118.426667 (Chateau Colline) Westwood Apartment building dating to 1935 known for its leaded-glass windows, turrets, and climbing vines giving it the appearance of a castle 54 Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home 000000001995-10-05-0000October 5, 1995 (#95001152) 306-336 S. Loma Dr. 34°03′36″N 118°15′51″W / 34.06°N 118.264167°W / 34.06; -118.264167 (Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home) Westlake Large French colonial chateauesque structure built in 1913 as a YWCA home for young working women; donated by William A. Clark as a tribute to his mother 55 Congregation B'nai B'rith More images 000000001981-12-21-0000December 21, 1981 (#81000154) 3663 Wilshire Blvd. 34°03′45″N 118°18′11″W / 34.0625°N 118.303056°W / 34.0625; -118.303056 (Congregation B'nai B'rith) Mid-City Oldest Jewish synagogue in the Los Angeles area; Byzantine dome has been a Los Angeles landmark since 1929 56 Congregation Talmud Torah of Los Angeles More images 000000002001-11-04-0000November 4, 2001 (#01001192) 247 N. Breed St. 34°02′48″N 118°12′31″W / 34.046667°N 118.208611°W / 34.046667; -118.208611 (Congregation Talmud Torah of Los Angeles) Boyle Heights Largest Orthodox synagogue in the western United States from 1915 to 1951 57 Crossroads of the World 000000001980-09-08-0000September 8, 1980 (#80000805) 6671 Sunset Blvd. 34°05′55″N 118°20′05″W / 34.098611°N 118.334722°W / 34.098611; -118.334722 (Crossroads of the World) Hollywood Called America's first modern shopping mall; now hosts private offices; used for location shooting in many films 58 Richard Henry Dana Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001007) 3320 Pepper 34°05′27″N 118°13′18″W / 34.090833°N 118.221667°W / 34.090833; -118.221667 (Richard Henry Dana Branch) Cypress Park Former branch library of the Los Angeles Public Library; the building is now closed and vacant; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 59 Felipe De Neve Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001008) 2820 W. Sixth 34°03′46″N 118°16′14″W / 34.062778°N 118.270556°W / 34.062778; -118.270556 (Felipe De Neve Branch) Mid-City Branch library; built in 1929; named after the Spanish governor of California who oversaw the founding of Los Angeles; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 60 Drum Barracks 000000001971-02-12-0000February 12, 1971 (#71000161) 1053 Carey St. 33°47′05″N 118°15′24″W / 33.784722°N 118.256667°W / 33.784722; -118.256667 (Drum Barracks) Wilmington Headquarters for the Union Army in the Southern California and the Arizona territory during the Civil War and after; now operated as a Civil War museum 61 Eagle Rock Branch Library 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001004) 2224 Colorado Blvd. 34°08′55″N 118°12′51″W / 34.148611°N 118.214167°W / 34.148611; -118.214167 (Eagle Rock Branch Library) Eagle Rock Originally a branch library; built in 1915; former Carnegie Library; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 62 Eames House More images 000000002006-09-20-0000September 20, 2006 (#06000978) 203 N Chautauqua Blvd. 34°01′39″N 118°31′08″W / 34.0275°N 118.518889°W / 34.0275; -118.518889 (Eames House) Pacific Palisades Built in 1949 by husband-and-wife design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames; also known as Case Study House No. 8 63 Ebell of Los Angeles 000000001994-05-06-0000May 6, 1994 (#94000401) 743 S. Lucerne Blvd. 34°03′42″N 118°19′27″W / 34.061667°N 118.324167°W / 34.061667; -118.324167 (Ebell of Los Angeles) Mid-City Women's club on Wilshire built in 1927; includes 1,270-seat theater where Judy Garland was discovered and where Amelia Earhart made her last public appearance 64 El Cabrillo More images 000000002005-03-30-0000March 30, 2005 (#05000211) 1832-1850 N. Grace Ave. 34°06′17″N 118°19′52″W / 34.104722°N 118.331111°W / 34.104722; -118.331111 (El Cabrillo) Hollywood Richly detailed courtyard apartment house designed in Spanish style by Arthur and Nina Zwebell; built in 1928 by Cecil B. DeMille and home of Hollywood celebrities 65 El Greco Apartments 000000001988-11-03-0000November 3, 1988 (#88002017) 817 N. Hayworth Ave. 34°05′11″N 118°21′44″W / 34.086389°N 118.362222°W / 34.086389; -118.362222 (El Greco Apartments) Fairfax Spanish Revival apartments built in 1929 in Westwood Village and relocated in 1980s to Fairfax district; former home of Erich von Stroheim, Michael Curtiz and Joel McCrea 66 The Ellison Upload image 000000002017-12-21-0000December 21, 2017 (#100001905) 15 Paloma Ave. 33°59′37″N 118°28′43″W / 33.993626°N 118.478682°W / 33.993626; -118.478682 (The Ellison) Venice 67 Engine Co. No. 27 000000001985-09-24-0000September 24, 1985 (#85002559) 1355 N. Cahuenga Blvd. 34°05′45″N 118°19′44″W / 34.095833°N 118.328889°W / 34.095833; -118.328889 (Engine Co. No. 27) Hollywood Former Hollywood fire station now houses the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and the Fallen Firefighters Memorial 68 Engine Company No. 28 More images 000000001979-11-16-0000November 16, 1979 (#79000485) 644 S. Figueroa St 34°02′59″N 118°15′30″W / 34.049722°N 118.258333°W / 34.049722; -118.258333 (Engine Company No. 28) Downtown Los Angeles Former fire station converted into a restaurant serving cuisine based on fire station recipes 69 Engine House No. 18 More images 000000001982-10-29-0000October 29, 1982 (#82000968) 2616 S. Hobart Blvd. 34°01′56″N 118°18′24″W / 34.032222°N 118.306667°W / 34.032222; -118.306667 (Engine House No. 18) West Adams Former firehouse built in 1904; designed in Mission Revival style by John Parkinson 70 Ennis House More images 000000001971-10-14-0000October 14, 1971 (#71000145) 2607 Glendower Ave. 34°06′58″N 118°17′30″W / 34.116111°N 118.291667°W / 34.116111; -118.291667 (Ennis House) Los Feliz Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; built in 1924 71 Executive Office Building, Old Warner Brothers Studio More images 000000002002-11-01-0000November 1, 2002 (#02001257) 5800 Sunset Blvd. 34°05′52″N 118°18′59″W / 34.097778°N 118.316389°W / 34.097778; -118.316389 (Executive Office Building, Old Warner Brothers Studio) Hollywood Original studio of Warner Brothers and its executive offices during the 1920s; the location where the first talking motion picture, The Jazz Singer, was filmed 72 Exposition Park Rose Garden More images 000000001991-03-28-0000March 28, 1991 (#91000285) Exposition Blvd. at Vermont Ave. 34°01′01″N 118°17′06″W / 34.016944°N 118.285°W / 34.016944; -118.285 (Exposition Park Rose Garden) Exposition Park Sunken rose garden created in the 1920s, featuring more than 20,000 rose bushes and 200 varieties of roses 73 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco More images 000000001984-09-20-0000September 20, 1984 (#84000843) 409 W. Olympic Blvd. 34°02′34″N 118°15′31″W / 34.042778°N 118.258611°W / 34.042778; -118.258611 (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco built in 1929; designed by The Parkinsons in a Moderne style 74 Fire Station No. 14 000000002009-03-17-0000March 17, 2009 (#09000147) 3401 S. Central Ave. 34°00′46″N 118°15′24″W / 34.012744°N 118.256533°W / 34.012744; -118.256533 (Fire Station No. 14) South Los Angeles Second of two historically all-black segregated fire stations in Los Angeles; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 75 Fire Station No. 23 000000001980-06-09-0000June 9, 1980 (#80000809) 225 E. 5th St. 34°02′45″N 118°14′45″W / 34.045833°N 118.245833°W / 34.045833; -118.245833 (Fire Station No. 23) Downtown Los Angeles Former firehouse built in 1910 with ornate interior; also served as department headquarters and chief's home; used as location in Ghostbusters movies, The Mask, Flatliners and others 76 Fire Station No. 30-Engine Company No. 30 000000002009-03-17-0000March 17, 2009 (#09000148) 1401 S. Central Ave. 34°01′41″N 118°14′50″W / 34.028122°N 118.247172°W / 34.028122; -118.247172 (Fire Station No. 30-Engine Company No. 30) Downtown Los Angeles First of two historically all-black segregated fire stations in Los Angeles; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 77 Samuel Freeman House More images 000000001971-10-14-0000October 14, 1971 (#71000146) 1962 Glencoe Way 34°06′21″N 118°20′14″W / 34.105833°N 118.337222°W / 34.105833; -118.337222 (Samuel Freeman House) Hollywood Built in 1922; one of the four textile block houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright in the Los Angeles area 78 Forsythe Memorial School for Girls 000000002015-06-24-0000June 24, 2015 (#15000359) 506 N. Evergreen Ave. 34°02′42″N 118°11′58″W / 34.0451°N 118.1995°W / 34.0451; -118.1995 (Forsythe Memorial School for Girls) Boyle Heights 1914 Spanish Colonial Revival building, also known as Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls 79 500 Varas Square-Government Reserve 000000001986-03-12-0000March 12, 1986 (#86000326) Address Restricted San Pedro Land near the Port of Los Angeles reserved to the federal government in the 19th Century; later became Fort MacArthur. 80 John C. Fremont Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001009) 6121 Melrose Ave. 34°05′01″N 118°19′59″W / 34.083611°N 118.333056°W / 34.083611; -118.333056 (John C. Fremont Branch) Hollywood Branch library; built in 1927; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 81 Friday Morning Club More images 000000001984-05-17-0000May 17, 1984 (#84000865) 938-940 S. Figueroa St. 34°02′44″N 118°15′43″W / 34.045556°N 118.261944°W / 34.045556; -118.261944 (Friday Morning Club) Downtown Los Angeles Home for women's club of the same name starting in 1923 82 Garbutt House 000000001987-07-22-0000July 22, 1987 (#87001174) 1809 Apex Ave. 34°05′23″N 118°15′45″W / 34.089722°N 118.2625°W / 34.089722; -118.2625 (Garbutt House) Silver Lake 20-room mansion with roof and walls built of concrete, steel-reinforced doors and no fireplaces due to the owner's fear of fire 83 Garment Capitol Building More images 000000002010-03-08-0000March 8, 2010 (#10000053) 217 E. 8th St. 34°02′30″N 118°15′06″W / 34.041639°N 118.251558°W / 34.041639; -118.251558 (Garment Capitol Building) Downtown Los Angeles 84 Garfield Building 000000001982-06-25-0000June 25, 1982 (#82002191) 403 W. 8th St. 34°02′42″N 118°15′18″W / 34.045°N 118.255°W / 34.045; -118.255 (Garfield Building) Downtown Los Angeles Thirteen story Art Deco style historic structure; designed by American architect Claud Beelman; construction lasted from 1928–30 85 General Petroleum Building 000000002004-06-22-0000June 22, 2004 (#04000621) 612 S. Flower St. 34°02′58″N 118°15′24″W / 34.049444°N 118.256667°W / 34.049444; -118.256667 (General Petroleum Building) Downtown Los Angeles Highrise built in 1949 as offices for oil company; later converted into the Pegasus Apartments 86 Gerry Building 000000002003-07-05-0000July 5, 2003 (#03000583) 910 S. Los Angeles St. 34°02′27″N 118°15′11″W / 34.040833°N 118.253056°W / 34.040833; -118.253056 (Gerry Building) Downtown Los Angeles Streamline Modern building in Fashion District originally used for garment manufacture 87 Glassell Park Elementary School 000000002007-04-13-0000April 13, 2007 (#07000309) 2211 West Avenue 30 34°06′16″N 118°14′01″W / 34.104444°N 118.233611°W / 34.104444; -118.233611 (Glassell Park Elementary School) Glassell Park An active school located at 2211 W. Avenue 30 88 Golden Gate Theater More images 000000001982-02-23-0000February 23, 1982 (#82002192) 5170-5188 E. Whittier Blvd. 34°01′12″N 118°09′24″W / 34.02°N 118.156667°W / 34.02; -118.156667 (Golden Gate Theater) East Los Angeles A Spanish Churrigueresque-style movie palace built in 1927; subject of preservation battles 89 Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Building 000000001998-06-26-0000June 26, 1998 (#98000712) 4261 S. Central Ave. 34°00′23″N 118°15′21″W / 34.006389°N 118.255833°W / 34.006389; -118.255833 (Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Building) South Los Angeles Headquarters of one of the city's most successful African American-owned businesses starting in 1927; now a child development center 90 Granada Shoppes and Studios More images 000000001986-11-20-0000November 20, 1986 (#86003320) 672 S. Lafayette Park Pl. 34°03′38″N 118°16′57″W / 34.060556°N 118.2825°W / 34.060556; -118.2825 (Granada Shoppes and Studios) Mid-City Complex of courtyard-connected structures built in 1927 combining office, studio, and living space under one roof 91 The Great Wall of Los Angeles Upload image 000000002017-09-18-0000September 18, 2017 (#100001602) Section of Tujunga Flood Control Channel bounded by Oxnard St., Coldwater Canyon & Burbank Blvds. & Coldwater Canyon Rd 34°10′44″N 118°24′51″W / 34.178787°N 118.414100°W / 34.178787; -118.414100 (The Great Wall of Los Angeles) 92 Grether and Grether Building Upload image 000000002017-03-27-0000March 27, 2017 (#100000781) 730-732 S. Los Angeles St. 34°02′33″N 118°15′05″W / 34.042579°N 118.251328°W / 34.042579; -118.251328 (Grether and Grether Building) 93 Guaranty Building 000000001979-09-04-0000September 4, 1979 (#79000481) 6331 Hollywood Blvd 34°05′54″N 118°19′36″W / 34.098333°N 118.326667°W / 34.098333; -118.326667 (Guaranty Building) Hollywood Beaux-Arts office building on Hollywood Boulevard designed by John C. Austin and completed 1923 94 Edward Alexander Kelley Hackett House 000000002003-05-22-0000May 22, 2003 (#03000428) 1317 S. Westlake Ave. 34°02′43″N 118°16′51″W / 34.045278°N 118.280833°W / 34.045278; -118.280833 (Edward Alexander Kelley Hackett House) Pico-Union Craftsman-style house built in 1923 95 Hale House More images 000000001972-09-22-0000September 22, 1972 (#72000230) Heritage Sq., 3800 N. Homer St., Highland Park 34°05′18″N 118°12′25″W / 34.088333°N 118.206944°W / 34.088333; -118.206944 (Hale House) Highland Park Colorful Victorian house, built in 1885, was moved to the Heritage Square Museum in 1972; it has been called "the most photographed house" in Los Angeles 96 Halifax Apartments More images 000000001998-10-14-0000October 14, 1998 (#98001242) 6376 Yucca St. 34°06′13″N 118°19′42″W / 34.103611°N 118.328333°W / 34.103611; -118.328333 (Halifax Apartments) Hollywood Apartment building considered "one of the largest and most beautiful" in Hollywood when built in 1923 97 Hangar One 000000001992-07-30-0000July 30, 1992 (#92000959) 5701 W. Imperial Hwy. 33°56′01″N 118°23′01″W / 33.933611°N 118.383611°W / 33.933611; -118.383611 (Hangar One) Westchester 98 Willis Harpel House 000000002016-04-19-0000April 19, 2016 (#16000170) 7764 West Torreyson Dr. 34°07′42″N 118°22′00″W / 34.128209°N 118.366734°W / 34.128209; -118.366734 (Willis Harpel House) 99 Leo M. Harvey House Upload image 000000002016-04-19-0000April 19, 2016 (#16000171) 2180 West Live Oak Dr. 34°06′34″N 118°18′42″W / 34.109358°N 118.311651°W / 34.109358; -118.311651 (Leo M. Harvey House) 100 Heinsbergen Decorating Company Building 000000001984-09-20-0000September 20, 1984 (#84000873) 7415 Beverly Blvd. 34°04′35″N 118°21′03″W / 34.076389°N 118.350833°W / 34.076389; -118.350833 (Heinsbergen Decorating Company Building) Mid-Wilshire Castle-like building occupied by mural-painting business of Anthony Heinsbergen for more than 50 years; built with bricks from the old Los Angeles City Hall 101 Highland Park Masonic Temple 000000001990-01-18-0000January 18, 1990 (#89002268) 104 N. Avenue 56 34°06′32″N 118°11′37″W / 34.108889°N 118.193611°W / 34.108889; -118.193611 (Highland Park Masonic Temple) Highland Park Well-preserved Masonic Temple built in 1923; original Lodge Room with original cherry wood paneling and artwork now used as a banquet facility 102 Highland Park Police Station More images 000000001984-03-22-0000March 22, 1984 (#84000874) 6045 York Blvd. 34°07′08″N 118°11′12″W / 34.118889°N 118.186667°W / 34.118889; -118.186667 (Highland Park Police Station) Highland Park Former police station built in 1926; now used as the Los Angeles Police Museum 103 Highland-Camrose Bungalow Village 000000001989-03-16-0000March 16, 1989 (#89000198) Jct. Highland and Camrose Ave. 34°06′30″N 118°20′51″W / 34.108333°N 118.3475°W / 34.108333; -118.3475 (Highland-Camrose Bungalow Village) Hollywood Grouping of Craftsman style residential bungalows in Hollywood; later converted to offices for organizations affiliated with the nearby Hollywood Bowl 104 Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment District 000000001985-04-04-0000April 4, 1985 (#85000704) 6200-7000 Hollywood Blvd., N. Vine St., N. Highland Ave. and N. Ivar St. 34°06′05″N 118°20′02″W / 34.101389°N 118.333889°W / 34.101389; -118.333889 (Hollywood Boulevard Commercial and Entertainment District) Hollywood Landmarks include: Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood Wax Museum, Pantages Theatre and the Capitol Records Tower 105 Hollywood Cemetery 000000001999-05-14-0000May 14, 1999 (#99000550) 6000 Santa Monica Blvd 34°05′21″N 118°19′05″W / 34.089167°N 118.318056°W / 34.089167; -118.318056 (Hollywood Cemetery) Hollywood Gravesites include: Don Adams, Mel Blanc (epitaph reads "That's All Folks"), Cecil B. DeMille, Woody Herman, Peter Lorre, Tyrone Power, Bugsy Siegel, Rudolph Valentino and Fay Wray 106 Hollywood High School Historic District 000000002012-01-04-0000January 4, 2012 (#11000989) 1521 N. Highland Ave. 34°05′57″N 118°20′24″W / 34.099167°N 118.34°W / 34.099167; -118.34 (Hollywood High School Historic District) Hollywood 107 Hollywood Masonic Temple 000000001985-02-28-0000February 28, 1985 (#85000355) 6840 Hollywood Blvd. 34°06′06″N 118°20′27″W / 34.101667°N 118.340833°W / 34.101667; -118.340833 (Hollywood Masonic Temple) Hollywood Built in 1921 for the Hollywood lodge of the Masons; Included billiard room, parlor, ballroom and lodge rooms 108 Hollywood Melrose Hotel 000000001992-07-08-0000July 8, 1992 (#92000834) 5150-70 Melrose Blvd. 34°05′00″N 118°18′45″W / 34.083333°N 118.3125°W / 34.083333; -118.3125 (Hollywood Melrose Hotel) Hollywood 109 Hollywood Palladium More images 000000002016-09-26-0000September 26, 2016 (#16000662) 6215 Sunset Blvd. 34°05′53″N 118°19′27″W / 34.098007°N 118.32421°W / 34.098007; -118.32421 (Hollywood Palladium) Hollywood 110 Hollywood Studio Club 000000001980-11-25-0000November 25, 1980 (#80000806) 1215 Lodi Pl. 34°05′35″N 118°19′22″W / 34.093056°N 118.322778°W / 34.093056; -118.322778 (Hollywood Studio Club) Hollywood YWCA-run boarding house until 1975; occupied at various times by Marilyn Monroe, Ayn Rand, Donna Reed, Kim Novak, Shelley Winters, Rita Moreno, Barbara Eden, and Sharon Tate 111 The Hollywood Western Building More images 000000002015-07-07-0000July 7, 2015 (#15000378) 5500 Hollywood Blvd. 34°06′04″N 118°18′35″W / 34.10118°N 118.309751°W / 34.10118; -118.309751 (The Hollywood Western Building) 112 Holmes-Shannon House 000000002008-03-26-0000March 26, 2008 (#08000202) 4311 Victoria Park Dr. 34°02′48″N 118°19′42″W / 34.046667°N 118.328333°W / 34.046667; -118.328333 (Holmes-Shannon House) Victoria Park 113 Hotel Chancellor 000000002006-01-03-0000January 3, 2006 (#05001496) 3191 W. Seventh St. 34°03′36″N 118°17′37″W / 34.06°N 118.293611°W / 34.06; -118.293611 (Hotel Chancellor) Mid-City 114 Hotel Rosslyn Annex More images 000000002013-08-13-0000August 13, 2013 (#13000589) 112 W. 5th St. 34°02′48″N 118°14′56″W / 34.046748°N 118.248877°W / 34.046748; -118.248877 (Hotel Rosslyn Annex) Downtown Los Angeles 115 Washington Irving Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001010) 1803 S. Arlington Ave. 34°02′22″N 118°19′01″W / 34.039444°N 118.316944°W / 34.039444; -118.316944 (Washington Irving Branch) Arlington Heights Former:branch library; built in 1926; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 116 Helen Hunt Jackson Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001011) 2330 Naomi St. 34°01′07″N 118°15′06″W / 34.018681°N 118.251614°W / 34.018681; -118.251614 (Helen Hunt Jackson Branch) South Los Angeles Former branch library; built in 1926; currently a church; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 117 Jardinette Apartments More images 000000001986-12-29-0000December 29, 1986 (#86003524) 5128 Marathon St. 34°05′05″N 118°18′36″W / 34.0847°N 118.3100°W / 34.0847; -118.3100 (Jardinette Apartments) Hollywood One of the first modernist buildings in the U.S.; designed by Richard Neutra, built 1928 118 Jefferson Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001012) 2211 W. Jefferson Blvd. 34°01′20″N 118°18′59″W / 34.022222°N 118.316389°W / 34.022222; -118.316389 (Jefferson Branch) Jefferson Park Former branch library; built in 1923 119 Judson Studios More images 000000001999-03-25-0000March 25, 1999 (#99000370) 200 S. Avenue Sixty-Six 34°06′49″N 118°10′43″W / 34.113611°N 118.178611°W / 34.113611; -118.178611 (Judson Studios) Garvanza Fine arts studio specializing in stained glass; founded mid 1890's, still operating in 2013 120 Kerckoff Building and Annex 000000002005-08-03-0000August 3, 2005 (#05000774) 558-64 S. Main St. 34°01′05″N 118°14′52″W / 34.018056°N 118.247778°W / 34.018056; -118.247778 (Kerckoff Building and Annex) Downtown Los Angeles 121 George R. Kress House Upload image 000000001998-09-25-0000September 25, 1998 (#98001196) 2337 Benedict Canyon Dr. 34°06′48″N 118°26′05″W / 34.113333°N 118.434722°W / 34.113333; -118.434722 (George R. Kress House) Benedict Canyon 122 La Belle Tour 000000001988-01-22-0000January 22, 1988 (#87002291) 6200 Franklin Ave. 34°06′19″N 118°19′24″W / 34.105278°N 118.323333°W / 34.105278; -118.323333 (La Belle Tour) Hollywood Apartment building in Hollywood; known for many years as "Hollywood Tower" 123 Lane Victory More images 000000001990-12-14-0000December 14, 1990 (#90002222) Berth 46, Port of San Pedro 33°42′52″N 118°16′29″W / 33.714444°N 118.274722°W / 33.714444; -118.274722 (Lane Victory) San Pedro Second World War Victory ship; preserved as a museum ship 124 Lasky-DeMille Barn More images 000000002014-03-04-0000March 4, 2014 (#14000034) 2100 N. Highland Ave. 34°06′31″N 118°20′10″W / 34.108507°N 118.336100°W / 34.108507; -118.336100 (Lasky-DeMille Barn) Hollywood 125 John and Mary Lautner House Upload image 000000002016-04-19-0000April 19, 2016 (#16000172) 2007 Micheltorena St. 34°05′50″N 118°16′13″W / 34.097133°N 118.270378°W / 34.097133; -118.270378 (John and Mary Lautner House) 126 Lincoln Heights Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001013) 2530 Workman St. 34°04′34″N 118°12′50″W / 34.076176°N 118.214000°W / 34.076176; -118.214000 (Lincoln Heights Branch) Lincoln Heights Second oldest branch library in Los Angeles; built in 1916 with a grant from Andrew Carnegie; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 127 Lincoln Place Apartments More images 000000002015-12-22-0000December 22, 2015 (#15000911) Lake & Penmar Aves., Frederick St. & alley to S. 34°00′05″N 118°27′34″W / 34.001364°N 118.459479°W / 34.001364; -118.459479 (Lincoln Place Apartments) Venice, Los Angeles Garden city movement housing built for returning World War II veterans. 128 Lincoln Theater 000000002009-03-17-0000March 17, 2009 (#09000149) 2300 S. Central Ave. 34°04′34″N 118°12′47″W / 34.076111°N 118.213056°W / 34.076111; -118.213056 (Lincoln Theater) South Los Angeles Large theater built in 1926 catering to LA's African-American community; known as the "West Coast Apollo"; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 129 Little Tokyo Historic District More images 000000001986-08-22-0000August 22, 1986 (#86001479) 301-369 First and 106-120 San Pedro Sts. 34°03′02″N 118°14′22″W / 34.050556°N 118.239444°W / 34.050556; -118.239444 (Little Tokyo Historic District) Downtown Los Angeles Cultural center for Japanese Americans in Southern California 130 Los Altos Apartments More images 000000001999-07-01-0000July 1, 1999 (#99000765) 4121 Wilshire Blvd. 34°03′44″N 118°19′00″W / 34.062222°N 118.316667°W / 34.062222; -118.316667 (Los Altos Apartments) Mid-City 131 Los Angeles Central Library More images 000000001970-12-18-0000December 18, 1970 (#70000136) 630 W. 5th St. 34°03′01″N 118°15′15″W / 34.050278°N 118.254167°W / 34.050278; -118.254167 (Los Angeles Central Library) Downtown Los Angeles Constructed in 1926; third largest public library in the U.S.; designed to mimic the architecture of ancient Egypt 132 Los Angeles Harbor Light Station 000000001980-10-14-0000October 14, 1980 (#80000810) Los Angeles Harbor (San Pedro Breakwater) 33°42′23″N 118°14′53″W / 33.706389°N 118.248056°W / 33.706389; -118.248056 (Los Angeles Harbor Light Station) San Pedro Lighthouse firmly anchored to the concrete block and built of steel reinforced concrete; only lighthouse ever built to this design 133 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum More images 000000001984-07-27-0000July 27, 1984 (#84003866) 3911 S. Figueroa St. 34°00′51″N 118°17′14″W / 34.014167°N 118.287222°W / 34.014167; -118.287222 (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum) Exposition Park Large outdoor sports stadium; hosted two Olympics; home to the U.S.C. Trojans football team; only stadium to host the Olympic games, World Series and the Super Bowl 134 Los Angeles Nurses' Club 000000001995-05-11-0000May 11, 1995 (#95000581) 245 S. Lucas Ave. 34°03′37″N 118°12′21″W / 34.060278°N 118.205833°W / 34.060278; -118.205833 (Los Angeles Nurses' Club) Los Angeles Clubhouse and apartment building for nurses built in 1924 by nurses' club 135 Los Angeles Pacific Company Ivy Park Substation 000000001981-03-25-0000March 25, 1981 (#81000155) 9015 Venice Blvd. 34°01′34″N 118°23′32″W / 34.026111°N 118.392222°W / 34.026111; -118.392222 (Los Angeles Pacific Company Ivy Park Substation) Palms 136 Los Angeles Plaza Historic District More images 000000001972-11-03-0000November 3, 1972 (#72000231) Roughly bounded by Spring, Macy, Alameda and Arcadia Sts., and Old Sunset Blvd. 34°03′25″N 118°14′16″W / 34.056944°N 118.237778°W / 34.056944; -118.237778 (Los Angeles Plaza Historic District) Downtown Los Angeles Historic district at site of the city's original settlement; includes many of the city's oldest and most historic buildings 137 Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal More images 000000001980-11-13-0000November 13, 1980 (#80000811) 800 N. Alameda St. 34°03′22″N 118°14′03″W / 34.056111°N 118.234167°W / 34.056111; -118.234167 (Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal) Downtown Los Angeles Opened in 1939; combines Dutch Colonial Revival Style architecture, Mission Revival, and Streamline Moderne style; backdrop for several movies 138 Lovell House More images 000000001971-10-14-0000October 14, 1971 (#71000147) 4616 Dundee Dr. 34°07′05″N 118°17′13″W / 34.118056°N 118.286944°W / 34.118056; -118.286944 (Lovell House) Los Feliz International style; designed and built by Richard Neutra between 1927–29 139 Lummis House More images 000000001971-05-06-0000May 6, 1971 (#71000148) 200 E. Ave. 43 34°05′35″N 118°12′25″W / 34.0931°N 118.2070°W / 34.0931; -118.2070 (Lummis House) Highland Park Also known as El Alisal, a fanciful rock house built by Charles Lummis in late 19th Century; now operated as a museum. 140 Machell-Seaman House 000000001988-06-23-0000June 23, 1988 (#88000922) 2341 Scarff St. 34°01′55″N 118°16′46″W / 34.031944°N 118.279444°W / 34.031944; -118.279444 (Machell-Seaman House) West Adams 141 Malabar Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001014) 2801 Wabash Ave. 34°03′02″N 118°11′47″W / 34.050556°N 118.196389°W / 34.050556; -118.196389 (Malabar Branch) Boyle Heights Branch library; built in 1926; ornamental frieze above entrance; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 142 Maxfield Building Upload image 000000002017-09-18-0000September 18, 2017 (#100001603) 819 S. Santee St. 34°02′28″N 118°15′08″W / 34.040996°N 118.25212°W / 34.040996; -118.25212 (Maxfield Building) 143 McCarty Memorial Christian Church 000000002002-01-17-0000January 17, 2002 (#01001456) 4101 W. Adams Blvd. 34°02′06″N 118°19′44″W / 34.035°N 118.328889°W / 34.035; -118.328889 (McCarty Memorial Christian Church) West Adams Gothic Revival church of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); founded in 1932 as a white congregation; integrated and became a multi-racial congregation in the mid-1950s 144 Memorial Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001015) 4645 W. Olympic Blvd. 34°03′22″N 118°23′07″W / 34.056111°N 118.385278°W / 34.056111; -118.385278 (Memorial Branch) Los Angeles Branch library; built in 1930; includes heraldic work of Judson Studios stained glass; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 145 Menlo Avenue-West Twenty-ninth Street Historic District 000000001987-02-12-0000February 12, 1987 (#87000139) Bounded by Adams Blvd., Ellendale, Thirtieth Ave., and Vermont 34°01′48″N 118°17′20″W / 34.03°N 118.288889°W / 34.03; -118.288889 (Menlo Avenue-West Twenty-ninth Street Historic District) West Adams 146 Miller and Herriott House More images 000000001979-11-16-0000November 16, 1979 (#79000486) 1163 W. 27th St. 34°01′50″N 118°17′07″W / 34.030556°N 118.285278°W / 34.030556; -118.285278 (Miller and Herriott House) University Park Victorian house built 1890 in North University Park Historic District 147 Million Dollar Theater More images 000000001978-07-20-0000July 20, 1978 (#78000687) 307 S. Broadway 34°03′03″N 118°14′53″W / 34.050833°N 118.248056°W / 34.050833; -118.248056 (Million Dollar Theater) Downtown Los Angeles One of the first movie palaces built in the United States 148 Mission San Fernando Rey de Convento Building 000000001988-10-27-0000October 27, 1988 (#88002147) 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd. 34°16′23″N 118°27′40″W / 34.273056°N 118.461111°W / 34.273056; -118.461111 (Mission San Fernando Rey de Convento Building) Mission Hills Built 1808–1822, the largest adobe building in California and the largest original building at any of the California missions. 149 Moneta Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001016) 4255 S. Olive 34°00′21″N 118°16′44″W / 34.005833°N 118.278889°W / 34.005833; -118.278889 (Moneta Branch) South Los Angeles Former branch library; built in 1923; also known as Junipero Serra Branch; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 150 Montecito Apartments More images 000000001985-07-18-0000July 18, 1985 (#85001592) 6650 Franklin Ave. 34°06′18″N 118°20′03″W / 34.105°N 118.334167°W / 34.105; -118.334167 (Montecito Apartments) Hollywood Art Deco apartment building home to Hollywood celebrities, including James Cagney, Mickey Rooney, Montgomery Clift and Ronald Reagan; later converted to low-income housing for senior citizens 151 Frederick Mitchell Mooers House More images 000000001976-06-03-0000June 3, 1976 (#76000489) 818 S. Bonnie Brae St. 34°03′12″N 118°16′29″W / 34.053333°N 118.274722°W / 34.053333; -118.274722 (Frederick Mitchell Mooers House) Westlake Often been used to illustrate West Coast Victorian architecture; named for owner who discovered Yellow Aster gold mine after years of prospecting in the Mojave Desert 152 Mount Pleasant House 000000001976-12-12-0000December 12, 1976 (#76000490) Heritage Sq., 3800 Homer St. 34°05′17″N 118°12′25″W / 34.088056°N 118.206944°W / 34.088056; -118.206944 (Mount Pleasant House) Highland Park 153 John Muir Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001017) 1005 W. 64th 33°58′53″N 118°17′24″W / 33.981389°N 118.29°W / 33.981389; -118.29 (John Muir Branch) South Los Angeles Branch library; built in 1920; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 154 Municipal Warehouse No. 1 000000002000-04-21-0000April 21, 2000 (#00000386) 2500 Signal St. 33°43′15″N 118°16′17″W / 33.720833°N 118.271389°W / 33.720833; -118.271389 (Municipal Warehouse No. 1) San Pedro Large landmark warehouse structure built in early 1910s at the Port of Los Angeles; 155 Natural History Museum More images 000000001975-03-04-0000March 4, 1975 (#75000434) 900 Exposition Blvd. 34°01′01″N 118°17′16″W / 34.016944°N 118.287778°W / 34.016944; -118.287778 (Natural History Museum) Exposition Park Opened in 1913; fitted marble walls and domed and colonnaded rotunda; often used as filming location 156 Neutra Office Building 000000002004-03-08-0000March 8, 2004 (#01000075) 2379 Glendale Boulevard 34°05′59″N 118°15′34″W / 34.09960°N 118.25938°W / 34.09960; -118.25938 (Neutra Office Building) Silver Lake Office building designed by Richard Neutra and used as his studio, 1950–1970; one of the only Neutra commercial buildings (along with Mariners' Medical Arts Complex in Newport Beach) with his original design intact 157 Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House II More images 000000002009-05-08-0000May 8, 2009 (#03000774) 2300 Silver Lake Blvd. 34°05′54″N 118°15′38″W / 34.098444°N 118.260642°W / 34.098444; -118.260642 (Richard and Dion Neutra VDL Research House II) Silver Lake 158 North Hollywood Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001018) 5211 N. Tujunga Ave. 34°09′57″N 118°22′46″W / 34.1657°N 118.3794°W / 34.1657; -118.3794 (North Hollywood Branch) North Hollywood Branch library; built in 1930; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 159 North University Park Historic District 000000002004-02-11-0000February 11, 2004 (#04000016) Bounded by Hoover, Adams Blvd, 28th and Magnolia Ave. 34°01′49″N 118°17′04″W / 34.030278°N 118.284444°W / 34.030278; -118.284444 (North University Park Historic District) University Park 160 Old Santa Susana Stage Road 000000001974-01-10-0000January 10, 1974 (#74000517) Address Restricted Chatsworth Route taken by early travelers through the Santa Susana Mountains between the San Fernando Valley and inland Ventura County 161 James Oviatt Building 000000001983-08-11-0000August 11, 1983 (#83004529) 617 S. Olive 34°02′51″N 118°15′14″W / 34.0475°N 118.253889°W / 34.0475; -118.253889 (James Oviatt Building) Downtown Los Angeles 162 Pacific Electric Building 000000002009-04-09-0000April 9, 2009 (#09000180) 610 S. Main 34°02′42″N 118°15′09″W / 34.045°N 118.2525°W / 34.045; -118.2525 (Pacific Electric Building) Downtown Los Angeles 163 Minnie Hill Palmer House 000000001979-09-04-0000September 4, 1979 (#79000480) Chatsworth Park South 34°15′40″N 118°36′53″W / 34.261111°N 118.614722°W / 34.261111; -118.614722 (Minnie Hill Palmer House) Chatsworth Only remaining Homestead Act cottage in San Fernando Valley; Minnie Hill Palmer born there in 1868 and lived there until 1976 164 Pellissier Building More images 000000001979-02-23-0000February 23, 1979 (#79000488) 3780 Wilshire Blvd. 34°03′40″N 118°18′28″W / 34.061111°N 118.307778°W / 34.061111; -118.307778 (Pellissier Building) Mid-City 12-story steel-reinforced concrete office tower; on a two story pedestal that contains ground floor retail and the Wiltern theater entrance; blue-green, terra cotta-covered tower; French Zig-Zag Moderne styling 165 Petitfils-Boos House 000000002005-02-15-0000February 15, 2005 (#05000049) 545 Plymouth Blvd. 34°03′51″N 118°19′19″W / 34.064167°N 118.321944°W / 34.064167; -118.321944 (Petitfils-Boos House) Mid-City 166 Romulo Pico Adobe More images 000000001966-11-13-0000November 13, 1966 (#66000211) 10940 Sepulveda Blvd. 34°16′08″N 118°28′03″W / 34.268889°N 118.4675°W / 34.268889; -118.4675 (Romulo Pico Adobe) Mission Hills Built in 1853; oldest residence in the San Fernando Valley; second oldest residence in the City of Los Angeles 167 Pisgah Home Historic District 000000002007-12-19-0000December 19, 2007 (#07001304) 6026-6044 Echo St. & 6051 A-D Hayes St. 34°06′38″N 118°11′12″W / 34.110556°N 118.186667°W / 34.110556; -118.186667 (Pisgah Home Historic District) Highland Park Site of the Pisgah Home movement begun by faith healer and social reformer; closely aligned with the founding of the modern Pentecostal church 168 Plaza Substation 000000001978-09-13-0000September 13, 1978 (#78000689) 10 Olvera St. 34°03′25″N 118°14′13″W / 34.056944°N 118.236944°W / 34.056944; -118.236944 (Plaza Substation) Downtown Los Angeles Electrical substation that was part of the "Yellow Car" streetcar system operated by the Los Angeles Railway from 1904–1963 169 Point Fermin Lighthouse 000000001972-06-13-0000June 13, 1972 (#72000234) 805 Paseo Del Mar 33°42′19″N 118°17′34″W / 33.705278°N 118.292778°W / 33.705278; -118.292778 (Point Fermin Lighthouse) San Pedro Lighthouse built in 1872 at Point Fermin; now operated as a museum open to the public 170 Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation and Museum More images 000000001998-03-18-0000March 18, 1998 (#98000246) 10621 Victory Blvd. 34°11′25″N 118°21′38″W / 34.190278°N 118.360556°W / 34.190278; -118.360556 (Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation and Museum) North Hollywood Ornate 75-foot (23 m)-high marble arch with mosaic; memorial and burial places of pioneers of aviation 171 Prince Hall Masonic Temple 000000002009-03-17-0000March 17, 2009 (#09000150) 1050 E. 50th St. 33°59′51″N 118°15′26″W / 33.997369°N 118.257222°W / 33.997369; -118.257222 (Prince Hall Masonic Temple) South Los Angeles Local branch of Prince Hall Masonry; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 172 Ralph J. Scott More images 000000001989-06-30-0000June 30, 1989 (#89001430) Berth 85 33°43′56″N 118°16′30″W / 33.732222°N 118.275°W / 33.732222; -118.275 (Ralph J. Scott) San Pedro Fireboat attached to the Los Angeles Fire Department; retired in 2003 after 78 years; on display near the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in San Pedro 173 Ralphs Grocery Store 000000001992-07-30-0000July 30, 1992 (#92000969) 1142-54 Westwood Blvd. 34°03′36″N 118°26′37″W / 34.06°N 118.443611°W / 34.06; -118.443611 (Ralphs Grocery Store) Westwood One of the original buildings in Westwood Village in 1929; noted for its cylindrical rotunda; photographed by Ansel Adams 174 Ramsay-Durfee Estate More images 000000001989-07-24-0000July 24, 1989 (#89000821) 2425 S. Western Ave. 34°02′00″N 118°18′34″W / 34.033333°N 118.309444°W / 34.033333; -118.309444 (Ramsay-Durfee Estate) Adams-Normandie Tudor Revival mansion designed by Frederick Louis Roehrig and built in 1908; bought by Brothers of St. John of God in 1978 175 Rancho El Encino More images 000000001971-02-24-0000February 24, 1971 (#71000142) 16756 Moorpark St. 34°09′36″N 118°28′22″W / 34.16°N 118.472778°W / 34.16; -118.472778 (Rancho El Encino) Encino Former Spanish grazing concession, ranch, and stagecoach stop; 19th century adobe and limestone farmhouses still stand near a perennial warm spring 176 Frederick Hastings Rindge House More images 000000001986-01-23-0000January 23, 1986 (#86000105) 2263 Harvard Blvd. 34°02′03″N 118°18′22″W / 34.034167°N 118.306111°W / 34.034167; -118.306111 (Frederick Hastings Rindge House) Adams-Normandie 177 Will Rogers House 000000001971-02-24-0000February 24, 1971 (#71000149) 14253 Sunset Blvd. 34°03′17″N 118°30′43″W / 34.054722°N 118.511944°W / 34.054722; -118.511944 (Will Rogers House) Pacific Palisades 31-room ranch house; 11 baths; seven fireplaces; surrounded by a stable, corrals, riding ring, roping arena, golf course, polo field ; became a State Park in 1944 178 Roosevelt Building 000000002007-07-03-0000July 3, 2007 (#07000636) 727 W. Seventh St. 34°01′03″N 118°15′23″W / 34.0175°N 118.256389°W / 34.0175; -118.256389 (Roosevelt Building) Downtown Los Angeles 179 Edward Roybal House Upload image 000000002017-07-10-0000July 10, 2017 (#100001282) 628 S. Evergreen St. 33°58′29″N 118°22′12″W / 33.974638°N 118.369874°W / 33.974638; -118.369874 (Edward Roybal House) 180 St. Andrews Bungalow Court 000000001998-03-19-0000March 19, 1998 (#98000244) 1514-1544 N. St. Andrews Pl. 34°05′53″N 118°19′16″W / 34.098056°N 118.321111°W / 34.098056; -118.321111 (St. Andrews Bungalow Court) Hollywood 181 St. James Park Historic District 000000001991-09-27-0000September 27, 1991 (#91001387) Bounded by 21st and 23rd, Mount St. Mary's College, W.Adams Blvd. and Union Ave. 34°02′00″N 118°16′48″W / 34.033333°N 118.28°W / 34.033333; -118.28 (St. James Park Historic District) University Park 182 St. John's Episcopal Church More images 000000002000-05-05-0000May 5, 2000 (#00000425) 514 W. Adams Blvd. 34°01′38″N 118°16′29″W / 34.027222°N 118.274722°W / 34.027222; -118.274722 (St. John's Episcopal Church) University Park Romanesque Episcopal church; built in 1925 183 The San Fernando Building 000000001986-07-31-0000July 31, 1986 (#86002098) 400-410 S. Main St. 34°02′52″N 118°15′11″W / 34.047778°N 118.253056°W / 34.047778; -118.253056 (The San Fernando Building) Downtown Los Angeles Renaissance Revival style office building dating to 1906; part of the Old Bank District loft project 184 San Pedro Municipal Ferry Building 000000001996-04-12-0000April 12, 1996 (#96000392) Berth 84-foot (26 m) of 6th St. 33°44′18″N 118°16′40″W / 33.738333°N 118.277778°W / 33.738333; -118.277778 (San Pedro Municipal Ferry Building) San Pedro Built in 1941 as a Works Project Administration project; working ferry terminal from 1941 to 1963 for ferry to Terminal Island; Vincent Thomas Bridge was completed connecting the mainland to Terminal Island in 1963; ferry service terminated 185 Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital More images 000000002006-01-03-0000January 3, 2006 (#05001499) 610-30 S. Louis St. 34°02′16″N 118°12′31″W / 34.037778°N 118.208611°W / 34.037778; -118.208611 (Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital) Boyle Heights Hospital built for employees of Santa Fe Railroad; later known as Linda Vista Hospital 186 Santa Fe Freight Depot 000000002006-01-03-0000January 3, 2006 (#05001498) 970 E. 3rd St. 34°02′42″N 118°13′54″W / 34.045°N 118.231667°W / 34.045; -118.231667 (Santa Fe Freight Depot) Downtown Los Angeles Former freight depot built in 1922, converted in 2000 into campus for architectural school; the quarter-mile long building stretches further than the height of the Empire State Building 187 Sears, Roebuck & Company Mail Order Building 000000002006-04-21-0000April 21, 2006 (#05001407) 2650 E. Olympic Blvd. 34°01′24″N 118°13′15″W / 34.023333°N 118.220833°W / 34.023333; -118.220833 (Sears, Roebuck & Company Mail Order Building) Boyle Heights Built in 1927, it was a distribution center for Sears mail order business until 1992; the 1,800,000-square-foot (170,000 m2) complex is considered an iconic landmark of the Eastside 188 Second Baptist Church 000000002009-03-17-0000March 17, 2009 (#09000151) 1100 E. 24th St. 34°01′16″N 118°15′22″W / 34.021175°N 118.256206°W / 34.021175; -118.256206 (Second Baptist Church) South Los Angeles Largest African-American gathering place in the western United States prior to World War II; hosted Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 189 Second Church of Christ, Scientist More images 000000001987-04-02-0000April 2, 1987 (#87000576) 946 W. Adams Blvd. 34°02′08″N 118°17′17″W / 34.035556°N 118.288056°W / 34.035556; -118.288056 (Second Church of Christ, Scientist) University Park Built in 1910; currently owned by the non-profit Art of Living Foundation. Renovations are underway, and the facility is already being used as a community center and center for the organization's operations and outreach. 190 Security Trust and Savings 000000001983-08-18-0000August 18, 1983 (#83001204) 6381-85 Hollywood Blvd. 34°06′09″N 118°19′42″W / 34.1025°N 118.328333°W / 34.1025; -118.328333 (Security Trust and Savings) Hollywood 191 Security-First National Bank of Los Angeles 000000002005-03-30-0000March 30, 2005 (#05000213) 5209 Wilshire Blvd. 34°03′45″N 118°20′33″W / 34.0625°N 118.3425°W / 34.0625; -118.3425 (Security-First National Bank of Los Angeles) Mid-City Former Art Deco-style bank branch; now occupied by LA City Beat 192 Smith Estate More images 000000001982-10-29-0000October 29, 1982 (#82000971) 5905 El Mio Dr. 34°06′53″N 118°11′31″W / 34.114722°N 118.191944°W / 34.114722; -118.191944 (Smith Estate) Highland Park Victorian home built in 1887 for Superior Court Judge David P. Hatch, who was later a writer on the occult. Later owned by the head of a railroad, and a deputy mayor, and used as the location in the cult film "Spider Baby. The house is also known as "El Mio"" 193 Somerville Hotel More images 000000001976-01-17-0000January 17, 1976 (#76000491) 4225 S. Central Ave. 34°00′25″N 118°15′21″W / 34.006944°N 118.255833°W / 34.006944; -118.255833 (Somerville Hotel) South Los Angeles Built in 1928; also known as Dunbar Hotel; focal point of the Central Avenue African-American community in the 1930s and 1940s; jazz club opened in early 1930s, welcomed Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie and Lena Horne 194 South Bonnie Brae Tract Historic District More images 000000001988-01-14-0000January 14, 1988 (#87002401) 1026-1053 S. Bonnie Brae St. and 1830-1851 W. Eleventh St. 34°03′00″N 118°16′39″W / 34.05°N 118.2775°W / 34.05; -118.2775 (South Bonnie Brae Tract Historic District) Pico Union 195 South Serrano Avenue Historic District More images 000000001988-01-28-0000January 28, 1988 (#87002407) 400 blk. of S. Serrano Ave. 34°03′59″N 118°18′20″W / 34.066389°N 118.305556°W / 34.066389; -118.305556 (South Serrano Avenue Historic District) Mid-City Historic district of homes in the 400 block of South Serrano Avenue 196 Southern California Gas Company Complex 000000002004-06-22-0000June 22, 2004 (#04000623) 800, 810, 820 and 830 S. Flower St. 34°02′48″N 118°15′37″W / 34.046667°N 118.260278°W / 34.046667; -118.260278 (Southern California Gas Company Complex) Downtown Los Angeles 197 Southwest Museum 000000002004-03-11-0000March 11, 2004 (#92001270) 234 Museum Dr. 34°06′03″N 118°12′21″W / 34.100833°N 118.205833°W / 34.100833; -118.205833 (Southwest Museum) Mt. Washington Museum, library, and archive; collections deal with the American Indian, pre-Hispanic, Spanish colonial, Latino, and Western American art and artifacts; opened at this location in 1914; currently closed to bring building up to modern seismic standards 198 John Sowden House 000000001971-07-14-0000July 14, 1971 (#71000151) 5121 Franklin Ave. 34°06′20″N 118°18′00″W / 34.105556°N 118.3°W / 34.105556; -118.3 (John Sowden House) Los Feliz Also known as the "Jaws House"; built in 1926, designed by Lloyd Wright 199 Spring Street Financial District 000000001979-08-10-0000August 10, 1979 (#79000489) 354-704 S. Spring St.; also 401 and 405-11 S. Main St. 34°02′48″N 118°14′59″W / 34.046667°N 118.249722°W / 34.046667; -118.249722 (Spring Street Financial District) Downtown Los Angeles Once known as the "Wall Street of the West", the old financial district includes the city's first skyscraper and more than 20 other historic buildings along a three-block stretch of Spring; Main Street addresses represent a boundary increase of 000000002000-04-21-0000April 21, 2000 200 Robert Louis Stevenson Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001021) 803 Spence St. 34°01′40″N 118°11′50″W / 34.027778°N 118.197222°W / 34.027778; -118.197222 (Robert Louis Stevenson Branch) Boyle Heights Branch library; built in 1927; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 201 Stimson House More images 000000001978-03-30-0000March 30, 1978 (#78000690) 2421 S. Figueroa St. 34°01′47″N 118°16′30″W / 34.029722°N 118.275°W / 34.029722; -118.275 (Stimson House) University Park Richardsonian Romanesque mansion; built in 1891; originally home of lumber and banking millionaire; survived a dynamite attack by a blackmailer in 1896; later occupied by a brewer, a fraternity house, student housing and a convent 202 Storer House More images 000000001971-09-28-0000September 28, 1971 (#71000152) 8161 Hollywood Blvd. 34°06′03″N 118°21′57″W / 34.100833°N 118.365833°W / 34.100833; -118.365833 (Storer House) Hollywood Hills Built in 1923; designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; one of his five Mayan Revival style textile-block houses in the Los Angeles area 203 Strathmore Apartments 000000002013-09-25-0000September 25, 2013 (#13000754) 11005-11013 ½ Strathmore Dr. 34°03′55″N 118°27′03″W / 34.065278°N 118.450833°W / 34.065278; -118.450833 (Strathmore Apartments) Westwood 204 Streetcar Depot 000000001972-02-23-0000February 23, 1972 (#72000232) Pershing and Dewey Aves. 34°03′27″N 118°27′36″W / 34.057522°N 118.459914°W / 34.057522; -118.459914 (Streetcar Depot) West Los Angeles Streetcar depot at the Veterans Affairs Center in West Los Angeles 205 Subway Terminal Building More images 000000002006-08-02-0000August 2, 2006 (#06000657) 417, 415, 425 S. Hill St., 416, 420 424 S. Olive St. 34°03′00″N 118°15′01″W / 34.05°N 118.250278°W / 34.05; -118.250278 (Subway Terminal Building) Downtown Los Angeles Renaissance Revival building; built in 1925; served as the downtown terminus for the "Hollywood Subway"; currently a luxury apartment building 206 Superior Oil Company Building 000000002003-02-28-0000February 28, 2003 (#03000059) 550 S. Flower St. 34°03′01″N 118°15′22″W / 34.050278°N 118.256111°W / 34.050278; -118.256111 (Superior Oil Company Building) Downtown Los Angeles 207 Textile Center Building 000000002005-02-15-0000February 15, 2005 (#05000048) 315 E. Eighth St. 34°02′27″N 118°15′01″W / 34.040833°N 118.250278°W / 34.040833; -118.250278 (Textile Center Building) Downtown Los Angeles Landmark building in the Fashion District developed in 1926 by pioneering female developer, Florence Casler; now converted into condominiums 208 Title Guarantee and Trust Company Building More images 000000001984-07-26-0000July 26, 1984 (#84000891) 401-411 W. 5th St. 34°02′56″N 118°15′03″W / 34.048889°N 118.250833°W / 34.048889; -118.250833 (Title Guarantee and Trust Company Building) Downtown Los Angeles Art Deco style highrise building on Pershing Square designed by The Parkinsons; later converted into lofts 209 C.E. Toberman Estate 000000001983-09-15-0000September 15, 1983 (#83001205) 1847 Camino Palmero 34°06′20″N 118°20′57″W / 34.105556°N 118.349167°W / 34.105556; -118.349167 (C.E. Toberman Estate) Hollywood Mission Revival mansion built by the "Father of Hollywood", later used as Vincent Chase's trophy house on HBO's Entourage 210 The Town House More images 000000001997-12-15-0000December 15, 1997 (#96000821) 2959-2973 Wilshire Blvd. and 607-643 S. Commonwealth Ave. 34°03′44″N 118°17′05″W / 34.062222°N 118.284722°W / 34.062222; -118.284722 (The Town House) Mid-City 211 Twentieth Street Historic District 000000001991-07-22-0000July 22, 1991 (#91000915) 912-950 20th St. (even numbers) 34°02′09″N 118°16′44″W / 34.035833°N 118.278889°W / 34.035833; -118.278889 (Twentieth Street Historic District) University Park Bungalow and Craftsman style homes in the 900 block of Twentieth Street (south side only) 212 Twenty-eighth Street YMCA 000000002009-03-17-0000March 17, 2009 (#09000145) 1006 E. 28th St. 34°01′02″N 118°15′26″W / 34.017139°N 118.257342°W / 34.017139; -118.257342 (Twenty-eighth Street YMCA) South Los Angeles Also known as the "Colored YMCA"; provided gymnasium and swimming pool to African-American community in segregated LA; part of the African Americans in Los Angeles MPS 213 US Court House and Post Office More images 000000002006-02-09-0000February 9, 2006 (#06000001) 312 N. Spring St. 34°03′18″N 118°14′33″W / 34.055053°N 118.242481°W / 34.055053; -118.242481 (US Court House and Post Office) Downtown Los Angeles National Historic Landmark designation October 16, 2012[14] 214 US Post Office-Hollywood Station More images 000000001985-01-11-0000January 11, 1985 (#85000130) 1615 N. Wilcox Ave. 34°06′00″N 118°19′50″W / 34.1°N 118.330556°W / 34.1; -118.330556 (US Post Office-Hollywood Station) Hollywood WPA commissioned art deco Post Office Building; designed by Claud Beelman in 1937; dead letter repository for love letters to such Hollywood luminaries as Clark Gable, Judy Garland, and others; part of the US Post Office in California 1900-1941 TR 215 US Post Office-Los Angeles Terminal Annex More images 000000001985-01-11-0000January 11, 1985 (#85000131) 900 Alameda St. 34°03′30″N 118°14′07″W / 34.058333°N 118.235278°W / 34.058333; -118.235278 (US Post Office-Los Angeles Terminal Annex) Downtown Los Angeles Mission Revival building designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood; LA's central mail processing facility from 1940–1989; part of the US Post Office in California 1900-1941 TR 216 US Post Office-San Pedro Main More images 000000001985-01-11-0000January 11, 1985 (#85000132) 839 S. Beacon St. 33°44′11″N 118°16′47″W / 33.736389°N 118.279722°W / 33.736389; -118.279722 (US Post Office-San Pedro Main) San Pedro Historic Streamline Moderne Post Office built in 1935 as a Works Project Administration project 217 University of Southern California Historic District More images 000000002015-07-14-0000July 14, 2015 (#15000408) Roughly bounded by W. Jefferson & W. Exposition Blvds., S. Figueroa St. & McClintock Ave. 34°01′14″N 118°17′05″W / 34.0206°N 118.2846°W / 34.0206; -118.2846 (University of Southern California Historic District) University Park 218 Van Buren Place Historic District More images 000000001989-08-10-0000August 10, 1989 (#89001103) 2620-2657 Van Buren Pl. 34°01′55″N 118°17′45″W / 34.031944°N 118.295833°W / 34.031944; -118.295833 (Van Buren Place Historic District) Adams-Normandie Craftsman style homes built from 1903–1916 in 2600 block of Van Buren Place 219 Van Nuys Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001019) 14553 Sylvan Way 34°11′05″N 118°26′59″W / 34.184722°N 118.449722°W / 34.184722; -118.449722 (Van Nuys Branch) Van Nuys Former branch library; built in 1926; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 220 Venice Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001020) 610 California Ave. 33°59′28″N 118°28′29″W / 33.991111°N 118.474722°W / 33.991111; -118.474722 (Venice Branch) Venice Former branch library; built in 1930; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 221 Venice Canal Historic District More images 000000001982-08-30-0000August 30, 1982 (#82002193) Roughly bounded by Grand, Carroll, Eastern, and Sherman canals 33°59′01″N 118°27′55″W / 33.983611°N 118.465278°W / 33.983611; -118.465278 (Venice Canal Historic District) Venice Noteworthy for its man-made canals; built in 1905 by developer Abbott Kinney; “Venice in America” 222 Venice of America House 000000002001-04-09-0000April 9, 2001 (#00001623) 1223 Cabrillo Ave. 33°59′26″N 118°28′04″W / 33.990556°N 118.467778°W / 33.990556; -118.467778 (Venice of America House) Venice 223 Vermont Square Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001022) 1201 W. 48th 33°59′59″N 118°17′42″W / 33.999722°N 118.295°W / 33.999722; -118.295 (Vermont Square Branch) South Los Angeles Oldest branch library; built in 1913; surviving example of a Carnegie library; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 224 View Park Historic District Upload image 000000002016-07-12-0000July 12, 2016 (#16000434) Roughly bounded by Mt. Vernon, Enoro, Northland & Northridge Drs., Kenway S. Victoria & Floresta Aves. 33°59′57″N 118°20′58″W / 33.999033°N 118.349338°W / 33.999033; -118.349338 (View Park Historic District) 225 Villa Bonita 000000001986-09-12-0000September 12, 1986 (#86001950) 1817 Hillcrest Rd. 34°06′17″N 118°20′19″W / 34.104722°N 118.338611°W / 34.104722; -118.338611 (Villa Bonita) Hollywood 226 Douglas and Octavia Walstrom House Upload image 000000002016-04-19-0000April 19, 2016 (#16000175) 10500 Selkirk Ln. 34°06′40″N 118°26′53″W / 34.111135°N 118.448111°W / 34.111135; -118.448111 (Douglas and Octavia Walstrom House) 227 Warner Brothers Theatre 000000001999-01-21-0000January 21, 1999 (#98001633) 478 W. 6th St. 33°44′19″N 118°17′29″W / 33.738611°N 118.291389°W / 33.738611; -118.291389 (Warner Brothers Theatre) San Pedro Historic movie palace; opened on January 20, 1931 228 Watts Station More images 000000001974-03-15-0000March 15, 1974 (#74000523) 1686 E. 103rd St. 33°56′35″N 118°14′32″W / 33.943056°N 118.242222°W / 33.943056; -118.242222 (Watts Station) Watts Rail station built in 1904 as a stop for the Pacific Electric Railway's "Red Cars"; only building not damaged along "Charcoal Alley" during Watts Riots 229 Watts Towers of Simon Rodia More images 000000001977-04-13-0000April 13, 1977 (#77000297) 1765 E. 107th St. 33°56′19″N 118°14′26″W / 33.938611°N 118.240556°W / 33.938611; -118.240556 (Watts Towers of Simon Rodia) Watts Sculpture consisting of 17 connected structures built from found objects by Italian immigrant construction worker Simon Rodia in his spare time from 1921–1954 230 West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Historic District Upload image 000000002014-11-19-0000November 19, 2014 (#14000926) 11301 Wilshire Blvd. 34°03′14″N 118°27′14″W / 34.0538°N 118.454°W / 34.0538; -118.454 (West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Historic District) West Los Angeles 231 Whitley Court 000000002004-07-28-0000July 28, 2004 (#04000732) 1720-1728½ Whitley Ave. 34°06′08″N 118°19′56″W / 34.102222°N 118.332222°W / 34.102222; -118.332222 (Whitley Court) Hollywood Cluster of Dutch Colonial bungalows designed by architect Oliver P. Dennis in 1919 and a two-story Colonial Revival house built in 1903 just north of Hollywood Boulevard 232 Whitley Heights Historic District 000000001982-08-19-0000August 19, 1982 (#82002189) Roughly bounded by Franklin, Highland, Cahuenga, and Fairfield Aves. 34°06′27″N 118°20′03″W / 34.1075°N 118.334167°W / 34.1075; -118.334167 (Whitley Heights Historic District) Hollywood Developed in 1920s in hills above Hollywood; once home to celebrities including Rudolph Valentino, Jean Harlow, Charlie Chaplin, Bette Davis, W.C. Fields and Gloria Swanson 233 Wilmington Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001023) 309 W. Opp St. 34°03′13″N 118°16′06″W / 34.053611°N 118.268333°W / 34.053611; -118.268333 (Wilmington Branch) Wilmington Branch library; built in 1927; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 234 Wilshire Branch 000000001987-05-19-0000May 19, 1987 (#87001024) 149 N. Saint Andrews Pl. 34°04′28″N 118°18′39″W / 34.074444°N 118.310833°W / 34.074444; -118.310833 (Wilshire Branch) Mid-City Branch library; built in 1926; part of the Los Angeles Branch Library System TR 235 Warren Wilson Beach House 000000001986-07-17-0000July 17, 1986 (#86001666) 15 Thirtieth St. 33°58′47″N 118°27′57″W / 33.979722°N 118.465833°W / 33.979722; -118.465833 (Warren Wilson Beach House) Venice 236 Westlake Theatre More images 000000002010-01-07-0000January 7, 2010 (#09001200) 634-642 S. Alvarado St. 34°03′30″N 118°16′32″W / 34.058464°N 118.275536°W / 34.058464; -118.275536 (Westlake Theatre) Westlake Designed by architect Richard M. Bates in the Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival style, updated by architect S. Charles Lee. Extant mural by Anthony Heinsbergen, rooftop neon sign.[15] 237 Wilton Historic District 000000001979-07-24-0000July 24, 1979 (#79000490) S. Wilton Pl., S. Wilton Dr., and Ridgewood Pl. 34°04′16″N 118°18′47″W / 34.071111°N 118.313056°W / 34.071111; -118.313056 (Wilton Historic District) Mid-City 238 Woman's Club of Hollywood Upload image 000000002016-12-27-0000December 27, 2016 (#16000883) 1741-1749 N. La Brea Ave. 34°06′10″N 118°20′45″W / 34.102861°N 118.345730°W / 34.102861; -118.345730 (Woman's Club of Hollywood) 239 Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock 000000002013-07-30-0000July 30, 2013 (#13000551) 5105 Hermosa Ave. 34°08′22″N 118°12′27″W / 34.139523°N 118.207539°W / 34.139523; -118.207539 (Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock) Eagle Rock 240 Yamashiro Historic District 000000002012-09-25-0000September 25, 2012 (#12000811) 1999 N. Sycamore St. 34°06′17″N 118°20′32″W / 34.10484°N 118.342229°W / 34.10484; -118.342229 (Yamashiro Historic District) Hollywood Heights Built in 1914 by brothers Charles and Adolph Bernheimer to house their collection of Japanese art 241 Young's Market Company Building 000000002004-06-15-0000June 15, 2004 (#04000595) 1610 W. Seventh St. 34°03′14″N 118°16′14″W / 34.053889°N 118.270556°W / 34.053889; -118.270556 (Young's Market Company Building) Westlake Built in 1920s as a market & office building with marble columns and terra cotta frieze; converted into lofts 242 Ziegler Estate 000000002002-06-27-0000June 27, 2002 (#02000679) 4601 N. Figueroa Blvd. 34°05′55″N 118°12′16″W / 34.098611°N 118.204444°W / 34.098611; -118.204444 (Ziegler Estate) Highland Park

Former listings[edit] [8] Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location Neighborhood Summary 1 Mission San Fernando Rey de España More images 000000001971-01-01-00001971 (#71001076) 000000001974-01-01-00001974 15151 San Fernando Mission Blvd. Mission Hills Destroyed by the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, and was completely rebuilt. Not to be confused with the Convento co-located at the site, which was listed on the Register in 1988. 2 Pan-Pacific Auditorium More images 000000001978-06-16-0000June 16, 1978 (#78000688) 000000001989-09-27-0000September 27, 1989 7600 W. Beverly Blvd. Fairfax Destroyed by fire May 24, 1989

See also[edit] Wikimedia Commons has media related to National Register of Historic Places in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles portal List of National Historic Landmarks in California National Register of Historic Places listings in California California Historical Landmarks in Los Angeles County, California

References[edit] ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For about 1% of NRIS original coordinates, experience has shown that one or both coordinates are typos or otherwise extremely far off; some corrections may have been made. A more subtle problem causes many locations to be off by up to 150 yards, depending on location in the country: most NRIS coordinates were derived from tracing out latitude and longitudes off of USGS topographical quadrant maps created under the North American Datum of 1927, which differs from the current, highly accurate WGS84 GPS system used by most on-line maps. Chicago is about right, but NRIS longitudes in Washington are higher by about 4.5 seconds, and are lower by about 2.0 seconds in Maine. Latitudes differ by about 1.0 second in Florida. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards. ^ Searching for listings in Los Angeles in the National Register Focus database returns a different count because it includes boundary adjustments to historic districts and only includes listings through March 2010. ^ "Los Angeles Plaza Historic District". National Park Service.  ^ The two ships still in Los Angeles are the SS Lane Victory and the Ralph J. Scott. The SS Catalina is also listed, but was scrapped in 2009. ^ The Los Angeles Branch Library System TR Multiple Property Submission nomination explains 22 branch libraries but one, the University Branch, appears not to have been listed. ^ Rail transportation sites include: Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal, Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Steam Locomotive No. 3751, Santa Fe Freight Depot, Streetcar Depot and Subway Terminal Building. ^ "National Register of Historic Places: Weekly List Actions". National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior. Retrieved on March 9, 2018. ^ a b Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects. ^ National Park Service (2008-04-24). "National Register Information System". National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service.  ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number. ^ Geocode coordinates derived from NRHP nomination form. ^ Geocode coordinates derived from NRHP nomination form. ^ ^ "Weekly list of actions taken on properties: 10/22/12 through 10/27/12". National Park Service. November 2, 2012. Retrieved November 4, 2012.  ^ Office of Historic Resources, Newsletter, April 2010.

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EnlargeNational Register Of Historic PlacesLos Angeles, CaliforniaNational Historic LandmarkNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Los Angeles County, CaliforniaArroyo Seco ParkwayRómulo Pico AdobeMission Hills, Los AngelesLa Iglesia De Nuestra Señora Reina De Los AngelesAvila AdobeOlvera StreetLos Angeles Public LibraryWarner Bros.Hangar One (Los Angeles, California)Portal Of The Folded Wings Shrine To AviationVictory ShipSan Pedro, Los AngelesChatsworth, Los AngelesSan Fernando ValleyPacific Palisades, CaliforniaHighland Park, Los AngelesHollywoodWest Adams, Los AngelesOld Stagecoach TrailPoint Fermin LightNational Park Service27th Street Historic District27th Street Historic DistrictCommons:Category:27th Street Historic DistrictSouth Los AngelesMultiple Property Submission52nd Place Historic District52nd Place Historic DistrictSouth Los AngelesShrine AuditoriumAl Malaikah TempleCommons:Category:Shrine AuditoriumUniversity Park, Los AngelesAlvarado Terrace Historic DistrictAlvarado Terrace Historic DistrictCommons:Category:Alvarado Terrace Historic DistrictPico-Union, Los AngelesAmerican Trona Corporation BuildingSan Pedro, Los AngelesSan Pedro, Los AngelesPotashAndalusia (Los Angeles, California)AndalusiaCommons:Category:Andalusia (Los Angeles)HollywoodHollywoodAngels FlightAngels Flight RailwayCommons:Category:Angels FlightDowntown Los AngelesFunicularAngeles Mesa Branch Library, Los AngelesAngelus Mesa BranchCrenshaw, Los AngelesMultiple Property SubmissionAngelus Funeral HomeSouth Los AngelesAngelus TempleAngelus TempleCommons:Category:Angelus TempleEcho Park, Los AngelesAimee Semple McPhersonInternational Church Of The Foursquare GospelArroyo Seco ParkwayArroyo Seco Parkway Historic DistrictCommons:Category:Arroyo Seco ParkwayCA 110Four Level InterchangeDowntown Los AngelesPasadena, CaliforniaSanta Fe 3751Atchison, Topeka, And Santa Fe Railway Steam Locomotive No. 3751Commons:Category:Atchison, Topeka And Santa Fe Railway 3751Skid Row, Los AngelesAvenel Cooperative Housing ProjectAvenel Cooperative Housing ProjectSilver Lake, Los AngelesGregory AinSilver Lake, Los AngelesVillage Green (Los Angeles)Baldwin Hills VillageCommons:Category:Village Green (Los Angeles)Baldwin Hills, Los AngelesBanning HouseBanning HouseWilmington, Los AngelesWilmington, Los AngelesHollyhock HouseAline Barnsdall ComplexCommons:Category:Hollyhock HouseLittle Armenia, Los AngelesFrank Lloyd WrightBattery John Barlow And SaxtonSan Pedro, Los AngelesFort MacArthurBattery Osgood-FarleyBattery Osgood-FarleySan Pedro, Los AngelesSusana Machado Bernard House And BarnSusana Machado Bernard House And BarnPico-Union, Los AngelesGothic Revival ArchitecturePico UnionThe ParkinsonsLos Angeles Board Of Trade BuildingBoard Of Trade BuildingCommons:Category:Los Angeles Board Of Trade BuildingDowntown Los AngelesBeaux-Arts ArchitectureHigh-riseClaud BeelmanBolton Hall (California)Bolton HallSunland-Tujunga, Los AngelesWilshire Park, Los AngelesBoyle Hotel – Cummings BlockBoyle Hotel – Cummings BlockBoyle Heights, Los AngelesBradbury BuildingBradbury BuildingCommons:Category:Bradbury Building, Los AngelesDowntown Los AngelesBradbury House (Los Angeles, California)Bradbury HousePacific Palisades, Los AngelesThe Bricker BuildingThe Bricker BuildingEast Hollywood, Los AngelesEugene W. Britt HouseEugene W. Britt HouseWest Adams, Los AngelesColonial Revival ArchitectureWest Adams, Los AngelesLA84 FoundationBroadway Theater And Commercial DistrictBroadway Theater And Commercial DistrictDowntown Los AngelesMovie PalaceBrockman BuildingBrockman Building And New York Cloak And Suit House (annex)Downtown Los AngelesBrockman BuildingBottega LouieBryson Apartment HotelBryson Apartment HotelCommons:Category:Bryson Apartment Hotel (Los Angeles)Mid-City, Los AngelesRaymond ChandlerFilm NoirBuilding At 816 South Grand AvenueBuilding At 816 South Grand AvenueDowntown Los AngelesParking GarageClaud BeelmanBullock's Wilshire BuildingBullock's Wilshire BuildingCommons:Category:Bullocks WilshireMid-City, Los AngelesRalph J. Bunche HouseRalph J. Bunche HouseSouth Los AngelesNobel Peace PrizeRalph BuncheBungalow Court At 1516 N. Serrano AvenueEast Hollywood, Los AngelesBungalow Court At 1544 N. Serrano AvenueEast Hollywood, Los AngelesBungalow Court At 1554 N. Serrano AvenueEast Hollywood, Los AngelesBungalow Court At 1721 N. Kingsley DriveLos Feliz, Los AngelesCahuenga BranchCahuenga BranchCommons:Category:Cahuenga BranchEast Hollywood, Los AngelesThe California ClubThe California ClubDowntown Los AngelesCampo De CahuengaCampo De CahuengaCommons:Category:Campo De CahuengaUniversal City, CaliforniaTreaty Of CahuengaHollywood HillsJohn LautnerCarroll AvenueCarroll Avenue, 1300 BlockCommons:Category:Carroll AvenueAngelino Heights, Los AngelesCasa De RosasCasa De RosasWest Adams, Los AngelesDianeticsCase Study House No. 1North Hollywood, Los AngelesCase Study HousesPacific Palisades, Los AngelesCase Study HousesBel Air, Los AngelesCase Study HousesPacific Palisades, Los AngelesCase Study HousesBailey House – Case Study HouseCase Study House No. 21Commons:Category:Case Study House 21Beverly Crest, Los AngelesCase Study HousesStahl HouseCase Study House No. 22Commons:Category:Case Study House 22Hollywood Hills, Los AngelesCase Study HousesSS CatalinaS.S. CatalinaSan Pedro, CaliforniaSteamboatSanta Catalina Island, CaliforniaEnsenada, Baja CaliforniaWadsworth ChapelCatholic-Protestant Chapels, Veterans Administration CenterCommons:Category:Wadsworth ChapelWest Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCentinela AdobeCentinela AdobeCommons:Category:Centinela AdobeWestchester, Los AngelesDaniel FreemanChateau CollineChateau CollineWestwood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLead GlassTurretMary Andrews Clark Memorial HomeMary Andrews Clark Memorial HomeWestlake, Los Angeles, CaliforniaYWCA USAWilliam A. ClarkCongregation B'nai B'rithCongregation B'nai B'rithCommons:Category:Wilshire Boulevard TempleMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaBreed Street ShulCongregation Talmud Torah Of Los AngelesCommons:Category:Breed Street ShulBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCrossroads Of The WorldCrossroads Of The WorldHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaRichard Henry Dana BranchRichard Henry Dana BranchCypress Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles Public LibraryFelipe De Neve BranchFelipe De Neve BranchMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaDrum BarracksDrum BarracksWilmington, Los Angeles, CaliforniaEagle Rock Branch LibraryEagle Rock Branch LibraryEagle Rock, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCarnegie LibraryEames HouseEames HouseCommons:Category:Eames HousePacific Palisades, CaliforniaCharles And Ray EamesEbell Of Los AngelesEbell Of Los AngelesMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaJudy GarlandAmelia EarhartEl CabrilloEl CabrilloCommons:Category:El CabrilloHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCecil B. DeMilleEl Greco ApartmentsEl Greco ApartmentsFairfax District, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWestwood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFairfax District, Los Angeles, CaliforniaErich Von StroheimMichael CurtizJoel McCreaVenice, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles Fire Department Museum And MemorialEngine Co. No. 27Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaEngine Company No. 28Engine Company No. 28Commons:Category:Engine Company No. 28 (Los Angeles)Downtown Los AngelesEngine House No. 18 (Los Angeles, California)Engine House No. 18Commons:Category:Engine House No. 18 (Los Angeles, California)West Adams, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMission Revival Style ArchitectureThe ParkinsonsEnnis HouseEnnis HouseCommons:Category:Ennis HouseLos Feliz, Los Angeles, CaliforniaOld Warner Brothers StudioExecutive Office Building, Old Warner Brothers StudioCommons:Category:Sunset Bronson StudiosHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Jazz SingerExposition Park Rose GardenExposition Park Rose GardenCommons:Category:Exposition Park Rose GardenExposition Park, Los AngelesFederal Reserve Bank Of San Francisco, Los Angeles BranchFederal Reserve Bank Of San FranciscoCommons:Category:Federal Reserve Bank Building (Los Angeles)Downtown Los AngelesThe ParkinsonsFire Station No. 14 (Los Angeles, California)Fire Station No. 14South Los AngelesFire Station No. 23 (Los Angeles, California)Fire Station No. 23Downtown Los AngelesGhostbustersThe Mask (film)FlatlinersFire Station No. 30, Engine Company No. 30Fire Station No. 30-Engine Company No. 30Downtown Los AngelesSamuel Freeman HouseSamuel Freeman HouseCommons:Category:Samuel Freeman HouseHollywoodFrank Lloyd WrightForsythe Memorial School For GirlsBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFort MacArthur500 Varas Square-Government ReserveSan Pedro, Los AngelesJohn C. Fremont Branch Library, Los AngelesJohn C. Fremont BranchHollywoodFriday Morning ClubFriday Morning ClubCommons:Category:Friday Morning ClubDowntown Los AngelesGarbutt HouseGarbutt HouseSilver Lake, Los AngelesGarment Capitol BuildingGarment Capitol BuildingCommons:Category:Garment Capitol BuildingDowntown Los AngelesGarfield Building (Los Angeles, California)Garfield BuildingDowntown Los AngelesClaud BeelmanGeneral Petroleum BuildingGeneral Petroleum BuildingDowntown Los AngelesGerry BuildingGerry BuildingDowntown Los AngelesStreamline ModernFashion District, Los Angeles, CaliforniaGlassell Park Elementary SchoolGlassell Park Elementary SchoolGlassell Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaGolden Gate TheaterGolden Gate TheaterCommons:Category:Golden Gate Theater (Los Angeles)East Los Angeles, CaliforniaGolden State Mutual Life Insurance Building (1928)Golden State Mutual Life Insurance BuildingSouth Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CaliforniaGranada Shoppes And StudiosGranada Shoppes And StudiosCommons:Category:Granada Shoppes And Studios (Los Angeles)Mid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaGreat Wall Of Los AngelesGuaranty Building (Hollywood, California)Guaranty BuildingHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaBeaux-Arts ArchitectureHollywood BoulevardEdward Alexander Kelley Hackett HouseEdward Alexander Kelley Hackett HousePico-Union, Los Angeles, CaliforniaAmerican CraftsmanHale HouseHale HouseCommons:Category:Hale HouseHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaVictorian HouseHeritage Square MuseumHalifax ApartmentsHalifax ApartmentsCommons:Category:Halifax ApartmentsHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHangar One (Los Angeles, California)Hangar OneWestchester, Los AngelesWillis Harpel HouseHeinsbergen Decorating Company BuildingHeinsbergen Decorating Company BuildingMid-WilshireAnthony HeinsbergenHighland Park Masonic TempleHighland Park Masonic TempleHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHighland Park Police StationHighland Park Police StationCommons:Category:Highland Park Police StationHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHighland-Camrose Bungalow VillageHighland-Camrose Bungalow VillageHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaAmerican CraftsmanHollywood, CaliforniaHollywood BowlHollywood BoulevardHollywood Boulevard Commercial And Entertainment DistrictHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood Forever CemeteryHollywood CemeteryHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood High SchoolHollywood High School Historic DistrictHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood Masonic TempleHollywood Masonic TempleHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood Melrose HotelHollywood Melrose HotelHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood PalladiumHollywood PalladiumCommons:Category:Hollywood PalladiumHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood Studio ClubHollywood Studio ClubHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMarilyn MonroeAyn RandDonna ReedKim NovakShelley WintersRita MorenoBarbara EdenSharon TateHollywood Western BuildingThe Hollywood Western BuildingCommons:Category:Hollywood Western BuildingHolmes-Shannon HouseHolmes-Shannon HouseVictoria Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHotel ChancellorHotel ChancellorMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHotel Rosslyn AnnexHotel Rosslyn AnnexCommons:Category:Hotel Rosslyn AnnexDowntown Los AngelesWashington Irving BranchWashington Irving BranchArlington Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHelen Hunt Jackson BranchHelen Hunt Jackson BranchSouth Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CaliforniaJardinette ApartmentsJardinette ApartmentsCommons:Category:Jardinette ApartmentsHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaModernistJefferson Branch Library, Los AngelesJefferson BranchJefferson Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaJudson StudiosJudson StudiosCommons:Category:Judson StudiosGarvanza, Los Angeles, CaliforniaKerckoff Building And AnnexDowntown Los AngelesGeorge R. Kress HouseBenedict Canyon, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLa Belle TourLa Belle TourHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSS Lane VictoryLane VictoryCommons:Category:Lane Victory (ship, 1945)San Pedro, CaliforniaVictory ShipMuseum ShipLasky-DeMille BarnLasky-DeMille BarnCommons:Category:Cecil B. DeMille Studio BarnHollywood, CaliforniaLincoln Heights BranchLincoln Heights BranchLincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaAndrew CarnegieLincoln Place ApartmentsLincoln Place ApartmentsCommons:Category:Lincoln Place Apartment HomesVenice, Los AngelesGarden City MovementWorld War IILincoln Theater (Los Angeles, California)Lincoln TheaterSouth Los AngelesLittle Tokyo, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLittle Tokyo Historic DistrictCommons:Category:Little Tokyo, Los AngelesDowntown Los AngelesLos Altos ApartmentsLos Altos ApartmentsCommons:Category:Los Altos ApartmentsMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles Central LibraryLos Angeles Central LibraryCommons:Category:Los Angeles Central LibraryDowntown Los AngelesLos Angeles Harbor LightLos Angeles Harbor Light StationSan Pedro, CaliforniaLos Angeles Memorial ColiseumLos Angeles Memorial ColiseumCommons:Category:Los Angeles Memorial ColiseumExposition Park, Los AngelesLos Angeles Nurses' ClubLos Angeles Nurses' ClubLos Angeles, CaliforniaIvy SubstationLos Angeles Pacific Company Ivy Park SubstationPalms, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles Plaza Historic DistrictLos Angeles Plaza Historic DistrictCommons:Category:Los Angeles Plaza Historic DistrictDowntown Los AngelesLos Angeles Union Passenger TerminalLos Angeles Union Passenger TerminalCommons:Category:Union Station (Los Angeles)Downtown Los AngelesLovell HouseLovell HouseCommons:Category:Lovell HouseLos Feliz, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLummis HouseLummis HouseCommons:Category:Lummis HouseHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaCharles Fletcher LummisMachell-Seaman HouseMachell-Seaman HouseWest Adams, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMalabar BranchMalabar BranchBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMcCarty Memorial Christian ChurchMcCarty Memorial Christian ChurchWest Adams, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMemorial BranchMemorial BranchLos Angeles, CaliforniaJudson StudiosMenlo Avenue-West Twenty-ninth Street Historic DistrictMenlo Avenue-West Twenty-ninth Street Historic DistrictWest Adams, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMiller And Herriott HouseMiller And Herriott HouseCommons:Category:Miller And Herriott HouseUniversity Park, Los AngelesVictorian HouseNorth University Park Historic DistrictMillion Dollar TheaterMillion Dollar TheaterCommons:Category:Million Dollar Theatre (Los Angeles)Downtown Los AngelesConvento Building (Mission San Fernando)Mission San Fernando Rey De Convento BuildingMission Hills, Los Angeles, CaliforniaAdobeSpanish Missions In CaliforniaMoneta BranchMoneta BranchSouth Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CaliforniaJunipero SerraMontecito ApartmentsMontecito ApartmentsCommons:Category:Montecito Apartments (Los Angeles, California)Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrederick Mitchell Mooers HouseFrederick Mitchell Mooers HouseCommons:Category:Frederick Mitchell Mooers House (Los Angeles)Westlake, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMojave DesertMount Pleasant House (California)Mount Pleasant HouseHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaJohn Muir Branch Library, Los AngelesJohn Muir BranchSouth Los AngelesMunicipal Warehouse No. 1Municipal Warehouse No. 1San Pedro, CaliforniaNatural History Museum Of Los Angeles CountyNatural History MuseumCommons:Category:Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles CountyExposition Park, Los AngelesNeutra Office BuildingNeutra Office BuildingSilver Lake, Los Angeles, CaliforniaRichard NeutraRichard And Dion Neutra VDL Research House IIRichard And Dion Neutra VDL Research House IICommons:Category:Neutra VDL Studio And ResidencesSilver Lake, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNorth Hollywood BranchNorth Hollywood BranchNorth Hollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNorth University Park Historic DistrictNorth University Park Historic DistrictUniversity Park, Los AngelesOld Stagecoach TrailOld Santa Susana Stage RoadChatsworth, CaliforniaSanta Susana MountainsSan Fernando ValleyVentura CountyJames Oviatt BuildingJames Oviatt BuildingDowntown Los AngelesPacific Electric BuildingPacific Electric BuildingDowntown Los AngelesMinnie Hill Palmer HouseMinnie Hill Palmer HouseChatsworth, CaliforniaSan Fernando ValleyPellissier BuildingPellissier BuildingCommons:Category:Wiltern Theatre (Los Angeles)Mid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaPetitfils-Boos HousePetitfils-Boos HouseMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaRómulo Pico AdobeRomulo Pico AdobeCommons:Category:Rómulo Pico AdobeMission Hills, Los Angeles, CaliforniaPisgah Home Historic DistrictPisgah Home Historic DistrictHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaPentecostalPlaza SubstationPlaza SubstationDowntown Los AngelesLos Angeles RailwayPoint Fermin LightPoint Fermin LighthouseSan Pedro, CaliforniaPortal Of The Folded Wings Shrine To AviationPortal Of The Folded Wings Shrine To Aviation And MuseumCommons:Category:Portal Of The Folded Wings Shrine To AviationNorth Hollywood, CaliforniaPrince Hall Masonic Temple (Los Angeles, California)Prince Hall Masonic TempleSouth Los AngelesPrince Hall MasonryRalph J. Scott (fireboat)Ralph J. ScottCommons:Category:Ralph J. Scott (ship, 1925)San Pedro, CaliforniaRalphs Grocery Store (Los Angeles, California)Ralphs Grocery StoreWestwood, CaliforniaWestwood Village, Los Angeles, CaliforniaAnsel AdamsRamsay-Durfee EstateRamsay-Durfee EstateCommons:Category:Ramsay-Durfee EstateAdams-Normandie, Los AngelesTudorbethan ArchitectureFrederick RoehrigBrothers Hospitallers Of St. John Of GodRancho El EncinoRancho El EncinoCommons:Category:Rancho Los EncinosEncino, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFrederick Hastings Rindge HouseFrederick Hastings Rindge HouseCommons:Category:Frederick Hastings Rindge HouseAdams-Normandie, Los AngelesWill Rogers State Historic ParkWill Rogers HousePacific Palisades, CaliforniaRoosevelt BuildingRoosevelt BuildingDowntown Los AngelesSt. Andrews Bungalow CourtSt. Andrews Bungalow CourtHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSt. James Park Historic DistrictSt. James Park Historic DistrictUniversity Park, Los AngelesSt. John's Cathedral, Los AngelesSt. John's Episcopal ChurchCommons:Category:St. John's Cathedral, Los AngelesUniversity Park, Los AngelesSan Fernando BuildingThe San Fernando BuildingDowntown Los AngelesRenaissance RevivalSan Pedro Municipal Ferry BuildingSan Pedro Municipal Ferry BuildingSan Pedro, CaliforniaLinda Vista HospitalSanta Fe Coast Lines HospitalCommons:Category:Linda Vista Community HospitalBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSanta Fe RailroadSanta Fe Freight DepotSanta Fe Freight DepotDowntown Los AngelesEmpire State BuildingSears, Roebuck & Company Mail Order Building (Los Angeles, California)Sears, Roebuck & Company Mail Order BuildingBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSecond Baptist Church (Los Angeles, California)Second Baptist ChurchSouth Los AngelesMartin Luther King, Jr.Malcolm XSecond Church Of Christ, Scientist (Los Angeles, California)Second Church Of Christ, ScientistCommons:Category:Second Church Of Christ, Scientist (Los Angeles)University Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSecurity Trust And SavingsSecurity Trust And SavingsHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSecurity-First National Bank Of Los AngelesMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSmith Estate (Los Angeles, California)Smith EstateCommons:Category:Smith Estate, Highland ParkHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSpider BabyDunbar HotelSomerville HotelCommons:Category:Dunbar HotelSouth Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSouth Bonnie Brae Tract Historic DistrictSouth Bonnie Brae Tract Historic DistrictCommons:Category:South Bonnie Brae Tract Historic DistrictPico Union, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSouth Serrano Avenue Historic DistrictSouth Serrano Avenue Historic DistrictCommons:Category:South Serrano Avenue Historic DistrictMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSouthern California Gas Company ComplexSouthern California Gas Company ComplexDowntown Los AngelesSouthwest MuseumSouthwest MuseumMt. Washington, Los Angeles, CaliforniaJohn Sowden HouseJohn Sowden HouseLos Feliz, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLloyd WrightSpring Street Financial DistrictSpring Street Financial DistrictDowntown Los AngelesWall Street Of The WestRobert Louis Stevenson Branch Library, Los AngelesRobert Louis Stevenson BranchBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaStimson HouseStimson HouseCommons:Category:Stimson HouseUniversity Park, Los AngelesStorer House (Los Angeles, California)Storer HouseCommons:Category:Storer House (Los Angeles)Hollywood HillsFrank Lloyd WrightStrathmore ApartmentsStrathmore ApartmentsWestwood, Los AngelesStreetcar Depot, West Los AngelesStreetcar DepotWest Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CaliforniaSubway Terminal BuildingSubway Terminal BuildingCommons:Category:Metro 417Downtown Los AngelesSuperior Oil Company BuildingSuperior Oil Company BuildingDowntown Los AngelesTextile Center BuildingTextile Center BuildingDowntown Los AngelesFashion District, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFlorence CaslerTitle Guarantee And Trust Company BuildingTitle Guarantee And Trust Company BuildingCommons:Category:Title Guarantee And Trust Company BuildingDowntown Los AngelesArt DecoPershing Square (Los Angeles)The ParkinsonsC.E. Toberman EstateC.E. Toberman EstateHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMission Revival Style ArchitectureVincent ChaseHBOEntourage (U.S. TV Series)The Town House (Los Angeles, California)The Town HouseCommons:Category:The Town House (Los Angeles, California)Mid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaTwentieth Street Historic DistrictTwentieth Street Historic DistrictUniversity Park, Los Angeles28th Street YMCATwenty-eighth Street YMCASouth Los AngelesU.S. Court House (Los Angeles)US Court House And Post OfficeCommons:Category:United States Courthouse (Los Angeles, California)Downtown Los AngelesNational Historic LandmarkU.S. Post Office (Hollywood, California)US Post Office-Hollywood StationCommons:Category:U.S. Post Office – Hollywood StationHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaClaud BeelmanTerminal AnnexUS Post Office-Los Angeles Terminal AnnexCommons:Category:United States Post Office – Los Angeles Terminal AnnexDowntown Los AngelesMission Revival Style ArchitectureGilbert Stanley UnderwoodU.S. Post Office (San Pedro, California)US Post Office-San Pedro MainCommons:Category:San Pedro Post Office (Los Angeles)San Pedro, CaliforniaUniversity Of Southern CaliforniaUniversity Of Southern California Historic DistrictCommons:Category:University Of Southern California BuildingsUniversity Park, Los AngelesVan Buren Place Historic DistrictVan Buren Place Historic DistrictCommons:Category:Van Buren Place Historic DistrictAdams-Normandie, Los AngelesVan Nuys BranchVan Nuys BranchVan Nuys, Los Angeles, CaliforniaVenice BranchVenice BranchVenice, CaliforniaVenice Canal Historic DistrictVenice Canal Historic DistrictCommons:Category:Venice Canals, CaliforniaVenice, CaliforniaVenice Of America HouseVenice Of America HouseVenice, CaliforniaVermont Square BranchVermont Square BranchSouth Los AngelesCarnegie LibraryVilla BonitaVilla BonitaHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWarner Grand TheatreWarner Brothers TheatreSan Pedro, CaliforniaWatts StationWatts StationCommons:Category:Watts StationWatts, Los Angeles, CaliforniaPacific Electric RailwayWatts RiotsWatts TowersWatts Towers Of Simon RodiaCommons:Category:Watts TowersWatts, Los Angeles, CaliforniaFound ArtSimon RodiaWest Los AngelesWhitley CourtWhitley CourtHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood BoulevardWhitley Heights, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWhitley Heights Historic DistrictHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaRudolph ValentinoJean HarlowCharlie ChaplinBette DavisW.C. FieldsGloria SwansonWilmington BranchWilmington BranchWilmington, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWilshire BranchWilshire BranchMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWarren Wilson Beach HouseWarren Wilson Beach HouseVenice, CaliforniaWestlake TheatreWestlake TheatreCommons:Category:Westlake TheatreWestlake, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMission Revival Style ArchitectureS. Charles LeeAnthony HeinsbergenWilton Historic DistrictWilton Historic DistrictMid-City, Los Angeles, CaliforniaWomen's Twentieth Century Club Of Eagle RockEagle Rock, Los AngelesYamashiro Historic DistrictYamashiro Historic DistrictHollywood Heights, Los AngelesYoung's Market Company BuildingYoung's Market Company BuildingWestlake, Los Angeles, CaliforniaZiegler EstateZiegler EstateHighland Park, Los Angeles, CaliforniaMission San Fernando Rey De EspañaMission San Fernando Rey De EspañaCommons:Category:Mission San Fernando Rey De España1971 San Fernando EarthquakePan-Pacific AuditoriumPan-Pacific AuditoriumCommons:Category:Pan-Pacific AuditoriumFairfax District, Los Angeles, CaliforniaPortal:Los AngelesList Of National Historic Landmarks In CaliforniaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In CaliforniaCalifornia Historical Landmarks In Los Angeles County, CaliforniaWorld Geodetic SystemSS Lane VictoryRalph J. Scott (fireboat)SS CatalinaLos Angeles Union Passenger TerminalSanta Fe 3751Santa Fe Freight DepotSubway Terminal BuildingUnited States Department Of The InteriorWikipedia:NRHP Colors LegendNational Historic LandmarkHistoric Districts In The United StatesNational Park ServiceNational Register Information SystemNational Park ServiceTemplate:Los AngelesTemplate Talk:Los AngelesLos AngelesHistory Of Los AngelesTimeline Of Los AngelesTransportation In Los AngelesArts And Culture Of Los AngelesList Of Sites Of Interest In The Los Angeles AreaList Of Tallest Buildings In Los AngelesDemographics Of Los AngelesCrime In Los AngelesSports In Los AngelesMedia In Los AngelesMusic Of Los AngelesList Of People From Los AngelesLists Of Los Angeles TopicsFlag Of Los AngelesMayor Of Los AngelesLos Angeles City CouncilPresident Of The Los Angeles City CouncilList Of Elected Officials In Los AngelesLos Angeles International AirportLos Angeles Department Of Water And PowerLos Angeles Fire DepartmentLos Angeles Police DepartmentLos Angeles Unified School DistrictLos Angeles Public LibraryPort Of Los AngelesLos Angeles Department Of TransportationList Of Districts And Neighborhoods Of Los AngelesCrescenta ValleyDowntown Los AngelesEast Los Angeles (region)Harbor AreaGreater Hollywood, Los AngelesNortheast Los AngelesNorthwest Los AngelesSan Fernando ValleySouth Los AngelesWestside (Los Angeles County)Wilshire, Los AngelesMid-City West, Los AngelesMid-Wilshire, Los AngelesTemplate:National Register Of Historic PlacesTemplate Talk:National Register Of Historic PlacesNational Register Of Historic PlacesNational Register Of Historic Places Architectural Style CategoriesContributing PropertyHistoric Districts In The United StatesHistory Of The National Register Of Historic PlacesKeeper Of The RegisterNational Park ServiceNational Register Of Historic Places Property TypesNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In AlabamaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In AlaskaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In ArizonaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In ArkansasNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In CaliforniaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In ColoradoNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In ConnecticutNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In DelawareNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In FloridaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In GeorgiaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In HawaiiNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In IdahoNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In IllinoisNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In IndianaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In IowaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In KansasNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In KentuckyNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In LouisianaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MaineNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MarylandNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MassachusettsNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MichiganNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MinnesotaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MississippiNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MissouriNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In MontanaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In NebraskaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In NevadaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In New HampshireNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In New JerseyNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In New MexicoNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In New YorkNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In North CarolinaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In North DakotaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In OhioNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In OklahomaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In OregonNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In PennsylvaniaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Rhode IslandNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In South CarolinaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In South DakotaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In TennesseeNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In TexasNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In UtahNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In VermontNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In VirginiaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Washington StateNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In West VirginiaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In WisconsinNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In WyomingNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In American SamoaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In GuamNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In The United States Minor Outlying IslandsNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In The Northern Mariana IslandsNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Puerto RicoNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In The United States Virgin IslandsNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In The Federated States Of MicronesiaNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In The Marshall IslandsNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In PalauNational Register Of Historic Places Listings In Washington, D.C.American Legation, TangierPortal:National Register Of Historic PlacesHelp:CategoryCategory:National Register Of Historic Places In Los AngelesCategory:Lists Of National Register Of Historic Places In California By CityCategory:Los Angeles-related ListsCategory:Buildings And Structures On The National Register Of Historic Places In Los AngelesCategory:History Of Los AngelesCategory:Lists Of National Register Of Historic Places By CityCategory:Lists Of CoordinatesCategory:Geographic Coordinate ListsCategory:Articles With 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