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Overview of the Westside's Historic-Cultural Monuments[edit] As a more recently developed section of the city, the Westside initially lagged behind other parts of the city in the designation of HCMs. In the first 20 years of the Cultural Heritage Commission's existence (August 1962 - August 1982), only three buildings (and three trees or groups of trees) on the Westside were designated as Historic-Cultural Monuments. The three buildings so designated are: (1) Rocha House -- (2) Hangar No. 1 -- the first building constructed at the airfield that later became LAX; and (3) the Ivy Park Substation, an electric generating station for the Pacific Electric Railway located on Venice Boulevard in Palms. Although the city's Westside became a center of wealth and architectural innovation in the mid-20th century, it was not until the 1980s that large numbers of buildings on the Westside began to be recognized as Historic-Cultural Monuments.

Listing of the Historic-Cultural Monuments[edit] HCM #[2] Landmark name[3] Image Date designated[3] Locality[3] Neighborhood Description[4] 13 Rocha House 000000001963-01-28-0000January 28, 1963 2400 Shenandoah St. 34°02′22″N 118°23′05″W / 34.03944°N 118.38472°W / 34.03944; -118.38472 (13. Rocha House) South Robertson Residence built in 1865 by Antonio Jose Rocha II on the Rancho Rincon de los Bueyes 19 Moreton Bay Fig Tree 000000001963-05-10-0000May 10, 1963 11000 National Blvd. 34°01′42″N 118°25′33″W / 34.02833°N 118.42583°W / 34.02833; -118.42583 (19. Moreton Bay Fig Tree) Palms Australian fig tree planted in 1875 (See also Santa Barbara's Moreton Bay Fig Tree) 38 Site of Founders Oak 000000001966-06-15-0000June 15, 1966 Haverford Ave. between Sunset Blvd. and Antioch St. Pacific Palisades Coast live oak that played a significant role in founding of Pacific Palisades; cut down in 1975 due to termite infestation 44 (2378) Hangar No. 1 Building 000000001966-11-16-0000November 16, 1966 5701 W. Imperial Hwy. 33°55′54″N 118°22′55″W / 33.93167°N 118.38194°W / 33.93167; -118.38194 (44. Hangar No. 1 Building) Westchester The first structure built at Mines Field (now Los Angeles International Airport) in 1929 148 Coral Trees (Erythrina Caffra) Between 26th & Bringham 000000001976-03-03-0000March 3, 1976 San Vicente Blvd. Brentwood Coral trees planted along San Vicente Blvd. between 26th St. and Bringham Ave. 182 (2347) Ivy Park Substation 000000001978-02-01-0000February 1, 1978 9009-9031 Venice Blvd. 34°01′35″N 118°23′34″W / 34.02639°N 118.39278°W / 34.02639; -118.39278 (182. Ivy Park Substation) Palms Mission Revival electrical substation built in 1907 to provide power for the Los Angeles Pacific Railway 254 Marymount High School (Main Admin. Bldg., Chapel & Auditorium) 000000001982-09-28-0000September 28, 1982 10643 Sunset Blvd. 34°04′30″N 118°26′43″W / 34.07500°N 118.44528°W / 34.07500; -118.44528 (254. Marymount High School) Bel Air Spanish Colonial style school buildings with Mission elements, designed by Ross Montgomery, dedicated in 1932 259 Loyola Theater 000000001982-12-17-0000December 17, 1982 8610 S. Sepulveda Blvd. 33°57′34″N 118°23′45″W / 33.95944°N 118.39583°W / 33.95944; -118.39583 (259. Loyola Theater) Westchester Baroque Moderne style theater designed by Clarence J. Smale, built in 1948; "Its etched glass doors, ticket booth and interior murals are one-of-a-kind," according to the Cultural Heritage Commission. 270 (2370) Venice Canal System 000000001983-07-15-0000July 15, 1983 33°59′04″N 118°27′59″W / 33.98444°N 118.46639°W / 33.98444; -118.46639 (270. Venice Canal System) Venice Man-made canals built in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney as part of his plan to recreate the appearance and feel of Venice, Italy in Southern California. 276 Pacific Palisades Business Block 000000001984-04-24-0000April 24, 1984 15300-15318 Sunset Blvd. 34°02′50″N 118°31′34″W / 34.04722°N 118.52611°W / 34.04722; -118.52611 (276. Pacific Palisades Business Block) Pacific Palisades Former Santa Monica Land & Water Co. Bldg.; Spanish Colonial structure built in 1924, designed by Clifton Nourse 279 Greenacres (Former Harold Lloyd Estate) 000000001984-07-24-0000July 24, 1984 101-121 Marymount Pl., 10643-10685 Sunset Blvd. Bel Air Beverly Hills Home of silent film star Harold Lloyd from 1927 to 1971, estate originally included a 44-room mansion, golf course, and 900-foot (270 m) canoe run on 15 acres (61,000 m2). 318 Holmby House 000000001987-02-03-0000February 3, 1987 1221–1223 Holmby Ave. 34°03′55″N 118°25′46″W / 34.06528°N 118.42944°W / 34.06528; -118.42944 (318. Holmby House) Westwood Eclectic Mediterranean style duplex built in late 1920s 319 The Grove 000000001987-03-11-0000March 11, 1987 10669-10683 Santa Monica Blvd. 34°03′10″N 118°25′51″W / 34.05278°N 118.43083°W / 34.05278; -118.43083 (319. Grove, The) Westwood French Revival cottages in a courtyard setting, designed by Allen Siple 320 Landfair Apartments 000000001987-05-20-0000May 20, 1987 10940-10954 Ophir Dr. 34°04′05″N 118°27′04″W / 34.06806°N 118.45111°W / 34.06806; -118.45111 (320. Landfair Apartments) Westwood International style apartments built in 1937, designed by Richard Neutra 324 The Lindbrook 000000001987-08-14-0000August 14, 1987 10800-10808 Lindbrook Dr. 34°03′38″N 118°26′25″W / 34.06056°N 118.44028°W / 34.06056; -118.44028 (324. Lindbrook, The) Westwood Mediterranean courtyard apartments built in 13 351 Strathmore Apartments 000000001988-04-08-0000April 8, 1988 11005–11013​1⁄2 Strathmore Dr. 34°03′55″N 118°27′03″W / 34.06528°N 118.45083°W / 34.06528; -118.45083 (351. Strathmore Apartments) Westwood International style apartments designed by Richard Neutra, built in 1937 360 (2376) Bratskeller - Egyptian Theater (Ralphs Grocery Store) 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 1142–1154 Westwood Blvd., 10885-10887 Lindbrook Dr. 34°03′35″N 118°26′40″W / 34.05972°N 118.44444°W / 34.05972; -118.44444 (360. Bratskeller - Egyptian Theater (Ralphs Grocery Store)) Westwood Mediterranean building, originally a grocery store, was one of the original buildings in Westwood Village, built in 1929 361 Fox Bruin Theater 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 926-950 Broxton Ave. 34°03′45″N 118°26′48″W / 34.06250°N 118.44667°W / 34.06250; -118.44667 (361. Fox Bruin Theater) Westwood Movie palace with Streamline Moderne marquee designed by noted architect, S. Charles Lee 362 Fox Village Theater 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 945 Broxton Ave. 34°03′45″N 118°26′50″W / 34.06250°N 118.44722°W / 34.06250; -118.44722 (362. Fox Village Theater) Westwood First movie theater in Westwood Village, built in 1931, designed in Spanish Colonial Revival style by P.P. Lewis 363 Gayley Terrace 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 959 Gayley Ave. 34°03′43″N 118°26′54″W / 34.06194°N 118.44833°W / 34.06194; -118.44833 (363. Gayley Terrace) Westwood Spanish Colonial Revival apartments built in 1940, designed by Laurence B. Clapp 364 Janss Investment Company Building 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 1045–1099 Westwood Blvd. 34°03′40″N 118°26′44″W / 34.06111°N 118.44556°W / 34.06111; -118.44556 (364. Janss Investment Company Building) Westwood Classical style domed structure built in 1929, dome is a Westwood landmark 365 Kelton Apartments 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 644-648 Kelton Ave. 34°03′55″N 118°27′09″W / 34.06528°N 118.45250°W / 34.06528; -118.45250 (365. Kelton Apartments) Westwood International style apartments built in 1941, designed by Richard Neutra 367 Sheats Apartments 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 10919 Strathmore Dr. 34°04′04″N 118°26′58″W / 34.06778°N 118.44944°W / 34.06778; -118.44944 (367. Sheets Apartments) Westwood Futurist apartment building designed by John Lautner, built in 1949 368 Elkay Apartments 000000001988-06-21-0000June 21, 1988 638-642 Kelton Ave. 34°03′55″N 118°27′10″W / 34.06528°N 118.45278°W / 34.06528; -118.45278 (368. Elkay Apartments) Westwood International style apartment building designed by Richard Neutra, built in 1948 381 The Eames House (Studio and Grounds) (Case Study House #8) 000000001988-07-15-0000July 15, 1988 203 Chautauqua Blvd. 34°01′48″N 118°31′07″W / 34.03000°N 118.51861°W / 34.03000; -118.51861 (381. Eames House) Pacific Palisades Landmark of mid-20th century modern architecture, built in 1949 by design pioneers Charles and Ray (Kaiser) Eames, as their home and studio. 387 Gas Station 000000001988-09-02-0000September 2, 1988 110 S. Barrington Ave. 34°03′55″N 118°28′11″W / 34.06528°N 118.46972°W / 34.06528; -118.46972 (387. Gas Station) Brentwood Spanish Colonial style gas station built in 1939, designed by Raymond A. Stockdale 440 Eastern Star Home (including Front Grounds and Courtyard) 000000001989-05-16-0000May 16, 1989 11725 Sunset Blvd. 34°03′54″N 118°28′17″W / 34.06500°N 118.47139°W / 34.06500; -118.47139 (440. Eastern Star Home) Brentwood Spanish Colonial Revival home built in 1931, designed by William Mooser and Co. of San Francisco 446 Courtyard Apartment Complex 000000001989-09-01-0000September 1, 1989 10830 Lindbrook Dr. 34°03′37″N 118°26′29″W / 34.06028°N 118.44139°W / 34.06028; -118.44139 (446. Courtyard Apartment Complex) Westwood Spanish Colonial apartments built in 1936, designed by Frederick Clark 447 Courtyard Apartment Complex 000000001989-09-01-0000September 1, 1989 10836-10840 Lindbrook Dr. 34°03′37″N 118°26′32″W / 34.06028°N 118.44222°W / 34.06028; -118.44222 (447. Courtyard Apartment Complex) Westwood Monterey Revival apartments built in 1935, part of the planned architecture for Westwood Village 465 Sycamore Trees 000000001989-10-27-0000October 27, 1989 Bienvenida Ave. 51 sycamore trees planted in 1926 south of Sunset Blvd. to the cul-de-sac 485 Nicolosi Estate 000000001990-04-06-0000April 6, 1990 414 Saint Pierre Rd. Bel Air Mediterranean Revival mansion designed by Paul Williams in 1931, grounds include 300-foot (91 m) serpentine swimming pool 490 SA ANGNA 000000001990-05-01-0000May 1, 1990 4231-4363 S. Lincoln Blvd. Marina del Rey Site was a major village and burial ground, c. 1540, of Gabrielino Indians 506 Tischler Residence 000000001990-10-09-0000October 9, 1990 175 Greenfield Ave. 34°04′21″N 118°27′23″W / 34.07250°N 118.45639°W / 34.07250; -118.45639 (506. Tischler Residence) Westwood International Modern style house built in 1950, designed by Rudolf Schindler 530 John Entenza House (Case Study House) 000000001991-04-30-0000April 30, 1991 205 Chautanqua Blvd. 34°01′47″N 118°31′07″W / 34.02972°N 118.51861°W / 34.02972; -118.51861 (530. Entenza, John, House) Pacific Palisades International Modern style home build in 1949, a collaboration between Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen 532 Venice Arcades (including Columns and Capitals) 000000001991-04-23-0000April 23, 1991 67-71 Windward Ave. 33°59′15″N 118°28′21″W / 33.98750°N 118.47250°W / 33.98750; -118.47250 (532. Venice Arcades) Venice Built in 1904 as part of Abbot Kinney's "Venice of America" 547 Camp Joseph Malibu Lodge 000000001991-10-02-0000October 2, 1991 3000 Rustic Canyon Rd. 34°03′03″N 118°30′35″W / 34.05083°N 118.50972°W / 34.05083; -118.50972 (547. Camp Joseph Malibu Lodge) Pacific Palisades American Craftsman lodge built in 1941 for the Boy Scouts 570 Airport Theme Building 000000001993-12-18-0000December 18, 1993 201 Center Way 33°56′39″N 118°24′09″W / 33.94417°N 118.40250°W / 33.94417; -118.40250 (570. Airport Theme Building) Westchester Landmark space-age structure at LAX built in 1961 with intersecting parabolic arches supporting a disc-shaped restaurant pod 577 Sturges House 000000001993-05-25-0000May 25, 1993 441-449 Skyewiay Rd. 34°04′00″N 118°28′52″W / 34.06667°N 118.48111°W / 34.06667; -118.48111 (577. Sturges, George, House) Brentwood One-story home designed in 1939 by Frank Lloyd Wright, the only "Usonian" Wright structure in Southern California 589 Feuchtwanger House - Villa Aurora 000000001994-02-02-0000February 2, 1994 520 Paseo Miramar 34°02′46″N 118°33′21″W / 34.04611°N 118.55583°W / 34.04611; -118.55583 (589. Feuchtwanger House - Villa Aurora) Pacific Palisades Spanish Colonial Revival house built in 1928 for Lion Feuchtwanger; housed an enormous library; refuge for talented emigres. 594 Bradbury House 000000001994-04-26-0000April 26, 1994 60-102 Ocean Way Santa Monica Spanish Colonial Revival adobe residence built c. 1922 from a design by John Byers 595 Venice Division Police Station 000000001994-04-26-0000April 26, 1994 685 Venice Blvd. 33°59′29″N 118°27′31″W / 33.99139°N 118.45861°W / 33.99139; -118.45861 (595. Venice Division Police Station) Venice Reinforced concrete Art Deco building constructed in 1929, later converted from police station to home of non-profit arts organization SPARC 623 Kappe Residence 000000001996-04-16-0000April 16, 1996 715 Brooktree Rd. 34°02′29″N 118°30′56″W / 34.04139°N 118.51556°W / 34.04139; -118.51556 (623. Kappe Residence) Pacific Palisades House designed in 1969 by architect Raymond Kappe as his own residence, modern design built into a heavily treed hillside 624 Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments 000000001996-04-16-0000April 16, 1996 3819-3827 Dunn Dr. 34°01′20″N 118°23′56″W / 34.02222°N 118.39889°W / 34.02222; -118.39889 (624. Joseph, Lawrence and Martha, Residence) Palms Storybook/fantasy style residence, sometimes called "Hobbit Houses" 632 Goldenfeld House 000000001997-02-04-0000February 4, 1997 810 Bramble Way 34°04′20″N 118°29′07″W / 34.07222°N 118.48528°W / 34.07222; -118.48528 (632. Goldenfeld House) Brentwood 633 Haas House 000000001997-02-04-0000February 4, 1997 12404 Rochedale Lane 34°04′20″N 118°29′06″W / 34.07222°N 118.48500°W / 34.07222; -118.48500 (633. Goldenfeld House) Brentwood 634 Kalmick House 000000001997-02-04-0000February 4, 1997 12327 Rochedale Lane 34°04′23″N 118°29′02″W / 34.07306°N 118.48389°W / 34.07306; -118.48389 (634. Kalmick House) Brentwood 635 Weckler House 000000001997-02-04-0000February 4, 1997 12434 Rochedale Lane 34°04′21″N 118°29′10″W / 34.07250°N 118.48611°W / 34.07250; -118.48611 (635. Weckler House) Brentwood 637 The Campbell Divertimento Fountain 000000001997-03-18-0000March 18, 1997 1150 Brooklawn Dr. Bel Air 647 Sten/Frenke-Gould Residence 000000001997-12-19-0000December 19, 1997 126 Mabery Rd. Pacific Palisades 655 George R. Kress House 000000001998-09-18-0000September 18, 1998 2337 Benedict Canyon Dr. 34°06′48″N 118°26′05″W / 34.11333°N 118.43472°W / 34.11333; -118.43472 (655. Kress, George R., Home) Benedict Canyon 656 Binoculars Building 000000001998-10-14-0000October 14, 1998 340 Main St. 33°59′43.48″N 118°28′36.8″W / 33.9954111°N 118.476889°W / 33.9954111; -118.476889 (656. "Binoculars") Venice 663 Uplifters Clubhouse 000000001999-08-10-0000August 10, 1999 601 Latimer Rd. Pacific Palisades 669 Bailey House - Case Study House#21 000000001999-11-09-0000November 9, 1999 9038 Wonderland Park Ave. Bel Air 680 Mutual Housing Association Site Office 000000002000-06-06-0000June 6, 2000 990 Hanley Ave. 34°04′35″N 118°29′20″W / 34.07639°N 118.48889°W / 34.07639; -118.48889 (680. Mutual Housing Association Site Office) Brentwood 682 Schott House 000000002000-06-14-0000June 14, 2000 907 N. Hanley Ave. 34°04′27″N 118°29′10″W / 34.07417°N 118.48611°W / 34.07417; -118.48611 (682. Schott House) Brentwood 685 Pascual Marquez Family Cemetery 000000002000-10-17-0000October 17, 2000 631 N. San Lorenzo St. Pacific Palisades 693 Israel House 000000002001-04-24-0000April 24, 2001 914 N. Bluegrass Lane 34°04′29″N 118°29′07″W / 34.07472°N 118.48528°W / 34.07472; -118.48528 (693. Israel House) Brentwood 694 Emmons House 000000002001-04-24-0000April 24, 2001 661 N. Brooktree Rd. Pacific Palisades 695 Gross House 000000002001-04-24-0000April 24, 2001 860 N. Hanley Ave. 34°04′25″N 118°29′11″W / 34.07361°N 118.48639°W / 34.07361; -118.48639 (695. Gross House) Brentwood 696 Jones & Emmons Building 000000002001-04-24-0000April 24, 2001 12248 W. Santa Monica Blvd. 34°02′22″N 118°27′53″W / 34.03944°N 118.46472°W / 34.03944; -118.46472 (696. Jones & Emmons Bldg.) West Los Angeles 697 Kermin House 000000002001-04-24-0000April 24, 2001 900 N. Stonehill Lane 34°04′29″N 118°29′05″W / 34.07472°N 118.48472°W / 34.07472; -118.48472 (697. Kermin House) Brentwood 698 Sherwood House 000000002001-04-24-0000April 24, 2001 947 N. Stonehill Lane 34°04′34″N 118°29′05″W / 34.07611°N 118.48472°W / 34.07611; -118.48472 (698. Kermin House) Brentwood 703 Chateau Colline 000000002001-07-31-0000July 31, 2001 10341-10335 W. Wilshire Blvd. 34°04′04″N 118°25′37″W / 34.06778°N 118.42694°W / 34.06778; -118.42694 (703. Chateau Colline) Westwood 716 Cliff May Experimental House 000000002002-06-12-0000June 12, 2002 1831 Old Ranch Rd. 720 Arens House 000000002002-10-01-0000October 1, 2002 12436 Deerbrook Lane 34°04′26″N 118°29′07″W / 34.07389°N 118.48528°W / 34.07389; -118.48528 (720. Arens House) Brentwood 721 Stoleroff House 000000002002-10-01-0000October 1, 2002 12367 Deerbrook Lane 34°04′25″N 118°29′04″W / 34.07361°N 118.48444°W / 34.07361; -118.48444 (721. Stoleroff House) Brentwood 722 Volk House 000000002002-10-01-0000October 1, 2002 12412 W. Deerbrook Lane 34°04′23″N 118°29′05″W / 34.07306°N 118.48472°W / 34.07306; -118.48472 (722. Volk House) Brentwood 723 Wurtele House 000000002002-10-01-0000October 1, 2002 946 Stonehill Lane 34°04′34″N 118°29′04″W / 34.07611°N 118.48444°W / 34.07611; -118.48444 (723. Wurtele House) Brentwood 724 Venice of America House 000000002003-10-02-0000October 2, 2003 1223 Cabrillo Ave. 33°59′26″N 118°28′06″W / 33.99056°N 118.46833°W / 33.99056; -118.46833 (724. Venice of America House) Venice Late Victorian house built in 1906. 731 Westwood Village Memorial Park 000000002003-05-16-0000May 16, 2003 1218 Glendon Ave. 34°03′30″N 118°26′28″W / 34.05833°N 118.44111°W / 34.05833; -118.44111 (731. Westwood Village Memorial Park) Westwood Burial place of many entertainment industry celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, Merv Griffin, Rodney Dangerfield and Walter Matthau 745 Durham House 000000002003-03-28-0000March 28, 2003 1851 Kelton Ave. 34°02′51″N 118°26′17″W / 34.04750°N 118.43806°W / 34.04750; -118.43806 (745. Durham House) West Los Angeles 746 Pengelly House 000000002003-03-28-0000March 28, 2003 1845 Kelton Ave. 34°02′52″N 118°26′17″W / 34.04778°N 118.43806°W / 34.04778; -118.43806 (746. Pengelly House) West Los Angeles 747 Siple House 000000002003-03-28-0000March 28, 2003 1841 Kelton Ave. 34°02′52″N 118°26′18″W / 34.04778°N 118.43833°W / 34.04778; -118.43833 (747. Siple House) West Los Angeles Spanish Colonial Revival design by Allen Siple c. 1930s. 749 Venice City Hall 000000002003-06-03-0000June 3, 2003 681 E. Venice Blvd. 33°59′26″N 118°27′35″W / 33.99056°N 118.45972°W / 33.99056; -118.45972 (749. Venice City Hall) Venice 767 Temple Mishkon Tephilo 206 Main St. 33°59′53.19″N 118°28′41.75″W / 33.9981083°N 118.4782639°W / 33.9981083; -118.4782639 Venice 797 Hamma House 000000002005-05-04-0000May 4, 2005 12401 W. Deerbrook Lane 34°04′24″N 118°29′05″W / 34.07333°N 118.48472°W / 34.07333; -118.48472 (797. Hamma House) Brentwood Also known as Mutual Housing Ass'n; part of a model cooperative community built after World War II from 1947 to 1950 800 Marquez Filling Station 000000002005-05-25-0000May 25, 2005 507 Entrada Drive Pacific Palisades Gas station built in 1924 and operated continuously until 2004 808 Neutra/Maxwell House 000000002005-07-08-0000July 8, 2005 475 N. Bowling Green Way 34°04′03″N 118°28′37″W / 34.06750°N 118.47694°W / 34.06750; -118.47694 (808. Maxwell House) Angelino Heights First peaked roof house designed by Richard Neutra with triangular glazed gable openings, built in 1941; profoundly influenced American suburban architecture in the 1950s and 1960s; moved to Angelino Heights 2007–08 829 James Goldstein Office 000000002005-12-14-0000December 14, 2005 10100 W. Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 2030 34°03′41″N 118°25′01″W / 34.06139°N 118.41694°W / 34.06139; -118.41694 (829. James Goldstein Office) Century City Office suite in 26-story highrise, designed by architect John Lautner in 1987 834 Gustav R. Rich House 000000002006-01-25-0000January 25, 2006 689 N. Elkins Rd. 34°04′10″N 118°29′25″W / 34.06944°N 118.49028°W / 34.06944; -118.49028 (834. Rich, Gustav R., House) Brentwood International style modern home built in 1967[5] 862 Miller House 000000002007-03-07-0000March 7, 2007 12420 West Rochedale Lane 34°04′23″N 118°29′09″W / 34.07306°N 118.48583°W / 34.07306; -118.48583 (862. Miller House) Brentwood 886 Gould-Lafetra House 000000002007-08-15-0000August 15, 2007 12256 W. Canna Rd. 34°04′54″N 118°29′11″W / 34.08167°N 118.48639°W / 34.08167; -118.48639 (886. Gould-Lafetra House) Brentwood Three-story Modern home designed by Raymond Kappe, built in 1968 [6] 887 Barry Building 000000002007-10-02-0000October 2, 2007 11973 W. San Vicente Blvd. 34°03′09″N 118°28′19″W / 34.05250°N 118.47194°W / 34.05250; -118.47194 (887. Barry Building) Brentwood Office building designed by Milton Caughey, built in 1951 with the geometry and clean lines favored by European modernism and central courtyard with integrated landscaping and two gracefully curving staircases of concrete[7] 893 Castera Residence 000000002007-10-30-0000October 30, 2007 651 N. Siena Way 34°4′56.79″N 118°26′45.82″W / 34.0824417°N 118.4460611°W / 34.0824417; -118.4460611 (893. Castera Residence) Bel Air Also known as the Castera-Ward Residence; French Provincial concrete house designed by Paul Revere Williams in 1936; longtime home of actress Jane Wyatt[7] 919 UCLAN-Crest Theater 000000002008-05-14-0000May 14, 2008 1262 South Westwood Blvd. 34°03′27″N 118°26′34″W / 34.05750°N 118.44278°W / 34.05750; -118.44278 (919. UCLAN-Crest Theater) Westwood Art Deco Revival movie theater built in 1940. It was a second-run neighborhood house until 1962, when John Orland, Director of Advertising for Herts Lion International Corp., held the U.S. Premiere of "A Matter of Who," starring Terry Thomas, at the Crest Theater, opening Westwood as a first run venue. 926 Kinney-Tabor House 000000002008-07-09-0000July 9, 2008 1310 South Sixth Ave. Venice American Craftsman style structure built in 1906, originally used as the "Cosmos Club", then as a girls' school, and finally as a home[8] 927 Sturdevant Bungalow 000000002008-07-09-0000July 9, 2008 721 East Amoroso Pl. 33°59′31″N 118°27′33″W / 33.99194°N 118.45917°W / 33.99194; -118.45917 (927. Sturdevant Bungalow) Venice American Craftsman style home built in 1914[9] 935 Santa Monica Forestry Station Eucalyptus Grove 000000002008-10-28-0000October 28, 2008 601 Latimer Rd. Pacific Palisades Adjacent to the Rustic Canyon Recreation Center LAHCM #663 Uplifters Clubhouse. Also California Historical Landmark #840.[10] 936 Aldersgate / We Boys J.O.C. Lodge 000000002008-10-28-0000October 28, 2008 925 N. Haverford Ave. 34°2′56.04″N 118°31′44.69″W / 34.0489000°N 118.5290806°W / 34.0489000; -118.5290806 (936. Aldersgate / We Boys J.O.C. Lodge) Pacific Palisades Mission Revival-Craftsman architecture, built in Wilshire in 1910, moved to Temescal Canyon in 1928.[10] 948 Sinay House 000000002009-03-10-0000March 10, 2009 1861 N. Heather Ct. 34°6′16.78″N 118°24′27.81″W / 34.1046611°N 118.4077250°W / 34.1046611; -118.4077250 (948. Sinay House) Beverly Crest International style, 1947, designed by Richard Neutra.[11] 955 Dickinson and Gillespie Building 000000002009-05-20-0000May 20, 2009 200 Culver Blvd. 33°57′30.95″N 118°26′53.12″W / 33.9585972°N 118.4480889°W / 33.9585972; -118.4480889 (955. Dickinson and Gillespie Building) Playa del Rey Spanish Colonial Revival style, built in 1922.[12] 970 844 South Plymouth Apartments 000000002010-01-27-0000January 27, 2010 844 S. Plymouth Blvd. Wilshire Streamline Moderne apartment building, built in 1936 in Windsor Village, designed by architects Charles Plummer, Welton Becket and Walter Wurdeman.[13] 979 Venice West Café 000000002010-01-27-0000January 27, 2010 321 S. Ocean Front Walk Venice Vernacular commercial, built in 1922 on the Venice Boardwalk, important to the counterculture of the 1960s, with poets such as Allen Ginsberg and Jim Morrison.[13] 983 Barsha House 000000002010-05-12-0000May 12, 2010 302 N. Mesa Rd. Pacific Palisades Built 1938, designed by Richard Neutra and P. Pfisterer.[14]

Non-HCM sites also recognized[edit] The LA HCM sites listed above include many of the most important historic sites in the westside area. Some others within L.A. in the area have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places or designated as California Historical Landmarks. These are: Code[15] Landmark name[3] Image Date designated[3] Locality[3] Neighborhood Description[4] 1003 Serra Springs 11800 Texas Ave. 34°02′43″N 118°27′29″W / 34.04528°N 118.45806°W / 34.04528; -118.45806 (1003. Serra Springs) West Los Angeles Natural springs located on the campus of University High School; called Kuruvungna by the native Tongva people, who used it as natural fresh water source since 400 BCE; it continues to produce 22,000 - 25,000 gallons of water a day 1003 Will Rogers Estate Historic Park 14253 Sunset Blvd. 34°03′17″N 118°30′45″W / 34.05472°N 118.51250°W / 34.05472; -118.51250 (1003. Rogers, Will, Estate Historic Park) Pacific Palisades 31-room ranch house; 11 baths; seven fireplaces; surrounded by a stable, corrals, riding ring, roping arena, golf course, polo field ; became a State Park in 1944 1003 Warren Wilson Beach House 15 Thirtieth St. 33°58′47″N 118°27′57″W / 33.97972°N 118.46583°W / 33.97972; -118.46583 (1003. Wilson, Warren, Beach House) Venice Craftsman style house built in 1911; operated over the years as both a residence and a camp 2446 Venice Branch Library 610 California Ave. 33°59′28″N 118°28′29″W / 33.99111°N 118.47472°W / 33.99111; -118.47472 (2446. Venice Branch) Venice Former branch library; built in 1930 Wadsworth Chapel Eisenhower Ave. 34°03′18″N 118°27′19″W / 34.05500°N 118.45528°W / 34.05500; -118.45528 (Wadsworth Chapel) Sawtelle Separate Catholic and Protestant chapels built for residents of the soldiers' home; oldest building on Wilshire Blvd. Streetcar Depot, West Los Angeles Pershing and Dewey Aves. 34°03′26″N 118°27′36″W / 34.05722°N 118.46000°W / 34.05722; -118.46000 (Streetcar Depot) Sawtelle Streetcar depot at the Veterans Affairs Center in West Los Angeles Centinela Adobe 7634 Midfield Ave. 33°58′3.43″N 118°22′22.4″W / 33.9676194°N 118.372889°W / 33.9676194; -118.372889 (Centinela Adobe) Westchester Adobe structure; completed in 1834; "Birthplace of Inglewood"; currently a museum dedicated to Daniel Freeman, founder of Inglewood

See also[edit] Los Angeles portal Lists of L.A. Historic-Cultural Monuments[edit] Historic-Cultural Monuments in Downtown Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments on the East and Northeast Sides Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Harbor area Historic-Cultural Monuments in Hollywood Historic-Cultural Monuments in the San Fernando Valley Historic-Cultural Monuments in Silver Lake, Angelino Heights, and Echo Park Historic-Cultural Monuments in South Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in the Wilshire and Westlake areas Other[edit] City of Los Angeles' Historic Preservation Overlay Zones National Register of Historic Places listings in Los Angeles National Register of Historic Places listings in Los Angeles County List of California Historical Landmarks

References[edit] ^ HISTORIC-CULTURAL MONUMENT (HCM) REPORT; Area Planning Commission: West Los Angeles, Department of City Planning, City of Los Angeles  ^ Numbers are as designated by the L.A. Historic-Cultural Monuments program. Blue colors represent higher designations as National Historic Landmarks and listing on the National Register of Historic Places; yellow represents sites that are L.A. Historic-Cultural Monuments without a higher designation. No color represents delisted monuments. ^ a b c d e f Department of City Planning. "Designated Historic-Cultural Monuments". City of Los Angeles. Archived from the original on 2010-06-09. Retrieved 2010-06-15.  Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name "LAHCM_list" defined multiple times with different content (see the help page). ^ a b Various sources cited in articles, retrieved on various dates. ^ ^ ^ a b "Archived copy". Archived from the original on 2008-05-09. Retrieved 2008-07-18.  ^ ^ ^ a b Office of Historic Resources, Newsletter, January 2009. ^ Office of Historic Resources, Newsletter, April 2009. ^ Office of Historic Resources, Newsletter, July 2009. ^ a b Office of Historic Resources, Newsletter, April 2010. ^ Office of Historic Resources, Newsletter, July 2010. ^ Numbers in 1000 series denote LAHCM assigned numbers for state-designated sites; 2000 series denote LAHCM assigned numbers for federally designated sites. Blue colors represent higher designations as National Historic Landmarks and/or listing on the National Register of Historic Places; yellow represents sites that are L.A. Historic-Cultural Monuments without a higher designation. No color represents information is unavailable or the monument has been delisted. To resort on this column, refresh your browser. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments (citywide).

External links[edit] official Designated L.A. Historic-Cultural Monuments (LAHCM) website — with 'ever-updated' LAHCM list via PDF link. City of Los Angeles Map, with community districts. — via Given Place Media. Big Orange Landmarks: "Exploring the Landmarks of Los Angeles, One Monument at a Time" — online photos and in-depth history of L.A.H.C. Monuments; see “Landmarks by Community Planning Area” Westside links — website curator: Floyd B. Bariscale. v t e Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments Downtown Los Angeles East and Northeast Sides Harbor Area Hollywood San Fernando Valley Silver Lake, Angelino Heights and Echo Park South Los Angeles Westside Wilshire and Westlake Areas v t e History of California Before 1900 Native Californian Precontact First explorations Later explorations Spanish colonization Mexican rule California Trail Mexican–American War Californio California Republic United States rule Gold Rush Civil War Since 1900 Labor Engineering Water wars Industrial growth Postwar culture Development Legal revolution Tech boom Present day By topic Highways Maritime Missions Ranchos Slavery Railroads Etymology By region San Fernando Valley By county Alameda Alpine Amador Butte Calaveras Colusa Contra Costa Del Norte El Dorado Fresno Glenn Humboldt Imperial Inyo Kern Kings Lake Lassen Los Angeles Madera Marin Mariposa Mendocino Merced Modoc Mono Monterey Napa Nevada Orange Placer Plumas Riverside Sacramento San Benito San Bernardino San Diego San Francisco San Joaquin San Luis Obispo San Mateo Santa Barbara Santa Clara Santa Cruz Shasta Sierra Siskiyou Solano Sonoma Stanislaus Sutter Tehama Trinity Tulare Tuolumne Ventura Yolo Yuba By city Los Angeles San Diego San Jose San Francisco Fresno Sacramento Long Beach Oakland Bakersfield Anaheim Santa Ana Riverside Stockton Chula Vista Fremont Irvine San Bernardino Modesto Oxnard Fontana Moreno Valley Glendale Huntington Beach Santa Clarita Garden Grove Santa Rosa Oceanside Rancho Cucamonga Ontario Lancaster Elk Grove Palmdale Corona Salinas Pomona Torrance Hayward Escondido Sunnyvale Pasadena Fullerton Orange Thousand Oaks Visalia Simi Valley Concord Roseville Santa Clara Vallejo Victorville El Monte Berkeley Downey Costa Mesa Inglewood Ventura Fairfield Santa Maria Redding Santa Monica Santa Barbara Chico Merced Napa Redwood City Yuba City Madera Santa Cruz San Rafael Woodland Hanford San Luis Obispo El Centro Lompoc Martinez Hollister Eureka Susanville Ukiah Oroville Red Bluff Auburn Marysville Piedmont Placerville Yreka Crescent City Willows Colusa Sonora Lakeport Jackson Nevada City Alturas Retrieved from "" Categories: Los Angeles Historic-Cultural MonumentsHistory of Los AngelesLandmarks in Los AngelesLos Angeles-related listsWestside (Los Angeles County)Hidden categories: Pages with reference errorsPages with duplicate reference namesLists of coordinatesGeographic coordinate listsArticles with Geo

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