Contents 1 Existing liquefaction terminals 1.1 Africa 1.2 Asia 1.3 Middle East 1.4 America 1.5 Australia 1.6 Europe 1.7 United States 2 Existing regasification terminals 2.1 Argentina 2.2 Belgium 2.3 Brazil 2.4 Canada 2.5 Chile 2.6 China 2.7 France 2.8 Greece 2.9 India 2.10 Italy 2.11 Japan 2.12 Kuwait 2.13 Lithuania 2.14 Mexico 2.15 Netherlands 2.16 Pakistan 2.17 Poland 2.18 Portugal 2.19 Singapore 2.20 South Korea 2.21 Spain 2.22 Taiwan 2.23 Thailand 2.24 Turkey 2.25 United Arab Emirates (UAE) 2.26 United States and Puerto Rico 2.27 UK 3 Proposed liquefaction terminals 3.1 Asia Pacific 3.2 North America 3.2.1 Canada 3.2.2 United States 3.3 South America 3.3.1 Peru 3.4 Australia 3.5 Europe 4 Proposed regasification terminals 4.1 Bangladesh 4.2 Croatia 4.3 Chile 4.4 Colombia 4.5 France 4.6 Germany 4.7 Greece 4.8 Hong Kong 4.9 India 4.10 Indonesia 4.11 Ireland 4.12 Italy 4.13 Japan 4.14 Latvia 4.15 Mexico 4.16 Netherlands 4.17 Philippines 4.18 Russia 4.19 Thailand 4.20 Ukraine 4.21 United States and Gulf of Mexico 5 See also 6 References

Existing liquefaction terminals[edit] Africa[edit] Plant Name Location Country Startup Date Capacity (mmtpa) Corporation Arzew (CAMEL) GL4Z Trains 1-3 Algeria 1964 0.3 x 3 = 0.9 Sonatrach. Shutdown since April 2010. Arzew GL1Z Trains 1-6 Algeria 1978 1.3 x 6 = 7.8 Sonatrach Arzew GL2Z Trains 1-6 Algeria 1981 1.4 x 6 = 8.4 Sonatrach Arzew GL3Z Train 1 Algeria 2013 4.7 Sonatrach Skikda GL K Phase 1 & 2 Trains 1-6 Algeria 1972/1981 Total 6.0 Sonatrach Skikda GL1k Skikda Train 1 Algeria 2013 4.5 Sonatrach EG LNG Malabo, Bioko Island Equatorial Guinea[1] SEGAS LNG Damietta Egypt 2004 5.5 SEGAS LNG ELNG IDCO LNG Egypt Nigeria LNG Bonny Nigeria Angola LNG Angola Asia[edit] Malaysia LNG, Tanjung Kidurong, Bintulu, Malaysia Brunei LNG, Lumut, Brunei Arun, Indonesia Badak NGL, Indonesia Tangguh, Indonesia Sakhalin LNG, Sakhalin, Russia - (Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. )[2] Sabetta, on the Yamal Peninsula, in Russia.[3][4] Middle East[edit] ADGAS Oman LNG Qalhat LNG, Oman[5] Qatargas, Qatar Ras Laffan, Qatar, see on a map ADGAS Plant, Das Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Rasgas, Qatar Yemen LNG(Total), Balhaf, Yemen America[edit] Atlantic LNG, Trinidad and Tobago[6] Peru LNG, Pampa Melchorita, Peru[7] Costa Azul LNG near Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico Australia[edit] Queensland Curtis LNG - BG Group - Curtis Island, Queensland.[8] Karratha Gas Plant - North West Shelf Venture operated by Woodside Petroleum in Karratha, Western Australia[9] Pluto LNG, operated by Woodside Petroleum in Karratha, Western Australia[10] Darwin LNG, operated by ConocoPhillips[11] Europe[edit] Hammerfest LNG, Snøhvit, Norway Tornio, Finland, owners Outokumpu Oyj, SSAB Oy, Skangas Oy and EPV Energia Oy Pori, owner a Gasum company Skangas Oy Hamina, owner Haminan Energia Oy[12] United States[edit] Freeport LNG Terminal Kenai LNG, Nikiski, Alaska[13] Cheniere's Sabine Pass terminal[14] Dominion Cove Point LNG, Maryland terminal (under construction)[15] Cheniere's Corpus Christi terminal (under construction)[16] Cameron LNG, Hackberry, Louisiana (under construction)[17]

Existing regasification terminals[edit] Argentina[edit] Bahia Blanca Gasport, YPF, 2008[18] GNL Escobar, ENARSA/YPF, 2011[19] Lahari Belgium[edit] LNG Terminal Zeebrugge, in Zeebrugge. Operated by Fluxys. Entered service in 1987, total storage capacity of 380,000 m3, 2 jetties and a regasification capacity of 9,000,000,000 m3 per year.[20][21][22] Brazil[edit] Pecém, State of Ceará Bahia LNG Regasification Terminal, Bay of All Saints, State of Bahia Guanabara Bay, State of Rio de Janeiro Canada[edit] Canaport LNG, Saint John, NB[23] Chile[edit] GNL, Quintero GNL, Mejillones China[edit] Dapeng LNG Terminal, Shenzhen, Guangdong province Fujian LNG Terminal, Putian, Fujian province Shanghai LNG Terminal, Yangshan Port, Shanghai Dalian LNG Terminal, Dalian, Liaoning province Ningbo LNG Terminal, Ningbo, Zhejiang province Rudong LNG Terminal, Nantong, Jiangsu province Tangshan LNG Terminal, Caofeidian, Hebei province Tianjin LNG Terminal, Tianjin Zhuhai LNG Terminal, Zhuhai, Guangdong province Qingdao LNG Terminal, Jiaonan, Shandong province Shenzhen LNG Terminal, Shenzhen, Guangdong province Hainan LNG Terminal, Yangpu Economic Development Zone, Hainan Guangxi LNG Terminal, Beihai, Guangxi France[edit] LNG Terminal Fos-Cavaou (fr) in Fos-sur-Mer near Marseille. Operated by Fosmax LNG, a subsidiary of Elengy (fr), itself a subsidiary of Engie. Entered service in 2010, total storage capacity of 330,000 m3, 1 jetty, and a regasification capacity of 8,250,000,000 m3 per year. LNG Terminal Fos-Tonkin (fr) in Fos-sur-Mer near Marseille. Operated by Elengy, a subsidiary of Engie. Entered service in 1972, total storage capacity of 150,000 m3, 1 jetty and a regasification capacity of 5,500,000,000 m3 per year. LNG Terminal Loon-Plage (fr) in Loon-Plage, near Dunkirk. Operated by Électricité de France (65%), Fluxys (25%) and Total S.A. (10%). Entered service in 2017, total storage capacity of 600,000 m3, 2 jetties, and a regasification capacity of 13,000,000,000 m3 per year. LNG Terminal Mointoir-de-Bretagne (fr), in Montoir-de-Bretagne near Nantes. Operated by Elengy, a subsidiary of Engie. Entered service in 1980, total storage capacity of 360,000 m3, 2 jetties, and a regasification capacity of 10,000,000,000 m3 per year. Greece[edit] Revithoussa LNG Terminal, on Revithoussa island near Athens. Operated by DESFA, a subsidiary of DEPA. Entered service in 1999, total storage capacity of 130,000 m3, 1 jetty, and a regasification capacity of 5,500,000,000 m3 per year. India[edit] RGPPL LNG Terminal, Maharashtra,5 MMTPA (Integrated with its own Power Plant)[24] Dahej Terminal, Petronet LNG Ltd, Gujarat - 15 MMTPA[25] 17.5 MMTPA by 2018 end. Hazira Terminal, Shell Ltd, Gujarat - 3.6 MMTPA[25] Kochi Terminal, Petronet LNG Ltd. - 5 MMTPA[25] [(Mundra)] Terminal , GSPC LNG Ltd. - 5 MMTPA Italy[edit] Adriatic LNG Terminal, offshore near Rovigo. Operated ExxonMobil (45%), Qatar Petroleum (45%), Edison SpA (10%). Entered service in 2009, total storage capacity of 500,000 m3, 1 jetty, and a regasification capacity of 6,486,000,000 m3 per year. Panigaglia LNG Terminal (it), near La Spezia. Operated by GNL Italia (it), a subsidiary of Snam. Entered service in 1971, total storage capacity of 100,000 m3, 1 jetty, and a regasification capacity of 3,864,000,000 m3 per year.[26] Toscana LNG Terminal (it), offshore near Livorno. Operated by OLT Offshore (a joint venture of Iren (company) (it) (49.07%), Uniper (48.24%), and Golar LNG (2.69%)). Entered service in 2013, total storage capacity of 137,100 m3, 1 jetty, and an authorized regasification capacity of 3,750,000,000 m3 per year.[27] Japan[edit] Tōhoku region and Hokkaido region Shin Minato LNG terminal, Sendai Gas, 0.08M m3, opened 1997 Hachinohe LNG terminal (Re-shipment), Nippon Oil, 0.04M m3, open 2006 Hakodate LNG terminal (Re-shipment), open 2006 Chūbu region Higashi Niigata LNG terminal, Tohoku Electric, 0.72M m3, open 1984 Sodeshi LNG terminal, Shimizu LNG and Shizuoka Gas, 0.177M m3, open 1996 Chita Kyodo LNG terminal, Chubu Electric and Toho Gas, 0.3M m3, open 1977 Chita LNG terminal, Chita LNG, Chubu Electric and Toho Gas, 0.64M m3, open 1983 Yokkaichi LNG Centre, Toho Gas, 0.32M m3, open 1987 Yokkaichi Works LNG terminal, Chubu Electric, 0.16M m3, open 1991 Kawagoe LNG terminal, Chubu Electric, 0.48M m3, open 1997 Chita Midorihama LNG terminal, Toho Gas, 0.2M m3, open 2001 Joetsu LNG terminal, Chubu Electric, 0.54M m3, open 2011 Naoetsu LNG terminal, Inpex, 0.36M m3, open 2013 Kantō region Futtsu LNG terminal, Tokyo Electric, 1.11M m3, open 1985 Sodegaura LNG terminal, Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas, 2.66M m3, open 1973 Higashi Ohgishima LNG terminal, Tokyo Electric, 0.54M m3, open 1984 Ohgishima LNG terminal, Tokyo Gas, 0.6M m3, open 1998 Negishi LNG terminal, Tokyo Electric and Tokyo Gas, 1.25M m3, open 1969 Kansai region Senboku 1 LNG terminal, Osaka Gas, 0.18M m3, open 1972 Senboku 2 LNG terminal, Osaka Gas, 1.51M m3, open 1972 Himeji LNG terminl, Osaka Gas, 0.52M m3, open 1977 Himeji Joint LNG terminal, Osaka Gas and Kansai Electric, 1.44M m3, open 1984 Sakai LNG terminal, Sakai LNG and Kansai Electric and Iwatani Corporation and Cosmo Oil, 0.56M m3, open 2010 Shikoku region Sakaide LNG terminal, Shikoku Electric Power, 0.18M m3, open 2010 Chūgoku region Hatsukaichi LNG terminal, Hiroshima Gas, 0.17M m3, 1996 Yanai LNG terminal, Chugoku Electric Power, 0.48M m3, 1990 Mizushima LNG terminal, Mizushima LNG and Chugoku Electric Power and Nippon Oil, 0.16M m3, 2006 Kyūshū region and Okinawa Ōita LNG terminal, Oita LNG and Kyushu Electric Power and Kyushu Oil and Oita Gas, 0.46M m3, 1990 Tobata LNG terminal, Kitakyushu LNG and Kyushu Electric Power and Nippon Steel, 0.48M m3, 1997 Fukuoka LNG terminal, Seibu Gas, 0.07M m3, 1993 Kagoshima LNG terminal, Kagoshima Gas, 0.036M m3, 1996 Nagasaki LNG terminal, Seibu Gas, 0.035M m3, 2003 Nakagusuku LNG terminal, Okinawa Electric Power, 0.7M m3, due to open 2010 Kuwait[edit] Mina Al-Ahmadi Gasport, 2009 (KNPC)[28] Lithuania[edit] Klaipėda LNG Terminal offshore Klaipėda. Operated by Klaipėdos Nafta. Entered service in 2014, total storage capacity of 170,000 m3, 1 jetty, and a gasification capacity of 4,000,000,000 m3.[29] Mexico[edit] Costa Azul LNG 14 miles (23 km) north of Ensenada, Mexico, Sempra Energy, opened May 2008, first one on West Coast of North America.[30] Altamira LNG near Tampico, Mexico, Shell, opened August 2006 Manzanillo LNG in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, Mitsui + Korea Gas + Samsung, opened 2011 Netherlands[edit] Gate terminal, Rotterdam, opened September 2011[31] Pakistan[edit] Engro Elengy Terminal Private Limited (EETPL), Port Qasim, Karachi[32] Poland[edit] Świnoujście LNG terminal, Świnoujście (Wolin Island) Portugal[edit] Sines LNG Terminal, REN Singapore[edit] Singapore LNG Terminal. Commenced commercial operation on Q2 2013[33] South Korea[edit] Pyeongtaek, KOGAS Incheon, KOGAS Tongyeong, KOGAS Samcheok, KOGAS Gwangyang, POSCO Boryeong, GS Energy and SK E&S Spain[edit] Barcelona (Enagás) Bilbao (consortium including Enagás, Ente Vasco de la Energia and RREEF), see on a map Huelva (Enagás), see on a map Sagunto, Valencia (consortium including Enagás , Osaka Gas and Oman Oil Holdings) Cartagena (Enagás), see on a map Mugardos Ferrol Harbour (Reganosa, starting in 2007) Gijón (Enagás, starting in 2012) Taiwan[edit] Taichung LNG Terminal, Taichung, Taiwan Yong'an LNG Terminal, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Thailand[edit] Map Ta Phut LNG Terminal Phase#1: 2 x 160,000 m3 for Tanks Capacity, PTT and EGAT Phase#2: extra tanks (same size). Phase#1 Completed & Commenced Commercial Operation Date in 2011.(First commissioning by LNG vessel on May 2011. 5M MMTPA, additional 5M MMTPA by 2017 under construction) Turkey[edit] Marmara Ereğlisi LNG Storage Facility, Marmara Ereğlisi, BOTAŞ Egegaz Aliağa LNG Storage Facility, Aliağa, Egegaz United Arab Emirates (UAE)[edit] Jebel Ali LNG Import Terminal, Dubai, started 2010 (DUSUP)[34] Ruwais LNG Import Terminal, Abu Dhabi, 2016 (ADNOC)[35] United States and Puerto Rico[edit] The following LNG off-loading and regasification terminals are located in the United States and Gulf of Mexico:[36] Dominion Cove Point LNG, LP, Lusby, Maryland - (Dominion Resources)[37] Southern LNG, Elba Island, Georgia - (Kinder Morgan)[38][39] Trunkline LNG, Lake Charles, Louisiana - (Trunkline LNG Company, LLC)[40][41] EcoEléctrica, Punta Guyanilla, Puerto Rico[42][43] Golden Pass LNG, rural Jefferson County, Texas - (Golden Pass LNG)[44][45] Sabine Pass LNG, rural Cameron Parish, Louisiana - (Cheniere Energy, Inc.)[46][47] Cameron LNG, rural Cameron Parish, Louisiana - (Sempra Energy)[48][49] Freeport LNG, Freeport, Texas - (Freeport LNG Development, LP)[50][51] Everett Marine Terminal, Everett, Massachusetts - (Distrigas of Massachusetts LLC)[52][53] Gulf LNG, Pascagoula, Mississippi - (Kinder Morgan)[54] Gulf Gateway Deepwater Port, Gulf of Mexico - (Excelerate Energy LP)[55] (decommissioned)[56] Northeast Gateway Deepwater Port, offshore from Gloucester, Massachusetts,[57](Excelerate Energy LP) Neptune LNG, offshore from Gloucester, Massachusetts,[58](GDf Suez) UK[edit] South Hook LNG, Milford Haven, South Wales Dragon LNG terminal, Milford Haven, South Wales Grain LNG, Isle of Grain, Kent Canvey LNG, Thames Road, Essex (ceased to import LNG in 1984, now operated by Calor for import and bottling of LPG) Teesside GasPort, Middlesbrough decommissioned 2015 Avonmouth, Bristol, peak-shaving plant, decommissioned 2016

Proposed liquefaction terminals[edit] Asia Pacific[edit] PNG LNG, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - (estimated 2013) - (ExxonMobil 41.6%, Oil Search 34.1%, Santos 17.7%, AGL 3.6%, Nippon Oil 1.8% and Mineral Resource Development Corporation 1.2%)[59] Jingbian Terminal, Yulin, Shaanxi Province - (China Natural Gas 100%) - to be completed December 2009[60] Vladivostok LNG - Gazprom - Vladivostok, Russia[61] North America[edit] Canada[edit] Kitimat LNG, Kitimat, British Columbia,[62] Pacific NorthWest LNG - Progress Energy Resources - Lelu Island, British Columbia,[63] Energie Saguenay - [18] Goldboro LNG,[64] Pieridae Energy - Goldboro, NS United States[edit] Sabine Pass Liquefaction at Sabine Pass LNG, Louisiana[65] Freeport LNG Dev in Freeport, TX Cheniere Energy in Corpus Christi, TX Jordan Cove in Coos Bay, OR (Federal environmental review (EIS) from FERC expected on 30 September 2015.)[66] Southern Union in Lake Charles, LA Sempra in Hackberry, LA Dominion in Cove Point, MD Oregon LNG in Astoria, OR[67] Jacksonville’s, FLA[68] Rio Grande LNG in Brownsville, TX[69] The United States has had a massive shift in LNG terminal planning and construction starting in 2010-2011 due to rapid increase in domestic supply with the widespread adoption of hydraulic fracking. Many brand-new LNG import terminals are planning or have begun addition of liquefaction facilities to operate as export terminals. South America[edit] Peru[edit] Peru LNG, Pampa Melchorita, Cañete, Peru[70] Australia[edit] Barrow Island - Chevron Corporation proposes to build an LNG facility and loading terminal on Barrow Island, Western Australia, as part of its Gorgon Project.[71] Australia Pacific LNG - Origin Energy, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec - Curtis Island, Queensland.[72][73] Arrow LNG - Arrow Energy - Curtis Island, Queensland.[74] Gladstone LNG - Santos, Petronas, Total and KOGAS - Curtis Island, Queensland.[75] Europe[edit] Shtokmann LNG, Murmansk, Russia Yamal LNG, Yamal, Russia Vassiliko LNG, Limassol, Cyprus

Proposed regasification terminals[edit] Bangladesh[edit] Bay of Bengal FSRU, Maheshkhali Matarbari LNG Terminal, Maheshkhali Croatia[edit] Adria LNG Chile[edit] GNL Mejillones (In operation) GNL Quintero (In operation) GNL Penco Colombia[edit] Sociedad Portuaria de El Cayao LNG, Cartagena, Bolívar. Planned start of commercial operation Dec-2016 France[edit] Fos-Faster LNG terminal,[76] planned start of commercial operation 2019 Germany[edit] Brunsbüttel LNG Terminal, to be operated by a joint venture consisting of Gasunie, Oiltanking and Vopak. Final decision expected in 2018.[77][78] Wilhelmshaven LNG Terminal[79] Greece[edit] Crete LNG Terminal, planned Kavala LNG Terminal, planned Hong Kong[edit] An FSRU (floating storage regasification unit) in the waters to the east of the Soko Islands India[edit] Pipavav LNG Terminal (APM Terminals) Mundra LNG Terminal (GSPC/Adani) - 5mt/year[25] Ennore LNG Terminal Ltd (IOCL/TIDCO)[80] Mangalore LNG Terminal Ltd Paradwip LNG Terminal (GAIL)-4.8 mt/year[81] Kochi LNG Terminal (Puthuvypeen)[82] Kakinada LNG Terminal owned by GAIL, GDF SUEZ and Shell. 5 mt/year.[83] Kakinada LNG Terminal owned by VGS Cavallo, 3.6 mt/year.[84] Kakinada LNG Terminal owned by GMR, 1.75 mt/year.[85] Vizag LNG Terminal owned by Petronet, 10 mt/year.[86] Indonesia[edit] East Java by 2011,[87] Pertamina West Java by 2011,[87] PGN and Pertamina North Sumatra by 2011[87] by PGN ( PT Perusahaan Gas Negara ) The country also has liquefaction terminals in more remote areas for export, and imports from the Middle East in areas with dense population. Ireland[edit] Shannon LNG Terminal.[88] Shannon LNG Italy[edit] Porto Empedocle LNG Terminal Japan[edit] Hitachi LNG Terminal, Tokyo Gas, 2017 possible start date. Latvia[edit] A terminal in Riga[89] Mexico[edit] TGNL - Manzanillo, Colima scheduled to open 2011[citation needed][needs update] Netherlands[edit] Eemshaven LNG Terminal, Eemsmond. Cancelled in 2010.[90] LionGas Terminal, Europoort, Rotterdam. Canceled.[91] Philippines[edit] First Gen LNG Terminal, Batangas City, Philippines[92] Russia[edit] Kaliningrad LNG Terminal[93] Thailand[edit] Map Ta Phut LNG Terminal/ Project expansion for Phase 2.[citation needed] Ukraine[edit] Proposed terminal near Odessa, on 26 November 2012 the Ukrainian government and Unión Fenosa (where believed to have) signed an agreement on its building but Unión Fenosa denies this and it claimed on 28 November 2012 "nor are we leading any consortium to develop such a terminal ... nor are we studying anything along these lines".[94][95] The terminal was due to start working at a capacity of 5 billion cubic meters a year by 2016.[96] United States and Gulf of Mexico[edit] Proposed LNG Terminals:[97] Broadwater Energy, proposed floating terminal in Long Island Sound between New York State and Connecticut BlueOcean Energy, 20 miles off-shore from New Jersey[98] Bradwood Landing, east of Astoria, Oregon, on the Columbia River[99] Oregon LNG, proposed for a site in Warrenton, just west of Astoria, Oregon on the Columbia River[100] AES Sparrows Point LNG near Baltimore, Maryland[101] Cabrillo Port Liquefied Natural Gas Deepwater Port, proposed FSRU terminal approximately 21 miles offshore of Port Hueneme, Ventura County, California[102]. disapproved by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on May 18th, 2007[103][104]. Downeast LNG on Passamaquoddy Bay, Robbinston, Maine[105] As of 6 January 2010, Downeast LNG will be one-and-one-half years late in supplying answers to FERC's technical questions arising from the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. FERC's deadline was 6 July 2009. Aguirre GasPort LNG Terminal in Salinas, Puerto Rico[106] Jordan Cove Energy Project, Coos Bay, Oregon[107]

See also[edit] CNOOC#LNG terminals List of natural gas pipelines 11.

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Liquefied Natural GasNatural GasPortArzewAlgeriaSonatrachArzewAlgeriaSonatrachArzewAlgeriaSonatrachArzewAlgeriaSonatrachSkikdaAlgeriaSonatrachSkikdaAlgeriaSonatrachEG LNGMalaboBioko IslandEquatorial GuineaSEGAS LNGDamiettaEgyptSEGAS LNGEgyptNigeria LNGBonny, NigeriaNigeriaAngola LNGAngolaMalaysia LNGTanjung KidurongBintuluMalaysiaBrunei LNGLumut, MalaysiaBruneiIndonesiaIndonesiaIndonesiaSakhalin-IISakhalinSabettaYamal PeninsulaRussiaOman LNGOmanQatargasQatarRas LaffanRasgasYemen LNGTotal S.A.YemenAtlantic LNGTrinidadTobagoPeru LNGPeruCosta Azul LNGEnsenada, Baja CaliforniaMexicoBG GroupQueenslandNorth West Shelf VentureWoodside PetroleumKarrathaWestern AustraliaWoodside PetroleumKarrathaWestern AustraliaSnøhvitOutokumpuNikiskiAlaskaSabine PassDominion Cove Point LNGYPFENARSAYPFZeebruggeFluxysRegasificationState Of BahiaGuanabara BayCanaport LNGPort Of Saint JohnQuinteroMejillonesDapeng LNG TerminalShenzhenGuangdong ProvincePutianFujian ProvinceYangshan PortShanghaiDalianLiaoning ProvinceNingboZhejiang ProvinceNantongJiangsu ProvinceCaofeidianHebei ProvinceTianjinZhuhaiGuangdong ProvinceJiaonanShandong ProvinceShenzhenGuangdong ProvinceYangpu Economic Development ZoneHainanBeihaiGuangxiFos-sur-MerMarseilleEngieLoon-PlageDunkirkÉlectricité De FranceFluxysTotal S.A.Montoir-de-BretagneNantesRevithoussa LNG TerminalAthensDESFADEPARegasificationMaharashtraPetronet LNGRoyal Dutch ShellKochiPetronet LNGPetronet LNGAdriatic LNG TerminalRovigoExxonMobilQatar PetroleumEdison S.p.A.RegasificationLa SpeziaSnamLivornoUniperGolar LNGTōhoku RegionHokkaido RegionNippon OilChūbu RegionTohoku Electric PowerChubu Electric PowerChubu Electric PowerChubu Electric PowerChubu Electric PowerChubu Electric PowerInpexKantō RegionTokyo ElectricTokyo ElectricTokyo GasTokyo ElectricTokyo GasTokyo ElectricTokyo GasKansai RegionOsaka GasOsaka GasOsaka GasOsaka GasKansai ElectricKansai ElectricCosmo Oil CompanyShikoku RegionShikoku Electric PowerChūgoku RegionChugoku Electric PowerChugoku Electric PowerNippon OilKyūshū RegionOkinawaKyushu Electric PowerKyushu Electric PowerNippon SteelOkinawa Electric PowerKlaipėda LNG FSRUKlaipėdaKlaipėdos NaftaGasificationCosta Azul LNGEnsenada, Baja CaliforniaSempra EnergyRotterdamŚwinoujście LNG TerminalŚwinoujścieWolinSines MunicipalityRede Eléctrica NacionalPyeongtaekKOGASIncheonKOGASTongyeongKOGASSamcheokKOGASGwangyangPOSCOBoryeongBarcelonaEnagásBilbaoEnagásRREEFHuelvaEnagásSaguntoValencia (autonomous Community)EnagásOsaka GasCartagena, SpainEnagásFerrol, SpainGijón, SpainEnagásTaichungTaiwanKaohsiungTaiwanPTT Public Company LimitedEGATMarmara Ereğlisi LNG Storage FacilityMarmara EreğlisiBOTAŞEgegaz Aliağa LNG Storage FacilityAliağaDominion Cove Point LNG, LPLusby, MarylandSouthern LNGElba Island (Georgia)Georgia (U.S. State)Kinder MorganTrunkline LNGLake Charles, LouisianaEcoEléctricaGuayanilla, Puerto RicoPuerto RicoJefferson County, TexasCameron Parish, LouisianaCameron Parish, LouisianaFreeport, TexasEverett, MassachusettsDistrigasPascagoula, MississippiGulf Gateway Deepwater PortGulf Of MexicoSouth Hook LNGMilford HavenWalesDragon LNG TerminalGrain LNG TerminalIsle Of GrainKentLiquefied Petroleum GasPNG GasPort MoresbyPapua New GuineaYulin, ShaanxiShaanxi ProvinceChina Natural GasGazpromKitimatBritish ColumbiaProgress Energy ResourcesLelu IslandBritish ColumbiaPeru LNGSan Vicente De CañetePeruBarrow Island (Western Australia)Chevron CorporationWestern AustraliaOrigin EnergyConocoPhillipsSinopecQueenslandQueenslandGladstone LNGSantos LimitedPetronasTotal S.A.KOGASQueenslandShtokmann LNGMurmanskRussiaYamal LNGYamal PeninsulaBay Of BengalMaheshkhali UpazilaMaheshkhali UpazilaAdria LNGGasunieOiltankingVopakSoko IslandsAdani GroupIOCLTIDCOGAILPertaminaPerusahaan Gas NegaraPertaminaPerusahaan Gas NegaraShannon LNGTokyo GasManzanillo, ColimaWikipedia:Citation NeededWikipedia:Manual Of Style/Dates And NumbersEemshavenWikipedia:Citation NeededOdessaUkrainian GovernmentUnión FenosaCubic MetersBroadwater EnergyLong Island SoundNew York StateConnecticutBlueOcean EnergyBradwood LandingAstoria, OregonAstoria, OregonBaltimoreFSRUArnold SchwarzeneggerSalinas, Puerto RicoJordan Cove Energy ProjectCNOOCList Of Natural Gas PipelinesSempra EnergyWayback MachineFERCWayback MachineWayback MachineFERCWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineWayback MachineHelp:CS1 ErrorsKyiv PostReutersRIA NovostiWayback MachineFERCTemplate:Fuel TransportTemplate Talk:Fuel TransportHydrocarbonOilOil TankerOil TerminalTank CarTank TruckList Of Oil PipelinesLiquefied Natural GasLiquefied Petroleum GasLNG CarrierRegasificationLiquefaction Of GasesGas SeparationNatural Gas StorageBlack Powder In Gas PipelinesList Of Natural Gas PipelinesCoalIndustrial RailwayIntermodal Freight TransportSyngasHelp:CategoryCategory:Liquefied Natural Gas TerminalsCategory:Technology-related ListsCategory:Webarchive Template Wayback LinksCategory:CS1 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